The seeds of time

The Seeds of time


                                                            Chapter one

Somewhere in a vast and small land, echo’s breezy memories and distorting pasts through the trees, whispering dreamy wonder as the shadows reflect across the green grounds, a celestial leaf flew around towards a small brown cabin. two trees, one tall, one small were on opposite ends of it, with a flowing sea behind it. inside was a tall built man with short brown hair and eyes standing near a burning fireplace. he wore a red flannel with blue jeans. 



he had a rough demeanor. next to him was an 8-year-old young girl. her short blonde hair covered one of her blue eyes. the man said violently, “I told you not to go outside! she was hesitant to reply but knew it wouldn’t change anything. she stood there with a semi happy mood as it slowly turned into sorrow. as her tears stared to blur her eyes, she looked down at her white dress with blonde and black velvet lines. she had a yellow triangular butterfly ring on her middle finger and colorful paper wrist bracelets.



As she waved her hands, she busted out and screamed “I don’t want this anymore daddy! goodbye! she turned as she ran to the door. the daddy walks towards her in a stunned gaze. he yells “don’t you dare! she stopped at the door and looked at him with hesitation. she shook her head and ran out. there was screaming and fears running around her as they drowned out. she kept running, not caring where. she ended up in a forest. 



she heard whispers from the distance.  they said, “you can’t hide from yourself, come back to the start, she shook in fear and confusion as she thought about them. Girl “how do I do it?!she slowly followed them until she found two paths. one had a glistening pond. she touched it. it morphed into blurry visions of a purple cyborg. suddenly she was watching it shoot black earthly armored figures with white mouth guards with a triangular energy cannon that shot out purple lined waves.  



she ran through a liquid space hallway of blue lines and metallic squares. the girl screamed as she came to. from another place, a two story suburban blue house laid on the corner of a lake. surrounded by a white fence and a garden in front. an older woman with long brown hair in a ponytail and green eyes was sitting in the living room. she wore a blue skirt with a blue blouse.  the room had countless gold vases and pictures. 



a ten-year-old boy was sitting next to her. he had a blonde mushroom cut with green droopy eyes. he was wearing black shorts and a white t shirt. the boy annoyingly said. “ but mom, I’m getting older now. the boy’s mother shook her head and pointed at him. woman “that doesn’t matter, I’m telling you to get rid of your friends and study. he sighed. boy “I’m done with your mindless controlling mom! her eyes lit up as she put her hands on her mouth in shock. boy’s mother “ You take that back!”



he shook his head and ran out the door. the freighted and mad mom ran after him. boy’s mother “get back here or else!” her madness slowly turned into tears. she cried and shook as she went inside. the boy ran and ran through the city night lights that brimmed earthly artistic boldness. he reached a forest. with wonder he said to himself, “I sense something in here” he walked through it. a lunar butterfly swayed by him, it flapped its wings as they reflected waves of voices. 



the dark figures of liquid flowers with teeth spoke as they swung their dark eye branches that reflected lives. flowers “do you know who you are? you are not real, you are not here! frightened he yelled, get out! they formed into a celestial clock as it swallowed him. he awoke in the same spot. shaken he looked for the butter fly. he saw it slowly evaporate into a lunar leaf. he knew he shouldn’t follow it but then he knew he had to.   



it began to rain. the forest mystified with a sorrowful dew, echoing tears of tragic ends. he ran through the earthly water fall halls following a crack. he stopped in surprised wonder as he saw a white tree with two black holes as eyes. it had two feathered branched wings of paintings and pictures. as he looked at each one, he saw himself in them. boy” I don’t remember these times” voice “you either? startled he ran behind the tree. 



voice “don’t worry, I won’t harm you, only you can do that” he slowly peeked around to see a girl. girl “come out. boy “nah, I’m not scared, I just have to speak from afar! she giggled. he slowly walked to her. she took his hand in excitement. the boy’s eyes opened up. girl “let’s look at it together!” what do you see? Boy “a dark space with a bridge, one side is an earthly city with a boy and the other is a lunar forest with a girl, a liquid heart floats in the middle, as they move their venture through the bridge moves” 



the girl stares at him in shocking beauty. girl “ that is beautiful and tragic” the boy chuckled “yea, I guess they are not so different” what about you?” she slowly looked down and closed her eyes. girl “ I see a snowy space with snow worlds attached with starry rivers, in the shape of an octagon, a flaming figure of someone burns through every one, one by one until it burns out, leaving me with the words, when one thing burns out, another burns free”



she froze as she turned away. boy” hey, are you alright? she silently said, “yes” she fell down on her knees as she cried. the boy said it himself, “what do I do? boy “hey, umm, don’t cry. he attempted to put his arm on her shoulder. he found his hand on her shoulder. she sniffled as she looked at him. girl “thanks. I’m just so sick of my life. boy and girl “my parents don’t understand” in shock they slowly looked away and smiled. 



the boy laughed. boy “what a surprise huh?” she giggled. girl “yea. boy “they are so hard one me all the time. sometimes I want to cry but I’m taught not too. girl “same here. they forget our feelings and stories. the girl picked up a stick and started drawing on the wet dirt. the boy did the same. the girl saw a black phaeo wing. it was scaly skeletal liquid in a triangular shape.  her eyes lit up. girl “it’s great!” the boy blushed. boy “thanks but I’m not that good. girl “don’t say that! you are. 



the boy looked at her side. it was a freora wing with blue steel flowers. a wing of a star bird. the boy was in shock. he said, “its fireastic!” the girl blushed and giggled. girl “oh I don’t think so but thanks!” he nodded. girl “hey. she walked to him. she reached in her pocket in pulled out something. girl “put out your hand” the boy stood in fear. girl “you’ll be fine. she put it in his hand. he looked at it to see a green colored circular shaped seed. 



Boy “huh? girl “it’s a seed, a symbol of inner heart and protection. it was from my real mother. boy “wow, thanks! it’s cool. he puts it in his pocket. boy “hey I have something for you too. he put a lunar flower in her hair. girl “it’s wonderful! thank you. boy “it matches your hair. she blushed and looked away. she grabbed his hand. girl “when we are lost, let us meet here, in between life and death. okay? the boy nodded as a tear fell. 



they heard a noise. they both turned to the tree. two black hooded figures with long black cloths approached them. the boy stood in front of the girl. boy “ get away! black hooded figures spoke in a gloomy deadly tone. black hooded figures “it’s time to go back. girl “back to where?!” they laughed evilly. dark hooded figure one “ don’t be naive, you don’t even exist!” they both looked down. in a confused state she said, what? of course we do!” 



as they got closer their faces turned into spiraling holes. dark tentacles came out of them. the boy and girl stared in fear. angered voice “rahhh!” they opened their eyes to see the tentacles on the ground evaporating. a twelve-year-old boy was in front of them. he had a blue spiral sword with black eyes and long blonde hair. he was wearing a red scarf over a blue shirt and boned leggings.  the boy flared with jealousy boy “we don’t need your help! girl “don’t mind him. we are very grateful. 



the older boy laughed as he brushed his hair. older boy “I was helping you lovely lady” the boy grinned at him. the girl’s eyes lit up with love. the boy ran towards the figures. boy “ahhh! the girl and older boy screamed “no!”  young man “no!” huh? a thin built twenty-seven-year-old man woke up in a bed. he had dark blue hair with black streaks that reached his shoulders. he had brown eyes. he wore a black and blue shirt with a blue scarf and a black cloth around his waist.   


                                                                     chapter two

it matched his sleek black pants with blue zig zag lines and blue boots. a triangular scar was on his forehead. young man “ oh man what a dream. how could I of dreamt that kind of boy? he shook his head. young man “oh well, time to go!” he left his room of space movie posters and starry wall paintings. he slid down the stair well into a woman holding pies. they both screamed. the pies landed on their faces. the young man laughed. young man “it still good mom!” the mom slowly got up in a rage. 



she was a semi thin woman that had long blonde hair in a braid that matched her yellow earrings and blouse. she had on white high heels. man’s mom “oh ens! you have to stop that or you will go to stair well anonymous! they both laughed. ens “that’s why I like your mom, you are strict yet understanding. she stopped laughing and sternly said, I know, now clean it up. she walked away with a light laugh. ens “ I heard that!” 



above them was a grand glass chandler that glowed gold lights. ens “I’m done so I see you later!” mom “wait!” she ran to the hall to see the mess was there. she nodded side to side. he walked outside. a suburban neighborhood with steel wooded houses floated around him. he walked by countless people and animals through the lush green landscape. he ran to a large black and white palace. it had countless flower shaped steel pillars with a symbol of two inward green and blue wings with a dual sided triangular crescent in between them. 



the falling sun glimmered the gold marble walls and floors. voice “ahh!” ens quickly ran to the voice. a silver room of hanging angels and demons. he saw a young girl on her knees. she was curvy and had on silky colorful leggings with blue shoes and laces. she had very long pink and blue hair in a v shape. she had a brown and pink eye. she had on an earthly gothic top of vines in all colors that spiraled around her upper body. 



ens laughed. ens “what are you doing here little girl?” she smiled. in a tired and conniving voice she replied, “the least expected reveal the most shocking unexpectness” ens smirked. a fifteen foot freora statue swiped its gold thorned tail at them. they jumped over it.  ens “well then my surprise is just an older one, still I’m more than unexpectation” he slid under it and slashed it up and down with a blue celestial comet sword. it roared as it flew up in the air. she laughed with a shameful tone. girl “when you are ageless, you are infinite”  



she closed her eyes and put her hands up at it. the feroa breathed out starry asteroid at them. ens swiped them away back at the feroa one by one as he yawned. ens “over already?” one flew towards him. it ricochets off. ens “I’m that good?” young girl “are you or are you just a good lucky? he laughed. ens “this can never be luck lady. he just won’t quit. had a bad day at work huh?!” suddenly something crashed through the celling onto the feora. it fell down into the ground. 



ens “speaking of comets” he ran to it. the girl yelled, wait! do you run to everything you see? ens shrugged. ens “I slash first, wonder about it later!” you’ll never know your true depth if you think about it. the girl sighed as she walked to him. girl “yes but didn’t you think of not thinking? it’s the depth of your heart. ens “this is my heart” they approached the glistening crystal seed. girl “ it’s shiny like a glimmering mirror of wonder” ens looked unphased. 



ens “Ehh it’s okay” the seed shook as it cracked. they both slowly took a step back. a black light shined through. in front of them was a curvy woman with long curvy green ears. she had on a green and purple earthly metallic suit that twirled around her, revealing some upper thighs with knee high steel flower boots.  he had semi long purple and green hair that covered one purple eye. the other was a green eye. she wore a purple crescent shaped pendant with a swao. a black colored seed gun with a black and green circular blade on the other end. two sharp triangular green pieces rested on her shoulders.


                                                                            chapter three

they stared at another in confusion and wonder. woman spoke to herself “I’ve seen him before. where?” ens spoke to himself “why does she give me this feeling?” the woman spoke in a mysterious tone. woman “who are you?!” she raised her swao at ens. ens laughed as he swiped his hair. ens “hey lady, you are not my type” the woman laughed. woman “you couldn’t handle me at my weakest little boy” ens smirked. ens “shall we see then?” the woman dashed at him as blue waves flew from her boots. she shot blue bladed seeds at him as she spiral slashed him in the air. 



she giggled. woman “florona! ens flew around them. ens laughed. ens “not even close!” he slashed them away and spun his sword in a triangular shape. ens “sosur slash! blue waves flew towards her as he slashed in all directions.  the woman laughed in confidence. she shot at them. the woman brushed her hair. woman “I pity you, this isn’t even close to my true power! they ran across the wall, watching another. they jumped into another as they fell to the ground. 




she laid on top of him. both swords were at another’s neck. ens “you really know how to make an entrance. she laughed. woman “in our flashiest entrances, we leave the grandest mark. looks like I’m on top” ens smirked. ens “I’m on top of this” he tried to push her off. ens “rahh!” your womanly mystery weighs so much!” the young girl giggled. he slides out from under her as he back flipped up. ens “from the deepest depths, I rise the highest!”  the young girl slapped his arm. ens “ow” young girl “don’t mind him, he’s a little too much for his own good. 



young girl “ we are not your enemy!” woman “isn’t it your lucky day? although even friends are enemies in disguise. why trust anyone when they always let you down? ens “it’s your lucky day too!” young girl looked him and nodded no. ens “I surprisingly agree with you” if you don’t truth anyone then you have nothing to worry about. young girl “yes but without risk, you can’t know, even if it’s just for a moment, it’s worth it’ ens and the woman rolled their eyes. 



woman “ I make my own moments” young girl “hey, my name is exsia” she stared at the woman. she looked at ens. exsia “how about you?” ens looked away. he whispered ens. exsia screamed, ens!? ens eyes lit up and put his hand on her mouth. ens “shh! exsia giggled. exsia “never be ashamed of your name” I like it. ens “well I hate yours. exsia “I knew that” woman “our names are not who we are” ens “I’ll call you cylar” woman “why?” ens “ because you are a cyborg from the sky” 



she became intrigued yet mad. woman “how do you know cyborgs?” ens “I’ve had dreams of them “ exsia ‘look!” the dragon evaporated into one winged butterflies with light tails and two tentacles as eyes. ens “huh?” cylar “those are memory flies. when something dies it memories fly into the next life” exsia eyes lit up with amazement. exsia “they are magical! ens played it off but he kind of like them. ens thought to himself “how does she fight like that? I need to learn that although I’m good enough” 



they flew to cylar and ens. they turned into pictures of memories. they felt sleepy as they fell asleep. exsia ran to them. exsia “guys?!” ens woke up and was a young boy on a cliff with an older woman. she was in a white phasey wave. ens “who are you?” wavy ghost “search inside your core you never had, this is now, then and before forever, I’ll be waiting there my… she slowly disappeared as she fell off. ens “hey! don’t leave me here alone!” he ran to her as he jumped off the cliff. as he fell flying pictures reflected green skies and himself running with a girl through a celestial field. 



he saw blue fox appear then disappear. he heard her voice say “follow the blue fox. cylar awoke as young girl in a dark room. a celestial figure of a man appeared from under the floor. she gasped with aggressiveness. trembling yet stern she said, “iii, I’m not scared!”  celestial man figure “you create fear, it is your courage that always reminds you are alive, make them one and fly with your heart. he slowly walked to the door and opened it. girl “don’t do this again!” he walked through it. 



she clumsy ran after him with tears falling off her face. girl “please, I need you here!” as she ran through the door, she passed paintings of her and an older boy jumping through flowery voids. they turned into liquid as they sinked into the ground creating a celestial sea. a fly of blue with liquid wings and starry eyes whispered to her breezes of words that said, sea the freecrets through your tree” it flew out of the ocean. 



cylar and ens woke up. exsia “hey you are awake!” cylar chuckled. cylar “what is awake?” even when you are awake, you are still dreaming, like an endless adventure of dreaming awakenings’, we go through floating seas of dreams and reality, never knowing which one is which.” ens “it docent matter, these are my dreams” exsia “I didn’t fall asleep but I remembered some memories, although I don’t have many” she looked down. 



