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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: [_ Elijah Onyenmeriogu, is A Playwrights, A Musician & A _]

*Petitioner. Born in May 14, 1988. From Onicha Ngwa, in Obingwa of Abia state, *

[*Nigeria. He attended at “Kingfredson Nursery & Primary school, Aba” and *]

*“Livingstone Model College in Lagos, where he got two consecutive double *

*promotions, with several awards in school debates.” Onyenmeriogu later *

*peregrinated to Ghana to consummate his course for English Literature and *

*Audio Production. He got admission into the “University Of Ghana” There he *

*studied and graduated with “Diplomatic beneficial certificate, associate’s *

*degree,” in 2006. *

[_* _][*REFERENCE: _ The bible verbally expresses “You shall know the truth, and the _]

*truth shall set you free” but if you stand for the truth, you will always *

*stand alone, evil doers around you will always find a away to take your life, *

*but God never forsakes his children, his words never transmute, he has *

*promised the virtuous long life and prosperity, consequently, we should always *

*bear it in mind that the outcome of verity is long life. *

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The Pedestrious “Ogidi” was wel known as the poorest and oldest man ever lived

during his stage, In Obingwa. However, he was very vigorous that he could

peregrinate a distance by foot, solving family quandaries, tel ing the histories of the

past and inheritance, in order to get some foods to victual.. He was born in a

minuscule vil age cal ed “Umuokereke Ngwa” amongst the one hundred and thirty

eight vil ages in the Obingwa local regime area of Abia state, Nigeria.

Ogidi was very short and thin with little bowlegs by nature, albeit, he was trepidacious

by his look, for he has grey ocular perceivers, whoever child he consistently visual y

examines becomes trepidacious, he ambulates very expeditious and never looks up,

lest he fal s.

His parents died when he was a teenager, meanwhile, he never got married. No wife,

no child, no relatives, no job, no home until he became so old and began to perceived

what was not real y there, hal ucinating like a dog, and having some il usions.

Al he does was to peregrinate around seeking for obstinate children to deal with,

tel ing people the histories of their forefathers and their traditions. During his

peregrinations, he carries along with a calabash fil ed with imbibing dihydrogen

monoxide, and a diminutive basket of aliment stuffs dashed to him by people.

Wherever he is and gets exhausted of plodding, or finds the day dark, there he


As of then, there was a trepidacious ruler cal ed “Ike Nwosu” this man was very

rigorous and tough that he was dealing with the malevolent people and adamant

children remorselessly, those who go tardy to school and those who reluct to go to

school at al , nor comply with their parents. Therefore, Mazi Ogidi exploited the ruler’s

influence to threaten the children, notwithstanding he was a geriatric man, he was

able to carry a child on his shoulder, claiming he was taking him to the ruler’s prison

yard where he would be penalized, whosoever he does this to wil cry so acerbical y

until the parents come to rescue. Al these japes were performed just to make the

children more earnest and utilizable. But then, the children didn’t optical y discern it

as jests, they became so trepidacious of him that they conventional y run to

obnubilate whenever they optical y discerned him emanating from far away. Through

this act, Ogidi became so famous that whichever road he passes people wave hands at

him, shouting.. “Mazi Ogidi, please come to our home today” but he has in mind

where he’s going for the day.

Ogidi was seen as an angel by the people of Obingwa during those days, so, he was

welcomed with plenty of foods and attire by every family he visits, because they know

that he has come with fun, caution and inspiritment to their families. His missions

wasn’t only to convert obstinate children to docile, he was a very good man, historical

and a peacemaker, he never fortified evil. But the notification of his visits was

lamentable news to the auditory perceivers of the malevolents and the obstinate ones

in the community. Then later on, the children discovered his impuissance that

whenever he looks up he must fal , so, they utilizes this act to torment him as wel by

asking him “Mazi Ogidi, look up and see something fal ing on you” and immediately he

does that, he fal s, then children begin to laugh at him.

One day, Ogidi went to a vil age cal ed “Umulelu” this vil age united as one by six

autonomous communities, including “Umuachara, Umunkpor, Umunkalonu,

Umuedena, Umuokpaku and Umusolo, together they were cal ed “Umulelu”. Among

al , Umusolo was the smal est part, from which was where their king “Eze Onuoha”

came from. While Umuachara was the largest part which has about seventy-four


So, Ogidi arrived at Umuachara and went into the biggest courtyard where

there are fourteen families of different consanguinity, “Ejiofor, Enyereibe, Ugwuaku,

Nwankpa, Anele, Nmaduforo, Njoku, Aguwamba, Acho, Oguzie, Ukonna, Ubani,

Ugwueze and Orjinta. These families were living in peace and harmony, except

Oguzie’s and Ugwueze’s family who have been in conflicts for a long time over a piece

of land. Oguzie was a farmer, he had two wives with nine children. Ugwueze was a

loaner, he lends money to people with interests and conditions that whenever one

fails to pay back in the appropriate time as bargained, he would take over his wife. He

had two owned wives with eleven children, then later had another three wives which

he coveted from men who borrowed and were unable to pay back on time. Ekeoma,

the hunter from Umusolo who borrowed two hundred silver coins when he was about

taking a wife, Nkata the tailor from Umuokpaku, and Ahamba the town-cryer from the

same Umuachara but different courtyard. These people’s wives were coveted for had

failed to returned their loans to Ugwueze within the date assigned.

The dragging land was genuinely Oguzie’s own inherited from his late

grandfather ”Ogwugwu” whom was a very proximate friend to Mazi Ogidi during their

50s. His opponent Ugwueze was a very malignant man who goes about coveting other

people’s properties, he was performing some charms furtively, al his debtors were

under spel to never meet up in paying back, then he would take over whichever

property he wants. The elders were speechless towards his malignity because he was

hazardous and the richest man in Umuachara as of then, nobody dares him.

When the children visual y perceived Ogidi coming inward, some absquatulated

to obnubilate as customary, while some commenced to shout his name jubilantly..

“Mazi Ogidi! Mazi Ogidi! Mazi Ogidi!” running forward to meet him.

“Hahaha! How are you my children?” Asked Ogidi. “We’re fine, thank you. How

are you too?” replied the children in merriment.

“Ooh! I am stil strong and healthy as you al can see, hahaha! Where are your

parents? Go and let them know that i am here” said Ogidi.

The children jubilantly ran to their parents for notification. Ogidi went straight to

Orjinta whose house was the most proximate to the main ingression. Orjinta was a

very proximate friend of Ubani, both of them were palm-wine tappers, they weren’t

opulent, and in fact, Ubani was one of the debtors in the creditor’s list of Ugwueze

that had yet to paid, but they were good men.

