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This Sacred Book is part to the Holy Tiara and is the rightful property of GOD’s Lightangels. Minister Crosswell’s Version.


All Rights Reserved; and under no any circumstances can this Sacred Book be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the publisher. But it may strictly be used for instruction to GOD’s glory anywhere any time provided its original form is maintained.







1 O my eye, rejoice for a good thing is thine for an inheritance. 2 Behold, thou art honored to ogle into the unforeseen, 3 and teach mine lips to proclaim these glorious tidings to pilgrims of all creation; 4 to men and to beast and to the grass, the trees, the birds, the fish and all things that live under the waters and beyond. 5 In thee, mine ears are blessed to hear mysteries and declare them as a flame of light, 6 unto all that are groping in darkness and those under the duress of imperfect light: and as the balm of life unto them who are without life. 7 By cause of thee, the blind shall see the true light which is the glory of the UTMOST of all as they gaze into His perfect will, 8 which bestows glory and grace unceasingly upon those who believe in Him and walk in His instructions and ordinances. 9 The deaf shall hear and rejoice in His word which restores all life and virtue by a just scale, 10 and count wholeness of blessings to those with waning hopes: and the dumb shall have a song to sing on top of their voices; 11 and with merriness, glorify His righteous name for all the profusing life and restoration, 12 of just fortunes unto the satisfaction of all necessities of this life. 13 Oh, what a marvel and a good gift thou art: what grace and glory immeasurable art thou the utmost balm to manifest and make known forever. 14 Behold, and be still; falter not oh my soul but declare, for this is the glory without scope’s end; 15 and a glory without depth and height’s measure which thou art the true and supreme balm to daub. 16 Therefore brace ye and daub this balm upon the meek who seek light and life, and bestow all goodness upon them.





1 Yes, let me make known this wonder that I came to know; and also to understand when thou gazed into it and also hear from it. 2 This is the origination of the voyage life and liberty; 3 the manifestation of the interminable true and impartial salvation of all that in the year 2016, I Crosswell by man, 4 saw the hand of the UTMOST of all, the One who envisioned everything and is known by a name no man knew before now, 5 except the eye that beheld it, raising a bridge upon vast and deep waters as of the oceans gathered in one. 6 With the light that emanated from His right hand made He it and not with silver and gold, 7 or with any other precious metals though its glory, afterwards, was like one made out of the finest and most precious diamonds. 8 And like a star illuminated azure highway, it stretched like the arch of Birchenough Bridge by Save, over the vast and deep waters; 9 with all its sides gird by pillars of light upon which were written names of the supreme and mightiest of His creating power: 10 and then hosts and hosts of holy beings with a purple-violet circle of light upon their heads and in their palms, 11 ferrying peoples from all nations of the world and from every walk of life from one side of the bridge to the other; 12 where a snow-like highway with immeasurable holy hosts rose from a new home of perfect contentment, leading into the holiest presence,13 which stretched over all the heavens, and whose name was known to them who dwelt there; and so was the name, 14 of its city whose glory stretched over all the holiest presence above the heavens as rumbling lightning. 15 According to him who is mine kernel in life and in glory, these were the pilgrims from all the nations of the world, 16 who heard the word of truth and the word of righteousness, and chose to abide in and by it: 17 those who chose to abide by the instructions and the ordinances of the UTMOST of all; and they were sealed with the mauve ob upon reaching the other side of the bridge, 18 just before entering the new home whose name was Al-Runako, meaning home of the righteous and faithful: and from its midst, 19 a snow-like sapphire highway sailed through the heavens into the holiest presence of the UTMOST of all.





