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The Secrets to Manifesting Your Inner Power: Finding Freedom in the Middle of Mi

The Secrets to Manifesting Your Inner Power

Finding Freedom in the Middle of Mindlessness

By: Enck Kanaj

Published by Archangel Ink

Copyright © 2015 Enck Kanaj

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[]Table of Contents


The Infinite and Unique Self

Freedom from Repression

Meditation Without Technique and Freedom from Mind

Freedom from False Knowledge

Don’t Worry About What Others Think of You

Allow the Flow of Life and You Will Manifest More

The Absence of Desires Makes You Achieve More

Stop Being So Serious With Life

Two Words About Consistency

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About the Author

[][][][] Introduction

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Here in this book you will learn some secrets to unleash your inner power. Everyone is born with a potential that is imprinted in their genes, which may not find expression in the societal environment. What restricts your inner power is overthinking, overanalyzing, and not being in tune with reality or what is. Life is easier than we think if we let go. Everyone has limitless inner power, and this power is mostly limited by the person himself. When you experience failures and things don’t go as planned, being able to realize that opportunities are presenting themselves out of that failure can make the difference between a complete failure and another chance at success. Be ready to take what life gives you. When opportunities find you as you are walking along your path, be prepared to diverge from what you thought you wanted to do or achieve. Doors open all the time, and they are meant to be walked through.

[][][][][][][][][][] The Infinite and Unique Self

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The only obstacle to enjoying total freedom is the ego. You have a self-image that requires a lot of effort to maintain. Life becomes a struggle because you have to maintain a self-image. Your self-image is a limited self or a rigid self. Your self-image is not authentic but a false mask created by your desire to conform to the opinions of others. Said differently, you see yourself through the eyes of others. The stronger your ego, the harder you try to protect your self-image. Ego means to be special and superior or above others. You feel special and superior when others praise you. The more the others praise you, the more satisfied your ego becomes. Thus, in order to get as much praise as possible, you have to live for others. In this way, you enter a vicious circle, and then life becomes a prison. You have to go through your whole life without tasting those experiences that you think damage your self-image or ego. The egoist mind is destined to enjoy only a small part of the vast reality. The egoist mind cannot enjoy the full spectrum of colors. The egoist mind is goal-oriented and therefore cannot enjoy the totality of life. The totality of life with all of its colors can be enjoyed only when all the goal-orientation maps have been dropped. Imagine yourself walking through a forest with a map in your hands, seeking a certain destination as your goal. Your eyes are continuously on the map and cannot grasp and enjoy the beauty of the forest. You walk half-blinded. You are losing the beauty of the forest. When you drop the goals, when you are not going anywhere, then life in here and now starts unfolding itself to you. If goals are set, you become serious, and the enjoyment is destroyed. The enjoyment is replaced with the business. A businessman cannot relax. He all the time dreams of his business and talks of his business; his whole life has shrunken to his business. Whatever does not relate to his business is not noticed. He cannot enjoy the totality of life. Acceptance and spontaneity must be embodied to taste the beauty of the moment.

Being ordinary is the key to enjoying life fully. To be special means to be egoistic, and this specialness has a high cost—the cost of living for the specialness and not for yourself. Ego is the only problem. The desire to be special is a reflection of the unconscious inferiority. In other words, you can’t be ordinary because deep down you are inferior.

Craving that specialness means that you are not centered in your being but rather are centered outside of your being. Your energy comes from the outside in. You are not the source of your energy. You suck from the energy of others. In other words, if others value you, then you feel high, and if others don’t value you, then you feel low. So, forget about being special. Just be ordinary. The paradox is that when you don’t crave the specialness anymore, you become special and unique because specialness is a trait with which you are born. The uniqueness is an expression of your being centered within. Your uniqueness is that which you bring forth from the unknown into the world of the known, from universal wholeness into this world. True specialness comes only when you are centered within without being affected by others.

