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It’s An Incredible Road

Join me in what I hope will be an eye opening few moments as we delve into the wonderment of walking “the road less travelled” with our magnificent companion and lover of our hearts Jesus!

The gospel of Jesus Christ has no negative in it. Due to expressed specific subject matter it can sound as such but the reality is this: Following Jesus is absolutely, euphorically and emphatically glorious in every way.

The early disciples didn’t complain about their lot in life which was far from cozy and comfy, therefore neither shall I. They counted whatever the cost as more than worth it, therefore I shall too. They considered themselves fortunate to be counted as one of His. As do I!

From age to age it’s the same wonderful Jesus folks! We are privileged to know Him! It’s been said, walking with Jesus is hard. With all due respect for those who feel that way, I beg to differ. By my own choice, I spent a large portion of my life totally absent from His magnificent love and presence. Trust me ladies and gentleman, that was harder than hard! This is privileged beyond privileged!

The Apostle Paul said: All he had lost, which was much, as a result of his relationship with Jesus, he counted as nothing compared to the surpassing glory of knowing Christ. Paul was no fool! He who at one time was the Christian hunter Saul, would himself become the hunted Paul. He who was once the Christian killer Saul would himself be killed for being the Christian Paul.

You see Paul knew there was a “road less traveled”, paved with the riches of the revelation of Christ to be experienced and he pursued it with his every breath gladly, even to his death!

Paul would confirm: “The road less traveled” is a very real and tangible spiritual thoroughfare. It’s not some vague, dream filled, fantasy of the mind. Its reality makes our reality insignificant by comparison and most worthy of pursuit! That “it’s a narrow road” only enhances its quality!

The true beauty of this road lies within its access and uniqueness. Its entry is permitted by the grace of God. It’s not at all earnable nor deserved nor reserved for the select few, but openly available to all who choose to walk it. It’s “good news’’!

It Has A Visual

Imagine for a moment being able to see as God sees. Your natural vision being super-naturally extended past the obvious to gaze upon the glorious! Not periodically but perpetually. A place of “permanent” incredible privilege where fear seems automatically “silly” based on what you see!

Nothing common nor ordinary on this road. Its spiritual place of residence is “outside the box” in the most magnificent of ways allowing God to transform our comfy religious conformity into “sighted” florescent reality.

How amazing it would be to be free from our massively limited evaluation processes that are being exercised in all we think, say, and do on a daily basis! How amazing it would be to “step out of the boat” and do a little walking on water. How amazing it would be to walk the road Jesus walked with all its glorious heavenly content! Amazing and amazingly available! As the Apostle Paul would confirm having walked it: A road thats value always exceeds its cost.

It’s a road where Jesus directs the traffic of our lives, consistently overwhelming us with often impromptu opportunities to behold the visual of His divinely transcendent love for His greatly valued creation! It’s a road, that in short order, causes us to become far too enamored with the glorious to be impeded by the obvious.

It’s a road that changes us from being naturally “mundane” to super-naturally “radical”. We become “impactfully different” with our every step as was and is the person and true identity of our Lord Jesus! Becoming more like Him and less like ourselves is in fact, and always will be, the experience of a lifetime! The ground we walk on is transformed into ”holy ground” based on the One who walks with us! That’s beyond exciting and as real as it gets!

Therefore, knowing Jesus intimately and being led by him on the “road less traveled”, is visually thus experientially, all the colors of the rainbow and so much more!

It Has An Audio

The road less traveled has an internal “daily sound” which by transference, expresses itself externally! It changes our naturally desired dialogue of complaint filled negativism toward the day, into insightfully induced praising of the One who created the day. It’s the beautiful sound of inspiration that speaks to the divine potential in every and any situation of life.

It’s a road absent of “pity party” chatter while utterly immersed with the inspiring dialogue of legitimate “faith talk”. It provides the thirst quenching waters of “realistic hope” to the soul assumed hopeless! It’s the sound of heaven’s perspective echoing through our lives, daily!

It Has A Fragrance

While sojourning on this road our spiritual nostrils sense an aroma not of this world. Our souls recognize it as being from a different place. A higher place. It permeates the atmosphere as if being perpetually granted by its Source and Creator.

Its alluring, peace imparting, fragrance to our hearts is soon recognized by us as God’s grace! We, without thoughts of options, fall desperately in love with its provider well aware that its provision is not based on our self-thought excellence of performance nor denied based on a lack of such, but rather imparted by His “excellence of performance” on a cross.

This fragrance of all-sufficient grace that infiltrates the “road less travelled” puts us to sleep each night and welcomes us each morning with its assurance that its provider’s mercies are new every morning and to be walked in as such! This fragrance of grace is experienced by us as “amazing” for a very good reason! Its provider Jesus, is “amazing” from every perspective!

