The Science Of Positivity







Can you remember the last time you really laughed?


Does your workplace promote a culture of happiness?


Do you feel fulfilled?


These are all questions we often view as a luxury. But, did you know that positivity and self-care are vital to your wellbeing?


I’m going to show you how you can access the life-changing power in your own body starting right now.




Bioelectricity is any electrical phenomenon that occurs within living organisms. Human bioelectricity is strongest around the heart. In fact, the electromagnetic (EM) field sourcing at the heart and surrounding the body a few feet outwards is 500 times stronger than the one around the brain. This makes the heart’s EM field the largest in the human body.


The heart’s EM field contains information that scientists are still working to decode. This information is communicated between the heart and the brain and to other organs through impulses and hormones.





Infosomatics and Noetic Sciences explore how these EM fields and their information can be used to impact the world, smaller communities and the individual when they interact with:

p<>{color:#000;}. Natural environment

p<>{color:#000;}. Thoughts & emotions

p<>{color:#000;}. Internal & external EM fields

p<>{color:#000;}. Other humans’ EM fields


Noetics asks how consciousness can affect the denser, material world. Infosomatics studies human energy and informational bodies, how they interact and how this data can be useful in everyday life.




“When we recognize we are connected, we take action.” – IONS


The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) defines consciousness as the individual or group perception and interpretation of the environment, including external and internal experiences.


If we put together what we’ve learned about the human EM field, it’s safe to conclude that we are in contact with each other’s consciousness on a day-to-day basis.


Effects of consciousness affect the world just as much as it does any single person. Dr. Roger Nelson, Director of the GCP at Princeton University, writes: “large-scale group consciousness moves the physical world”.





By changing your internal state, you can change your external reality.”

– Dr. Dawson Church; health writer & researcher


Researchers have uncovered links to how our consciousness can affect this world. For example, when humans touch or are in proximity, an exchange of info from our hearts’ EM filed occurs. As the level of positivity rises in our deliberate thoughts, this field is affected by our brain and hearts’ response to those positive thoughts.



Your mind matters & your thoughts count.

he Global Consciousness Project (GCP), housed at Princeton University “aims to affirm the Divine Spark in the heart and mind of every human being”. This department’s research is directed to: p<>{color:#000;}.  

p<>{color:#000;}. Pushing the limits of human creativity

p<>{color:#000;}. Enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing of all forms of life

p<>{color:#000;}. Entering a new level in all spheres of human activity


The GCP has conducted many studies, one of their most extensive being analysis of mass events promoting peace. By planting Random Number Generators—small devices that use quantum tunneling to produce binary code—GCP was able to determine that large events that evoke a mass emotional response can alter the code that these devices emit.



Dr. Roger Nelson

Global Consciousness Project

Princeton University or example, the GCP compiled events that mentioned prayer, meditation, ceremony, ritual, healing, humanity, Earth and/or nature; and had a goal consistent with global harmony. The GCP found that between 1998 and 2012, 110 mass events promoting harmony occurred. That’s an average of 8 harmonic mass events each year.

Using this data and other experiments, GCP researchers have connected these events as phenomena of global consciousness.




So, as we discussed before, even unintentionally, we are constantly exchanging information with each other. With this information, you can use your individual thoughts, intentions and actions to create a more positive and harmonious environment that is open to your own creativity and the enhancement of your quality of life.


After all, quantum physics describes the universe as energy; discovering that atoms are just made up of energy vortexes that spin and vibrate, each with their own unique energy signature.


“Get over it and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial—mental and spiritual.”

p<>{color:#000;}. Richard Conn Henry, Professor, Physics & Astronomy at John Hopkins University



Our shared network of consciousness can rejuvenate us and even extend our lifespan . In a study conducted for 10 years, scientists compared over 1400 elderly Australians their social life and life expectancy. Those with strong social networks lived 22% longer than expected.


“Friendships and supportive social networks can definitely help people through times of sickness or emotional hardship.”

Barbara McDanel, RNC


Dr. Stephen Post has studied the effects of altruism, compassion, and more positive living and thinking for over 20 years. In his many studies, the constant has been that “it’s good to be good”. It’s scientifically proven that it is better to live a truly balanced life that is healthy for you and empathetic towards your community.


“Happiness, health and even longevity are benefits that have been reported in more than 50 investigations using a variety of methodologies.”

– Dr. Stephen G. Post, PhD; Professor of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University School of Medicine


All of us strive towards neighborhoods and lives in which we can enjoy the fullness of life to our greatest ability. In working towards this, we often neglect our internal world without realizing that we are the ones responsible for it.


You can start living positive today by choosing a harmonious, healthier, and happier lifestyle.

“First, humans shall tend to their own progress in consciousness and spirit, so as to produce Creational harmony within themselves.”

–Talmud Jmmanuel

You deserve to enjoy life.




The bottom line is this:


Your thoughts affect your reality.


You can start taking them seriously or choose to leave the direction of your life to the random odds of life. There are ways to practice positivity while combating negativity.


Here are just a few ways you can get connected with a more positive version of yourself:


p<>{color:#000;}. Mindful meditation

p<>{color:#000;}. Random acts of kindness

p<>{color:#000;}. Understanding other perspectives

p<>{color:#000;}. Practicing gratitude

p<>{color:#000;}. Creating vision boards

p<>{color:#000;}. Make something

p<>{color:#000;}. Give of yourself

p<>{color:#000;}. Be gentle with yourself


Today, you can place a material demand on the best version of you and take a huge step in the direction of a more peaceful and fulfilling life.


The more positivity you communicate, the more will be communicated to you. Send out a positive message with your life, and watch how things start to change for you!



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The Science Of Positivity

Can you remember the last time you really laughed? Does your workplace promote a culture of happiness? Do you feel fulfilled? These are all questions we often view as a luxury. But, did you know that positivity and self-care are vital to your wellbeing? The Science of Positivity explains how your every thought can affect you and the wider community, showing how you can change your life using the body that you have.

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The Science Of Positivity The Science Of Positivity