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The Osopher's Tale


Optimism: I have all the fanny that I could ever need

The osopher’s tale

Once upon a wondrous time, there lived the master of them all. Her name was Ann and she was the measure of all things; the roots of a tree, vegetables born out of the ground and the stars in the night sky could all find a home within her.

Misogynists of history have distorted this true tale, but when considered carefully, only a woman posing as god can give birth to man.

And so it was, and still is, ann who is the master of them all; the walking doppelganger of life.


The planet was in a hot dense state,

Then expansion started. Wait…

Aqua began to cool, autotrophs began to drool.

She developed tools, she built walls, she built the pyramids

Math, science, history, unravelling the mystery that all started with:

The big ann.

She lay in a freshly trimmed meadow like a tiger in the savannah. She sensed something coming, heard the din and buzz of the cosmos; was able to hear them, mainly due to her godly form of incarnation. The human body and all its facets. Masters of the planet. Anthropocene – the human age… and sure enough 10 seconds later arrived a butterfly, resting itself on top of a flowering bud.

I know it’s easy to imagine, but it’s easier to just do. See, if you can’t do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you? Just a waste of space in your brain, to take the place of idleness, or things all the same.

Inside ann, there was everything that we perceive to be outside. The sun, the light, all colours. The shapes of objects and the distance between these objects. Light is an element that we carry inside us which can grow there with as much abundance, variety and intensity as it can outside us. Ann is able to light herself – there is a light inside of her so alive, so large. It is neither religious, intellectual or sentimental, it is quite simply alive.

Ann herself is the osopher’s stone, having been made diamond-like when her spirit and body united through the mind. She is the incarnated principle of mind as an animal is of emotion. She stands with one foot in the heavens and the other on the ground. Her higher being is lifted to celestial heights, but she is also tied to matter. The hard knocks of a long life chip away at this osopher’s stone and facet it until it reflects light from a million different angles.

Ann was in need of some company; the planet was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep.

Companions the creator seeks, not corpses, and not herds or believers either. Fellow the creators the creator seeks, those who put new values on new tables.

There was work to be done and the building for Ann started here.

Containing within herself all the elements required for life, Ann set about the process of creating these first companions.

In the beginning, Ann created what would turn out to be 11 companions: Miss, Kai, Gaz, Fizz, Phob, Pan, Phil, Si, Gee, Demi and Jim.

Ann now had her busy-bodies that she could rely on to maintain the balance of Hutopia.

With a short introductory speech outlining their objectives and how to achieve these, the story would be able to get underway:

(Ann to her 11 children): ‘’I do not give out sympathy. Every human must use their simple feet. You are here, incarnate, to follow your intuition. Believe in it. So long as you can satisfy me that the changes will be for the good, I shall not stand in your way. Indeed, I think that you will find me reasonable in our dealings. We have in front of our very eyes a unique opportunity, a blank canvas to create a sustainable hutopia, and each of you has a part to play in this. Please listen attentively now. Your individual subject lives by the grace of thinking. Thinking is entirely due to your own activity. It shall not appear unless you yourself produce it. Let me provide a couple of crude examples. Farting. If stood in a densely-populated public space, and your bowels begin to flutter, then the natural bodily reaction would be to discharge. Only by the grace of thinking do you control this urge and subsequently deploy in a less cluttered environment. This supplies a motive to your actions. Through introspective observation, you can become conscious of these motives. This is where the freedom that I bless to you comes from. Example number 2. Looking into a window on a train. You can either see through it and into the world outside, or you can see your own reflection. Thought makes this choice. Freedom arises most clearly when a human becomes active in pure, individualised thinking. This is known as spiritual activity. Achieving freedom is then accomplished by learning to let an even larger portion of one’s actions be determined by such individualised thought, rather than by habit, addiction, reflex or involuntary or unconscious motives. There is no need to distinguish between the knower and the doer. You are the knowing doer. Act like the clever archers who, desiring to hit the mark which yet appears too far distant, and knowing the limits to which the strength of their bow attains, take aim much higher than the mark, not to reach by their strength or arrow to so great a height, but to be able with the aid of so high an aim to hit the mark they wish to reach. If you want nothing to be beyond your genius, then nothing must be beyond your hopes. Little by little, the soul assumes the size of the subjects that they occupy and thus great events make great humans. You must turn what you see in your mind’s eye into a physical reality. This is the goal of all human endeavours. The only obligation which you have a right to assume is to do at any time what you think right. Go forth now and create. Peace and love.’’.

After consulting with both fizz and gee, ann decided to name the planet ‘planet aqua’, paying tribute to the influence that water has on the human body, the ecosystem and its ability to thrive, and also for the visual evidence that there is more water than land.

The realms of Ann’s life are many. For each one, special sciences developed. Ann would not demand devout exercises and rigorous habits as preparation for these sciences for the inhabitants of Aqua, though, but she does require the willingness to withdraw oneself for a while from the immediate impressions of life and to take oneself into the realm of pure thought. Life is a unity, and the more deeply that sciences try to penetrate into their separate realms, the more they withdraw themselves from the world as a living whole. We are all singular in this, Ann’s journey. Do not consider it a coincidence that the word ‘human’ ends in ‘an’. We are the collective religion of human. There are no temples, no altars, no rites and we should be committed to the purely intellectual worship of mind and to duties of morality. This is Fizz’s and Ann’s divine law.

Action will be good if intuition is steeped in love and finds it’s right place in the world. If not, and it sits uneasy, then this is bad. Do not ask how another person would act in such circumstances, but act as you find that you have occasion to do so. In hutopia, there is no general maxim applying to all, no moral standard; except your love for the deed. Ann feels no compulsion; neither the compulsion of fizz which guide her instincts, nor the compulsion of moral commandments; she simply carries out what lies within her.

Ann established this world out of a desire that came from within to do so. She compared the quantity of pain and effort in making and sustaining this Hutopia not with the quantity of pleasure but with the intensity of desire. For example, if someone takes great delight in eating, they will by reason of their enjoyment in better times, find it easier to bear a period of hunger than will someone for whom eating is of no pleasure. If you are a passionate admirer of beautiful views, then you never calculate the amount of pleasure which the view from the mountain top would give you as compared directly with the pain of the toilsome ascent; you instead reflect whether after overcoming all difficulties, your desire for the view will still be sufficiently intense. In essence, Ann’s will for the pleasure of companionship was strong enough to overcome any pain that may subsequently occur.

It is easy to speak of pain occurring, though it may be miniscule for one as supreme as ann, as misfortune is something tangible. There is a subject and object involved. Through memories, it is easy to describe catastrophes as they happened; but happiness, found solely in the mind, cannot be explained.

Also relating to memory, Ann recommends that humans should carry out a chronologically-reversed review of the day’s events each evening. Exercises such as this intensify the will-forces, enabling humans to achieve a further stage of inner-independence from an otherwise sensory experience. The senses are not to be completely disregarded, though, as the warnings beneath the skin can sometimes be the real message that the mind needs to make a decision; there is no dictionary for these messages.

Blessed with the grace of thinking, ann was apt at using foresight, and she was able to understand and introduce the concept of ‘benefits’. This involves taking off layers of clothing when entering a warm building so that you can feel the benefit of putting them back on when you go outside again.

Ann, being able to control her mind and make it silent in a state of meditation when necessary, enabling her to tune her attention to listen to the eternal Om, which can be heard if you cup your hand to your ear, is able to interpret how synchronistic events are a pointer to show that she is on the correct path with regard to the development of this new Hutopia. She is the master of this new destiny that she has chosen to follow.

The following scribbles are what ann likes to refer to as ‘my gemoirs’. So much does get missed and forgotten, though; time with its fine sandpaper. Yet being like water flowing through a river, ann has learnt to accept the passing of time and the events held within.

Ann Throposopher

The wisdom of humans


Behold, the believers of all beliefs. Whom do they hate most? She who breaks up their tables of values, the breaker, the law-breaker – she, however, is the creator.

Why would ann see fit to introduce hatred into her hutopia? Well, because people need comparison to affirm that they are doing the right thing. How could there now be hate? How could we display and understand the pure essence of where this story is ultimately heading with seeing an anti-way? Utopia describes a future, coherent culture that we hope shall manifest; hutopia has long been upon us.

Miss was sat in the cold gardens of Hyde Park, London. It wasn’t cold when she arrived, glorious sunshine in fact, but the sun had wandered behind a large sycamore tree and out of sight. If Miss had her way with fizz, no tree would be allowed to grow taller than 7 feet. She hated the size of them. Anyhting taller than a human, she thought, must be bad news.

Her hands were getting colder as she sat down writing. ‘My Daily Death list’ could be seen as the heading at the top of the paper.

Number 1 was rex w. tillerson, ceo of exxon mobil. Why? Well, plastic litter of course. With biodegradable resources such as hemp in high abundance, what sane human would want to plumish the finite resources of the planet, let alone be content to then see plastic litter rattling around? Fizz had once said that oil is the blood flowing through the veins of planet aqua. Strangely enough, Miss was on the side of fizz on this one.

Her hands got colder as the list grew longer. Obviously, being one of the original 11, Miss didn’t have to be here, she could have been anywhere. But she was here to meet someone, an ex-lover who she hated to love; knowing that it was like a baron apple tree – fruitless.

She could attend all of the sadistic, masonic orgies and sacrifices that she desired but that was never enough to satisfy her lust. This was why she wrote the daily death list, to remind herself that there were so many things that she hated and consequently hard, if not impossible, to find her perfect love.

She sat with her eyes closed, meditating; shaking from the cold. A passer-by thought that she was in a trance.