ens “don’t worry exsia, you have me!” her and cylar rolled their eyes. exsia fakingly said, of course!” they walked out. ens “so this is the lovely city of balia, the place of sea and sky” sylar noticed a statue as big as a solar system far out. exsia “ahh that is balia, the goddess of dreams. her upper body was a blue and white plate. it had blue lines that spiraled into a white diamond shaped jewel. her hair was a floating blue mist above her. her chest had two triangular crystal gems that met at the neck. underneath the celestial sea was two dark mountain legs with purple and black roots in z shape. in between them was a hearted thread.  



 this place is held together by her dreams. around her were worlds in shapes of plateaus, spheres and cylinders connected to her steel vines.  they walked through the town of bustling shimmering towers of sapphire and flowers. they walked up to a large blue statue of a woman with earthly tears falling into a empty space pond in the middle of the square. ens “this is what keeps us afloat. it receives and outputs the energy of balia dreams.  cylar thought to herself “it’s so ancient compared to our place, yet so fascinating” 



cylar “so the coordinates of her dreams are recycled through this machine. exsia “yes, as long as she sleeps, we live “ we don’t expect her to sleep forever. she was a beautiful queen ages ago in another space and time. she lost her love and swore to dream forever, just to find him again. she looked down with sadness. ens shrugged. ens “no point worrying. when she wakes up it will wake us up” 


                                                                          Chapter four

exsia surprisingly looked at ens. she became less sad. exsia “we have to wake her up, a dream can never be until it is freed, like a caterpillar gaining its wings” cylar “is it freed even then? how do we know what is and isn’t when we let others and equations decide them?”  an explosion of blackness erupted around them. exsia “what was that?!” three figures came running from the explosion. they were half dark and light creatures with droopy white eyes. they had two long liquid ears with a triangular eye symbol on their chest. 



a deep dark conniving voice “those are memoryless, lost souls that lost their memories” they turned to see a man in a dark cloak. he had silver and black metallic leggings with glowing blue energy flowing through them. he laughed gently as he swiped his hidden silver hair. man “they need memories and this place is bustling with them” ens waved his arm in anger. ens “these are our memories! exsia “we won’t let you take them away!” the man chuckled. 



man “a memory turns into a fleeting dream as it dissipates into nothing like the mist of a morning flower, never existing. why not give them away to the ones who need them?” cylar thought to herself “ahh i feel something somewhere, like looking at a old memory” ens charged at him in rage. ens “rahhh! he spun slashed blue triangular waves towards him. exsia emitted colorful energy of paint from her hands as she released them at him. cylar charged up her swao and released green and purple seeded blasts as she dashed at him.



the man easily evaded every attack. he unsheathed his celestial sword as it let out solar lines across the sky, they flew towards everyone. exsia held up her hands at them. they ricocheted off her. one hit her. exsia “ahh! ens yelled “you’ll be fine!” as he was dodging the lines. they went through the houses and buildings as they collapsed. ens “time to edge it up!” he slashed his sword in x and z shapes as he flipped and spun slashed the man. 



the man waved his arms as they all fell down. the man landed. man “heh, that was just a fraction of my core” he walked up to cylar man “you are an earthly machine of poetic tragedy, shooting out seeds of mysteriously beautiful memories, ones i will get in time” he flew away in a flash as it rattled everyone. exsia “quick the people!” a memoryless attacked a woman as ens slashed through it. ens “not this time” cylar shot them up in the air and spiraled gutted them as they exploded. 



ens “heh, you are kind of close to my level” cylar laughed. cylar “ i am beyond levels i am level itself!” exsia “there’s too many! they keep multiplying!” ens “damn!” suddenly a black sphere bomb swarmed around the memoryless and splashed into liquid dust. a thirty-three-year-old man landed next to them. he had long brown hair and brown eyes. he was wearing a black and green metallic suit with a steel black winged jetpack. he shot out black rocks of energy at the memoryless. man “don’t worry ladies, there’s more of me to see!”



 cylar and exsia said in a sarcastic tone “I can’t wait!” he looked at them twice as he spun around and shot more. man hey, it’s your loss” do I have to drag you back like a jealous girlfriend cilseda?” cilseda “I’d like to see you try Maz” i told you I’m not going back!” she side jumped and slashed two memoryless. maz “you are killing me woman!” 



he flipped jumped as he spun around shooting the memoryless. ens ran to his house. he ran through the burning door. ens screamed in a panic “mom! where are you!” ens mom “I’m just cooking you some got you fury!” ens desperately searched the house. he saw a blue fox in the hallway as it stared at him. it disappeared into a room. he followed it into the room. ens yelled “mom!? are you in here?!” mom “over here!” he looked to see hands on the window. 



mom “oh hello son! just hanging out! ens rolled his eyes. ens “i think this is funny” maybe I’ll go get some food, you’ll be fine” ens mom started to worry. ens mom “okay help me now damn it!” he grabbed her hands and lifted her up. ens mom coughed. ens mom “i tried to jump but couldn’t” ens “sometimes you have to jump like now! he grabbed her and jumped out the window as the rood collapsed. ens “see you are fine” ens mom slowly got up from the ground. ens mom “thank you son, although i still have to deal with you. 



ens laughed. ens “always” he ran back to the group. a black and green ship with triangular wings and three energy cannons landed next to them. the silver steel gate lowered as a young man in a blue and black celestial trench coat came out with a woman and man. he had short black hair that covered his blue and black eye. he had a x symbol with blue and green celestial steel eyes on each side that went down his chest. man “long time no see silseda” silseda clinched her fist. silseda “it hasn’t been long enough zoss”



zoss laughed. zoss “of course’ he put his hand behind his back as he walked around them. zoss “this is a nice place. how about you let us protect you? exsia “that sounds, ens interrupted her. ens “no way! I’m all this place needs! zoss eyes lit up in surprise. zoss “oh right, seeing as you needed everyone’s help? ens grinned and laughed. ens “you don’t know what I’m capable of” 



zoss “true, this goes for everyone and everything. still sometimes you need others” ens turned away in anger. silseda “what are you doing zoss?” zoss leaned in to her. zoss “you know the usual zoss thing that everyone loves” silseda sighed. the woman had semi long black hair and metallic blue eyes. she had a steel black tie on over a metallic white suit with white boots. the other man had shaved blonde head with metallic earthly green eyes. 



he wore a black rocky suit with black boots.  zoss jumped onto of his ship. zoss yelled in a justifying tone “attention my fellow balians! the remaining people gathered around. zoss “this sad tragedy that ha fallen on you is truly unbelievable, just like breezes and the sun these moments of death and destruction fly by in the blink of an eye, yet i believe that they are the catapult that launches us into a new era we never thought possible, let this be your deepest rebirth, show them who you are! never forget this day and let it propel you into infinite!” exsia maz and everyone clapped. ens and silseda shook their head. 



zoss jumped off the platform. zoss “now shall we explore this wonderus solar system?” silseda “I’d rather walk” zoss laughed. zoss “how can you not like me?” he looked at her with droopy eyes. ens “no! why would I go? exsia “to see what is out there, we never know here” as ens moved his head in anger, exsia popped her head in front t of his with a extrafgranted smile. ens “ehh, why not” they all approached the ship. exsia “you coming silseda?” 



silseda looked at her with a straight face. ens “you know her, she’s like a pendulum” they get on the ship. zoss “look were leaving you sure you are not coming?’ silseda continued to walk. zoss shurgged. zoss “happy travels! the ship emitted blue waves as it started to fly away. the ship rattled. exsia “what is that?!” zoss laughed. zoss “it’s her” exsia turned to see silseda sitting down on a steel bench. ens “there she goes with her entrances” silseda “I’m only here for myself, don’t get it twisted.” 



exsia “oh we know that” everyone laughed but ens and silseda laughed. they flew through the vast world of siea. a place of bustling blue clouds and floating earthly rivers that intersected to an ocean. exsias was in awe watching it through a triangular glass. exsia “I’ve never been out of this part. it’s so vibrant! right ens?! ens rolled his eyes. ens said with a serious tone “uhh, sure” maz sat next to silseda. as he lifted up his hand, silseda spun kicked him into the wall. maz “ahh!” 


zoss shook his head and chuckled. Zoss “you knew it would happen” maz slowly got up brushing himself off. maz “hey, there’s a first for everything, just not this time” zoss your dad is going to be furious if we return without her” zoss “I’m aware of that but he can wait” exsia “say, who was that guy?” zoss maz and silseda looked at another with conviction. exsia “you know something! please tell me! silseda sighed. 



silseda “its better than thinking what I’m thinking” ens smirked. silseda “if I’m correct, that was memosin. exsia “memosin?” silseda maz and zoss quickly said, quiet! exsia laid there in shock as if she did something wrong. maz “they say when you say his name, he hears you and comes to you” exsias eyes lit up. exsia “wow, that’s creepy” ens “heh, memosin!” see nothing! silseda shook her head. silseda “youll see” myself, maz, zoss and memosin were in the war of curen together. it was when we were around fifteen years old. 


                                                                     chapter five

a young silseda, maz zoss and memosin were running through a white and glistening cave. memosin has long silver and blue hair. he was wearing a brown mini cape with a black vest. he had on blue and black cargo pants. memosin “this is a sight to see” zoss “yea it is” silseda remained quiet but inside connected to it. She had shorter hair with two black roses in them. she had on green leggings with seams cut through that matched her blue shirt and gloves. 



maz shot his energy gun at the wall. everyone cautionly aimed their guns at the wall. they stood there for a minute. zoss in anger said “maz, did you freak out again?” maz turned away with a sad face. maz “pshh of course not!” they all put their hands on their foreheads. the cave rumbled. silseda “get ready!” the wall divided opening up a doorway. maz “see i wasn’t freaking out” memosin laughed. memosin “you purposely accidentally revealed a new place with a fearful action?” maz “you got it” 



they slowly walked through. there was shadows of colorful butterflies, foxes and shaped crystals and sapphires everywhere. they sparkled flowing rivers of dreams. silseda “it’s like a canvas of poetic souls, swaying weightless freedom and chilling reconnection beyond” they approached a large angelic shaped crystal in the middle. it resonated a glimmering essence. everyone aimed their weapons at it. behind them, letters started to appear on the crystal wall. 



memosin read it as it spoke. memosin “the crystal shines an empty light, behind the lines its true heart glistens like a sea wave, i am just a memory to you, a fleeting moment of another, but don’t be weary my son, as you are always mine and your memory forever, in the place where memory and dreams meet, you are free, remember who you are always” memosin stood there in disbelief. memosin turned around. memosin “mom!?” he ran to the crystal with urgency. 



he hugged it. memosin “don’t go!” the crystal began to crumble. he moved back as it fell to the ground. he noticed something in the middle. he picked up a crystal seed. maz, zoss and silseda put their arm on his shoulders. silseda said “I know how it feels memosin, I lost my mother the same way” zoss “this isn’t like you man” maz “yea let’s kill them for her!” memosin stood there frozen. memosin “you knew?!” he yelled to maz “you too?!” 



maz turned away. memosin “even you zoss?!” what about all those times we had in the lenzeo academy!?” how could you pretend as if this wasn’t true?! silseda “some truths are better left unknown, all they do is destroy us!” memosin “its nothing without the truth!” he shot everywhere with a blue triangular gun in a rage. he jumped and slashed through every crystal with a blue flame sword. he fell down to one knee heavily breathing. 



the cave began to collapse. zoss “we have to go!” sildeda “not without memosin!” maz “fine have it your way! im out! he ran out as he tripped. as he got up, he prentened like it never happened and walked away. zoss grabbed memosin by his neck. zoss “just like old times huh?!” memosin sighed. memosin “why should i go!?” zoss “because you are still here no?!” a crystal fell down towards silsedas head. it split in half. a mysterious figure in a black and blue cloak slashed it with a glowing feather sword. 



he had on black boots with black pants. he had a flowing blue scarf that emitted a moving sea. silseda thought to herself “where have i seen him? it’s like a breeze of a chilling reconnection” figure “like a feather, i sway poetic dreams as if i never did” everyone but silseda rolled their eyes. silseda was in awe but kept it inside. silseda “thank you whoever you are” the figure turned to her. the figure put away his sword. figure “do we ever know who we are?” 



 zoss “Our truest magic comes out in our darkest moments, like now! everyone go!” they ran to the entrance dodging falling crystals. as they dived out, a crystal was falling towards memmosin. silseda front flipped slashed it as they landed outside. the entrance crumbled. zoss “what a rush huh?!” maz picked up a piece of crystal. he read, “lenzeo” underneath was its logo of two crystal lines in a plus sign shape. he looked up to see them starting at him. maz waved his hands. memosin “lenzeo?” they did this?!” 



everyone looked down in disbelief. memosin grabbed zoss by the neck and choked him. memosin “how could not tell me!?” zoss running out of breath tried to push him away. zoss said breathlessly, i.didn’t know!” memosin let go. memosin “is it true?!” he looked at silseda as she nodded. memosin “this is unbelievable!” zoss “indeed it is!” he said to himself in a mad tone “father” he clinched his fists. memosin “i always knew they were evil maniacal traitors!” 



silseda “they were using them for experimentations. to generate huge amounts of energy to create creatures and weapons of destruction” the next day they were inside a room in black steel military base. it had medals, guns and swords on the walls. two hanging flags of a feora and a butterfly with silver lines between them hung above them. a tall lenzeo man with black and brown suit stood in front of a pendulum. he was the founder. founder “here they are folks, the heroes of our great nation, serpoa!” countless soldiers and commanders clapped. 



founder “these brave soldiers found the source of our enemies power and destroyed it, ending this tragic war once and for all!” everyone cheered and clapped. the four of them grinded with an urge to scream out the truth. the solider wrapped a black feora medal around the neck of all of them. memosin busted out “how could you lenzeo!” lenzeo stood in shock. lenzeo looked around with suspicion. lenzeo laughed. lenzeo “dont worry folks, he’s just a little shaken up. he looked at him with a threating face. 



zoss whispered to silseda “you knew this would come” silseda sighed. silseda “i guess so but maybe it’s for the best” memosin jumped onto the podium. memosin “these are the ones who created the crystals and harbored innocent people! the soldiers looked around as they whispered confusing thoughts. lenzeo began to become cautious as he panickly looked at everyone looking at him. memosin pulled out the crystal. memosin “look it says lenzeo right here!” everyone realized and began to shout. 



soldiers “I can’t believe this lenzeo!” lenzeo attempted to talk but began to run. memosin took out his gun. silseda “no memosin!” memosin “he must feel what i feel! he shot him in his stomach as lenzeo jumped out of the room bleeding. he fearfully began to crawl into his gold plated room. he picked up a picture of a blonde haired woman. lenzeo breathlessly whispered “goodbye my love as he fell to the floor. 



memosin “not it’s time for you all to pay!” he began shooting at the soldiers as he back flipped. the soilders shot at him as bullets ricocheted off the metal pillars. silseda, maz and zoss jumped behind a steel post. zoss threw a sleeping grenade. the soilders fell asleep as a glass broke. silseda “that was memosin! zoss maz and silseda dived out of the window after him. cautiously they searched for him through the base. silseda and zoss looked at another in a terrifying revelating face. silseda and zoss yelled to another “seirth!” 



they ran to their hometown. it had steel watermills and rivers with grass around them. the wood and metal houses laid on a hill. they saw a guy holding his gut. they ran to him. silseda “what’s the matter!?” guy “me…i did this!” zoss “who!?” the guy fell down and died. zoss “damn it!” they ran down the grassy stairway to the middle of the town. they felt the ground shake. maz “look!” a tsunami was coming at them. their eyes lit up. zoss “how?!” a voice laughed. voice “look at what i discovered!” 



