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The Red Riding Hood: Part One



The Red Riding Hood Part One


Copyright 2016 Tracy Delong

Published by Tracy Delong at Shakespir




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The year was 1873; there was a village deep in the woodlands. There was a legend that every seven years a few days before all Hollow’s Eve. The villagers got together and try to scare off the Big Werewolf that lives in the woodlands.


  A father and his two sons sat in living room waiting on the ladies to come downstairs. They are going to the Mayor’s Ball, an important event that begins the new season of parties and others actives.

   “Markus, we are finally ready to go. It can be hard to get three young ladies ready, announced mother, coming down the stairs.

  Then the three young came down too.

   “Well, I see that you are vision worth waiting, for. Is that not so James and Charles?”

   “Yes very pretty.” The boys answered.


   The family climbed into the carriage passed a small cottage and the youngest daughter, Emily asked her mother who lived in it.

   “That’s lumberjack. He named his John.” Her mother answered. “He brings us wood, but he is just a servant and we don’t talk to him.”

  Emily got a glimpse of the lumberjack, she thought he was very handsome and she wanted to talk to him.

  As the carriage passed, John went into his cottage to get ready for the evening. He had gentleman’s garments especially made for this night. He even had a special wolf’s mask for the masquerade affair. Also, he hired someone to teach him how to act like a gentleman. Picking the mask, John walked over to stables, mounted his horse, and rode down the path to the Mayor’s estate.

   Then getting off his horse and entering the stables John felt joyful and self-confident wearing the wolf mask, he walked up to the house.


  Emily entered the ballroom and was awe struck as she saw all the lit candles. Spotting a friend, Emily ran up ands her hug her friend saying, “I can’t believe that I am finally here.”

    Her friend Jane said that Emily was going to meet her future husband there.

  Then Jane gushed on and on about how handsome Thomas was and Emily just smile. She had a uneasy feeling seeing Thomas. Jane waved her arm to have him to come over. When Thomas started closer, Emily hurried away, surprised, Jane stood speechless.



 John stood close by and looked through the ballroom with a mask on. He felt confident and ready to talk to anybody.

 He even carried himself differently. It must be the wolf mask he thought. As he looked around the room he saw her. Emily wore a red ball gown with gold embroidery on it. Her raven hair was styled in the last fashion.

 Walking up to her, He said:

 “My lady, would you honor me with a dance?”

 “Oh my, a big bad wolf is asking me to dance. Should I be afraid?”

 “No my lady, I am friendly wolf. I saw you and had to ask you for a dance.”

 “I would love to dance with you, my Lord.

 John stretched out his hand and led Emily onto the dance floor. While they danced John said, “My wolf’s senses are telling me even through you may not know me, you are drawn to me.”

 “Yes, I am. It’s feels strange that I am not afraid of you. Also I feel that I known you for a long time.”

 “You are the one I have been searching for all my life. Tonight was the right time for us to meet. Come with me to the garden where we can talk some more.”

  Moonlight lit the garden and as the couple entered the garden, they would be alone. They didn’t know Thomas was following them.

 So John thinks he can take my Queen away form me.  He playing the big bad wolf, but I can make him into a real werewolf. Then we can be equals and I will destroy him. My Queen will be mine to take.


   The night sounds serenaded them on their journey.

  “My Lord, how long have been watching me?”  I know that should be frightened, but I am not.”

  “I have been watching you for sometime now. You have nothing to fear from me. I will never hurt you. You can think of me as your guardian. If you should ever need me take this.” He pulled put a red handkerchief.

 “Hang it on a tree, and I will see it and come to you.”

  “Thank you, my lord. I will see it and come to you.”

  Stopping, they turned facing each other.

  “I must ask you something. I wanted to do this all night. May I kiss you?”

  “Yes you may my lord. He drew her into his strong arms and he bent down to meet her, touching her face and trace the outline of her lips. He sought her lips with his hungry mouth. She felt the sparks fly through her body and the sudden need to feel much closer to him.

