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The Music We Used to Make and Other Stories














The Music We Used to Make and Other Stories

Phuc Vuong














Copyright 2017 Phuc Vuong


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Table of Contents




Table of Contents


Steve Hitches a Ride Home


The Music We Used to Make


About the Author


Steve Hitches a Ride Home

“Do you need a ride?” The old man in the passenger seat asked nonchalantly as the beat up powder blue pick-up truck pulled up beside Steve. It didn’t stop but ambled along beside him.

“Yes I need a ride!” Steve yelled desperately, barely keeping pace with the truck. “There are zombies after me!” He pointed angrily at the mob shambling after him. “Are you blind?”

The old man merely smiled in response and pointed to his eyes which were cloudy and unfocused. Steve grimaced, the old man was blind.

“Yes, please give me a ride.” He muttered sourly.

The old man grinned mockingly at Steve, then settled back in his seat and said nothing more. An awkward moment of silence ensued as Steve ran alongside the truck and the truck puttered on. Then with another moment of thunderstruck revelation, Steve realized he could have jumped into the bed of the truck at any time. So, he promptly did, throwing first his duffle over then himself. As he lay gasping for breath in the rust-lined bed, the old man slid the back window open and poked his head through.

“Reginald Breckinridge at your service.” The old man touched the silver handle of his cane to his top hat in salute.

“Steve Bjornson,” Steve Bjornson replied while lying on his back panting like a fox who had escaped the hounds.

The engine barked twice as the truck picked up speed, leaving the zombies behind.

“A pleasure to be of service, Master Bjornson.” Breckingridge continued cheerfully, his face hovering a bit too close for comfort. “My associate’s name is Edward-“


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The Music We Used to Make and Other Stories

"Ma!" is a short dialogue between exasperated art student Larry and his cheerfully undermining mother. In "Steve Hitches a Ride Home", titular character Steve catches a ride with two dubious characters on his way home to settle some unfinished business. In "The Music We Used to Make", Anna guides Lucas through the harrowing world of the In-Between in search of a past that he once abandoned.

  • Author: Phuc Vuong
  • Published: 2017-01-30 03:35:29
  • Words: 3062
The Music We Used to Make and Other Stories The Music We Used to Make and Other Stories