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The Rebirth Of Sin

[]Table of Contents

Title: Rebirth of Sin

[* Chapter 1- Ready *]

Chapter 2 – Steady

Chapter 3 – Aim

[*Chapter 4 – Hold Steady… *]

Chapter 5 – Hold steady…

[*Chapter 6 – Sin! *]

Title: The Rebirth of Sin.

Copyright © 2015 by Adri Sinclair

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[* Chapter 1- Ready *]

Wickedness. That is what her aura tastes like. He does not even have to turn around to know she will look the same way. His mouth waters at the mere flavour of chaos and depravity she carries around with her.

The human form he wears is not enough to contain all that she stirs within him. He is about to burst out of his seems in more than one way.

The undine, Mailene, found her months ago, and watched her annihilate legion upon legion by staying ahead of them; by luring them out in a world where it is all too easy to hide. She did all of it before they realise they’ve taken the bait.

And now she is standing here, right behind his back and all he can think of, is turning around and initiate a demonstration of her true, inherited power. He wants to know what she is capable of.

“I have to leave.” He wipes his face leaving a smirk behind. His brothers both appear to be riddled by his behaviour, and usually, that alone would give him a little satisfaction.

“Not yet, have you lost your mind?” Renove asks when Aim’s back stiffens and his fingers scratch slowly across his chest. The light in his pale white eyes goes out; the deepest purple haze swirling through black rock, replaces it.

The grin on Aim’s lips is one half snarl, one half excitement. Double dimples tuck deep into each cheek, while his head tilts slightly. The messy, raven black hair gains a static property.

“I am trying not to.” The raw, scraping growl mashes into his words as he speaks. Eligos looks past him, and Renove’s eyes follows. Both gain a pained expression when they find the trigger to their brother’s current foolishness.

“Oh shit, no little brother. You can’t mess with this one, she’s important, Aim. We have to know first, do you hear me? We’re screwed if we mess this up. You have a way to piss off woman – Jezebeth is still not over your last tango.” Eligos’ militant tone does nothing to pacify the beast that lurks inside the human body.

“Look, little brother,” Renove tries in a delicate intonation. “Why don’t you just sit down, have a meal with the rest of our family? Give the girl a chance to adjust and come into her own. There would be no point in rushing the matter, and then spoiling any chance of her being compatible with… whatever your desires necessitate. You will lose her if you push her; you’ve seen how she works.”

It is Renove’s reason, backed up by Eligos’ voiced agreement, which brings Aim’s eyes to a close for a few seconds; a deep breath to follow shortly after. When he opens his eyes, the darkness is gone and the natural pale white colour is back.

Annoyed, the older brothers roll their eyes. Aim is not known for taking orders, but they are relieved at the success of their appeal.

Aim turns around and wraps his fingers around the back of the chair.

Looking directly at the blonde girl with the large hazy purple eyes, he inhales deeply and drops ones word to the table, pushing it in a roll towards the female.

“Meus.” Aim’s eyes lift from the chair and connect to the face of the woman seated directly across from him. Ego and arrogance dripping from his body language.

At the other side of the table, the wild-blonde curls of the woman looks alive; Medusa-like. Her large, elven round eyes are framed by long lashes easily mistaken for fake. The colour of her eyes swipes through the globes, alternating between orchid-purple and clear amethyst- crystal hues.

Her lips are natural, crimson red, set in a porcelain-pale face; they are wide, full and fleshy. Her cheeks are sunken while her cheekbones are high and beautifully plump. The thoughts of ravishing those lips, and them accepting his advances, burn holes through Aim’s chest.

“By the darkness…” He breathes through unmoving lips. She is elegant in her form, graceful in her attitude and unaware of the invite she permeates directly at him. He holds her gaze hostage, ardently delving through her mind to find the forbidden fruits of knowledge she hides.

Aim’s brothers both sit down; staring at her for a few moments before Eligos places a hand on Aim’s arm.

“Let her mind go, brother.” He hisses the command through his teeth. Aim responds with a wide, pleased grin before looking down at the hand on him. Slowly, he drags his gaze back up to Eligos’ face.

“Move it or lose it.” Aim warns with meaning, though there is no real heat or anger in the statement.

Chuckling, Eligos slides his hand back onto the table, though his fist closes around the steak knife just in case Aim decides to be less than honourable in his current frame of mind.

Chapter 2 – Steady

The trip from the beautiful cottage to the main house becomes a leisurely walk filled with tranquillity. The pouring waterfall’s rush is ever present, and the path to the main entrance is lined with a canopy of trees currently shedding pink blossoms underfoot.

I smile at the notions of romance tugging at my heart strings. This place is idyllic and the only thing missing is a knight on a white horse who speaks posh English and uses the word ‘fervent’ to declare his love.

Of course, I’d be the one looking into the scene as I barely scrape enough femininity together to be classed a woman, let alone pretty.

I am grateful for the immaculate shopping assistant who recommended this dress. It is the perfect style to accentuate my small waist without further enlarging my ample rump. The small corset-style, sweetheart cut, bodice does enough to create the illusion of full round breasts rather than the drag they become without support.

Thankfully I do have long legs, and they are well toned too; another feature brought out by the soft flow of green silk with a long enough slip on the side to show off, not show everything.

I dislike shoes on principle, so I completely ignored the row upon row available in my size, and opted for the sparkly, woven adornments which ties all the way up to the calves.

[_ If they don’t like it, they can send me to my room without dinner. _]

The humidity in the air is doing nothing for my unruly, spiral curls though – it only needs to be red to give Orphan Annie a run for her money. Thankfully, it is thick, shiny and silver white, and does not contribute to all the other bully-worthy qualities I possess.

From the moment I enter into the dining room, my heart pumps anxiety through my body. Blood rushes through my ears in loud, wailing winds making my ears zing.

I am fortunate to be able to read lips; else I may not have a clue what my hostess is saying. The noise produced by my body renders me deaf.

“So good to have you with us schmetterling!” Mailene uses the German word for butterfly which she’s assigned to me months ago. I keep her in my line of sight, not looking at the other people in the room just yet; I need to find my equilibrium fist.

“Thank you.” The automated response comes in handy, softer than I intended too as I can’t exactly hear myself think.

