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Escaping My Love

“I wanted to try to get together with her again,” Strout said, as he rolled over the suitcase. “She was the love of my life; I couldn’t even breathe without her. I had to do it. I know I’m going to the big house for ten or more years, isn’t that enough?”

“You’re not spending one stinking day in jail,” I said.

“But I’m vindicated, I had a reason. It wasn’t like I just killed him for nothing, it was of my family, please understand,” Strout said.

I just looked at him casually. You’re going to pay for me never seeing my son again, I thought. I will never see him smile, or even chug down a beer ever again in life. Just wait, you’re going to vanish just like my son Frank. I don’t care about you getting older. I want your life to end right now! Strout closed the suitcase and faced me, looking horrified at my gun. I was between him and the hall. I took out my handkerchief to turn the light off.

“Are you really going to kill me,” he asked, slurring.

“Just wait and see,” I said, pushing him to the door. We went outside and got in the car. Strout got in the front and I got in the back, with my gun to the back of his neck. I switched the gun to my other hand while putting on my leather gloves. The gloves felt so tight, that I could feel every muscle in my hand. I would need them for this job because my nerves had started to slip.

“They’ll catch me. They’ll check the passenger lists,” he said.

“I didn’t use your name. What do you think I’m some idiotic,” I said. Who does this clown think he’s messing with, I’m no amateur at all.

He thinks by asking me all these questions, I’ll reassure him that he’ll be ok. You’re not riding a plane out of here, not a boat, and definitely not train. You just bought your last ticket pal, one-way trip to hell. Strout looked very nervous like he might make a run for it. I may need to start a little chitchat to calm him down. “If you were to go to jail, how many years do you think you’ll get?” I said.

“Probably 10-12 years, they wouldn’t let me off real easy you know?” Strout said.

“Yeah you would be paying your debt to society, but you still owe me a debt,” I said, grinning.

“I know, I know, whatever you want, my family would be indebted and grateful to you our whole life. I would owe you big time,” Strout said.

“You were alone,” I said. “No need of involving anyone else in this debt. No need to worry, I’ve got this all worked out.” Let him keep thinking that there’s a way out of this. He’ll be very relieved and then at the last moment, when he least expects it, I’ll take his life, just like he did to my son Frank. We turned the corner and now Willis’s headlights were in the car with us.

“Why north Mr. Fowler?” he said.

“Somebody’s going to keep you for a while. They’ll take you to the airport. Just sit tight and enjoy the ride,” I said. I cocked the hammer back and lowered my revolver to my lap. “No more questions,” I said, with a serious look on my face.

How can a man who loved his ex-wife so much be so clueless? He would go through hell for her. Why would he not know that I wouldn’t do any different for my son? You’re not going talk your way out of this buddy. Your life began slowly but now your on a fast track out of here.



We pulled up to the curb around midnight, and we jetted from the car. Dripping with sweat pouring from our bodies, fatigue had sat in. My heart was pounding, like a giant piston vibrating my core, constantly. I was moving fast, but both my legs felt like dead weight. My shoulders, which were carrying three sacks, wanted freedom desperately. Each sack was blue, with an armored car seal on them. They had dye ribbons, holding them together. With sixty sacks of 100 bills in each sack, those dead presidents started talking to me after a while. Dave busted through the doors of the hideout first. Carrying two sacks of money, smiling ear to ear. We just escaped a close call by the cops. Why did he make that turn onto a populated street, I wondered.

If It wasn’t for my brains and knowledge of the area, we’ll be in a cell right about now. Crystal was carrying one sack, biting her nails, and breathing heavy. Then out the blue, Dave turns on the light, opens the fridge, and starts making a sandwich. I grew a frown on my face. My nerves were getting tossed like a fruit salad and Dave was going to town, eating them all. “Dave. Close the fridge and turn the lights off, now,” I said.

“What’s wrong, I’m hungry Tommy,” he replied while getting bread.

“I know Dave. But we don’t want any heat right now. We just robbed a bank, for heaven’s sake. Let’s just lay low, for a bit, OK,” I replied.

“Dave, we discussed the rules first before we left. Just chill, man,” Crystal replied, turning the light off.

