The Quest: Moon’s Revenge, Book 16: Part of the Game


The Quest: Moon’s Revenge, Book 16: Part of the Game



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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







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Chapter One

“I’m going to be honest here.”

“What, Elena?” Steve asked even though he already knew what she was going to say.

“This is very dull.”

He didn’t want to admit that she was right. They were at the side of a mountain, trying to mine coal because Elena had foolishly let herself run out. It was amazing to him that even with all the adventures she had been on with Herobrine and himself, she still wasn’t that great of a Minecraft player.

Which was fine – people could enjoy the game casually and have fun. Steve just assumed a little more knowledge would sink into Elena’s brain after all the crazy things they had gone through.

“Elena, if you had just kept up on what materials you had, you wouldn’t have run out of coal for your torches in a crucial battle.” He reminded her.

Apparently, Elena had decided to go exploring on her own for once. She had gotten lost and run out of torches or items to craft torches, leaving her stuck somewhere in the depths of the Over World. Steve had gotten a thousand text messages asking for help when he was out during the day. Elena hadn’t wanted to die in the game and lose apparently the ‘important’ items she had collected in her travels.

Finding and rescuing her avatar had taken longer than he was expecting, especially since he was refusing to use his powers unless it was an emergency. But Steve had finally found Elena shoved in some narrow cave in a mountain near the ocean two hours later.

Her rare items, however, had been generic items she could have found anywhere with a little searching. Elena had just assumed that they were rare.

That was when Steve had decided to give her a crash course in Minecraft basics. If he thought about it, Elena hadn’t truly gotten the chance to play the game on her own like a regular player. Her sister, Beth, had been dead-set on destroying the game at first and then she had gotten involved in the adventures of Steve and Herobrine.

At the sudden thought of Herobrine, Steve wondered what his friend was doing. Finding out Herobrine wasn’t part of the game but an actual person was still something he was getting used to. All this time he had thought Herobrine had been some mystical force in the game…yet when Herobrine had appeared on his doorstep, it had been the biggest shock of his life.

Herobrine had been quiet since the Circle had been destroyed although Moon was still missing. Things were a little awkward between the two of them. Going after the Circle had given them something to focus on. Once that was finished and put behind them, Steve found himself trying to wrap his head around Herobrine being real.

Herobrine must have sensed the awkwardness because he would contact Steve only once every couple of weeks. On top of that, Elena was still angry with him for lying. The friendships were complicated but Steve was sure it would work out. Somehow.

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear Elena’s reply. She was disgruntled so Steve felt confident it wasn’t anything kind. He was going to say something back when suddenly the entire cave began to shake.

Alarmed, Steve looked around for a source but cracks formed overhead. Elena yelled his name and shoved him. He fell backwards as a rock fell right where he was standing.

And just as suddenly as it started, it finished. The cave went still. The ground was shifting underneath his feet. He had taken Elena deep into a cave to find the best materials. But that earthquake had apparently shifted things because the entire area suddenly felt extremely unstable.

“Are you okay?” Elena asked, helping him to his feet.

“What was that? An earthquake?” Steve asked.

“Yeah, you haven’t had one?” She replied curiously.

“What? No. This isn’t the first one?”

Elena shook her head, “Nope. They’ve been happening lately but I’m usually on the surface so I just wait for them to pass. I just assumed it was some new game feature.”

“There hasn’t been one in my game. But I haven’t been logging in very much.” Steve admitted – he had been taking a break after all that insanity with the Circle and Herobrine.

“Always a mistake when you take a break,” Elena joked, “Bad things seem to happen. Herobrine and you are like the protectors of this game.”

“Herobrine has been trying to find Moon.”

“That jerk is probably hiding somewhere. He lost his little gang and his dragon. He thought he was so powerful working with that group.” Elena sounded angry at the memory.

There was a shifting noise in the cave. Steve reached out for Elena, pulling her forward as a loud cracking noise echoed around them.

“I think we should get out of here.” Steve said anxiously.

The ceiling above them began to crack and shake. The earthquake had proved to be too much for the cave and it was going to collapse on them!

“Okay, use your Minecraft magic and get us out of here!” Elena exclaimed nervously as the ground shuddered underneath their feet.

Normally, Steve would point out (yet again) that it wasn’t Minecraft magic that he used. But he was in a hurry. He closed his eyes to connect with the game –

And mentally hit a wall. His powers were blocked. Frowning, he tried again. But the result was the same. Something was blocking his connection to the game. How was that possible? Steve hadn’t noticed before because he had been too busy helping Elena mine in the cave.

“I can’t.” He said, opening his eyes, “We need to start running.”

Elena protested but he tugged her forward. The cave shuddered and more rocks shifted. Some smaller stones were falling from the ceiling of the cave. They were deep in the cave – each second was precious – they needed to start running now.

They bolted down the cave, heading towards the exit. The ground cracked underneath his feet. It threw him off balance but Elena reached out and grabbed him, making sure that he stayed upright.

There was another horrible cracking noise and smaller rocks began to strike them from the ceiling. Steve tried to protect his head as the ground began to split open underneath their feet.

“Wonderful!” Elena shouted sarcastically as she hopped over the crack to the side that Steve was on.

There was no time to think or wonder how in the Over World an earthquake could be splitting the ground open. It was as if the entire mountain was collapsing. More wonderful luck of mine, Steve thought as they ran at full speed.

The crack was growing at a rapid pace. Rocks were falling all around them and causing them to trip as they ran. They were almost out – they just needed to keep going.

Elena tripped and accidentally pushed into Steve. His foot landed awkwardly on the growing crack. His leg slipped down in the middle of it. He was stuck!

Elena was getting to her feet and grabbed his hand, tugging Steve out. His fingers were slipping. He risked a glance below.

Steve instantly regretted it. Below was lava. Apparently, he had picked the worst mountain ever to search for materials. Elena was tugging him out but between the ground shaking and the rocks falling, she couldn’t get a good hold on him.

