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The Shadowhearts of Ying and Yang


The Shadow Hearts of Ying and Yang

By Ying and Yang

Published by Shakespir

Copywright 2016 Ying and Yang

Edited by Sybil Lyons

Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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If you read this you have to commit to this promise. The promise you must make is to take me and Yang seriously. Yes, I’m Ying and me and my test tube baby friend (TTBF) Yang are real. Laugh all you want; we’re real. Now that’s over we can get to the story.

We were sitting in a cage. There is a “Society” that either turns people in to stuff or makes people from scratch. The Society made us from scratch. They called us test tube babies even though we were fourteen, rude, right? If you think that’s rude, get this: they acted like they thought we were dogs. I mean we lived in a cage and the food we got looked like moldy puppy chow.

They must have thought we were smart dogs though, because they taught us how to read, write, fight and a lot of other useful stuff. Toward the end, they must have found some new things to play with, because we hadn’t seen them for days, and they forget our daily puppy chow.

Because they thought were smart, (we’re not really dogs, if you got off on the wrong track), they kept large locks on our wonderful cage, home sweet home. Now that you’re up to speed that brings us to the day we broke out.

If you found that interesting, read our story. Who knows, someday we might show up at your doorstep, and you’ll want to know who we are.

Signed, Ying & Yang

Chapter 1, By Ying

Don’t you just love those dreams of running away from all things you hate? When you wake up you’re happy till you notice what’s happening in the real world. Yeah, those are good. Yang knows that feeling too. We all do, but for us it happened all the time. Okay, had to get that out of my system.

Yang and I got out of the cage once a month for tests, which is when they would test our strength. “So we are going to get out of here. Do you know how to distract them while I knock the lights out?” I asked Yang.

She replied, “Yes.”  

“How?” I asked.

“Just trust me.”

So I did. She walked up to the professor that was watching us and said, “Am I Ying or Yang?”

The professor thought. He said, “Um”.

“Run, run RUN!” I heard Yang shout. Then boom! The lights went out! It was quiet for two seconds.

“RUN!” I yelled back to Yang.

We can see in the dark so were at an advantage. We heard voices echoing behind us as we went, “RUN AFTER THEM!”

We were doing it, freedom at last! No more cages, no moldy food, no more experiments. We wouldn’t have to be afraid of closing our eyes. We had a chance of living! A very good chance! My heart was pounding. “I see the door.” I told Yang. We ran to it and pushed it open. The air shocked us. It didn’t stop us. We were thinking “Run, run, run to a good, no great life.”

“Keep running!”  I shouted as I heard them behind us; so we pushed on.

Crazy thing, as you’re running for your life, you seem not to get tired and you run a whole lot faster. Yang and I were moving like lighting until we hit the fence. I looked at her “No shock.” I said.

She replied, “What?”

“No power for the fence. No electricity.” I stated.

“GET THEM!” We heard behind us again. So we did what anyone would do. We jumped the fence. Looking at each other we said in perfect unison, “Go to the nearest city!”  And so we did, New York City.

Chapter 2, By Ying


It turned out we were already in New York. Hearing the car horns clued us in. We made our way to a park.

“Central Park,” Yang marveled, looking around as we curled up in some bushes to rest. We could still hear the faint alarm blaring from where we had come; and that’s all we heard, until we fell asleep.

When we woke, there were two men staring down at us. They were taller than Yang and I, one with black hair and the other white. By the looks of them they were body builders attempting to be Ying and Yang, so not cool. I heard them talking. The first one said, “Are you sure it’s them?”

The second one replied, “They match the description. Lets tie them up.” I gently tapped Yang, but she was already awake. We barely nodded at each other before we bolted up and ran.

“HEY!” the man with black hair yelled and they both took off after us. Luckily, Yang and I are not bulky body builders. We are actually inhuman and engineered to be stealth fast, so we lost them in less than a minute.

Through heavy breaths I said, “We need to change our look and maybe our names.”

Yang smiled, “As long as my name can be Allie.” She had always liked that name for some reason.