When Orjinta saw Ogidi, he emerged and greeted him traditional y.

“Haa! Mazi Ogidi, you’re highly welcome, please have a sit.” Said Orjinta. “thank

you my son, how is your family?” Asked Ogidi.

“We’re fine, how are you too, and how was your journey? It has been a lo..ng time

you came last to see us.” replied Orjinta. “The both laughed.”

After Orjinta had introduced his new wife and children to the old man, they

served him a good meal prepared with “Okporoko, (stockfish)” also with a palm-wine.

Subsequently, they took him to the visitor’s room, and there he stayed for some

weeks, until his missions were over.

As the day was getting more tenebrous, the news of Ogidi’s present keeps

spreading within Umuachara, and afore the day got tenebrous, the elders were then

aware of his present. A meeting was summoned by Ogidi to hold a place in Ugwueze’s

compound the next morning, albeit, he had nothing in mind against Ugwueze, for he

knew not the soi-disant malevolent men in Umuachara, he preferred Ugwueze’s

house because he had a profoundly and immensely colossal and pulchritudinous


It was Orjinta whom Ogidi sent to notify his neighbours about the meeting.

Then, Orjinta went first to his friend “Ubani”. lastly, he went to Ugwueze and met him

sniffing snuffs.


“Nna anyi Ugwueze! I greet you.”


“You’re welcome! This one that you came to my house today, I hope al is wel ?


“Yes, Nna anyi, al is wel . I only came to inform you that Mazi Ogidi is here in



“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Was that why I was aural y perceiving the children making

much noise earlier today? So, that old man is stil alive? That’s good. Where is he



“He is in my house. He came to pay us a visit, you know it has been long he came



“O yes, it has been long indeed.”


“Wel , Nna anyi, he said that every elders of this courtyard should amass here in

your house tomorrow morning at eight o clock. He said he has some matters to

discuss with us.”


“Some matters to discuss with us. Real y? But why must it be in my house?


“Nna anyi, I don’t real y know why, but I conjecture it may be because you have a

sizably voluminous compound.”


“I see. Anyway, no problem, no problem. Til tomorrow then.”


“Thank you. In that case, let me be on my way.”


“Alright, goodnight!”

But Ugwueze wasn’t blissful about the meeting, for he knew what was going to be

discussed, but because of the veneration they had for the old Ogidi, he couldn’t


After the dawn, children hurried off to school. Men walks consecutively to the

meeting at Ugwueze’s house. When they had gathered, they wore smiles on their

faces knowing that things would change for good thenceforth.

Palm-wine and Kola nuts were brought by Ugwueze’s fourth wife “Urenma” whom he

coveted from Nkata, the tailor from Umuokpaku. During her present in their midst,

the elder’s moods were changed, they began to look at themselves in anger and


But the old Ogidi whom was perceivable and sensitive, therefore grasped what was

going on.

Ejiofor, the oldest exclude Ogidi, he stood up and blessed the kola traditional y with



(Salutation; “Umunna Kwenu! Kwenu! Kwenu! Kwezuenu oo!) Wel , our people

says “he who brings kola brings life” in this case, we are going to masticate this kola

with the confidence knowing that more life, strengths and mystical enchantments

shal be integrated in our lives according to our forefathers. “Iseeee” (Amen). Replied

the elders.

“But afore we masticate this kola, I optate us to understand that a kola nut is

diminutive, but it is more paramount that it goes round to each person and not that it

fil s the stomach”.

Ejiofor sat down, and the kola was passed to everyone one after the other until

it got to the hand of Ogidi the oldest. He was about standing up, but they preferred

him verbalizing while sitting, as he was a geriatric man, and so he did.


(Salutation; “Umunna Kwenu! Umuachara Kwenu! Ndi nwe Obodo Kwezuenu!”)


“The happy moments of a man in life is not only when he is making love with his wife

on the bed, neither is it when a good food is set for him on the table. But a man

equal y becomes happy when he realises how honoured and respected he is in their

community, that is why you can see smile on my face today. Without wasting much

time, let us go ahead with this drink and kola, then we shal look into the matter that

brought us here today. Orjinta my son, break these kola nuts and share the drink.”

Orjinta was the youngest among the elders, he stood up and sliced the kola nuts,

he performed a libation as tradition by pouring a little wine on the ground as an

honour to their forefathers. After al that, they drank and chewed kola nuts. But

Oguzie refused to take anything because he was in a great enmity with Ugwueze, he

wasn’t happy.


(Salutation; Umunna Kwenu! Kwenu! Kwenu! Kwezuenu!) Our gathering here

today brought joy into my heart because our people said, “A bullfrog that refuses to

sleep, when it dies, it must sleep whether it likes it or not”. I know that after this

meeting, that bullfrog which had refused to sleep wil eventual y sleep, and forever,


The elders agreed with him by smiling with nods of heads.

After Enyereibe had said this, Ugwueze stared at him annoyously, for he knew that

the proverbs were referring to him, but he said nothing yet, he was only shaking his

legs, while his face was on the ground.


Wel , I think it is time for us to welcome our beloved and only surviving

grandfather who has never forgotten his grandchildren, whether in the rainy season

or in dry season. Mazi Ogidi, you are highly welcome to Umuachara!

Al the elders welcomed him as wel .


Thank you very much my children, wel , I am equal y happy to be here in

Umuachara today. Not because I wished to come, as a matter of fact, there are other

vil ages which i hadn’t visited for longer than this Umuachara, but i came because of

the ongoing persecutions that i have been hearing about in this community,

particularly in this courtyard of yours. Can someone tel me exactly what is going on?

The elders were afraid of what Ugwueze’s reactions might be to the person who

brings out the matter, they were looking at themselves and waited for some seconds

until Nwankpa stood up. Nwankpa was somehow stubborn and fearless, but because

of poverty, he had no power to triumph over Ugwueze.


(Salutation; Umunna Kwenu! Kwenu! Kwenu! Kwezuenu!) “ We do not use our bare

feet to search for hidden thorns which we have seen in day time.” The ant that bites a

man is right there in his clothes. My fel ow elders, our problems are here with us.


(Salutation; Umunna Kwenu! Kwenu! Kwezuenu!) “Someone who fel into a pit

does not hesitate to scream out loud, in order to be heard by people that pass along

the road. We have had enough proverbs as tradition, so, I think it is time for us to hit

the nail on the head, and stop beating about the bush. Ugwueze here, is our problems

in this community. Mazi Ogidi, ask him why he has chosen to be this wicked, al he

does is to go about claiming people’s properties, even the only land that my late

grandfather handed over to me before he died, Ugwueze woke up one morning and

told me that the land now belongs to him. “Please my elders of Umuachara, help me

to ask Ugwueze how the land managed to be his.


