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This Arri Aurha Version of the SACRED INSI is the rightful property of all peoples of the world willing to partake in the great life of equal salvation in the UTMOST GOD as a unified and harmonious righteous family.



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Tempests 1


1 Unless you know the lies for what they are, chains of bondage and thorns of death, 2 you will never ever know the truth and the liberty it bestows upon life: 3 for truth is the light that clears away the darkness of lies 4 and the power the destroy the thorns of death through righteousness. 5 Without having fallen first, all rising is meaningless nomatter how great, 6 for it is in falling that you can discover the true power that lifts enduringly; 7 the glory of Him who bids us to an endless glory every day. 8 Faith is great virtue, but if not born of trials and tempests, 9 it is no real faith at all which can endure; for true faith is the power of the UTMOST of all, 10 called upon to life and unveiled in the wake of tempests, 11 then plied into acts of courage to overcome adversity, failure and to conquer death.



Tempests 2


1 What then shall I say O UTMOST, concerning the tempests that stands before them that shall come unto thee; 2 for now, a people once without real hope of salvation, steadfast faith and an abiding inheritance in light 3 are finally bid by thee to glory; the Most Kind and the Most Righteous of all: 4 what shall I exhort them in than to listen and discern the gift of life that lies within these tempests; 5 and what shall I do than to spread thine glory upon the scroll and present it before the threshold of their hearts; 6 for unless they heed with their hearts, and perceive with the eyes of the minds, 7 they cannot be firm in their deliverance but will waver and perish? 8 What shall I say to those of hearing, than to speak the word of truth only that brings light to life according as you impart? 9 For before thine beloved lies great tempests; trials that shutter the soul and impair all hearing and all seeing. 10 Here is defeat in death; and there is victory in life; 11 but how is victory in life their gift and their blessing and not death? 12 For the darkness is thicker and long; and the howling and thudding of the night deafening and blinding. 13 The days too, are longer and the skies cloudless, how long will the people endure, 14 on the tiny morsel of bread in their bossom, 15 seeing that the fields are barren and the granaries empty?



Tempests 3


1 And with the streams, the lakes and the rivers dry, with what shall they quench their thirst; for even the wells are running out fast by the day. 2 If it were a thing easy to do, I would beseech victory in life to come to their threshold before death arrives; 3 yet eventhough more scary than all, death is the doorway to true rest and everlasting victory in life. 4 For even me, if I evade death, then I am doomed; therefore, 5 I will walk through its shadows, lurking in the hills and the valleys like they shall do unto all; 6 and though I fall a thousand times, I shall stand up a thousand fold times, till I meet thee at the end of death’s horizon. 7 For though death thinks of itself as the ultimate finish of everything, 8 I am glad now that beyond its veil of darkness live thee O UTMOST of all; 9 the truth and the righteousness; 10 the light and the life that is infinite liberty in and for everyone and for all things.



Tempests 4


1 What greater misery can I compare to living with a contrite heart? 2 Those who walk in darkness and are its brood, 3 find pleasure and liberty in the fruits of lies and deceit. 4 In the blood of the innocent and in the toil of the weak and defenseless, 5 they find profit by day and respite by night; and when they go out to their meeting places, 6 they speak impeccably, of piety and act as though they are the more pious of all. 7 My heart has known enough grief concerning these hypocrites O my soul: 8 the sorrows of the innocent, the righteous and the defenseless multiplies by night and by day but no one helps. 9 For this cause, I too, am in sorrow: and the turbulence of my sorrows, 10 caused by the broken walls of justice and the poisoned well of truth are great. 11 O my voice, cry ye unto the Most Righteous of all; 12 cry ye unto the UTMOST and cease not, till His arm of kindness 13 is stretched with fullness of mercy and deliverance unto all horizons. 14 Cry thee and cease not, till true light and true liberty are come 15 as the equal benediction and inheritance of all in all.



Tempests 5


1 Cry thee o my soul and cease not, for the walls of salvation are raised as a hedge, 2 to keep out the common men and women and all their children; and the gates thereof closed to shut out them of different colour and kin. 3 The numbers of the qualified are written bold upon the walls of the famous scroll; 4 and so are the names of the judges and the lords, but none of them represent the common ones in their meekness and those of colour and tribe in their oceans and seas. 5 Instead, they are made to swear oaths and allegiances to Gods who despise them; 6 Gods who maimed and killed their fathers and their mothers and still massacre 7 their own sons and daughters in the name of good, when all they truly seek is plundering and domination; 8 O my soul, cry ye for the hope of the oceans and the seas is defiled by the cunning of heaven and earth. 9 They are deceived day and night; to sing songs and compose works to Gods who lead the armies 10 that plunder their own inheritances and doom their own lives in the name of good when in truth, 11 they are beasts preying on the ignorant and the weak, the defenseless and the voiceless. 12 Though their eyes be open, they cannot recognize these preying beasts as they are, 13 for as sheep’s shepherds do they cloth by day; and by night prey as wolves and ravenous hyenas prey: 14 yeah, they are deadly beasts, to whose howling and mocking night laughter 15 these people are deaf eventhough they have ears to hear.



Tempests 6


1 Cry ye my soul and cease not; for the gift of salvation is made a privilege of the few 2 and of them who are of noble birth by cunning men and conniving Gods. 3 Cry ye more, for in thine voice is the hope of all the common peoples, 4 of all the nations and all the worlds; folks whose story is not told well and not rectified with remorse. 5 Darkness is thicker and frightening upon them so much they are ready to give in, 6 but if they will hear thine voice, their hope will be arisen. 7 Cry yet and cease not, for in thine tears is their shinning light of liberty. 8 They are slaves to Gods who despise equality and truth and shun liberty for all. 9 They know not the truth of their origin; for they take the story of others concerning all things, as the whole truth; 10 howbeit this story is told by conniving Gods and by cunning men who despise truth, 11 and butcher equality by all means possible for the sake of gain and domination; 12 and now for the fear of reprisal for the watch is witnessing against them.



Tempests 7


1 Cry ye o my soul and make known, the one and only interminable and true equal salvation of all; 2 the one and only UTMOST of all in whom all the boundaries and barriers fade into nothingness. 3 Yeah, declare and make known the equal gift of light and life in Him which is the inheritance of all. 4 Thou know of the ways of all the Gods; how they tussle for the greater spoil and the greater reverence by men; 5 how they deceive generations after generations with doctrines of justified discrimination, 6 and justified hate, and justified wars, violence, and manipulations. 7 Thou know also how each of them, through their envoys, claim supremacy as the greater of all; yet the truth of their works and ways prove otherwise: 8 for truth and righteousness do they abandon in favour of prejudice and gain by treachery and lies. 9 Generations have perished o my soul; and many more are still perishing in wars fought in their names: 10 endless sacrifices committed to their names too, but still, these Gods have shunned the innocent and the defenseless, treating the common as mere slaves. 11 Therefore, cry ye o my soul and cease not, till the heavens speak: 12 hold not thine tears for they are balm, unto generations that will judge and condemn these cunning Gods and all their angels; 13 according to the highest instruction and highest ordinance of all life and infinity which is truth and righteousness, 14 for in them peace, love, mercy, harmony, kindness and liberty rejoice forevermore.



Tempests 8


1 Cry ye and cease not, for in thine cry will the moon, the sun, the stars and all the other worlds know, 2 of how the captains and the judges condemn and murder the innocent in their courts, 3 and in their dungeons, but acquit the guilt for pockets of silver and gold: 4 how the will of the oceans is tramped upon by those who are rogue for the sake of power. 5 Yes, though it be written and declared boldly that the common man is equal to all and have right and liberty to all things, 6 in truth, the common man is common unto all things; even unto the Gods, having no right and liberty; 7 and not equal to the rogue hawks at all, but are slaves to these power and gain hungry insatiable beasts. 8 Cry ye and restrain not the rivers of thine eyes until a worthy ear hears you, 9 and a caring hand stretches to a just and righteous cause; for the governors of the worlds, 10 and the captains upon the thrones have failed the righteous cause of everlasting and equal salvation for all.



Tempests 9


1 The Gods have failed o my soul; what they bother about is gain and domination; 2 and for that end, they pity humans against humans every day and every night through violence and brutal wars. 3 They widen the measure of poverty, suffering, want, infirmity and sickness through endless disasters; 4 and the powers they bestow upon the wicked, who go unto men as shepherds and ministers of salvation while in truth, 5 they are slave masters and preying beasts building thrones and kingdoms 6 for golden lions and silver wolves with the blood of the innocent and the defenseless. 7 The priests and the prophets, them who are supposed to lead in the path of rectitude and truth, have gone rogue too. 8 They take sides with murderers and oppressors for the sake of gaining things. 9 They use the name of light and life in vain, for with truth and with righteousness do they bait gold and silver; 10 and frankeinsence, and iron, and all the things they crave for from the treasuries of the common men. 11 Instead of working works of righteousness and prophesying things that save nations and generations, 12 they have turned all their weight to individuals who can offer gifts; 13 howbeit such are only those with gifts of silver and gold to offer them are the ones who receive blessings.



Tempests 10


1 Heed and be of valor o my soul, these are the tempests of thine path and of them that are righteous: 2 these are the thorns that you have to walk through; 3 that thou should be voice of truth and voice of liberty, to all the pilgrims of the earth 4 and all the slaves of every manner of lie and cunning known. 5 Be thou anxious not of the wicked prophets, who are gone rogue and are the countenance of malevolent Gods; 6 and be thou anxious not, of the captains and the judges of the world, 7 who abandon their trust and tramp on the will of the peoples for the sake of gain and power. 8 Cry ye, what worthy ear is there in the heavens or in any place to hear me plea the plight of the peoples 9 than thee O UTMOST of all; the infinity envision of all in all? 10 What worthy power can rectify these causes, for all the Gods have failed? 11 Thou have searched and tested their ways by depth and by height and by width and by length; 12 with the doctrine they teach as thine scale and thine testing meter, and right before their threshold, thou found hypocrisy. 13 Though they preach peace and love, they despise it; and though they declare justice and harmony, 14 in their shrines and in their high places, they loathe it more than they say it: 15 and though they send a thousand envoys and numerous prophets, priests, ministers and evangelists, 16 to preach equality and to declare liberty for all, to promise a kingdom for all and an inheritance for all, 17 in truth, they despise it all and tirelessly sabotage it; evidence of which 18 is written all over the world after their names and upon the faces of the mourning and the bereaved. 19 Here, the lot of the few and there, the little of the many; there the misery of the many and there the pleasures of the few. 20 Here the crypts and the chains of the innocent and the slaves of deception, 21 and there the liberty of the corrupt murders, thieves and the slave masters.



Tempests 11


1 O my heart, follow in their scrolls and their books, and see whose Gods are they: 2 and o ye men of understanding, art thou not ashamed in thine awareness of this? 3 When a river is made flooded before thine children, 4 by those with ships with which to cross, what do you think in thine fibers of piety? 5 When mountains are raised before thine generations, 6 by those that can fly and ride upon chariots and horse backs, what do thine hearts command thee? 7 Art thou not ashamed of yourselves, pledging allegiance to such gross wickedness and crudeness? 8 And o ye sons and daughters of the slave masters, judges and captains of the evil Gods, ye that are born privileged in wickedness; 9 are thine hearts so hard thou cannot realize thou are feasting on the blood of the weak, 10 and the innocent whom thine fathers and thine forefathers murdered and sacrificed in broad daylight out of greed? 11 Can’t thou feel the plight of these people whom thou torture and despise 12 while drinking their blood and feast upon their toil and inheritance which your generations plundered? 13 Aren’t thou ashamed of thine cunning Gods who maim, deceive, kill, rape, colonize and plunder in the name of good? 14 Where is their love and their goodness with all this suffering in the world? 15 But are you, their offspring and their chosen suffering? 16 If thou will rectify this thing not in time, then enjoy it while it lasts; 17 for mine cry shall not be in vain and the cause of the oceans shall not go unheard and unattended to. 18 I know of a day upon which retribution shall hail from the mighty hand from above. 19 In that day, truth and righteousness shall remind you of your trespasses as thine Gods 20 receive judgment and condemnation from them whom they enslave in lies of darkness and death today.



Tempests 12


1 Spare not the gatekeepers o my soul and o ye judges of righteousness; spare ye not the gatekeepers of the heavenly places, 2 for they are evil’s advocates who serve tradition instead of truth and righteousness. 3 Yeah, they deny justice to the innocent and blessings to the poor and needy. 4 Condemn them in the hearing of all hosts, for they delight in sacrifices of blood and flesh 5 more than in the complete liberty and equality of all in salvation by truth and by righteousness. 6 Denounce them by day and denounce them by night in their shrines and in their high places, 7 for they despise oneness of mankind, and foil all efforts to building lasting peace, love and harmony in the earth. 8 Though they torment my body with pain of thorns, disease, hunger and thirsty because thou denounce them for their conniving and for their prejudice, 9 yet I will not stop, for my flesh is nothing of worth if it falters on a righteous cause. 10 Thou art its command, the light and life that surpasses death; and the eye of its path. 11 Therefore, cry ye, for there is no blessing greater to hope for in allying with traitors of mankind 12 and of heaven than fighting for its equal and complete salvation.



