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The Sacred Agriculture





Sacred Agriculture


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Fernando Davalos

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Chapter 1: An Elder walking through América


Chapter 2: Regina’s Bookstore


Chapter 3: Little Vicente’s Tamales


Chapter 4: The Twelve Torches


Chapter 5: The Strange Visitor


Chapter 6: “Don Uriel” the Practical and Applied Ecology Group


Chapter 7: Visiting our Spiritual Guide


Chapter 8: The Museum of Anthropology

Chapter 1





An Elder Walking Through America



In those days, the elder Domingo Diaz Porta was very clear with all the groups that followed his teachings, about the next step to be taken by those of us that were a part of his inner circle: It was necessary to go out to the world and stop meeting in closed and hermetic brotherhoods.

Mother Nature would be our teacher from now on, our temple, and the amphitheater where we would fight our personal battles and not locked up in four walls believing ingenuously to be the bearers of the complete truth.



It was necessary now to start the sacred battle, and fight the good war within ourselves, for the time that was needed, working in the sacred land of our own bodies and planting in this blessed temple, the seeds of the future spiritual development. It was necessary to heal; we had to try now individually to manifest it through a Sacred Agriculture. The birth in the physical plane, of the ideas, the spiritual groups and the institutions of the future in benefit of our great nation, our sacred continent and our dear mother earth. This, by fighting the battles that were necessary to build here and now the foundations for the birth of a new culture, that might bring generous the imminent return of a sacred age.



After disarticulating internally in all of us with the power of his spirit all types of false dreams of greatness, Maestro touched all the spots of our inflated personal importance, which had already generated frictions among our group and other compatible groups with which we interacted within its first inner circle.

Then, Maestro Diaz Porta ended our meetings inaugurating this new form of work in the immediate future.



After this, he blessed us from the bottom of its heart wishing us all kinds of success in our future work. Since then, he has always walked with us within our hearts.

Chapter 2





Regina’s Bookstore



Soon after, Paloma and I decided to join our lives forever, initiating a new phase and forming a new association to continue our search for a personal awakening.  As a result of our marriage and of the need to look for a path with a human face and heart, Regina’s bookstore was born. The name was chosen to honor and remember with affection the Mexican Dakini that initiated the awakening of our Mexico.



Located behind the municipal government building of the town of Zapopan and under the protection of the Virgin Mary of Zapopan, our dear Zapopana who has an important shrine in the town, we opened this small bookstore of self-help books. The business was modest but gave us great satisfactions and it was a very pleasant stage in our life of a newly married couple. It was indeed there where the new member of our family, the small Francisco, learned to walk his first steps between tables and books before the attentive and loving watch of Paloma. By then, the books written by our spiritual guide, Don Antonio Velasco Piña were creating a new and important path for the birth of a new culture in our country and to this effort we wanted to add our modest sand of grain.



Looking back into the past, the days of the bookstore Regina were very important for our future development and although the bookstore was never a commercial success, within its four walls and during its active life, our good heavenly Father that sees it all overwhelmed us with many gifts and spiritual blessings.

Chapter 3





Little Vicente’s Tamales



In a beautiful gesture, and to help the economy of our family, our little son Vicente decided to open a station to sell delicious “tamales” at the entrance of our Bookstore Regina. It consisted on an enormous “tamalera” pot warmed up by a steam water system properly installed at dusk to sell a quick snack to the people passing through the street at those hours. After only a couple of days of sale and when he was very excited by the beginning of its small business venture, little Vicente received on its third day of operation the visit of a jealous “inspector” from the city hall of Zapopan, that demanded immediately his “permit to sell tamales in the public street”.



Paloma and I tried to explain the jealous civil employee the advantages that for our son education entailed to learn the responsibility and details of a small business, requesting from him at least seven days of grace for our son to know if what he was trying to do was going to be profitable enough. Our arguments were useless, and the inspector stating that he was doing us an enormous favor by not giving us at this time a well-deserved fine for selling “tamales” in the street without a permit, informed us on the cost that a license of these characteristics would have. He was avoiding for us – he said – “the long lines that we would have to follow only to receive this important information in the municipal building”. Immediately afterwards, and addressing Vicente directly with the intention to intimidate him, the inspector told him that he would return on the following day at the same hour to verify if his permit was at least in the process of being obtained from the town of Zapopan. Without saying anything else, he took off immediately.