“Run!” He shouted at her.

“I’m not leaving you!” She replied stubbornly.

Of course she wouldn’t – Steve wouldn’t have left her behind either, would he? But the gap was widening. Either he got out of it or Elena would fall in with him. She was going to lecture him like crazy but –

Steve yanked his hand away. Elena protested but just then a large chunk of rock fell. Elena had no choice but to bounce backwards so she didn’t get crushed by it. It slammed right next to the gap –

Loosening Steve’s grip on the sides which sent him toppling to the lava below.

Panic surged through him but he fought it down. He only had mere seconds to avoid it. Quickly, Steve swung his diamond pickaxe against the stone. It caught and he slammed against the wall. He risked a glance downward to see the lava. He had fallen halfway down towards it. The gap was widening and rocks were falling around him, being swallowed by the lava.

Steve looked up and swung his pickaxe, beginning to climb. He couldn’t see Elena and hoped that she hadn’t stuck around. The cave was shuddering and shaking. Steve had never heard of a cave coming apart like this before. But he had never heard of earthquakes in the game before either.

He was climbing swiftly, dodging rocks and other debris as it fell into the lava. He gripped the edges of the ever-widening gap and pulled himself over. Out of breath and sore all over, Steve got to his feet. He didn’t see Elena. Good. Hopefully, she got to safety.

The lava was bubbling now like it was going to explode. The heat was intense. Steve took off at a run, darting and ducking from falling rocks. He could see the exit now. It was so close…

The heat suddenly got so strong that he looked behind him to see what was going on. To his horror, the lava had bubbled over the gap and was now flooding the cave.

“Come on!” He cried to no one.

The lava was moving like a terrible wave down the length of the cave. The light at the entrance grew brighter. Steve was close – he just needed to stay ahead of the lava wave. It was moving rapidly, engulfing everything in its path. The heat rolled off it and made Steve sweat.

The lava was nipping at his heels. He reached the entrance of the cave –

The ground was missing.

He went toppling down the side of the mountain. The wind was knocked out of him as he rolled. The lava hit the cave entrance and began to slide down the mountain, coming after him. Everything was upside down and turned inside out as Steve rolled.

He hit the bottom of the mountain and wheezed. It hadn’t been a massive mountain that he had taken Elena to but it was still steep. That coupled with outrunning lava, had left him feeling dizzy.


He had thought he had imagined it – but no, Elena was running over to him. She yanked him to his feet.

“No time – lava is chasing us!” She cut him off before he could ask if she was alright.

Elena was right. They were out of the cave but still not safe. The lava was rolling towards them and spreading out across the mountain.

“Are your powers still blocked?” She asked.

“Yes! I have no idea why!” Steve remarked, frustrated.

“More running then!” She grabbed his arm and they took off across the field.

There was a lake ahead of them. It was a long shot with the way that the lava was hurrying towards them but it was the best chance they had. Elena seemed to know what Steve was thinking because she pointed.

The lava behind them left the ground scorched and burned. The lake seemed like a beautiful jewel where they could be safe.

“Are you ready?” Steve called out.

“No, I want to let the lava get me!” Elena fired back.

The lava was almost touching them. Trees crumbled in its power and the mountain had split apart like an egg. Steve and Elena reached the edge of the lake and leapt in it. Swimming as quickly as they could, Steve glanced behind him and held his breath.

The lava struck the water. A horrible hissing noise filled the air as the lava began to instantly cool. Steve and Elena kept swimming. They reached the middle of the lake and turned around. The lava was slowly filling the lake – but it was cooling off and turning to stone in front of their eyes.

Next to him, Elena let out a small sigh of relief. The lava had curdled on the water and was no longer coming towards them. The mountain was split apart with stones rolling down to the base. It was an amazing sight. Steve hadn’t thought something like that was even possible.

They watched in silence. The lava had spilled out across the entire field slowly making its way to the lake.

“Come on. We need to get out of here. The lava is still spreading.” Steve said and Elena agreed.

They swam to the edge of the lake and climbed out. Elena squeezed the water out of her hair and sighed.

“Never simple when you’re around, is it?”


Chapter Two

After making sure Elena was safe and sound and Steve was in an area with his powers back, he logged out. Rubbing his eyes, he decided to see if anyone else had been having earthquakes in their game.

A simple search on the forums showed that other people had been experiencing strange earthquakes in their Minecraft game. No one knew the reason and the game admins said they were looking at the issue.

Steve reclined in his chair, lost in thought. His abilities and connection to the game had been blocked in the mountain. That was strange enough to warrant extra attention.

He looked at his phone and thought of Herobrine. Even though he knew Herobrine was real and in this world, it was still weird that he could call him. It wasn’t something he did often. He preferred talking to him online – it felt natural; like the way they used to communicate.

Even so…

On a whim, Steve picked up his phone and called Herobrine. Last time he spoke to Herobrine, it had been quickly in-game about the Circle. He couldn’t remember the last time he had called him.

But Herobrine answered, “Steve. Everything okay?”

“Sort of. I thought it’d be faster to talk instead of type.” He replied.

Steve told Herobrine what had happened with Elena and the mountain. When he finished his story, there was silence for a few seconds on the other line.

Finally, Herobrine replied, “This is…worrisome.”

“Do you know anything about the quakes?”

“I’ve had a couple in my game. I had thought they belonged only in my game. I admit I hadn’t been looking online. My version of the game is….very different from the others. I thought it was just the after effects of my powers and the Oasis. Perhaps even the Circle disbanding had done something.”

“It’s affecting everyone. Herobrine, it blocked my powers. There’s something else going on here.”

Herobrine sounded thoughtful, “I should have done a better job at looking into the quakes. I have been so busy trying to find Moon that the answer might be staring me in the face.”

“You think Moon has something to do with these quakes?”

“Being able to block our abilities during the quakes means it is someone who has knowledge of the game. Let me log into the game where the quake happened with Elena. I want to look at the mountain.”

