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The Prophet's Legacy


Conversations with God

Book one of the Thousand Worlds Series



This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters,

places, and incidents either are products of the author’s

imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance

to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is

entirely coincidental.

Thousand Worlds Tales Vol.1

Conversations WithGod

Copyright 2016 Surrain Bin Adhen

ISBN: 978-1-55487-068-4

Cover art by S.B.Adhen

All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the

reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in

part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other

means, now known or hereafter invented, is forbidden

without the written permission of the publisher.

The Sean

The race for power was going on a bloody battle between thousands of final chosen riders from all round the cosmos. The track was not plain but mountainous and the race was not just of the speed but of power. Everyone’s eyes were on Destinymaker and the six noble riders who were the defending champions of the Quintine and the Shadow rider other darks but they got a strange result the race was won by a guy whose face was covered totally his horse was dark and mighty. But the noble riders being defeated cheated him they hide the Quintine but didn’t drank it, When their plan was exposed everyone rebelled against the. Finally it was decided that there will be another legendary race.

It took place But the man didn’t came this time Destinymaker won it and took the Quintine, he was referred to be the Visaije and the man to be Saijen. Destinymaker grew much powerful but he found the stranger the actual winner, not only he but every one wanted to meet that Saijen.

It was one of the pleasant spring morning, everyone’s eyes were on a spaceship which just landed on the Warahes battlefield. It is the prison spaceship for the most wanted criminals.

The crowds were shouting some were confused what is going to happen “Mom, what is going to happen.” asked a child. Her mother didn’t reply.

The spaceship door opened with some men and the chained prisoner. The jailers brought him slowly to the ground. And let him go towards the Calamity stone. As it came nearer to the crowd they could see his face it was not at all looking like a criminal but very innocent looking face except his eyes which were completely dark, his hair were large that covers half his face and back to his bare shoulders.

The crowd was ordered to move away from his way. They did so.The prisoner was pushed from behind that made him move forward. The crowd shouted on him, some threw large stones at his face and body; some threw their saddles and boots; tears were shedding down his face. But he moved on.

The Calamity stone was nearer now there was none near it. People only heard about the God came to punish the sinners here on that stone none ever saw it by their own eyes. Their was a strange curiosity in everyone’s mind that something was going to be very interesting. Most of them don’t even know for what crime he was sentenced to death after being tortured at the hell for seven years.

Captain Zeus came to him took his chain and pulled him without any mercy he pulled him until he fell on the stone he tied the chain on a metal. Now he was lying on that punishment platform gazing up at the sky.

Captain Zeus move several meters behind. Now the crowd was silent a silent before a disaster to come.

“Would it be happen” everyone was thinking.

The six rock pillar supported the beam of the platform. It is said that the six Gods stands around the six pillar and kill the culprit. The prisoner was totally wounded he was just alive bearing the harsh tortures continuously he himself don’t know why all these happening? why the whole world protesting him?

Then he recalled the day after which he didn’t knew what happened to him. He closed his eyes and think deep his some of the past memory.

‘The visitors of the thousand worlds surrounded the sky. The lights from the Dragon’s mouth and the spaceship enlightened the sky. Even in the darkest world it was like a bright city floating in light.

Different people had different means of transport. Most of them were on giant Dragons which allows many people to ride upon him flying across many worlds. Some technology advanced world like the Koloshun, the Esternia and the Aliena moves on the spaceships even faster than the dragons and Dragosuraus.

The believers from all over the thousands world assembled in and around the Salemane to receive the last sermon from the chief of believers, Saije Sean. Not only the mankind, but the animals and the Sauraus; the Angels and the dead souls; the Mortals and the immortals; all were gathered in the field of March.

They were gazing steadily at the large door of the Sean palace. It was imperial, made up of white marble and decorated with other precious stones. Every inch of it was shining, but the Sean clan didn’t dwell there, it is just for worshipping purpose. There was a large high platform on which Sean used to deliver sermon.

At last, Saije came out. His son Sean 18th was behind him with a hand on his shoulder for support. He was appearing very old, his beard was touching his chest, wrinkles were visible from distance, his eyebrows were long, black-white eyes were dimly opened at the crowd.

He stood a while a moment then began. Everyone was gazing at him what would be the final message. They were hoping for some good news.

“Surely we are on a right path” he said, his voice was hard and loud. “Let all of you know it is not so easy to enter into the paradise, you saw me how I spend my life, No doubt the Satan’s army will make every possible attempt to deceit you, choice will be in your hand, what you long for, this world or the after world, They are coming, the Satan army, even the greatest of believer will be examined I’m afraid of Oliva’s future”. He said and turned around and he was walking silently to the palace door. Everyone was amused by what he said.

In the mean time, the sky began to burst the whole crowd and Sean too looks up on the sky, it was awe-inspiring. And it enlighten with six colors. Now Saije Sean knew what was going to happen. Saije looked to his son.

“Sean you know, from now you will be the new chief of the believers, you had to sacrifice more than I did and there are even much more troubles in your life, just live for him and die for the sake of your lord.” he said.

“But father…” Sean said in despair.

Terrible screams filled the surrounding. Bright lights were falling from the dark skies just above the Sean palace. And then suddenly nothing was visible what was happening inside. An energy field totally covers the Sean Palace. The Crowd were even more amused about was happening. Their compete chaos in their mind.

Salve Evenne, was the only Evenne who embraced the religion of God, came running into the platform from inside. Norah his granddaughter and Dewelle Evenne, the son of Salve was standing beside Sean 18th.

They saw some very bright looking faces floating in different colors; they could also feel the heat and unusual effects of those radiations which was emitting all round them. There body was like burning flame.

“I don’t think anyone knew about that tragedy, do they?” one of them asked. “And you know what will we are going to do with you”

“What can you do?”

“You want to see what we can do”

The deadly flashes strikes from one then another followed by all six led the painful end of Saije Sean. He screamed for a moment then fell on the platform then he was silent. All those who were watching this could only help watching.

Sean, salve and all other ran to the point where he was lying Sean put Saije’s head’s on his thigh and tried to move his father’s head by his hands but all in vain. He was now sure what was his father tried to say. That had happened.

Looking this, the believers began shouting in grief until they heard the command that reached directly from the skies.

“O, you believers, the God whom the Sean worships had no existence since he was in falsehood he suffered and all of you who had still life would worship us. We are the Lords of the sky and all those worlds, we have the power we have the might and only we deserved to be worshipped” God of Sky said in a very loud and commanding manner.

Sean saw all these, their pain to convey the message to the thousand worlds was crushed into ashes in seconds. He gazed up at the Heavens.

“O, my lord in whose hand you gave us” he whispered.

The light that surrounds the sky came nearer till the crowd shouted “Stop, there”

“To whom do you put your faith?” the voice came from the sky.

At first they all remain silent, but as they came much nearer one said “I believe you are the almighty” and others repeated the same.

“Now go to your homes”

The crowd was decreasing; they were departing to their world. This holy city will be deserted from now. The night grew much deeper. Gradually, the surrounding turned into a mysterious silent.

There was only a thirteen year old boy sitting at the stairs of the palace. He was very fair to look at, his hair were large hanging down to his eyes and hide his half face dark black eyes with a narrow eyebrow and a killer look. He wore a black jacket and a narrow trouser he had also a sword hung at his back.

He was staring at his horse. Then a voice came from behind the palace’s garden.

“Hey Dewelle, will you join me”.

He was sure it was the voice of his best friend Norah, the daughter of Sean 18th..

“Why not”, he replied, pleasantly.

She was also riding upon a pony. Dewelle jumped on to Pluto and followed her. She was a brilliant rider as his father and grandfather. Somehow Dewelle managed to reach close to her.

“Where we are going?” Dewelle asked.

“At the coast of Saijen”

“I wonder it is late night and not quite safe to go there”

“Do you afraid of darkness”

“No, but a lot of tragedies had happened”.

They reached the banks of river Saijen, it was dark in the darkness, but it look like it holds several secrets and sorrow that the young girl could see and as a companion she took her best friend with her.

Dewelle looked at her eyes which were full of grief it was the first time he noticed such a kind of graveness at her face. The light of the moon when hits her face it reacts in such a manner that one is standing in front of an Angel. She is said by her father that she is the most beautiful girl ever born to the noble Sean clan. Her golden hair was fluttering in the gentle breeze, her eyes were true blue with thin eyebrows a lovely little nose and red little lips at the age of twelve she was looking like a princess of Salemane.

She noticed Dewelle was staring at her from a while.

“You exactly know what the final message of my grandfather was?” she asked.

“Well I was just thinking about that”.

They were standing on a small cliff gazing down at the silent river. Their were large stones that was blocking the water, and some undulation ahead but it finds it’s way by cutting new land.

“Do you know why these rivers kept flowing?”


“Because it destructs every blockage that comes in front of its way, similarly we have to keep going whatever happens, will you accompany me Dewelle in my journey?”

“I believe what your grandfather says and I believe in that one, whom he addresses”

He noticed she was looking her eyes were full of gratitude. But not smile she was touched with that tragedy.

“Do you know about ‘the tragedy’, which those Gods were talking about?”

“No, I was anxious to know that”

“Your father is alive he will do something about them”

“My grandfather was talking about the Satan’s army and even he was afraid of Oliva’s future that means something more horrible going to take place”

“They were Satan?”

