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The Mission of God








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Present day and place



Tuesday August 17th



10:02 am

City of Tensaw within the US State of Alabama

(330 miles south from Huntsville)

Flat ground of tan colored soil and green short grass

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine and four mph winds



The tan colored rental sedan came from the airport with a set of four doors stopped at the invisible road intersection of State Road 59 and County Road 80 without a traffic light. Car driver Islander slapped on the left hand turn signal on top of the two-lane highway, before causing an accident with a stern face inside a pair of sunglasses, “Is this the spot, skipper?”

Skippy sat in the front passenger seat and looked down, reading out loud the information on the paper road map with a stern face, “Yeah. Turn to your left. Then we will be traveling onto County Road 80.” Islander turned onto the road and drove fifteen feet. Skippy looked up with a smile and a yell to the flat ground of green grass. “Whoa! Stop here! Pull along the roadside on the north side. Everyone, get out of the car and then dress in your hunting and fishing gear which has been kindly paid for by the people of the USA.”

Islander slowed the speed and pulled over onto the side of the flat ground, stopping the sedan, reaching over and pressed the button. The trunk popped open and slowly lifted up into the air. He killed the engine and pocketed the car keys for assurance to arrive back in Huntsville after the new assignment. He reached over and cracked the door open, scooting out the seat and stood upright with a smile and a pair of sunglasses. He wore a set of a dark green long sleeved shirt which would blend into the woodlands and not attract the attention of the American villain Brone, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of cowboy boots, and a baseball cap of dark green tint also to blend into the woodland scenery. He slammed the door shut and moved ahead with a stern face, scanning the new landscape of Tensaw.

The two-lane empty roadway was made of gray pavement with a few shallow potholes that had been easily avoided with the new steering sedan. On each side of the gray tinted and empty roadway, there was a miles of flat land in the colors of light green short grass and scattered tan colored bald sand traps. On top of the miles of flat land, there were nesting or flying or soaring birds in an assortment of colors and breeds from a tiny blue jay to a big hawk. The sunshine was bright and hot. The weather was parted clouds with blue sky. The winds were nine miles per hour from the southwest. Surrounding the open flat land in each direction, the pair of eyeballs saw a beautiful display of lush green colored woodlands of tall trees, low plant shrubs, assorted fruit trees, wild colorful assorted fruit vines, and an array of wild flower plants.

Inside the rented sedan of tan color, Fucner continued to sit with Cody in a tan colored long sleeved shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of cowboy boots inside the rear seat of the four door sedan and looked down with a frown at the mobile telephone, sipping and swallowed the warm beverage with a sour tone. “We should go to the fort first and ask some questions like a set of visiting and stupid-o tourists with the local staff. They live here. They know the landscape, the water, the trees…”

“Naw,” Skippy reached over and cracked open the passenger door with a smile, scooting out from the seat, standing upright on top of the dry green grass and slammed the door shut. He spun around and moved ahead, scooting around the car and stood behind the open trunk, wearing a black colored turtleneck shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of cowboy boots.

Inside the rear seat next to Fucner, Cody opened the door and slid out, standing upright on top of the green grass with a smile, scanning the flat ground with a smile. He slammed the door and spun around, moving around the car and stood beside Skippy, “Why are we parked right here?” He reached down and pulled out the fishing gear one at a time, dressing the body. He wore a blue colored shirt that matched the blue sky, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of cowboy boots. He slipped off one cowboy boot at a time and tossed it into the trunk of the sedan.

Inside the rear seat of the sedan, Fucner stared down at the ugly message from the sexy girl that didn’t get fucked last night with a deep sigh and pocked the mobile telephone, reaching over and cracked open the passenger door, sliding out with a sour frown on top of the gray pavement roadway, standing upright in a pair of sunglasses, a tan colored fishing hat, scanning the landscape. The landscape showed flat ground of green short grass with sparse patches of tan sand. He slammed the door shut and moved ahead, sliding around the sedan and stood beside Skippy in front of the open trunk.

Behind the open trunk, Cody reached inside and grabbed, pulled up a pair of long black tinted rubber field boots with a laugh which would keep the naked feet dry and warm from the standing water puddles that flowed out from the tiny branch stream, stomping the two feet solidly down into the bottom of the soles. “This is the third mission in water. I vote our next one should occur on a drier surface like a hot sandy beach in the US State of Hawaii.” He reached down and grabbed the shotgun and the box of ammunition out from the trunk, back stepping from the trunk lip. Islander took Cody’s place to dress. Cody stopped and stood in the grass a few feet from the open trunk of the sedan while loading the chamber of the shotgun with a round of live ammunition in case of meeting up with villainous Brone for a second time.

“I concur with that new assignment too,” Islander slid off each boot and exchanged it for a pair of the same rubber black tinted field boots like Cody with a chuckle, reaching down, pulling out a pair of twin hand guns, loading the hand guns with a round of live ammunition in case of a surprise visitor to the same woodland for the new mission and then stowed each one inside the waistline utility belt.

Skipper finished dressing in the pair of chest waders. A pair of plastic pants went up from the feet to the chest in dull tan. He pulled down a tan colored captain’s cap over the black-grayish hair roots with a smile and reached down, grabbing the long rifle, sliding it down into a back spine gun hostler for fun with a smile, back stepping from the open trunk for Fucner to dress. He stopped and stood next to Cody, scanning the flat ground with a smile. “Did everyone read the assignment on the flight about the Fort Mims massacre which occurred the date of August the thirty in the year 1813? Fort Mims is located about thirty five miles north of the seaside city of Mobile. It was the Red Eagle and his Red Sticks braves who fought against the white men and women and children and an armed militia of 256 guns plus some half-breed Indians which was a total of 517 people.

“The lucky ones were murdered and killed during the surprise Indian attack. The others poor white bastards and children were head scalped. Ouch! By five o’clock, the battle was done. The buildings were all sacked and burning. We know the story, since thirty six men escaped with three women and one child from the burning fort. Now, why didn’t the men protect more of the womenfolk and children?

“I can’t answer that. I don’t know. So whatever! Ironically to me, the Red Stick victory was the greatest achievement by the Native Americans. Why fight, now? Why win, now? Anyways, the US Federal Government sent boots in with Colonel Andrew Jackson, who kicked some red skin ass. The Creek Indians were finally defeated which ended the Indian war games and then the US federal government started exporting all of them into the wild, wild western part of the USA for more fun. Wrong! I know. Anyways, we are here to seek and find the famous Grandmother Cedar. Currently, the US federal government owns Fort Mims which is a National Historical place of the USA. The end!”

In front of the open trunk of the tan colored sedan, Fucner stood beside Islander with a stern face and pulled off each cowboy boot, dropping down into the floor of the trunk in exchange for a pair of tan colored wading fishing pants with a pair of black tinted booties for stomping over the wet ground to find the Grandmother Cider. He reached down and grabbed, taking a single hand pistol and stowed it inside the waistline utility belt, since his back pocket held a switchblade knife and there was a second hand gun inside a shoulder hostler for use as well. He finished dressing with Islander and reached up, grabbing and slammed the trunk closed.

Islander and Fucner spun around with a stern face and stare at the team leader Skippy for the next order.

Skippy turned to face the line of green thick woodlands and strolled around in a circle around the dry green short grass with a smile and a nod, pointing down at the road. “State Road 59 is north or to the right of me. We don’t wanna go there. Fort Mims is seven miles west on Highway 59 on this here nicely paved gray colored roadway which is called Boatyard Road,” he stopped and stomped a boot onto the roadway with a smile, pointing in the far distance with a smile. “This is Boatyard Road. So, the fort is west or to the left of me. Fort Mims was a rough log stockade under construction in the year 1813 with 500 folks who were not Alabamians. The territory Alabama was not a US State until the year 1818. So, we don’t wanna go there. Now, listen up! Alabama history books said that the Creek Indians first attacked the fort of Burnt Corn Creek which was 61.48 miles northeast of the town of Tensaw. By car trip, it takes a vehicle one hour and thirteen miles on County Road 5 to State Road 59. Now, in the year 1813, there was not any type of rolling cars, only a fast horse or a slow mule. The tribe of Creek Indians rode a set of Paint horses which is a direct descendant from a quarter horses. Quarter horses are fast and run almost fifty miles per hour at a dead gallop. I know my horses. Now, if the tribe of Creek Indians rode from sixty miles on top of a horse at full gallop, it would take a little over one hour. Do you agree with me?”

Fucner stared at a sour frown at Skippy, “Yeah! What you are doing or saying here, skipper?”

“I am explaining my history correction,” Skippy chuckled. “Now, I have researched the reasons for the attack at Fort Mims. Scholars have concluded that the war did not threaten the white settler of the single fort settlements. As a matter of fact, the settlers started the dang argument which led up to the Creek War. The Creek Indians lost of course like always, since the white men is both greedy and mean like present day now and back then. I’m one-fourth Indian blood. Does that answer your fucking smirk, Fucner? Good! Glad!

“The history books stated that tribe of Creek Indians attacked the train depot at Burnt Corn Creek here in Bama. I can’t find the city of Burn Corn Creek anywhere here in Bama. But, the good folks of the small town of Burnt Corn claim the fame. So whatever! I found of interest. There were numerous forts that were occupied a set of white settlers around here.

“There was Fort Mims, of course. Fort Pierce was two miles southeast of Fort Mims. Fort Glass was across the Alabama River, where I am pointing my finger on my right which is towards the Tensaw delta river. There was Fort Madison on the easterly side of the Alabama River, which is south of Fort Mims. Fort Madison was a nice fort with a nice neighbor of stock houses, a mill, and a cotton gin. So, my question is why did the white settlers build another fort right here in the middle of nowhere? You can’t answer that, but I can.

“History books said that a rough and mean band of white colored militia attacked first on the established and stationary huts and the tribe Creek Indians while probably wanting something as usual. However, this time the tribe of angry Creek Indians fought back. During this rough period of Alabama history, the Creek Indians would gladly hand over plots of land as the white settlers carried a shotgun and ruined the lush green colored landscape, chopping down all the trees for a house and then polluting up the sky with black smoke with the burning wood for heat. But, this time the tribe of Creek Indians fought back and won. Why is that important here?”

Islander reached around and pulled out the glossy pamphlet, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums with a stern face. “It says on the glossy pamphlet that I picked up at the gas station that the tribe Creek Indians drew blood first on the white settlers.”

Cody nodded with a stern face. “Each fort was erected for the protection of the settlers against all the tribes and attacks of the Creek Indians.”

Skipper turned and frowned at Cody. “Why? This is their land, not the invasion of white man, who really came on ships from Europe. The Burn Corn Creek Battle is both vague and sketchy. Consider this passage! The topography runs southwest for several hundred yards and then bends while running southeast for half a mile or more. At the elbow of the bend, a low patch of pine trees surrounds a semi-circular range of hills which extends to the creek bank on the south side. As I read through the description, there wasn’t a paved road in the year 1813. There wasn’t a dirt road in the year 1813. And there wasn’t even a horse path in the year 1813. So, how did the tribe of Creek Indians on a horse attack Burn Corn Creek and then arrive in plenty of free time to massacre an additional five hundred white folks without announcing one dang warning? I can’t answer it either.”

