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The Quest: Steve and the Scarlet Hero, Book 4: The Return of Herobrine


The Quest: Steve and the Scarlet Hero, Book 4: The Return of Herobrine



Copyright 2016 Mark Mulle

Published by Mark Mulle at Shakespir





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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







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Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

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Chapter Six

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Chapter Eight

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Chapter One

When Steve logged onto the Minecraft forums, he saw that he had twenty new messages. He sighed and clicked on the link. His eyes scanned the messages that other players had sent to him. They were all about Herobrine. Since Steve had posted screenshots of his character’s eyes and tried to explain what he had discovered through the game, his popularity in the community had soared.

Most people loved the tale of Herobrine and what Steve had learned through his adventures. The reaction had been very positive. But a few people had thought he was making it all up. The first new message, for instance, was clearly from someone who thought he had hacked the game to change his character’s appearance.

Steve read a few of the messages but didn’t reply to any. What could he say? He had posted what he had learned from Herobrine to try to help the community out. If people didn’t want to believe him, then he wasn’t going to worry about it.

Steve clicked to the main page and scrolled through the new posts. One caught his eye. It was from a new user named ScarletHero1. The title was Herobrine Evil! He clicked it before he could stop himself and began to read it.

The forum post told everyone about how Scarlet Hero had run into Herobrine during their game. Their house had been burnt down when they had seen him. He offered the player no help. Apparently, Herobrine just stood there and stared as the Scarlet Hero tried to get out of the house before it burned down.

“I have to say that I doubt very much Herobrine is some inside character in Minecraft that is here to try to enlighten us or help us out. I know up until now Steve has been the only person who claims to have seen Herobrine but I have now. And he is not friendly nor helpful. He is a scary monster, waiting to ruin what we have spent so long in our game to build!” The post ended.

Steve frowned and re-read it. Parts of it sounded a little true. Herobrinehad made him jump through hoops to try to help him learn parts of the game and slay the Ender Dragon. Even so, he had still learnt a lot, even when he lost Growls. It didn’t sound like Herobrine to attack like that without some sort of meaning.

The replies to the post were divided. Some people were agreeing and others were saying that wasn’t what Steve had claimed Herobrine was like. Steve thought for a moment and then typed up a reply to the post, trying to find out more information.

In the meantime, he decided that he would enter the game. He logged onto his save file. Last time he had played; he had been tending to his farm. It was strange playing without Growls. It was sort of lonely. Enlightenment was nice and being a hero was pretty sweet too but he definitely missed Growls.

He finished farming and went into his house. There had been some adjustments to it. Steve had added a new room to it to put his treasures in and had tried to organize things after everything finished with Herobrine. He was pleased with it now. As he stepped inside, he looked around it with a sense of accomplishment.

Steve stored the food and picked out what he felt like eating today. It was then that the door slammed shut behind him. It startled him and he leapt up and turned around. No one was there.

“Hello?” Steve asked, “Herobrine?”

There was no reply. Steve knew he normally tried to communicate through books with Herobrine but after achieving enlightenment, he had been able to speak in single player mode with ease.

Steve went over to the front door and it was locked. He rattled it but it didn’t open. He sighed.

“Really?This again?Herobrine, we already did this sort of trial and frankly, I really am not up to it again right now.”

Still nothing. Steve looked around to try to see what would be the best way out of the house. He had added a back door in his renovations. He would try that. Steve turned around and headed down the hallway to the back door.

As he walked passed the window, something caught his eye. Steve froze and stared at it. His entire farm was on fire! It looked as if some sort of towering inferno was coming through the farm. Steve tried to open the back door but it didn’t budge. He swung his pickaxe into the window try to break it but that didn’t work either. Somehow, it bounced off the glass and left it intact.

Steve was trying not to panic. There had to be some sort of reason for this sort of thing. It was exactly the sort of thing Herobrine used to do. Was he back? He thought about the post he had read before he had logged online today. This was similar to what that Scarlet Hero user had posted.

The flames were heading towards the house now. They didn’t move like normal flames. They were coming towards the house quickly. Soon, they would be at his house. Steve ran to the new treasure room he had built. He had added abasement but it was hidden underneath a statue he had gotten from a jungle temple he had explored recently.

The fire had reached the house. It was suddenly stifling hot, as if he were in the Nether. He could hear the flames roaring through the house. Surely, magic or something was propelling this? It couldn’t have been a regular fire!

The fire whipped down the hallway, going past the treasure room. It blocked Steve’s exit. If the basement wasn’t unlocked, he was going to be in serious trouble. He threw his weight against the statue and began to push it out of the way. Man, it was heavy! Next time, Steve thought, he wasn’t going to put such a heavy object on an escape route.

The flames were entering the treasure room now and going up to the roof. Sweat rolled off of Steve as he successfully moved the statue. He yanked on the basement door and it lifted. Relief swept through him. Whatever power was trying to keep him in the house didn’t know about this door.

He jumped down into the basement and closed the door just as the fire hit it. Steve was sure that the fire would burn through the door in no time. He had to hurry. He turned around and scampered through the basement. There was a door on the opposite side of the basement. Down here, Steve had shoved all sorts of junk. It went clattering to the ground as he crossed the basement.

He heard the door to the basement burst into flame. The fire was going to be down here any second now. Steve moved through a pile of junk and got to the exit. He yanked on it.

It didn’t open.

Panic surged through Steve. He looked behind him and saw the flames licking up the basement as if it were alive. He tried to open it again but it refused to budge. Steve took the pickaxe he had equipped and swung wildly at the door.