“They were not Satan”

They turned from the place they were standing hearing a loud bursting sound. They rode upon their horses to reach the place where it happened. When they reach the spot their blood froze within them.

It was not the Holy circle which they saw an hour ago but it was completely changed, it was ruined smoke and dust was emitting from all over the debris.

“Is it the palace?” said Norah surprisingly.

“Yes it is” replied Dewelle. “Goeshin, my brother what happened? Who did this? How?” he said in grief.

“The Satan’s army they came Susan and Father they all…” Goeshin said in a low struggling voice.

“What brother, what happened to them?”

“They were poisoned, both of you flee from here they will be looking for you” the wounded boy commanded.

“And you?”

“Go away, Sean will be here”

“Are you sure?”

“Just go away from here”

“There’s our predator” came a voice it was scary.

Dewelle turned to the sound

“Ahhhhh!”he screamed Norah also yelled in fear.

The most horrible faces they ever seen. They were the Satan’s army. They were even blacker than the night. Their faces were more horrible than a ghost. Blood was flowing all through their face, their eyes were totally black, and the flesh of their face was visible they were holding a scythe in their hand.

Dewelle grabbed Norah’s hand and took some steps behind as they were approaching towards their prey. The young hearts were pounding fast.

“WH-Who the hell are you” Dewelle asked.

“We are the bitter truth every believer had to believe, we are a test for them, we are the foe of your one God and we are the bloody foe of those whom he loves, that mean the believers” one of the Satan said. Their voices were even scarier than there face it echoed several time in the young minds. “we are the barrier between one’s paradise and hell, of coarse you are on a right path but you won’t be”

“What are saying? but if you are Satan then I have a remedy to defend ourselves”

“What’s that?”

He took out a vial and pointed it towards them. “The holy sea water, I heard your body burns with it”

“Dangerous young boy, now we have to deal would you give us your soul or of the little princess, no doubt how much we long for a good soul to be defeated”

Dewelle look at Norah She was terrified he didn’t talk with her but gestured everything with his eyes.

“How can i believe you will let her go?”

“You had no choices it will depend upon ourselves if we leave her and you can’t do anything to save her, trust me, just permit your soul to me and you will be able to save her”

“Whatever you want get it”

Then he stepped closer even closer untill the hair were touching his broad open mouth then came a scream Dewelle was being swallowed by those evils. Norah was still terrified sat behind a far corner behind a broken wall of the palace. She wrapped her arms around her knees and her gaze was down. When the unusual silence made her feel anxious she looked up there was no one and the night was still. It was a bit of relief to her and a trouble too now she was all alone there was no sign of Dewelle. She knew what he did for her.

“O, my lord what enough had happened tonight, I’m not enough powerful to endure all these” she said to herself and then began to weep.

As Dewelle’s eyes opened he saw just darkness he could feel the dusty ground on which he was lying, there was a strange smell coming to his nose, he tried to stand but he found a severe pain in every joint of his body. He crawled to find further more information of his surrounding. He gazed up there was a wonderful open sky adorned with stars, and there was nothing on the land he wondered it was like a desert or something.

“Where I am? Is anyone here, please help!” he cried in despair.

Then he found there was someone who is haunting him. Winds blow here and there in a strange way. Not one but many when he gazed up again, he could dimly see that something like many sting rays are floating in the skies not in oceans. And there sounds produce by the flight create a horrible effect in the silence.

And then it seemed to him like they were landing in and around him one by one. His mind filled with extraordinary terror. Just before the dusk, it came night again, he gazed up again and found many of those creatures are flying and it traps some of the light of the stars. Sounds of large steps taken was coming to his hears as someone approaching right to him, it becomes louder and louder. He found himself lifting by someone by his shoulder. There were crowd gathered and he heard there cheering.


He looked to his right there were many other who were treated the same, he turns to his left he found the same. He gazed down. Still he was supported by the hand of a creature.

“Dewelle Evenne, who is your God?” came a voice like someone whisper to his ears but it was firm.

He remained silent.

“Who is your God?” the speaker repeated this time louder that everyone present there heard this.

“I`m sure you are not” Dewelle replied firmly.

“I didn’t ask that”

“You got your answer”

Dewelle tried to look direct to the creature which was supposed to be standing in front of him. He stare at it he could see nothing except darkness, but its figure was quite like the cloaked man whom he saw in Salemane.

‘Is he Satan’ he said to himself.

He tried to look again in his face it was blank like a hole which comprises only darkness, some parts of Satan’s body were visible in the tore cloth he wore. The boy gazed down, surprised to know he was floating a feet above the ground, his feet was hidden by the long black cloak. Dewelle saw his hands approaching to his hands. His eyes were now grew red to the little boy it seemed he was angry now. He opened his mouth a little.

‘How long would you be a believer, lets test your soul, your noble soul” said the Satan. “You will achieve great powers the most harsh and deadly like us, this power will turn your mind you will become much powerful and you will be a disbeliever too”

He grabbed Dewelle’s arm. Dewelle could feel the heat like Satan’s blood was boiling and he could feel his blood too.

He screamed as loud as he can.


But in vain it was the kingdom of Satan it could only help entertainment to the evil army. They shouted in joy and merry. They were very happy to see a believer struggling in pain. And the best part of them was that the boy, a noble believer was now dark-blooded.

The dark- blooded clan had no status in the thousand world society. As the Satans were dark-blooded clans.

The young boy shouted he could feel the pain which was flowing all through his blood and body. Like he drank the venom of King Cobra and allows it to pass through his blood. He screamed until he was silent, not because he was died but he has now ability to bear any pain.

“Boy, the God is no one power factors if you are powerful you deserve to live if you hasn’t you will die” saying this Satan flew and so his army too.

He found many other believers; they were changed too. The rays of star now reached the land without any abruption. He could feel the heat and the power which was burning inside his body. He moved towards the others, he noticed that his way of walking changed.’

Then suddenly his eyes opened and his dream broke he could see tremendous energy surrounding him. And the same six figures that killed Saije appeared in front of him.

Everyone fell on the ground with a great exploding sound every like the sky exploded, and the light of whole stars hit the planet they could see nothing only tremendous light around the Calamity stone; in their minds eye they could think what was happening with that prisoner.

“Who are you?” Dewelle asked.

“The Gods of the Sacred Worlds” one of them replied. “Dark prince you are forlorn, where is your God to whom you sacrifice everything all you suffer where is your God?”

“I don’t have to give any witness about my God; he is with me every time”

“What non sense, still you believe, aren’t you scared, aren’t you terrified?”

“The much you can harm is death”

“Don’t you afraid of death? Don’t you long your life? Look how much you suffered its time to avenge the pain we will gave you a kingdom; a world; you will be the only emperor; you have powers just identify who you are? What can you do with those powers?”

“I lived for the sake of my God and I will die happily for him”

“Then go to your lord”

The crowd was still amused of what was happening inside the flashes that surrounds the Calamity stone to the sky. Finally, they heard Dewelle screaming, his voice echoed all around the Warashes. The people thought that happened.

All the flashes of energies came out of the Gods and strikes direct at his body he shouted; he yelled in pain; but it continued and the Gods were now lifted up in the sky, with a final lightning that strikes from the sky to his body.

The people left the field. Dewelle was still lying on that rock platform, no one dare to go near it. Still smoke was emitting out of the ground. His body was ruined by those deadly radiations. Dark black blood was flowing all through his body.


Then he finds himself in the strangest world. He could see only bright white light scattering all round his vision. It was so bright that he hides his eyes by his arms.

“Listen to the good news; you are one of those believers whom I am merciful; and this world is only for your test you will be rewarded for your good deeds, and you are on the right path” a voice enters in his ears, it was so soft and melodious that he forgot all which happened minutes ago. He was drowned in the tune of the voice. He wanted to talk longer.

“Am I dead” Dewelle asked in a childish manner in order to continue the conversation and he didn’t want to end it.

“Not yet, you are a noble soul and you have to prove its worth, there is a hard but complete life I made for you prove how much you long me”

“Of course, I will”

“You just believe me as you do, and don’t afraid of anything except me I will be with you at your every breath be sure the Satan is an open foe of believers”

And then he was there where he was; lying on that platform and gentle drops of water falling from the sky to his wounded body. He was in severe pain but he forgot all his pain as he was just born he didn’t saw any pain in his life.

He heard the sounds of the horse steps he could not stand but he tried to look at the horse coming, surprised to know he was Pluto, he saw hi after seven years. It was a great period of time.

“Oh! Almighty you are great”

He was grown up to adult as his master. Pluto came running to him. Dewelle wondered how much troubles Pluto had to face in those years. He hugged his horse. Pluto was very pleased to see his master after seven years. How many worlds he roamed to search his master space but unfortunately he was in none of those thousand worlds. He was imprisoned in the Hell.

Pluto sat behind Dewelle.

“O, Pluto how much you love me”

Pluto gestured him something by his face, Dewelle understood what he meant he was inviting him for a ride for the final time.

“No Pluto I’m just much happy to see you”

But Pluto didn’t agree. At last, Dewelle put his legs side by side Pluto’s back and held his neck tightly. Pluto stood and start running he galloped as fast as he never ran, he was tired his heart beat was pounding fast but he ignored all his pain. And keep talking with the wind. He could feel his blood touching his skin.