“Please, meet my family…” Mailene continues without skipping a beat. She turns to the people already seated and I am only vaguely aware of the trio off to my side speaking in hushed tones.

“Jezebeth, my sister”

I smile with confidence I do not feel, and incline my head. The woman I am introduced to wield daggers in my direction through whisky coloured eyes. Fire burns behind that look and it is unreasonably hostile. Jezebeth, however, is the epitome of every man’s ideal woman.

“And Enhedu’anna – Anna will do – my niece.” Anna’s smile is genuine, her lively eyes searches over me with interest. She is the complete opposite of Jezebeth, physically. Almost homely.

“Well met,” I greet the pair sitting next to one another.

Jezebeth’s rich, bright auburn hair a sharp contrast next o Anna’s dark brown – Mailene shoves her head between theirs, squeezing her arms around the women affectionately.

“We’re so pleased you decided to come.” The family resemblance is absent, looking at them like this. Mailene’s hair is a muddy shade of brown, though their eyes are all various whisky-warm, golden liquid in colour. Mailene too, is flawlessly pretty – though she is the perfect middle ground between Jezebeth’s voluptuous feminine essence, and Anna’s earthy, motherly built.

Mailene’s husband, Emrys, takes me gently by the shoulders and kisses each cheek before directing me to a chair.

“Miss Stellar, we are honoured to welcome you to our humble abode.” Emrys pulls the chair out for me, before joining his wife.

I question the wisdom of joining this gathering. Mailene knows I have no family of my own – not living anymore – and she wants me to celebrate the success of my work and end of my contract, with her and Emrys. A year ago, they hired me to help them track down several entities who are vying for a chance to topple their business and family empire.

With the responsible parties taken care of – a point I do not get involved in – my employers saw it fit to thank me with a dinner in my honour and a week on their estate – undisturbed.

I have been treated like a princess all day and I admit, I feel good for it.

Yet, I already look forward to the dinner coming to an end, in order to withdraw from the social obligations and enjoy the promised down time.

The energy in the room is still buzzing around me, and at times I am convinced someone is up close to me, ghostly touches just on the peripheral border of my senses. It is unnerving; a feeling I am not accustomed.

My attention is drawn to the trio, clearly family to each other, standing to the side. One back turned to me, while the other two are in clear view – along with the four open chairs opposite me. They are tall, broad shouldered and yet muscle slender – almost as if their bodies are wrongly shaped for their skeleton structure. Yet, it works together well enough to be admired. Which I do.

“The Teufel brothers, my nephews.” Mailene whispers to me when she notes where my attention is hovering.

“They are dangerous.” The thought verbalise before I have a chance to sensor them. I won’t retract the statement, as it is categorically true. Everything about them warns a person to keep their distance. I read the invisible signs in their bodies – from the clenched fists, to the subtle movements and undertones in the hushed conversation.

Mailene giggles.

“Trust you to know that instantly. Eligos is the eldest, he is a military commander. Renove is the second, a bit of a linguist and he handles our legal matters. Aim, is the youngest. He keeps to himself mostly; the only ones, who really know anything about him, are his brothers. I am surprised to see him attend a family meeting; usually we have to drag him kicking and screaming from some project or another. They are notorious for being ruthless. But, I guess you knew that already, didn’t you?.”

My eyebrow rise spontaneously. Mailene has a notion that I am psychic. No matter how many times I try to convince her that I am merely intuitive and it is supported through years of study in psychological behaviourism, profiling and observation, she always gives me this little laugh that translates to “Yeah right, you tell yourself that.”

“So, you’re all family?” I ask curiously, changing the subject, relieved to be speaking of something else.

“Well, yes and no. We weren’t born into one family, but we have grown up together and our ties are such that we naturally apply the rules of a family tree to them. We are only missing Lyle, he should be here shortly.”

During the time of employ, I make it a rule not to get involved with the people and their families, thus this is the first time I realise the ‘family empire’ is not as I assumed. Now I wonder what interest the individual parties has in this matter.

Drawn to the three in the corner, my eyes rest on the back of the youngest. He appears to be fidgeting, his body is rigid and tense.

Without notice, Aim turns around and places his hands on the back of the chair. His eyes fix on me firmly and my head empties. My soul steps aside to allow the entire view of the man to enter into my mind; he fills every junction of every internal space, completely.

My heart lunges into a sprint, thundering into my head in confusion. I want him out of my head, but I do not want him to leave it empty.

What the hell…?

“Meus.” I see the word form, feel it bounce from the table and lodge firmly on a rollercoaster ride through my blood. I don’t know what it means, or why he said it, but it is important.

I know it is. Not just to him but to me too.

My soul is dragged towards him, willingly on the aftershock of the spoken sound.

Movement from Eligos turns Aim’s head away from me, the smile on his lips light up his features with delight.

Whatever he whispers to his brother, shakes Eligos’ body with laughter – though the undercurrent is still cautious.

Something happens to me, something that warms me up internally, spreading a wildfire through my entire being. My soul snaps back in place but I do not care to welcome it to me as it masks the bizarre energy I experience moments ago.

I want to snatch it back to me. Like a drug, I now crave more of it.

Two hands land on my shoulders, and make me jump, interrupting the bewitchment.

“Pardon, Miss Stellar, I did not mean to startle you.” The rich, charming voice speaks from behind.

“Lyle! You shouldn’t sneak up on people like this!” Mailene chastise the gentleman as I turn to give him a forgiving smile.

The gentleman greeting me is smiling, dare I say, with approval? He is formally dressed, with the kind of handsomeness girls swoon over, and guys try to mash up with their fists. I’d go as far as saying he is pretty.

“Sin…” I introduce myself and then realise he may think I am attributing a trait to him. “I mean, my name… It is Sin.” An awkward shuffle in the chair highlights the blunder.

“Of course it is.” Aim’s voice rummage through my mood carelessly, yet he is amused. I try to get a handle on the meaning but it slips out of my grasp.

Lyle’s smile is wide and aimed directly at my soul; his eyes are lit up with mischief as he leans in and whisper close to my ear before kissing me on the cheek tenderly.