The wood broke apart and he managed to stick his hand through it and get to the lock. He unlocked it and pushed forward. The door broke free and Steve clawed his way out of the basement before the fire got to him.

He spilled out onto the grass and gasped for air. Everything was smoky. He could barely see in front of his face. Everything had gone up in flames.

Then Steve heard it – a low, cackling noise filled his ear. He got to his feet, still clutching his pickaxe and looked around for the source of the noise.

Then, it appeared. Someone appeared directly in front of him. It was so quick that all Steve saw were the whites of someone’s eyes and then everything went dark.





Chapter Two

Steve stared at his computer. It had shut off! He pressed some keys on his keyboard but nothing changed. How could that be? He leaned back in his chair, thinking about what had just happened.

Somehow, his entire house had gone up in flames and he had barely been able to escape. Then, his entire computer shut off when he had seen the white eyes. Had that been Herobrine? It had felt oddly familiar but still, something was off with it.

Steve turned his computer back on. He was dreading to see how much work he was going to have to put back into his house. Herobrine had always (mostly) fixed what he had thrown towards Steve. Somehow, he knew that whatever this creature was wasn’t going to be so nice.

Sure enough, when Steve logged in, everything was ruined. The fire was out but his crops were lost. His house was a charred ruin. He couldn’t help but feel bummed out at the sight of his ruined house. He had put so much time and effort into it. Now he was going to have to rebuild it all.

Steve walked around the house, trying to find any sign of what had done this to him. But there was nothing. Just his ruined house. Steve logged out and went to the forums. Had anyone else seen something like this besides Scarlet Hero?

Steve was surprised to see tons of new posts about being attacked by something that controlled fire. People were upset that they had lost important things or their own homes. So, whatever it was that had attacked him was going after other people too.

It didn’t take long for people to start pointing their fingers at Herobrine. Steve didn’t blame them. It looked like something Herobrine would do. But Steve still wasn’t convinced that it was him. Herobrine was a lot of things but he wasn’t going to start destroying people’s homes for no reason.

By this point, Steve was tired. He had a long day and Minecraft hadn’t exactly helped him relax. He decided he’d worry about it tomorrow.


When Steve logged into Minecraft the next day, he was hoping what occurred yesterday was just a fluke. He wanted to focus on rebuilding his house and not anything else. Maybe it was some weird glitch that had everyone attacked? That made more sense than Herobrine coming back just to bother everyone.

Yet when Steve logged in, he wasn’t by his house. He was on a small island, surrounded by water. He couldn’t see any land at all. His inventory was empty. He walked to the edge of the island and looped around it, trying to see if he could see anything.

But Steve saw nothing of importance. He was stuck on a small island without anything else. Not even a tree. How had he ended up here? Maybe if he logged out and back in that would fix this.

Steve did so quickly but nothing changed. He was stuck on this island! Frustration boiled up in him. First, he lost his house. Now, he was stuck on some island. Where was he going to go? He didn’t even have his map to look at now.

He could start swimming but if he picked the wrong direction, his character could die of hunger. Maybe he would spawn back at his house? Steve sighed and sat down on the island. He missed Growls. Last time all this crazy stuff happened, at least he had Growls with him.

As Steve thought about this, the water around the island began to shake. The water lapped at the sides of the island, rolling towards him. Steve had nothing to hold onto as the water boiled and churned around him. All he could do was try to stay in the center of the island.

Suddenly, the water burst like a bubble and shot up high in the sky. It crashed down on him and left him soaking wet. Steve almost fell off the island but managed to dig his fists in the sand and hold on.

Out of the water came an elder guardian. Its one eye stared at Steve and he panicked. What was he going to do?! He had no weapon or anything to use against an elder guardian. It was definitely going to use its laser blast or something on him if he didn’t move.

Then he heard it yet again – that cackling noise. The laughter seemed to surround him. Steve looked around wildly to try to find the source of the laughter. Was it Herobrine? But the laughter didn’t sound like Herobrine.

The elder guardian was gearing up to attack. If Steve didn’t figure out what to do, he was going to be in real trouble. The laughter grew louder and he turned around –

Only to see the whites of the eyes of…someone yet again. Steve was startled and then the computer turned off.


Steve stared at his computer screen, confused and worried. That was the second time something like this had happened and he was no closer to figuring out how. What in the world was that creature? He felt confident now that it wasn’t Herobrine. This…thing…was different than Herobrine, who had tried to teach him and help him learn things.

Steve booted up his computer again and went to the forums. He found Scarlet Hero’s profile and sent him a message.

Something weird is happening in my game as well. I don’t think it is Herobrine though. What else could it be?

It didn’t take long for Scarlet Hero to reply.

This fits your account of what Herobrine did to you. How can you say it isn’t him? Face it. He’s attacking other players and you don’t want to admit it. Maybe he helped you before but he isn’t helping any of us now. What if you’re the only one who can stop him and you’re refusing to because you think you two are friends?

Steve sat back in his chair, lost in thought. Even though Scarlet Hero felt confident that it was Herobrine, Steve knew it wasn’t. But he had no proof. That was what he needed, he decided. He needed proof that whatever was messing around with people’s games was either a hacker, some weird new glitch or some other creature.

Before Steve could reply to Scarlet Hero, another message popped up, “You should tell your so-called buddy who gave you all these amazing stories to tell us to stop bothering us other players and let us enjoy the game!

Okay, so Scarlet Hero wasn’t exactly the friendliest Minecraft player around. But it had still given Steve the idea to somehow, in some way, to find proof that it wasn’t Herobrine.




