The Observer Is the Creator


The Observer Is The Creator

What the River Taught Me 4 0f 4


Writings by Sha’Ra On WindWalker

(in collaboration with Sha’Tara EarthStar)


Copyright (©) 2016 Cocoons to Butterflies Publishing


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Black Stone

A Thought

Accepting Or Changing One’s Circumstances


Beyond Concepts

Civilization Is Like Cement

Eating Passion’s Fruit

Following One’s Star

Geese, Marsha And I

God And I – An Adult Relationship

God’s Blessings?

Grains Of Sand

Great Spirits


Is Nature’s Struggle The Cause Pain?

Lady Marion, Lady Joy

Language Of The Heart

Life Is A Game

Life’s Secret

Man’s World


Meaning Of Life

Plodding The Mindless Maze



Questions About The “Why” Question




The Observer Is The Creator

Unbound Love

What’s Missing In Our Relationships?

“Whatever Is Needed Of Me”

Why Do We Experience Pain?

Zen On A Riverbank


These books represent a varied collection of remarkable “outside the box” thinking (and subsequently, writing).


If you are one of those trammeled and importuned by strong beliefs that won’t let go, this could be your chance to break free. I’m not asking you to believe what is written therein—I can’t say I believe all of it myself—but it makes for an interesting “other than” perspective. Reading these books can be compared to painting by numbers. You have this standard picture outline and between lines are colour numbers. You match the numbers to the colours and eventually you have a painting. It’s not great art, of course, and everybody knows that but it gives you the impression that you did it yourself. We all know that is how the System operates. It gives us a number of colours and our life is laid out and numbered, from cradle to the grave. There isn’t much we can do about it, it seems. It’s the System.


Ah, but there is something we can do about it. We can ignore the numbers. Use random colours and mix them. If “3” is green, we do pink on one of the “3” sections and arbitrarily use orange on the next, and so on. Pretty soon the System doesn’t know us anymore and guess what? We discover what real freedom can be. It begins by breaking the rules; by daring to violate those imposed beliefs. Here’s one for you: Did man ever land on the moon? Of course they did, you will say. You saw it on TV, or you saw the videos and read the reports and documentaries, right? Ok, fine. But that is not the point since landing on the moon or not did nothing to change the way people interact with each other. So the point? The point is to paint a different colour on the “moon landing” section of your life’s canvas. A “fake moon landing” colour. Now really go into this idea. Break the template here, convince yourself it was all faked in some studio, for whatever political reason. Then proceed to prove to yourself that it was so. Study this bit of history; look at the clues. What happens in the end? In the end you realize it doesn’t matter at all whether they landed on the moon or not. What matters is, you dared question it.


The material in here questions “taken for granted” ideas, sometimes seriously, sometimes with humour.


You know, it’s hard to think these days, when everything is handed to us via TV and the Internet. Everything tells us how to think, and does so in the blink of an eye. We don’t have to wait for the President’s state of the union speech, or the preacher’s rant on a given Sunday. We Google!


Can a mind atrophy? You bet. Look into these booklets and think about thinking.

Black Stone

You get in the car quickly, to avoid the rain, and a vague feeling of something not quite right hits you. You look around but everything seems normal. You close the door, slip on the seat belt and put the key in the ignition. The feeling strengthens, but you still can’t tell what it is—it just is, well, not usual. You back out of the driveway and try to concentrate on the times ahead. You always look forward to the second Wednesday of the month, for a relaxing time, a change of pace. You didn’t have time to write on the topic for the month but you don’t let that bother you… you know you won’t be the only one! Suddenly, just ahead, a pickup backs up on the road. You swerve to avoid it and curse under your breath. Your hand is ready to give the finger salute but it’s dark, so what’s the point? The truck is following you and that feeling you had intensifies. Some sort of cross between thrill, dread and curiosity, as if wanting to see something and at the same time, wanting desperately not to. The redneck behind you must have his high beams on: you flick the switch on the rear view mirror and something on the right catches your eyes.


With a start and a choked scream, you realize someone is sitting in the passenger seat. You want to stop, but you know that if you do, that truck will pass and then you’ll be all alone with your silent stranger. You hold your speed and try to think. You give another glance at the stranger. He is small, dressed in what appears to be a black robe with wide sleeves and hood that hides the face. You can’t see his hands. They appear to be tucked neatly in the sleeves and resting on his lap. It could be a youth, a small man or a woman.


As suddenly, all you feel is intense curiosity. Your fear has evaporated and you don’t even think of asking yourself why! Your mind whirls. You think of the piece of writing you needed for the meeting coming up, and it seems that is all you can concentrate on. Stones, wasn’t it? Or rocks? Yes, that’s it. You were going to write about a rock. You had put a black stone in a plastic bag and left it on the seat, there, where that individual was now sitting. Where was that stone now? You remembered that is was about 3 inches in diameter, oblong, and had a series of fine white lines throughout. That was what made you pick it up. Then you noticed that is was very smooth and holding it made you feel so good, made you forget the fears, the hopes, the struggles going on within. You could hear the river flowing by as you held it, and the calls of the gulls sounded pure and primal… What had that creature done with your plastic K-Mart bag and the stone? You watched the short glow of the headlights ahead and wondered where you were… Oh, yes, on the way to the meeting, of course…


“Please slow your thoughts down so I may follow?” You heard it, sure. Plain as day! The stranger was talking to you.


“What did you say?” you manage to blurt out.


“Please wait for me.” You try to calm down.


“Ah, thank you. That’s better. Do you not know me? You found me and brought me here. You gave me a home near you. How fortunate I was that you picked me among so many of my peers. When you held me, it felt so good. It was like finding new life. If only humans realized how much we need them to help us grow and understand! How much we could give you if you recognized us as equals in life and took time to listen and to enjoy our company. Our memories of earth go back such a long time compared to yours, and we could explain so much. In return, you would give us your fellowship and we would know love: we love your touch. When you walk upon us with your bare feet, we kiss you in passing. You think it hurts, but the hurt is of your own making, because you are still so heavy from lack of spirituality… Yes… I am your black stone. I express my love for you and thank you for your hospitality. I know you took me for selfish reasons, but nevertheless, you have honoured me among my peers and I shall never forget.”


You listen spellbound to the soft voice. What he says seems so right, so appropriate. Suddenly you don’t care that you don’t have a story to read at the meeting. You feel tall and proud and sure. You understand so much more and you know that when you enter the meeting, all we be blessed by your presence. Yes, you know this of a certainty and your eyes fill with warm, joy-filled tears. You turn to your passenger and there, on the seat, is the plastic K-Mart bag with the lump in it that indicates the presence of Black Stone, your friend.

A Thought

Every thought in our mind

goes out into the universe

and thus comes into existence

in one form or another:

we should realize: thoughts create life;

evolution is mind over matter.


If we have the power

to change our mind,

we have the power

to change our world!

Problems are of our own doing,

not our undoing!


Life is ultimately choice,

to live within fear and anger,

or to bask in harmony and joy.


Only these

are the ultimate choices:

we make them daily,

consciously or subconsciously,

and random thoughts

become patches of ice

on what would seem a very clear road!