When Dewelle looked behind Pluto’s neck he saw Pluto crosses the city and the woods. Dewelle was becoming much weaker due to the loss of blood. He was unknown of what’s going on in Pluto’s mind. Pluto was riding along the margin of the bay, and lost in darkness he reached the world’s end and was sank in the darkness, Dewelle felt the speed and sinking in the invisible force attracting both of them they could see nothing there was complete darkness. Then again, Pluto landed on the ground, Dewelle feel the wind it was sharp, the environment was mountainous and the weather was chilling. He understood after an age he was back at his home.

But he was unknown of dark secrets of Salemane. Things would hurt him much than he expects happiness to come in his life.

Pluto reached at a castle, which was so hidden in the woods that only who knew the place could reach there. Being so exposed it was hidden But it was late Dewelle’s eyes were closed. Pluto sat on the ground gasping for breath. A girl who was the princess of the Salemane dwell in it, rushed at the spot it was late night. She pulled Dewelle by his shoulder and let him in into the palace she looked at Pluto he was very tired.

Then she led Dewelle on her bed, she was amused seeing dark blood many thoughts entered his mind. But she hurried for the medicine box and applied some antiseptics to his wounds. And then she calls the empire caretaker, but he opened his eyes, the girl hid herself behind the curtain not to being exposed in front of a stranger.

The wounded man tried to understand where he was, he looked around, found some strange things hung on precious marble wall like swords and armors and holy books etc. He looked at the curtain which was moving slightly with the wind. He could identify the figure it was of a girl tall and her hairs were exposed.

“Who’s there? Where I am?” Dewelle asked the hiding girl.

The girl remained silent for a while. She was partly terrified. Putting some courage she said “My horse Pluto, brought you here you were severely wounded so being an human I put some medicine on your wound”

“Thanks for that, but how you came to know about my horse name?”

“Yours he’s mine”

“What? I’m since with him from my childhood”

Dewelle was still lying on his bed and the girl was behind the curtain. The girl stood there she recognized who was the man.

“Sorry, I was confused I too inherit a same like that”

Dewelle stayed there the caretaker cares him until he was well now.

He tried to go to the Salemane to look how the place is changed and there was a great lust building in him to find his past his family and the Sean’s clan. He was leaving but suddenly he stopped he recalled about the girl who helped him. He asked the caretaker about that girl. They said she was not present there. He said he will come back again.

He departed with his old companion; they rode on the sharp edge of the Vallaces his happiness knew no bounds coming again to his home. He thanked God.

But he could only find solitude. There was complete silent. The winds were talking with the sky touching mountains. He Roamed all about Vallaces, he fell from his horse several time but continued his journey, night falls; day breaks; he was just moving. His eyes remained still at a group of huts, he remembered it was the dwelling place of the Sean’s. It was ruined and burnt. Beside the cottage of Sean there was a cottage it was of the Evenne’s.

The field of March was visible from there. It was now just a desert, shrubs grew here and there. He imagined the place seven years back.

‘The busy sky and the holy city filled with pilgrims from thousand worlds; how beautiful it was then, the city of noble believers great humans grew here and what the Satans did. It was just a witness of such a great civilization now.’

And the most sorrowful was the Sean’s palace, the headquarters of the believers millions of heads had bow down to the God. This building had may memories attached.

In a corner of a broke wall there was a sword lying on the debris of the mega structure it was his when he was swallowed by the evils. And that time he was deserted from his family and he imagined his best friend whom he last met here at this broken palace, she was terrified he thought if the Satan kill her or poisoned her into dark. Tears were shedding from his eyes to the stones. He took the sword and rode back now there was no sign of the Seans and his family;

In despair he thought they were ruined by the Satans and seven years is a long time. And he moved his horse to the south again, but then again he turned around saw the Sean’s palace which was not palace now, he gazed at the horizon it was just nothing but a open glen.

He road along the Saijen river, he paused at the cliff where Norah used to come here and think. He recalled some of his thoughts.

‘The Saijen keep flowing whatever comes ahead’

‘The Saijen is dark it keeps dark secrets”

“ What it tells?” Dewelle thought.

He thought deep and stared at the surface of Saijen it was mysterious. He recalled some of the happening which was happened at the day of Saije’s murder. The mysterious tragedy the six gods talking about, and the river said to be so sacred.

He was drowned in thoughts, thought looking at the river but something was visible through the darkness it was like a valley and there were hose riders riding they were following a man whose face was covered they were trying to catch him anyhow. He saw flashes the same he saw coming out of the bodies of the six Gods at the Calamity stone and at the time of Saije’s murder

“Dewelle Evenne happy to see you here” a voice came from the depth of the mysterious river.

“Who are you?” Dewelle asked in surprised.


“But he died”

“Souls doesn’t die, you are forgetting what I said you about this river”

“I was recalling that”

“This is sacred because until the day of judgment it will be the home for noble souls that die in the cause of God and the living noble souls still receive divine messages and Satan don’t came here”

“It means I’m a divine soul”

“Of course, not only divine soul but the chief of believers”


“It’s a good news for you that you are the chosen one but be aware until there is a sole believer left in these worlds, God will be pleased to make the life going, and if not you know what will happen. And there is no believer on the thousand world other than you”

Dewelle was stunned he had no words to reply. He was as a calf just born and which had no strength to stood on its own legs.

And the river was still dark and mysterious. Dewelle had many question unanswered; he looked at Pluto who reacts the same lovingly nodding his head. All the things came to him so quickly that he can’t make out anything.

A new responsibility that fall on his shoulders.

“What if I would be deceived by the Satan? What if I can’t perform my duties? No I have to believe in the Almighty and rest of the questions I had to the answers by myself.” Dewelle thought.

He sat again on Pluto and rode along the Saijen river. Some questions grew in his mind.

‘Is Sean 18th is no more and Norah; all my family and Susan;?’

He crossed the valley, the track of river was left behind it was a little lower mountains and a village was visible about some miles away. It filled Dewelle hope but he was in much grief of losing all his family. But still he had to live for the sake of his God. He arranged some courage and moved to the village.

It was charm, there were many trees and it gives him a pleasant breath. There were cottage same as of the period of Saije. People were covered their faces only their dark eyes and eyebrows were visible. Dewelle Stopped thinking that they were Satan and they began to chase him. He again turned towards them. Looking very confident he knew that a deadly wrath is going to take place. He was ready for that.

He took out his sword and march towards the approaching enemy he had a benefit of being higher. Amused a while when he got those dark flashes he could understood who were they. He also used his powers for the first time it was the Deadliest all the dark guards were laid paralyzed for a moment then one of them stood. And came to him he put his sword behind his sword.

“Who are you?” the dark asked.

“I came just to visit the place” Dewelle said.


“Can’t I come here?”

“Is there is any cause”

“No, probably not, but yes, if you are happy to help me I wanted to know about the Seans”

“The Seans they were killed by the Satan’s army seven years back now Sale mane is ruled by the Destinymaker and all the dwellers are dark”

“Destinymaker, who the hell he is?”

“What are you saying? I know you are much powerful but you don’t know the powers of the Destinymaker, he is the Visaije”

“What is Visaije?”

“Where do you come from, all on the cosmos knew what is that, It is a rider who defeat all the others and achieved the Quintine”

“I can make out nothing”

“Are you a dark”


“Why don’t you participate in the competition; you have power you got a brilliant horse”

“What is that competition?”

“It’s a legendary race of power know as ‘the legendary race, you can join our village there is a princess, who also qualified for it, she dwell somewhere in the woods”. Dewelle thought it was of no use. But then he agreed to meet the princess. Then they came to the village Dewelle and Pluto enjoyed the food there, being hungry from days. He got much respect as a new rider going from such a small town.

“Can I know more about that race?” Dewelle asked the guard who was sitting beside him at the restaurant.

“It takes place every four years, the participant have to give their souls portion to a vial known as ‘the Quintine’, and if they win the qualifications they will receive some of the portions of the powers, and they will battle some of the most brilliant riders across the Cosmos”

Dewelle’s mouth opened ‘O’ with surprise. He Somehow managed to show he believed whatever the dark said to him.

“I think we have to meet that princess”

“Yes but you had to find her yourself, she lives very hidden. But she is just a girl of about fourteen”.

The Guard showed Dewelle the way to the Woods it was down from the town he wander all around the woods, all the surrounding were likely to be same. Then Pluto was not moving ahead he rode to his left Dewelle was amused by his behavior, but Pluto reached where he wanted to.

He paused at the castle, where Dewelle arrived first and he recalled that girl who helped him. The castle’s door was shut, he knocked at it. There was no reply. He repeated but in vain. The large metal door was not locked from inside but Dewelle can’t enter without permission. He waited for a while, looked around there was no one, to nnotice, the surrounding was much more uncommon.

‘Why Dewelle brought me here time to time, and why the girl demanded that Pluto was hers’ Dewelle thought.

Receiving no reply without hesitation he went right in, the doorway was brilliantly decorated, the castle was not so large but historical. There were statues of night; old paintings and swords hung at the walls both side. Some of the rooms were locked.

Only he found one room open, he pushed the door. It was empty. He went forward he noticed another one open, it was her bedroom where he was laid wounded.

“Who can this girl be?” Dewelle thought.