“Tomorrow. I’m exhausted.” Steve protested, not really feeling like logging back into the game.

“Tomorrow then.” Herobrine agreed and the call ended soon after.


Even though Steve hadn’t wanted to think about Minecraft the rest of the night, his mind kept drifting back to the quake. Elena had determined that Steve was bad luck for her game and said she was rethinking game lessons from him.

He was sure that she would not be thrilled that Herobrine wanted to go back to the mountain.

Sure enough, when he texted her the next morning, her reply was annoyed but she allowed them to access her game. She was standing at the base of the mountain, on the cooled lava with her arms crossed.

“Herobrine.” She retorted.

“Elena,” He said, “Still don’t like me?”

She scowled, “You are going to annoy me already?”

“Guys, not now.” Steve went, wishing they’d just get along.

Elena had appeared to soften after the events of the Circle. She knew Herobrine was trustworthy…but she still couldn’t seem to get past the fact that he had lied for a long time about not being real. Even after he had helped with the Circle, she wasn’t quite ready to move on.

Herobrine, who had been understanding at the start, had been growing annoyed with her. This meant the two were prone to bickering which Steve couldn’t stand. He wished both could work out their differences and move on.

“Fine,” Elena replied and gestured to the mountain, “This is where the quake happened.”

“The middle of it just happened to have lava. I don’t think the quakes are targeting places with lava or anything.” Steve said.

Herobrine looked thoughtful, “I’ve never seen a mountain be destroyed like this before. The lava ruined this entire area. And can you feel that?” He asked me.

“Our powers aren’t as strong. They aren’t blocked anymore…but something is affecting them.” Steve said.

“I’m going inside the mountain.” Herobrine went.

“Fine, let’s go.”

“You should wait here.” Herobrine said.

Elena stared, “Uh, I don’t think so. I’m not some child just because I don’t have Minecraft magic currently. I’ve been with you guys through everything. And guess what – I haven’t lied once.” She turned around and began to climb the mountain, using her pickaxe to help keep herself steady against the lava.

Herobrine glanced at Steve but he nodded, “She has a point. Maybe you just don’t want her around because you two don’t get along.”

Steve moved past Herobrine, thinking that perhaps if they spent more time together, everything would go back to normal.

The lava had rolled down the mountain and finally cooled, allowing them to walk towards the entrance. The mountain looked as if it had melted which meant there wasn’t nearly as much to climb.

The entrance was partially covered by rocks but they could move them away so they could enter. Elena hesitated at the entrance.

“Are we sure we want to go into the cave that was once filled with lava? Maybe we should rethink this.” She mumbled.

“We need to find the source of the quakes,” Steve remarked, “It’ll be okay. Come on.”

The last thing he wanted to do was tell her to stay behind. It would look like he didn’t want her to come along and that would bother her. Besides, he knew he had to stop treating Elena like she couldn’t handle the insanity that came their way.

She must have been thinking something similar because she stood up a little straighter and nodded, “Fine. Let’s go.”

The cave looked nothing like how it had previously. The ceiling was sinking in. Steve hoped that it didn’t fall on them. But Herobrine didn’t seem concerned. They made their way to the wreckage until they came to a dead end.

“Do you sense that?” Herobrine asked, looking over at Steve.

He frowned and reached out with his senses to see if there was something in the air. It took him a few moments before he felt it – some sort of strange tickling in the back of his brain.

“What is that? Some sort of residue power?” Steve asked.

“Let’s track it.” Herobrine remarked.

“Little problem – the rocks blocking your way through.” Elena pointed out.

She was right but it didn’t look like Herobrine was going to let that stop him, “Come here.” He motioned for them to come over.

They spent the next ten minutes carefully moving the rocks to create an opening. They had to make sure that they didn’t move the wrong rock and start a new tunnel collapse. The entire time, Steve couldn’t shake the strange feeling that was sneaking up on him. He pushed it to the side as they worked.

It took a little bit of time but finally they could make it through into the next area. Elena lit a torch so they could see since it was growing dark –

But there was no need because the center of the cave was unlike anything they had ever seen before. There were crystals lining the walls, glowing in soft colors of green and blue.

“What the…what is this?” Steve whispered in surprise.

Even Herobrine looked shocked, “I have no idea.”

“Could the lava have made them? The lava mixed with something else?” Elena asked thoughtfully.

“It’s possible.” Herobrine admitted.

Steve went over to one of the walls and stared at the crystals. This was definitely what had been tickling at the back of his brain. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He wanted to touch them but something in him decided that would be a terrible idea and to hold it.

“This is the source of power we have been feeling.” Steve said instead, looking over at Herobrine.

“This is worrisome. These crystals are blocking our power. Yet I don’t feel like we should touch them or try to destroy them.” Herobrine said.

“Of course not,” Elena remarked, “Are you looking at them? They appeared after a mountain melted and filled with lava. I wouldn’t be touching them either. But have you guys thought this through? What if these crystals are wherever these earthquakes happen? That means your power will be cut off wherever these crystals are.”

Elena was right. Steve and Herobrine hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. The idea that these crystals could be popping up all over Minecraft…

“Someone clearly wants to stop us.” Herobrine said as he looked at the crystals.

“But they aren’t completely blocking our abilities. That’s why we can sense something.” Steve protested, not wanting to believe that someone was targeting them yet again.

“Let’s take a closer look but don’t touch anything.” Herobrine went.

Elena shrugged, “I can. I don’t have any special Minecraft magic.”

And before either one of them could stop her, she reached out and touched one of the crystals.



Chapter Three

“Elena!” They both shrieked.

The crystal came off the wall and in her hand as she looked over her shoulder, “What?”

Nothing happened. Steve had been holding his breath but as Elena twirled the crystal around her fingers, he realized that her hunch had been right. Since she currently had no powers in the game, the crystal didn’t do anything to her.