Tempests 13


1 But though for all days my cries go unheard and unanswered, yet I will relent not; 2 for I know of the sacred opportune window of mercy, open for all righteous petitions on the first hour by day and by night, 3 which the righteous and faithful can invoke any hour any time. 4 Yeah, with fasting and prayer, by day and by night, I shall petition all the righteous causes upon the sacred hours and the sacred times, 5 and so shall all the righteous do and be heard unto enduring victory in all things as though it is on His sacred day. 6 I will keep in remembrance, all the sacred hours and on them, I shall stand and petition every righteous cause, 7 in all weeks and months, and in all seasons and years, unto the one who is Most Kind and Most Righteous; 8 the UTMOST of all, whose name is written upon the holy clouds of Monday; 9 the day of His everlasting holiness and grace, and is the redeemer of all equally. 10 Him, who is my soul, shall consider every righteous petition from the meek and the just, for He is true and just forever. 11 And now, that it might be well with peoples of all nations of the earth; including those of thine generations o ye that have believed, 12 and all generations after them, pertaining unto life and light, may this glory of the UTMOST of all, 13 bless thine lives exceedingly in all thine days that thou might be a flame of salvation 14 upon all who fellowship with thee everywhere in righteousness and truth, and in all things.





Treatise 1


1 Why do people gather in vain; why do they sing futile praises? 2 For though they gather, they gather not; and though they sing and praise, they sing and praise not. 3 Their hearts are with absent thoughts from all truth and their malevolence overshadow their songs and praises. 4 For what cause then shall I condone praise and gathering if it is not done in faithfulness to holiness; 5 the complete willingness to part with transgression in their hearts and all the wickedness in their midst which they commit with reckless abandon. 6 Though I prompt thee to speak unto them, word upon word, but whose heart is with hearing? 7 Nevertheless, write ye unto them, line upon line and instruction upon instruction less they perish in unawareness; 8 entreat them with all thine meekness; but will they not forbear like they of old, for they are raised in corruption? 9 Come unto them and lay this treatise bare before their eyes. 10 Declare this in their hearing; by Pristine and by Eshal, I will not be forgetful of their verdict, 11 concerning all the inequities in their midst, which they committed with their lives without restrain. 12 I will reject them and abhor all their sacrifices for they are an impenitent people. 13 I will consider all their sacrifices, abomination and all their gatherings, folly; 14 for they have no love for justice in their thoughts and no regard for truth in their hearts.



Treatise 2


1 As for you o beloved, I wrought thee with proficiency for my shrine and for mine throne; 2 and by cause of thine crying, I will have compassion for the earth. 3 You have I chosen for a trumpet of my glory and a threshing orb of mine scepter. 4 Heed ye then, and I will say a thing unto the nations in thine hearing and by thee. 5 Look ye and account; for I give all the nations of the earth, a sacred mirror of life and light; 6 and observe how the children of abomination shall tramp upon it. 7 Yet though they will tramp upon it, still, lay it bare before everyone to see. 8 Strike ye this stroke of mine word, first unto Etna and unto Venice, and all her brothers and sisters thereof 9 who gather with her, regarding this thing I have against them. 10 Is it not in thine midst that the cohorts of discrimination and all corruption resides; 11 for discrimination and corruption are the root of all bloodshed and plundering? 12 Are thine thrones not built upon treachery and plundering? 13 Remember ye not how thou went out in the manner of all the wicked before thee, conquering and conquering, 14 plundering and plundering all the inheritance of thine weak brothers and sisters? 15 Why then will thou be prejudiced today against them whom thou robbed? 16 Is it the fear of reprisal, or is it a pelt to hide thine shame? 17 Though thou have stretched thine arms to the cause of peace and justice, 18 and have grown much fairer in that path thereof, thine efforts still fall short far, 19 in scales to thine errors which thou committed together with thine wicked brothers and sisters. 20 And if thou will not truly repent of all the distasteful things in thy midst, 21 which thou cause the nations to partake in for a selfish desire, 22 I will cause thine mistakes to consume thee, and all thine unrepentant children will I give unto the Judges and Lords: 23 except for them that will convert unto light by abiding in my just ordinances and by my righteous instructions; 24 and upon them will I bestow a glory like no other, the lot which is the inheritance of all the lightangels. 25 I, the UTMOST of all have spoken and mine word, 26 have I tether with a seal no man or God can neither rescind nor raze.



Treatise 3


1 And for all your transgressions o ye Kabul, Hamadan and o ye surrounding nations of Arabia thereof, I will smite you with a harsh treatment. 2 You brood terror, kill and maim in the name of justice; 3 and thine sons and thine daughters do thou raise in the way of violence and vengeance but is vengeance not superior through righteousness? 4 You preach hate and violence instead of love; and consent discrimination instead of harmony like unto Damascus and Israel. 5 Revenge do thou cherish more than mercy and by so, much blood cries unto me from within the midst of the earth. 6 That thou forbear on profanity and plundering is commendable for o Arabia, but thine oppression and thine killings are disgusting. 7 Hear me therefore and cherish my instruction lest I reject you in wrath; depart ye from all the vile in thine midst: 8 build yourselves in the way that bless all with life and forsake ye the oppression and the discrimination thou level against thine own daughters. 9 For like unto thine sons in which thou pride more, thine daughters are equally precious before my presence. 10 And in the same glory I will receive thine good sons as lightangels for their striving in the path of peace, truth and righteousness, 11 so shall I receive thine daughters and bequeath upon them an equal inheritance in light. 12 But upon all those that will persist in wickedness, shame shall I count.



Treatise 4


1 Concerning thee O Karachi and O ye Ethiopia, stretching from Cairo unto the Cape; 2 ye that is harbinger of the pyramids and the Mosi-oa-tunya, ye mother of the true remnants of peace and home of good blessings, 3 I know of all thy labours and all thine tears which overshadow the sun’s brightness and the moon’s radiance. 4 Great is the sadness in thine heart for thy brothers and thine sisters preyed on thee from of old. 5 Of thy sons and thine daughters made they their servants and of thine heritage made they a feast. 6 Much blood cries from before thine midst by cause of thy brothers and thine sisters, 7 and now more by cause of thy own daughters and sons’ wickedness; 8 and day and night, thou groan by cause of thine wounds. 9 Thou think I have forsaken thee and so does think thine brothers and thine sisters, who without shame mock and laugh at thee. 10 But is it not for this reason that I chose thee first unto my glory as last of all, as the bacon of perfect peace and all true love, 11 hoping thou would have learned of the mistakes of thy own brothers 12 and all thine sisters who rejected light when it was come unto them 13 because of greed and lack of understanding caused by sheer forbearance? 14 Did thou learn not anything at all o ye beloved daughters of Sheba? 15 For the prejudice and the violence in thine midst is worse than in all of Chaldea and Arabia, and thine greed, 16 like unto that of thine own brothers and thy own sisters, is become like unto a deep grave of all holiness. 17 All thy leaders prey on the poor and the need and tramp upon the liberty and will of an innocent people. 18 Their thrones are built upon heaps of graves, the graves of their own daughters and sons whom they kill without remorse for the love of things and power. 19 How then can I bestow my blessings upon thee and declare mine glory in thy midst when thine ways are an enemy to truth and righteousness? 20 How can I abide with thee and in thine midst when thou hate light so much; and how can thou have any blessings, 21 when thy own blessings which I bestow upon thine children thou scatter away as thou chase thy children away in forbearance of light? 22 Thine peace is built upon intimidation and oppression and thou have forsaken the path of piety for things that perish. 23 What will thou gain in revenge and hate, and what is thine future in me for committing thyself unto things? 24 Is it not like unto that of thine proud sisters and greed and boasting brothers who have gone vain because of their possessions? 25 If I will make you the helm of my diadem, what will you teach my children 26 than all the wickedness and corruption in which thou walk like unto thy brothers and sisters, 27 who adulterated all them that have perished and are perishing in forbearance of truth and righteousness? 28 Yeah, grow ye prosperous like unto all thine brothers and thy sisters for in that it is evident thou delight also, 29 but forget ye not this thing that, it is not by thine riches that thou will find favour with me just like it will not be by riches and bloody swords 30 that I will lay my favour and mercy upon Washington, London, Ararat and Xian, but by cause of their innocence and dedication 31 to the path of righteousness and truth; and with that peace, love, kindness and harmony. 32 If thou will not turn, thine burdens will consume thee, but as many of thine children as will come unto me willingly and without wavering, 33 the same will I enthrone as mine righteous sons and daughters and declare them before all as my hosts, worthy of all the inheritance of them that be mine. 34 Yeah, I will redeem them and give them an equal inheritance with all and a goodly rest like unto all.



Treatise 5


1 Before Mecca, like unto Jerusalem, Athens and Everest, pronounce ye this thing, 2 for I have searched her midst with many searching eyes, and what did I saw that is pleasing? 3 Is it not her tepid tolerance? 4 Yes, this is pleasing, but I am at pains with the violence and murderous ways of her children. 5 Their hearts are filth with wickedness and like one given unto the glory of hell, 6 she raise her children in the way of violence, war and massacre. 7 She butchers her own sons and daughters for a cause which is not calling it an holy war. 8 She sends them to war with the instruction to sacrifice their own souls for a vain cause, 9 deceiving them saying, such is the way to eternal rest; but how can there be rest to an unrighteous soul 10 and what good God will raise his children in the way of wickedness and promise them heavenly blessings which are holy? 11 Is this the way of Allah or Ra; or by any means the way of Jehovah in whom is Jesus? 12 Which Lord, of all the Gods, do you honour with all the inequity in thine midst? 13 For only by truth and righteousness, clad and crowned by peace, harmony, kindness, humility, mercy and love can any be vindicated in the path of light and life. 14 If so, what blessing then is there in all this wickedness committed in some of these names in all the earth 15 by brother against brother and sister against sister, and by father against son and mother against daughter? 16 And if they abide in me in truth and in righteousness; and in peace, love and harmony 17 as they claim to champion, what have light got to do with darkness? 18 What then is the cause of all this untold suffering they perpetrate unto men? 19 I condemn and judge not yet, but in time, the good scales shall justify them that are righteous. 20 Amend thine path then o ye beloved daughter with all thine sisters; 21 repent of thine twisted instruction with which thine children commit terror, violence and murder, 22 and all manner of wickedness in thine midst and in the midst of the earth 23 lest I take away thine light and leave thee to stumble till thou perish.



Treatise 6


1 And concerning this have I against Harran and Ararat and the surrounding nations thereof upon which the bear roars. 2 Because thou strengthen the arm of the wicked and raise thine children in the instruction of prejudice and hate, 3 and oppress the weak in thine midst, I will reject you and all thy unrepentant generations. 4 I will consider not all the promises of old upon thee; 5 for him that gave a promise upon thee gave according to my kindness unto thee and all thine children. 6 And I will cause all thy former glory not to be remembered. 7 Thy sons and thine daughters, and all thine friends shall desert thee till thou be left alone for utter peril; 8 and if thou will not repent of thine ways, I will give thee unto the Judges and the Lords in whom I have placed the scales of justice; 9 but as many of thine children as will repent and come unto me willingly, 10 the same will I save and give an equal inheritance among the lightangels and as the lightangels. 11 I, the UTMOST of all, hope of the hopeless and true salvation of all have spoken.



Treatise 7


1 As for you o tall city, built upon the soil of the Mississippi; ye that boast of peace and just causes in vain; 2 ye upon whom the daughter of praiseworthy justice and experience in matters of governance will reign after him whom is born of servitude, 3 according as I approved him and her; as better examples to all who will come after them in all nations and in all generations: 4 ye that is much fairer in charity; I remember with delight all the good in thine midst but thou art not perfect at all 5 for thou have failed my test at Mexico and the surrounding nations thereof. 6 Is not charity a virtue that should blossom in the home first? 7 Where then is thine charity and thine mighty to the world if thine hand cannot reach Mexico and thine eye thereof? 8 Thy leaders prey on the weak though they cloth and look as shepherds unto many, 9 and many of thine children are pretenders before light. 10 There is no truth in their hearts and no true love at all for their brothers and theirs sisters around them except for gain. 12 And though thou art praise worthy in the cause of justice and tolerance, 13 thou must wash thine hands with hyssop, for much blood drips from them which hinder thine light from shinning as it must. 14 Put out the evil flames of prejudice in thine midst and swallow the pride of thy riches by which thou cause many to stumble like unto Riyadh, Etna and Xian, 15 which build their glories upon unfairness and then abandon them that worked in moments of victory. 16 Lead ye with meekness of heart, in correcting the unbalanced scales of men’s habitat without manipulation 17 and I will heal thine lesion which thine wicked lovers caused upon thee and is known to the ends of the earth. 18 And thy daughters and thy sons will I bless with an holy glory among my chosen, 19 and as my chosen if they will forsake vanity and follow the good path: 20 and I will cause them to make thee a royal diadem of everlasting brilliance. 21 But if thou will forbear, I will put my scales before thine threshold and abase all thine towers; 22 and all thy children will I give unto the Judges except for those only that will come unto me 23 and abide in my instructions and mine ordinances without wavering. 24 Them also, like unto all mine, and as they are mine, will I bequeath upon, an equal inheritance with all in light. 25 I, the UTMOST of all and the interminable redeemer of all equally, 26 by nothing more than the absolute truth and perfect righteousness have spoken.