Accepting Or Changing One’s Circumstances

“He does not simply accept his circumstances. If they do not suit him, he changes them.” (Jaran – Kate Elliott)


Self-empowered individuals are like that. They don’t nicely, kindly, simply, or brashly, loudly, fearfully, accept “what is” unless it suits them. If it does not, they will move heaven and earth to change it.


How does one "move heaven and earth"? That depends. There is a story that speaks of "faith" -- "If you have the faith of a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, 'Go throw yourself into the sea.' and it will obey you."


I’ve never seen that kind of faith demonstrated, so it remains a story. A good one, full of possibilities but untested. Anyway, “faith” is no longer a valid concept in my life.


What if one wants to do the same with common sense? Not as exciting, but if it works?


Let's say I am living near that mountain. I like the view, but I am always in its shadow. It's cold and damp and unsuitable for one like myself who likes the sun. But such is the circumstance I am in. Then one day I look around and see that some distance to the north, the sun is shining on the fields. The shadow of the mountain doesn't reach there. Ah, says I, I shall move myself to that place. I will still be within sight of the mountain, but not in its shadow. By moving myself -- not always an easy or cheap thing to do -- I can alter my circumstances and create a whole new set, more suitable.


Life has taught me this: I can wait for something to happen, or I can make it happen. If I wait, as is so often counselled, then whatever circumstances I am in now (which must be unsuitable since I am waiting for change) will possibly be changed by another set. But not of my making, therefore that may be even less suitable; less desirable.


The self-empowered being takes charge of these matters, appropriating existing conditions, and re-creates the circumstances so as to arrive at personally more appropriate conditions. To some, such a move may appear stupid. I may have to abandon a nice property and house in the shadow of the mountain and move to a tent in the sunny fields. But if my goal is to be in the sun, then the trade-off is acceptable. I get what I want most.


Life is a trade-off. Nothing comes for free, except the will. Interestingly, free will carries the highest price tag of all aspects of an ISSA’s life. Free will means having to choose, and no choice is ever free. The greater choices carry the highest price. Just because religion failed to demonstrate this truth does not negate it. And no amount of scientific discovery or technology can ever alter this fact. Any advanced society of ISSA’s done playing with scientific theories and outgrown hard technology will vouch for this.


(ISSA – acronym for Intelligent, Sentient, Self Aware. An “ISSA” is an intelligent, sentient, self-aware being. Note: Earthian humans are generally seen as ISSA’s but unfortunately for this world, few live up to the rating.)


Alone, of necessity,

for who could understand


the mind of the seeker?

Only the seeker.


The park is still green

and the wind rustles the leaves

in the afternoon.

Gulls still circle the pond

where goldfish stagnate

and friends still sit on benches

gossiping, wondering,

shaking their heads

at all this foolishness.


Alone, of choice

for without letting go;

without turning from the old

the new cannot materialize.

The quester knows this:

deliberately she turns her back

on all she has received,

all she has accomplished,

all she has gained,

all she thought she was

(or could ever be).



the end of a passage

the beginning of a new.

No one follows you

for the eye of the needle

is the passage of one --

one way only --

would strangle the unprepared.


No return fare: no return.

Detachment: preparation;

Loneliness: freedom.

Death: resurrection.


There are no short-cuts --

the sun must set.

Beyond Concepts

What is it we call “creation”?

A conceptualization of our senses;

construct of our feverish minds.

What lies beyond that concept?

Some would quickly say, “God”

but how helpful is that

for those who have no affinity

for such an entity?


How complex is the question

“Who am I?”

Much more than most would suspect,

for in that “I” resides many aspects!

There’s the “I” of ego

the sensory being who resides on earth,

who was born and who must die.

There’s the “I” of the mind

with the power to reason

and to project beyond the senses.

For some, there’s the “I” of the soul

and for others, the “I” of the spirit.


But there is yet another “I”

seldom thought about, rarely encountered

for it would be deemed an aberration:

the “I” of the one masterfully uncreated

to become its own creator.


Beyond all concepts or constructs:

beyond “God” and all of creation,

beyond all that has ever been known

resides the uncreated -

there to begin its life

not as a part of some greater whole,

but as a singular whole in itself.


The only surprise here is,

it has always been thus!

Civilization Is Like Cement

There’s an art to mixing cement

so it will set properly,

not too fast, not too slow, not too runny or dry

and there’s a time frame

in which to do the pouring

and the finishing that must follow.


It would seem that civilizations

pose the same problem as does cement:

If they are to be finished properly

they have to be thoroughly mixed;

poured in retaining forms

then worked and reworked

until a smooth surface is achieved.


Using that as an analogy

one must wonder at the state of mind

of the contractors who poured

Earth’s various civilizations.

Simply put: they’ve all been a total mess;

No intelligent buyer would spend a dime on it.

Yet here we are, daily convincing ourselves

there’s nothing wrong with society,

with the way it’s all been set up.


We know this civilized cement

was poured in layers over time:

one layer covering another

all over the property as the builders came;

as they found the materials handy.

I’d say they’d have been better off

to jackhammer the works

and start afresh -

Eating Passion’s Fruit

A friend once said those who indulge in sex

inherit each others’ karmic debt.

the conclusion being

one should do this only with the one -

the only one,

thus keeping the debt load smaller.


(Is this a control message here?)


Pondering, I asked the New Age Woman.

Her reply?

“The sun and clouds play all day

but when the game’s over, and the clouds dissipate,

is the sun colder, smaller, lesser than before?”

“No” I said truthfully, “It’s brighter, warmer…”


“Well, when two share harmonious love,

and sex is the best path to carry the energy,

a natural, electrical bridge for sensuality,

they are not diminished, but strengthened,

bolder, stronger, standing as gods upon the earth!

This, my gentle friend, is the great secret

hidden from you since that fateful day

the first New Age Woman dared the gods

and ate passion’s fruit, sharing her love

with her partner of the moment…

Isn’t it time you regained Paradise?”

Following One’s Star

It is so easy to settle for less, and anything we settle for will always be less than our potential, for the potential in us never settles for: never quits, never stops, never gives up nor gives in. That is why we keep coming back, time after time, attempting to “get it” this time around. It’s like someone who keeps coming to take a test (though I do not believe that life is a test – just using a metaphorical expression) and each time she fails, she cries, then returns to the studying until she feels ready to take the test again.


Such a one must eventually succeed. But what of those who just go along? Who don’t see, or worse, see, but do nothing, waiting for someone else to get involved? What a waste of life-force; of time and of space! Billions of humans milling about on this world, and of those, how many rise each day to the drum beat of their passion?


Each day, I see new results of working through self-empowerment. I see myself doing things I never thought possible. Daring, if only incrementally. Living the so-called “now” while expanding my vision of who I’ve been, and who I choose to become. Becoming. Always becoming. Passionately becoming.


Who am I? I am that which is becoming. I was – will be. I am no longer a stranger to myself. I know what I’m going to do before I have time to think about it. I’ve studied the habits of this previously unknown entity; this stranger that was me. I’ve seen its past lives and read its thoughts. I’ve walked in its shoes only to realize that it is I who brought it this far, and it is I who is taking it into the future. Only I.