zoss “memosin!” memosin was waving his hands around that mimicked the tsunami. silseda “please don’t! maz “this isn’t you!” memosin “what is me?” do we ever know who we are? they shot at him but the bullets flew off him. he laughed. memosin “our souls need to be released eventually, why not do it now?! feast on this dreamy release of death and sorrow!” witness the power of crystal reflection!” he pushed at them as the tsunami came and crushed the town. kids and adults were drowning and swimming around in it. 



silseda, maz and zoss rode with it to the end. silseda punched the ground. silseda in rage yelled “why?!” we have to save them! the man grabbed her hand “it’s too late, it will just make you sadder” silseda yelled no as she flew into his arms. he wrapped his arms around her. silseda “promise me you’ll be around wherever i go!” the man in a mysterious and confident way said, i’ll always be here for you” silseda began to cry intensly. maz and zoss dropped a tear. 



the man began to walk away. silseda “no! don’t leave me yet!” man “don’t mind me, you are all you need in this world and the next you beautiful mystery” silseda blushed. silseda “very nice but a little corny” they both laughed. man “that is our true beauty, how we embrace and reflect those things so far” man “i want to continue my adventure across the world. silseda “I want to travel too. to discover a hidden part of me” he wrapped a green butterfly necklace around her neck. 



silsedas eyes lit up with joy. silseda “it’s so magical!” man “when lost, just flap your wings and I’ll come” he walked away. silseda clinched her fist as tears fell down. silseda whispered “I’ll see you soon” 


                                                                                  chapter six

silseda “and that is the end of the story” exsia was amazed. exsia “I’m sorry” silseda stood up. silseda “sorry won’t bring anyone back, it will only leave you in a pool of sorrow, take your regrets and free them” she walked off. ens “she is so loving huh?” maz laughed. maz “she use to be” exsia “so is he dead?” zoss “the media says so and they found the body, yet they are the last ones to trust” ens “you can never trust ones that control and strike fear, the only one you can trust is yourself” silseda chuckled. silseda “sometimes you can’t even do that, how do you know anything is true?”



the shio began to shake. maz “what was that?!” zoss “probably silseda destroying” maz laughed. exsia “look! they look ou the window to see a black Skelton ship with four curved bones as wings on both sides. it had a dark skull with black rose eyes on each end. zoss “a ghost ship!? it’s time to see what this ship can do! he swiped the blue screen of letters up and down. it’s dream speed time! exsia “dream speed?!” 



the ship released two blue spheres as they emitted a transparent shockwave. the ship flew through what seemed millions of eras and adventures. maz “the fastest speed is the dream speed. it is so fast, it’s like it was never there, like a breezy wave.  the ship chased them into a dark space. zoss “how can they keep up with us?!” the ghost ship blasted dark energy beams at them. zoss flipped up and down as he dodged them. everyone flew around the ship. maz “what a fun ride!” 



zoss “say silseda could you shoot them back?!” silseda?! he turned to see she was gone. zoss shook his head. zoss “always gone” everyone but zoss was on top of the ship. flying liquid skulls with shadowy space energy bodies flew at the ship. sharp branches flew out from their bodies towards them. silseda and ens slashed them away as exsia waved her hands with energy. she slammed then down as light daggers rained down onto them. ens ran to the edge. ens turned around. don’t forget me, although that is impossible!” silseda chuckled. 



silseda “forget who?!” they jumped towards the ship. they spun around slashing the skuos, jumping off them and crossing between another. she shot up in the air as ens flew up with them. as the blue bullets hit the skuos, ens twirled slashed them as they perished away. they landed on the ghost ship. ens “id deflower you” silseda “heh, id bloom you to death” they fought their way to the middle of the ship. ens “there it is!” they saw a dark control gear. silseda shot at it as it exploded. the ship shook. zoss “yea die you nightmares!” silseda rolled her eyes. 



silseda “u never fail zoss” they slash threw the deck. ens “do you want to die?!” silseda “what’s the difference?” they saw the ship headed to a steel mountain. ens “the ship is to far!” as the ship slammed into the mountain silseda grabbed ens and dashed threw the air onto the ship. exsia “look who needed help?” ens “i wanted to die! silseda “don’t worry, i had to think about it” ens “you didn’t save me for i saved myself” the ship shook. 



they ran into the ship. they noticed the zoss was gone. silseda said to herself, zoss, i knew it” maz ran to the control panel and pressed glowing buttons. maz “no! quick everyone jump out! as the ship crashed into a dark ocean they jumped out. in a three-hundred-foot metallic building, a big man with a red and blue suit and energy tie with three black lines laughed. he was in a dark room with a large meeting table. he looked out the room glass that glimmered a neon artistic city. 



lighted neon ships flew in all directions. in the middle was a circular steel platform that had two curved branched ends at each side. man “a system of poetic life and rebirth that keeps moving on, driving into their own deadly illusions of comfort, slowly rotting away” voice “yes father, a tragic cycle of diminished dreams, transformed into another” the man had large brown eyes with glasses on and a long brown beard. man “i assume you dropped them off?” zoss laughed. zoss “let’s just say i left them hanging” the man laughed manically. 



zoss father “it’s all falling into place like always. soon we’ll take over balia one by one by destryoing it then coming to the rescue. sometimes i amaze myself although i am the creator of metclpse, president felzer” zoss “such a grand idea sir, they’ll never know, just like these simpletons. now if i may, i have something to attend to” he bowed as he walked through the transparent metal  door. he walked by female and male beings that had curved long ears, eyes and long fingers. 



he typed some words into a blue screen on the wall. it reflected transparent symbols and electronic lines as he walked through. he was in a steel room with a triangular liquid metal capsule in the middle.  it had countless wires connected to it as icy steam blew from it. he slowly caressed the capsule up and down. zoss “it’s time for you to come out my beloved creation!” he put his hand on the red fingerprint panel. the door slid opened. 


                                                                             Chapter seven

silseda shook her head. she awoke to see the ship steaming black smoke and fire in front of her. bat and letter shaped flakes of snow fell down onto the two-foot snow. she plowed through the snow looking for everyone. voice “it was not your fault!” she ran to the voice. it was maz and exsia arguing. maz angrily yelled “yea it was!” exsia calmly said, “what happens is what happens because it did, even if it was your fault, it is over now. everyone only blames another when it’s seemingly bad” 



silseda “maz, she’s right. maz became hopeful. it was definitely  your fault. maz looked down in failure. let that strengthen you. maz slowly looked up. maz “it just adds to my greatness huh?” exsia “that’s the spirit!” now where our mature friend ens?” silseda “we can’t stay here much longer before we freeze. he’s a big boy and can find his way. exsia “what?! were here together! silseda walked by her without acknowledgment. exsia in fustration ran after her as she yelled, “it’s like you aren’t even here!” 



silseda “are any of us here? if here is a place or time then here is just a moment that never was” exsia “you think you are so smart miss cylar but knowledge is just a piece of the whole” she swayed her hair as she walked away. silseda “even she has a fiery side, just like everyone” maz “you women are in a world of your own yet i find it sexy” silseda and exsia “shut it maz!” maz shook his head. maz “they don’t understand” they heard someone yelling. they looked at another. silseda, maz and exsia “ens!” 



they ran to see him slashing the snow. ens “die you little freak!” exsia “ens!?” ens looked at them in a rage. ens “i saw her!” exsia “who? i see no one” ens “there was a little ghost girl here taunting me. maz “I think this place is getting to you” ens stood up as he walked away. they followed. ens “I hear her!” exsia “i hear nothing” the bat snow echoed out screechy sounds. everyon eheld their ears but silseda. exsia “ahh! i feel like I’m dying!” silseda shot the snow bats. they flew away. 



ens “look! a little ghost girl with black hair and brown eyes swayed by them. she giggled with a heart piercing echo. girl “death is coming, it is here, the only thing there is fear! she turned into a breeze of a black raven that flew away. ens “i told you!” exsia “who was that?” silseda “just another lost soul, stuck in the past of youth, never wanting to leave it behind. she walked forward. ens “do she even feel at all?” maz nodded. exsia “she’s afraid to move on, forever staying with the time of frozen peace” 



in front of them was a one hundred foot Skelton. ens “now there’s a skeletal mountain” maz “i guess it’s time to climb death itself” silseda “were always climbing up and down death, disguised as life” they walked through the curved boned entrance. dark skeletal trees with black wings of paintings flapped essences of demonic horses turning into dark roses. they spelt out “when a rose dies, a raven flies beyond high, in between life and death is where the heart lies” 



silseda and maz shot at the trees. the bullets disappeared. exsia said shivering “this is only going to get deadlier!” ens laughed. ens “let it come, i thrive in fear!” in the middle was a liquid tree. its branches hung kids in black cloaks as it span around. below them were holograms of lives living and dying. the kids spoke “around and around the tree of deathly life spins, eternally back into a empty nothingness, when will it stop? you’ll never know” exsia stood there in disbelief as everyone else looked on as if they didn’t care. 



exsia "how can this be!?" silseda "why are you surprised? you know how devastating everything is?? its not your world of rainbows and fairy tales you’ve been fed your whole life. life is a downward discovery of destruction, don’t ever get your hopes up so when it does happen, it wont be so bad" exsia yelled, "if you don’t fall for anything then you can’t rise, i'll always have hope!"  she waved her arms up. ens, silseda and maz shook their head. ens "hope is good but it can only do so much, transform it into your all" exsia eyes lit up in shock. 



exsia “right away, mister oddball!” ens yelled at her “not odd, just a wonder too good to e known. exsia said in a sarcastic voice “right… maz “whoa!” it began to shake as heart shaped bone platforms rose up around them. maz “isn’t that heartfelt? should we go silseda? silseda?” he looked around to see her half way up the purple and black vined tower. maz “i should’ve known you were always the anxious one” they began to hop across the platforms. 



ens “look in the hearts!” inside them were moments of a young lady in black gothcial makeup running and crying in a field of dark flowers. exsia “who is that?” maz “who knows we need to keep going” exsia felt something grabbed her leg. exsia shrieked. exsia looked down to see a black hand around her leg. exsia struggled to get it off. exsia “ugh, get off of me!” the heart fell down. exsia “i was a nobody anyway guys, nice knowing you!” maz shot the arm as ens grabbed exsia and jumped high onto the next platform. 



exsia looked at ens in shock. exsia “thank you, I can’t believe you did that” ens “me either, i did it for me, not you” exsia said in a disappointed tone, “i figured” ens “it still counts” they make it to the top. it was a circular stone skull with two black skeletal spine pillars connected in an arc shape. a feminine voice giggled. woman voice “the cold brilliance is here, a manly voice “another one rises the fear, woman voice “to free what is to be, manly voice “like something you can’t see, woman voice “brilzle! man voice “leuo! man and woman voice “together we are, briuo! 



two figures in black and white cloaks fell down in front of them. they had two sharp black blades on their lower and upper back that stuck out. everyone stood in confusion and wonder. ens tried to hold a laugh back but he laughed. they looked at him. brilzle “ohh, are we funny you litmit!?” leuo “let’s make this even funnier hmm?” he emitted a fiery ball of fire in his hands. he waved his hands as it turned into a snake. as he shot his hand at silseda the snake latched at her. 



silseda ducked back as she slashed it. the snake and leuo yelled in pain. leuo yelled “how dare you harm snule!” brizle giggled in an evil tone. brilzle closed her cold blue eyes as mist flew from her. it formed into an ice dragon. brilze “how about some ice to go with that?!” as she spun around the dragon breathed out lines of ice towards them. everyone jumped and ducked under the lines. ens began slashing behind his back and maz shot at the snake and dragon. silseda shot and sllashed at the dragon as it swiped and chomped at her. 



exsia put her hands on the ground as it emitted black energy. as she lifted them up, black comets of a cat flew at the dragon and snake. brilze and leuo screamed as they looked at another. brilze “is it time?” leuo “why woulndt it be?!” leuo and brilze yelled “sunen!” the dragon and snake came together to form a selos. it was a dragon with snake wings and skin. everyone eyes lit up. brilze “haha, that’s right weep at the masters!” leuo “the magical blasters!” 



brilze and leuo jumped kicked and punched down to the ground. selos circled around them as a green fire erupted from below. it slammed them down with two snake wings. ens yelled “I didn’t know i could get more hotter than this!” maz “I’m on fire baby!” brilze “feeling a little hot? here let me cool you off!” selos flew high and breathed out frozen daggers. silseda and maz shot at them as ens slashed them up and down and exsia waved fish shaped flames.  



maz “nothing is harming these bastards!” silseda “when you can’t stop it, aim for the source” ens “them!” everyone dashed at leuo and brilze. ens and silseda spun around another slashing around them as maz shot them in the head. selos roared as it fell down and disappeared. leuo and brilze fell down to one knee. brilze laughed in pain as she spoke to silseda. brilze “your existence is just a game to us, my good old friend” silseda wondered for the first time.  



she said in a semi caring voice “friend?” brilze “you’ll remember soon” leuo “sorry folks but it’s time we go, like a dream we are gone!” they drifted away. maz “friend?” ens “she must be joking” exsia yelled at ens “ens!” silseda “no he must be right” quick let’s get out of here. maz seemed like he remembered her. the spine pathway wall emitted song notes with bats and roses below it. above it said “our love is engraved in a melody of black stone, forever dancing in a breeze of deathly release alone, together” a boned organ rose up. 



ens ran to the organ and started hitting all the keys. everyone covered their ears. exsia ran to him. exsia “hey!” it’s like life, you have to play it like you are living it. let it guide you. he slowly began to play a tragic melody. as he did the bats echoed sonar notes as the roses rose. a girl and boy walked to another with a black stone. they held it together as they dissapered. the stone flew away. the wall opened up. exsia “see you were a organ player the whole time!” ens shurgged. ens “i guess so” 



they walked up to an edge. ens “oh i think someone is telling us it’s time to go” silseda “yes, do us a favor and go, you are the crazy hero after all right?” ens smirked. ens “yea but you wouldn’t even feel it” silseda chuckled. silseda “perhaps but what is feeling? if it is an equation then emotion is simply an impulse of electricity, a false promise to cling to” ens “maybe there is more to it than we think” the tower began to shake. maz “enough talk what now?!” ens “sometimes the only way to fly is to jump!” he jumped into the dark celestial sky. 



he landed in front of them. ens “huh?! why am i not falling?” maz “someone wants to play around with you a while longer” exsia chuckled. ens yelled, “how can they play me if im already the winner?” silseda walked onto the space. maz reluctantly jumped on it. exsia moved her foot on it in fear. maz “come on, look at us” ens “yea, it’s just death, we got this far” exsia breathe in and out as she stepped on it with her eyes closed. she opened them. 



a dual crescent moon with black wings laid in the sky. it had black eyes with dripping lunar branches. lunar black rose buds appeared under them. exsia “wow!” maz “every moment of oblivion is just a beauty you don’t see or know” a voice giggled in an evil way. women’s voice “can you feel the fear, is it here? is it near? they looked around to see nothing. suddenly a black bat shaped skull with lunar rose wings flew by them. maz shot at it. maz “this is getting deadly!” 