Treatise 8


1 But say ye this unto my children, thou art souls of my soul, and in thine midst is the daughter of Zion and child of Israel and her allies. 2 Her murderous parents abandoned her and send her away without an inheritance, 3 and her family despise her for she plays the harlot for a morsel of bread and for wine to drown her sorrows. 4 Unto her and in my eyes, though her parents live, they live not. 5 And her brother, though rightful heir of all family inheritance, 6 he is without roof and favour before them all because he despise prejudice and corruption; 7 and where does he find solace if not in a dead hope, the indulgence of his senses? 8 Howbeit, these sons of Zion and the daughters thereof are called unfaithful to their God; 9 but can two walk together unless there be a righteous binding between them? 10 If I will not be there for you o my righteous ones, who else can I be there for? 11 Therefore, because I am no enemy of Zion and her lover but and an enemy of her wickedness; 12 and though she hurt me with her faithlessness, pride, murder and oppression of her own brothers and sisters around her, 13 and her sons and daughters which are her own blood, whom she cast into the cold like ash, 14 I will be kind and receive her rejected children as mine, and indeed, 15 as many of them as will come unto me on their own and abide in my instructions and ordinances without wavering, 16 the same shall be my children and my lightangels, to whom I will bestow an equal inheritance with all that are mine. 17 But for her faithlessness and cruelty, Zion shall I leave at the mercy of the Judges, together with her greed and prejudiced lover, 18 sisters and brothers who put their faith in men and in things while forsaking justice, peace and harmony. 19 Life will I not keep upon her unless she repents and follow the path in which there is light and life for all; 20 and in that day when she will have repented, I will consider her and all her people my people, 21 and they shall call me their GOD, and a good blessing shall follow them also for I, am the giver of all good blessings.



Treatise 9


1 And now will I show you the glory of all those whom I’ve called unto myself for an imperishable life. 2 Watch ye over the Blue Mountains and foremostly, over Calgary. 3 Is there not plenty sheep in her midst like nowhere else in all of creation by cause of her justice? 4 Are there not more shepherds in her midst too by cause of her striving in truth, humble love and peace? 5 Yeah, Calgary, is home to the greatest flock, and in as much the same way 6 as she have more sheep in her midst and more shepherds also, so shall she be the home of a great host of angels of light; 7 and great meekly captains like unto the numerous shepherds in her midst shall be born unto her. 8 With mighty scepters and upon the mighty chariots of my glory shall I send them unto the ends of all horizons; 9 and together with the righteous captains of all nations that abide in my ordinances and instructions, 10 she shall perfect the course of life for all, and bring true liberty and everlasting light unto all. 11 The vile in her midst shall I cause to vanish in the radiance of my ob and under the power of my scepter. 12 But all her forbearing sons and daughters will I reject and give unto the Judges and Lords. 13 By mine sacred life and by mine sanctuary do I unveil and establish an infinitely perfect life 14 and glory for all, and I do tether these declarations unto all men. 15 I, am the UTMOST of all and I, am the interminable equal salvation of all: 16 and by mine name shall I be known from henceforth and forever; I, am Infinity and I am Entirety; 17 the complete depth and the complete height of the entire universe; and by mine name, which all shall discern, 18 I shall be an everlasting tower over Washington and the surrounding nations thereof 19 and over the Kremlin and the surrounding nations thereof: 20 and I shall be an everlasting tower over Harare and her neighbours; 21 Mecca, Jerusalem, London, Frankfurt, Ethiopia, Perth and all their neighbours: 22 and I will be an endless tower over all the nation of the earth for I, 23 am the Supreme Spirit which is infinite righteousness and infinite truth; 24 and I, am the perfection of all peace, love, mercy, kindness and harmony. 25 And by cause of the rising storm coming upon the earth from the east and from the west and from all the winds, 26 it shall become evident that the governments of the earth and theirs Gods 27 can never bring lasting truth, justice, peace and harmony to the earth; 28 only I can, and to prove so, it shall come to pass that the walls of enmity between the creeds of the earth, 29 shall crumble away as I breath the truth upon the peoples of the earth and build them in equality and harmony: 30 and this is the truth that will unite them all that, they are one in me and I am one with them all; 31 and it is the cunning of the devil and the politics of men which create rifts between them and pity them against each other. 32 Yeah, by mine doing, the different religions of the earth shall come together united harmoniously in this truth and by justice, 33 and upon this truth that they are one and all born of one righteous and compassionate GOD, which I am, 34 they shall build everlasting peace, love and harmony in the earth: this is the equal salvation of all nations which I henceforth unveil to bless all. 35 In this glory, men shall abandon all cunningness and honour ways that honour righteousness, peace, love and harmony.



Treatise 10


1 Heed o Arri and I will seal a thing in the earth by thine hand and thine eye; I will usher a time when all the nations of the earth shall sincerely cherish water, 2 and abandon all costly ways to life; and they shall all commit to using clean power for all their needs, with the sun and the moon as foremost of all. 3 Tether ye; being not forgetful of the transgressions and verdict of the wicked in all generations, is the count of fathomless millenniums anything at all 4 for Him who is light and life infinity to fulfill anything righteous according to His will without carnage? 5 When this time is come, the faithful in truth and in all righteousness, the lightangels who know from whence they hail, shall know that the time is fulfilled, 6 for with life and fullness of virtue, I will cause them to rejoice in the liberty of true life in righteousness and the perfect light of truth: 7 and all nations shall repeal all the walls that divide men and pity them one against the other. 8 But this thing will come to pass many generations after thee, yet for the record that I am watchful of men and the inclinations of his heart, 9 and for an ensign of this thing which is among the many things I shall work unto righteousness and equal salvation for all; 10 and for a warning of my wrath concerning the wicked path which men chose and continually tread upon without shame, I will alter the affairs of men: 11 and it shall come to pass in thine day and in thine generation that a descendant of a once exploited people, 12 shall reign over America upon the land of the Mississippi and during his time, Mandela the virtuous, shall die. 13 From him, a woman wedded to a former premier, shall receive the crown to rule upon America: 14 and during the days that lead unto her appointment, unrest shall overtake many nations including her nation and a great fire with a blue veil, 15 shall devour the forest of California and ten thousand mighty men shall not overcome it till I repeal it past nine days. 16 These shall be the days, when a well-regarded occurrence involving all nations of the earth will be happening in Brazil 17 after which it shall be held again in the eastern nation of Japan; and it shall be that around that same time, 18 a costly shaking shall come upon the heart of Italy and the lengthy conflict of Colombia come to a cease. 19 I, the UTMOST GOD, have made these things known and will watch them to fruition for a righteous cause; 20 and by mine name do I tether them for a record true to work righteousness, peace and harmony. 21 And for this cause have I addressed thee by thine real name which thou have in me, the name with which henceforth and always shall thou be known; 22 for before thou art born unto men, thou art life in me and in me is thine true glory and thine heritage.



Treatise 11


1 But say ye unto the peoples of Zimbabwe, thou art a unique people and for an exceeding and everlasting glory in righteousness, 2 have I raised and sustained thee in the midst of a great tempest stretching since the inequities of thine crafty forefathers; 3 of thine sly forceful brothers and sisters from far off nations, and now, the cruelty and malice of Mugabe and his cronies. 4 Thou despise deceit and prejudice which I despise also and thou art enemies of war and violence which are mine enemies also. 5 As for Mugabe, thine leader who is become thine enemy, who by deception and duress remain at the helm, 6 I loathe all his slyness, corruption and murderous ways which he commit with his cronies. 7 Indeed, he is without heart and without head anymore, and for the sake of power and gain, 8 he sully the will and hope of my people and pillage the blessings of the nation to trade it with his allies from the east and from the west. 9 Though it is nothing at all for me to take him and all his cronies away from thine midst, for thine sake, 10 that thou may be well seasoned and ripe for the excellent glory which I have prepared for thee beforehand, 11 and that his blood might not be upon thee and all thine generations as it happens elsewhere, 12 I have spared him till now but I have appointed a time to turn his own sword to himself to devour everything to ashes: 13 and it shall be by the sinful covenants of blood and lies that he entered for to gain power, riches and domination that he shall perish. 14 As for thee, fear ye not o my beloved people; for thine sorrows, which thou have to endure in his day, 15 I have blessed thee with abiding patience, hope and faith and for thine suffering, by cause of their wickedness, 16 I have given thee wisdom and strength to sustain yourselves with thine own hands, and also good friends to help thee. 17 And I drove thine sons and daughters unto surrounding nations where they shall sojourn under my eye 18 till the time is come, when I will cause Mugabe and his slyness to consume him and all his cronies; 19 and instead of mourning him and his cronies in death, thou shall rejoice: 20 and afterwards, I will unveil mine glory upon thee and bless thine children greatly, 21 and all thine exiles shall return and with them, all families of the earth for I will make of thee, a wonderful home for all the children of the world. 22 I will heal thine blood with London and all the nations of the earth which the wicked ones corrupted, 23 and with humble honour and blessings, they shall call you blessed forever, for I will completely tear down 24 the veil of prejudice in thine midst and make of thee a haven and a pattern of my perfect will for all nations; and Soweto shall rejoice with thee in me.



Treatise 12


1 And unto the abandoned sons and daughters of the heartless fathers and the crude mothers in all the earth; 2 the ones who are cast out like ash into the cold without an inheritance, 3 and are made to do abominable things for a living, say ye this edict unto them, 4 I know of thy burdens and thine crying have reached up unto me; 5 with deep compassion for you therefore, and for thine sake, have I humbled myself 6 to lift you out of the mouth of the preying beasts in which thou were thrown without care. 7 Depart ye now then from the midst of thine folly and come unto me that I may cover thy nakedness; 8 and shadow a pavilion over thine heads and thine souls. 9 Adhere and abide by my ordinances and in my instructions and I will give you good light and good life. 10 Come and partake in my glory and I will give thee an incorruptible inheritance 11 as my own children whom I love with an everlasting love. 12 Come let me fill thine bossom with fruitfulness and by my precepts, 13 let me make a shining star of thine path with fullness of joy to thine hearts. 14 Herein will my love for you be without pretense that, I will remember not thy former life and all thy shortcomings 15 for thou error by cause of the errors and wickedness of thine parents. 16 Yeah, a goodly blessing have I for you in my right hand and a torch of light wield I in my left hand for thy life, 17 and if thou will commit unfalteringly unto my instructions and my ordinances, 18 then will I press this blessing and this light in thy own palms, 19 and barrenness and death will depart from thee forever.



Treatise 13


1 O GOD, ye that is everpresent with excellent guidance and help in all times of need. 2 Will thou forever keep this matter concealed from me? 3 Though my heart abounds in love and with love, yet by cause of my blood it often falters. 4 I thought love blossom first in the home of my birth, among my parents, my brothers, my sisters and among my siblings; 5 my countrymen and my kindred whom I knew first before all. 6 Howbeit with age all proves contrary; for I have plenty and worse enemies in their midst than in all else. 7 They taught me in the precept of lies, hate and despise of all else 8 except themselves and their own according to their earthy traditions; 9 but are these whom they taught me to hate and despise not my real brothers and sisters and my real family in thee; 10 for my real family members are them of the entire universe who walk and abide in thy perfect truth and thine perfect righteousness? 11 Yeah, for this cause, in their midst are them who pursue me with evil intent day and night, 12 pulling snares in all my paths and soiling my hope. 13 They know where I store my treasures and where to lay their fingers that they might hurt me most than all else. 14 Though I live, my grief is the depth of sheol, for the fruits of my labours are their daily feast. 15 If they took sparingly, I would have minded not; but they plundered with reckless abandon 16 and then ask me to beg them of the fruits of my labours. 17 How long O GOD will thou condone their acts of wickedness, 18 for by cause of it I am tempted day and night to enter into judgment with thee? 19 How long will you be silent when mine blessings and mine inheritance is being trampled upon by the wicked? 20 They sought evil power so that they could soil my will; but will thou not avenge me O UTMOST? 21 When will thou shame their spells and break their darts and arrows? 21 Be tranquil o my heart, the UTMOST hears and answers the prayers of the upright; He knows thee 22 and He shall forever avenge the righteous cause of all peoples who call upon Him.