(Cleared his throat) I greet you my fel ow elders of Umuachara. You see, the Gods

of our land gave us wisdom to utilize knowledge and experience with common sense,

having this Wisdom, you wil be able to live your life without problems, being able to

get out of situations that seem to be difficult or embarrassing, mostly, understanding

and tolerance. I cannot pretend to be ignorant of those proverbs which you al had

said earlier, but from this wisdom given to me by the Gods, I was able to tolerate. You

see, without knowing a person too wel , we must not hate him. I Ugwueze have never

done wrong to anyone, nor claimed anybody’s property before.

(The elders looked at themselves).

But our people of Umulelu as a whole see me as a wicked man today, why? Because I

am a loaner, I lends money to people in order to solve their problems, with an

agreement of paying back with little interest on a given date, and if eventual y the

person fails to pay back within the date, whatever he or she had brought as a

col ateral wil then belong to me. How is that a wickedness? Oguzie was stupidly and

carelessly unaware when his late father “Ikpeama” borrowed seven hundred silver

coins from me, with which accomplished him in taken the chieftaincy title which he

took when he was alive, unfortunately, he died before the date we had agreed he

would pay back, so, the only thing I had to do was to take over that piece of land

which he presented to me as a col ateral, that’s al .


Ugwueze you are a liar, you are a devilish liar. My father would have told me if he

had borrowed any money from you, and moreover, that land was personal y handed

over to me by my grandfather “Ogwugwu” and not to my father “Ikpeama”. So,

whatever business you had with my father when he was alive, keep that for pending,

whenever you join him in the grave, both of you shal continue the business over

there. Leave my land alone for me, please..


My children, it is of no use to fight over unanimated issues. Oguzie’s father

“Ikpeama” is no more, Oguzie’s grandfather “Ogwugwu” whom was a very good friend

of mine is also no more. But there is one thing that can never be hidden nor die, and

that thing is “truth”.

No matter how far a man urinate, the last drop always fal s at his feet.

“Seventy years ago, I was stronger than I am today, and my late friend “Ogwugwu”

was also as strong as I was, both of us were very hilarious that we do joke with family

issues without a quarrel. When joking, he normal y laughs at me for didn’t get married

and bear a child like him. I normal y laugh at him for having a wife with only one son

“Ikpeama” whom was addicted to alcoholic. He would say to me that it is better to

have a drunken son than none. I replied to him and said, what if you get old and die,

who wil then manage your properties? And he answered, as soon as his grandson

grows up to teenage, he would hand over his properties to him, believing that his

lineage wil continue, unlike me. You see, from those funny conversations we had, I

now realised it’s possible that Ogwugwu’s properties might have been later handed

over to his grandson “Oguzie, and not to his father, Ikpeama whom was a drunkard.”

After Ogidi’s story, the elders were smiling in a surprise mood. But Ugwueze was

disconsolate and in fact, he stoop up and pointed his finger at the old man.


This is rubbish! Mazi Ogidi or whatever you cal yourself, if you don’t know what

to say, you better shut up your mouth, rather than vomiting none sense words.

The elders, stood up with annoyance.


Ugwueze shut up this abominable mouth of yours, are you drunk? Don’t you

realise that it is Mazi Ogidi you’re talking to?


Nwankpa, is it me you are talking to this way? Have you forgotten who I am?

“Who are you?

Replied Nwankpa.

“Now let me warn you,”

said Ugwueze.

The less opportunity given to a monkey to wear cloths does not guarantee it to join

the dining table, and the monkey who tries to see the hunter clearly col ects bullets in

its eyes.


And the sparrow said that since the hunter has learnt how to shoot without

missing, it has equal y learnt to fly without perching.


Then, you forgot that, no matter how far an eagle flies up the sky, it wil definitely

come down to look for food. We shal see..

The exchange of words keeps multiplying. Then, Ogidi stood up and said the last



It was a human being who taught a leopard how to eat people. “Our forefathers

say that the leopard wanted to eat people but did not know how to kil them until it

overheard someone tel ing another that if the leopard was clever, it would jump on

someone and prick its claws into the person’s neck.

A child can play with its mother’s breasts, but definitely not its father’s testicles.

Ugwueze my son, step your feet out of that land, it belongs to Oguzie. I have spoken..


If one were to remove every smoking wood from a fire and condemns it as bad,

one would be kil ing the fire itself. We shal see then.

The elders took their leave, and that was when the war began between “Light

and Darkness” involved with the two neighbouring vil ages in Obingwa cal ed

“Umulelu and Onicha ngwa”

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Onicha ngwa is a diminutive but the most popular vil age in Obingwa.

It additional y has six vil ages inside of it, with immensely colossal courtyards. But they

had no king as of then. Therefore, no constitution, its citizens were living like sheep

without a shepherd, committing lots of atrocities. They had fought with several

vil ages and had always subjugated al , which made them so popular today. In Onicha

ngwa, every courtyard had a native shrine where the non Christians worship and

prepare some charms which they use to tie up the destined ones in order not to

progress, they were few who believed in Christianity.

During those days, Onicha ngwa had a group of non Christian old men cal ed

“Umummiri”, some of these people were native Doctors, their members were not

only from Onicha ngwa, in fact, The soi-disant Ugwueze from Umulelu was a member.

“Umummiri” their ways were to dance round the vil ages on every “Nkwọ market

days”, wearing white tops, green trousers and white canvases with long fresh palm-

leaf on their shoulders, Matching in “Ekpete band” with their ritual musical

compositions. They offer human sacrifices to their idols at each junction of the vil age.

On these “Nkwọ market days” Christians are not sanctioned to go out, otherwise

they would be kil ed by the “Umummiri”.

They had blood covenants to always stand for each other in time of trouble, and to

never expose their secrets to a non member. Their auxiliary act towards each other

was to kil anyone that makes case with their member, which affected Ogidi, Oguzie,

Nwankpa, Enyereibe and many other elders that have had quarrels with “Ugwueze”

whom was their member.

Immediately the elders left Ugwueze’s house, Mazi Ogidi selected four elders

included him, they went straight to the king “Eze Onuoha” and repined to him what

was transpiring in Umuachara. Already, the king was cognizant of Ugwueze’s

malignity, for he had received lots of complaints from numerous people within

Umulelu. Mostly from “Ekeoma, Nkata and Ahamba” whom their wives were coveted

by Ugwueze.

When the elders got to the king’s palace, they greeted him traditional y.


