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The Reality Investigations Detective Agency




The Reality Investigations

Detective Agency



V Bertolaccini




This edition published 2016 by CB

This is a Shakespir edition 2016


Copyright Victor Bertolaccini


ISBN: 978-1-3102-8632-2


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the copyright owner. Nor can it be circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without similar condition including this condition being imposed on a subsequent purchaser.


All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.




The Ancient Discovery


Even now, after what transpired, I do not comprehend what it was, but what I do distinguish is it never came from this universe.

Visualization I glimpsed off it showed it resembled a dazzling star in deep space as its front materialized into the solar system.

A powerful star of unidentified magnitude and origins emitting strange shades of dazzling light through Earth’s atmosphere that would have been seen by early human inhabitants.

Its formation altering to a radiating reddish triangular of light magically rotating out of space itself, and a hole through the fabric of space and time, from somewhere strange and unknown, spinning increasingly faster, while bright colored lines of energy spun rapidly around its radius, and parts of it altered to different forms of energy, and while its power and spin increased it turned to a circle of lines and light.

Its powers were so strong its detection of the Earth and transit to it were swift, with the world’s bright blue formation sitting alone in space, and it had been its best relocation and exploration.

On its arrival, it swiftly emerged out of the blackness of space, with its radiant circular shape shifting downwards, while it altered formation, becoming more solid as it tried to transform to matter.

Its silhouette went over the world’s icy rock like the figure of an ancient dark demon, with cold whirling currents of mist shifting around its partially formed shape, while wild beasts of ancient Earth gave far-away blood-chilling screeches from distant places, hidden away out in depths of the landscape.

Years later I have barely been able to make out anything, never mind what its originally objective had been, but it made a terrible mistake manifesting in this universe, specifically going by what had occurred.

What the hell had it been before it had arrived in this universe, and had transformed from? I have never heard or seen anything anywhere like it, and I still feel there was something I should have grasped, but I just could not grasp!

Its peculiar ghostly formations of what might have been life forms to it, surely from where it came from, flashed through my mind, as strange energy formations, when it made forms of communications with me, which I originally doubted the sanity of.

Was it insane? Did insane exist to it? Going by what it had been through it could have been! It surely was damaged! Sometimes it haunted my dreams during the night, and during the day I went through facts trying to grasp something! The smallest clue of something unnoticed!

Other than its entrance to the universe its main error could have been separating into two divisions, which separated too far apart, with perhaps its unfamiliarity of the universe, and it became trapped on this strange celestial object and reality, with its unidentified formations, and it had gone further than it had ever gone before to survive.


Part I


The Ancient Discovery



Chapter 1


Reality Investigations


The headquarters of Reality Investigations detective agency, beside the river Clyde, was where I disembarked, from directions John Marple, the founder, owner, and chief investigator, had given me on the phone, as he needed me as his assistant investigator.

At the time I never even suspected even in my wildest fantasies that we would find what we did, and also lost historical treasure, after major clues to its location were uncovered by Dr Barrymore.

Marple had investigators in all major worldwide cities and he was one of the most advanced and knowledgeable investigators I have met, who was known to me for many years before I joined him there, as assistant chief investigator, and his experience was vast, and entered new dimensions, in all sorts of ways, in science and technology, in extraordinary occurrences, and he handled cases and activities beyond any other agencies I have encountered, and even in current times, and especially at that time, as the Second World War began.

On my entrance of the building he arrived to welcome me, and rushed me up to his office, and meeting room, where all the action occurred, and I was introduced, as Mike Malone, the news reporter, to other investigators, and given a seat.

I felt painful bruises all about body where earlier that week I had slipped and fallen down a staircase, after trying to get an interview with a leading politician on the war, who had swiftly escaped, and I knew that there was trouble ahead, and I also realized I wanted a new career.

Marple held a meeting with his investigators discussing the onslaught of the war, to my surprise, and of its deadliness dawning, becoming apparent across the nation, and it was then that he introduced what must be one of the most distinctive and strangest investigations in scientific history, and what must surely be the greatest scientific discovery mankind has ever encountered, since the dawn of time.

He bestowed the case at the end of the meeting with little knowledge of what it was about, and asked me to handle it, as my first case, and to see what I would come up with, and left me in unadulterated confusion, as he gave me little, and I was sure we should not have taken the case at all, and I was surprised by Marple’s last silent mention of it, to another investigator, and that a desperate frightened woman on the phone had practically forced him into accepting the case.

Furthermore, before I undertook it, another bizarre occurrence took place, which later incredibly became part of the case, and a new eccentric client phoned Marple and arranged a meeting with him, with another strange case, and I stayed to see what the man was so desperate to do, and why Marple had suddenly become excitedly interested, and I knew money was involved.

I sat with Marple drinking whisky at the fireplace, and we discussed our past adventures together, and he promised me more, just as we heard the man enter the bottom floor, and Marple’s secretary announced his arrival through an intercom, and Marple ignited his pipe and smoked it briskly considering the case from diverse perspectives, and I saw he was confused over aspects of it.

The room slowly grew silent, and the outside traffic seemed to vanish into the distance, and I sat deep into my seat, and felt the suspense Marple was reacting to, but I could not quite grasp all of it, but realized he had to have something and tried to identify what his reactions were to, from the past.

It was intriguing and baffling! What could make such a guy react in such excitement, with such intrigue?

His secretary was clearly affected, which was also noticeable in her knock, and was silent and impeded, and Marple withheld from rushing up and over, and I was staggered when she brought in an aged man, she announced was Dr Barrymore, and he shifted forward, with some pain, and I realized he could hardly walk properly and had serious medical conditions.

I examined him wondering why he was even there, and realized he could be a politician or with the government, and it made me gasp as I considered the war again and I realized they could be looking for our help.

Dr Barrymore stopped in front of us and removed an envelope, which had the top ripped off.

He observed us sitting at a small table, between us and the fireplace, where our drinks and Marple’s pipe and ashtray were resting, and he anxiously shuffled over to a seat next to Marple.

He showed us a typed label on the envelope with his fingertips, with a glint of humor, followed by happiness, and he cheerfully rolled the envelope into a ball and threw it into the fireplace and removed chewing tobacco and chewed off a lump, placed the remainder in his interior pocket, and chewed off a chunk from the chunk in his mouth and spat the piece into the fire in the fireplace and started hungrily chewing the remainder.

Marple rushed over and got a drink, and returned, and placed it in front of him.

He removed something ancient looking from the envelope and started playing with it in front of our faces, considering what to say, as I watched the sun go down into the horizon at a side window, and golden shades beam over city buildings.

“What’s that?” I conclusively asked him, slightly annoyed at him not doing anything for so long, unable to maintain waiting.

“It’s an eighteenth century document!” Marple announced, and made Dr Barrymore look up, startled.

He stared annoyed at it, and Marple continued, “I’ve some experience of dating documents!”

“The origins of the artifact I am looking for come from the majority of accumulated sources, which have been proven to be from around 1568 …”

“1568?” Marple replied, looking slightly surprised, and sat back considering it.

“Yes!” Dr Barrymore continued. “According to accounts and legends! Valuable treasure was left near where it was concealed!”

“Near where what was concealed?” Marple swiftly gasped, looking confused.

“The artifact!”

Marple looked at him calmly, and looked deep into the fire, and listened to what he had to say.

“For centuries it has been thought to exist by a few scholars and explorers, who have carried out meticulous investigations and searches, of which none have been lucky enough …”

“What you’re saying is there is treasure somewhere?” I replied, unable to hold back my surprise and enthusiasm.

“Of course!” he shouted. “That’s what I said on the phone!”

“What do you want us to do?” I replied, cautiously.

“Help me find it!” he moaned. “I’ve recently come into some new information that could allow me to locate it!”

I could not grasp if it actually existed, and sat considering it, and everything he said.

“According to myths,” he continued, “some people have been found dead searching for it! There could be something of great danger nearby, where it’s been concealed!”

I sat thinking it over wondering what could be of great danger, and from that century, and was left baffled, and spotted Marple was still confused by the case.

“What’ll we do then?” I asked, curiously.

“You’ll have to wait until I’m ready! I have a major clue to its location, and I’m sure I can discover something of significant importance! I will need your help to recover it!”

“We’ll do that!” Marple replied firmly.

I knew that he had major clues to its location and that he was confident in discovering it and that it was located somewhere in the region, but I had no idea what it actually was!

After he had left the building, and returned home, I started to doubt what he was after was of value as all the archaeology and museum discoveries found then were usually worthless, except to historians like him, for historical value, and I was sure he was just trying to get us to go out our way to get it for him, and I was sure Marple must also think so.

Though did he have a new way of discovering lost treasures, and had he partially located it as he suggested? He had not given any major clue to its location and identity, but he had given the date of what must surely have been the time of its origins.

He had been unraveling something for some considerable time and I went over it considering if he had deliberately disguised facts throughout his message, and if he was after something else.


Chapter 2


My First Investigation


All I had been given was that an elderly woman had witnessed something unusual in the night, while going to bed, and there seemed to me no case to investigate and no crime had been committed, and nothing seemed to suggest anything, and I went to the client confused and repeatedly going over the document I was given, which consisted of nothing but a few paragraphs about a few lines she had given the agency, and I came to the conclusion that she might have stopped an attempted burglary and wanted me to secretively handle the problem.

What could she have confronted at night in the hall of her ground floor tenement flat that could have caused her to seek such dramatic action?

The location was in the south of the city at Craigmillar Road in Langside, and when I entered I expected little. It was my first mission! And when I saw and talked to the elderly woman I realized she had recently become a widow, and was on her own there, and realized that she had encountered something that she believed was of a paranormal nature, but which was of the strangest nature that I had witnessed in all my encounters, and from everything I had ever heard of.

Surely if she had fantasized something it would be of a normal ghost, but it was far stranger, and I had to try to deduce what she meant by what she told me, and I then had her give me accurate descriptions of the visitation, or whatever she thought it was, and it gave me nothing and it left me confused.

She was not ill, or had taken anything, and had not had previous hallucinations, and still she insisted something had started to appear there, in her ground floor flat, at the same time it grew dark, and she claimed it floated over her hall floor, and its movement suggested it was doing something.

In the end I was so engrossed in discovering what would happen, and in the unusual case, I accepted her offers of staying to see it, and was given a bedroom to stay in, and was surprised that she insisted I should consider the occurrence after it happened, to give her advice, for when I met her in the morning at breakfast.


Chapter 3


The Haunting


For a moment I thought something of enormous danger could occur on the investigation, but I could not believe such a thing could happen on my first case for starters, and it had not occurred to any of the other investigators, and how could anything happen with such a case! It was absurd!

Yet I wanted to know what it was she was talking about, and placed a seat at the door of the bedroom and left the door partly opened, just enough to see the hallway, and entire area where she told me she had seen it, and I sat reading a book, and started to realize why she could have imagined something in the dark there, on her own, and then I started to see sense and that she might have some form of medical condition that could have caused her to observe something.

What really astonished me was the fact that she arrived near the time the occurrences had taken place and apologized to me for something, and handed me a book, to which I believed she had given me as she felt sorry for me, leaving me there doing nothing, in the dark, with her elaborate plan, whatever it was, and I considered if she intended to use the story of the occurrences for somewhere for some reason.

Then when I started to read the book I sat back staggered, as the book was full of ghost stories! They were supposedly real accounts, which had been written like they had authentically occurred, and I started to believe she had it in for me, and realized it could be part of her plan to persuade me there was something there, and I even considered helping her fabricate it at one point, as she might need it.

Though after flicking through the pages, trying to see what was there, I was left even more staggered as there were accounts of occurrences actually taking place in the same region.

There were accounts claiming ancient inhabitants of the region had seen alarming evil mysterious magical forces and transcendent things dwelling there, which I could not grasp the identity of.

It grabbed my attention that the place had not always been a city region, centuries ago, and it sent a chill through me as I thought what could be buried away there.

There was an old newspaper account that reported and warned the readers of unexplained ancient occurrences, and one of the worst of the detailed accounts told of travelers that had come upon the mutilated remains of gypsies left in pieces in the region by some hideous occurrence, with their remains scattered throughout a wood nearby, and others of people being attacked and chased by things with fearful sounds.

Upon reading it with fascination my eyes fell upon something in corridor, which I had seen but had ignored, as I was engrossed in it, and I stared at it for almost a minute trying to recognize it but was unable to form an image of what was there, and what I was looking at, as it had no real form, and the darkness and my tiredness never allowed my mind to come to a conclusion.

It was the woman’s appearance there that brought me to, and she stood behind the door, out in the hallway, and I could say little, and she quickly entered my room and closed the door, and turned on the light.

After questioning her again about it, with me this time realizing that there was something there, I asked what she had been doing before its appearance, and if she had done something that could have caused its appearance, and she considered everything and was at a loss.

I then asked her if she had done anything anywhere that she had not done before!

For a long time she thought it over and came up with something!

The only thing she had been doing, which she could recall, was she had been using a metal detector, which she had borrowed off a friend, who had given it to her as she had lost her old wedding ring, and she could not find it anywhere.

While using it, searching for it, she had found a small hole in the floor and carpet, and she had taken up the floorboards under the carpet and had used it to examine all the heaps of rubble, dirt, and building remains below for it, and she had found the ring, but the metal detector stopped working, but was working again the next day.

I asked her when the occurrences had started and she eventually told me that it had appeared there that night.

So I asked her if she still had the metal detector and she took me into her living room and removed it from a box, behind her sofa, and I examined it and I realized how expensive it was, and that it was powerful!

It was then that I was sure the thing in the hall could be affected by it, and that I could solve the case by using it on it, and perhaps get rid of it, as I was sure ghosts might be affected by such forces.

Once I found out how to use it and its controls I went out into the hall with it, and prepared myself, and waited for the woman to turn it on at the mains, and I was so fascinated with the ghost or whatever it was I marched towards it trying grasp any detail in it that I could recognize, but I could not get anything, and up close it looked like a mass of red energy being generated by something, and to my amazement it exploded into a frenzy of activity, and I realized the metal detector had been switched on, and at that point I collapsed across the floor, unconscious.


Chapter 4


The Home Guard


Everything seemed to look weird and somehow unbelievable, and I studied everywhere trying to grasp what, and I kept recalling the moments before I collapsed and awakened in bed in the morning, wondering what the hell happened.

I was sure it damaged my brain and I had a bad time recalling things. I could not think of what to do and if I should try to help the woman further, but it was ridicules as I had never heard of such an occurrence, and never mind what the solution was, and I wondered if I had blown my first case, and I decided to ignore it and hope the woman never asked Marple for further help.

I wanted to join the Home Guard, even though I could not recall wanting to do it before, after I saw an advert looking for part time Home Guard soldiers, and realized I could fit it into my schedule.

I had immediately gone there, and sat bored in the Home Guard office waiting room, sitting on my own, with some faint sounds behind the office door in front of me, where I assumed I was to be interviewed, and I started wondering what I was about to do and how deadly this war could become, as if the Germans invaded it would equivalent to being on the frontline, and I was also getting desperate for answers and wondering repeatedly if I had received damage to his mind, and realized that I would be checked by an army doctor at some point and realized I could have him properly check me out.