“Beautiful, enticing and perhaps worthy of investigation.” There is honey on his breath, a drugging tone in his voice and warmth in the touch. The combination brings a deep red flush to my cheeks.

“Perhaps,” I answer breathless, turning back in my seat. He too, is dangerous, but on a scandalous level; something I am not altogether opposed to.

Lyle moves around the table, greeting everyone in turn before sitting down next to Eligos, but his focus remains fixed on me. While Lyle is relaxed, by any indication from the vibe he gives off, he appears to be slightly perplexed too. Perplexed, but undeterred.

“Now that we’re all here,” Mailene announces, lifting a glass filled with sparkling wine, “I would like to propose a toast to Sin Stellar, who saved our hides from ruin.” She turns to me “We hope that you will enjoy the little retreat, but will also consider us to be your family from here onwards. You have earned your place in our dysfunctional home. Our doors will always be open and welcoming.” Turning back, she motions the glass and calls out with jovial joy “To Sin!”

Around the table glasses are floating into the air and towards me in a salute of sorts.

I scrape at my throat several times, thanking Mailene and Emrys for their generosity. Enthusiastic, Mailene’s toast is accepted by the dinner guests. “To Sin…”

In the back of my mind, I can’t see myself taking the offer – even less so when I see the venom gathering around Jezebeth’s mouth. She is trying hard to hide it but it is clear she does not agree with the others.

Along with her, there is the teasing, challenging look from Aim, who still appears to be speaking over everyone else, and directly into the depths of my soul. Though in his case, I come to the conclusion that he has ulterior motives for agreeing to this invite and based in pure selfishness.

Eligos and Renove watch me with interest, going through the motions but not giving anything away in body language or verbal contributions. This is a new condition for me to deal with, not being able to read them. I do get their alternate reading; their attention seems to be focussed on Aim, as if they’re expecting trouble from him. By the looks of the man, it is a permanent expectation, and I am buying into it too.

Lyle, however, is openly petitioning my attention, and there is no mistaking his interest. The man is confident to the point of being cocky too; a trait I admire and despise in equal proportions. I thoroughly enjoy the flattery. It has always been my theory that if a man gives you his full, undivided affection, the only thing to question is whether or not you want to reward him for it – Else, accept it and show appreciation. I do this, by sharing a subtle ‘maybe’ through a pouty beam at him before looking away.

Emrys and Anna are truly comfortable with this invite and their honesty in reiterating and validating the words, touch me deeply. Anna’s hand squeezing my mine in a welcoming, sisterly commitment.

So this is how families without family are formed. I suppose it makes sense…

There’s strength in numbers and the connection of belonging – but I have been without family since my 7th birthday. There is something to be said for the solidarity of doing only what is in your own, best interest.

Chapter 3 – Aim

While dinner progress, Aim fights several notions internally – one of them is one which will see Lyle dead.

The incubus is working hard to lure Sin’s attention to him, and for most part, it is working. The room stinks with Lyle’s lust inducing pheromones making it hard for Aim not to pull his lips back in a snarl.

The only thing currently preventing Aim from giving into his birthed violence, is the fact that Sin is unaffected by the incubus’ manipulation. She is reacting naturally to his charms, and she does so with caution, and refinement.

Aim closes his eyes, his chin resting on his chest while he keep his face hidden from the company.

“Tell us about you, Sin,” Lyle pushes the envelope which opens Aim’s eyes to lift just enough in order to see Sin’s reaction.

Sin looks up at Lyle with a bright smile and Aim’s fingers scratches over his chest again. The light in her eyes become shackles, clamping down Lyle’s focus.

[_She’s good… The things I want to do to her, with her… _]

The sound of her voice squeeze life into Aim’s heart, and it hurts with delicious need all the more feeding his perverted ideas.

“There is not much to tell, Lyle. I was born to an elderly couple as their only. They passed away early in my life,” Sin turns her glance to Renove as she says this, a frown between her brows as if she’s trying to find the reason for doing so. “They themselves were adopted children and thus a trust was set up to take care of me after.”

Renove acknowledge the look with a slight, solemn nod.

Tapping her finger against her lips, Sin returns her attention to the food in front of her, deep in thought.

“Mailene informed us of your specialised training,” Eligos’ deep voice injects into the conversation. “I am keen to know your strategy in finding the people you pursue?” He changes the subject. Eligos is, ultimately, a warlord, and while his intentions may not be of social interest, it draws out a light behind Sin’s eyes but only after she douses the annoyance of being interrupted while thinking.

“I’m 26 years old, Eligos,” Sin speaks less defensive, but attentive. “I have been studying various perspective paradigms, for 10 years. I guess I am fortunate to be aided by a keen sense of instinct and a natural ability to hone in on repeated patterns. My strategy is driven by the minds of those I am investigating.”

Eligos rubs over his chin with his thumbnail, contemplating the answer before posing the next.

“Would you say that you wage a psychological warfare on your opponents?” Sin’s smile becomes cheeky; her eyes latch firmly onto Eligos’ with confidence.

“I suppose if it was a battle of the wits, I am indeed employing a mental tactic, rather than a physical one. Seeing as you are military inclined, you may understand the importance of intel – and how that outweighs, at times, brute force?” She ends with an excited lift in her brows and chin.

“I am not certain I agree altogether, Sin.” Eligos purse his lips together. He shifts in his chair and Sin crinkles her nose at him. She is playful, yet staid.

“I believe you do.” Sin opposes Eligos openly. “I believe I can learn from you, if only how to combine the mental and physical aspects. You are a planner, Eligos.”

Mailene’s giggle rush around the room, she points her spoon at Eligos and nods at him repeatedly.

“She’s got your number mister. Though I think you may learn from this little lady too. She’s far too humble.”

The soft grunt from Eligos in Mailene’s direction is deflected by Renove.

“Suffice it to say, if the two of you should pair up, you’d be a formidable force.” His compliment is not wasted on Sin. “ What you dealt with over the past months while helping us, is but a drop in the bucket of what we deal with daily; I bet if you so choose, we can find a more permanent involvement among our ranks?” Renove looks around the table, drawing several agreements.

Sin’s cheeks turns a light shade of pink, but the honesty is evident when she speaks in answer.