Due to the high cost that acquiring a license of this characteristics represented and to the sales registered so far, just in its third day of operations the food selling business of little Vicente had to finish before having completed its first week. That night, Paloma and little Ignacio visited all the neighboring departments where we lived, to try to sell the enormous amount of tamales that we could not sell during the day. Meanwhile, I remained in our own department trying to explain to little Vicente the complex details of “the permits to sell tamales in the public streets”. For the rest of the week, our family ate for breakfast, dinner, and supper delicious and tender tamales.

Chapter 4





The Twelve Torches



A singular character that we had the pleasure to meet thanks to our involvement in Regina’s bookstore was Don Dionisio who lived in the bookstore’s immediate neighborhood in the town of Zapopan. We had the fortune to have with him several and very instructive conversations. One of his more important teachings dealt on the importance of the controversial and little recognized Franciscan friars to whom the writer Francisco Junco baptized with the name of “the twelve torches” because leaving everything behind they embarked in the adventure of the evangelization of Mexico or the New Spain, just conquered by Hernán Cortes.



Of an evident adventurous spirit, “the twelve torches” were united by the aim of the future conversion of the Aztecs into the Christian faith. But among all things, by the opportunity that for each one of them represented to start anew in a distant and foreign continent the building of “of a new sky and a new earth” only feasible in that virgin territory and already impossible already in their own land.



The twelve torches represented the encounter – and sometimes, certainly the clash – between two cosmic visions, two different worldviews, and two totally different perceptions of the sacred. Although some of them did not manage to understand the spirituality of the ancient Mexico nor the fact that behind the seeming idolatry and multiplicity of gods of the Nahuatl culture, was a rich and singular cosmic vision without parallel.

In this vision, the main energies that govern the course of our evolution as well as the cosmic responsibility of mankind’s participation in the same ones, was brightly represented.



Even when in an imperfect and sometimes totally erroneous way – since some of them even denied the veracity of the appearances of our Mother and queen Guadalupe in the Tepeyacac – the presence of these twelve Franciscan friars as of 1524 among the barbarous Spanish conquerors avid of gold, rape and butchery acted as a necessary brake. This, before the authentic atrocities perpetrated on a daily basis by the Spanish captains and its soldiers with the Nahuatl people and its culture. On top of these abuses, the smallpox and the damage that in the soul and the body of their noble nation was causing the criminal inhumanity and raping deeds of “La Primera Audiencia”, the whole Nahuatl race was in a real danger to disappear completely from the face of the Earth.



Just 10 years after the fall of Tenochtitlan, the great city of the Aztecs, the opportune and celestial intervention of the beautiful lady Tecuauhtlacuepeuh-Guadalupe, “that who comes flying from the region of the light like a fire eagle” avoided a catastrophe. Through our Child-Mother, the two visions of the sacred were fused in a perfect way to receive in all creativity and loving synchrony the new race who was just beginning to emerge. Our new being, our racially mixed (mestizo) race.



The authentic Aztec-Guadalupe codex printed in the poor maguey tilma of a macehual of nahuatl name Cuauhtlatoahtzin “the eagle that speaks”, our venerated catholic saint Juan Diego, showed and announced its message of hope for the Nahuatl nation. The sacred image of the celestial queen, the one that comes from Omeyocan, the dwelling of God: Father and Mother, Aztec Virgin, hiding with its posture the great treasure in the center of her being, standing in the midst of radiation of the Sixth Sun that begins to dawn by her presence. She is the mother of the young sun, Jesus the Christ, the nagual of Ometeotl, which brings it so that he can be born here, illuminating and giving life, in that winter solstice of 1531, conjunction of Venus-Quetzalcoatl, 13 year Acatl.



She was the good news, the one that announces to the nation of the Sun the elevation of the spirit, the arrival of a new age, in which Ometeotl descends to Mexico. She brought the news awaited for so long about the end of the horrors, perpetrated in the beginning of the fifth Sun by both cultures in their distortion of the sacred messages of those that know and are wise, of the pure ones, of those such as Quetzalcoatl and Christ-Jesus that gave their blood for their people. For the life of the Spirit. Our Morenita’s beautiful face, that is neither indigenous nor Spanish but racially mixed, advances the coming of our new race, the mestizo race and the fusion – necessary but painful – of two powerful and vibrant cultures.