Miss was disturbed from this state by a shrieking, piercing noise that she hated more than most. There it goes again. The police siren. The impending tone of fear and imminent doom. The ambulance was just as bad. Only Demi, Miss thought, was capable of such an invasion of privacy. Only Demi would put such a noise on a health-mobile, giving the despairing patient inside yet another heart-attack.

The reason for such sirens being necessary was linked in with the previous 2 hates: traffic jams and the use of oil in cars. Why people did not choose to cycle more often confused Miss. She hated congestion, she hated pollution, and she hated the idea of a lump of metal hurtling towards her at 60MPH. She hated Demi.

Eventually, Miss’ friend arrived and she hated the sight of him immediately; all of the resentment and mis-placed trust came rushing to the fore. Still, hugs were exchanged and they headed into the city to go about their business.

The first thing to annoy Miss was the street lights, with the fluorescent orange glow feeling somewhat like an eye-sore and an intrusion of consciousness. Miss would have much preferred some natural, white light that had less of an impact on the seat of the soul, the pineal gland, and also on light pollution.

After wandering the streets of London for some time, with head tilted upwards 70% of the time – Miss hated eye-contact with the often-judgemental Demi – they reached a pub called Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and there decided to perch their bottoms. Now, even though Miss hated alcohol – ‘ anything that thins the blood can’t be good’ was a mantra of hers – she did quite enjoy all of the passing gossip that could be heard.

One such soundwave that entered into her ears was coming from the direction of a man proclaiming to be called josh and hailing from Derbyshire.

Of all of Demi’s creations, capitalism was the one that miss hated most. This was the spawn of intrusive conglomerate corporations; those that pursue paper profit over societal needs.

Josh was telling the story of how he works as a data engineer for companies such as Debenhams and PC World.

His most recent assignment had been to install wifi tracking devices in these stores that tracked customer movement without their knowledge or consent. Relating to their location within the store, adverts would then appear on nearby tv screens offering discount deals on products in the vicinity. Josh was also saying how he’d installed infra-red scanners to determine the age of the shopper so that these adverts could be appropriately targeted.

Miss detested what she was hearing because this went against the fundamental principle of hutopia, which is of course choice. Knowing just how easy it is to influence the sub-conscious of humans, these corporations are restricting humans to a narrow field of products, with no scope for cheaper, longer-lasting alternatives.

Hearing this kick-started Miss into a deep day-dream, eventually leading to a deeply pondered thought on how language affects the human psyche.

Please bear in mind, now, that we are far into the consciousness of Miss, so stick with me.

Words are spells, hence spelling. Once they are combined, you have been sentenced. We have noses that run and feet that smell. The mundane weekdays keep us in a weak daze, until we are weakened that we barely make it to the weekend. Each day we routinely awake in the morning; or is the Monday morning ritual conversely conversing a mourning at a wake for the dead?

Toxic chemicals wafted, floated, danced through the air: cigarette smoke. One of miss’ deepest hates. Why would you want to die any quicker? This was enough to disturb miss from her hate-trance and back into the present. Her ex-lover was sat rigid like a zombie.

2 nuns driving past in a fiat punto signalled that thus comedy of errors had gone on for long enough and that it was time to leave.

Readers may have thought that miss was going to be hate personified, but that was an easy judgement to assume. What, however, miss has demonstrated is that hate can be as a passion for change in order to right the wrongs in this world. There is a sense that philosophy is in truth misosophy. We should understand that hate is not something that is innate to certain people and void in others. Every human has the capacity to love and hate, once we realise this, we can see that there are always reasons, whether they are valid or not, for every human behaviour. When you divide people into moral planes, that becomes very dangerous; if you believe that hate is external, and not a struggle inside ourselves, then it becomes a short step to eradicating whole groups of human beings because they are no longer human,. They are abstractions of hate that you want to get rid of.

Miss osopher

The wisdom of hatred.


Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. Sometimes, it is allowing another to take yours.

You know the reason the beatles made it so big? ‘I wanna hold your hand’. First single. Perhaps the best song ever written. They nailed it. That’s what everyone wants. not 24/7 hot, wet sex. Not a marriage that lasts a hundred years. Not a Porsche or a million-pound house. No. They want to hold your hand. They have such a feeling that they can’t hide. Every single, successful song of the past 50 years can be traced back to ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’, and every single successful story has those unbearably exciting moments of hand-holding.

Kai built the world. Without him we wouldn’t be here. He lays the biggest claim to this book being his. He gives AND HE TAKES. He is gentle yet firm. Kai; we thank you.

Kai’s main success in existence was securing one of the main parts in a Hollywood movie that would live on to be a Halloween classic. He played the part of ‘the thing’ in The Adams Family, released in 1991. The media at the time reported that he had been offered such a lucrative role after excelling in the Michael caine feature movie ‘the hand’ in 1981.

Kai can certainly lay claim to be the most constructive of ann’s originals, having built the world which they inhabit. The colosseum of Rome, Angkor wat of Cambodia, the Sydney opera house, to name just a couple. Every house and establishment occupied by a living, sentient being; all of our daily comforts; the tools that build our tools. These were built by Kai. He is the paintbrush for human’s canvas that is planet Aqua.

Having always been useful, a key element if one wishes to survive, kai has never struggled to exert his influence on ann’s hutopia.

In fact, if you look back on the key dates of antiquity, you will often find kai in an anthropomorphised form meddling with affairs; often smartly choosing to be the wisest of incarnations in whatever respective field he sees fit.

Do not find it a coincidence that mr. Einstein named his son ‘hans’, no. kai wanted to get his name in and around the relative action, knowing just how much he had assisted albert in the lab before the big breakthrough arrived. Granted, after that it was all hand-shakes and waving, but the real work had already been done.

Fast-forwarding 15 years and we find kai as the right-hand man to someone attempting to end international capitalism and trying to evoke national socialism. Yes, indeed, a Mr. Hans Frank was the legal arm for a A. Hitler, posing as his lawyer and offering him advice on how to circumvent international trade and cargo restrictions. Hans Frank stayed with Hitler until the bitter end in 1945, with his belief never wavering that this was a man attempting to unite Demi into a more symbiotic relationship with ann’s hutopia.

Whether left or right, Kai would always be one, or the other, or both.

Surprisingly for a hand, Kai has had ample success in the world of football.

In 1986, kai used all of his energy to bind with the powers of ann, and thus manifested himself as ‘the hand of god’, scoring a now infamous goal against England and subsequently going on to win the World Cup. Unsurprisingly, whilst attached to Diego Maradona, it was Kai who first touched the golden trophy, lifting it high in the air.

Buoyed by this success and global accolation and recognition, Kai was feeling more confident and a little cheeky, so he chose a slightly more blatant anthropomorphisation, going under the name of ‘Hans Jorg Butt’, a German international goalkeeper.

So, this time around, kai was legally using his hands when on the pitch. But the limelight of 1986 had whetted his appetite for fame and more importantly, goals.

This resulted in Hans Jorg Butt being renowned as a goal-scoring goalkeeper – notching up over 30 in the space of 15 years. Hans’ name and reputation alone got him on the plane to South Africa in 2010, being in a World Cup squad at the age of 36.

Returning to the movie scene, a young man by the name of Hans Zimmer was making waves in Hollywood, 1994; and not the surfing type but the sound type. The Lion King became his, and many others’ since, making. He would go on to peak at the turn of the millennium with the epic ‘Gladiator’. Enya. Now we are free.

One man who we thought had peaked but recently returned is perhaps Kai’s most widely circulated and spoken alias. Don’t get cocky kid; laugh it up fuzzball. The millennium falcon. Han Solo. Yes, Kai could not resist instigating the events that would lead to return of this fictional legend.

George Lucas and J.J. Abrams are both on record saying that their hands were acting independently and possessed when writing and directing ‘The Force Awakens’. This was in fact kai asserting his will on the world.

Time is a master. Time can be a disaster. Have you never thought why we call the dials on clocks ‘hands’? Well, look no further. Kai weaved his way into being a master of time. It is he who decides whether an hour of pure delirium can feel as though it lasted a lifetime; or an excruciatingly slow work day can go on forever.

So with that in mind, fast-forwarding on from tales of Kai in human-form, we now come to the night where Kai efficiently demonstrated his worth in ann’s hutopia; he is a binder of people.

It was a Saturday night in a blustery, wintery Amsterdam. The character, a he, was walking around aimlessly; kai ready to act at his left and right. Cue action.

The card player

First, when walking through Vondel Park, a mysterious, shifty-looking youth approached the character and his friends asking for a rizla. Feeling suspicious of intent and somewhat intimidated, the character’s friends either refused or declined the request. The character handed the youth a rizla and let him be on his way.

20 minutes later, 2 beautiful girls ask the character for directions. The character points the way.

Added into this story but irrelevant to the content and message are 2 anecdotes. The character chose a doorway to change his trousers in. Sure enough, the occupants returned home mid-change. After this, the trousers-in-bag were to be dropped off at a friends’ hotel. Upon entering, there lies a cat, same breed as the character’s cat. The character mentions this to who he assumes is the landlord, adding that his cat is called Max. The landlord replies that his last cat was, too, called Max. They both smile. The bag is left in the hotel room, no issue. The character is now free of luggage and ready to become a night-crawler.

Speaking of nightcrawler, the character plays oh my (dis side) by travi$ scott. 2 gorgeous girls walk past and the character does not even get the chance to say ‘oh my’; the music has already spoken for him.

Leaving his friends, the character, though not yet knowing it, left the shadow of a group and assumed his new, individual identity of ‘the card player’. Kai was in full control from here on in.

Wandering around for 40 minutes and waiting for providence to strike hard as she always does, the card player, carrying only the finest hemp-paper cards, entered a hipster bar advertising over 100 ales. Walking purposefully toward the counter, he caught eye of 3 gleaming girls playing a game of shithead. His favourite game. Purchasing a citrus-nectar ale, he approached their table and asked to join. Affirmative was their reply.

