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The Santoran Chronicles

p(((())))={color:#000;}. The Santoran Chronicles

Among the Stars Volume Two

Written By

C.O. Amal

Copyright © 2017 C.O. Amal

Published By C.O. Amal on July 2017

1st Edition

All rights reserved

Shakespir Edition

ISBN 9781370191895

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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


To my sister

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Book One


A.D. 2077, Somewhere in Planet Zera

A green forest. Sound of birds can be heard everywhere. Suddenly footsteps filled the very air. Then a group of men came into the light. These men are running through the forest. In various places, sunlight is seeping in through the tree canopy. And the shadows of leaves danced on these men.

All men are carrying a blue coloured gun in their hands, and some of them have back packs attached to their shoulders. It looks like these men are really tired of running. Sweat uncontrollably oozed down from their face. A few minutes later, the forest edges came into view. Then the men slowed down a little. And once they reached the edges, they stopped running. And they examined the green meadow in front of them.

They are looking for something. May be looking for any danger.

“Coast looks clear.” One of the men, who is in white shirt and black pants said.

“Okay, everyone. The tower is near this meadow. Be careful and don’t hesitate.” A tall black man said. He sounds like a leader. “This is for what we have been training. Let’s send those bitches to the hell.”

All other men nodded.

They all waited a few more minutes. Then they carefully exited the forest and they slowly marched through the meadow. The meadow is a little wide, and far away, a tree line marked the edge of the meadow. There are trees on all directions and it looks like an isolated meadow in the middle of a forest. The men walked towards the tree land directly in front of them. Before long, they exited the meadow and entered into another strip of forest land. Here trees are very tall and shadows of trees are everywhere. Here also, sunlight barely touched the ground.

A few more minutes’ walk ended near the edges of that strip of forest and, in front of the men rests a big tower made of white crystal stones. The tower looks very abandoned. The tower is surrounded by forest. The surrounding is extremely silent. The men took a deep sigh.

“Okay. We are here. Let’s plant the C4 and let’s get it over with.” The leader said. All men nodded.

The men took water bottles from their bag and they filled their stomach with the water. Then they all examined the tower. There are white crystals everywhere around the tower. And there are a kind of trees of crystals around the tower. The crystal trees aren’t that tall, but they are tall as a grownup man.

The men quickly exited the forest and they entered into the yard of the tower. Those men who have back packs, took out C4 bars from the bag. Then they gave the C4 bars to those who don’t have back pack. They quickly began the job of planting C4. They planted C4 everywhere around the tower, but they didn’t approached the inside of the tower. They even planted C4 on crystal trees which are in the yard of the tower.

It hasn’t been long, when all of a sudden, a swoosh came from the nearby sky. Quickly, the men stopped planting the explosives and they trained their big blue guns to the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly light rays came from the nearby forest with a boom. A few blue coloured light rays hit some men, and those men immediately dropped to the ground.

“Shit, shit, shit …” The leader of the men cursed. “Fire at will.”

The remaining men quickly trained their guns at the nearby forest and they pulled the trigger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Blue coloured light beams escaped from the men’s guns.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Light rays continued to come from the forest.

“Ahh … Ahh …” Two more men went down. Now only three men stands. They looked each other.

“Retreat …” The leader shouted.

The three of them ran to the forest from where they had come earlier. Suddenly with a sharp growl, a gigantic dog, tall as an adult man came out of the forest. The dog stood before the three men and it growled. The men quickly trained their gun and they pulled the trigger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

But the dog abruptly jumped in the air and it swung its right paw at the men. The paw struck the men and they fell down, crying out loud. A long cut appeared on their arms and the guns dropped from their arms.

“Ahh … Ahh … Ahh …” The men cried in pain and blood steadily oozed down from their arms. The dog growled one more time and it lunged at the men.

Stop.” A distinct sound came from behind the dog. The dog stopped moving. It then growled and it backed away from the men.

Then came a creature who walks upright, having two hands and two legs. It is a creature because, it have a long elongated head and long pointy ears. Its skin is in greenish brown colour.

The creature, who walks upright said something in an unknown language.

You think you could storm here just like that?” A device strapped on the creature’s waist band translated the unknown language.

“Go to hell, sucker.” The leader said. And he took a rectangular device from his pants pocket. Then he pressed a red switch on the rectangular device. “Sayonara, fuckers.”

No …” The creature yelled.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bang!

With a loud bang, all the C4s the men had planted earlier exploded, and fire consumed everything. The leader smiled for a final time and that was it. The whole tower collapsed on top of the men and the creature. Even the dog failed to run away. Dust blew in all directions, and then, once again, quietness filled the very air.

  • * * * *

Chapter 1

A.D. 2077, Somewhere in Planet Zera

Deep inside a forest. A group of men and women are gathered under a tree. Here and there rests make shift camps made up of cloths and long leaves of some kind of tree.

“We need to plan this thoroughly.” A man in the centre of the group, probably the leader, said. “They are everywhere, killing our people. And those crazies too are everywhere.” The man gestured at everyone to back away from him a little. Then he took a piece of stick and he began to draw lines on the ground. “The crystal tower is on the north. And they destroyed the bridge to north. So, north will be most likely filled with them. We need to destroy this tower quickly.”

People nodded.

“Isaac, did mother told anything to you, perhaps a plan?” One of the women asked the leader.

“She told me nothing. She is in pain. They are draining her energy. Didn’t you notice that some of the trees have started withering?” Isaac said. “She might be in no condition to show us more information.”

“But, we need some more information. And we need more ammo. Some of us are still learning to use those alien guns.” One of the men nearby Isaac said.

“I hope that we will come up with some good plan.” Isaac said. “But, the question is what they are planning with this planet. They are building more crystal towers. So, they are not planning to destroy this planet. I think they are doing something to change our planet’s atmosphere.”

“What do you mean by that?” A woman asked.

“What I mean is, there may be a way to change our planet’s air, and many other things which are essential to us, to something essential to them.” Isaac said. “So that, they could live here normally while we die. Mother told about this as terraforming.”

“Terraforming?” One of the women asked.

“Yeah. It’s the technical name for this process of changing our planet’s atmosphere into an atmosphere they needed. These crystal towers are for that. If we don’t act now, our mother would eventually die and then we will die.” Isaac said.

“But, we need more time.” One of the men said.

“Yeah. But, we need to push forward. Do the scouts have anything to say?” Isaac asked.

“Those crazies are in the south and west, and east is filled with those hellish dogs.” One of the men said.

“Is there any news from the men who went to the south?” Isaac asked.

“That tower collapsed. But, no news from our men. And those things are trying to rebuild the tower again.” One of the men said.

“Okay …”


Suddenly a swoosh came from the sky. Men and women quickly became alerted. They examined the sky. Then they saw it. Everyone saw it. A silver coloured ship is hovering over the forest canopy.

Suddenly sharp growls came from the north and south direction. Panic struck everyone.

“They have found us …” Isaac said.

  • * * * *

Chapter 2

Run …” Someone shouted.

Men and women ran in different directions.

“Ahh … Ahh … Ahh …” Screams came from different directions.

Hellish dogs came from all directions. A dog jumped in front of Isaac and it bit on the head of a woman. The woman didn’t even get time to scream. Everything was pretty quick. Isaac quickly took a small hand gun from his waist band and he trained it at the dog in front of him. And he pulled the trigger.


The light beam cut through the dog’s head, and it went down. Suddenly two dogs rushed at Isaac. Isaac bolted into a run. The dogs followed Isaac. The entire atmosphere got filled with growls of the hellish dogs and scream of the people. Isaac ran towards a nearby cliff and as soon as he reached there, he jumped into the cliff. He fell on top of the canopy of a tree. The dogs stopped following him and they backed away from the cliff.

Isaac finally, quickly, climbed down the tree and he looked above. The screams of people can be still heard. Then he saw the silver coloured ship moving towards his position.


A light beam came out of nowhere and it hit on the tree nearby Isaac. Isaac again bolted into a run.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

More light beams came at Isaac, but all of them went astray. All the shots are coming from the top of the cliff. Suddenly he collided with a woman who was also running away from the light beams.

“Ahh …” Isaac and the woman fell down. Isaac then looked at the woman.

“Robin?” Isaac asked.

“Isaac. They are on the ground. Run …”

They both quickly got back to their feet and they started to run again. There are trees everywhere and when they reached near a group of shrubs, they stopped running and they crouched down behind the shrubs. Then they heard approaching footsteps. Isaac and Robin peeked through the gaps. Then they saw two man like things in black outfit walking through the trees. Both the man like things are wearing a glass helmet, so Isaac couldn’t see who it is. And both of those things have a big long blue gun in their hands.

“Isaac …”

“Shh …”

“I am afraid …”

“Shh …”

The man like things walked away from the scene. Isaac and Robin took a deep sigh.


Suddenly a light beam came out of nowhere and it brushed past Isaac’s left arm.

“Ahh …”

Within moments, Isaac and Robin got back to their feet. They ran in the direction of a part of the forest which is shrouded with jungle shrubs. A moment later they ran deep inside the shrubs. Footsteps of pursuers came from behind them, but they didn’t looked back. A moment later a large water body came in front of Isaac and Robin, and at the far corner of the water body, they saw a water fall.

“Jump …” Isaac shouted. They both without wasting time jumped into the water and they dove underwater. Then they swam towards the water fall.

A few moments later the man like things came near the water body. They checked the water and they trained their gun at the water. And they pulled the trigger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Light rays escaped from the guns and they hit the water here and there.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

They fired again at various places and then they stopped firing.

Then one of the man thing said something in an unknown language.

Let’s head back. They won’t dare to come near our towers ever again.” A device strapped on the man thing’s waist band said. Then just like that, they walked away from the scene.

  • * * * *

Chapter 3

Isaac and Robin swam through the waterfall and they entered into a cave just behind the wall of water. Then they rose to the surface.

“That was close!” Robin said.

“I hope that they don’t know about this place.” Isaac said. The water level in the cave is very low and they walked towards the cave floor.

“It’s very cold in here.” Robin said. Isaac nodded. “Do you think that they killed everyone?”

“Yeah. At worse, they must have captured everyone.”

“I can’t forgot the concentration camp we have found last month.” Robin said.

“This time it will be lot worse for our people. They might be really angry about the tower in the south.”

Both of them reached deep inside the cave and they looked around. It’s semi darkness in here and they could see sunlight seeping in, in a corner, through the cracks on the roof.

Suddenly someone moved in the shadows. Isaac and Robin froze. They looked around.

“We are not alone.” Robin said.

Isaac looked everywhere, then he saw something moving in the darkness. Then they saw it clearly. A group of men and woman in partial clothes stepped into the light. All of them have bows and arrows trained at Robin and Isaac.

“Shit. They are the Thibarians.” Robin said.

“But, they are on the other side of this planet!”

  • * * * *

Chapter 4

Stand down, people.” One of the Thibarian commanded and everyone lowered their bows. Isaac and Robin stared at the Thibarians with disbelief.

Then one of the Thibarian came forward. “Who are you?”

“I am Isaac, and this is Robin. We were running away from those things. We didn’t thought you guys would be here. We are extremely sorry if we disturbed you. We will go away as soon as we think it’s safe.”

“You didn’t disturbed us.” The Thibarian said. He turned towards the other Thibarians. “They are good people. Don’t worry, friends.” The other Thibarians eased themselves. Then they went in their own way. “You can call me Ruby. Come on, I will show you around.”

“How did you ended up here?” Isaac asked.

“They destroyed our home, and our mother led us to this place. She told us that a war is coming, and we have to be ready for it.” Ruby said. “So, how many are there, like you?”

“We were forty, now only two of us are left. I hope more might have survived.” Isaac said.

Ruby led them to a little deep inside the cave. Now there is no roof and sunlight seeped in through the tree canopy above the cave. There is a thick growth of trees above the cave. And water dripped from several places.

“We came here last month. Now this cave is our home.” Ruby said. All the Thibarians are doing regular works, and some of the Thibarians are standing here and there, guarding the place.

“So how many are you here?” Robin asked.

“There are four hundred of us here. There were more, but last month, when we were coming, a group of those hellish dogs came at us and killed many of us. Nevertheless we managed to kill several of those things.”

“With bows and arrows?” Robin asked in surprise.


“How?” Robin asked.

We used poison arrows. The bark of the Baba Troudy tree is a good source of poison. Just one drop of bark solution can kill you in seconds.”

“I know that tree.” Robin said. “There are many in this place.”

“Yeah. That makes this place a good hideout. We have all we need in here.”

“How do you plan to attack them?” Isaac asked.

“Well, we were told that we should help the resistance fighters. Although, we never ran into one of them.”

“We are the resistance fighters.” Robin said.

Isaac eyed Robin.

“Is that true?” Ruby asked.

“We were. Now we are nothing but rubble.” Isaac said lowering his voice.

“Is there any way we could help you?” Ruby asked.

Isaac for a moment fell in thoughts. “If we could salvage the weapons, we may have a chance.”

“We could help.” Ruby said.

“There could be those dogs out there.” Isaac said.

“We are not afraid. I already told you about our poison arrows.”

“Then, what are we waiting for. Let’s send them straight to hell.” Robin shouted. Ruby nodded. Excitement jolted through Isaac.

  • * * * *

Chapter 5

Ruby gave Isaac and Robin a light meal. Then Isaac and Robin slowly started a walk through the cave. The Thibarians have made this cave really a home. Some of the Thibarians are working hard to develop poison for the arrows. Looking at all this, Isaac slowly fell in thoughts. He remembered his old house, and his parents, and then he remembered the past events, before the whole world went to crap…

  • * * * *

Chapter 6

A.D. 2060, Somewhere in Planet Zera

Isaac, wake up, honey. It’s morning.”

“I am coming, mom.”

Isaac slowly removed the cover, and he stood up. He quickly went near the table and he picked up notebooks from the table. He put the notebooks in a back pack. Then he exited his room. He went straight to the wash room and he quickly began to brush his teeth.

He washed his mouth and he slowly walked towards the kitchen. In the kitchen his mom is very busy preparing breakfast.

“Where is dad?”

“He went to feed the cows.” Mother quickly placed a plate of scrambled egg on the table. “Eat and then dress. Don will be here soon.”

“What time is it?”

“Well past seven thirty.”