“Tommy, how long we got to sit in the dark. I’m hungry?” Dave replied, eating a piece of bread.

“For about 30 minutes Dave, let the heat calm down, OK?” I said. When I looked over to Crystal, she just waved her arms like, what are going to do with him. Dave didn’t have much for brains, but he could do one thing right. And that was a drive.

That’s why I let him drive my favorite dream car. It was a late model Oldsmobile that never stalled on me. I knew it was the right car for the job, back when I bought it in 78. Her engine purred like she wanted more and we gave it to her. Now we have a problem. Dave senseless act had gotten the make and model of my favorite car, on every cop’s radar. I hope he stashed it somewhere safe, and out of sight. Wouldn’t want to lose my dream car, I thought.

After 30 minutes, darkness owned everything. Not even a cat or mouse was stirring. The air was thick but sweet and fresh. I observed Crystal. Chewing her gum in rhythm, smiling, and her heart rate had returned to normal. She seemed ready enough. I switched my focus to Dave. He was playing with his hands, so innocent, and childlike even. Clumsy, dropping wood sticks often as he played with them. We weighted enough; it was time to count the money. “Alright guys, that’s enough time for the heat to cool down. Let’s count this money,” I said, walking to turn on the lights.

“My sack first, ladies first gentleman,” Crystal replied, popping her gum.

“If you insist, go ahead,” I replied, moving out the way.

“NO. Why does she, have to go first, I’m hungry, Tommy. It’s not fair,” answered Dave, pulling his ear.

I moved closer to him, whispered, and said, “It’s ok. She did the least Dave; she has a small share, let her get her stuff out the way, so we can count the boy’s take, ok? You did all the work, when she leaves, we’ll have all night to count yours,” I said, tapping him on the shoulder. I had to appeal to his sense of reasoning. Dave loved toys, cars, and money. I knew he would listen now.

“OK. OK, I guess your right,” Dave said, rubbing his head. Crystal paid us no mind. She continued counting the money, licking her fingers, after every 100-dollar bill. “Let’s see, 53,000, 54,000, 55,000, wait a minute, 62,000. Tommy, go check the car and see if we left any loose bills in there?” Crystal said.

Turning toward Dave, “Where did you hide the car?” I asked.

“Why, right in front of the hideout, of course,” Dave replied.

My eyes got big, my stomach felt like it was in my throat, and I was getting a headache.

“What do you mean you parked the car in front of the house,” I said, with both hands on my head.

“Yeah, like I said, in front of the house,” Dave replied.

“Dave, say you didn’t, please,” yelled Crystal.

“Where did you put the plates in the car? Because I know you took them off, I saw you carrying them,” I answered, marching back and forth. He went to the couch, reached underneath, and pulled them out.

“Here they are,” Dave said, holding them in the air.

Crystal and I were at a lost. The cops were looking for us, and the make and model of the car. Who Dave, he just happened to park the car on the street, right in front of the hideout. Now I’m worried. My life’s dream, my car is at risk. All the money in the world isn’t worth that car, it’s an antique. Oh, why did I do this robbery in the first place?





Once upon a time in Channel Middle school, there lived a student named Lonnie Staples. She was eight years old, a nerd, which was treated harshly by the whole school. She didn’t have any friends; she only was close to her brother Sam and sister Alexi. She wasn’t even close to her mother, her only parent. Sam and Alexi were very popular because they were sport athletes. Everything Lonnie needed she went to them, they also treated her very mean. Lonnie was very smart in school some say a genius. But because no one knew how she really was, only her brother and sister benefited from her knowledge.

One day when Alexi was walking through the halls of Channel Middle school, three cheerleaders approached her. “Look at her, she’s so pitiful,” One girl said. “I can’t even stand to look at her.”

“Yeah, what gives her the right to think she’s smarter than us,” Another one said. “She doesn’t have any friends,” laughing at her.

“Even her brother and sister doesn’t like her,” The last one said. “She’s a joke,” pushing Lonnie’s books out of her hands onto the floor.

Lonnie just kneeled down to pick up all her books and notes off the floor. The girls walked away from her laughing. Far down the hall Lonnie could here a few girls and boys talking about the yearly school dance. She wanted to go so bad, but she didn’t have any friends or a boyfriend. This dance that everyone went to had a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend no one ever went alone. She had missed the one the year before, but this one she had to go to. She needed help, but whose help?