Chapter Three

When Steve logged into Minecraft the next day, he was hoping that he would just spawn in his house. He really didn’t feel like fending off some strange creature or dealing with his computer crashing again.

Luckily, he spawned in the charred ruins of his house. The sun was setting. If he didn’t hurry, he was going to have to fend off hostile mobs while he tried to communicate with Herobrine.

He was going to have to make a shelter. It was going to be a simple house, enough to ward off most hostile mobs. If anything bigger came along, he had his weapons he could try to fend them off with. Steve hoped that whatever was causing his game to go crazy wouldn’t send some crazy monster after him.

Steve tossed up a shelter quickly from what supplies he could get from the ruins of his house. He put up some torches around it in hopes that it would be enough to ward off spiders and skeletons.

Then he sat down inside of his new little hut and went through his inventory. Everything on him had been saved from the fire. He had some food, weapons and some crafting items.

Steve managed to craft some paper and he sat down, unsure what to write to Herobrine. He wasn’t even sure if this was going to work.

Finally, he wrote:


Can we please talk? Can you reach out in some way? I know it has been a long time since we have seen each other. I haven’t forgotten your lessons or your help in leading me towards the Ender Dragon.

Some people are saying that you are behind the weird attacks going on with some players right now but I don’t believe that. I want to prove to people that you aren’t behind it but I need to hear from you first.

Can you reach out to me? I hope everything is okay.

Your friend,


He looked it over a few times and then tried to think of a place to put the letter. In the end, Steve left his shelter and headed over to the pond nearby. It was close enough to his house that Herobrine would know upon sight it was from him but far enough way that he could take the letter without Steve seeing him if he didn’t want to see him.

Once the letter was put down, Steve went back to his shelter and logged off the server. In his experience, Herobrine was more likely to look for letters if Steve wasn’t online.

He went on the forums to see if anyone else had run into trouble over the last day. There were more people complaining. Staff members were saying they were looking into what was going on and they believe it was a hacker.

But the messages filling Steve’s inbox seemed to say otherwise. Some people were blaming him for the attacks! They were saying that this was his doing – he was working with Herobrine to try to ruin other player’s experience.

Steve couldn’t believe that he was somehow getting blamed for this. There was no way that he would do such a thing! He really hoped that Herobrine got his letter and reached out to him.

There was another message from Scarlet Hero:

Tell Herobrine to stop attacking us!

Steve wrote back, “I haven’t seen him in ages. This doesn’t seem like something he would do.

Are you two trying to stop others from reaching the End and slaying the Ender Dragon? You can’t be the only person to read the poem and reach enlightenment, Steve.”

Annoyed, he typed back, “Are you the one starting this rumor that I am involved with this? That’s crazy!

But there was no reply back. Frustrated, Steve logged off his computer. He had other things he had to do besides worry about Scarlet Hero telling people he was behind this. Even so, he hoped the next time he logged into the game, there would be something from Herobrine explaining what was going on.


Steve logged on, feeling impatient. He was hoping against hope there was something from Herobrine. His game loaded. He spawned in his little hut. At least he hadn’t ended up somewhere else.

Quickly, Steve scampered out of his house and headed towards the pond. The sun was high in the sky so he didn’t have to worry about hostile mobs coming out. He looked around the pond.

His letter was still there. Steve’s heart fell. He had thought for sure there would have been something left for him! He sighed and went over to it, picking it up. His own words looked back at him.

Steve lowered the note but something caught his eye. He looked back down at it and turned the note over. There, scribbled in messy handwriting, was one word:


His heart skipped a beat. That was Herobrine’s handwriting! Steve stared at it, trying to figure out what it could mean. Was Herobrine in the Nether? Or was whatever was causing this in the Nether?

It didn’t matter. It clearly meant that Steve’s next stop was going to be the Nether. It had been a long time since he had to go to the Nether and the thought didn’t exactly fill him with joy. But he was still going to get there and see what he could find out.

Steve knew he needed to make an obsidian frame and light it up with fire to get to the Nether. He had lost all his obsidian blocks in the fire. Normally, they weren’t supposed to burn. But whatever had been in that fire had scorched everything, even blocks that were supposed to be fire-resistant.

He sat down by the pond and pulled out his map. There was a mountain near the edge of this biome that Steve remembered had lava near the base, pouring out of the center of it. There was a river near it as well. He could create a sort of pathway so they could meet and forge obsidian.

He stood up. Okay, his mission was set. Time to work on getting to the Nether.



Chapter Four

Steve was anxious to get to the mountain. He couldn’t help but have a nagging feeling that Herobrine might be in some sort of trouble. It seemed unlike him to write down one word and leave Steve adrift over something so serious. Herobrine had become a sort of strange, ghost-like mentor to him in the game. Was this some weird trial he was putting Steve through or was there more going on?

As he was lost in thought, he hardly noticed the weather change until he heard his feet crunch in the snow. Alarmed, he looked around. Had he veered off course? No, a quick look around and at his map showed Steve he was right where he was supposed to be.

Steve was still in the same biome. In any case, the next biome was a swamp, not a winter wonderland. But the snow was coming down fast and thick. He was freezing already. A bad feeling had started in his stomach. This wasn’t good.

Steve looked around, half expecting some creature to leap out at him. But there was nothing. He trudged on through the snow. He was almost at the base of the mountain now where the lava would pour out of the mountain.

That was when he heard it. A strange sort of weeping noise. Steve stopped moving and gripped his sword. Then it came again – a high pitched sort of cry. Something about it was oddly familiar it seemed to him.

