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The Mystery of Spirits (Part One)



The Mystery of Spirits

Part One

Steven Vagovics



Characters, events and the story of this book is entirely fictional. Any relevance to the real life occurences is coincidental.


Some of the story information may be lacking due to their mentioning in the previous books.


Reader discretion is advised.

Copyright © Steven Vagovics



First Edition

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I am just the author.


Honolulu, Hawaii

6 June, 1948

It was a hot sunny day.

The sun was shining to its fullest and two men were walking through the streets of Honolulu. One of them was a younger man called Zack Sawyer. Can you recall a man who doesn’t exactly know what he wants to achieve in his life and he’s taking doubtful routes to seemingly feel happiness? Zack was one of those guys. With a thin figure, light blonde hair and a tall posture, Zack was always liked by everybody. No one was ever truly considered about his possible mental problems.

The other one was a man called Sebastian Frost. Sebastian was a much different case from Zack. Dark short black hair, a skinny figure and eyes which seemed to scream with evil. When Sebastian was around, everyone was terrified by his presence. He was well acknowledged about this fact. Even though it seemed like everyone was simply too terrified to even speak a word with him, Sebastian enjoyed how people perceived him surprisingly a lot.

As they were both walking, they were having a conversation. Sebastian started.

You are looking good, rookie. The brothers will be pleased to accept a new member with your potential.

Zack was not sure what to think about Sebastian’s statement. As always, he started to look a bit insecure about himself.

Thanks, Sebastian. I suppose… I will fit in the group quite well.

Sebastian noticed Zack’s insecurity.

What’s the matter with you, rookie? Are you scared or what? Brothers won’t like that. Keep your head up! Now!

Zack became a bit frightened.

Ok, I’ll try to.

Trying is not enough. You have to do it. Do you understand, rookie?

Yes… I understand.

They both continued walking until they arrived to their destination. It was a small building which looked like a warehouse. When they entered the building, Sebastian stopped and warned Zack.

Listen, rookie. The brothers are not very kind to the rookies. They always want someone who can actually prove themselves and continue the brotherhood’s legacy. I can’t overemphasize this… I repeat, don’t screw this up, rookie. Now, follow me, I’ll lead you to them.

Sebastian and Zack went to a room which had a secret opening with a staircase and they both went downstairs. They appeared in a dark place with various strong scents and a corridor. It lead to a strange room, decorated with terrifying objects. Five people dressed in brown dresses were present in that room. When Sebastian and Zack entered the room, Sebastian greeted the man.

Brothers! May the spirit be with you. I have that rookie for you.

Zack was very terrified by the whole scenery, but he succeeded to look confident and calm this time. Sebastian continued.

Introduce yourself, rookie.

Zack approached the men in brown.

My name is Zack. Zack Sawyer. May the spirit be with you.

The rather mysterious man responded with deep voice.

Do you have what it takes to become one of us, stranger? Your name means nothing to us, stranger. All we care about is your spirit. That’s all that matters, my son.

Zack became a bit confused, but he replied immediately.

Yes, I am ready to become one of you. My spirit is with you all.

Man continued questioning Zack.

Are you absolutely sure, my son? Are you seriously ready to give your heart and soul to the spirit itself?

Zack replied, again with confidence.

Yes, I’m ready.

The man looked impressed and nodded his head slightly.

Well, let’s see about that. Brothers, prepare the tools.

The man grabbed a candle and a pin. The other four men put white clothing and pieces of paper on the table. He approached Zack with a lit candle.

All right, son. Repeat exactly what I say. I, Zack, want to join the brotherhood of dark spirit and forces.

I, Zack, want to join the brotherhood of dark spirits and forces.

Without any doubt, I am giving away my heart, my soul and my spirit to the dark spirit itself.

Without any doubt, I am giving away my heart, my soul and my spirit to the dark spirit itself.

I promise my life to the brotherhood.

I promise my life to the brotherhood.

If I break my vow, I shall await death.

If I break my vow, I shall await death.

All right, son. You haven’t doubted yourself, indeed. Take my hand, son.

The man grabbed the pin and Zack took his hand. The man took his index finger and placed the pin right deep inside of it for a little while. Zack felt pain but he tried his best to remain strong.When the man took out the pin, Zack’s finger was bleeding heavily. The man stated.

Good, son. Embrace your pain, let it pass right through you and sign these papers with nothing but your finger.

The man pointed Zack’s hand to the papers on the table. On the papers, there was a lot of text written in calligraphic style. Zack tried hard to write his name in blood. He succeeded.

Congratulations, son. You are now one of us. Welcome, brother.

The men started clapping and Zack felt slightly happy. Although he felt an enourmous amount of guilt, he was glad to be a part of something bigger than himself.