Treatise 14


1 Hearken ye o righteous heart; will it delight thee not to do a righteous thing for righteousness is thine way? 2 Thou know how the hypocrites do their thing; how they pretend to defend justice, truth and harmony in vain. 3 How they neglect the love they preach sermon upon sermon and how they walk 4 in the counsel of eye for eye when they preach mercy and reconciliation. 5 For them, equality is a thing of the scroll by which they gain prominence and everything else they prey on: 6 a mask they put on when they want to rob the poor and the need, and devour the widows and the fatherless. 7 Now, will thou walk like them also? 8 Will thou keep a blind eye to the plight of the ordinary men, women and children of the world? 9 Thou labored for them when thou served their heartless, prejudiced and uncaring Lords and Gods in thy lack of understanding of whom thou art; 10 but will thou not rescue them also, now that thou art gird in the path of the true and ever righteous GOD; 11 the one above all to whom thou belong with all the truly righteous at heart? 12 Since thou art of the glory that outlives all eras and space, will thou worry or will it burden thee, 13 to carry those bound by era and place them upon thy wings? 14 Be merciful o righteous soul and reconsider the thoughts of thine heart upon the children of the wicked, 15 for though the parents be of forbearing generations to perfect truth and justice, the children are not wicked. 16 Receive ye them unto the true GOD with compassion and count a goodly talent and inheritance unto them o my soul: 17 but have ye nothing to do with their fathers’ and mothers’ things, for all these, 18 are sealed to perish with end of era and generations, and in that is the death of all deaths.



Treatise 15


1 Call upon call we will make unto thee O Most Righteous by day and by night o Most Kind: 2 in times of good and in times of distress, we will talk to thee and make all our grief known; 3 and we will also make our joys and our blessings remembered unto thee in gratitude and in praise. 4 But more refreshing to our soul is thine sacred aura unto us which knows no era and place. 5 It is a chariot of sacred benevolence and a glorious carrier of good tidings. 7 Yeah, we are blessed forevermore; for thou built a pavilion over us and poured thine Spirit upon us with fullness of grandeur. 8 Thine bossom is our ever present home and now that we have come of age in thy word, 9 we now know what true power is, and from whence it does come. 10 True power is a gift from thee O Most Righteous; 11 and true power is the capacity for tender mercy and faultless justice when exercising reproof and judgment. 12 True power is love with a sincere face, equality and respect among thy children; 13 and vigilance blend with the ability to give others the liberty to be themselves in righteousness and in truth, without fear of any coercion. 14 In my day, I will learn to be shrewd in meekness and not in the foolishness of vanity and ravenousness. 15 I will grow in kindness of heart that I may birth perfect peace, justice and harmony in the earth to thine glory; 16 for now know I that the person of power will not be the one that cause division, hate, prejudice and violence among others. 17 Neither will it be them that execute unjustified hash sentences to the ones in error nor the ones 18 whose ways are corruption, excessiveness, repression and oppression, 19 but the ones who can vigilantly exercise equality, lenience and temperance; 20 and allow tender reproof and entreating to blossom in the marrow of every men unto the perfect course. 21 In thee and by thine instructions will true power be a common wealth of all creation and in that shall all creation rejoice.



Treatise 16


1 Listen ye o viper and I will rejoice: I will rejoice in the UTMOST of all who is exceedingly wonderful to me. 2 I do not heed what thine heart conceive anymore, for GOD has come to my cause and the cause of all the righteous. 3 Behold, the Mighty Supraarl of the Most Gracious’ righteousness and full glory stand by me 4 and the hosts and legions of His captains charges around all that which is mine. 5 Open thine eyes and see: see the mighty scepter of his power with which thine lot is destroyed today and thine life demanded of thee. 6 Yeah, even thine life has he power in the UTMOST to take away; 7 but because of His good instructions and the good ordinances which are the gird of my soul, 8 I have beseeched him to spare thee because thou art my blood and my kind regardless of thine offending traits. 9 But fool not yourself anymore, to think of our blood and our veil as thicker than stream, 10 for in Him have I a stream which is of all and a kindred greater than the world can contain: 11 and think not of our former vows as anything greater than morning dew anymore; 12 for thou betrayed it all with impunity and bigotry and in that proved worthless. 13 And here then is the vow that is everlasting and ever true and righteous: a vow with One holy and worthy; 14 Righteaarl the mighty one of all truth and all righteousness in GOD. 15 I gave all my lot unto the UTMOST and to the cause of His heart which is become my cause and my life forever: 16 and if thou will touch anything that is mine ever again, even a needle, 17 thou shall die, for in that, thou shall unleash His mighty wrath upon thyself. 18 For in this is the seal of His vow unto me in the Alphasupraarl; 19 ‘of all thine wicked foes, them which thou will condemn will I make a waste: 20 but whomsoever thou shall forgive, the same shall I spare by cause of thee.’ 21 Behold then o ye worker of darkness and all ye cohorts of wicked upbringing and sly living, 22 the devouring scepter of the UTMOST stands before thine threshold 23 and all that which is thine; its charge costly even to thine very soul. 24 Refrain from all that is mine and all that which is of the righteous when it is still day, 25 for when night falls, thee and all thine shall perish.



Treatise 17


1 O beloved, thou have suffered long enough and thou have endured untold torment for a righteous cause. 2 Broken were thine arms when thou received what they would not receive for an inheritance in thy desire to fulfill all righteousness. 3 Thine soul wanted they in their deceit that they may reach a selfish end; and thine glory tramped they in their cruelty. 4 All thy former blessings destroyed they at hatching, 5 as they allured you unto a course they filled with traps and snares. 6 But praise be unto the UTMOST of all who is thine everlasting lot, 7 who made thee and blessed thee in a way no God nor man can comprehend or change. 8 Arise!, make thine radiance known today; the sad days are over, 9 for in the UTMOST, thou art alive and not dead like unto they who attempted to destroy thee in jealousy and spite. 10 Be thou exceedingly fruitful and content in thy righteous labours, 11 for now thou have received mighty arms of the Most Righteous. 12 Drink of all the sacred wells He has prepared for thee o beloved, 13 and rest ye everlastingly from the sting of thine debts and thine wounds which no blood nor sword could expunge or cure. 14 Rejoice for the seal of curses which they sealed upon thee in cruelty and despise of truth and righteousness is broken forevermore; 15 for Him who is the UTMOST of all in all forevermore has set you free. 16 With the power of His mighty scepter He dashed it, 17 and of the deadly preying beasts, He burned with an oozing ocean of fire. 18 Cry not anymore o my soul for the days of merriness are come forever. 19 Gird thy loins and walk ye thine path with thine head up for thou has overcome. 20 Nomore shall thou have to worry about thine enemies who are the enemies of mankind for they are crashed without trace. 21 Stretch ye thine arms to the perfect love beckoning thee from a distance, bringing you everlasting happiness. 22 Receive ye the tidings of praise and blessings with humility and honour, 23 and let the wings of the righteous carry thee over to thy deepest desire’s end in life for all equally. 24 Rejoice for thy day is come and thy date with providence is sealed forever.



Treatise 18


1 Thank you O GOD for all thine goodness and all thine favour upon us that 2 we should know the secrets of thine heart and the height of thine glory; 3 and now that I have seen it all, whom do I bid to thine glory than all who are willing, 4 to walk in perfect truth and righteousness, the true light of life for all? 5 For w are here, not to pick any bone with any man, but to bless 6 and to perfect this thing which is good for all according as thou gave us. 7 Yeah, to this glory do I generously bid them all with all, and without prejudice: 8 generously do I share this word as special blessings upon all and with all; 9 not as to compel anyone upon any path, but as to exhort all in good faith, 10 to follow that path upon which truth, harmony, kindness, true love, peace, lenience and perfect righteousness prevail, 11 for only in this path is found true salvation for all. 12 I bid them all that they may rejoice in thine grace, kindness and mercy O UTMOST; 13 for upon them all that will come unto thee willingly, will thou be Utmost Guardian and redeemer like thou art riba unto all the young. 14 In thee will they find great mercy and great kindness that thine glory will be known in their lives, 15 Thou art the everlasting and ever blessing GOD of all without discrimination; 16 but the wicked shall thou surely put to a shameful end. 17 This is the wonderful testimony that those of faith have that, 18 thou art a good GOD and to them all that will ask any righteous thing of thee in faith, 19 thou will not withhold; and comfort will thou provide in all times of need. 20 Thou listen and answer prayers from a righteous heart, and the righteous will praise thee always for thou art a very good GOD. 21 Yeah, let them that will rejoice in thee O Most Gracious, be blessed as thou rest thine blessings upon them greatly, 22 that they might be a great blessing to thine holy name forever; 23 and according as they walk in righteousness and truth, which is thy perfect will, may life be upon them.



Treatise 19


1 In my day, I will cherish my silence O GOD: and I will depart from the midst of them that knows not, 2 how to receive mine blessings and mine kindness which are thine glory’s manifestation. 3 Though they be in the earth, men have I loved and desired to bless most; 4 for as a man abided I in the earth just like all thine lightangels, that thou maybe glorified. 5 Yeah, I have already blessed in thine word, and that which I consecrated unto them, 6 shall I not take away from them as a treatment of wrath, but shall I uphold and protect, 7 that thine love and thine steadfast compassion might be perfected upon them. 8 But of what benefit will it be to continue give thine blessings and thine love in me to an ungrateful people; 9 in whom there is no knowledge of thine divine name and in whom there is gross ignorance of truth and righteousness? 10 For in truth and in righteousness is the way of receiving thine blessings and accepting thine humble entreating unto life. 11 Upon thine holy grove have I planted the tree of thy blessings and thine excellent love therefore. 12 I have made them accessible to all, and thine life available for all: 13 but lest the forbearers tramp upon it, an holy pavilion have thou placed around everything which thine legatees shall inherit. 14 Yeah, this inheritance is the blessing of them all that will walk upon the path of righteousness and in the light of truth, 15 and in meekness accept thy goodness and be united unto thee O Most Righteous GOD. 16 In this that I am a luminary, a member of thine lightangels who are thine children, 17 do I rejoice because all thine glory, like unto them all whom are thine rishas (soul’s souls), is my glory, 18 and with them that will blossom and rejoice in thine glory, shall I rejoice always.



Treatise 20


1 Let me glorify thee all the time and bring pleasure to thine heart o GOD. 2 When I wake up in the morning and before retiring to rest at even time, 3 I will lift my voice and sing unto thee a tender verse of holy praise for all thine goodness 4 in sustaining my soul through the night that is filled with terror and wickedness; 5 and for blessing it with goodly blessings by the day as I pilgrim. 6 Life shall be always my first blessing to count, for without it, there will be nothing else to count and be grateful for. 7 And then, I will remember my family around me and with me, and over all the face of the entire earth: 8 and I will remember the blessings of my labours by day and the goodly rest which upon each night, thou prepare for me: 9 a time in which as the supreme physician, thou heal my body, my mind and my soul to become whole again and new every morning and every hour. 10 O ye UTMOST of all, thou art my GOD in whom I am unto all things: 11 therefore will I cease not, to praise thee for all thine wonderfulness all my days,12 for thou made me with proficiency in everything and unto all things righteous.



Treatise 21


1 My child whom I love, why is thine heart troubled and thine bones shacking? 2 Is it because of thine pursuer and thine oppressor? 3 Yeah, I have seen thine pursuer setting a fire at thine gate and at thine door, 4 to devour thee and thine sanctuary for her heart is a wicked heart; 5 and I have seen thy oppressor wielding an axe with which he plans to destroy thee for his soul is without life and is evil. 6 But because thou art more precious to me than all thine enemies, I will not leave thee unto their evil schemes. 7 Worry ye not o beloved, about closing thine gate against thine pursuer’s fire 8 and about hiding thyself from the eyes of thine oppressor’s axe for upon the fire of thy pursuer, 9 whose flames reached unto the heavens have I opened the flood gates of the expanse and quenched it; 10 and the axe with which thine oppressor sought to take away thine life have I broken into pieces and melted its head in fire. 11 And what of thine pursuer and thine oppressor whom thou know and is in thy midst? 12 These have I given into thine hand and what thy will upon them will be, the same shall befall them; 13 but harden ye not thine heart against their offspring, and avenge not thine suffering like the wicked do, 14 but make it known and understood with all meekness that thou can judge and condemn in all righteousness: 15 and thine pursuer and thy oppressor, if still with a flicker of life left in their souls, 16 will reconcile themselves unto thee with pure hearts and when they do so accept them.



Treatise 22


1 O most wonderful riba; sentinel of the sojourner; our feet is in thine hand and the trees of our hearts established in thine sight. 2 What path ought we follow and what door is ready that we may make our purposes a shining light? 3 By thine luminary that accompany the righteous traveler and the true seeker by day and by night in all times, guide ye us therein and unto it, the door of all doors. 4 Of thee do we boast; he is the appointed captain of our souls and the master of our lives by Him that is UTMOST of all: 5 the light of our feet by the night and the guide thereof by day. 6 By His grace upon us in thee, the talents of our hands have given us goodly fruit and corn, 7 and shelter and clothe have they put and clad upon us. 8 In Him we will rejoice by cause of thee forevermore oh wonderful friend of the righteous sojourner and keeper of the trees in our hearts.