1 And I saw, beneath this arch bridge was another which was like a reflection of the one above, 2 upon which the rest of the creatures in all life, save humans and angels, walked going into Al-runako, the new home whose illumination, 3 was the glory that profused from the holiest place where the throne of the UTMOST of all is exalted in all holy splendor and power. 4 And behold, as the people leave the one side of the bridge going to the other, they left behind all things which weighed them down, 5 according as they had not light and life in them: and I saw heap upon heap and heaps upon heaps of treasures and all worldly things, 6 which were unjustly gained being abandoned to perish; for upon them was a seal of death and perishing unto their possessors. 7 And my heart was troubled, for behold, as I looked, I saw how hard it was a thing for many people, 8 to abandon those things, even when they knew these very thing were a cause of death and perishing. 9 But relief came with profuse joy, when on the other side, I saw each of them that crossed Alshaa the bridge, 10 being allocated righteous and unending blessings as they enter Al-Runako the new home of the righteous and faithful, and in these blessings,11 was the gift of eternal life and light; and they were going to enjoy these holy treasures and possessions till the day of departure. 12 The days they would spend in this new home were days of unfading contentment, united worship, and harmonious and peaceful living sealed upon them, 13 with the number eight-8 by the UTMOST of all to whom they candidly chose to separate themselves unto. 14 According to His righteousness and all His kindness in His wonderful word, they had all their pious desires fulfilled. 15 Herein, I rejoice in thee o my eye for thou beheld the complete and equal salvation of all in this life, 16 and in the one to come; and in thee, blessed forevermore be the name of the UTMOST of all, who wrought you to His glory by His will, 17 as a pristine seed of brilliance in His hand before thou came to the world of men and all living things.





1 And behold, while I stood there, thou caused me to see branches, hosts and hosts, 2 of pilgrims from all kingdoms in the earth governed by Gods of creation, each according to their belief and their doctrine, 3 rising like a mighty wave of the ocean and a great tide of the sea, in their multitudes, to meet the shinning glory of the UTMOST of all. 4 Because they had heard the word of truth and of righteousness, and chose to live and walk in it wholeheartedly, 5 they were separated from the rest of the world by a rainbow which like an arch, stood over the path and place where they all came together to make one people. 6 The name of this place was Al-Parit, meaning place of unity and harmony in diversity; 7 and the path upon it, which stretched from the rainbow entrance to the mouth of Alshaa, was made of sapphire, 8 dimmed with a yellow glory which oozed from the left hand of the UTMOST of all which was stretched over this place and path, and also the people for an everlasting pavilion of protection: 9 and from this hand made He the oozing rainbow which stood over all kingdoms and nations that were akin to peace and justice, and all goodly virtue. 10 O, what a wonderful glory this was to behold: even the girdles they wore in Al-Parit were of rainbow colour, 11 and when they were come to the mouth of Alshaa the bridge of salvation, like the people of the world that crossed there, 12 who left all worldly glories which weighed them down, and hindered their sailing over the bridge of salvation into the new home and unto the holiest place, 13 they were dropping a lot of baggage behind as though they were boulders of clay and rocks; and by thine mouth o my mantle and my soul, learned I that these were the values, 14 beliefs and doctrines of prejudice, hate, lies, treachery, intolerance and all manner of evil which are promoted in the diverse families of faiths, 15 in all creation as they are known by the names of the Gods to which they ascribe. 16 And these, who chose this new path in the UTMOST of all, shall be judges of the very Gods to whom they ascribed before, 17 for many are the Gods which hide in the veil of light when they are actually ravenous beasts; mongers of all the wickedness known in all things. 18 And behold, I was overwhelmed with joy by cause of the pilgrims which chose this new path and crossed Al-shaa, the bridge of interminable and equal salvation for all, 19 for a new glory, the glory of a new earth and a new heaven rose to meet them; in which perfect peace, equality, truth, love, and harmony reigned. 20 These are the pilgrims which survived the catastrophes of judgment that shall engulf the present earth and heavens, and all other worlds as they are known; 21 with all the wickedness by which they are known as they are secretly guarded and mechanized through many arms of influence in them, 22 including the various families of faith according as each ascribed to its own God by the doctrine and values it upheld.





