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The New Wolf Shepherd

The New Wolf Shepherd

Copyright © 2016 by Mixy Boothroyd

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Melissa “Everest” Datton

It had been damn near two years since my literal sister and comrade in

arms, Nina Guenard had been unruly laid to rest by the hideous swine

and pack of atrocious wharf rats known as the Philadelphia Police

Department and my world; along with all the rest of what was now

formerly known as the Golden Thunder Pack crumbled all in its entirety.

The two lone wolf survivors, my longtime Brazilian jaguar crony, Livia

Presky and myself, now continued our more than proud legacy of truly

protecting and serving the once prominent Acker Street community of

eastern Philly to the calm and more lenient suburbs of Columbia,

Maryland within the old, gold and proud ranks of the newly reincarnated

civil liberties union commonly known as the Black Panthera party. We

rolled up at around closing time of nine at the local medical clinic near

Howard General Hospital in the rural farm like community of Harpers

Choice and steadily began to flood in through the still open main doors

of the facility and filed orderly and silently up the stairs of the main

lobby before Wendy momentarily paused in sensing. “I smell the rabbit

form of a rat.” She hissed, pointing ahead with a claw to her right. “This

way to doctor Siggabomb’s office.” “Roger.” I answered quietly with a

nod and inched forward with Taniel and the rest of the pack toward the

little plaque at the far end corner marked, “Robert P Siggabomb, M.D.” I

placed my paw on the knob and was surprised to find it still unlocked,

before marching past the now empty reception desk and straight behind

Mixy and Wendy’s lead to Siggabomb’s main business office down the

hall to the left. “Ah, a more than smashing fine evening to you, my fair

ladies.” He cooed as Flint silently pulled the door closed behind us,

blanketing nearly a decent majority of the room in partial to full on

complete darkness. “Nah, it’s all good, brotha man.” The white rabbit

said, putting his hand up slowly in objection. “You can go ahead and

leave it open.” “Back up slowly against the wall.” Jessica growled

orderly in her former cop tone. When he hesitantly refused, the mountain

lion unsheathed her claws angrily and repeated more forcefully with her

Glock drawn, “I said, against the wall, hatter. Now!” My fellow she-

wolf sergeant, Emma quickly dispelled any other thoughts of refusal

deep from the very corners of his hollow mind with a brisk crack of her

bat across the bridge of his muzzle and snatching him forcefully by his

ears before finally holding him steadily in place with a pin of her mighty

sandaled foot directly on where the shit always hurts the upmost worst

of all. “I heard you mothafuckers around here left everyone’s

neighborhood grandma for dead.” I growled, padding slowly up to him

in venomous anger. “Ducking and dodging her CONDITION and shit.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry, miss wolf girl… Melissa…I-… I had no idea. I-

…I… I thought the meds and painkillers would at least start to dull the

pain at least somewhat.” “You gave her chemotherapy drugs way before

the cancer had even developed, you sizzle dick jackass!!” Mixy snarled,

delivering a stunning blow to the bunny’s jaw before straightening up.

“And you did nothing, but kept her waiting all that time like she meant

absolutely NOTHING to you except just another nigga’s ‘dirty laundry’

flapping in the goddamn wind.” Wendy added. She rather hungrily

began to lick her lips as her stomach let out a boisterous and impatient

growl in agreement. Doctor Cottontail began to shudder like a leaf in

leap year and gritted his teeth. “Now,” The ball python continued. “I

don’t know about you, but I managed to completely miss out on my

favorite dinner just for this very moment and a good snake like me just

hates to miss out on good eats with her fam. And so, I think it’s finally

time I abide by the good old natural dinner bell.” Before he could utter

another word in a form of cowardly response, she snatched up his full

and plump form rapidly in her clawed reptilian hands like a groundball

before stuffing him wholly inside her maw as she then swallowed with

an audible gulp, sending him quickly down to the churning acids of her

anticipating stomach. “Anyone up for a little Chinese?” She asked, after

a content belch.

The New Wolf Shepherd

  • ISBN: 9781370473939
  • Author: Mixy Boothroyd
  • Published: 2016-07-29 00:20:16
  • Words: 811
The New Wolf Shepherd The New Wolf Shepherd