The next day we did just that. She looked through ads in papers she found on benches in the park and found a place to get free clothing. Nice. The place was SO COOL. I can’t even describe it, so just think of a girl store, just without all the girly stuff. More dark and brooding, (not really). I picked out dark blue no-tie tennis shoes with white soles, boot cut jeans, a gray t-shirt with a white tiger on it, that cut off at the shoulders. Yang picked out black combat boots, skinny jeans, a plain purple tee-shirt, and a red leather jacket. I have to admit we looked pretty unrecognizable, but Yang wasn’t sure. She felt it was time to cover up our weird hair.

“We have to get rid of the black and white streaks in our hair; so we don’t look like walking newspapers.” She said as she dragged me toward a salon. She had found a wad of bills tangled into some weeds in one of the ditches in the park.

First we got the stripes out of our hair; so then mine was all strawberry red and hers was dirty blond. Then we got our nails done. To be truthful it was not mine or Yang’s fav thing so we didn’t get them painted. The only reason for having our nails done, was because we didn’t want to look so homeless, even though we were, as Yang so rudely decided to point out.

Now that we were disguised and officially on the run. We also changed our names. Mine was Luna, and of course Yang’s’ was Allie.

Chapter 3, By Ying


“First rule of being on the run: walk, don’t run.” Yang said as we pushed our way through the busy sidewalks of New York City. Normally we would have been excited to see the world, but we were not tourists. We were on the run.

“So we’re gonna need money and a place to stay I guess.” I said, realizing that after living in captivity for our whole lives we didn’t need much to survive.

Yang replied, “How about Central Park?”

“Sounds fine with me, and the money?” I questioned.

“We’ll have to figure that out later.” Yang said. Then without even waiting for me to reply, she ducked into a bus with me right on her tail. We rode the bus to Central Park in silence just listening intently to the weird rap song the guy in front of us was playing too loud on his headphones.

“Someday soon, he’s gonna be deaf.” Yang hissed to me under her breath.

When we got off we found a place and sorta set up camp. We didn’t have much to set up if you get my drift.

“So, what now?” I asked Yang settling myself down on a bench. The spot we picked was really pretty. There was a bench, the one I was sitting on, with a beautiful little pond in front of it, and a large oak tree beside it, to provide shade. We stayed up talking about what has to get done tomorrow, which wasn’t much at all. This was the plan for tomorrow:

p<>{color:#5E5E5E;}. Find out how to get money

p<>{color:#5E5E5E;}. Then get it

p<>{color:#5E5E5E;}. Find out what those creepy body builder boys wanted

p<>{color:#5E5E5E;}. And basically find out how we were going to live the rest of our lives.


Not much. We fell asleep after planning but I had a weird dream: I was running with Yang and we were laughing and playing; then two wolves came out of nowhere and they started talking to us. Weird right? I was telling them Yang and I have a bright future ahead of us everything was turning out to be OK! We would find two other people like us and we were gonna have some of the best memories… and to myself I said… and most likely some slapping will be involved.

Chapter 4, By Ying


And we meet them, or, “sadly enough we met them,” as Yang says.

We were asleep, until again, we were woken up by the sound of two really stupid boys. Note to self: STOP SLEEPING IN CENTRAL PARK FOR FEAR OF SOME REALLY STUPID BOYS.

Without even looking at each other, Yang and I were on the same page. We sprang off the bench into the boys, slamming them to the ground. That might have been the worst mistake Yang ever made in her life. As soon as Yang saw the boy she had landed on she said, “Ugh!” and leapt back off of him, fast as lighting (good move on her part). The boy remained laying on the ground, dazed, and turning to the boy I just knocked down, said, “Dude I’m in love. I don’t think I’m in love, I am.” I swear Yang would have started running in circles screaming in utter despair if I hadn’t grabbed her.

The boy I knocked down said, “Get up idiot.” So he did and the other boy slapped him in the back of the head sending him sprawling on the ground again.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Zero.” The one that slapped the boy to the ground said.

And the other said, “And I’m single.”

Yang replied, “Good that means if I kill you, no one will miss you.”

Zero said, “He’s Hunter.” Zero was slightly taller than Hunter and had black hair that was sorta long but sorta short and green eyes. He was wearing darkish loose jean and a dark blue t-shirt.