When he entered her bedroom it was well decorated, with lightning and tiles. Things were not properly on their places everything was here and there. He couldn’t find any clue about that girl. Being hopeless he fell asleep on her bed.

It was next morning when he woke up by the light that was coming from top of the castle. He get up from his bed. And moved to the doorway. The empty room was still dark, Dewelle was surprised it was day and the room was so dark, he thought there had been no source of light in that. But he was wrong. He shut the door, but again his mind was telling him that there was something.

He went in, he couldn’t got time to think and he was lost in the darkness, it was complete darkness there, he couldn’t see anything. He felt he was absorbing by some invisible forces. He felt the same when Pluto brought him from Koloshun to Salemane through a portal. He thought it was a portal between worlds.

His knees hit the ground, he cried in pain, the world was dark. There was no light he gazed up there were many stars far away in the sky and it allows some of the light to reach the planet. He found himself alone, there was none, he looked up there were no portal. He moved further, there was nothing not a single plant, but he heard the footsteps of horses, they were near him a rock hit his face and he fell down.

In a section of that world he could see a mere light coming from a distance he ran towards it, it was appearing more bigger as he was coming closer to that. One thing was lack in Dewelle he didn’t received any education. And he know nothing about the Cosmos.

He found a girl who was on the ground talking with a figure bright whose I light was visible from distant, the figure was perfect white and it was slightly like a woman. He creeps closer to them.

“He is alive mother, believe me, I saw him by my eyes, I touched him” the young girl said to the figure who was floating in the air.

“He is died we killed him by our hands, I think you mistaken him” the figure said. “Be sure what I told you, if the darks were defeated and you won our way will be cleared”

“But how, mother they are much powerful, and brother would not even let me race”

“He will, if you forced him; the other thing you may know, is that all your questions will be cleared in the river Saijen”

“I can’t understand”

“You inherit my brain”

Saying this the woman disappeared in the darkness of the sky. The girl moved till the world end it was the worlds end. She was standing on the worlds edge or probably the worlds end.

And without any hesitation she climbed down. Dewelle did the same. She lands on one of the dragon and flew deeper and deeper beneath the darkness, Dewelle found himself falling from the sky he was amused fortunately, he also grabbed a dragon and followed the little girl. She was flying downwards towards a new world. Dewelle had to hold firmly the dragon flew sharp, they landed on a land beyond description.

Dewelle recognize the place by seeing the landform it was Salemane again, but not Vallaces it was Lost Vallaces. The place told in stories and fables the land of legendary battles and races. His mind froze seeing the world in reality, different types of questions proved to be right.

Many dragons were flying above the sky touching mountains, they were just between the narrow valley, and there were many castles built at the edges of the mountains in the most biggest one the girl entered. Dewelle followed her. He hid himself behind the hall door. The girl met some group of men then took upstairs when the group of men gone. Dewelle also crept towards the stairs. When he saw that the girl stood in front of a man who was appearing to be a dark, as his eyes were exposed and rest of the face and body were hidden by the dark cloak.

“Father, can I also join the race?”

The man in cloak was not attending her he was talking to someone else, Dewelle was curious to know about to whom he was talking so respectfully. He move from the wall and enters the first floor hall, it was brighter much brighter, like a rainbow rises in the room, when he gazed direct towards them there were the girl who was gazing to his father and his father was at opposite side, and bright flashes of light enlighten all the surrounding, when he stare he found a man shining so bright in six colors.

“Your majesty, Of course it will happen”


The man in cloaked gazed towards the little girl who was terrified.

“Tell his majesty, about your discovery”

Dewelle couldn’t believe his ears all what he was listening. He was still hidden from their vision.

“Destinymaker” she said but stopped by his father.

“Tell with respect, can’t you see in front of whom are you standing” her father snapped.

“Leave her, she is just a girl” said Destinymaker.

“Since, the thing on which the thousand worlds are stable is the gravitational force, and I recently discovered that this place ‘Lost Vallaces’ is attached with every of the thousand worlds, It was one before life but splits into different small worlds, it is still the center of gravitational force. And I recently discovered that the Hole of Vallaces is protected by some supernatural forces, I even saw some of them they had great invisible forces”

“Like some Angels are guarding the Hole of the Central Lost Vallaces” said Destinymaker.

“Yes!, exactly and I guess that the river Saijen had many thing to do with those forces” she said.

“I see” said Destinymaker.

“Great, little princess” said Destinymaker and he flew threw a hole from the dome of the castle. Now the castle was partly dark.

“Father can I also join the race” she asked again.

“Shut up!, just concentrate on your project anyhow it should be complete” her father snapped.

The little princess took downstairs in despair, tears were visible down his beautiful cheeks and her stunning shining blue eyes. This was the first time he saw him such closely she just crossed in front of him by a feet away, but she didn’t notice the man behind the wall.

Dewelle looked at the girl’s father he was shaping his sword. He then quickly took upstairs to follow the girl. He found herself running towards a group of army, ‘the dark army’ he hugged a man who was of the same age as Dewelle. Just at the valley there were thousands of dark soldiers assembled at a place like they were preparing for a war.

After a minute the girl left his chest, he was appearing to be the commander of the army.

“Brother, why didn’t you visit me from so long?”the said.

“I was very busy dear” the man said. “But why you come here I prohibit you to go out of the castle” the man replied.

“Look I am not your small sister now, I am grown up and I wanted to take part in that race brother please!”

“Ok, I will teach you much more about horse riding when I visit your village”

Then they moved to the pleasant valley And sat side by side she held her head in his thigh and rest in it comfortably. Dewelle were behind them. He was emotional now. He wished if his sister was alive. Then after a long time, she stood and said good bye to his brother and took a horse and drove through the valley

Dewelle was still following her he wondered such a small girl who was against her father and brother and supporting his mother, and at the sane time she proved to be much faithful to the dark side, but he noticed one thing in this period of age she wasn’t happy. She was partly deceptive and forlorn.

It was night again, she opened the castle’s door where Dewelle first met her. the castle’s door opened with a scary sound, she demounted from a horse, and went right in. Dewelle went behind her tip toed. When she enters the bedroom she felt someone is following her.

“Who are you?” She cried in fear as soon as she enters her bedroom.

“I know there is someone” she repeated.

Dewelle was now exposed he was easily seen in the twilight of darkness and moonlight.

“I was just wanted to know..” Dewelle said.

“What are you doing in my bedroom?” the girl asked. “And what do you want to know?”

“Hmmm…, actually I was waiting for you since morning” Dewelle replied.

“Me, why?”

“Look I know much about you”

“What? I couldn’t understand what are you saying?”

Dewelle step closer towards her, she was watching him, she thought she was trapped.

“Stop! There I said”

Dewelle removed the curtain and her face was visible now in the moonlight. She closed her eyes. Dewelle looked at her she was about fourteen. Her golden hair was fluttering in the winds that passed through the window. As she opened her eyes it was pure blue she got a perfect princess face, and she wore dress like that, which covers all her body. A full red satin frock which was beautifully design. She looked up at Dewelle’s face she noticed he was staring her.

Dewelle took some steps behind. He wondered if her sister would alive she would look like her.

“Why do you live in the woods, so far from the village?”

“My brother told me to do that”

“Why darks called you princess?”

“I am daughter of dark emperor”

“And you are not dark-blooded right?”

“Not still but the Satan army will poison me If anytime I got out of this castle or left my brothers shadow ”

“What is your name princess?”

“I won’t tell you as I don’t trust strangers”

“Leave it, you are not present here whole day where have you been?”

“Why I have to tell you all that”

“You have to”

“No, go away from here I don’t like talking with you”

“Do you ever travelled to the Saijen, I will tell you many secrets about Saijen”

“No, my brother prohibits me to go anywhere except these woods Satan’s would find me” she replied. “Wait, who are you?”

“I want something from you and in return I will give you what you want now you need Saijen”

“I can’t understand”

“Don’t think of me, I know everything about your life”

The girl thought not to go with him but his mother told her to go to the Saijen river. So she agreed. And now she was anxious to know about that stranger.

They rode side by side on their horses. They keep talking through the journey.

“You are really living a struggling life”

“Don’t feel pity on me, I’ m happy”

They reached Saijen, it was calm, but the weather was chilly.

“This river is very mysterious, it keeps many secrets you can’t understand it until you concentrate it reflects all your past and your future”

“I heard about it but I didn’t find anything”

“Concentrate, you will”

She looks deep at the dark surface of the river it was like a mirror to her. He could see many things.

‘The race for power was going on a bloody battle between thousands of final chosen riders from all round the cosmos. The track was not plain but mountainous and the race was not just of the speed but of power. Everyone’s eyes were on Destinymaker and the six noble riders who were the defending champions of the Quintine and the Shadow rider other darks but they got a strange result the race was won by a guy whose face was covered totally his horse was dark and mighty. But the noble riders being defeated, cheated him they hide the Quintine but didn’t drank it, When their plan was exposed everyone rebelled against them. Finally it was decided that there will be another legendary race.

It took place But the man didn’t came this time Destinymaker won it and took the Quintine, he was referred to be the Visaije and the man to be Saijen. Destinymaker grew much powerful but he found the stranger the actual winner, not only he but every one wanted to meet that Saijen.

The Saijen was lost somewhere but he was seen just at this point of the cliff and the river. A man appeared in front of him he asked him “What you want revenge or patience”

“I want which doesn’t spoil my afterlife” the rider replied.

