The Quest: The Trials of the Circle, Book 13: The Guardians


The Quest: The Trials of the Circle, Book 13: The Guardians



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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







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Chapter One

Steve tossed his bag onto the bed and yawned loudly. What a day! He had been busy a lot recently and hardly had any time to relax. It felt as if he was constantly doing things, leaving him so tired he’d fall asleep as soon as he got home.

Tonight, he rubbed his eyes and sat down at his computer. Might as well check his e-mail and a couple of other things before he went to bed for the night. He could sleep in tomorrow for once.

As he turned on his computer and the desktop loaded, he saw the Minecraft icon. Steve had been so busy lately that he hadn’t been able to really play Minecraft in about six months. The last time he had played was during the entire mess with the Scarlet Hero and the Oasis. Herobrine, Elena and himself had managed to put a stop to the evil plan.

But since then, Steve had been too busy to play. He had talked to Elena a few times but he hadn’t seen Herobrine since the Oasis crisis had been solved.

As he stared at the icon, he fought off the urge to boot up the game. No, he was just too tired. As much as he missed the game, it would have to wait for the time being.

He missed Minecraft. It had always been there for him. It was comforting to play the game even with all the dangers that he had faced with Herobrine.

That was someone else he missed too. Herobrine. No matter what unfolded in his real life, Herobrine was his loyal friend in the game. That would never change.

Steve yawned and checked what he needed to. Then he got into bed and fell asleep, dreaming of Minecraft.


The next morning, Steve went to check his e-mail before setting out for the day. However, this time an e-mail caught his attention. At first, he thought it was just spam and was going to ignore it. But something made him click it.

An image of the Over World in Minecraft loaded. In this picture, there was a carnival. It had rides and creepers working as ride attendants. Underneath the photo was a message:


We are honored to invite you to our carnival! We are touring around the Over World, bringing joy to all Minecraft players, new and old! We are hoping to see you at the below date!

Steve frowned. What was this? The game had never hosted events like this before. He always played on a single player server anyway. How could there be a carnival set up? He copied the e-mail address and searched it online. He was curious to see what was going to pop up.

Steve blinked in surprise as nothing about the carnival came up. He went to the Minecraft forums to see if anyone else had gotten this carnival invite. But no one had posted about it.

I should just ignore it, he told himself, It’s just spam.

Steve forced himself to close his e-mail and head out for the day. But even though he was busy, he kept thinking about that invite. Something about it was wrong. Could Herobrine have sent it? No, through all their time together, Herobrine’s power was only part of Minecraft.

As he headed home that evening, Steve found himself calling Elena. After helping Elena reunite with her sister in the Snow Labyrinth and relying on her assistance during the Oasis, he considered her one of his closest friends. Yet they hadn’t spoken lately either; both having been too busy.

“Wow,” Elena answered, “Can’t believe you’re calling me.”

“Hey, how are you?”

She laughed and he could hear her smacking on gum, like always, “Come on, Steve. We haven’t spoken in close to six months.”

“That long?” Steve said, feeling bad.

“So, what’s wrong with Minecraft?”

“How do you know I’m calling you about the game?”

“Because I know you.” She replied.

“Well…okay, I am.”

Elena laughed, “Of course! What is it now? What did Herobrine do?”

Steve explained the carnival e-mail. When he finished, he was hoping that Elena had gotten one as well.

But she said, “I haven’t gotten an e-mail like that.”

“So, it has to be sent only to me. Why is that?”

“I don’t know. Someone might just be messing with you. Just forget about it.”

Could Steve forget about it? He wanted to. But a quick glance at the clock on his desk showed him that if he logged in now, he could see the carnival for himself.

“Are you listening?” Elena’s voice snapped him out of his fog.

“What? Yes.”

“No, you’re not. Steve, just go check out the carnival. You’re going to anyway, right? Why pretend you aren’t. Just…let me know if you need help.”

“Alright. Thanks, Elena.”

“What are friends for? Apparently, they’re for following their crazy friends around.” She joked.

The call ended. Steve sat down and turned his computer on. After a few minutes, he was logging into Minecraft. He waited impatiently for the game to load.

Finally, he was in the game – a place he hadn’t been in for six months.


Chapter Two

Steve looked around. His house was still standing which was a miracle. He had lost track of how many times he had to rebuild his house. The last time he built it, he had made it smaller so he didn’t have to worry about rebuilding a massive house again.

It was daytime in the game. The sun was high in the sky. The field was unchanged. Everything in the distance looked the same. Steve looked down at the coordinates where the carnival was supposed to be and set off.

After the events of the Oasis, Herobrine and Steve had discovered that every time they used their special abilities, it leaked into another server. It had made the game unstable. Scarlet Hero had returned to claim the power for himself. Since then, the two friends had tried their best not to use their powers to manipulate the game. They didn’t want another Scarlet Hero incident like the Oasis.

Steve had played for a couple of days after the Oasis. But he hadn’t felt Herobrine then as if his friend had somehow disconnected himself from the game. Even now, as Steve headed towards the carnival, he couldn’t feel him.

He wondered if Herobrine was the one behind this but once again he dismissed the thought. His friend wouldn’t have been able to send this e-mail about the carnival. No, whomever sent this to him, he needed to be ready in case it went wrong.

Steve could hear the carnival music before he saw it. It was cheerful and filled the air, beckoning him to come forward. As he walked, he could see the Ferris wheel. He could make out the tents that held the carnival games. There were other rides as well. But no one else but Steve was heading towards it.

There was a fence surrounding the carnival. A creeper with short stubby hands stood by the gate but didn’t try to attack or explode when it saw him. Instead, it stretched out its hand.

“What?” Steve asked, confused, “Ticket? I don’t have one.”