I felt different somehow and I could not grasp what and stood and started checking myself, and feeling my head for damage where I collapsed and hit the floor, and realized the woman could have covered up me hitting something when I collapsed, as she would have felt responsible for it, and I started examining my whole body, trying to see how it functioned to me doing things, and I started jumping up and down and waving my arms about, and examined my legs, and they responded, and I did a handstand and noticed my body was weak and seemed to move differently than I intended, and I partially looked upwards and saw a large shadow shift across the floor, and saw someone standing over me, in front of me.

An officer was standing staring at me crazily.

“What in the hell are you doing?” the sergeant shouted, and I collapsed over the floor.

“I’m starting to get out of shape sitting in here!” I moaned.

He stood staring insanely, and not believing anything, and clearly thinking I was someone else.

“God help us!” he shouted. “If this is all we get …”

“This is the Home Guard?” I swiftly replied, trying to look normal.

“Well it surely isn’t the boy Scouts!” he moaned. “Yes! We’re the Local Defence Volunteers!”

He ordered me into the front office, and I knew I was in the army, and I sat in a seat at the desk and waited for an officer to come. Then I wondered what the hell I was doing there!

An officer entered, looked through a form about me, which I had filled in and handed in at the entrance office.

“Captain Godfrey!” he announced. “And that’s Sergeant Clooney my deputy officer.”

Clooney sat in the seat beside me, in front of the captain’s desk, and watched us both, and the captain shuffle through his stuff.

“We’re putting together a group of soldiers because of the war and you look suitable …” he announced, examining information on him. “So you’re a private investigator?”

Clooney looked sideways in surprise, and examined me over again, differently.

Suddenly the phone blared out and the captain picked it up and instantly realized who it was and launched into an argument with the person, and shouted not to phone him there unless it was an emergency, and thumped the phone down.

He glanced over and gasped, stopped what he was doing and examined me up close and looked straight into my face as if he suddenly saw something he did not want to see and could not fully grasp, and continued studying me.

“Your face it’s familiar!” he moaned, and he started tapping his finger hard against the desk, and tried to grasp something.

“I want to ask you a few questions!” he finally asked.

I sat upright and waited.

“Why do you want to join the army, Malone?” he asked firmly, studying me with confusion, and he started sipping tea from a cup.

“I can’t remember!”

“What?” he loudly gasped, also coughing up the tea in his mouth. “What can’t you remember?”

“I have had an accident recently and have had some memory loss!” I confessed, and suddenly wondered why I had done it, and sat depressed.

The captain seemed to alter somehow, and he suddenly grew interested in me, and seemed to want me.

“Okay! You’ve had a recent misfortune! Perhaps caused by this blasted war! But surely you can make a rough guess as to why?”

Clooney stood up and went over and got a cup of tea, and sat back down, and sipped it and watched us both.

“I can’t really remember at all!” I moaned, and made Clooney gasp and cough out all the tea in his mouth, blasting it all across his front, and he instantly started cleaning it up.

When I offered to help clean it Godfrey screamed, “Leave it!”

After resting and calming himself he looked over, and he finally asked, “Why do you think people join the army?”

“To go and see the world and universe!” I replied, wondering why they did join up.

“Universe!” he moaned back. “We’re the Home Guard! You’re hardly going to see anything …”

“Or to get about and do things people normally don’t get to do!” I continued.

“Let me explain!” he moaned, staring into my face for a few seconds, staggered by something, and putting his elbow in his tea cup and making it spill over the table, in a puddle, and he swiftly grabbed an old pair of pants out his bin and started using it to clean it up.

Once he finished he calmed himself, showing his hidden depression and inner despair, by the situation and his job ahead, and start of the war.

He calmly started saying, “Once upon a time, in the old days, about a century ago or so, people joined the French Foreign Legion to forget! Problems! Things they just wanted to escape out of! Escape from weary existences! The problems of the world! Even hide away from crimes they committed!”

He suddenly stared straight into the depths of my eyes, almost trying read my thoughts, searching my consciousness.

“Well, I’m sure I’d have recalled doing that! As you said it’s just the Home Guard! Not the Foreign Legion!”

“Really!” he replied, smiling. “How do you know you never?”

“I’ve little recollection of much at the moment! So I can’t properly answer that!”

Suddenly I realized what he had replied with and it struck me that he might have been trying to suggest something to me that I should know, and I realized I could have done something and have forgotten it and that he might know of it! I sat in horror for a few moments contemplating it, and if he could have found out about it, and I gasped as I realized my mind was more blanker than I had contemplated, and I had hardly any memories of many things, and I could not grasp what!

While I sat considering this Godfrey sat making absurd strange faces, which I had not seen before, as though in pain, and he slightly bent over and held his head firmly in his hands, and relaxed there, and his shoulders quivered and slackened, and he remained like it until he recovered, and I watched him calmly return to what he normally did.

“Perhaps you should just leave!” he moaned firmly, looking sad, almost looking as though he might cry, and he turned away from me and looked away, and the situation left me confused and I realized my goal now was to find out what the hell had happened!

Later I was sure the captain and sergeant thought I was up to something, and hiding something.

“I’ve another question!” I quickly asked the captain.

“What?” he moaned back, not looking directly at me.

“What the hell will we be doing? Surely the military doesn’t need the Home Guard at the moment?”

“We’re getting ready! We’re also doing other things! At the moment we’re helping the police search for a killer! Perhaps you can help us with that?”

“Perhaps I can!” I replied, wondering why the police needed the army. “What sort of things has he done?”

“You’re a reporter! It’s classified! We don’t want the newspapers getting it! They can have the killings but not the whole story! Got it?”


“The police don’t want the public panicking! There have been a large amount of killings by someone! He virtually destroys his victims …”

“Are there any witnesses to anything?”

“No! But the police have just started their investigations!”

“Perhaps this war is having more of a reaction on people than they think!”

“Well! We can help them! We can use you to investigate what’s going on, and get some information for us on what’s happening!”

A shiver ran through me, and I shuddered, and I considered the dangers, and the guy who could do such a thing!

“Why are they so sure it’s the one person?” I asked.

“I don’t know! Perhaps as that is what normally is the case, and that their investigations have not shown anyone else! So they take everything on what they prove!”

I could not grasp if it was the way he had given the case, my memory condition, or if there really was something occurring that was new, and far more deadly than they had encountered.


Chapter 5


Paranormal Investigators


Outside my hotel bedroom window Loch Ness stretched out in bright sunlight, and I rested against the window frame, and dreamily watched its waves shifting up its shore, and away in the distance I saw a mysterious mist shift over the surface of the loch and the castle become visible.

For a few seconds I saw its prehistoric look and I now realized some kind of monster or large creature could exist in its confines, even though it was not entirely isolated, and it never seemed big enough, but with carefully examinations I accepted it could be and it could be deep in places.

The bedroom seemed alright. The two psychic researcher’s equipment was all over it, everywhere, and they speedily had porters bring it in while they unpacked it, and examined it for breakages or other damage.

I had never seen anything like it, and most of it was new, and new technology, and I gasped again at what their profession was!

It was the occurrence at Craigmillar Road, with the metal detector, which persuaded me to take the investigation, and I persuaded Marple to give it to me, even though I never properly knew what it was and what I was to do, and in the end why I was needed to accompany two paranormal investigators, Oswald and Higgins, to the Loch Ness location, and I continuously read through the documents on the case, and my mission, and their mission, and found little, and I could barely make anything out.

The documents were virtual missing anything that said anything about anything!

It suggested the Loch Ness monster somewhere, and never said anything of what was needed, and at the time I had heard little on the subject, and was confused why the paranormal investigators were interested in it, and even though I had done a little research into them I consistently tried to grasp what they did, and were doing at Loch Ness.

I examined their carefully placed thermometers, which Oswald carefully placed about the room. It was at less than fourteen degrees centigrade, and I estimated the temperature outside.

“What are you looking for here?” I finally enquired.

“We’re just checking everything about this place!” he replied, and took out a book, which he had filled with details from their research, and I wondered what they had found! But I now knew they would not give me anything, but I was sure they might accidentally give me a clue if I kept checking.

“But why the hell have I been taken here?” I moaned. “They’ve forgotten to give me anything! There has to be something here for me to have been put here, and Marple to take the case!”

It was my best argument, and I waited for a reply, and I watched Oswald fidget and look alert and I suddenly saw Higgins shift over to him.

Before he said anything he stopped and examined me, and stood confused about something, and he examined my shoes and stood back.

I started to realize how far they were going to go to avoid giving me anything!

He whispered something in Oswald’s ear, and they both started examining me, and they took measurements of me.

Until I called out, “What is it? What have you found?”

“You look different! Your height has altered! What height are you then?”

“Let me see!” I demanded, and checked the measurements they had taken and realized that my height had increased, and I measured myself without my shoes, and realized that I was over three inches taller, and I sat down confused, and wondered what they thought it was, but they refused to say anything, and I wondered what I thought of it.

Again I wondered if we were actually there to search for the Loch Ness monster after all and again I never believed it existed, as there was nothing to back up the claim, accept strange photos, which could even have been deliberately put there to stop outsiders discovering it.

The sky darkened and looked as if night was approaching and snowflakes started floating down, and I watched Higgins react to it with disappointment, and I was sure if it remained the way it was it might ruin the whole trip and investigation, whatever it was, and later, that night, I heard their low voices in the other room, deliberately not letting me hear them, and wondered what the hell they were up to, and my thirst for knowledge grew and I knew I had to get what they were doing.


Chapter 6


Loch Ness Monster


After my dreams the whole account of the Loch Ness monster was inconceivable, and while I was looking out my room window, when I got up in the night, I thought I even saw the thing out in the loch, and realized that it might actually be a night creature, and be hidden away in the deepest depths of the loch or some dark cave during the night.

I thought of it being a monster, and not a friendly beast, and I could hardly believe the events of the past days and that we were now on the trail of a massive killer monster!

When the first rays of sunlight blasted out from within a small wood, while the night and darkness vanished into the other horizon, I studied my surroundings and the dark blue water, searching for the monster, and snow covered landscape, trying to explain why the snow had not been foreseen by the forecast, and I thought of what to do if it continued and snowed heavily and if it would actually ruin their investigations and experimenters, and I was not fully sure as they had not given me enough information.

While the sky grew brighter I watched the snow glowing and I suddenly saw something strange and what looked like someone’s distorted footprints near an area of the shore, and realized that they came out the water, and went back into it, and I realized the actual size of them with astonishment, and I rushed over and banged on Higgins’s room door.

I was surprised to find both paranormal scientists fully awake and carrying experiments, and I rushed in, and was amazed that they had just discovered something, and signs of a paranormal occurrence, but were unsuccessfully trying to locate it.

“I think I found something!” I announced swiftly. “Outside!”

They looked at each other in confusion, then amazement, and surprise, and grabbed some of their equipment and shoved it into bags, and I took them to the window in my room and showed them the marks.

“Do you see them?” I announced excitedly.

“See what?” Higgins moaned, searching where I was looking.


They examined them with surprise and we rushed out the door, and down the stairs, and out the building.

Once outside a bitter breeze blew across our cheeks and I wondered if we would regret our actions, and not waiting until later. But it could easily snow and cover the footprints up and if what I had seen in the loch earlier in the dark was real we might see it and prove its existence.

I had forgotten how hideous monsters were supposed to be! I also realized that nobody would probably believe us if it was and we never got any evidence.

The place had a look of having deadly ghostly things behind all its black shadows, and dark places.

The sun faintly shone through gaps in the thick clouds, edging up through distance trees, casting long black shadows, with demon shapes through falling snow dust.

I studied the shore and area with the prints repeatedly, and the paranormal scientists did the same, as we shuffled through thick areas of snow, and swiftly accelerated over thin areas, while going up and down small mounds and hills, and through thick and thin areas of vegetation.

I tried to grasp what sort animal it could be and how we should handle it, and I kept wondering what the two paranormal scientists would do if we found it.

What if it was like some form of massive lion and was hungry, and waiting to get a human alone! Our sightings clearly gave the loch ahead as the location of it!

“What’ll we do if we find the thing?” I eventually asked them, watching Higgins leading us forward faster.

“We’ll discuss that when we see what’s there,” he replied.

The brightening sunshine and white snow was blinding when the sun properly emerged, and early in the morning, and I had a hard time seeing what was in front of us.

“Over there …!” Higgins moaned, looking at part of the ground ahead, where we followed his eyes to. “Footprints are visible!”

I examined the snow all around us, keeping my eyes peeled for anything, especially behind trees.

It was incredible the prints were there, but covered in some snow, and I knew that they had to belong to something immense, and larger than anything I had seen before, and we stopped in front of them amazed, and staggered at the enormity of what it was.

We strolled about them, and the two scientists took photos and measured them, and I started to realize with disappointment that we had not actually achieved our goal and they were covered in too much snow and the photos would not be enough to prove anything, and I saw that the snow was about to come down heavily on top of them and us, and I searched where the prints went and followed them down to the shore and out into the loch, where I saw something emerge in the dark water, like a black shadow, and I saw it shift, with amazement.


Chapter 7


The Wood


Fifteen armed soldiers arrived, and the police, and I kept wondering why the police had not been used in the first place, but I recalled hearing the soldiers had been nearby.

There was something different about the monster that was extraordinary and vastly dangerous that I could not fully grasp! All the soldiers and police were marching in a line through the wood, and they were ready with their guns as they started searching!

One marched with his rifle pointing at the undergrowth directly ahead, while officers watched at his side, and I saw their eyes wide and how alert they were, and ready for action.

It was incredible the monster actually existed and came out the loch further along from where we had been at the loch, but distant, but we saw the size of the thing and that it was far larger than anything we had heard of, and it had vanished into the wood, which they were searching.

It was a shame if they shot the thing or even captured it! Even though it would prove it existed!

I could not grasp how such a thing could exist there, and had not been caught, and going by the others they thought the same, and it was amazing seeing the soldiers discovering its footprints, and I waited to hear gunfire from the wood.

At the time I expected some form of flying vehicle to appear, as I had heard of stuff, and that there had been a form helicopter that had been experimented with, and I watched the loch go along the wood away into the distance and realized the creature definitely belonged in the loch, and I realized it would probably reenter it further along, instead of moving back through the wood, and I wondered why there were no soldiers there, and with amazement I saw it shoot out of the wood and shift swiftly into the water away in the distance.

A deep heavy thud echoed about the place and I realized it was an altered version of a gun being fired, and for a few seconds I gasped wondering if it had entered the loch after all and if they had just killed it.

I watched the most distant soldier, away in the depths of the wood, and him using a torch and its beam shifting around everywhere, while he stood aiming his rifle.

I realized how dangerous the monster was and that it could go crazy and I expected the thing to come flying straight out the loch, and I wondered if they could accurately shoot and kill it, and if their bullets could kill it!


Chapter 8


The Search


The entire front page of a major newspaper covered the story, of the Loch Ness sighting, and what had happened, but they had not authenticated the discovery or produced evidence, and its species was marked as unknown.

The story was seen all over the country, and tourists, reporters, scientists, people from other groups started to turn up, and the two paranormal scientists, with some luck, saved the day, just when we were about to leave Loch Ness with no proper proof of the monster’s existence, when they brought in conventional scientists, who had the technology to scan the loch, to the deepest depths, and even into regions of the ground.

