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The Sales Guy


[The Sales Guy

Copyright 2016 Marcus Kruger

Published by Marcus Kruger at Shakespir

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~ The Sales Guy ~

I can still visualize the day I met David Harding.  He was the new-hire in Sales and was being introduced to the different groups he would be working with.  Since Custom Coding, my department, does a lot of work for Sales reps, he was brought to my office as well.

I guess it’s a good thing I have at least a little self-control, the man holding his hand out to me was gorgeous!  Six foot two, trim, not “muscular” but he filled his shirt well.  He also filled his slacks well, which I of course noticed but managed at least not to stare at.  Much.  Dark blue eyes with sandy-blonde hair over a cute nose and the most incredible smile on the planet.  His handshake was firm, but soft, smooth skin.  I would have sworn he drug his fingertips across my palm when we released, but I figured that was just hopeful thinking.  He also had a deep sensuous voice that sounded like he smiled on the inside too.

We ate lunch together a few times his first couple weeks; If I saw him in the cafeteria and he was sitting alone, I’d wander over and join him.  The second time it happened, he mentioned the girl he was dating.  I had to find out more on this one.

“Any  plans?”  I asked before taking a bite of what was supposed to be macaroni and cheese.

“You mean marriage?”  He chuckled, my body responded.  “No, nothing that serious.  We’re more the “friends with benefits” type of couple.

“Does she know you feel that way?” I asked with a wink.

“She’s the one that initially suggested it.  Definitely lucked out there.”

Good, he didn’t seem startled or offended by the wink.  Assuming, of course, he even saw it. 

“Sounds like you’re a lucky man.”

“I suppose.”

“Trouble in paradise?”  Be still, oh my heart.

Again that laugh.  I wondered if men were allowed to swoon.  “No, not really.  We’ve been together a few months and it’s getting ‘normal’.  You know how it is.”

“I wish I did.  Unfortunately I’m a bummin’ batchelor.”  I tossed in another wink.

“Wearing out your right hand, huh?”

Did he just smile more when I winked?  “My left, actually.”

Once more he laughed.  He looked so relaxed and content with his surroundings .. or maybe just with himself … but he sure looked inviting.  “Well, just remember the lube.”

Do NOT blush!  “Or find someone to help me out.”

“There is that.  Definitely the option I’d go for.”

Unfortunately, his pager went off at that point.  He checked the number and excused himself.  He punched his phone as he headed for the door; he was speaking to whichever customer before he left the room.

A few days later, couple hours before quitting time, I hit the men’s room.  When I opened the door, there was Dave, washing his hands.

“Sorry, Michael, I’ll be out of your way in a sec.”

I should mention we work in a relatively small office, the restrooms are built for one.  There is a lock on the door for privacy, normally latched when occupied.

“Not a problem Dave.  I’m not in that much of a hurry.  At least not yet.”

He dried his hands then headed out the door.  I managed to slide in the door and we passed like ships avoiding a collision.  Except we did bump into each other.  I decided a little more play was necessary.

“That’s what the locks are for, so they tell me.”

“I’ll try to remember that.  It’s just not something I’m used to doing.”

With that I stepped all the way into the men’s room, locked the door and groaned.  My body was screaming for attention – there was no way I was taking a leak with ‘Junior’ standing at attention, so I took care of him first.  Then still had to wait for him to calm down.  By the time I was able to take care of my bladder it was ready to pop at the seams.

A couple days later Dave walked into my office to discuss a possible new account.  I leaned back in my chair, something I do a lot … his eyes dropped to my crotch then back up.  He grinned that infamous smile and asked, “Forgetful, stuck, or advertising?”

“Huh?”  Sometimes I get so oblivious.

“Your zip.  Did you forget it, is it stuck, or are you advertising for a person to take over for your left hand?”

I checked my fly and growled.  Of course it was down.  I had been in the men’s room a few minutes earlier, decided I must have just not paid attention.  I obviously didn’t check before I left the room.

“Oh.  Sorry, dude.”

“Don’t worry about it.  We all have one.”

Looks like I’m going to need another trip there soon…  Damn thing has a mind of its own.  I sat up, zipped up, and we finished our conversation.  As soon as I was able to stand I was off to relieve the twins.  Beginning to think this was becoming a habit.