Therefore, I will no longer allow it to be bought, badgered or beaten by others, regardless of who they claim to be. I will not abandon it to the vagaries of the thoughts and belief systems of others, their rulers or gods, their politics, their belief systems. I am taking complete responsibility for us and in so doing, we are becoming as one.


That is no easy task. And the next logical step (reaching for the unreachable star here) is to do the same with you, the other stranger. And all the other strangers.

Geese, Marsha And I

In slanting rays, the trees

cast elongated shadows on the sand

of a sloping river’s shore:

from far away they look like fishermen

standing by the water’s edge, waiting.

As the sun dries a million tiny grains

upon that dampened shore,

each loses its attraction to its neighbours

and freed to journey once again,

borne by a wintry, easterly gale,

in swirling swarms flies merrily

over the flowing waters

to settle on a small island

strewn with gravel and see-through shrubs.

There, with its new friends

it settles in the winter’s sun

to build a new dune

where geese, Marsha and I

will sun ourselves in summer’s warmth,

occasionally dipping sun-sated skin

in surrounding flowing streams

over bars of washed gravel:

I think, in retrospect

that is how the Creators intend it

when they made the sand,

the geese, Marsha and I.

God And I – An Adult Relationship

Yes, God is back in my life. I will emphasize this by stating, without reservations, that this is the most joyous time I have ever experienced, however far I care to remember.


However (everything in worlds of duality has a “however”) this is a grown up relationship. Both of us have changed during our great silences, separations, recriminations and angers for what we perceived to be false representation of intent, broken promises, abandonment and the frustrations from realizing that neither of us is “perfect”.


God is not perfect. However much that goes against the belief systems of “lesser” mortals, that is how it is. For if God were indeed perfect, no relationship between Him and us would be possible. He would show up and we would be instantly absorbed into His perfection. We would be fried into oblivion. That’s a grown up understanding. It doesn’t have to be pleasant, that is how it is.


So here we are, God and I. We are about to renew our vows to one-another. It is an exciting time, with trepidation, some anticipation and some serious reservations -- and conditions. That is, neither of us must impose upon the other what is individually perceived as "right". We are working out a kind of independent partnership for the betterment of all of creation and our own.


What you get from me: I accept you. I won’t judge you from the records of history, from the evil people have done, and continue to do, in your name, or from the horrible track record of the impositions if ill-thought laws and rules and from what your religious organizations have done with such power. I won’t hold the times you disappeared without explanations against our love. I will accept you for what you are and if I see you doing things I disapprove of, I will remember that I will also be doing such things when I think it is the right and necessary thing to do. What I do not understand, I trust that our love will be great enough to absorb it. My heart will remain open to you always and I will forgive you.


What I get from you: You will accept me as I am. You will give me the freedom to do those things I judge to be right in relation to life on Earth. You will allow me to move among the people without making special allowances for religious belief or other creeds, race, social status or spiritual condition of “soul”. You will accept my transgender status without reservations. You will accept that I will not be returning to the Church nor joining any particular religious grouping. You will not get upset that I have broken through the great veil imposed over human understanding of the real purpose of “time” and learned of myself in past lives. You will interact openly and generously with my own “Teachers” who are not of your organizations nor of your worlds. You will not judge nor condemn me ever again and will never again claim that you are with me to “save” me. You will accept that I choose not to wear your golden chain, called the soul, ever again. You will accept that I will serve you but will never again be your slave. Your heart will remain open to me and you will forgive me.


Our mutual pledge: to love one another "forever" -- regardless of circumstances.


If we decide on a public renewal of vows and a wedding instead of elopement, you are all invited… No gifts please. If you have something to give, give it to your poor – unfortunately they remain with you as long as you do not change that pattern. God and I cannot help you there.

God’s Blessings?

To those who insist

God blesses them with their good things

I’d like to propose this:


Leave all your good things behind

re-locate to some Third World country

where poverty, disease and famine

are the order of the day:

will the same good things keep coming?


To any thinking person, it’s quite clear

only a very sick “god”

would condemn millions to daily starvation

while filling the trough of the fat cats.


Fortuitous circumstances,

protection by powerful military machines,

not God

determine who gets and who loses;

so it has always been

and so it will continue to be

until we realize our personal responsibility

in all the horror and mayhem done on planet Earth.

Grains Of Sand

In shifting winds

and rising tides

I journey alone,

my soul seeking release,

yearning to return

to another place

vaguely remembered.


Waves crash endlessly

against jagged rocks

inexorably eroding away

these stubborn monoliths


As my body is transformed

by the harsh reality of experience

I find myself reshaped also,

as the storms of life

sift through my scattering remains.


Worn down, transformed,

I find myself freed at last

from the shattered remnants

of an earthly body

and my spirit ascends

to seek a new beginning.

Great Spirits

Great minds, great spirits have walked this earth

(at least in the past – can’t vouch for today!)

and these great ones have faced raging opposition

from the establishment

and other brain-dead, brainwashed fools

in their time.


Why would such ones come here?

Did they have no choice?

If not, why did they speak, write

or demonstrate superior ways

only to be called liars, mocked, jeered and killed?

Doesn’t it make you wonder?


Who were these individuals?

Where did they come from?

What power did they use

to stand against peers and power groups?

And why would some people listen to them

for such a short time then forget all they ever taught?


Funny thing about humans:

they can be counted on to hold to ideas that don’t work

and to spurn those that have a chance.

Well, it’s not too surprising:

humans are an indolent bunch

morally and spiritually speaking.


Don’t appreciate being told to shape up or ship out -

better to watch TV or grab a case of beer,

go down to the boat launch

and go snag some helpless fish;

take the SUV downtown:

off to a fashion show, a display home

and lunch with the girls.


If I should die

(or disappear)


(or some night…

some day)

whatever the reason:

be reasonable: you know

we do not choose

our timetable,

and if I sound a bit eager

it’s not for lack

of loving you:

(we’ve discussed this

so many times!)

it’s just the pain -

I’d like to leave the pain

of watching a world die…

If I should die, then,


(you don’t need this paper

to do that!)

I learned to love you

to the degree

allowed by my understanding.

As I learned to know,

I learned to know you;

I learned that you

were made

so beautiful and kind

so gentle and soft

so willing to experiment

with the gift of love

we both received…

Having said that,

(I continue):

If I should die

and you were bitter

at being left to bear

a few more years of sorrow



(yes: remember)

I’m waiting for you

and learning still

preparing to give you

a love you’d never


dreamed possible

anytime, anywhere,

but you see, I know


all things

are quite possible:

miracles are everyday

commonplace, expected

so, hold on,

don’t let them

confuse you

when I’m gone.

don’t let

lack of faith,

of understanding

make you forget.

Live your life

as normal as you can

do what you must:



learn to laugh again

while you wait…

Just don’t forget

who you are


where you’re going:

Remember: you are loved!

Is Nature’s Struggle

The Cause Of Pain?


Many ideas have been expressed on the nature of these worlds – whether about Earth or the universe.