from the rose jumped out black skeletal girls with long black rose hair. ens “what a rising performance!” they flew towards them. silseda shot them as ens crossed slashed them. as they moved the black hallway of black haired girls in front of their face followed them with their eyes.  exsia “it keeps following me!” maz “the angle effect, wherever you are and your angle reflects back at you” exsia was intrigued. exsia waved her arms and blasted blue energy arrows at the girls as she said “so the angle determines where it is, whoever they are looking from is where they are” 



maz “you got it exsee” exsia “exsee? i kind of like that” they jumped between each rose petal slashing and shooting the girls. they began to move. silseda “get ready to jump!” they all jumped as htey landed onto a black heart shaped platform. they got up to see a black crescent pouring out black water with violet roses into a hanging boned mad. it had a black seed inside its chest. black stings came from it into a black webbed hole. 



ens “what is this?” frightening female voice “hehehe! what a fearful sight!” the skull flew by them and landed. a woman jumped out of the skull giggling. she wore countless black strips with shapes of roses and skulls that came from her black corset with a white ribbon on her chest. she had shoulder length black hair with skulls and roses at the ends. her black eyes had black paint running down her white face that matched her black knee high stockings and boots. as she landed she oddly said, thoughts of life spin around our head, only to end up in a dead end of red, eternally in a bend beyond. welcome to sieath, the world of death! i am obrala, mistress of the great end!” 



around them were floating black gardens with flowers that had faces. ens “what an entrance! reminds me of someone i know. silseda sarcastically said, silseda “don’t flatter yourself” exsia “what is this?!” obrala chuckled as she put her hand over her mouth. obrala  said in sultry voice “this is my lover, daelo. his physical part died but our love remains forever, yet I don’t feel the same this way, that’s why I’m going to create a world of lively death!” everyone’s eyes opened up. 



exsia yelled, “why would you do that?! without life we cannot be, there would be no point in anything!” maz “you can’t kill innocent lives you insaney!” ens “how would you do it?!” orbrala “hehe, the force of death!” everyone’s went into shock. exsia “death?!” orbrala “with the death force, you can release and transform infinitely without limits! I’m going to absorb the life of everything through these flowers and into daelos heart. when life and death meet, they will instantaneously release my dreams forever!” 



never do we have to worry about dying or changing! life is nothing more than a different kind of death, an accepted believable illusion of reality, truly the greatest death in disguise!” ens said in a low voice “it cant be?” silseda “just like dark matter” exsia “what?” silseda “regular matter is the reflection of dark matter, a lighted form of it through our eyes, she’s going to transform this matter into  dark matter of death” orbrala “perfectly chaotic! ens “no. everything is nothing without life, there is no change or release in constant death. 



I won’t let you do it!” he raised his sword at her. exsia “yes, your dreams will just be a deadly nothing as true life and dreams come in unknown transformation, if it never ends then it never began!” orbrala “it will be our beginning and end, that’s all that matters! nothing can stop me now!” she unsheathed two black crescent blades with deathly energy. orbrala “death is the only eternal light, that burns out bright fright, it is our true release and reconnection! she twirled the blades as a black shadowy beast appeared over her. 



she screamed “embrace your coldest escape! esserain! she slashed down as th beasts screamed out black thorns and energy beams. exsia put her hands on her chest and felt her core. a colorful white wall of lilies came up from the ground. maz “nice one exsia!” exsia blushed. exsia said, you think so? in a unphased tone, although she couldn’t hide her appreciation. orbrala laughed. she dashed to the wall and flipped slashed it down. she then slashed through the ground as black waves flew at everyone. 



everyone flipped out of the way. silseda and ens jumped in the air. ens “you ready?” silseda looked at him with a serious face. ens “thought so” silseda shot green light seeds at orbrala as ens charged his sword. he slashed a shape of a feora as he slashed blue waves back and forth towards her. maz was shooting at her. exsia held her mind as white energy balls flew at her. orbrala slashed away the attacks as she flipped around the bullets. she collided with ens as they slashed at another.



orbrala giggled. orbrala “you can’t hide your fear! let it sink in and take you away!” ens eyes tightened as his slashes became stronger. he laughed. ens “i laugh at fear! “orbrala “i am fear!” she pushed away as she landed onto her skull ship. it raised up. the wings lit up producing black energy. orbrala “i will never die! the time of our deathly release is now!” she slammed the black panel as two deathly energy serpents flew at them. as they flew through everyone they saw moments of death. Orbala “yes, feed me fear!”



 they all screamed but silseda. the serpents flew away. ens “I can’t believe I’m saying this but how can we stop her?!” orbrala “you can’t kill me for I am already dead inside!” exsia “I got it!” the only thing to kill death is life!” exsia raised her hands in the air. silseda “quick everyone, feel your life! reflect and remember your all!” white light flew to exsias hands. above her was an energy light of an angel. exsia “time to truly die!” she threw the angel at her. orbrala flew around its attacks until one hit her. orbrala screamed, get away! 



you are evil to me!” the light dispersed and she fell to the ground. orbrala deeply breathed. orbrala “you can never kill my soul, my core, I’ll just keep transforming into a new deathly release’ she cried out with passion and compassion. the tears turned into onyx’s. soon the crying stopped. a spirit rose from her body. she danced with daelo. orbrala “oh my darling, a dark dreamy star of rebirth, a weightless fire of memorial release, will you be my star? daelo “oh orbrla, the essence of a freeing beauty, a chilling breeze of mysterious reconnection, will you be my moon?” they both nodded. she looked back at everyone. orbrala “no matter how hard you try you can’t escape death and change, yet maybe that it true life, make them one and know you are beyond even death always” she disappeared into the night with daelo. 



they heard a whisper “ when death is freed, birth is alive” ens “I can’t believe she’s gone” maz :me either! he was on edge as he shot at her. silseda “enough maz you crazy jerkle!” maz “heh, I was just messing around” black stones rained down. exsia siad in a sorrowful tone. exsia “orbralas tears” it emitted meoflies. on a beach a young girl and guy laid on the sand. it glimmered shards of dreamy sky, echoing melodies of faraway memories and poetry, like a painting of a dawning youthful release.



young woman “isn’t it fascinating how we just appear here?!” young man shyly said “yea, it feels like I just met you, yet I’ve known you forever” her eyes lit up with light. she said in an innocent happy voice “that’s why we have to embrace this time right?” he nodded. young woman “maybe we don’t meet, we just pretend to meet. sometimes I wish to be free from this place, I want to fly into the sunset forever with you” young man “we are right now. close your eyes and fly there with me” 



young woman “I see it all, bristling colorful waves, rippling memorial celestial stars seemingly so far away” young man “in between memories and dreams, where nothing is or isn’t here is where we will be forever” he opened his eyes to see her gone. he got up to see her at the shoreline. young woman “above the dawning soul horizon, below the dusking heart, is when we start and end” she turned to him with tears rolling down her eyes. she whispered in sad tone “find me at the shores of lore before it all”  



she jumped into the ocean. the young man jumped up and ran after her. everything phased further away from him as he swam towards her. the young man screamed “i won’t stop for you!” the ocean rose and turned into a soulfy as it flew away. suddenly there was explosions and deadly screams echoing on the town of sucour in balia.  zoss took out two blue and black holographic guns from his holster and shot out blue rocks at people as they exploded on impact. zoss “heh, too easy. were so close to finding the seed stone.



are the scum gone eqin? the woman he was with before replied, yes sir! goner than gone! she smirked. zoss smirked back. zoss “excellent! soon everyone will become a part of our new world! haha!” eqin “yes, hahaha!” zoss “alright no more laughing” equin stopped laughing and nervously laughed thinking he was. zoss grabbed her neck. zoss said softly, zoss “your admiration is beautiful” eqin blinked many times with sultriness. eqin “i admire your admiration of mine sir” they both smiled as they ferociously kissed. 


                                                                               chapter eight

ens “hey silseda, do you feel it too? silseda waved him away. she thought to herself “how does he know i sense a weird familiarity with him? sometimes i can’t explain it but he has a glow i can’t resist” ens “don’t worry, well find out soon, until then I’ll protect you, i won’t let you die” she stared at I’m in a hopeful shock. silseda “well see about that” in her mind she said, “ens” silseda “it’s the spider effect” exsia “spider effect?” silseda “whenever a string breaks or completes of one, it reconnects through another string, a cycle of breaking and binding connection” ens “a revolving web always growing” “so life is just a constructed way of death. sometimes it can be worse than death itself, life is more than itself, structures, it is your core freed” exsia began to cry. exsia sniffling said, orbrala, thank you for reminding us of life and reconnection” 



I don’t understand death as I don’t remember having any family” a voice laughed from above. ens “who is that?!” maz “it’s not orbrla” a black cloaked man slowly landed in front of them. siseda “memosin?!” the man laughed. man “that is just a name, far from what i am. ens yelled “I’ll show you who you are! dead! as he ran to him in a rage, he jumped towards him, memosin waved his arms out as a transparent shockwave came out. everyone flew back onto the ground expect silseda. 



ens desperately struggled. ens “rahh! you can’t stop me!” memosin laughed. memosin “you are right, you do that all yourself” ens slowly walked to silseda. she rose her gun at him. memosin “now is that a way to treat your old friend?” silseda “friend?! you destroyed our town!” memosin “hmm, was it destruction or a fleeting escape?” silseda became enraged as she shot at him. memosin appeared in front of her as time stopped. he whispered in her ear, “no matter how much you try, you can’t beat fate and time”



he picked her up from under her feet. ens broke free as he froze in place. memosin “the butterfly flaps her wings of memories from the caterpillar seed” memosin floated away as he unfroze. ens fell down to the ground. ens “ahh! where is he?! come out memosin!” the place began to shake. maz “it just keeps going huh?!” exsia “what do we do?!” ens shrugged. ens “bring on death!” a voice yelled, grab these!” maz “huh?” three transparent ropes appeared above them. 



exsia “guess we have to!” come on everyone!” they ran towards the ropes. a large bone fell towards ens. maz shot it away. ens looked at maz and smirked. as they jumped to the ropes the world screamed in orbralas voice as it reflected black energy.  they grabbed the ropes as they swung through space. ens “what a swing!” exsia and maz marveled at the celestial skies. above them was a figure swinging with them. ens ‘to balia!” they slowly swung down into a forest. 



the figure approached them. maz lifted up his gun and ens lifted out his sword. The figure “hey now, i just save your asses!” maz “all the more fitting to kill us!” ens “heh, try” maz smirked. the figure laughed. figure “how will you know until it happens? any of them could be the same no?” they looked at another as they pointed at another. the figure “not now, you can figure it out later” the figure had long white and blue liquid wings with blades. it had blue feather shoes and a silver feathery x shaped cloth.



 he wore silver lined leather pants with a long grey pointy beak and black tail with blue eyes. he had long flowing silver feathery hair. ens “heh, its birdo” the man chuckled. man “yea laugh all you want, i am half bird, well preferably a skolen. my name is wios” exsia “interesting wios, i am exsia” she shook his hand. ens “it wouldn’t be fun if i gave you my name” maz “ehh I’m maz” he looked away. wios “very friendly i see” 



ens “what were those strings?” wios “they were invisible ropes of wind matter” maz “wind matter?” wios “yes, ropes that are filled with unseen matter of your reflection.” anything you reflect into them they will become” exsia “how is it there if you cant see it?” wios chuckled. wios “you think what you see is there? what’s truly there is hidden underneath the notion of vision” see more than your eyes. maz “why were you there?” wios “i was banished from my world, wenosa for being a half breed” 



on my flight i noticed you guys and here we are” exsia “well, welcome to the circus!” wios laughed. wios “a circus indeed” ens noticed a blue fox run into the forest. ens “see the fox?!” everyone looked to see nothing. ens “never mind, follow me!” exsia “dont mind him, he’s just always on the run” they ran after him. the fox turned into a pink misty cloud. exsia “what is that?” as they came closer they saw flickering’s of butterflies and colorful lands. 



exsia “you guys see that?” wios “ahh, another world it seems” it transformed into a glass creature. it had two z shaped antlers with triangular green and blue wings. it was wearing a green and white cloth that wrapped around its waist and curvy thighs. it had on purple boots that glistened celestial movement.  wios “its a wisy” ens “I don’t care what it is, let’s kill it!” exsia “no ens! can you go a second without killing? ens shook his head side to side. 



wios “an ancient fairy like race of magic and mystery” the wisy waved her green and black wand sword in the air. misty sparkles transformed into super novas. wisy giggled. wisy “what is seen is unseen in between, see what you don’t, when the light is faded, the dark is revealed” a light shimmered from the wisy. it turned into a larger form of it. exsia “wha?” she was wearing the same but she had one green eye and one blue eye. she had long light green and red spiky hair in the bunny ears. 



she had many colorful crescent shaped gems on her arm bracelets and silver shin guards. wisy “do you see who i am or only what you think i am?” ens “why are you messing with me?!” wisy giggled. wisy “messing? the only one messing is you. i was just showing you that what you see and don’t are one of the same in disguise” wios seemed intrigued by her. wios “just like wind” she cheerfully replied, that is right!” i am midonee, a wisy from crelune.



a world you can only see within. to see it, see with your mind and soul, see beyond the layers. everyone closed their eyes. they opened them to see a new world. all of their eyes lit up in surprise and wonder. exsia “i can’t believe this!” wios “i always heard of the unseen world crelune but never witnessed it, a sheer beauty indeed!” around them was colorful branched rivers with sparkling shards of dust. glasses of wisys and strings hung off the glistening trees. 



in the middle was a tree shaped wisy statue in a circular sphere with strings coming and going into the ground. midonee “this is weloa, the great wisy tree of the unseen. she is what keeps us alive. she transforms her imagination into reflective life over and over again through her branches of expressive energy” wios “fascinating, through selfreflective expression, she gives life of imagined transparency” midonee “that is right, yet she grows weary lately. it seems the effects of your world is connected to this world. 



ens “like a chain reaction” midonee “something like that. When one wisy wing moves so does the others, every tragedy and beauty echoes into the other farthest ones” ens “hey, its not my problem! in the end we all go, why worry about it?” exsia grinned at him. midonee laughed at him. midonee caressed his face with her long colorful crescent nails.  her wisy on her forehead. midonee “you have much problems that became others no?” ens’s eyes flared up. 



midonee smiled. midonee “don’t miss what’s around you, you’ll end up alone” ens quickly turned around and yelled, “i thrive in being alone! he calmly said, i always have.” midonee “fine then” ens ran off. exsia “he is a wild one” midonee “i see that, though he has his strengths” they followed him. in a field of colorful balls of light, a figure was floating with a wisy. midonee eyes lit up as she ran to them. midonee “haven’t you’ve done enough veisoa?!” veisoa “hahaha! it is never enough! 



the beginning has just begun! she had x shaped black and white steel branched wings with brown sleeky eyes. her long hair had blue and black in shapes of wings. she had on a black and white thigh high wisy shaped stockings with knee high black boots. she had a green and silver tunic with black crescent shaped jewels on them. veiosa “it’s only a matter of time before we are seen again sis!” everyone looked at midonee ins confusion. ens “sis?” 



veisoa flew away. exsia “that can’t be your sister. right?” midonee “sometimes i can’t beleive it either. we need to go after her!” they ran after veisoa. they stopped to see they were in a sideways earthly castle with wings. it had floating paintings with two misty winged shaped mirrors on the left. letters inside the wings spelled out, wing by wing we flap our loves, in the time of realignment our hearts and soul fly with unseen feathers” midonee “i got it!” 