Hunter had dark brown hair and was a half of inch shorter then Yang. He was wearing loose jeans too, and a white t-shirt. He was staring weirdly at Yang, and it was taking all of my strength to hold her back from charging him.

“I’m Luna.” I said letting Yang go, “And this is Allie.”

When we started to walk away Hunter followed Yang who was very agitated. Zero followed Hunter. “LOOK OUT!” Zero shouted as two nimrods, apparently body builders, jumped out of nowhere and landed in front of us.

“Oh I’ve been waiting for this all day.” Yang said cracking her knuckles and charging one of them. She managed one punch to his nose before getting pinned to the ground.

“Oh no you didn’t!” I yelled and charged the other one. I was so worried about messing up his face that I didn’t notice his hands moving toward my neck until he was choking me.  Then two guys came out one with a gun. The one with the gun pointed it at Zero and eyed Hunter. Zero kicked the gun out of his hand, caught it, and then threw it at Hunter yelling “Disable it!!!”

“What, how do you do that!” Hunter exclaimed staring at the gun in his hands like it was toxic. His face was white as a sheet.

“Get rid of the bullets you idiot!” Zero said, charging the guy who was choking me. But Zero only managed minor damage to the guy who never lost his hold on me.

“Oh! That’s it!” yelled Hunter and started shooting bullets that rained upwards all haywire, and narrowly missed Yang with one of the shots.

“Watch it nimrod!” Yang yelled from the wrestling match she was having with one of the body builders. Just to get pinned to the ground again.

“Sorry!” Hunter said and tossed the gun, now empty, toward Zero.  Zero was still wrestling the bodybuilder that was choking me.

Hunter then realized his beloved was getting hurt. He attacked the dude wrestling with Yang, saving Yang.

It took Zero a second longer release my neck from the guy choking me and save my butt. Through huffs Zero said “What did you get yourselves in to?” We stood there not saying anything. I knew I would have to explain it. Not like Yang was even going to open her mouth by now. “Let me rephrase that,” Zero started, “WHAT DID YOU DO!”

Yang glared at me. “Well, it’s sort of a long story…” I started.

“We got all the time we need. So start talking.” Zero said.

Chapter 5, By Yang


Well, I guess I get to tell the story my way now. Just as Ying said, note to self: stop sleeping in central park for fear of stupid, idiotic, boys.

So we woke up to Hunter (blah), and Zero talking. I just jumped on the boy closest to me, which was, unfortunately, Hunter. I can’t help but think that if I had jumped on Zero, Hunter would be torturing Ying instead of me. Well you never know.

Any who, Hunter said “Dude, I think I’m in love.” Then Zero slapped him. I had sprung off of Hunter as fast as I could, but, sadly not fast enough. He was already staring at me. Lord, save me. I was about to run around in circles saying that, when Ying, who sadly knows me way too well, grabbed my arms to hold me in place.

It must have been: let’s go around Central Park and tell all the boys you meet your names day, because that’s just what Ying did. She told the stupid boys our names. They were our fake names, but it still counts!

“Just walk away.” Ying whispered in my ear and we turned around and started walking. Zero sort of just wandered around doing nothing in particular, while HUNTER decided to follow us, or rather me. I wished it were Ying, or at least both of us he were following, and not me sailing alone in my own little ship in the sea of boy drama.

Not like I’m a girly girl, but have a thing against boys ever since a fateful day we shall never mention. Keeping a stony cold face I turned around to Hunter who was yakking away about all his ex’s and how much he liked me, and screeched “SHUT UP!”

He instantly fell silent just as Zero yelled, “LOOK OUT!!” and the supermen showed up.


Chapter 6, By Zero


When me and Hunter met Luna and Hunter’s so called beloved, Allie, I thought, “Hunter has no sanity left in him.” But then again, maybe he never had any to start with, as Allie says.

Hunter and I spotted two girls about fourteen, (our own age), sleeping on a bench. Hunter dragged me over there just to stare at the one with brown hair. I didn’t care, but good view. I was startled by the one with long red hair when she slammed me down. Hunter must have gotten slammed down too, because he was one the ground when I got up. (Man those girls are strong!)