Life can’t be a goal, because when there is a goal, you are always half-blinded to the diversity and variety of life, including many other opportunities. When you have a goal, you dwell in anxiety, wondering whether you will be able to accomplish your goal or not. Try to accept as many new experiences as possible. Don’t reject those experiences you think are against or damaging to your limited self or ego. The more new experiences you accept, the more you approach the non-judgmental state where right and wrong have disappeared. The more judgmental a person is, the less he/she has lived. The less judgmental, the more he/she has lived. You cannot judge the other if you carry his/her experiences on your shoulders. A person who has lived life totally has no opinion and philosophy except total acceptance of thisness. Everything is as it is because there is a reason behind it. It doesn’t matter if you know the reason. What is the most important is to let go; letting go is the death of the ego. The right way of living is to agree to accept as many experiences as possible. Just doing this will help you discover your real self. You enter into the limitless self who can understand anyone else. You become multidimensional.

[]Freedom from Repression

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Sigmund Freud theorized that mind repression was the source of many mental diseases. But his theories are not new; thousands of years before him, in ancient India and China, a relation between mind and body had already been well known. Thousands of years ago, meditation in Buddhist traditions was used to relax the body by going beyond mind into the awareness.

Repression eliminates your passion because passion may be against your ego, culture, or education. Repression is the act of excluding your desires from your conscious awareness and subduing it in the unconscious for the sake of your education, culture, or ego. You can repress both feelings and thoughts. The repressed emotions can cause diseases in the body while the repressed thoughts can lead you to madness; therefore, follow your passions. The repressed thoughts and emotions do not disappear but, rather, they are only reinforced in the realm of the unconscious. The repressed thoughts and emotions repeat cyclically in the unconscious by robbing your energy.

You can stand beyond your mind by being a watcher of your mind. Whatever is arising in the mind, you have not to interfere. You simply have to watch your thoughts without suppressing them. You simply go on seeing your thoughts as they are things outside your mind. In this state of watchfulness, all thoughts disappear without being repressed.

[]Meditation Without Technique and Freedom from Mind

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Meditation is not concentration because concentration is a faculty of the mind. Mind can only concentrate, while meditation goes beyond the mind. Mind has nothing to do with meditation. The mind cannot be used to enter meditation. You cannot fight against the mind because you are still using the mind. Only mind itself cannot fight against the mind. Meditation is letting go of the mind, allowing it to wander wherever it wants to. Meditation is allowing and enjoying whatever is happening around you. Meditation is a non-interference state in which you let things both inside and outside yourself come and go. Meditation is letting thoughts come and go without interfering with them. Distraction happens only when you are trying to concentrate and trying to still the mind. Meditation consists only in being watchful of whatever is going on. Meditation is simply a pure state in which you can watch the mind without making any effort to change or interfere with anything. Meditation is simply going beyond mind just by being watchful of your thoughts without judging them. Don’t try to stop your “bad” thoughts, but just watch them as they are. Meditation is the state of mindlessness. And mindlessness is not trying to keep the mind still. Trying to keep the mind still is concentration, which is nothing else but the mind keeping itself still. The stillness from concentration and the stillness from mindlessness look exactly the same from the outside, but there is a big difference inside. A person who has gained stillness from concentration is using the mind to be in control of her/himself, while a person who has gained the stillness from being watchful has nothing to control; he/she has no thoughts because he/she has allowed the thoughts to come and go without repressing the so-called “bad” thoughts. Stillness gained from allowing the suppressed thoughts to surface is natural. It comes when nothing remains repressed. It comes when nothing is disciplined and when you become emptiness.

On the other hand, the stillness from concentration is a game that the mind plays. Mind can play the game of being still; it can play the game of being without any thoughts and any emotions by just repressing them. The state of mindlessness is the opposite of stilling the mind; it consists in going beyond the mind. It is going to the level of awareness in which you become the watcher of the repressed thoughts. Mindlessness is based on the very idea of freedom. You allow the mind to be free and the mind allows you to be free.

Whenever you are trying to control thoughts, you are not free of them. You are in tension because the repressed thoughts are continuously trying to revolt against you; they want freedom. Your mind is predestined to explode.

Thus, to attain the mindlessness state, only one thing is needed. It consists only of being watchful of your thoughts without any kind of interference. If you want to be free of thoughts and emotions, you only have to be watchful. If there is anger in you, just watch your anger and don’t fight with it. Sometimes you will have bad thoughts. Don’t start fighting with them; don’t try to throw them away. We have been taught that if a bad thought comes into the mind, we must suppress it by trying to throw it away. If you have a habit, don’t try to fight it; just watch it, and it will come and go by itself. Your watchfulness is the only key to going beyond the mind.