“Seven thirty?”


“Oh my, god. I need to take a bath.” Isaac stood up and he ran towards the bathroom.

Mother looked at Isaac and she smiled.

“Hurry, Isaac.” Mother yelled.

Before long Isaac dressed and readied to go to college. He took the back pack and he threw it on his shoulders.

“Mom, I am leaving.”

“Okay, honey. Did Don came?”

“No. It’s Eight fifteen. I will meet him on the way.”

“Okay, stay safe.”

Isaac quickly exited his house and he slowly walked through the house yard. He saw his dad doing some work with the hay. Isaac waved at his father and his father waved back. Isaac smiled and he continued his journey. Before long he entered into the road. For a moment he stared at his small house and the barn. Then he slowly walked away from the house.

There are trees on both sides of the muddy road, and birds chirped from the trees. Water droplets of yesterday’s rain steadily dripped from trees. There aren’t many houses near the road. He passed a few houses and he stopped in front of a double story house.

“Don?” Isaac called.

A woman came outside. “Don left early.”

“Okay.” Isaac slowly continued his walk. Suddenly rain clouds gathered in the sky and within minutes a rain started. Isaac hurriedly searched his back pack for umbrella, but he hadn’t took the umbrella.

“Shit.” The rain got stronger, and a strong, violent wind blew towards him. He quickly ran towards Don’s house which is nearby.

“Mrs John?” Isaac called from the veranda.”

“What is it, Isaac?” Don’s mother came outside.

“In any chance you have a spare umbrella? I forgot to take mine.”

“Let me look.” Mrs John got inside the house. She then came back with a black umbrella. “Here you go.”

“Thanks. I will return it to you in the evening.”


Isaac quickly opened the umbrella and he stepped into the rain. He slowly started his walk. The wind continued to blow from different directions. He slowly walked since the road is slippery. Here and there puddles of rain water formed. Before long he saw the college far away. He is pretty late and there are no students on the road. He began to shiver, partly due to the fear of going late.

Isaac hurriedly got inside the college yard. He ran rest of the way. But, surprisingly, the college and the surroundings are dead silent. It seems that nobody is inside the college. The strength of the rain slowly decreased. He entered inside the college through the already unlocked door and he ran through the hallway, to his class room. Then he noticed that he forgot to close the umbrella. He quickly closed the umbrella. Water steadily dripped from the umbrella. Then finally he entered inside his class room. But, again, surprisingly, the class room is empty.

“Where the hell did everyone gone to? Guys I am not in a mood for jokes. Please come out.”

No response. There are no signs of students or teachers in here. Isaac placed his back pack on the bench and he slowly got outside. He took the umbrella in his hand. Before long he started walking through the hallway. He walked towards the staff room. There also he found no signs of anyone.

“Is everyone on leave?”

Suddenly a sound of something being chopped came from outside. Isaac quickly went near the window and peered outside. Then he saw someone chopping something using a big knife on the back playground. This someone is the first person Isaac saw in this college today. So, Isaac quickly exited the college and he walked towards the playground. Thankfully the rain had stopped. He quickly reached the playground.

“Hey, where is everybody?” Isaac called the man. The man slowly looked at Isaac. It’s then Isaac saw the man clearly. The man’s clothes are drenched in blood and on the ground lays the chopped up body of a girl. The man’s face is also filled with blood. Suddenly the man raised his knife and with a snarl he lunged at Isaac.

  • * * * *

Chapter 7

Ahh …” Isaac screamed and he bolted into a run. The man followed Isaac. Isaac ran inside the college and he closed the front door. Then he dead bolted the door. The man then began to pound on the door from outside. Isaac quickly ran away from the front door. Before long he got back to his class room. He took the back pack and he ran for the exit door.

He quickly found a nearby exit door. He got outside and he ran for the college yard. Then he saw it. There are many dead bodies here and there on the side of the yard. All bodies are chopped from head to toe into smaller pieces. Panic and worry surged through Isaac. Before long he exited the college gate. Then he stopped running. He walked towards a higher ground and he peered at the college in front of him. The man he earlier saw is still pounding on the front door. There must be more than one killer, otherwise there wouldn’t be this much bodies.

Isaac looked everywhere but he found no one else. He have no idea what to do. Who will help? His friends need help. Anyway, who will kill people like this?

Suddenly the man who is pounding on the door turned towards Isaac. He stared at Isaac for some time, then he lunged towards Isaac.

“Oh, god.”

Isaac bolted into a run. He ran through the muddy road towards his home. There aren’t any houses nearby. And the nearest town is on the opposite direction. Right now, Isaac felt that his home would be the perfect place to hide. This guy must be a child killer. Rain water in the puddles splashed in both direction as Isaac ran over them. There are no pursuers yet, but he need to reach home faster. Before long he reached near Don’s house. Suddenly a scream came from that house.

Isaac stopped for a moment and listened. It seems that Don is the one who is screaming. But, Mrs John said Don went to college earlier. Why would she lie? Isaac slowly walked towards Don’s house. It seems that the scream is coming from the backyard. Isaac got inside the house through the already unlocked door. He didn’t called anyone. Because, whatever happened at college must be happening here too.

Before long he reached near the kitchen. He peered outside through the back window and found Don’s bloody dead body lying on the yard. Isaac have all the urge to scream. He covered his mouth with his hand and he held back his scream. He carefully peered outside and saw two men with bloody knives standing nearby Don’s body. His mother and father are also there, but they are not showing any sadness.

“So, that Isaac kid went to college?” One of the men with bloody knife asked.

“Yeah. He went to college. There may be more inside the college.” Mrs John said.

Isaac couldn’t believe what he is hearing and seeing. He need to get back home. These guys are nuts and they said there is more in college. What is this more? Isaac quickly exited the house and he ran away from that house. He didn’t even tried to look back. They must be killing students. But the question is, why? Are they really nuts? He haven’t heard about this kind of murder for his whole life. This is something new. Before long he saw his house far away. He ran for the house.

“Ahh …” Suddenly a scream came from Isaac’s house.

“Mom? No …” It was his mother’s scream.

“Ahh …” Next came his father’s scream.

“No, this can’t be right. They are killing everyone.” Isaac quickly reached his house. He ran for the barn. Before long he entered inside the barn and he hid behind a block of hay. The cows are very silent and there seemed to be no chickens nearby.

“Come on, let’s head to college.” Someone said from just outside the barn. “There will be more in the college.”

Isaac began to shiver from head to toe. He need help. Who will help him?

  • * * * *

Chapter 8

Tears uncontrollably oozed down from Isaac’s eyes. He listened to the sounds and found the killers’ footsteps moving away from his house. Then he discarded the cover of the hay and he went near the door. He peered outside and saw a few men moving towards the college’s direction. All of them have a long knife with them. When the men disappeared from Isaac’s eyesight, Isaac ran for his house.



No response. He entered inside the house through the front door and he ran towards the kitchen. Then in the kitchen he stopped. He actually froze. On the floor lies his father and mother. Blood is still oozing down from their head and neck. There is a puddle of blood formed in a corner.

“Mom? Dad?”

Isaac crouched down near his parents and he broke into scream. “Why? God, why?”

“I will tell you why, kid?” A distinct sound came from the living room. Isaac wiped away his tears using his hands and he stood up. Then he turned towards the sound. A man with bloody face came to view. He is carrying a bloody knife in his hands. “You all are infected by the plague. We are here to cleanse your soul.” The man smiled at Isaac.

“You … You won’t get away with this.” Isaac curled his fist into a ball and he propelled towards the man to punch him. But, the man was quick. He dodged the attack and he kicked at Isaac’s midsection. Isaac lost his footing and he fell down.

“Don’t worry, kid. It will be quick. Join your parents in heaven, kid.” The man walked towards Isaac and he raised his knife. Isaac closed his eyes and he braced for the slash.


“Ahh …” The man screamed and he fell down. Isaac opened his eyes and saw a girl standing behind the man with a metal rod in her hands.


“Isaac. Come on, let’s get out of here before they return.”

  • * * * *

Chapter 9

Isaac and Robin didn’t spoke. They just ran and ran.

“Where are we going?” Finally Isaac asked.

“I don’t know. A forest might be a good place to start.”

“Why forest?”

“They are everywhere, Isaac. I went to north town, but that town was full of them. I barely escaped from there.”

“How do you know I was in my home?”

“I saw you running into your house. I knew it would be bad for you.”

Isaac stopped running. Then Robin also stopped running. And they took a deep breath. “What is happening, Robin?”

“I don’t know, Isaac. I thought I would be alone. Then I saw you. My mother tried to kill me. She succeeded in killing my brother.”

“Jasper is dead?”

“Yeah, worse. I don’t want to talk about it.” Robin became silent. Isaac nodded and they started running again.

They passed many houses. All the houses are dead silent and in several houses there are blood markings all over the veranda. There aren’t much houses in this area and each house is almost isolated from other houses. Before long they saw the forest landscape far away. And a few minutes later, the muddy road ended and they entered into a meadow. Isaac and Robin slowed down a little.

“There is a town beyond this forest. Are you ready to check it out?” Isaac asked.

“Last town was enough for me. I don’t want to be near any other people, whether they are crazy or not.”

Isaac nodded. They slowly entered inside the forest. There is a narrow path through the forest, through which people often travel to gather forest resources. Robin and Isaac took that path. They walked rest of the way.

“Let’s at least watch that town.” Isaac said.

“Okay, but, we don’t go anywhere near it.”


“Why there are no birds here.” Robin asked.

“I didn’t even noticed that, until now.” Isaac said.

“Something must have happened. We need to be careful.”

“Is it a disease?”

“Did you ever heard about a disease which will make you crazy?”

“Craziness is a disease.”

“Whatever, let’s find that town fast. And let’s get it over with.” Robin said.

Isaac nodded. They slowly continued their journey. The forest is dead silent. Before long they exited the small strip of forest land and they saw the outline of the town far away. Suddenly a swoosh came from the sky. Robin and Isaac froze. They quickly ran back inside the forest. Then they examined the sky. Then the swoosh continued to play in the background. Then they saw it. A gigantic flying vessel is slowly moving towards the forest.

“What the hell is that thing?” Robin asked.

“A flying vessel. But, I heard it only in stories.” Isaac said. The flying vessel is in silver colour and within minutes it passed over them. Suddenly a sharp growl came from near the town. Then they saw it. Dozens of gigantic dogs are running towards them at full speed from near the town.

  • * * * *

Chapter 10

Run …” Isaac shouted.

They broke into a sprint. They moved deeper into the forest landscape. Then they saw a place shrouded by jungle shrubs. Isaac led Robin towards that part. Then they crouched down and hid under the shrubs. A moment later the growl got louder. Isaac and Robin frantically peered everywhere. Then they saw two gigantic dogs running through the narrow path. A few minutes later five more dogs came. They all ran away from Isaac and Robin. A few minutes later, silence again took over the forest. Isaac and Robin took a deep sigh.

“Isaac, what is that flying vessel doing here, and what are those dogs?”

“I don’t know, Robin. I don’t know. Come on, let’s go in the west direction. There are people in the forest. They might be normal and they might have information.”

“What if they are not normal?”

“We have to try it, Robin. We can’t spent our whole lives in here. There may be a way to save the crazy people.”

Robin reluctantly nodded. They quickly started their walk towards the west direction. West is full of forest and there are jungle shrubs everywhere.

A few minutes later, a river came in front of them. They crossed the river through a shallow region and they continued their journey. All this time they didn’t see any animals. They are about to exit the forest when all of a sudden they heard a scream.

Ahh … God, save me …”

Isaac and Robin stopped and they listened. The cry is coming from their north. Isaac quickly moved towards the scream. But, Robin grabbed Isaac’s arm and she stopped him.

“It could be a trap.” Robin said.

“It seems that someone is in pain. No danger is here, Robin. Let’s at least check it out.”

“Then I am not coming.”

“Okay. You stay here.”

Isaac quickly moved towards the sound. Robin for a moment stood there with panic, then she followed Isaac.

“This is a bad idea.” Robin muttered.

Isaac smiled. The scream is coming from near a tall tree. Isaac and Robin slowly approached that tree. Then they saw the man who is crying. He is right behind the tall tree, sitting on the ground. Suddenly Isaac and Robin froze. The man is definitely not normal. But he is not a crazy. There is an uncontrollable growth of fur in his body.

“Hello, mister.” Isaac called.

The man turned towards Isaac. Then Isaac clearly saw his face. His face is covered in fur.

“Please, help me. Ahh … God …”

The man is trying to pluck away the fur using his hands. He scratched his face using his finger nails. It looks like that the man is in lot of pain. Robin and Isaac stared at the man without knowing what to do. Then they saw it. The man’s lips became bended in an unusual manner. Then his hands wholly got covered by fur. Then the man made a sharp scream and then the man dropped to the ground. Isaac slowly approached the man. Then he crouched down near the man.

“Careful, Isaac.” Robin said.

The man is breathing steadily, but now, there is no way he is human. He looks like a monkey. Isaac touched the man’s head and he slowly shifted the man’s head. Suddenly the man opened his eyes and he stared at Isaac. Then the man made a sharp roar and it all of a sudden stood up, but not on two feet, in four, just like monkeys do. Then he ran deeper into the forest. Isaac stared at the leaving monkey man with panic and worry. Robin also is in complete shock.

“Isaac, what would we do? People are becoming crazy in one place, and here people are becoming monkeys. What is happening here, god?”

“Come on, let’s check out that village in the forest.” Isaac said.

They quickly continued their journey. They exited the forest and saw the outline of a village far away. There are trees everywhere near that village and all houses are very small. Isaac and Robin ran rest of the way. Then they began to see wandering monkeys here and there. All monkeys were normal people. They walked just like monkeys do. The monkeys stared at Isaac and Robin with curiousness.

Robin and Isaac couldn’t believe what is happening around them. Before long they entered inside the village boundary. There are monkeys everywhere. There is not a single person who looks normal. Suddenly a sharp howl came from far away, from the north. Then Robin and Isaac saw two gigantic dogs running towards the village.

“Get inside that house.” Isaac said pointing at a nearby house. They quickly rushed inside that small house and Isaac dead bolted the door. Then Isaac went near the window and he peered outside. A moment later the dogs came into view. The dogs are just outside the house and now Isaac and Robin could clearly see them. They are tall as a grown man. They almost looks like a wolf-dog hybrid. A few minutes later the dogs ran away from the village.