It seems that everything in order to manifest “here” must have a minimum of two sides and even if it has more, there has to be a balance between the facets. Balance meaning two, however complex this “two” becomes.


Since the two facets cannot be the same, and since all things emanate from an absolute source, the facets, or sides, must be opposites to create and maintain a meaningful balance. Can’t be any other way or nothing meaningful would ever emerge from the cosmic chaos. It would remain a nightmare – much like a surrealist Dali painting – useless, unable to support life.


So what keeps these opposites together? Polarity. That’s the energy of attraction.


However it’s been expressed, that pretty well sums up our reality or realities. The only “escape” from this polarized duality is to abandon all realities that support individuated life. Such a move would return us to spirit where all is ostensibly “bliss” because nothing exists. In other words, to escape the struggle of polarized duality living, one

has to not only de-materialize but de-manifest also. One must abandon one’s entire existence.


Ok, so that’s one way to end living in struggle. Rather drastic. Is it the only way we can escape our pain-filled conflict within creation?


Ah, but you will say: Didn’t you just introduce a new concept in this thought? Didn’t you just go from “struggle” to “pain-filled conflict” as if they were one and the same?


Indeed I did, and they are not one and the same. This little trip down the “what if” trail is an exploration of these concepts. This is for those of us who truly enjoy being alive but who wonder if the conflict we experience and subsequent pain with its many derivatives is a natural and necessary part of the struggle of opposites engendered by creation.


I think such a question is legitimate. No one likes pain – even masochists would not endure it if they did not find pleasure in it, so really they are not experiencing pain but pleasure in a twisted sort of way.


If pain was a natural aspect of struggle we wouldn’t feel as we do about it. We would accept it. We would not speak of injustice as a negative thing. We would not support huge establishments selling health. We wouldn’t buy insurance. We wouldn’t feel upset when accidents or catastrophes happened – we wouldn’t even talk about them. If we happened to be the survivors, that would only mean we are here to carry on the genes, nothing more.


But that is not the case with us. Normally we get incensed at acts that promote injustice and most normal humans wish for peace and justice. Most do not remain impassive when they hear of a tidal wave killing tens of thousands of people. Emotions can run high at the sight of a shoot-out, a train derailment or a fire-ball accident on the Freeway. And when someone dies, even of so-called natural causes, people mourn. They experience loss and that loss translates as pain.


Whether the pain experienced is man-made or from natural causes, the question is: is it necessary? Is there a way around this while still living in worlds where the nature of things is the endless juxtaposing of opposites brought face to face with each other by polarity?


I’ve considered this and concluded that either we are not very evolved mentally or we have been brainwashed on a massive scale by certain powerful entities whose purpose in this is to keep us ignorant regarding the outworking of the great creation struggle.


The natural struggle of things is what holds created life together and also what drives evolution. Struggle leads to change and change as they say is the one constant in the universe. (Ah well, now there are two constants, and struggle comes first.) But while struggle is necessary to life, conflict is not. Opposites are not in conflict until a belief system is set up that makes it appear as if they were. Once we believe that all struggle is a conflict, we must then believe there are sides to this conflict.


While it is impossible to take sides in nature’s struggle since it would mean taking sides for and against our own nature – say what? – it is impossible not to take sides in any conflict. Conflict means enmity. It means that one side must triumph over the other. Since that is impossible, once we enter into conflict for any reason, on any scale, we are utterly doomed to endless “war” because the side we destroy must, of necessity, reappear somewhere else and stronger – ad infinitum – or creation ceases to exist. And that pretty well says it all.


If we moved ourselves away from thoughts of conflict (or competition, same thing) and accepted that all of life must exist in a constant push-pull or natural struggle, we would then see the beauty in all opposites. No longer enemies to be feared but always the two sides of the one thing creating endless joy. Lovers in a kaleidoscope of colours and movement and when their struggle erupts into something “else” – well, ever heard of an orgasm? It is not intended to kill anyone. It unleashes not only the greatest pleasure such organisms can feel but has the potential to impregnate and bring forth new life.


Because there is no inherent fear in the process we know as propagation of life, we do not *naturally* fear nature's struggle. What we fear is what we have been taught to fear. Our fear is a mind-polluting by-product of our belief systems. The question could be put this way: do we make love, or do we rape?


Oh and by the way, all our systems, bar none, are held together by our beliefs. We need look no further than within our systems and establishments to find the source of our fears, our resultant conflicts and our endless wars.


And this *naturally* brings us back to the overcoming concept: individual self-empowerment.

Lady Marion, Lady Joy

Fly South, today, Lady Marion,

to the ends of the Earth

Come share the River

and Walk the Sands of Time

once more with WindWalker…


The River flows

in all her Fall glory

garlanded in gently falling leaves;

she waits for You

after the rains.

It may be but for a Day

reckoned in Earth’s old Time

but Eternity will carefully mark

this Soul Passage

as Love in Flight

and when we leave

this Enchanted Place

Eagles will hold it secure

until another Slice of Time

connects it All again…


So come with me

Bringing your Joy

Bringing your Freedom

Bringing your Power

Bringing your Laughter:

Earth will supply the rest!

Language Of The Heart

Today we have languages galore,

and really big words

like stentorophonic,

pandemonium, tintinnabulation,

(I could go on but you get the point)

that most of us don’t need,

can even less pronounce.


These make their rounds

and silly sounds,

and accomplish little more,

… but …

Heaven forbid

if you can’t read ‘em,

‘cause an entire society


if you can’t read

you’ve got to be

the village idiot…

with nothing intelligent to say

and should be wearing

a funny hat!


If only they could read my mind!

Life Is A Game

If life’s a game

it isn’t one that can be won,

this we know.

But can it be lost?


The placid and the tame

won’t get you in the game!

The stakes are high

and yes,

it is a game of fools.


Earth is a gambling casino,

the maddest in the galaxy.

More than fortunes

have been lost here

when the great ones

from neighboring stars

came to gamble.


Once upon a time,

so it is said,

earthmen in dire straits

beaten at the gaming tables

gave their daughters as prize

to the Lords of space.


The ante today

is not your daughter

but your very own soul:

will you play the game

for the play’s sake?


Will you rashly taste

the spice of your winnings

then drink to your losses

to the bitter dregs?

Life’s Secret

Quote from a previous post: {God’s} concern will be with those who have mastered life and discovered its secret, who by their insistence, persistence and courage have “invaded” his once exclusive turf.


Life’s secret is simple: everything is real and there is only one ultimate reality and that is change. Whatever there be that claims to never change is either lying or is dead. By “dead” I do not mean that there is not some semblance of life; that there is not even some awesome power demonstrated, but it is not currently “living” energy. It is an energy that has closed itself off from its source and maintains itself by sucking life from its [captive] surroundings.


A powerful entity or “god” chooses to freeze change and creates a closed energy system from which nothing is supposed to escape. Then it proceeds to feed off of whatever it holds within its energy shield. This should explain the great danger of falling prey to any belief system… or any god or other power-entity that undergirds such a system. Anything that requires “communion” or insists upon “one-ness” is such a despotic, saprophytic system. (Using the term “saprophytic” deliberately to show that not only is the predator not truly alive but neither is its prey – existing also within this closed system.)


