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The Secrets of The forbidden chamber

The Secrets of the Forbidden Chamber

By Diamond man


As far as history goes, the snake warriors were a definite threat to the Village of Dragons. They struck again and again because they wanted to take control of the village and use it as a base. But they always retreated because of the fierce warrior, Radnor. Radnor was an excellent warrior and the snake people feared him. A few days later Radnor decided to attack their camp. Soon, he had killed every one of them except one. That one was their leader, Misoa. Misoa was a skilled warrior and challenged Radnor to a duel. Surprisingly Misoa won forcing Radnor to retreat. After that Misoa went into hiding, hoping to get more followers so then they could take over dragon village once and for all.

Chapter 1

In a darkened room Misoa said “When I have more warriors I can finally go attack Radnor but I have one problem, how will I get followers.” He spent all night trying to think how to get how to get followers and then it hit him. A disguise! Meanwhile

In Dragon village Radnor was thinking how to destroy Misoa. “How will I get rid of him I can’t do this alone?” “Maybe I can help” said a figure in the shadows. Standing in the darkness was the weapons expert, John. “Yes that would be brilliant, you could design a weapon that could track and blow up Misoa” said Radnor. “I will start right away” replied John.

Chapter 2

As Misoa stepped into the disguise-o-matic, he said “this better work.”A few seconds later Misoa appeared as an old tramp. “My disguise name will be Joe”

Chapter 3

W hile John was working on ‘the Misoanator’, Radnor was working out a way to use it. “Maybe I can set it to trace any sign of Misoa or maybe I could programme it to find and destroy him so many ways just can’t think of one” Meanwhile in Misoa’s hideout…” finally I can get some followers and not get spotted by that idiot Radnor.”

Will Misoa get followers and will Radnor and John succeed in their plan. Read the next book to find out.

The Secrets of The forbidden chamber

  • Author: Diamond Man
  • Published: 2015-11-05 08:35:06
  • Words: 368
The Secrets of The forbidden chamber The Secrets of The forbidden chamber