Robin and Isaac took a deep sigh.

“Now where would we go?” Robin asked.

Isaac stared outside and he fell in thoughts.

  • * * * *

Chapter 11

Isaac,” Robin called.


“Ruby said he want to discuss about the strategy. What were you doing?”

“Sorry, I just got lost in thoughts.”

Isaac slowly followed Robin. They passed a darkest part of the cave and then took a staircase to the top of the cave. The staircase is very long, and finally they exited the cave and stepped into the sunlight. There are trees everywhere and in a corner, a river is flowing down to the waterfall. Isaac then saw Ruby and a few other men discussing something. Isaac and Robin walked towards them.

“Isaac, sit down.” Ruby said.

Isaac and Robin quickly sat down besides Ruby.

“We were discussing about how to salvage your weapons.” Ruby said. “Are you sure you want those weapons? Bows and arrows are very effective against them.”

“We want those weapons. Bow is pretty slow if there are too many enemies, but the weapons in my outpost are very fast and are pretty effective against them. Those weapons are also needed to destroy their towers.” Isaac said.

“Okay. We need to be quick. Last night I had a dream about our mother. She is in lot of pain.” Ruby said.

“Okay. So, when are we going?” Isaac asked.

“Today. We don’t want to wait long.” Ruby said.

Isaac and Robin nodded. Ruby stood up and went to the edge of the cave’s roof, near the waterfall. Then Ruby looked at Isaac.

“So, tell me where your outpost is.”

Robin and Isaac stood up and they went near Ruby. Other Thibarians did the same.

“Our outpost is in the north, in that forest.” Isaac said pointing at a forest. Ruby nodded and he turned towards his men.

“Men, let’s do this. Gather your weapons and meet us in the cave exit.” Ruby said.

Men nodded and they quickly ran away from Ruby.

“Isaac, Robin, let’s go.” Ruby walked towards the staircase. Isaac and Robin followed Ruby and they entered inside the cave.

  • * * * *

Chapter 12

Isaac, Robin and Ruby stood near the exit of the cave where the wall of water is present. They waited a few minutes, then ten Thibarians joined them. Ruby then motioned at everyone to follow Isaac and Robin. Isaac and Robin quickly jumped into the water and they swam towards the other end of the river. Ruby and team closely followed them.

Before long the short swim ended and they all stepped into the river bank.

“People, now we have to be extra careful. Those dogs could be everywhere.” Isaac said.

Everyone nodded at Isaac.

Everyone quickly drew out their bows and arrows. Arrows were wrapped in plastic sheets.

“Now, before proceeding, why not send two scouts to look for any danger?” Robin suggested.

“That’s a good idea.” Ruby said. Ruby turned towards his men. “Jumpo, you and Dango go and look whether there is any danger, and signal us if it is safe. That way we could anticipate an attack if it do arise.”

Quickly Jumpo and Dango, the two Thibarians, nodded and they ran deeper into the forest. Isaac and rest of the team slowly marched forward.

  • * * * *

Chapter 13

Dango and Jumpo finally reached near a big rocky hill.

“Their outpost is on top of this hill, right?” Dango asked.

“Yeah. That’s what they said. Come on, let’s find a way to climb.” Jumpo said.

Both of them quickly walked along the hill’s boundary, looking for a way to climb. Then they saw an inclined rocky path, perfect for easy climbing. They quickly began to climb. There are many trees along the hill and there are many tough vines on those trees. Jumpo and Dango used the vines for support.

A few minutes later they touched the top part of the hill. The top is also filled with trees. Birds are actively chirping from the trees, and so far, they detected no danger.

“The outpost is somewhere here.” Jumpo said. They carefully peered and they moved forward. Then they began to see tents and makeshift camps.

Jumpo frequently checked all around him for any danger, but they didn’t detected any danger. They are about to signal Ruby, when they saw the first dead body. It was a woman. Her hands and legs are chewed and parts of the hands lay here and there. Blood is all over her body.

Jumpo carefully looked around there and saw five other dead bodies. Dango moved a little deep into the camp.

“Jumpo, here.” Dango called.

Jumpo quickly moved towards Dango and saw a pile of dead bodies near a makeshift camp. All bodies are lacking one or two limbs. Jumpo and Dango covered their mouth using their hand in horror.

“I see no weapons here. What if those aliens took all the weapons?” Dango asked.

“Let’s call them anyway. They may have hid the weapons.” Jumpo said.

“Okay.” Dango quickly put his hands together in the form of a pipe, in front of his mouth, and he sharply cooed in a special rhythm. A moment later someone cooed back from below the hill.

  • * * * *

Chapter 14

Isaac and team finally reached on top of the cliff. They found Dango and Jumpo near a dead body.

Isaac looked at his dead man in horror.

“That’s not all. There are more near that camp.” Jumpo said.

Isaac went near all the dead bodies and he counted each dead body.

“There is only twenty here.” Isaac said.

“They may have escaped.” Robin said.

“I hope they didn’t get caught by those creatures.” Isaac said.

“Let’s hurry. Where are your weapons?” Dango asked.

“We hid the weapons in a tree trunk.” Isaac said. Isaac moved towards a large tree and as soon as he reached there, he clawed on the tree trunk. Suddenly a part of tree trunk fell off, revealing a secret compartment. In the secret compartment lay blue coloured guns.

Isaac and Robin quickly took three guns with them. Thibarians took rest of the guns.

“So how to operate these guns?” Ruby asked.

“It’s pretty simple. This is the trigger. You just point at your target like this and then pull the trigger.” Isaac showed everything using his gun. Then Isaac took a back pack from the tree trunk and he threw it across his shoulders. “Come on, let’s go.”

Suddenly a sharp roar came from nearby, and a hellish, gigantic, dog arose from behind a tree. Then the dog lunged at Ruby.


Without further thought, Isaac pulled the trigger and the dog went down for good.

“Wow. Your gun indeed is powerful.” Ruby said with shock and surprise.

“Yeah. Let’s get out of here before more of them return.” Isaac said.

Everyone nodded. Without wasting time, they quickly started their return journey.

  • * * * *

Chapter 15

Inside the cave

Isaac and team sat on the cave floor in a circular fashion. Isaac took a stick and he began to draw lines on the cave floor. Since they are directly under the roofless part of the cave, everything is clearly visible.

“Okay, south tower is down for good. We should first take out this tower, in the north. We need snipers on trees around this tower.” Isaac said.

“Snipers?” Ruby asked.

“Well, snipers are someone who shoot the enemy by hiding behind something. If you’re good with bow, you can use that instead of guns.” Isaac said.

“We all are good at shooting by hiding somewhere. We are also good at stealth combat.” Ruby said.

“Okay, fair enough. Then, we all will march to the north in the morning.” Isaac said.

Everyone nodded.

“We need food for the journey too.” Robin said.

“We could take dried fish and dried meat with us.” Ruby said.

“Okay. Then prepare everything. Be sure to cover the arrow tips using plastic sheet, since we are going through the water.” Isaac said.

Ruby nodded. Ruby then stood up. A moment later everyone stood up and they all went in their own way.

Ruby, Isaac and Robin moved towards the waterfall.

“Ruby, this mission will be a difficult one. I can’t promise that all of you would return.” Isaac said.

Ruby nodded. “We will do anything for our mother, even if it costs our lives.”

Robin and Isaac nodded.

“Then, let’s send those bitches to hell.” Robin said.

  • * * * *

Chapter 16

Planet Zera’s Orbit, A.D. 2077, Ship Victoria

Samson and Sandy took a plateful of nutritious food and they sat around a table. Everyone in the room is hurriedly eating. A moment later Captain Miller came and he sat near Samson.

“Are we there, captain?” Samson asked.

“Oh, yeah. We are there. I have sent two drones to the planet’s surface. That report must have come now.” Miller said.

Samson nodded and he hurriedly finished his meal. Sandy and Miller done the same. Then Samson washed his mouth from a sink and he walked towards the mic. He took the mic and attracted everyone’s attention.

“People, we are near Planet Zera. We will land at any moment from now on. I want all of you ready to take on your jobs. Enemy could be anywhere. And be careful.” Samson put down the mic.

All the people inside the room nodded at Samson. Then Samson and Sandy followed Captain Miller to the control room. As soon as they reached there, Miller pressed a button near his chair and suddenly the control panel came alive. The pilots are still eating their meal in the cafeteria.

The control panel then began to show live images from the planet surface. The drones are in a place surrounded by trees and there are no signs of human life anywhere.

Miller hurriedly flipped through the images and Samson and Sandy watched everything with curiousness. Suddenly an alarm ringed.

Warning, incoming ship at 12’ O clock. Warning, incoming ship …”

Miller quickly pressed a switch and suddenly the image of a silver coloured ship came into view.

Samson and Sandy stared at the incoming ship with a worry.

  • * * * *

Chapter 17

That ship have locked on to us.” Miller said.

“They won’t allow us to land or escape. Destroy it.” Samson commanded.

Miller nodded and he quickly seated in his usual position. Miller frantically worked on the controls. Suddenly the pilots got inside the control room and they quickly seated in their positions. Pilots nodded at Miller and they quickly began their job.

“Artillery one and two ready to fire.” Miller said.

“Fire.” Samson said.

Miller nodded and he pressed the button on the touch screen.

Boom! Boom!

The artillery rounds cut through the inter-dimensional space and they collided with the enemy ship. Smoke engulfed the enemy ship. A moment later, the silver coloured enemy ship came out of the smoke with no damage, firing laser bolts at Victoria.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Captain, get us out of here.” Samson said.

Captain quickly worked on the controls, and suddenly, ship Victoria lunged towards the planet. The enemy ship is coming directly at Victoria. Some of the laser bolts hit Victoria but Victoria remained intact. A moment later Victoria flew below the enemy ship and the enemy ship flew over Victoria. In a corner of the control panel, the enemy ship’s movement is clearly depicted. The enemy ship is now trying to turn towards ship Victoria. Captain and the pilots frantically worked on the controls and the ship punched through the planet Zera’s atmosphere. Ship came at blazing speed and as soon as the ship reached the surface, it automatically slowed down.

A moment later captain landed the ship in a place surrounded by trees.

Successfully landed …” The automated voice inside Victoria said.

Samson patted on Miller’s shoulders and he ran for the boarding ramp. On the way other soldiers joined him.

“Everyone, prepare for battle.” Samson shouted on the way. Sandy closely followed Samson. Before long they reached the hangar. Samson took a plasma gun from nearby shelf. Other soldiers done the same.

“Samson, enemy ship have landed near us. Prepare yourself.” Miller’s voice reverberated through the ship. Samson quickly pressed a switch nearby the boarding ramp and suddenly, the boarding ramp began to open. As soon as the boarding ramp completely opened, Samson and team rushed outside. Then they saw the enemy ship. It was landed nearby and, hundreds of Xhilarians are marching towards Victoria.

“Fire at will …” Samson shouted.

  • * * * *

Chapter 18

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Samson and team opened fire. The first line of Xhilarians went down for good.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Xhilarians opened fire. Samson and team moved forward, firing on the way.


“Ahh …” A soldier near Samson went down.

Samson quickly drew out a flash grenade. He armed the grenade and threw it towards the approaching Xhilarians.


Flash grenade exploded, creating a white light everywhere. Samson and team quickly moved forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The white light of the grenade explosion is still lingering in the air. In the bare visibility Samson and team opened fire. Some of them armed flash grenades and threw it towards the approaching Xhilarian horde.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flash grenades exploded creating white light everywhere. It is certain that, in this planet, Xhilarians aren’t expecting this much resistance from the humans. A few minutes later the laser bolts stopped coming out of Xhilarians’ guns. The white light and dust clouds slowly faded away. Then Samson and team saw why Xhilarians aren’t shooting back. All the Xhilarians are dead and they lay here and there.

“Destroy that ship.” Samson said to a nearby soldier. The soldier nodded and he ran towards the Xhilarian ship. A few minutes later a loud bang came and the Xhilarian ship exploded into pieces. Samson and team raised their guns above their heads and they jumped with excitement.

  • * *

Inside ship Victoria

“Captain, we need to analyse this planet thoroughly. We need to know if there are any destroyer machines in this planet. And we need to know everything they are planning.” Samson said.

“Our drones are still searching the planet. This planet is full of forests and, so far we haven’t encountered any humans. The full report may take couple of hours.” Miller said.

“Make it fast. Meanwhile, we will be going for a short walk through the forest.” Samson said.

Miller nodded. Samson and Sandy stood up and they left the control room. Before long they reached the cargo bay. There stood Samson’s soldiers.

“Sandy, you and your team come with me. We are going for a short walk. Rest of the team stay with this ship. If anything do arise, don’t hesitate to act.” Samson said.

Soldiers nodded. Samson and team quickly filled their back packs with food for the journey and extra magazines. They quickly exited the ship and started their short walk. Forest is all around ship Victoria, and Samson and team walked towards the north part. Birds energetically chirped from the trees and a small herd of deer grazed through the grass land nearby.

Based on the looks, it’s well past noon. Though sun is still in its highest position in the sky.

Before long they entered inside the forest and they increased their pace. A few minutes later the small strip of forest land ended and, in front of Samson and team lay a few houses made up of wood.

  • * * * *

Chapter 19

Samson and team entered inside the first house they saw. It is a small house and everything inside the house is made up of wood. Lucy and the two researchers with Samson quickly began their research. Samson entered inside the kitchen and analysed everything. In some places, jungle shrubs began to grow inside the house, and vines are thickly growing on the roof. There is nothing amiss about it, though, the inhabitants must have abandoned this house years ago.

Samson quickly exited the house and walked towards another house. House yards are filled with green grass. Then Samson saw a small dirt road passing through the forest nearby the houses. People in this place must have used that path for a long time. There aren’t much jungle growth on the road. Before long everyone exited the houses and they walked towards Samson.

“Lucy, did you found anything useful?” Samson asked.

“No. Nothing useful. There are no signs of human life here.” Lucy said.

“Okay, everyone, we will be now returning back to our ship. It’s almost evening. We will continue this tomorrow. We need to find survivors in this planet, if any left.” Samson said.

Everyone nodded.

