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The Sevens

The Sevens


Publish by Sylvester L. Anderson at Shakespir


Copyright 2017 Sylvester L. Anderson


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Thank you, Father God, for blessing me to be here. Thank you for the people in my life that inspire me day by day.


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The Sevens

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This poetry collection is was put together to offer words of healing and inspiration. Know your worth, give yourself every opportunity for the best life possible and most important, love yourself.



The Sevens




The body is a temple

Housing for spirit and soul

A connector to the physical realm

Ours from birth to death

Pre-designed for gender, race and culture

Care for your temple

That is may not fall into ruins



The brain is a generator

An electrical field

Sparking thoughts

We ponder, we contemplate

We dream, we wonder

We create a world within a world

What are your thoughts creating?



The beat of life

Hearts stolen, hearts given away

Broken and scarred

Protected and cherished

An organic internal pump

Sometimes brave, sometimes weak

A symbol of love



Are you who you see?

If not

Then look deeper

The naked eye

Has a limited view

The eyes of the heart

See way beyond the outstretched hand


Change Up

Throw life a curveball

Change it up

It all starts within

If you want a change

Believe and do it

There is no better or perfect time

Now is the time



Be proud of yourself

And strong enough to be humble

You are somebody

Don’t act better than

Stand with a compassionate heart

Take pride in all you do

Just don’t hog the spotlight to yourself


Mirror Image

You are the spitting image

Created without blemishes

What’s that?

You don’t think so

Take a look again

You certainly are beautiful

Beautiful like God created you



Silent and strong

Loud and strong

It doesn’t matter which way

Persevere and overcome

You can do it

You know that you can

Power up and overcome


Volume Control

Negative voices

Here and there

Negative voices

Lead to despair

Take control

Lower the volume

Turn up hope on a new outcome



Let the tears fall

Let them water the seeds you planted

Let something wonderful grow

Don’t hold them in

Let them fall and be cleansing

Like rain falling over the land

Be refreshed and renewed



Fists touching the sky

Eyes of fire

Heart is a chamber of rage

The moment is nuclear

The fallout, devastating

Cooler heads can prevail

If we pause to think



In a moment

We came to love

You and I

We came to love


After us

Our love will live on



Where do you lead?

Should I follow?

I follow

Faith is greater

Hope is light

Darkness dissipates

God is in control


I Get It

I understand

The qualms of reality

No questioning

Real time happenings

Selfless thoughts

Sharing the sun

Even when it’s raining inside




Absorbing all

Heart exposed

Nerve endings aware

Thoughts revolving

Needles in the soul

Feeling it all


Back Seat


You have to step aside

Move out the way

Give up space

Be a bystander

While understanding

It is not about you






In this life

For life

My life

Hopefully, enough



Wake up internally

All is not as it should be

Mind and heart not connecting

Spirit commences reflecting

Soul and God reconnecting

Alarm goes silent

All now in harmony


Begin Again

Let’s begin again

A new you

A new me

A new sense of understanding

Make the most of this time

Take good care of this gift

Let’s begin life


In Between

What happens in between?

Constantly recalling memories

The days seem to get longer

Sometimes, you just want to sleep

Photos, photos, photos

A stream of daydreams

Until next time


Hey You

If you give up

You lessen the value of you

Not a wise thing to do

There is something great waiting

But you will never discover it

If you give up so easily




We all make them

Have to learn from them

Not let them define us

Neither let them break us

There are perfectionist

But there is no one that is perfect

Mistakes will happen


In The Deep

In the trenches

Dug in deep

Not going backwards

Plowing forward

The dream is set

Determination dialed up

With you all the way


It Will Be Alright

Been through some rough times

Been through even harder times

Got through a calamity or two

Whatever happens

Whatever comes down the road

It will be alright

God is in control


All and Everything

My all to you

In everything

That composes life

That gives life

And the world meaning

I find you

All of you



Built by the mind

Invisible border

Containment from living free

There is nothing to fear

There is much to live for

With a thought the walls can crumble

So what do you think?



Light the lamp

A fire in the heart

Turn up the glow

Now shine for God

We are the children of light

No darkness inside

Lighting up the world



Despite what you see

Or what the circumstances tell you

There is much you can achieve

Do you believe?

Please do not turn away

Turn in the direction of your dreams

The course is set to take you there



A prayer to God

Reach out to family or friends

Open up to the one you love

Remaining silent can kill

No need to carry the weight alone

Even in weakness

You can be strong


Not Done

Sometimes you think you are done

At the end of the road

Simply unwanted

God is not finished with you yet

He put a good work inside you

He never sees you as used goods

You are beautiful and far from done


Thank you for reading my book. I hope you enjoyed it and found something encouraging in it for you.


About Sylvester:

Sylvester is a poet and author striving to inspire, encourage and share God’s message of love and salvation.

“Never close the door on listening and learning”



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The Sevens

The Sevens is a series of short versed poems, seven lines. Designed to encourage, inspire and give the reader a hopeful perspective on life.

  • ISBN: 9781370665198
  • Author: Sylvester Anderson
  • Published: 2017-07-12 06:35:09
  • Words: 1103
The Sevens The Sevens