Though it was not accurate, and produced some mapping below the ground, to a certain depth, it made it possible to observe some objects with some clarity, and perhaps even a dinosaur fossil, and it worked from a plane.

The scientists were also members of an exploration association, and they had been on a scientific expedition to uncover a legendry form of dinosaur in the Amazon, and they had declared how they could help them, and they gave them an insight into their technology and how it could be used.

Though dark clouds shifted in at nightfall and the heavy snow arrived, and it even looked as if we would be snowed in and trapped in the hotel, and unable to even reach the airport, to get to the airplane, but luckily in the morning it cleared.

The roads were cleared by the evening and we got to the airport and airplane and started investigating their new technology, trying to grasp what we could from what they gave, and we left on the airplane from the airport towards Loch Ness.

The two paranormal investigators were enthralled with their setup and operating methods, and thought that it could be a major breakthrough, and in their investigations, grasping its full potential and the future possibilities that it could offer their various forms of scientific exploration.

At the same time I investigated what I could and how the technology functioned in far greater detail and what its capabilities were. It soon began to look too hard to produce and use, but my thoughts of it and the mission altered once we started investigating large regions of the loch.

How could they fail? The creature had to be around where our hotel was, and they were swiftly exploring the entire loch!

The equipment system was monitoring everything perfectly and I sensed that they could detect the monster and I considered if they had deliberately given incorrect information on the distance of the scan to hide its faults and power, as it was expensive equipment!

I later became sure from things some of the scientists on the plane had indicated that they were carrying out a more distant and less accurate scan, which I was sure could not detect it without it being close up.

At the front window I watched shades of light play with my vision in animated motions, over the bright loch, and snow covered hills and mountains, while the plane rushed through the air, and I watched the scientists at work, constantly examining their technology and readouts to discover anything, and anything to make improvements, for them to introduce, or for them to make any breakthroughs with.

The two paranormal investigators sat along from me, sitting opposite beside each other, at a table with a map stretched out across it, searching the area ahead and about us, while they discussed it.

It was strange as there never looked as though there was anything there, especially so desolate, and there was little about the plane with anything, and the region looked far colder and too far north. Yet we knew what place the monster could be, even though it could be virtually anywhere there, and I was surprised that they finally asked the pilots to fly lower, and I looked out the side window and saw that the hotel was away up ahead.

It was incredible when something occurred, and few minutes later it did, and the equipment reacted, which was unbelievable, even as I knew something could be there, and the equipment started showing more reactions and giving incredible readouts and the scientists, who had not seen the creature, could not comprehended what was there, and as it was vague, which could have been off anything, but when they shifted the airplane over to where the source was they started getting better and more comprehensible readouts, and one scientist even started suggesting something else there could be creating the disturbance.

At a screen where reactions were being displayed, and a blurred but visible image of a massive creature emerged, and they all started discussing what they thought it was, and at least one thought it was something else, as they could not comprehend what could cause it, and I saw that another was disappointed.

I realized something and gasped, and I saw the two paranormal scientists notice it and follow my eyes and surely realize what I thought and that the detected object was not in fact under the loch, and was under an area of land beside it, which was in a desolate spot near our hotel.


Chapter 9


The Science Convention


I was surprised to see reporters I knew and the media from throughout the globe arrive at the annual conference of the exploration association and I realized straightaway that the whole story of the Loch Ness monster and occurrences that had taken place would become well known and documented, and be on newspapers, magazines, television, and many other media sources.

All the scientists and explorers were packed together around a stage platform and some were being interviewed and filmed! Luckily the scientists with our investigation of the Loch Ness monster and the cavity avoided them and telling anything and the majority of the people never knew what had really happened either, and the media was mainly investigating things and doing news updates on the story.

I recalled everything that had happened and our explorations of the cavity we found, where the object was under the area of land beside the loch, which we used a photo of the airplane scan and of a photo of the loch from outside the airplane to find, and put it on a map of the loch.

We used divers to investigate the loch about the cavity and they found the entrance, and filmed its interior, which was startling, and had many signs of the monster having been there, and the remains of food it had eaten, including fish, sharks, and the skeleton of a large cow.

Yet, even though we found it, the mission was unsuccessfully as we were unable to capture it and get anything on the monster itself, and it never appeared there again, and it had gone into hiding, and we never had any proper proof of its existence, except vague hazy photos we collected from people there who had seen it, and one I took when the divers were in the cavity, of its black distant shape, away in the distance, watching us, and I saw it vanish away in the distance, surely never to return.

I was astonished that the exploration association was mainly unknown and that the media had not noticed the group, and its accomplishments. They had many mentions of their explorations and adventures over many years! And the large conference hall was packed solid with famous and major scientists from all over the globe that were members!

I even realized, from something someone said, that within the club there was a form of secret society, which I never fully grasped the objective of!

The two paranormal investigators, with me there, vaguely told me of some of their discoveries that could well rival major discoveries at the time, which were never reported, and which they had vast amounts of evidence and documentation of.

It had activities that gave colossal amounts of new findings, and I was astounded at the connections and potential assistance they had and provided.


Chapter 10


The Treasure Investigation


The streets and lanes glowed in the last rays of sunlight, surrounding the headquarters of Reality Investigations, and it looked as though it was altering into a form of modern ghost town.

Pale golden shadows swept out from city structures, in gigantic shapes, probing out into the skyline.

Marple grabbed a bottle of whisky and poured me and him glasses full of whisky, and he firmly screwed the cap back on the bottle and put it away, and we sat back at the fireplace, and listened to a distant vehicle and vocal tones absurdly mingle and I realized Marple had something.

A few minutes later the phone’s ring disturbed him, and put him off what he was doing, and it had him going through the clients that he might have overlooked, but it eluded him, and he rushed over and answered it.

He listened and agreed with the caller and put the phone down and sat back in his seat, drinking his whisky, listening to crackles from the fire, and I discussed our past adventures, and he promised me more.

About an hour later I heard someone enter the building below, and his secretary announced an arrival through an intercom.

Marple put out his pipe and briskly considered the case, from different perspectives, and I spotted he was confused over what we were dealing with, and he eventually laughed, confusedly, and eventually just relaxed into his seat.

Outside the traffic and voices seemed to vanish, like into mist, and I sat in deep thought, and it became more intriguing!

His secretary rushed up the stairs and swiftly let the man in the room, without knocking, and I was staggered when I looked around and saw Dr Barrymore, as he shifted wearily forward, and I realized straightaway he was dreadfully ill and he could now hardly even walk, and clearly had serious medical conditions.

I examined him quickly wondering why he had gone to such lengths to get there, and it made me gasp, and I considered the war once again, and the dangers ahead, and wondered if the current events and intense bombings had helped his demise.

Dr Barrymore rushed into a seat, rested, exhausted, trying to recover, but not properly, and I noticed he had some documents he held firmly in his fist.

He observed us sitting around the table drinking and removed chewing tobacco and chewed off a lump, placing the remainder in his interior pocket.

Marple rushed over and got a drink for him, and returned, and placed it in front of him.

“What’s happened?” Marple asked. “What have you?”

“It’s that eighteenth century document and treasure!” he announced, and we looked up, from staring in the fire.

He rested, and continued, “The information on the artifact I’ve been looking for comes from accumulated sources, only known by me, and the individual sources, which have been proven to have occurred in 1568 …”

I was still surprised in what he said, and as I had forgotten of what he had told me at our last meeting, and Marple seemed to come to and recall what transpired.

“According what I’ve found,” Dr Barrymore continued, “Valuable jewels were left near where it was concealed!”

“Near the artifact?” Marple instantly asked, confused. “Was that some form of clue?”

“Perhaps! For centuries the lost jewels have been thought to exist by a few explorers, who have carried out searches.”

“So you still want us to help you find it?”

“I’ve recently located a form of map!” he gasped, trying to rest.

“What do you want us to do?” I asked, curiously.

“I discovered something of significant importance that could be of great interest to mankind! Yes! I will need your help!”

“Mankind!” Marple gasped, and sat back examining him, and silently gulped, and lit his pipe.

“According to legends some people have been found dead after searching for it …”

“They’re just legends?” I joked, smiling.

He nodded, and examined me a little more closely.

For a moment I considered there being a danger and wondered why it would still exist, and doubted the value of the objects, as all the archaeology and museum discoveries were currently usually worthless, except to historians like him.

I knew that he had been given a major clue to its location, and I watched him open the document and remove something from its interior, and hand it over to Marple, and I sat next to Marple, examining the ancient tattered piece of parchment, where there were lines and words scribbled over it, as though the person had been doing something and was in a great rush to finish it!

“What date do you make it?” I asked, amazed at its age.

Before Dr Barrymore replied Marple replied, “Around 1568!”

“So it’s a 1568 map?” I asked Dr Barrymore, and he agreed.

I thought about it but still did not know what it meant, and I wondered what he wanted us to do!

Marple finally finished examining it and placed it on the table, and looked over and asked, “So you want us to find the place on the map? With our experienced investigators …”

“Yes! Marple! I’d really like that! I also want you to search for it when you do, and phone me for any information, which I may be able to provide! I’m sure the treasure is still there, and I’d really just like it to be found!”

What I could not understand was why he was so confident with so little clues, and I wondered if he had been checking such things and proving their authentication, and it occurred to me that if everything he said was true then the accounts of its deadliness could also be true!


Chapter 11


The Haunting


What was incredible was I realized I had not solved anything in my first case and what had happened to me at Craigmillar Road, and I could not grasp what would happen, as every puzzle and mystery seemed to be or was being solved everywhere else, by some means, and Marple forced me into taking another visit there, and ordered me to solve it as quickly as possible.

I realized he had read my report on what had happened and had entirely missed what had occurred and what I meant, and I could not explain any further anything of what had happened and he never seemed to think anything had happened to me, and I realized again that even though he had a great interest in investigating the paranormal he never believed it, and consistently explained it with logical solutions, and he believed that he could explain virtually anything, and as I made my way back to the house at Craigmillar Road I realized that I would really like to find something of that nature, and which he could not answer!

The elderly woman was delighted to see me and did everything to welcome me in and not put me off the case, and at dinner we discussed the case and she told me what had been happening since I left and she told me that the haunting had continued occurring every night at the same time, and had increased since my visit, and that neighbors in the surrounding buildings and streets had witnessed strange occurrences like it, and she showed me mentions of it in newspapers and other publications.

What could it be? I was left baffled, once again! I had considered everything, and only had the metal detector that had activated it, and it never added up to anything!

I realized that the two paranormal investigators had not even known what it was, and I realized that they should be the ones that should solve it, and they could at least witness the occurrence, and information, and I realized from the information they had given that they had not actually given me any mention of such an occurrence, and I was sure that they had not told me of anything authentic of a supernatural nature, and which they had confronted, and I was sure that they had not properly found anything as solid as it, and that their stuff was not really authentic, and going by Marple’s view of them and their work he never believed that they had discovered anything of that nature.

I left the building and got to a phone and called them up, and I explained the situation and the occurrences and Higgins was astounded, and he sounded more astounded than I had heard him, and he was deeply surprised, and was not able to explain anything to me, and he put Oswald on the phone, and he was confused, and they agreed to come and see the occurrence, and they decided to bring their best equipment, and try and help the woman.

It was amazing that I had not fully realized the idea before!

I had been too busy not wanting to go back, and had no interest in finding out what was there, and the damage I had been bad!

It was incredible that all the time I had been with them I never properly explained what had happened, and I still believe they never picked up what I meant.

I recalled how powerful it was, and that their other scientists could also help out, and I told her about them, and their experience, and she was excited at the outcome and glad to have me bring them.

So I phoned Marple and told him of what occurred and he just ignored the occurrences and told me the two paranormal scientists had become famous over the Loch Ness monster story, and he agreed that their technology had vastly improved, and that if anyone could find anything they would be the ones.


Chapter 12


The Paranormal Scientists


Paranormal scientists and technicians rushed back and forward setting up their new equipment all over the woman’s corridor, while Oswald and Higgins checked everything.

I watched on, and the woman in her living room relaxing, joyously listening to the scientists at work.

They gave me the impression that they might be going to do something or come to a conclusion, and that they might well have found the right location to do it.

I started to realize the implications, and recalled what had happened to me the last time, and that it might be deadly, and I realized that they might find something was there of deadly origins and be of great danger to everyone there and even in the region! Yet when I thought of it I could not realize anything that could do such a thing!

Higgins quickly told the scientists, “Investigate all these walls, the floor, and roof …”

I felt tiredness from the events of that day and wished that I could have rested.

When I examined the equipment they now had I was surprised at how advanced it had become and at its capabilities and I wondered how they could make a large enough profit to pay for it, but realized it surely was funded somewhere.

Their visit there was clearly giving them far more of an insight and knowledge of things than I had realized, and they had gained a great deal of information from their earlier questioning of the woman, who had been desperate to get them to solve the problem.

I was becoming positive that they had found far more than they had indicated, and were keeping secrets from me.

I wanted to grasp what they all knew that I should know, and I regularly strolled about examining the equipment for clues, and recalled something that I had forgotten and reading about some of the work that the two paranormal scientists had done years ago, after they had given documents on their paranormal investigations.

I recalled their stuff had been surprising, and even alarming, which had drawn my attention at the time, but I recalled that I had just dismissed it later as them using it to advertise their work!

At times I thought they were deliberately putting the psychic research there to cover their real work and discoveries! Whatever that was! They never mentioned anything on other stuff that they did, which I had found existed at occasions, and I had hardly even seen anyone even check them.

They informed me that they were checking for virtually all known forms of disturbance, energy and matter disturbances, in and around the haunted region and I was sure that they could, from what I had heard earlier from some of the other scientists, which just confused me even more later as I could not grasp what they were actually talking about at times, and I realized that so far I just never knew what was there!

Eventually I started to get sleepy and at some point I fell asleep in a chair in my room, after a long day, and I was suddenly awoken from one of the strangest dreams I have had, and thought I sensed something strange, which I could not grasp, and kept trying to awaken myself further and prove that it was the dream and my sleepy state of mind. Yet there was something strange and I felt as though there was something there, but I could not grasp what, and I was sure I had not encountered it before, and I listened to all the scientists at work and their low level conversations, and I checked them outside my door, to discover if anything had been detected.

Suddenly, in the darkness at the end of the corridor, two figures came rushing out, resembling a sort of dream view to me in my tired sleepy state, and the figures turned out to be two of the scientists, who I had thought had left the building, and I realized that they were working outside, checking stuff on their equipment about the zone, and building, and one whispered something in Higgins’s ear, making him look slightly surprised.

Higgins’s face turned dramatic, making me wonder what the hell was going to happen, and I stood staggered waiting for something, anything, anywhere, and even regretting bringing them there, and I saw he was desperate to do something, and he rushed away with the two scientists to where they had been, and outside.

“What are they up to?” Oswald muttered, staring, bewildered.

“This is a hell of a place!” I mumbled, thinking of what had happened to me there before, considering if it could kill this time, and I was glad I had hardly even mentioned the metal detector.

I decided to follow Oswald out the door to them, as I had to know what was there, and if something was going to happen.

When I rushed out the door I was surprised to look up and see drifting currents of snowflakes blow about outside, and it starting to deepen, with gusts blowing over me, and I closed my jacket up and marched after Oswald going towards where Higgins was, and we tried to see what was there but we saw little, and only them bent over something on the ground, hidden away by their figures.