The mind cannot be stilled; it is always questioning, doubting, and deciding what is right and what is wrong, what is true and what is false. In other words, the mind is always divided and in conflict with itself. The nature of mind is restlessness. The mind is never satisfied. The mind is a hole that can never be filled. To fill this hole, one goes on gaining money and power, but still the mind remains unsatisfied. The more money one earns, the more is needed. The more power one attains, the more is needed. This hole of the mind is a black hole that never can be filled. Mind is looking for more and more and never has it found rest.

The most important fuel of the mind is repression. We repress into the unconscious whatever is against our culture, ego, or education. The repression of “bad” thoughts has become the biggest habit in the modern world. Due to this repression, we have split ourselves in two. We have created another self that is the unconscious self. If we try for a moment while being alone to watch whatever comes into the mind without repressing, we will be surprised. We are afraid of our suppressed thoughts. That’s why we are afraid of being alone and why we engage ourselves in numerous outside activities.

Nobody would allow somebody else to see what is going on inside them. That’s why most people don’t want to go to a psychoanalyst.

We should be pro-meditation and for being true to ourselves and to God. If we are true to ourselves, then that’s enough. Nobody else needs to know our thoughts. No Sigmund Freud is required.

Because people are not true to themselves, they are, on the outside, the opposite of what they are inside. What people are hiding inside is the opposite of what they say on the outside. What we see outside is completely different from what is going on inside them. For instance, people that smile all the time may have repressed anger. It may turn out that those smiling faces are full of anger inside. Their smiling may be a forced attitude.

The human is not, anymore, as he appears to be; he/she is the opposite. He is one thing on the inside and something else on the outside. And it is all right if others are satisfied by what we have shown on the outside. But the problem is that we ourselves get deceived by it. It is not a problem if we show the opposite on the outside. But the problem is when we get used to our outside image, and we ourselves get deceived because we think we really are that image that we show to other people. So we are more interested in how we appear in the eyes of others. We start to value more what others say about us by shifting our center of our being from within to without. We learn to recognize ourselves through the image that others have of us. In this way, we forget our inner self by creating a false self with which we get identified. We become afraid of what other people might say about us. We feel happy if people say good things about us and sad if other people say bad things about us. Thus, our happiness depends on what others say and, therefore, we have become uncentered.

In aloneness, while meditating, you have to open the mind totally and see what there is inside you. It is the very act of being watchful that helps you to enter into the hidden part of the mind.

But first you have to drop all fears, which keep you away from knowing yourself. What is this fear of knowing yourself? The fear is that perhaps you are not who you thought you were. The fear is that you may discover that you are another person. For instance, a person who is trying to demonstrate his/her strength and bravery all the time is the opposite deep in his/her unconscious; he/she is full of fears in his/her true self. Our fear is that we may realize that inside we are the opposite. We are afraid of finding out that we are totally different than what we think ourselves to be. The fear is that the image of ourselves may turn out to be false.

A person who is afraid of his/her thoughts can never encounter his true self. It is very easy to concentrate and suppress thoughts, but this is not true meditation. Meditation is letting go of whatever it is on the surface to go deep into the unconscious.

The most important thing in meditation is the “effort” to know your own mind in aloneness without fearing your thoughts. The root of meditation is to let your mind express itself as it is. Give total freedom to your mind. Think whatever you want to think and let it happen. Drop all the repression of yourself that has prevented things from surfacing. Give your mind the freedom to wander whenever it wants and allow whatever thought that appear to appear. Don’t stop or suppress anything. You have to know what is inside you. And you should not judge what is good or bad because, the moment you judge, the suppression is in charge. The mind suppresses whatever you have been taught is bad. So you don’t need to judge anything as either good or bad. Whatever is going on in the mind, let it be as it is.

If you let your mind be totally free, then you will subjugate or transcend the mind. You cannot conquer the mind by concentrating. It is impossible to conquer the mind. Recognition of mind is the way to break free from it. There is no other way to know what is hidden inside. The only way is to drop the restrictions that we have imposed on the mind. We have to let the mind express itself spontaneously. A lot of contents have been suppressed and therefore are hidden deep in the darkness of the mind. We have to drop the fear and have the courage to enter into that darkness where our repressed thoughts reside. This darkness is the unconscious part of our mind. This darkness comes because our education, our morals, our civilization, and our culture have imposed many restrictions on the mind or the way of thinking.