They all quickly began their return journey. At the time they reached near the ship, it was evening, and in the horizon, sun started to set.

Everyone quickly entered inside the ship and Samson closed the boarding ramp. Samson and Sandy slowly walked towards the control room. At the time they reached the control room, Captain Miller and the pilots were very busy doing something on the computer.

“Captain, did the drones get anything useful?” Samson asked.

“Drones detected a large number of human monkeys in the south. And sadly one of the drones went missing. I think, they must have destroyed that drone.” Miller said.

“Where was this drone when you last got any information from it?” Samson asked.

“It was in the west, nearby a hill.” Miller said.

“Okay, we will check west tomorrow. And tomorrow our helicopters need to be in the air. We need to know everything about this planet.” Samson said.

“And one more thing.” Miller said. “We detected those wolfdogs nearby our ship.”

“When was this?” Samson asked.

“As soon as you returned from your short walk.” Miller said.

“Okay. We will analyse everything tomorrow. Right now, we all need some rest.” Samson said.

Miller and Sandy nodded.

Outside sun fully set in the horizon and everywhere plunged into darkness.

  • * * * *

Chapter 20

Samson woke up hearing a man’s scream. He slowly stood up and he tuned his ear. Then he heard an animal growl.

“What the?”

How did an animal got inside the ship? The ramp was closed tight. Samson quickly dressed. He then looked at the sleeping form of Jenny. She is still in the middle of the sleep. Samson took his plasma gun and he strapped it across his chest.

Samson went near the door and he slowly opened it. He then peeked outside. The light in the corridor began to flicker. Samson slowly entered into the corridor and he closed the door behind him. The scream ended and the ship again fell in silence.

After about a minute’s walk, he saw no one. Everyone must be in deep sleep. So, whose scream was that?

Then he saw it in the flickering light. A trail of blood is on the floor nearby a doorway. Samson looked at the doorway carefully. It is then he noticed that, the doors in the doorway had bent in an odd manner. Something thrash opened these doors. Samson quickly unstrapped the gun from his shoulders and he trained it into a distance. Then Samson moved forward. Something inside him is telling him to turn back from whatever the hell beyond this corridor.

Samson kept moving. Then he saw a dead body. It’s not much of a body. It misses both the legs and a hand. A panic slowly crept through his legs. Before long he exited the corridor and entered into the level two of the ship. This is the part of the ship where captain usually addresses his people.

Here most chairs, which were bolted to the floor are broken apart from the floor and there is a trail of blood on the chairs. The light in here too flickered.

What kind of animal break inside a tightly sealed ship?

Before long he found the door to the control room opened ajar. Fortunately there is no problem with the controls inside the room. Samson slowly, cautiously entered inside the control room and he closed the door behind him. He then switched on the surveillance computer. The computer booted in seconds and a moment later it began to show a series of live video images from all over the ship.

Samson carefully analysed the monitor. Fortunately, most rooms are closed tight and his soldiers are safe. Then he saw it in the cafeteria. There is a Wolfdog inside the cafeteria and it is actually eating a human body. The sight churned Samson’s belly.

How on earth did they broke inside?

Samson then brought the video of the hangar into focus. The hangar door is now nothing but a piece is scrap metal and it is lying on the floor just inside the ship. There aren’t any other Wolfdogs outside.

Suddenly sound of something being dragged through the floor came from just outside the control room. Samson quickly focused the video of the level two meeting room. Then the horror struck him. Two Wolfdogs are dragging two dead bodies from inside a nearby storage room to the meeting room.


Samson bit his lip and he swallowed the emerging fear. He quickly checked his gun. The magazine is full. He quickly opened the door, training his gun into a distance. A moment later he stepped outside. At that very instant, both the Wolfdogs dropped their meal from their mouth and they raised their head in Samson’s direction.

“Come on, suckers.” Samson pulled the trigger.

One dog immediately dropped. The other dog rushed at Samson. Samson was fast. He quickly pulled the trigger again and that dog too went down. Samson quickly ran inside the control room and he pressed the red panic button. Suddenly, the whole ship got filled with an alarm and a red light began to continuously blink all over the ship.

“It’s time to teach these fuckers some lesson.”

Outside, sun slowly started to break in the horizon.

  • * * * *

Book Two

Chapter 21

Isaac and team started their journey in the morning. Before long, they crossed the river and they started their trek through the forest. Isaac’s camp is nearby, and since the camp is in ruin, they choose another path which is parallel to the path which would lead to the camp.

Ruby’s men are pretty much alerted and like Isaac walks, Ruby’s men also trained their arrows into a distance. Birds energetically chirped from the trees and monkeys jumped through the tree branches. This forest is no doubt a healthy one.

Then, Isaac and team began to see withered trees. A moment later, they saw a whole line of withered trees. On those trees, leaves are dry and below, on the ground, grasses are all dry. The enemy must be draining the nature’s energy.

Time quickly passed. When they are deep inside a forest, they stopped for a light meal. They quickly cooked dry meat and they boiled water. Before long, everyone fully refreshed. Then they continued their trek. A few minutes later, sound of birds die out and the whole forest fell in silence.

Now they are near a big hill and they have to climb this hill in order to continue towards north. They quickly started their climb. At the time they reached on top of the hill, they saw a smoke rising from a place far away, below the hill.

“Who will it be?” Ruby asked.

“Might be crazies.” Isaac said. “If we are fortunate, it will be survivors.”

“So, where is this tower exactly?” Ruby asked.

“Far away, near that hill, there is a river.” Isaac said pointing at a hill which is in the far north. “We have to cross that river. The tower is somewhere on the other side of the river.”

“So are we going there now, or are we going to wait to see who is living in those woods?” Ruby asked pointing at the rising smoke.

“We will continue our journey.” Isaac said. “But, we have to be extremely careful. The faster we reach near the tower, the better.”

Everyone nodded. They quickly continued their journey by climbing down the hill. The smoke can be still seen rising through the tree canopy.

  • * * * *

Chapter 22

Before long, Isaac and team climbed down the hill and they started their trek through the thick forest. Here, tree canopy almost prevented the sunlight from entering inside the forest. At several places Isaac saw sunlight seeping inside the forest through the tiny pores in the tree canopy.

“We have to be careful. This forest is home to most of the carnivores seen in this planet.” Robin said.

Ruby and his team nodded.

A few minutes later, sun began to set in the horizon and the forest already got plunged in darkness.

Ruby and the other Thibarians quickly took their already made torches from their pouches. Then one of them began to make fire by rubbing two stones together. They quickly made the fire. Before long, they all lighted their torches and they started walking through the forest. A kind of small fly is all over the torches and the whole forest began to make sounds.

“We have to rest, right?” Robin asked.

“We will. First we need to find a good spot to rest.” Ruby said.

“You know, we must be near that place from where that smoke rose, right?” Robin asked.

“Yeah.” Isaac said.

“What if that is done by the crazies?” Robin asked.

“We saw no light, yet. We might be safe. If we do see a light, we can go around it.” Isaac said.

“So, you’re not planning to rest? I am already tired.” Robin said.

Isaac took a deep sigh. “Let’s rest then.” Isaac stopped moving. Others also stopped moving.

Suddenly footsteps came from nearby. They all quickly became alerted. Someone is running towards them.

“Run …”That someone shouted on the way.

“Who will it be?” Robin asked.

“It can’t be anything good.” Isaac said.

Then they saw it. A big line of men with torches are approaching from all four directions. Isaac and team are surrounded by those men. Then Isaac saw the running man. His clothes are all torn and he finally stopped near Isaac. Then the man took heavy breathes.

“Run … Run …. Run …” The man said in between hiccups. Then the man broke into a laugh.

“Where are you all coming from, bitches? Are there more of you out there?” The man asked.

Isaac quickly moved his hands to retrieve the gun. But the man was fast. He took a knife from his waist band and he instantly shoved the knife on Isaac’s neck.

“Drop your weapons, or this bitch is going to die.” The man said.

Then Isaac saw it. All those approaching men reached near them and they surrounded Isaac and team. All the crazies are wearing torn clothes. Ruby and his team dropped their weapons. Then Isaac saw Robin retreating into the dark. She must be slipping away.

Crazies quickly restrained Isaac’s and his men’s hands and they pushed them towards the darkness. Some of the crazies started laughing on the way.

  • * * * *

Chapter 23

The crazies led them deep inside the forest. A few minute later, Isaac saw a big camp in the middle of the forest. There are five large tents around a fire, and there are also tree houses on the nearby trees. The crazies forced Isaac and his men to enter inside a tent. Then they forced them to sit on the cold ground. Isaac and his team obeyed without any question. Then the crazies quickly restrained Isaac’s and his men’s legs and they left the scene.

Isaac stared at the doorway and he lost in thought. These crazies have no idea that this planet is going to die. Somehow, Isaac need to get out of here to destroy the tower. But, what can he do? His both hands and legs are restrained. He could barely move his hands. The same is true for Ruby and his men. Then Isaac noticed that Robin is not with them.

“Ruby, did you saw Robin?” Isaac asked.

“No. I thought she was with us.” Ruby said.

A hope kindled inside Isaac. May be Robin have after all a plan to save them all. She has to do something fast. These crazies probably burn them alive in the morning. Isaac stared at the doorway and he again lost in thoughts.

  • * * * *

Chapter 24

Robin slowly climbed out of the small pit under the tree. The roots of the tree are all over the pit and she got outside without much problem. It was a fortune she fell in this pit as she retreated back when those crazies came. She could see the crazies leading Isaac and others deep inside the forest.

She has to do something quick or there would be nothing to save for tomorrow. Crazies will probably burn them alive in the morning. Robin retrieved her small hand held gun from her waist band. Then she saw Isaac’s gun on the ground. She placed her gun in her waist band and she took Isaac’s gun.

There are also bows and arrows on the ground. But she couldn’t take all of them. She left the bows and arrows, and she quickly paced towards to where the crazies have gone with her friends. All around her is pitch darkness. Navigating through this forest in this pitch darkness is pretty difficult for her. She hope that there won’t be any other pit in front of her.

Then, a few minutes later, she began to see fire flies. Then she saw a whole pack of fire flies. The light from the fire flies was greater than she was expected. Before long she saw a narrow dirt path which is passing through the forest. The crazies must have took this path.

She ran rest of the way. Then suddenly she stopped. In front of her, she saw five large tents. And there is a fire going on in the middle of the cluster of tents. Then she saw a few crazies wandering around the tents. There aren’t many crazies, but she is certain that she saw a huge number of crazies earlier.

Robin quickly counted the crazies, in her mind. There is only ten of them here. She then looked at the tents. Isaac and others must be inside a tent. She have to find the right tent. Robin then trained her gun at the crazies and she moved forward. She quickly reached near the boundary of the crazies’ camp. Now she has to do everything carefully, only then she could be certain that they will have a chance against the aliens.

She has to draw these ten crazies away from here. She then thought about a way to draw them off. Then the idea came in her mind. She took a stone from the dirt path and she stood behind a tree. Then she threw the rock at a nearby crazy. Direct hit! The rock struck on the crazy’s head. Suddenly the crazy turned towards the darkness beyond, in Robin’s direction. The crazy slowly approached Robin, but he haven’t seen her, yet.

Then the crazy cooed at other crazies. Then all the crazies nearby joined the first crazy.

“Someone threw a rock at my head.” The first crazy said to others.

“There may be more of them out here. Let’s check.” Another crazy said.

Like Robin have guessed, the crazies are pretty dumb.

Then all the crazies returned to their camp and they came back with lighted torches. Robin quickly stayed pretty much away from the dirt road. A moment later, all the crazies moved away from nearby. This is her long waited opportunity.

Robin quickly ran towards the tents, pointing the gun into a distance. She then opened the first tent she saw. It was empty. She quickly searched other tents. Then on the third tent she found them. Isaac stared at her with open mouth. Isaac’s back pack is still on his shoulders. Robin took a deep sigh of relief.

“You all okay?” Robin asked.

Isaac nodded at her. She quickly drew out a knife from her boot. She then cut down all the restraints.

“We have to run. They might return soon.” Robin said.

“Okay, let’s go.” Isaac said.

Then they bolted into sprint. Before long they exited the camp’s boundary and entered into a forest.

“Stop there, bitches.” Someone shouted from behind them.

Robin and team didn’t turned back. They just ran and ran.

  • * * * *

Chapter 25

Isaac and his team ran through the forest in the pitch darkness. Footsteps of their pursuers came from behind them.

“Ahh …” One of the Thibarians screamed as one of the crazy jumped on top of him. Isaac stopped running and he glanced back. But it was too late. In the crazy’s torch light, Isaac saw blood rushing outside from the Thibarian’s neck. Isaac for a moment froze at the scene.

“Run, Isaac, run.” Ruby yelled.

Then Isaac saw a river of yellow light approaching them – crazies carrying torches. Isaac quickly began to run. Before long he reached near Robin and others. They didn’t stopped to take a breath. They just ran and ran. Isaac quickly became tired. Isaac could see that others are also tired.

Suddenly, with a snarl, a few crazies rushed at them from a side. They already jumped in the air at Isaac’s team.

“Ahh …” Men screamed as the crazies landed on top of them. One of the crazy nearby rushed at Isaac. Isaac quickly trained his gun and he pulled the trigger.


That crazy went down. On the ground, Thibarians and the crazies are in the middle of a hand to hand combat. One crazy is slashing widely in the air to kill Robin.


Robin dodged the slash and she instantly shot down the crazy. Isaac and Robin quickly rushed towards Ruby and his men. Isaac clubbed at one of the crazy’s head using the butt of his gun. That crazy quickly blacked out. Suddenly, the torches the crazies were carrying rolled towards the dry grass, instantly the grass caught fire.

Finally the Thibarians somehow defeated the crazies. Crazies are struggling on the ground with broken limbs.

“Run …” Isaac yelled at others. Then more crazies came to the scene. But the rising fire blocked their path. Isaac and team for a moment stared at the crazies who are looking at them agitated. Then, Isaac and team ran away from the scene. A moment later, a big river came in front of them.

“This is the river I talked about.” Isaac yelled.

“Are we jumping?” Ruby asked.

“The hell we are.” Isaac said.

Then they jumped into the cold water. The slowly flowing river allowed an easy passage. Before long they reached on the other side of the river. Then Isaac looked back. The sight before him horrified him. The side of the river from where they came is burning down in a big wild fire.

