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The Mist Calling

The Mist Calling

By Soshinie Singh

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016 Soshinie Singh

All Rights Reserved

Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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The poet would like to use this forum to express deepest appreciation to her family, friends and newly found friendships that she established on social media. Her gratitude has no limits towards those who continuously showed her support. She would like to thank her friends for having patience throughout the years while reading her written work. She would also like to thank them for growing with her.

Also, to you the poet’s readers, a heartfelt thank you to all of you wonderful souls.

[]The Story Unfolds

Driving along the road with no other source of illumination other than your head light, you stop in your track by pressing on your brakes. The mist majestically rises before you in a dense sheet of fog obscuring your vision of what’s beyond. Everything in that moment in indecipherable. You just cannot proceed onward. Your path was breeched.

This is pretty much the tell tales of life and growth. At every stage, there is something new to be learnt. Prior to learning, your energy mingles in the fog, because you have no clear view of what’s ahead. You travel among the clouds until the lessons strike you like lightning gliding you along anguish and peace.

The Mist Calling 

My soul merited the mist,

For all that we were together,

In a synchronized dance.

The mist called,

And my soul responded with flurries,

We became one,

And the mist calling,

Came for the taking.


You were like a sheet

Draped vertically

To obstruct my view

Of reality.

Hazy Disruption 

You stood there,

And my annoyance became palpable,

Because I could not see,

Beyond your hazy



I locked eyed with you,

And I saw through to your soul,

Beckoning with a dandy glee,

You upturned my sanctity.


You were no different from me,

I was no different from you,

As I clasped hands with your dew,

I saw into you,

Ours became a matrimony a due.


You appeared,

Then you disappeared,

Never taking permission,

As you came or went,

Much to my disdain,

I could not change you.

Invisible Act 

Yet, I too bore

This characteristic

What was I complaining about?

Maybe we should call it

Our Invisible Act

Do you think I am being a wise magician?


To be a magician is a fantasy,

For either you or me,

But when you raise your curtain,

It is a wonder to behold.

Attire Me Again 

You either leave me breathless,

Or you render me aghast,

Wishing you would blanket me over,

With your white, misty drape.

Returning me to my wedding gown,

Staring into your depths.

Land of the Lost 

You opened a realm for me,

A time traveling portal,

That not even I can

Configure alone

So, you took my hand

And led me down

The land of nostalgia,

The blissful land of all lost.

The Mist 

Floating along the line of nostalgia awakens a mist of event that no even the body can empower or erase.

I lay my head on these memories,


Pillow my dreams

Blanket my needs

Cushion my feels

Amongst these raining thoughts…


Runs like the ever flowing river

To the banks of the sunset

Blossoming the sunrise

To its faithful love


Words are ceased

Actions muted

Reactions silenced

To the festival of storms

In a misty wind.


You made me face my fears,

Yet, you soothed me

Into tranquility,

You were that drug

I lustfully breathed with ambition.


But, within your embrace

You opened my vault

Of unyielding wishes

That the shooting stars

Forgot to grant me

My future lover forever lost

Among their galaxies

So, I sing of the leaves.

The Fog 

Is it the rustle of the leaves?

Or the bristle of your breath

Against my hair

My undying skin

Is this a dream?

That I hear you whisper in the wind…

I wonder…gazing at the stars

Like the wanderer I am

Floating among the dotted diamonds

Of the above land…

Are you the secret?

That the rain melts to dew

Of the forbidden crescent

That I cannot caress to touch

Even with impish glee

The hold is broken

Void to the center

I gaze to the clouds

Like the gazer I am

Dazzled by the secrets of the currents

Of the above land

Release the fog from the bottle

Or set it a sail

For me to unclasp

The guilty pleasure of the night

The swimming delight

Of the forbidden ecstasy.

Engulf me with this fog

Or give clarity to my soul

With your wicked knight of plight

The utmost therapy

Or more.


You were therapeutic

For my mind.

A mind that wonders among the lost souls

Being bruised by broken trenches.

You saved me from myself,

Because, through your dense blindfold

You allowed me

Vision to stay.

My Strength 

Insanity could no longer plague me,

Because you were my knight,

My strength,

In every way

When you merged with my skin.


Though, you too kept secrets from me

When you chose to whisk me away

Your dungeon was welcomed

Because for once I wanted a selfish reprieve

To be drowned among my dreams.


But, when the sunshine burned you away,

And the dungeon you created melted away,

I stood in a puddle of undenying tears

Staring up at me.


The trail I travelled

Became heavy with regrets

For indulging with the pulse

To relish in broken dreams.

Frosting Bite 

And, though I should be angry with you

I couldn’t deny your persistence,

As you brought me to a place of hope

When you touched my skin

And whispered sweet nothings

With a frosting bite to my earlobe.


You are supposed to be ominous,

And I guess you were,

Because my senses got dulled,

But then you lifted,

Carrying my burdens upon your wings,

I couldn’t keep you locked away with the dark objects,

You brought freedom to my spirit too.


I lost you with the wind,

But you were returned by the wind

Into my embrace.

You cloud my vision

Yet, you can gift me with clarity

You, the mist

Held a special place in my heart,

We were not two entities,

But one,

As we mingled among

The life of dawn.


In our matrimony,

I became the

Mystic Lady, Lost in the Mist of Dawn

For all to sing about.

Mystic Lady, Lost in the Mist of Dawn 

Mystic Lady, Lost in the Mist of Dawn

Haunts the overlying hue,

Sings the song of the morning dew.


It was an unmistakable feeling,

Having you by my side,

The mist of my aura,

Can never become undone.


The twinkling stars whistled,

We were standing there,

In the middle of the road,

In a waltz,

But then your call came,

Kissing me with your dew.


I was left alone

Standing in the middle of the road

As your mist blew away

Being called back to the stars

And I stared after

Your empty trail

Dressed in my satin dress

A stronger woman

With your mystic scent

Lingering in my veins.

New Dance 

But I knew,

That one day,

The faithful truth will be overcast again,

Only to be visited by you once more,

To have a new dance,

To another time,

And I await your frosting kiss.

[]About The Poet

Soshinie Singh, is a Guyanese young lady currently residing in the United States of America. Though she suffered heartbreak, she deviates from writing strictly about love and hurt. She has a drive to turn anything into an inspiration which many can feast on and boost their morale. There is no fixed time nor place that she writes. Most of the time, the words just come to her and keeping playing on her mind until she can get them down- whether it be on her phone, her iPad or the old fashion way of pen and paper.

[]Message From The Poet

Thank you

I began my journey of writing poetry in my mid-teens so a lot of my experiences are still fresh (since I am only in my early twenties). Over the years, writing has proven to be my reprieve. A place where I can escape into my thoughts and study myself. It has been a place where I can assess how far along I have come and how far I am willing to go. I have often been told that there is something that resides in me, and yet no one has been able to give further explanation. Thank you for being on this journey with me and I hope you enjoy this chapbook.


Soshinie Singh

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Website: http://soshiniesingh.wordpress.com

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/soshiniesingh

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/soshiniesingh

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The Mist Calling

  • ISBN: 9781370090020
  • Author: Soshinie Singh
  • Published: 2017-01-28 23:05:13
  • Words: 1545
The Mist Calling The Mist Calling