The 4 hours that followed next are a homage to the doors that are able to be opened by the creative, ingenuitive hand of humans. The simplest forms of fun are all experienced when held and operated in the hands. Nowadays this is demonstrated most by the thumb forming a pattern, a dance in fact, across an i-phone. In the past, ambidexterity allowed for the shuffling, searching, scrolling and dealing of cards. And this is written up in the book of life, that the hand shall construct forever more.

It transpired that the 3 girls, kaysee, Allana and andi all hailed from L.a. they had a slight variation in the rules compared to what the card player was used to; he slotted in seamlessly, regardless, taking the first two games in quick succession.

All the while he could hardly believe his luck, not because of the cards, oh no, he now embraced his ‘the card player’ title, knowing that this chance meeting was the blow he had been looking for. He was instead doubting how he had gotten so lucky. Playing in awe with a beaming smile on his face, he felt ice cool and fully alive in the moment. Kai, meanwhile, was perspiring badly and sweating his arse off. So, he sent movement up the card player’s arm and into his brain, where they were deciphered and interpreted into producing the craving for a joint.

Sure enough, soon after, Kai was outside, feeling the breeze, and doing the more mellow task of rolling a dooby.

The nightcrawling card player had a very enjoyable evening on his only full night in Amsterdam, and after walking them to their hostel and arranging to meet tomorrow, he headed off into the red night.

p.s. the next day, the character had a hazy memory of the past 24 hours, he vaguely remembers eating a space cake, and was slightly surprised to see one of allana’s cards in amoungst his deck as he was teaching the newly-learned l.a version to his friends. Sneaky kai had snuck that card in there to ensure that the ladies did once again show their faces.

‘The Card Player’ story just goes to show how small, sometimes subliminal, gestures of the hand can create unparalleled social interactions and encounters.

The actions of hands have far more of an impact than they ever get given credit for. A stroke can either soothe and calm a person or make them feel uncomfortable. The emphasis that hands put across when making a political speech burrows deep into the mind of an uncareful observer. Likewise, an opera singer’s hand can make that note pitch just a little higher.

Kai Next surfaced on the radar 2 weeks down the line in mayrhofen, Austria, the home of disco. There, he was the dj in Arena club, and could be heard screaming: ‘’on Earth there is nothing greater than I am: it is I who am the regulating finger of God.’’.

Kai rosopher

The Wisdom of hands


Today is going to be the day that I’m going to cook a stew for you.

By now you should’ve somehow realised that you need some food.

I don’t believe that anybody cooks as fast a stew as I do now.

Let’s eat, the sauce is on the meat, you just gotta put it in your mouth.

I’m sure you’ve eaten it before but you’ve never had it with a sprout.

I don’t believe that anybody cooks as good a stew as I do now.

And all the sausages that we bought are winding

And all the spices that we used are combining.

There are many things that I would like to add to stew, but I don’t know how.

Because baby,

Sausage, mash and onion gravy.

Yes, after all,

You’re my toad in the hole.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. This is what ann had In mind when she created gaz. And although there is disparity between his binges and his fastings, it’s safe to say that gaz normally finds a way of striking the right balance; a juggle of nutrition and quantity; what you want vs. what you need.

None of ann’s other characters can be tagged with this newly-coined word: finnecessity. On the one hand, we have the combined, creative inspiration of chefs, either professional or those wacky-scientists found in the kitchen at home blending various herbs and spices. This leads to the development of new, finely-tuned dishes which make the mouth come alive with flavour and remind us how great it is to be a human with senses. This is the finesse.

I would eat you, dear reader, if I needed to. This is the basic, primal necessity.

Let us see how they cook together.

Gaz just bit into his glass noodles, chicken and veg, purchased at a market outside of Berlin Ostbahnhof, and off snapped3 prongs on his fork. Bad start to the story.

For the remaining 2 ½ hours of his train journey he carefully nibbled the meal off the solitary strand on his fork. Chomp a little bit too hard and he’d be on to what was supposed to be supper – some large, seeded grapes.

Strangely enough, gaz was on the way to japan on this train, choosing not to fly over the top and miss out on the delicacies of Eastern Europe and of course China. A katsu curry lay in wait for him in a side-street Tokyo café.

Gaz has an unusual case of synaesthesia and instead of seeing words and number as colours, he sees everything as food. So, to Gaz, flying over Hungary. turkey, iran and china meant flying over goulash, kebabs, koresh stew and peking duck; not to mention all of the tasty inhabitants of these lands.

Gaz’s sweetest dish was the taste of flesh. Not in the grotesque vampire way, but he saw a woman’s body as an entire 3-course-meal; with the lips being the cherry on top.

Anyway, last week Gaz was walking down the narrow streets of Amsterdam, when a homeless English person approached him asking for some coin. Gaz, a believer in the seed-to-stomach theory that states that in order to survive and fulfil purpose, you have to strive and prove your worth to existence. So, Gaz demanded some form of entertainment in return for the exchange of cash. ‘’pick a number between 1-20’’ said the homeless man. ‘’is it 17?’’ he said after 5 seconds. ‘’yes’’ replied gaz. ‘’it happens to me at least 30 times a day that and I’m trying to figure out why’’ said the man.

It was this encounter that reminded Gaz just how high the synchronistic power of humankind is at the moment, with more and more people becoming unplugged from the pre-ordained matrix and attempting to take control of the free, resource-rich Hutopia that Ann created many, many moons ago.

As a result of this, he decided to commence a culinary train journey, wishing to remind himself of all that is great and holy to the sweet, salty, sour, spicy tastebuds of the tongue.

Staring out of the window along the way and seeing all of the separate components being grown naturally (Coincidentally, gaz being the most normal out of the characters, he chose to view Gee as a demi-god for all the she provided him with), was too appetising to turn down. Cows, corn, rice, chicken, tomatoes, potatoes, wheat, barley, oats, kidney beans, chickpeas, sheep, pigs, lentils and his favourite, the protein-rich cannabis sativa hemp plant.

It has not always been this idyllic being Gaz; in the past he would often go through excessive phases of over-indulgence, or on the other hand he would work and then drink too much to even have time or desire to eat, relying on the grains in the beer to keep him going.

The peak of this confusion was reached in the middle of the 20th century, when he and Si unknowingly had a child together, and fast, fake food was born. From then on, real meat and wholesome vegetables got lost in a world of battery-caged farms and GMOs. In this web of deceit, competition grew as to who had the coolest diet name or who could get the most for less.

Eventually, gaz chose the attitude of ‘fuck it’, not wishing to be tied down to the term ‘vegan’ or ‘pesci’. He instead became a survivalist – eating when necessary and appreciating every little scrap, flavour and bite to the fullest.

One of the girls he had been giving the wandering eye to on the train; a polish girl she was, yet every time gaz tried to communicate, his thoughts would become blocked, and into his mind’s eye would appear bigos and sauerkraut.

Well, yes, anyway, she had left his vicinity 5 minutes ago, but had now returned with a brand-spanking-new plastic knife and fork set for him! Wow! His spirit certainly was in sync with the world at this moment in time, and he felt justified in the long, spur-of-the-moment journey that he had just begun. He put his noodles back on the tray in front of him and commenced a prolonged bout of thoughtful mastication.

That is all that is able to be written about Gaz; we must request his respect not to be disturbed. He wishes to be left alone except in moments of experiment and/or enjoyment. He does not see or understand why people should fight over land for him or even send him flying through the air attached to parachutes. He is a recurring giver, who, when planted, farmed or tended to, can flourish anywhere.

Gaz trosopher

The wisdom of food


the motherships hang heavily overhead on a thread of rain, drenching an empty harbour that should be full of boats. So much pain. But there’s not, because the clouds are out, bellowing their trumpets to the tune of the wind.

I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. A tree that in summer may wear a nest of robins in her hair. Poems are made by fools like me, but it was fizz that made the tree.

Just as Ann does not concentrate her greatest attention to preserving what exists, but instead encourages Demi to have more offspring to ensure the continuation of Hutopia on planet Aqua, likewise it is less important to alleviate existing evil, than to ensure from the start healthier channels for future development. Fizz is in charge of these channels. It is the giving and taking in nature that strikes a beautiful fear into us; we marvel in awe at her destruction.

Nature Calls:

She snows. She’s white. She doesn’t fall directly down. Oh no. She is gracious. She dances -waltzes- from cloud to ground.

Fizz enjoyed nothing more than the dark, winter months; when she was able to reduce whole cities to a snow-induced standstill.

It was the 15th November 2016, and Tychy was next on Fizz’s list. I think that she was tracking Gaz around Europe, so that when he stepped of the train and the end of his day’s travels, for the first time that year in that region, the white floodgates of heaven were opened.

Fizz’s entry in this book may be slightly erratic; she’s hard to keep up with. Certainly one of the busiest of Ann’s 11, she’s here, there and everywhere; tending to little incidents.

Some may ask what the different between Fizz and Gee is, and why they do not have a combined entry. Well, Gee, Earth, is not bias and produces merely what is at her disposal. Fizz, meanwhile, incurred more love and trust from Ann and as a result has more instinct about her; she gets to choose what gets looked after and how. Earth is something that we are composed of; nature is what makes us us.

Earlier on in the bright dawn of Hutopia, Fizz was more prevalent in her more basic form, guiding Ann’s new creation with a caring arm. But along the way to the present, Demi grew in power and with that came the rise of capitalism and industrial powerplants; this completely scattered Fizz’s bearings and she has since been trying to constantly atone these errors.


fizz could never understand it. she gave everything for free, yet demi was not content, striving for answers to happiness that did not exist. To be content is the wealth that fizz offered. And thus, little coins began circulating, and fizz who was once the governor of humans, now found herself second in command.