turn the wings so their facing another! everyone turned the wings. they lit up as they wrapped around another. it shined a light. when the light dispersed, dark wings led to a dark wisy platform. above and below were hanging wisy statues with dark branched wings that connected to the platform. on it was two wisy mirrors with a vortex in them. memosin and silseda were on a transparent floating plateau with countless lunar mountains with seas in them in the distance. 



memosin “isnt this grand?” silseda remained quiet in a daze.  Memosin “I agree, it is too good to respond to, an ever eternal gaze of ever changing memories and dreams, this is what I feel when I look in your voided eyes, like a thousand chilling breezes that make me fly, will you fly with me?” silseda chuckled. silseda “I could never fly with you, everything you’ve done, you are lucky i don’t destroy you now.” memosin laughed. memosin “ahh yes, that one action that changes everything, a connection severed forever or is it? 



what if we just forgot that action, then such grand love could flourish! he raised his arms in the air. silseda “then the connection is nothing, one of a lie” memosin slowly lowered his arms and turned at her. he began walking to her. memosin “it is all a truthful lie, the true lie is never making the lie the hearted truth. what is truth? it is nothing more than a construct, it is a limiting belief, truth goes beyond it, in that it is freed”



he caressed her face and shoulders as he looked her up and down slowly. memosin “I swear my intent is pure and for you my mysterious space” he leaned in to her neck. she quickly turns away. silseda thought to herself “this is my truth, yet this is all that is? i can’t even remember where even if I did, how would I know?” memosin “see, those words of secret wonder, please don’t be terrified to speak them with your core and eyes” 



silseda walked away. memosin “heh that’s right my little crescent lady, a swaying wave of odd oblivious understanding, hiding a thousand pulsars of poetic tragedies and sorrows, so helplessly in control. the time for you to spread your deadly wings free is coming. the next chapter of the last begins!” midonee “let’s go!” everyone rode down the winged strings to the platform. veisoa appeared out of a misty portal. midonee “veisoa!” veisoa chuckled. veisoa “hello dear sister! or shall i say ex sister!” midonee became enraged. midonee “were still sisters!” veisoa “hmpf! i thought you were on my side.



it seems like we can’t be family anymore! midonee looked down. midonee “you are drowing in your own flith, if that is your wish then I accept!” exsia yelled, “stop it! you are family forever!” ens “wow, what a family dysfunction we have here guys! maz laughed. veisoa “you see these mirrors?! one mirror is the portal to the seen world, the other the portal to here. I’m going to transfer the seen worlds energy into the cylinder in which it will come into the other mirror and reflect our world! well finally be able to be seen by all!



ens “then our world will be unseen!” exsia “that is our home, we won’t let you change it!” midonee “veisoa, i want to be seen but you can’t destroy a innocent land to be seen! she looked down with sorrow. midonee “even if we become seen, we still remain unseen b the ones in our hearts.  it won’t change anything!” veisoa laughed. veisoa “yes it will and i will be seen, not even you can stop it, truth has to be revealed! all my life I’ve been ignored by ones i loved, now no more!” 



countless misty clouds appeared around them. veisoa chuckled. veisoa “illusion to illusion, the final conclusion, or is it? blind to blind, the blind eye lies, you’ll never see the real me!” the clouds turned into pictures of moons and memories. exsia “look at that one!” inside was veisoa flying towards them on a black misty crescent. ens “here she comes!” as she came out laughing, midonee jumped up and shot misty green energy arrows at her from her wisy gun. it had green and black wings with green and white leaves around it. midonee “that wasn’t her!” 



from behind veisoa flew from a portal and struck a crescent wand wave through everyone. she laughed and yelled, just when you think you see me, i surprise you! as she disappeared into another one. wios “how can we beat her?!” maz “this delusional witch is too much!” midonee stood in cautious thought. midonee “everyone close your eyes! ens “are you crazy, magic lady!” midonee smirked. midonee “it’s all madness in another way, it’s just the madness of your soul that is peace!” 



everyone closed their eyes. midonee “now, see yourself, look with your heart! hear the colors with your energy!” veisoa flew out of the misty portal and flew around them. veisoa “hehehe! what you see isn’t what you get, am i here or just in your head?! colorful misty balls flew above her. veisoa screamed “be consumed by magical illusion! she slashed her lighted green sword wand as the balls released misty beams towards everyone. everyone screamed, “now!” midonee spun around and shot energy blasts, wios flew around slashing with his bladed wings, ens jumped up slashing around blue energy waves as maz shot up and exsia pushed out her hands as misty green beams came out to veisoa. 



veisoa “ahh! they opened their eyes to see veisoa on one knee near the mirrors. midonee screamed “veisoa!” she ran to her. veisoa breathed heavily and said to her, “sis, i just wanted me to be seen, all of us to be seen” midonee and veisoa began to cry. midonee sniffled as she said, “i know but we saw anther right? seeing is more than vision, we were always seen! she hugged her. veisoa dropped more tears. veisoa “were siss forever right? midonee cried. midonee “forever” veisoa eyes closed. midonee put her head on her chest. midonee “don’t go sis!” exsia dropped tears from her eyes. 


                                                                                  Chaper nine

exsia put her hand on midonee’s shoudler. exsia looked down exsia “i know how it feels to feel unseen, always trying to become noticed, significant, still no matter what i do i can’t do it. she sniffled. wios “I am the same way. like the wind i come and go as if i never did. he put his hand on exsia shoulder. wios “but it’s not about being seen because even when you are, it doesn’t change who we are, you always notice yourself. i notice you. exsia looked at wios with happiness. she hugged him. exsia “thank you” 



wios “no the thanks is all mine” ens “are we done with this insane charade?” midonee slowly stood up. midonee “it was never about being seen, the true vision is beyond it, is our own wonder no one can see” maz “so midonee, your magic is magical, i can’t imagine how magical your beauty is” midonee chuckled. midonee “more than you can handle little man” she carssed his chest as she walked by him. maz laughed. maz “i can handle anything!” 



midonee “perhaps we’ll see” the world has become older, with buildings and trees withered. exsia “what happend to this place? the ground began to shake. midonee “what now?! balia began to move as all the worlds shifted. ens “balia?!” famialir voice “every moment echos into the others” ens “is that?!” silseda “it is shifting from the death of orbralas world. the result unbalnced all the worlds. soon they will all fly away into nothing” ens “nice to see you again silseda. what the hell happened?” silseda “memosin took me to see what i knew about the seed stone” midonee “seed stone?! i know that stone! 



it is an ancient stone of memories and dreams of rebirth and release” silseda nodded. silseda “yes, i think it is deep within one of these worlds” exsia “a stone of rebirth and release?” midonee “i heard a goddess of reflections concealed herself into a stone, forever reliving lives” a loud noise of metal hitting metal echoed as a figure rammed into silseda. it was a human cyborg with long metal pointy ears with one black eye and blue eye. it had a black and blue z shaped metal strip that wrapped around her body. 



she had blue metal arm guards and leggings with blue roses around them. silseda rammed into it as they shot back at another. ens “what a show!” voice “rosevus, come here!” rosevus dashed back to the voice. the figure in the black and white cloak and white leggings walked up to silseda voice “you are me, a lost part you can’t see, to become free inside” silseda “brelize you are not me, only i am me! if i am here then how can you be me?” 



brelize giggled. brelize “every new discovery is just the beginning, the more you find, the deeper you become lost. the ground began to shake. brelize laughed. brelize “there it is, the sound of an oncoming freedom!” everyone looked to see triangular shaped metal towers come out of the ground. in the middle was a triangular mirror. at the top was a glowing blue light. ens “what is that you freak?!” brelize “nothing, only the beginning of your end. it is the ancient technology of balia!”



from our planet zolcor, we are absorbing the power of ancient youth into the future, turning our planet into a new youthful place of futuristic beauty!” ens “no! this youth belongs to us!” silseda “it is just empty youth you are taking, for the true youth is from inside beyond” brelize “haha! it matters not, only my dream!” she walked through a portal with rosevus. black figures appeared. ens memoryless!” midonee lifted up her wisy gun. midonee “memoryless?!” 



exsia “souls with no memories! one jumped onto midonee. maz shot it off her. maz lifted her up. maz “I can’t keep helping you pretty lady!” midonee “i had that under control!” they shot around back to back. silseda “ brelize! everyone followed her!” they all run into the portal as it dissapaers. they flew through a virtual tunnel with blue and black blocks of memories and dreams. exsia “where are we?” silseda “the dream zone. a zone of eternal dreams, intertwined” 

                                                                         chapter ten


exsia “so all these dreams are ours” silseda “yes” ens saw a black cloaked figure appeared in front of her. it was her riding through a dark blue and black corridor on a white holographic x shaped board as black armored solders with black masks followed her. she shot blue seeds a she closed her eyes.  with her mind she imagined the soldiers blowing up as they did. she busted through a glass window and flew through a bustling neon green and blue metropolis. she got up to see a steel branched walkway. a celestial wisy flew into the dark woods as she followed it.



a dark voice spoke. voice “I’m your vision, your end and beginning, as long as you know then these things you see are just an illusion, our illusion of a secret love, that hangs above and below the hanging horizons, forever expanding new and old memories” suddenly the pathway became a winged angel as it quickly flew away shocking the world. silseda “my lost piece of my heart, come back to me, without you, i remain in this dark state of endless oblivion! I won’t stop waiting for you!” 



a crescent shaped feather fell into her hand as countless dreams reflected from each string. ens “so these are all your dreams?” quite the dreamer there. silseda smirked. ens “wow, you smirked with happiness! silseda swyed her head. silseda “don’t get your hopes up ens” ens smirked. ens “hope? I don’t hope, only create my dreams” silseda “we all create our dreamless dreams freely, in a controlling uncontrol beyond. my number one dream is to know who i am and my past” 



ens “ when you do don’t tell us. they laughed. ens “only you know who you are silseda and even when you know, how dod you know it’s true? you’ll find it, I promise, well find it together.” silseda said to herself “ens, i want to tell you so much but I can’t yet, just hold on for me a little longer” a black cloaked figure appeared in front of him. he was younger in a lunar forest. whispers of melodic tragedy echoed to him. ens “what is that sweet lulliby?”  



they reflected moments of a young girl drowning in a bestial sea. ens “hold on I’m coming!” he dived into the ocean and swam after her. young girl “I’m waiting for you ens!” ens swam harder. the harder he swam the further away she drifted. ens “no! i won’t let you go!” everything stopped. the girl walked on water to him. young girl “be like a dream and drift your core, don’t let the illusionary strength bring you down, you are already here my dear hero” she transformed into a feora caterpillar stone that fell into his hand. 



he heard a graceful whisper, “when the caterpillar grows wings without turning into a butterfly, it truly flies, only when it dies does the core fly away” it shined a light. ens looked down. ens “a long time ago, i found someone in help so i tried to save her. no matter what i did I couldn’t do it. from that day on, i swore i would so what it took to become a hero, this is my dream” silseda looked at him with awe. silseda “being a hero is more than saving another, it is everything and nothing, it is your following your heart”



you still have ways to go but don’t worry, I’ll help you” ens “I want to do it myself. I’ll save everything!” ens said to himself “can i do it myself? is it wrong for her to help me?  only her” exsia put her hands together and looked down. exsia “i wish i could dream like you guys. a black cloaked figure appeared in front of exsia. she looked up in surprise. she was younger in a park. colorful carousels and slides surrounded her and a few young girls. 



young girls “haha, look at her, she is so weird! they pointed to exsia. exsia looked down. exsia “you want to play?” young girl one “why would i play with you? you are not like us. you can’t do anything! they laughed at her. exsia began to cry. a man approached the girls and picked them up. young girls “ahh! they screamed their life out trying to escape. the man looked at exsia man “you can’t help them!” exsia’s veins begin to boil. 



she closed her eyes. the carousels began to move by themselves. chills flew through the black cloaked man and young girls. colorful thorns flew from exsias hands and into the man. the man dropped the girls as he fell down to one knee. he grabbed the thorns in shock. man “what are you?! ahh!” the young girls kicked him down to the ground. they walked to her. exsia stood there with a fiery face. they hugged her. exsia became calm again. the man ran away. young girl one “were sorry we misjudged you.



the truth is we wish we could express ourselves like you can. exsia “its easy, it’s like doing nothing at all, just release your core and heart” wios “see exsia, you are more than you think you are” exsia dropped a tear. exsia “for so long I longed to be liked, to fit in, when i finally did it, I realized that it wasn’t right, so now my dream is to express who i really am and help everyone else reflect the same” wios “there you go expee” exsia blushed. what about you wios?” 



wios “well I guess… a black cloaked figure appeared in front of him. he was flying from two flying winged men. they landed near an edge where a flowing waterfall glistened the lush green and blue mountains. winged man one “just get it over with!” wios screamed, no! why should i get this curse? you are the ones who deserve it, blindly deciding who gets what while you get away with being hypocrites!’ winged man two “it’s just orders wios, we are sorry” 



they spun around and swayed a breeze into wios from their wings. winged man one “now you will never be seen and banished from this place forever!” wios “damn you!” he flew away. he noticed a young woman walking into a laboratory. wios “aniege!” he flew down and ran after her. he said, aniege, hey! i just finished reading your favorite book, knowledge of beyond!” she kept on reading with her big glasses over her brown eyes and long brown hair. 



wios looked down. wios “no! i know you can feel my breezes! he spun breezes into her. she looked up as she shivered. aniege “wios?” wios “im right here!” she went back to reading her book. wios shedded a tear as he flew away. the black figure phased away. wios looked down. wios “since then my dream has been for her to see me” exsia “oh wios” she put her hand on his shoulder. exsia “she will see you” wios looked at exsia with hope. wios “indeed!” 



a black figure appeared in front of maz. suddenly he was in a lenzeo outfit in front of zoss. they were in an empty field of slithery grass as the glowing sun laid behind them. zoss “you ready?!” maz “not ready, already done!” they began shooting at another, jumping and flipping around. one of zosses bullets scrap mazs knee. maz yelled in pain as he fell down. zoss walked up to him. zoss “good battle like always friend but you aren’t as good as me” maz became enraged. 



maz yelled, “im the best because no one is me!” he walked away. zoss shook his head. the black figure phased away. maz clinched his fists. maz “i always wanted to be as good as zoss yet i never could, now my dream is to be the best of me, my own way!” midonee “no one can beat your soul and dream” maz  surpassingly looked at midonee. maz “i know, its great right?” midonee rolled her eyes but couldnt help liking his demanor. a black figure appeared in front of midonee. 



she was in an earthly metropolis with tall blue and green flowery buildings. she saw a man walking by her. she felt something inside as she turned around and said, fen?” the man turned around and replied, “yes?” in a confused tone. he had short brown hair and eyes. he wore a blacck and blue soilder uniform. midonee “dont you remember me?” fen looked at her in wonder. fen “umm, no” midonee “it midonee!” 



fen “midonee, i never met a midonee, sorry” he walked away. midonee stood in shock as a tear rolled down her face. midonee “how?!” she poured out crying as the day turned into night. the black figure “a dream of a dream, reflecting back and forth through reality and dreams beyond, it will only swallow you, was it there or not? are you it or is it you?” the black figure pahsed out. midonee dropped a tear. midonee “fen, he was my lost love from a while ago.