“I cannot deny it; your statement does not leave me cold. However, I do like to weigh my options carefully.”

“Wouldn’t expect anything else.” Renove lifts his hand to let her know he understands, and winks.


“Perhaps one day you can teach me a few of your methods,” Lyle’s smile is genuine, and Sin can’t help but enjoy his charms.

“Perhaps.” She flutters her long lashes in a series of quick blinks. “I suppose I do need a new job, it might as well be that of tutor.”

Lyle grabs at his chest, dramatically hugging his fists to himself muttering: “To be a student again…” There is more than innuendo in the gesture creating titters from Mailene and Emrys.

“Shall we warn her about the man?” Emrys tease with Mailene, who slaps him against the shoulder and whisper loudly.

“No, we want her to like him first!”

“Tell me something,” Their exchange is interrupted, and the air turns ice cold. The provocative sharpness of Jezebeth’s voice lifts all the heads at the table towards her. All but Aim’s and Sin’s. “How long did it take you to sleep your way to the top of your class? Dish the dirty secrets girly – we’re practically family, aren’t’ we?”

Aim bites his bottom lip hard, knowing all too well what Jezebeth’s goal is. Provoking Sin weakens her profile, and if Sin takes the bait, she submits to Jezebeth’s manipulation. This entire set-up, is a game of chess.

Anna starts to speak in Sin’s defence, but she is hushed by Sin’s index finger lifting into the air.

The velvet, purple eyes lifts towards Jezebeth, meeting her flaming orbs dead-on.

“Not long at all.” Sin answers calm and even in her temperament. “Rather disappointing, all things considered.” Honest, brutal and bone dry, Sin tells it as it is – the truth.

Aim chuckles to himself, he keeps his head low but roll his eyes to look at Jezebeth.


The fire in Jezebeth’s eyes reaches desperate measures; she did not see this coming – none of them did. Mailene told them of Sin’s habit to be ferociously honest. To experience it in this way is a memorable event and for Aim, all the more reason to want her; to want to push her for more.

He wants to test just how far she will go.

He can’t help himself, and sample, yet again, the energy of the woman opposite him. Slowly, carefully, he sneaks glimpses of memories as they flip through Sin’s mind. Savouring the images of her deepest, most intimate visions, Aim finds his deviant soul eager to replace it with recollections of him.

While the conversation continues, a plan is forming and it lifts his spirits, but whisks his mood further into an state of absolute impatience.

Anna looks at Sin, amusement edged all over her face as she offers a high five to the girl next to her.

“If you have it, use it.” Anna nods and turns to Jezebeth. “Isn’t that right Jez? You may have found yourself a kindred spirit in this one. Though you are ahead of her aren’t you sister; I believe the only one in this room you’ve not sampled, is Sin.”

Sin’s head whips around to Mailene and Emrys. Her eyes stretched wide with concern.

Before our involvement,” Emrys clear the matter up quickly in order to intercept the worry from Sin. “The day I met Mailene, my own ‘climb to the top of my class’ came to an abrubt halt over a gaping chasm. To this day, I reap the rewards of not falling into it.” Emrys’ voice is soft, adoring, bordering on fanatical. Mailene’s response to it is a giddy, bubbling laughter.

“And should he stray, the consequences will be absolute.” She motions with her fingers as if to snip through the air.

Sin understands the meaning, and it makes her simper to the amusement of the others watching her closely.

[*Chapter 4 – Hold Steady… *]

“You do not eat meat?” Anna asks inquisitively when the main course is served. Each one of them has a cut of beef in various stages of being cooked – or undercooked. I shudder.

“No I do not. The idea of eating animals never appealed to me.” I answer honestly. It is not as if I mind anyone who eats it either. Animals are dirty things; I do not care to differentiate the types of animal either. They’re animals and I find the idea of eating it, revolting.

“She thinks animals are repulsive, won’t even have them as pets.” Emrys leers through the remark.

It becomes obvious to me that these people do not have many secrets among themselves. It leads me to understand why I cannot get a clear fix on them.

Mailene has told them the exact extend of my capabilities, and they are adept in compensating for it. I know I will not learn anything from this group, unless they want me to – or I catch them completely by surprise.

“And yet, as we sit here, we are nothing but animals ourselves.” Renove remark smugly.

“Exactly,” I answer without hesitation, “You won’t find me eating people either.” I spit the thought out as quickly as it forms.

This brings a roaring round of laughter, and even the pre-occupied Aim, enjoys a hearty chuckle. I notice his head lowered throughout, as if he simply refuse to partake openly in anything going on at the table. It baffles me.

At the same time, the proverbial ice is broken, and the company engage in their various conversations, arguments and debates – all of which I avoid with rehearsed anecdotes and neutral opinion when I am involved.

A pleasant, family atmosphere descends and I manage to withdraw for a while behind a shroud of observation. The interaction is without a clear hierarchy, yet the three brothers appear to be firmly at the head of this family unit. Their council is sought on various matters, yet there is a guarded approach to Aim, who only speaks when spoken to – and unlike Renove’s verbose use of language, Aim’s answers are short and to the point. That is to say if he bothers with an answer at all.

After desert, we retire to a small sitting area for a night cap.

A short step brings me inside the cosy room, and it is with effort I manage to keep my jaw from cracking itself on the floor. The place is shiny, but in the humble kind of family way. I expected at least one piece of pretentious art – a vase, or a crystal chandelier, but instead, it is old torn pictures in black and white hanging in roughly crafted frames. The furniture is antique, worn and yet, plush if not luxurious.

Lyle pats the seat next to him, and when I hesitate too long for his liking, he yanks my arm to tumble me into his lap.

I do not miss the flash of agitation over Aim’s face when he looks at Lyle. Then, he looks directly at me.

Again, the world wipes itself from my mind, while the man’s eyes bolt in a death stare to mine. Moving slowly, he keeps me netted, while bidding the others a good night, ignoring his brother’s objections.

I swallow hard, several times, trying to push down the broomstick stuck in my spine. Every bone in my body is organising itself to stand proud as if vying for the perfect position to impress Aim.