It had been a very long day, and the next day could very well be far longer, and I watched Higgins rush doing something and I wondered what I was missing, and if we should slow down and observe them at a distance first, as if they collapsed like I had done on the last occasion after using the metal detector there I wanted to observe what happened to them and finally know what had happened to me.

The bright snowing sky seemed to darken over the area above them, and I pointed it out to Oswald, as heavy snow came floating down all about the area and we were amazed that it never entered a circle region about them, as though something was stopping it, which I tried to explain as a small thin faint whirlwind forming.

Yet what was it doing there? Was it caused by them causing some form of disturbance there, and within the snowstorm?

Faint tread marks of a car were below the snow on the road, under a layer of snow, and I realized how late it was, and that there were no cars or anything about and it was silent and lifeless.

“What are the thermometers for in the building?” I asked Oswald, after recalling seeing them everywhere, and for something to say, wondering what the scientists were doing with them in such conditions, and to see if I could find out anything.

He swiftly replied, as we moved closer to Higgins, “Where there have been manifestations drops in temperature have been found, discovered before and during the occurrences. Although I have never proven to myself that it happens!”

I wondered if it could actually do other things and had centered itself around where Higgins was.

“It’d be a good way to detect something near you!” I replied. “So a room should theoretically drop in temperature before and during it?”

He nodded firmly, and we marched over to Higgins and the two scientists, observing them not even noticing us and our approach, so absorbed in what was there and what they were doing, and when we got just behind them they suddenly looked up, in another direction, and they started to react strangely, and I realized it was not to us but something else there, and I waited for something to make an appearance.


Chapter 13


The Paranormal


Everyone seemed to grow in determination to find what was happening, and what was there, and I was left staggered, as what was there vanished when we arrived, and Higgins told us they had been monitoring the research equipment one of the two scientists had, which had discovered large power surges of some form of energy from the ground where they had been.

They were left confused without any answer to it, and I wondered what the hell had been there, and if we would be left confused by the incident, and I tried to answer it with everything.

Once back indoors they returned to what they were doing before they left, and I wondered how the two paranormal scientists would explain what had happened! If nothing else happened!

I examined all their equipment for clues, when I got near them, and wondered why the disturbance in the hall had not occurred, as the woman had told us it had continued to occur, and this startled me the most!

From some of the other scientists I heard of the work that two paranormal scientists had recently done, after they had released documents of the investigations on the paranormal investigations.

Their stuff could be surprising, and alarming in places, which drew my attention, and I kept wondering if I had missed something! At times I thought they were deliberately putting psychic research there to cover their real work and discoveries! Though they never mentioned anything of other stuff, which I found suggestions of on occasions.

I could not grasp if they were ignoring me and not giving proper answers to only avoid becoming fake ghost hunters!

Also by the way that they reacted I believed that they might not have anything that could detect anything there, and I finally went to sleep in my room and left them and their equipment to detect anything, and wake me if it did occur.

Later I was unsure and they became unsure if there was anything really there, and I wondered if anything existed that could be used to properly detect anything there, but why had we not seen the ghost formations there, and what had Higgins had found outside?

Presumable if it had emerged its presence would produce effects to indicate it being there – such as altering air currents, gravity, magnetic fields, radioactivity, scent, sound waves, static, and the light spectrum …

Their equipment was there to check everything to a degree that had not been done, and I realized that they could have chased it away, and I realized that if it had that it would prove it had intelligence, and a fear of something occurring!


Chapter 14


The Hospital


Marple rushed over and got a drink for me and placed it in front of me and returned to the fireplace.

It was incredible! Marple looked more baffled than I had seen him, and I knew we had problems! The serial killer was still killing people and they still never had any clues to who he was, or anything, and they wanted him to solve the case, and not only was the sum of money for solving it now incredible he would get the fame and prestige he wanted, and become a major and historical investigator, if he solved the unsolvable case, and its insolvability was a major factor that kept teasing him, and he seemed obsessed with it, and all his investigators and connections were virtually on the case, checking for anything, and any remote clues.

Eventually Marple grew tired of the lack of evidence, and thinking over it, and asked, “What happened at the house at Craigmillar Road?”

“Nothing!” I moaned.

“Not even with all the scientists and their most advanced equipment?”

“But the paranormal scientists phoned and told me of another major discovery at another nearby location. While we had been investigating there it had been occurring at a nearby hospital! There were reported encounters of something at the Victoria Infirmary and in the middle of the night!”

The two paranormal scientists checked out the hospital and its hidden history and found sightings had actually occurred there before, and before it had been built, and they had given me a folder full of all the information to prove it to me, and what fascinated me about it all was that all the major occurrences seemed to occur on the same dates, and there was hardly anything marked in between, and after going over it I noticed that there were specific reoccurrences and the same lengths of time between the occurrences.

Yet, though I confirmed it, I could not grasp what it meant! There was no sign proof of anything! Was it a new form of haunting? And if so what the hell was happening?

Even though it was the site of a large famous battle, and massacre that could have caused such an occurrence, and bodies could well be below there, or nearby, I could not grasp what was actually happening, and really wanted to.

I investigated everything I could, and all the information and history of the region, trying to grasp something, and some clue, and found the main regions of the battle, where I found the woman’s haunted flat and the hospital were at.

I wondered if it was the large amounts of deaths, and how it had been executed, or if Mary Queen of Scots had actually died there!

What was incredible was I was starting to realize and sense that what had occurred there could have been another event, which occurred far further back in the past, before what had happened there, centuries before, and it could have caused the battle itself, and that something there had caused the battle to take place.

I decided to investigate it further and find what had happened!

I watched Marple playing with something inside an envelope, and asked him, “What have you got?”

“It’s the 1568 map Dr Barrymore gave me.”

I curiously watched him play with it, and realized he was happy about something, even though it was not the discover of anything to do with the serial killer, and I sensed he might tell me what it was, and I sat considering what it could be.

“I’ve been searching through maps and I have found one source with similar maps, as Dr Barrymore’s map, which have been proven to have been made around 1568 …”

I was surprised as I realized the date 1568 had been when Mary Queen of Scots had the battle at Langside, and sat wondering why it was the exact date, and if the events were linked or if it was just luck, and I recalled what happened and the events.

“According to the history books,” I replied, “the battle at the site of the woman’s house and the hospital occurred at the same time as it!”

“Correct?” Marple instantly replied, confused. “It was a clue!”

“So have you found something?” I replied eagerly, seeking answers, and why he was so joyful.

“Perhaps! If there is lost treasure! The lost jewels could easily have been found by someone! If it exists! There are only a few accounts of it! It was thought to exist there by only a few explorers, who have carried out searches for it.”

Marple handed over an ancient map of Langside and I immediately scanned it and searched where Queen’s Park was, and the rest of the hill and wondered if someone could actually have hidden it away it the park.

“So you have found out something?” I moaned, depressed at the lack of finding anything on the map.

“I’ve recently located a form of map!” he gasped, trying to rest.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked, curiously.

“I discovered something of significant importance that could be of great interest! I will need your help!”

“Alright!” I gasped, and sat back examining him, and silently gulped, and watched him put his pipe in his mouth.

“According to Dr Barrymore and legends there have been people that have been found dead after searching for it …” he announced, silently.

“Legends?” I replied, and watched the flames ignite as Marple rolled up an old newspaper and threw it into the fire flames.

He nodded in agreement, and examined my face a little more.

For a moment I considered there being a danger in the treasure hunt, and why he wanted my assistance, and I also wondered why it would still exist, and doubted the value of the objects, and waited patiently.

What I knew was that I had been given a major clue to its location and I wondered if he wanted me to determine where it was, to see if we came to the same conclusion.

I got out a recent map of the region and studied it in detail, and he watched on with curiosity, and I watched him open the document Dr Barrymore had when he had first met us, and told us of the treasure.

He examined the ancient tattered piece of parchment with a magnify glass, where there were lines and words scribbled over it, as though the writer had been doing something and was in a great rush to finish it!

“So it’s a verified 1568 map?” I asked, and he nodded, and continued to try to grasp what it meant.

Marple finished examining it and placed it on the table, and looked over and asked, “So you want to know what’s on the map? I’ve had it rechecked and it is Langside, and the area you’ve been working in …”

I realized it was there, but it never gave the proper location, and there was only a mark of something on it, which I was sure was something that was not part of the landscape.

“The paranormal investigators phoned earlier and they asked you to join them in their investigation of the hospital.”

“You want me to join them working there and to search for it?”

“Yes! I’d like you to search for it, when you do, and to phone me with anything of interest, or for information!”


Chapter 15


The Shaft


I was staggered at the deadliness of it altering in magnitude or something was playing tricks with me and it was being magnified!

Sounds were unidentifiable and I realized that I was observing another form of the encounter! This time it was far different than the last. Even though I had collapsed and went unconscious at the last occurrence, when I had activated the metal detector.

What was going on! The world about me seemed to be going crazy! The war was accelerating on and the Home Guard I was in was being activated more for a potential attack. Marple was going crazy trying to capture the killer, with his ultimate challenge, and all the investigators were pursuing every lead.

The hospital seemed to be on the brink of an entrance point to the afterlife or some form of supernatural region of space, and all the paranormal scientists were working away there, every night, as occurrences were occurring everywhere, and though they were delighted in it they were not only not making any progression in what was occurring and they were accumulating a repeatedly increasing amount of unsolved mysteries, and I was investigating one of the most baffling of them.

Something was occurring down a major shaft in one of the walls, which we found hidden away in a wall at the top of the hospital, and I had entered it and was going down it, when something had activated, at precisely the same time the occurrences occurred in the hall of the house in Craigmillar Road.

I had only entered and shifted down the shaft, when the sounds emerged below me and had amplified, and as I slowly moved down, they had gone mind-bending!

They were screaming up at me through the shaft with a dangerous fury that stunned me, and no matter how I tried to shake them off and contemplate their identities I could not form stable recognitions of what was there.

I never had a clue what was there, and had never thought paranormal could be so strange, and unrecognizable.

I shifted around in complete darkness, entirely alone, with nobody at the opening above anymore, where there was darkness now, and I finally managed to find my blasted light in my backpack and tried to grab it and force it out to use it.

Clouds of powdered cement from walls swirled about all over me, going into my lungs, and I tried avoid coughing it out, while I tried to breathe in, in a way I could avoid the dust clogging my lungs up, while occasionally gasping at the sounds below blaring up at me, taunting me, threatening me about something I could not grasp, as if I was hovering over the depths of some form of hell.

Once I got the light and attached it to me I put the light on and I realized straightaway that the batteries were far more used and the small torch was virtually going out, and I realized that I might not be able to climb back up as there was nothing to grip and I would have to climb the thin rope itself, and I was sure the harness I had on stopped me doing it.

I examined the dust that swirled about me through dim barely visible beams of light and I released some rope, edging me downwards, seeking to get away from it, and I avoided touching the sides and making more of the dust blow up, and I started to consider if I should go to the bottom after all.

The others were bound to emerge eventually at the opening above and get me out but the harness and dust was choking me, and then decided that I would have to go down again anyway, and that my mission would be a failure if I never competed it and I decided then to investigate what was there, and wait at the bottom for them to arrive and help me up.

What was incredible was I did think it was dangerous, and I was in actual danger! While I was listening to the blasted sounds, another sound appeared that I felt going through the ground below and I knew it was entirely different, and was positive it was a bomb or something going off.

The Second World War was going on, and I wondered if the hospital could be bombed as it was a major structure.

For a few seconds I even considered being left trapped at the bottom of the shaft, and builders or archaeologists discovering my skeleton remains away in the future.

I groaned and dangled about on the rope, spun around and around, and grabbed hold of part of the wall to steady myself, while I glimpsed parts of the shaft all about overhead.

I really wanted to explore what was there and what was below! The last encounter had left an increasing amount of unanswered occurrences and questions and I knew I would have to answer them eventually. It was as if it was my destiny and something would have to happen.

I really wanted to do it! I wanted to explore the shaft! And I had always wanted to explore and discover something incredible and new, with perhaps value and greatness, and perhaps even be remembered in history for it.

What interested me and the others was why what was there was there and in such a place!

What was it we were dealing with anyway? Was doing some elaborate plan to do something?

Something of an unfathomable unidentifiable supernatural nature sounded as though it were below, and even waiting on me, and yet I had already confronted it, and I could not grasp why, and if it was so powerful why did it not just get me there, and trap me in some form of magnetic field or energy, and I suddenly listened to it and wondered if it was something trapped and trying to free itself from something, ultimately escaping and gain liberty, and the more I listened to its strange sounds I realized that it might actually be true, and I imagined some form of ghost trapped there for hundreds of years, perhaps in an ancient dungeon below, and I wondered if my future mission was to find a way to free it.

I went through all the things I had heard of ghosts being trapped on this world waiting for some occurrence to occur for them to be freed, and enter some afterlife.

“Have you found anything?” a voice yelled out, and hung there, and I wondering if it had overheard my thoughts, and had taken a form of human presence, and I never knew what to reply with.

I eventually shouted back, “What do you want of me?”

To my surprise a reply emerged above, and yelled, “We want you to tell us if you have found anything! And if we should pull you up or lower more rope?”

I gasped and realized it was Higgins in the blackness above, and I stared there realizing that there must be some light there and if my eyes altered to the darkness there I would see him, and once I did I instantly shouted up for him to lower more rope, as I was going to the bottom, and I realized that I now had to go through with it, and there was no turning back! Yet I had them above now, and could shout up for them to pull me upwards when I wanted.

In a combination of annoyance and confusion I started lowering myself down again, into the blackness. Annoyed at the rope only being lowered by a couple of feet and in confusion at what I was doing there.

I had the impression that the two paranormal scientists up above might be on the edge of considering doing something extreme, and beyond their customary actions, and it seemed somehow dangerous.

For a few seconds, as I lowered myself, I heard Oswald and he gave me the impression that he was waiting for something tremendous to occur, and I wondered if he thought there were paranormal life forms or something!

I realized the implications of any find and that they and I would have to check what was there!

I then realized that there might people near the location behind the thick walls in hospital beds and I wondered if they realized that I was there, and that there was something of paranormal origins buried away there.

Now it was basically the three of us, with Higgins and Oswald above, and I was sure the others had left to go to bed, leaving their equipment monitoring everything, which they believed was there.

For a few seconds I sleepily wondered what the tiny sparkles were below, and realized that I was nearly falling asleep, and my light had entirely gone out, and they were not reflection sparkles of light from above, and gasped, and realized the implications.

I felt like a worm on a fishing line, floating in the sea, and there to get what was below! I realized the two paranormal scientists might have trouble climbing down, and were slightly overweight and bulky at the moment, and they would have a hard time getting back up again!

I even considered if I would have to spend the night at the bottom or something, if I was too tired and sleepy to get back up, and if anything happened to me, and I lodged my boot into a gap between two of the boulders, to rest better.

I realized how low down I now was and must be close to the bottom, and I suddenly realized the depth down I had come and surely far more than the actual size of the building, and I wondered if I had gone underground, and how far underground I was, and how far down it went, and the blackness there looked like an abyss.

“So are we going down …?” Oswald moaned firmly, from out of the blackness above.

“You could send down a camera with a light attached?” I moaned, confusing both of the scientists.