They were weary at first by the looks on their faces. The girl with brown hair had on skinny jeans, combat boots, red leather jacket, and a purple t-shirt. The other had long red hair in a braid and wore boot cut jeans with a white tiger on a grey t-shirt that cut off at the shoulders. (Not bad for a girl).

After the girls got off of us and we all introduce ourselves, they started to walk away. Hunter started to follow them…well mainly Allie… talking his head off. I just wondered around sorta following Hunter. I yelled “LOOK OUT!” but the girls still got attacked. But yeah, I saved Luna’s butt.

Chapter 7, By Hunter

Zero and I were walking through the forest in Central Park. Our parents had given us to a Society, our memories after that are were a blur, then we just kinda came too in Central Park. We live in an abandoned apartment building in New York, but normally come to Central Park to take a break from the big city. We had come to Central Park so many times, that Zero and I had the whole placed memorized.

We were walking on our normal path until we came across something quite weird and unfamiliar. It was a small clearing with one large oak tree in the middle, a small pond, and two girls sleeping on a park bench. Even though the place and the girls had not been there any other day we came here, Zero dismissed them and continued walking. But I stopped. One girl had gotten my attention. She had dirty blond hair that went a little bit below the shoulders, and was wearing, a red leather jacket, skinny jeans, a purple tee and combat boots. I’m just going to be straight forward, SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL! Just sayin’. I stared at the girl while she slept. Her fists clenched and unclenched over and over again her face was contorted with pain. I felt like a little boy who just found a lonesome puppy in the woods and wanted to keep it.

I turned to Zero. “We can’t just leave them here.” I said.

“Why not?” he asked staring at me blankly. I didn’t get time to respond. The girls suddenly leaped up and were on top of us in less than a second. The girl with dirty blond hair jumped on me slamming me to the ground. I stared up at her disgusted face as she nimbly hopped off of me and retreated toward the other girl with red hair that had gotten off Zero. I don’t even have to tell you what I said or what Zero did because you already know. I was in my own little world

“I’m Luna and this is Allie.” said the girl with red hair who was holding Allie back from strangling me for some reason. (Was it something I said?).  Because the next part is sad and embarrassing, I’m just going to skip to the part when I save Allie’s life.

I stood there absolutely petrified, (and almost ruined my pants in a way I won’t say, but you probably can guess), when Allie got wrestled to the ground. Luna was getting strangled and a guy was standing there, HOLDING A GUN AND POINTING IT AT MY BROTHER, YET EYEING ME AT THE SAME TIME. I had no idea what to do, but luckily Zero was on his game. Sadly this wasn’t the first time a gun was pointed at him. (Maybe the Society didn’t like him very much). He kicked the gun out of the guy’s hand and tossed it to me, telling me to disable it. I had no idea what that meant, and I had barely caught the gun because I was so worried about Allie.

“Get rid of the bullets!” I heard through my daze. That made sense. I held up the gun and started shooting bullets everywhere.

“Watch it, nimrod!” Allie yelled as a bullet zoomed narrowly close to her ear. I realized I could have just killed her, and in a normal situation, I would have ran over and apologized, but I couldn’t do that now. I tossed the gun back to Zero and looked back at Allie. Quickly in my head I ran over ways to save her without looking dumb, abut like her knight in shining armor. Finally, I just tackled the guy that was killing her, charging the guy like an angry bull. It did the trick.

Allie got up, groaning, brushed herself off and went over to help Luna up because she could barely breath.

Chapter 8. By Ying

“Um. Well how do I put it, we’re from a Society.” I said.


“What is it called?” Zero asked quickly.

“Just that, it’s called “The Society.”

“That’s we came from!” said Hunter

“They didn’t do much except make us faster and stronger.” said Zero.

“How old were you when you accepted?” I asked.

“About eight.” He shrugged.

“We just escaped two days ago.” I motioned my head toward Yang.

One of the bodybuilders groaned. I walked up to them “What is this?” I said ripping off the ying and yang necklaces. I gave the yang side to Yang and kept the ying side for me.

“I think we should make up names for them,” said Hunter.

I pondered the idea. “Buffy One, for the one with white hair. Buffy Two, for the one with black hair.” I said pointing. Zero chuckled.

