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The Silent Man


The Silent Man

A Short Story

By: Josh Buloushi

Chapter 1


“Alright bye sweetie”. John Sabriel had said as he left to go work at his day job to his wife he had married just months before. They had moved into a two story house in the woods in the middle of nowhere because it was the cheapest option. Manly because the previous owners had left due to their adopted child being murdered just minutes away from the house. While John had not been too keen on buying the house they had no choice because they were mostly broke due to wedding costs and parents who didn’t help pay for any of it because they had disapproved of his wife. However even though they were broke they were happy. They loved the ambiance, the trails they walked every day, and the quietness as they never heard traffic or the rambling of strangers outside their door. It was just the two of them and occasionally a family member that stopped by. However not everything was roses and sunshine for the newlywed couple, they often heard noises coming from the unused room down the hall on the second floor of the house. They just put it away however as paranoia due to the murder that happened just a year before, that was not the case, The boys spirit wanted revenge on the murderer however when he couldn’t find him he turned to the couple that had just moved in.

Chapter 2


John yelled and screamed throughout the night as the spirit constantly terrorized him with continuous nightmares. His actual nightmares consisted of a woman being stabbed repeatedly an insane killer as he watched unable to help. When he woke up he had trouble breathing and his shirt was soaked, he didn’t remember what the dream was. However he saw bruises all over his body, some barely able to be seen others looked like they were only there for a few minutes as they had a bright purple color with a dark outline. These random bruises were actually the child’s bruises from his harsh years at the orphanage. While the new bruises that had appeared on his body overnight didn’t hurt when he touched them, he was unable to wash them off. When he went to bed that same night the child made him have an even more vivid nightmare, this time, John was able to see the killer’s face as it lit up with the strangers blood from the multiple fresh wounds staining her clothing and each time a new open wound was imprinted on her skin John saw the life leaving her eyes bit by bit. He even felt an imaginary knife enter him multiple time in sync with the killer stabbing the stranger. John then collapsed to the floor, while a few moments later the stranger toppled over him while they both soaked in her blood.

Chapter 3


The next morning John had awoken with a drenched shirt in what looked to be blood, however his shirt was completely dry and it was only the child playing a cruel trick on his innocent victim. However, he wanted him to feel the pain he ad felt but a thousand times worse. So he completely took over his body walking him to the kitchen, opening the bottom drawer on the left side, taking out a sow and a needle, and completely sowing his mouth shut, however he allowed John to be conscious throughout the whole thing so he could feel the pain. With tears coming from Johns eyes he walked over to the other side of the kitchen to get one of the sharpest knifes at his disposal and walk towards his still sleeping wife and stabbed her repeatedly, John couldn’t stop it he was being controlled and was helpless as he saw his wife cry for help. However she only produced gargles as she choked on her own blood and as the sheets of the bed turned a dark red. Even though she had died minutes ago the child forced John to keep stabbing his wife, however there was a sudden stop as John regained control of his body for a moment, but that moment didn’t last long as he started to stab himself in the gut whilst the only thing he heard were his own muffled screams, the child kept him alive much longer than he was supposed to so he could make John feel the pain for as long as possible. After a few minutes the child’s spirit was weak and couldn’t sustain Johns life and let go, allowing John to topple over his wife, both of them drenched in blood. The child left the room closing the door and locking it forever. As the room turned into a tornado for a few moments with the couple in the center of the room, when it stopped all that was left in the room was a knife, a dead newlywed couple, and a bed.

The Silent Man

  • Author: Josh Buloushi
  • Published: 2016-06-28 18:35:07
  • Words: 837
The Silent Man The Silent Man