The creeper wiggled its hand again. Steve glanced in his inventory in case he had somehow missed something. But no, there was no ticket. He shrugged at the creeper. Then the creeper reached forward and grabbed Steve’s hand.

“Hey!” He protested.

The creeper ran its fingers over his hand and then nodded, moving to the side. The gate swung open, allowing Steve access into the carnival. He glanced at the creeper before stepping inside.

He wandered around the carnival for a while. The only thing he saw were creepers that were apparently working here. Nothing happened. There was no attack. There was no sign of Herobrine. There was just a carnival.

Perhaps he had been wrong. Maybe this really was some in-game event. But he hadn’t been able to find any information about it. There was something else here. There had to be. He just had to be on his guard.

Steve came to a stop in front of the Ferris wheel. A creeper was waiting patiently next to it. On a whim, he went up to it.

“Can you show me where the person in charge of this carnival is?” Steve asked, feeling silly talking to a creeper.

The creeper blinked slowly and then raised one of its hands, pointing towards a tent at the end of a row of carnival games. Steve hurried towards the tent.

“Hello?” He said as he pulled the flap back and stepped inside.

He came to a stop, marveling at what was in front of him.

It was as if Steve was no longer in the game. He was somewhere different now. All around him were stars. He was standing among the stars. In front of him was a cloaked figure, sitting in front of a crystal ball. The ball was glowing slightly.

Alarmed, Steve turned around but the exit was gone.

The cloaked figure spoke, “You made it.”

“Uh, sure. Here I am. What in the Over World is going on?” He asked.

“I wasn’t sure if you would come to my carnival or not. But I’m so glad you did.”

“Who are you? How are you doing this?”

“Come here, come here.”

“I’d rather stand here.” Steve said, wishing he hadn’t blindly run into the tent.

But the shrouded figure snapped his fingers and suddenly Steve was pulled forward. He couldn’t stop it. He was forced into a chair that appeared in front of the crystal ball. He couldn’t get up. He was stuck to the chair.

“The legendary Steve in my carnival. I cannot believe it.” The figure went as the crystal ball kept glowing.

“Uh, yeah. Here I am. Apparently, I have to be here.” He replied, still trying to get out of the chair.

“Of course. This is your destined meeting. This carnival is your next step.”

“My next step? To what?” Steve asked.

“We’ve been watching you very closely, you know. We’ve been seeing what you have done with Herobrine to save the game. Always watching. Always.” The figure said.

“What? Watching?” He had so many questions yet the figure held up a gloved finger.

“All in good time, boy. I am so glad you have come to the carnival. We’re going to have so much fun.”

Steve opened his mouth to reply – to ask more questions – but he never got the chance. Suddenly, the stars were gone and he was falling, falling into nothing, into the stars. The figure and the crystal ball were gone. It was just Steve.


Chapter Three

Steve hit the ground and let out a gasp. Cold water splashed over him. He scrambled to his feet and looked around. Where was he? What had happened?

In front of him was the carnival. Yet it had changed. Where it was once empty, now it was filled with figures all wearing cloaks. They were outside the rides, outside the tiny booths, on the rides – and all of them were staring at him.

What was this? What had Steve gotten into? The crowd parted and a group of skeletons were running towards him. Their bones were lined with jewels and they were all holding heavy swords.

Great. Wonderful. Steve equipped his diamond sword and shield and backed away from the first skeleton. The skeleton lunged, swinging its sword. Steve deflected with his shield and ducked. He swung his sword at the next skeleton. It cleaved through the jewels and the skeleton turned to ash.

That was some relief, at least. The skeletons didn’t appear to be any stronger than regular skeletons. Steve could take them down.

The skeletons attacked, swinging their swords and trying to push Steve flat against the nearest tent. He ducked and rolled underneath the group. The shrouded figures watched silently. No one tried to help him. They just stared.

He brought his sword up and took care of another skeleton. Then he spun around and blocked a skeleton’s sword. He was making quick work of the skeletons. The last one turned to ash in front of him. All around him were jewels that had fallen off the skeletons.

Out of breath, he looked around the carnival. The figures didn’t move.

“What is this?” He shouted, “What is going on here?”

There was a shift in the crowd. One of the figures stepped forward. Steve gripped his sword tightly in case they decided to attack.

The figure spoke, “We’ve been watching.”

All around him, everyone went, “We’ve been watching.”

“That’s great – watching what?” Steve snapped, “What is this?”

“We are the guardians. We are the hidden tribe in Minecraft. Since the start of the game, we’ve been here. We are the Circle.”

“Wow, that doesn’t sound ominous at all.” Steve replied.

“I am Moon. I am here to view your trials.”

“My trials?” Steve asked.

He was feeling frustrated. What was going on? For the first time in a long time, he felt as if he had no idea what was going on in the game he once knew so well. He had never heard of the Circle. This figure that called himself Moon – was it really a player or some part of the game? Steve raised his shield in case someone else decided to attack.

“We have lost a member of our Circle, long ago, because of you. Now we want you to replace him.”

Steve frowned, “Do you mean Herobrine?”

Moon ignored the question, “You will be going through trials to see if you make the cut. If you do, you will part of the Circle. If you fail, you will be banned from ever playing the game again.”

“Whoa, wait a minute,” Steve exclaimed, “I have questions!”

“The time for questions has passed. You had months to ask your friend questions about us.”

“Herobrine never mentioned the Circle! I couldn’t ask him about something I didn’t even know about. I want my questions answered!”

“Your questions don’t matter. The first trial will now begin.” Moon waved his hand, and the shrouded figures behind him vanished as if they had never been there in the first place.

“Wait!” Steve cried but there was a roaring noise that drowned out his cry.

All around him, fire appeared, crawling across the carnival. He gasped and took a step backwards. But the fire had engulfed the tent near him and was already working its way up the Ferris wheel.