“You guys looked so scared.” She said with a laugh.

Steve scowled, “That isn’t funny.”

“It’s a little funny.” Elena shrugged, “Anyway, this just looks like some normal crystal to me. It doesn’t feel any different from other crystals.”

Herobrine looked thoughtful, “We should collect some so that we can bring them back to Elena’s house and study them.”

They agreed that was the best bet. It took them a chunk of time since Elena was the only one who could touch the crystals. Neither Steve nor Herobrine wanted to risk it until they knew if the crystals could hurt them.

They finished and left the mountain behind. Since the crystals blocked their power, they had no choice but to go to Elena’s place. It took them a while to get back to her house – a quaint and cozy little place that Elena had built by herself and was proud of.

Once inside, she put the crystals on the table. They covered the surface area as Herobrine and Steve stared at them.

“Now what?” She asked, looking at the two of them.

Steve wasn’t exactly sure. They had the crystals now but how were they going to study something like this? Herobrine looked a bit lost too. Elena huffed and shook her head.


And like before, they couldn’t stop Elena as she suddenly equipped her diamond pickaxe and brought it crashing down against one of the crystals. The crystal shattered against the table. Steve and Herobrine had thrown their hands in front of their faces in case something terrible would happen…

But Elena was laughing again.

“Sorry. I just love messing with you guys. I know I shouldn’t but what can I say?” She said with a shrug.

Steve sighed and then peered at the broken crystal. The first thing he noticed was the crystal shards appeared to be leaking some strange green substance.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before.” Steve remarked, looking closely at it.

“Me either.” Herobrine replied.

Elena chimed up, “Let’s just skip all the wondering what it is and understand it’s cause by probably someone we made angry in the past.”

Steve glanced up, “What do you mean?”

“How many people have we gone up against in this game? Alright, my sister for one thing – but we fixed things with her. Secondly, that Scarlet Hero guy – he must really hate your guts by now, right? Not to mention we disbanded the Circle and Moon went into hiding. That’s a lot of people right off the top of my head,” She looked over at Herobrine, “And that isn’t counting whoever Herobrine annoyed on his own adventures.”

Her point was well made. But she wasn’t finished yet.

“These crystals block or mess with your connection to the game. That means someone knows about your abilities and wants to make sure you can’t use them. They could be planting these crystals all over the game. So, it must be someone that we’ve made angry before. We might as well just assume it is Moon. We haven’t seen Scarlet Hero since the Oasis. But we just bothered Moon and Herobrine couldn’t find him. So, we start looking about things to do with the Circle again.” Elena finished.

Steve blinked in surprise. It was surprisingly well thought out and made a lot of sense. Even Herobrine looked thoughtful.

“I’m going to start looking into this.” He announced, “Steve, I’ll be looking at my old connections with the Circle and see if Moon has been seen lately.”

“What are we supposed to do?” Steve asked.

“Study the quakes. See if you can track the source of another one. If this is true, and the crystals are being spread around the game to stop us, then we have to find out more about what is causing them.”

Herobrine logged out a couple of minutes later, leaving Steve alone with Elena. She let out a small sigh and looked down at the crystals.

“What?” He asked her.

She smirked, “Never anything simple when it comes to you, Steve.”

Elena was right on that account.




Chapter Four

For Steve to try to sense the next earthquake, it required a lot of power…which in turn meant a ton of power was going to be dropped into the Oasis.

He didn’t like it. It felt almost like a trap but he thought that he could be paranoid. Whenever they figured out what was going on, they’d go to the Oasis and dispel the power before it could be used against them.


Steve connected to the game, allowing his power to surge through him to stretch out across the entire world of Minecraft. It was like his power were tree roots wiggling underneath the game.

“Once a section goes dark or I feel something different, we will go there and see what is happening.” Steve said, feeling his way through the game server.

Behind him, Elena yawned. She had been poking and prodding the crystal pieces to see if anything happened. So far, they remained the same. Even though she appeared to be immune to them, Steve had asked her to please not touch the strange liquid that seeped out of the shattered crystal.

She had agreed but only after a lot of grumbling about wanting to see what the liquid did.

It had been two days since Herobrine had logged out. Steve had been spending a lot of time in-game, living in Elena’s house and connected to the server. Elena would log in and out varying on her mood and if she got bored of watching Steve wait for earthquakes. Steve couldn’t blame her. The entire thing wasn’t very interesting. It was just a waiting game.

“I haven’t made a cake in this game yet. Do you think you can give me the supplies?” Elena asked.

“You should really get them yourself. It’s cool to make a cake but it’s more fun if you gathered everything by yourself.”

Elena scoffed, “Feels like, at the bare minimum, you could give me the supplies for a cake. I haven’t exactly been able to make one because I’ve been running around after you and Herobrine.”

Yet another good point. But Steve decided to veer away from the discussion of cake making to ask, “You still don’t forgive Herobrine then?”

Elena shrugged, “I don’t know. I thought I was over it after all the stuff with the Circle. Like, I don’t believe he’s shady or anything anymore. But I guess I’m still mad he lied for so long. How come you got over it so easily?”

“We work together really well. I mean, I was angry at first too but why hold onto it? Herobrine had his reasons and I respect them. It doesn’t ruin our friendship. We’re just in a new phase of it.”

Elena fell silent, thinking this over before going, “Herobrine is frustrated that I am still angry. I can tell.”

“Well, I think he tried to be understanding at first. But then after everything with the Circle finished, I think he thought we were all okay. But you still seemed angry.” Steve pointed out.

“I guess…I guess I’m still angry he lied. What can I tell you? I’m not as accepting as you are. Maybe I just need more time.”

“Alright. Take all the time you need, Elena – wait.” He cut himself off and closed his eyes.

In a server nearby, there was something odd going on. His power was flickering.

“Come on!” Steve exclaimed.