The appearance of our Lady of Guadalupe whose message of love is shaped in the Guadalupano codex caused an enormous flow of pilgrims arriving to Tenochtitlan from the four cardinal points of the nation. This event increased with the passage of the months and the years, first coming from towns and villages nearby and a little after from regions as far away as thirty days of walking. Purépechas coming from Michoacán, Zapotecos, Tzeltales, Tzoltziles, Mayas and Quiches, coming from Yucatan and afar. Raramuris and Huicholes, Chichimecas, Mayas and Tepehuanes, and all the indigenous races and ethnic groups who populated the Aztec territory, went to the encounter of their dear Mother-girl.



The entire indigenous nation spoke of the precious Virgin who appeared in the Tepeyácac and its musicians sang it everywhere in the tianguis, the markets and the fairs. The whole city without exception went to admire her precious image trembling of emotion and recognizing her divine nature by offering their prayers and marveling at the miraculous form in which she had appeared, remarking that no painter in this earth could have produced her loving image.



On December 12 of 1531, and thanks to the Guadalupana, the spiritual fusion of two cultures and the birth of a new nation came to a start. As of that day, the first Bishop of the New Spain, Fray Juan de Zumarraga and his twelve Franciscan torches,-Fray Martin of Valencia, Fray Francisco de Soto, Fray Martin de Jesus, Fray Juan Suárez, Fray Antonio de Ciudad Rodrigo, Fray Toribio de Benavente “Motolinía”, Fray Garcia de Cisneros, Fray Luis de Fuensalida, Fray Juan de Ribas, Fray Francisco Jiménez, Fray Andrés of Cordova and Fray Juan de Palos- observed astonished, the miraculous conversion without any parallel in history of nine million natives And, this, represents, according to the Jesuit Xavier Escalada, ‘in time and space” the most fertile evangelization ever consummated’.

Chapter 5





The Strange Visitor



The morning was very slow and the sale was low in that second day of May in which I found myself alone in the bookstore trying to find the way to attract more visitors and to increase the sales. It disappointed me a little to see that most of the people leaving the clothing store next to our place after buying clothes there, would normally come by to visit at the bookstore and after browsing around our books and showing genuine interest to acquire them ended up not buying anything since they had no more money left. Maybe next payday, they would all say.



In these and not very positive reflections I was engaged when even with my eyes fixed in the recently arrived book list I had in the desk, I felt that a presence that I can only imperfectly describe as a mixture of an extremely powerful but loving and compassionate energy, filled abruptly the whole space of the bookstore. The new magnetic and pleasant vibration that this presence produced in me forced me to turn around immediately towards my right. There, I discovered a young woman with a beautiful face, pleasant and slender figure and dressed with a purple cotton dress that was paying special attention to some books of Conny Méndez in one of the shelves of the wall.



Her bearing was of great nobility and I would almost say royal and natural. There was nothing in that woman that could inspire the minimum fear but instead a deep respect and a melancholic longing.


Attracted by everything that transpired from this beautiful being, I approached her to offer some help and I surprised myself by almost making a reverence before her and stopping a meter of where she was with my hands united behind the waist.



When she turned to look at me, she gave me an enormous smile and asked for the price of one of the books she was interested in.



I confess that I lost all composure when I heard the sound of her voice, because it was something beyond description, like a melodious but simultaneously thunderous murmur.



- How much is this book? – She inquired again looking directly into my eyes with enormous naturalness.



In the best way I could, and only after brief moments, I recovered my composure and with great effort and an enormous sacrifice, I took my glance away of those powerful eyes that revealed an immeasurable purity and an immaculate innocence and provided the information she requested.



Sending a last look to the book at issue, with all care she returned it to the shelf. Immediately afterwards, and without any warning, she nailed her powerful and compassionate eyes in my person again for some instants that it seemed to me suspended the passage of time and commented again:



- Thank you very much, see you later –



Without saying more, she left the bookstore smiling.



The brief but transcendental encounter had finished. I remained standing in the same spot without moving absolutely for several minutes trying to assimilate the extraordinary experience with all my being and in a never before reached state of authentic inner silence. Throughout my soul circulated a comforting peace and in those precious minutes, no noise of the street outside or person existed in my immediate surroundings.


The powerful spiritual vibration of the strange visitor caused that at least for some brief moments I was fully immersed in the spiritual dimension and somehow also in the material world.



Little by little, that indescribable conscience was dissipating to give way to the understanding that I just had a brief encounter with a woman of a high spirituality and a superior state of conscience. She had shown me through the power of the glance, the unspeakable beauty of the spirit that animates us all, as if wanting to show the importance that any spiritual work – no matter how modest – has when its being done in favor of the awakening of our society.