Islander frowned at Skippy. “Are you questioning that the Creek Indian attack took place at Fort Mims? Are you thinking that it was faked by the group of white settlers or something like that, skipper?”

Skipper shook a captain’s cap to each team member. “Naw! I believe that the bloody Indian and white man massacre took place. I believe for a different reason rather than some wet soggy ground. Look around you! The grass is wet and soggy here, since it is really close to the river bank. But, I have another clue. The Tensaw settlers also gossiped about all the observed war dances of the tribe of Creek Indians, somewhere beyond the fort in the direction of north,” he looked into the northern direction of unlimited blue sky with a nod and tapped down at the paper map with a smile. “I picked up this paper map at the hotel yesterday. I see State Road 59 goes north to south, where we traveled yesterday too. County Road 80 or Boatyard Road only goes west from State Road 59, where Fort Mims is located. There is a new road which is named Burnt Car Road which travels directly north and parallels State Road 59. My theory, the tribe of Creek Indians attacked Fort Mims coming from the geographical area of Burnt Car Road, because they were protecting something. The white settlers all died in the bloody massacre, except for a few children. The history books had to tell something, so they confused Burnt Car Road with Burnt Corn Creek with a separate Creek Indian attack.”

Fucner narrow the eyelids and scanned the lush green colored woodlands between the sides of roadway with a stern face, “So, what is between Boatyard Road and Burnt Car Road, skipper?”

“Grandmother Cedar,” Cody nodded with a smile at Skippy.

He clapped with a smile and a nod to each team member. “Let’s go and find Grandmother Cedar, boys!” Skippy spun around to face the northern line of green lush woodlands, leading the team with a smile.

Cody spun around to face the same northern woodlands and dashed ahead, pulling up beside Skippy over the dry green grass and tan colored sand with a smile. “He said the world would be a dark place, where evil would reign. However, the pure in heart would look for His return. That is a famous saying among the tribe of Native Americans. This here isolated spot is an example of that saying. The Native Indians believed Him and were protecting Grandmother Cedar, since she couldn’t protect herself. Golly! You know the church teaches about the virgin birth, the crucifixion, the resurrection, not reincarnation. The Templars Knights taught mysticism, reincarnation, and good works to each other, suppressing the dark powers of Satan. Where would the knights get a notion of reincarnation? They got it from the church way back then. Now days, the church doesn’t hint about anything about reincarnation. However, it was the big four among religion, the virgin birth, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the reincarnation for serving Almighty God. The first Council of Nicaea in the year 325 AD ran by Emperor Constantine of Rome and ratified the Holy Roman Law which officially canned the notion of reincarnation in the church ground, the church service and the church people.”

Islander and Fucner moved behind the back spines of Skippy and Cody while side stepping and dodged the wet puddles in silence.



Outside landscape of green wet grass and tan colored sands



Cody wore the shotgun on a collar bone and reached over, whipping out the mobile telephone from the pocket of blue jeans, looking down with a smile and typed on the tiny screen, reading out loud with a smile. “What color is your snot yellow, green, red, brown, black, or clear?”

Islander continued moved ahead and dodged more wet puddles with a sour frown and stared at the blue sky. “Not now, Cody!”

“Not here, Cody!” Fucner stopped and stared down at wide water puddle, without splashing more water onto the boot.

Cody continued to move ahead with Skippy and stomped through the water puddle for fun with a laugh, splashing residue onto Fucner and Islander, “Lookie! We ain’t got nothing else to do but forward hiking to find that tree. This’ll kill the wasted time.”

“Or I’ll kill you, kid,” Fucner moved ahead and shifted around the wet puddle with a sour frown.

Skipper continued to move forward and turned, scanning the woodlands with a smile. “Just stay alert and watch out! We’re peeling back our eyelids for Grandmother Cedar.”

“She’s big and tall and gray and thousands of years old. You can’t miss her. My snot is clear. That means the mucus in my nose is healthy. If I get an infection, my body sends in the white blood cells with an enzyme that turns my snot into yellow or green colored. Black boogers are dirt particles up inside your nostrils like a little kid. Red or brown colored snot is broken blood vessels, so call your doctor. Snot is formed from dirt and mucus. Fucner breathes in dirt, pollen, and other yucky stuff, when the slimy stuff called mucus which traps it inside your nose holes. That’s why you got boogers, Fucner. The tiny hairs inside your nostrils shift the snotty goo to the front of your nose or the back of your throat. Snot is composed of a mixture of mucus, dirt, pollen, and other stuff,” he laughed. “What in the hell is the other stuff sniffing up into your two nose holes?”

Fucner continued to follow behind Cody and Skippy and stared at the green woodlands with a grin, “Tobacco or beer or vaginal discharge!”

“Fucner has some real life time experience with the other stuff mixed with his nasty snot,” Islander reached over and slapped the bicep of Fucner with a laugh.

Cody continued to move ahead with a laugh and read out from the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “Your nose is a snot machine making four cups of mucus per day. Yucko! And you swallow most of it. Double yucko! The snot and spit mixes and then goes down your throat silently. When the snot is too thick and builds up inside your throat, it runs down your esophagus which is called post-nasal drip. Snot is inside your stomach, intestines, mouth, and lungs. The other snot comes from the tissues lining your body, keeping things moist and protected,” laughing. “This is cool! Thick plug of snot forms at the opening of the female cervix and then seals off her uterus, where the new fetus grows. When she delivers the baby, the cervix opens up and then the snot plug drops out her…”

“Find anything topic, right now, Cody,” Skipper moved ahead with a sour frown.

Cody continued to move ahead through the dry soil and then the water puddles, splashing the fishing pants with water and sands, reading out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “What hue is your piss pink, red, yellow, clear, golden, or neon color?” Fucner laughed with a nod.

Islander moaned with a sour frown. “Are we there yet, Daddy?”

Cody continued to move through water puddles and sand pits with a grin, looking down at the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “I checked. I cleared with light yellow. I’m normal.”

“I truly wonder,” Fucner chuckled.

Cody smiled. “If your pee is light yellow or almost clear, you are drinking enough water. Dark golden colored piss is an indication that you need to suck on more beer…”

Fucner laughed. “Beer makes you piss more, genius smart ass Cody.”

Islander frowned. “Do not encourage him, Fucner!”

Fucner smiled. “Both caffeine and beer are diuretics that stimulate your piss into happening more often during the night.”

Skipper smiled. “You should replace some bottles of beer with water. Then you went go during the night, Cody.”

Cody continued to read out loud from the mobile telephone. “Some vitamins and medicines can turn your piss into neon rainbow colors. One time, I ate the red frosting off my grandmomma’s birthday cake and then later that night, my shit turned bright red,” chuckling. “Pink or cloudy piss is a sign of infection, kidney disease, bladder cancer, or internal injury. Most folks piss between six and eight times per day. How many times do you piss, Fucner?”

“A lot,” Fucner laughed.

Cody laughed. “Piss is germ free inside your body. Outside your body, it is a nasty bacterium. So, don’t drink your piss or pee on a jellyfish. Both vile actions can give you a STD infection,” chuckling. “If a jellyfish stings your ankle, then you pour a handful of seawater over it or use a jar of vinegar,” he laughed with the others.

Fucner laughed. “The sound of running water makes me piss. Is that normal, Cody?”

Cody typed on the tiny screen with a laugh. “Let’s see if Fucner is a normal male?”

“Naw,” Islander grinned.

Cody read out the mobile telephone with grin, “O fuck no, Fucner! You got something really bad. It says right here on my cell phone suddenly running out of the room to piss is a sigh of thyroid problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or an unknown explanation…”

Islander chuckled. “I can hold my piss for six hours or more…”

“Bullshit! When you gotta piss, you gotta piss,” Fucner halted and stood in place, reaching down and unzipped the fishing gear and then his blue jeans, whipping a penis and pissed down into the water puddle. “Like now!”

“Do not encourage him, Islander!” Skipper continued to move ahead and away from stationary Fucner, splashing into more ankle-deep puddles of water with a smile.

Cody continued to move ahead and looked down at the tiny screen, reading out loud from the mobile telephone. “Holding your piss develops bladder infections and urinary tract infections for both males and females. Don’t hold your piss, Islander! Follow Fucner’s lead!”

Fucner finished pissing into the water puddle and zipped up the clothing, swiftly moving ahead to join the two rows of team mates. “Men don’t get UTIs. So, your information is full of shit like you, Cody. But when you sneeze, cough, or laugh plus piss, you’re overweight,” laughing.

“Pick another topic, Cody!” Skippy moved ahead with a sour frown.

Cody continued to move through the water puddles with a laugh and read out from the mobile telephone. “What color is your shit, Fucner?” They waded through the ankle-deep water while traveling up a sloped wet sandy colored hill, fighting with the series of low thick green colored branches on the tall trees and halted on top of the hill peak in the bright sunshine underneath a blue sky without clouds. The new landscape was composed of tan colored sand which was devoid of water puddles and dry dirt. Cody dropped open a mouth and narrowed the eyelids at the single tall tree, holding the mobile telephone in one hand. “Grandmother Cedar!”

Skipper stood behind Cody and Skippy with a smile at the tree. “That went fast.”

Fucner stood behind Cody and Skippy and exhaled with a huff of frustration, “It is not fast enough for the day and me.”

Islander whispered for his eardrums only. “An older cedar tree will possess gray bark with twisted branches…”

Fucner moved ahead and scooted around both Cody and Skippy, strolling down the sloped hill with a smile, heading to the tree. “The old tree gives a new meaning to the words, twisted sister,” chuckling.

Skipper moved behind the back spine of Fucner with a nod and smile. “We really found it. Now, what do we do, Cody?” Cody moved beside Skippy in silence and continued to hold the mobile telephone, staring at the Grandmother Cider with a smile.

Islander moved behind the back spine of Fucner and Skippy and stared at the ancient tall tree with a smile. “We need to call the military reserves for help out here. That ancient tree is over two hundred feet tall in height with an array of numerous naked and bare gray colored tree branches. I see plenty of naked bark trunk spots that could easily wand an axe to cut down to the ground, before Brone does it for us.”

Cody spun around with a gasp and moved backward over the sandy soil to see Islander, “Naw, Is! We can’t kill the tree. It is a living entity here inside Almighty God’s nature forest.”

“It is a dumpy stumpy forest of dead trees, Cody. This place is slowly dying into the river water. We are here for a mission, a specific mission to save earthlings. Earthlings don’t give a shit about an old ancient tree,” Fucner moved ahead and stopped at the edge of the sandy soil, looking down with a smile, pointing down at the numerous objects. “Lookie over here! There is an ancient wagon wheel of tiny tan colored stones. Where is the Troy horse, ya’ll?”

Cody spun around with a worried brow and slowly moved ahead, veering around the tall tree, studying a circle of low tan colored stones that surrounded the outside of the tree roots for some strange reason, “Hmm! It looks like a sign of some type of religious or spiritual significance in the formation of a traditional medical wheel,” he completely the circle and stopped, standing next to Fucner, looking down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard of the mobile telephone for new information on the internet.

Islander moved ahead and stopped, standing on the other side of Fucner, staring down with a smile at the circle of tan colored stones. “A wheel represents no beginning or no ending.”