Zack and Sebastian left the building. Later that day, the men in brown were leaving the building, too. Suddenly, Officer Blake appeared and stopped the group.

Hold it right there!

The men turned around. Officer Blake approached them.

You’re under arrest! All of you! Boys, come here quickly, they are here.

Five other police officers appeared and put each one of the men to their police cars. The men became furious.

What is this? We didn’t do anything!

Officer Blake laughed.

You have a lot of courage to say something like that. We’ll show you something. You have a lot of tough explaining to do, fellas.

The police officers drove for two blocks and then stopped. Officer Blake stated and used the radio transmitter, so he could be heard in each one of the five cars.

Take a look at that corner, guys. You are all in deep trouble!

The sight of the men in brown concentrated on the corner. They all got shocked. There was a dead body with a knife placed directly in the chest. The body was placed in a pentagram circle sprayed on the ground and the face of the victim was deformed heavily. Afterwards, the police officers continued on their road to the police station.


The Police Station

7 June, 1948

It was a busy day on the police station. People were rushing through the corridor because of the new case. Lieutenant More was in his office, as usual. He was having a conversation with Officer Blake.

So… are you trying to tell me that there are five new men in the cells, waiting to be interrogated?

Yes, lieutenant. These men are highly suspicious in that new homicide case.

I see. What’s the reason for such an observation, officer?

Isn’t that rather obvious, lieutenant? These men belong to the only known satanic gathering group in Honolulu.

Are you questioning my intelligence, Officer Blake? Anyway, I do start to understand what you’re trying to point out. Before any further concerns, I’ll call detective Herbie Fox to come to the office. Do you have any suggestions for his detective partner?

There is a new detective around here who seems to be ideal for this case.

What is his name?

John Austin.

Let’s see… Austin… Austin…

Suddenly, Albert Fringe appeared in the office. He spoke to the lieutenant.

Lieutenant, I have some concerns about the new coffee machine. I would just like you to know that it’s broken again.

Lieutenant smiled and got surprised from Albert’s arrival.

Mister Fringe? I haven’t seen you in a while. Please, take a seat. I want to talk with you about something.

Albert got surprised and sat down. Lieutenant continued.

Mister Fringe, would you like to work on that new homicide case?

Albert thought for a while.

I’m not sure, lieutenant. I don’t know whether I’m suited for homicide cases.

Lieutenant got slightly surprised.

Are you serious, mister Fringe? Have you forgotten about your debut daisy case? You did a wonderful job back then!

Albert blushed a little and replied.

That’s very kind of you to say such a thing, lieutenant. Well… maybe I should give homicide cases another try, but I’m really not sure whether the conditions…

Albert hadn’t finished his sentence and the lieutenant was dialing a telephone number. With Albert still talking, he started a telephone conversation.

Fox! How are you?

Very funny, Fox.

Don’t try to be a comedian, Fox!

You know what, Fox? Please, just stop talking and come to my office.

Haha, Fox. Really, I can’t stop laughing. For crying out loud, Fox! Just… come here, okay?

Of course, Fox. See you.

Lieutenant hung up the telephone. Albert was surprised.

Wow! Am I going to work with mister Fox again? That’s just brilliant!

Yes, you are, mister Fringe. He should be here any minute.

A moment of silence occured and lieutenant started asking more questions.

So… We haven’t talked in quite a long time. I remember that you were on vacation. How was it?

It was nice. I really enjoyed it.

I’m sorry, mister Fringe. I just can’t recall right now. Where exactly did you go?

I went to Egypt.

Egypt? That’s impressive.

A few minutes passed and Herbie appeared in the office.

Hello, lieutenant.

When he noticed Albert, he got surprised and smiled.

Albie? Is that you? My goodness, I haven’t seen you in such a long time. How are you?


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The Mystery of Spirits (Part One)

'The Mystery of Spirits' is the third book in the 'Herbie Fox Stories' crimi novel series. Take a journey with a famous detective of Honolulu, Hawaii called Herbie Fox. Situated in 1948, there was a murder with a strong spiritual background. Although things may seem obvious at first, there is much more beneath the surface to be revealed. Find out what was the true reason of an innocent death in the third episode of the series. Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of life? What would you do if you were asked to join a secret occultic group called the Brotherhood? Would you join it? Living in the 1940s by the sunny sides of Hawaii, detective Herbie Fox appears once again to investigate the murder. Part one of the story is waiting to be read.

  • ISBN: 9781370459629
  • Author: Steven Vagovics
  • Published: 2017-09-04 13:35:08
  • Words: 8918
The Mystery of Spirits (Part One) The Mystery of Spirits (Part One)