“Be sure, it can change your belief, as it will be some of the harshest time”

“I am ready”

And then the six noble riders surround him and then after the clash he was swallowed by a hole”

“I know where he is”


“In the Hell”

Dewelle was not expecting that answer he was puzzled. “I don’t know about that, but the point is that noble souls live here, they show you the way of a right path and a path which led towards these worlds, choice is yours”

“Where is that man?”

“He will be here, wish what you want, be careful your life will be depend upon it” Dewelle said. “And I said you about the deal, in return I want entry in Eraesta university”

“How do you know about…, what do you want?”she was puzzled.

“I said you before I am more complicated”

“You know it is impossible for a dark-blooded to enter that university”

“I know that and I also know who you are and what’s you power in Koloshun”

She was even more surprised to heard this. Now she finds he was not met her co incidentally but he was searching for her.

“Do as I told, you will find some strange thing; meet you soon”

And then Dewelle with Pluto disappeared from her vision.

“Seven years of good deeds, seven years of sin; Tell me your wish what do you want world or afterworld” a voice came from the river, it was firm. And the river was still. But it gradually becomes brighter.

“I want powers” the girl said to the river.

“You aren’t a believer, right?”

The girl remained silent a while. “No” she said.

“Just that I wanted to know from your tongue, your heart is dead now, go to Evil city, the world of Satans you will get more than your deeds and you will be rewarded none in the afterworld”

When the girl looked at the surface of the river it was white but in a flash it was black again, Calm and gentle. She got his answer a light of belief rose in her heart but the evil power overtakes it. She knew the world of Evil city, she rushed hastily towards his castle.

‘Going there where my brother strictly prohibited me will not be good if I will be poisoned then, but he says I’m not a believer and Satan won’t harm disbelievers’ She thought in strange woods she traversed and reached the castle.

He hurriedly opened the door and enters the empty room it was a hole, a portal between worlds, she dived into it. There was darkness in the sky she was falling from much greater height, she spreads her body to reduce the speed. She could see the beast and Satans flying on it.

She landed one of them. One of the creature who was riding on it, looked at her.

“Ahhhhhhh!” She screamed seeing his face, it was most horrible she ever saw, and she was falling again. She find herself floating on a thick clothe like something, And collided with a wooden thing. She looked down it was a huge ship sailing in a dark ocean.

“Welcome, little princess” a man who was delivering commands to his army, standing on a huge platform said.

When she gazed at him it was even more horrible she forgot why she come here. She forgot where she is.

“Don’t panic little princess because even if we will we can’t harm now, as you are our friend”

Her mouth was opened wide in amazement and same his eyes it was opened in amazement.

He looked at her she was on top of the ship he come closer to her.

“Hmmm…, seven years it is a long time, you will be awarded. Of course you will be awarded in the court of Evil city” he said in an uneven happiness.

“Cruel Damas, give me two precious thing I given to you”

Cruel Damas brought that, he came direct from the darkness of the sky and landed on the ship with the speed of light.

“My lord, here are the two precious thing you told me to brought” the flying Satan replied.

In his one hand it was a round white glowing light and in the other it was a feather. The Satan took that light at point it towards the girls chest, and it enters her heart giving her little pain. Then he took the feather and moved it around her forehead.

“This light was ‘the power of stars’ I gave to your mother, and the feather is ‘the mind of minds’ I gave it also to Liz, and you inherit the same, this mind is full of deception, lies, intelligence that you never wondered, and you will as I think, you will do as I wish”

The figure of the girl changed, she was more fairer now, and most wise;

“It is very true you are most wise, and you still can’t achieve ‘The Quintine’ until Saijen is alive, find him and kill him before the race”

“Is he alive?”the girl asked.

“Hmmm…, only he will be the barrier between you and your powers, but he is trapped. He is trapped in his own plans, he will suffer, A believer helped us, Listen! O evils he helped us. A believer helped us” He was very happy the girl couldn’t make out what he said. But she was lost in her excitement what she achieved.

The ship was no more and the meeting was over, she could still hear the laughing of the Satan. But the Ocean vanished and the Cloth flag of the ship in which she was standing. He touched the surface it was sand. It digest in his mind. But she ignores all that.

She knew where to go. Although she was in a knew world she finds her way looking at up at the stars, there had to be the worlds end or the center of the gravitational force.

And she reached the worlds edge and she could see the thousand worlds from there, She dived and swallowed by a portal she enters her empty castle’s room As soon as she enters her bedroom she felt someone’s presence in her bedroom she thought of about the man who was following her.

“Where have you been so long dear?” the man who was lying on her bed said to her.

She was panicked what to tell her brother, but some witty answers came to her mind she thought it was the effect of the Satan’s gift.

“I was practicing in the woods for the race, brother” she replied very confidently and softly.

His brother stood up from the bed and walked towards her, he let his hand hold her cheeks and in her eyes.

“Since when, my sister learned to tell lies?” his brother asked lovingly.

“I was just roaming in the Fairyland” she lied again.

His brother knew she was lying him, but he acted like he trust her. She recognize her brothers eyes it was not so faithful to her now. A current of shock blow all through her body.

“Dear for sometime only, be here, I will visit you time to time, and after I will be free, we would travel different places together, look I love you like anything I don’t want to lose you” he said with same softness.

She was completely fell on the threshold, she hates darks like anything and he loves his brother, he showed her a safe right way and on the other hand she have to co operate with her beloved mother who is completely open enemy of the darks.

She hugged her brother. But she knew she had to sacrifice his brother’s love to succeed. It was a hard choice but she made it.

Eraesta Secrets

Dewelle came to the girl next day at the castle she was there. She opened the door she was not surprised to see him.

“Are you ready for Koloshun?” Dewelle asked her.

“No, you told me that Saijen will give me answers it didn’t”

“Really!, Impossible you are lying”

“What I am lying, you wasted my time now go away from here” She snapped. “I got my answers but I won’t help you do you understand”

“Darks are bad named, just look at you how cheaters you are, whatever darks do they don’t lie, not broke anyone’s trust” Dewelle said. “What do you think I’m depend upon your trust, No!, if I tell your father about your meetings and plans with your mother, I think he will slay you”

“What are you kidding?”

“No, princess I’m not”

“O.K. I will take you to Eraesta tomorrow”

“I want to go now”

“Hmmm…, Come on then”

Dewelle entered the castle, they both went to the empty room and then into the hole, they were in Koloshun in seconds, For Dewelle Koloshun was the worst place all his pain is associated with it. They reached the city it was the most developed around the thousand world. Huge buildings were visible from the outskirts of the city.

“I think you visit here now and then?” Dewelle asked in a friendly manner.

“Not quite always but I attend Eraesta classes quite punctually”

“And your brother didn’t knew about that?”

“Yes, I’m worried about telling lies to my brother he really care about me like nothing else”

The city was shining in the light of morning, Skyscrapers were cutting the sky, and people were looking very happy and busy. Dewelle saw some of the most curious means of transport some were flying in the sky he was looking at them very surprisingly.

“Don’t react that way, everyone is looking at you” she said.

People were looking at the handsome boy whose hair was nicely cut to his shoulder and hides half his face, his dark eyes and dashing look was enough to kill someone on his feet. His dark and red hairs.Every one were staring at the man whose dressed like a playboy he worn a black jacket and narrow jean and a huge sword was hung down at his back.

The city was adorned with light, and the air of the ‘ The Legendary Race Qualification’ which is going to be held in Koloshun. The riders were performing skills at the roads. And the people were anxious about the race. The area which are going to being used in the race track, were sealed until race.

On Koloshun there was complete eyes of The Riders Association Aliena.

As he enters the university campus every eyes were on him. Dewelle was very amused to see Eraesta after years, it was tenth times large when he last saw it, the place was located at the city center. The Central Ministry was infront of the monument.

“Now what do you want?” asked the girl.

“I want to see ‘The Scholars Section’” Dewelle

“Why that?, If you would be caught you will be sentenced to death”

“You will be with me and it will be your responsibility to take care of me”


“Yes princes yes”

They confidently enters the corridor of giant Eraesta circle, they crossed several classes it was changed when Dewelle last came here with Saije, but was now not use for educational purposes but as the six Gods want they teach them. In the Field de Energitical purposes.

In somewhere between the building crossing many check post and inspection. Finally they reached ‘The Scholar Section’. It was sealed.

Dewelle thought it was impossible to enter here without that girl.

The section was very protected, guards were around it, there was written; ‘ NO ADMISSION’.

“I think the meeting is going on”

“What type of meeting?”

“The Sons of god are present”

“The Evenne legends,?”

“Yes, they are my cousins”

“I want to see what’s going on there”

“No we can’t”

“Anyhow I want to go inside”

Then Dewelle was asked to close his eyes as the secret of the door of the section would revealed, Dewelle did so, he felt the surface moving sideway, when he opened his eyes they were in a large room. The were behind some large wooden boxes, it a book shelf, there were many books;

The persons who were present in the meeting were likely to be just came and the meeting was just begun. There were many youth. They could saw it through the gaps of the book shelf.

Dewelle was anxious to know what type of books were there.

“What types of books are they?”