“I am sorry, mother.” Isaac mumbled.

Now, there is no way the crazies would cross the river. If Isaac is fortunate, all the crazies might die in the fire. Suddenly, a maddening wind blew towards the forest which is burning down. Fire quickly expanded to more places. In the wind, nearby trees violently swayed. Leaves did a maddening dance on the tree branches.

At least, mother knows that they are here to destroy the tower.

“Ahh …” Probably a scream belonging to the crazies came from the other side of the river.

  • * * * *

Chapter 26

Samson, Jenny, Lucy and Sandy stood just outside the ship and they looked at the engineers who are working hard to fix the hangar door. In a side, nearby the forest, the dead bodies of Wolfdogs are piled, soon to be burnt down.

A moment later, soldiers drove trucks and gun mounted Humvees to outside. They quickly positioned the vehicles around the ship and they made the place more secure.

Five men and three women are dead in yesterday night’s onslaught. Samson can’t allow this thing to happen again. A few minutes later, engineers fixed the hangar door. A few more minutes later, a group of twenty soldiers came near Samson. Samson turned towards them.

“So, are you ready?” Samson asked.

“Yes, sergeant.” Everyone said together.

“Then, let’s go.” Samson said.

Everyone nodded.

Samson quickly switched on his tab which is strapped across his wrist. It quickly began to show directions. Samson, Jenny, Sandy and Lucy walked in the front line. Others followed Samson. In the west, there are many trees cluttered together here and there. But, there is a narrow dirt path passing through the forest here. Samson and team slowly moved forward through the dirt path. There is a thick growth of grass on both sides of the dirt path and the grass is filled with water droplets.

Far away, they could see a huge hill. Their drone was last contacted from somewhere near that hill.

Suddenly, with a shriek, two wolfdogs rushed towards Samson and his team from behind a group of trees. The dogs were eating something when they saw Samson and his team.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Soldiers instantly shot down the dogs. Samson and team took a deep sigh. Here dogs are a little big and they have large fangs which are protruding out of their mouth. Samson for a moment stared at the dead wolfdogs with a little fear. The aliens are really onto something big with this kind of huge dogs.

“We have to be careful.” Jenny said.

Samson nodded at her.

“Okay, everyone, be ready for anything.” Samson yelled.

Soldiers nodded. They quickly moved forward by training their plasma guns into a distance. The size of the hill slowly, relatively, increased as Samson and team moved towards it.

  • * * * *

Chapter 27

They haven’t covered much distance, when all of a sudden, a pungent rotten smell punch through their nose. The horrible smell almost made them puke. Samson quickly drew out a kerchief from his pocket and he covered his nose with that. Then he and his team moved forward.

Then they saw it. Not far away from them, beyond a tree line, there is a small barren wasteland. There, there are many dead trees scattered on the land. And nearby the dead trees, there are a few piles of rotting dead bodies. Samson and team quickly entered into the wasteland.

“What the hell is this place?” Jenny asked.

“We will find out soon.” Samson said.

Some of the dead bodies are lacking several limbs and there are even fresh dead bodies among the pile. There are trails of fresh blood on the nearby ground. And there are some kind of droppings all over the place. Lucy quickly took a small stick and she poked a small dropping.

“This is dog’s poop.” Lucy said.

“What kind of dogs?” Samson asked.

“I … I don’t know.” Lucy said.

Suddenly, with a screech a Wolfdog arose from a nearby pit.

“Shit, it’s their lair.” Samson said. Now they know what kind of dog’s poop was this.


One of the solider quickly shot down the Wolfdog.

“More will come. Let’s get out of here fast.” Jenny said.

They all quickly paced across the animal’s lair. One thing is certain – there are human survivors somewhere here and they are struggling to survive here.

Suddenly, with a roar a few dozens of Wolfdogs rushed at them from the nearby forest.

“Run …” Samson yelled.

  • * * * *

Chapter 28

Samson and team quickly exited the Wolfdogs’ lair and they started running through the forest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Some of the soldiers stopped frequently and they pulled the trigger at the approaching horde.

“Ahh …” One soldier screamed from behind Samson. Samson stopped for a moment and he shot down a nearby Wolfdog. Then he ran again.

A moment later, more Wolfdogs came to the scene from the nearby forests. All dogs have large fangs which are protruding out of their mouth. And these dogs are pretty taller. Then Samson saw a way out. Not far away from them, near the foothill, there is a small tunnel. Samson and team ran towards the tunnel. Before long, they entered inside the tunnel. Samson quickly glance at his pursuers. The Wolfdogs are almost on them. Samson quickly armed two grenades and he threw it towards the tunnel entrance.

Boom! Boom!

Grenades exploded and the mouth of the tunnel collapsed. Now there is a pile of rocks in between Samson and the Wolfdogs. Wolfdogs made sharp yelps from outside. Then Samson heard retreating footsteps. Samson took a deep breathe.

“Now, what?” Jenny asked.

“Look there.” Samson said pointing at a place inside the tunnel where sunlight is seeping inside. “There must be another way out from this tunnel. Let’s look.”

Jenny nodded.

Samson for a moment analysed the dark tunnel. It has to be a mine of some sort. There are many wooden poles near the walls which supports the roof. Samson and team quickly moved deeper into the tunnel. They could see sunlight seeping inside through the tiny pores on the roof. The whole tunnel is pretty cold. And there is a constant flow of cold air inside the tunnel.

They haven’t reached much from the tunnel entrance when all of a sudden, a series of hisses came from in front of them. Then they saw it. A few dozens of snakes are rushing at them. In the faint light, they could clearly see the black snakes. Samson and team suddenly froze where they stood.

  • * * * *

Chapter 29

Fortunately, none of the snakes tried to bite or attack. They all crawled away from the scene to another part of the tunnel through the tiny holes on the lower part of the walls. Samson and team took a deep sigh. Something must have drawn the snakes. Maybe the explosion might have shook their hideout.

Samson then saw a white light washing inside the tunnel from the other end of the tunnel. Samson and team followed the light. Then they saw it. There is a large open area on the roof and sunlight is seeping inside through that area. Then, Samson saw that the tunnel is not ending there. It is going to another part.

“Let’s see where it takes us. There must be a way out from here.” Samson said.

Everyone nodded. Samson could see that Jenny and Lucy are really tired of running and their faces are filled with panic instead of the expected gutsy. Samson smiled at Jenny and he led them deeper into the tunnel. Sandy and rest of the soldiers closely followed them.

Then, they began to see white crystals. There are marvellous crystals all across the tunnel walls. And several crystals are on the ground, possibly fell down from the walls during the grenade explosion as the ground shook. Samson hunkered down and he took a crystal in his hands. Even though the tunnel is partially in dark, this crystal can be clearly seen. There is an unexplainable light coming out of this crystal.

“Drop it!” Suddenly a voice said from the far corner of the tunnel.

Samson, with curious eyes, looked at the shape which is emerging from behind a boulder. Then the man fully came into view. Samson stood up.

“I said drop it.” The man said. “Or, I will cut down all of your fucking hands.”

Samson dropped the crystal. Suddenly, the dropped crystal collided with another crystal which was on the ground and it shattered into pieces. Suddenly, some kind of gaseous material escaped from the broken crystals.

“What the?” Lucy mumbled in shock.

“You broke it? You broke it? I am gonna kill you, fucking man.” The man rushed at Samson with a drawn knife.

“Hey, let me explain …” Samson said. But the man already leapt in the air. Samson blocked the man’s knife using his gun.

“I am gonna kill you, bitch.” The man slashed widely in the air.

“Hey, stop it.” Samson desperately said.

“Stop it? Stop it?” The man looks like have been alone for a while. He must have lost his mind to this dark tunnel.

The man then lurched at Samson. Samson without thinking twice, dodged the slash and he clubbed at the man’s head using the butt of his gun. The blacked out man dropped to the cold ground.

“Lucy, check him.” Samson said.

Lucy rushed towards the crazy man and she quickly examined his body.

“He has been here for a long time.” Lucy said. “Look at his clothes. It’s easily tearing into pieces as I touch.” Lucy showed Samson by touching the man’s clothe. The clothes are all torn and it is actually tearing down as she touches.

“This crystal must have some effect on him.” Jenny said.

“He might have become mad by watching these crystals.” Sandy said and he wandered deeper into the tunnel, looking at the crystals which are all over the wall.

“Since the Wolfdogs are nearby, he might never have visited outside.” Samson said. “Or, there may be another exit nearby. Come on, everyone. We have to search this tunnel entirely.”

A few soldiers quickly came forward and they lifted the unconscious man from the ground. Then they followed Samson deeper into the tunnel.

Then, finally they saw the end of the tunnel. In front of them, there is a wide room where sun light is seeping in through the hole on the roof. The hole is wide enough for an adult man to pass. And there are green vines all over the hole. And that white crystals are shining with extraordinary glory from around the tunnel wall. Samson quickly tested the vines for its strength and he found it very good. He first climbed. Before long he reached outside the cave and he met the brightly shining sun.

He is now standing atop the hill and he could see all around him. There aren’t many trees here and he could see the Wolfdogs’ den not far away from the hill. Then he looked at the other side of the hill. Then he saw it. There is a wide barren wasteland in front of him and he could see the shape of the crashed drone in a distance.

A moment later, everyone climbed out of the tunnel. The soldiers went through a lot to lift the crazy man out of the tunnel.

Then, Samson saw something else too. There are two gigantic white coloured towers at the end of the vast wasteland. The towers glimmered in the sunlight.

  • * * * *

Chapter 30

Samson and team climbed down the hill and they approached the drone. Before long they reached near the drone. The drone is beyond repair and there are wide holes in its body. The drone is actually a small spacecraft with two wings. Its centre portion is damaged pretty much and its internal wiring are all outside.

“This must be done by them.” Jenny said. “Look at the wings. The hole must have resulted when a laser bolt struck.”

Samson nodded. Suddenly the crazy man woke up.

“Where are you taking me? Let me go, bitches.” The crazy man wriggled violently in the soldiers’ arms. “I have to guard the crystals, or mother would be angry.”

“What?” Samson all of a sudden turned towards the crazy man.

“What are you talking about?” Jenny asked the crazy man.

“Those crystals are my mother’s eggs.” The crazy man said. Now everyone turned towards the crazy man. “And you killed two offspring.”

Samson couldn’t believe what the crazy man is saying.

“Who is your mother?” Samson demanded.

“She is our god. She showed me dreams. She said, if I keep the crystals out of harm’s way, I could live forever. And you destroyed that opportunity. Why are you dragging me away from my mother?”

Samson thought for a moment. This guy is out of his mind, certain. But, there is some truth about what he is saying. What if he is having dreams from Mother Nature? What if the crystals are Mother Nature’s offspring? Samson can’t disregard the fact that Mother Nature speak only through dreams.

“Can we see your mother?” Samson asked.

“No. She have certain limits. She only appear to me.” The crazy said. “Now, let me go, bitches.”

“Sergeant, what should we do?” One of the soldier who is holding down the crazy man asked.

Samson thought for a moment. “Let him go. We are going towards those towers. Soon, we will find out what is really going on here.”

The soldiers quickly let the crazy go. Suddenly the crazy man ran away from them. Then the crazy stood on top of the hill and he yelled, “Go there, bitches. Your death awaits there. Go and die.” The crazy man for a moment laughed. Then he jumped into the tunnel and he disappeared from the view.

Samson stared at the tower and he thought for a moment, weighing the risks.

“Let’s move out.” Samson then said.

  • * * * *

Chapter 31

Isaac and team stood on top of a nearby hill and they examined things. They could see two crystal towers standing closely to each other in a distance.

“Are we proceeding?” Ruby asked.

“Yes. But, before that, you need weapons.” Isaac said.

“But, we don’t have any tools to make weapons.” Ruby said.

“True. I have an extra gun with me.” Isaac produced a small handheld gun from his back pack. And he gave it to Ruby.

Then Isaac spilled everything in his bag to the ground. Isaac took a few TNT bars from the ground and he gave them to rest of the Thibarians.

“All you have to do is, paste these TNT bars on the tower wall and extrapolate the fuse fire.” Isaac gave a small roll of fuse wire to them. “Then, join all the fuse wires to a single fuse wire and I will attach the fuse wire to this trigger. Isaac produced a small rectangular device from his pocket. “So, are you with me?”

“Hell yeah.” The Thibarians said together.

“Then, let’s move out.” Isaac said.

They all quickly marched towards the towers. There are trees all around the towers and towers are pretty tall. Robin and Isaac walked in the front line, pointing their guns. There aren’t any danger nearby and everything looks peaceful.

Before long they climbed down the hill and they saw a narrow dirt path leading towards the towers. The towers are now very close. The whole towers glimmered in the sunlight.

“Everyone, be alerted and ready for anything.” Isaac said. They slowly, cautiously moved forward.

  • * * * *

Chapter 32

Before long, Isaac and team entered inside the forest near the towers. Now, they could see the towers in a distance. Isaac and team pushed forward.

A moment later, they reached near the foot of the towers. Both the towers are gigantic. The towers entirely looks like a kind of glass structure. Isaac and team ran rest of the way. It’s the first time Isaac seeing a crystal tower up close. But he had many dreams about these crystal towers.

Isaac stood near the tower walls and he examined the crystals. Then he saw it. Inside the crystals, he could see small, tiny, babies similar to a human baby.

“What the?” Isaac mumbled.

Isaac walked around the tower and he saw babies inside all the crystals. “Is this some joke.” Isaac again mumbled.

Robin and Ruby also saw the babies.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Ruby said.

Ruby and his men looked at Isaac. Isaac motioned at them to begin. They quickly started planting explosives all around the foot of the tower. They quickly finished planting explosives in one of the towers. Robin and Ruby quickly ran towards the second tower and they planted explosives there.

A few moments later, they finished planting explosives. Isaac and team quickly walked towards the tree land with the trigger. They hid under some bushes and Isaac looked at his mates. Everyone nodded at him.

“Fire in the hole.” Isaac pulled the trigger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All the explosives exploded throwing crystal shards in all directions. Suddenly both the towers swayed for a moment. Then they both fell on top of a nearby tree land. Crystal shards are all over the place. And a white smoke filled the entire atmosphere. The crystals are shattering into pieces as they meet the ground and the smoke is actually coming from inside the broken crystals. The babies are actually turning into white smoke as the crystal breaks.