“Igwe eee!” (A titled name used to address a king)

The king:

“You’re welcome my people. Haa! Who am I seeing? Mazi Ogidi!”

“Igwe” replied Ogidi.

Hahahaha, laughed the king. “After many years, you recol ect your grandchildren in

Umulelu today? That’s good. Please, you al should sit down.” Em, “Lolo” the king

cal ed his queen. When she came, she greeted the elders. “go and bring some Kola for

us” said the king.

After they have chewed and drunken some wines.

The king:

“Mazi Ogidi, how are you?”

“Igwe, I am fine.” replied Ogidi.

“It has been a long time, it seems like you have forgotten your grandchildren?” asked

the king.


“Igwe, it is not that I have forgotten you people, but you know, the more older I

am getting, the lesser distance i travel. And off cause you know that Umulelu is very

far from Umuokereke ngwa where I was born. So, that is why it seemed as if I have

forgotten you people. In fact, Igwe, I came to this Umulelu yesterday, but i was in

Orjinta’s house in Umuachara. The evil i witnessed in this Vil age prevented me from

leaving today, because we decided to see you in order to find some solutions to these


The king:

“You’re highly welcome once again my people. Let me hear your petitions.”


(Cleared his throat) “Igwe,

Our people say; One does not tel a deaf person that war has broken out. And if we

don’t stand for something, we wil fal for something. When a son of the land does

something bad, he is forcibly dragged through his father’s courtyard.

The king:

(Smiled) “Nwankpa, you know I don’t like proverbs when it comes to a serious

matter. Please, hit the nail on the head.


“Wel , Igwe, al trees grows in the forest, but the ora tree singled itself out.

Ugwueze is the terrorist which Umuachara have, in fact, Umulelu as a whole.

“Haa, Ugwueze again.” Said the king.

No one drinks water and drops the cup. Igwe, we have come to seek for solutions,

what do we do?

The king:

“My people, I cannot pretend that i am not cognizant of Ugwueze’s posture in

this Umulelu, It is not by staring hard that one optical y discerns the road or

understands what is going on. I have received an abundance of complaints about

Ugwueze several y, and I cerebrate it is time for us to do something about it.

One who does not concur, concurs on the death mat. No one can elude penalization

for his maleficent deeds.”

“Igwe, thank you very much.” Said the elders.


“We had a meeting at Ugwueze’s house earlier this morning, and he pointed his

fingers at me, forgotten that an incipient-born child does not throw its father up.

Igwe, we must do something.”

The king:

“I have heard your petitions, we must do something immediately. Today is

already gone, but tomorrow, every elders of Umulelu shal accumulate here to

present their matters one after the other, in front of Ugwueze. Then, we shal know

what to do.”


“That’s a good conception. Wel , Igwe, we shal be taking our leave now, and we

al shal be here tomorrow as you verbalized. Thank you very much.”

The king:

“You’re welcome! The town cryer wil go round the vil age this night to notify al

other elders.”

“Igwe, you shal live long” said the elders. “And you additional y, go wel ”

replied the king.

Then, the elders left. But during their present in the palace with the king, the

princess herself was conscientiously heedfully listening their discussions through the

window. Meanwhile, the princess and Ugwueze’s son of his first wife, were

confidential y seeing each other as lovers. So, when the princess had amassed the

information, she then went and apprised her lover “Ejike” Ugwueze’s son. Ejike withal

went and apprised his father Ugwueze.

But Ugwueze wasn’t trepidacious, rather, he told his son not to worry, that everything

is under his control.

At that night, Ikoro was beaten by Ahamba, the town cryer.

“Kon kon kon kon kon kon kon kon.

The elders of Umulelu, the king has summoned a meeting to hold a place in the palace

tomorrow morning at nine O clock, every elders must attend to this meeting, but

whoever misses to come for any reason wil be filed. He that heard should apprise his


“Kon kon kon kon kon kon kon”

Ahamba circumnavigated the six components of the vil age with the same

message. Two adolescent ladies who was passing when Ahamba was messaging, they

greeted him and had some gossips immediately he passed.

Lady 1:

“Hmm, Nna anyi Ahamba is real y trying oo! Few months ago, that wicked

Ugwueze forcibly took his wife from him, yet he has the mind to serve this vil age


Lady 2:

“And so what, is that not his job? And besides, haven’t you heard that Mazi Ogidi

came to this vil age yesterday?

Lady 1:

“What? That old man that normal y scares us when were children?

Lady 2:

“Yes, and I heard he is in Umuachara. That is the main reason our king is

summoning this meeting.”

Lady 1:

“Wow! I’m happy about this. That man is old but fearless. Al the elders in this

vil age including our king himself are afraid of taking any action towards Ugwueze’s

evil, but I trust Mazi Ogidi, he never supports evil.”

Lady 2:

“Yes my dear, please let us go, tomorrow we wil hear the scores.

The dawn broke. Al the elders took a walk to the palace. When they had

gathered, they greeted their king.


“Igwe eee. (His highness)

The king:

“I greet you al the elders of Umulelu, you’re welcome to my palace. I evoked this

meeting to hold a place in this palace this morning, which was promulgated last night

by Ahamba. I hope everyone is here?

The elders commenced to look around to know if one was missing. Haplessly,

Ugwueze was stil on his way to the main ingression. But immediately his most

proximate neighbour “Aguwamba” stood up to promulgate his absence, Ugwueze

arrived. They were al short of words, despite his tardy peregrinated. Ugwueze was

evil, he never obeys laws. But the people of Umulelu feared him a lot that no one

could open his mouth to say the truth about him, not even their king.

The king:

“Wel , I am happy that everyone is here now. The reason I cal ed this meeting is

not for us to celebrate nor to quarrel with each other, but for us to have it in our

minds that we are Kindred and not strangers. The things that are happening in this

Umulelu have proven itself that love is no longer existing between us. Last month, we

buried five salubrious young men who died one after another without being sick, last

two months, a woman and her daughter were found lying coldblooded on their

farmland, nobody knows who kil ed them, but the worst of al was the little student

whom was beheaded last week on his way to school, a boy who knows nothing, who

washes his body only on his stomach. Al these sacrileges were not happening in

Umulelu before, so I ask, what is wrong? Who is behind al these devilish acts? Wel , i

have not mentioned anybody’s name, neither do i have anyone in mind for saying this.

As our people say “al Lizards lie on their stomachs, but we cannot tel which has a



“Igwe eee. My fel ow elders. I greet you al . “An old woman said that if she had

revealed the details about how she trampled the Chick to death, It’s mother would

also be caught and given to her out of misplaced pity.” We should not talk too much

about the things we see or the troubles we suffer. Let us bear al our worries and

sorrows in silence, hoping that one day, God wil hear the cry of his children.”