Steve pushed his thoughts to the side. Whoever the Circle was or how he got here, it didn’t matter right now. What mattered was the fact the entire carnival was now up in flames.

He took off at a run. He headed down the straight pathway leading to the exit. But a wall of fire seemed to appear in front of him, keeping him blocked from the exit. It wasn’t regular fire. It was almost as if it was alive. The flames reached out for him as if to pull him in.

Steve spun around and wiped the sweat from his brow. The flames seemed to be closing in. He had to get out of here! He went back the way that he had come, circling around towards the Ferris wheel.

Something was coming out of the flames. At first, Steve thought it was one thing but no, it was a cluster of skeletons, all closely grouped together. The flames didn’t seem to affect them. They were covered in rubies, glittering from the fires, and heading directly for him.

Great. As if things couldn’t get worse. There was a narrow pathway in between two tents. Steve headed towards that. The skeletons came after him, all raising their swords in the air.

He wiggled along the pathway. The sky was red, tinted from the fires that were swallowing up the carnival. This was such a bad idea. He shouldn’t have logged in. Why did Steve always end up in these situations?

He popped out of the other side of the pathway, directly into another group of skeletons.


Chapter Four

The first skeleton lunged towards Steve. He raised his shield and sent the skeleton off balance, allowing him to slice the skeleton down with his diamond sword. The rest of the skeletons circled around him. The fire was closing in. He only had a couple of minutes to get out of here before it was too late.

He took down two more skeletons. The remaining three closed in and attacked him at the same time. Steve spun around, blocking the attack with his shield. Yet one skeleton attacked low, striking him off balance. He fell and hit the ground. He rolled quickly away as a skeleton’s sword crashed down, narrowly missing him.

Steve scrambled to his feet and almost fell face first into the fire. There was one way out and it was closing rapidly. As the three skeletons regrouped to attack, he decided he didn’t want to waste any more time with them.

He ran, leaping into the pathway and took off down it. The fire seemed to be closing in around him. He could see the exit to the carnival. He wasn’t going to make it! Steve could feel panic creeping up on him. No, he couldn’t even think about failing! He just had to run as quickly as he could and he would get through –

The fire grew larger as if it were angry with him. This fire was unnatural. The Circle must have magic or something fueling it.

At the last possible second, Steve pushed off the ground and leapt forward. He toppled through the exit, rolling out onto the grass. He swiftly got to his feet, worried that the fire would chase him.

But the fire stopped at the edge of the carnival. It licked the fence but didn’t go any farther. Steve slumped down on the ground and tried to catch his breath. Had he made it? It appeared so.

“Good job.”

He whirled around. Moon was standing there. Steve got to his feet and hurried over to him. He was going to make this man tell him just what was going on! No more waiting –

He slammed into an invisible wall which sent him falling to the ground again. He landed on his back and gasped for air. Moon must have some magic around him, protecting him even from Steve.

Moon ignored the fact that Steve was currently laying on the ground, “You have passed the first trial. I knew that we would not be disappointed in you. I look forward to seeing you pass the remaining trials.”

Steve forced himself to sit up. He studied the figure. Moon was still covered. His cloak and hood made it impossible to see anything about him. His voice was neutral. There was never any emotion in it.

“Can you at least tell me what is going on?”

“I have.”

“No, not that! I want to know more about who you are. What the Circle is? What Herobrine has to do with this?”

But Moon merely shook his head, “You had plenty of time to discover this from Herobrine. Perhaps, if you ever find him again, you can ask him these questions.”

Steve tried to ask something else but there was a puff of smoke. When it cleared, Moon was gone. Steve sat there, unsure of what to do next. Was he even still in the regular world of Minecraft? Everything here looked slightly different. The textures were off as if they didn’t belong to the main server.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Steve had found himself in a new section of Minecraft. The Snow Labyrinth, the Oasis, even the first time he had faced Scarlet Hero, had all been in strange new lands of Minecraft.

The entire trial thing reminded him of what Herobrine had originally put him through. That felt ages ago. Had Herobrine gave him trials because of what he had learned from the Circle?

How could Steve be finding out something new about Herobrine? He had thought he had known everything about his friend. But now there was a new puzzle piece in his lap.

Unsure of what to do next, Steve decided to log out of the game. He would come back tomorrow and see if there was something waiting for him.


During the next day, Steve found himself dwelling on Minecraft. He searched online for rumors about the Circle but found nothing. There was nothing about the Circle anywhere. Rumors and legends about Herobrine were all over the internet. No one besides Steve and whoever the Scarlet Hero had been had actually seen Herobrine. But there were tons of guesses about him.

But for the Circle, it was as they didn’t exist. Steve kept thinking back to them. They had been shrouded, carefully hidden, and had been able to e-mail him an invite. Did that mean they existed outside the game too? What if they were a group of players?

Steve was anxious to log in when he got home the next day. He waited for the game to load. His character spawned in the field just outside the burnt carnival. It was night time in the game. Nothing had changed. He was stuck in wherever the Circle had placed him until he finished the trials.

For the first time in months, Steve decided to try to connect to Herobrine. He would only try for a few seconds, not wanting to use too much power. It had to be like this now. It was safer for the game.

He closed his eyes and briefly reached out for Herobrine. Yet there was nothing. He was used to Herobrine vanishing for a long period. On top of that, it wasn’t as if Steve had been spending a lot of time in Minecraft.

Could Herobrine be gone from the game? What if the Circle had done something?

Steve was lost in thought and didn’t see the light in the distance at first. As he came out of his thoughts, he saw it. It looked like a candle in the distance, flickering. Could this be where he was supposed to go?

There was nothing else around him. Clearly, he couldn’t wait around here any longer. Steve got to his feet and checked his inventory. He had everything he needed. He set out towards the light.