Treatise 23


1 Truth and righteousness are the only pure glory from which all things eternal are born o my children and my beloved. 2 Therefore, gird yourself in truth and in righteousness always for with truth comes true liberty and with righteousness, true life. 3 What truth ought I instruct thee in then than this that, bounds are not thy portion for by mine Spirit in thee have I broke them all: 4 and so shall I do with the limits of all that will come unto me in search of true light and true life without wavering thoughts. 5 No height or depth will have any power over thee and whomsoever is mine; neither will time and space, 6 for they are but a yen of the earth and them that abide therein, and not you for thou art boundless and not of the earth. 7 Thine life is no gist nor speck but infinity and entirety. 8 To yen and to strive for material wealth or to count and abide by lack are all provisions of gross unawareness; 9 for no height of riches or any depth of poverty can make you whole. 10 In truth, now is what was and shall always be in thine soul if thou will embrace thine true self and be merry. 11 That thou can make thine now count and worthy to thine desire for comfort and contentment is by choice; neglect of which leads to want; 12 as whatever you need is thine righteously as long as thou abide in me. 13 For I am the light and the glory that is true life, true grace and true wholeness in all things eternally. 14 With truth and righteousness as thine gird and thine scepter, thy righteous blessing and thy righteous inheritance shall thou enjoy and share with peace of mind; 15 and them that once shun you shall look up to thee for blessings as thou rise endlessly in thy pure glory which upon thee do I bestow today.



Treatise 24


1 A prudent man cherishes all occurrences of life, for they are the grains from which life sprouts. 2 No occurrence is any occurrence for a wise man, for in every occurrence, good or bad, I sow a grain for merriment. 3 If thou will learn to commit thine thoughts unto the good in everything, 4 and embrace every one of thy mistakes with tender love of self and others, thine light will remain shinning even in times of tempest. 5 And this promise make I upon thee that, if thou will abide by mine instruction, in thy speech, and in thy walk, and in thy deeds without faltering, 6 nothing shall be a mystery unto thy knowledge and thy understanding; 7 for I will make everything plain unto thine eyes and loud unto thine ears, 8 and wherever thou shall be, my glory shall be thy pavilion and thy guide, thy voice and thy providence. 9 Truth will not fail thee: liberty and open doors will you have without great laboring. 10 True love and unending joy will find their way unto thine threshold; 11 and peace and harmony will marry thy heart and thy home. 12 Longevity, the most prized blessing in the days of men’s abiding in the earth, will thou claim without pain; 13 for it is thy birth right, and life will thou receive at will without prize. 14 I am thy GOD and this is the good desire which I have for you and a desire for which I made thee; 15 to bless you that you may be happy and content in thy day, for in it, my joy is made whole.



Treatise 25


1 Concerning money, this must thou know that money is a blessing unto whomsoever is prudent in all things; 2 the one who seek and use it righteously, but a great curse of death shall it be always to all whose love and use of it is wicked. 3 By cause of untamed desire, it cost to many, all precious talents: and true love will it devour from their midst: 4 and so shall all happiness, peace of mind, harmony and all soundness of spirit; and in all that is great ruin. 5 Yeah, darkness will mar the path of life for many and cost them all goodly blessings by the untamed want of money. 6 But my family and my children whom I love and in whom is true love for me, will have nothing in common at all with unholy getting and use of money; 7 so that the wicked spirit which lurk and dwells with it may not devour their inheritance in life: 8 and rob them of all goodly blessings in their day, for with the worship of money, 9 evil shrewdness of heart and crooked living shall overtake many to utter perishing.



Treatise 26


1 Thy word is true life and great liberty O GOD; and how can one have life but by meditation and by orison therein all the time. 2 In thine word is the truth that brings light and liberty to the course of life. 3 It brings the song of laughter to the broken hearted and strengthen the broken spirit. 4 It instructs in the way of true wisdom and true riches; the sharing of one’s justly earned blessings with all without men’s definitions. 5 Guided by it, true friendship, enduring love, harmony, peace and happiness are the common chattel of all. 6 It bestows merit and a goodly recompense upon the meek and faithful toiler. 7 The seed of fruitfulness according as each plant in their heart is watered by thy word till it brings forth fruit. 8 Thy word provides also the needful fertility and it is the sun and the moon of every plant’s growth. 9 Though the course by which the righteous travels is narrow, yet will thy word make it a highway and a success, 10 and though they walk through a pass an hour before dawn, fear will not overtake them, 11 for thy word is a scepter and shield unto their lives, and light unto their feet.



Treatise 27


1 Who then is a fool but the one who despise thy word, for such is without light? 2 Yea, the fool is the one without thy word which is the water with which to water his seed and the sun to provide light unto its germination and growth, and the same will reap the wind. 3 But I am glad that all thy children are wise. They understand that thy word is the nifty key that bestows true and enduring glory. 4 Yea, they are wise because they delight, walk and work in thy word unto all things and because of that, 5 they shall be righteously bountiful and content in life unto all things always. 6 What promise will I make then unto the one without knowledge of thy word than this that thy word is the change of life unto the best gift thou ordained it as; 7 and that them that live in its light are without misgiving in living and in departure from this world, 8 for they are mould in the truth of thy word which bestows everlasting life and rest.



Treatise 28


1 Say ye unto my chosen and my beloved: Listen O my sons and O ye daughters of the righteous mount. 2 Though it seems like thou wandered and are lost, yet consider it not loss for you and me; but profit. 3 Because now thou know the way of the world: that there are there, 4 such as call themselves of the holy name and of GOD when they are not. 5 Thou now have knowledge of them that call themselves children of light when they are workers of inequity. 6 There is no truth in them except lies and deception. 7 In unjust compensations and unjust gains do they delight, more than in the good of all, peace and harmony. 8 They despise equality, righteousness and counsel. 9 Yea, their ways and works bear witness against them; and thou need not be instructed about them now, 10 for thou have come of age and understanding in all these things and in all their ways and vain lies. 11 They do it all and say it all but for the pleasure it brings unto their selfish hearts and evil minds. 12 But be ye at ease o my beloved children, for even though they seem to enjoy without care; 13 in a little while, their joy shall turn into sorrow and mourning. 14 As for you however, come ye unto me now: depart from within their midst; 15 lest thou perish with them in their destruction: for their wickedness will I not condone forever. 16 In but a little while, I will proclaim my judgment upon them according to their generations and bring all their pleasures to an abrupt end. 17 Yea, they are of the world but thou art not; a worldly death shall they die but you; 18 though thou be dead yet will I make to live when thou art come unto me; 19 for thou art mine, my children whom I love with an excellent and steadfast love.



Treatise 29


1 Pitiful and miserable is a drunkard, and naked is the soul of the extravagant. 2 Among their friends, they are praised and there is great pomp to their stupidity; but in their home is grey sadness and crimsom sorrow. 3 their families rejoice and breath only when they are sober and away, 4 but when they are come; terror enters the threshold of their homestead with them: 5 love and joy of the house escapes through the backdoor as though it were an unwelcome and uninvited guest. 6 What profit then is there in being friends and lovers of alcohol and wine than the wreckage of families and marriages? 7 their spending is without brains and their labours, after they had been drunk, are a cause of great concern. 8 And what betrayal to health such is for with drunkenness come senselessness of promiscuity and violence. 9 Abhor this path o my beloved for slow will be thine judgment and thy understanding when drunk and partake in excess, 10 and in that is great danger to life unto destruction.



Treatise 30


1 But be still O my children, for thou art souls of my soul. 2 Cry not like them without good hope for they know not what their blessings are, 3 who the bearer of all goodly blessings is and who the excellent parent is. 4 Let thine hearts be gird in me and I will pour mine favours upon thee as heavy rains. 5 If thou knew already, what I have in store for thee in every place and in every path, thou will rejoice instead of crying: 6 but thou know not that which I know for it is I who prepared it all beforehand for thine bliss. 7 Yeah, cry not o much loved for the days of thine benediction are coming. 8 When the clouds I’ve made for thee are fully seasoned with all the good rains I have at heart for thine fruitfulness, 9 I will gently pour them upon thee and wash away all thine tears and drown all thy sorrows. 10 If thou can measure the number of rain drops of an unceasing heavy downpour, so shall be thine blessings’ count. 11 And these have I given not unto any on thy behalf; neither will anyone partake of them when thou art come home 12 except the children of thine own inheritance, the families of light. 13 But in thine day, these shall I place in thine own hands with length of days 14 that thou may partake of them first fully with true joy in me.





Orison 1


1 O Most Righteous One, when it is time to fulfill my promise unto thee and time to reach for the good desire of my heart, 2 I will make no alibi, for an alibi is a lazy man’s apology. 3 With the first alibi comes fear of the unknown. 4 But what unknown hindrance can there be to my path when thou O GOD art with me and know all things concerning my life and my paths. 5 What stumbling block have I to fear when thou art the solution of every problem; 6 and when thou art the bridging of every hallow that impedes growth. 7 Yeah, eventhough there be dark clouds in every direction and detours in every path, yet still will I move upon all my decisions, 8 not with alibis but with my faith in thee O UTMOST for I know thou will make all my plans prosper even when all seem bleak.



Orison 2


1 In this thing be ye wise o my child, that though I am with you always, to guide you and to direct thy step, that does not mean all thine plans will be a success; 2 for by reason thou art men, thou will sometimes follow the thoughts of thy own heart for which you will have to be liable always. 3 But if thou will abide in my instructions and in my guidance, yes, thine plans will be a great success through and through. 4 However, in the day thy good plan will fall through, pound thyself up not for error also is good counselor to the prudent man. 5 Instead of worrying and burning with anger, revisit thy good plans gird in a good instruction and following in the good ordinance, 6 and you will upend all thy fallen plans into goodly grains of blessings unto thyself and unto all that be with you.



Orison 3


1 O GOD, I know of thy promises and thine edicts upon thy people by heart, but why do thou seem so distant from them? 2 Where art thou when thy people are suffering? If thou will not help, who will help them? 3 The burdens with which they suffer, are they a treatment of thy wrath? 4 The pains and wounds they nurse by day and by night, are they scars of thine rod? 5 And though they’ve made error, are they all that are wicked that thou will not even let the heavens rain upon thy people? 6 Of this am I taught in thee that the just shall not perish with the wicked, but that all suffer, even the just, such is confusing. 7 Answer me o my GOD; ye who is the Most Gracious of all, hearken ye unto mine voice and answer.



Orison 4


1 O my GOD, my heart is in travail by cause of them that ignore thy word and forsake thine instructions. 2 They are worse than a wretched moth; and I wonder and deliberate in supplication for them. 3 They deliberate day and night, why life seem to evade them. They dream to no help like they dream not. 4 Like vultures of the sky without prey, they go round and round in circles without landing. 5 Not that they try not O my GOD: they do all the time till they drop dead without hope. 6 But how then may a man abound unto life and unto fruitfulness in his day O GOD? 7 What blessing is there to thy name in a wandering empty man? 8 What glory receive ye in a suffering family and a child dying in oppression, violence and war? 9 ‘Them that meditate in my word all their days, though they live by the caves, shall want and suffer lack not. 10 They will have instruction and knowledge and in it, they will discover their path: and in walking it, they shall be full according as I work in them by my word. 11 Wonder and deliberate for them you may, but how can they be helped if they are without edification in the course of life? 12 They comprehend not their own talents and they know not of their abilities, having no instructions in any skill: 13 in that, their hope is deferred, and they are no better than a people without conscience of anything at all. 14 But if they will ponder in my word, they shall discover their talents and their paths, and shall have skill. 15 They will be energized unto liberty and contentment of body and mind, and shall have life. 16 By pondering and working with abiding faith in my word, verse upon verse and stroke upon stroke, again and again, 17 shall they grow in wisdom and in understanding and receive fullness of glory; 18 the glory with which they shall make a bridge out of the log of impasse and turn every impede into a leaping threshold. 19 Bounds of ignorance and folly shall depart from them and their way shall be truly a high way.



Orison 5


1 Behold o ye eye of my soul; ye that is good guardian of all righteous things I planted in the earth and in all worlds. 2 I know of the weaver of wickedness who is tireless in his efforts and whose length of cords 3 grows continually in the hearts of the unaware, to whom justice seem delayed till the day of all days. 4 A goodly people are turning bad score upon score, for the wicked mislead them saying blood will cover it all. 5 Their hearts are dead unto truth and their thoughts numb unto equality. 6 Their eyes grow blind unto perfect love by day and their ears deaf unto the cry of peace. 7 In the path of their senses they tread day and night. 8 The signs of their fornication and all their carnality are everywhere, from the streets to the resting places. 9 Nomore have they any shame of their secrets, for even by day they walk naked and partake in promiscuity. 10 Therefore, I will make a new edict unto the day of days. 11 I will place the seat of opening judgment in their own souls and from thereof, 12 the Judge shall execute all righteous judgments for all their wickedness in their day. 13 The evil thing that they do shall haunt them by day and consume them by nightfall. 14 Peace and sleep will depart from them and so shall all fruitfulness and love, and all their possessions till the day they will repent. 15 In that day, their day of days will be one of good hope in life, for I will look upon them with good mercy and favour. 16 But the unrepentant will I cause to perish.