“Taaaa! Keep quiet if you don’t know what to say, what do you know about

worries and sorrows? Wel , Igwe eee, my elders, I greet you. “If the pestle misses the

mortar, it pounds the ground. Let us not depart from the truth, lest we meet with


Elder Mark:

“You’re right Onowu, but I think Apollos was most right. Let us endure trouble

courageously because there is nothing that has not been experienced before. One

must face difficulties boldly.”


“Nna anyi Mark, If you were not my elder, I would have shut your mouth up for

saying such a thing. How can we fold our hands sitting and watching evil growing day

by day in this vil age? No, just look around and tel me what you see. You wil see

nothing good about this Umulelu apart from; stealing people’s crops in the farm,

kil ing innocent youths, women and children, coveting people’s wives and properties.

Yet, you have the heart to open your mouth and said that “we must face difficulties

boldly” wel , Nna anyi Mark, I am disappointed in you of al people.”

The king:

“That’s enough Nwankpa. Like I said earlier, we have not come here to celebrate

nor to quarrel with each other. We have come to seek for solutions about the evil in

this vil age. It is said that an il ness is not a good thing, yet someone says that the one

who has a hydrocele should also have a distended stomach. Things should have their

limits. So now, my elders of Umulelu “the anus is available for flute, who can blow it?


“Igwe eee, the people of Umulelu, I greet you al . I am very happy because we

have had another great opportunity to express our feelings by gathering here today. It

is true that i am a stranger, I am not from Umulelu neither do i have relatives here,

but, one who goes to a land where they cut off ears should cut off his own ears and

contribute it. If I must tel you, I know Umulelu very wel , even more than any of you

here does. But if you doubt me, let me see your hand up. Now I ask again, is there

any of you here whom his grandfather is stil alive, let me also see your hand up? You

see? Nobody. That is to show you that I know Umulelu more than you do. I would

have told you the history of this vil age of yours, but that is not why we are here now.

I am an old man, and there is no how I wil see things going wrong and keep quiet, no!

“If you don’t spare a day to fix the door to your room, you wil waste three years

searching for money in your room, but wil never find it.” My children of Umulelu, how

long shal you continue living with the fear of your mankind? If the sun claims

superiority over the moon, let it shine at the night. If Ugwueze think that he is strong

enough to do everything, let him die and bury himself. He cannot. So my children,

stand up and tel us what Ugwueze has done to you which is not good. “When you see

an old woman eating chicken excrement, because of senility, take it away from her,

because when she gets a cough it wil spread to everyone. “It is not good to wink at

evil.” Speak my children! Speak..”

Ahamba, the town cryer. He stood up and spoke in bitterness, notwithstanding

he was afraid of Ugwueze’s present, he spoke with confidence from the moral he

exploited from Ogidi’s speech.


“Igwe eee, my elders, I greet you.” Our grandfathers said that “If a deceitful

person buries himself, one of his arms wil stick out.” That is to say “No matter how

wicked or brave a person may be, there are things which he cannot do.” In al , you

should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I borrowed one thousand

silver coins from Ugwueze, a week before my father’s burial, with which accomplished

me in burying my father. We had an agreement to pay back after two months, but he

demanded nothing from me to present as a col ateral. But i was able to raise only

eight hundred silver coins within the two months he gave me. Ugwueze came to my

house with his boys and dragged my wife away, my only wife. I went to his house to

confront him, but he chased me away with a gun. For the past seven months now, he

has refused my wife to return.


“Wel , that is what we are passing through in this vil age, Ugwueze has created

enmity between himself and the entire Umulelu. Had it been I knew that he would

claim the wife which I borrowed money from him to marry, I wouldn’t have married

her in the first place. “Now look at me, just look at me.”


“Abomination! So, you mean that this kind of thing is happening in Umulelu, and

you people kept quiet, even you, Igwe?


“Mazi Ogidi, that is not al o! My wife was as wel taken from me by the same

Ugwueze, just because I could not afford to pay back the money he lent to me within

his date. We decided to remain silent since he is superior to us in everything. Our

people say that “Discretion is the greater part of valor.” Sometimes it is important to

know when to give up and run away, instead of always acting brave and maybe

getting hurt. We left everything for God to judge.


“Fortune favours the bold.” People who bravely go after what they want are more

successful than people who try to live more safely.


“Exactly, my son. Something must be done. Igwe, we need to do something.”


“What wil you do? I ask, what wil you do, this old Wizard? Do you think you can

do anything to me? I Ugwueze, (He was hitting his arm on his chest) the shel that no

weapon pierces on it. Look, a Hen does not expect warning to hide it’s chicks from the

kite. But let me warn you once again, stay away from me, mind your own businesses,



“Otherwise what wil happen? What wil happen Ugwueze? “You want to know

what wil happen?” Asked Ugwueze. “Yes, I want to know.” Answered Ogidi.


“Real y? I guess you are stubborn, right? But before you start going out with a

widow, make sure you ask her what kil ed her husband. Otherwise, the same thing

that kil ed her husband wil also kil you.”


“Ugwueze, you are a child, you cannot do anything to me. I know that you are a

murderer, but bear it in mind that, Ogidi is exceptional. The gentle strides of a tiger

does not indicate cowardice.


“Ogidi! Ogidi! Ogidi! How many times have I cal ed you? I wil swal ow you as the

Shark swal owed Joanna, but I wil not vomit you.”


“A wise fish should know that a beautiful earthworm that looks so easy to

swal ow, has a sharp hook attached to it.”


“Alright, we shal battle and see who wil be the winner.” “I am not afraid of you.”

Replied Ogidi.

Then, Ugwueze departed with anger. But the king was trying to persuade him.

“Let him go! Let him go!” Said Nwankpa and other elders. “Do we have to run away

from this vil age because of one man?” Asked Onowu.

The king:

“No, but it requires a lot of carefulness to kil the fly that perches on the scrotum.

We al know that Ugwueze is evil, and there is no how one can escape the punishment

for his evil deeds.


“When showing and knowing live together, harmony wil not be absent.” Igwe,

the way i am looking at things, I believed that Ugwueze has charmed al of you. Yes! If

not, how can a little rat of yesterday keeps terrorising the whole Umulelu? And you

people are there sitting and watching him doing al that. Somebody I knew even when

his father was born. No! I am ashamed of Umulelu.”