The ground was odd. It didn’t feel like regular grass. It almost felt bouncy and squishy. Even the moon was on the opposite side of the sky. He truly wasn’t in the regular Minecraft server.

Steve got to the edge of the hill and looked downwards. There didn’t seem to be any creatures out even though it was night. Even so, he was on his guard. The second trial could start at any time.

He carefully walked down the hill and made sure not to trip. He got to the bottom and looked at the flickering light. It seemed to belong to a house. Steve cut across a field of flowers as he made his way towards it.

Yet as he walked, the game seemed to be acting stranger. His steps were slower and he felt tired. Each step took longer. His vision grew darker. He yawned. As he dragged his feet towards the house, he lost his footing and fell forward. Steve landed face first in the field of flowers and promptly fell asleep.


Chapter Five

In his dream, Elena, Herobrine and Steve were having a picnic. They had pies, sandwiches and a large cake in the middle of them. The flowers were taller than they were and swayed in the breeze.

“Don’t hog the cake.” Elena said and crammed more gum in her mouth.

Herobrine was laughing, taking a giant piece of pie, “Isn’t this nice?”

Steve wanted to agree but he felt as if he had something he needed to be doing. Not that he didn’t want to spend time with his friends but…

“Steve, why aren’t you having any cake? Do you not want any?” Elena asked him.

“No, I –” His voice sounded funny to his ears and he tried to get up, “I have to go.”

Herobrine frowned, “Go where?”

“I…don’t remember…”

“Then just stay here. You’re always running away and doing things. Just relax for a few minutes. Have some cake and unwind.” Herobrine went on kindly, motioning to the cake.

Steve stared at the cake. It did look delicious. A little bit would be okay, wouldn’t it? Yes, that sounded good. He leaned over to grab a slice of cake and accidentally brushed against Elena’s hand.

He frowned. The touch had triggered something. His brain was yelling at him loudly. Elena had been extremely cold. Why was she so cold? Steve shook his head and tore himself away from the cake, getting to his feet.

“No. No, something is wrong here. I have to go. I can’t stay.”

Herobrine stood up as well, “Steve, stay with us.”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?” Elena asked.

But Steve was backing away from the picnic. Each step he took resulted in memories coming back to him. He could picture the carnival burning. The hooded figures.

“This isn’t real.” Steve mumbled.

Herobrine frowned, “You’re speaking nonsense.”

But no, Steve knew that he was right. None of this was real. This had to be a trial or something caused by the flowers he had run through. It was time to go. Steve turned around to leave but Herobrine reached out and grabbed him by the wrist.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Herobrine’s voice was changing, growing deeper and deeper, “You’re staying with us.”

“That’s right,” Elena said although her voice was changing as well, “You’re staying right here.”

Steve looked over his shoulder to see that Herobrine and Elena were gone. Instead, in their places, were two strange looking creatures. They looked as if a ghast and a zombie pig men had somehow combined. They were floating in the air with strange looking tentacles hanging off them. When they opened their mouths, the screech of a zombie pig man came out.

Steve took off running. The creatures came after him. They were floating quickly. He didn’t have any weapons. He had nothing to defend himself with. He had thought if he had told the illusions he knew they weren’t real the dream would have ended. Instead, he was being attacked!

The smaller creature shot a fireball. Steve ducked as it soared over his head, narrowly missing him.

Was this his second trail? Perhaps he couldn’t get out of here until he took these monsters down. The larger creature let out a screech. Its tentacles wrapped around Steve’s ankle. It pulled on him, sending Steve to his feet in the middle of the field of long grass.

Steve grabbed a fistful of dirt and rolled onto his back, tossing it in the creature’s eyes. It let out a sound of annoyance and loosened its gripped on Steve’s ankle. The second creature was floating close to him. From here, he could see that it had a small mouth lined with sharp teeth. They were like floating, evil balloons. Great. He could practically imagine a little string hanging from it to hold onto.

Steve turned to run when something caught his eye. What was that? There was no way…

He began to run but glanced over his shoulder. Sure enough, the smaller monster had a string hanging from it. Steve had imagined it and it had appeared in the dream. He grinned.

Turning back to look at the never-ending field ahead of him, he thought about a diamond sword and shield. In the distance, it appeared. It glowed under the sun. Steve dodged another fireball and snatched up his weapon.

Of course. Why hadn’t he realized it before? This was a dream after all. He could manipulate certain parts of it!

Turning sharply on his heel, Steve raised his shield and deflected one of the fireballs. It slammed back into the smaller creature who let out a shriek and began to dart around him faster in anger.

The larger of the two attempted to grab Steve’s weapons out of his hands with its tentacles. But Steve slashed at it with his sword. It sliced through the tentacles with ease. The monster let out a series of small barking noises as if it were frustrated.

Both were moving faster now. They were flying around with the same speed as a wither. Steve was having a hard time keeping his eye on them. One of them collided with him, sending him falling onto the ground.

He rolled onto his back and quickly brought up his shield. The creature slammed against it as it tried to grab onto him. Steve brought his legs back and then kicked the monster. He imagined the monster floating high in the air like a balloon from his kick.

The monster let out a screech as it floated high into the sky. It kept raising, higher and higher, until it was just a small dot. Steve and the remaining creature watched it as if they couldn’t believe where it was going.

Once it was gone, the creature that was left turned on Steve but he was already bringing his sword down on it. The monster had been too distracted and that was its undoing. With a wail, the balloon-like monster turned to ash at Steve’s feet.

Steve looked around to see if more of these strange creatures were going to leap out at him. But the dream was already fading. After a few seconds, he was back in the field of flowers. He was on his back, looking up at the night sky.

Blinking rapidly, Steve sat up. Everything looked the same. It was as if he hadn’t just been yanked into another place. That had to be the second trial, right?

