The Principles of Peace


The Principles of Peace

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Table of contents:


Chapter One: The First and Main Principle of Peace: Peace Begins with You

•Inner Peace

•Live in the Present








Chapter Two: The Second Principle of Peace: To be Respectful and Kind to Your Fellow Human Beings

•Unity within the Family

•Outer Peace

•Peace in the Work Place

•Prayer and Meditation

•Start a Humanitarian Project and/or Volunteer

•Plan a Family Outing or Do Something Creative with Someone


Chapter Three: The Third Principle of Peace: Be Kind to Animals

•All Creatures Great and Small

•Be Kind to Wild Animals



Chapter Four: The Fourth Principle of Peace: Visualize World Peace



•Be Kind to the Earth




About the Author


Peace and harmony in the home and the world begins with one person and starts with one step. It begins with you and this one step is similar to someone throwing a stone into a pond causing a ripple effect for many years to come.

~ Elle Le Blanc

I started writing this book, The Principles of Peace on the eve of the Autumnal Equinox which is also international peace day. The reason why I wrote this book is because until now I really did not have much faith in peace; it was just something I read on a Christmas card once a year. The reason why I did not have much faith in it was because I had been in a multitude of abusive relationships; I did not even understand it on the home front and because of this I was completely unable to comprehend world peace. Finally, after many years I have just now started to get a better understanding of what it is all about and I felt the need to share this with others.

I always knew that one day I would write a book but there were so many things I could write about. I knew I had to write about something that had meaning in my life and something that was close to me. I thought about my life and all of the abusive relationships I had been in, this was something that I ultimately understood but I thought it would be a little depressing to write or read about someone getting abused. So I asked myself what is the opposite of abuse? Peace and harmony is the answer to that question. This is what I had been wanting all along in my life. Several years ago I started a personal growth quest but I don’t ever remember it touching on peace specifically; however, I had decided to re-immerse myself into this quest and to dig a little deeper. When I finally put the intention out there to find out everything I could about it soon after that every time I turned around things were pointing me in that direction, everything from the books I had been reading, the people I met and e-mails I had been receiving. I have finally achieved personal inner peace through affirmations, prayer, meditation and gratitude. Peace is now my purpose.

[]Chapter One


Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

~ Albert Einstein

Inner Peace

Peace begins with you…it starts with one person and begins with one step. Because you have chosen this book that is a good sign that you are at least open to this. If you want to achieve personal inner peace it is your responsibility to find a way to do this. It is each man, woman, and child’s right and responsibility to attain peace. For some people it will come easily (those who have had peaceful family situations growing up and who have had peaceful and loving relationships as adults) for others it may be a bit of a process to go through (those of us who grew up in households filled with strife and that have been abused either as children or adults) but it of course is not impossible.

Live in the Present

Inner peace is like a gift and is possible for everybody. It is like the saying: The past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift so make peace a part of that gift. Live each day like the statement above, the past is history, do not dwell on the bad things of the past (the he said, she said – finger pointing, blame game). The past needs to stay where it belongs and that is in the past. Regarding the future, unless you are a fortune teller the future is a mystery, so do not dwell or worry about things that have not even happened yet. All we truly have is today, this moment, this gift we call the present so treat it as such.


Start each day with gratitude, I like to call it the attitude of gratitude. Make a gratitude list; put on this list every single thing that you are grateful for. Include peace on this list even if the only time you get some is when you lay your head down on your pillow at night, be grateful for that. Be grateful for every moment of peace that you do get in your life.


Be aware of times in your life where you experience peace and harmony, embrace it. Conscious living and awareness is important. Life becomes clearer this way. Show up for life and be present. I like to take a twenty-minute walk by myself every evening after dinner. I just peacefully walk while I become aware of and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells around me. Depending on the time of year, during my walks I enjoy neighborhood cats (I like to give them a little scratch on the head), smell the roses in bloom, birds chirping, fall leaves, the smell of a fire in a fireplace or perhaps a snowflake or two. Get out doors and do things that you enjoy. Make sure to take the time to be aware and peacefully enjoy nature’s harmony.


Relax and don’t take life too seriously. Wear a smile or a pleasant expression. Every now and then smile at a stranger. If you look unhappy or grumpy all of the time this may appear as unapproachable which will come across as negative. Make peace and happiness a part of your demeanor. Study or become aware of people’s faces and expressions, after a while you can see who is at peace with themselves. If someone has a clenched jaw and a furrowed brow they might be experiencing a lack of inner peace (or maybe just a really bad day), where as someone who appears relaxed with a pleasant expression may have great inner peace and joy in their lives.


Pray to God/god, your higher power or the universe for inner peace. It is also important to say a prayer for peace everyday if you do so, God/god or your higher power will make sure that you find a way to achieve it. As we all know when we pray we are basically asking God/god a question. You can pray by speaking out loud (just like having a conversation), thinking or singing.