“Yeah! It is looks like the ancient tall tree is stuck in a large circle of short stones for some shitty fun too.” Fucner back stepped from the tree and turned, slowly moving around the tree, studying each stone with a stern face. “What is this thing? It is a death ring which represents the end cycle of your life.”

Skipper back stepped from the tree and turned to face the woodlands, veering around the tree, studying down at each tan colored tiny rock. “The semi-polished tan colored stones are laid out along the soil in a certain pattern, a circle pattern. Why is that?” He reached down into the pocket of the blue jeans and whipped out the mobile telephone, looking down with a stern face to type on the tiny keyboard, accessing the new internet information on the mobile telephone.

Cody stood in place in front of the ancient tall tree and looked up with a stern face to see the blue skyline and the landscape. “And the high range of mountains blocks the sun with the tiniest fraction of light. They picked a good spot for an epic event to occur here for some reason.”

Skipper continued to slowly move around the tree and read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The circle holds a seventy five feet diameter with a set of twenty four spokes. This is a Native American site. I found one like it on the internet. The wheel pattern is about 7,000 years ago. A medicine wheel is used to mark the astronomical events of the sun, the moon, some stars, and some planets in relation to Earth’s horizon at a given location for celebrating important ceremonies to give thanks to the Creator. However…”

“Naw!” Fucner shook a skull and looked down at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone, slowly moving around the circle of stones that was around the tree. “No time for howards or howevers! We need to solve the damn puzzle or the ring or the wheel from the year 10,000 BC, the age of man, where Brother Jesus walked and talked with Moses. Let us end this Hollywood horror picture film! Amen!”

Islander stood in place and reached out, whipping out the mobile telephone, typing on the tiny keyboard on the mobile telephone with the new information from the internet. “Each medicine wheel has unique characteristics. Even a set of dead and live famous archaeologists can’t solve out the function this medicinal ring.”

Cody stood in place in front of the tree and looked down with a stern face at the bottom tree roots and then up towards the highest naked tree branches with a sigh. “Okay. We use the landscape for answers when logic don’t work, ya’ll,” he closed the eyelids and slowly started to circle the body. “I can stand here and then slowly rotate my body around like a tree. I feel the sun light. The sun light is obscured by the ridge of tall green pine trees lining the north, the east, and the south landscape of the big cold feeling mountains. No gorges or water or rivers. No platforms of flowers or bushes.”

Islander continued to stand in place and look down, reading out loud on the mobile telephone for more information. “If we were the Mayans, they used the wheel for marking astronomy signs.”

Fucner continued to move around the tree and stopped, standing beside Cody, looking down with a sour frown at the circle of stones. “So, do we wait upon nightfall? Then we can follow the alignment of the stars or an eclipse or a comet or a meteor or a rainbow or a solar flare or a something else?”

Skippy continued to move around the tree also and stopped, standing on the other side of Cody, looking down with a sour frown at the circle of stones and then read out loud on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone. “These named predictable events could have been used by a medical wheel by the ancient medical man from an ancient culture. For example, I found this story on the internet. A solar eclipse which was predicted by Herodotus enabled the leaders to date a fierce battle between the Medes and the Lydians following the solar eclipse on May 28, 585 B.C. Ancient astronomers also could calculate the position and the magnitude based on the each supernova in the sky,” he looked up with a puzzled brow to see the nose profile of Cody. “Could this be predicting a supernova sun flare that might come and hit down here on planet Earth? Then, the entire race of earthlings would be pan-fired into death.”

“Gawd! Please no, not here, today. Do it tomorrow! Okay. So I can hide underneath my bed during the death event.” Fucner looked up and shaded the eyeballs with a smile to see the blue sky.

Skippy stood in place and continued to read out loud the tiny screen from the mobile telephone. “The historical records said that the conquistadores collected a rich source of information about medical wheels.”

Fucner looked down and turned with a smile to stare at nose profile of Cody and then Skippy. Okay. I fetch a telescope or a conquistador. That’s Spanish solider, right? Right!” He laughed.

Cody looked up from the dirt and slowly twirled around in a complete circle with a puzzled brow while scanning the entire landscape. “The land is barren without trees. The sky is clear without a single cloud. This is abnormal for a natural forest setting, ya’ll.”

Fucner chuckled with a nod at the landscape also. “I feel like I’m standing in the picture of a foreign country like Egypt. See? I got the pic on my cell phone,” he lifted the tiny screen on the mobile telephone near a smile.

Cody stopped in place and looked down with a puzzled brow at the object on the dirt. “The outer single ring of the stones and the long spokes form a round circle like a Roman time clock. The total hours of twenty four is divided by twelve which is a perfect rotation of the sun.”

Islander continued to stand in place and silently read the new information on the mobile telephone. “We could use the science of archaeo-astronomy. This is a study of symbols of culture which is related to the past that understands all the different phenomena in the sky and the role the sky played in the social culture. I agree that the wheel can be pointed to a sunrise or sunset or a certain time of the day or evening. Okay. The wheel is used to mark the longest day in the year like the two solstices, the two equinoxes, and the four cross-quarter days.”

Fucner turned and frowned at the nose profile of Islander. “Gawd damn! Use some American words! Or at least, chop it up with some southern slang. What in the hell are you rambling about, Is?”

“All those have passed.” Cody reached down and grabbed, lifting it from the pocket, unfolding the paper that showed the art work stone. “Let’s overlay the rounded stone pattern with an invisible design of an analogy clock of twelve whole numbers which is like a wrist watch. I’m going to set a pile of green leaves as the clock hands. Does everyone follow me? Good. There’re three distinct points where man touches the tree of life which is the hand of the boy and the foot of the elephant and the beak of the parrot inside this paper that shows the stone art work. This represents the tree of life that comes from the Meso-American unknown artist, who had chiseled out the map a long, long fucking time ago, before the birth of Fucner.

“Okay. The position of the parrot’s beak is set at about two o’clock. I’m going to use the whole number for simplicity. The elephant’s foot is pointing at about five. The man’s hand is at about eight o’clock. So, each limb of the human and the two animals emanate the hand on a clock of a stone dial,” he back stepped from the circle of stone and waved a hand with a stern face, stopping and looking at the object on the dirt again. “Each one of you back step like me. Now, tell me what you see now?”

Fucner back stepped from the circle of the stones and stopped, looking down with a sour frown at the empty water bottle. “What does it mean to me? Damn nothing!”

Cody lifted up and shuffled both hands in the air while representing all the identified clock numbers with a nod. “Okay. When I study the messy but accurate and sorta elevated green pile of leaves at each clock position, I can impose that invisible image on the wide body trunk of Grandmother Cedar. I see now. Wow! The clock hand of two is directly across from the clock hand of eight. The clock hand of five is directly across from the clock hand of eleven,” he looked down with a smile to see the paper. “But, a position of eleven is not marked on the stone tablet…”

Islander side stepped behind the back spine of Skippy and reached over, jerking the strap of the rifle out from the collar bone of Cody, jumping in front of Skippy, Cody, and Fucner with a sneer. He aimed the cold barrel at each face in silence. Cody looked up with a sour frown and a growl at Islander. “You’re dead, Is.”

Fucner looked up with a sour frown and a sneer. “I kill you first for pointing a damn weapon at my handsome face.”

Islander turned and aimed the cold barrel of the rifle at Cody, who stood in the center of the line. Islander twitched a chin back behind the collar bone with a sneer. “Do you see the red drips coming from the eleven o’clock position on the tree in the format of a wrist watch? That red liquid which is draining down from the cracked tree bark is called thujone. It is a neurotoxin. It will kill you swifter than a copperhead snake bite…”

Fucner turned and narrowed both eyelids at the tree while continuing to hold both arms in the air with a sneer. “He lies.”

Skipper turned and stared at the dripping sap on the tree. “Specific, Is? I clearly see the dripping red colored sap coming out of the cracked tree bark.”

Islander darted a pair of eyelids into the thick woodlands and returned back to see Cody while holding the gun barrel at his three co-workers with a worried brow. “Don’t you notice it? Don’t you hear it? We have trucked about three miles while listening to the unpleasant lecture of piss from Cody and didn’t spot a single deer or a deer buck for Fucner’s trophy room. I personally haven’t heard a jay bird or a mocking bird or the sweet musical melody of a hammerhead bird, since we left the rental car by the roadside of Boatyard Road.”

Skipper stood in place without raising both arms and turned to scan the thick lush green colored woodlands and then the tall brown colored mountain range with a nod in silence. Islander continued to hold the gun at Cody with a worried brow at his three co-workers. “I personally haven’t seen a slithering snake or a flying bird or even a webbed lazy banana spider between a set of low bushes here in the Bama woodlands, because the thujone odor drifts for miles and miles over the dry sandy soil and then down into the ocean waves. Animals are God-gifted with a sense of innate instincts for survival in the dangerous wilderness. They can smell that odor that we, dumbass humans can’t. So, all the wild animals have gone up into the high mountains while waiting for a good thunderstorm to wash out the dirty remnants here down into the valley and out of the feeding grounds like a set of good little critters. Almighty God protects children, animals, and fools. Gentlemen, I have just saved your sweet asses from a swift death into heaven.”

Cody dropped down both arms to the legs with a smile and dashed ahead, slamming the gun to the side and giving a hug to Islander, pulling back with a smile and a nod. “Thanks, bro! I appreciate living another day.” Islander dropped the rifle down by the leg with a nod in silence at Cody.

Skipper moved ahead and stopped, reaching out and slapped the collar bone of Islander with a smile and a nod. “You have a great pair of eyeballs and a set of smart neurons, sir.”

Fucner moved ahead with a nod and stopped next to Cody in front of Islander, staring at the gray tree with a stern face. “You reminded us of the never-ending cycle of life. When you step into the circle, it gets you closer to Almighty God on a very personal level by an odor or a touch that kills you dead. Thanks for the warning, Is!”

Islander handed the weapon back to Cody with a nod to each team member. “The touch is quicker as the sap molecules absorb neatly into the outer skin epidermis and then straight towards the heart, giving you a final heart attack. The heart attack shuts off all blood flow around your body and then kills the brain and then finally the brain shuts down the lungs with air. You are dead.”

“How did you know about the deadly neurotoxin thujone, Is?” Skipper continued to stand in place next to Cody and stared at the ancient gray colored tree.

Islander laughed with a smile. “I looked it up on my cell phone when Cody was annoying the shit of Fucner with the piss lecture. The natural toxin is very rare. Tree sap has been used in modern medicine from AIDS to vitamin C pills. Sticky sap comes out from all trees, except Grandmother Cedar is both old and tired of living. Her bite is worse than her bark. Her timber is life saving for His children. The sap is life taking for His enemies,” he exhaled with a huff of worry and spun around to see the top of the tree. “The science article says that a cedar tree grows a little over hundred feet, not twice her height. Her sap is like a wicked bottle of Scot that has aged over a long, long period of time. She is centuries old which makes her sap highly toxic, not medicinal. That is why she is out here alone and very well disguised within a valley of mountains and surrounded by musty and dark waters. No hunter would ever accidentally stumble across her weathered trunk tree. My guess is that ancient Indian tribe with a wise old Native American medical man had placed an array of very large limestone boulders around ancient Grandmother Cedar. But with centuries and centuries of time, wind, sun, rain, and hail, the array of large boulders had been eroded away the circle and down into these little tiny chunks of small rocks which are no bigger than your fist. I noticed the irregular shapes of the rocks first.”