They appeared out of a grouping of trees. Ghasts! Two of them! Steve’s eyes couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Ghasts in this climate?Out of the Nether? It seemed unthinkable.

He ducked behind a tree, hoping they wouldn’t see him. They went along, crying and moaning softly in their sad manner. This had to be the work of whatever was behind the strange game occurrences. There was no way ghasts just happened to show up when the weather went all odd.

Steve watched them for a few moments. They were moving towards him although they hadn’t seen him yet. He looked around, trying to see if there was a way he could sort of run off and take the long way around.

He was about to take off and duck into the woods when one of the ghasts turned around suddenly. Its eyes landed on him and let out a high pitched wailing noise. This alerted the other ghast as well.

Drat. Steve took off, running into the woods. The ghasts began firing fireballs at him. One exploded just inches away from him against one of the trees. The explosion almost knocked Steve off his feet but he managed to stay upright.

If he could gain enough speed and then turn around, he might be able to smack one of the fireballs back towards them. That was the best way to take these things down. Steve darted behind a large tree, hoping the thick tree trunk would block him from view.

The ghasts moved throughout the forest, letting out their creepy crying noises, searching for him. The snow was picking up now. It was almost as if a blizzard was going to kick up in a minute.

The ghasts let out another noise. This one sounded so close that Steve was startled and moved a little. It was enough for one of the ghasts to see him. Steve heard the fireball being shot.

He pushed off with the balls of his feet and rolled out of the way as quickly as he could. The fireball exploded against the tree trunk behind him and he landed face first in the snow.

He got to his feet swiftly. The other ghast was moving towards him and was getting ready to attack him. Steve swung his sword but the ghast floated upwards, just out of reach.

The first ghast had Steve lined up in his sights. It let out a low crying noise and then shot another fireball. Steve stood his ground. The ghast above him was floating back downwards trying to get to him. But he still didn’t run.

The fireball flew towards him and Steve swung into it with his sword as if it were a ball. The timing was perfect. The sword connected with the fireball and sent it flying back towards the ghast.

It connected and the ghast went up in flames. The second ghast swung its little tentacles towards Steve but he ducked and avoided them. With the first ghast dealt with, Steve only had to worry about one now.

He rolled forward and took off at a run again. This time, he weaved in and out of the trees to stay out of the sight of the ghast. It followed him, wailing and moaning the entire time. Sometimes it sounded closer than it actually was, startling Steve. He tried not to let it get to him.

Finally, he broke through the tree line and was at the bottom of the mountain. He was on the other side of where the lava was. He must have gotten turned around in the forest.

The ghast appeared now and saw him. It fired one of its fireballs right away. David swung his sword but his aim was off. The fireball was forced back but it slammed into a tree instead of the ghast.

The snow was coming down so hard now that the ghast blended in with it. Steve couldn’t see it anymore. The crying bounced around him and it made him feel as if it could show up behind him at any time.

He kept moving along the side of the mountain. If he got to the lava, then maybe he could trick the ghast to go into it, if he couldn’t get a fireball back towards it. Steve shivered violently. It was so cold out!

He heard it before he saw it – the sizzling sound of fire. It was coming from his side. Steve rolled forward, sliding on some ice that had formed. He slid across it as the fireball exploded behind him.

He was on the river near the lava. The fireball had melted some of the ice that had formed from the blizzard and Steve had almost fallen in. He managed to stop himself from falling in the freezing cold water and got to his feet.

He took off at a run, trying not to slip on the ice and rounded the mountain. The snow was like a blanket. It seemed to stick to him and weigh him down. Steve couldn’t see the lava.

The crying noise came again. It felt as if it was right next to him. There it was – that crackling, sizzling noise. Steve spun around and swung his sword.

It connected with the fireball and sent it flying back. He couldn’t see where it went. But he heard it connect with the ghast. A screech filled the air and then silence. Steve stood there for a few moments, catching his breath. There didn’t seem to be anything else around.

At once, the snow stopped. It was as if someone had turned off a switch. The heavy snowfall ceased and the snow began to melt. Steve squinted, trying to get his bearings. He was standing at the base of the mountain. The lava was supposed to be right in front of him but – and he couldn’t believe this – it was frozen solid!

Steve stared at it. Everything else had started to melt. How in the world could lava freeze anyway? It was lava! That went against literally everything Steve had learned about lava, both in Minecraft and in the real world.

The lava pool that formed at the bottom of the mountain was also frozen. Even though the snow was vanishing as if it had never happened, the lava was firmly encased in a thick block of ice.

Steve looked around, hoping for a sign or an idea as to how to fix this. He took out his pickaxe and went over to the lava pool. He stood one block over and crouched down. Maybe he would have to manually break the lava free. That was going to be a pain. Not to mention dangerous.

Steve brought his pickaxe down hard on the ice. It bounced off of it and sent vibrations up his arm and made his teeth chatter. Okay. Maybe it was just extra strong ice? Steve tried it again but the ice remained unchanged. The only difference was his arm was starting to hurt.

Alright then, apparently this ice was not of this world. Why was he surprised at this point? Whatever had decided to mess around with the Minecraft world was powerful and loved changing things so they made zero sense.

Steve pressed his hand against the ice but couldn’t even feel the warmth of the lava. He moved away from the pool and looked up the mountain. There was a ridge halfway up. He thought he saw something on the ridge.

He backed up more and squinted. No, there was definitely something on the ridge. Steve got in a better position and took in what he saw.