1 And thou bid me unto a very big tree with ripe precious nuts. 2 To its shade and to its glory many flocked from the ends of the entire universe; 3 and knowing the thoughts of my heart, which desired to know what meaning was concealed in this apparition pertaining to the glory of life, 4 thou made me knew that this was the Almond tree which is the tree of life found in the midst of the holy city, 5 established at the heart of the holiest realm above all heavens: 6 this is the manifestation of the glory of Him who is the interminable equal salvation of all; 7 and whosoever partake of its fruits will not perish but abide perpetually: 8 and all who flock to its shade find true rest and replenishment forevermore. 9 And behold, thou plucked an almond fruit and gave it unto me; and thou said, eat; 10 and I ate the fruit which thou gave unto me by thine right hand with its seed, 11 and it quickened me with the adorn of a new glory, for thou was now in and upon me; 12 and from within said thou, this is thine true glory; for before thou art born to man, 13 thou art and shall forever be Righteal, seed born of the UTMOST of all: 14 you and I are one for thou art mine tabernacle and I am thine soul. 15 Mine name is thine name; and as I live, thine name by man shall find glory in me, 16 according as it worked uprightness and light in its former path, 17 which I allowed to come upon you when you were called to be an emissary and a counselor, 18 to the old generations by the one who is the guardian of all peace; 19 who with my sanction called thee to his glory that all peace and rectitude might become evident in all things; 20 for I am not against the mortal and its glory, as I am its righteous benediction, 21 in life and in all things, but I am the end of its carnality and all its conniving. 22 And it shall be known that thou art not servant of any man or any God but that, 23 thou serve the UTMOST of all only with all those that will separate themselves unto Him, 24 according as they partake in this word and walk in righteousness and truth; 25 the manifestation of light and life in Him who is the genesis of all worlds and all life forever. 26 As thou swallowed the almond fruit with its seed, so shall thou sprout as the almond tree of the UTMOST of all in the earth, 27 bearing fruits which all the righteous and true at heart shall eat and bless His holy name; 28 and these shall be the first heirs of all His glory with thee; a true and righteous family which will be forever called in His glory by His name, 29 living in His holiest place and innermost city. In thee, the earth and all the other worlds, including all the life in them, 30 shall rejoice as long as they exist as today, thou become their new birth in complete divine perfection.





1 Now, after these happenings were past, in thine sanction I sailed higher; over the rainbow that oozed upon Al-Parit and behold; 2 I saw a supreme fountain profusing with life and from thereof, streams went in all directions; 3 and I saw a stream of pure sparkling water flowing into the earth from this fountain yonder all the heavens but in the most holy. 4 As it stretched into the earth, beginning from the place where the rainbow ended its glory, it made numerous tributaries like an open palm. 5 And the earth was like a vast forest full of fruit trees; and these trees were of diverse kind. 6 Some were evergreen and full of ripe sweet fruits for they stretched their roots to the streams of water, 7 and some had evergreen leaves but had sour shrunk fruits for their roots barely stretched into the streams of water; 8 and there were some which had yellow leaves and were barren, and were perishing by the day: 9 and these were such trees as did not stretch their roots unto the streams of waters and those that stretched but were impeded by rocks. 10 And it came to pass that the streams of water gained volume as the soil of the earth soaked gradually and formed more numerous tributaries, 11 till the entire earth was overflowing with pure sparkling water, and till all newly sprouting trees were evergreen and bringing forth ripe and sweet fruits. 12 While I stood there, behold, a voice spoke unto my hearing and said, stretch your arm and write upon the stream of pure sparkling,13 “ Truth and Righteousness”, for by truth and by righteousness, equal and true salvation shall come to all like waters from a pure stream profusing from a great fountain: 14 and those that abhor and forsake truth and righteousness shall perish forever.