My heart race headlong and then slams to a halt when he finally passes through the door with a quick, threat aimed with a glance, at Lyle. Lyle is too busy celebrating his ‘catch’ and miss the danger, but both Renove and Eligos are well aware of Aim’s meaning behind the look, as I am.

I have no idea what the deal is with that man, but I cannot be having an out of body experience every time he looks at me! Nor can I become obsessed with his behaviour, though from my current perspective, it is far too late.

Aim plays on my imagination in ways I’ve long lost and replaced by cultivating logic. Until now, I have spent a lot of energy to ignore it, but that is no longer possible. He vanishes around the corner, but his eyes haunt me long after, rendering me quiet to the conversation around me.

Time pass, how much of it, I have no idea. The gentle hum of the conversation is nothing but distant noise while I investigate the depths of my life, searching for any reference to aid me in understanding Aim.

“So what do you say?” Lyle asks, nuzzling into my neck.

“Pardon? Sorry, I’m… I’m tired…” I cover poorly. “I-should get going too,” I wriggle myself free from Lyle’s arms. His disappointment makes way for determination.

Lyle’s fingers brush along my arm and hand, his smile warm and soothing when he looks up at me from the couch. Gently, he holds on to my fingers, and I let him indulge for a few more seconds.

“I’d like to make the trip with you tomorrow, when you head out to your cabin?” Lyle asks the question I assume he posed before.

“Sure, that would be nice, thank you Lyle. Please, excuse me.” I answer absently, though I do not miss the look of endorsement from Mailene, nor the quick sweep from Lyle over my person.

Only practice, will and stubborn awareness, prevents me from running out of the room closing in on me.

Outside, in the cool fresh air, I look up at the sky. It is summer and at 10pm, the sun is only now setting. Drinking in the colours, I turn onto the path sifting down blossoms like pink snow.

The slight, temperate breeze, sweeps through the leaves and I slow my walk down to a stroll.

When I reach the door of the guest accommodation, I freeze in place when it opens of its own accord. Pushing at the heavy wood with one finger to open it further, I search with my eyes inside to see if anything is out of order.

It isn’t, though there’s a strong aroma of leather and soap in the air. It is both disturbing, and tantalizing.

“Everything alright?” Renove’s voice speaks from behind and I spin around lashing out with my fists as I do so. Too late do I realise it is him.

Renove is ready for me though, and catches my wrist mid-air. “Sin, are you afraid of the dark?” He teases in a booming voice.

“No, the dark, Mr. Teufel, is not scary. The things lurking in it, often times are.” The honesty of my words makes them sound ominous in their own right.

“And you would see me as one of those… things?” He continues to jest.

“As I would count myself among those things too, yes.” Annoyed and embaressed, I crank up the temper from the pits of my stomach. “I am sure you did not inconvenience yourself with my company, to merely chatter about the frailty of my fears, Mr. Teufel.”

The smile is no longer present on his face and the dim light stretching from the porch gives him a truly sinister profile. Renove lets go of my hand, looking around the room behind me.

“You know my name, please drop the formal distance you keep, Sin. Why are you skittish if it isn’t the dark?” He asks, looking behind me into the room with a deep frown.

I motion to the door with the key still between my fingers.

“It was open when I came in. I know I locked it earlier.” I confess and Renove pushes past me.

“Room service.” He sounds pragmatic. “We don’t lock doors around here; we have… people… cleaning up after it’s been used.” He checks the bathroom and shrugs. “Want me to check under your bed?” Renove josh and I fling an arm out in his general direction, in protest. He is telling the truth, but there is something bothering him.

“I ask you again, why are you here, Renove? Surely you did not come all this way just to torment me.”

“I may have.” Renove continues to poke fun at me, sitting himself down on a stool in the kitchenette. “No, you’re right,” He puts his hand up to hush me when I get ready to lay into him. “I didn’t, though, that was an unexpected highlight.”

“What can I do for you?” I ask sternly, letting him know I am done entertaining his company for the sake of being polite.

“My request is somewhat of a sensitive nature, but I think it is important.” Renove rolls his tongue around in his mouth, as if tasting the words before speaking them. “You must not leave with Lyle, alone, tomorrow.” I stop fussing with the items on the dresser and turn around to face Renove from across the room.

“Why not?” I ask – amazed at how much I sound like Jezebeth in that exact moment. “And tell the truth, I will know if you’re not.” I remind him.

Renove gives me a pensive look, the silence stretching for at least five counts before he answers.

“Because Aim will kill him, if he touches you – and believe me, Lyle wants far more than just a touch from you. My bet is, he won’t get far… Yet, it can’t hurt to be cautious. The lad can be persuasive.”

“That is ridiculous!” I snap, even though every ounce of training and intuition confirms what Renove is saying as the truth. “Sure, Lyle comes on strong, but I am a big girl and frankly, I can make up my own damn mind who I want, or do not want, to get with. Aim has no right, nor say. If he kills Lyle, it will be because he is a selfish bastard who wanted to do so all along, and it has naught to do with me. I don’t know either of the men, though one made an effort to be friendly, at least.”

Renove gets to his feet, and points to the door.

“I have taken up enough of your time, and by that look on your face, I’ve also angered you. I know it sounds absurd Sin, but Aim… does not make idle threats. Like it or not, you alone can pick the lesser of two evils. And that, dear lady, is exactly what you’re going to have to do.” Renove closes the door behind him, and I rush at it after him.

What does he mean lesser of two evils? And what is there to choose anyway? And where did he go?

Renove is gone and it is pitch dark outside.

There is no light at all, no shadows and no movement from the trees.

And no Renove.

The eerie silence lifts the hair along my arms, and I pull my head back, slamming the door closed and locking it. A nagging feeling informs me I’m being watched.

_I should have made him look under the bed. _

Chapter 5 – Hold steady…

Aim knows the moment she’s awake. He swallows back his own impatience while she is slow to find awareness. Keeping his body perfectly still, he listens to her breathing. When the deep, salacious gasp which becomes a grown, it snatches at his self-control. Aim decides it is time to let Sin know he is with her. He can’t go another round with this woman without touching her. Her energy is far stronger than even he anticipated, and she is exactly as she’s named.