He stood up and reached out for Elena. The power of what he was going to do was immense but he had to get there before the earthquake started. He grabbed Elena’s hand. A split second later, Steve was pulling them through the game. They warped through the game’s servers at light speed and then –

They crashed into the new game server. Elena lost her footing and tumbled to the ground. Steve helped her up and looked around to try to see where they had appeared. They were by a beach. It was night time in this server.

“I got sand in my mouth.” Elena grumbled as she rubbed her lips.

That was when the quake started. Steve was thrown forward and landed in the sand next to Elena. His powers were cut off. He couldn’t sense the rest of the game. But it didn’t matter. He needed to do the most that he could to stay in place for this earthquake. If possible, he needed to find the center of the quake and see how the crystals formed.

The quake was intense. Since they were near the beach, Steve realized too late just what was going to happen.

A large tidal wave was coming straight for them, triggered by the quake. He heard Elena groan behind him – and he agreed. This was going to make his plan a bit harder to complete. He shouted at Elena to get ready –

Then the wave slammed into the beach. One second he was on the sand and the next he was sucked up into the water. The water was cold and made him shiver as he kicked his legs and tried to avoid hitting anything. Steve had no idea where Elena was. He hoped that she was okay.

With his powers cut off, he couldn’t fill his lungs with extra air. Steve was running out. He needed to break through the surface of the water or there would be trouble.

He struck something suddenly – a tree? Steve wasn’t sure what it was but he wrapped his arms around it and held onto it. Sure enough, after a few moments, the water level lowered and he could get air.

Gasping for breath, he looked around. The quake was still going on. The tree that he was clinging to cracked down the center and sent him toppling to the sand. Struggling to get to his feet, he forced himself back onto the beach. He needed to get to the source of the quake!

The vibrations grew stronger as he made his way back to the shore. There didn’t seem to be any sign of another tidal wave. Steve couldn’t see where Elena was either. He hoped that she was okay.

To Steve’s amazement, the ocean appeared to be parting. Water kept splashing across his face, making it hard to focus on what was unfolding in front of him. But he could make out the way that the ocean was opening and on a whim, he ran into the opening.

He heard someone shout after him and he looked over at his shoulder. Elena was darting across the sand after him. The water had formed a strange circle above his head. The ground was still shaking. Elena caught up with him, stumbling and crashing against Steve. He held her up. She shouted something but it was lost in all the noise.

They watched as the crystals came out of the ground. They rose out of the sand and rock of the shoreline, littering the bottom of the ocean. Steve had never seen such a thing before. All he could do was stare at it in surprise.

Then, there was a bright green flash. Steve closed his eyes but against his eyelids he could make out one thing: the symbol of the Circle.

Just as quickly as he saw the image, it was gone. Steve opened his eyes to see the water trembling over them.

“Uh, Steve,” Elena whispered and he realized that he could hear her – the quake had stopped, “I think we should run.”

The water trembled over them and Steve went, “Yes. Running is a good idea.”

He turned around when the circle of water popped like a balloon. The entire force of the ocean slammed into him a split second later. Steve found himself sucked underneath the water. He reached out for something – anything – but there was only darkness.

To Steve’s horror, he realized that the force of the water was pulling him backwards towards the crystals. He kicked his feet and tried to swim against the current but it was a losing battle.

Should have planned this out better, he thought as he was yanked backwards.

The ocean seemed determined to have Steve. With one more failed kick, he went colliding into the green crystals.




Chapter Five

Steve was dreaming. In the dream, he was floating above the clouds, drifting along the sky. Below was the entire Over World. Yet it looked strange. There were green crystals sticking out of the world. They covered the top of the Over World. It filled Steve with a sense of dread.

It was then he remembered he shouldn’t be able to fly. He didn’t have any powers. This sudden realization made him stop floating. Instead, he began to topple down into the Over World. Steve screamed in shock and covered his eyes. He knew that the green crystals were coming closer…

Steve’s eyes opened and he sat up, gasping for air. He found himself staring directly at Herobrine and he flinched in surprise.

“You’re awake.” Herobrine went calmly.

Steve’s heart felt like it was pounding in his chest. Something was…wrong. Terribly wrong. He could feel it. How had he been dreaming?

“What’s going on?” Steve asked.

They were on the beach. The sun was high in the sky but Steve couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad had happened. He propped himself up and looked around. Elena was by the shoreline, seemingly unharmed, and crouched in the sand.

“You touched the crystals. That’s what Elena said when she found you.” Herobrine went.

There was something in his tone that he didn’t like. It was making him feel nervous. Not to mention how odd he felt…

“Herobrine, what happened?”

“Steve, you slammed right into those things. When we found you washed up on the beach, you were glowing green. Something was wrong. I could tell instantly. And when Elena couldn’t get a hold of you…”

“What do you mean?” Steve frowned.

“She tried to call you when we couldn’t wake your avatar up. Steve, you’re gone.”

“What does that mean? I’m gone? I’m right here!”

“That’s what I mean,” Herobrine was trying to speak calmly but Steve was feeling panicked, “You’re in the game. Whatever the crystals did to you, they’ve brought you completely into the game.”

Steve couldn’t wrap his head around what Herobrine was saying. He was in Minecraft? That was impossible. Sure, he always had a strange connection to the game but so did Herobrine. Herobrine was proof that you couldn’t be in the game!

But now that same person was staring at him and telling him that he was stuck in the game.

“That doesn’t make sense.” Steve replied stubbornly.

“Then try to log out.” Herobrine challenged.

“Fine.” Steve felt angry although he knew that his friend was just trying to help.

It only took a couple of seconds for Steve to realize that he couldn’t log out. He couldn’t even bring up menus or options like he used to. He spent a few crazed minutes trying everything he knew to log out of the game.

But nothing changed.

Steve was somehow truly in Minecraft.

Herobrine sat down next to him in the sand and went, “I don’t know how it happened yet. My guess is you struck those crystals and shattered them. Their power might have been too much for you. They could be acting like some sort of anchor. Holding you here until we find a way to free you.”

