The Principles of God Introduction


The Principles by Which God Operates and Exists

Mankind’s efforts to understand God outside

principles which govern His existence

always results in failure


Carl Kendrick


The Principles by Which God Operates and Exists

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Carl Kendrick examines the principles governing God‘s greatest creation and why the adoption of those principles by humankind are necessary to establish an intimate relationship with God and their fellowman while humanity dwells on the earth.

Greetings in the name of Jesus, here’s a little about me. I have a couple of degrees; actually three if you count associates degrees. By the time, you read this I will be 77 years of age. There is said to be Jewish blood in my background but for the most part, I am Scottish and Basque. My mother, born in 1898, became a tongue talking Pentecostal, and my brother was a straight-laced Deacon in the Southern Baptist Church. Not accepted in Jewish circles, I began searching for spiritual truth and enrolled in Catholic school for a brief expanse of time. I was 11 years of age. That search has continued ever since, and in all the past years of reading scripture, I know I have just barely scratched the surface of spiritual knowledge. My Master’s Degree is from a very large Baptist university. While education is laudable, it is insufficient to ferret out the deep things hidden in God’s word. That is the exclusive domain of the Holy Spirit. For 7 years, my prayer was seeking the Holy Spirit to reveal Biblical knowledge to me.

These little books are divided into approximately 4 revelations each, at a cost of 99 cents per book. Each book has 6 to 8 subjects on the average and consists of about 16,300 words each. The count for all 4 revelations is close to 67,200 words.

Should you select all four books and find no edification at all, the $3.96 is refundable upon request.

General Content of the Series

Principles of God Book One by Carl Kendrick

Time and Eternity

Bad Things

Law and Grace




Principles of God Book Two by Carl Kendrick

Pre-Adamic Race

Justice and Mercy

Speech and Choice


Demonic Oppression


Principles of God Book Three by Carl Kendrick


Holy Spirit




Test and Trails

Law and deceit

A Childs way to go

Principles of God Book Four by Carl Kendrick

Jesus as Man

God’s word and Errors

God Controls All

God’s Church

Jesus and Sin

Name of Jesus

Three Days and Nights in the Tomb


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Carl Kendrick

The Principles of God Introduction

  • Author: Carl Kendrick
  • Published: 2015-10-20 23:05:06
  • Words: 551
The Principles of God Introduction The Principles of God Introduction