I can’t believe he didn’t recognize me or did he? my dream is to make him remember me!” maz “he remembers, its just not the time but maybe you should let it go” midonee Smirked. midonee “perhaps i should. maybe you can be a part of my dream” mazs pulse rose but he kept a cool demeanor maz “i make it the ebst dream ever” midonee laughed. midonee “wishful thinking” silseda “hey everyone look!” a transparent crescent with a heart in the middle appeared in front of them. 



silseda “the end of the dreamy reality and the start of an ending reflection!” let’s go! they all swam to it as it shined a light.  they fell onto liquid blue grass. ens “where are we?” reflections of dreams shined out of the grass. exsia “look!” in front of them was four three hundred foot blue liquid steel pyramid. they had a fluctuating large green eye above the tip. on them were music notes and flowing rivers. Midonee “this must be zolcor, the ancient city of the future” 

                                                                                 chapter eleven


ens “wheres silseda?” maz “that woman i tell you, she’s always going away, make sure you realize her before its too late” ens yelled, “I do realize her!” he ran into the pyramid. maz “just like her” the others followed. ens knocked on the wall. ens “let us in!” mza “that will work” he laughed. a voice came from inside. voice “haha, welcome to zolcor!” maz “zoss?!” zoss “who else could it be?!” the pyramid bricks began to move around. 



they formed into the shaped into a feora. the ground emitted a blue glow of music notes as they teleported. they appeared in a royal room with a blue carpet that led to a liquid throne with two spikes on the top and blues wings. countless holographic paintings floated around them off the blue wall. zoss was sitting on the throne. zoss “well if it isn’t my favorite group. the other half of balance, the scientific equation that allows us to be, clinging to a false reality, was it real at all?”



ens “what are you saying?!” you know where silseda is?” zoss laughed. zoss “yes, the usual response of misunderstanding, never seeing or listening to the bliss behind it. she might be here. maz Yelled, zoss, she’s our friend!” zoss “friend you say? maybe back then. anyway i have a proposition for you all, although it’s truly an illusive choice of a lesser pain. exsia “what is it?” they disappeared. zoss laughed. zoss “you already choose it without control. 



they appeaered in a room. maz “damn it zoss!” he saw they were in a metal barred prison room. ens “let us out!” he began to slashed blue waves at the metal door. exsia “please, it’s not going to work” ens “damn it! silseda.” silseda was floating on a misty river as other ones connected to colorful mirrors and paintings. memosin grabbed her hand as he went on one knee and kissed her hand. silseda was wearing a purple and green royal dress with a crescent shaped crown. she had two earrings, one of a wing the other a feather.



memosin “you are beyond the highest point of beauty from down here, like a mysterious mountain of infinite wonder” he stood up. silseda stared at him with an angry look, trying to hide a deep little feeling inside. memosin “i see such glowing memories through those eyes of oblivious rebirth. it reminds me of a memory. i was flying through space, mirrors of stars and trees passed by me, i came to a phasy hearted shaped eye, inside was a young woman dancing with the moon.



as we looked at another in love, the eye closed. whenever i see you it reminds me of her. a fleeting freeing moment, something I can’t explain” he grabbed her hands and began to dance. silseda looked down. sileda “like a firefly flying towards the flame of a familiar home, it burns away before it can bask in the warm arms, it flickers tragic love, burning into another one under the sun” she leaned back as memosin held her hip, then he lifted her up and touched her face with his. silseda “I don’t want to burn away memosin. i am your dream, you are my memory, will you help me remember before it flickers away?”     



memosin “forever” his face turned into a lunar wisy as it shined a light. silseda awoke with numourus circular lights on a steel platform. zoss “heh heh, it seems the caterpillar has become the wisy” silseda tried to move but was tied to a metal cylinder with electrical straps. silseda “if you let me go now, I’ll kill you a little less” zoss “ha, how thoughtful of you, it seems like a great deal but I have a better one. you let me have your powers in exchange for your friends” 



silseda struggled. silseda “what do you mean?!” he hit a blue button on a blue control panel. a holographic screen appeared of ens and everyone. silseda “you were always the conniving one zoss” zoss laughed. zoss “cunniving yet effective. you remember don’t you? you are a seirtha. silseda “seirtha?!” zoss “yes, a ancient futuristic race of space, stars and dreams. you have the power to create dreams” silseda “create dreams?! no way! i am a zolcorian!” 



zoss “do you believe everything you see and hear? watch this. a screen appeared. it displayed a falling seed stone from space. it laned on zolcor. zoss walked up to it as it opened. silseda as a baby was crying. zoss “ha, here it is, our future!” silseda shook her head. silseda “no” zoss walked around. zoss “you have no history, no family. only the identity we gave you. we infused you with energy from every planet and cells of the seirtha” 



silseda stood there in shock. silseda “no! i dont beleive you!” she began shaking the cynlider. zoss “there’s your power! remember there is no coming back from this! he took out a holographic whip. zoss “guess what time it is?” he whipped silseda back. zoss grabbed her hair and said, im zoss and im the boss!” silseda chuckled. silseda “no matter what you do, you can never get me” zoss “perhaps but this will do!” 



He pushes a button that lets her go. she dashed to him in a fury. she back kicked him into the wall. silseda “aimed her gun at zoss. zoss “ahh ahh, remember?” silseda angrily pointed it away. zoss “see this planet? he pointed to a black and blue planet on the screen. this is fensor and it is full of dark energy.  i want you to destroy it so this machine can absorb its energy with the void effect. when something ends it goes into a void and out of another”



silseda “what about the lives?!” zoss “a small price to pay for something greater!” silseda “there is no greater or lesser, only life! the biggest price is blinding destruction of biased desire. you can never know their worth” she put her head down and aimed her gun at the planet. she said, sorry everyone, let this free you. she emitted a large purple flower shaped energy beam that flew into the planet. the planet evaporated and energy flew into the machine. silseda Got down on one knee.



silseda “I can’t believe I did it. zoss laghed. zoss “yes, now were ready to own it all!” 



ens “we have to do something!” exsia “i knew that zoss was bad the moment i saw him” ens “same here” they heard an explosion in the distance. wios “what was that?!” the door opened. ens “well looks like i’ve done it again!” he ran out. exsia “oh ens” they followed him. they noticed zolcor guards walking by the blue metal corridors with blue glass mirrors. they had long pointy ears and fingers, wearing blue and black metal suits. they wore a black pyramid shaped helmet.



outside were circular pillars with glowing neon blue lights. shining blurry reflections of melodic sorrow that fell onto the moment. exsia waved her arms.  two blue bunnies appeared below the guards. guards “huh!?” guard one “look how cute!” guard two “cutely insane!” the first guard went to pet it. it turned into a beastly one with sharp teeth. the guards jumped up and began shooting it. the bunny chomped them up and then disappeared. 



midonee “wow, exsia that was cute and deadly” exsia “well you know me” wios “what did i just see? it was nothing less i expect of you” exsia blushed. exsia “it was because you were here too” wios smiled. they ran down the hall towards the throne room. suddenly something blasted threw the wall. it was rosevus. maz “it’s the crazy cyborg!” rosevus charged up her v shaped cannon blaster. she shot out countless rose shaped energy lines. 



midonee shot out a energy winged bullet that turned into a misty portal. it absorbed all the lines. maz “magical lady strikes again” midonee burhsed her hair with confidence yet a little flattery broke through. midonee “I’m like a dreamy phase, a mysterious wave never there” rosevus dashed at ens. ens dodged and slashed in all directions. ens “is that it?!” exsia waved her hands as electrical feathers flew to rosevus. 



wios spun slashed breezes of flying daggers and maz ran around shooting and midonee shooting out wisy bullets that exploded mistyness. rosevus flew back and charged her body up. she jumped in the air and reflected a shoce wave of roses. everyone fell down. midonee “ahh. it seems we have lost!” ens “i never lose!” he stood up only to fall down again. rosevus charged up again. suddenly she stopped. they noticed she had been shot. 



something tackled it into a wall. ens “silseda!?” silseda dissapeared and reepeared slashing and shooting rosevus. rosevus backhand pucnhed silseda, then flip kicked her into the next floor. she put her foot on her chest as she put her cannon into her face. silseda gathered all of her energy and slashed her cannon off. rosevus malfucntioned. her holographic helmet revealed a woman. woman “ahh! help me!” silseda “now it’s too late for help!” 



woman “sis?!” silseda “huh?!” woman “is that you silseda?!” silseda “yes it is, who are you?” woman “I am your sister rosevus!” silseda had a flash back of her playing with her in a forest. silseda ran to her and held up her head. silseda “oh rosevus, if i knew I. rosevus “enough, this iw the price of war and needless bloodshed. they brain washed me to be a killing machine. she started shocking. silseda held her tighter. silseda “no sis, not like this!” 



rosevus “the truth is you, it out there awaiting you, good bye sis, I lo. her head fell down. silseda “sis?” no! she shook her. silseda dropped a tear as angry and sadness boiled in her. silseda “why when i get so close to someone they die?!” ens “because you set them free” silseda “what do you know!” she jumped onto a hover board and flew through the open field. ens “let’s go!” they jumped on them as well as they rode to her. 



an alarm went off. lady voice “alert, alert, intruders in the building, find them!” guards chased silseda as they shot another. she smashed through a window as she spun around shooting them. she began to fall before reaching the other side. silseda “bring it on death! you dont scare me!” someone caught her as they flew through the window. silseda “ens. i wanted to die!” ens “so do i but not if i can help it!” silseda became angry, yet couldn’t retaliate. 



ens “just a little payback right? silseda “right” silseda said to herself “i still need him, others, I’m helpless, I’ll show you ens” they ran through a glass as they jumped by another slashing and shooting guards. they landed onto the hover boards as they ran into the throne room. zoss “haha, congrats, you escaped your fate once again” silseda “zoss!” he walked out from the shadows. is that anyway to talk to the new master of zolcor?!”



silseda “what?!” zoss “ahh yes, it seems my father couldn’t do it anymore. his undying will for control consumed him. silseda “you killed him!” zoss “the father bores as the son thrives. all i did was send him into a new world. everyone appeared behind ens and silseda. ens “you killed your own just for a illusive gain of empty control! that deserves death by me!” zoss laughed. zoss “deserve, hmm? only you decide what you deserve. 



we deserve and don’t deserve our path, when we expect and think we deserve, it isn’t free, it can’t be real, only in unknown known beyond, it is deserved. I’m going to rule differently in my new virtual world. a world where everyone is free but must die after every dream. see this? a large computer revealed a holographic screen of glowing seeds in a steel garden. zoss “these are the dreamers. they sleep for us. I’m going to connect to them with my mind through this computer with the properties of life. 



when they release their strings into me, everything will transfer into virtual reality of me!” silseda “there is no reality when it comes from another, it is in free imagined beyond that it becomes real!” zoss “it is all a virtual reality of another, just now i will be able to never die! time to imagine the reality!” he sat onto the throne as a computer shaped helmet went onto his head. holographic electrical strings of screens came out. 



suddenly they were in a virtual reality world with blue and black squares and cubed walls and worlds. above zoss was a huge screen with his face of polygons. zoss “welcome to your own imagined escape!” exsia “this is just a false reality, reality is in imagination of free heart and soul, something that can’t be manufactured or decided by anyone or thing!” zosses face screamed, i am virtual reality, i am your false end! virtuana!  sharp cubed daggers came towards them. 



midonee “ready exsia?!” exsia nodded.  exsia waved her hands and midonee shot her gun in the air. wisys came out and flew into exsias sphere. the daggers bounced off the sphere. maz began shooting as ens and silseda dashed towards a screen figure. it was a human looking figure, flowing with computerized static. it released sword and bullets shaped screens of energized data at them. ens and silseda slid under and above them as they spun slashed into the screen figure. 



the figure malfunctioned. silseda stabbed the core. the screen exploded. zosses face shook in shock. zoss “ahh, this is my mind!” another screen appeared. wios was spinning and shooting feather daggers at a figure. one behind him grabbed him. it flew away. he turned to see exsia breathing heavily. wios “you are something exsia, thanks” exsia “anytime!” midonee “it seems we can’t beat him this way!” she back flipped as she shot one down. 



silseda “we have to get to the core!” midonee and maz jumped onto the blue data lines as they rode to the core. maz “watch out!” a figure fell down behind midonee. midonee “my dreamy lunatic strikes again!” maz “it was nothing madam!”  midonee “ready dear?” maz “always!” they jumped through the little slot. they landed in a blue and black dark room with a heart shaped computer in the middle. midonee “time for shut down!’ they aimed their guns at it. 



they shot it as they jumped out, evading pieces of metal. zoss yelled, “this is mine! you can’t stop what isn’t you!” the world exploded as they appeared back in the throne room. silseda and maz ran to him. zoss “ahh my good old friends” silseda slapped him. silseda “why zoss?!” zoss “I don’t know, i guess it was just a part of my story huh? I just wanted to have a world where i didn’t have to bear the burden of loss and death. 



now i see that there is no reality or life in complete control and fear, only when we are out of control, we are in control, yet control limits us, it is what is beyond that is real” silseda “oh zoss!” maz “you were always crazy but this time you went a new level” zoss lauhged. zoss “oh guys” they hugged him. silseda “pals forever” zoss smiled as he shedded a tear. zoss “it seems what we create is a part of reality, all of it really happened in our own way” 



ahh!” silseda “zoss?!” a transparent sword with three blades came out of zoss. maz “no!” silseda “not now!” memosin “heh heh, another page turns again, like ink falling down into the next line, birthing an old memory now” silseda “memosin! how dare you!” this isn’t you!” silseda ran off. memosin raised his arms and swayed his head in love. “you poor caterpillar, always awaiting to spread your wings, only to stay on the ground, we’ll fly together and know who we are soon” 



maz yelled as she began shooting memosin. maz “you bastard!” memosin laughed as the bulleets flew off him. he lifted up his arm as maz flew into the wall. maz “ugh!” memosin “it’s not the power of the number but the weightless core” he disappeared into blue hazes. ens “memosin is going down!” he ran off. midonee walked to maz. midonee “listen, i know how it feels. maz “no you don’t!” midonee “yes i do!” everyone looked at midonee in shock. 



she screamed like never bfore. midonee “you feel so low like ou lost everything, like a star burning out, yet it shines on in the dark and you are better than before. i know he still remembers me beyond his actions or words” maz “no one can replace zoss, he will be my best friend forever” he hugged midonee. midonee and maz shedded tears. maz “your crystal balls are bringing me into a magical future” midonee slapped his back. midonee smiled. 