This dark part of the mind is caused because we never allow the mind to express itself directly to us (in aloneness). To light the dark part of the mind, just allow the mind to express itself directly without your judgment so that you become aware of all the contents that have been hidden and suppressed. A great part of the mind has been suppressed in darkness. So the light of awareness is needed there.

Don’t allow yourself to be judgmental about a thought, because what you call bad thoughts do not get destroyed; rather, they only go deeper into your subconscious. Suppressing thoughts does not make them disappear, but rather, they go deep into your being. Whatever is there in your mind doesn’t come from outside, it comes from within, so let it be there and accept it as your part, and then it will disappear on it its own. Everything comes from within, not from the outside. And the more we suppress a bad thought or emotion, the more it gets reinforced. It finds new ways to come out, but we suppress it harder because we have been taught from childhood to suppress bad thoughts. The suppressed thought does not get destroyed but enters deeper into our mind by putting the mind in a restless state. We say the emotion of anger is wrong so we have to suppress it, and then the anger comes out as a reaction out of our control. Therefore, we find that we have become whatsoever we suppressed—that is, full of anger. If you fight with your anger and try to escape from it, you will be obsessed with anger. This happens because whatever we want to suppress or escape from becomes a focus for the mind. Whatever we want to escape from becomes an attraction, and the mind starts being attracted towards it. You can never be free from anger unless you allow anger to come out while you are being watchful.

This is the way the mind works. The mind becomes attracted to whatever it is forbidden.

Mindlessness is the state wherein you have transcended the mind and gone beyond mind by letting go. Mindlessness means to be the master of mind by knowing the laws of mind. Mind is just a tool that you can use correctly if you know its workings.

Mindlessness is just allowing the thought that is arising in the mind without saying that it is bad or it is good. Thoughts cannot be thrown out by making an effort to get rid of them. Instead, just allowing the energy of the thought or emotion to flow naturally will make them disappear or dissipate on their own.

[]Freedom from False Knowledge

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There are many beliefs (not referring to religious beliefs) in everyday life. Many of them oppose each other. They may be true or false. If you are in the middle of any two polar opposites, you will go beyond knowledge and beliefs. If you are in the middle, neither little knowledge nor excess, you will go beyond knowledge and beliefs. The middle is the beyond. If you go to the extreme, then you will start attaching to it. Just keep yourself balanced in the middle and you go above both the extremes. You are neither good nor bad, neither ordinary nor extraordinary, neither knowledgeable nor ignorant.

In science, there are not only two categories regarding the knowingness of the world—the categories of known and unknown—there is a third category that is more significant than the other two and has been acknowledged only by some quantum physicists lately. That is the category of the unknowable, the mysterious. Knowledge is not possible in this category. To enter into this realm of the unknowable requires wisdom. Wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is closer to ignorance than knowledge. Little knowledge is needed there, and you go with the flow of life and nature. Too much knowledge and you go astray. The real nature of ignorance is the same as the nature of wisdom. The true wisdom is going with the flow of nature without too much knowledge. I gained a great insight from qigong literature. In qigong literature, there are three main energy centers called Dantians. The three energy centers correspond to the brain, heart, and navel (abdomen). In the Western world, the dominant center is the brain, which consumes too much energy and bioelectricity. In the eastern world, the qigong practitioners aimed to balance the energy centers by shifting the focus towards the abdomen or the lower Dantian. The brain consumes too much energy and therefore little bioelectricity is left for the body. Moreover, according to Western science, we actually have two physical brains. Our second brain is in our gut (stomach, intestine). Our second “brain” in the gut contains neurons and neurotransmitters just like those found in our head. Our two brains communicate via a major nerve trunk extending down from the base of the brain all the way into the abdomen. During early fetal development, both our “gut” (esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon) and our primary brain developed from the same clump of embryonic tissue. The qigong practitioners consider the belly a major center of energy and of higher consciousness. In China, the art of qigong emphasizes the lower abdomen as a major reservoir of life energy (bioelectricity) and health. The belly is called the “lower Dantian,” which is a key center for higher consciousness development. The insight here is that the restless mind consumes a lot of life energy or bioelectricity and therefore little is left for bodily needs, the center of which is the navel or abdomen.