It was hard not to be frustrated. This place made no sense to him. He wanted to know what the Circle was and what Herobrine had to do with it. He wanted to know why he was going through trials for something he didn’t even understand. He wanted to get out of here.

The house with the candle was nearby. Steve sighed and set off towards it.


Chapter Six

Steve wasn’t sure what to expect when he came into the house. Even without any expectations, he felt disappointed that the house was almost empty. The candle in the window has reminded him of Herobrine back in the Oasis. Part of him had been hoping that his friend would be here.

But no, instead of Herobrine, it was Moon who was standing in the corner.

“Great, you’re back,” Steve said with a groan, “Mind explaining what happened in the field?”

“Congratulations, you have passed your second trial.” Moon said to him.

“Great, another trial completed for something I don’t even understand.”

“Once the trials are completed, you will be part of the Circle. You will be given the task to protect Minecraft at its very core.”

“What is this?” Steve snapped, losing his cool, “You must exist outside the game. That’s how you sent me that e-mail. How can a group like the Circle exists and no one know about it besides Herobrine? Which, might I add, I don’t even know if he was a member of this Circle and you’re lying.”

Moon tilted his head to one side. Steve was itching to yank the hood off him and see what was underneath. But he stopped himself before he could do anything silly.

“The Circle has been in Minecraft since its very creation. We have always been here. We study the players. We study how the game grows. Of course, we have noticed you, Steve. We know what you have done. You’ve gone to places that no other player has gone to…” Moon drifted off and Steve wondered if he was thinking about Elena, who had also been around for some of the adventures.

“And what, Herobrine was part of your group? If he left, what did you do? You must have done something to make him leave.”

“We did nothing. Ask Herobrine why you are here whenever you find him. Why has he left? Why is he content with having you replace him in the Circle? Those aren’t questions for me. Those are questions for your friend.”

Steve didn’t get a chance to reply. Moon was fading in front of his eyes. There was a cloud of smoke and he was gone, leaving Steve alone in the house.

He sighed, feeling tired. It was time to log off. He’d worry about this house and if it held any secrets tomorrow. In the meantime, he had something else that he wanted to do in the real world.


“Thanks for coming by without calling at all or letting me know you’d be heading over here.” Elena joked as Steve trailed after her into her bedroom.

“Sorry, I didn’t – are you busy?”

“Finishing up some homework. It’s fine. I assume if you’ve come over here, there has to be something important to talk about.”

Steve told Elena everything that had happened in Minecraft. When he finished, she was staring at him intently.

“I got one of those e-mails.” She finally went.


She repeated herself and added, “Came like an hour ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You seemed very intent to tell me about the whole Circle story and that guy in the hoodie or cloak or whatever. I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“It’s my fault that you got an invite. I reminded them of you.”

“So, I’ll just ignore it. I’m not a player like you are, Steve. You know the game inside and out. I just play it for fun. Well. I used to before we get all swept up in everything.”

“If I log in from my computer, it will bring me into the Circle. But if I log in from yours, it might give me a chance to see if it log in elsewhere. If it puts me back in the Over World, I can try to reach Herobrine.”

“Herobrine vanished,” Elena gently reminded him, “He’s not using his powers in the game anymore. You’ve tried reaching out to him before and it doesn’t work.”

“What if he’s hiding because he isn’t using his powers but because of the Circle?”

“You think he’s in trouble again? He’s always in trouble.”

“No, I mean, what if he is hiding because he doesn’t want the Circle to find him? Moon makes it sound as if he did something to them, left them somehow, and now they want a replacement.”

“If he’s hiding from them, he isn’t going to reach out to us either. He’s going to stay hidden. What makes you think that you can reach out for him?”

“Because…we’re friends.” Steve said.


Chapter Seven

To Steve’s amazement, he loaded into the Over World. His server at home must be directly linked to the Circle. If he loaded in that save data, he would end up there. On Elena’s computer, however, he made a new avatar and loaded into a fresh new save file.

“How is he going to know it’s you?” Elena asked as she sat next to him.

“He’ll know.” Steve said although he wasn’t a hundred percent confident on that fact.

This new save file played exactly like Minecraft did for every other player besides himself and Elena. It was odd being back to playing it like this. Steve had forgotten just how much freedom he had in the game.

Even so, he headed to the nearest pond in the game.

“How will he see this?”

“Herobrine exists in the game, remember? He’ll see it eventually.”

“What if the Circle sees it?” Elena asked.

“They won’t be looking for it. They’re waiting for you to come to the carnival and for me to finish the trials. They won’t be expecting me to have made a new save file on a new server and reach out to Herobrine. We just have to hope this works.”

Elena leaned back in her chair, “Steve, do you ever think about just shutting the game off sometimes?”

“What? No.”

“Your life would be easier.”

“Yeah but what about Minecraft and Herobrine? They would need help.”

“I know, I know. You’re right. I was just saying.” She shrugged.

Steve shook his head, “No way. We have other things to think about right now. I have to leave a message to Herobrine.”

He turned back to the game. Elena yawned next to him. He understood where she was coming from. It was true, in a way, if Steve left the game behind he wouldn’t be caught up in this mess.

But Steve could never do that. Minecraft was important to him. So was Herobrine. He was going to protect the game, no matter what.

Inside the game, he searched for the materials needed to craft paper. It took him a little longer than he wanted since he had to run around and find them. He was used to having everything in his house, ready and waiting in chests.

After he made the paper, he went to the pond and composed his message. This took the longest. Elena and Steve went back and forth on what they could write that would get Herobrine’s attention and still make sure the Circle wouldn’t know it was them.

When they finished, the message read:

H –

The test has started. Stuck. Please advise.

Steve dropped the message near the pond and logged out of the game. Then he looked over at Elena.