Suddenly, a series of swooshes came from the distant sky. Isaac and team fearfully turned towards the sky.

  • * * * *

Chapter 33

Isaac and team peered at the sky. Then a few dozens of small pod ships rushed towards their position.

“Run …” Isaac yelled.

But it was too late. The pod ships landed around them and the aliens who are armed with big blue guns approached Isaac and his group.

“Oh, god.” Robin muttered as the aliens surrounded them.

  • * * * *

Chapter 34

Hands over your head.” An alien shouted in a distinct voice as the aliens approached Isaac and his team.

Isaac and his mates obeyed.


“Ahh …” Suddenly one of the alien shot down Ruby.

“No …” Isaac yelled.

Kill the natives.” An alien said.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The aliens shot down all the Thibarians. Thibarians went down without even making a yelp. An alien approached Isaac. Isaac’s hands and legs began to tremble. Suddenly the alien punched Isaac in his face.

“Ahh …” Isaac screamed in pain and he fell down, massaging his cheek.

“You, bitch,” Robin quickly swung her fist at the alien. But the alien was fast. It blocked her fist and it kicked Robin on her waist.

“Ahh …” Robin fell down, screaming with pain.

Take them aboard.” The alien shouted at a nearby alien. Quickly two aliens came forward and they hauled Isaac and Robin inside one of the pod ships.

“Oh, god, save us.” Robin muttered as she entered inside the pod ship.

  • * * * *

Chapter 35

Robin and Isaac sat down on the small sitting platform inside the pod ship and they stared outside. Then the horror struck them. The crystal tower indeed collapsed, but the crystals are now automatically growing up.

“What the?” Isaac muttered.

Isaac now feels totally defeated. He sacrificed all those Thibarians to destroy the towers. And now look where it led him. Before long the tower grew about the height of an adult man. The tower continued to grow.

The remains of the collapsed tower is breaking apart and a white mist is all over the place. A moment later, the aliens stopped their examination, and they slowly started to enter inside the pod ships.

“Now what?” Robin asked with a worry.

  • * * * *

Chapter 36

Samson and team didn’t covered much distance when all of a sudden a series of explosions came from near the towers. Suddenly, both the towers collapsed. A moment later a few dozens of Xhilarian pod ships rushed towards the collapsed towers.

“They are up to something.” Samson said.

Jenny, Sandy and Lucy nodded.

They quickly bolted into a run towards the collapsed towers.

  • * * * *

Chapter 37

Samson and team almost reached near the collapsed towers when all of a sudden a series of laser bolts rushed through the air. Samson and team pushed forward.

A few minutes later, Samson and team reached near the towers. Then they saw the Xhilarians. Xhilarians are starting to leave. Samson quickly motioned at his group to take out the targets. And Samson rushed forward firing his plasma gun. The Xhilarians weren’t expecting a fight. Samson’s soldiers quickly followed Samson, firing all the way. A few Xhilarians managed to fire their laser guns, but it was in vain. Samson and his team quickly shot down all the Xhilarians. Then Samson saw it. The collapsed tower is nothing but a pile of glass shards now. And near by the remains of the tower, a tower is magically growing up, automatically.

“Who are you?” A male voice asked from a nearby pod ship. Samson approached that pods ship. Then Excitement jolted through him. Inside the pod ship sits a young man and a young woman. Both of their arms are restrained.

“I am Samson.” Samson said.

“I am Robin and this is Isaac.” The woman inside the pod ship said.

“Is this your home planet?” Samson asked.

“The hell yeah.” Isaac said.

“Then, I have so much to ask.” Samson said with excitement.

  • * * * *

Chapter 38

So, these crystal towers are created by them?” Samson asked.

“Yeah. These towers are actually draining our mother’s energy.” Isaac said.

“There must be some kind of machine somewhere around here which is controlling the growth of these towers.” Lucy said. “Do you have any idea about that? The tower won’t grow up automatically without an external force.”

“No. We were told to destroy the towers. But, we didn’t expect it to grow back automatically.” Robin said.

“On the way, we saw a crazy man.” Samson said. “Inside a tunnel. We saw this same crystal there. He said these are his mother’s eggs. Do you have any idea about that?”

“No. But, look at these crystals carefully.” Isaac said. Samson looked at the crystal carefully. “Do you see it – the babies?”

Then Samson saw it. There are tiny babies – similar to a human baby – inside each crystal. Lucy and the soldiers stared at the crystal tower with complete wonder.

“When the crystal breaks, the babies are turning into a mist or a gas.” Isaac said.

“Interesting.” Lucy mumbled.

“Lucy, do you have any idea what is happening here?” Samson asked.

“I have no idea. Maybe, these are the offspring of our enemies’ mother.” Lucy said.

Samson thought for a moment. “So, these towers must be feeding from the nature’s energy.”

“Right.” Lucy said.

“Then, we need to find whatever the hell that is controlling these towers before they terraform this planet entirely.” Samson said.

“Right.” Isaac said.

Suddenly Samson’s radio beeped.

Samson, do you copy?” Captain Miller asked.

“Loud and clear, captain.”

Our ship is being surrounded by them. We don’t know what to do. I think, we are dying here. Get to a safe place, Samson. Ahh …” The radio went silent.

“Shit, shit …” Samson muttered.

“What is it, Samson?” Robin asked.

“Our ship is compromised.” Samson said with a worry.

  • * * * *

Chapter 39

Ship Victoria proudly rests in a place surrounded by trees. A very quiet atmosphere. Suddenly, a series of swooshes came from the distant sky. Then five small Xhilarian warships came from the distant sky.

Before long, Xhilarian ships surrounded Victoria. They just hovered around Victoria.

Captain Miller stared at the control panel with a worry. He quickly pressed the panic button. An alarm ringed inside the ship.

Suddenly, high calibre laser bolts rained from the Xhilarian war ships, damaging ship Victoria. A few people managed to climb outside. But suddenly small pod ships emerged from the war ships and they shot down each of the humans.

Boom! Boom! Bang!

Multiple explosions occurred from various parts of the ship Victoria. And finally, with a bang, the ship exploded into pieces.

Then, just like that, the Xhilarian war machines retreated into the distant sky.

  • * * * *

Chapter 40

Samson couldn’t believe how things are turning around him. They are now stranded in this planet with no escape options. And according to Isaac, aliens and Wolfdogs aren’t the only things they have to worry about. There are crazy men out there who would burn them alive.

No matter how hard he thinks, no solution is coming inside Samson’s mind. If ship Victoria is really compromised, his entire troop inside the ship must be dead.

“Now what would we do?” Finally Lucy asked.

“I have no idea, Lucy.” Samson said. “Let the Santorans worry about that now. Isaac, do you know a way out from here?”

Isaac and Robin thought for a moment.

Then Isaac opened his mouth. “There are a large number of men and woman inside this cave. We can fight back if we get there.”

“But, you said that area is filled with the crazies.” Samson said.

“Yeah. That’s the only problem.” Isaac said. “… Or, I have another plan.”

“And what plan is that?” Samson asked.

“We could infiltrate one of their base.” Isaac said.

Samson wished Isaac haven’t said that. They now have only that option. It’s just plain and simple – fight or die. And they have to take the fight to their doorsteps.

  • * * * *

Book Three

Chapter 41

A.D. 2077, Somewhere on Earth

Middle of a forest. Birds chirped from the trees and a herd of deer grazed through the small grass land. There are many multi–story buildings scattered through the land. Most buildings are covered with vines and small plants.

There are piles of glass shards throughout the foot of the buildings. There is a black road which is filled with dry leaves running through the forest. And there are many unusable vehicles scattered on the road. Trees thrive here and sunlight can be seen seeping in through the tiny pores on the tree canopy.

Inside one of the buildings, on the fifth level, nearby a window, stood a man of age about thirty. His face is filled with hair and he have a long moustache. He is now analysing a herd of deer which are on the nearby road. He then took a piece of sugar cane from the side of the window and he began to chew it.

A moment later, a young woman appeared behind him from the nearby staircase.

“Edgar, are you seeing anything good?” The woman asked.

“Katie, there is a herd of deer outside.” Edgar said. “If you want, we can cook deer meat today.”

“Nah, let them go. They deserve to live longer.”

Edgar smiled. Katie came near him and she watched the road outside.

“We haven’t seen them for two months. Do you think they are gone?” Katie asked.

“I don’t think so. I think, they are preparing this world for something.” Edgar said thinking something.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because, if my visions are correct, they are going to drain every juice our planet have. And so far my visions were true. So, they are not going to let us go.”

Katie for a moment wished Edgar haven’t said that. But the truth is, this planet is on the verge of death. Even though here in this forest trees are healthy, things in other nearby forests aren’t the same. There are withered trees everywhere.

Now it’s been two years since the aliens first arrived here. And ever since their first encounter, forest began to reclaim the land quickly. It’s like someone sprinkled the growth hormones all over the place. The monkey plague must be the reason why the forest reclaimed everything. Whole cities got covered in forests.

Then, it was recently that Edgar spotted the withered trees. A whole forest withered and died. And the interesting thing is, Edgar is having visions about a young girl who called herself as the Mother Nature. She showed him so many things about the enemies. And if it isn’t for his visions, they would have been dead long ago.

It was last year that Edgar found Katie inside a crazy territory. He saved her and ever since that incident, they have been together. There are crazies everywhere. After the release of the monkey plague, the aliens released another plague. As the result of the second plague, most survivors turned into crazies. Crazies are crazy people who would definitely kill any survivors they see. They could be anywhere, waiting to slit your throat. If you’re really unfortunate, they will burn you alive.

The aliens are actually killing and destroying the humans because, humans are the only thing standing against whatever the hell the aliens are planning. Certainly, if the aliens win, this planet will die. The only hope the planet have is the resistance fighters. Resistance fighters are all over the world stalking aliens whenever they can. They say that, they have even destroyed an entire fleet of enemy battle ships.

But, earth is losing the war. If you kill one alien, two more will take its place. One can often see their space crafts in the sky. They are pretty organised and they are technologically advanced than any humans.

Among the resistance fighters, there is a popular story about some men who went to the Andromeda galaxy. Those men are the one who first encountered the aliens. After the war began to worsen, the whole communication system went down and every communication with the men who went to Andromeda also went down.

Edgar hopes that those men would return here with a better plan to save earth.

Edgar and Katie quickly lost in thoughts, looking at the herd of deer who are enjoying the young grass.

  • * * * *

Chapter 42

Edgar stood near the window, looking outside, whole day. When night began to set, he got inside a nearby room. Katie was already there. The room have no windows and as soon as he entered inside, he closed the door. The light from the candle shone everything inside the room.

He sat down on a blanket which is spread across the floor. And he slowly lie down. Katie also lie down beside him. She then placed her one hand on top of Edgar.

Suddenly, Edgar’s stomach began to growl. A moment later, Katie’s stomach also growled. They now eat only one meal per day. And the morning meal wasn’t anywhere near a good meal. Edgar is not that hungry since he was chewing sugar cane all day. But, that’s not Katie’s case. She eat only a little and she sleeps with a wild hungry stomach.

Even though there are forest resources outside, they are mostly afraid to go outside since there are gigantic Wolfdogs outside. They could be lurking in the shadows, waiting to get a taste of human flesh.

“We can’t sleep like this anymore.” Edgar said.


“Why? We need food, baby girl.”

Katie’s mouth widened. Then her smile quickly faded. “You know, we can’t go outside all the time. Those dogs could be anywhere. Yesterday, I saw one of them on the back of this building.”

Wolfdogs are quite common here. They almost forget where and when was they last seen one of them.

“We have to go for a supply run tomorrow.” Edgar said.

“Hello, didn’t you heard what I have said. They could be anywhere.”

“Don’t worry about it. We can’t always be in fear. Tomorrow, I am going for supplies whether you’re coming or not.” With that Edgar closed his eyes.

A drop of tear oozed down from Katie’s eyes. She actually hates this world. She sat up and blew out the candle. Then she slowly lie down. For some time, she listened to the sounds of the night. During night, one can often hear growls and shrieks. But, tonight, there aren’t any growls or shrieks. Tonight, there is only the song of grasshoppers.

“God, save us from this mess.” Katie uttered her usual prayer and she slowly fell asleep.

  • * * * *

Chapter 43

As soon as the dawn broke, Edgar and Katie stood near the window and they examined outside. So far no danger. Edgar went back inside the bedroom and he came back with a long knife.

Katie took a long metal rod from a side and she stood near the staircase.

“So, you’re coming with me?” Edgar asked.

“If I die, I want to die with you.” Katie said.

Edgar smiled. “Then, let’s get going.” Edgar first climbed down the staircase. Katie closely followed him.

Before long, they exited the building and they started their walk through the dark road.

“So, what are we looking for again?” Katie asked.

“There must be canned goods in that convenience store.” Edgar said pointing at a small building far away.

Katie nodded. They quickly pushed forward.

“There might be fresh fruits in the woods.” Katie said.

“We can look for fruits. But first things first. We need canned goods.”


Before long they covered a great deal of distance from their hideout. The road is filled with fallen leaves and leaves crunched as they walked over them. It’s been too long since the last rain. But water is plenty here. For Edgar and Katie, there is a healthy well near their hideout.

A few minutes later, they both reached near the store. There is a big name board on top of the store stating its name. But, the letters on the board are covered with mosses. The roof of the store is filled with vines and there is a pile of vehicles in front of the store. Edgar and Katie navigated through the maze of the vehicles and finally they entered inside the store through the intact glass door.

The carpet inside the shop is filled with mosses and there is a dampness on the carpet. And there are vines all over the ceiling. There are all sort of food products scattered through the shelves, but, most products must have expired long ago. Edgar went near the far corner and he spotted canned goods there. Edgar took a plastic carry bag from a nearby shelf and he began to put all sort of canned goods in it. Katie went near another aisle and she began to take bottled juices.

“Katie,” Edgar called.


“Don’t take those juice. It must have been expired long ago and its use can result in food poisoning.”

“Okay.” Katie dropped the bottles.

“Come here, and take these canned goods.” Edgar called.

Katie came near Edgar and she too took a plastic carry bag from a shelf. And she began to put all sort of canned goods in her bag.

