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The Mystery Of The Missing Crown

It was a warm, peaceful day in the city of Struay as the sun shone over the clouds, which reflected all over the town. It was a kind, friendly place to be but in the middle of Winding Street lived a detective called Dunken and his trusty sidekick Geff. Dunken is adventurous and cool but Geff’s tall and acts different for each situation. To one side were their friends and on the other were police.


Dunken was playing his guitar while Geff was playing with their friends. Suddenly the mystery alarm went off. “Dunken, wake up!” shouted Geff. “Can’t you see I’m sleeping? ” Dunken said angrily. “Chill out dude, we have a mystery to solve!” Geff replied calmly.


They moved to the TV room and on the big screen appeared the police. “Your next mission is to get back the King’s crown, why the culprit stole it, how they got into the castle of Struay!” they ordered.


The two folks decided to use the jet that had food supplies, weapons, computers, language translators, detective clothes and a first aid kit.

Meanwhile their friends were playing snap while the police were arguing who should be the boss.


“3, 2, 1, go!” Cried Dunken and they were off. In the middle of the massively long journey Geff said, “ We’re going really fast! ”. “I know, we are going 1000 mph!” Dunken cried.


At last they made it and they got changed into detective clothes. “One problem, we don’t know where they live,” Geff said. “We can use this place finder because you just have to type what they stole or achieved,” Replied Dunken. The results showed that the robber lived in Sly Street. They set off to Sly Street following the place finder’s directions.


When they arrived they wondered how to get in. Suddenly at that very moment they heard a person inside saying, “ I stole the crown by climbing through the castle window and I’ll kick everyone out and put on the golden, shimmering crown so everybody will think I’m the King but most importantly, I’ll be rich!” Then the robber came out slamming the door with a bang.


“ Since the robber has gone, we can sneak in through the window copying their own dirty trick,” Geff suggested. “Great idea!” Appreciated Dunken. The two had a good old look around but they couldn’t find the crown. Suddenly Dunken spotted some muddy tracks so he called over Geff. “We can take pictures of these muddy tracks and scan them on the computer,” Dunken suggested.


Geff was so impressed that he tripped over a shoe. “Ouch, I’ve hurt my knee! ”, Geff complained. “Don’t worry, I’ll put on a plaster using the first aid kit,” Dunken said.


When they arrived at the jet, Dunken carefully placed a plaster on Geff’s wound. “When is it lunch time? ” Geff moaned.


They got out the food supplies and enjoyed a delicious meal of fresh fish, tasty chips, healthy sweet corn and juicy watermelon slices.


They scanned the tracks on the computer and the information showed Language: English, Force: 100, Brains: 50, Age: 40, Gender: Female, Name: Heather. “This is going to be a tough guy to beat,” Dunken feared. “It’s a girl,” Geff reminded him. “Sorry I am just so used to baddies being men,” Dunken said.


“Lets go outside and play catch,” Geff said. As they were playing Dunken threw the ball extremely hard that it zoomed over Geff’s head and landed on the cold, hard, rocky pavement. They went to the pavement to go and fetch the ball. “Aren’t these the same tracks we saw at the robber’s house?” Geff realised. “Oh yeah!” Dunken realised as well. “May be they lead to a secret base? ” Geff wondered. “What a mystery!” Dunken exclaimed. They followed the tracks, which led through the murky swamp and they swung on vines across the river.


As they were swinging on the vines, Geff swung on to one and all of a sudden the vine snapped and Geff fell into the river with a great big splash. “No one told me the river was invested by crocodiles!” Geff shuddered cold-blooded. Dunken dived in to help Geff. “Lets get out of here,” Dunken said positively. “We are surrounded by crocodiles.” Geff reminded him. “Got a good joke suitable for Crocodiles?” Dunken asked Geff. “Yes,” Answered Geff. “Say it to make the crocodiles laugh,” Dunken whispered. As the crocodiles were laughing they swam out and swung on the vines. Finally they reached the location.

They opened the old, rusty, metal door but to their surprise, there was another one.

“Looks like there is a code,“ Geff spotted. “We don’t know what the code is?” Dunken complained. “We could hack into its system,” Geff suggested. “How do we hack into its system?” Dunken asked. “I’ll use this knife to hack into,” Geff replied. The door slowly creaked open.


Inside was a beautiful crown dazzling in the warm sunshine of later afternoon. Dunken took a step close to the crown then suddenly a short figure appeared. “What are you doing here?” She asked angrily. “I believe your name is Heather and we’re here to defeat you!” Geff replied. Heather pointed out, “More like you’re…” “Chit chat chit chat chitty chat chat,” Dunken interrupted. A raging battle broke out.


Out came two jets whizzing like blazing lightning and landed on the rocky surface. They hurried into the jets to fetch some weapons.

Inside Geff said, “This women is going to be French toast!” “With beans on top!” Dunken added. As soon as they stepped outside a gunshot was fired but quickly they both held out their shields. “Nice try, you whiny dingo!” Dunken said cunningly. “Lets unleash a trick of our own.” Geff suggested. Suddenly as quick as a bullet they threw out two swords dashing towards heather at top speed but she jumped in the air dodging them. “You missed me!” Heather teased. “They are boomerang swords so they always come back,” Dunken warned her. The swords came back instantly knocking Heather onto her belly. “Looks like its jail for you big, bad, mean, selfish, greedy girl,” Geff said. “Looks like this crown is our property now,” Dunken said.

Using a cool watch Geff looked at the screen and carefully aimed at the jet’s wing. “Bullsay!” Geff cried. They went zooming to the jet like a cheetah. They went whizzing back like a rocket. They carried Heather into the police station. “Here is the crown and the burglar,” Dunken said.

It was a cold night because it was bitterly chilly and hale was clattering as it fell on the ground. Birds flattered to their nests and rabbits hopped to their burrows.


When Dunken and Geff woke up sunshine was reflecting all over the bedroom. They spotted an awful lot of gold shimmering in the sun. Dunken told the police, “We found lots of gold near our bed.” Its your prize of £1,00,0000,” Laughed the police. ”How could we be so silly?” Geff laughed. “The crown will be returned to the King,” Said the police,


Five days later a call from the King said, “Thank you for rescuing my crown and I don’t know what I would have done without you.” “It was a pleasure your majesty,” Dunken replied. “It’s another mission well done,” Geff said. “ I wonder what mission awaits next?” thought Dunken.
















The King’s Crown has gone missing!

Will these trusty two come back

with a crown or empty handed ?

Find out now !





The Mystery Of The Missing Crown

  • Author: Lohith Kiruba
  • Published: 2016-06-02 11:20:07
  • Words: 1260
The Mystery Of The Missing Crown The Mystery Of The Missing Crown