“Good morning, hellcat.” He taunts her from the seat next to the bed. Her reaction tickles him, yet he remains motionless, with effort. She yips, a flurry of movement on the bed followed by several puffs of her breath.

Pleasure fills him to the brim. He’s seen what she did to the pillows in the throes of a passionate dream.

The visualisation of her arched back, hands overhead and tearing the slip apart effortlessly while her body moved in a wild, lusty dance, plays in his mind over, and over. Her raw cries for him became all the sweeter when he entered into her fantasy to mix his own brand of imagnation with hers – creating an aura of indulgence.

The feathers lifting and floating on her gasping breaths completed his voyeur’s vision with perfection.

And now, he tastes her embarrassment, shock and lingering desires as it pulses towards him.

Aim’s grin spreads, though he keeps his eyes closed.

“What are you doing here?!” She yelps.

“I kidnapped you, before you made a stupid mistake I’d have to correct. Clearly, Renove’s words had no weight with you.”

A gasp, this time of disbelief, is flung at him. He thoroughly enjoys the angry, crude, sentiment thrashing along with it.

“Did you hide under my bed?!” She questions after moments of shocked silence.

“You should have let Renove check.” Aim laughs at her, bathing in the heat of her anger.

Sin does not know it, but Renove could not lie to her at that particular moment. She has an uncanny way of airing her commands clearly, leaving no room for entities like them to manoeuvre around and manipulate the truth. All of them, will avoid an answer and use riddles when the opportunity presents itself, but Sin… She plugs those holes firmly.

“How dare you?” She growls, and the sound nearly force him out of his seat. Instead, he opens his eyes to look at her. He knows she can see him for the beast he is, and he revel in the expression of confusion, anxiety and need filling her amethyst eyes. His own eyes shiny, deep, night black with a velvet purple cover; sapphire green centres burn in her direction, not round, but in a serpent’s eye-slit.

“You didn’t object.” He taunts her.

“I was asleep! You had no right!” She screams furious. The elevation in her temperature becomes a warning to Aim. Yet, he is what he is, and he does not heed it. Instead, he inhales deeply, his mouth slightly open.

Slowly, his feet slides from the bed to the floor, his body leans forward and closer to her.

When he speaks, the words are not shaped from his lips, but they echo straight into Sin’s mind. Her large eyes stretch bigger, making it all the more difficult for him to concentrate on what needs doing, rather than what he wants to do.

“Tell me truthfully, that it wasn’t me you welcomed with open legs in your dreams, all through the night. Tell me you do not care to have a taste of that again, right now. Tell me to leave,” He snarls at her. “And I’ll walk out of here.”

The moment her answer flash images in his mind, his fists closes around the sheet she is holding up to her chin with her knees drawn too. His knees comes to rest on the bed, while he relish the moment he hears her thoughts, clear as if she spoke them to him aloud.

[_“He is dangerous, the kind of danger I find exhilarating. Like speeding in a race-car and sliding it across loose gravel just to hear the tyres screech, feel the gravity pull at you, and stop inches away from a large tree.” _]

“Out.” She croaks past the adrenaline pumping, their eyes still locked. He knows she does not mean it in the context of his request; it is not only evident in her voice, but everything about her is connected firmly with him in this very moment.

She is fighting against her natural being and the mortal vessel she’s been caged in, until now. Sadistic as he is, he enjoys the torment she unleashes upon them both, but intolerance runs rampant and he pushes at her defences once more.

“No.” Aim growls back at her with enough thunder and darkness in his otherwise quiet voice, to flatten several cities at once.

One word, one moment and the universe shifts out from under him.

Aim knew from the moment she walked into the room the night before, what she was.

He knew she had abilities locked away deep inside her, and he knew she was his match in every sense of the word.

She was his mate.

He didn’t think to protect himself against the unknown.

None of them thought to protect themselves against that which they did not know about her.

Until now.

Sin pushes herself to stand upright on the bed, his eyes follows while his body swells and push against the weak flesh of his human husk.


From the moment his eyes lock onto mine, a change starts happening deep inside me. His challenge forces the air from my lungs, and I cannot lie to him, no matter how hard I try.

“Out.” The word finally forms, and what was to be a warning, becomes an invite for him to dare challenge or deny me.

The instant the word is out, I see the path ahead of me as if it has always been just there.

There is no fury on that path, no enemy to fight or slay…

There is my deepest desire; Freedom.

“No.” His answer comes and shatters every part of the world around me, as I know it.

The sound in his voice clefts holes in the draperies of my soul, while my fingers slice deep into the shell that is my body.

The world shifts and falls off the invisible axle, tumbling down around my feet while I get up to stand upon the bed.

Every nerve in my body vibrates with an energy I welcome yet do not know. I am changing inside a cage I did not know I was trapped in!

“Let. Me. Out!” I roar at the man in front of me. His face contorts with pain and pleasure, and I know for certain…

He holds a key to open the gate… He is not holding me captive, but he and he alone, can set me free.


Sin’s command is not verbal; it is a beating drum threatening to split Aim’s head wide open. He is in danger and the thrill of it, snatches at his senses with malevolence.

“No.” Darkness and evil shapes the word into a dagger and aims a stab straight at Sin’s human heart.

A heart thundering like a thousand horses in a stampede, at him and he welcomes it.

Her mouth opens wide, her breath is a thick outpour of what they all search for, lust after and beg to taste.

Sin. The purest form of evil and corruption to drug their souls, and numb their morals.

She tears away the carapace, but the butterfly is unable to free herself.

Aim roars with delight, watching her struggles turn into a full on outburst.

As fast as her fingers claw, gather and rip her coating away, it is replaced while the blood runs freely over her now naked body, colouring her outer skin in demon red before pooling on the bed.

Every time she flings the offending flesh away from her, the splatters covers him, burning like acid where it lands. His own blood mixing into the concoction, slowly coming alive and slips to the floor in a debaucherous entanglement with hers.

The veil over this part of the human’s earth, falters.

As powerful as the Sourceress Priestess and the Warlock is, Sin far outranks them. She does not realise this, but her body, is the buffer. Every time she rips away the casing from the bones, she slashes a new hole in the cloak holding this estate in human depiction.