When I shared my fortunate encounter with Paloma, she was glad to know about the fortuitous gift and message of encouragement that the visit of this mysterious spiritual woman represented for our work and modest efforts. However, this did not prevent her from laughing at my expenses because she said that far from being in this world, I acted and walked for some days like somebody living in a far and distant land.

Chapter 6





“Don Uriel” the Practical and Applied Ecology Group



Almost simultaneously and as a fortunate consequence of our opening the bookstore “Regina”, a new aim was born in us to form a new spiritual group, which at the moment would only count with Paloma, the little ones Vicente and Ignacio, the anxiously awaited future new member of the family that would have the name Francisco, and myself.



Naming the small group with the title of “Don Uriel” was very pleasant and an honor, specially by the admiration and the deep recognition that we all felt for the Mexican Architect that was able though his heroic effort to become an authentic Mexican elder and the first mestizo to become a secret guardian of the Olmec tradition.



Don Uriel inaugurated the new phase that we just began to live, the era of the coming of the New Olmecs and the return of a Sacred Age for humanity. We only wished from the bottom of our hearts to render fruits as a group and to deserve the honor of such distinction.



Thanks to the generosity of our good friend Arturo Ferrara who donated the printing costs, we managed to initiate a small newsletter that we called “Mexicanidad” which we distributed free of charge among the visitors of the bookstore. The aim was to inform them about the new and important process of awakening our nation that has been going through, not without considerable birthing pains.

Little by little, this new effort began to render its fruits because we began to receive visitors genuinely interested in working for the awakening of Mexico.

Chapter 7





Visiting our Spiritual Guide



Once the autumn solstice ceremonial long walk in the pyramid of the Sun was finished, the group of Mexicanidad Don Uriel dealt with other important subjects to take advantage of its temporary stay in Mexico City. The most important of them all was our visit to our spiritual guide, Don Antonio Velasco-Piña who kindly acceded to give us a part of his valuable time by receiving us in his house.



After the long walk and a nutritive meal in a vegetarian restaurant to where Paco Lerdo de Tejada took us with his usual kindness, we went to rest a little in our small hotel located in downtown Mexico City. We had planned to visit afterwards the famous Museum of Anthropology and History of Mexico city and to finish our stay in the city by visiting Don Antonio on the following day. Once in our room, I decided to take a small siesta to rest a little before going to the Museum. However, the small siesta became a deep slumber that wasn’t even interrupted by the noise of the children playing in the room and that extended for four long hours.



When I opened my eyes, I immediately understood by the half-darkness of the room that the afternoon had already finished and that our visit to the Museum was going to take place until the following day after our visit to Don Antonio. Paloma, in a very considerate manner decided to let me sleep the time that were necessary considering it was the right thing to do.

Thanking her for her consideration, I went to wash my face a little and had a big surprise by looking at my face and arms in the mirror totally burned by the sun, even though the ceremonial long walk in the pyramid of Teotihuacan had concluded at ten in the morning.



I understood then that the best thing for me was to have slept those four hours due to the enormous amount of energy that I had surely received in that memorable day. This energy received needed to be “digested” appropriately by my organism, to be properly taken advantage of and to avoid in myself an energetic “power overload”, which could have serious consequences. Luckily – I thought – the divine designs always prevail over on our own “plans”. We culminated that memorable 22nd of September with a delicious supper in an excellent and economic restaurant located nearby the Alameda Central of Mexico City.



The next day, Don Antonio Velasco-Piña received our small group with his habitual warmth and good-humored enthusiasm; in that memorable visit we had everything, questions and answers, questions without answer, answers without questions and mainly an enormous brotherly love and respect. We have always felt a great affection towards our spiritual guide and we feel honored to enjoy his friendship and his respect, his guide and his prayers but mainly, his life example that always have constituted for each and everyone of us a worthy example to follow. Don Antonio always walks with us in our hearts and thanks to his intercession, we know that Regina observes us and protects us.



After being sharing and talking with Don Antonio for several hours, the moment came to leave and say goodbye, which took place with the accustomed hugs and congratulations and our enormous gratefulness for his time and his friendship. The Warrior of the Central Island sent us away wishing the entire group his best and congratulating us for the contribution of our small sand of grain for the awakening of our noble nation.



Enthusiastic and renewed, we directed our steps to the Museum of Anthropology and History of Mexico City.

Chapter 8





The Museum of Anthropology



We arrived at the entrance of the imposing Museum of Anthropology at the very moment at which the Papantla flyers, a ceremonial Totonac performance group with whose tradition I personally feel identified, initiated their ritual. In common agreement we decided to stay and enjoy the spectacle along with the multitude of tourists already gathered next to the Museum entrance.