“Do you think he will understand the message? It was pretty vague.” She asked him.

“He’ll understand.” Steve said with a confidence he didn’t feel.

“Now what?”

Steve looked at the computer, “I’ll go back into my game and see what is the next trial. You stay logged in. Herobrine might reach out to you instead. In any case, don’t go to the carnival, Elena. You’ll just get dragged into the trials and I need you out in the game world.”

She scoffed, “As if I was going to go to those trials. Can you imagine? I’d fail the first one and be stuck in that weird zone forever.”

They hung out for a little bit longer and then Steve headed home.

He hoped his plan would work.


Chapter Eight

Steve logged into the game once he got home. He was half-hoping that there would be some sort of letter from Herobrine or even Herobrine himself waiting for him.

But the house was unchanged. The candle was flickering in the window. It was day time now. With the sun out, Steve poked his head out of the house and climbed on top of the roof to see if he could see anything.

There was an ocean to the east, over a hill. To the west appeared to be some sort of jungle. Straight ahead, however, there seemed to be an actual town. Steve stared at it, trying to see if he could make out some details to it.

There were a small cluster of houses and a plaza in the middle. There looked to be a statue there although Steve couldn’t make out the details very well. Should he go there next? It was probably the next logical conclusion.

He got down off the roof and then started the trek to the town. Nothing happened as he walked there. Moon didn’t appear. There was no word from Herobrine. Elena didn’t call him either.

It took him long enough to get to the town that the sun was starting to lower by the time he climbed up a hill and could see it. He hurried down the hill, eager to get into town before the sun set. Even though it appeared as if normal rules didn’t apply down here, he still didn’t feel comfortable being out after dark.

As he got closer to the town, however, something made Steve slow down. He frowned. Through the fence that surrounded the town, he saw something usual. There were statues all over the plaza. The statues were made to look like people going about their day doing normal things. They were shopping or crafting. Some of them were going into their homes.

He came to a stop just outside the gate. The latch was broken so he could easily go inside. Even so, he hesitated. There was something spooky about the town. All these statues frozen in place…as if someone had come along and trapped people in stone.

That’s impossible, he scolded himself. There was no way that these could be real players of Minecraft, stuck in stone. Ignoring the eerie feeling, Steve opened the gate and stepped into the town.

For a split second, he was expecting to be attacked by something. Wither skeletons. More of those strange floating balloon monsters. Something. But nothing changed. Okay, he wasn’t going to stick around here. Better to just cut across the town and head on. There was nothing here he wanted to discover.

Moving around the statues, Steve was in the town square in a minute. There were more statues here. In the center of the plaza was the massive statue he had seen from the rooftop earlier. It was of a shrouded figure, like Moon, staring down at everyone. Its eyes were made of diamonds. It felt as if it was staring at Steve.

“This place is creepy.” He mumbled to himself, heading down the main street.

His shoes echoed loudly against the cobblestones. He kept glancing over his shoulder. The air was still. The sun had dipped behind the horizon now, leaving him in darkness.

He didn’t have a torch or any materials to craft them. Instead, he just hurried along the streets until he came out at the other side. There was a fence along with the gate he could go through to leave the town.

Steve went over to the gate but it was locked. He tugged on it but it didn’t budge. Steve looked at the tall fence, wondering if he could climb over it and leave. Maybe he should have just gone around instead of coming here.

The fence was too tall to climb over. He wondered if he should just go back the way he came and leave through the entrance there. It would mean being in here longer but it appeared to be his only choice.

Steve went to walk through the town again. He was passing by a building when something caught his eye. He stopped in front it. There was an engraving on the wall but it was covered in dirt and dust. He leaned over and brushed it clean, exposing what he had thought he had seen.

Herobrine’s name was on the marking. It was in small letters. Had he…lived here? Steve looked up at the building. Was this some sort of apartment building? It probably was.

Steve knew he needed to leave. This place was creepy and bad news. But Herobrine’s name was here. How could he just turn around and leave? Before he could talk himself out of it, he opened the door and stepped inside.


Chapter Nine

It really was an apartment building, Steve thought, as he stepped into the lobby. Out of all the creations Steve had seen in his time in Minecraft, he had never seen something so…ordinary.

The place had been left alone for a long time. There were no statues in the lobby, just moss covering the floor and walls. The tiles were cracked and chipping. It was quiet. Steve went up the stairs. Herobrine’s room was on the second floor.

The stairs creaked underneath his weight and he walked slowly in case they decided to break on him. He glanced down the hallway of the first floor. All the doors were closed. He walked up to the second floor and stopped.

There was a single door open here. The rest were shut. Steve was starting to realize that he was being drawn here. He was supposed to consider Herobrine’s apartment. All this time he thought he had some free will. Was this the third trial?

Clutching his sword in case of monsters, he crept down the hallway. He glanced into Herobrine’s room but it appeared empty. Slowly, he walked inside. The room had nothing in it. Always empty rooms in this land, Steve thought to himself as he walked through the rooms.

There wasn’t anything important in here. He had thought there would be something – a clue about Herobrine’s past or something that would explain the circle – but everything was empty.

Why was he brought here? What could he be missing? Steve walked through the rooms again. He pressed against the walls to check for secret passages. There was nothing.

He shrugged. Fine. He’d go back the way he came and get out of here. If this was a trial, he must have failed it because he couldn’t figure it out.

Steve headed towards the door but it was closed. He tried to open it but the lock was jammed. He threw himself against the wooden frame but it didn’t budge.

“Wonderful.” He complained to himself.

There were still the windows. He could break one and climb down. Walking over to the nearest one, he brought his sword against the glass. It shattered and he brushed the glass carefully from the window frame.