Capitalism rejects the principle of nature and replaces the eternal privilege of power and strength by the mass of numbers and their dead weight. Thus it denies the value of personality in humans, and thereby withdraw from humanity the premise of its existence and its culture. This brings about the end of any order intellectually conceivable to us, the result of which is chaos. If this prevails to be victorious on planet aqua, the crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and the planet would move through the ether devoid of humans. Fizz would avenge the infringement of her commands.

Does anyone still believe that the progress of this world springs from the mind of majorities and not from the brains of individuals? By rejecting the authority of the individual and replacing it by the numbers of some momentary mob, the parliamentary principle of majority rule sins against the basic, aristocratic principle of nature.

The recognition that, as modern psychology and neuroscience make abundantly clear, human beings by comparison with any other animals, are both remarkably social and remarkably unselfish. The atomisation and self-interested behaviour the neoliberal capitalism promotes runs counter to much of what comprises human nature. And so it is such a shame that primroses and landscapes have one, grave defect: a love of fizz keeps no factories busy.

Let me ask you something. Take something containing a seed, saying a tomato. After being swallowed, this seed will then pass through your body and bowels and out of the other end still containing all of the dna to be able to grow into a tree again! That tiny seed! Now, the question is ‘do you think that we’re already in heaven? And if not, what sort of next-level miracles are you expecting in heaven?’. Heaven is a place on Aqua. That place we call Fizz.

Water droplets resembling sperm wriggle across the window of the moving train. This is Fizz.

Fizz losopher

The wisdom of nature


Think of it as though you are travelling on a train. Currently, you and we as a society are heading west. Now, if you want to get onto the train that’s heading north, then you’re going to have to get off the west-bound train and wait at a platform for the north-bound train to arrive. The train might even be delayed, but eventually it will arrive and you’ll reach your destination and enjoy yourself when you get there. You can’t just jump smoothly from one to the other. So, in order for society to move in another direction, we have to be brave enough to get off the train and wait on the platform for another one. People fear change because the unknown is scary, but applying this analogy, then at least we can understand it.

‘’do not fear death, do not fear life’’ said ann. ‘’fear not living to the fullest, not reaching your potential as a human’’.

And so, phob was born.

Phob was a funny one. On the one hand, she should not be prevalent in Ann’s Hutopia, but on the other, she shows her petrified face many times, many places across the globe; usually in a whole manner of weird and wonderful ways. It is this word ‘wonderful’ that we must focus on, though, as through Phob, humans can overcome their inhibitions and show just how great they are.

What follows is a list of some of Phob’s favourite manifestations and what she teaches humans in the process.

Logically first in this list is the fear of starting writing; the fear of putting pen to paper and releasing tension build-up in your incessant mind. But when this is overcome, it demonstrates the state of flow, in which the words come easy to the writer as they are at one with the cosmos. It is said that Einstein wrote several of his thesis in short spaces of time; often scared to commit his erratic ideas to paper, but when he did, they became legendary.

Phob has a surprisingly large number of appearances when it comes to the relationships between people.

For example, there is the funny fear of having a wee when stood next to another being, known as stage-fright. Phob cannot hold back her giggles whenever this occurs as she knows that it is just a mental block. But still, she sets it as a challenge to see if people are able relax (their bladder) and realise this.

Also in the human-to-human sector is the irrational fear of so-called hippies, with a large number of people fearing their long-haired, outlandish, progressive, socialist ways. Phob had the idea to introduce this as she wished to see just how well we could integrate as a symbiotic society.

Following on from this is the fear of homeless people; often being put off by their begging and smell and often misjudged to be pickpockets. But in a world of abandoned buildings and expiry dates on food, Phob is hoping to show people just how reckless and uncaring they can be ofttimes.

Other strange phobias involving humans includes the fear of bosses in work. This silly fear has a negative impact on performance, and working in such a culture is not beneficial to the individual or to the business. People should be able to confront their bosses on any contentious subjects without fear of reproach.

It is because demi is far from perfect that phob loves to tease her so much. All of the other 10 are constantly in the purest for that they were created in, but demi, being an out-and-out person, is fallible to numerous misconceptions and mistakes. Phob prays on these.

A case in point is when Demi was sat in Ramenka, a noodle restaurant opposite the Simple Garden in Budapest. Here, Demi was in the form of a typical English fellow, and up turned Phob sprinkling some of her magic dust and wham, Demi now had a phobia of attempting to use chopsticks out of the fear of looking silly.

The all-too-easily accepted standards of society enabled Phob to excel at her work. A fear of acting-out in public is widespread. People do not feel the freedom of the wind behind their backs, and this stops them from breaking the established rules now and again. There is a dismal lack of people prepared to go into the restricted area of a museum or building, or people climbing monuments to pose for a photo, instead remaining at ground level and standing in front of them.

This fear of breaking the rules is how the army is able to condition it’s graduates into committing war crimes and atrocities. Confused young boys are made into supposed men all because they can follow an order without question. This is contradictory to human nature; like Phil each individual must question everything. Though this sounds excessive, our minds are capable of processing this in a matter of seconds.

Phob has fun on public transport. Here, she waves her wand and people are scared of not buying an over-priced ticket off a greedy company and then getting into trouble if caught.

Once on the transport, another delicate flick of the wand and panic is rife when an unoccupied bag is discovered. Come on folks, not everyone with a big, bushy beard is a bomber! In fact, the percentage is miniscule. They’re either a hipster, or they left some luggage to have a really long, satisfying poo.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead states that the purpose of life is to be ready for death. If scared of death, then the fear that will be flowing through your system when the time comes, combined with panic, will result in you making rash, incorrect choices in the subsequent spirit world, and thus be doomed to mortal reincarnation once again.

Phob’s entry shall end with a topic related to the above the demonstrates Demi’s lack of respect towards living, sentient beings.

The amount of meat consumed by society is down to its availability, and this comes from the rate at which animals are slaughtered. But what sort of quality can be produced at such a high rate? The lamb goes into shock when it sees the knife and releases chemicals that toughen the meat and change the taste.

If anything dies in fear, then it leaves its body in a less than ideal state.

Phob osopher

The wisom of fear


Magnificent Pan!

Extreme intellect of unmatched intellect, in all its compelling branches.

The beautiful and dynamic achievement of flight;

A kite flying with great height;

A tennis ball thrown with might;

Phenomenal aerodynamics allows such sights.

The amazing structure of the human body such as the heart;

Eyes that view a visual art;

Ears that tune Mozart;

Without the extraordinary systems of anatomy, we truly depart.

The fascinating studies of humankind.

Values help us to be kind.

Beliefs are a part of how we are designed.

The enthralling and humble anthropology allowing us to be refined.

These things are all great.

‘’pan’s the man’’ said ann, ‘’and he shall have a full comprehension of the divine order of things’’.

And so it was. Pan knew everything. And what he didn’t know about each individual, he learned by eaves-dropping in kitchens everyday. Pan.

Pan was on a par with ann; the only problem was that he couldn’t Actually do anything, he just floated around the atmosphere of planet aqua taking it all in; occasionally transmitting advice wherever he went. He was and is in everything, and could be described as ann’s eyes and ears worldwide.

His anthropomorphised-self, going by the name ‘Peter’, was confined to a never-land, as, if he was ever physically present on planet Aqua, then the planet would succumb to universal instead of individual consciousness. So he instead appeared here and there in an invisible, molecular form.

Pan’s proverbs:

. The world is as quiet as you are. This is your world.

. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Love is in the presence of the love-maker. Life is in the words of the comforter.

. Think before you speak: The Native Americans were considered stupid by the Europeans because they paused before they spoke. But it is exactly this pause that Ann was trying to provoke, because thinking before speaking allows you to correctly what you wish to enunciate as a sound of thought. Taking up to 90 seconds to ponder can allow you to express yourself correctly and efficiently.

. persistence assumes greater importance than the energy of the moment.

. Being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. Happiness is never grand.

. in this world, the things that I see, come so clearly to me.

Animals and music were Ann’s favourite ways of expressing/confirming Pan’s presence in Hutopia.

Take bootiek, for example. Bootiek is a dog that pan encountered when observing a fishing trip along the river danube in hungary. Bootiek, translating into ‘knuckles’ in English, has a relatively long tale for a dog. He was originally rescued from a sanctuary after spending 6 months in there following his first 8 months as a street dog.

At first he lacked doggy etiquette, attacking other dogs, but he is alright now. Now house-trained, he has an assortment of tricks, ranging from being shot and pretending to be dead, to standing on his hind legs in an unbelievably cute manner and begging. His best friend is now a magpie who he sees daily in the park.

Pan’s purpose is to show that there’s beauty and consciousness everywhere in Ann’s creation. Dogs are in fact likely to be gods; spelled backwards they are the same, just like priests they wear a collar and also they appear often as gargoyles in churches and cathedrals. Nothing goes to waste in Hutopia; everything contributes to the enjoyment of Ann.

One stop-and-stare, have-a-deep-breath, take-it-all-in example of this can be witnessed every morning at keleti underground station. Classical music is played through speakers, creating a symphony to the movement of the busy, rushing people heading to work. With this music playing, it mimics the movement of bees and ants in their hive, supposedly here, there and everywhere, but with a silent purpose to it all. People appear to be puppets on a thinly-strung thread of beauty. Pan is the purpose. Pan is the puppet-master. Pan is the beauty.