“But you must be about on the ground?” Oswald firmly replied.

The rope started swaying and vibrating furiously, giving the impression that something was frantically doing something against it just above me and I glanced up but never saw anything, and it felt as if something had got caught on the rope just above me and was trying to free itself, and desperately tried to escape from there, like some form of bird, which baffled me, and I realized I had no rope left below me.

I was trapped over an abyss with something deadly, but the darkness was too absent of light, and it was then that I noticed a dim light come across my front, over my clothes, and I unsuccessfully tried to discover its source, and could not believe that a light could have no source, and looked everywhere, and out of the darkness downwards something emerged shining upwards, and my eyes fixed onto a strange dim orb floating upwards.

My only way to escape was to swiftly remove my harness and plunge down into the abyss below, and perhaps avoid hitting it, as it was not directly below, but the bottom could be at a great depth below, and the fate of hideously dying on the ground below and having a normal death there persuaded me to remain and handle it.

My eyes seemed to alter and see some dim light and I realized I was no longer in the shaft, and in somewhere like it.

A bright light flashed and I realized I was now not in any shafts, and dazed and confused I examined what I could of my surroundings and saw little but what seemed a whirlpool of shifting energy outlines and I studied them with my tired and dazed vision and was sure it was some form of energy formation, and I watched energy patterns transform into things I could not recognize, and I could not grasp what was there, and I started to remember what had happened to me when I activated the metal detector in the woman’s house and I went unconscious.


Chapter 16


The Body


Things seemed strange and utterly unbelievable and I studied everything trying to grasp what, and what had happened to me, and I kept trying to recall what had happened before I collapsed, just wondering what the hell happened.

I kept gasping as I wondered if I had received brain damage, as I was sure I had fallen down to the bottom of the shaft, and that I was lucky, and lucky to be alive as I could not have been that far over the ground. Even though I recalled I was further down than the bottom of the hospital, and I proved it, and I was left confused about it, and as I had lost so many memories, and I kept trying to recall things.

I wondered if I blew my mission as the scientists were annoyed at me for not giving them information on what had happened.

The whole event was incredible, and I could hardly believe anything had happened as I could hardly recall it, and the events of the past weeks were astounding.

They had found me asleep at the bottom of the shaft hours later, and had thought I had done something or was up to something, which I have still not grasped what, and when I climbed out the shaft I fully realized that I could have climbed up after all.

At the top I watched the first shreds of sunlight emerging in the horizon, and I wondered what I had discovered as I could barely recall a thing, and I realized that if it was not a haunting why was it occurring at night, as I could even imagine anything else.

To my surprise I was told by a nurse that I had phone call and I discovered it was from the police and that the killer had struck nearby, and they wanted me there to help them investigate it, and I was surprised that it was only a few streets away, and I sensed that the incidents were connected and wanted to discover why and I rushed out the hospital, and over to where I spotted policemen and their vehicles going, and as I did I kept trying to work out how the incidents were linked.

When I got there and glanced at the body I gasped and nearly fell over, in my weakened and tired condition, and grew annoyed and felt like screaming, as I saw Marple’s body lying on the street, surrounded by police and investigators.

I wondering who the hell had done it, and had dumped him there in a pool of muck, and thought it could have occurred because of what I had done, and disturbed what ever existed there.

I was furious and I marched over and suddenly spotted all the people there standing watching me, confused, with mouths open, watching me with staring unblinking eyes, and I went silent, and when I was only feet away from the body I spotted Marple coming out of a building with a police inspector.

It was incredible how similar the man was to him and I wondered repeatedly if the killer had thought it was him, as he was doing more than anyone to catch him, and could easily have found out about it from all the publicity it had got.

The dead man had been viciously beaten to death, and I stood wondering what the hell the killer was up to anyway.

Could it have been caused by the war or it indirectly?

What was the motive? Why had all the people been killed?

There was no connection between them!

Police inspector looked annoyed at not having the case solved, and by the fact they had virtually nothing on the killer, and it looked as if they would never do it now.

Marple swiftly handed me a sheet of paper with information about the death and deaths, and I started to read it, and studied the crumpled body as someone lifted the body, and I realized that it was a reporter from the sheet of paper, and I wondered if I knew him, and I studied his face.

I examined the complexion of the frozen body, drained of blood, and from the expressions of people behind nearby windows I realized how dangerous it made the place.

I wondered if the reporter had discovered something, and knew that Marple would be investigating him and questioning people he knew trying to find what he had been doing before his death.

I attempted to work out the exact time that it could have occurred, and where I had been, and was sure it could have occurred at night, and I wondered if I should take it as a warning from what had been at the hospital. Yet I could not be sure, as all the facts added up to it not being, and nothing actually suggested it actually was.

Locals that passed in the distance could not understand what was happening, and people nearby seemed slightly shocked, and I spotted what looked like marks on the ground where the reporter had tried to crawl away in his last seconds of life.

“Who would want to shoot him?” I asked the inspector, frustrated at not seeing anything suggesting an answer, and not being able to stay silent any longer.

“What worries me more than anything,” the inspector muttered back to Marple, with confusion, “is that I don’t have a clue!”

“They’ll find something!” Marple assured him, confidently, and I realized he had to have something, and I was surprised the inspector reacted in the same way.


Chapter 17


The Army


Everything seemed to be edging into disaster, especially the war, and the killer not found, and the disturbances at the hospital and house, and what had happened in the shaft, and strange occurrences emerged, and this time seemed to gain power!

At the Home Guard headquarters I was left with the other recruits and my attempt to tell them what happened failed, and most put my memory deficiency down to drink, as they drank a lot themselves, and in the end I went along with it, and Godfrey and Clooney thought it was.

While listening to the recruits having a dispute over racing horses, on which would win, I decided to show I was not drunk after all, and in the end only laughed out loud at them, and one asked me what horse I thought was better, and I just decided to try to persuade them a horse I had heard winning before was better, which I later discovered was a different horse, with a similar name, and argued that the horse was far better than the others, and in the end most stopped listening to me.

Godfrey eventually bet me it would lose, and all the other soldiers became interested in the bet, and betting against the captain, and perhaps persuaded by my confidence in the horse.

I realized all the soldiers now had a dispute with the captain, and his methods, and rigorous training, and eventually all of them bet their horse would beat his horse, and made me the originator and head of the idea.

When the captain left they persuaded me to do everything I could to get it win against the captain’s horse, and I started to realize the situation I had just put myself in, and that the horse had to win, and in the end I bet a large sum of money, and far more than I had ever bet before.

Later that day one of the other soldiers rushed over to me and went straight up to my face and stared straight in my eyes, and moaned loudly, “Malone! The captain wants you!”

I marched after the soldier to the captain’s office, where he sharply knocked on his door, and I marched in.

Again I wondered why the hell I joined the army, and could now barely recall anything of why. It was crazy! I should have remained out of it and left the job for a more experienced recruit, and someone that did the things they wanted, which were far different than I had expected.

As I stood in front of his desk I listened to two soldiers in the distance having an argument over racing horses, on which would win, and in the end I laughed at it, and Godfrey looked up at me and stared at me.

“What do you think then?” he asked.

“They’re alright!” I replied

“Sure! The horses!” he continued.

“What for?”

“To race! I could win on the horse I bet on!”

The soldier that took me there rushed in carrying out another order, and him handed him a document, and rushed out.

“Look at this one! What a beauty! What do think, Malone?”

Godfrey pushed over a pile of photos of horses, and I examined them, and just agreed.

“Can you make good money from a good horse?” I finally asked, considering if it was an easy way to make a lot of cash, and he just nodded to agree.

After examining the horses in more detail, realizing that they were basically still all the same, I wondered how they could tell a good horse, and in the end chose what looked like the fittest horse.

He was surprised and instantly agreed.

“About that horse you and all the soldiers bet on …” he finally said silently, examining me closely, and I sensed he was going to come out with something.

“What you want to change your bet to it?” I replied smiling.

“No! I want you to make the racing horse all of you are betting on lose or not run!”

“That’s ridiculous!” I replied, nearly laughing.

“No! I want you to do it! As you’re the one who did it!”

“Did what?”

“Put me in it! You’ve put me in it again, Malone! That horse better not run or it better not win!”

“How the hell can I stop a horse running?” I moaned, thinking of a way to leave.

“Shut up! Malone! You’ll find a way!”

I could not believe it, and that I had made such a mistake over with a meaningless action, and I was not even going to bet on anything.

“If my horse wins I’d split all the money I bet on it with you!”

He came to a complete stop and started shifting over to me, around his desk, and started telling me what the horse could do.

I could not believe the amount he told me he had bet on his horse, and going by some details he told me in the end I considered betting on it too! But what I could not grasp was why he thought the other horse we had chosen was going to win.

When I was about to leave, he shouted, “Sit down!”

He sat trying to contemplate something when the phone rang and he instantly grabbed at it and listened without hearing anything, and when someone spoke he launched into an argument with the person and started thumping his desk with his fist, and shouted and smashed the phone down.

He calmed and stared deep into my eyes, trying to penetrate my mind, and when I stared back he looked away, while trying to contemplate some thought.

“There’s a list of complaints received about you already!” he announced loudly, studying my face, waiting for me to react.

“About what?” I moaned, annoyed, wondering who would complain, and wondered what the complaints would be about.

“They complain everywhere and people like you keep ignoring it! Don’t you?”

Yet I wondered what he was he talking of, and if there were complaints, and why they never liked him. I realized again it could be that he was still reacting to my introduction, when I joined his army group!

“The people of this country would do better without you!” he shouted loudly.

“Yeah!” I giggled, avoiding directly looking at him. “So why do the men mostly argue with you?”

“You’re not annoyed …” he gasped, and examined me. “Did you go to the hospital?”

“What hospital?” I moaned, trying to recall what I had been doing, as I had lost a lot of memories.

“The Victoria Infirmary!”

“Yes!” I moaned, annoyed. “Why?”

“Why what?” he replied firmly.

“What do you think happened there?” I replied, and realized that something could really have happened there.

I gasped and silently waited for his reply.

“You tell me?”

I shouted, “There were hundreds of people drunk all over the hospital wards, lying all over the floors, and everywhere, vomiting, and throwing beer cans, and the nurses were having a massive drink orgy! You should have seen the place! The whole place was totally covered with people drinking and making love with each other, and there were wild orgies everywhere …”

Godfrey bent over, holding his head in his hands, and rested his head on the table, while moaning, and finally straightened.

“I was also investigating a murder nearby!” I continued.

“The whole country seems to know of you …” he groaned. “Well, this time I have you! A complaint was made to the police about you!”

Godfrey took his official pose and sat upright studying my face, as though he was a judge about to sentence me for a serious crime, which I would regret, and I realized that I had to find a way out the blasted army!

“Malone! You must stop that horse running no matter what … If you don’t I’ll kick you out the army!”


Chapter 18


The Race


For some reason I sensed something was not right and I kept going over everything trying to grasp what.

After I decided to stay in the army I had paid the horse rider of my horse to lose, and we had made an agreement, and if Godfrey’s horse lost he would be to blame, and there would be nobody winning the bet.

Yet something was not right, and I sensed it, and I knew I could not do anything about it!

When the starting gun blasted out I jumped and was amazed at the speed and power of the horses as they raced away and to my surprise my horse left the quickest, and I knew it had not worked, especially when I saw the jockey smile over at me.

I became positive it would win when none of the other horses got anywhere near it, and I realized how much I had lost, and I grew furious and watched Malone’s horse with amazement, as it was at the back of the race, and I watched the jockey going crazy trying to get it to move, and I spotted what looked like a glint of satisfaction on the horse’s face, and realized it was the first glint of happiness I had seen on it.

There were hundreds of people cheering my horse, and I knew the horse I had chosen was a favorite, and the other soldiers had known it, and that was why they had bet on it, but I could not grasp why Godfrey had chosen his, against such horses, and realized he was not what he made out.

The whole place exploded with celebrations and people drinking and cheering and I thought of the mess I was in, and I then thought of the incredible powers I had from the encounter with the thing in the woman’s house, after the use of the metal detector, and I tried using them to get Godfrey’s horse to win, and pleaded for it.

When I stopped I looked up in surprise and saw Godfrey’s horse speed up, and the sounds of the audience and their cheers grew less, and I watched the other soldiers about me see the horse and react to it, as a threat to their victory.

I examined Godfrey’s horse and saw its eyes had changed and were bloodthirsty, and furious, and they were on the front horse and it looked as if it was going to attack it, and it accelerated faster than any animal I have ever seen, and I stood amazed when it caught up with the horses and the front horse, and I was sure it was going to attack them viciously.

The whole audience turned silent everywhere as it raced passed the front horse and the finishing line faster than any animal I had ever seen or heard of, and it won the race!

Its colossal inner strength and powers were tremendous, and I kept watching it as it stopped, and it looked like some form of monster horse, and it furiously ran after one of the other horses, and chased it away, and it jumped up and down and managed to loosen its saddle and throw it off and it leapt crazily at one of the jockeys and chased him away!

It was incredible the horse was trying to kill other horses and I watched it accelerate away into the audience and burst into life, with its colossal inner strength, and it ran furiously into people and crazily knocked them down!

The audience ran when it attacked furiously like a wild beast, and they stampeded away in the opposite direction as it smashed everything in its path, and it charged out the racecourse and into a busy high street, charged into cars and trams, and chased people everywhere, leaping on roofs, and it jumped into a car windscreen, and through a supermarket window, and ran through it biting and smashing everything in its path, and chased people everywhere, and it leapt on shelves of food sending them crashing down over the floor, and kept going until the police arrived and shot it dead.


Chapter 19


The Bottom of the Shaft


At the bottom of the hospital shaft, after I had climbed down a rope ladder to the bottom, I was surprised that they had dug down below the hospital foundations and dug out a large circular cavity, where there were many scientists, examining and setting up equipment, and archeologists digging out regions, and I climbed down and examined all their equipment for clues to what was happening, and recalled reading about some of their work in a scientific magazine, and I watched Oswald and Higgins at work, and sensed they had recently made a major discovery.

The determination of the two paranormal scientists was now unbelievable and they had proven the occurrences in the hospital were all centered around the bottom of the shaft, and they had brought in all the scientists, and members of the exploration association, and I realized it was their biggest discovery, and that it was perhaps their only real and proven one.

Although what disappointed me was they never received the reaction I received from what was there, and they only detected reactions and not major disturbances, and as far as I knew nobody else had collapsed and had gained the powers I had, and I had a hard time covering the power I had from the scientists, as I foreseen something might occur, and I found it was starting to weaken and I wished it to just go away, and it never really did what I wanted and was a danger.

Even though the stuff they said they had done was now surprising, and even alarming in places, which kept drawing my attention, I just dismissed it later as them advertising their work! At times I had even thought they were deliberately putting the psychic research there to cover their real work and discoveries!

I was not really bothered anyway, whatever it was, and I was happy now.

Even though newspapers had stories of horse story and it even on some front pages, to my surprise, and some believed something else had been involved, and that the horse story was a cover up, and I was also surprised that it was even put in front of stories of the war and the serial killer.

I had also received a letter that morning directly from the Home Guard and another from Godfrey throwing me out the army, and I was ecstatic, and I vowed never to go near it again, and it was incredible, and Godfrey’s horse was disqualified and he lost the bet to all the soldiers, and I discovered later he had bet more on it than he had told.