One day in school a myth was being circulating around school. It was said that three little men lived in the woods. If you could prove your worth to them three times, they would grant three wishes to you. So one day all 299 students went in the woods to see the three little men, but not Lonnie. Monday – Saturday all students failed, even Sam and Alexi failed the tests of the three little men. It was also said that at 12pm on Sunday, the three little men would vanish into thin air.

Lonnie wondered why all 299 students couldn’t even pass the tests of the three little men. Should she even try, when everybody else failed. She went to her brother and sister for their opinion. “Should I try to talk to the three little men,” She said. “I’m the only person that hasn’t tried out of the whole school.”

“Why would you even try,” Sam said, “No one likes you, “You should stay at home and do my homework.”

“I think it’s a waste of time for you to go to the three little men,” Alexi said, “All 299 students couldn’t get the men to grant them a wish. I think it’s all a hoax, if you ask me. You should stay and clean my room. You know that we’re your only friends, if you leave you’ll have none, not even us!”

Lonnie went to her room and cried. Afterwards, she decided to go and take a chance. Her life wouldn’t get no better than it was, but if the three little men had granted her wish things would get better. It was 11:40 am and Alexi had left school early to meet the three men. She went into the woods and arrived at the three men’s hut. The three men welcomed her in with open arms. “If you can answer all three of our questions we’ll each bless you with a wish,” They all said, “But fail, no one will ever love you again. Do you agree?” She shook her head yes.

“I like feeling loved,” One little man said, “What can you do to make me feel loved?”

Lonnie searched through her pockets and found a flute that her deceased dad gave to her. “Hey, I ‘ll give you this flute that I adore,” She said, handing him the flute.

The little man was so overwhelmed that he granted her a wish of becoming the queen of this years dance, because she was very humble to give him her precious flute.

“I have two apples,” The second little man said, “I want to share it with my brothers, so we can have two pieces a piece. Please tell me how I can do this?”

Lonnie took the two apples and cut them into 1/3, making three pieces each for each apple. The little man was so happy that she fixed his problem that he blessed her with a boyfriend.

“It’s time to eat but my brothers won’t let me eat, unless my bedroom is clean,” The third little man said, “Could you please tell me what to do?”

“Where is your bedroom?” asked Lonnie, looking for it. The little man showed her and she went right in and cleaned his room for him. The little man was so overwhelmed that he blessed her with many friends.

Lonnie was so happy that she went home and got ready for the dance. The day before, new girlfriends started hanging around her asking to be her friend. The next day in the halls of Channel high a cute boy walked up to her. “Can I carry your books?” He said, “I would like to be your boyfriend.” On the day of the dance she arrived more popular than anyone in the school. Sam and Alexi just watched in disgust at her. At the end of the night they announced the queen of the dance and it was Lonnie. She left the dance and earned all that she wanted to achieve.






EWJAMES is a professional screenwriter and author, with a BFA in Creative Writing for entertainment from Full Sail University in Florida. He has extensive experience in writing scripts for television. His credits include lead writer and co- producer of the shows like, When World’s Collide, Microscopic Sight, Dune: Armageddon Wars, and Military Extraction that shows on CBS. His book, Emotion’s of My Spirit is available on amazon.com He is an active member of the WGA and SGA and can be reached by his agent, Jenifer Good of Paradigm Talent agency. Eric has a passion for his children and his love of comics because he’s their superhero. You can visit him at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-james-4170aa12a

“Thank you for reading my book. If you enjoyed it, would you consider purchasing my other book Emotions of my Spirit, that’s on www.Amazon.com. Feel free to leave me a comment because your feedback is always welcome!



Eric James


Just when you think that you've gotten away with the perfect crime and left us here, we found you. Your kids, your life, and me we're going to get you. Don't get it twisted, love you, I just don't love what you've done to us. Leaving and escaping without us is just plain cowardly, just down right bad, you jerk. Now rot in hell. I hope you die, when I get free, I'm telling everyone about you. The person that supposed to be my friend, my lover, my husband.

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