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The Moon Awakening



The Moon Awakening




By Steven Bevell

Copyright 2017 Steven Bevell

Shakespir Edition




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Shakespir Edition

Steven Bevell







Calvin awoke, terrified. Suffering from panic, he looked around the room, desperately trying to recall his memories. Until he finally spoke.

“Sarah!” he cried out.

Flames engulfed his memory of the crash. The nightmare haunted him methodically. He sat up, caught his breath, calmed his nerves, and confronted his arm. It moved, painlessly.

“Impossible…” he insisted, because he could not forget the crash, nor the pain.

A dreadful doubt filled his heart as he wondered upon his mortality.

“Sarah!” he called out and began to rise from the couch.

But this was in vain, because pain ruled over the boy.

“Hmm!?” a voice echoed into the room, and footsteps followed as someone entered.

“Ah!” Twell the Moonling said.

He watched Calvin, happy to see the boy up and moving.

The Moonling puffed on his pipe and blew smoke about the room as he looked through his curious spectacles, “Ah! Good! Yes… Very much so…” and Twell tapped Calvin’s joints with his pipe.

Embers sparkled about and the smoke caused the boy to sneeze.

“Well! Certainly, that is a good sign! A powerful respiratory system!”

The smoke curled around the Moonling’s nostrils and burned in his watered eyes.

“Excuse me, mister…Have you seen my sister?”

Twell laughed with joy, “Why, yes… Now hold still!” and the Moonling hurried over to the counter and rustled through the drawers until he secured the instrument he desired.

“Where is she?” Calvin asked.

“Safe… Yes, she is safe do not worry… Now do you feel any lightheadedness? Hmm?” Twell asked as he measured Calvin with the awkward device.

“No… I feel fine…” Calvin said.

“Stand! Go on! Stand up!” Twell stepped back and urged Calvin to stand.

The boy tried, but pain held the authority.

“Pain?” Twell asked.

“Yes…” Calvin admitted.

“Hmm…” Twell tapped his chin and raised an eye, “Rate this pain for me… Will you? One being, none and two being, prolonged agony …”

Calvin was confused, “It just hurts!” and he kicked up dust at the Moonling.

“I see, I see…” and Twell paced around the room.

“Where is Sarah?” he repeated.

“Out… She is safe… Your anxiety concerns me… You have no reason to be tense…”

“Just help me find my sister, please…” he plead.

Twell shushed the boy and quietly injected him with a tranquilizer.

“Strange indeed…” Twell whispered as he laid him down.

The Moon Awakening

  • ISBN: 9781370423408
  • Author: Steven Bevell
  • Published: 2017-04-28 10:35:07
  • Words: 493
The Moon Awakening The Moon Awakening