Once the ritual was finished, which we considered a worthy beginning of our visit, we entered the Museum. Even though I had visited the museum several times before, this visit had a very different and special nature.



Perhaps due to our recent ceremonial walk in the Pyramid of Teotihuacan, and our stay during the morning with a person of the spiritual quality of Don Antonio Velasco-Piña, I consider I was in a particularly receptive state of mind. This peculiar state, materially forced me to stop and stare by prolonged moments in front of certain stony sculptures. Some of which, I felt revealed a very special and powerful energetic emanation.



The quiet and silent observation of the imposing Aztec calendar hit me in such a way that Paloma had to remove me from my introspection and quiet communication with the evident energy of the magnificent work of art of the Aztec sculptor Tecpatl.

After noticing that I had remained static in front of the stone calendar for several minutes. Later she commented – in a sort of serious joke – that she went into a lot of trouble to find me in this life and that she did not want to start all over again in Tenochtitlan.



As I walked here and there enraptured by what I saw everywhere, I could also perceive flows of negative energy emanating of certain pieces, among them several stones used for human sacrifices and other stone containers of the bleeding hearts of the prisoners sacrificed in the florid wars made by the Aztecs to obtain material for their human sacrifices.



I listened immediately afterwards, an internal voice warning me that I had to be cautious in my observations and personal communications with the energy of some pieces because I could be playing with fire.



My last silent observation and communication with the characteristic energy of an ancient object took place in a completely empty enclosure, and this was with one of the enormous Olmeca heads, whose characteristic energy and vibration affected me profoundly.



Shortly after, we decided to eat something in the restaurant of the Museum of Anthropology and it was then when I began to feel very exhausted, even though we remained seated in the restaurant for at least one hour. When we reinitiated our visit, I could barely put one foot in front of the other while walking. Paloma noticed my fatigue and suggested we should end our visit which already had taken a good four hours.



I agreed, with the condition to go and check one of the first floor rooms of the Museum before leaving.



This feat was impossible to me, since I couldn’t climb up the stairs in spite of receiving the pushing aid of Paloma, Vicente and Ignacio.



Understanding that the visit had ended, I left the Museum the best way I could, helped by Paloma and our small warriors and only with enough energy to approach the first timely taxi in the Avenue Paseo de la Reforma, and later to walk the necessary steps from the elevator of the hotel to my room.


Once resting at the hotel, I understood that we had gone too far in our daily activities while visiting Don Antonio and the Museum of Anthropology in a single day, two evident sources of the most powerful energy that in my case became highly increased by my “energetic” contacts with several pieces of the Museum.



By recent experience, I knew that the only wise thing to do for everyone was to rest, allowing the energy received “to settle down” in a natural way in our organism.



Paloma and I talked about the convenience of asking room service to eat something, avoiding this way more waste of energy by going out again, and this was the last conversation I remember from that day.



On the following day, Paloma commented that immediately after our conversation, I was sleeping profoundly and the little ones Ignacio and Vicente showed an extraordinary energy, to such a degree that they almost climbed materially through the walls.



In addition, they showed an extraordinary expressiveness because they talked incessantly like parrots. Paloma went through serious difficulties to stay awake because she also felt an increased fatigue, and after receiving the food service and giving the children to eat, she locked our room, informing the small warriors that they would have to go to sleep because ahead of us awaited the journey of return to Guadalajara the following day.



Before falling asleep rendered by fatigue, she only had time to entrust our small ones under the protection of the Virgin of Guadalupe.



The characteristic whirr of the bus leaving the north station of Mexico City in route to Guadalajara, framed the end of our day. The first task of the group of Mexicanidad “Don Uriel” had concluded in good standing.

The Sacred Agriculture

The Elder Domingo Diaz Porta, an initiate walker of the American continent, gave an important command to the spiritual groups that were part of his first circle: we had to go to the outside world and stop gathering in closed and hermetic brotherhoods. Mother Nature would be now our new teacher. We had to try now to heal individually to manifest through a Sacred Agriculture, the birth in the physical plane of the ideas, the groups and the spiritual institutions of the future for the benefit of our great nation, our sacred continent and our beloved mother earth. Agustin and Paloma started this way their first battles towards the building of a new spiritual path. Here are some of the first activities that led them to form a new group of applied and practical ecology named "Don Uriel".

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The Sacred Agriculture The Sacred Agriculture