Ducking his head, Steve climbed through the window. It was then he looked down and saw that the town was gone. Instead of the town and statues, there were stars everyone. It was exactly like when Moon had spoken to him in the tent.

Startled by the sight of being among the stars, Steve let go of the window. He toppled off the side of the building. He closed his eyes, afraid of falling forever, but instead he felt himself gently coming to a stop and landing on his feet.

He opened his eyes. His heart was beating very quickly but he tried to get his fear under control. Alright, so now something was happening at least.

Steve walked forward. He was somehow walking among the stars. Behind him, the building remained. It was his last connection to the other world. He took a step forward and then the stars began to change color. They went from white to yellow and slowly began to change to red the more he walked.

A hazy image of Herobrine appeared in front of him. Alarmed, Steve rushed forward.

“Herobrine!” He exclaimed at the sight of his friend.

But his friend didn’t seem to hear him. Herobrine flickered like a bad transmission. He wasn’t looking at Steve either.

“I’ve passed the trials,” Herobrine was saying to someone, “Am I part of the Circle now?”

“Herobrine,” Someone was replying, “You have come far and wide to pass the trials. You were once the greatest Minecraft player. Do you think you are ready to join the Circle?”

Steve’s mind swirled. Herobrine had once been a Minecraft player? That couldn’t be true. It didn’t make any sense. Herobrine belonged in the game. He was part of the game code.

“I’m ready.” He replied.

“Then, from this moment on, you are part of the Circle.”

The image vanished as quickly as it had appeared, leaving Steve standing there in confusion. The stars were changing color again and Herobrine popped back up.

“It is time for you to bring someone into the Circle.” Someone was telling Herobrine.

Steve watched Herobrine nod but there was something off about him. Something different. He looked nervous. Steve had never seen Herobrine look that way before and they had been in a lot of trouble.

“You know that this is part of being in the Circle. We are always looking for new members. Will you do this, Herobrine?”

“Yes…” Herobrine said and he was vanishing again.

The stars shifted to purple and Herobrine was back. He was pacing this time and looked anxious.

“I can’t do it.”

“Why not?” Another voice asked.

“You know why. Don’t pretend you don’t know. I can’t bring anyone to the Circle. Joining was a mistake. How can I bring someone else? Knowing what it is like…I can’t.”

“Herobrine, if you don’t, you know what will happen.” The other voice protested.

But Steve watched Herobrine shake his head, “No, I have an idea. I know what I’m going to do.”

Suddenly, the stars went dark. Steve was thrown into darkness. The air around him got very cold. He gripped his sword in case he was suddenly going to be attacked by something. It felt as if the stars were vibrating. What was that?

Whatever had been holding Steve up gave out. He was tumbling in the darkness, unable to reach out and grab onto anything. As he spun downwards, he realized that he might have fallen into a trap. Maybe this was the end?

He slammed hard against something. The wind was knocked out of his lungs. Whatever he landed on shattered and Steve was falling again. Around him were dark shapes, blurring and swirling around him until he landed into a pool of water.

Gasping, Steve pulled himself out of the water. He was in a fountain. He had ended up back in the town somehow. What in the Over World had just happened? He rolled out of the fountain and coughed up water. His head felt dizzy and walking was too hard now. Better to stay here and try to regroup – try to put everything together –

But he didn’t get any time. No, Steve didn’t get any time to think about what he had just seen or how he had fallen from the sky.

Because all the statues were now moving towards him.


Chapter Ten

All the statues were moving. It was as if someone had pressed a switch on them and brought them to life. Steve stumbled to his feet. He was freezing from the water and disoriented from the fall.

The statues were lurching towards him. With each step they took, they seemed to move a bit quicker. How could this be possible? Steve had never seen statues come to life before. Had they been watching him this entire time? Man, he had known this place was creepy!

Steve decided he wasn’t going to stick around. He’d go back the way he had come and find a way around the town. The first of the statue people were closing in on him. He darted past them. They reached out at him and attempted to grab his clothing.

Steve yanked his arm free and ducked as one of them tried to lunge. The stones that had been covering them were falling off. All around him, the statues were coming free of their shells.

He realized quite quickly that they weren’t human underneath. Underneath the shells that had encased them, Steve saw that they were zombie pig men. His luck really was terrible.

Free of their statue casing, the zombie pig men chased down Steve. He could see the gate, glinting like a promise, ahead of him. But he knew he wasn’t going to reach it in time. The pig men moved quickly, eager to get to him.

The first small group cornered him between a house and them. They were making their strange noises as they waved their swords wildly. Steve backed up. His back was pressed against the house.

More of the zombie pig men were swarming around him. He needed to get out of here. He inched along the wall of the house.

“Why don’t we talk about this?” He said to them although they ignored him, “We can discuss our differences. I don’t know much about uh, being a zombie pig man but I’m sure it’s fascinating.”

His hand closed around the door handle pressing into his back. One of the pig men raised its sword. Steve twisted the handle and fell backwards into the house. He kicked the door shut. The pig men threw themselves against it, bashing on the door.

They’d be around the house soon. It wouldn’t take long for them to break the windows and start coming inside. Steve got to his feet and climbed up the stairs. He heard glass shatter below.

He was in a hallway. There was a window here which he broke with the hilt of his sword. He wiggled out of it, hoping that this time he didn’t get sucked into the stars again. Steve climbed to the roof. He looked down. The zombie pig men had surrounded the place. All of them were making that strange, horrifying noise as they tried to get to him.

Steve went to the edge of the roof. If he leapt from here, he could make it over the fence. But he was high up and it was a dangerous jump. On top of that, if the zombie pig men could take down the fence, there was no way Steve could out run them all.