“Find a way to free me? Herobrine, I can’t stay here! This is just a game. I’m not supposed to be in it!”

“Our connection with the game has always been strange and unique. It isn’t that strange to think Moon could be using the power to get himself in the game and using the crystals to block our power.”

“You think Moon is behind this?” A sudden thought struck him, “I saw the symbol of the Circle when the crystals appeared.”

“It has to be Moon. Some sort of plan. I don’t know all the details. But I’ve been trying to find him and more information about the quakes. There have been rumblings from Circle supporters that Moon is lying in wait. But it’s been impossible to follow any leads until now. You saw the Circle symbol. It proves that he is behind this. We just don’t have all the answers.”

Steve shook his head, “What are we going to do? We can’t just let me be stuck in here.”

“For right now, we have no way of getting you out. We don’t even fully understand the crystals or Moon’s plan.” Herobrine went.

Elena was coming towards them now, “How badly are you doing?”

“Uh, very badly!” Steve exclaimed.

“You slammed into those crystals. I washed up on shore and turned around and there was this giant green light coming out of the water. I’ve never seen anything like it. Then it went dark. I couldn’t find you until you washed up a few minutes later.” She hesitated.


“Well, you were glowing green. You had crystals all over you as if they were growing out of your skin. I started brushing them off you but the crystals sunk into your skin. The entire game got very odd for a few minutes. Like, the game servers were trying to get used to the crystals or something. I don’t know. I couldn’t get you up. So, I called Herobrine.”

“Guys, I have a life outside Minecraft. I cannot be stuck in here. What am I supposed to do?” Steve asked, feeling lost.

“We’re going to get you back to your house and go from there,” Herobrine said, “We’ll figure it out, okay?”

Steve looked over at Elena who went, “Listen, if it’s Moon, we’ll just go after him like we did last night, right? He probably doesn’t want you in the game. Why would he want you in here? Talk about a nightmare for him.”

“She has a point.” Herobrine said gently.

“Elena has been having a lot of points lately.” Steve managed to joke.

“Come on,” She held out her hand to him, “Let’s get you home.”




Chapter Six

Being part of Minecraft was surreal. Steve couldn’t believe how different everything felt. He walked around his house and tried to ignore the fact his stomach was grumbling. He would have to eat something soon. But Minecraft food? He suddenly wished he could get a cheeseburger.

In the main room of his house, Herobrine and Elena were trying to figure out what their next move was. Steve had a hard time focusing. He couldn’t get over the fact that he was stuck in the game.

He heard Elena go, “There is no way Moon wanted this to happen. You and I both know it doesn’t make sense.”

“He could want Steve stuck in the game. What if he is easier to control now that Steve has become part of the game?” Herobrine argued.

Steve, sensing that the two of them were going to start fighting in a couple of seconds, shook his head and stepped into the room.

They fell silent. Elena had her arms crossed. Herobrine had an impatient expression on his face.

“Guys, let’s look at the facts, alright? I slammed into the crystals because the current was too strong. I must have absorbed their power or something and now I’m stuck literally in the game. We just have to figure out the next step.”

“Maybe this new connection to the game can lead us somewhere we couldn’t go before.” Elena suggested.

Herobrine frowned, “Perhaps. But in some ways, it will be more limiting than before. I don’t know if you will be able to modify the game or connect to it with any sort of abilities like you could earlier.”

“I haven’t tried,” Steve admitted, “I guess I’m still wrapping my head around this.”

“We know the Circle is behind it. The crystals are meant to block our powers but…maybe Elena is right.”

She blinked in surprise, “What was that?”

Herobrine ignored her remark, “It could be possible Moon wasn’t anticipating you actually entering the game. I don’t know. I need think on it. We all need to.”

Elena yawned, “Steve, it’s late here and I have to get up early but if you want, I can stay logged in.”

Steve was nervous about being alone but he didn’t want to ask his friend to interrupt her life because of this.

“I’ll be okay,” He said with forced cheer, “After all, I spend a lot of time in this game anyway, right?”

Steve could tell instantly that Elena didn’t believe him. But she didn’t argue. She logged out a few seconds later, leaving Herobrine and Steve alone.

“I can stay logged in,” Herobrine offered, “But I have a few ideas I want to follow up on. I’d tell you to come along but I’m not sure that you would be able to follow in your current…state.”

“It’s better that you try to figure out what is going on.” Steve replied.

“Fine,” He paused, “I’m not sure how you can reach out to me if you need help. But I’ll keep my powers locked on you. If anything changes, I should be able to find you.”

Then Herobrine left and Steve was completely alone, stuck in the world of Minecraft.






Chapter Seven

Steve had thought that perhaps he had spent so much time in Minecraft, he would be okay being in the game itself.

But quickly, he saw that there were some aspects of the game that were fun to play but not to live.

For one, the bed that he assumed was comfortable when he had constructed it, was anything but. Steve spent the night tossing and turning. It appeared that time flowed normally when he was stuck in the game. When he was simply playing Minecraft, the game’s night and day cycle moved swiftly.

But now that he was in the game, it was regular length. No matter what Steve tried, he couldn’t drift off for more than twenty minutes or so at a time.

When the first hint of the rising sun poked through the windows, Steve kicked off the bed sheets. He couldn’t just stand around and wait for Herobrine or Elena to figure things out. He needed to work on it as well.

Herobrine had left behind a cluster of crystals that Elena had managed to pull off Steve. They were sitting in a basket. No longer afraid of what they could do to him, Steve picked the basket up and put them on the table.

“Alright. What secrets are you hiding?” Steve mumbled as he held one in his hands.

Nothing happened but he didn’t think anything would. The crystals had been absorbed in his skin. What else could they do? But if Moon had created these things, there could be a trick or a secret to them.

Steve spent some time with the crystals. Eventually, he got frustrated and stormed out of his house, clutching one. Out of all the insane adventures that he had gone on, this had to be the craziest. Being stuck in the game? That wasn’t supposed to happen.