1 After these things; behold came unto me one with a telescope in his hand, and he was a captain of the UTMOST also; 2 and placing it in my hand and adjusting its lenses till all things came into view vividly, said he, use this to look at the world; 3 and behold, as I looked, I saw the sons and daughters of men rising against each other everywhere. 4 They devised schemes and weapons of all kinds with which they massacred and butchered each other, 5 and my heart failed me for the innocent and the weak perished for no reason at all like dry grass consumed by a raging fire. 6 Then asked I him who was with me and had come to show me this thing saying, for how long will this be o Utmost one of the UTMOST of all,7 for the grass mourns and perish unceasingly and there is no help to it at all, and he said unto me, 8 till truth consumes every mortal like holy flames whose origination is not fire but the UTMOST Himself, 9 and till righteousness floods every world like waters whose source is the Great Fountain of life. 10 Then said I unto him, how will this be noticing that the multitudes and weapons of the wicked are so many like this and their hearts are harder than granite pearls? 11 And he said unto me, though granite be tough, yet it is as crumbles of clay in the hand of the UTMOST: and behold, while yet he spoke, 12 a hand appeared in the heavens and from it, purple-violet or mauve tongue-like flames fell to the earth like snowy rains, 13 and they gently rested in pairs of two upon the shoulders of all the righteous and faithful who separated themselves unto the UTMOST, 14 and upon those who were holding and partaking from the book of His instructions and ordinances. 15 One flame to the left shoulder and another one to upon the right shoulder.16 And him who gave me the telescope said, this is the sealing of them that are true and faithful partakers of His glory; 17 children of the UTMOST according as they partake in truth and in the righteousness of His word, 18 and none of these shall be touched or be bruised by any of the wicked and all their mechanisms, 19 for all that shall try to do so shall perish by the scepter of the UTMOST from whose hand the flame hail. 20 These you see, and are touched by the mauve flames, are them which shall overcome all the wicked and their schemes; 21 not by might of the sword, treachery and weapons but by His word of righteousness and truth, and peace and harmony, 22 which eradicate all the ignorance, deception and lies by which all this wildness is born and groomed in the midst of men’s dwelling and in all other worlds. 23 And he said unto me again, keep looking, and behold, as I gazed, the number of flames increased by the second, 24 and so did the hosts of those upon whom the flames alighted; town by town, city by city and nation by nation, 25 till all the wicked and their evil schemes were consumed in the illumination of the mauve ob: 26 and behold, at the illumination, I heard holy melodies and violins playing to holy praises and celebrations in the holiest, 27 and throughout the entire heavens, signaling the end of all wickedness and the victory of all righteousness.





1 And it came to pass that while I was still in the spirit, one who stand among the Utmost captains of the UTMOST, 2 came to me holding an almond fruit in his hand and stretching his hand unto me said he, take this and follow me. 3 I took the fruit from his hand and followed him; and now higher above the rainbow which pavilion over Al-Parit, 4 we came to the upper part of the river of pure sparkling water and he said, deep that fruit into the water and I did: 5 and when I drew it out, behold, my hand was oozing with oil and he said, sprinkle the oil in your hand over the earth and over all worlds. 6 I stretched my hand and sprinkled the oil according as he instructed me and behold; the oil never ceased profusing from my hand, 7 and as it went forth, it formed multiple droplets each rupturing unceasingly. 8 Then a voice was heard from the heavens by the righteous of the UTMOST in the earth and everywhere else saying, 10 stretch your palms towards the heavens all ye that love me; and all those upon whom the flames rested, 11 stretched their open palmed hands towards heaven and the multiple drops of oil fell into their palms, drop upon drop, till drops went forth from them into the earth too. 12 And the voice spoke again saying, this is the measure of fruitfulness unto complete contentment for all of them that are faithful and true to truth and righteousness. 13 They shall justly toil and enjoy just rewards for all their labours; and with the surplus, they shall be a sanction unto all the living; 14 and in so doing make manifest the saving glory of the UTMOST of all unto all. 15 As for you o child of benediction, cease not to bless them that separate themselves unto the UTMOST for thou art His sanction unto them pertaining all things. 16 And knowing the thoughts of mine heart which faltered on the thought of fearing that the children of the UTMOST, 17 would become mongers of riches and worldliness using His name and His word by cause of this unction of fruitfulness, 18 him who was with me said; fear not o beloved for the oil is holy and perfected for whole contentment in the UTMOST, 19 that whomsoever shall try to use it to promote any worldly desires such as amassing riches and possessions forsaking truth and righteousness shall rise that much and ultimately fall but never to rise again; 20 and the gift of life will depart from them forever for it is not riches and possessions that the UTMOST seek to bestow upon His children, 21 but truth and righteousness which makes manifest equal contentment and salvation for all. 22 With that serenity overtook my soul and him that came unto me was gone.