Fucner back stepped from the tree with a worried brow. “Wow! I am super fuckingly scared and have shitted inside my clean underwear now. Let’s go back home to Birmingham, ya’ll! Brone can’t touch this thing either.”

Cody frowned at the sap on the tree. “What about the thujone which is the sap toxin that is leaking down from her tree trunk?”

Skippy sneered at the tree. “Let Brone find out the death way, if he decides to chop down the ancient tree. Then, the sticky sap will stick to all his hands, fingers, cheekbones, and any other exposed naked body parts like a flock of black colored ticks. However, he will provide his zealot army with a set of expensive hazard suits while protecting none of these bastards,” he laughed with the others. “We were the first to arrive again. So, it is victory to us, rednecks, again.”

Islander frowned at the tree. “I’m not a horticulturist, but she isn’t going to make it. Once a good thunderstorm with the infamous Alabama tornado winds and golf-sized hail and quarter-sized raindrops plus a few good lightning bolts pound down that old girl, well she will become a batch of fallen logs dissolving slowly into bits of sawdust for the bird nests, the spider webs, the snake holes, and the forest bugs like Almighty God had really intended.”

“Goodbye, Grandmother Cedar! Our mission is done for the day. Let’s go back to Birmingham and spend some of my money,” Fucner clapped with a smile at the tree.

Cody frowned at the tree. “He possesses the other gems stones but not the agate. Agate is very common here in Alabama. He has the blue prints and the brains. He can construct a second Ark of the Covenant and then eventually produce heat and electrocute human bodies.”

Fucner frowned at the tree. “Right, Cody! They are a gang of wild and crazy ass zealots of God. They will die for God. The fucking zealots are some crazy motherfuckers. Gawd. I would cut kill them with my twelve gauge shotgun right between the eyeballs and then deep fried them brown tinted like a bag of barbeque potato chip, both crunchy and crisp,” laughing.

Islander laughed at the tree, “Geez! I’ll never eat another barbeque potato chip again in my entire life, Fucner. Thanks for that wonderful Bama analogy, Fuck-it!”

Skipper nodded with a stern face, “Thanks to Cody and the miracle of ancient science! We have learned a lot for the day. A modern day bible Ark can be electrified with light using limestone, zinc, and earth gems like in the ancient times of Moses. One touch by a human index finger which holds personal sweat that contains salt and water can immediately activate the energy field within a modern day replicate of the Ark. A person within two hundred yards which is the length of a football field could become burned on impact coming from a circular wave and then die and then ascend into heaven or down into hell, depending on your good or bad spiritual soul. Instantaneously death kill by a square box will not occur today, maybe it will be tomorrow, if Brone finds another tree of life but not her.”

Cody dropped down onto both kneecaps and folded the hands in prayer, closing both eyelids, bowing a chin into the chest. “Everyone kneel. We are going to pray for Grandmother Cedar to terminate her own life form. Then Brone can’t find her ever. He can’t do all the terrible things to the world by using her toxin sap.”

Fucner shook a fishing hat with a sour frown of annoyance, “Ah naw!” Islander spun around with a smile and reached over, slapping the collar bone of Fucner, pointing down at the wet soil with a nod. Fucner exhaled with a puff of annoyance and slowly dropped down on both kneecaps into the wet soil.

Cody said. “Dear Grandmother Cedar, you have served your duty with strength and wisdom. Please release your nature spirit from the soil on planet Earth and return back to your origins of heaven. Amen!” The tree top branches exploded with a set of loud booms as each tree branch drifted through the sky or dropped down onto the soil.

“Damn! It worked, Cody!” Fucner dropped open a mouth to see each falling tree branch and stood upright, back pedaling from the numerous falling tree branches with a worried brow.

“Incoming!” Skipper stood upright with a worried brow from the dirt and slid over into Cody, colliding and slamming both of them down onto the ground.

The single helicopter hovered in the air waves and fired second round of heated bullets at Grandmother Cedar as each twisted tree limb broke free and then dropped down onto the soil. The upright gray tinted trunk cracked open and then splintered into a set of individual flying pieces of red colored burnt tree bark coming from the intense heated metal on the old frail and brittle tree bark. The front side of trunk that faced the team members opened up and then slid down, landing on the soil in plumes of white smoke and red sizzling tree bark. The helicopter turned and soared to the south towards the city of Mobile on the Gulf of Mexico with a set of faint shouts that echoed through the air waves in victory.

Islander stood upright with a puzzled brow from the dirt and pointed at the busted tree trunk with a gasp. “Grandmother Cider is completely hollow inside her exposed guts of the tree bark. There is only left the tiny scrapes of dead tissue of gray bark on the outside and all over the burning sands. How is this possible?”

Fucner squatted down and dropped a hand, digging into the dry sand, opening up a small hole that led towards a northern direction, standing upright with a sour frown and clapped the soil away from both hands. “Brone, he sucked her guts out using a set of present day technology machines. He ran a hollow pipe coming from the north end, underneath the dry sands, and then tapped into her fragile root system. He probably has been here for weeks while coming before us too. Her inners were only leaking out a tiny bit of the red residue from some of the leftover sap from the tree fucking. Now, Brone has a piece of acacia to complete his duplicate model of an ark of a bad threat,” he exhaled with a huff of worry and shook the fishing hat.

“Ah naw!” Cody bowed a chin and held the skull with both hands of worry and fear.



2:18 pm

City of Huntsville

Very hot temperatures with parted clouds of sun

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Conference room thirteen interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The team arrived back in the metro city of Huntsville on the private business jet and rode inside the rental limousine to the hotel and then coming back to work inside the unnamed white painted building that was located at 211 Clinton Avenue. Fucner appeared and stood inside the open archway, thumbing the entrance doors of the building while desiring to return back to the hotel room with the awaiting sexy girl.

Islander stood upright behind the conference table and patted the paper folder with a worried brow to each team member. “I am so sorry, guys. I missed this the first time.”

Fucner wiggled the body with a smile. “Wait! Every time Is misses something. I get shot.”

“Bullshit! Brone was shooting at Cody, not you. You were covering the copter floor you’re your smelly green vomit and soiling your white boxers with a plop of brown shit. Come inside and sit down, Fucner!” Islander smiled at Skippy. “You know this shit requires very close visual inspection of all the rows of data. SUSY-Q is smart but she can’t distinguish a significant bullshit finding from a regular bullshit finding. The female named Amber Ashmore was a millionaire. Her estate has been donated to Antebellum House which is a private boarding school for a bunch of billionaire kids.”

Skippy frowned. “Maybe, she hoped to send her own biological child there one day.”

“About two years ago, at Antebellum House, the entire student body was murdered along with their set of biological parents. There were a row of tiny cottages which was a formal home of each paid staff member that worked at Antebellum House. Inside one of the burnt down cottages, it was discovered a mess of massive teeth and bones. When the FBI finished their search, they concluded that twenty-four families with a mom, a dad, and one child were rounded up and killed in cold-blood and then burned inside one single cottage. The row of cottages were set on fire and totally destroyed making the site like a forest fire, since it was in hot and sizzling October, without any rainfall. It would have passed completely unnoticed, if one of the staff members wasn’t searching for a pair of her misplaced diamond earrings…”

“Diamonds don’t burn in hot flames.” Fucner frowned.

Islander nodded with a smile. “Right, Fucner! This is really weird-ass stuff too. The original Antebellum House staff was given paid financial leave for an extended vacation when a substitute staff group from Burn U took each work spot. The substitute staff has not been found or paid either. Each payroll check at the Burn U administration office is still waiting on top of the accountant desk. Burn U started the investigation when the Antebellum House supervisor didn’t show up to collect payroll checks and then the administration called the local police and then the executive administration called the FBI. This is really also weird-ass. Each Last Will and Testimony legal document of each dead person had bequest every the money bank account, the estate property, and all the remaining assets to Antebellum House. The house is worth billions and billions of dollars. A man named Brone White was the lawyer for the billionaire families.”

“Brone Angel. Brone White. Angels have white robes and wings,” Cody frowned.

“Demons possess both robes and wings, too,” Skipper nodded with a worried brow.

“This is the new American way of life, getting a fake name and committing a murder,” Islander frowned.

“This is the new American illegal alien way of life, getting a fake name and committing a murder of thousands and thousands of Americans which is too fuckingly ass true,” Fucner frowned.

Islander cleared a throat. “The twelve gem stones, the man Brone, the property Antebellum House, the Starlit Pageant, all of these nouns are only a ruse which has been employed to cover up the real crime, a cold-blooded murder of a group of young billionaires and their billionaire parents for some damn reason in which no one can theorize or terrorize.”

Skippy nodded with a stern face. “So, we are all going to invade, inspect, investigate, interrogate, and invest into Antebellum House.”

Fucner frowned. “You just say that it is a high school environment.” All eyeballs turned and stared at Cody.

Cody dropped open a mouth and shook both his hands and his shoulder length curls. “Hell naw! Ah naw. No. Nope. Nada. No way. Not happening, ya’ll. I’m not going back into high school. I have a master’s degree…”

Skippy smiled with a nod at each team member. “Each one of us is working and living at Antebellum House for our next mission assignment which comes straight from the lips of the White House. I’m Professor Skippy, a teacher of English class. Yorkie is a maid in the kitchen. Islander is a limo chauffeur. Fucner is a guard on foot. Cody is the student.”

Fucner frowned. “I wanna be the chauffeur…”

Skippy smiled at Fucner. “You don’t possess a chauffeur license to drive a limo. Islander does along with all his other licenses of an aircraft pilot and a gun shooter for a Bama redneck. Islander will be tarrying all the folks to and from Antebellum House while getting the best chance of capturing our target that will become locked down between the limo doors. Fucner will have the best chance of scouting for Brone and all his cronies while surveying the outer corn fields of the high school campus and grounds. Yorkie will be inside the kitchen while hearing all the lip gossip of each young student teen, hoping to catch the surname of Brone’s kid. And I will be a teacher while learning the name of each student. We do not know the kid’s name. It could be Angel or White or Pink. Don’t matter! We will be there with him. Islander will be tapping into all the school computers when not driving an ass around the roadways. And finally, Cody will be greeting and meeting each male teen for all and any additional surveillance and identification of our unknown and unknown teen target.

“The most important rule, we do not know each other. We do not meet for coffee at breakfast time. We do not live in the same cottage. We do not eat lunch or supper together. The only time we meet, when we have cornered the son of Brone. Then we drop his teen ass down into the limo and fly away from Antebellum House with our new grand prize. The school administration does not know about us and our new secret mission. The White House resources have painstakingly plotted this plot using numerous avenues to set up each one of us underneath hidden cover, without hinting at our presence there at Antebellum House. So, we do not break code ever. We invade Antebellum House separately and then leave together as a field unit with the known and indentified teen kid.”

Cody crossed both arms and shook his curls with a sour frown, “Naw! I ain’t doing it. I quit right now. I’m going back to work from my old employer, the US Marshal Service.”

Islander moved ahead and wrapped an arm around the tall teen while keeping Cody from an escape ploy, whispering with a smile down into the cheekbone of the kid. “Cody, we need you right now.”