It is high time Earthians became aware of this process so they can understand why, even under the aegis of some Great God, despite all the promises of being filled with an awesome Spirit and the incredible power that can move mountains, literally(!) they remain mere regiments of weaklings running around in fear, powerless to withstand even the least attacks of their enemies unless they debase themselves to using the same weapons and same fear and hate, as their enemies. Their “faith” and their “hope” are but empty containers as empty as summer sacks of puffball fungi.


They exist within debilitating predatory relationships, the predator being the god or system or institution (all the same thing) and the prey, of course, being the believer -- and since the "god system" can no longer afford to accept change, neither can it afford to allow its prey to change, for in that change it may well awaken to discover its true purpose in the system's scheme. Having some intelligence, for only intelligent beings can sate the eternal hunger of a predatory Power, the prey will seek means to escape its captor. It may cease "believing in" or give its allegiance to a counter power system (as in a revolution, for example).


If we consider the above possibility we see why dictatorships are always cruel and why they fail. At the same time we see that it becomes inevitable that any power system -- any institution --cobbled together for whatever purpose on this world, will always revert to some aspect of despotism operated by a heartless and ruthless bureaucracy.


This entire system of things whose extent I cannot determine for certain, but which certainly includes “heaven” and “hell” as balancing spiritual aspects of it, is one gigantic dictatorial hierarchy under one great “god” who broaches no rivals and is forever at war with those who would depose him to take his place.


Within this system, the great Powers are his servants and the first symbol of worship is Death. Not surprisingly, Earth's greatest religion depicts its own "god" dead upon an instrument of torture. And while it claims that this "god" is resurrected, yet does it worship him in death and forces its adherents to accept this contradiction by "faith." Here I speak of Christianity of course, if mainly of its demonic side. All other Earthian religions follow the pattern; all their gods being gods of death, all servants of the main warring divinity-- whichever one is on the "throne" at the time.


Personal observation: to escape this darkness and return to life it is necessary to go through terrible ordeals. One must re-engage the life-giving process; becoming change; shape-shifting, transforming, into whatever necessary to once more flow with the energies in the change patterns and escape. One must find and deliberately enter the “black holes” or tunnels that lead outside the time-prison. One must die to everything one was and knew in order to re-emerge cleansed of the prison stamp someplace outside the closed system suffocating from entropy.


Then comes the even more difficult task of “re-creating” oneself by seeking all of the scattered pieces that are of “self” and putting them together. The jigsaw puzzle that puts itself together for only “it” can know where the pieces fit and which ones no longer fit and must be discarded. And now one is not only self-empowered, but self-made. No more being made in anyone else’s image. No more feeding the Matrix of Powers. No more external programming. That is the Golden Path.


"... she needed to awaken on her own and discover all her bits and pieces -- to find out what glue holds her together, or binds us all together. We are all jigsaw people, after all, aren't we? Scattered and shattered, perplexed and puzzled beyond hope or hopelessness. But she -- she will surprise us all. She will remember what tore us apart. She will remember past knowing, I'm certain of it." [The Jigsaw Woman by Kim Antieau]

Man’s World

Man’s world:

a world of rules and regulations,

of do’s and don’ts,

of limits and boundaries.


Man’s world strangles the mind

in the child

and imprisons the body,

denying it natural form and function.

Belief systems are imposed

and fashion dictates.

Laws demand conformity

or penalty.


False morality rules;

while millions die of starvation

and millions more

are killed in wars

or die slowly in prison camps,

love-making is declared sinful

and fortunes are spent

to keep one comatose body

from going to the morgue.


This world of repression

prevents man from attaining

his full potential as nature’s child.

It nurtures anger, hate and fear

for these are the hallmarks of the System:

in this state of mind

a human distrusts even himself,

giving up his very soul

to the gods who rule this world -

and that

makes him a truly immoral being.


For those of age, here’s a question to ponder:

can two people love each other unconditionally

when tragically caught in the web of marriage?


I threw this question to the winds of fate

in hope I would get an answer in my time of need

but as I turned to leave, I heard a voice

coming from deep within the ancient trees

where wisdom dwells in infinity:


“What is marriage but a contract of co-dependency

doomed by impossible expectations?

When two love each other as one,

any addition or deletion to their unity in bliss

will but bring ruin to all their plans:

Have you not observed this yourself?”

“If in fear of losing, you bind,

are you not admitting you’ve already lost it all?

What is marriage, but a life sentence unenforceable?

A prison whose walls and bars are expectations?

A fenced courtyard where love and life stagnate

until the dried up remnants of your youthful love

blow away in the bitter winds of divorce?”


“Love cannot be bound: listen

to the voice of the spirit soaring among the stars

speaking softly to the heart of your other,

reminding yourself that love is beginning and end

and needs no artificial glue…

is this not true?”

Meaning Of Life

An eager young student

once asked the wise one:

“Please explain the meaning of life?”


“You want to know the meaning of life?

There is no one meaning of life, but

an endless array of meanings,

more varied than the stars in the heavens;

than grains of sand on the ocean floor.


For every form of life, there is a meaning

as every thought brings forth

a new meaning:

Imagine seven billion people thinking thoughts

and dreaming dreams, day after day.

Each one’s life mirrors the meaning of life,

and each thought, each dream

replaces the one before: can you count this?


Life’s meaning is endless, infinite:

you could say the meaning of life

is simply becoming aware,

in joy with all that is;

being our “self” the creator.

Plodding The Mindless Maze

Plodding the mindless maze,

herds of bleary-eyed sheeple shuffle;

jostle and crowd ‘neath ancient towers

moldy and cracked, ready to crumble

with the touch of a child’s hand.


Joining jeers, cheering multitudes

applaud their own laugh-track --

commercial-driven stupids

too ignorant even to qualify as fools --

somehow enduring unaware

parading their emptiness of mind

briefly upon the plastic stage

in the worst-ever bad-acted sitcom.


But what does it matter to them?

They know just enough to realize

no one is watching their antics

no one cares when they tumble off

tired, drunk, diseased, depressed,

their inflatable life pin-pricked:

it’s all the reality earth can offer.


The worst show ever, that it is,

but it’s on every available channel

and it’s prime time all the time.


The path unwinding before us

in this time we call the present

is not the only journey we’ve ever attempted

nor likely is it to be our last!


Let us have the courage, the wisdom

to allow our self a glimpse

at unformed futures – possibilities

springing forth from virgin ground.


Do we choose to stay on a path

that’s known and sure?

(Is there even such a possibility?)

Or embark on the adventure

of the unknown, uncertain journey?

Crossing the river where no river exists?

Walking a chasm where there is no bridge?

Sailing an ocean without shores?


The choice is ours but only for a time:

we mustn’t ponder too long the issue:

the right or wrong, the choices in the wind.