It’s Not A Perfect Road

This is the best news you will hear today! There are no designed by God exit ramps for “us mistake makers” on the road less travelled!

There are provided “rest stops” for sincerely expressing our apologies to God, but not with potentially pending disqualification as to their purpose. Humility regarding our humanness is a good thing. Its true value is found in this truth: Humility prevents us from being humiliated.

How tragically often have we seen the “proud” and “boastful” come crashing down in full sight of the entire world, as a result of presenting themselves as squeaky clean and mistake-proof to their followers.

There is only One who is perfect and it is on His “road less traveled” that we walk, by grace!

It’s a road that is paved with the compassion of Christ lived out and through its travelers. Its occupants, never speak with a condescending tone as if being those who were never like those they are ministering to.

I’ve often said: The ditches I was rescued from are the exact same ditches others were saved from. Folks, the exact same grace from different vantage points of understanding but not less, and to be equally thankful for!

We therefore conclude and correctly so: It can’t be a road reserved for the “perfect”. If that were true there would only be One walking on It!

It’s A Road With A Singular Identity

The road less traveled comes complete with an indelibly inscribed identity that transcends all others in validity and importance. There’s a robe and ring of spiritually adopted status by God, to be worn with dignity, grace, and humility as we walk this profoundly unique road. Both items being of great value provided by and through our Lord’s cross.

Recently my pastor, while in the process of delivering his message, said something I thought was quite courageous in the light of his position and well-deserved reputation. “My identity is not in this church and neither should yours be. My identity is in Jesus Christ and in Him alone”!

Refreshingly honest I thought, and as is often the case I relived that statement later on in the day. You see, it wasn’t a passing comment to fill time. Within the enthusiasm used to make the statement, combined with my Pastor’s vast experience as a leader of people, I got the distinct impression it was seen by him as “needing” to be said.

Jesus is never “more real” than on the road less traveled thus the importance of being on it. Our identity and reality is therefore never more obvious to us, as He majestically illuminates the atmosphere with His all-consuming light. As it is in heaven, on the road less traveled, He is the center piece of all adoration and worship. As we gaze on His altogether loveliness our cross purchased legitimacy is confirmed to our hearts as being His, forever!

With our identity firmly established we don’t look to others for verification. Our Purchaser’s eyes have told us all we need to know! The Lamb who was slain has spoken His final word over our lives and we rest, confidently His!

It’s A Road With A Story

There are very few “absolutes” in life but here’s one that’s always true. If we have problems in our relationship with God, we are “always” the problem! It’s a human thing!

We have an established standard that isn’t found in each other but rather the person of Jesus. On the road less travelled it is He and only He that is the story!

Jesus has never nor will ever ask us to adopt any mindset that will inevitably make us less like Him on any level for any reason. Why? Because our pre-ordained destiny is to be conformed into His wonderful image. For that to happen my inferior, less than wonderful image, must be replaced.

Shared supremacy over my life simply doesn’t work! If it were possible, this two-headed illusion of authority would be constantly argumentative at best. Not very conducent to getting the job done! So, it can’t be about me!

As we make it all about Jesus, He orchestrates our lives complete with a new perspective that makes it all about others. We actually get to understand in a very real way, it is more blessed to give!

The little boy with the few fishes and loaves did what? He didn’t make it about him and ended up eating more than be brought to the party with leftovers to take home.

You see the thing is: We shouldn’t want it to be about us! We cheat ourselves by doing so.

If this mindset were applied to every marriage in a serious manner, divorce lawyers would go broke. The entire industry is counting on our inability to selflessly make it about others, even when the “others” are the mothers and fathers of our children. Lawyers would very profitably refer to that as “the road most travelled’.

We should all consider the probability that making it about us is in the end, foolish! Here’s a good news agenda to pursue. Let’s prove the lawyers wrong by stepping aside and letting Jesus be Jesus in and through our lives as we walk “the road less traveled” with our Lord and Savior!

The road less travelled is a wonderful place with an amazing story that saturates its every nook, cranny, crack and crevasse. The story belongs to Jesus and Him alone. He is our headline. He is our centerpiece. He is our altogether lovely One. He is so very worthy of being all that matters!

It’s a place where the reality of heaven, who is Jesus, is radiantly on display. A place I would encourage us all to seriously consider as a permanent residence! As we sojourn on the road less traveled, Jesus graciously writes us into “His Story”. What could possibly be better than that?

Matthew 11 – 28 > 30: “Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light”.

The Road Less Traveled

  • Author: Bill Taylor
  • Published: 2017-02-02 11:20:11
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The Road Less Traveled The Road Less Traveled