Orison 6


1 A foolish woman pride herself in the corpulence of her purse; and the stupid man commits his life unto possessions. 2 But what blessing is there in a corpulent purse and a mass of things without knowledge of truth, righteousness and life? 3 Of what good is it to own all things and lose everything more worthy than silver and gold, and all costly pearls? 4 For the life that is committed unto things and the heart that is given unto the contents of the purse is musty and dead unto me; 5 and I will reject and bar it before the holy hour; before the gate of holiness will I forbear it from entering my bossom and partake of my glory.



Orison 7


1 Gather ye the nations; call all the families of the earth and the peoples thereof unto an Coteri‘a for me. 2 Bid them unto a harmonious and unprejudiced assembly 3 of all the children that delight in light and life and make this clause and precept clear in their hearing. 4 The wicked person has no soul and hope not in life, for such is gibberish unto him, 5 and because of his unbelief, he will surely perish unless he turn from his path of wickedness and convert. 6 But I know his lack of faith and hope in life is because he is without proper instruction in this matter; 7 and because he is more precious to me like all things that bring joy to my heart, I lay the responsibility of his salvation 8 upon thee o righteous children, to teach him the way that save, the way of truth and righteousness: 9 and upon all among thee, who counsel and reprove such, including the proud, the slanderers, and the mockers, 10 I will show steadfast mercy and breath fruitfulness and they shall be called blessed in every generation. 11 And whenever I visit to bless them that convert unto life in each generation, I will visit them also that instructed them unto the way of life 12 and multiply their labour’s fruits that their joy in and with me might abound. 13 But them that drag feet will reap what is meet to their labour, and them that despise counsel and reprove 14 unto righteousness and truth, together with the unfaithful, will I not show my countenance. 15 Only the righteous man, pure at heart, gentle, kind, merciful and meek can see my face and not the unrighteous. 16 Theirs is the way of darkness and perishing and no more will I curse as judgment 17 but I will forsake them that forebear reprove; and surely, in their unrighteousness, they shall die. 18 Let them that will live therefore depart from all unrighteous acts including drunkenness, adultery, 19 treachery, murder, slandering, plundering, greed, mockery, violence and war for in all these am I extremely offended. 20 I am offended in the proud and the scornful, 21 for from their mouth comes out venom and a devouring fire that kills peace, love and harmony: 22 and I will surely recompense them a just measure for all their deeds and ways.



Orison 8


1 To grow in wisdom and understanding of thy will, and in abiding life, 2 I will embrace thy counselling and thine instructions tenderly and passionately. 3 I will cherish it wholeheartedly for it is true light unto my mind and pointer unto my path. 4 I will read it upon my shortcomings at even time and ply it upon my plans and behind the works of my hands patiently by day. 5 Yea, like unto one that is wise, I will learn not to do as many often do, 6 procrastinate to orison and meditate upon thy word. 7 I will not rush also, through thine counsels and thy instructions, 8 without taking moments to muse, mirror and sop up what thou taught me in thy faithful word. 9 My heart and my mind shall I prepare to interact with thy word; emphasizing the thought that speaks loud to my soul and to my bone; 10 and writing down the thoughts of my understanding where upon I may reflect and commit them to memory. 11 And when I am come of age in understanding and retort to thy righteous and life giving teaching come into my heart, 12 then will I have become masterful and wise in thine eyes. 13 I will have become wise and of age in that day when I will be able to live thy insight in me; 14 for it is in plying of thine word that true learning and wisdom is realised.



Orison 9


1 O GOD Most Righteous, what an honour have they that are thine. 2 Them that are called by your name are excellently blessed that they are an excellent blessing in everything and unto all things. 3 Unto them declared thou on thine day, faint not for thou art my glory and I am thine glory, and the glory thou art in me is without end: 4 neither does it have height nor depth, nor does it falter on anything but overcome. 5 Day and night, we abide as the excellent glory that we are; and thou art my temple wherein is my altar and I am thine GOD: 6 and upon the altar of thine heart shall I receive always, sacrifices and incense that is most holy. 7 Let thy heart be consecrate, for therein you and I dine and feast all the time. 8 Be ye steadfast and merry for thou art my glory without bounds; life without flaw. 9 O what an honour my GOD that thou made thy beloved the fullness of thine glory; 10 even unto all that be in him the selfless laborer, by whom also, thine glory embrace and bless all: 11 and that thou may be known unto all faiths that thou art an all caring, kind and impartial GOD, 12 I extend salutations herein, to all the righteous children and families scattered in all the earth; 13 who in due season, shall come to the unity and harmony of thine glory.



Orison 10


1 I will honour them that are in authority and captainship who keep their trust unto their subjects and hosts: 2 and them that safeguard the rights and freedoms of the weak and needy; and take not away good to replace it with evil. 3 But great anguish will I lay upon the threshold of the arrogant, the corrupt, the oppressive and the violent captains. 4 Sorrow and sadness will I count unto them as their lot in life and unto all whose minds and hearts are the fullness of bitterness and resentment. 5 But exceeding gladness shall be the blessing of all of them that delight in the liberty and equality of all, 6 and set them free from the chains of their hearts and minds’ bonds for whatever cause. 7 For all manner of anger, hate and resentment is wickedness; they corrupt thine heritage.



Orison 11


1 For the righteous man and the little ones in me, the path to timeless rest is a high way; 2 for with their eyes, they shall see and behold my glory. 3.With their ears, they shall hear my voice and with their minds, discern my ways; 4 and I will cause them to understand my instructions with their hearts that fullness of life may remain upon them always. 5 Howbeit it is not so for the unrighteous and wayward in worldliness; whose conscience is seared and whose ears are deaf. 6 They can neither see nor understand what the way of life is; for unto them I am not. 7 Yea, the hearts of the fools are fat; their minds are without understanding; their ears are deaf and their eyes blind. 8 Unless they cast away their waywardness, pride and desire for gain, 9 they will remain under the dominion of lords, rulers and their powers. 10 They will leave the world, but only to return to it again for they are of the world and its thrones. 11 But they that will strive and abide in my instructions shall find eternal rest, 12 and with my life shall I quicken them into my own true glory: a glory like no other; for before now, 13 it was never known that I may make it manifest unto such as set themselves apart for it in righteousness;14 they of child purity at heart, whom I called before all else was; 15 a children of abounding and steadfast love, peace, kindness, humility, patience and understanding; 16 that they may know and abide with me; their ever righteous GOD for their way is my way and no other.



Orison 12


1 Help me in my day O Most Gracious GOD, to understand thy perfect will and walk in that path in which thou delight most; 2 for plenty are the shortcomings with which I am made to labour. 3 Let thine righteous instruction take root in me that I may walk a straight path which is pleasing to thine heart. 4 Aid me in resisting the tempter whose aim is always to cause me to fall 5 that he may steal my joy, my peace, my truth and my blessings while I am in rage and in judgment. 6 Make truth my daily fill that the wicked one may fail and perish before my presence 7 and before my sanctuary’s threshold whether by day or by night. 8 Teach me the way of perfect compassion and mercy, for many are such as put me to trial that I may fall from my course. 9 For when tempted, what will I do if thou will help me not but burst with anger and lash out. 10 Be tranquil o my child, for I will help thee with every burden of thine heart; and I will rescue all thine blessings 11 and thine joys from the hand of the fowler; and thy peace and thy truth from the hour of the tempter. 12 What power is there in the hand of the wicked than intimidation and corrupt shrewdness? 13 For filled with fear and blameworthy execute he all things with haste that he may gain his way fast before he is held accountable. 14 Yeah, worry not, for in time every time to thine rejoicing, I will stretch my glory for thine pavilion 15 and mine hand to the destruction of all thine foes; 16 and whatever is wicked will not flourish before thee whether by noon or by night; 17 for I am an ever present Scepter of thine life, the unfailing victory of everything and everyone righteous forever.



Orison 13


1 Rain o precious rain; how thou art most wonderful gift unto all things. 2 Without you, kings and premiers are as wretched 3 as the fatherless and the beggars of the streets, and the queens and all their orders as naked as widows. 4 Princes and princesses scavenge like vultures and the Lords and the Lourdesses mourn like the woman in labor. 5 What a glory of the UTMOST’s scepter thou art, for by thee He separate the righteous to His everlasting glory. 6 When a generation preys on righteousness and truth, and peace and harmony, 7 thou retreat into thine secret chamber for thine eyes cannot stand wickedness. 8 And when the wicked one knocks on thine door, thou will open not for thou know what is in their hearts. 9 But the righteous heart will thou forbear not for thou art good 10 and such is pleasing unto the UTMOST of all to whom thou art great warden to the earth’s life. 11 Thine arm is longer than eyes can measure for in the split of a heartbeat, 12 thou can reach the ends of all the earth and give life unto the jungles and the beasts thereof; 13 and unto the seas and the oceans, and the creatures thereof, and unto all the plants and the living that partake in those plants. 14 Rain o precious rain, joy of the heavens and sweetener of mine sweat and tears; wash of the sun, 15 the moon and the stars and beloved of the UTMOST of all, what a blessing of blessings thou art. 16 May thine goodness never cease to bless all things over which thou art glory of GOD’s mighty scepter.



Orison 14


1 I heard the fool saying, what I am is by GOD not. 2 The law is a dictate of men and has failed me and so have all things named; blood of lambs and holy men. 3 The teacher instructs me in the things whose hopes are unto the glory of the flesh and I wonder what will become of my soul; 4 and another speaks unto me concerning things of the soul and I wonder, what will my lot be in this time? 5 I wonder, if it were all about my soul, why am I in the present instead of whence I come from and should be? 6 And if it were about my body, why speak to me of a hope in which I am not allowed to see 7 and understand all I need to know and be as it should be, real to me than being of blunt faith in only what I am taught? 8 One tells me, GOD is good and will commit no one unto trial, yet another tells me, GOD let trial come unto His people and is punisher unto those that err. 9 Who then is the devil when trial and punishment are spoken as weapons of the wicked that torments innocent souls night and day? 10 In this, what is the difference between GOD and the devil; and where is GOD, when good is suffering in the hands of them that should defend it before evil? 11 There is no voice for true justice and truth: them that stand for truth and justice are thrown in shackles maimed and are abandoned to rot. 12 Who then shall help, for GOD has forsaken good by letting evil reign unabated?



Orison 15


1 Another one heard I saying, my riches are the sweat of my toiling and not of GOD. 2 What I am and what I will be, are all the dictates of my heart; for I am what I wish to be and I have what I will have. 3 I walk where I will and dwell where my heart is. 4 What my end is and what will become of my soul am I with full knowledge; there is nowhere else to go after here. 5 So while I still can, I will teach my feet to lead me where my heart is, for now is the only thing I know and have. 6 When I needed GOD’s blessings for my body, nothing received I on my table. 7 Of it I read somewhere that life is more than food and drink but what can men be without sufficient food and drink as long as he is abiding in the present? 8 If GOD will not deliver on a promise in the now, why should I waste my faith in believing in his promises in the later? 9 And if all there is after all things are ended is a merry life in the earth, why spend my days in sorrow yearning for a heaven I can have now? 10 But if there is one somewhere not in the earth, why will GOD not simply take the righteous when they are still good; 11 and why will He not overcome evil once for the good of all and make the goodly promise an inheritance of all? 12 When mine ears heard these, my heart sank and my strength waned for these were quests not without ground. 13 But then, while yet I wondered, thou said unto my soul; these are thoughts without light and words without wisdom. 14 Is men not saved by the fullness of his heart? With what power does men pilgrim in his own path even if he is without faith? 15 Is it not my power in him; for without it a man is not? 16 Thoughts without light will surely lead but to suffering and death and so shall words without wisdom, by them, men shall love the world and perish. 17 Therefore say ye this in the hearing of the men without knowledge and the one without understanding, life is death and death is life. 18 Him that will abide in the earth shall surely die unto his soul but him that will die in the earth will surely abide in his soul. 19 But for ye are men, while yet ye abide in the earth, bless thine day and thy night with good labour and be merry: 20 being prudent in thine celebration of life by letting not truth, righteousness and grace depart from thine ways by day and in rest by night. 21 In this manner, thou will spare the path of thine soul in all things, for without thine soul, thou art not.



Orison 16


1 A gentle instruction and a humble counsel makes a formidable rod against any fort of ignorance and forbearance. 2 But the violent instruction and the stubborn counsel will breed resistance, rebellion and contempt. 3 What profit then is there in the instruction of violence and in the counsel of obduracy that any man should walk in it? 4 Now that thou have opened my eyes O GOD, by tender meekness will I pursue my course and make my request known. 5 Cynicism will I depart from and sarcasm will I shun away for in them is breed of mistrust and resentment; 6 and when I am resented, I am left a lonely man without friend and without good advice in the good path of life.