Chapter 9, By Yang


So for some crazy reason, Ying decided that we were going to stick with Hunter and Zero. She said that it was because escaped victims of the Society should stick together. Strength in numbers I guessed. I didn’t find any strength in numbers that want to kill each other.

Hunter was that annoying. I also thought we shouldn’t stick together because then you only have to look in one place to find us; even if you can put up a better fight. “What happens if the Society gets an army of people like us?” was my argument. Yeah, I was the only one who thought of that.

Anyway, going back to the list that Ying and I had earlier; I thought the first thing was to figure out how to get money, then get it. So I was sitting on the bench quietly thinking of ways to get money and trying not to rip off Hunter’s head. For no apparent reason at all Ying and Zero left me alone with Hunter as they dragged the unconscious Buffy 1 and Buffy 2 away.

“Hey, I’ve got it!” Hunter said, looking up from the spot he had been staring at on the ground.

“Got what?” Zero asked, appearing in the clearing with Luna/Ying behind him.

“How we get money!” he said excitedly. “We put on a street performance! You know, we’ve all got special powers, so let’s just do stuff with them, just sort of less obvious that they’re powers.”

I looked at Ying, urging her telepathically to do something. I didn’t want to open my mouth and have all the curse words I had ever heard to come out. Anyway, she was just much better at negotiating than me. “Well that’s a great idea…” she started, but then trailed off when I looked up sharply, glaring in a way that I didn’t need telepathic powers for her to know what I wanted to say. “But that would make it to obvious to the Society that we’re here.” she finished, sounding much nicer and flexible than I thought she should have been.


Chapter 10, By Ying


We all weren’t thrilled with the idea of street performing.

“Why don’t we just try it?” Zero said, clearly trying to ignore Hunter’s blabbering, but it wasn’t working so well. Yang was ready to explode. Literally.

“Oh yeah, and ultimately expose our superpowers.” Yang growled through clenched teeth. She was right, but so was Zero. There was really no other way to get money, unless we stole or got jobs that paid a lot on the first day.

“Street performance it is then!” I announced, making my decision.

“YES!” Hunter said punching his fists up in the air.

Yang dropped her head in her hands looking utterly devastated. Zero showed no emotion, except for a slight smile in amusement to Hunter’s reaction. I sighed and headed off in the direction of the exit to the park. Everyone followed except for Yang.

“Aren’t you coming, Allie?” Hunter asked looking back in concern at her. “We can’t do the performance without you. I have it all planned out in my head. I’ll give you a boost and you’ll jump up in the air and flip backwards, then I’ll catch and put you down while Zero and Luna do the same.” He looked excited.

Yang groaned and looked at me. “You’re still gonna make me do this after hearing that!” she exclaimed. It wasn’t really a question. She knew I would make her do it.

“He is so not catching me.” she said standing up and following us to the street.

In the street outside the park it looked just like a city should, traffic, buses, people in work clothes walking with their bags. “It’s time to start.” Hunter said taking a dramatic deep breath and kneeling down to make the boost for Allie. I rolled my eyes and Allie stared at me in disgust.

She asked, “Is it too late for me to forfeit?” .

“Yep.” I said smiling. Yang exhaled heavily. Zero and Hunter went to opposite ends. Allie and I went running towards them, boosted off their hands, back flipped and landed on our feet.

Hunter whistled, clearly impressed. He stared at Yang as she flipped her hair out of her face. She looked bored. I was too. This was boring, considering our abilities. Next Zero and Hunter then walked on their hands to opposite ends. When they stopped, we did front hand springs to where Zero and Hunter stood. Then the people watching started go crazy. We made twenty dollars just like that.

Then luck happened. We found a wallet belonging to one of the scientists who was part of the society. It had been thrown at us with all the other money. Yang picked it up and looked inside to find a horrible picture of him. I looked at the crowd of people but didn’t see him. That was creepy.

The Shadowhearts of Ying and Yang

  • ISBN: 9781310170775
  • Author: Ying and Yang
  • Published: 2016-06-03 22:05:08
  • Words: 4515
The Shadowhearts of Ying and Yang The Shadowhearts of Ying and Yang