Pan Sopher

The wisdom of everything


I make a mockery of the poverty of philosophy. I play with des cartes that have been dealt to me; staying in the casino, I spin 0s And go and win the lottery. I pass a plate over on your arrival, because, yeah, I’m waiting to get this party started in style, yo. I Nietzsche here with me, in amongst the stars; everywhere I turn I see a new ton of them. On a boat party, I threw Rick ross eauverboard. It’s picking up birds by the seaside; I be like ‘hey guls, what you doing tonight?’’. They invited me to a Mexican poetry stand-off; those ones where you gotta show pen hour it’s time to write. I just didn’t know what to put, so I wrote: ‘’I think that we have a dormant plot in us to get more out of this world before they throw away the locke and key. So, let’s do it while the grass is still dewey. Now, I can’t be sure, but I think I’ve just scored, full marx in this philosophy test.’.

Ann placed a man with the mental capacity of Phil’s into Hutopia as she had a need of those who experience, as an essential requirement of life, certain questions on the nature of the human being and the universe, just as one experiences hunger and thirst. Phil provided purpose for people to not be idle and to go out and live their life to the fullest. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but at least the cat had the courage to go and look at what was going on.

Phil. Why was he called phil? He’d repeatedly asked himself this, just like he questioned all things.

The etymology of phil leads to the word ‘love’ and he thus accepted that in the past he must have been considered dear to the living and inanimate. The truth was the ann held him dearest because his inquisitive nature paved the way for pioneering productions by people.

But now, now things were muddied, and all he could contemplate was how he fell s0 far from grace. This, coupled with demi’s abundance, had distorted his memory to the extent that he had forgotten his origin amongst things and this was why he now had such a yearning for answers, for knowledge.

Phil says that to learn history means to seek and find the forces which are the causes leading to those effects which we subsequently perceive as historical events. Asking, querying, thinking, are some of the few things that are free in this world, so why not do them?

Imre munkácsi

Phil could more often than not be found at Bench Cafe on gozsdu udvar in Budapest, going by the name of imre munkácsi. If Phil did not go by a disguise name, then he would be mobbed and swarmed for advice whenever he introduced himself, and normally his problems were 10x more existential than the ones he’d get asked.

Imre purchased Bench Cafe as a mini social-experiment as he wished to observe and interact with humans more closely on a day-to-day basis. From this vantage point he could marvel and inspire humans with tales of his trips to Tibet and India, where, he swears, he saw a monk materialise money out of thin air. It’s possible, he says, if one truly, attentively focuses on it for 5 minutes without another single thought entering your specified sphere. Not many listeners believe this story.

One of Imre’s little experiments is to see how and how much information he can entice out of customers. By offering a free shot of palinka to whoever has the nearest birthday to the current date, Imre, in a matter of seconds, is able to ascertain the birthdays of, say it was a group of 4, four strangers. With a little tweaking somethings more sensitive than birthdays may be able to be divulged.

Imre’s favourite spiel is to tell customers about the art of dreaming, and more specifically about the assemblage point located behind the head, detached from the body. It is this assemblage point that adorns the head of angels in typical Christian drawings; it is what allows us to see the world the way we do, from our fixed point of view. When dreaming, our assemblage point shifts its location, which is why we see things that are scientifically impossible to happen in everyday life. With training and help from shamans in South America and Mexico, it is possible to be able to control this movement, and effectively control our reality when awake. When discussing this topic, Imre instructs his audience to follow up his brief introduction by reading Carlos Castaneda.

Other books recommended by Imre include: The Doors of Perception; Notes from Underground; Thus Spoke Zarathustra; A History of Western Philosophy; Welcome to the Desert of the Real; Candide; Lord of the Rings; The Delicate Force; Goodbye Bull; The Philosophy of Freedom; The Social Contract; The Stranger.

The sage

During his eternal pursuit of wisom, phil never once pondered whether it was indeed wise to delve so intricately into all matters. He saw wisdom as wealth-generating and as social-standing.

However, one, he encountered the quiet, content sage. Who had spent her life riding the flowing rollercoaster of life with a smile permanently etched on her face. And being indifferent to whatever happened around her, safe in her own mind.

‘’wisdom’’, she told phil, ‘’lies within, and is to understand your own mind; to trust your own intuitive judgement and to know that without action, the world will continue as it is.’’.

As the sage turned to leave phil’s company, he noticed a tattoo on the back of her neck which read: 1. Enjoy. 2. Make sure that you do something memorable. 3. Travel as much as possible.

The Martyr

The martyr one day showed his face to Phil and asked him whether it was worthy, true and noble to die, as a sort-of sacrifice, for a cause that you believed in.

The martyr, like The sage, was a product of Ann; both being necessities in the balanced Hutopia equation that could appear at any moment in any human.

Phil would need to rationalise the question posed as to whether such an action would prove to be utilitarianistic, one for the general good.

The martyr, however, was not for sitting and waiting for the verdict of the populous, especially with Demi being involved, but was a being of action and went through existence committing acts that had previously been pictured in his mind’s eye; the martyr knew that there was no greater good than the actions we ourselves carry out; no greater tribute to your life than after your death to have the fountains flowing red. Let it be said to all knights of the pen: The greatest revolutions in this world have never been directed by a plastic biro.

Oh no, it is to people such as Thich Quang Duc who we owe our liberties. Yes, the martyr was there in Ho Chi Minh 1963, one of his most famous pictures in facts, to see about the removal of the corrupt government. 4 months after self-immalating, this occurred. People such as Charles Moore, Texas 2014, who died in protest at the treatment of gays by society and the church. Yes, the martyr was present once more, shining his light, standing out, so that others could see as he could see, giving them the opportunity to see the deathless nature of the ultimate.

With the martyr recounting these tales of meaning, he could see that maybe finally Phil was understanding ‘the ultimate’, which was of course the ever-presentness of Ann in every single human, and so he decided to carry on along similar political lines:

It is my conviction that, in general, aside from cases of unusual talent, a human should not engage in public political activity before their 30th year. They should not do so, because up to this time, as a rule, they are engaged in moulding a general platform, on the basis of which they proceed to examine the various political problems and finally establish their own position on them. Only after they have acquired such a basic philosophy, and the resultant firmness of outlook on the problems of the day, are they, inwardly at least, mature enough to be justified in partaking in political leadership of the general public. Added to this is my belief that you should not take a wife or start a family until you are at the very least satisfied with your contribution; they would be in the meantime folly and distracting. There are people dying needlessly in this world, and you want to be bothered about one specific girl? You would not believe, Phil, how many martyrs there may have been had they not had a change of heart for a loved one.

What is required is a new philosophy, one to produce the inward power to fight the struggle to the end. If the struggle for such a philosophy is not lead by heroes prepared to make sacrifices, then there will, in a short space of time, cease to be any warriors willing to die. The human who is fighting for their own existence cannot have much leftover for the community. In order to maintain this requirement, everybody must know that any new movement can offer nothing in the present, but honour and fame in posterity.

Like a play, we feel as though we’ve come into life at the start of the second act; everything is pretty but we don’t understand things. The actors move and speak out. No one knows for what reason. Oft-times we project our own ignorance onto others; doing things in the meantime to take away the bad taste of confusion and emptiness. This craving for knowledge about our relation to the world shows us that we cannot always accept what we experience and intercept through our senses. This is when we turn to thinking; just because you can see all of the pieces on a chess-board does not mean that you are going to win – you cannot see what your opponent is thinking.

Our introduction to life, through fizz, makes of phil, of us, merely a natural being; society and demi make of him, us, a law-abiding being. Only he, we, can apply the touch of freedom.

Fizz released phil from her fetters at a definitive stage in his development, demi carried this on stage further; only phil himself could apply the final polish to his take on life.

Phil Osopher

the wisdom of knowledge


A Jamaican man walked into a pub and asked for a can of beer (Beer can). The bartender said ‘Sorry mate, this pub’s Halal’.

This is not a true story, it is fake; that’s how all jokes are told.


IT WASN’T THAT Si wanted to be fake, it was just that Demi had found so many darned uses for him. Ann had originally intended for Si’s presence in Hutopia to be a learning towards the risk of yawning; that tune of idleness, the classic song of a layabout. Fake was originally supposed to be avoided; true effort and true conscience was what every human was supposed to transmit into the world. But Demi, she like shortcuts; and so Si became ever more prevalent on planet Aqua, covering key areas such as food, education, love and politics.

The food aspect of Si’s presence and personality is pretty straightforward. He’s in every McDonald’s that you’ve ever eaten, any footlong sub that you’ve bitten into, and he’s around anytime you turn that microwave dial to heat up your ready meals. Any company, PepsiCo & Doritos for sure, using GM crops to make crisps and other snacks; yes these are not real and wholly repulse Fizz, Gaz and Gee.

Perhaps the only surprise in the food list is a serious case of doublethink. When a company refers to something as ‘organic’, this instantly hikes up the price. Take D&G Bio for example, in Amsterdam; Si was charged €14 for 2 macaroons, a muffin and a cookie! Such companies should at least have in-store videos detailing the products’ route to market; otherwise the authenticity of the price and organic nature of the product is up for debate.

In the past 150 years, most things have changed to the tune of globalisation, industrialisation and technology; but not the education system, sitting people in rows instead of circles, forbidding any answering back. Demi likes the framework and organisation of it all, but during these adolescent years when wonder and creativity flourish, perhaps we out to let people find their own way a little more. Those who are destined by fizz to become her disciples hardly need teachers. The first obstacles that we encounter teach us directly how to apply ourselves and move forward. We see something, a percept, and then apply to it our own, new, individualised mental concept.