“Can’t you read yourself?” she snapped at him she saw a grief in his face. She felt she hurt him. Or she knew about his hidden secret he can’t read. “Sorry!, they are about the space, the cosmos, the laws of skies and about hidden things and mysteries of skies”

Dewelle listened it carefully. She found he was quite friendly and good natured. Their intention attracted towards the voice coming from inside.

“We know taking over Destinymaker would not easy, nor Shadow rider, it will be appropriate to say that all the darks are the sole powerful, I can control two dark emperors, and you twelve will take Destinymaker” The goddess of Gods said to the sons of Gods. She was the mother of the princess.

“But in the meantime, Destinymaker is planning to collide the worlds one against another” Phill Evenne one of the son of a God Serius Evenne.”Why he doing this?”

“It doesn’t factor, he is in mind of revenge just showing his might so it will not harm us but yes it can effect badly on the minds of sacred worlds dwellers” said the Goddess. “My daughter will create much significance in the race”

“Your little daughter, she is just a girl” said Barmin jr. son of God Barmin.

“She will be a rising star, I wonder she achieved that” said Goddess.

“Achieved what?” asked La Mare jr. son of God LA Martins.

“Her inheritance” She said “Leave all that, lets come to point, the qualifications are after three days at Koloshun, it is our plus point, Now come here I will show all of you something” She said.

“I knew that” Dewelle said confidently as he knew what she was going to do.

Both of the unauthorized visitor followed them secretly, they were going to a newly opened chamber which was airtight. The Goddess looked here and there, and shut the main door. Dewelle and the girl were already inside it. Then she gazed towards the legends who were princely dressed and got good faces. They were also known as the Emperors of each of the six sacred worlds.

And the woman who called herself Goddess, wore a white clown which thoroughly covers her body, she was appearing to be thirty or thirty five but much fairer than the prices.

She point to the six vials of glass and it was shining so bright, that the light enlighten the chamber. It was the six energies the Red Fire Field, the White Wing field, the Estan Green of the Estas, the Sea field Blue, the Yellow of Saraus field and the Violet Thunder energy it was shown to the bearer of those energies.

Then the top of the chambers opened and the five other Gods came in the chamber floating in lights. All the prince drank those lights, and they were changed into ‘Quintine men’. And then the whole Koloshun were in front of then, the woods, the glens and the city. There were different doors opened in the chambers.

It was so mechanically designed building. It will be difficult for the visitors for performing their duty. And no eyes will believed what they saw, somewhere in the Koloshun there was a field where thousands children were marching towards them, towards the building which opened at the glen.

They were not looking like humans. The clan of God approached towards them.

“Meet the Koloshun army, It is your Red army they are not just childrens but there are Flamire, not humans but hey are made from Fire. And you are the leader of them all, and look above these are the Flamemen flying above the mountains of fire” said his God Sirius Evenne father of Phill Evenne.

The surrounding was burning and thought the portal more of their army arrived the Warashes battlefield. The Thunder army from Knordan their leader was The Thunder Caller, Barmin jr. the son of God of sky Barmin Evenne. The Wing army from Wing nation their leader was Wingmaker, Brade Evenne the son of God Mars Evenne. The Estas from Esternia they were some of the most lethal army, they can reflect and create Estern flashes. There leader was Lord Esta brother of Phill Evenne. And the Sauraus army came to Warashes they were lizards some fly like dragons some are as huge as mountains and some are carnivorous. There leader was Cenus Evenne the Son of Sarrain Evenne the God of Beast. One army didn’t cam to the field they were the reserve war force, known to be sea or naval army of Seanone the blue kingdom. Lead by La Mare jr. son of God La Martins.

“These army will be battle against the visitors in the qualifications and in the ‘Main Race’” said Goddess Liz Evenne.

The whole Warashes were filled with lethal armies. And then what Dewelle was waiting had come the Satan the cursed soul came, from the sky and and stood in front of Goddess who was surrounded by the princes and Gods.

“Reveal the secrets of Saijen to me” Satan said.

Everyone was amused by this statement but Goddess Liz knew what he was talking about.

Dewelle and the daughter of Liz were still inside the chamber of Eraesta, where the voice of Satan was not coming. Dewelle without hesitation come to light, in the Warashes, the girl stop him but he didn’t listen he knew what important their conversation is he cares none. And approached towards the Gods and Satans.

The moment there was such serious that nobody noticed when a dark came and joined their meeting. He stood right behind Barmin jr. and listen to the conversation.

“You mean the river girl” Liz replied.

“Yes, the river girl she is been resting In Eraesta am I right?” Satan said.

“She will be in the legendary race too” God Sirius said.

“No, she is my prey” Satan snapped. “I’m looking for her from years”

“What do you mean?” asked Liz.

“I mean you have to surrender her in my hands” said Satan.

“But…” came a confused voice from Liz lips.

“I know she is in Eraesta, profit will be yours if Destinymaker is also looking for her to collide the worlds, and she is much important she is the secret of the river” Satan said.

“I will use her power for my benefit” Liz said. “And where is the third part of ‘Quintine’”

“Don’t dare, you will suffer” Satan said. “The third Quintine is Destinymaker itself”

“What?” in everyone’s mouth this was the answer in surprise.

“Whoever will win the legendary race would kill Destinymaker and his might will be his.” Satan said. “Destinymaker announces itself I gave him a portion of my cursed powers that means ‘the third Quintine’ could not be taken in a vial or a bowl or any metal it only rests in his blood”

“What the Hell you done?’ Liz said.

“I am pleased with him, he will end the mankind he will destruct all the world he inherits my mind and hence he is known to be Destinymaker, he was awarded ‘the third Quintine’ powers, he didn’t begged for it, and in reality it was the best position” Satan said.

“I know evil what are you planning about, you want the same what Destinymaker wants, you want to kill the guides who are guarding the hole, you know what will happen we all will came under his kingdom” Liz snapped.

Hearing this Satan began to smile loudly, and he flew all around them making merry. And then he again he stood in front of Liz and said “What I want I will get, I will get the river girl and handover her to the Destinymaker”

And then he laugh loud and went away flying. All the Gods and sons of Gods and Goddess ran towards the chamber Dewelle followed them he knew they were going to the ‘Section of scholars’. And they did so.

‘The Section of scholar door opened it was dark. Liz as arrived her flashes it lit up the room there was none Liz said others to wait outside, she was alone or probably with that River girl.

“Ah!” came a scream from inside it enters the ears of Dewelle who was right in the next room to ‘the Scholars Section’, this scream refreshes his memory it was like a scream painful but to Dewelle it was a joyous voice. He rushed to know about that, the girl also followed her as she knows much secrets of Eraesta.

Dewelle stopped when he saw Gods waiting at the entrance of that section. “Is any other way present to enter that secret section” he asked the girl.

“I know one” she said.

“come lets go” Dewelle said to her.

Then they enters from back the chamber was lit white, and a figure was shining in front of someone who was hidden in clothes only the thin figure was noticeable that she was a girl.

Dewelle revealed his present in the room but it was the moment if he didn’t came a grief would fixed in his mind forever. He was just behind the two women clashing against each other. The river girl was just going to be killed by the deadly flashes. But Liz stopped seeing Dewelle behind.

She gazed towards her. The hands of the river girl were tied. And she was trying to eat her soul.

“Dewelle Evenne, O, holy how you could be alive I killed you by my hands?” Liz asked Dewelle in great surprise.”What the Hell are you doing here?”

Dewelle paid no attention to her. He was gazing in the dazzling green eyes of the girl, and the girl was gazing towards him. Dewelle attention moved when he received a serious energy flash direct to his chest. He fell several feet away and collided with the wall.

For next attack he was ready. He defended that.

“Liz, don’t”

Liz didn’t listen he continued attacking him at last, Dewelle revealed a portion of his power he points his finger and within a second Liz surrendered after being hit by the deadly dark flashes. The prince and Gods rushed there they were surprised but they didn’t get time to understand what’s happening when all of them laid to the ground by those flashes. Dewelle untied the girl.

The Gods were in front of them. Dewelle again received the deadly flashes for sake of saving the girl and he was hurt badly this time. The girl however, defend them all, with a little help of Dewelle, she didn’t wait for Dewelle, and she fled away from there. When Dewelle tried to follow her. He found the God s and princes were in front of him.

A Dark

Before he could do something he was grabbed by his arms and severely beaten by the host. He received much torture again.

He was produced at the International Court of Justice, Central Ministry Koloshun. He was in a cell surrounding with lightning current. And he can’t move an inch.

“Dewelle Evenne, you entered Eraesta illegally, destroyed property and a chamber thoroughly, even you attacked the respected principals and noble scholars” the chief Justice said. “Do you accept your guilt”

“Yes I do” Dewelle said.

“You will be imprisoned at the Hell for next fourteen years for your crime” Chief Justice said.

“But I request your honor, to allow to participate the race” Dewelle requested.

“The Koloshun law is against this, we can’t” the Chief Justice said.

“Then I want to protest against the Gods who imprisoned me at the Hell for Seven years without any charges” Dewelle demanded.

“Let the Gods to be produced in the court” commanded the Chief Justice.

Liz appeared at the court.

“Mrs. Evenne there is a charge upon you and your companion about punishing without cause the court want to know the truth, what really happened seven years back?” the chief Justice asked with the new arrival.