I realized the Loch Ness monster find and other occurrences could have been created or influenced by the powers I had!

I realized straightaway that the whole world could end up knowing of them if I was not carefully as the scientists there were determined to get action and doing something, and getting some form of conclusion.

They were all packed together around equipment and some were filming everywhere, and I realized that they expected some major occurrence to occur soon, and I listened to them intensely, and even questioned them, but found little! They either did not want me or outsiders to know or they wanted to show it occurring.

The two paranormal scientists informed me that they were checking for virtually all known forms of energy and matter disturbances that they could find in and about the area.

By some of the reactions of some of the scientist I got they might have something that could detect some form of alien, and I wondered what they were talking about, as the paranormal scientist had not even accepted anything could occur there.

I was unsure of what was there, and Marple refused accept anything supernatural or alien could exist, and insisted in explaining things as much as he could, and left it until he could find something, and I had not seen him being proven wrong so far, and I was at a loss, for explanations and finding evidence, and I was surprised by one of the scientists accounts that Marple had paid a visit there, and had questioned them and had become satisfied and had left.

I was at a loss at what he had found out, and I became possessed with finding what was there, and what the conclusion to it was, and yet what would he explain the powers I had as.

After a few hours passed I realized that they were losing confidence in finding something again, and surely put it down to not being low enough below the ground, and I realized that they would have move their equipment again and allow the archaeologists to dig far deeper below.

A leading member of the exploration association arrived at the top of the shaft and Higgins climbed up the rope ladder to meet him, and I realized they had a new plan, and started to work it out.

An hour later scientists of the exploration association left and climbed up to the top, and I listened to them, only vaguely able to hear anything, and just found out they were bringing in something of great value, which I could not grasp, and I could not work out what else they had, which they never had there, and I never realized what.

The equipment about me could presumably detect the presence and the effects of anything and indicate what was there!

The equipment was there to check everything in a degree that had not been done before, and was being tested for the first time, and they were finally getting a chance to properly investigate something of sophisticated potential.

I finally asked Oswald, when he arrived down from above, “Would this equipment detect anything at a distance?”

I wondered if the occurrence was directly there, and if not if they could detect it at a distance away, or far below, and I wondered why they were not checking it at night as that was when all the occurrence had taken place, and the paranormal occurrences occurred, and occurrences at the house, and when I first climbed down the shaft.

“It may detect things!” he replied, confused. “I am now unsure what is here! But we do have stuff here that we use to check a whole range of things to show us exactly what is occurring and what we may be missing. Information such as it is vital! We may be able to acquire some type of insight into what is happening – with the right information?”

I considered asking him if they should work there at night, and I suddenly realized the dangers and what had happened to me in the above shaft, and I realized that they had worked there at night and that they had not got the same occurrences, and I then wondered if anything would happen if I was there.

I wondered if they had deactivated it by doing something. They could have caused something to happen with their presence!

I realized once again that Oswald was avoiding telling things, as I clearly heard them mention things that he had avoided telling!

I was surprised when they eventually mentioned bringing something in and I wondered what! I knew they were avoiding saying things, and I watched Higgins final come back down the shaft carrying a large piece of equipment, which was part of something, and I examined it as he careful placed it in the cavity, and watched other scientist come down with more of it.

“What will that do?” I finally got the chance to ask him.

“Forms of radar detection can be used to examine things below the ground, but also with inaccurate results …”

“What about a powerful sonar?”

He looked up at the idea and continued working, and I realized scientists scanned the center of the Earth with forms of sonar, using high explosives.

As I watched him setting up the equipment, he replied, “The new surveying equipment on the airplane we used in Loch Ness to detect the monster! I managed to persuade them to remove it from the airplane and bring it down! As it’s the most powerful we have available …”

“They might be able to dig it out eventually if it doesn’t work!”

“You’re right! But we want to check out what’s there first! This can scan more accurately, deeper and faster, and more powerfully than anything we have, and has been vastly improved since its use at Loch Ness! The detection components are highly confidential again, and is used by the military …”

“It’s top secret!”

“It produces the most detailed mapping of beneath the ground ever seen, to a far greater depth, making it possible to observe small and large objects – of the dimensions we are interested in, and further out! As we are not sure if it is directly below! We have detected occurrences at other locations …”

I realized it could detect underground military bases and such far below the ground, perhaps hidden away in mountains, normally undetectable, and I realized why they were avoiding telling anything, and the majority of people there never knew what it was or was happening, and that they might not be allowed to use it, and that some of the scientists there were military scientists, and I wondered what they were doing there.


Chapter 20


The Discovery


The equipment system was functioning and ready to monitor everything around the surrounding cavity in a far greater degree, and after all their rigorous setting up of it, and taking down large powerful electric cables, and all their preparations of everything, and their highly advanced use of it I was fascinated at what it could do, and at such a close range, as the other version on the airplane was not as advanced and as powerful, and I considered if they had deliberately given a reduced and incorrect estimate of the distance of the scan to hide its true incredible powers, and it being confidential equipment!

I grasped the dangers of it as when I had only activated the metal detector at the woman’s house it had made me collapse and made me unconscious, and had a tremendous reaction, and I wondered if it could hit us all with it, and kill us!

The whole exploration seemed useless as I and most of the others surely would not profit from it, and would only get the chance to solve mysteries, and I wondered if we could get marked in history, and have future explorers recalling our achievements.

What surprised me was their firm belief that there was something there! The others barely believed anything! They had had not found anything though! Yet why were they so confident with so little? Were they keeping something secret? Had they detected something? Had they known of something before the occurrence there, and were investigating it for the first time? They had hardly come up with anything and they all were going crazy to do something, and I started to wonder what was happening, and if I would survive to see the end of the war!

The two paranormal scientists sat along from the others at a large table, in the now large cavity, sitting opposite each other, with an accurate map of the surrounding region stretched out across it, searching the area and discussing it, fascinated at the battle that had taken place, which before the event I thought had events missing from it. It was strange as there never looked as though there was anything there, especially in such a public place, and going by recent information they got from questioning locals and the woman at the house, there were no occurrences up until the woman had activated her metal detector in her house, and I felt I was missing something about the incident that we should know, but I could not grasp it.

When something did occur with the equipment, as they started activating it in stages, the reactions they gave were unbelievable, and I suddenly realized how late in the evening it had become, and discovered it was dark outside, and it was late at night!

The equipment started showing strange reactions that they could not comprehend as they never had all their equipment functioning, and they could not grasp what was there, and it was too vague, and insignificant vague reactions, which could be anything being detected, especially from the surrounding city, and hospital itself, and something nearby creating disturbances or being detected for something.

From what I heard they had a problem having not fully checked the equipment’s reactions to everything, even though the original version had been tested out for years, and they were sure that other things could create some reactions. The equipment was far more sensitive at detection than ever before, and had even been modified just before its arrival, especially for working at close range, and at distances that they had not worked at.

Suddenly one scientist jumped up startled at a reaction on the screen of his equipment and the scientists all went around him, where definite reactions were being detected, and they all started excitedly discussing what they thought of it, and what could cause such a disturbance, and I saw that some were disappointed, but thought there was definitely something there, and I waited to find out what they had and if it would be a disappointment!

Yet they realized that what they were receiving was not being detected properly as it was too close and that the equipment was not designed for such a close range, and the images were badly blurred, and they argued over what it could.

Most thought by their reactions that it would be nothing, as they had not found that much with the other equipment.

They had not had a chance of finding anything significant and they never wanted to claim they had discovered something that was not there, and was detected wrongly, but as the other scientists worked hard connecting other equipment and adjusting it they started getting increased strange reactions and findings, and they no longer checked for equipment problems, and they gradually perceived that there was something deep below and that it had similarities to an artifact, but with immense proportions!


Chapter 21


The Tunnel


All communications to the above outer world vanished as the archeologists dug deep into the central point of the cavity, going directly down where the above shaft was directly above, and the scientists moved their expensive and fragile equipment away from the area, and in the end stopped work to watch.

What was incredible was even with all the technology and experience of the scientists, and all their discussions, nobody knew what they had found, and the theories gave too little or were too fantastic, and too far from the truth to believe and be true, but the main discover was there was a tunnel below and the entrance was just below, and the archeologists had been close to finding it, and I for one thought someone had and for some reason never wanted it to be found.

Yet the main scientists, working at the equipment, and the most experienced, kept giving reactions and startled expressions to what was below, and I knew they could not be totally sure, as such things were not accurate, especially in dealing with the unknown.

In the end they started working away in documenting their findings and giving their theories, and my attempts at finding what were unsuccessful, as they wished them only to be found when total proof was found.

Had they found something incredible below, and they soon started influencing the archeologists into working faster, and shifting everything out the way, and they dug away at the ground at the exact point the tunnel was believed to be below, and the scientists occasionally offered them help or at the least their theories at how close they were.

It never took long for me to start to recall the occurrence that had occurred when I first came down the above shaft in the darkness, and what had happened to me, and I suddenly realized that the shaft did go under the ground, and the tunnel below was the bottom of it, which I was sure I saw, and that at some point, well before the hospital had been built, something had covered the tunnel up, and I wondered why the above shaft was built directly over it.

Had someone hidden it away under the hospital? Was it hidden away for a reason? And what could it possibly be?

Would we even survive to see what was there? Going by what had happened to me already I had to believe something was there! The strange powers I had were too powerful and deadly! The equipment and the increasing signs of there being a danger below had increased at an alarming rate, as they advanced forwards.

They examined strange alterations and erratic characterizations on the equipment, and even the paranormal scientists started reacting more strangely than I had seen them and I wondered how it would affect everyone if what had occurred to me in the above shaft occurred to everyone.

When one of the archeologists hit something solid, and revealed a solid stone slab, everyone went around the hole to see it, and watched two archeologists lift the slab and reveal a deep dark tunnel going straight down into the ground, far below, and I realized it was identical in size and shape as the above shaft, and gasped at what had happened to me when I had entered it.


Chapter 22


The Cavity


The archeologists sat around the entrance, occasionally giving silent whispers to each other, and avoiding giving anyone else any information on what they were doing, and everyone knew they were not keen to go down into it, and sat resting.

I realized that I was slowly being chosen, and that the paranormal scientists wanted me to go, and I knew I would, and I just could not avoid it, and in the end decided to get it over with, and made it known to them, and sat at the edge entrance.

One archeologist shone his light around the hole, and deep into the chamber, which went deep below somewhere, and seemed to discover something, and the answer to one of his queries.

“What do you reckon’s down there?” I asked him, trying to see in it as far as I could with the light, but only saw darkness.

He left and returned with a brighter torch and pointed it at a point at the edge of it, and he waited for me to reply, and I looked and I saw it, and I saw dark stone steps vanishing below, but I could not see them reach the top of the entrance, just below us, and wondered why, and I considered if there had been something there and it had either been taken away or had collapsed, which could indicated the steps could also have collapsed further down.

When Oswald came down from above with Higgins holding ropes and equipment I knew the time had come for me to get ready and enter it, which I still never knew anything about, and I swiftly got ready and they tied me to a rope and started hoisting me down, and I finally entered its confines, and realized there could be something of value below and that was the reason it was buried away, and I more keenly entered its confines, and darkness, and I turned up my light and adjusted my eyes.

When I landed on the stone stairs I was astounded by the stairs and walls, and wondered what the hell was going on, and I took off the harness and rope and quickly started to examine everything about me with amazement, and saw Oswald coming down from above, watching me, wondering what I was doing, and once he landed next to me he gasped and started doing what I was doing, as all the stairs and walls were cut to perfection, with incredible workmanship, with an accuracy I had not seen, even I know I am sure they could not do it.

The steps had not been fitted together, as stepping stones, on normal outside stone steps, and they were cut into the rock by something, and the walls were the same, and we felt the smoothness of them.

Once Higgins arrived I led them down the stairs, and watched the startled faces of the scientists and the archeologist above, staring downwards towards us, and we left on our journey, in even more confusion than we had been when we started.

The same view seemed to uniformly go off into blackness below, with the light showing the exact steps going straight down, and the two scientists copied and followed me, even looking ahead for obstacles, and I was surprised that it could be made with such accuracy and fit into such a confined space, and I examined it in detail as I crept down.

At times it was as though it belonged to someone, and was part of someone’s establishment, and I wondered what its logical function could be if it was, or if it had originally been part of the hospital or part of something that had been built there before it, and I knew that if it had been that all the information about it must have been lost or something, as it would have been discovered by us when we investigated all the information about the site.

Further down I realized I was too far out in front and I allowed Oswald to gain some distance, and I watched him going down without a light, using mine and Higgins’s light to see the steeply declining steps, and I wondered how much danger there was, as he continued following me down, and they showed no signs that they thought there was anything there.

At one point mud appeared, replacing the stone walls, and was over the steps, and it slowed us as we made sure we never slipped, as they looked more vertical now, as we were tired, and looked dangerous at times, and that they might cause an injury, when viewed in the right way, and I started wondering why they were going on and on, as why would anyone go to such a distance to build anything there, and I considered if there was something like an underground river or lake and that someone was or had been using it for some purpose.

Sounds sometimes were louder and echoed, and I heard them and voices from above, and knew that the others had entered it, and I listened to their strange tones as I tried to make out what they were talking about, and I heard a deep thud echo down and I wondered if someone had an accident, and I realized that it was a good idea to only have three of us at the front.

A feeble glow from something below swiftly caught my attention when it appeared and I wondered what it was, and if it was a reflection of the dimming light, and my eyes altered and adjusted to the darkness there as we moved faster down, I saw Higgins struggling to do something behind us, and he shouted to me to stop and he switched on a more powerful light, which he had taken out his bag, and pointed it at an area in front, and I realized the steps vanished in front of me, and I had nearly fallen, and I tiredly fell backwards, and grabbed at the stairs behind me.

It was as though sound and everything ended at that point, and vanished into darkness below, and somewhere there it vanished out of existence, and I could not hear or see anything from there, and it was a void and an abyss!

When I went close, and the lights of the paranormal scientists shone closer there, from just behind me, I stood shocked as I my eyes adjusted and I saw there was a colossal cavity below, and the steps had collapsed, down to somewhere below.

I swiftly placed myself a few steps higher and sat looking about it, trying to grasp what was there in the feeble light, and I realized that I had actually nearly walked off the lowest remaining step.

After our examinations of the last step we realized that they had not just collapsed and that they had been perfectly cut, as the rest of the tunnel and steps had been, and I wondered who the hell had done it, and I realized that it had to have fallen a long time ago, and I looked straight down and realized that distance to the bottom was not as great as I thought, and that the cavity outwards was immense, and though I could hardly see anything I tried to work out what it was.

It was incredible and had clearly been carved out accurately like the steps and tunnel, for some reason I could not grasp, and we sat on the steps discussing it and trying to work out what it was and had been used for, and I was sure it could have been to store something in, and I wondered how their paranormal fitted into it, as I listened to their voices mingle with the sounds of the others arriving and it echo about the cavity.


Chapter 23


The Artifact


I held the rope firmly, looked at the large cavity hole surrounding me, and started lowering myself into it, and dangled about with my legs swinging about, and moved slowly lower into dimness, as I wondered why everyone insisted I should go first, even though I wanted to, and wondered if there were similar structures to this all around the world, which had not been found or reported.