Brambles and briars, weeds and mists,

those assailing doubts

from life in the comfort zone

will grow more impenetrable,

eventually cover these enchanted ways

from our present view: and once more,

we’ll be watching the evening news,

or getting ready for work…


Shallow minds need shallow thoughts

for comfort is what they crave…

My thoughts are not gathered

from shallow, stagnant pools

where filth gathers and floats

and sinks to murky non-depths

and smells rise putridly

on the passing of a casual breeze…

Rather, I gather my thoughts

from the deepest wells ever dug

where treasures of past and future

are hid from the average eyes;

where the freshest waters seep -

for I knew from the time I could know

that the world of man is parched for truth

and many are those made sick

from drinking of the shallow muck

and so I rest in defense of my case:

my poetry shall never be

for television fare nor radio blare

nor ceremonious book-signing fanfare!

I must add for those who question

the motives behind my words:

If you want to sell crackers and beer,

sell crackers and beer

but if the muse of words

chooses your heart for a home

take care you do not become her pimp

and sell her for a prostitute.

Questions About The “Why” Question

I was sitting on a park bench

muttering to myself:

why do I always want

to question everything?

How they work;

why they work! or not.


Maybe, I thought,

I should not question at all,

just accept things as they are:

wouldn’t that make life easier?


Just then an old man

sat beside me and said:

“Hope you don’t mind

but I heard you talking to yourself

and I may have an answer

to your existential questions.


“The unexamined life

is not worth living --

un-questioned, life falls

in religious limbo

or perhaps I should say:

becomes a pointless series

of belief systems.”


“Think about that for a while.”


(I’m still thinking about it!)


I run on the edge of a sea

having more faces than grains of sand

bordering shores, hemming waves.

Do I know where I’m running to?

Running from?

a part of me wants to kneel

a part of me wants to cry

a part of me wants to laugh

a part of me says:

“I’ve left footprints here before!”


Listen to that wise old part;

born with a million faces!

It doesn’t matter (she says)

it doesn’t matter at all

what you believe – or that you run

from here to there; nowhere to nowhere

for you are still now here.


What matters:

Can you feel the fingers of wind

combing your hair; massaging your skin?

Touch clouds mixed in sky

and walk through the fires of earth?

Can you see gulls rising, floating

on nothing but wind?



Perhaps it is still all too much…

perhaps another day, another way:

don’t worry, I have endless days;

endless ways

neither of us is going any




as of rain on pavement

bouncing over cold, bare feet:



as of death on pavement

blood from a small rabbit

crushed by a wheel,

Big Wheel







as of a girl child on pavement

holding out flowers

to passer-by’s

flowers fading

flowers dying



as the child:



as of a line of grey limos

headlights on




death to

appointed graveyard assignment.



as of spirit

observing a dying creation:



as of paradise paved

killing fields turned to profit


under bulldozer and hammer







deep, deep

reaching to hell

and heaven


raising angry fists

kneeling in the dirt

hands raised, opened

to ward the blows



as of tears

streaking hollowed cheeks

crying in pain:



as of a brother

turned away to die.


No matter how gifted

one is at certain things,

if he hides his talents

he become as saprophytic plants,

who cannot ever face

a noonday sun.


There is a path to set the heart free

to experience grace;

discover new space,

creating a new environment

an awakening of the soul:

another may see such a path

and rejoice in possibilities!


As in a forest filled with shadows,

where certain flowers remain unseen,

so are talents unused:

gifts remaining as shadows;

gifts returning to the grave.

The Observer Is The Creator

It is said that “opposites attract”. Such a thought would indicate that any “law of attraction” would be a very dangerous concept – used exclusively. “Darksong” sorcery – that which uses “life” to destroy life? Do opposites really attract each other? No; they are integral parts of each other. Everything has its opposite. This is where it gets to be fun: every opposite also has its own opposite.


Let’s take truth: its opposite is lie. But we know there are endless types of truths and lies, until a “lie” may be more truthful that a “truth”. There’s that cross-over that many follow through belief systems, for example, without realizing they have gone from “truth” to “lie”; without seeing that what they now “believe in” has made a 180 degree turn on them. This we see daily in religion, politics and the handling of money.


What is a truth? A lie? Technically they remain in their own space. But when we factor in intent and morality (right and wrong) we find truth and lie in each other’s space, often sleeping comfortably with one another. A “lie” is told to confuse, to gain power over, to hide from responsibility, to rob another. But there are “good” lies – such as the one told to protect an innocent from an unjust law, or to save a life. A “truth” can just as easily be used to disarm and dis-empower. A truth can be used for personal profit in countless ways; or told to save one’s own skin, and to condemn an innocent – or as has often happened in times of oppression, to get rid of a neighbour in order to get his house, lands, possessions (Nazi Germany and the dis-possession of the Jews, for example – or the destruction of aboriginal peoples.)


What am I describing above? That truth and lie are not technical terms. They are not black OR white. They cannot be measured or categorized logically. They are symbiotic. Would you agree with that?


We live in a world established (hence, the Establishment – the System) in polarity. Opposites that endlessly create re-action, thus turning the “crankshaft” of society. Like pistons in an engine. Force against force, impinging on each other until the greater overcomes the lesser and something – predictably – gives. That’s how Earthian society functions. That is why we have oppression, suppression and endless conflict in every type of collective (the engines that run society) – the forces that “turn society’s crank.”


Under current conditions, there is no getting away from this relationship.


We probably cannot change the “natural” aspect of this polarity – not if we do not want to be responsible for a counter “big bang” that would destroy this universe. So we go back to the basics of quantum physics (if I may use that term here?); to particles and waves. What do we find? A particle? A wave? Both? It depends on our “position” or mindset. The Observer determines the functioning of the universe without changing its nature.


We are complex beings, far from being just a particle or a wave. But that does not matter because we are also simple beings: we are thought. Thought comes before the particle or the wave, before nature. As thought we pre-date all of our systems – natural or “un-natural.” But we are even simpler than thought, and older: we are spirit. That’s what we so easily forget. We can “reason” with thought; we can observe and analyze nature from the point of view of a created entity: thought. We can go ever-deeper into the micro and the macro of it.


But how many stop and ask: If I be a product of creation, how can I stand outside and observe “it”?


From thought; from “creation” I can observe nature. But where do I stand to observe creation? To observe my own thoughts?


Some would cursorily wave a hand and say: “from the center.” There’s that false Buddhism of facile, simplistic, perfunctory New Agey philosophy that invents some kind of magic “center” of all things, all thought, all whatever, that claims that anyone can go there and basically do nothing; where there’s nothing to “do” but be. What a boring thought. I think(!) I’d be able to stand it for a couple of hours then leave the meeting.


Reminds me of the joke about the turkeys gathered in the pen prior to Thanksgiving, saying to one-another: “Now that we’re organized, what do we do?” And of course, they cannot do anything because they are not organized, just lumped together and they never “thought” they’ve have to do anything. So they get slaughtered.


The truism holds: as below, so above. Do nothing and become the prey of those who do. So I must find that place from which I can be the Observer of all reality. For if I allow another to be the Observer, be it a God, demon, alien, Ascended Master, earthly ruler, I must then accept their version of the “facts” as they see them. I will have no observational status from which to ascertain the truth or lie. Afraid of the consequences of social rejection, ridicule, or “damnation” I will accept their “facts” as truth – for better or worse. And as we observe, it is usually for the worse!