“I will be pleased to tell you what happened; It was in those days when Koloshun was famous for education around the Cosmos. Many new pupils arrived, it was good until Satan came into the Eraesta, he was with a eleven years old boy I knew she was dark, in our constitution it is written seeing a dark you can kill him and he was with Satan, it was obvious his mind was same like him but when Satan left him there, and he gone. I was surprised to know he was my son”

Hearing this Dewelle blood froze within him, he was blanked totally puzzled darkness surrounds his vision as he was blind now and he can’t listen anymore as he turned deaf too, and he tried to say something but he can’t utter any word as he also become dumb.

When he came to consciousness, he found himself asked by the chief Justice.

“Mr. Dewelle is she is telling the truth?”

“Your I don’t even know, I have a mother” saying this he turned to the fourteen year old girl who was sitting in the first row. He had to believed the bitter truth and he was sure now the girl was no other than Susan and her brother Goeshin, was his brother too, and her father Salve, was his father too.

He can’t understand to thank God for getting his family again or to weep on his fate that all they turned into cheaters and greed for powers.Then he concentrate to his mother’s statement.

“I thought that his father fled him away, so being a mother I took him I looked him, he was a child innocent I thought and all his deeds were like a child At the age of Eleven, he got fame in the city for his deeds like he used to deliver speeches and that were greatly appreciated by the Koloshun dwellers. He was the leader of unite movement and it was he who actually made the sacred worlds unite. He was the father of peace his words were more than words. It touched the hearts whoever listens.

It was a secret between mother and son that he was a dark. And it remained until that dark night, when I saw with my own eyes, my seven year daughter was with me in Eraesta, when the first dark flashes hit the roof of Eraesta premise, I was terrified but I thought that domesticating a lion cub gives a good but sometime it will bite and Dewelle did the same, he proved he is a dark.

Since, I was the principal I had the responsibility to protect the pupils, when I attack him I was surprised he attacked me my daughter was also hurt, and a student who was playing with him can’t bear that deadly radiation and he died. I had chance to save my son’s life but I didn’t do that I knew he how lethal he could be, and there was none other suitable place for him except the Hell, and I did that”

“Do the narrator said everything true, Mr. Dewelle” Chief Justice said.

Dewelle was even much panicked and this made him even more desperate. He remained silent many fake witness came and tell the story Dewelle listened it. It was true that he was trying dark energies by his hands but he didn’t hurt anyone and his little sister was its witness.

“Do you have any witness, Mr. Dewelle?” Chief Justice asked.

“As my mother said my sister was present there I want to hear from my sister that I killed someone or not” Dewelle said.

Susan, the girl who was with Dewelle from time came and stand on the witness box. Dewelle had very trust on her that she will tell the truth he was looking at her with such a lovingly way and she was looking at his eyes. Then she turned her gaze towards the judge, every eyes and every ears were on her and her voice, people were touched with his story.

“He attacked mother and killed a student I saw it and he is not my brother anymore” she said.

Dewelle hearts broke first time in his life he felt like that to whom he loves the most had slew his heart, still he managed to give a smile to her little sister face, that he wanted to show he was not hurt by what she said. But she didn’t dare to look at him.

“Still you have anything to say?” the judge asked

Dewelle closed his eyes every hope of mankind was cut off, he thought of his most seeing most hearing God. ‘I know I did some mistakes, but you were with me how could I told them who you are, they all are such a liar and cheaters, I bore much now not I will not…, but I have to you are my only, please O! lord help me what I should do’ Dewelle thought.

“And after I was imprisoned for seven years they didn’t left me, they attempted to kill me, the whole Koloshun are witness about the tragedy” Dewelle said.

“I can reduce your time period from fourteen to ten” the judge said.

Dewelle still controlled his temper. Not to show his anger which is burning all through his body. Some jailers came and took him, Dewelle had the power, for the last time he gazed towards his sister and he was pulled away, his eyes met the green eyes by that he was facing all that it was the river girl. She stood at the corner of court her eyes were shining and all her bodies were hidden by a black cloth, even her face was not visible. As their eyes met she turned around.

And then Dewelle was chained, he was still waiting for his lord to help, still he was in hope of help, thick metal chains were tied between him and a beast known as Dragosaurous, which was like a dragon, used carry prisoners towards The Hell. And the jailers were ready to take him. And still he was waiting for the help from the skies so that he would be regarded as a bad dark; so he was also in the circle of manners and rules.

‘For sometime Dewelle thought that his God is playing with him since, he just wait for him that the help will arrive where is the help.’ Dewelle thought.

‘Why all world is playing a game against me?, Why I bore all the pain happily? Something is to be done by yourself ? I waited for the moment from years? How can I lose it? What ever the people think it didn’t matter.’ Some questions arose in his mind.

He thought if he again wait for judgment he will be ruined for ten years. No this time Dewelle is no depend upon the Gods. This is the time to protest.

“Come whoever dare to face me, now I’m the one who will judge what is right and now I think I didn’t deserve any punishment and I don’t have to give proves of my innocence, come and battle me” Dewelle said in anger his sentence was firm that the jailers stepped behind they don’t want to face an angry dark.

Saying this a great flash emitted from his body he was unchained and walked away through the court as he did nothing. Every one was puzzled by his behavior.

“Don’t you follow law?” Liz asked him.

“I had seen your Law many times against Saije and Sean 18th” Dewelle replied “And you know mother I’m a dark and you will show what it means the charges you put on me”

And Dewelle then went away from the court and she returns to her sister.

“Susan if you don’t mind I want to go with you to Vallaces because I want to take Pluto back here. Susan thought a bit but agreed. Going to Vallaces he looked to find the river girl but she was not present.

They moved to the Vallaces on a dragon.

“Sorry if I hurt you Susan” Dewelle said to Susan.

She didn’t reply.

“You know I was your brother but why didn’t you tell me then, when you first met me?” Dewelle tried to talk with her.

“The fact is that I hate you I hate my father too” she snapped.

Dewelle remained silent but he wanted to tell her how much he loved her but he didn’t know how. He recalled why his father sent her abroad to study he sent her to Koloshun to his mother and Liz teaches her Evil minds. And he used to beat her when she came and he supported his father emotionally torture her. And Goeshin used to let her happy by teaching her Horse riding and taking her to different places and he was well literate so he used to tell her many thing and stories.

“Brother, come down” she said to her brother.

Dewelle’s dream broke listening to her but he was very glad to be called brother. He came down from the dragon and Pluto was waiting from him outside the castle. Dewelle embraced him.

“Now I don’t want myself to live in your shadows just leave me alone please” Susan said and was going to shut the door.

“Susan I did a very wrong thing I showed you the way of Satan, please tell me what you got from him?”Dewelle asked her. “I care about you”

“Don’t care about me I’m grown up now and I can take my own decision and I will show I am right what I will do” she said and banged shut the door on his face.

Dewelle with Pluto left the castle; Pluto was with Liz for seven years. Dewelle used to go to the river Saijen every time he visits Vallaces. This river was first shown to him by his best friend Norah and she used to tell him many things about it. And Dewelle listened to her excitedly. He believed that sometime he would meet her there on the banks of river Saijen. And he was thinking to ask Saije about that river girl.

At night this was one of the most pleasant and suitable surrounding to think. The darkness of sky and the river; the chilly gentle breeze and the silent moon. He forgot all his past and present and enjoyed the surrounding. And gazed down from the small cliff towards the river, he imagined that he was the same small boy and The Salemane was the same beautiful and green and holy. And they were talking on pleasant topics and they saw curious things and races on the river surface.

‘O, that races were the legendary races and seans were taking against evils’ Dewelle thought and it was just revealed to him.

“Don’t Dewelle, don’t think about others when you came to me” A voice came from the river.

He quickly replied because their conversation time had a limit.

“Sorry, o chief of believers, I was just recalling old days things are very changed since after your death” Dewelle said. “I wanted to know about the river girl”

“Its better not to know something which is hidden it will hurt you more knowing as you asked me before about your family and you were very sad to know about they are now very changed” the voice of Saije came from the river. “Even I can’t reveal her secrets but I can tell you one thing she came to me she lived here for years on the banks of this river an evil is following her, and she is safe here she is here right now, she asked me to give powers as sister did and even I was very surprised she had seventeen years of belief and it was ruined, by her evil desire now she is the power of mind and force both six Gods and Destinymaker wants her”

“Who is she?” Dewelle thought. Then he changed his question. “What is the tragedy between you and six Gods?”

Saije remained silent and the river surface was black again. Dewelle thought he asked a very wrong question.

“I don’t want to share my sorrows, I had more sufferings than you and you know that after my death I am happy but my clan was changed more than the darks they are such a great believers; on their shoulders was such a great duty, but none of them bore the suffering they had to suffer much but there belief broke” said Saije. “I’m afraid I can’t perform my duty well and God will ask me on the Day of Judgment”

“What are saying? You are one of the most greatest Seans, you and your son spread the religion of God to the thousand worlds, how can there be any stain on your duty, in your time there was no world that didn’t worshipped the lord of skies” Dewelle said.

“I had the responsibility to give the throne of believers in a hand who can bear everything and in every trouble he believe in him, but I can’t and still I had the load of finding a chief of believers”

“Where are Sean 18th and Norah?” It was the best time to ask that question. But there was no reply fro the dead.

Dewelle continued his ride and then he went to Koloshun from the hole.

The Quintine.

