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The Prom

The Prom

Johnny Ivory

WARNING: This work is a fictional product. Its characters, facts, and places do not correspond, either totally or partially, with our reality. The ideas presented may not correspond directly with the author’s way of thinking, being used only as a narrative feature. This work does not intend to promote opinions, dogmas, precepts, rules, prejudices, misconducts, or any other kind of subversive thought. Its sole and absolute purpose is to be an entertainment product. The total or partial reproduction of this work without the proven author’s permission is strictly prohibited.



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In the clock is 8:00 PM. It’s dark. Through small gap of the curtain on the living room window, a beautiful oriental girl watches the street. Clearly, she was anxious.

“Don’t worry, Mia.” It says an elderly woman, also oriental, when she enters the living room. “He’s only fifteen minutes late! He will come.”

“I know, Mom. It’s just that he had never been late before!”

“Will you tell him?”

“I will…” Mia responds with a shy smile.

“At least! It’s about time…”

She was wearing a long lilac prom dress with side pleats. The dress tightens a bit the bust of her, but nothing that will bother her. She had spent the whole afternoon at the hairdresser, preparing her majestic hairstyle – a type of bun with a sensual fringe. She wanted to be beautiful for him. They were longtime friends, and both liked each other very much. But they were too shy, and none of them had taken any initiative… Not until this night. Not until he invited her to the prom…

Elsewhere in the city, a blond boy was wearing desperately, while was repeating to himself: “I’m late!” He’s wearing a black tuxedo that he had rented for this occasion. His hair is pretty neat and greased.

He was leaving quickly through the door, when the voice of an older man holds him:

“Calm down, Daniel. Everything’s gonna be alright. I assure you!”

“I hope so, Dad.”

“As you will take the car, bring it back with a full tank, okay?”

“Leave it to me! Bye mom, bye dad. Take care!”

“Bye son,” both respond.

Daniel goes anxious through the door, and went into the garage to get the car: a classic model, convertible, navy blue, in perfect condition.

He starts the car, and he goes to meet his beloved.

However, in a nearby intersection, another vehicle runs a red light and hit the car precisely on the side of the driver…

In the clock is 8:32 PM. Mia was desperate. About five minutes, she had called Daniel’s home. His parents told her that he would be arriving. But that does not comfort her. She felt that something had happened to the person to whom she gave her heart. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. She opens the door.

“Excuse my delay, Mia. I hit the car…”

She turns pale at the same time and she asks, afflicts:

“Everything is fine with you? You were not hurt?”

“I’m not. I just destroyed the car…” He smiles warmly. “My father will kill me!”

“I almost thought you were not coming anymore…”

“Remember what I told you when we met? I promised I always fulfill the promises made to you. And I promised to take you to the prom tonight.”

“Oh, Daniel…” She smiles.

“Let’s go to the prom? As we are without a car, we have to walk there.”

“No problem. The ballroom is only eight blocks from here.”

They both go to what promises to be a magical night. Tonight will be theirs. The night they had expected for a long time…

They arrive at the ballroom where was happening the ‘Prom of the Graduates from Salvation High School’, according to what was written on the poster. They present their invitations, and they enter the premises. Inside, the music was loud. It was playing young rhythms: pop rock, rap, dance, a bit of everything. And though the couple did not come unglued, neither of them had the courage to cross the line yet.

In the clock is 2:50 AM. The prom was nearing the end. Through the intercession of fate, the last song to play was exactly the favorite music of both.

“It is our music.” Daniel said to Mia, while embracing her.


While the melody plays, the eyes of two lovers not looked away from each other, not even for a second. There are only them now. The whole world is gone. They dancing slowly, moving as if they were feathers. So naturally, they approach each other, the faces touch each other, and the first kiss them happens. That was really a magical moment for both of them.

The song ends, and with it, the prom. Everyone goes to their homes. Some couples have formed in this party. Love was in the air.

With slow steps, Daniel accompanies Mia to her house. Exchange more a warm, passionate kiss in front of the entrance door. So they separate.

He says:

“I love you.”

Her heartbeat accelerates.

“I love you too.”

One more kiss. This time, the last of the night.

“Good night, Daniel.”

“Good night, Mia.”

“Can I call you tomorrow morning?” The oriental girl asked to the blond boy, not hiding her excitement about this idea.

Daniel only offers her a sweet smile in response.

After that, the young man says goodbye to her, and he leaves.

She watches him until he turned in a corner, when he came out of the reach of her vision. Happy for her life, she comes into her home and goes to sleep. Finally she is with the man that she truly loves.

Next day, 11:00 AM.

She calls Daniel’s home. Who answers the call is his mother. Her voice is sad as if something bad was happening.

“Hello, who is?”

“Oh, good morning, Mrs. Joana. Here is Mia. Daniel is awake now?”

“What did you say?!”

“It is that last night, when he left me at home, I said I would call him in the morning, and…”

“What kind of cruel joke is this? My son did not go to prom. He did not even see you last night!”

“What do you mean?!”

“When he was going to get you, he had an accident and… And… And he died!” Joana begins to cry.

Mia was shocked, and immediately hangs up. Tears fall from her eyes. A deepest pain invades herself. Then she remembers what he said, when he came to pick her up in last night: “Remember what I told you when we met? I promised I always fulfill the promises made to you. And I promised to take you to the prom tonight.”

Throughout his life, Daniel never broke a promise he had made to his beloved one…

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Johnny Ivory

The Prom

Do you know the feeling of loving someone? When you feel that butterflies in the stomach and the effect of this feeling just makes your day even more special? When the melody of love is played, the passionate hearts become much stronger than any imposed barrier... To learn more about the author and his published works, visit: www.johnnyivory.com

  • ISBN: 9781370247318
  • Author: Johnny Ivory
  • Published: 2017-02-03 04:35:09
  • Words: 1189
The Prom The Prom