But what happens when I become the Observer of my own reality? These others can no longer wield authority over me because they cannot know my reality unless I reveal it [or sell it!] to them. The Observer is self-empowered. Thus is it that one becomes “Creator” of her/his reality. That is a good thing, isn’t it? Well…


Only if that status is based on detachment and compassion. Otherwise we’re back at the beginning and the wheel turns once more, crushing as it goes. Another truism that holds: “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


To be “spirit-filled” (not necessarily a religious concept) is not for the weak-minded or the slaves of the system. To stand outside all known reference points and dare look at everything at face value; to ride the “nexus” through infinity, leaving a legacy of love and peace through compassion regardless of circumstances encountered: that is what I call life!

Unbound Love

I welcomed the sun’s warmth

one summer morning;

a log brought in by the flowing tide

providing the philosopher’s seat…

l wondered:

why do I feel a reluctance

to give myself to pleasure

on this shore of paradise?


Though I did not expect her,

she came, unassuming yet bold,

flowing from within the elements:

Gently, she touched my skin, my heart, my spirit

and how quickly my reluctance

to taste of pleasure vanished in her presence!


Morning became an arousal

of primordial joy, unbound, like her love.

She showed me her dreams

and her desires for life reflected my own:

we became as lovers of poetry,

of romance, of stories told and re-told

joining, unashamed, unafraid,

holding a moment made of eternity…


When our time together was complete,

she left, other shores to visit

other lovers to taste–

to share her healing power,

her brutal openness and simple innocence

with whomever dared to accept.

What’s Missing In Our Relationships?

If I were to ask the question, “What’s the main ingredient that’s missing in our relationships that we are forever breaking out of them, suffering them, pathetically, desperately hanging on to them or trying to make them aright” what would be the stock answer? Love.


Doesn’t that seem obvious, that if we loved those we interact with, they would love us in turn and all would be well? Obvious sure, but just as wrong as it is obvious.


Here are a few surprises. We do not enter into relationships for mutual support (as from husband and wife). It’s not for someone making me feel good (as from a lover). It’s not for a pay check (as from a boss). It’s not to provide a home base for children (as from parents). It’s not to protect or be protected (as from government or police or other protection agency). It’s not to seek healing (as from a healer). It’s not to get education (as from teachers).


Fine, there are thousands of wrong reasons to enter into any relationship. What is the proper reason for doing so, then?


There is something we were never told, or taught, about the nature of relationships. They are for enemies, not for friends. Crazy, right? Who wants to have a relationship with one’s enemies; who wants to be engaged day and night loving them? Probably very few because to enter such relationships requires self-empowerment and total detachment.


Relationships were designed to bring order from chaos, not to protect order from chaos. Notice the distinction: it’s not subtle. Relationships are always for that which is diametrically opposite to where we are. From chaos (opposites) comes order (relationship of opposites).


What was it Jesus said? “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even “pagans” love those who love them. But I say to you: love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you…” and so on it went. Why would any reasonably intelligent teacher ask his student/followers to do that which would only see them abused, perhaps killed? Instead of asking that question futilely, why don’t we ask ourselves what “they” left out of his teaching? What if he did explain the adversarial aspect of healthy relationships? Wasn’t he talking about love as it appears at the Avatar level?


Let’s look at love. For years I’ve denied love as a working concept because I based my understanding of it from observing Earthians and reading their “smart guys” stuff written about it. Love was a fool’s paradise, utterly unattainable, utterly unworkable. So butt-stupid were their explanations of it that “love” came down to basic rutting instinct. As a transgendered being past the stage where that instinct affects me I can look again at the concept of love.


What is love? It’s an energy field; a force. How does such a force manifest? It flows between juxtaposed opposites. Love could be called a reconciliation mechanism. Love has no holding power between “lovers” for example. They don’t need it! Anything already set up to do a nurturing, sustaining, protecting work has transcended the need for love. Friends, presumably are people who get along; who like to be together; who know how to work out their differences, so they don’t need love. Members of a family don’t need to love each other: they are beyond that need. The family guarantees their safety and equality.


Mutually supportive relationships are essences of order. Love is that force that brings chaos and order together, always for a higher “grade” of life experience.


Understanding this, it becomes “de rigueur” to seek out one’s enemy with an open mind and complete detachment; fearlessly and without the least expectation, just to allow love to begin flowing between adversaries and do its healing work. I’ve had to correct my understanding here also: love is not something I do, but something I allow to happen to me and between me and another.


The reason love is so misunderstood is because it can be faked, and to allow the real thing to possess one means to become a ‘universal’ servant of others. It means I have to completely change everything I was taught about relationships.


Here’s a question for “me”: Can I go to my job tomorrow morning just to serve without being aware that there is a pay check at the end… and what if I found out there will be no pay. If I could afford to work without pay, would I continue? I can’t answer that one… not yet. But it’s not the first time I’ve heard the question in the back of my mind.


So, what’s missing in our relationships? An innocent willingness to serve the adversary, regardless of how we are treated. We are never special, nor “deserving” of special treatment. But to be self-empowered enough to carry love to an enemy by making oneself vulnerable: that is the path of the Avatar.

“Whatever Is Needed Of Me”

She knows the end has come. Abandoning her crude, water-logged dugout canoe to float away with other logs down the muddy stream, she runs up a sandy and wet grass-covered bank to the willow line. There she stands quietly, looking in the stagnant waters of a woodland pond, the rusty grasses now barely standing and at the raspy curling leaves from dying trees all around. The breeze carries the smell of death, the stench of a dying god somewhere beyond the hills where lie the remains of a city.


Taking a deep breath she casts off the rest of her ragged clothing and raising her arms to the rust-colored skies she cries out, “Whatever is needed of me I am willing to give.”


At the sound of her voice, or at the power of her words, the waters of the pond stir and rise in a dirty waterspout. Several of the dying trees twist and turn to each other and morph into a dark form. The spout and the dark entity merge and there, in front of the naked young human stands an enormous man, or rather a nature-being morphed to resemble a human male. He changes his size until he stands only some two feet taller than the trembling girl. The ground shakes as he walks to her.


In a voice that echoes far away across the river and into the hills he says, “Who awakens the Woda entering the great sleep of the world?”


The silence following his words is even more deafening to the girl. Yet she replies boldly, “It is I who calls. I wish to continue. I do not choose for this to be the end.”


The nature giant moves closer to her and he pierces her with his eyes. She does not flinch but waits, lowering her arms but raising her head, bringing her firm breasts up for him to look upon. He reaches for her and embraces her. She gasps as he takes her and feels herself being filled with new life. Instantly she knows she is carrying his child, their child. She offered, she accepts, she waits for him to explain.


“You now possess the redeemer body and within you are two beings: a man and a woman. To these twins you will give birth and you shall care for them until they are of age to look after themselves, after which you shall be free again. During this time of gestation and rearing you belong to us, to this world and to them. You must remember this.”


He touches her nipples and again she feels that current of new life coursing through her.