I am not a fan of qigong practices because I am for the natural flow and spontaneity and believe in the intelligence of the body, which can regulate itself. The only problem is the restless mind, the cause of which is only repression. The modern world preaches the business mind, which is exactly the restless mind. It is this deviation from the natural way of living in this modern life that makes qigong and acupuncture helpful. Because of the deviation from natural living, we may need help from a qualified master.

But I am for a spontaneous way of living that comes from mindlessness. In other words, if mind is let free, then it becomes empty by itself, and then the body has enough energy to regulate and heal itself. The immunity of the body increases from mindlessness and bodilessness. In the state of mindlessness, you follow unconsciously the bodily urges, and you move spontaneously. For instance, have you found yourself stretching your body? Most of us are familiar with the spontaneous stretch in the morning. We do not decide to stretch like that, but still it happens. You do it unconsciously. The purpose of this spontaneous stretching of the body is to remove energetic blocks out of the body.

But most people are preoccupied with the knowledge gained from the Internet and have overloaded the body with all kinds of formulas. Real health comes from bodilessness, which means you don’t have to know a thing about your body. The more knowledge you gain from the Internet, the more the mind interferes with the workings of the body. Just a little knowledge is needed.

As explained, mindlessness is not achieved by trying to still the mind. The stillness of mind gained from concentration techniques has only temporary benefits for the body. Mindlessness can be achieved only by letting the mind free to wander wherever it wants.

Bodilessness is when the energy flows freely in the body, and you don’t feel it or know anything about it. When you feel the energy, it means that there is resistance to the energy flow. It is the curious mind that creates resistance to the energy flow in the body. Mindlessness is the key to the energy flow in the body. It means that you don’t have to feel and know anything about your body. An enlightened person knows nothing about energy flow in the body. He/she is innocent just like a small child. A child is an enlightened being.

But the child’s enlightenment is corruptible, and the enlightened man/woman is incorruptible. The child will become knowledgeable. There is no way to keep the child continuously “ignorant.” The child’s enlightenment will soon be lost.

But the enlightened man or woman has passed through all the stages of knowledge and finally has dropped the knowledge. He/she is incorruptible. He/she has known everything and dropped it. He/she has not only dropped knowledge but also has dropped the very faculty of gaining knowledge. He/she has seen that the whole game of knowledge is futile and has gained his/her child nature again. Many ancient enlightened masters may have gone through body energy work. They may have tried yoga, qigong, and tai chi, but they have not gained enlightenment from those techniques. They may have gained enlightenment only when they dropped those techniques and knowledge. Anyway, this is just my opinion. I am not an expert.

Mindlessness is beyond good and evil. A mindless person is neither good nor bad. Whatever he does, he does not do it to conform to morality; he simply follows his own inner awareness, which is also in tune with the wholeness where he lives. A moralist has no eyes of his own. He is doing what has been said traditionally to be good. He does not know exactly whether it is good or not. He/she just follows the rules. A moralist is rigid. A mindless person is like liquid. He/she has no form but he/she is ready to adapt himself/herself to the current situation because he/she is empty of knowledge but has tremendous intelligence. Whatever we get from other people is not our knowledge but our repressed ignorance. And when a person’s ignorance is repressed, he can never attain knowledge. A wise person is intelligent but not an intellectual. True wisdom is the acceptance of our ignorance. If we have the courage to be ignorant and have the courage to accept that we are ignorant, then we can start on the path towards real knowledge, which is our own knowledge. So we need to understand that we are very ignorant whenever we borrow knowledge, and whatever we seem to know is absolutely false, borrowed, and inauthentic. We should see life directly. There is no need to bring anybody in-between. Nobody is equal to us. Everybody is simply like himself, unique.

There is no need to disbelieve other’s knowledge either. But we may think that if we don’t believe something, then we inevitably disbelieve it. This is an absolutely wrong idea. There is a state of mind that neither believes nor disbelieves. Disbelief is the negative form of belief. Belief and disbelief are the same thing; there is no difference between them. Belief is positive and disbelief is negative.

The accumulation of facts and other people’s opinions is not real knowledge; a person who is conscious is free of all this false knowledge. All this knowledge has to be dropped and thrown away; only then can you acquire the kind of knowledge in the light of your experience.

No one should be worried about his/her ignorance, his anger, his greed, his lust, his desire for power and for money, his attachment to things, his aggressiveness, because this is the mud out of which the lotus of enlightenment arises. The idea is that nothing should be repressed, everything should be expressed. Accept all of them in you because they lead to enlightenment. You should be grateful to all your ignorance because it is this acceptance of ignorance that leads to real knowledge.

