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The Rape of Perception


The Rape of Perception


by Kevin Dwyer



Published by Kevin Dwyer on Shakespir

Copyright August 2017 Kevin Dwyer




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The Rape of Perception


The Rape of Perception


A head of a school asked me to teach Tai Chi for a group aged three through eight. It gave me nightmares for two days. I’ve no idea why anyone aged 3 is at school anyway. The story goes back about 16 years though to when I visited a children’s mental hospital that a friend was working at. All in all, other than the girl, this is. most likely, a fairly miserable story.


The children, aged approximately 12 – 14 were on constant suicide watch, take your eye off them for 10 minutes and they’d try to slash their wrists. The more severe cases were kept under sedation in a locked ward. We sat on the floor and did some meditation, nothing notable to recall just the feeling of a bond that a group gets when they meditate together, a general sense of something.


What I found unusual was that, and I have no direct way of describing this, they were very beautiful people. I don’t mean looks, I don’t think I even mean internally or intrinsically. It’s just in this present moment they had no walls around them, none of the contrived behaviour, social barriers or perhaps filters is the word I’m looking for. They were very different. How they were and how they ended up in that place puzzled me.


Actually, it puzzled me for sixteen or so years. At some point with my girlfriend I gave her a ring. Still no happy ending here. The ring was an etheric ring, I could just see it there on her finger, and she also. More substantial than one would expect for perception, almost solid in fact. Can’t say that I understand this event at all and nor do I find it strange, it’s just a part of the story.


What is stranger, to some extent, is that my girlfriend was walking down a corridor at the hospital, past one of the children and the child said to her “I have taken your ring”. Hopefully no one will get overly hung up on this because my point is, why were these incredibly perceptive children so abused to the point that they would want to kill themselves ?


Turning away from something personal, in a way, I’d like to consider research method. There’s parapsychology units about the place and it disturbs me how they say they are “investigating psi”. Cutting straight to the point, we are talking about perception. Some of my critique would be considered just plain boring perhaps such as how can one be investigating a subject one has no perspective on.


Academic understanding can be based on practicing a subject, it’s layer on layer over the years. Something complex and difficult refines down to what appears simple and easy. It becomes art I think. Having a background of being formally taught and practicing Chi kung, mediumship and meditation of various sorts, I’m curious of how someone can be a professor of perception ?


A professor of view or maybe I just don’t watch enough Dr Who ? That’s just a joke but this whole “investigating” approach is not. It doesn’t add up but why. It’s not possible to poke a stick at perception. Since it’s not unlike eyesight, the result will be the same. The problem is not simply parapsychology units or departments though, it’s a widespread mentality.


Parapsychology units are not evolving perception so what are they up to ? The level at which their results are pitched is just shameful. Keostler Parapsychology Unit had a celebratory 20 years anniversary. 20 years of research. Guess what, people dream. It makes the fluid just want to drain from your eyeballs.


The connection between the children in the mental hospital and the likes of the Keostler Parapsychology Unit is the intention to rape perception.


Kevin Dwyer August 2017

The Rape of Perception

When you look at perception in relation to society, is anyone saying lets develop or evolve perception ? Is anyone actually doing that on a social or political agenda and then serving up tangible results ? Perception is seen as a resource, the ultimate in open cast mining. Short and story like, the subject matter is unpleasant but not unsurprising. A small spoonful of their own medicine to the academic establishment that hides behind the cheap stage magicians illusion called science.

  • Author: Kevin Dwyer
  • Published: 2017-08-01 02:35:07
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The Rape of Perception The Rape of Perception