A witch hut was on the ridge. They were only supposed to be in swamps but here was one. A chimney was happily puffing out smoke, indicating someone was currently there.

Well, Steve thought, he knew where he was going to next.















Chapter Five

Steve decided he would climb up the mountain to get to the ridge. The witch could be working with whoever was doing this to the game. Not only that but they could unfreeze the lava so he could get to the Nether.

It was slippery all over from the blizzard that had come through. Steve went to the base of the mountain and pulled out his trusty pickaxe. He swung it into the mountain and began to climb.

The climb was uneventful. It didn’t take too long to get scale up to the ridge. He pulled himself over after about twenty minutes and looked around. The hut was small and looked exactly like the ones in the swampland.

Steve made his way over to the hut. If there was a witch inside, he was hoping she would let him speak before just outright attacking him. Witches weren’t exactly chatty people though and Steve was prepared for a fight.

Gripping his sword, he walked up the steps towards the front door. It was firmly shut. Did he just knock? It seemed like the friendliest option and he was trying to look friendly. So Steve knocked and waited.

The door flew open with such force that Steve almost lost his footing on the stairs and fell down them. The witch was standing there although she looked different from the ones that lived in the swamp. She was blue, for one thing. Head to toe blue. Blue skin, hair, robes, hat, everything was varying shades of blue. That made it pretty clear as to who was creating the blizzard below.

The witch lunged. Steve ran down the steps quickly as she swung some sort of orb towards him. It exploded at his feet and sent out some sort strange mist towards him. As he went to turn, it touched his skin. He became rooted on the spot! He tried to move but ice had formed on his feet, locking him in place.

Okay, so she didn’t want to chat.

The witch was moving towards him now. She was holding a thin staff that looked as if it were made out of ice. Steve had never seen anyone like this in the game before. If she was ice-based and using ice magic, then surely he needed fire or something like that to get rid of her. But where?

He had a bigger problem at the moment, however, and that was the fact that the witch was heading towards him. Steve brought his sword down on the blocks of ice at his feet. Luckily, they shattered and he was free.

He lunged forward towards the witch and swung his sword upwards towards her. The witch waved her staff around and a layer of ice formed around her. Steve’s sword bounced off of it, knocking him back against the ground.

The witch tossed another one of the orbs towards him but this time Steve ran out of the way before it could hit him. He stabbed his sword forward but once again, the witch made a shield. She was just going to keep doing that, Steve realized, until he found some way of melting the ice.

The witch flew towards him and Steve threw up his shield. She slammed against it. He went flying back against the hut. He bashed into the side of the hut and managed to raise his shield at the last second. Another orb she had thrown splashed against his shield.

Ice began to form on it quickly. But it didn’t touch Steve. It covered his shield, making it heavy to hold but offering up more protection in the end. He deflected a blow from the witch’s staff and had a sudden idea.

He ducked underneath her, barely missing being touched by her. Then he ran up the stairs and went into her hut. Steve looked around, hoping he was right. Then he saw it – the cauldron. Relief swept through him. There was something warm, at least. Maybe if he was lucky, the witch would be doing a spell or something with the cauldron. If she was fiddling around with the weather and the lava, maybe she’ll have lava in the cauldron.

The witch was in the doorway now, screeching at him. Steve ran over to the cauldron, hoping against hope some lava would be in there.

His heart sunk. No such luck. Whatever magic the witch was doing, she didn’t need any lava in her cauldron. Instead, there was some strange bubbling green gunk inside of it. The witch screeched again and tossed an orb towards Steve.

Steve raised his ice-covered shield. The orb clinked off of it and fell into the cauldron where it shattered. The cauldron began to fizz and start to boil. Steve backed away from it, suddenly nervous.

The cauldron exploded. The gunk in the cauldron splattered across the walls and all over the witch. It started eating through Steve’s shield! Steve tossed his shield down. The witch was screeching and was melting. He could only watch as the ice around her melted and suddenly, she was gone.

Steve had gotten lucky. If that orb hadn’t fallen into the cauldron, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. He looked around the hut for some sign of whoever was behind putting the witch here but nothing stood out.

Steve left the hut and peered over the edge of the ridge. The ice that had been around the lava was gone and was flowing down into the rest of the lava pool. Whatever spell the witch had around the lava was gone now that she had been taken care of.

Steve left the hut and scaled down the side of the mountain quickly. He went over to make sure the ice over the water had melted. It had. Everything was finally back to normal.

He got to work. He wanted to make sure the flowing water touched the flowing lava. This place was unique because it was so easy to create obsidian here. It didn’t take long for Steve to make the obsidian. He collected it quickly into his inventory and decided he would go back to his hut, make sure everything was okay, and then make the portal to the Nether.











Chapter Six

Nothing strange occurred as Steve walked back to his house. He was glad of that. The last thing he wanted was ghasts coming out of snowstorms again or something crazy. Had that witch been behind the crazy things going on? Or had she only been helping whoever was behind this?

All Steve had were questions and very little answers. He knew the sooner he got to the Nether, the better.

His small hut was unchained. Grass was starting to grow back where things had been burnt. Steve found a good spot for the portal and started to build the frame. His progress went smoothly up until the final couple of blocks.

That was when he heard it. The cackling laugh! He whirled around and looked around for something, anything, coming out of the jungle or the pond. Steve didn’t see anything. He was afraid of even turning around because if he saw those eyes again, his computer could shut down.

Something was bubbling up in the pond. Steve could see it from here. He equipped his bow and notched an arrow in it. Better to try to take whatever it was down at long range then let it get close.