The king:

“Mazi Ogidi, calm down. You don’t have to be ashamed of Umulelu. A hunter who

has only but one arrow does not shoot with careless aim. Ugwueze is not as that easy

to trample upon, we are making good plan against him, and I believe that something

wil soon be done. Let us take it easy.”

The meeting ended, then, al the elders departed. Ugwueze was very angry, he

then made up his mind to start kil ing them one after another. At that night,

Nwankpa’s wife was curious to know how the meeting went. She was a very good

woman who loved her husband and children so much. She never wanted anything to

happen to any of them. So, after she had served her husband’s dinner.

Nwankpa’s wife:

“Nna anyi, how did the meeting goes today?


“It went wel .” “Are you sure?” Asked the wife. “Yes, I am sure. Please woman, go

to bed and sleep, I don’t have the strength to answer al these your questions now.”

Replied Nwankpa.

Nwankpa’s wife:

“Nna anyi, I want you to withdraw yourself from any matter concerning

Ugwueze. You and i know that Ugwueze is evil, and he was the one who kil ed your

only brother. Now, you are the only one left, and I cannot afford to lose you, please.. “


“My dear, do not worry yourself. Ugwueze cannot kil me the way he kil ed my

brother. “There is no how one can make an omelette without breaking few eggs.”

Trying to be good, you must provoke some people. But, instead of being blind, I rather

become a hunchback. I wil keep on doing what is good and saying the truth without

fearing anybody, not even Ugwueze.”

Nwankpa’s wife:

“Nna anyi, I know. But, I am saying al these because I over heard Ugwueze this

evening on his way back from the meeting, barking and hitting his palms on his chest,

saying that he wil deal with those who chal enge him in this vil age. And he

mentioned Mazi Ogidi, Nna anyi Enyereibe, Nna anyi Ejiofor, and your name.”


“What? You mean that Ugwueze said he wil deal with me? In this case, let me go

and meet him now, I want him to deal with me this night.”

Nwankpa stood up with anger, drawing away his body from the held of his wife,

in meeting Ugwueze that night. He was a very hot tempered man and never fears

anybody. But, her persuasive wife never al ows him to act whenever he wishes to. So,

that night, she persuaded him until he calmed down. Then, they went to sleep.

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  • *


The dawn has broken again. The cocks crowed louder than ever, and never ceased.

Meanwhile, it was seen by the people of those days in Umulelu that whenever a cock

crows as that much, it was a sign of the evil that wants to transpire. Enyereibe was

perturbed by the crying of the cocks, for it sounded as if they were right there under

the bed which he was lying on. He aroused and wondered what was transpiring, he

took his knife and went at the back of his house where he has a little pottery. There

he saw a very large snake swal owing seven eggs one after another, after it has bitten

the Hen that laid them to death.

Enyereibe was shocked! And never knew what to do, he stood and watched, until the

seven eggs were devoured. The snake was trying to escape, but eventual y, Enyereibe

kil ed it.

It was Ugwueze who went into his shrine that very night after the meeting and

prepared some charms. During his incantations, he mentioned the names of the seven

people which he wanted to kil , but prospered in kil ing only five people amongst the

seven. The names of those he mentioned were; Ogidi, Nwankpa, Enyereibe, Onowu,

Oguzie, Ejiofor, and Ahamba, therefore, he sent the snake. After Enyereibe had kil ed

the snake, he went inside and never felt as healthy as before again. After some hours,

he descried that his body was swel ing up gradual y, and feeling pains al over it. While

he was on the bed, he was breathing heavily. His wife and children weren’t happy,

they were running up and down seeking for solution, but al to no avail. “Nna anyi,

what is the matter with you? You have refused to eat anything since morning. What is

wrong?” Asked the wife. “I don’t know, I don’t know. It was just that I woke up this

morning and heard the cocks crowing, I went at the back of our house and saw a big

snake swal owing some eggs, then, I kil ed the snake. After that, I began to feel pains

al over my body.” Said Enyereibe. “Nna anyi, this is getting more serious, what do we

do?” Asked the wife?” “Don’t worry yourself, I have already sent our son to go and cal

“Mazi Ogidi” and “Nna anyi Ejiofor” for me. This is nothing else but the hand work of

our enemies.” Said Enyereibe. His wife began to cry, she knelt down and faced up with

her two hands stretched up as wel , saying.. “Amadi ọha (God) what have we done to

our enemies to deserve this? Please Amadi ọha, save my husband from this il ness, he

is al I have, please..”

When the elders heard about it, Ogidi and Ejiofor went to Enyereibe’s house.

They met him lying on his bed, and had swol en up that he could no longer stand on

his feet. After Enyereibe had explicated everything to them, the elders then knew that

it was Ugwueze who is responsible for it. However, they consoled Enyereibe and

family that nothing was going to happen to him. The next day, other elders went and

saw him with consolations as wel , until it got to an extent that he could no longer

talk. Ogidi, Ejiofor and Nwankpa acceded to summon a Chief priest, in order to

foresee if something could be done for Enyereibe’s survival. They went to the

neighbouring vil age “Onicha ngwa” and brought a native chief priest. Meanwhile, the

chief priest that they had brought was a member of “Umummiri” in which Ugwueze

himself belonged to. When he came, he noticed that Enyereibe’s il ness was casted on

him by a co-member, but he never knew whom the member was, for he was not

aware that Ugwueze is from that same courtyard. However, in order not to fail their

rules, he decided not to provide a solution within his heart, he wanted him to die. So,

immediately he touched Enyereibe, he claimed to be so surprised, and he stared at

the elder’s faces one after another, then, he looked up and laughed. But the elders

were ignorant of what was happening. “The wise one, what is the solution to his

condition?” Asked Nwankpa. “My elders, I am afraid.” Said the Chief priest. “Afraid!

How?” Asked Nwankpa. “His condition is beyond my comprehension, I don’t think

anything can be done to save his life.” Said the Chief priest. “No! The wise one, we

believe that you can do something to save him. Please help us, we don’t want him to

die.” Said Ogidi. “I am sorry my elders, but he cannot survive it. Death is a cal of

nature, and it is inevitable. Let me take my leave now.” Said the Chief priest. Then, he

departed. The next two days, Enyereibe died. His family cried so bitterly, but there

was nothing they could do. He was buried after fourteen days, as their tradition.

A week after Enyereibe’s burial was “Nkwọ market day” in Onicha ngwa, in which

was the day of Umummiri’s parade. Ugwueze had to go as a member , and off course

he went with a testimony of succeeding in kil ing one of his enemies. Not only him,

when they had gathered in the shrine, they al testified and thanked their God one

after another for had given them the power to satisfy their heart’s desires, they also

requested for more powers to withstand, lest more troubles arise. After their

triumphant shouts, they emerged to their parade ground. Christians absquatulated to

obnubilate as customary, they danced right around the vil ages, making blood

sacrifices at every junction. But then, there was a strong Christian named

“Udochukwu”, this young man was total y against the Umummiri, he was therefore

planning on how to make Christianity stand stronger than it was in that community.