Skipper nodded with a smile at the kid. “You are not even eighteen years of age yet as the age is printed on your paper folder that went to Antebellum House, young sir. So Cody, go and get packed for your enrollment back into high school. Brone has a teen son who is attending the same private prep school which is called Antebellum House next week when the school session classes start with you. We kidnap him and demand all the gem stones in exchange for his biological child. Then, Brone gets the chance to start all over again while finding more gem stones, after he gets out of prison in the year 2080, if he lives that long,” he reached over with a chuckle and fist bumped with Fucner.

Fucner tossed both arms into the air with a smile. “Cody is going back to high school.”

“Ah naw!” Cody continued to shake his curls with a sour frown while crossing the arms as Skippy, Islander, and Fucner continued to nod with a laugh.



Wednesday August 18th



City of Montpelier within the US State of Vermont

Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine

11:11 am

Home setting of Lillard’s parents

Living room setting

Man-made cold temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Montpelier is the smallest capital city in the USA with a population of 7,868 which is surrounded by a series of green rolling hills and a series of tall granite ledges from the foothills of the Green Mountains, making the city ten square miles wide.

Inside the living room, a queen-sized middle-aged woman slowly strolled through the open archway from the outside yard with a smile, moving ahead towards the sofa and stopped, standing in front of the long sectional and stared at the nose profile of her daughter. “Lillard, your letter came today,” she waved a white envelope in a hand and dropped the hand, opening up the envelope which revealed a folded letter with a hum of a familiar song with happiness like she always did when slightly entertained.

“What came, Mother?” Lillard sat comfortably inside the brown tinted chaise lounge with a pair of naked feet on top of the foot stool of the built-in furniture sectional and sipped on a strawberry-banana smoothie which had been made by her loving mother while watching some afternoon television before starting the chore of attacking her school homework.

Her mother read out loud the contents of the letter with a smile. “This is your acceptance letter to your new school, this autumn. I am so excited, Lillard. This school was recommended by Senator Bennington, since you’re a higher achiever than most of your classmates in all your academic classes as one of twenty valedictorians when you become a senior next year.”

“What new school, Mother?” A queen-sized Lillard chomped both tongue and teeth down onto the double-thick sliced turkey, tomato, lettuce, and cheese sandwich between a pair of finger pads as each food crumbs spilled on top of the lap table that covered her kneecaps. The food satisfied her craving of a late afternoon snack, before the serving of dinner around six o’clock, watching the comedy program on television plasma.

“You have been accepted. Hmm! There is a list of new clothes and new articles of items for your private bedroom suite. We should purchase you a new set of luggage for your extended trip to the state of Alabama. We need to go shopping, Lillard.” Her mother leaned down and handed an expensive beige tinted and silky feeling letter to her daughter while scanning a second attached list of personal items that were required by the Antebellum House which had come inside the same envelope.

Lillard dropped down the sandwich onto the plate and reached out, grabbing the letter with a set of greasy finger pads, quickly reading the words with a sad face. “No, Mother,” she pitched the letter down onto the floor and then lifted the sandwich up into an open mouth of words. “I’m going to attend the Vermont Art School and write love novels for all young teens. I have dreamed about writing, since I was eight years old. I don’t want to start a new high school. I’m a senior this year. I love Montpelier High. I’ve never heard of Antebellum House in the US State of Alabama that’s a southern state. I’m a northern girl.” She ate and chewed the sandwich while watching the reminding half of the television program.

Her mother smiled at the second piece of paper. “The small town of Leed has long humid autumns with little or no snow between the months of December to February, unlike here. We receive ninety inches of snow during wintertime, sometimes all at once. Your father expects you to enter Vermont State, after high school graduation, Lillard.”

She swallowed with a sour frown and stared at the television plasma screen “No, Mother. I’m old enough to make my own plans. I plan to attend Vermont Art School. The school’s guidance counselor is preparing my college application for next month,” she ate and chewed the food, watching the plasma television screen in silence.

Her mother looked up with a smile and a nod to see the nose profile of her daughter. “Lillard, this school is very special. The graduating class attends the best universities within the USA. Senator Bennington has told me personally that each one of these students is the first batch of handpicked students that can attend any post-secondary institution which is truly desired.”

She swallowed the food with a sour frown and stared at the television screen. “That means this school probably has ninety nine point ninety nine percent rich kids. Am I correct, Mother?” She ate and chewed the food, watching the television plasma.

“Rich is only a word, Lillard. Your father does very well in his business. But you’re correct about the school, Lillard. However, this particular school only accepts a certain type of student whose background is very unique.”

She swallowed the food with a sour frown and stared at the television screen. “Mother, I am not that unique. I consider my person to be really more main stream.”

“Antebellum House only accepts teens whose true blood relatives had served in the War Between the States in the year 1863.”

Lillard dropped down the food and turned with a gasp to see her mother. “The Civil War is done and over, since the year 1865 within the nineteenth century, Mother. Need I remind? This is the twenty-first century.”

“Lillard, I did graduate from college also. I have a good suggestion. Why don’t you plan and stay until the holiday session? Then, you can come home and then re-start your old high school, after the holiday break.”

“I’ll do this, because I love you, Mother. Since, you went through both great expense and trouble for me to endure four months from the late of August to the Thanksgiving holiday. Then, I can home and start my high school finishing as a valedictorian,” she ate and chewed the food with a grin while watching the television program.

“That is a good plan, Lillard. You would have spent some time at a very prestigious school that will get you accepted into which ever college you want…”

“Vermont Art School.”

“Making your father, a very happy man along with some valuable scholarship money for your four months of sacrifice and maybe make a new friend or two,” her mother smiled down at the brown hair roots of her only child.

Lillard continued to watch the television screen and lifted up the food with a sour frown. “I don’t think so, Mother.”



Sunday August 22nd



City of Leed within the US State of Alabama

(18 miles east from Birmingham)

Very hot temperatures with bright sunshine

3:01 pm

Very hot temperatures with bright sunshine

Antebellum House location

Driveway and sidewalk setting



The approaching black tinted limousine slowed the speed on top of the circular driveway of Antebellum House and then stopped in front of the vanilla colored sidewalk and brick colored steps. The structure was a gigantic three-story Greek-revival style antebellum building with a set of six white columns that traveled non-stop up into the blue skyline and then slapped back down into the gray colored concrete front porch. The front porch displayed a big square hole in the middle of the building, where a set of double closed entrance doors should have been.

Antebellum House was colored in light pink granite mineral that gleamed like the eight-carat diamond ring. There was not a wooden railing that lined an elevated front porch, where a person could fall down onto the ground and then break an arm from the porch. There were a set of two separate walking steps that were built perpendicular into the elevated foundation of the building which led directly up and onto the elevated front porch. The opposite set of walking steps drew person towards the big hole in the middle of the building. The big hole was an open and hollow tunnel that went straight through from the front entrance portal towards the rear exit and down the middle of the building.

The limousine door opened.

Fucner slid out from the passenger seat and stood upright on top of the gray tinted driveway without closing the door, back stepping from the open door and spun around, moving ahead and rounded the rear bumper of the vehicle as he was the assigned bodyguard to the teen-ass. He stopped and stood beside the rear door that led out onto the vanilla sidewalk, reaching out and opened the door handle while staring at all the pretty teenage girls that passed in front of his eyeballs. He nodded with a wink to each young female without viewing the interior passenger of the limousine. “Come out of the limo, sir!” Another pretty girl passed by his smile. “Please come out of the limo, sir. It is time to attend all of your academic classes, sir,” he stood in the hot sun wearing a wool business jacket, a pair of trousers, a long sleeved dress shirt, and a long necktie, watching a group of teen in front of the eyeballs and bent down, staring into the darkness of the interior rear bench of the limousine with a sneer. “Get your ass out…” Another pretty girl passed by with a distorted face in front of Fucner.

Fucner stood upright with a nod and a smile at the pretty teen female like a paid house servant and then bent back down at the fit waistline with a sour frown to see into the darkness of the interior rear bench again with a sneer, “Sterling, it is time to get out of the limo, before I come in there to assist you, sir,” he slurred the letter S.

The driver’s door opened. Islander slid out the seat and stood upright with a smile on top of the gray tinted driveway, slamming the door shut with a laugh at both the young smart-ass teen and the elderly smart-ass man while watching the commotion.

Fucner continued to lean down and reached inside the rear bench seat, grabbing and snatched onto the newly purchased sports coat of Sterling/Cody with a sneer. “Get your ass out of that car, now, boy!”

Cody reached up and tossed off the baseball cap, scooting across the rear bench seat, standing upright from the seat with a stern face in front of the open door of the limousine. He was not happy about acting out the life of a teenager again. Fucner stared with a gasp and then a sneer at Cody. “What in the hell are you wearing, Cody?”

Islander stared with a smile and a chuckle at skull of Cody, who was code named Sterling Pierce for the new mission at Antebellum House. “What are you, not wearing? Where has your long shoulder length blonde hair gone down to hell or up to heaven, Master Sterling?” Cody didn’t answer and spun around to face the front porch steps.

Fucner followed and stared at the rear baldness of Cody, shaking a skull, looking with a smile to see Islander, “Jeezus! Professor Skippy is going to shit two brown tinted turds inside his pair of pink panties.” Islander laughed with a nod.

The male was tall and obese with a head of grayish-brown cropped hair, something fifty years old, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a pair of cowboy boots, standing in the middle of the front porch when Sterling/Cody glided around the male. He shouted out loud for all eardrums at the pretty teen female. “Greetings to Miss Sondra, her great great-granddaddy Dameron served in the 12thAlabama Artillery Regiment…”



Third level floor

Watch Tower setting



“Belle,” the super tall and super muscular teen male squatted down on top of the footstool while avoiding the piles of gray tinted bird shit. He wore a black tinted cowboy hat that blocked out the late afternoon sun from a pair of tender eyelids. His torso in a white T-shirt and a pair of naked biceps leaned over the weathered wooden railing of dull white peeling paint inside a high and exposed balcony, without a constructed rooftop. The tower level access was off limits which could only be used by the employed and paid maids and butlers of Antebellum House. He continued to watch the female in silence. The teen female struggled out from seat of the limousine in the long ball gown as her face was hidden underneath a silk parasol that blocked out the sun also while slowly moving ahead and climbed the short steps that led to the front porch. The black tinted limousine drove away from the vanilla tinted sideway and moved towards the open gates. A second limousine in the color of white parked in the spot and opened the door, revealing a tall teen male from the bench seat. The teen male moved ahead and climbed the steps of the front porch. He stared with a stern face at the new teen male, “Beau.”

A second tall and lean teen male stared with a stern face at the manicured flower garden. “They are all either a belle or a beau. Why we up here in the heat on the top of fucking rooftop, Ween?” He leaned both elbows across the same railing and observed a set of new high school students that would be attending Antebellum House this season. “And I smell the roasting bird shit underneath my boot heels.”

“The platform is called a watch tower which had been used by a spotter and a set of sharp shooter during the war battle times here in Bama. Then after peacetime, the roof top which is really a concreted platform was accessed by the students to dance underneath the moon and stars within the summertime weather, before that stupid belle get drunk off some home-made muscadine berry wine and then fell off the concrete platform down to her death,” Ween stared with a stern face at each new kid while noting height, weight, body language, attitude, and behavior, “Belle.” The new teen female exited out from the new golden tinted limousine and moved ahead towards the shade of the cool building, slowly climbing up the steps and strolled across the front porch with a set of parents while stopping and waited for a vocal entrance announcement down into the breezeway with the annoying tradition here at Antebellum House.

