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The Poet's Experience





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p<>{color:#000;}. AN AFRICAN CHILDHOOD

p<>{color:#000;}. CHOICE AND OBLIGATION

p<>{color:#000;}. UNTIMELY TIMES

p<>{color:#000;}. INSPIRATION

p<>{color:#000;}. LYRICAL TAUNTING

p<>{color:#000;}. THE GLOBAL VILLAGER

p<>{color:#000;}. TOUGH LESSONS

p<>{color:#000;}. ONLY IFS

p<>{color:#000;}. JUSTICE

p<>{color:#000;}. UNTITLED

p<>{color:#000;}. HOPEFUL DREAMS

p<>{color:#000;}. A QUESTION UNASKED

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In this life, one of the best things you can do is to contribute your lot towards making the world a better place. No single person has the power to change the world. One single person can make the world a better place. However, when one establishes that platform to enable others reach their full potential by giving hope, inspiration and sense of purpose, he has started a revolution that like a hydraulic press will influence change and reform to make the world a better place. I am no great poet. Yet this much I know, I am a voice… A voice that calls. I hope you find my collection inspiring, worth the time, worth the effort…












































Perhaps, this is not a good way to start a poem

Perhaps there are better ways

Perhaps, I do not know those better ways

It is real hard to dig deep

Like some gold buried in Tarkwa

To find some themes

Fresh or stale

Some inspiration

Great or small.


You see?

Life is riddled by doubts

Every day, every single day!

How hard it is to find inspiration

From sources to make choices

That sound our voices

In art, in life.


Though I am not an Awoonor


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The Poet's Experience

This is a piece of literary work which combines an artistic view of life from different perspectives of time and places. What's more? this is intended to inspire, motivate and give you a sense of purpose.This is a collection of poems molded in the art of poetry.

  • Author: Rock Stone
  • Published: 2016-07-02 11:35:29
  • Words: 1552
The Poet's Experience The Poet's Experience