Finally, Steve could make out what was coming out of the pond. Wither skeletons! Yet more Nether creatures! Steve let the first arrow fly. It connected with one of the skeletons and it fell back into the pond.

The other two skeletons moved forward, coming out of the water and running towards Steve. The one that fell back into the water didn’t come back up. He lined up his next shot and let the arrow fly.

One of the wither skeletons dodged it and the arrow fell into the pond, useless now. Steve quickly switched to his sword and shield. They were almost on him now.

The first wither skeleton reached him and shoved Steve out of the way. Surprised, he landed with a solid thud on the ground. The wither skeleton began to hack away at the frame. They were trying to destroy the portal to the Nether!

The other wither skeleton brought its sword down to Steve. He managed to roll out of the way just as the sword slammed into the dirt. Steve scrambled to his feet and brought his shield up just as the wither skeleton crashed its sword against him.

Steve attacked back, trying to push the wither skeleton back so he could go after the one attacking the portal. He swung his sword and it connected with the wither skeleton, stunning it for a moment.

Then Steve ran over to the other one at the portal and brought his sword swinging upwards. It connected with the wither skeleton and stopped it from attacking the portal. It tried to block Steve’s second blow with the sword but he swung low. The wither skeleton was knocked off balance.

Behind him, the other skeleton had gotten to its feet and was coming after Steve again. Steve brought his sword down on it and the skeleton turned to ash at his feet. The other skeleton was attacking the frame again.


Steve leapt forward and the wither skeleton stepped back, deflecting with its shield. The two began to fight, hard and quickly, in front of the portal. Steve couldn’t let the skeleton destroy one of the blocks otherwise he would have to go back and get more obsidian. He needed to make sure this wither skeleton didn’t destroy anything!

Steve had gotten lucky with knocking one of the skeletons back into the water and taking care of the other one pretty quickly. This one was harder. It seemed to know exactly what Steve was going to do before he even did it. It blocked every attack and moved so quickly that he felt as if he was playing catch-up.

Steve was being pushed back, away from the portal, and towards the pond. The wither skeleton clearly wanted him away from the Nether portal so it could take care of him and go back to destroy it.

Steve had just blocked a blow from the wither skeleton’s sword when suddenly the skeleton that had fallen back in the pond returned! It came out of the pond and wrapped its bony hand around Steve’s leg and yanked.

Steve’s weapons went flying out of his hands and he hit the ground. The skeleton was pulling him towards the pond. The wither skeleton that Steve had been fighting turned around and began to head back towards the Nether portal.

Steve kicked wildly, trying to break free of the iron grip the skeleton had on his ankle. He was pulled into the pond and was suddenly underwater. The wither skeleton was still holding onto him. Steve tried to swim forward but it was no use.

He needed to come up with something and quickly. Every second he was stuck was another second the portal was going to be destroyed.

Steve looked down and brought his other foot down on the wither skeleton’s head. This loosened the grip on his ankle enough so he could break free of the grip. He kicked upwards. He felt the wither skeleton’s hands brush against his foot but couldn’t grab it in time.

Steve broke through the surface of the water and scuttled back up to land, taking off at a run towards the wither skeleton at the portal. He pushed off the ground and tackled the wither skeleton to the ground. Its sword went flying away from the portal. It pushed Steve off of him and sent him flying back, landing on the ground with a solid thunk.

Steve snatched up the sword that had belonged to the wither skeleton and stabbed it forward. It connected with the wither skeleton and it turned to ash around Steve’s sword.

He dropped the sword and looked around. The wither skeleton that had been in the pond hadn’t come out of the water. He was alone now. Luckily, the portal was okay. The wither skeleton’s sword had been too weak to break through the stone.

Steve finished putting the portal together and then tossed a torch into it. The portal vibrated for a few seconds and then filled up with purple looking water. Finally, the way into the Nether was clear.

He took a few moments to make sure he had everything he needed. Then, Steve entered the portal to the Nether.







Chapter Seven

The world was purple for a few seconds and a vibrating noise filled Steve’s head. Then everything was clear and Steve stepped out into the Nether.

The heat smacked him in the face. Always so hot in here. He looked around, trying to get his bearings. There was a giant lava pool in front of him with two waterfalls pouring more lava into it. Pathways went up over rocks and hills, leading deeper into the Nether.

Steve wasn’t sure where to go next. He knew that he needed to find out what Herobrine’s message was. He supposed he had been thinking once he entered the Nether, he would know where to go or there would be a sign.

But there was nothing. The Nether was quiet except for the bubbling of lava. Steve walked over to the lava pool, seeing if there was anything left behind here for him. No sign of Herobrine. No sign of anything, not even creatures. He was expecting a group of hostile mobs waiting for him as soon as he came into the Nether.

Steve walked away from the lava pool and started walking up the hill next to him. He was hoping to find a place high enough to look around the Nether and see what he could see.

Steve got to the top of the hill and looked around. The first thing he saw was a fortress in the distance. It was within walking distance. He could be there soon if he crossed across the hill and the lava. Maybe there was something there in the fortress. Herobrine could be there.

There was nothing else that stood out against the backdrop of the Nether. The fortress seemed to be the best bet. Steve set off towards the fortress.

As he got closer to it, he could see wither skeletons walking around it. They looked as if they were guarding it. Steve really didn’t want them to see him. There were too many of them. They would overpower him.

Steve decided he would loop around the fortress and see if there was a way to get in from the back. The back of the fortress was at the edge of a hill. There was a giant lake of lava underneath it that Steve would have to make sure to avoid.