“Ezzard,” Ween stared with a stern face at the new average height and weight teen male, who had exited from a silver tinted limousine and moved into the cool shade of the building.

“Buzzard,” the second tall and lean male teen chuckled down at the average teen.

“No, Armistead! That kid helping his mama out from the limo, he is named Ezzard. Ezzard Cutshaw.”

Armistead laughed. “Well, Buzzard is both short and stupid compared to me. I can whip his ass, Ween.”

Ween grinned down at Ezzard, “Yeah, I can whip your ass, because you are both shorter and stupider compared to me, Armistead.”

Armistead chuckled underneath the white colored cowboy hat, since his buddy Ween was super tallest among all the other teen and adult males here at Antebellum House. He narrowed both eyelids at the next limousine which dropped off a new teen female and as he smiled, “Yeah, you can whip my ass, but I ain’t stupid. You grew taller during the summertime. How tall are you, buddy?”

“I am 250 pounds of seventy nine inches of height in my bare feet and still growing.”

“Shit! You will be cut in half to fill in a six-foot coffin at your old age funeral wake, son.”

Ween continued to stare with a stern face down at teen male Ezzard. “The Battle of Murfreesboro included the First Tennessee Infantry.”

Armistead smiled underneath the hat at the new set of teens. “My great-great granddaddy McAdoo was a sharp shooter for the First Tennessee Infantry unit which had been organized on seventh of September in the year 1861. He fought at the Battle of Murfreesboro and then his unit surrendered at Fort Donelson on the first of December in the year 1864, where he was captured. Then, he was paroled out of solider prison in the city of Greensboro within the US State of North Carolina on the second day of the month of May in the year 1865.”

Ween stared down with a stern face at each new teen on the ground. “And your great-great granddaddy McAdoo answered to his great-great granddaddy Cutshaw.”

Armistead frowned. “How do you know that, Ween?”

“Because, my great-great granddaddy Zillicoffer answered to his great-great granddaddy, who was named General Cutshaw of Tennessee too.”

“I don’t take orders from anymore Cutshaws or no carpetbaggers.” Armistead sneered down at Ezzard Cutshaw.

“Carpetbagger? The Cutshaw family ain’t from the northern states of the USA. They are a southern style and home-grown family coming from our native State of Tennessee. I just told ya that, Armistead. Why are using that old fox term?”

“You use it to describe folks that you don’t want to come here at our Antebellum House like that girl there in the red long dress. Her family name is Benson coming from the US State of Vermont. Lillard is her name and Yankee girl is her status coming from the northern country, who is a new carpetbagger that has invaded the new south for a second time.”

“Well, I think we can fix that problem, old buddy.” Ween smirked down at Lillard.

“Yeah, I plan and aim, too.” Armistead chuckled with an evil tone.

Ween frowned down at the new teen male. “Who is that coming out of the black limo with the bald noggin, Armistead?”

“His name is Sterling Pierce.”



3:06 pm

Front porch setting



The young teen female lifted up a gloved hand and covered the brim of the hat with a sour tone to the hostess, “Why are we waiting right here on the sidewalk in the hot sun? I’m getting sweaty out here in the heated weather of August. It’s hot in August…”

Cody moved ahead and scooted around the line of teens, climbing up the short steps, stomping onto each long dress train, strolling straight towards a row of rocking chairs that was occupied with both teens.



3:08 pm

Beau parlor room setting



Sterling/Cody rapidly moved ahead and entered the open archway on the side and heard the words from the male host.

The short teen male stood inside an extra-wide door archway with a smile and pointed inside the room. “This is the parlor room for the beaus for gathering, after suppertime to chat, gossip, and relax, before bedtime. It also serves as a reception room in case of company, which is rare, since your parents have placed you here instead. A set of biological parents are not allowed to visit you during school days, but you can return back home during the holiday break. Head Mistress Symole will explain all of this information later during her late afternoon presentation…”

Sterling/Cody stopped a few feet inside the room in silence and turned, scanning the square shape enclosed room. The beau parlor room was painted in baby blue on one-third of each solid wall, the lower portion of the wall. The other two-thirds of the upper solid wall was stark white in color and contrast. The floor was composed of white tinted carpet with a set of scattered living room furniture pieces of numerous mismatched long sofas and individual oversized mismatched and colorful sitting chairs between a set of mismatched side tables. Sterling stopped and smiled at the new teen male.

The tall teen male sat inside a padded oversize sitting chair with a nod and a smile to Sterling/Cody, “Afternoon, boy! What’s your hurry on this gorgeous day of August?”

Sterling grunted with a smirk to the new teen male, since his new assignment was to locate the misplaced son of Brone. “I’m running away from the hired help who wanna lick my asshole clean and shiny.”

“Ezzard,” the new teen male laughed with a nod to Sterling. “I completely understand. Come on in and sit a spell inside the beau parlor room, before the afternoon orientation.” Sterling moved ahead and spun around, sliding down into the sitting chair next to Ezzard. Ezzard turned with a grin to face the side table and reached out, grabbing a tall bottle of brown tinted liquid, pouring out the liquid into a small whiskey glass and grabbed an unlit cigar, swinging around to hand the two items to Sterling with a nod. “Do not light the cigar! But, you can sniff on it or chew on it in here. This is the beau parlor, an ancient man cave for the mellow gentlemen of the Old South.”

He accepted the two items with a nod and a smile. “My name is Sterling. And thanks for the rescue. This is my first year here at Antebellum House. What’s good here? You seem older…”

“Yeah,” Ezzard nodded with a grin and smelled the unlit cigar while enjoying the tart aroma. “This is my second year. I’m eighteen years old and will graduate next spring and then I will start college.”

Sterling lifted and sniffed the cigar with a smile. “So, this is your second year. Then, you must know all the other new kids that is going to start the new semester with me.”

“I guess so.”

“I’m new here. You’re not. Are any of the new kids local like me?”

Ezzard sipped and swallowed the beverage, turning with a smile and a chuckle to see Sterling. “Why are you so full of questions, son?”

Sterling grinned with a nod while performing the mission assignment and acting like a nosy teenager. “You’re older than me. I don’t wanna end up inside the wood shed with a beating by a gator belt. My daddy always threatened me with harm but never carried thou,” chuckling.

He grinned. “All daddies do that while keeping a redneck boy in line.”

“So, what’s the point of coming and staying inside an isolated school in the middle of some green colored valley of field crops? It looks boring and dull here. Does Antebellum House have a football team at least?”

Ezzard sniffed the non-lit cigar with a smile and then sipped, swallowing the beverage with a sigh. “The House is very isolated along with all the students. The House is not boring and dull. There is a real purpose of Antebellum House and it is not the annual football national champion title either. The folks here are. Well, I’ll show you around, boy. Get up from the chair and walk with me!” He reached over and dropped down the two items over the side table with a grin, slowly standing upright with a nod and moved ahead towards the archway in silence. Sterling turned to face the side table and reached over, placing the tiny whiskey glass on top of the hard surface, storing the unlit cigar inside the pocket of the jacket. Ezzard exited the beau parlor room and stood inside the busy hallway. Sterling dashed out the beau parlor room and stopped next to Ezzard.

Ezzard turned to face the interior of the long hollow corridor and led ahead and from the front porch towards the back lawn, pointing at each object with a smile. “The big hole in the middle of the school building is called a breezeway or a dogtrot. A dogtrot was an ancient design that had been used years ago for ventilation, before the invention of modern day air conditioning.” He and Sterling moved ahead and veered deeper down into the nice windy breezeway.

The open hallway was composed of an array of tall and wide clear glass window panes on each side coming down from the roof rafters towards the wooden baseboard with a row of old and weathered rocking chairs. Some of the rocking chairs held a male or a female, who watched the students with a grin in silence.

Ezzard pointed to the first room on the side wall with a smile. “The room on the opposite of the beau parlor room is the belle parlor room for all the girls, but you will not catch me in there ever and never,” he slowly moved ahead and stopped beside the next open archway with a smile. “This is the library room with tons of old and new books,” he shoved Sterling ahead towards the opposite side of the dogtrot breezeway and pointed at the new archway with a grin. “This is kitchen room with all the good food and cold beverages. It is open at midnight for food snacks also,” he shuffled Sterling back towards the other side of the dogtrot breezeway with a chuckle without stopping. “This is a pink room for all the girls.” He reached over and stirred Sterling down the rest of the hallway and stopped at the next archway with a grin.”

“The chairs are pink colored. I ain’t sitting my ass inside on a pink colored chair.” Sterling stared into the new room and shook a bald skull with a sour frown.

Ezzard jabbed a finger and a smile into the pink colored classroom. “This is the drawing room. And I don’t mean with a colorful crayons or a black marker either.”

“It’s pink.”

“Yeah, it’s pink. The chairs are pink colored too.” Ezzard smiled at each pink chair.

Sterling frowned. “I ain’t sitting my ass inside a pink colored chair.”

Ezzard shoved Sterling ahead with a laugh and stopped at the next open archway with a smile. “Yeah, you will sit an ass with me inside a pink chair during classroom time tomorrow. This is the dining room, where we eat with a set of beau table manners. Or you do not eat the meal and you receive a demerit. Do not dare head mistress Symole, boy! You lose each time. She wins every time.”

“I like to eat,” Sterling nodded with a smile into the dining room.

Ezzard reached out and stirred Sterling away from the dining room archway towards the rear of the hallway to face the manicured grass lawn. “This is the south lawn. There is a winding yellow-bricked sidewalk that is fringed with an array of colored flowers which goes all around the building. Over yonder between the rolling hills in the south, southwest, and southeast directions, there are the outbuildings…”

“Outhouses!” Sterling stared with a confused brow at the row of objects. “I gotta take a shit turd outside on top of the pretty lawn. I thought that the House would have been equipped with modern day running water for flushing all my shit turds down the nice smelling toilet water. How am I supposed to drop a turd in the middle of the night?”

“No. The row of cottages are called a set of outbuildings, not a row of outhouses, Sterling. The outbuildings are kinda like a bunch of service buildings which are tucked into the hillside, where the employees live and work to maintain the campus of Dogtrot Plantation and the pretty lawn and flower grounds which include the hay barns, the horse stables, and a blacksmith shop with equine rigging, harnesses and equipment. All the employees take care of all the carriage houses, the plant and flower greenhouses, a brick house for both clay brick of the outbuildings and replace granite for the main house, a cabinet maker for wood furnishings, a dry cellar for flour, a medical center for sick folks, a smoke house for meats, a dairy barn, a corn crib, a wheat barn, a poultry coop for hens, an ice house, a dog kennel, and a real firehouse. Since we live out here in the real country, there is a real dead cemetery and a mountain that is called Loveless Mountain.” Ezzard reached out and spun them around to face the opposite end of the dogtrot hallway, moving ahead and stopped at the new archway with a smile. “This is the ballroom for the school orientation lecture that comes from Mistress Symole. We need to find a seat, before her lecture starts” he strolled inside the large room and towards one of the semi-empty sofa with a girl.

