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The Power of a Flower

The Power of a Flower

By Jennifer L. Rowlands

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016 Jennifer L. Rowlands

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Lilah slips the orange flower into the stream. It clings to her wet finger tips for a moment before letting go and allowing itself to be carried away on the gentle current. On her feet, Lilah follows the floating petals. They won’t lead her to her friend. She knows where he lives. But, the orange flower will beckon him out to her. Every few paces she turns to scan the forest that stretches out in all directions. So far, she sees no sign of being followed; but that mistake has been made before.

Her feet fly faster; excitement taking her ahead of the flower. Just before a bend in the stream, she stops to wait for the orange spot atop the water to catch up. It feels like ages. Her friend is in hiding and will not reveal himself until he sees the signal. A white flower for danger, orange when it’s safe. Flowers were not always a sign of security between them.

When they first met, it was because Lilah had lost a flower from her bouquet in the stream and followed it until she stumbled upon him. She found him—a stranger at the time—standing outside his cave and holding the flower out to her. She had refused to accept the brightly colored pedals, asking him to keep it instead. After that first encounter she began dropping a flower into the water on her way to visit him; always arriving to find him holding the gift in his hand.

That was a time, though, before her father discovered their secret. He—husband to her mother, father to her siblings, King to her kingdom—banished the one whom she loved. Though, not before calling him evil and ghastly and a ghoul and all sorts of other hideous names. Not before having his men burn everything inside his wondrous cave. Forced to leave his home—but unwilling to leave Lilah—her friend abandoned this forest for a short time. He returned only after the smoke subsided and the guards stopped visiting the place to ensure his departure.

Lilah—particularly when she and her father are at odds—often recalls how he treated her friend. How he treated the one who had stolen her heart. The King’s words had appalled her. To Lilah, her friend is kind, he is magical, he is hers. She first discovered her feelings for him upon her second visit. He left a gift at the edge of his cave. It was their first flower, which he had magically spun into a lovely crystal barrette.


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The Power of a Flower

  • ISBN: 9781370869763
  • Author: Jennifer L. Rowlands
  • Published: 2016-10-13 23:35:07
  • Words: 2024
The Power of a Flower The Power of a Flower