 As soon as her kissed her, the fire that started couldn’t be stopped, with all his strength he broke away from the kiss saying “Ahh my lady, you making very hard for me to act like a gentleman.”

 “Oh my, I feel a little faint that was my first kiss.”

  “If I had it my way it would be the first of many kisses that you will receive. I have to meet you soon. When you can meet me?”

 “I can get away late in the afternoon.”

 “Meet me in the forest between your house and the cottage.”


  Jane walked up to Emily and John saying,

 “I was sent by your father to got you and he wishes to speak to you.”

  “Who is this gentleman that you are with?”    “My name is Sir John; I was taking Lady Emily for a walk in the garden. It’s such a lovely night.”

   “Yes it is.”

  “I will see my father wants to see me.”

  “Yes, come ladies, I will walk with you. You never know what is here in the darkness.


  The three of them re-entered the ballroom and walked up to Emily’s father and mother who was preparing to leave.

  “There is my lovely daughter.” Markus said.

   “My dear, I was getting worried.” Her mother cried.

   “I am sorry mother. I wanted to see what the garden looked like, I wasn’t alone. I had Sir John with me.”

    “Your lovely daughter was safe with me, Madam.”

   “It is time for us to leave and your brothers will leave shortly.” They said their good-bye, but not before John reached for Emily’s hand and whispered, “I will be seeing you soon, Lady Emily.” After he kissed her hand, Emily climbed into the carriage.

   “There is something familiar about that young man.” Her mother replied.

   “You are right, my Darling. I am going to find out.”

   “Sir John is nice gentleman and I like him.”

   “He might be, but he is not for you, daughter.”

   Emily remained silent. She knew her father had planned something she wouldn’t like.

   John left the Mayor’s Ball and took a shorter path home. The moonlight illuminated the path and a crunching sound made stop and look behind him. A few minutes later, John heard the rustling of the leaves again and turning around. He saw a huge black wolf.

   The wolf and the man held each other’s gaze.

  “I am not going to hurt you, easy now.” Then the wolf lounged out at him and John felt sharp teeth piecing his right arm. Forcing him down to the ground. Razor sharp claws rake his chest then there was darkness.


  John awoke and felt the cold ground beneath him. He had to get home. With his arm throbbing, he grabbed the trunk of the tree and pulled himself up.

  After two wasted efforts, he finally stood upright. Painly placing one foot in front another, he began the trek home.

   Hearing a carriage, he turned around and saw a well-dressed lady sitting there inside of the carriage.  Seeing that John was hurt, she said, “Oh driver, please stop. This man is injured I must help him.”

   The driver stopped and they helped John into the carriage. John turned toward the lady and said, My Lady I am going get your carriage all bloodily.”

   Don’t worry about it; all that matters is that you get well.”


   Later that night, he awoke to the feel of clean sheets against his body.

  “Shh, it’s alright. You are safe and got hurt. Do you remember anything?”

  “It all a blank, Madam. I am sorry to be such trouble for you. I must leave now.” He started to get up, but he was stopped by a pair of strong hands.

   “John, you’re not going anywhere. You must eat and heal.”

    “How do you know who I am? And who are you?”

   My name is Lady Rachel Winnster. I knew your parents.” Your mother wanted me to watch over you just in case you have a problem or need some help.”

   “I must send a message to someone that I was going meet. Can I have a quill, ink, and paper?”

   Lady Rachel brought the supplies.

  “Write your letter, and I will have one of best messager’s deliver it.”

    “Thank you.”

    “James, come here,” Lady Rachel barked.

   “Take this letter to Lady Emily at her father’s estate and make sure she gets it.”

    “Yes, Madam.”


        End of Part One










The Red Riding Hood: Part One

  • ISBN: 9781370275168
  • Author: Tracy Delong
  • Published: 2016-11-05 22:50:09
  • Words: 1767
The Red Riding Hood: Part One The Red Riding Hood: Part One