1 After these things, I travelled like a falcon upon the expanse, watching over the earth and behold, 2 mine eyes saw upon the earth multitudes and multitudes in flames and they wailed with agony. 3 Howbeit distressing that some of them were in robes and spoke godly things; and I saw also, sea upon sea, 4 of peoples covered in wounds from head to toe and swams of flies hovered around them and ate their wounds as they looked hopeless and plagued with anguish. 5 I sought to know and to understand what was before mine eyes, and so it was given unto me to discern these things: 6 and behold, the ones in flames were souls of peoples of all generations who lived licentiously and abhor truth and justice. 7 For the desire of power, fame and fortune, they made covenants with wicked thrones and exercised every manner of abomination. 8 Them in robes and them who spoke godly things were also brood of these covenants but they used godliness to gain their way into deceiving people. 9 And those who were covered in wounds and were eaten by flies were children and descendants of the pilgrims which were in flames. 10 The wounds were afflicted by powers of the covenants their elders entered into in search of power, fame and fortune; 11 and because they inherited these covenants’ glories, they were supposed to continue honouring them. 12 Now, it was failure to do so that provoked all the wounds of death which came upon as punishment. 13 But amongst these infected were those not and these were those who gave their lives unto the UTMOST and abided by His ordinances and instructions, 14 and they were covered in the mauve ob of light which shielded them from the attacks of the wicked thrones. 15 Then I saw many of the burning and the wounded opening the UTMOST’s book of instructions and ordinances, and reading from it; 16 and upon as many as separated themselves unto Him through knowledge and understanding of His will, and living therein, 17 I saw drops of almond oil falling on their heads from the hand of the UTMOST which was spread over all the heavens. 18 This was the healing unction that took away their infirmities. 19 The fires were put out at the touch of the drop upon the head and so were the wounds: 20 and as the healing power swept across the earth, so did the number of those covered in the mauve ob light increased, 21 as they gained perfect knowledge and comprehension of the perfect will of the UTMOST in truth and in righteousness.





1 Then it came to pass that while I stood still watching the wondrous works of the UTMOST, 2 it came to pass that I heard a voice so gentle and serene speaking to me saying, come over here and see; 3 and behold, there stood one before me, who held power over the moon and the sun in his palms and he said look: and lo, there was a severe drought upon the earth, 4 for the sun had scotched all the plants and all lakes and rivers and wells had dried up and the rains had not rained for many years upon the earth. 5 By cause of starvation, men and beast wailed and fell. 6 Birds of the air perished too as they wondered from place to place in search of food and drink. 7 For all the vultures and all preying beasts, this was a moment of exceeding glory as corpses and carcasses lay everywhere. 8 And I said, who will survive this tragedy o Utmost? 9 This is tormenting unto mine heart for men and beast and everything in the earth share the same blood and breathe with me according as I am in my earthly days: 10 and he said unto me, till kings of the earth know how to execute justice and all mankind know how to walk in light, then will restoration come. 11 But see that thou consider not thyself of the earth though thou be in it for a while for thou art not of the earth. 12 Then said I, but how can that be, seeing that men is oblivion and ignorant of all entreating to truth and righteousness? 13 And he said unto me, be thou steadfast; a time is coming when all the things of the earth made by men without godliness, 14 to promote wickedness and ignorance of all heavenly entreating unto light and life shall crush and fall. 15 At that time, panic will overcome all of them without GOD for all knowledge and wisdom of the world combined shall utterly fail to save anything they possess. 16 But consolation is reserved for the innocent and the righteous, and it is an honour to be in the presence of him to whom it is given to seal this consolation. 17 Stretch ye thine arm towards the sun and the moon, and draw a line going to the horizon from which they rise. 18 I stretched my arm as he instructed me and as I do so, the sun and the moon followed the movement of my hand and as they did, he said, 19 behold, this is the measure of mercy and kindness upon the innocent and the righteous from the UTMOST of all and unless by His command, 20 no one can ever unseal this edict forever for it is an inheritance of all that love light and life. and behold, 21 exceeding light rose upon them whose hands and ways were clean but tormenting darkness fell over all the wicked and these were the ones, 22 whose hearts failed by cause of the crashing glories they had established in the world and placed their faith therein.