Angry, he threw the crystal hard against the cobblestone pathway leading to his house. The crystal shattered –

And there was a small piece of paper inside.

He blinked in surprise. What was this? Crouching, he picked it up and unraveled the thin piece of paper. The mark of the Circle was on it as well as a scribble of numbers. For the first time since Steve had gotten sucked into the game, he felt a glimmer of hope.

It was a long shot but…

“Herobrine?” He called out to the sky, “Can you come here, please?”

To his surprise, the air hummed with sudden energy and then Herobrine was in front of him. He had his sword out as if he was prepared for an attack and relaxed slightly when he saw Steve was okay.

Steve quickly told him about the crystal and the note. He handed it to Herobrine who frowned.

“Interesting. Notes in the crystals. The plot thickens.” He joked to Steve.

“Now you’re funny?” Steve remarked.

Herobrine grinned, “This is a good thing you discovered! These are location points in the game. If we go to one, we can see if it is a Circle meet-up or something.”

“Why would they be in the crystal?”

“No idea. But this is a lead. Our first real lead.”

“You haven’t found anything?” Steve asked.

Herobrine shook his head, “No luck. Not yet. But this is our next step. I’ll contact Elena and we will head there together.”

Steve smiled and felt a little relieved. He had found something out, hadn’t he? Even though he was in the game now, he could still be helpful. That counted for something.


“Am I really the voice of logic here?” Elena argued outside of Steve’s house, “We have no idea where we are going to end up if we go to this location. We could be falling into the Circle and not be prepared. Herobrine and I should go.”

“No way,” Steve replied, “This has to do with getting me out of this game. I’m not letting Herobrine and you face the danger.”

“What if something happens if you get near the Circle? We still have no idea the full effect of what the crystals did to you.”

“Elena, I’m going.” Steve crossed his arms.

She knew when Steve was going to be stubborn and she shrugged, “Fine.”

“I appreciate your concern. But this is something I need to be involved in as well.” Steve said a bit more gently.

“Elena is right to an extent. We have no idea where we are going to end up once we leave. I’m going to take us directly to the coordinates. You need to be ready for anything. Especially you, Steve. I don’t know how much combat is going to affect you.”

“I’ll be fine.” He replied although he had no idea if he was going to be alright at all.

The conversation ended. There was nothing more to go over, after all, since Steve was determined to come along. Herobrine reached out and grabbed a hold of both Steve and Elena. They all closed their eyes. Steve gulped nervously.

The air felt very thin and there was a humming noise in his ears. He kept his eyes closed as the pressure went up. This felt completely different from when he would warp in between spots between the game. He was nervous something bad was going to happen –

When he fell forward, crashing into Elena. Both fell onto the ground in an awkward heap. The air was freezing cold. Steve could feel goosebumps breaking out across his skin.

“Ow.” He grumbled as Elena accidentally elbowed him in the face, rolling out of the heap.

Herobrine looked down at them. He looked amused at the sight but helped Steve to his feet. Then, he finally got a sight of their surroundings.

And it didn’t exactly thrill him.




Chapter Eight

All around them were green crystals. They were jutting out of the side of a mountain and out of the ground, even off the trees. They were massive and glowed brightly against the dark sky. There was no moon here. The air was still yet somehow extremely cold.

“What is this place?” Steve whispered, shivering, even though he knew no one had any idea.

“Are you okay?” Elena asked.

“Just cold. You guys can’t feel the cold?”

Elena shook her head and Herobrine went, “It’s a little nippy but….no, you seem to be feeling it harder than I am.”

Steve, determined not to slow anyone down, pushed the cold to the side, “Come on. Is that a pathway?”

There did appear to be one. It winded through the crystals and up along the mountain. There was no telling what was along the pathway. They had no option but to follow it. They followed the pathway slowly. Herobrine made sure not to come close to the crystals.

They rounded the corner –

Into a group of wither skeletons.

“Wonderful.” He heard Elena remark under her breath.

The wither skeletons saw them instantly. All of them were holding swords that appeared to be glowing from the light of the crystals. They raised their swords and charged.

“So much for sneaking in, right?” Steve remarked as he pulled out his sword and shield.

The first wither skeleton reached them. It swung its sword at Herobrine as another one fired an arrow. Elena ducked and shot her own arrow. It collided with the skeleton, sending it toppling backwards.

Steve felt sluggish as if he wasn’t reacting as quickly as he used to. One of the skeletons seemed to notice this and ran towards him. Wither skeletons moved quickly. It only took a second for the skeleton to be near him. It swung its sword –

Steve managed to raise his shield in time as the sword smashed against it. The impact sent vibrations up his arm and he took a step backwards. Combat felt entirely different now that he was in Minecraft.

The wither skeleton attacked again. Steve managed to deflect the blow but he could tell he wasn’t fighting up to his usual standards. Everything felt so real. It was throwing him off. He wasn’t used to the chill in the air or how realistic the wither skeletons appeared. Each time he blocked an attack, it just made him realize that if he made a mistake, he could truly get hurt.

Elena’s arrow hit one of the skeletons and they turned to ash. Herobrine took care of another skeleton. But there were still three left, including the one that Steve was trying to take down.

The wither skeleton spun around and brought its sword down diagonally. Steve took a step backwards but his ankle twisted. Alarmed, he let out a small yelp and then fell. As the wither skeleton brought its sword down, an arrow slammed into it. It turned to ash and the sword fell next to him.

Elena stood behind where the wither skeleton had been, holding her bow. Herobrine finished off the last of the skeletons. Steve could feel himself blushing. He hadn’t helped at all! Instead, he had almost gotten seriously hurt because he couldn’t adjust to this new world and how real it felt.

But Elena didn’t say anything. She helped him to his feet.

“How is your ankle?”

“A little sore but I’m fine.” He brushed it off.