                                                                                       Chapter twelve


midonee “i’ll cast a spell from my balls you’ll never understand” everyone giggled under their breath. they walked back outside to see silseda ontop of the tallest steel platform. she began to sing. silseda “Past to past, future to future, we come and go through memories and dreams, destroying ourselves just for a chance to see a lost love,  ohh dear fear of loss, will you let us be? I am a caterpillar in need of a past lovers wing, every death is a rebirth, every love gone is a new one returned, i know i will fly beyond in a time all mine, it was all the flight, fly with and to your deepest hearts, sing out your melodies of memorial freedoms everywhere, we will restore and reconnect into the truest freedom, remember your fire and release your flames like never before, you will always return as everything beyond” 



everyone cheered besides ens. midonee “whats wrong ens? she sung you to death?” ens shook his head. ens “not even close!” he thought to himself “beautiful silseda” silseda looked at ens with a sorrowful energy as she looked away and bowed. silseda walked to everyone. exsia hugged her. exsia “that was wonderful!” silseda “i guess so. thanks exsia. exsia nodded with a smile. maz rubbed his back. maz “ehh it could be better” silseda smiled. silsda “that’s you maz” 



she stood there waiting for ens to say something. ens thought but nothing came out. ens “hey, we need to go to my home” exsia “yea, I feel something is happening there” silseda “then there we should go! to balia!” they all jumped onto the hover boards as they rode through space. silseda said to ens “sometimes i feel like i won’t remember the moments that make me free. that I won’t remember you” ens “me too. are these even our memories i say to myself, yet memory is more than remembering it”



it’s in our experiences, our moments that touch our heart and soul. silseda “I’m scared ens, I don’t want to forget you” she shedded a tear. ens held her. ens “so am I. I’ll make sure you never forget me silseda. let us ride through this space of wonder, like stars writing our inked hearts onto the black pages, in our fearful memory together.” they landed onto balia. ens “huh?!” the city was now a futuristic city with blue and white steel buildings. 



silseda “the future is the past, forever entwining. our actions changed this place. exsia “it’s only been a short time though!” silseda “time is relative to distance and space, time was multiplied in our journey to here” midonee “so time is always the same time of all the others, changing depending on the distance and space” silseda “yes, from this future we went into another one of a past” voice “haha!” silseda “memosin!” memosin “the past and future of one, forever reconnecting and reflecting inside” 



a woman appeared in front of memosin. ens “mom!?” she ran to her. ens mom “ens!” she screamed as she fell. ens stopped in shock. ens “mom?!” he ran to her and held her up. ens mom was breathing heavy. ens mom “dear son, i knew this would happen, I’m letting you go like a dream string flying into the future past, no one can never be you ens, i lo. her head fell down. ens shook her. ens “mom?! no! you can’t go. he screamed, mom! 



memosin laughs. memosin “like a raven flying away from a murderous death, into a new free memory. ens yelled, I don’t want to hear anymore nothings from you! i will show my mother and everyone how much they are to me! get ready to die! ens charged at him ina rage. he slashed waves up and down in all directions. memosin disappeared and reappeared as they went through him. memosin lifted up his hands as ens flew up and down into the ground. 



memosin “ahh yes, the bond of mother and son, like a love of the deepest strangers, one that won’t break. the common reaction of fear and anger that leads you nowhere. ens became angier. ens “now is the time!” he jumped in the air swirling his sword as blue feoras and blades came towards memosin. as he one hit him, ens slashed in a x shape movement. memosin “pretty formidable for a zolcorian” ens “huh?!” silseda eyes lit up. 



memosin “you are from zolcor, you were sent here to retrieve data for zolcor. your dad is zolcorian. he died trying to save you from experimentation. ens stood in shock. ens “no, why should I trust you?!” memosin threw a picture at him. ens picked it up to see him as a young boy with a zolocorian and his mom. memosin brushed his hair to reveal curved ears. everyone gasped. ens felt his ears. ens “it can’t be!” 



silseda “so we are more in common than we thought” ens “I knew I felt a familiar feeling on zolcor” memosin “now that we have that settled, the dawning of a new dusk is due!” he floated up in the air and waved his hands. two long dark energy blades came out. memosin yelled, with death comes a new life! as he slashed down through balia. she screamed as the world began falling down. memosin disappeared as he laughed. ens and silseda “memosin!” 



ens “this is my home, it’s not where I am born or my features but my decision, my heart!” silseda “me too, my home is forever inside” ens “follow me everyone!” memoryless appeared everywhere. silseda “them again!” they ran through a forest fighting memoryless. ens ran to a place. he saw a drawing of a line with two wings on each side. silseda “you feel it too?” ens “yea, like a memorial sadness” 



the winged lit up as it flew up in the air. it was a wisy with one black and one white lunar wing. it had roses and flowers strapped around it with metal blades. silseda “let’s go!” they jumped on it. exsia fell off. midonee “exsia!” exsia “bye guys!” she felt her back hitting something. it was wios. exsia “wios!” wios “I’m like the wind, I rescue and leave unseen” exsia “oh wios, I see you!” wios looked down as he flew onto the ship. wios “you made me fly exsia” exsia “you are my wing”



wios “what I learned is that you can fly the highest points but you still won’t be free, only when your core and soul is freed from you, you are free” exsia “I now know that expressing just to fit in or is empty expression, with you I truly express myself” exsia hugged him. maz “look!” balia eyes opened as she rose up and flew away with all the planets. ens “balia!” silseda “she is finally free but at what cost?” midonee “she is going to destroy the other solar systems!” 


                                                                            Chapter thirteen

memosin rode on balia laughing as she smashed through planets. silseda “how do we get to them?!” ens “what’s this?!” on the ship in the middle was a statued word. it said, flap to your memory of heart, meet me in between memory and dreams” silseda “everyone close your eyes and remember the memory of your heart!” everyone remembered a memory. the mysona flapped her wings as misty waves phased in and out. 



it disappeared. it reappeared in front of balia. silseda “we did it! now attack freely!” maz “shall we my wisy mystery?” midonee “of course my play solider” midonee and maz shot into one, making a large wisy as it flew into balia. balia screamed and she spun and flew a planet towards them. wios “incoming!” he pulled the control wheel to the left. the planet flew by them. memosin “haha, we are invincible! one by one the worlds of memories fly away, forever! 



I will ride into the nothing forever!” they fly to balias stomach. silseda “look the core!” there was a blue sphere with a liquid face and heart. silseda “come on!” they jumped onto the platform evading balias and memosins energy lines. the face screamed as blue letters and notes combined into blue daggers and bombs that flew at them. exsia waved her hands as fire daggers flew at them. midonee shot out misty energy emeralds at the bombs. 



ens “let’s go silseda!” silseda nodded. ens and silseda slashed up and down. wios spun around shooting and slashing his wings. maz and midonee shot at the heart. the core screamed as it exploded. they jumped of back onto the ship. sisleda “it still won’t work!” ens “damn!” suddenly gun shots flew by them hitting balia. silseda “could it be?!” they noticed black and blue steel ships with y shaped wings. Silseda “zolcorians!” 



a zolcorian in black and blue steel suit said, “don’t worry about us, get to it!” there were people of balia on it too. they were healing and shooting balia. ens “yea!” silseda “its time guys!” exsia “does it have to be?!” mysona charged up energy through her wings as they disappeared. they reappeared in another universe. they flew by blue crystals with feather wings that reflected memories and dreams. everyone’s eyes lit up. 



silseda “it is so magical!” exsia “it’s an oblivious rebirth of youthful wonder!” they had blue and green strings that connected to other lives on other planets above. midonee “are these the seeds of dreams and memories?! I never thought they existed outside of my mind! one of my visions have come alive” silseda “so as seeds are reflecting their dreams and memories, so does the other lives. it’s a double sided puppet show of free chanced dreams. 



so every movement, moment we have reflects into theirs and vice versa” wios “fascinating. so one effects all” they floated above flowing earthly waters with silver transparent flowers leading into the middle heart shaped flower. silseda “souls of past and future, forever dancing in a tragedy of entrapment, never freeing themselves, as they sing the silent slumber, waiting to fly from the endless cage” she looked down. 



ens “hey silseda, we are not them, we are free” silseda “what’s the difference? were just a different kind of seeded cage, flying in a sky of false and empty structure” are we no different? she walked off. ens yelled at silseda “silseda, we are the same but both free, because we are here, freedom is more than this!” silseda whispered, “oh ens, I know you are right” she turned around and kept walking. ens “I’ll never understand her. midonee giggled. 



midonee “she is a mystery of many sides and emotions. don’t let them fool you, let them empower your connection, as they are just realizations and releases of soul and heart” ens “you always just say things, you are sayer lady” midonee laughed. midonee “it is the way you speak that matters, but above all else, it is listening as you speak” exsia “the more we try not to be desperate, the more desperate we become. be desperately indesprate beyond, then is when you know the true heart” they slid up the earthly water slide. in the space was a liquid celestial clock with crescents and star pointers. 



underneath it was a flowing pool of blue dreams. above them was a liquid feather and a celestial flower slowly moving after another in a circle. around them were floating celestial crescent shaped waterfalls and star shaped islands. a voice laughed. voice “memory and dream, never too far off in between, if there any difference?” a figure in a black cloak lowered down. ens “brilze!” brilze “haha, like a breezy nightmare, I am back!” she ripped off her cloak.



brlize “just like that, the dark shines its truth, or was it all true?” she wore a silver and black chest piece with long silky arm warmers and knee high boots with crescents on them. she had a crescent on each side of her hips with a crescent shaped cape. she had a silver and blue cloth that wrapped around her curvy legs. she had short shoulder length silver and blue hair with one blue eye and silver eye. voice “as the mystical full moon breaks apart into crescents of dreams, the dark reflection blooms”



memosin floated down near her. silseda “memosin!” they both laughed. memosin ripped off his cloak. he had long half black and blue hair that covered a mechanical eye. two scars rolled down his cheek. he had a black goatee. he wore a black and blue boots. he wore steel blue and black pants and shirt with lines through them. he had on blue and black gloves with a blue scarf that touched his lower knee. memosin “like finding what’s behind the moon and sun, I am revealed!”



ens “you killed all those innocent people!” brilze laughed. brilze “innocent? how can you be innocent if you chose to be yourself? there is no escaping sin as it is innocence in disguise. in our innocent sins of dreamy heart and reflection we are innocent. it is all innocence in different ways. sin solidifies our deepest will and love for it. we always try to be a certain kind of innocence, pushing away out true freedom, never realizing that it the worst sin”    



ens yelled “it’s not innocence or sin, it is the end of hearts and dreams!” memosin laughed. memosin “what about ours? the lost souls that await release?!” he put his arm around brilze. memosin “after all we are your memory!” ens and silseda froze. silseda “what?! our memory?!” memosin “ha, you think you know everything but that is just a tip of the canvas that grows forever. all those dreams and memories you and ens had was me brilze and I.



we were portraying our lives through your memories. I am another form of you ens and brilze is another form of silseda” ens and silseda looked down in shock then looked up. ens waved is hand in anger.  “so that was you guys!? stay out of our memory!” silseda still trying to collect herself yelled, “why?!” memosin “heh, you should know. we want to become more than a memory. brilze “we need to feel alive and free, yet even when you are free, how do you know?” memosin “see the feather and flower?” when the feather touches the ground and the flower grows to the top, everyone’s soul energy will flow into the clock, turning the time of our memory into reality and you will all become a memory!” 



exsia “no! midonee “this is our reality, not yours!” maz “for zoss and our memories I won’t let it happen!” wios “those will be empty memories, I can’t let you do it!” ens “all the times I’ve had with silseda, everyone, I won’t let them go like this!” silseda “you can never take away those times, they are forever inside our core and beyond!” memosin “these memories are ours too and we will free them! time to become a fleeting memory!” he took out a memory triangular shaped blue black and red celestial blade. 



brilze touched his blade with her double silver and blue crescent blade. brilze and memosin “freeze the flowing breeze of dream!” she spun around spinning her blade. memosin “burn the sapphire waves of memory!” he jumped and ran around slashing his blade. a cloud of celestial hearts and memories appeared over them. brilze fell back as memosin caught her. he then threw her up as she spun around. brilze and memosin “brueam!” celestial pulsars and hurricanes of memories came towards everyone. 



exsia and midonee waved their hands. a flowing triangular shaped hole appeared in front of them. explosions of light and space waved through it into everyone. as the rest fell into the hole midonee shot the hole evaporating it all away. brilze and memosin “that was marvelous darling!” everyone got up. ens “heh, it’s just begun!” he charged at memosin as silseda charged at brilze. ens and memosin dodged and flipped over another’s sword slashes and waves. 



memosin “this isn’t all you are, free out your deepest sorrows and memories through this!” his face flashed as ens. ens shook his head in disarray. ens became enraged. a feora of energy emitted from him. memosin “there it is! the essence of our dreamy beyond!” brilze spun around slashing crescent waves at silseda. silseda shot and slashed them back at her. brilze “hehe, you can’t stop that darkness that will never leave!” silseda “ha, I’m a dark flower, blooming deathly light you can’t see!” 



silseda flipped jumped in the air as she shot at brilze. she slashed the seeds in all directions at brilze. memosin and brilze flew back.   maz “so this is fun to watch!” midonee slapped his hand. maz “ahh!” that’s my good hand!” midonee “always be ready for anything!”   memosin “is it time?” brilze “it’s always the time that never was beyond!” memosin “time clicks and clicks, brilze “past present and future spins in and out, memosin “remembering and forgetting its darkest memories of now, brilze “the living clock shines!”          



they held another as a light shined. they transformed into a celestial clock feora wisy with two liquid flower heads. brilze and memosin “for our loving memories!” they twirled around another’s neck and kissed. black clock flower pointers of energy that reflected into millions of them flew from their mouths towards everyone.  as each one landed blue energy waves emitted memories and sorrowful screams. 



everyone barely moved. exsia “no I can’t stop now” maz “we got too far to end!” ens and silseda slowly got up. ens “will you be my flower?” silseda nodded. silseda “will you be my seed?” a light shined. silseda had blue flower eyes and purple rose bladed flower shaped armor. she reflected green and purple energy wings.  ens spun her around as he slashed in a circle around her. silseda twirled around slashing above and below her as she fell back into his arms. 



ens “a falling flower of innocence, he lifted her up and spun her around.  silseda “rising back into a seed of memories, ens “a rebirthing of a chilling release I never could explain silseda “a flaming dream of a heartwarming life I can’t deny” ens and silseda “memedby!” they slashed and shot as falling flower blades and seeds flew towards brilze and memosin. ens slashed through each one. his sword emitted a dark energy of feoras waves. he swung and jumped in a circle as it flew towards brilze and memosin. 



memosin and brilze screamed, “ahh!” a light shined through. silseda ran to memosin. memosin was breathing heavy. “heh, I wanted to be with you but I knew I was just a memory, all those words I said to you were true. I guess I got too lost in trying to not be a memory, I’m becoming less than one. silseda stood there in shock and sadness. she spoke softly. Stuttering her words. “oh memosin, that didnt matter! to me, it was the love and expereince that was real!” 



brilze she laughed as she coughed up blood. brilze “ this is all the thraems fault. silseda “thraems?” brizle “they are the black cloaks that created us, everything” memosin “they said you and ens are the seeds of time” ens and silseda looked at another in confusion. silseda “seeds of time?!” memosin “yes, the birth and death of time, the chosen ones that will free time and memories” ens scar and silsedas flower symbol emitted a light. silseda “huh?”



brilze “there is the proof. the shining light of rebirth and reflection. ens “I’m a seed of time? memosin “now I know that a memory isn’t one until you free it, the only difference between everything is your decision, that the real memories are beyond inside. were forever in an ever moving memory of past present and future that never was beyond. free and rebirth your memorial dreams beyond! silseda “you are more than a memory, you are here so you are realer than anything can prove!



she hugged him as she cried. “ memosin “well meet again my tragic flower seed!” he crawled to brilze. memosin “my beloved tragic lovely memory of a frozen sea, let us fly into the next one” brilze “ oh my dear dream of a burning sky, we will swim in our frozen picture of flaming beyond” they turned into a raven holding a sapphire is its claws. sileda “thank you memosin, for teaching me that there is more in everything, that every moment and memory is everywhere and nowhere beyond”

                                                                                     Chapter fourteen

midonee “when a love dies the other one goes along with it, forever shining their memory” Silseda held her hands togehter as she looked down. silseda “how do we tell if we are alive? how do I know any of this is real or me?” ens “come on silseda, if we say it is, then it has to be right? even if it isn’t, we’re beyond this, that is always there. I’ll show you how real it is!” silseda “oh ens, we can adventure through it all, see your real hometown, ens slowly got excited. ens “yea!” 



silseda “then we can watch the sunset before we go to balia. ens “it’ll be crazy!” silseda “I can’t” ens “what?! yes you can, you can do anything inside!” she sniffled. silseda “it seems that as long as I’m alive, everyone will suffer, why should you suffer because of me huh!?” exsia looked down. exsia “that may be but it’s a suffering well deal with! maz “it would be the same without your ups and downs friend” wios “we’ve only met recently but you would be a fool to go now” 



midonee “oh my silly darling, suffering will always exist but it’s also a sign of life, a reminder of your core, listen to your wisdom of your heart” ens “se silseda, no matter what you’ll make me suffer anyway!” silseda giggled in a sad way. silseda “midonee, wios, exsia, maz, ens, I’m sorry, I have to end this for myself too, so I can finally be free!” she raised her blade. everyone yelled, silseda! no!” silseda “goodbye everyone, she looked at ens as she cried. 