I shone my light about below trying to see something in the ground directly below, and only saw the remains of the staircase, and I tried to grasp what had happened, and what had been there, as the stairs must have gone over the cavity, before it collapsed, and there could not have been a tunnel there, as there was no sign of it in the rubble, and I kept wondering what had kept it up, and I wondered who had built such a dangerous construction.

It was my first proper look of below and all I saw was what looked like a large object at the center of the cavity, which I tried to grasp repeatedly, but I could not identify it, and looked back up above and saw a few of the others trying to properly see me.

I wondered what the outcome of it would be, and if it was just another disappointment, and I compared what had happened with what I had originally thought would happen and would be there.

For an instant the rope jerked and oscillated and I slightly spun uncontrollably and a surge of blackness engulfed me, and I wondered what the hell I was entering, as I thought of my original thoughts of what was below, and again considered what could be buried away there and wondered if they had underestimated something, and I remembered the metal detector and what had happened at the woman’s house, and looked in the direction it was, and was amazed that I was at such a depth below the region, and I wondered what they would do with it, and it mystified me!

I thought of ancient black magic worshippers concealing something below, beyond my comprehension, hidden away from mankind, and I wondered why it was the way it was if it was!

I tried straining my eyes repeatedly to see further and to spot the features of anything new, and when I landed on the ground I pulled himself upright with the help of the rope, and released the rope’s tight grip against my body, and shivered at the coldness there, and realized how much I was on my own.

I cleaned dirt off my clothes and glanced at the rubble, and wondered what the outcome of our investigations would be and I realized the others were dramatically staring down at me, in the above torchlight.

There really was only one object in the chamber that I saw and I was surprised at the actual size of it, as it had seemed far smaller above, and I strode over to it, examining it, at different angles, checking if it was connected to something, and perhaps some form of equipment, and considered if it could have something like a generator leading to it, and considered what it was used for, and I realized the chamber and it had to be there for a good reason.

Once at it I dreamily wandered about it and touched its black surface, which I was sure had to be metal, and I started examining it in detail and I was staggered to feel a form of energy pulsating through it, which I sensed had far more magnitude than it felt, and I wondered what the hell it was as it looked as though it belonged to the military, and I shined my torch up close and over it while I marched around it, and I slowly realized how much it was a perfectly symmetrical black sphere.


Chapter 24


Marple Arrives


I sensed there was something that they were not saying, but I knew I only needed to wait for them to tell me, but I kept wondering repeatedly if we were in danger and tried to grasp it, and what I needed to know.

I was glad to see Marple arrive later in the evening, after we had spent hours searching the cavity, and documenting everything we could, and getting some sleep.

Nobody but a few archeologists and scientists wanted to leave there and miss anything, and any discoveries, at such a crucial moment, but I was surprised that little was found after all, and could not fully believe it, and still waited.

Marple’s appearance was magnificent and I questioned him on how he had known and he told me he had not until he arrived at the top of the shaft, where the scientists there had told him.

The scientists kept consulting each other and still came up with little, as there was no proof of anything, and the black sphere object remained a mystery, and they had little on it, and what it was doing there, and they monitored it with everything they had trying to discover what it was doing, and found virtually nothing, and some thought it was being controlled from somewhere else!

With the war most thought it was some form of colossal weapon, atom bomb, or surveillance device, which might have been recently partially awoken, and made ready for use.

“It could be highly classified!” I announced to Marple and Oswald. “We’re still just playing around …”

“But if it is a bomb and is going to be used we could move it away!” Marple stated.

“Who would put a bomb under a hospital?” I replied.

“We’re best not revealing it anywhere unless we have to!” Marple replied.

Fluctuations occasional shuddered through the stone ground from it as it had some form of power surge, threatening to do something, and I imagined my remains being found days later scattered everywhere as investigators tried to fit together information and try to explain what occurred.

It surprised me that Marple was the only one that seemed to not have considered there was anything unearthly about it.

He seemed to be holding back doing something, and checking something out, and what we thought of things and I knew he had come to the hospital for some reason.

When the others were getting some rest or eating, he started examining the cavity further, in more detail, and eventually me and Oswald helped him.

“You agree that the stairs above the cavity go in a straight course forward, and the cavity cut it off, and it fell down …?” he asked me.

I nodded, wondering what he meant, and I watched his eyes go on a point directly ahead, where he briskly went to, and Oswald watched him and followed him, and I went after him.

At the place he went he carefully examined it, and a heap of stones where part of the cavity had collapsed over, and started removing rocks and throwing them away to his side, and Oswald and I eventually joined in throwing rocks and dirt away from the spot, and Marple finally found a hole, and increased the size of it.

“What’s that?” I finally asked, curiously, wondering what he wanted there.

“The above stone steps and tunnel continued in a straight line, and they must have gone somewhere, where someone removed them and created the cavity, and cut and allowed a small part of the stairs remaining there to fall …”

I tiredly thought it over, and wondered what he thought was there, and followed him in the hole with his light, and I started to see the steps and tunnel, and I wondered where they had been going to after all, and I considered if someone had put the cavity there to hide something further along, and I kept thinking it over, wondering what we were searching for.

Yet, after a long time, I still had no idea what we were going after, and I realized what we had found could be nothing compared to what was ahead!

Yet why did Marple not think there was anything dangerous, and why was he so desperate to get there, and make sure nobody else came with us.


Chapter 25


The End of the Tunnel


The white radiance off Marple’s torch slowly shifted to specific calculated positions, probing its way into the abyss ahead, scattering beams through clouds of silky dust our feet blew up; and occasionally stuck deep in my lungs, causing me to give short sharp convulsions, and I continued on going, inhaling enough air.

Faint echoes of our breathing could be heard in our shuffling movements and in the deep silence of the thick underground walls, and I felt the coldness of the walls and it penetrate my limbs; while uniformly marching along, into obscurity, with expectations of plunging into something.

It had been incredible when the tunnel had stopped going downwards and had gone in a straight line in another course, and Marple had told me we were going back under the hospital, far below the ground, and I sensed we never had far to go until we reached our final destination.

Glimpses of Marple’s darkened crouched figure in the illuminating light over the walls wavered rhythmically as he investigated the tunnel, and it fluctuated and Oswald reacted behind me and I followed his eyes to where Marple’s eyes had suddenly gone, and I gasped, and I once saw both of them were gasping, and I realized it was something, and then realized it was the end of our adventure and exploration, and I was left disappointed as I really thought we were going to discover something incredible.

The entire tunnel had collapsed in and we could go no further along, and we had reached our final destination and had not found out what had been there, and I realized the mystery could be left there forever without us knowing what was there.

The rubble blocking the tunnel was too deep down and giant boulders there too immense to move, and were firmly fitted together, and we stood saying nothing, and I watched Marple make some calculations, and check what he had.

By his reactions I sensed that he was up to something, and I knew we were located near the hospital, and realized that we must be deep under Battlefield Road, and I was sure that the builders of the tunnel might not have been able to build it properly in the above ground, without using wood or metal to properly hold it up, as it was surely soil.

It was strange, as we walked back up, I kept sensing Marple had a plan, or was making a plan, and was not saying anything at the moment, but I could not quite grasp what, and why the hell someone wanted what was there to be there, and had gone to such lengths to put it there.


Chapter 26


The Treasure Discovery


Marple rushed into his seat with a drink as I entered the headquarters of Reality Investigations and sat beside him next to the fireplace, and watched him go through a pile of documents.

It was incredible! Marple looked more confident than I had ever seen him, and he wanted me there to tell me about his search for the treasure, and I knew he had to have something! He also told me his investigation of the serial killer had progressed and could reach a conclusion soon, and he left that without any further explanation, or anything really, and he was extremely happy how things were going, and that he could solve the unsolvable case.

Marple studied me, and asked, “Has anything happened at the house at Craigmillar Road?”


“Have you been there lately?”

“Nobody has been there since the paranormal scientists found the disturbances at the hospital and moved all their equipment over there!”

“I want you to take them there again, and investigate it again!”

I looked up startled wondering what he wanted there, and I considered if they would go there, as we finished our investigations there as far as I was concerned.

“What for?” I muttered.

“I have had someone contact them and they agreed to take the exploration association scientists and their equipment there to scan the building …”

I was left confused, and wondered what would happen, as what was there had reacted to the metal detector and I wondered what it would react to the stuff they had, and I had just about lost all the powers I had after my last confrontation in the hospital shaft, and I did not like it, as I had not found any real use for it, and the powers had only created problems for me as far as I was concerned, as I had no real control of what it could do, and I was not so sure they were even mine as they seemed to do things for something else, which I was not sure I knew what.

It was incredible as the two paranormal scientists became fascinated with the occurrence at the woman’s house again and they wanted to carry out a proper investigation of what was there, and they had grown tired of their investigation of the cavity and the hospital and I was left confused as to what they had found, or thought they had found, and realized there was little that would be recorded in the history books from the occurrence after all, even though they were still investigating the black sphere in the cavity.

After all that here was no sign of proof of anything, which the public would accept. Was it a new form haunting, of paranormal? And if so what the hell was happening?

Even though the site at that region had been the site of a large famous battle, and massacre that could have caused such an occurrence, of which the bodies could well be below the region, I could not grasp what.

We investigated everything we could, and all the information and history of the region, trying to grasp something, and some clue, and the main regions of the battle that had occurred, and at Battlefield Road, where the tunnel had gone.

“What’s that?” I asked, seeing Marple play happily with documents, inside an envelope.

For a few seconds his face held a sad expression and he considered the occurrences and his investigations.

He finally replied, “The late Dr Barrymore …”

“He died!” I gasped, and wondered if it really was the end of the investigation for the treasure.

“Sadly so! I think we should find what he was looking for anyway, as he wanted it very much … His wife can have her share of it if we find it, and he will be remembered for the discovery …”

“That’s perfect!” I replied, wondering why he was so confident now, after so many people throughout history were unsuccessful.

“From my questioning of his wife I found Dr Barrymore found the treasure from an accumulation of sources, which surely grasped his imagination with the mentions of the strange magical artifact, which was mentioned like the Holy Grail …”

I gasped at what he had said and knew he never believed in such magical things, and I considered what he meant.

“He was obsessed with its magical powers …” he continued. “Which I believed he never really thought existed … He never had the map he gave us examined any further as it was too valuable to him … I did though … And I had it investigated by a friend … Who had it investigated further and managed to reveal faded landscape shapes, before it had faded … From 1568 … Which was why I was at the hospital …”

“What the treasure was marked there …?” I asked, surprised.

“I also knew the archaeologists and scientists were investigating there … I believe the person that drew the map was being chased – and being chased by soldiers – and hid it …

He grabbed his pipe off the table and began smoking.

“Who could have chased him?” I asked.

“It was dated 1568! Mary Queen of Scots had a battle there, and I believe it was her valuable jewels. The royal jewels of a famous queen! I think she was visiting someone at the site, and had even taken her jewels there, as perhaps her enemies were after her and the jewels, and she gave them to someone there … To perhaps keep for her … The person must have been a good friend, and perhaps a soldier, and had either been seen taking them or was just chased by the other soldiers there …”

“So there are incredible valuable and historical jewels hidden somewhere … Do you believe they’re under the hospital?”

“At first I thought it could be there! There were two marks!”

“What about all the tunnels and the cavity …”

“That is something else! It is far more advanced technology, and it was all recently built …”

“What happened next?”

“I think someone took the jewels off him! And he could have died! Or at a slightly later time used the map to find them and move them to another safer location nearby … Where he had intended to get them!”

“Was there another mark on the treasure map?” I gasped, and stared at him intensely.

“I think the person, surely a relative, in fear of his life, took them to the safest place he knew, and marked it on the map, with different writing, in a different style, which faded, and he hid it somewhere near the house you were investigating, with the supposed haunting …”

“As the place is marked about there?”

“Correct! Which is why I want your paranormal scientists to investigate there! You’ll need the archeologists …”


Chapter 27


The Killer


At a lane between two buildings we rested against a wall waiting for the killer, who was predicted to arrive by Marple, and he stood puffing away at his pipe, now tired of it, predicting the killer’s arrival, and I wondered how he knew he would arrive, and at that time, but he would not tell me, and I gasped when I saw someone pass a house window going somewhere, and thought of hiding, but Marple ignored it.

Although, a few minutes later, he jumped upright, as he spotted something, fully alert, and scrambling movements and panic-stricken curses came from the house we were monitoring, a house across a road at the end of the lane, and in the darkness of the lane we watched a dark figure rush out the building, and enter another lane beside the house, and the police came racing out of their cars and started chasing him.

As we ran after them, keen to catch and discover the identity of the killer, a man rushed out the house he had been in, shaken and holding a handgun, and saw he was gone and put it away inside.

I could not believe how accurate Marple had predicted the killer’s attack at the house, and I realized the killer might be getting away, and that we might not get the chance to catch him again, and I watched Marple and the others realize it and run after him, and I ran with them, as more and more police cars came racing in everywhere, with their sirens blaring at full blast.

The police clearly believed that they were chasing the killer, and I realized where he was heading, and towards a nearby cemetery, and I saw his dark shape in the distance rushing there, as other figures shifted towards him.

At another street Marple told a policeman getting out a police car that the killer was going to arrive a the other side of the cemetery, and he rushed back in his vehicle, and we rushed up to the vehicle and he let us in the back seat, and it raced away.

At the other side of the cemetery there were blue lights flashing everywhere and it was lighting the cemetery up, and we looked everywhere for him, and for who had been chasing him, and the vehicles that had arrived there first, and saw that they did not know where he had gone.

He surely had not entered the cemetery and had taken another route beside it, where nobody would have seen where he had gone, and their faces started to look frantic and worried, and they decided to search all the buildings, and as I followed Marple to a nearby building I suddenly recognized it, and it was the back of the Home Guard building where I was a soldier at, where I had joined up, and I was surprised to spot a light flash on inside, and I realized it was from a torch, and I knew the killer had a torch, and I told Marple.

It was worse than I had imagined, as I knew we would be confronting him indoors, instead of the police making a quick outside arrest, and I watched Marple get the police, and they all started silently rushing about outside, getting into hiding places, and two were in the cars, contacting the rest of the police.

I wondered what the motive was, and if it was valuable jewels or he had been doing something else.

My eyes stayed on the place the light had appeared, searching for him, waiting for him, to take a quick look out, or attempt to attack us or escape, and I realized that the police had entirely surrounded the building and that we had him, and I guessed he never knew where we were.

When a policeman started going to a door I decided to join him, as I knew the layout of the inside of the building, and as I approached him Marple followed me there, and I considered all the options open to us. I then realized that the policeman had something to unlock the door, and silently opened it up, and we slowly climbed in, and heard him inside a room.

The policeman removed a handgun, and we waited for the others to appear, and we stood listening to someone inside the room breathing heavily.

By their reactions I was sure that they did not have a clue what they were dealing with, and that they had not seen the place before. They were in a dark hallway, just outside the room, at night, within the grounds of an army base, and they were chasing a vicious serial killer.

At the side of my eyes I spotted traces of shoe marks from him, and his shoes were wet, and I traced them going into the room and I stood amazed as the policeman silently pushed open the door and crept in, and my face turned pale as I waited for bullets to go smashing into his body, and I looked in and the other police moved in beside me, and stood beside me with their loaded guns facing inside, into its dark interior.