Elena looked as if she wanted to say more but thought better of it. She knew him enough to know that he would be beating himself up for how the battle went. Herobrine didn’t point it out either. That almost made it worse.

“Come on. Let’s keep going.” He grumbled and set off down the pathway.


Chapter Nine

The crystals were larger than Herobrine and Steve by the time they began the trek up the mountain. Steve took the lead, anxious to prove to himself that even though he was real, he still could handle himself in the game. Elena was silent but had her bow ready in case there were more skeletons.

Herobrine was making sure not to touch any of the crystals. There was no telling what would happen if he touched one. It could result in all of them being stuck in here.

They came around the corner when a powerful gust of wind kicked up out of nowhere. Elena yelped and grabbed a hold of the nearest crystal, wrapping her arms around it. Steve reached out to grab a hold of one –

But Herobrine couldn’t grab anything. He couldn’t touch the crystals and there was nothing to hold onto. He would fall off the side of the mountain and into the crystals below.

Steve couldn’t let that happen. The wind pushed against him, forcing him backwards. Herobrine slipped and fell. The wind was so strong that a crystal cracked and broke free. He ducked as it fell past him and toppled down the mountain. He swung his pickaxe into the pathway and held himself steady against the wind.

“Herobrine!” He shouted.

“Keep going!” Herobrine yelled back as he tried to get his own pickaxe out.

But the wind was too strong. Steve slipped. Elena reached out for him but he was too concerned about Herobrine being in danger. He reached out for his friend –

A large crystal broke free. It soared through the air towards him. Elena screamed again but Steve didn’t react in time. The crystal slammed into him. His grip on the pickaxe broke and he was sent flying backwards.

He crashed into Herobrine. Together, the two friends were pushed off the side of the mountain. Everything blurred. The wind was so cold that it felt like it was snapping against his skin. There was a horrible feeling of being in the air and then they were falling through the air.

Steve opened his eyes. They had made good progress on the mountain which meant they were falling a great distance. The wind had come out of nowhere – Steve couldn’t believe this was happening.

Down below were tons of crystals. Herobrine lowered his helmet around his face, preparing for impact. Steve had a split second to react –

He shoved Herobrine as hard as he could. His friend was pushed just out of the way of the crystals.

But it wasn’t enough time for Steve to escape.


Steve crashed into an entire group of green crystals. But to his surprise, they were blocking an entrance to a cave. He landed hard on the bottom of the cave and then darkness overtook him.


Chapter Ten

Steve was dreaming again. This time, he was surrounded by the green crystals. Moon was pacing in front of them. He was wearing his old cloak, making it impossible to see his face. But his shoulders were hunched together and he appeared furious.

“This isn’t the plan. None of this is the plan. I thought I had made it perfectly clear to you fools!”

“Sorry, master.” A few voices said in unison.

Where was he? What sort of odd dream was this?

“The crystals are to block their abilities. Now, I cannot sense Steve at all! On top of that, there was an alarm tripped on the mountain. I want someone to explain this to me right now!”

Steve couldn’t move. He was stuck in place, listening in on the meeting. The figures were too dark to make out. All he could hear was Moon ranting about what had happened.

This had to be a dream, right? Something about it felt oddly real…but that had to be impossible.

“I want all of you searching the mountain for them. Elena shouldn’t even be here – she doesn’t even have powers! I want to find Herobrine and Steve. I want them brought to me, understand? The fact that they have entered our land – I was told it was impossible!”

There were voices now, trying to soothe Moon. Steve was in the darkness. They couldn’t see him. The longer this went on for, the more he felt that it wasn’t a dream. Somehow, he could hear what Moon was telling people.

“Who is going to tell me how this happened?” Moon hissed.

People spoke but Steve couldn’t understand any of them. His connection to this area was fading. His vision was flickering – he tried to hold onto it, hoping for some sort of clue.

“Why can I no longer sense Steve? What trick are they planning?” Moon snapped, “Find them!”

The hooded figures began to scurry away, afraid of Moon.

“I’ve been planning this for months! I will not have them ruin it!” He shouted after them.

Steve couldn’t keep his grip on the vision any longer. He was yanked away and his eyes opened. He was staring at the cave wall.

His body ached all over. More of those green crystals were glowing and sticking out of his skin. With a groan, Steve sat up.

Everything on the mountain had happened so fast. The wind had come out of nowhere. He hoped that Elena was alright. Herobrine…he had made sure his friend hadn’t hit the crystals but had it been enough?

He tried to figure out where he was. Steve was sore and his ankle was hurt but he had to ignore it. He needed to help Herobrine and Elena.

He kept thinking back to Moon. Of course he was back. Elena had been right after all. Moon and the crystals were linked. He was trying to bring the Circle back. They had known Moon would return one day…but this, with the crystals and blocked magic – it was something dangerous and dark.

Steve worked through what Moon had said. If it hadn’t been a dream, and he had been able to see that unfolding in real time, that meant he didn’t have a lot of spare seconds to waste. Soon enough, whatever new Circle members Moon had put together would be coming here to find them. Steve sighed. More trouble.

The way he had fallen was directly above him but there didn’t seem to be any way out.

And without his powers, Steve had to come to grips with something:

He was trapped in the cave.














About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Steve has been living a quiet life since the destruction of the Circle and the reveal that Herobrine is human. While Elena struggles to forgive Herobrine for lying, Steve decides to help her with some of the basics of the game. A simple training lesson in a cave goes horribly wrong when an earthquake hits. Elena and Steve barely escape but now are faced with the task of figuring out what is causing the quakes. Knowing that Moon is on the loose, Herobrine and Steve decide to work together to see if he is behind this sinister new plot that blocks their abilities in the game. However, along the way, something happens that changes Steve and the way he can access the world of Minecraft. Will it be a blessing in disguise or is Steve going to be in serious trouble? This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.

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The Quest: Moon’s Revenge, Book 16: Part of the Game The Quest: Moon’s Revenge, Book 16: Part of the Game