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The Rats Must Flee

The Rats Must Flee

Shakespir Edition

Copyright Anita Hasch 2017

All Rights Reserved

The Rats Must Flee

Mother rat Daddy rat and their two children, Bienkie and Mienkie, live with many other rats under

the station. Bienkie and Mienkie love living under the station because there is so many hiding places

where they can play with the other rats. They have to be careful, because danger lurks everywhere. The other day a naughty rat who did not want to listen, was killed by a snake. The snake then swallowed him. Daddy rat said to Bienkie and Mienkie, see kids, you have to be wide awake. They felt sorry for the poor dead rat.



It was during the war that the station was bombed. Many of the houses in town was bombed as well. Luckily the people were in their cellars and bomb shelters. The rats were safe underground as well. But their food supply was going from plenty to zero. Everybody was leaving the city, for the safety of the country and farms. Daddy rat and Mother rat decided that they would leave for the country the following day. Daddy was going to play a game of cards with his friends. His friends were also leaving for

the country the following day.


Luckily Mother rat had a sister that lived on a farm They would go and live by her until the war was over. At least they will have enough to eat on the farm. Bienkie and Mienkie ran to all their friends to say goodbye. They were sad to leave their underground home, but also glad to go to safety and plenty of food on the farm. They were leaving their home under the station by means of an underground river. Once they crossed the river, it was much closer to the country. It was a dry river bed, and they just walked over. But Bienkie slipped and fell in the mud. Then they had to wait while she cleaned herself.

They also had to pass the strange tortoise who had a castle chiseled on his back. The tortoise loved playing with the magician rat.

When they arrived on the farm, Auntie rat and Uncle rat and all their children gave them all a hug. Auntie rat and Uncle rat lived under the farmhouse. While they were eating, Auntie rat warned Bienkie and Mienkie to only go outside with their cousins. There were many dangers on the farms. The most dangerous were the many cats, who lay silently in wait, for any unwary rat.

But soon they were used to the farm and its dangers. They loved to go to watch the geese. There was always a lot of corn thrown by the dam for the geese. When the farmer’s wife left, they would run and help themselves to the corn. The geese did not mind to share.

In the pig pen, there was a lot of food as well. But you had to be very careful. The pigs could grab you, if you were not careful. So they avoided the pigs, unless they were eating something exotic, like papaya fruit or imported cheese, that the farmer sometimes received from the shops when the date had expired. Then they really had a feast. The orchard was full of fruit. Guys! These rats were very happy on the farm in the countryside.

They sometimes sang, as they chewed on some delicious tit bit.

Lovely cheese

Lovely cheese

We are happy, happy rats,

As happy as can be.

Bienkie and Mienkie playing hide and seek. And here they are having a feast.

Grannie rat going for a walk. Granny had a good sense of smell. She could smell if any berries or fruit were right for the picking.

The Rats Must Flee

  • ISBN: 9781370457397
  • Author: Anita Hasch
  • Published: 2017-07-12 15:35:09
  • Words: 628
The Rats Must Flee The Rats Must Flee