“I thrive at being alone! I want meant to be in love!” she stabbed her heart. everyone gasped. exsia waved her hands as angel energy lines flew to her. silseda shot them. silseda gasped for air as bloody green seeds fell from her chest into the pool. she fell as ens jumped over the space and caught her and her tear. exsia screamed and cried, no! if anyone had to go, it should be me!” midonee yelled “enough! as a tear fell off her cheek. maz “silseda! not you too!” ens held her in shock. silseda breathed heavily. silseda “oh ens, if I had to go, I’m glad it was with you. 



ens “stop that! you are coming back with us you hear me! silseda! you can’t go, you just can’t! he held her hand. the place began to shake. wios “we have to move everyone unfortunately!” ens picked her up and looked at everyone as he nodded. ens “I’m not leaving you, not ever!” they slowly sunk into the pool.  exsia “ens and silseda!” exsia ran to them as wios caught her in the air. exsia shook. exsia “let me at them!” blue and green energy appeared below everyone. 



they teleported back onto balia. exsia held onto wios as she cried. exsia “why?! why do we suffer?!” wios “maybe because it shows us how strong our love is, for redemption, like a tragic butterfly re meeting its caterpillar lover beyond” maz “damn it silseda, she held in her pain, just for us” midonee “the winds of hidden pains blew through me as I have the same ones, still I will go on. let them strengthen you, make them your freest soul! maz hugged her. maz “well always go on!” midonee and maz shedded a tear. 



dark voice “birth to death, death to birth, an earth breathes infinite life and memories beyond, awaiting the dark release it came from never” a black cloaked figure appeared n front of them. exsia “who are you!” voice “heh, I am your creator, the beginning and end, the void less void. exsia “no you are not! I may have never found my family but you didn’t make me, I did!” voice “foolish girl, you don’t understand. I am aevorn, time and space incarnate! he began to glow celestial pulsars on his body. 



aevorn “everything started as it ended with me, a darkening time space release and intake of another time I always never knew, I divided myself into thirteen other dimensions to grow. now the darkness will reign back over everything back to where it began where it will be reborn again into a dark lighted dream!” he waved his hands into space as it began to move towards them. midonee “everything is darkness, what we see is just lighted dark, a dark world can never shine nor be!” 



exsia “the only true light is our own, the light of free life!” aevorn began to turn dark and shook. aevorn “heh, the only essence is dark imagination, where the brightest memorial nothing shines!” ens slowly woke up. ens “huh? I’m still alive? silseda?! where are you?! he began swimming in a clear sky. a sapphire picture flew by him. it whispered out graceful melodies of a little girl crying in the woods. ens “silseda? I’m coming!” he swam towards it. 



The girl whispered, these suicidal thoughts won’t stop haunting me! killer temptations of my ill-fated life, make them go away!” ens “I’ll get rid of them! as he went through the voided picture, he appeared in a dreamy place. it had a lunar clock flower star with strings of pictures, paintings and flowers.  above was a transparent boy and girl hanging on strings over a bridge. as they danced and lived, another boy and girl were running towards another on the bridge as it began to burn. on the other side was falling black streams of sunflowers. 



ens “I’m seaing her shesun of the seeson, a season of infinite beautiful memories and rebirths. a blue fox appeared. ens “you again! as it ran off, it turned into a blue comet lines that flew into a picture of silseda holding a wisy. he jumped through. as a boy and girl, silseda was in front of a pool. silseda “I want to be a wisy, so innocently drifting though dreamy memories” ens “you are one, flapping memorial horizons of dreams and mysteries” silseda giggled. silseda “I’m always flying with you ens! she jumped into the air and caught it as she fell into the pool.



  silseda swam in terror. silseda “help ens, I can’t swim!” ens “I’m coming!” as he tried to run, he ran in place. silseda “please!” ens “don’t worry silseda!” she disappeared as a feather fell onto his hand. a angelic voice says, “every picture is a void to another one, a horizon of another, under and over the sun” ens yelled, no! not again!” a wisy flew through the photo. as he flew through the photo, he made countless horizons of pictures he got back into the main universe. the clock turned. ens “I’ll hold onto this feather of your memories for you” above two dreamy eyes turned into gates with eyelashes of black grass. 



ens slid up to them. her ghost whispered to him, I will forever die for those moments of free heart, just to see you again, I know we can be together again. if you knew we would end, would you still love me?” ens waved his hands in a sad rage. ens “of course I would, for that one second with you is infinite, it is when I am my all and not beyond!”  she swayed dreamy waves as she cried out black streams of melodies and letters from a sea of the letter four. 



he went through the gates. he was in the part where memosin destroyed silsedas town. silseda “hold me!” the black cloaked man hugged her. man “don’t worry, I’ll always be your seed” silseda eyes lit up. she looked at him. silseda “you sound so familiar” man “it’s because. he ripped off his cloak. ens “it is me. silseda stood in shock. sadness and madness soared through her. silseda yelled “oh ens, I knew it was you!” she hit his arms as she cried. ens laughed. 



he hugged her. silseda “let s stay in this memory forever!” ens nodded. ens reeapaeared in the universe. two ghosts of a young and older silseda came into one. ens “were almost there silseda, just remember your truest false beyond!”  everything turned black. ens started to fly upward through a spiraling space as silseda was falling downward. ens “where are you silseda! I can’t do this alone!” a celestial flower appeared in front of him. it turned into green wisys that flew away. ens “silseda!” 



aevorn “you can’t stop fate!” he jumped in the air and into the darkness. he transformed into a celestial figure with voided eyes. he had a dark lunar chest piece with cloudy arms and legs. midonee yelled, fate isn’t what happens, it’s the fated chance of our cores and heart that is meant to be! the only fate is fateless fate beyond it!” exsia “my fate is my choice, our story, you can’t have it!” wios “when we have fate, we cannot be free, only in unknown change, we fly!” 



aevorn “I am darkness, I am light, like a dying sun, I’ll burn brighter than itself, as if you never saw it!” he waved his arms as dark daggers of energy came flying towards balia. wios “I’ve got this! you guys get away! exsia “no! I won’t leave you!” she hugged him tightly. midonee lugged her off. midonee “you’ll see him again dear!” they all ran into a zolcorian ship as it flew away. exsia “wios!” wios smiled at her as he lifted up his wings. the daggers hit his wings as they turned into light. 



everyone’s eyes lit up. midonee “now that is magical insanity!” memoryless appeared everywhere. maz “damn!” one grabbed midonee and threw her off the side. maz yelled, midonee!” he ran through them as he shot everywhere. her hand slipped off. maz caught it. maz “not today my crazy wisy!” he lifted her up. midonee “I was just testing you my dear!” maz “you can’t just test me like that!” midonee kissed him passionately. maz stood in shock. 



midonee “are you sure?” maz rubbed his head. maz “umm, yea, that kiss put a spell on me!” ens and silseda were flying in space. silseda “words and feelings go unsaid, never knowing my truest heart, terrified of rejection, of not feeling the same, no more will I keep them from you, I will tell you everything, will you?” seeded comets flew by her that turn into a winged star. silseda smiled. silseda “ens, I know it’s you” an arrow with a string approached ens. 



the bridge was about to burn out as memories reflected out of silseda and ens. as ens picked up silseda the arrow struck her heart. ens carried her the universe. ens “silseda!” silseda “it seems this curse of love and loss can’t be changed, only through release, we can be together” ens “no!” silseda “I hid so much inside from you, everyone, I knew if I wasn’t vulnerable I could never get hurt, yet to never release your heart, to open up your core is the biggest vulnerability of all. from now on I won’t hide myself!” 



ens put his arms around her transparent body as they watched a celestial carousel of pulsars and lunar comets circle memories as a silhouette hung. “silseda, I am the same as you, hiding myself, trying to be something significant but I learned that it the significance of our soul that matters.  no more will I hide it from you or anyone!” silseda smiled. silseda “I’m proud of you ens” ens “so am I!” they laughed. silseda “in our sorrowful remembrance and imaging dreams and love, we are free and alive.



our bridge of poetic love will burn into another one, this is just the end of this part, our unseen bridge of our story continues on forever” ens Turned her around and kissed her passionate as he caressed her head. silseda eyes opened up wide as they slowly closed. thy both cried as they kissed. ens “see, in this moment of death and life, we are one and connected my flower of youthful rebirth and memories, my burden, my mother!” silseda sniffled. 



silseda “just write these space lines back to this bridge of memories my seed of dreamy release, where our love will be forever shining beyond my father, my tragedy! don’t forget me!” she disappeared. ens “no! silseda!” a light shined. as it lowered, a glowing purple and green seed was floating in the distance. as he walked to it, flowers with hearted flames above them bloomed on each side. it spoke as memories glowed of them. Silseda “this is my place, my safe haven of dark escape, the core of my heart, it’s been so cold though, let me feel safe inside ens!”



ens I’ll always protect you silseda, even in death, just call to me, I’ll feel your chilling spring ring wherever I am, become!” he slowly fell down. ens “ahh, I’m losing strength, it must be this place of dreamy energy” as he crawled to her a ghost of a woman appeared. ghost lady “my dear son, she is inside you, let her out to reunite with her” Ens gasped for air as he said, Mom! I’ll be strong for you okay!” ens mother “you know where to find me!” a ghost of a man held the woman. 



man “I’m sorry we never got off son, yet you have become a big strong boy and I am glad to see you now. ens “dad?! I won’t stop! they turned into misty breezes. ens crawled harder. ens “in this pain, this near death, I am alive, I am beyond!” he slowly got up. ens “I’ll see you guys next time!” he slashed the strings of silseda as silsedas ghost cut of his strings. he collapsed onto the ground. ens “silseda, well meet again in between memories and dreams”  



something pulsated in his pocket. he reached in to bring out an energy seed. he held it up towards silseda. he fell down as passionate tears fell from his eyes. He screamed and cried everything and more from his core. it rolled in between them.  silseda awoke in a dark universe. it had a hanging black and blue celestial veil around it with lunar mirrored islands around it. in the middle was a black garden. she flew to it. voice “memory of memory, flowing forward and backwards, held inside, was it a memory or just a dreamy reflection?” a man walked from a void. 



silseda “memosin!” he had short black hair and brown eyes. he had on a long black and white suit. memosin “this is my true form I envisioned, beyond circumstances and others involvement. now is the time of your time to rebirth your birthly death!” he put out his hands as celestial swords flew to him. silseda “I understand memosin, I won’t let you down!” memosin smiled he charged at her. he swung in all directions as he flew into the air. he gathered a dark ball of energy as he threw it at her. 



silseda shot and slashed them away as he came through the ball lunging his sword. silseda spun around it. she slashed her green and purple energy flower blade towards the back of his neck as he blocked it over his head. memosin “you can’t forget me! free your memory!” he grabbed around her body and flew into the lunar air. as he punched her in the stomach, she back flip kicked his face. they flew through a seeded building. 



they slashed another as they crashed through every floor. each one were places of silsedas memories.  memosin impaled his sword into the ground emitting dark bladed springs from the ground into silseda. memosin “come on love, remember your core and heart, fight with effortless dream and core freely!”  a seed fell from the sky. silseda picked it up. she felt energy soar through her. silseda put her blade to his neck. silseda “my gloomy bloom is your doom!” 



she jumped into the air and back down into the soil lunar tiles with her blade. she rose up with sharp flowers that wrapped around memosin. she slashed him from every direction as they rose up. she held her gun towards him. silseda “till we meet again!” she shot at him as he flew through the space.  



A lunar wisy flew onto silsedas crystal seed. suddenly silsedas seed shook. wios gasped. wios “I can’t hold out another attack!” exsia “what do we do!” midonee held maz. zolcorian pilot “coming to get you, hold on!” the ship landed as wios flew into the ship, dodging memoryless. wios “exsia! he ran to her and hugged her. exsia “oh wios, don’t do that again!” 


                                                    chapter fifteen

midonee “ens, silseda if you hear me, us, please” aevorn “hahaha! here is the time of eternal dark and release!” he flew towards the universe. strings of blue light emitted from the deepest space. exsia “you see that?!” midonee “is that soul energy?! there is some magic in life that I can’t comprehend, and I love it” green and black strings came from all directions. midonee “this is the release of our souls and hearts! everyone remembers your heart and soul, make it here!” everyone remembered their memories. 



a light shined. when it disappeared aevorn was gone and everything returned to its original state. exsia “we did it! she said to herself, thanks ens and silseda. I won’t forget you” midonee “look everyone! in the distance was a green and blue comet that flew through two blue sunrises. exsia “it’s too wonderful! like inked lines branching out, a memorial rebirth of deadly moments, forever shining on beyond life and death, that is where we are alive” 



in a forest a girl and boy ran to a spot. girl and boy “it’s still here!” girl “you said you would meet me here, between life and death, memories and dreams” boy “of course brilze” brilze “I knew you would memosin! she grabbed his hand over the green river of crystal memories. brilze “were two wings of one, flying in the ocean of warm dreams, forever releasing memorial freedoms” in the distance two kids in black cloaks appeared we playing. 



brilze “hey, what’s your names?” the boy said, I’m ens, a past heroless hero!” girl “I’m silseda, an unknown seed” brilze “you seem so familiar, like we’ve met before! silseda “I feel it too!” memosin “then let’s go!” from the farthest point silseda and ens were watching it all in the beyond. silseda “here in this beyond of sorrowful release, we are real and alive, always meet me here” ens “in this story of eternal imagination and return we are forever together” they cried as they hugged and kissed intensely. 



silseda “now I am truly born and dead beyond, never here forever, creating infinite nothings”

The seeds of time

  • Author: james milano
  • Published: 2017-02-16 18:35:09
  • Words: 27123
The seeds of time The seeds of time