Orison 17


1 Oh my soul, and o ye soul of the lightangel, chosen of the chosen, for an everlasting glory 2 and abidance in light and holy rest, continue ye in the path ever pleasing unto the UTMOST. 3 In GOD, plenty is thine gold and thine silver: overflowing are thine chambers with all precious treasure; 4 rich are thine groves and overly flowing are thine wells and cisterns. 5 Yeah, heap upon heap is the measure of thine wealth, holy treasure rained from above by the UTMOST of all. 6 Kings and Lords pay tribute with obeisance unto thee and great is thine family. 7 Thou art exceedingly great, but thy greatness in not in thine possessions 8 or by cause you have committed thyself unto things, for such is wretchedness and great loss. 9 Yes o precious soul, boast not in these though they be plenteous as the sands of the oceans and the seas, for such is the way of the world and its people, 10 but boast ye in the giver of all thine blessings, who taught and raised you in the instruction of truth 11 and perfect righteousness for as thine riba, these are mine own bullions and carats in which I rejoice all the time. 12 Yeah, boast in the Most Kind, for it is Him alone who is thine portion in all things. 13 You are great because by thine wealth, thou committed the way of light unto exceeding fruitfulness for all, as righteousness and truth overly flow unto the ends of all things. 14 How blessed is the eye that commit itself not unto the path of the senses, 15 and how wonderful is the lip that preach profit of the soul above all things and less of the profit of the flesh for the flesh is dust.



Orison 18


1 My hand is strong and my scepter mighty and faultless, for by thine instruction, I have gird myself in the good path. 2 Sharp and piercing words will I restrain against anyone, lest I fail in turning all unto the ever pleasing path of peace, equality and harmony. 3 Instead of criticizing, I will albeit and where instruction and counseling is needful, 4 I will use meekly words, for with a meekly word, every strong barrier gives way to correction and reproof. 5 And what more can I call pleasing and holier than winning all to the path of light, for in darkness is untold peril. 6 Where upon my hand can lend support, I will put it to work and where I can reach and heal a wound, 7 I will extent it, for herein is thine goodness made evident O GOD.



Orison 19


1 In thy wonderful name O Most Gracious GOD will I bow in prayer, thanking you o glory of glories for thine abounding grace, 2 by which I have life today and in all days; and have all goodly blessings prepared for me in every path and place. 3 Thank you for lifting me up from the reach of evil into thine glorious bosom where the light of impartiality, peace, joy, love and harmony abide forever. 4 Thank you for every good plan that you have in place for me for though yesterday was bitter, today is hopeful. 5 When I was weak and drenched in tears, thou gave me strength and wiped away my tears. 6 When darkness overtook me and I was lost, thou gave me light and guided me as you still do today, in the path ever good and bright. 7 When I was lonely, sad and hopeless, thou kept me company and blessed me with hope and joy; 8 and when everyone was moving away from me, thou came in and assured me of a better hope in the good day you prepared ahead of time for me. 9 Thank you for who I am, what I am and thine enduring presence in my life: 10 and for the good family I have in thee forever; and all the angels of my protection and benediction every day. 11 In thee I rejoice forevermore O GOD for I have a faithful riba.



Orison 20


1 O GOD RIGHTEOUSNESS, Holy of holies; you only that dwell over the horn of the highest; in a secret place no door can find 2 except the door of truth and righteousness; and fill all else with your excellent glory, even yonder the deep and the heaven of heavens: 3 thank you for thine steadfast kindness, and eternal mercies which ooze with pure love upon thine people. 4 You are highly exalted and ever glorious; and live there in thine sanctuary, where death cannot find. 5 Yea, no man can find and no shadow knows; only you can open thine door unto thy holy ones 6 and make known thine secrets unto thine chosen; such as are children: meek, gentle, peaceful and just. 7 In the stillness of night and through terror, thou protect thy beloved ones under thine shadow. 8 O GOD Most Righteous, how merciful and good thou art unto all that are in the earth; 9 and them beyond the walls of thine sanctuary, which is their foundation, pillar and cornerstone; unto whom you give life, light and blessings. 10 Thine ways are ever righteous and magnificent. 11 To cohorts of the devil, they that went out conquering and conquering the less informed, 12 thou caused their glory to end with eras; and in their ages, they were strongest; 13 but because they exercised authority without truth, pure love and righteousness, thou caused their glory to fade with passing time. 14 Though teachers, preachers and prophets arose to their glory, many went and are corrupt with a desire for gain and worldly glory 15 so much that even their very way became corrupt and less and less glorious than in its beginning. 16 Yet for thine sake; for they are our own; we shall not deny them but share with them in our glory 17 which thou gave no age but eternity, for it is the manifestation of thine perfect will. 18 Yea, thou gave us no death and no diminishing in glory, for our way is thine way; 19 found upon truth, equality, kindness, peace, humility, forgiveness, pure love and harmony. 20 Neither do thy chosen children have need for anything because thy fullness is their own measure all their days; 21 a fullness and measure no mortal eye can behold, and no any spirit can perceive or prophesy. 22 From yonder thou came; to bless the Lords of the earth and all worlds in the heavens and the Kings of kingdoms, even such as are in the earth. 23 Thy glory is eternal, pure and more precious, and is like unto no other. 24 It is a glory you preserved for they that belong in thine holy sanctuary; who are of thereof from before, 25 and at thy command, it shall burst forth and blossom within their midst, even in the worlds of creation; as a blessing and not a curse. 26 Though thou dwell yonder, where time and space live not, in time and space, and in all else, 27 thine glory is and shall forever manifest, that thou may be glorified in thy majesty and holiness.



Orison 21


1 A prudent and godly parent puts on pure compassion and care for children; and treat them with tender mercy and vigilance; 2 preparing for them a just inheritance and instructing them in the way of righteousness: 3 and so does the prudent and godly husband unto his wife: he does not treat her as mere goods or a mere slave, 4 neither does he look at her with a lowliness conscience for without her, there is no completeness of godliness in everything. 5 And from such things as these must the children of light, the chosen of GOD refrain; promiscuity, theft, adultery, divorce, coveting, drunkenness, greed, witchcraft, murder 6 and all manner of wickedness as may be spoken in everything for they are a portion of they that will perish in judgment. 7 Suffer ye not the cares of this world that you should desire as some do, to fellowship once a week 8 but be ye rather true and devout light angels that live every day as a day of holy fellowship with thy GOD in His Coteri‘a and in thine house, doing His wonderful works. 9 For upon this truth is build the sacred promise unto the meek and faithful: build your lives upon this word, observing to do all that is ever-righteous all the time 10 for such are the sacrifices in which He delight above all else and your blessings will be a measure upon a measure without end. 11 And wherever you shall go, He shall be thine provider, thy guide and thy protection, and everything else of which thou shall ask Him in faith, 12 such shall He bless you with that His everlasting love and goodness unto thee might be made manifest.



Orison 22


1 GOD UTMOST; ye that is righteous and kind above all; I thank you O our Supreme Benefactor 2 and our Righteousness for originating in thine heart, everything that is named in all holiness: 3 from supraarls and angels in the heavens and their orders, and all creatures in and upon all worlds: 4 even life in the deep Seas and the deep Oceans in its diversity too. 5 Thou was pleased with everything in thine heart; for therein, in thine holy design, thine majesty is made manifest. 6 With perfection thou made everything such that even the grass of the earth, the birds of the air, 7 the beasts of the jungle and all the creatures of the seas and oceans and all the waters cannot but worship 8 and give thee all the glory and the honour all the time, for thine goodness in and unto them, as long as the universe exists. 9 With the beauty of holiness, thou made it all and at harmony to one another and in everything, breathed thou thine life. 10 In wisdom, thou made everything dependent upon the other for survival so that it might be evident that thou art One; 11 the life in all and of all: and men, thou made in thine very rendering and in the perfect icon of earth-real angels, 12 gave thou power as gods and goddesses over all creation. 13 And even though in ignorance and out of wicked influence from the son of destruction, the plunderer and murderer, 14 men got carried away in the sweetness of such power that he abused it over all else unto which thou made him lord, thou appointed a time, 15 commencing henceforth, that he should come to his senses and realize that, power, as thou gave him in all creation, is but a responsibility, 16 that he should take care of everything around him on thine behalf with love and gentleness, and with sincere gratitude unto thee 17 for therein, in the righteous existence of everything, is thine glory made manifest. 18 Thank you O GOD for giving men a new heart and for making him the overall guardian of all thine glory 19 and for replacing the evil of his heart with truth, justice, peace, love, and responsibility: 20 and for plucking out cruelty and replacing it with care and compassion. 21 Thank you for the precious gift of creation O GOD our Supreme Benefactor.



Orison 23


1 And what a blessing the earth is among her kind and unto the living. 2 How rich is she with life. Plenteous are her unscathed groves and vast hills are her precious rocks. 3 Her cedar and her cinnamon, and the mahogany within her midst will I borrow from her for the shrine of the UTMOST of all, 4 and so shall I do of her rare pearls unto a righteous cause in which she will be blessed also. 5 Without wreaking damage will I tap of the essence of her soul, for she is the life of the wayfarer and blood of every creeping thing. 6 By oath will I protect her against the senseless plunderer and the pillager, 7 for she is a blessing and an inheritance to all the righteous and the meek given unto her for an inheritance by the UTMOST of all. 8 By day will I throw a seed in her heart that when night comes, after the holy rain is fallen, 9 it may germinate and bring forth life to the wayfarer and blessings to the Most Righteous’ children. 10 The graceful streams upon her, will I cherish and tap sparingly as I sojourn; and in the dry season, 11 from the wells of her heart will I drink; water more precious than wine and the pearls of Chiadzwa, Chechnya, 12 Ophir, Kimberly, the Congo and the Dakar and all the rich hills of diamonds in her midst. 13 As a sojourner, she is the gird of my bones and my flesh: 14 here my roof from the good rain showers and there my bread basket. 15 From the Daisy Hill and the Jersey by Chipinge will the righteous call a drink of her sweet milk, tea and coffee, 16 and of her macadamia nuts, and her potatoes, and her deciduous and citrus will they receive everywhere. 17 From the bees of the Niger, the Jordan, the Niagara and the Zambezi, and yonder all the horizons, will they gather good honey for themselves. 18 O, what speak I of in all these things than the streams of pure life.



Orison 24


1 Every day O GOD, the stillness of thy presence is with me. 2 Upon thy tiara and thy obs, I meditate and pray: 3 I raise my voice with a mantra of praise and gratitude unto thine goodness in my life, 4 for thou placed me in a path of exceeding glory and profuse life. 5 Pristine, thine holy sanctuary and mine everlasting home, is with me in my waking moments as well as in my sleeping moments. 6 Though I be in the earth for yet a little while according to thine will and thy purpose for me, 7 my soul is at rest, for I know of an unfading glory wherein I will abide with you and all the family forever hereafter like before. 8 What peace, justice and harmony can I compare unto the glory of heaven? 9 What fullness of glory and life can supplant what heaven thine sanctuary harbinger? 10 By cause of thine Spirit by which I am, I know not limitation and fear of what I will do and become to thine glory which is mine glory. 11 I am boundless in gifts and talents and in power and faith unto all goodly ends. 12 This is my key for thy pristine gate; the gate that holds all solutions to life’s woes, 13 and without misgiving shall I treasure it and pass it on unto all thine righteous children. 14 Were it a feeling, I would have doubted my freedom and my gladness because a feeling fades with times waste: 15 but this is bliss; this is contentment; my birthright and the truth that, I am in thee, which is the gift of all thine family, 16 to whom I speak wisdom in their minds and understanding in their hearts that they might comprehend the exceeding grandeur to which thou bid them herein. 17 By thine Spirit, I am reminded that no worry and no fear is real; 18 that all doubt and all pain fades with times count though they are part of this world. 19 I am reminded of my righteous liberty and all thine children’s 20 unto mind, body, spirit and soul, and in it, I glorify thee always.



Orison 25


1 If of old the wicked conquered thine body and thine possessions with impunity, what thinkest thou they will make of thine soul, 2 and thine sanctuary if thou will not gird it with perfect righteousness and truth? 3 Of what will they make of thine heritage in the heavenly places? 4 For as serpents, of this are they aware with all evil shrewdness that, 5 to control a man without force takes only the changing of his soul: and if thine soul is minded from an extended hand, 6 what there is left to cherish than to concede to servitude by manipulation; 7 and the surrendering of all that is thine in foolish meekness and obedience? 8 For of this they will preach like of old; be ye humble and submit thyself wholly to thine masters. 9 But if thou art wise, thou will remember this that meekness and obedience is not gullibility for I made not any man unto a slave of anything; 10 as in forsaking thine own greatness in righteousness and truth for anything that is susceptible to age and death. 11 For all possessions and all earthly glories pass with age. 12 This then o my child is the truth that is thine inheritance in light and the perfection of thine meekness and obedience; 13 unto thine one and only true master who is thee in me and me in thee as everlasting righteousness and truth. 14 With or without a name, thou art my child and thou art complete in me; 15 for in thee by life am I the fullness of all glory as thou may deem in thine soul.