Her blood, the smell of which is acrid and the property a mixture of acid and fire, provides the sustenance for the casters to draw on for repairs… But Sin is faster than they are, the ruptures are bigger and takes longer to repair.

The legions are heaving behind it, waiting for their signal to break through. These are the very same masses they banished after she exposed them over the course of a year. They recognise her power, they taste her promise of eternal damnation and they are ready to heed her call.

Aim’s control is slipping and the agony she thrusts upon him, fills the life-long yearning he’s endured all his existence, with excitement and egocentric pride.

“This, is my mate!” He throws up the boasts all over her feet in thick, tar-like bonds, binding her to him.

The walls of the cottage shimmers and drops away, to reveal a circle of bodies in various states of dealing with the chaos Sin, now with the combined effort of Aim, is unleashing.

Anna and Emrys shouts with fever above the howling, fire-lit winds; their arms straight down their sides. Their fingers points in crooked claws at the ground from which Sin’s blood is drawn in a vapour which they direct to heal the raptures, to hear her.

Their chant becomes faster and faster, their bodies trembling under the strain and effort – the race is one they dread to lose, but at the pace Sin is destroying herself and their work, they are not going to win.

Mailene’s body becomes a whirl of chaos as large drops, like sweat, forms pathways and streams along her body, soaked into the dress to become a waterfall. Heat lifts it from the material and floats it into the air where Jezebeth’s hovering figure is nothing but a fog gathering the wetness; it makes her swell and grow like a pregnant cloud anticipating the birth of a furious storm.

Eligos rides on a nightmare steed, blade in hand, keeping the brave – or stupid – from breaching into the mortal world. They are following Aim’s directives, which have no control over their thought process. They, like him and following his command, simply want to give this being… This destroyer of realms… This small, pale, elven looking, blood-smeared female, her every wish… They want to free her from the restrictive casing which is constantly replaced by the casters.

Lyle moves between the collections of companions, reinforcing their passion and resolve with a gentle, seductive touches and rubs, seducing them with whispers designed for each individual – strengthening their tenacity through carnal adrenaline.

Renove blurs in motion towards Aim, covered in Sin’s crimson bonds, preventing him from advancing his own goals. Not because he can’t, but because he refuse to damage something as beautifully profane as this.

Aim is barely recognisable; his bulk is four or five times that of his original shape – the human husk nowhere to be seen.

“Brother, what in the name of Hades, have you done?!” Renove shouts at Aim, whose mouth is dripping slobber, his tongue – thick and forked – flicking out, consuming the bulk of Sin’s energy before it reaches too far outwards. While he is egging on the hordes on the other side, he takes pleasure in denying them the rewards of Sin’s undertaking – he tortures them by letting them know it exists, but consuming it before they can draw from it – Inciting a frenzy which feeds his strength in return.

During this game, Aim tastes all of what Sin is, greedily swallowing down adrenaline and fear. Confusion rattles his thoughts at the sweet samples of her fear, force him to probe deeper.

[_“They’re challenging me! They’re trying to keep me bound in this small, horrible, dirty animal membrane. I will destroy… them… all.” _]

That is it! The fear Sin is experiencing is akin to that of a wounded animal, is what drives her to fight against them harder. The game is over for Aim. He will gladly aid her in destroying everything, but that, would destroy her too… and besides the prophetic plan, he wants her to himself. He will not give her up, not to death or to life.

“Ben,” Aim uses the summonsing name Renove goes by when he aids humans, “My hellcat is hurting… I may have to create another platypus.” He chuckles softly, marvelling at Sin’s capacity to withstand the assault she rages on herself.

“You shouldn’t be laughing at it! Calm your ass down and sooth that pain brother, or we will no longer be fallen angels, but dead ones!” Renove lifts to his feet, slams his palms together and a long, flaming staff appears. “And be quick about it!”


My mind is a frenzy of adrenaline and fear. Confusion plays no part in the excitement bursting in pockets of anger, bubbling on the blood pouring from me.

I hear everything at once, feel everything at once, taste, smell and know… everything… at the same time. I know what I did. I know the deeds I did while working for Mailene and Emrys. I know who Renove and Eligos are. I know them all, and I know me.

[_Why do they not aid me, when I have aided them? I do not ask for much, I only ask to be freed! _]

“Let. Me. Out!” I demand from them, all of them.

“Sin!” Aim’s voice calls from somewhere below me, and when I turn my head down to look at him, another shift in the world overwhelms me.

He is massive, nothing but raw, exposed muscles pulsing and rolling with tension. Thick strings of sinew clutch to his bones, desperate to keep his form together.

He is … spectacular, beautiful, handsome, impressive…

And, he is my mate.

“Aim…” The word breaks from my chest in a sob, followed by a plea rolling along tears, “Set me free… I beg of you, my mate, please…”

“Ahw, screw this.” Aim mutters, grunting heavily as he fights against the thick, sticky ropes holding him captive. Ropes made of my blood, feeding me on his energy. Without that connection, I will be too weak to fight off the beings working against my freedom.

Slowly, he rise, his eyes the only feature confirming his identity, drills into mine.

“Please…” I whisper again, my head tilting back as Aim draws to his full height. “Don’t do this… Free me…”

The tentacle hold snaps, one after the other and it is my own blood wailing in tortured surrender through me. Each break in the bonds, releases him but disrupts the flow of his energy feeding me, eventually I am cut off from him, altogether.

Tears, seep from my eyes and roll over my cheeks, tainting the plasma along the way.

One large hand cups my head, drawing me closer to him. The chaos outside of me slows and eventually ends in complete, celestial silence.

Another large hand lifts me up, like a new-born, Aim cradles me against his body.

“Meus.” There is authority in the word, yet there is humour in it too. “Mine.”

“Ego sum peccatum tuum.” I answer in the same ancient tongue he uses. “I am your Sin.” It dawns on me how true that statement is, and how my intuition about him being my freedom is corroborated.

“Yes, yes you are.” His words sooth, validate and amplifies the peace I gain from this new knowledge. Right now, I am free. Not free from the containment of a flesh and bone cage, but free from the moral world that undermine my power.

I close my eyes and yield to the man I now know, is my balance as much as he is the key to my freedom.