He walked around the fortress, staying out of sight of the wither skeletons and looked at the back of the fortress. The fortress ended right at the very edge of the hill. There would be barely enough room for him to walk there. But there could be a window to get through or a weak point in the wall he could crack through. This was his best bet.

Steve crept down towards the fortress, making sure to stay low. The wither skeletons were definitely on guard. Whatever was in this fortress, Steve wasn’t supposed to be here.

He pressed himself flat against the wall and started to inch across the small space he had to walk. His fingers dug into the wall of the fortress. The walls here weren’t as well taken care of, probably because they were in such a hard to reach spot. This was what Steve had been hoping.

He tried not to look down but of course he did. The lava stared back at him and made him feel a bit dizzy. The last thing Steve wanted was to fall in there. Better to get inside the fortress.

Steve managed to get to the halfway point. Here the walls felt weak. He could probably break through them with no issue. He hoped that wherever he took down the wall, it wouldn’t lead him into a room full of Nether creatures.



Steve equipped his pickaxe and managed to turn very slowly so he was facing the wall. He didn’t lose his footing. Then he began to swing the pickaxe against the wall.

It was slow work. Even though the wall here was weak and crumbling, it still took a while to break through it. Finally, a hole was formed in the stone. It made it easier to pry the rest out. The rocks went flying down below, into the lava pond.

When Steve had gotten a large enough hole made, he took one last look at around him and then began to wiggle inside. He landed inside the fortress and looked around. The room he was in was very small and dark. The room was filled with Nether warts and one lone bookshelf that was empty. There was nothing else of note in the room.

Steve got to his feet and walked to the door. He pressed his ear against it, straining to hear if anything was on the other side. He couldn’t hear anything. Steve opened the door slowly and stuck his head out.

The hallway was empty. There were some torches along the walls but other than there, there was nothing else. He couldn’t hear anything. He wasn’t sure which way to go. Steve decided he would try to get to the middle of the fortress. Going right seemed to run across this wall but going left had another hallway that would lead him elsewhere.

Steve took off. He crept along the hallway, worried about running into Nether creatures. But there was nothing. Were the wither skeletons guarding just the outside? Maybe whoever was living in this fortress felt that confident that no one would get inside.

The new hallway was more of the same. There was one door along this hallway that was slightly open. He stopped in front of it and peeked inside. This room looked unlike anything Steve had seen in the Nether before. It was full of furniture, for one thing, and had books along the wall. There was even a bed in one corner. Did someone live here?

Steve walked inside the room and looked around, in case anything jumped out at him. He looked at the books on the shelf but they were written in some strange language. He wasn’t sure if he had ever seen them before. Steve had just gone over to the bed when suddenly the door slammed shut.

Steve ran over to it and yanked on the handle but the door was locked. He banged against it, not caring if he alerted wither skeletons. They might open the door. But nothing happened! Steve tried the handle again but the door was firmly locked and shut.

He pressed his ear against the door, hoping to hear something. But it was silent. A sudden thought struck him – what if he was stuck in this room because this room was meant for him?!

Steve stepped away from the door and looked around the room again. Surely, there was something he was missing. There had to be some way out of this room. He moved the bed to see if there was anything underneath it. Nothing. He moved the bookshelf to see if there was a secret passage behind it. Nothing. Finally, he looked down at the carpet that had been put down on the floor. He had never seen carpet in the Nether before. It was a weird sight.

Steve pressed his hands against the carpet, trying to see if he could feel anything underneath it. It was slow going. He didn’t want to miss anything. The carpet was thick and white, which made it hard to feel the floor underneath it.

As Steve was doing this, suddenly the fortress began to shake. It was as if an earthquake was rolling through. Steve watched as the books toppled to the ground and the bed rattled around on the floor. All he could do was try to grip the carpet and not hit his head on anything.

This went on for a few minutes until it suddenly stopped. Steve was flat against the carpet. He looked up after a minute of silence. What was that?

It was then his fingers hit something and he could feel something underneath the carpet.





Chapter Eight

Steve cut through the carpet and found that the object underneath was a door handle. There was a door in the floor, sort of like the one that he had leading to his basement before his house burned down. Steve yanked on it and it let out a loud creaking noise as it opened. Whoever had put the carpet down had been hoping that no one was going to find this.

He waited a couple of seconds to see if the sound of the door opening had attracted anyone. But nothing happened. Steve guessed if the entire fortress shaking around didn’t alert anyone or bring anyone around, a door opening probably wouldn’t either.

Steve peered down the open door. It opened onto another room. It was a far drop down. Strange to have a door basically in a ceiling. He had never seen anything like it before. He stuck his head through the door and looked more closely at the room.

This one was filled with strange elixirs and glowing potions. It looked like a lab of some sort. Steve lowered himself through the door as far as he could go and then let go of the door frame.

He hit the Nether rock with a thud which wasn’t pleasant. One side of the room was filled with Nether warts. The other side had nothing but potions and bottles filled with strange liquid. Steve walked over to them, too afraid to touch them. He stared at them, trying to figure out what they were.

Magic, maybe? Like how that witch tossed orbs at him and they caused him to freeze over. Whatever it was, this fortress definitely had a lot going on with it. Secrets and other things he needed to discover.

There was a door here. Steve managed to open it quietly and peered outside. Someone had wanted him to stay in the other room. Had they discovered that he had escaped? He didn’t know. He didn’t really want to stick around to find out. If that cackling creature appeared, it would crash his computer again.