A few minutes later, Edgar and Katie have four carry bags full of canned goods.

“Let’s get out of here.” Edgar said.

Katie nodded. They quickly exited the shop and they started their return journey. They haven’t covered much distance when all of a sudden, a series of swooshes came from the distant sky. Due to the presence of large tree canopy, the sky is barely visible. A few minutes later, sound of something being landed came from a distance. Edgar quickly went near the wall of trees and he looked at from where the sound is coming. Nothing is visible since there are lot of trees present here.

“Edgar, let’s go.” Katie worriedly said.

“Let’s check what it is.”

“No. Let’s go. It can’t be anything good.”

But Edgar didn’t listened to Katie. He went deeper into the woods. Katie saw no other choice but to follow him. A few minutes later, they reached near a grass meadow. Then they saw it.

Two Xhilarian ships are on the ground and the aliens are laying some kind of odd machines on the nearby ground. The machines looks like a metal cube, but with four robotic legs. They placed four machines in a square fashion. Then they placed solar panels all around the square. A moment later, with a rumbling sound, the machines began to operate. No movement can be seen, but the machines are continuously emitting a rumbling sound.

Edgar watched everything curiously.

“Edgar, let’s go.” Katie whispered.

“Okay.” Edgar sighed.

They quickly retraced their steps and before long they saw their hideout in a distance.

  • * * * *

Chapter 44

Edgar and Katie finally reached near their building. Suddenly a growl emanated from deep inside their hideout. Edgar and Katie went a little away from the building and they worriedly peered at the higher levels. Then they saw it through the windows. There are two Wolfdogs inside their building. Suddenly, one of the Wolfdogs glared at Edgar and Katie through the second level window.

“Run,” Edgar managed to say. They dropped their canned goods and they bolted into a silent run. Sound of something breaking apart came from their hideout, followed by a series of sharp screeches.

Edgar led the way in the front line. Katie closely followed him. Then pursuing footsteps came from behind them. Edgar stopped for a moment and he glanced at his rear. Then the horror struck him. Both the Wolfdogs are rushing at them.

“Edgar, this way.” Katie called from nearby. Edgar followed Katie’s voice and then he saw her near a manhole. She already removed the lid. As Katie saw him running towards her, she jumped into the man hole. Edgar closely followed her and he too jumped into the manhole.

They both landed in the drainage water.

A moment later the dogs arrived at the scene. One of the dogs poked its head inside the manhole, but the manhole is too small for it. Then the Wolfdogs made a sharp yelp and they ran away from the scene. Edgar and Katie took a deep sigh.

“Now what?” Edgar asked.

“You’re asking me, now what?”

Edgar took a deep sigh. He know where this conversation is going and he is tired of fighting with her. Edgar climbed on top of the concrete side lane and he walked towards the other end of the sewer. Katie said nothing. She followed him closely. They didn’t covered much distance when all of a sudden a laughter came from in front of them. Someone else is inside this sewer.

Edgar and Katie followed the laughter. Then they saw it. At the end of the sewer, there is a wide room made by removing the sewer walls. And there are a few dozens of men and woman sitting on the floor.

Edgar and Katie took a deep sigh. Finally fellow survivors. Edgar approached them.

“Help,” Katie without knowing uttered.

All the men and woman suddenly shifted their gaze at Edgar and Katie. Then Edgar saw that, all the woman and men are wearing torn cloths. Suddenly the men drew out knives from their waist band.

“Shit …” Edgar then realized their mistake. “Run, Katie.”

Katie too realised their mistake. They both turned towards from where they have come from. They could take the other end of the sewer. But, they are really unfortunate. From the other end of the sewer came a dozens of crazies with drawn knives.

“Where are you going, lads?” One of the crazy asked with a giggle.

Edgar didn’t said anything. He and Katie are too scared to move their lips.

“Ahh …” Katie screamed. Someone hit her on her head using a piece of log. Katie blacked out and she dropped unconscious.

“No …” Edgar quickly drew out his knife and he turned towards the unconscious form of Katie. “Ahh …” Suddenly someone hit him on his head using something. Edgar too blacked out. The crazies suddenly broke into a laughter.

  • * * * *

Chapter 45

Edgar woke up with a sharp, surging, pain on the back of his head. He slowly sat up. Fortunately he and Katie are alive. Katie is lying down nearby. Edgar looked at the floor carefully. The floor is filled with dirt and there is a dampness everywhere. Edgar then went near Katie and he began to shake her.

“Katie, wake up.”

Katie slowly opened her eyes and she sat up, massaging her head.

“Are we dead?” Katie asked.

“No. But, soon we will be.”

A drop of tear oozed down from her eyes. “Now what?”

Edgar didn’t answered. He stood up and analysed the room. There is a metal door nearby. He tried the knob but it is bolted shut from outside. Edgar tuned his ear for any sound from outside. Then he heard footsteps coming and leaving from nearby.

Katie went near the door and she uttered, “Please, let us go. Please.”

“Katie, we can’t argue with them. You know better. You once spent an entire week inside their cell and you know how this works.”

Katie nodded. “I was just looking for my luck.”

Edgar smiled. Then Edgar saw it. On the nearby wall, water is seeping into the room. Edgar went near the wall and he patted on the wall to see whether it would be hollow.

“What is it, Edgar?” Katie came near him and asked.

“There is another room nearby. And look. The other room must be filled with water.”

Edgar then searched the floor for something.

“What are you looking for?”

“Anything that can be used to make a hole on the wall.”

Katie too joined the search.

Then Edgar spotted it. Nearby the door, there is a loose concrete piece. The concrete piece is longer and thicker and it is sharper on one end. Edgar took the concrete piece and he went near the damp wall. He quickly began to remove the soil from the wall. Suddenly water began to pour out from the other side. Edgar didn’t stopped digging. He removed more soil. Suddenly water burst into the room, and a wide hole formed on the wall.

The room quickly got filled with water and water slowly began to flow out through the gap between the door and the floor. Edgar and Katie swam outside the room through the hole on the wall. Then they saw it. It was not a room. On the other side of their prison, it was a well. The well is a little deep but it was full of water.

Edgar and Katie floated on the water and they looked up. They could see sunlight seeping inside through the mouth of the well. Then they saw vines hanging along the walls. Edgar and Katie quickly held on to the vines for support. Then they began to climb up. Suddenly, sound of the door to their prison being opened came.

“Quick, Katie, quick.” Edgar said on the way.

Before long, they both hauled themselves outside. They took deep breaths.

“Get them,” Someone yelled from nearby.

Edgar and Katie quickly stood up and they peered around them. Then they saw the crazies rushing outside the sewer through a nearby manhole.

“Run,” Edgar managed to say. Then they both bolted into a sprint.

  • * * * *

Chapter 46

Somewhere in Planet Zera

Samson opened his eyes and he found himself in a grass land. He looked up and saw a pack of birds flying in the sky. Then he saw a woman standing nearby a tall tree. Her dress is glowing in a vibrant colour. Samson quickly recognised where he is – inside a dream.

Samson slowly walked towards the woman. As soon as he reached near her, she turned towards him. Then Samson saw that, her face is filled with black spots. Her black hair is whitish at several places, and her skin on her hands and legs are also filled with black spots. Samson can guess that she had been a beauty before.

“Samson,” The woman said.


“I guess you know who I am.”

“You’re the Mother Nature.”

The woman smiled. “My name is Juna. And I am sorry to tell you that, I am dying. And soon, all my children will die with me.”

“We could help. We could defeat the Xhilarians.”

Juna did a weak smile. “Thanks for cheering me up, but I am sorry, Samson. Now it’s time for you to get out of here. They are very strong. Go to your planet, Samson. Your mother may need your help. This planet is beyond help.”


“Go …”

Suddenly light seeped in from all directions. Samson closed his eyes due to the high intensity of the light. When he opened his eyes, he found himself sitting on the foot a tree. Sandy, Lucy, Isaac and others are also here. The morning is still hours away.

Samson tightened his grip on his plasma gun and he stood up.

It’s time to go.

  • * * * *

Chapter 47

Samson and his team stood on top of the hill and they peered at the cube shaped Xhilarian base below. There are dead trees all around the base and there is also a crystal tower nearby. Samson could see a few Xhilarians wandering around the base, armed with big laser guns.

A moment later, a huge Xhilarian ship landed nearby and a battalion of Xhilarians led a few human monkeys to the ship.

“Are you sure you can fly that thing?” Samson looked at Sandy.

“I am pretty sure.” Sandy said. “It was I who moved one of their ship from near Saxonvilla space research centre.”

Samson nodded.

A moment later, that ship flew up and it flew away from the scene.

“Let’s do this then.” Isaac said.

Everyone nodded. They started their crazy mission by climbing down the hill.

  • * * * *

Chapter 48

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Samson and team opened fire at the Xhilarians.

Xhilarians also fired back. Laser bolts and plasma bolts danced in the air. Before long, all the Xhilarians nearby the base went down for good. Suddenly, a battalion of Xhilarians rushed outside the base, all armed to the teeth. But they all are walking right into the trap.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flash grenades exploded creating a white light everywhere. When the light faded, Samson and team saw all the Xhilarians pretty much dead. These Xhilarians are pretty stupid. They never deploy Wolfdogs anywhere near their base. If Wolfdogs have been here, they wold have crushed this uprising quickly.

Samson and team cautiously entered inside the base. Inside the base, one Xhilarian is hurriedly doing something on the computer screen.


Samson shot down that Xhilarian.

“Search around. No one should leave.” Samson commanded.

Soldiers quickly split into a number of groups and they ran away in different directions, looking for any Xhilarian scums.

Gunshots came from here and there. A few minutes later, the base fully fell under silence. Suddenly, a swoosh came from the distant sky.

“Everyone, this is our chance.” Samson yelled.

Everyone nodded and they all braced for the second part of their crazy mission.

  • * * * *

Chapter 49

Samson placed his soldiers near all the windows. The middle sized Xhilarian fighter ship landed just outside the base and a battalion of Xhilarians rushed outside.

Samson nodded at his soldiers. As soon as the Xhilarians reached near the base, Samson and team opened fire.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Too easy. Xhilarians dropped dead without even firing their guns. Samson and team quickly discarded their cover and they ran towards the ship. A few Xhilarians inside the ship opened fire using small handheld laser guns. Samson and team hid behind the nearby dead trees and they fired at the Xhilarians.

A moment later, everything fell under silence. Without further thought, Samson and team rushed inside the ship. Inside the ship, they saw only dead bodies. Sandy and a few soldiers rushed towards the control room of the ship.

Suddenly with a shriek, a few dozens of Wolfdogs rushed towards the ship from the nearby forest. Samson and team braced for the attack. Suddenly with a loud thud, the boarding ramp of the ship slid in position and the Xhilarian ship flew up.

“Good bye, Juna.” Samson muttered.

  • * * * *

Chapter 50

We can’t abandon the Thibarians.” Isaac said.

Samson took a deep sigh.

“Sandy, land somewhere near that cave.” Samson said pointing at the waterfall shown in the control panel. Sandy said the command through the translator and suddenly, the ship moved towards the top of the waterfall. On the control panel, they could see the cave entrance at the top of the waterfall.

Fortunately the ship is fully automated. It need only voice instructions. The ship’s artificial intelligence is capable of recognising any type of instructions which are in Xhilarian language.

The ship landed on top of the hill and Isaac and Robin stood near the boarding ramp. A moment later, the boarding ramp slide down. Isaac and Robin quickly exited the ship and their foot touched the roof of the cave.

Suddenly, an arrow came out of nowhere and it struck on the metal wall of the ship. But ship remained intact.

“People, don’t shoot. It’s me, Isaac.”

Isaac and Robin slowly approached the cave entrance.

“Stop where you are. Where is Ruby?” A voice asked.

“He is dead. They killed him.” Isaac said.

“What are you doing in their ship? Are you trying to trick us?”

“No.” Robin yelled. A moment later, Samson and rest of his team exited the ship and they stood in the light.

“People, we need to leave this planet right now.” Samson yelled.

“See,” Isaac said. “We stole their ship to escape from here. You all should immediately come with us.”

“How do we know you’re not tricking us?”

“We are not tricking you guys.” Isaac said. “Because, you must have had a dream in the morning telling you to abandon the planet. We all had the same dream.”

Then all the Thibarians stepped into the light. Isaac and Robin took a deep sigh.

“People, hurry.” Samson yelled and he entered inside the ship.

Before long, all the Thibarians entered inside the ship. As soon as everyone is inside, the boarding ramp slide in position and the doorway closed. Sandy manoeuvred the ship in the air and the ship started to leave.

Suddenly, with a swoosh, a Xhilarian fleet approached the ship in which Samson and his team are in.

  • * * * *

Chapter 51

Somewhere on Earth

Edgar and Katie ran through the jungle shrubs and the maze of vehicles. Crazies closely followed them with a series of inhuman screams. There are many buildings nearby. But all buildings are in ruin and there is no time to get inside one building to hide. The crazies are that close.

Edgar and Katie breathed heavily and sweat uncontrollably oozed down from their body. The crazies looks like aren’t tired. They are really inhuman creatures.

Suddenly, Katie tripped over something. Edgar stopped and he ran towards Katie. He quickly helped her to regain her footing. Then they ran again. Crazies are slashing in the air, agitated, using their knives.

Edgar and Katie rounded a block of building and they got inside a nearby building through the crumbled back door. They both quickly began to climb the stairs. The building they are now in is four storied and before long they reached the fourth level of the building. They peered outside through the window and saw the Crazies running away from the scene.

Suddenly, a movement caught in the corner of Edgar’s eyes. Edgar looked back and saw five men standing before them with assault rifles.

Then Katie too saw the men. She was about to scream when one of the men placed his index finger across his mouth indicating at Edgar and Katie to keep silence. Edgar and Katie obeyed. The men came near Edgar and they analysed everything through the window. All these men are wearing a grey coloured shirt and blue jeans.

“Who are you, guys?” Edgar whispered.

“I am Andy.” One of the men said. “We are the resistance fighters.”

  • * * * *

Chapter 52

Edgar and Andy peered outside through the window. A few minutes later, they saw the crazies retreating to whence they came. A few more minutes later, all the crazies disappeared from their vision. Edgar took a deep sigh.