Society’s rules and dogmas regarding manners are often fake and superfluous. ‘Why does it matter if I have my feet up?’ asks Si, when he is told off for doing so near someone who is eating, though not the eating person themself, who in actual fact did not care or even notice. Yes, if asked then take them down, but if humans act only to certain moral standards, then their action is the outcome of the principles which compose their moral code. They merely carry out orders and are nothing but a superior automaton. Also, saying excessive please and thankyous takes away their special meaning and their gratuity is often fake. Only say please to a stranger, and thankyou when you truly mean it, when your body goes all warm inside because of the help and kindness that you have received.

Born in Liverpool; made in hamburg. That’s what john lennon once said, and the same is true for si, well not the Liverpool bit, and you can add Amsterdam and Poland on to hamburg. Yes, folks, it’s sad, but we have fake, purchased love, epitomising the cold heart of business. Perhaps you’ll pay for mystic martha, with her small dog that barks a lot and her notorious b.i.g. sex playlist, but her orgasm andmoans will be fake. So, too, will the groans of kim and her ceo pimp, forcing you to pay €250 and then they never smile once and even shout at you! Yes, it seems that we don’t quite get what we either expect or pay for. Added to the examples above, we have the phony discounts in supermarkets, who claim that certain items are on sale, but if you read the small print, then sometimes the saving is less than 20p! for fake customer relations, google the case of Christopher seddon, who had to spend £9,600 on court costs to prove that his arrest in waitrose for shop lifting was a case of mistaken identity, yet no one was forthcoming in accepting the responsibility for this nightmare.

Si made his name on planet Aqua in sun-shy western countries where fake tan is a common part of getting ready for a weekend night-out. And it is in these countries, too, where fake democracy is rife. Getting to vote every 5 years doesn’t mean that you’re free or democratic.

A civilisation in its truest sense means that there is food and literature all around; we are currently lacking in both; though Gaz is in abundance, he is not cut up and distributed correctly or proportionately. For this, we blame Demi, for bringing us fake democracy, and with it, politicians.

Politicians; in other words, the kind of human whose only real conviction is a lack of conviction, combined with offensive, degrading insults and an art of lying. They are often developed to the point of complete shamelessness. We may as well realise at once that the essence of their politics will consist in nothing but a heroic struggle for the permanent possession of the feeding-bottle for themselves and their family. The more that they depend on it, then the more tenaciously they will fight for their mandate. This alone will make every other human with political instincts their personal enemy; in every new movement they will scent the possible beginning of their end, and in every human of any greatness they see a menacing danger.

These fake, excessive people, with generations of wealth and nepotistic connections. Sick are they always. They vomit and call it newspapers. Fake news, never to the point or wholly truthful. They devour one another and cannot even digest themselves. Fake friendship. Wealth they acquire and become poorer thereby. Fake pleasure. Power they seek for. Above all, the lever for power – money. See these nimble apes clamber, over one another and back again, scuffling into the mud and abyss. Possessed by madness, they strive towards the throne, the top. As if happiness could be found there!

As we have seen, being si is a constant, epic struggle against the Fizz and Demi that surround us and the truth that ann placed inside every single one of us.

Si Losopher

The wisdom of fakeness


Once, blasphemy against god was the greatest blasphemy, but god died and also therewith all those blasphemers. To blaspheme the earth is now the most dreadfulest sin, and to rate the heart of the unknowable higher than the meaning of the earth.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play with your hair.

We mortals are but shadows and dust; both trees and inorganic beings last longer than we do. They are made to stay put, they are immobile, yet they make everything move around them. Gee was the most permanent of ann’s 11, encompassing all that was contained within planet aqua/hutopia.

Humans built the great wall of china, and the western wall in Jerusalem. See gee’s great walls: the Himalayas, the rockies, the andies, the alps. Much more magnificent, many more contours.

Gee was stood outside smoking her morning spliff, the wake and bake – the original name for cannabis was cannabliss. This explains the smoke, the ‘fog’, that you see hovering above the ground some mornings. Like the vague torsos of fabulous athletes, huge fleshy clouds lolled on the blue air above her head. Strangely enough, both gee and demi liked smoking; it is sociable – you go outside, someone asks for a cigarette and you get talking. Tobacco is grown by gee, so is cannabis, and then inhaled by demi. Gee loves this.

Today was actually an inspection day for Gee; she was going 200m underground to check on her salt mine in Wieliczka near Krakow, Poland. She was due to check for any grey salt which contains impurities like claystone – though this was only occurring because of how fussy Demi had become; in the past it used to be eaten without purifying.

To demi, rock is just something that she sees but seldom analyses. To gee, rock is so much more than that.

Take this salt mine as an example. The 2400 chambers give a livelihood to 400 miners and 500 tour guides. Once salt was so expensive that it was used as a substitute for money; nowadays it is so commonly perishable that gaz can discard it all over his curly fries.

Once known as white gold (gold is a sign of greed, salt is a sign of loyalty of friendship), salt is able to preserve wood, food and kill bacteria.

Standing underneath the salt-crystal chandelier in the centre of the mine, which was a real monument of human hard work, gee giggled a little as she found it funny how Demi was so often impressed with some of gee’s simplest works; like a magpie drawn to a glistening object.

The other reason the Gee visited today was to take in huge gulps of the healing air located at this level. Since the industrial revolution, gee had a slight case of asthma, with demi having extensively burned the majority of gee’s oil supply.

Saying this, there are a few scattered examples of gee and demi combining to produce mini hutpoias. A literally scattered example of this is the isles of scilly. Here, gee raised an ideally sized landmass out of the ocean, on which demi could strive and challenge herself to establish a home there. The relaxed nature of life on these islands shows that demi subsequently thrived in this task.

One hard-to-escape-from link between Gee, Fizz, Gaz and Ann is the way that the food Gee brings forth from the ground mimics the appearance of human anatomy, and also even assists the part that it resembles. Take a carrot. Slice it into a circle and you will see an iris/pupil. Everyone tells you that carrots help you see in the dark. This same theory can be applied to walnuts, see brain; silicon-rich celery, see bones; sweet potato and the pancreas; mushroom and ears; ginger and stomach. The true scale of this is quite extensive. But when you consider that it takes place within the symbiotic atmosphere of planet Aqua, then it is hardly surprising that Hutopia functions this way.

In this symbiotic atmosphere, maintained by gee, the building blocks needed for anything to grow are an ever present. When you burn wood, it enters into the atmosphere, floating about in singular, molecular form. How does a small tree acquire the material to grow so big? It is because when something dies and decomposes, these specific, singular entities, which can only bond to a reciprocal entity, are floating around until they encounter something that they can bond with. In this way, a baby can grow into a full-bodied adult.

Gee endeared herself to Ann through her unwavering commitment to sacrifice. Gee understood that sacrifice is not necessarily a negative, and then when you give something up, it is possible for something much greater to be produced at the other end of the chain. Gee sacrifices trees for paper and subsequently some amazing works of inspiring literature. Gee sacrifices the water collected at the mountain top, allowing it to flow naturally downwards, to be used for drinking along the way and then bathing when it reaches the sea. Gee sacrifices her wholeness in the form of quarries, allowing herself to be broken up and rebuilt as breath-taking architecture.

The golden joint

Gee’s most memorable moment and memory was the time that she ascended the Austrian alps with her friends connor and annie and at the highest peak proceeded to smoke a cannabis blunt wrapped up in a 24k white gold-leaf paper.

It was a misty morning in schwedau, near mayerhofen, and gee was present visiting connor and annie, who she’s met on the isles of scilly when carrying out an inspection there. Gee had made it misty as she wanted the slopes to be cut off from the distraction of the rabble below.

As they travelled upwards in the gondola, heading towards the peak known as ‘finken’, they broke through the cloud and entered a world of their own. Of all of gee’s creations, she loved mountains the most.

After a couple of snowboards down the fresh slopes, this was the first day of the season of course, gee, connor and annie unclipped from their boards and sat on the chairlift taking them to the peak, to the bemusement of onlookers who were wondering why they were heading up without their boards. Well, for a golden joint of course!

Gee had chosen connor and annie to share this moment with her, and it had been 2 months in the planning. First, gee had to ensure the quality of the gold-leaf being mined in south Africa, and then the thc percentage of the weed in Amsterdam, before finally setting events in motion that would result in connor being offered a job that very morning. gee wanted to ensure that her companions were in the best mood possible.

The ceremonial spark took place as the 3 of the sat atop finken and stared out towards hintertuck. From this vantage point, gee was able to marvel at all that she’d accomplished. Gee laughed, AS demi saw mountains as being stationary, but the earth was in fact alive and each range was striving to be taller than the other. Gee also laughed at another of demi’s fallacies. Up here, it was blatantly obvious to gee that her earth that made up planet aqua was a flat entity and not the sphere that demi assumed. It certainly wasn’t spinning at 900mph either! Being able to see so far into the distance without encountering curvature proved this misconception. Imagine a cd. On this flat plain, gaz had positioned the north pole as the hole in the middle and the barrier to prevent escape was the south pole that mimics the rim of the disc.

The golden joint tickled the throat more than a usual smoke, but each drag was a homage to the beautiful connection between gee and ann. Looking down, 2 miles above the surface, it is impossible not to be impressed by the sheer grandeur, splendour and power of the natural world.

Gee’s biggest homage comes from the BBC and their 2006 production of the Planet Gee series, narrated by David Attenborough. The recently commissioned 2016 series opened with these following lines: Our planet has changed, never has the wilderness been as fragile and precious as it is today. At this crucial time for Gee, we journey to her edges to explore and help to conserve her greatest treasures.

Gee osopher

The wisdom of earth


Nine light years away, just outside of the Keplar solar system, we find ourselves consumed and utterly mesmerized with the story of a rebel against the system, refusing to conform or comply to the ways of authority. She chose the mood of ‘fuck this shit’. At that moment, she chose to lead the stampede of lost souls in the middle of their metamorphis, not quite through with their journey, ain’t made it to whatever they gonna be in life, but whatever it is, it’s better than here, so fuck you and fuck this. The story of Demi was never told, the soul of Demi was never sold. Can she survive? Could she fall in love? Living like a bronco, lifestyle wild and untamed. Demi she is in her head, the world is hers, carried by ambition.