I slowly faced the blackness at the corner of the room, where there was someone rolled up in ball in the corner, and we waited for him to do something, as we searched for his gun.

The policeman that had opened the door stood frozen, holding his gun out at the faintly visible black figure.

My heart rate exploded, beating faster than I had felt it beat in a long time, and I was still standing doing it when Marple removed his gun and pointed it at him, and turned the light on.

As seconds passed I watched the figure lifelessly remain there, rolled up in ball in the corner, and I was sure he had done something to himself, and he could be dead.

I spotted a trail of blood across the floor, in drips, going straight up to him.

We strolled up, not shining their torches directly at the killer, wondering who the hell it could be, and who could have had the entire police force after him for so long.

When he turned I was dumbstruck, and even wondered where the real killer had gone, and I recognized the room, and Captain Godfrey’s main office, and realized I had not noticed it because we had entered through the back of the Home Guard office, and at night, where I had not been before, and had been so obsessed with what was happening to recognize it.

It was Captain Godfrey’s office and it was Captain Godfrey on the floor in the corner, and I realized that it was not the killer, and I realized I had blown it again, and I should not have directed them over to the army base, and realized that he must have been tired after working there late and had gone to sleep in the corner, with an old blanket wrapped about his waist.

He stared at me in horror and started getting up, and shouted furiously, “You again! You’re fired! I kicked you out the army!”

All the policemen stopped pointing their guns at him, realizing that it was the wrong person, and I watched him almost fall over, and gasped, as he was holding an injury he had received from something, which he had recently received, and he attempted to grab his gun off the ground below him, and the police all pointed their guns at him, and one grabbed his gun.


Chapter 28


The Scan


What astonished me was after everything that had happened I had not really solved anything of what had happened to me at Craigmillar Road or in the hospital shaft, and what the black sphere was below the hospital, or what the powers I had were, and I could not grasp what would happen next, as every unsolved puzzle and mystery that had happened seemed to emerge at the one time, and Marple, who had forced me into going there, had not answered anything and had denied the existence of anything, and had phoned me and ordered me to carry out his mission.

I sensed that there was something there in the Craigmillar Road house the minute I reached the door, and it had not been anywhere as powerful as it, even at the hospital, and I was now certain of it, and I sensed that all the exploration association scientists and paranormal scientists that accompanied me there were not saying something, and it was something powerful, and something deep.

I knew I would have to wait for them to give it to me, and I kept wondering if we were in great danger, and which I had felt chasing the killer, and I allowed the scientists to set up their equipment there again, but this time with the equipment from in the hospital shaft, which had found the tunnel, and would scan below the building, as Marple had insisted, and I gasped at what the metal detector had done, and even started thinking of ways to protect myself from the forces it could generate.

I eventually relaxed on the bed in my room there, and recalled the case of the killer, and how astonished I was that it was Captain Godfrey, and I was astonished when Marple that morning had told me who he really was.

Marple had discovered that all the killer’s victims had one thing in common and that they had all fought in the First World War, and he had found out that they had all been in the same army division, and had fought together, and massive amounts of their comrades had been killed, and Marple had traced all the surviving members, and there were only two left.

Captain Godfrey had been German, and a German soldier before he had moved to Scotland, and he had entirely changed his identity, to hide his past, and other killings in Germany, and Marple had discovered that Godfrey had a brother, who had moved to Scotland too, who had served in the same division, and that he had been killed, which Godfrey had admitted to the police, and he blamed the other soldiers for his death, and believed that they had actually killed him, after their discovery of him being German, but what they never knew was he was his brother.

The war with Germany had revived what had happened, and he had used his experience and knowledge of how the police worked, and used it to destroy the soldiers.

The newspapers had the story all over the front pages, with Marple being named as a chief investigator, and the man who had solved the case, and he was receiving numerous calls and new cases, and I realized that he intended to expand the business, and increase the amount of investigators.

Everything was perfect, except this case, and what was there!

While I rested on the bed I considered what could happen next and I listened to Oswald and the other scientists consulting with each other and making an agreement, which I missed and tried to work out from what I heard!

It was incredible as I recalled things they had been saying earlier, and that I had not picked up properly at the time, and realized what they were doing, and that they were even increasing the power of the scan, and I wondered what the hell that would do, as it had been powerful enough in the hospital, and I started seeing the dangers of it again, and thought of going somewhere else, and returning after they had done it, to survive.

For some reason the scientists seemed not to want me to be involved in their discussion and what was occurring, and I believed it was to do with my earlier worries of what could happen, and I realized Oswald had said something about it to them. So I decided just to use it and stay out their way, in the background, and observe what was going on.

I could not grasp what would happen, and I did not know what was there, and what was incredible was I realized that they had read my report on the occurrence in the building with the metal detector and what had happened and they had entirely missed what had occurred, and what I had meant, and I could not explain it any further to them what had happened, and they never seemed to think anything had happened, and I realized again that I could not properly explain what was there, as I never knew what was there.

Marple had once had a great interest in investigating the paranormal, which he never believed in, and consistently explained logical solutions to everything easily, which I and the others investigators normally did, but he was far more experienced and determined, and I realized that I had to find something of that nature to prove something existed.

The elderly woman, and owner of the house, was glad to see me again, and did everything to welcome us, and not put me off the case, and at her dinner I discussed the case and she told me what had been happening since I left and she told me that the haunting had decreased occurring, especially since we started work at the hospital, and neighbors had also admitted it.

What could it be? I was still at the start of the investigation! I considered everything, and only had the metal detector that had activated it, and that never added up to much.

After I was asleep later on the bed I awakened and realized I had missed something, while I had been asleep, and I watched the paranormal scientists and technicians rushing excitedly back and forward checking their equipment all over the woman’s outer corridor, and where the source had mainly been detected, and where I had activated the metal detector, and collapsed, and wondered what was going on, and I realized that they were about to activate their equipment, and braced myself.

When nothing happened I looked up and saw Oswald look into the room, and I wondered if anything had happened.

“Are you scanning below the building?” I asked.

“Yes!” he replied.

I gasped, and tried to detect any differences in the surrounding environment, and I jumped off the bed, and stood at the room entrance, and watched all the scientists standing around waiting for something, and I wondered what, and as I approached them I realized they had all been standing waiting for me, to continue and activate the equipment and experiment, and I wondered why.

When they activated it nobody reacted and barely noticed anything. My mind wandered through all the occurrences that had led up to its discovery.

Suddenly a vast unstable energy blast, which seemed to come from somewhere else, and not below, or from anywhere in the normal universe, and like it came from another outer dimension, and emerged all about the place, with so much force it threatened to warp space, and I went back to wondering what it really was and what damage it could do, and I watched parts of the equipment burst into flames, and the scientists quickly turning it all off and going crazy trying to put out flames.

I was happy it was over and nobody had been killed, and that they could not use the equipment.

Yet I noticed Orwell and Higgins and some other scientists were not concerned, and I saw them at the equipment, and a scientist holding a sheet of paper, and I moved over.

The scientist explained that the energy blast had damaged the equipment, as they had predicted, and their swift instantaneous scan of below the building had worked, and that they had used the instantaneous rough scan below, with a fast enough speed capable of checking there, before the equipment was damaged, and he showed us the sheet of paper with the rough scan, and at first I thought it had not worked as it looked like a blur of lines, but as I examined it further in more detail I grasped a strange image in it of an unusual formation.


Chapter 29


The Exploration


I stood blinded by the black abyss below me, as I searched into the depths of the tunnel, as though it led into some strange region of space, outside normal space, and I saw the stone steps below, which were the same as they had been in the tunnel going under the hospital, which had been accurately made.

They were in a hole, below the woman’s hall, at the exact point the occurrences had originated, and it had been uncovered by the archeologists, with help from the scientists, who were all standing along the hall in a line, with the woman standing at the end, with them all standing with their mouths partially open, with a slight look of horror, waiting for me to descend down into its depths, and I knew I was the chosen one.

I gripped my light, and shifted down the stone steps, looking for any obstacles ahead, and moved a little faster, and watched their faces vanish behind me as I went down, and saw the two paranormal scientists enter behind me, and the others watch as the three of us descended, and left them behind, and I wondered what the hell I had done and if I would someday regret what I had done.

At a point deep below I heard scientists, which seemed magnified by the tunnel, as they conferred on what was below, after so much they had found so little so far, and they had been arranging the exploration of it for a long time, and I had been unchallenged in going down, and the scientists and archeologists had insisted, and had done everything to help.

It was strange as I thought of what was there, if I was not insane, and I realized it could be dormant, and being partially awakened, and was far different than anything else on this world, and it seemed to want to do something!

Our scan had activated something, and there were reports of ghost sightings in the region, and there were sightings of the soldiers from the battle that had taken place, and their ghostly figures marching along a region of the battle site.

A deep thud echoed came down from the top as someone at the top dropped something inside, while trying to look inside, and I and I speeded up.

It was their ultimate discovery and expedition and I wished it to be done right, and to give the full discovery everything that it deserved. Though I was mainly confused as to what had been discovered and would be found, especially after being surprised at so much in the past week, with such strange occurrences, and being given such little facts, and I believed the war had generated all the action, or perhaps something else had done it and had caused the war.

Hazy echoes off our deep breathing broke the extraordinary silence that accumulated, and we examined the walls around us with surprise as we shifted downwards, and it still mystified me, and I wondered what I was missing.

For some reason I realized that the other tunnel that we had been going through from the hospital led to what was at the bottom of this tunnel, and in its original state it had not wanted to be discovered and had later put the occurrences at the hospital to make us go there, and it had checked me out in the other tunnel, and before that in another state in the woman’s house.

I realized how ancient it was and it had been trapped on this world, waiting to leave this universe, which it had tried to do before on many occasions, and it had been buried higher above at one point.

In its current partially awakened/dormant state it was like some form of ultimate advanced living computer, in the ways it thought and existed, and in its partially altering state, still waiting to accomplish its plan, and had other forms and powers that could never exist in this universe.

Humans had once worshipped it when they had encountered it, and they had hidden its location, and Mary Queen of Scots had once been hidden away near it, before she was captured, when it had last met humans.

For some reason I knew things that I had not known, and I knew I was approaching something, and I tried straining my eyes to see further down, but there were no features of anything, and the steps vanished away into deep blackness.

When I looked backwards I saw the top of the tunnel had vanished into darkness, and I looked around and saw the paranormal scientists had vanished, and I knew it would make contact with me alone!


Chapter 30


The Lost Chamber


A loud screech from something strange startled me and nearly made me fall down the stone steps, and I waked on, and I stood dazzled and blinded as bright light exploded out, and I held my hands over my eyes, and my eyes slowly adjusted from the dark tunnel behind me, and I staggered down the last steps, into a twenty foot circular cavity.

I staggered straight into the blinding light, beaming from a large sphere formation, and felt its powerful energy pulsating through the floor, with some form of life, floating over the central region of the cavity, and I tried to grasp what was in front me!

Silent sounds manifested around my surroundings, as though invisible things were surrounding me, and I saw strange glowing and swirling ghostly formations, forces, and some were like spirits with shrouds, and flew about with silent wails, and I realized why people in the past reacted as they had.

The central thing resembled a magical living sphere, altering its forms of energy, and I felt its energy and powers, and knew it had no physical form, and it normally had a colossal size and powers somewhere else, and I tried to grasp what was there, and why it was there, and what Marple would explain it as!

In its blinding light I grasped little, and physically felt its powers everywhere, and saw mental images of stars exploding around me, as though I was shooting through the cosmos, some strange form of space, and I knew it was giving it to me.

Its formation seemed to have constant dramatic changes, and powerful energy surges, as though unstable, and it bordering on vanishing, and rejuvenating itself, and I watched it shift in its central region, as though trapped in some force field, and for a moment something formed in it, with some unknown form of life, and it altered as though its energy was constantly controlling itself.

In the blinding light I saw another tunnel entrance at the opposite side of the chamber and knew it led down to the tunnel that we had been going through from the hospital, and it had made it in an attempt to make contact with us, and it had made the black sphere in the cavity, under the hospital, after it had realized it would not work.

The black sphere had the capacity to communicate with us for it, but it had realized it needed to make contact differently and by itself, and it had chosen me to do it as a representative of our species, as it had checked me out, especially after my use of the metal detector.

It was from some other form of existence, and it used vast amounts of energy making contact with me, and remaining out of its normal hibernation state, and I thought of what paranormal really meant, and thought of ancient devil and black magic worshippers, and I knew it was far more and from somewhere beyond our comprehension, and had been hidden away there from mankind from the dawn of time!

At one point something had been caught in its energy field, and it fought for its life to escape, and it altered itself, and it vanished from it to survive, and I was staggered at the sheer power of it and at what had been caught in it!

It was something artificial and something alive and I had to decide what to do, and I decided to do my best to help it!

I could not allow such a life form/existence to die, and such an advanced and rare species, after being alive for so long, and with it being trapped and trying to escape from there for so long, and I decided then and there to do my best to find a way to help it, and I would get Marple to help me do it as he was known to find solutions to such problems and had solved some of the hardest most advanced cases I had heard of.

I decided to leave and was about to climb back up the steps, to the building away above, and felt sorry for it being trapped there, and perhaps for eternity, and I wondered what the scientists would make of it and I knew that they would help it, and I decided what to do, and I realized I could be famous and remembered in history for the discovery, and the first discovery of an extraterrestrial.

I was sure it agreed, with my way to proceed, and as I was going to enter the tunnel, to go to the surface, I spotted something shine over at a hidden dark region of the cavity, and after careful examinations I realized it was a large black chest, and I rushed over and crouched in front of it, and held it.

At the side of my eyes I saw something emerge in the darkness of the tunnel, where I had been, and spotted two figures appear, and saw it was the two paranormal scientists, emerging there, with their mouths open, coming to a halt, and standing staggered, looking everywhere, more astonished than I had ever seen them, as they tried to control themselves.

I pulled the treasure chest open and discovered the colossal royal jewelry, which once belonged to Mary Queen of Scots, and I played with incredible jewels, as I watched the golden and colored radiance explode out, over the walls, with bright sparkles from gigantic diamonds and rubies.


The Reality Investigations Detective Agency

A new World War II detective agency, Reality Investigations, handles complex cases others do not, and the strangest most fantastic cases of all, including investigations of paranormal, and have paranormal investigators, and major investigators worldwide, and they are given their most remarkable case ever, without knowing it. They investigate sightings of energy ghost formations, which they have never heard of being encountered before, even after consulting the most highly advanced paranormal scientists. They are unable to trace the source, to investigate it further, until the formations start emerging at a nearby city hospital, and they trace the source to a secret hidden shaft, running through all the walls. It is buried in the depths of its walls, going deep below the hospital, and they begin investigations there, and trace its origins, and use the most advanced technology to scan deep beneath the hospital, and discover a hidden tunnel going deep below, into a large cavity, and archeologists uncover what is there, and find a mysterious black sphere. They later find it is not what they are looking for, and is something else. The riddles are unsolvable, but on their investigations of the original site, with paranormal scientists, and use of scanning technology, they uncover far more than they expect.

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The Reality Investigations Detective Agency The Reality Investigations Detective Agency