During the Umummiri’s parade, Udochukwu was coming from another community

where he normal y goes to preach the people about “Jesus Christ”, he was holding a

Bible in his hand. When he saw these people marching towards him, he quickly ran

into the bush nearby, for he knew what they could have done to him. While in the

bush, he said to himself “What type of thing is this, how long shal we continue

running from these evil men in this community? Look at how they have painted the

whole vil ages with bloods, how am I even sure that they are not the bloods of human

beings? No, something need to be done, we cannot continue living with fear in our

vil age, I am not comfortable with this culture at al , I must do something.” After they

have passed, he came out and quickly ran into his own courtyard.

The next day in Umulelu, Oguzie thought he should go to weed his piece of land

for the farming season was approaching, he then cal ed his wife “Oriaku! Oriaku!”

“Nna anyi!” Answered his wife. “Get me some water in a gal on, I want to go to clear

that land, you know that it is the only land we have, therefore, we need to start on

time in order to have something to harvest in the future. Said Oguzie. “Nna anyi, you

are right, let me go and bring the water for you.” Replied the wife. Then she went to

bring the water, while Oguzie was sharpening his knife. “Nna anyi, here is the water.”

Said the wife. “Alright, let me be going, I don’t think i wil come back soon, so, do not

worry even if I am not back after the noon, I want to make sure that I clear them al .”

Said Oguzie. “In this case I have to bring your food to you after cooking?” Asked the

wife. “Yes, you may bring. I have to leave now before the sunrise. Said Oguzie. “Alright

Nna anyi, please be careful.” Said the wife. Oguzie left to the farmland, he was

clearing the bush, unfortunately, Ugwueze was coming to clear that same land. When

he saw Oguzie working on the land, he became very angry, nevertheless that the land

was stil Oguzie’s own.


“Oguzie, what are you doing on that land? I am asking you, what are you doing on

that land?


“Nna anyi Ugwueze, what do you mean by “What am I doing on this land?” You

and i know that this land is mine, therefore, I have every rights to do whatever I desire

to do on it, and as you can see, I am clearing it up. Or, do you have any problem with



“You are asking me, right? Haven’t I warned you to step your foot out of this land,

that it is now belonged to me?”


“Nna anyi, the whole Umulelu know that this land belongs to me, inherited from

my grandfather “Ogwugwu” so, I don’t know what you are talking about.”


“Oh! You don’t know what i am talking about? Oguzie, you don’t know what i am

talking about? Alright, wait for me here, you wil soon know what I am talking about.”

Ugwueze departed in a hurry, going home to bring a gun. On his way he met

Oguzie’s wife going to that same farmland with a basket of food on her head which

she prepared for her husband, Oguzie. “Mazi Ugwueze, good morning!” She greeted

with fear, but Ugwueze did not reply, he expeditiously passed with anger and was

talking to himself “Today, I wil show you that nobody dares me in this vil age.” The

woman was wondering whom he was referring to, however, She continued to go. And

when she got to their farmland, she saw her husband standing with his two hands on

his waist, while facing up. “Nna anyi, what is the matter with you? You look worried,

who must have provoked you?” Asked the wife. “Who else wil it be apart from that

evil man, Ugwueze?” Replied Oguzie. “Mazi Ugwueze again? Oh my God!” Asked the

wife. “He came here and asked me to step my feet out of this land, that it belongs to

him. When I tried to chal enge him, he left and told me to wait for him. Fine, I am

waiting for him, let him go and come.” Said Oguzie. “Oh! Nna anyi, that must have

been the reason he was barking like a Dog going home, I even greeted him but he

ignored. Nna anyi, I think we should leave now, because the mood I saw him I think he

is up to something. Please.” Pleaded the wife. “No, I must wait for him today, how can

I abandon my own land because of one man? No way.” Replied Oguzie. “Nna anyi,

Mazi Ugwueze is evil, you and i know that. Please let us leave for now, you may stil

come back another day. I don’t want to lose you.” Pleaded the wife. “You mean that i

should abandon my land because of Ugwueze?” Asked Oguzie. “No Nna anyi, you wil

come back another day, obedient is better than sacrifice, please, we must leave now.”

Pleaded the wife. “Alright, let us go, but I am coming back here tomorrow to finish

what i have started.” They departed through another road. Ugwueze arrived with a

gun immediately they have left. “Where are you? No, you could have stayed and see

how i would have blasted your head this morning. Don’t worry, I know what to do, you

wil soon join those in the grave who proved to be stubborn. Very soon.”

At that night, Ugwueze went to his secret shrine inside one of his rooms and

evoked the evil spirits of Umummiri, he had a little incantation and then told the

Umummiri to kil Oguzie, when next he visit the farmland. The charm immediately

flew to the farmland and buried itself. Ugwueze was laughing, knowing that his Gods

has answered him. At that same night, Oguzie’s first wife had a terrible dream about

her husband, Oguzie. In that dream, a masquerade was chasing Oguzie with a knife,

while Oguzie was running and screaming, but at a point he fel down, and the

masquerade butchered him to death. Al the elders who came for comfort were

mourning in bitterness, while his two wives and children were rolling themselves on

the ground crying. When the Chief priest of that vil age came, he said “Oguzie’s death

is not ordinary, somebody from this courtyard has a hand in his death, oh! Amadi Oha,

do not hesitate to avenge. I am going.” After his prophetic sayings, he turned and left.

Then, the elders decided to go and bury him. Immediately he was about putting into

the grave, the wife arose from the sleep. Meanwhile, she was living in a separate hut

nearby Oguzie and the second wife “Oriaku”. She was worried but couldn’t go out, for

the night was stil . She waited patiently until the dawn broke. In the morning, Oguzie

was sharpening his knife again to go to the farm, but his first wife came out and

persuaded him not to go “I greet you Nna anyi, where are you going to this early

morning?” “To the farmland.” Replied Oguzie. “No, Nna anyi, I suggest you should not

go out today.” Said the first wife. “Why?” Asked Oguzie. “You see, I had a terrible

nightmare about you last night, and I am afraid.” Said the first wife. “You do not have

to be afraid of anything, besides, what have you dreamed about?” Asked Oguzie. “Nna

anyi, a masquerade was chasing you with a knife, and you fel down, then, he slashed

you to death.” Said the first wife. “Hahahaha, my dear, that was just an ordinary

dream, it cannot prevent me from going to the farmland, can’t you see that the

farming season is approaching? I need to go and clear it up so that it wil dry on time.”