The female was a slender sixteen year old petite female with a head of black tinted short pixie, a tone of pale tinted skin, and a pair of violet colored eyes, waving a hand with a smile at Ezzard. He moved ahead with a smile towards her and stopped, spinning around and slid down next to the new female on the sofa. She turned and winked with a smile at the teen male. “Hi, ya’ll. I’m Effie,” she reached out with a smile and touched the naked bicep on Ezzard. “What’s your name, big boy?”

He chuckled with a smile, “Ezzard.”



4:04 pm

Ballroom interior setting of funny drapes

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sterling slowly moved ahead and followed behind the back spine of Ezzard, stopping, sliding down on top of the long sofa beside the petite girl that was flirting with Ezzard only. Sterling cuddled against the armrest and turned with a smile to survey the new room, staring at the entrance doors.

Inside the entrance doors of the ballroom setting, the smiling female stood upright against the door in an overweight and tall body with a tone of pale skin, a bun of grayish blonde colored hair, sixty something years old, saying with a nod to the young female teen. “Welcome to Antebellum House. I am Mistress Symole.”

The teen was a female with a tall and slender figure with a tone of pale tinted skin, a head of black colored shoulder length hair, a pair of brown colored eyes, wearing a green colored plantation gown, shaking the hand of Symole with a smile. “I’m Sondra. These are my folks, Mrs. and Mr. Dameron from the metro city of Birmingham which is here in Alabama.”

Symole turned with a fake smile and reached out, forcefully shoving the naked arm of Mrs. Dameron away from the open archway, out of the ballroom entrance, and back into the Dogtrot hallway with a smile and a nod. “It is very nice to meet you, Mrs. and Mr. Dameron. Now, it is time for both of you to run along back into the limousine and return back home to Birmingham. Have a nice trip ya’ll! Please go inside and take a seat anywhere you can, Miss Sondra. We are beginning the afternoon school orientation,” she spun around with a fake smile to see the short free standing black colored podium in front of the wall of windows that contained a set of individual unique curtain drapes and stopped, twisting around the podium to view each new student for the first day of class.

Inside the open archway, Sondra continued to stand against the order of Symole and leaned over, hugging the side of the wooden door frame with a deep sign while waving a hand and a smile to her loving parents. Her parents spun around with a smile and slowly back stepped from their daughter with a hand wave in silence also. Sondra performed the last hand wave with a smile of worry and excitement for the last time, back stepping from the archway, swinging around and disappeared back into the ballroom. Her parents stopped inside the empty Dogtrot hallway with a sigh of worry and excitement for their daughter, slowly spinning around and moved ahead with a set of soft whispers towards their limousine while worrying about their daughter, entering the vehicle and left behind Antebellum House and Sondra for the first day of high school.

Inside the ballroom setting, Symole stood in front of the short podium with a smile and extended both arms to the side which was even with the clean floor. “Welcome to your orientation session here at Antebellum House! May I present my husband Head Master Caleb! May I present me also! I am Head Mistress Symole.”

On top of the long sofa inside the ballroom that he shared with cute petite girl, who continued to tickle and flirt with his new Ezzard, Sterling/Cody continued to scan the room and watch a unique set of young adult females, who continued to waltz around the floor of the ballroom in silence. Each young adult female was dressed in a severe black ankle-length long dress with a front white apron that contained three long pockets which trailed down to the kneecaps. The long pockets were used to hold numerous objects. Each female wore a matching black colored cap which decorated with an elastic band that covered the entire skull of the head similar to a girly shower cap for bathing. He chuckled at the unique set of females who served as a set of maids and turned to study the rest of the gigantic ballroom space.

The ballroom was square shaped and painted in white structure which could be utilized for a series of fun dance sessions or a large people meeting. There was not any type of art work on the white painted walls or a set of column pillar that held up the ceiling in the middle of the dance floor. And there was not an expensive crystal chandelier on the ceiling. There were rows and rows of horizontal shaped bright almost blinding fluorescent recessed office light fixtures that greatly illuminated the room and showed off the ugly and mismatched long furniture sofas, where the new student of males and females sat while attending the first day of high school at Antebellum House.

At the short podium in front of the rows of ugly curtain drapes, Mistress Symole dropped down and placed both manicured hands on each side of the speaking podium, turning with a smile and a nod to see most of the new faces of each student. “Antebellum House has survived through the ages like her mistress with charm, courage, and commitment from many, many folks throughout her long, long history, including a couple of bloody battle wars. But, we shall not pursue the past but prepare you for the future. The main house is known as Dogtrot Plantation. First, we are a school for a growing mind and a glowing memory that included our own group of lovely hostesses and hosts who will graduate our school in the month of May for next year.

“Here at the House, you will not find a lavish decorated room of richness but comfort. There is not a single glittering crystal chandelier that is suspended down from the soaring ceiling. There is not an ornamented fancy carved wooden door frame anymore inside the House. There is not an exquisitely detailed frieze molding flowers that growing side to side inside a room, because this is Antebellum House.

“First, we are a school of learning. And second, we are a farm of three thousand acres of field and food crops that stretch as far as the eyeball could see in all geographical directions of north, south, east, and west. The House is surrounded by white cotton plants, a grove of orange trees, which are sour by mouth but yummy in salads. There are numerous peach and apple orchards, a grape vineyard, and an extensive garden of flowers, fruits, and vegetables in front of Dogtrot Plantation, since we farm every part of the soil to benefit the school and the students…”

Sterling stared with a grin at each window starting on farthest side near the wall intersection, working down the row of eight closed curtains. Each window was eight-feet tall by four-feet wide wearing an array of different type of colors and textures that decorated each drape curtain fabric which puddled down like a pool of colored water over the wooden floor.

At the podium, Symole continued to turn and smile at each face. “Dogtrot house and land is a self-contained plantation with its own well water and food supply. The farm land produces the crops of wheat, corn, oats, rye, and cotton for harvesting and selling along with raising cattle, sheep, horses, chickens, and hogs. The prime green forestland produces timber used for operating the saw mill too. The tall wooden frame building has remained unaltered over the century, decades, and years. The original window panes were used for air ventilation back then and present day now. The heart pine floors endured much back then and present day now. The working fireplaces provide heat in the wintertime back then and present day now also. And most of the wall and ceiling plaster has survived over four years of teens,” she chuckled with the students.

On top of the shared sofa, the pair of eyeballs on Sterling/Cody returned back to stare at the first window on the side wall behind Symole. The first window drape overflowed on the wall and the floor and wore a set of green thick velvet curtains. The second tall window curtain was designed with a set of white sheer drapery. The third window curtain pattern held a set of geometric electric blue circles on the soft linen. The fourth window drape was comprised of heavy red silk. The fifth curtain covering the window glass displayed a pair of striped black and white sheer drapes. The sixth drape was designed of a yellow and green cotton wool plaid. The seventh curtain was made of solid pink silky rayon that held a floral flower pattern which was weaved into cotton fabric. The eight window curtain portrayed a baby blue background with a set of tan colored sitting birds on top of numerous brown tined tree branches in burlap fabric. There was a set of hot pink flowers on a white background inside an individual unfolding purple tinted hand fans that covered the ninth window curtain. A crimson red paisley print on top of silk was nicely designed on the tenth window drape. A set of blue and white stripes on top of white tinted cotton fabric showed on the eleventh window drape. A set of lavender tinted burlap curtains made up the twelfth window glass. And, finally, the last window treatment which was number thirteen consisted of mint green lace sheer curtain.

Sterling continued to ponder the weird decoration here at the private high school with a set of sissy mismatched curtains with intrigue.

At the podium, Mistress Symole smiled to each face. “The dogtrot grounds are elegant with numerous beautiful arrays of flowers which hold colored azaleas to colored roses. There are numerous food items to eat with tons of hardy fresh-grown fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts which grow tall straight up from the red clay soil. We do not engage in lavish entertainment but do hold a couple of exciting horse races, a few friendly card competitions, some graceful ballroom dance steps, a few fun hay rides, and a nice game of croquet. The croquet lawn flanks…”

“Croquet! That’s a sissy game for sissy girls!” The teen male shouted out loud with a chuckle on top of the sofa in the center of the ballroom.

At the podium, Symole turned with a sour frown to face the teen male. “I give one demerit, Master Ween Zillicoffer. If I were assigning demerits today, young beau! But since, we are all still in the first day of orientation session, you are exempted and truly very lucky,” she exhaled with a puff of annoyance and a fake smile. “The croquet lawn flanks the plantation home on the eastern side near the water fountain courtyard, where all our young belles and beaus can congregate on the cool autumn evenings for fun. Your private chamber bedroom has a full bath for each student that is located in the garconniere which means ‘wing.’ There is a belle garconniere on the eastern side of the plantation house and a beau garconniere on the western side by way of a single narrow stair hall with a forty-five feet ceiling that framed the two sided enclosed staircase for a very specific purpose.

“My last topic for the afternoon is the word, demerits. I promise to give to your eardrums a swift painful deadly lecture on a demerit. When a belle or beau has crossed that invisible line of teen misbehavior within the eyeballs and the eardrums of your school instruction, the particular misbehaving teen student will receive a demerit. When you finally receive a total of ten demerits, you are sent to Detention Isle.”

She giggled with a grin to each face. “Detention Isle is a cute name for a place of wild woodlands inside the forest of Leed with a set of real brown colored wolves, multi-colored snakes, black colored bears, yellow colored coyotes, brown spotted deer, black tinted spiders, blue tinted fish, a winding fresh water river, and finally a pink tinted rock coated mountain which is named Loveless. You will spend the night there from suppertime starting at five pm until five am in the morning while scouting for a plate of food, scooting for a cup of fresh drinking water, and sleeping with a body nature. With any type of punishment, there must come any type of reward too. My introduction lecture is completed. We should eat right now. Please stand and walk with an escort into the dining room for dinner after your name is called…”



5:03 pm

Dining room setting of dark and enclosed walls

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Inside the ballroom, Symole had called out loud each female name that had been paired with a male name to travel down into the dining room. Then, Symole led the long parade of new students with her husband as her dinner escort out the ballroom, down the hallway, and turned into the dining room on the side wall.

Inside the dining room, they stopped and stood in front of the head eating table which was perpendicular at the edges of two long columns of numerous individual eating tables that were covered in a fancy tablecloth and a set of numerous pretty plates without the food items. Across from the head table, there was a parallel eating table which was filled with more students who stood upright behind an individual eating chair in a set of whispers and giggles with each other without perturbing Mistress Symole.

At the head table, Symole continued to stand behind her individual dining room chair in the middle of dining room table, turning to see each face with a smile and a nod. “Our first social lesson for the late afternoon starts with the last meal of the day which is spent together inside the dining room for the supper meal. A formal dinner is one of very strict social protocol like an affair of state given by our President of the USA which is an elegant entertainment experience that is usually reserved for a marriage wedding or a birthday anniversary or a dinner banquet or a dance ball. Here at Dogtrot Plantation, we delight and indulge our senses and our high heeled shoes in this rare and exotic arrangement of prepared, cooked, and served course meals like one of many old aristocratic families of the Old South. A formal table setting dazzles along with our formal attire our eyes, our ears, and our tongues with a placemat setting of sparkling crystal, gleaming silver, glistening porcelain, exquisite flora, and a few candles while making your meal both magnificent and memorable. Inside the formal dinner here at Antebellum House, every meal will be a formal affair starting with breakfast and then lunch while ending with supper.