But then things were quiet for a few months.  We might pass each other in the hallway, but I was frequently taking lunch in my office and Dave was traveling a lot.  I couldn’t find any opportunities to troll the waters.  Was a very frustrating time.  Then, first thing on a Monday morning in late December he stepped into my office.  He partially closed the door, which effectively hid him from view by anyone in the hall.  The move definitely peaked my interest.  Along with other things.

“Mornin’ Dave.  What’s up?”


“Umm … sorry?”

“You can’t laugh.”

“Ok.  I won’t laugh.”

“I got my nips pierced on Saturday.”

I worked hard at not laughing.  “You had your nipples pierced?” I half-whispered.

“Hold on a sec.”  He finished closing my door.  “Susan asked and I thought what the hell and did it.”

“Both of them?”


“Why?  Other than to please your girlfriend?”  I didn’t like using her name.  Made it easier to pretend she didn’t exist, which meant my fantasies had less obstacles to overcome.

“Next time your left hand is busy, use your right to tweak a nip.  Directly wired to please, man.”

“I’ll … have to try it sometime.”  By this time I was definitely struggling not to laugh.  If he noticed, he didn’t say anything.

“ Problem is they are tender like hell right now.  And this is one of my tighter shirts, which means the silk is rubbing over them a lot.”

“Ah… painful I bet.”

“Actually the pain was gone by last night.  But this damn silk shirt rubs them and I get a definite … ache.”

“So let me see.”

The look on his face was priceless.  “What?”

“Your nipples man.  What did you think I meant?”

“Nice save.  I thought you were thinking lower.”

I was, sort of, but no reason to admit it right then.  “So, you gonna show me or not?”

“Alright.  Just … don’t tell anyone.”

“Our little secret.”

With that he flipped his tie over his shoulder and undid all but the top two buttons of his shirt, untucking it as he went.  His nipples looked sore.  Bright red, with a shiny gold hoop hanging from each one.  I didn’t think – I just reached out and slid a finger behind one of them – I thought I was being gentle.

“Crap dude!  That didn’t help.”

“Sorry, Dave.  I haven’t seen a pierced nipple up close and was curious.”

“And that’s all it was?”

That stopped me in my tracks.  How was I supposed to answer that?  I actually was curious.  At least that was part of my reasoning.  So I decided it would be better to deflect rather than outright answer.  “What do you mean?”

“Never mind.”

“No.  Seriously, Dave.  I’d like to know what you meant.”

“I don’t want to lose your friendship over this.”

“Damn man, I don’t know what’s up but you don’t need to worry about losing our friendship.  It means too much to me.  So, unless you’re going to shoot me or kick me in the nuts, I think you’re safe.”

“I’ve always had the feeling you were gay.”  He began buttoning back up.

“Any specific reason?”

“You’re not angry?”

“No.  Just interested in what gave me away.”

“Just the way you… wait… gave you away?  You mean you are gay?”

No reason to stop now.  “Yeah.  Have been forever.  Doesn’t matter does it?”

He unbuckled his belt and undid his pants to tuck his shirt in.  I sat down.  Easier to hide that way – not to mention shorter distance to fall when I fainted.  “Not to me.  I like our relationship too and don’t plan on dropping it.  Especially over something as unimportant as you being gay.”


“Yeah.  I mean sure it means a lot to you and all…”

“You could say that.”

“But it’s not something that bugs me.  In fact it’s rather cool.  I’ve never had a close gay friend before.”

He thinks we’re close.  “Ok then.  I guess we’re straight.”

“No, Michael.  We aren’t straight – can’t be – you’re gay.” 

“Funny guy.  So, you’re saying, we’re ‘bi’?”

He finished fixing his clothes and started to open my door.  “Something like that.”

“Where are you off to?”

“Got a telecom in a few and need to hit the men’s first.  I’m sure we’ll talk more.  Maybe go out for drinks or meet for coffee or whatever…”  With that he gave a half-wave and stepped out of my office.

Whatever’ sounds good to me.

The Sales Guy

  • ISBN: 9781310306044
  • Author: MB Krueger
  • Published: 2016-02-16 20:05:45
  • Words: 1714
The Sales Guy The Sales Guy