Que sera sera, so the story goes. On and on and back and forth, the evolution’s absolute. Yet and still, the questions that arise to the mind: Will she make it? Was it worth it? Did she win? Did she survive? The Rodeo.

To us, there are no gifted people. There are no talented people. There are no bums and no heroes. There are no great humans or poor humans. No, there are just people. Every person alive is part of the privileged class.

The manner in which public affairs are managed may give an indication as to the character and health of its people. There will never be a really free and enlightened state until the state comes to recognise the individual as a higher an independent power from which all its own powers are derived, and treats them accordingly. No one has a right to demand of another what they themselves are unwilling to do, this is a contract of association; let every person make known what kind of government would command their respect.

Ann introduced demi into hutopia for the initial purpose of mass cooperation. Working together for a greater good meant that we shared new ideas and skills, allowing our ingenuity to flourish, creating new roles in society. Ingenuity proves another powerful example of how a small innovation can radically change the scale of human endeavour.

Demi though, like a spoilt child, almost ruined ann’s hutopia. Her fragile ego wanted more than its fair share in everybody else’s matters…

Some say the greatest, some say the worst.

Bad demi


Killing the beloved object, in this case capitalism, has been the ancient fear of demi.

Upon scoring his 100th goal for psg, Edison cavani celebrated by revealing a message to pay his respects to the devastated Brazilian team chapecoense, having lost the majority of their players in an aeroplane crash just days before the biggest match in their history. Now, this is where the governing bodies, who are so disconnected from the (not so) beautiful game, come into play. For revealing his message, cavani picked up a yellow card for his troubles. Sure, rules are rules, but there’s always been that unwritten rule that referees are allowed to apply a little common sense. The truth is that the only reason that you get a yellow card for lifting up your shirt is because the shirt sponsor can’t be seen. And that’s when it can get its biggest exposure; when all eyes are on the goalscorer.

It is abundantly clear that demi in many ways is out of sync with what is required for hutopia to remain stable. In an ever-evolving world, for far too long now, money has been stagnant.

Before metro bank in 2010, demi did not issue a single banking license in 100 years! Reinventing the money system is crucial to survival, at least as important as getting off fossil fuels. Technology must be incorporated to a greater extent. In the uk, the campaigning group ‘positive money’ has generated momentum, building on a series of excellent explanatory videos. A system known as ‘ethereum’ is, too, worth some further attention.

Administration becomes more difficult at great distances, as a weight becomes heavier at the end of a long lever. Money is spent too far from home, exhausting demi as it is spread across the land; it is depleted instead of concentrated. The same laws cannot be suitable to such great area, which have different customs. The dispatch of business is delayed when more people become involved; she lays too much stress on caution and leaves too little to luck. Also, talents are hidden in multitude of humans.

Under the onslaught of the placeless, transnational capital that companies such as mcdonald’s exemplify, democracy as a living system withers and dies. The old forms and forums still exist – parliaments and congresses remain standing – but the power that they once contained seeps away, re-emerging where the majority can no longer reach it. The political power that should belong to it has flitted into confidential meetings with the lobbyists and donors who establish the limits of debate and action. It has slipped into the diktats of the imf and the European central bank, which respond not to the majority but to the financial sector. It has been transported, under armed guard, into the icy fastness of davos. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both. It is about time that demi defended the crucial political unit that is under assault by banks, monopolies and chain-stores: community.


Laws are like cobwebs; they catch the small flies but let the wasps and hornets through.

The winner in the struggle for power is always an instrument of government – an individual, party or class; the loser is always the general public, and thus, true democracy. The political struggle often leads to the rise to power of an instrument of government which represents a minority, and all through ‘legal’ and ‘democratic’ means. Thus all existing regimes falsify genuine democracy and are in fact dictatorships.

Parliamentarianism is a perverse solution to the problem of democracy. A parliament cannot speak on behalf of demi, because democracy means the rule of the people, not those who act on its behalf. Methods of electing the parliament cannot be considered democratic, because the masses become completely disconnected from the members of parliament. The mps monopolise the power of the masses and the right to decide their business for them. Parliament, in fact, represents not the public, but the party that won the elections. In fact, the public are used by the political forces in the struggle for power. The system of elected parliament is a demagogic, falsely claiming to support the cause of the working-class, but in reality votes can be bought and manipulated. Parliamentary representation is a fraud. In general, the theory of representative government is an outdated practice that was invented at a time when the common folk were ordered about like livestock by their rulers.

The number of parties in a system does not alter the substance of the matter. Moreover, the more numerous the parties are, the more intensive is the power struggle between them, which in turn undermines the programmes geared to benefit the entire society. The interests of society and of its development are sacrificed for the sake of the partisan power struggle.

A referendum is a falsification of democracy. Voters can only say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. ideally, everyone should be able to justify their desire and the cause of their approval or disapproval. Therefore, to be completely democratic, it is necessary to create such an instrument of government, which would be identical to the entire nation, or world in the case of hutopia, as a whole, rather than to a representative body acting on its behalf.

The only means of exact democracy is the continual gathering and discussion of neighbours in villages and towns, with their messages being directly communicated to a localised source. Any other system of government is undemocratic. The will is either general or it is not. In the former, it is an act of sovereignty and constitutes law; in the latter, it is only a particular will, in this case the politicians’, and is merely an act of magistracy or a decree. But politicians fight the will with force, with legislative and executive power, into rights of taxation, of JUSTICE and of war. Every law now ratified in vote is invalid; it is not a law. The English nations thinks that it is free and democratic, but it is greatly mistaken, for it is only so during election time, soon after this, it is enslaved again and counts for nothing.

Litter and love

Demi struggles with handling litter, to the extreme annoyance of miss, gee and fizz.

They suggest to her repeatedly that every fine collected when someone is caught littering should be put towards putting a new bin in the place that she littered. But instead, the money goes to the council and gets lost in its deep pockets.

Demi, too, has trouble holding onto love, becoming bored too quickly, as if it were a game. In the end though, she is always the loser. Like a flower growing from seed into full bloom, this is the journey at the start of a relationship. Then, however, it is common for demi not to be fond of staring at this same flower anymore, and she wishes to get the quick buss of watching a new flower blossom. What she fails to realise though is that the first flower will always contain the beauty of its birth and if she looks closely then there will always be new features to admire.

Good demi

Demi has learnt the secret of happiness and virtue – liking what you’ve got to do, liking your inescapable destiny. She is very good at getting on with things.

Basically and on the whole, all of Demi’s creative ideas appear in her youth. There is a distinction between the wisdom of age, consisting solely in greater thoroughness and caution due to the experience of a long life; and the genius of youth, which pours out thoughts and ideas with inexhaustible fertility, but cannot for the moment develop them because of their very abundance. It is this youthful genius which provides the building materials and plans for the future, from which a wiser Demi takes the stones, carves them and completes the construction, in so far as the so-called wisdom of age has not stifled the genius of youth. Demi has had many ingenious ideas, but she has perhaps been too petrified and stifled to carry them out. Still though, everything that surrounds us in the cities and surroundings of society is down to Demi.

Ever since the 17th century, in her role as scientist, Demi has continually encountered the intelligent design that Ann instilled into all facets of planet Aqua. For example, she has learned that snow occurs when hot water cools, whereas ice is formed through cold water. Following on from this is the experiment that she carried out using pure water at -20 oc. This liquid did not freeze as it was completely free from matter; yet as soon as Demi dropped in a single spec of dust, then the whole block froze. This test proves what Demi had been pondering for some time – that in order for us to change, we need something to bond to, which is where collective societies come from. Indeed, Demi’s follow-up experiment, entitled ‘The Double Slit’, went on to prove in some ways that the consciousness of matter, and the world as a whole, can change when in the presence of a human.

It is in this role as an understanding scientist that Demi is pushing forth with her legalisation of cannabis. In the States, this is progressing rapidly, but less so in Europe. Still, Demi realises its recreational and health benefits and properties. In turn, Demi has become more blatant with her consumption of the plant, having faith and knowing that under a government which imprisons unjustly, the place for a just human is in jail; the only house in a slave-state in which a free human can abide with honour. She smokes cannabis out of intuitive choice, and if this then ends her up in prison, then so be it.

Despite reservations regarding the state of today’s society, it is without a doubt a fair progression from the past. Demi knows that social activity must never and on no account be directed towards philanthropic flim-flam, but rather toward the elimination of the basic deficiencies in the organisation of economic and cultural life that would lead to the degeneration of the individual. This is why Demi invented the term and verb ‘to demonstrate’, i.e. protest. Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken. Demi is in the process of changing her stance from a constant, slave-driving worker to a fighter; to taking a definitive, progressive victory over a hazy peace. Let your work be your fight, let peace be your victory.

Part of this process involves establishing the ipc, a new political club that takes its name from 3 previous, low-key groups. The iamu party, a party that suggests that I am in fact you when it comes to fighting to establish policies that will benefit us all instead of a select few. Also joining iamu is the Power To The People party and the Change Is Coming party. The key to progression lied in Demi uniting her factions to fight for a common goal – the removal of the establishment. This is where the Individual Politics Club hopes to help. With a policy of not one vote per person, but one suggestion on a related topic per person, it is envisaged that decisions can be made whilst taking everyone’s opinion into account. This newly-founded club distinguishes its members by which hand they drink their tea with. Naturally most pick up a mug with the right hand, but members of the ipc are making a conscious choice of protest by using the left. The 2 key topics of discussion with the ipc are currently the formation of a new bank which controls all taxes, and Demi is able to choose where her hard-earned money goes (Hospitals, road maintenance, war etc.). It is likely that as a result of this the pots of MPs’ expenses and war will remain low if not empty. Also key to the ipc is halting the use of oil; Gee is currently scrapping the bottom of the barrel to produce it, and Fizz is coughing up black tar and losing control of the weather.