I can rest now…

[*Chapter 6 – Sin! *]

Aim watches as peace and calm envelopes the small figure of the woman in his arm. She may know who she is, but she has no idea what she’s done here today.

She does not know the prophecy she’s fulfilled, or her place in this world.

“Meus. Et vos testimonium perhibetis quia ab initio mecum esti.” He whispers, tightening the hold slightly as she drifts off into a deep coma-like sleep. “And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning.” His head lifts to look at each of the faces standing around them.

Out of breath but relieved, the family stare up at Aim who towers over them in a leather skin, deep red, and muscled. His face is tender when he turns his gaze back to the fragile parcel with him, barely a speck against his palm.

Wary of the unstable tolerance displayed by Aim, Renove is the first to take to one knee. He drags a fingers through the mixture of blood and tears at Aim’s feet. With a grin, he looks up at his brother, pride slips along on the beam.

“Et ipsa datur tibi. She is yours. I am the Marquis Count, Renove; mentor of Sin. She has my allegiance.” His staff hits the ground in front of him, and the bonds of blood-oaths, reach into the staff to form a crimson vein running all the way to the tip of it. A single green leave sprouts and Renove shakes his head in exasperation. “Women.” He mutters under his breath.

Eligos is next, dismounting from his steed and patting against its flanks to settle the nervous tension from the beast. Taking to a knee, she shakes his head before speaking.

“Et ipsa datur tibi. She is yours. I am the Great Duke Eligos; advocate of Sin. She has my allegiance.” His nightmare steed shakes froth from its mouth before it bows its head, submissively folding his wings against his body. A thin stream of blood circles the leg of the steed, and the wrist of Eligos to form a fused bangle on each of them, sealing their pledge in.

Jezebeth, demure for the first time in her life, steps in next to Eligos lands with a thud on one knee.

“Et ipsa datur tibi. She is yours. I am Ordained Demoness Jezebeth; devotee of Sin. She has my allegiance.” Jezebeth leans over, placing a gentle kiss upon the red stained ground; upon withdrawal, her lips are laced with the most vivid, vibrant colour of red imaginable. Never will she need to use a product to enhance her enticement.

Lyle, with a hand on Jezebeth’s shoulder, sinks to one knee next to her. Envy colour his eyes honey gold when he looks up at Aim. Yet, admiration slinks along like a pat on the back. The better man won.

“Et ipsa datur tibi. She is yours. I am the Father of Incubi, Lugalbanda, known as Lyle; instigator of Sin. She has my allegiance.” His finger dabs into the puddle at his feet, lifting the essence to his mouth, sucking the blood from it with glee. When he exhales, his usual, colourless perfume of pheromones is stained with a light, mystic pink colour, visible only to the servants of the underworld. “Yip, woman’s touch.” He laments with joy.

Mailene sits down on both her knees, her hands folded in her lap while her dress soaks up the red fluid around her. It stains the dress purple as it mix with her bodily fluids which are already drenching the material. She gulps at the silken soft wetness lacing her body like a glove. Never will the water elemental, be without water to use in her invocations. Elated, she calls to Aim.

“Et ipsa datur tibi! She is yours! I am Mailene, Mother of Undine Elementals, nereides, limoniades, naiades and mermaid; fabricators of Sin. She has our allegiance.” One eye wells up with blood, the other with water, spilling over Mailene’s cheeks in an emotional display of her loyalty.

Emrys and Anna both kneel together, with Emrys next to Mailene, his hand reaching for hers.

“Et ipsa datur tibi. She is yours.” The casting pair speaks together, and then takes turns. Emrys declares first.

“I am Emrys Merlin, Warlock Necromancer of the Underworld,”

Anna continues from this point,

“I am Princess Enhedu’anna; High priestess and Enchantress of the Underworld.”

Together, they finish. “Protectors of Sin. She has our allegiance.”

They both reach down and scoop a small vile of the mixture under them, sealing it with an intricate movement of their hands. As they shake the bottles, two light orbs rush at Sin, and sinks into her body. Each of the casters gains a small, tattoo at the base of their throats in the shape of the infinity symbol.

Sin stirs in Aim’s arms, nuzzling sweetly against his oversized chest.

Proudly, Aim smirks back at his family.

“Thank you; it was only formality because she had us pegged from the moment she stood up this morning.”

“You’re an idiot.” Renove lets out amidst the boisterous laughter of the family. “She nearly slayed half of Hades’ generals with one, horrific, tantrum. Keep your woman in a good mood brother – and good bloody luck with that – because now we know some what she is capable of, and it does not bring anyone of us much comfort.” He growls with mock agitation.

It is true, they know who she is, they know now also what she is, but they have no idea of her abilities and just how far they extend. They are, however, taking this entire lesson as a warning to protect themselves around her – and him.

In the meantime, the reason for their affection and allegiance to this girl, is simple.

The human world has long forgotten the reason for their outcast existence.

They, the fallen angels, never fell; they jumped in a bid to find that which may yet prove to be the salvation of the entire human race.

The one thing that may help them recognises their neglect over time and brings them back to their roots, forcing them to remember…

A reminder of how they became fallen chosen, when they first sampled that which is now peacefully resting in Aim’s arms.

Yes, the angels gathered here, jumped from their stations, and became fallen… because they had to find the seed of hope to save humanity.

Without dark, there cannot be light. Without history, there cannot be future.

Without her passive allure, there cannot be an active counter to the all-consuming and ever present denial.

Without light, there cannot be dark to host the malevolence that lurks inside it.

Then there is the woman who set the records straight.

She is… The Original Sin…


———————-— The End. Thank you for reading the 1st episode in this series of stories.———————


The Rebirth Of Sin

Is it really possible to spend less than 24 hours in the company of strangers, be kidnapped overnight, and awake to yourself changing physically, mentally and spiritually? Of course it is, when you keep company with Demons, Warlocks, Princess Sorceress, Undine, and Incubi! The question is… Why? Why are the changes happening? Why are you so deeply attracted to one entity in particular and Why… Are you accepting of it all?

  • ISBN: 9781311707888
  • Author: Adri Sinclair
  • Published: 2015-10-27 23:40:09
  • Words: 10426
The Rebirth Of Sin The Rebirth Of Sin