Meditating is when you quiet the mind for God’s/god’s answer. Meditate for peace, joy, and unity every day for at least ten minutes or more. Some people meditate for an hour and others meditate for hours on end. Find a quiet spot in your home; sit on the floor with your legs crossed if you are able, if not sit upright in a chair. Close your eyes and keep your head facing forward, say a mantra if you would like such as the name of God/god. Repeat your mantra every few moments or focus on your breathing in and out over and over. Try to keep your mind from wandering, if it does just keep directing it back to the quiet. Meditating is a very peaceful thing to do. Eventually, with time you will receive your answers from God/god.


Incorporate affirmations into your life every day. Use positive affirmations in your life to replace negative thoughts. Never think thoughts like: “I am so stupid”, “I hate myself”, “I am such a jerk” or “I am so ugly.” Thoughts such as these bring your morale and your esteem down; they are not happy or peaceful. Replace bad thoughts with loving and peaceful thoughts like: “I am attracting peace, love, and joy into my life.” “I am intelligent and beautiful.”


Bring creativity into your life, do something creative for peace. I personally like to journal every morning and make collages. Find something that you like to do; drawing, painting, making collages, wood working etc. bring peace into it, have a project for peace. Now that you know some of the ways to work on attaining personal peace it’s time to move on to chapter two.

[]Chapter Two


If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

~ Mother Teresa

Unity within the Family

Respect and kindness to your fellow human beings begins with unity and peace in your own home with your family members. As I mentioned in the last chapter peace begins with you and it starts with one step, apply this principle to all of your situations in your home and life. This principle goes hand and hand with being respectful and kind to your fellow human beings and needs to be utilized in the home. Start a campaign for peace in your home, be loving and kind to your family members. Become united with your family and stand together for peace.

Outer Peace

Let your inner peace transform you; let it show up in your thoughts and actions. Leave resentment and grudges in the past because life is too short. Be respectful of others no matter what their nationality, color, social standing, gender or sexual orientation. If we are to ever co-exist in harmony, racism and discrimination needs to end.

Peace in the Work Place

Peace and harmony in the work place is very important. Concentrate on your job and peace, do not worry about what your co-workers are doing or not doing. If someone is acting a certain way towards you and it is disagreeable or childish do not mirror their actions, do not put any energy on it and move on with your life.

Prayer and Meditation

Pray and meditate for peace, harmony, and unity in all areas of your life; home, work, and other everyday situations. Pray for everybody you come in contact with, that they have a peaceful and loving day.

Start a Humanitarian Project and/or Volunteer

Over time I have had a few different humanitarian projects, I used to knit scarves for homeless people. I would find yarn in free boxes and people would give me yarn left over from projects or yarn they had found. I heard a true story at one time about a group of young guys that beat a homeless man to death with baseball bats, he was sleeping on a park bench. To the young guys the homeless man did not mean anything to them, his life was dispensable, like the throwaway society it has now become. It seemed as though, just because the man was homeless that nobody cared about him and he did not matter. I have never forgotten that story. I used to make the scarves because the homeless are human beings that are struggling in this world, now I no longer knit (due to chronic pain) but I give clothing items to my friend that has clothing drives for the homeless in our town on a regular basis. If you are unable to start a humanitarian project find a place to volunteer, there are lots of places that need volunteers. Go online and look up volunteering in your local area. Get out into your community and make a difference in the world.

Plan a Family Outing or Do Something Creative with Someone

If you have a family or group, plan a peaceful picnic or have a party for peace or just do something fun and creative for another person. For example, a family could get together and play musical instruments to build unity. It’s kind of funny when you stop and think about it, making noise for peace but it works. Every Friday my peace loving friends and I used to have a gathering and a sit down dinner where everyone would bring something to eat, afterwards someone in the group provides entertainment, one night there was juggling other nights there was music. This is a great way to stay connected with friends and a wonderful way to start the weekend.


Communication is the key in life and is an important tool for keeping and maintaining healthy and peaceful relationships. Think about the communication and the dialog you are having with the people in your life is it positive, supportive, and loving?

[]Chapter Three


All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the lord God made them all.

~ Hymn by -Cecil F Alexander 1848

All Creatures Great and Small

Treat your pets in a kind and loving way. Set a good example to those around you with your interactions with your pets. Never be mean, hurtful, or neglectful to them. They feel pain and discomfort just like we do. If you ever see any animal abuse or neglect, please makes sure to report it as soon as possible.

Be Kind to Wild Animals

Do not be destructive or hurtful to wild animals. I have known of people that would purposely try to hit pigeons with their cars just because they happen to think they are a nuisance. I have also seen people purposely run over ducks when they could have avoided it. This is horrible and destructive behavior and it makes me sad and I feel that it just encourages hate in the world.


Become aware of God’s creatures; notice the roles that they play in life and on the planet. Appreciate them for what they are and what they do. I live in a house in the city and I have lots of little animals to appreciate. There are brown squirrels and grey squirrels that scamper around. There are blue jays, black birds, and small brown birds that look like little finches. I find bird song very peaceful.