When Dewelle arrived Koloshun next morning at the city, it was saying that there is going to happen the race of pride and honor; the race of glory and power. The lovers of the race who got chance to come they sell their properties and they sell their belongings to see the race in Koloshun. It was not just a race. The chief of believers started it but with the origin of the noble riders(the Evennes) the race theme changed a greed of power rise in every of the rider to be the emperor of the cosmos.

Koloshun city was filled by billions of spectators on the stands and the roads at buildings and even at the roads; the woods were become stadiums and flying stadiums were setup a castle in the air built which was for the V.I.P s. it was sterling and awe inspiring some of the most advanced of the legendary race.

And the rider assembled at the field of Warashes, almost million were present in them only seven will be chosen for the grand legendary race. But all of the participants believed that they will be one of them. Their attention attracted to a man on the floating castle, his body was well covered by a thick cloak dark and his face was partly horrible he was the bearer of the second Quintine his face was like a glowing torch with six colors with fiery red eyes and his hands was burning flame and his feet was not visible it was hidden in his dark long cloak.

“I respect all the participants from all over the globe and I wish good luck for the race, Life is such to live is to be known forever and it happens when you do something that will be remembered, the only deserve to live who is powerful” Destiny maker said. Every eyes of the Koloshun were on him. “I appreciate all your courage that you are trying to face who is the third Quintine himself, and you are battling for my powers and of course it is very true whoever defeats me will be the emperor of the thousands worlds and the Fourth Quintine itself let all of you know about Quintine, the first Quintine was not much powerful it was the Satan’s Locket having six diamonds, it was the cursed locket given to him from sky, with cheating Saije the father of horse riding, the noble rider i.e. the Evennes won the racebut that made the new rules there are a only rule kill all and win the race. They took the locket individually and I was participated The second Quintine was a Damas the souleater I won the second race all the riders souls were reaped by the satan and I was the sole who got the six energies. I was become so powerful that the Satan proclaim I am the third Quintine, and whoever won the third race will be the fourth Quintine who can destroy the thousand world, whoever dies his or her soul will be the winner’s”

The raced began from the Warashes millions were taking off, and it was like explosions taking place with there horse’s every steps. The flying cameras and the floating castle were following them. The Noble Sons Of Gods, The Royal Dark family, Estas, Thunder army, Flamemen, the Wing warriors, aliens. Virtual riders, immortals and ghost all were in a field and hundred dies at a step. And the Satan Damas began to reap the souls of the dead. The lights came from the sons of God’s flashes but were hidden by the dark’s dark flashes; the Virtual riders steps were only came to light but they were hidden and young riders were brutally killed by them. The Estas produces Estern radiationsand they crossed the Warashes now half of them laid dead.

And there was a strange dark rider riding on Pluto who was not attacking anybody, just defending and moving rapidly,riders were killed rapidly now it was the woods and the way was narrow between dense trees, now Dewelle had to take out his sword and have to remove the enemies he was very behind from the others, he did so whoever attacked him was laid dead or crying in pain by his sword or his deadly dark flashes.

Now Dewelle came in between the Virtual riders group, and the track was deadly, he saw Susan, movingly ruthlessly and killing the aliens and immortals whoever came in front of her, she was riding at a gallant speed.

For Dewelle it was a trap of death. Surrounded by the Virtual riders they ride to avenge their death, they were the defeated soul and they killed similar weak and their souls are enslaved in the Virtual riders army forever in rule of the emperor of the dead ‘Destinymaker’. He didn’t encounter any of these Virtual riders, but he listened about them they were dangerous. Dewelle identify them by their horse’s footsteps and no figure, he closed his eyes because it was of no use, and wondered what he learnt by Saije the blind racing technique by reading the winds and every single noise.

He thought to kill them all by his full powers but it will reveal who he really his. So he recognize their sounds and one by one killed them and slowly moved out of the woods, now he reached some of the final phase of the race the armies were killed or some were very behind only the capable riders were in the lists of seven and among them Dewelle was least.

Dewelle thought it results bad he took pity on the riders, they were completed their races because in his farthest vision they were not visible it was time for the speed. Pluto gathered his full speed they were faster than the trains of Koloshun.And he came to light in the crowds.

“I thought my son will create a great significance but he is nothing” Liz said on the V.I.P. castle to other Gods who were also presented there.

“But his horse is swift” said God Sirius.

“As it is the son of Ariane, the horse of Saije, now Destinymaker inherit it, forcibly” Liz said.

Dewelle was going to enter the city, when a huge radiation collided his chest it was the harshest ever he faced, he was fell from his horse and meters away he was thrown, he can only saw she was her sister Susan.

“Is she really Susan, how can be she so powerful, it would the Satan’s powers the power of skies which her mother inherits” Dewelle thought.

It was announced in the whole Koloshun that the dark prince is disqualified, it was strange a dark is defeated by his small sister, Liz was happy, and every one was confused. Time was less minutes were remaining the others entered the city of Koloshun and only the unseen Shadow rider the leader of dark side 99 hound was leading the race, followed by Susan and the sons of Gods, Salve was behind them he was engaged in killing riders but he forgot to sped up.

Dewelle stood up he thought it was now or never he was not racing for power he was racing to end the race forever. He was again in the trend in crowd he faced his father who was behind in the race, and they were fighting at the great speed, Dewelle didn’t attack his father first but he knew if he fight he can’t win the race, and how can he attack his father whatever he was, it was his father. He bore al the flashes and the swords cut but he moved very fast people thought he was afraid of his father, but Pluto gathered the very speed and they also entered the city all the eight were far in the city.

As he took the speed everyone forgot the leaders and all eyes were on him.

“Unbelievable, who is the boy, is he who was killed at Calamity stone?” that was question in everyone’s mind.

And Dewelle joined the other eight he received much pain before, he was bleeding that attack hit his every parts and he was shaking, bloods were flowing like a fountain, he received another it struck direct to his heart and he was felling again but control Pluto was moving with all his might, and then Cenus hit him with his sword, attacking the horses are referred to be cheap warfare, so riders attacked riders, and it is believed whoever dies in the race taste a good fighting death.

Dewelle grabbed the sword in his fist, his dark black blood was flowing through the sword and it touches the skin of Cenus. Cenus’s skin was burnt, and he wonders nothing only he can see darkness, and nothing and bears the pain of the blood the power of his blood did the harm that reveals how much he is powerful and controlling his power. Now eight remains, the three of the dark family and the five sons of God, but they were taken different ways travelling different roads, and Dewelle was at his speed, he didn’t notice, the junction where all of the riders met, he got a full sword slash by the Shadow rider it cuts his chest, and he screamed in pain, Shadow rider proved what he do to those who came near him, it was just because Pluto’s speed and co-ordination that Dewelle doesn’t have to control the horse, and still Pluto was moving with the same speed, he was still behind of the Shadow rider, until he received the dreadful dark flashes, his face was no more so charm but was bathing in his dark blood. The reign which supported him was outgripped from his hand and he fell again fro his horse, Pluto came running to him, Dewelle had no strength to grab his back again he was just a mile away from his destination.

The riders came and all of them hit him by energies or weapons, Pluto sat behind him, he looked at Pluto’s eyes it had a failure revealing, he managed with all his might left and grabbed Pluto’s back and all of the race result was depend upon him the horse on which everyone’s eyes was. As he played a part more than the rider.

Dewelle was just going to finish his race at eighth when he received another flash it was of Susan the deadly white. But Dewelle remained at Pluto’s back. People thought he died. Susan accelerated her horse, and attacked La Mare jr. it was a harsh attack and such destructive that he fell from his horse to the road on the road which was near the Central Ministry, Pluto passed them now they were number seven in no time Salve came and he was going to catch his son, but his will was more than that, he took out his sword and was going to slay his son who was on Pluto’s back fainted, but Salve was punished by some power not from Dewelle, he just fell to the ground and he didn’t knew what happened. And with struggling steps Pluto finished the race seventh and they were selected.

But what was happened in the last second? That was the question in every ones mind. Looking with high definition cameras it was revealed that there was a flash that comes direct from the sky and hit Salve. Is this was the power of Dewelle not it was some supernatural powers. Dewelle was admitted into the hospital. After a month he was going to face the toughest riders of the cosmos.

He was surprised to see the replay of the last second it was someone not a radiation that came from the sky it was sure to Dewelle that it was his God who helped him and that was probably was an angel.

But he was very alone and he wants to meet Pluto without him it was impossible to won that race, he came to know from the nurse that his friend is also severely wounded and he is in the animal’s hospital.

“I didn’t won why Susan attacked his brother

The Prophet's Legacy

The sound of thundering hooves on cracked cobblestones could be heard on the air for miles as a masked rider tore through the streaming rain. Clad in a black leather jerkin, cotton britches and shrouded by a brown cloak, the figure pushed onward atop his jet - black horse, riding through the fallen wreckage of a city centuries - dead, desperate to shake his pursuer who closed the gap between them with every second that passed. His sodden cloak ruffled and flapped in the ferocious gale that whistled around the clustered, mutilated colonnades of the ancient, decaying city. He passed crippled houses and the scattered remains of weathered marble statues, their figures severed at the arms and waists. The eroded and chipped, emotionless faces watched him as he tore up the dirt around their pale, cracked feet.

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  • Author: Surrain10
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The Prophet's Legacy The Prophet's Legacy