1 After all these things, my eyes beheld a great wonder: a place opened in the spirit as if it was the earth opening that I might see what is concealed in its heart and lo; 2 at the depth of its heart there were rocks forming out of a greatly heated and extremely compressed thick liquid soil found at the heart of the earth; 3 and through raptures of the earth, these newly formed stones came up to the earth’s surface. 4 I picked a piece of these precious pearls and held it in my hands that I might see and lo, what a wonder beheld I: 5 there I was, holding a pure sparkling mauve diamond in my hand. 6 O what a glory this was; born of the most adverse conditions. 7 Bone and marrow cannot survive the extreme heat and compression by which this pearl came to being; 8 neither can any living thing known in all things and all life. and behold, while yet I stood there gazing at the sterling glory that laid in my hand, 9 I saw the hand of the UTMOST writing upon a cloud saying, like the pearl in thine hand shall I make all that are mine. 10 Great trials shall tempt them but because I prepared them with a flaming scepter which melts and squeeze fillet and core into one glory, 11 they shall come out whole in light and in life, and the wicked one shall envy them and scheme all manner of wickedness against them but he shall not prevail. 12 In that day, I will gather all which are mine like these diamonds and price them with a price no man or God can afford that no man, 13 no spirit and no God might temper with their glory, and that I might preserve their light and their life, and their liberty forevermore. 14 Unto these will I give, each a key to the house of everlasting abidance in my glory: and with that, lasting peace and joy.





1 But behold, while I stood there, I saw fine golden thrones stretching from one end of the earth to the other end, 2 and upon them sat lions and lionesses arrayed in shimmering pearls and gems. 3 One kind was wicked and the other kind was righteous. 4 From the mouth of the wicked ones went out flames of fire and it set aflame much of the earth’s grass. 5 Some of it burned to ashes but some of it survived the inferno. 6 From the mouth of the righteous ones went out raining waters to quench the fires out, healing the grass and caused it to spring forth new evergreen shoots. 7 Upon and around the new grass, heavy few formed and remained even when the sun was shining, 8 and the glory of the new grass and all of its offshoots remained the same throughout all days. 9 And by thine mighty hand, thou placed a scepter into my hand and an archer and said, 10 with the archer, shoot at all the flaming beasts, and the arrows that went out scripted a mark condemnation upon their crowns. 11 Upon the beasts that were sealed with this mark, might horses, 12 adorned with unspeakable grandeur and sealed with the sign of the UTMOST of all upon their heads went out, 13 and I heard them saying, forsake ye thine wickedness or perish. 14 At that, many flames went out for some of the beasts forsook their wickedness but some remained indignant. 15 And thou said unto me, stretch thine hand and point unto the heavens with thine scepter: and when I did, 16 mauve rays streamed into the earth and destroyed all the indignant beats upon which the seal of condemnation was, 17 and the thrones upon which they sat: and all their powers and cronies were made a waste. 18 And I heard the horned horses shouting, hurrah! hurrah! The victory of the righteous is come. 19 This is the wonderful deed of the hand of the UTMOST of all. 20 Let justice, liberty, peace, truth and harmony blossom in the earth and let there be profusing life too. 21 But woe be unto the wicked and oppressive powers in her midst, 22 for herein is the fullness of their recompense for all their deeds and ways.




The End



By Truth and by Righteousness, let there be Fulfillment and Equal Salvation Forever for You and I, and Everyone else in ALYAASHA the UTMOST of all and the Most Kind GOD: the Interminable True and Unprejudiced Salvation of All.


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