Special mentions on behalf of Demi are as follows:

- Levi who works at Hostel 64 in Budapest. He is very generous and patient when it comes to giving out directions.

- Veronica from Mexico who is au-pairing in Jenbach, Austria. She is living her dream of travelling, and smiling the whole way through it.

- Flora and Karina who sat in Nemoland Cafe, Christiana, discussing the Rothschilds and the biased mainstream media.

- Paris, Kristos, Cecelia, Brad, Sam, Teresa, Antonia, Markus, Brook, Lee, Hamish, Jordan, Gary, Alex, Connor and Annie who all live together in Schwedau, Austria.

- The residents of Nedre Fjellet in Uppsala, Sweden: Lise, Isobel, Karin, Carola, Phillip, Linda, Joel, Laura, Josefin, Hannes, Amanda, Emil, Malin, Fredrika, Juuli, Anna, Julia, Roger, Stella, Samuel, Peter, Anton and Markus.

Up until recently, demi had been stuck on a road that had constantly recurring forks. Sometimes she went left, most times right, and often she’d sat in the middle, confused and scared.

But now, demi has realised that there are other ways to go/travel.

Just to the side of this road, there is a river that is flowing in the same direction.

Demi understands that there is a completely different route that she could take. Will she have the confidence and courage to do so, or will she regress into the safety of not rocking the boat and letting things carry on as they are?

Demi osopher

The wisdom of people


Oh well Jim’s the type of guy who will never settle down. Where pretty girls are, well, you know that he’s around. He kisses ‘em and he loves ‘em, because to him they’re all the same. He hugs ‘em and he squeezes ‘em and they don’t even know his name.

They call him the wanderer, yeah, the wanderer

He roams around, around, around.

Oh well he roams from town to town. He goes through life without a care, ‘til he’s as happy as a clown, with his two fists of iron and he’s going nowhere.

They call him the wanderer, yeah the wanderer.

He roams around, around, around.

My soul is an enchanted boat that floats upon the waves of your sweet singing.

Ann loves jim. In fact, everybody loves jim. He is the purest of the bunch and they all wish for his loose freedom; floating around him is the odour of tranquil seas. He who possesses little is so much the less possessed. Praise be to moderate poverty. Ann had need for jim to serve as a marker for demi to see what life would be like when the state ceases. There, commences the man who is not superfluous, and there begins the song of the necessary ones, the single and irreplaceable melody. Look to where the state ceases; look at the rainbow and bridges of the natural, content man.

His name was Jim, but nobody ever called him that. It was always naked Jim.

Jim was never destined for a vain quest of knowledge. Instead he willingly trusted fizz to protect him from knowledge. ‘why a mania for explanation?’ he would say, ‘the world is a verb, a thing in motion.’. disciples and devotees – what are most of them doing? Worshipping the teapot instead of drinking the tea.

Jim had attained a certain coefficient in love that had caused his spirit to crystalise on another level – he was established in surreality.

Jim, who wears all-times a necklace and headband to create pressure points that serve as a centre of energy-exchange for the skin, and would more often than not be followed at a distance of never more than 50m by a naked cat who wore a bandana to keep her warm, peaked on planet aqua around the end of the 19th and mid-20th centuries. He gained plenty of followers practicing nudity and meditation, preaching a philosophy stating that the nude human body is a natural condition and should be widely accepted for the betterment of society. Saying this, it was not uncommon for jim have twisted, and if extremely necessary, incest-related thoughts, as demi does not consider a bulging erection to aid the betterment of society, and for ann it is one step too far in hutopia. The wandering man must keep his wand under control.

Yes, Jim was fond of female friends. His favourite were the Poles, hence why in Poland girls are allowed free entry into nightclubs. Thankfully for Jim, he is not required to keep his wand under control when it comes to sex, though. For Jim, in his creative, wacky mind’s eye, he saw sex as like cooking spaghetti bolognaise; there was more time spend in the preparation (foreplay) than the cooking (intercourse) itself. Slicing the garlic, dicing the tomatoes, chopping the peppers, crushing the salt, crushing the chillies, peeling the carrots; these tasks sometimes take 40 minutes if done carefully. As does the back massage, the caressing of the neck, the strokes of the inner thigh, the grazes of the breast, the kisses on the lips. Whereas, the frying of the mince with the above ingredients and the boiling of the pasta takes a mere 12 minutes. Jim enjoyed the finer things, he paid attention to the stages that some completely miss out, and he treated the climax as an inevitable, quick ending.

If ever distant, apart, separated, jim would enjoy sharing a naked picture with his loved ones, which led him to invent camera phones and subsequently snap chat and private messaging.

Jim’s favourite place to frequent on planet Aqua is the Szechenyi baths in Budapest, having been their founder in 1918. These hot thermal springs, an outdoor jacuzzi as such, allowed Jim to sit back and relax, watching and admiring the bare bodies stroll or swim by, all until Demi made swimwear compulsory! Still, these springs connected him closer to both Gee and Kai. Gee was essential as she directed the water to the spa and maintained the core temperature of up to 38^oc,^ also ensuring that the H2O contained plenty of other letter symbols, i.e. supplementary minerals ideal for Jim’s lush skin. Kai, meanwhile, developed a very close relationship with Jim shortly after these baths opened, as the ability to massage oneself, or another person indeed, when in one of these baths is a bodily pleasure to behold. Thighs and feet, when rubbed and handled correctly, which of course Kai dos on pure instinct, produces serenity within the beholder; a healthy dose of serotonin.

Not necessarily his favourite place as such, but certainly where he felt most at home, where he felt free-est and most alive staring up at the bright blue sky, was freetown christiana, located in amongst the city of Copenhagen. Sitting on a bench sipping a chai latte outside of gronsagen cafe, looking across at the painted murals of naked people on the wall, just above the sign saying ‘green light district christiana’, jim would often entertain any passerby willing to listen with his tale of the fish in the bowl there was once an aquarium with a removable glass partition, which could be taken out at any time, and the fish who lived within, accustomed to this compartment, would never try to go over to the other side of the bowl. It would come to a point in the water where it was used to encountering the partition, before swimming around and turning back. Little did the fish know that the partition was not always present, and that all it had to do was keep going forwards and experience a new lease of life of freedom in a new realm not yet explored.

Also, one time in freetown christiana, jim had organised the simultaneous release of 500 green balloons as an act of attention-drawing and protest, in an attempt to speed up the process of legalisation of cannabis, currently being slowed down by some of demi’s lesser traits.

Thanks to jim’s hard work and open mind and wandering feet and non-stop talking, free towns were popping up all over the map. The next one had appeared in darwen, england, and then manchester, expanding from there like a sweeping plague; though the sweet contagion this time was love and freedom.

Another establishment established by Jim was the European-style gymnasiums; what is referred to as ‘school’ further west. However, Jim had never intended for children to learn ‘life skills’ in the same building for 7 straight years, this was Demi’s doing. He had hoped for it to be used as a local base that kids could pop in and out of, come and go as they wished; a stopping point where they could go and ask some questions should they choose to do so. He certainly didn’t foresee the introduction of coursework, which Demi saw as integral to life progression. ‘To be young and forced to choose subjects?’ he would say, ‘Life isn’t split into history or math or science, it’s a versatile mix of greys, with no blacks or whites to be seen.’. Gymnasiums were supposed to provide a holistic approach.

In fields relating to the human body, jim had worked closely with ann in creating the art/sport of gymnastics; a wondrous act that appeared as poetry in motion to the eyes. Jim, too, saw a need for toned muscles and so gyms began appearing across the planet. And from these toned muscles followed jim’s desire to see his muscular body appear on canvas. And so, as ann was a fond painter, jim loved to strike a mannequin’s pose for portraits. His most famous is in the sistine chapel. Here, jim mocks demi’s laziness to access the true potential within her brain/mind. The god within her mind is reaching out and a pathetic demi gives a half-arsed effort at connecting with it.

Though a wanderer, Jim was, too, an advocate of free public transport. He certainly enjoyed resting his head on a window and nodding off as he undertook cross-planetary journeys. Jim could be seen in his purest, most exposed element when asleep. Mouth open, salivating slightly, there was an essence of naked purity, honesty and innocence surrounding him.

In typical jim fashion though, there was another benefit to these windows that he would rest his head on. Not only could he see his own beautiful reflection in them, but also he could pretend to be staring aimlessly out of the window, when in actual fact he was staring right into the cleavage of the woman sat across from him, without her even knowing it!

Jim, blessed with total freedom by Ann, and this is not only a freedom of choice and mind, but also a freedom from care and societal stigmas, never saw the benefit of 4 walls and a roof which Demi and her corrupt banks make you pay for eternally – life for Jim is to be loved, not simply lived.

Jim nosopher

The wisdom of nakedness

The Osopher's Tale

Once upon a wondrous time, there lived the master of them all. Her name was Ann and she was the measure of all things; the roots of a tree, vegetables born out of the ground and the stars in the night sky could all find a home within her. Misogynists of history have distorted this true tale, but when considered carefully, only a woman posing as god can give birth to man. And so it was, and still is, Ann who is the master of them all; the walking doppelganger of life.

  • ISBN: 9781370835744
  • Author: A Naturalbeing
  • Published: 2017-06-05 23:05:10
  • Words: 17129
The Osopher's Tale The Osopher's Tale