The Prophet and his family

The Prophet and his Family


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Islam is a religion of peace. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) was the most sublime character the world has ever seen. This short book of sonnets aims to transmit briefly the beauty of him and his family (although no words can do justice), in total the fourteen infallibles, ending with the awaited Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (AS) who will be the saviour for all.


Man is either your brother in faith or equal in humanity” – Imam Ali (AS)


There is an introductory sonnet followed by one sonnet on each of the infallibles which aims to explain briefly something about their lives and character. For more information please visit [+ https://www.al-islam.org/brief-history-fourteen-infallibles+]


With love and peace


Saqib Hussain 26.12.2016


Copyright © Saqib Hussain

Shakespir Edition


Let love flow through you


Learn about them before it is too late

The Holy Prophet and his family

Then you will notice a change in your state

The hearts eyes open, you begin to see


When you let love for them enter your heart

Something happens, you lose your thirst for sin

You fully join the right stream, waters part

And nothing compares to that wash within


Sins hold us back, they are a stagnation

Let’s wash ourselves in love and truths clear stream

Which lifts people, and so lifts whole nations

Progressing and becoming truly clean


You decide, then evil will lose its hold

Let pure love wash through you, be brave, be bold.




Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Prophet Muhammad, the mercy to all

The messenger of God, the brave, the true

He showed us the religion that was whole

The message as fresh as the mornings dew


In a time where female babies were killed

And blood feuds raged on for so many years

He brought justice and made the scared hearts still

And stopped the flow of so much blood and tears


Who can describe his personality?

How can we find the words? Where is that pen?

Let’s just say if each of us is a tree

His life is the sun feeding all of them


Following Muhammad, souls become clean

And taste from sweet heavens sweet flowing streams


Fatima al-Zahra (SA)


O Fatima! The pure lady of light

Daughter of the Prophet, his only child

But your sufferings would turn day to night

With hate and jealousy, some grew so wild


Your father brought mercy to the whole world

But when he died, to your house they brought fire

You lost your unborn child, your unborn pearl

And they stole your rights and still did not tire


Your land and your husband’s rights were stolen

You died young, aged eighteen, in so much pain

After your death, hearts were again broken

They killed Ali, and then they killed Husayn


But your family’s light helps us reform

Countless souls, in love, and truth, are re-born.



Imam Ali (AS)


Other than God and the Holy Prophet

Nobody else can understand Ali

His name can be written on a locket

But his depth is greater than the whole sea


What can we say about his bravery?

He feared none but God – such a perfect man

What can we say about his loyalty?

The mind tries, and falters, to understand


Born in the Ka’aba, martyred in the mosque

And all moments between – pure devotion

Your example guides whoever is lost

And towards all good becomes their motion


Ali is with the truth, truth is with Ali

Now we must decide where we want to be



Imam Hasan (AS)


One of the five who was under the cloak

The purified ones whom God loved so much

If you praise them with heart, not just the throat

Then you begin to see, the truth you touch


The Prophet loved his grandsons so dearly

He showed them so much love and affection

Like clear pure water, flowing so gently

They smile back, their grandfather’s reflection


But Hassan – poisoned, even his dead corpse

Was shot at with arrows, later his son

Would be killed by those who showed no remorse

But still, Muhammad’s family have won


No-one stops the family God has blessed

History shows they pass every test


Imam Husayn (AS)


Husayn was killed in such a brutal way

His body drenched in blood on the hot sands

Ashura – what tragedy fell that day

Then, and now, what evil man does to man!


His body, left out in the scorching sun

His soul at peace because he had been true

And so him and his followers had won

Often over so many, win so few


Red – the colour of the innocent blood

Black – the colour of our deepest mourning

To this day the unjust fear you – they should

To all oppression you are a warning


You noble efforts cannot be erased

Even your enemies are so amazed.





Imam Ali Zainul-Abidin (AS)


You were there, you were there in Karbala

Your brother, father, and father’s friends killed

Even though in time from you we are far

We feel close to you, and this is God’s will


After the cruel massacre you were chained

Even though you were sick, they made you walk

Your womenfolk were with you – deeper pain

To know intense patience – of you we talk


You spent your life in charity and prayers

“Sahifah al-Sajjadiyah” you wrote

Whoever is in need, has worries, cares

Should read this, your words make the sinking float


They threw rocks at this mountain – pious soul

The rocks themselves broke, the mountain stood tall.


Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (AS)


We want to get the best education

And for that we must go to the best school

This teacher had so much dedication

With his teaching, his students became jewels


Muhammad al-Baqir – so much knowledge

You taught people in sciences and arts

Their pious works are to you a homage

From the Ahlulbayt, never be apart


We know financial gains will be consumed

The nature of paper – to burn in fire

Fall in love with learning, lasting perfume

That extinguishes all evil desire


We sit and learn at the Ahlulbayt’s door

The clarity of their words touch our core


Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (AS)


The thirst of thousands of students was quenched

A fountain of knowledge – he gave, and gave

In true knowledge they were happily drenched

Then, and now, see how many are saved


You knew so much, yet were still so humble

In piety’s garden, a bright flower

Us birds fly to you, yes we may stumble

But your words, like nectar, give us power


Compared to the other Imams your life

Was peaceful, so you made best use of time

But often poison and sometimes a knife

The ruler poisoned you, another crime


But see how the fountain keeps on flowing

The lovers of this school keep on growing


Imam Musa al-Kazim (AS)


“Al-Kazim” – you would swallow your anger

So many injustices done to you

But just like clothes stay straight on a hanger

Piety’s dress hangs on patience – you knew


Your followers, tortured and imprisoned

The hate and jealousy was so intense

But anyone with the slightest vision

Knows ignorance is overcome by sense


They also imprisoned you with no shame

You were killed there, another martyrdom

But on their souls is an eternal stain

Already decreed is that truth has won


What do the cruel do to allay their fears?

Harm innocents, then cry eternal tears!


Imam Ali ar-Rida (AS)


Even when far from home, the Imams spread

The teachings of Muhammad, real Islam

Thirsty for guidance, so many are fed

The presence of your shrine has blessed Iran


Thousands flock to you during day and night

Just as they still do to Imam Husayn

Knowing about the Imams is a light

Which should make the heart move and thirst for change


There were many languages you could speak

In your time you were without parallel

Love for you and your forefathers we keep

This guidance stops us from slipping to hell


Like a forest clothed in the colour green

The wealth of your love makes us calm, serene


Imam Muhammad at-Taqi (AS)


A contest – and people from the whole land

Had gathered and one of the elder men

Asked you a question – people: understand

Even from a young age their words are gems


And people saw someone God has chosen

Already knows what others never know

Hate eats away at haters hearts, broken

And those who accept continue to grow


They were so jealous, you were killed so young

At the age of twenty-five, laid to rest

But your strong efforts are like air to lungs

These pure ones finish first, they are the best


Life is not measured by how long you live

But by what you say, do and what you give


Imam Ali an-Naqi (AS)


In Iraq are buried six dear Imams

Imam Ali an-Naqi – one of them

Despite harassment, you remained so calm

A pure example for women and men


Hate and jealousy, that toxic fever

Gripped the rulers again and they attacked

They tortured you, but you were a healer

You kept on providing what others lacked


Still giving knowledge as your father did

You were like an angel in human form

They poisoned you, then in the dark they hid

This shameful tradition, so sick, outworn


But even against a relentless fight

They could never put out natural light.


Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS)


As was foretold by the Holy Prophet

Your son was chosen to help save mankind

Desperately they wanted to stop it

But God’s plan unravels, they – left behind


This great soul was placed under house arrest

Then aged only twenty-eight, he was killed

But whoever God chooses is so blessed

And He still carries out His divine will


Seeking guidance from other than these lights

Is looking for water in empty wells

Like closing your eyes in the darkest night

Like listening for sounds in empty shells


Parts of the world are in the darkest cave

Your son will bring all to light and then save


Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi


In so many places, such suffering

Homeless refugees flee to save their lives

To all the worlds people, peace you will bring

Implement the truth and stamp out the lies


Sick from so much sin, some people now groan

Despite being “modern”, we are still crude

Skin pulls tight against the ribs and cheekbones

Whilst others are obese from too much food


Inequality, prejudice, fear, hate

Yet still we yearn, we know there is better

We know this is not our natural state

And so to you we address this letter


The hearts of believers believe, and burn

O dear Mahdi !, we await your return




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The Prophet and his family

  • Author: Saqib Hussain
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The Prophet and his family The Prophet and his family