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The Red Widow Bree - A Gothic Horror Poem

The Red Widow Bree



by Eli Taff, Jr.


Copyright 2016 Eli Taff, Jr.


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Ka loo diddy doo! Ka loo dilly dee!

Beware ye the ghost of the Red Widow Bree!

She haunts now the ruins of sad Avonleigh,

The ancient estate overlooking the sea.

But the Widow was once a fair bride-to-be.

Her intended? The heir to a great family.

Her ancestral home was called Avonleigh

Sitting high on the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Her groom loved another, however, not she:

Her very own sister, the sweet Melody.

Bree made this unfortunate discovery

When she pilfered sweet Melody’s red diary.

Yes, Bree was suspicious, full of jealousy

She thought herself plainer than sweet Melody.

She could not imagine the truth, which was Bree

Had and ever would the prettier of sisters be.

And so, Bree flew through the dark Avonleigh

That tragic estate overlooking the sea.

And on that black, stormy night at quarter past three

She opened and read Melody’s diary.

It told of the glances between she and he

Confessed of romances, forbidden. And Bree,

With a broken heart hurled that red diary

From the uppermost window, out into the sea.

She sobbed in despair. A voice whispered, “Bree…”

Still tearful, she looked up. What did she see?

‘Twas a man, tall and thin, smiling quite wolfishly,

“Ka loo diddy doo! Ka loo dilly dee!”

“You poor dear, I will help you,” The Tall Man decreed.

“For your suffering saddens my heart so to see.

I will fix them this night, just you wait!” stated he.

“Ka loo diddy doo! Ka loo dilly dee!”

And what happened next happened so gruesomely

That, dear reader, if squeamish you happen to be

I implore you, stop reading, and brew up some tea.

For happier unknowing you’ll certainly be.

Well that evening, the Tall Man, at just half past three

Followed by vengeful and terrible Bree

He entered the chambers of her the groom-to-be

While humming that nonsense, “Ka loo dilly dee!”

The bridegroom woke, screaming in pain. Agony!

The knives were red hot, and they repeatedly

Were plunged*SNIKKIT SHUNK* into his soft body

And the last thing he saw before death claimed him? Bree.

Next they entered the chambers of sweet Melody

And the Tall Man jumped on to her bed with such glee

That the poor girl awoke with a start, mumbling “Bree?”

But the Tall Man just laughed, “Ka loo dilly dee!”

And the knives sang again and again. Melody

Screaming “Why?” and “Please, sister!” so horribally.

Reached out with shaking hand, so pale and bloody

To grab the Tall Man, but what she grabbed was Bree.

“Why, you ask, cherished sister?” she rasped terribly.

“I have read what you wrote in your red diary!

How you planned to elope with my bridegroom-to-be!

Ka loo diddy doo! Ka loo dilly dee!”

“Oh, Bree, I would never…” gasped sweet Melody

As her life dribbled out “Besides, don’t you see…

That red’s always been your color. My diary

Is blue…” and she died then, in the arms of Bree.

Melody’s blood fell like syrup.



The silver knives clattered to the cold stone floor.

Bree’s white wedding gown-

(when had she put it on? She couldn’t remember.)

Was now stained a deep, dark



Plip. Plop.

Bree gasped.

Her eyes widened.

As if she was waking from a


But where was the Tall Man?

Nowhere to be found.

Just Melody’s body, cooling.

But still warm

At least, for a while

In her arms.

Bree screamed.

In despair?

In Confusion?

In Rage?

No one could say, for no one was left.

Avonleigh sat cold and empty that night.

The Tall Man (or Bree?) had gone on a spree.

And painted the walls red with the blood of her





Her red wedding gown would never again be




Her sobs turned to laughter.

Though nobody heard.

Alone in her madness,

She uttered these words.

“So be it,” rasped Bree,

Then, she started to hum

As her senses broke free.

“Ka loo diddy doo! Ka loo dilly dee!

Beware ye the ghost of the Red Widow Bree!

She haunts now the ruins of sad Avonleigh,

The ancient estate overlooking the sea.”

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Eli Taff, Jr.

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The Red Widow Bree - A Gothic Horror Poem

A Gothic Horror poem. This is the story of the creature that would become known as the Red WIdow Bree and how she came to that moniker, in the once-great estate of Avonleigh. It tells of her obsession with being the fairest of them all, and of the suspicion she harbors against her sister, the sweet and innocent Melody. When her worst fears become warped reality, Bree finds comfort in the whispered promises of a most unlikely ally, The Tall Man.

  • ISBN: 9781370967117
  • Author: Eli Taff, Jr
  • Published: 2016-08-16 09:50:09
  • Words: 840
The Red Widow Bree - A Gothic Horror Poem The Red Widow Bree - A Gothic Horror Poem