Always provide a safe and loving environment for your pets. Try out a pet massage on your dog or cat, animals love this. Start off at the head, just gently manipulate and kneed the fur, feel the muscles beneath the skin and fur. Work your way from head to toe to tail. If you have an animal that you can no longer keep, try to find the best home you possibly can for them. I mentioned volunteering in the previous chapter and I will mention it again, some people are just naturally drawn to animals and have an innate love for them, if you are one of those people you might want to volunteer at an animal shelter. At these shelters they need people to help out with feeding, cleaning, combing, and brushing. Some of them even have volunteers come in to just play with the animals to make their lives more comfortable. If they experience regular human contact, they are better adjusted to people when they end up getting adopted. There are shelters out there that even have foster programs where you can become a foster parent for a dog or cat until a permanent home is found. If you have kids find a petting zoo to take them to meet animals, they do not get to see every day. Show your children how to be kind and gentle to these little animals, petting zoos are loads of fun. Have fun and appreciate all of the creatures great and small.

[]Chapter Four


All we are saying is give peace a chance.

~ John Lennon


The last and final chapter is about visualizing world peace. I am not sure if world peace will happen in my life time but I sure do hope it will happen in someone’s life time. I believe that if more people made peace a part of their lives, had great optimism, and supported this ideal that it can hopefully be attained one day.


Somebody must remain hopeful because if we give up all at the same time then what would we have Anarchy and chaos? Perhaps, but I don’t want to find out so I am not giving up hope.

Be Kind to the Earth

Be kind to our planet earth because it is our home and it is the only one we have (the only one we can actually live on that is). Reuse, reduce, and recycle, I know we have all heard it a million times but we need to start doing it and doing it now. Each person in the USA throws away four and a half pounds of garbage per day; this amount is nearly one ton per person per year of waste taken to landfill. The population of the USA is over three hundred million people (at the time this book was published) so this amounts to well over three hundred million tons of waste coming to landfills every year. That is an awful lot of trash, I would estimate that over half of that amount could have avoided the landfill and should have been recycled instead.

Moving on to transportation and pollution, to extend the life of our planet a little longer, we need to try not to depend so much on our vehicles (I know this is not always possible, depending on where a person is located). Regarding transportation there are a lot of other options; consider taking public transportation to work or school, carpooling or commuting by bike. If you need to use your car for errands, make a list of everything that needs to be done and rather than taking a lot of small trips make one big one instead. Whenever possible walk, bike, or take public transportation to be a part of the solution to stop pollution.


One of my favorite songs of all time is John Lennon’s song: Imagine. The next time you have a chance really listen to the words and grasp their meaning. This song is my anthem and I am a peace advocate. Imagine this; if every single person on the planet stopped what they were doing for just one moment and if everybody had the same thought at the same time: Peace on earth and goodwill to all men, women, and children. How completely amazing that would be. I believe that if this were to ever happen; a tremendous peaceful calm would take over at that exact moment. Then if everybody were to keep this thought in the forefront of their minds on a regular basis, the vibration and the spirits of everybody on the planet would be lifted so high it would be incredible.


Do something creative for world peace. Celebrate International Peace Day every year. Find a celebration in your community and if there is none start your own. The first year I celebrated International Peace Day, this is how I celebrated: My friends and I enjoyed a light meal together then they took me to this wonderful handmade sauna. On that evening of International Peace Day, I spent that time enjoying the sauna with 18 naked people and 14 of them were strangers (afterwards I went home and started writing this book). You can’t get any more peaceful than that. What was super cool was that everybody was respectful of one another. We were there to just enjoy some peaceful time in sauna with friends.

Another creative thing that can be done as a group is this; have a sound circle. Begin by lighting a candle then sit in a circle use your voices to make sounds or sing songs. One night I suggested this to a group of friends and we just started making sounds together, we first used our voices to make sounds then we formed harmonies and then we started adding additional sounds, we snapped our fingers, stomped our feet and clanked spoons till all of our sounds and voices formed music, it was a lot of fun, we basically did what children do and that is to make noises and have fun. I like to visualize many people reading my book from many different nations getting together to light a candle and forming sound circles in the name of peace.


I looked up the word peace in the Webster’s dictionary and this is what I found:

Peace –

•The absence of war or other hostilities.

•An agreement or treaty to end hostilities.

•Freedom from quarrels and disagreements; harmony.

•Public security.

•Calm; serenity; peace of mind.

I like what it means and everything it stands for. I am a peace advocate.

Advocate –

•To speak in favor of.

•One who argues for a cause.

•One who pleads in another’s behalf.

Please join me on the peace advocacy adventure. The more people we add the more possibilities we have to attain it. Just focus on the principles and “believe”. Amazing things can happen.

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Elle Le Blanc has been blogging since 2008 and currently has a blog and website about love (most importantly self-love), embracing sexuality and creating intimacy in relationships. Elle lives in the Pacific Northwest, she is a vintage clothing and antique collector, tarot card reader and she loves cooking healthy foods and hiking.

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The Principles of Peace

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