But he had no choice. He had to try to jump and make it. Steve backed up. He took a deep breath. Then he began to run. A few seconds later, he was soaring through the sky. Underneath him were the zombie pig men. His stomach swooped. He wasn’t going to make it. He was going to collide with the fence –

Steve cleared the fence and a second later hit the ground painfully. He groaned and looked over his shoulder. The zombie pig men threw themselves against the fence. They were clawing at it and trying to get to Steve.

But the fence held in place. They couldn’t knock it down to get to him. Relief swept through Steve as he got to his feet. He was sore all over and limping a little. He needed to find somewhere to sit down and drink a healing potion. He had pushed himself too far. He was sure he had somehow twisted his ankle in the fall. That didn’t surprise Steve. He had leapt off that thing.

He circled around the town. Progress was slow because he was injured. On top of that, the zombie pig men were still at the fence. They were screeching at him, determined to get to him. Steve tried to ignore them and focus on what he had discovered. His mind felt heavy as if it was full of too many things.

What had this town been originally? Had people lived here? Steve tried to picture how people could live in a place like this. The town had looked normal. Yet the zombie pig men had been contained in the statues.

Steve had never seen anything like that before and he had seen tons of strange things throughout his adventures. Yet what was even stranger was the fact that Herobrine had been apparently part of the Circle.

If that had really been Herobrine, then Steve wasn’t sure what to make of it. Herobrine had joined the Circle. Yet he had left. That explained why his friend had always kept himself hidden in the game. He was trying to lay low from the Circle.

Why hadn’t Herobrine told him? He had all these questions and no way to ask Herobrine. Steve wanted to know why his friend had kept this a secret. But what did Steve really know about Herobrine?

Herobrine had given Steve trials, hadn’t he? It felt like ages ago but it had happened. Steve had passed them and had been given powers.

What if Herobrine had been able to do that because of his connection to the Circle?

He had thought that he had known everything about Herobrine.

Now he was wondering if he knew anything at all.


Chapter Eleven

Steve slumped by a tree. He let out a small sigh of relief. The town was out of his view now. He had left it behind and the zombie pig men hadn’t escaped. Now he could focus on healing himself.

He was in a field. Distantly, Steve thought he could smell the ocean. Perhaps he was close by. He wondered if this place was an island. That would make it a lot harder to leave.

Steve drank a health potion. He felt better almost instantly. He yawned. The time cycles here were strange. They didn’t seem to last for the same time. Sometimes it was day time for a few minutes. Other times, the sun appeared to linger in the sky. Like all strange, glitched out areas in the world of Minecraft, time had no meaning here.

Currently, the sun was slowly sinking behind the horizon. But it was going so slowly that Steve wasn’t going to worry about night time coming any time soon. He’d climb this tree and log off for the night. That would give him time to think about everything going on.

“Congratulations on passing the third trial.”

Steve stifled a groan, “Hi, Moon.”

Moon appeared in front of him, stepping from behind the tree.

“What was that trial, anyway?” Steve asked, wishing Moon would stop just magically appearing out of thin air.

“It was a glimpse of the past and an ultimate test to show you that things aren’t always what they seem.”

“You’re talking about Herobrine.”

“Do you think that I am?” Moon asked.

“Please, who else would you be talking about? I saw what you showed me. You’re trying to tell me that Herobrine worked with the Circle.”

“Herobrine betrayed the Circle,” Moon said and for the first time there was a hard edge in his voice, “You appear to be his apprentice. It is only fitting that you take his place.”

“Listen, I want to know –”

“Ask Herobrine for the truth. In the meantime, you have more trials to go through.”

“How many are there?” Steve protested but Moon had vanished already, leaving him alone.

He groaned. He didn’t want to deal with anymore trials. How many could there be just to join the Circle? The truth was that Steve didn’t want to join the Circle. There was something weird about them and something that he didn’t trust.

Yet at the same time, they were giving him more information about Herobrine than he had ever gotten. He was greedy for more of it.

Steve climbed the tree and logged off. Rubbing his eyes, he practically collapsed into bed. He was exhausted. He couldn’t stop thinking about Herobrine and the Circle. Elena hadn’t called him which meant Herobrine hadn’t reached out yet.

Where was he?


Steve was dreaming. In it, he was walking around the Over World but each step he took resulted in him sinking into the ground. He tried to break free yet that only made it worse. Moon was watching.

“We’ve been here from the start.” Moon said to him calmly as Steve tried to break free.

There was a knocking noise in the distance. Someone trying to get his attention? Steve didn’t know. He reached out for Moon but –

He woke up, blinking rapidly. Steve heard the knocking noise. It hadn’t just been in his dream. Someone was knocking on the door downstairs.

He pulled himself out of bed. His clock said it was seven in the morning. Who could be knocking at the front door this early?

Steve hurried to the door and opened it. A boy his age stood in front of him. He had never seen this man before. He was wearing baggy clothes and his hair was black and messy. His eyes were darting around nervously.

“Uhm…can I help you?” Steve asked the boy.

His eyes stopped moving around and he looked at Steve, “Yes.”

When he didn’t say anything else, Steve went, “Well, what is it?”

And then the boy said, “Steve, it’s me.”

Steve frowned.

The boy went on:

“It’s me, Herobrine.”






About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Steve thought that he knew everything about his friend, Herobrine. He was wrong. When a mysterious group called the Circle reaches out to Steve, he finds himself pulled into a strange new land in Minecraft. The Circle, and a shrouded figure named Moon, claims to have been around since the start of the game. More importantly, they say that Herobrine was once a member of their group. Unable to get a hold of Herobrine, Steve is stuck facing the Circle’s trials. With the help of Elena, he must navigate this odd place and find out the truth about his friend, Herobrine. What Steve discovers will shock him. Will he be able to complete the trials? This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.

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The Quest: The Trials of the Circle, Book 13: The Guardians The Quest: The Trials of the Circle, Book 13: The Guardians