He speaks again: “I have given you the power to bring forth the sacred milk of the goddess. Your breasts will never run dry as long as you feed the twins. To the boy-man you must give your left breast and to the girl-woman your right. Know now and always remember that these beings are not as you would think, brother and sister, but the parents of a new species of Earth humans. Now go. Do not return to your kind for they will sense this new life in you and in fear they will kill you and your unborn. Go into the mountains, into the west. There you will find caves to live in. Find water flowing from within the stones and it will be pure for you. Food you will gather from the green things that grow around you. Fear not. You offered freely and without conditions. This means you are a powerful woman of Earth. We would not have listened to anyone else. Now go.”


Though she senses it is hopeless to ask, she does anyway: “Will you not come with me and help me? Shall I live alone in the mountains and among the rocks and give birth without help? How can I possibly do this? I am on the wrong side of the river. How do I escape to the mountains? And why can I not remember my name?”


“We are leaving; you chose to remain. So we gave you the gift of continuing life in response to your offer. Be thankful. In your many lives here you learned how to do all the things now required of you. Just remember. The river you must swim as you have watched deer and coyote swim it for many years. You know this. Rocks you know how to climb. Green things you understand. Giving birth alone you have done. You have no name because in accepting our gift to you, you became “Other.” You are Mother and Redeemer. Only when they give you a new name will you have a name. Or when you are free of them you can return to your own names.


“Banish your fear as you cast off your ragged clothes, it is an old, useless shadow. During this time do not seek company of anyone for any company that joins with you will die in your arms, adding to your burden and your sorrow. You cannot help any of them except by completing this journey.


Remember this: at the end of this journey you shall find bliss.”

Why Do We Experience Pain?

A very good question that has received countless answers since the very first such experience. Interestingly, those answers have not taken away the sting of pain, and certainly have not taken our pain away. We are still asking and we are still experiencing pain nonetheless, and none less than before.


Perhaps knowing what causes pain would help?


Pain is caused by system imbalance. That’s the short of it. Any system that is out of balance creates pain to whatever aspect of life is controlled by that system.


Then why do some aspects of life within that system experience more pain than others?


Same answer: imbalance. Imbalance does not affect all aspects equally. It is chaotic. Also, some aspects “learn” to use the imbalance to their advantage; they learn how to manipulate it, thus moving the pain around and away from themselves. Predators and predatory sub-systems are masters at this.


Earthian power systems provide an unavoidable example of the truth of the above.


Based on the above, is it possible to ever live on Earth without experiencing pain?


Yes, of course. Pain is not an attribute of life. It is an attribute of system imbalance. Life seeks balance, not imbalance. By balancing one’s life, pain is lessened until at the point of perfect balance it is eliminated.


How do we balance our life?


That’s a loaded question! I would ask, “What is causing imbalance in my life?” That forces me to look within myself for all those things that create imbalance on a daily basis. There are countless, but they can be summed up under one or two headings: lack of compassion and attachments.


Lack of compassion is rejection of the very experiences we need to attain higher levels of understanding; of awakening. Attachments, of course, create imbalance by weighing down one side against another. We cling to things, to comforts, to beliefs, to relationships, to the status quo, and these form weights that throw us out of balance in relation to life in general. Attachments create fear. Fear is always a form of imbalance.


Worlds as far out of balance as Earth need drastic measures to regain their balance. Let me list some of those.

1. We take it for granted that if push comes to shove, we have the collective right to kill others if they threaten us, or if they have resources our survival depends upon.

Drastic measure: we turn this around. We offer to the world whatever resources we have, without strings attached and without any expectation that it will think better of us afterwards. We accept that we may lose everything, including our country and our own lives in this balancing process.


2. We take it for granted that the environment is there to supply all our needs and wants. As long as we can afford it financially, and we have the technology to do so, we are entitled to take it and enjoy it.

Drastic measure: We accept that the environment has a greater “right to life” than we do, since all of Earth, not just humanity depends on a healthy, balanced environment. We sacrifice our own enjoyment, even our well-being to ensure that Earth’s environment, her ecological systems, are returned to a natural functioning, no longer terrorized by our technology and our greed.


One more example, perhaps the most important.

3. We take it for granted that we have the right to defend ourselves from potential enemies, or a potential enemy. That we can kill to defend our own life. That we can judge and condemn an enemy.

Drastic measure: We give up the right to defend ourselves in case of personal aggression. We consider the concept of self-defense as no longer viable for the kind of world we wish to create. We do what we can to avoid getting into dangerous situations and beyond that, we accept what is, from the heart. We set our sights on a healed world devoid of pain and we accept the personal temporary pain to achieve that, all the while realizing that it may still not be completely achieved.


That is the path of self-sacrifice.


There is never any easy way to re-balance a world.


We could try the simple methods mentioned above.


We could just let things go as they always did and rely on revolutions, resource and civil wars, famines, plagues, followed by mayhem and wanton destruction. This may even include natural cataclysms such as floods, earthquakes or hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes or scorching of arable lands by the sun. Many more people will die this way, and the planet may be rendered practically un-inhabitable for thousands of years. That will certainly not eliminate Earth’s pain.


Or, we can rely on hope for a third option: the intervention of benevolent aliens or the return of Christ or some other God or gods to save this world.

My prediction: won’t happen. That option was once in Earth’s possible future when humanity as a whole had less individual power and was less aware of the harm it was doing. But the last century’s mushrooming of technological violence and the people’s deliberate turning away from spiritual ideals and common sense ways to rely purely on material goals have removed that option. It is now closed and will not re-open until there is both, an individual, and global, change of attitude towards the web of life.


“I do not always understand people, Lerris. That may be because I see the web of life, and it is honest. People deceive themselves rather than face pain and that deception leads to violence. Violence leads to pain and pain to more deception and violence.” (The druid Dayala to the mage Lerris – The Death of Chaos by L. E. Modesitt Jr.)


“Remember: The only power remaining that can accomplish real change is individual. These you require to change your world: self-empowerment, single-mindedness of purpose and the unflinching willingness to sacrifice everything you have and are. (YLea of the WindWalkers)

Zen On A Riverbank

Life is but an illusion, a trick

we play on our physical selves,

we are the trickster, but why?

Because we live in the eternal now

yet desire to know,

and how can we,

without a past or a future?

The present is but the source

recreating the past, creating the future.

Immovable, it creates movement:

universes appear; suns blink their eyes;

a shooting star blazes across immensity;

an eagle soars and a child laughs

at the edge of the crashing wave.


Everything is but illusion:

the longing for something entirely else,

What is joy, if sorrow is unknown?

What is health where disease was never?

What is serenity without turmoil?

Thus do we create our reality from duality:

from what is, we get what seems not

and from what is not, we get what seems:

illusions… dreamtime…


fear not the dream gentle spirit:

the god in you is unfolding

each moment of your life.


The Observer Is the Creator

These books contain a form of free verse poetry, essays, short stories, thoughts, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man. Spirituality, interaction with nature and environment, social changes, dwindling resources. Well worn issues now, indeed. But the poetry and other works in these books gives this subject a different perspective. I daresay that here we can find a "higher" vantage point from which to look at ourselves within the cosmos.

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  • Author: Sha'Ra On WindWalker
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The Observer Is the Creator The Observer Is the Creator