[]Don’t Worry About What Others Think of You

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People who don’t care about what other people think tend to look at the big picture of life. We only get one chance at life, and we cannot allow other people’s thoughts to make it less enjoyable.

Caring about what others think means you respect their opinion at the expense of your own viewpoint, vision, and worth. You should not rely on someone else’s viewpoint to determine your worth. Worrying about it implies that your worth is dependent on someone else’s appraisal.

All people, from time to time, worry about living up to other people’s expectations. It is human nature to want to be liked and accepted. But this worry can affect your life almost globally. It can be so huge that it interferes with your ability to feel at ease with yourself and around others, and possibly even limits what endeavors you take on in life and whether or not you rediscover your true potential. This kind of need for acceptance can be so great that we can actually forgo our own needs and desires in order to get the approval of others. Letting go of this need for approval is not an easy task. It is unrealistic to think that we will never again care about what other people think. But it is possible to worry less about what other people think and to care more about our own needs and desires.

We can’t please all of the people all of the time, but we can please some of the people (our loved ones) some of the time. It is impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations, so there is no point in burning ourselves out trying to do so. Our self is the most important.

Fear of social judgment manifests in shame, shyness, and perfectionism. Whatever form it comes in, its impact is to limit and constrict your inner power. People who fear judgment of others miss out on much of life. By caring what others think, they’re allowing others to control their behavior.

Fear of judgment also makes people think small. Accomplishing anything big is going to annoy some people, who will try to stop you. They really can have an impact but you can’t let them get in your way.

Be authentic and have the courage to allow people to see the real you. Be willing to be judged, and even encourage it. It’s good for self-knowledge and for developing courage. As you become and express your best self, others will think great things about you, and the few who think small about you won’t matter anyway. If you don’t have great courage in the beginning, start by taking small steps. Rather than not caring at all what others think of you, start by just caring less. Be open to what they think and feel and consider their opinions, but decide for yourself how to act. Care what the important people in your life think, but only those whose opinions you value.

[]Allow the Flow of Life and You Will Manifest More

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We can create any reality we want simply by allowing the manifestation to unfold. The problem is that most of us have strong resistance patterns operating within us that stop the manifestation from unfolding. We can allow our inner power to manifest by allowing it without planning. Mindlessness opens the road of allowing the manifestation.

There is a higher intelligence in nature that is also within you. The higher intelligence part of you and the “conditioned mind” part of you are the two aspects of you. When these two work in harmony, your existence becomes truly joyful. The mind is to witness the reality and the higher intelligence manifesting this reality. The mind does not have the job of making a reality happen. Its job is only to witness. It’s the higher intelligence’s job to manifest the reality. But the mind has free will to “allow” or “resist” the manifestation.

The simple answer of how to unlock your inner power is simply to stop resisting. The only reason you are not living your dream reality is because you, or the mind part of you, is resisting the manifestation in some way. You resist your own abundance because you have limited conditioning within you. You may feel you are not worthy, that you are not good enough, that life is not that easy. These limiting thoughts keep you from allowing the higher intelligence to take its course.

Stop being too mindful about everything. Your job is to desire and then allow the universe to bring forth the manifestation. You are not here to struggle and work hard to manifest your reality; you are here to just dream and allow the effortless manifestation. You are an effortless creator only when you allow.

[]The Absence of Desires Makes You Achieve More

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All our desires are actually like mirages—an illusion we never get to that makes our life into a never-ending, non-fulfilling story that only keeps us wanting more.

When you’re walking in the desert, and you see the image of a lake, you are thirsty. You keep walking after the lake, but the more you walk, the more thirsty you become, and the farther the lake gets from you. Your thirst is never quenched.

This is how most of us live our lives, constantly wanting something else to be fulfilled, constantly thinking about an imaginary future that will bring happiness.

But here’s what you have to notice: when you do get what you want, you are happy for a very short moment. You are happy because you got what you wanted and for this moment, there is an absence of desire. And as you have no desire at this very moment, you are happy. In that moment, your mind stops and you are empty of desire; you do not need anything else.

Desire translates to “you do not have what you want at the present moment.” But the present moment is the only moment of manifestation. Therefore, if we are desireless, we live more in the present moment, manifest more of our life, and unleash our inner power.