Orison 26


1 And now do I rejoice greatly in thee O GOD; for to think that thou art my teacher and my guide is a great blessing. 2 Thy word is humble and thine voice more tender; 3 and therein, in the meekness of thy word and tenderness of thine voice, 4 I am able to hear and understand; and also walk in the way of my understanding which please thee. 5 Of old, sought I wisdom the hard way and walked without true light in understanding. 6 I was of slow hearing and haste response, and in that many mistakes made I because my understanding was juvenile. 7 But thanks be unto thee O UTMOST of all; no more is my sight poor and my understanding shallow; 8 and no more is my feet and my lip haste in response without comprehension, for by thine voice thou taught me of the good way. 9 Fewer and fewer now are my mistakes as I grow in thy word which is my light unto the perfect day. 10 Yeah, in my day, knowledge will I seek but more importantly shall I prize understanding, for with understanding comes true light.



Orison 27


1 Hear me O my GOD; eternal breath of the entire universe and all that is named in it; incline thine ear unto my supplication. 2 Look upon me with thy steadfast mercy and kindness. By day and by night death seeks after my life: 3 the tide rise against me and the wicked one hunt after my soul; and whom else can I run unto except thee. 4 Thou called me long before now, yet did I forbear, for I was but without understanding. 5 But now am I come: into your able hands I commit my life, thanking you O Faithful and ever Righteous GOD for calling me unto an eternal fellowship with you and your holy angels. 6 Thine kingdom of heaven is my home: thy secret place in which my troubles cease; for in thy presence, the hunter of my soul cannot find me. 7 Now that I have come of age, now do I understand that in this world, I am just but a sojourner. 8 My true place and heritage is among thy holy angels, which is thy glorious presence. 9 Here in the world, I am but come to do thy will: to serve and bless that thou may be glorified. 10 Receive me with delight and mercy upon my transgressions. Be my teacher and guide. 11 With meekness and consecration do I receive your eternal sacred Spirit of life into my heart; 12 and commit myself unto the path of truth, holiness and righteousness.



Orison 28


1 All things know I that you gave into my hands and under my dominion: yet one thing only set I my heart on; 2 living thine purpose for me fully in this life, declaring your glory in truth 3 and in righteousness till I come, at the end of the course, unto thine eternal rest. 4 In your loving kindness, help me by your Spirit to walk in your counsels and instructions: to live a life worthy thy calling 5 and labour in thy kingdom and for the kingdom of heaven to your praise and honour all my days; the praise and honour which is mine also, 6 for all that is yours is mine by an everlasting covenant with which I consecrate my heart and life unto thy will. 7 Yes my GOD, unto you I come, for heaven which is thy sacred sanctuary is my home:8 home to thy holy angels and home to my soul. 9 Let thy will take course O my GOD: Let thy will be done.



Orison 29


1 In the day of unfruitfulness and poverty, I will be thankful unto thee O GOD. 2 Not that I desire bareness and wretchedness but because thou never cease to cultivate and water my soul; 3 thou keep my life gird in thy life and provided for in thy presence. 4 And in the day of plenty, still, I will be grateful unto thee: 5 not that I desire riches or wealth, but because I will know that thou have bestowed upon me a great responsibility; 6 to make known thine exceeding glory and goodness, and bring real hope to the hopeless and give life to the lifeless. 7 But that I may not enter into trial with thee because of wretchedness or deny thee because of wealth, 8 I choose neither poverty nor riches; not even what the heart desire for it will have what is pleasing unto the eyes of my flesh. 9 But I receive what thy gift is goodly a blessing and an inheritance according to thy good plan in preserving the life thou gave me. 10 Righteousness, kindness, truth, peace, understanding, harmony, meekness and contentment unto bliss are most wonderful; 11 a duly good portion upon which I may show forth thy praise and rejoice in thy glory with you forever in life.



Orison 30


1 Day in day out, the mind of the wicked conceives wickedness O my soul but the righteous man sets his thoughts upon that which is good. 2 In the statutes of GOD does he walk and in His wonderful counsels does he meditate. He girdles his loins with holiness and control the boastfulness of his tongue with piety, 3 that it may not cause him to stumble before GOD’s plumb line. For in the midst of his people, 4 GOD has put a plumb line; to consider the ways of each one of them. 5 Before it, the wicked shall not stand: for everything that will fall out of the line will GOD take down. 6 Let him that is straight before GOD rejoice, for he shall stand in the hour of judgment and live. 7 But pity be upon the wicked: the unrighteous man who is not upright before GOD for in his crookedness, 8 he shall fall and perish. Yea, he shall perish, for such are his ways; 9 infidelity, fornication, murder, treachery, covetousness, gossip, theft, rape, drunkenness and glutton; which in all, kindles GOD’s wrath. 10 Oh! Where will the wicked run to in the Day of Judgment? Where will they hide? 11 Be thou merciful O GOD Faithful: touch their hearts with thy word and cause them to hear thy calling voice. 12 Make them remember thy goodness and convert that they may live: for even I, 13 lowly like unto them before thee, feel for them; yet without righteousness in their midst, what can I but do? 14 Save to leave it all to thy will. Yea, may thy will be done.



Orison 31


1 For the cause of the righteous man do I bow before thy holy presence O GOD; 2 to offer supplications for his farewell day and night. And because you had been merciful unto me as to consider all my supplications with kindness, 3 therefore will I make a humble request before your majesty. Not for the righteous man only, 4 but more for the wicked and ungodly. Yet evenso, have I right whatsoever; to weigh thy measures and question thy judgments? 5 For what I will ask of thee may not be the most pleasing thing before thine presence; yet will I ask: for thou know it all before I make request. 6 Let I not enter into judgment by cause of the wicked therefore. For thou art a merciful GOD; 7 merciful before all was and forever will thou be merciful upon the wicked. In thy abundant mercies therefore, 8 if thou will O GOD, return ye thy wrath and judgment upon the wicked by yet a season 9 and a year from the time which thou have appointed for their end. 10 Perhaps they will remember thy goodness and convert. Yet even without his repentance; 11 will thou consider not give an ensign that he might see: not only for the sake of the wicked but the righteous also, 12 that their hope and faith in you might have steadfastness. 13 For even if the wicked forbear and forbear, yet will he repent; for when all his friends and gains are gone, then shall he remember. 14 From the wilderness will he seek thy face and call unto thy holy name. 15 Yea, he will remember the days of the former glory, the days of plenty counsel, peace, love, barley and corn in the city of GOD and he will return. 16 Then, will be my GOD, in whom I trust and whose kindness and mercies endures forever, 17 then, will He, without excuse do His will upon him that forbears and reject mercy.



Orison 32


1 In GOD I rejoice every day. 2 I am at peace and at ease in His presence all the time, and by His grace am I content in all things. 3 Though I put on a sad countenance, my sadness is not because I am at loss of anything or by cause of anything worthy be concerned with at all; 4 which is more precious than by cause of my concern for every way farer who is without knowledge of truth and lives without stead trust in GOD. 5 In such I am reminded of the misery that befalls a soul without light and a life without course, 6 for GOD is the light and the course of life without which all is meaningless and hopeless.



Orison 33


1 What wise father is there among men who listen attentively to his children and instruct them with a gentle instruction? 2 Would such a one do as the foolish do, to send any of his children away without a good blessing and a life? 3 If there is such a one, who is meekly prudent and bestows glory upon his children equally, 4 the same will be glorified in his children but the one who bless not his own children and give not a life unto them, the same has no honour; 5 neither does he has any right at all to expect anything from his child, and if he perceive evil in his heart concerning his child, the same has sinned. 6 And I will not hold such a child, neglected, accountable to honoring such parents, except if he does by his own kindness, according as he receives of me. 7 For what parents who neglect his or her child to foxes and hyenas, 8 and send him unto the world without a talent or skill is worthy to be loved by me and his or her child with good love and not judgment. 9 Yeah, derelict and judgment will follow such a foolish parent also unto the grave and his curses upon such a child will I cause to have no power at all, 10 for I will uphold the cause of every such a child in righteousness.



Orison 35


1 O ye branches of the eternal tree of righteousness and truth, that thou art sons and daughters of the UTMOST One is no mistake; 2 thou art lightangels because thine GOD wrought thee with an holy life. 3 Rejoice for thy hearts are His haven; the place of His holy presence from whence His life blossom in thee to thy goodness and fullness. 4 Let the sad countenance depart from thee for sadness and sorrow are not thy portion. 5 At waking and at resting, celebrate thy life for thou art not like them of the world in whom is no life at all. 6 Let everyone of you be filled with the bliss thou have in thy GOD for of Him is this an inheritance like no other. 7 ‘Thou art mine, my lightangels and my beloved whom upon I planted life and bequeathed my glory. 8 What righteous petition will you make unto me; that will I give unto thee’.



Orison 36


1 The recompense of a just labor is exceedingly bountiful and it brings contentment to the soul; 2 but the unjust labor shall bring larceny upon thine head and misery unto thy soul. 3 Joy shall never depart from them that labor charitably and share their blessings with their neighbors; 4 but them that are without generosity; the ones that are short armed, shall endure untold sorrow. 5 Good temperament will bring you a swam of flower carrying bees and from them shall you harvest good honey; 6 but a swam of wasps shall be the company of the bad tempered and by them shall they be stung unto death. 7 Therefore, be wise in thy labours; that thou may have good success; 8 and in how you walk by day and by night that you may not suffer the ignorance of the wicked.



Orison 37


1 O UTMOST of peace; GOD of truth and righteousness, ye that is Supreme above all, let thy radiance fill my soul and give strength to my bones. 2 Restore my heart and refresh my mind that I may be able to hear thy voice and understand thine instructions. 3 Give me thou, thine eyes that I might be able to see into thy perfect will and walk therein, for only but to walk in thy will do I delight. 4 Stretch ye my days and fill them with vitality and fruit that I might be able to work thy works without tiring and misgiving. 5 Let the glory of thy mauve ob remain with me forever that I may remain full in thee; 6 not by cause of age in the flesh and among thy children but by age in thy way; 7 and by cause of understanding and walking therein perfectly.



Orison 38


1 All praise and honour be unto the UTMOST of all who dwells yonder all; whose presence and assurances are steadfast and perpetual; 2 who speak to the hearts of the meek and righteous always; and hold the hands of the feeble, and give a goodly heritage to all that be without sound hope. 3 Him is my confidence and my pride every day, for with gentleness and prudence speaks He to all His beloved. 4 He is the glory that dwells in the holy of holies and He is their scepter and their shield; and by His glory shall He make them complete forever. 5 For concerning this thing says He; I will hold and lead thee by the hand by day, in the path that blossom with fruitfulness of life: 6 an ever righteous way; and by night will I be the light of thine eyes and the tent of thy life for thou art most precious to me. 7 By thine feet shall thou crush the serpent and walk upon snares without care and without suffering any harm for I will be there always, to help thee in all things. 8 Across rivers and across the seas and the oceans will I carry thee, to give an inheritance to my children now and in life, 9 and to all peoples at the end of thy heart’s horizon, and as much as they can receive shall they take from me through thee. 10 With victory upon victory by grace upon grace, will I stretch thy path continuously every day; 11 and righteousness and truth will open thine eyes that thou may see who is thy true helper and thy true neighbor in thy day.



Orison 39


1 When I thought of thy goodness as I sat in the stillness of my secret haven; the place of my meditations and orisons, 2 I could not but rejoice. Great calm and much merry filled my heart as thy life waxed in my soul; 3 for with each gentle thought and tender breathe saw I the grandeur of thy holy glory, 4 rising exceedingly upon me and upon thy family, as well as upon all that which is and shall be always. 5 I was lift in spirit and adorned in fullness of thy glory, the sweeping sanctified power with which I tore to shambles, 6 the evil forts of the wicked which they erected to discriminate and massacre others with a prejudiced creed and a corrupt system, 7 whose object was and is to leave the poor and the needy, and the just and the righteous without hope and life; 8 and in their place caused thou me to raise the walls of perfect justice, truth, peace and harmony which makes the sanctuary and the salvation of all thy children; 9 and all that were and are without hope and without inheritance: 10 not with shrewdness and supremacy of flesh upon which the worldly erect their glory, 11 but with thine holy scepter which is my volition and my voyage yonder all horizons of life. 12 O what a glory and a life have they that abide in thee; forever they are truly blessed.



Orison 40


1 How wonderful thou art O my GOD. Thou said unto me on thy day, 2 come and I will show thee a thing. And lo: there I was in the midst of a doubting people, 3 declaring mysteries; but they would not believe. Neither did they understood until thou caused clouds upon clouds to gather from the ends of the universe, 4 unto where I was. Upon them were writings and signs that spoke thy glory; and thou stood in their midst thereof. 5 And the righteous man, having seen, for thou caused him to see, 6 declared; Wonderful GOD! And so did the wicked and the persecutor of the righteous who repented in that hour; 7 yea, even him according to thy mercies, witnessed thine glory and declared; Amazing GOD! 8 And my heart was glad. I was filled with joy and peace in my soul for I had seen thine glory which is my glory: 9 the salvation of the righteous ones who are the lightangels; 10 and because the wicked had convert and seen light like thy faithful ones who abided in truth and righteousness, I was at rest in thy glorious presence. 11 Thank you O Faithful GOD for thy enduring mercies and loving kindness in which thou glorified thyself.


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