“That was really close.” Katie broke the silence.

Andy smiled. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Edgar and Katie nodded.

They quickly exited the building and Andy led them deeper into the forest.

“Where are we going?” Edgar asked.

“To our base.” Andy said.

The other men with Andy are very silent.

“So, who is winning the war?” Katie asked.

“Them.” Andy said.

“Do we stand a chance?” Edgar asked.

“We can’t say anything at this moment.” Andy smiled.

“In the morning, we saw several of those aliens placing some kind of machines in a grass land.” Edgar said.

“What kind of machines?” Andy asked.

“We don’t know. It looked like a metal cube but with four legs.” Edgar said.

“Oh, that,” Andy quickly recognised it. “They are for building crystal towers.”

“What crystal tower?” Edgar asked.

“They are building crystal towers all over the world.” Andy said. “And for that they drain our Mother Nature’s energy. I guess you have had dreams from the mother.”

“Yes, I had those dreams.” Edgar said.

“The Xhilarians are actually draining her energy. These crystal towers are for terraforming our planet. Those machines you saw are for draining the Mother Nature’s energy.”

Edgar went silent. He forced a nod.

“So, what are you doing here?” Katie asked.

“We were on small lookout mission.” Andy said.

They passed a maze of cars and they entered into a land where trees thrive. A few minutes later, Edgar saw a huge building on the middle of the forest.

“That’s our base.” Andy said.

Edgar and Katie nodded. They increased their pace and in the doorway of the building, they are met with a dozens of resistance fighters. All are men and they all have assault rifles in their hands. As soon as everyone are inside, one of the men closed the front door.

Edgar and Katie took a deep breath. Finally they are safe.

  • * * * *

Chapter 53

Andy and every one of his men sat around a huge table.

“So, any news from the scouts?” Andy asked.

“Nothing yet.” One of the men answered.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Suddenly a series of knocks on the front door shifted their gaze. Andy and his men quickly took their assault rifles from the floor. One of the men slowly went near the front door and he peered outside through the peek hole. Then he took a deep sigh.

“It’s the scouts.” The man said.

Andy and team took a deep breath. The man near the door opened the door and five scouts entered inside.

The scouts came near Andy.

“They called a meeting in the north base. They said it is important.” One of the scouts said.

“When?” Andy asked.

“Tomorrow. We could get there in time if we leave today.” The scout said. “And, who are they?” He looked at Edgar and Katie.

“They are Edgar and Katie.” Andy said. “Some crazies were chasing them. I brought them here.”

The scout smiled at Edgar and team.

“Okay then. When are we leaving?” The scout asked.

“We will leave after the lunch.” Andy said.

A moment later, two men came forward and they placed two baskets of apples and oranges on the table.

“This is lunch?” Edgar asked.

“Yeah.” Andy said. “Is there any problem?”

“No. I am just surprised.” Edgar said.

“Okay, then. Let’s eat.” Andy said.

  • * * * *

Chapter 54

Andy and his team started their journey to the north base right after the lunch. Andy gave guns to Edgar and Katie and Edgar is pretty happy now. Andy says that, even though they have guns, they don’t stand a chance against the Wolfdogs. The bullets won’t damage Wolfdogs much. But, fortunately, the number of Wolfdogs in this place is pretty low.

Edgar took the apple from his pants pocket and he took a bite.

Andy and his team are pretty much alerted and they are moving by pointing their rifles. According to Andy, north base is the last surviving human refugee camp. Edgar and Katie can’t wait to see the north base.

They passed many crumbled vehicles and crumbled buildings. Greenery thrive everywhere and there are a large number of vines hanging from the top of the buildings. There aren’t any building with intact glass structures. Everything is in run and Nature reclaimed everything.

Like Edgar had thought, Andy also believes that the aliens are preparing the Mother Nature for the harvest. The crystal towers may be the first step towards obtaining the harvest.

They walked through the dark road for hours, and finally, when the evening sun brightened up in the sky, Edgar and Katie saw the outer wall of the north base.

A few minutes later, the outer wall clearly came into view. The outer wall is made up of stones and the wall is huge. And there are sentries everywhere on top of the wall.

Before long, Andy and team entered inside the north base through the wide gate. As soon as they are inside, a sentry closed the gate. There are many good looking buildings here. Buildings aren’t that pretty, and they are not that tall too.

Edgar and Katie then began to see people. Most people are doing some works around their houses. Some of the woman are in the middle of a good gossip. The whole base is alive in all way. Andy navigated his team through the crowd and finally they saw the main building in a distance. There are sentries armed with M16 all around the main building.

Andy smiled at the sentries and the sentries made a path for them to pass. Andy and team quickly entered inside the huge main building through the wide doorway. Inside the building, there are a few dozens of men and woman who are armed to the teeth. They all are talking each other and are enjoying their time.

“Everyone is here.” Andy said to Edgar with a smile. Edgar nodded.

Finally, Edgar feels home.

  • * * * *

Chapter 55

People, thank you for coming on such a short notice.” The leader stood on a small podium and he shouted.

“Who is he?” Edgar asked Andy.

“He is Frank and he is the leader of the resistance.” Andy said.

Edgar nodded.

Frank continued, “I called this meeting because, it came into my attention that, the enemies are growing stronger here. They have started building their crystal towers in the north. And near that crystal tower, trees are withering and are dying. We need to act quickly or we may lose our base soon.”

Suddenly, a man stood up. “We are still having dreams, or, visions if you call that, about Mother Nature. Do you have any theory for that?” He asked.

“We are still working on that.” Frank said. “Since, so far the dreams were true to us, we have to assume that these aliens are targeting our Mother Nature. They may be draining her energy. That’s exactly why we need to act quickly. So, are you all with me?”

“Yes, we are with you.” Everyone said aloud.

“Then, we will march towards north tomorrow morning. Eat and drink and empty your hunger. A long war day is ahead.” Frank toasted a glass of wine.

A few men quickly took wine bottles from nearby shelves and they supplied the drink in plastic glasses. Edgar took a glass of wine from a nearby table and he sipped. And he looked at Andy.

“Now, I feel alive.” Edgar said. “Let’s send them straight to hell.”

Andy smiled. “For tomorrow.” Andy toasted his drink.

“For tomorrow.” Edgar said.

  • * * * *

Chapter 56

Somewhere in Planet Zera

The Xhilarian fleet slowly approached Samson’s ship.

“Sandy, can you get us out of here?” Samson asked.

Sandy looked at the control panel. Suddenly, A Xhilarian, supposedly the fleet commander, appeared on the control panel.

The Xhilarian started saying something in the unknown language, but Sandy’s translator didn’t said anything.

“Sandy, get us out of here, please.” Samson said with a worry.

“Ship, can you space jump to planet earth in the Milky Way galaxy?” Sandy asked through the translator.


“Then do it.”

Suddenly a blue light ring appeared in front of the ship, and then, the blue light ring began to rotate at high speed. A moment later, the wormhole formed in front of the ship.

Suddenly, the Xhilarian fleet opened fire at Samson’s team. But, before the laser bolts could damage the ship, the ship entered inside the wormhole.

A few minutes later, the ship ejected out of the wormhole, and far away, through the control panel, Samson and team could make out the form of earth which is floating in the everlasting darkness.

Finally, home!

  • * * * *

Chapter 57

Somewhere in Planet Zera, Inside a Xhilarian base

Zabar is very busy monitoring the crystal towers. Suddenly the door to the command room burst opened and a few Xhilarians stood in the doorway.

“Sir,” One of the Xhilarian said.

Zabar looked in their direction. “What?”

“One of our ship went rogue.”

“What? When?”

“The past hour. We think that the humans are the one who behind this.”

“What’s the ship ID?”


Zabar quickly gestured at a nearby Xhilarian to do something. The Xhilarian frantically typed instructions into the computer.

“Sir, they space jumped into Milky Way galaxy.” The nearby Xhilarian said.

“Where are they going?” Zabar asked.

“To Earth, sir.”

Zabar’s mouth widened.

They are walking right into our base.

  • * * * *

Chapter 58

Somewhere on planet earth

Edgar, Katie, Andy, Frank and rest of the resistance fighters marched towards north. The black road is filled with fallen leaves and at several places there are crumbled vehicles. Each of them are armed with M16 and they all have back packs which are filled with explosives.

Before long, they exited the black road and entered into a dirt road. Then, far away, they could make out the form of a white tower. The tower is huge and its foot is not visible since there are a large number of trees all around the tower.

“People, ready or anything unexpected.” Frank reminded everyone.

Everyone nodded and they increased their pace.

Suddenly, a series of growls came from a nearby tree land. Frank motioned at everyone to get ready. Then Frank and Andy ran in the front line and they peered over the tree land in front of them. The growls are coming from nearby. Edgar and rest of the team closely followed Frank.

They quickly entered inside the forest. Everyone quickly drew out grenades from their back packs and they all braced themselves. Then they saw it. It was regular dogs. There is a pack of them there. They all are tearing down and eating a human body. And a decaying smell is all over the place.

Everyone covered their nose with their hands and they quickly moved away from the scene. The feral dogs didn’t even attempted to look at the humans. They all must be very hungry.

They then walked for hours. When they got thirsty, they drank water from the water bottles. When they got hungry, they ate fruits which they brought with them.

Finally, a few hours later, the tower fully came into view. The tower is in fact standing nearby a huge tree less hill. The whole tower glistened in the sunlight. Then they saw a cube shaped building nearby.

“People, that’s a Xhilarian base.” Frank said pointing at the building. “Get ready, and good hunting, everyone.” Frank and Andy quickly ran towards the Xhilarian base.

Edgar’s heart pounded faster. This is it. It’s time to send those bastards to hell. Edgar and rest of the team closely followed Frank.

  • * * * *

Chapter 59

Somewhere on planet earth, A Xhilarian base

The Xhilarian base stood proudly on the foothills. A few guards are wandering around the base, armed to the teeth. The Xhilarian commander stood near the window and it analysed the crystal tower which is standing right next to the base.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Suddenly gunshots broke out from outside. The Xhilarian commander quickly drew out its small handheld laser gun and it ran towards the front doorway. Then it saw through the doorway that, a few dozens of humans are approaching from all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Xhilarian commander and the nearby Xhilarians quickly opened fire. A few humans quickly went down and the same number of Xhilarians also went down. The commander quickly drew out a rectangular device from its pocket and it pressed a red switch. Suddenly, an alarm went off and a battalion of Xhilarian soldiers came from deep inside the base.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Xhilarian commander stepped outside and it continued to fire

Suddenly the humans started throwing grenades. A few Xhilarians quickly went down in the grenade explosions. Then, one of the Xhilarians managed to activate the mind controlling device. It walked towards the approaching humans, showing the blue coloured mind controlling device to everyone. A stream of blue light continuously flew out from the device like a river. The light is going only in one direction.

Suddenly, all the humans stopped moving and they all dropped their weapons.

Too easy. The Xhilarian commander broke into a giggle.

  • * * * *

Chapter 60

Edgar slowly opened his eyes. Then, he couldn’t believe what he is seeing. His hands are restrained and an army of Xhilarians stood before him. Andy, Frank, Katie and others are also here. All of their hands are restrained.

“What the hell?” Edgar muttered.

He couldn’t remember anything. He remember operating his gun against the Xhilarians and then he saw a blue light. And that was it. He remember nothing else. A Xhilarian, probably the leader, is standing nearby and it is giggling at Edgar.

“What the hell are you laughing at, bastard?” Andy asked the Xhilarian leader.

But the leader said nothing. It continued to laugh. Suddenly, a swoosh came from the sky. A Xhilarian ship. This is it. They are going to take Edgar and his team to their concentration camps.

Suddenly it happened. The small Xhilarian war ship opened fire at the crystal tower which is nearby. Laser bolts rained at the tower from the ship and the tower collapsed on top of the Xhilarian base, just missing the Xhilarians. Dust blew in all directions and a kind of mist hovered over the debris.

The whole place then exploded in commands in the unknown language. The Xhilarians are running in different directions and some of the Xhilarians opened fire at the Xhilarian rogue ship. A moment later the ship landed nearby, and its boarding ramp slide down.

Suddenly, a few dozens of humans came out of the ship, shooting plasma bolts in all directions. Then Edgar saw that, there are humans who are in partial clothes coming out of the ship. Those people are armed with bows and arrows.

The swoosh of the arrows came from here and there. A few minutes later, everything fell in silence.

Excitement jolted through Edgar. Then the humans with plasma guns came towards Edgar and his team, and they cut down the restraints which are on the hands of Edgar and his team.

“Who are you?” Edgar asked his rescuer, with full of joy.

“I am Samson.”

“The Samson? Who went to Andromeda galaxy?” Edgar asked.

Samson nodded his head. Suddenly, with a series of swooshes, a Xhilarian fleet approached the survivors from the distant sky.

  • * * * *


The Xhilarian war fleet slowly approached Samson and the small band of survivors. Samson could make out five ships in the fleet. Samson and team braced themselves. Suddenly, two gigantic unknown ships came out of nowhere and they opened fire at the Xhilarian fleet. The unknown ships were actually coming from the rear of the Xhilarian fleet. The Xhilarians seemed to have not noticed the new ships.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fire engulfed the Xhilarian fleet and with loud bang all the ships in the fleet exploded into pieces. The remains of the explosion landed here and there on the ground, throwing tons of dirt in all directions.

When the dust settled down, both the unknown ships landed nearby. The unknown ships are actually huge. Then, the side ramps of the ships slide opened and a few hundreds of humans marched outside. Samson actually couldn’t believe what he is seeing.

Samson then looked at the ships more closely. There are no name boards on top of the ships. The ships are entirely black in colour and there are not even any markings. The newly arrived humans walked towards Samson.

“Who are you? Where are you coming from?” Samson asked the approaching crowd.

Then a tall man came forward. “I am Johannes. We are coming from Tron Tee galaxy. Our homes were destroyed. We were told that, earth is our last hope.”

“But, they are here too. They are building crystal towers everywhere.” Samson said.

“True. But together, we can defeat them.” Then he looked at the crystal tower which is magically growing up. “You can’t destroy the towers like this. They will keep growing from the ground. To stop them, we need to burn it down.”

“So, we have to play with fire now?” Samson asked smiling.

“Yeah. To fight against fire, we need fire.”


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