The paradox is that when we are desireless, we get in tune with the universe. The universe unfolds at our feet. In this way, we get rid of the imagined reality existing in our head, and we exploit more of what real life offers to us.

[]Stop Being So Serious with Life

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Life can appear to be difficult, and sometimes we have a hard time coping with it. With all of the daily responsibilities of an adult, life can seem like a very serious affair. Although your responsibilities are important, worrying does not solve things. A majority of the things you fret over never come to pass. Also, learning to have a more aloof attitude can actually be beneficial to your health. Have fun with life and enjoy it. Being serious can make us so tense. It is much better to feel loose and enjoy everything the world is throwing at us. It is a great experience when we are looking at things from an acceptance perspective.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Peers

When you learn to stop comparing yourself to others, you feel so much better. Since childhood, we are taught to compare ourselves to others and that we must be better than them in order to be appreciated. So we live our life with the need for self-improvement without discovering our unique gift. We all have this human tendency to compete with those around us. We want to be seen as superior or exceptional when compared to the others in our work environments and social groups. When we constantly compare ourselves to others, what are we really achieving? Trying to measure our success against someone else’s really doesn’t serve a purpose except to sate our own egos. Comparing ourselves with our peers can have negative effects on our psyche as well when they are at a good point in their lives and are ahead of you in the financial game, for example. It is best to live our lives to make ourselves happy, and try the best we can in all things.

[]Two Words About Consistency

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We have to drop the idea of being consistent. It is a byproduct of the mind. The mind cannot live with the inconsistency. But life is inconsistent. Even science is inconsistent over time. As we know from quantum physics, the theories change every decade. Everything is changing. Life evolves. What is true today may be wrong tomorrow. You don’t have to be a fanatic. Such is the nature of life. Everything goes on renewing itself; only mind is a consistent. Of course, an open mind is different; it is in tune with reality.

This is the best philosophy of being in tune with real life, which is to be inconsistent. I don’t know if I am right; I just express my opinion. Tomorrow I may have another opinion.

[]Thank You

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Thank you again.

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After being an engineer for six years and receiving many job offers in the field, my “real job” left me discontent and yearning for more, so I decided to seek the essential things in life—things that cannot be taken by death. It is my passion to devote myself to unbiased research of everything relating to the human experience, including physics, metaphysics, spiritualism, materialism, psychology, ancient philosophy, religion, and more. Consciousness is eternal, and I want to view it through as many dimensions and worldviews as possible.

One day I decided to share my ideas through the written word, and I’ve found that doing that made creativity explode within me! I think that by sharing our ideas and allowing creativity to express itself fully through us, we find our true bliss. It is the highest force of the universe and gives birth to all phenomena. I have found that the best way to learn is by sharing and teaching others. It’s all about sharing what’s in our hearts and connecting with one another. I have discovered through my own experience and my research into scientific literature that the greatest ideas come from the creativity and spirit of simple people who dare to follow their dreams and intuition. We all have the freedom to share what we’ve discovered, and we empower others by doing so. With that said, I sincerely hope you enjoy the writings I share with you.

Enck Kanaj

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The Secrets to Manifesting Your Inner Power: Finding Freedom in the Middle of Mi

Unleash Your Inner Power and Be Happy for No Reason Are you afraid of what others think of you? Do you spend most of your time chasing praise, money, or fame? Do you wish you could let go of these external pressures in order to follow your own passions? Freedom is closer than you think, but you need to learn to get in touch with your true self first. But how do you do that? Is it a rigorous process of goal-setting, pushing, and striving? Or is there a simpler way? Achieve More Without All the Effort If you’ve tried yoga, qigong, meditation, or tai chi and have been disappointed by the results, feeling no more peaceful or enlightened than you did when you started, you may not have tried this. Even though the phrase “stilling the mind” is thrown around freely these days, you may be surprised to find that there is no way to still the mind! So what can you do instead? What can you do to be more free, have more fun, and enjoy your life more? Get in the Flow and Love Your Life Today

  • Author: Enck Kanaj
  • Published: 2017-06-20 12:05:10
  • Words: 6939
The Secrets to Manifesting Your Inner Power: Finding Freedom in the Middle of Mi The Secrets to Manifesting Your Inner Power: Finding Freedom in the Middle of Mi