Said Oguzie. They were both arguing over it until the second wife heard their voices

and then came out. “Nna anyi, you just have to listen to her, and besides, I am not

comfortable with the idea of going back to that farmland, have you forgotten what

happened there yesterday between you and Ugwueze?” Asked the second wife. “And

so what? What do you want me to do, you want me to leave our only piece of land for

Ugwueze because “Enyidiya” had a dream of masquerade or whatever she cal it?”

Asked Oguzie. “Nna anyi, I suggest that we should leave that land for Ugwueze.” Said

the second wife. “Over my dead body, please go and get me some water in a gal on,

let me leave before the sunrise, who is Ugwueze?” Asked Oguzie. “Nna anyi, I think I

support Oriaku, leave that land for that evil man, what shal it profit you to lose your

life over a common piece of land which Ugwueze wil stil take away from us when you

are gone? Remember how our neighbour “Enyereibe” whom was a friend of yours

died, and everybody in this community know that Ugwueze is responsible for his

death. Now you want to be his next target, right? Please Nna anyi, I don’t want to

become a widow o!” Said the first wife. They argued over the matter, yet, Oguzie

insisted on going to the farm. A gal on of water was brought to him by his second wife

“Oriaku”. Then, Oguzie left. Along his way were birds whispering, those birds also give

sign whenever something strange is about to happen in Umulelu, just like the crowing

cocks. But Oguzie was ignorant of those signs, rather, he guessed that the whispering

of the birds were the sign of their farming season, therefore, he laughed and walked

faster. When he got to the farm, he started working, within a short time, the charm

inside the ground unburied itself, flew and hit Oguzie on his head, he fel down

shouting and blood coming out from his mouth. A little boy who went for Bird hunting

heard his voice, he quickly ran to the area from which the voice is penetrating, there

he saw Oguzie lying helplessly, as a little boy, he could not lift him up, he therefore ran

home to notify Oguzie’s people. Before he got home he was very tired for had ran a

distance, he was breathing heavily and could not be able to talk clearly. “What is it my

son, why are you breathing like someone who has been chased by a Lion?” Asked

Enyidiya, Oguzie’s first wife. “It is Nna anyi Oguzie.” Said the boy in stammering. “Nna

anyi? What happened to him?” Asked Enyidiya, together with Oriaku the second wife,

she came out when she heard their voices. “I saw him lying on the farmland vomiting

blood, I don’t know what happened to him.” Said the boy. The wives and their children

were crying, running to the farm with the little boy, together with Nwankpa who came

out when he heard them screaming “Amadi Oha! Amadi Oha! Amadi Oha!” But

unfortunately, Oguzie has died before they got there.

The family and the entire community mourned him a lot, a day after his burial,

the Chief priest of Umulelu arrived with his message from the Gods. “Bad deeds affect

the doer, good deeds affect the doer. The evil that men do lives not only after them,

but also with them. The slave who laughs when he sees his companion’s grave being

dug should remember that his day is coming. If you speak proverbs to a wise person,

he wil understand, if you speak them to a fool, he wil head straight to the bush. The

Gods has sent me to come and inform you that every calamity that has been

happening in this Umulelu is from this very Courtyard, therefore, you must do

something to stop this evil, otherwise, the Gods wil visit Umulelu with anger. A smal

word is enough for the wise. The Gods have spoken.” Said the Chief priest.” Then he

left. The elders of that courtyard including Ogidi who were listening became surprised

and afraid of what the Priest had just said. They therefore, summoned a meeting

within the courtyard which held a place in Ejiofor’s house the next day.

In the morning, they have gathered in Ejiofor’s house. Ejiofor wanted to go and

bring Kolanuts, but the elders refused, for they weren’t happy.


“A woman who married two men knows which one is better for her. And when an

ant stings one’s buttocks, he learns to be careful. Nevertheless, the Crab says that he

has two heads so that death cannot kil him, but death comes in-between them and

kil s him. Therefore, no matter how a person is careful or watches out, what is going

to happen is bound to happen. We al heard what the Chief priest said yesterday

about this courtyard concerning the calamity that has been happening in this vil age,

and how the Gods may react on us, that is if something is not done to stop this evil in

Umulelu as soon as possible. Now my questions are; who is responsible for al these

calamities, and how do we stop him?”


“I greet you my fel ow elders. To me, I would say that we should leave

everything for the Gods of our land to judge. Our people say; the Chicken that

continual y nibbles wil one day be covered by the basket. If one keeps on doing bad

things, one day he receives the wages of his work.”


“You are right Ugwuaku, let us leave everything for the Gods of our land to



“I am not in support of your suggestions, we al heard what the Chief priest said.

The Gods of our land would discipline us in their hot displeasure if we do not cleans

this community soon. Because of this, we need to do something before it gets out of

hands. There is no way we can al ow one man to cause what would bring disaster to

everyone, no way!”


“So, what do we do?


“I greet you, my elders. Wel , I suggest we should go to the Chief priest, since he

knows of it, maybe he would tel us exactly whom the person is and how to stop him

in his evil ways. That’s the best thing to do.”


“You are right Ubani, that’s a good suggestion. Let us go to the chief priest, he

would tel us.”

Majority agreed, they decided to go in the next morning. During the night,

Ugwueze sent two boys to kil the chief priest, they went and succeeded. In the

morning, it was Ugwueze who first came and informed al other elders about going to

the priest for consultation. When they got there, they found the priest lying

coldblooded. Al the elders included Ugwueze wept and got confused of what next to

do. During the evening, Ogidi, Ejiofor and Nwankpa had another private meeting.


“Wonders shal never end, how can the chief priest of Umulelu died just like

that, in a twinkle of eyes,? Who do we run to in time of troubles like this? This is



“You see, I am suspecting that Ugwueze has a hand in the Priest’s death. What

he acted this morning about going for the consultation was so unusual of him, he has

never been so serious over such matters before.”


“I suspect him as wel . Imagine Ugwueze waking us up early this morning in

order to visit the priest’s shrine for the consultation, this is unbelievable.

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The outcome of Verity, is a story of an old man called "Ogidi" who lived so long that he was even praying for death to come to take him. He tried to live a perfect life, and that earned him a lot of enemies in his community whose missions were to kill him, but they did not succeed. Ogidi died when God needed him.

  • Author: Elijah Onyenmeriogu
  • Published: 2017-07-28 10:50:15
  • Words: 10811