He opened the door and was in another hallway. Steve felt turned around now. He wasn’t sure where to go next or what was going on. Why had the fortress shaken? What was going on here? It wasn’t a normal fortress that was for sure.

This hallway was very narrow. It felt as if they were deep in the Nether rock of the hill now. If he broke through the bottom, he would probably topple into the lava pond. There was only one way to walk here. Steve wasn’t even sure how someone would get to this section to begin with.

As he walked down the hallway, things began to shift and change. The hallway looked as if it was widening and then closing in again. It had to be a trick of the light somehow.

Steve kept close to the wall and walked down the hallway. A door was at the very end of the hallway. When he got to it, he opened it with ease. The walls were still moving, as if they were breathing, around him.

He walked inside the room and looked around.

It felt as if Steve wasn’t even in the Nether anymore. How could this be? What sort of force was behind this? It was taking what Herobrine had done and somehow being even stronger.

In front of him was a large pool of water, not lava. There was sand around it, as if he had stepped onto a beach. There were torches along the walls and a long table brimming with food. All sorts of food! Cakes were all over the table as well. Steve had never seen so many cakes in one spot!

Across from the table were more of those potions, all resting on tables as well. What was this place? He gripped his sword and took a step forward. The walls had stopped moving. It was as if Steve had walked through a door leading out of the Nether and into someplace else. Another realm or something.

No one came out to see him. There were no alarms going off. Steve glanced behind him to make sure he had closed the door. He stared. The door was gone! He ran up to the wall and pressed his hands against it. But the wall had vanished. Steve was stuck in this room.

Even though he was hungry, there was no way he was going to eat any of the food on the table. He wasn’t sure if he could even trust it. He walked down the table full of food, circling the pool of water in the middle of the room.

Steve peered over it, trying to see if anything was in it. It looked incredibly deep. Since the room was so dim, there wasn’t enough light to see down the pool. He hoped there wasn’t an elder guardian or something inside of there. That would be really bad.

Steve went over to the potions along the wall and looked at them closely. He felt completely out of his element here. He had been playing Minecraft for so long that he considered himself an expert. Once everything had happened with Herobrine, Steve was convinced that he had now seen it all.

But this was something completely different than what Steve had seen before. The ability to crash his computer, for one thing, was brand new. The way that…whatever this was could change areas and send monsters after him with ease was powerful. And now this – walking into something that didn’t even fit the Nether – showed him that whatever was behind this had more power than he had originally thought.

Steve felt a bit frustrated. All this running around and trying to get to the Nether yet all he had were more questions!

He looked up from the potions and saw a lever near the pool of water. The lever was on the ground. Did it drain the pool of water? That might be the only exit. Or it could bring something terrifying up from the depths of the pool.

Steve didn’t really have a choice though, did he? The door had vanished and he was stuck in here. If he just sat around, he’d have to eat some of the food he didn’t trust, while being surrounded by these strange potions and this scary pool of water.

No, better just to pull the level and drain the water. Before Steve could talk himself out of it, he yanked on the lever. The ground beneath him began to vibrate and the water in the pool swirled around. It bubbled up and reminded Steve of when he had been stuck on that small island and the elder guardian had appeared.

Steve gripped his sword tightly as he watched the water spin around. Then, to his amazement and relief, the water level began to lower. The water was draining! He watched the water spin around and then the room was quiet again.

Steve looked over the edge of the pool, trying to see below. Now it just looked like a black hole. There was nothing that he could see. He moved away from the pool and grabbed one of the torches off the wall. Then he went back to the pool.

Steve lowered the torch down a bit, trying to light it up. The sides of the pool were made from sand blocks. It went down very far. Steve was tempted to toss his torch down to see where the bottom was when he heard a soft noise.

He froze and strained his ears. Then he heard it again. It sounded as if something was moving at the bottom of the pool.

“Is someone down there?” Steve shouted down there – sometimes having the ability now to talk in single player mode came in handy.

When there was no reply, Steve said, “I’m going to toss a torch down there. So, move to one side, okay?”

He waited a few seconds and then tossed the torch down to the bottom of the pool. It landed at the bottom of the pool and illuminated the area. There was nothing remarkable, at first, and his eyes were trying to adjust the change of the light. The bottom of the pool had some Nether wart down there. Steve wondered if that meant he was still in the Nether after all. A good sign.

Then, Steve couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Something moved! Someone was down there! The person shifted and looked upwards. Their eyes met. Steve was looking into his own eyes. No, wait…
















About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Book 4: The Return of Herobrine Steve has been enjoying playing Minecraft ever since Herobrine had helped him get through a series of test that made him powerful in the game. With a greater understanding of Minecraft as well as special abilities that only he has, Steve has been playing quietly. But everything changes the day his house is attacked by some mysterious force. People on the Minecraft forums are saying that it is the return of Herobrine. But something about the attack doesn’t seem like Herobrine. Steve considers Herobrine his friend. He couldn’t imagine his friend attacking innocent Minecraft players. Steve decides he is going to get to the bottom of things and check in on his friend Herobrine. But getting to meet up with Herobrine isn’t as easy as it seems. He must fight wither skeletons, ghasts, witches and other creatures that are seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Where will Steve’s new quest take him? Just who is behind the mysterious and deadly changes taking place in Minecraft? Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  • ISBN: 9781311326560
  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2016-05-22 11:20:08
  • Words: 11076
The Quest: Steve and the Scarlet Hero, Book 4: The Return of Herobrine The Quest: Steve and the Scarlet Hero, Book 4: The Return of Herobrine