“We had glided out from the ballroom and down into the dining room in a certain order. The host of meal is Head Master Caleb, who will escort the lady of honor into our elegant dining room first and then the remaining belles will enter, who will be escorted by her beau towards her assigned dining room chair. We have provided an individual place card with your name spelled correctly. I can assure you. They are used to eliminate confusion of your assigned dining chair which will not be moved or modified for any reason during school session. The place card designates your place at the formal affair of suppertime, which is based on alphabetic order of your class. The seating etiquette requires that the beau to help the belle seated on his right and then he sits. For an easier flow into the dining room chair, a belle approaches the dining room chair from her right side. When the belle and the belle’s plantation dress have been seated, the beau will follow suite…”

The dining room was square shaped in fiery red color coming down from ceiling to the matching wooden baseboards. The U-shaped table design placed an individual eating chair every two feet away from some quick elbow punching room which was mostly exhibited by the rude teen males during each mealtime.

On the side wall, in the middle of the table, sixteen year old Sondra looked down with a smile to see her individual place card which had been spelled correctly with her name while standing next to the beau who was named Senn without a last name, when Symole did not bother to call out each last name of every student. Senn had escorted Sondra out from the ballroom and down into the dining room with a set of annoying whispers, when his named had been called out loud by Symole. She leaned over and stared at the new place card while reading the other teen male on her other rib cage, who was named Sterling. She did not attempt eye contact or a tongue wiggle to either Sterling or Senn but stood upright inside the ankle-length dress and a pair of high heeled shoes while listening to long-winded Symole. She narrowed both eyelashes and turned, studying the new dining room. Each individual dining room chair did not match the other eating chairs or the tablecloth covered dining room table. There was an array of different types of dining room chairs, such like, Queen Anne straight back chairs, Chippendale straighten-legged chairs, Chinese style chairs, French styled harp designed chairs, and numerous straight legged chairs. On the bottom of each leg on each dining room chair, there was a wooden carved design, such like a dragon claw or a rounded ball or an animal paw of varied wood product of light walnut or dark cherry or dark mahogany. Each dining room seat pad showed a silly crayon color which might have been designed and drawn by a first grader such like the array of window drapes.

Sondra pondered the old school and all the other ancient furniture and items like elderly wrinkled Symole and her matching elderly and wrinkled husband Clyde that matched the old and ancient Antebellum house.

At the head eating table, Symole continued to stand behind the dining room chair in the center of the entrance wall of the dining room while making all the students stand and wait for the food like her. She said without breathing. “The dining room of a plantation house is a place of grand ceremony. We duplicate that feeling within our dining room plantation walls painted of merry, with a bright cheery red tint. There is not a single window exposure or a beam of sun lightning into the dining room as we re-enact the same evening meal of our ancestors from many yesterdays. We will eat by candlelight only while keeping the room cool and our appetites wet.”

Seventeen year old Senn leaned over with a smile into the breasts of Sondra while facing the nose profile of Sterling. “Ugh, man! I hope Sterling ain’t a pyromaniac. Then we will be roasting our appetites of burnt pig tonight,” he stood upright with soft chuckle.

Sondra continued to stand at attention like a southern belle and hoped that the two juvenile delinquent teenagers would not get her into major trouble of an assigned demerit on the first day of high school, since she didn’t want to spend the first night inside the Leed forest.

Sterling leaned over with a grin and a whisper into the breasts of Sondra while facing the nose profile of Senn. “Ah! You tattle out loud my deep dark secret, dude. Now, I have to poof it,” he stood upright with a soft chuckle.

At the head eating table, Symole continued to stand and stare at each face. “Proper supper etiquette is learned and not exhibited like a fire camp of cave men barbarians. They are not about following ridge set of rules but making mealtime more pleasant for everyone. So, we have staged our civilized meal with our proper belles and beaus and a gang of wild cats within the jungles of Africa. Let us begin shall we! The belle on your right will be seated by the beau on your left first. So, belle, please sit down into your assigned chair!”

Senn leaned over with a smile and whisper into her eardrum while pulling out her chair from the table edge first. “You’re on my right, sweetheart. So, I pull out your eating chair out first. Then, sit down your cute little ass in it for me,” chuckling.

Sondra back stepped from the chair and moved ahead, scooting around the back rest, sitting down into a thickly padded Queen Anne dining room chair as Senn scooted around and gently shoved the chair closer into the wooden table with the tablecloth, leaning down into her eardrum for his fun. She whispered out loud for his eardrums with a giggle and a grin, string down at the empty plate, “How do you know that my ass is cute, sir?”

Sterling/Cody had reached over and shoved the eating chair away from the table edge for the ugly teen girl on his right side without assisting her to sit down at the table. Then he back stepped and scooted around the chair, sitting down at the table, leaning over with a smile into her cheekbone. “Because she has a cute button nose, you know what they say about the nose…”

“Damn! Sterling’s nostrils are huge…” he gasped with a sour frown. Sterling and Sondra laughed. Senn looked down with a worried brow and gently patted both of his penis balls between the denim jeans with a hand. “I am so sorry, guys. I just insulted my two best friends.” Sterling and Sondra continued to laugh.

At the head table, Symole sat down with a smile and turned with a nod to see each face. “Look down at the table. Your personal set of eating forks is located on the left with the curved cloth napkin and the dinner plate in the middle. The knives with the blade tips face the plate plus your set of spoons on the right. The water crystal goblet goes on the top right of the plate, while your tea tumbler goes to the right of your water crystal goblet. Your butter plate is located on the top left of your plate along with its individual butter knife. Yes, the baby knife used for something besides cleaning under your fingernails, Ween. We are practicing our formal dining techniques. Two utensils and not ten fingers are used for the appetizer course, the salad course, the main entrée, the fruit course, and the dessert course.”

Senn looked down with a smile at the numerous eating utensils. “Lordy, are we staring a war?”

Sterling looked down with a smile at the same placement setting. “Count me in!”

Senn leaned over with a smile into her cheekbone, “Lookie here at all the nicely polished weapons. There are six forks, six spoons but only four knives. I need more sharp blades. Hey! Can I swap a couple of spoons for your set of sharp knives, Sondra? Since, I am a man and a female can’t throw a rock for a toot hoot at a pair of guy’s balls.”

She looked down with a stern face at the set of shiny silver ammunition. “These are a set eating ware, not a set of warring weapons, sir,” she looked up with a sour frown to see him. “What is your name again?”

Senn grinned into her face. “Head Mistress Symole called it out before your name, darling. I am Senn.”

“Sin!” Sondra laughed as she mispronounced his name.

Senn growled with a chuckle into her face, “Right, baby! I sin. You sin. We can do the sin together inside my chamber suite, right after dark. That’s when I work best at nighttime inside my bed.”

She turned with a sour frown to see the nose profile of Sterling. “Is he for real?”

Sterling continued to stare with a smile down at the shiny placement setting. “Yes! He is a real live asshole. I won’t “sin” with him, darling. But you can “sin” with me any time of day or night,” he looked up and turned with a wink and a smile to see Sondra.

“I’m so blessed to have two jack-holes between the two non-arm rests of my dining room chair,” she turned back with a deep sigh of annoyance and stared at the roaming butler. On the opposite side of the room, one of the butlers scooted down the row of tables and then stopped, pouting water into each crystal goblet during the social table manners class.

Senn nodded with a smile at the butler also, “Damn straight and proud of it, too!”

At the head table, Symole continued to sit with a smile and turned to see each face. “During the first course, drinking water is poured out from a water pitcher where the goblet remains on top of the table throughout the meal. A water goblet is filled no more than three-quarters full.”

The quiet butler appeared and stood beside the nose profile of Senn, holding a folded white napkin over an arm, where the folded napkin caught each falling array of individual water droplets coming down from the water goblet. After filling the drinking water three-quarters full inside the glass tumbler, he reached over and gently placed the water goblet on the top right of the food plate of Senn.

At the head of the table, Symole continued to sit and fiddled with the food plate, turning to see each student face. “The rules of gracious southern eating start by removing the napkin, placing it inside your lap. A large napkin is to be folded in half first, not wrapped around your neck like a baby bib for serving chimpanzees. And a pair of pointed and bent elbows is to be completely off the table, while the meal is being served. Each food platter served by the food majordomo will flow from the left or on your left, while the beverages come from the right or on your right. Then, each server of food will circle the eating table from your left. Chew with your lips closed. Do not talk with your full of food particles, Ween. Please swallow first and then converse with your neighbor on your right or left and not at the same time…”

Sondra leaned over with a stern face to see the nose profile of Sterling. “Who is Ween?”

“Don’t know.” Sterling continued to watch the action. The roaming butler poured drinking water down into the water goblet which made Sterling both hungry and thirsty.

She leaned over with a stern face to see the nose profile of Senn. “Who is Ween?”

“He is a hungry brother like me.” Senn watched the action. A new roaming butler poured sweet tea down into the tall tumbler which made him hungry and thirsty.

At the head of table, Symole continued to sit and turned to see each student face. “Teaspoon etiquette breaks all the table manner rules. A soiled utensil should never be placed upon the table, after it is used. While drinking your sweet iced tea, the user holds the teaspoon inside the tumbler against the rim with your index finger, where it will remain, until the tumbler is cleared from the table. Please pause between bites of food to give your taste buds time to enjoy the delicious feast. Do not interrupt someone mid-sentence. Say ‘excuse me,’ if you must leave your meal and the table. Ask for the table item, instead of reaching across the table with your wiggling five fingernails and then across your table mate’s plate.”

Behind the rear skull of Sondra, the butler appeared and leaned over, shoving a food platter near the nose profile of Sondra, landing the dish on top of the gigantic oval dish in front of her breasts. The dish contained a green tinted artichoke vegetable which was tipped in a set of dull purple leaves.

At the head of the table, Symole continued to lecture to each student. “Pull the leaf away from the artichoke and hold it by the narrow end. Then scrape your teeth along the surface of the leaf…”

“Like a vampire.” Sterling grinned down at the appetizer with intrigue.

On the head of table, Symole said. “After you eat the leaves, cut up, and eat the heart.”

“I would like to cut and eat your heart, Sondra.” Senn leaned over with a smile into the cheekbone of Sondra.

“That is a pookie pick-up line, Senn!” She stared with a worried frown down at the artichoke.

“It was worth a try.” Senn reached up and grabbed, lifting and sipped, swallowing the sweet tea with a grin.

“It was worth a trick, you mean.” Sondra smiled down at the artichoke vegetable.

“How do you spell the word, pookie, darling?” Sterling continued to stare with a chuckle down at the artichoke appetizer.

“P…u…” Senn smile down at the artichoke appetizer.

At the head of the table, Symole said to each student. “Please lift up the fork on your left. And for goodness sake, do not clutch your fork like a Roman spear. Hold your fork like a pencil with the shank extended between your thumb pad and index and middle fingers. Your ring and your pinky fingers rest inside the palm of your hand. For leverage, the index finger is extended along the back of the fork, as far as, the tines as possible. Hold a knife at the wooden handle cupped in the palm of your left hand along with your middle, ring, and pinky fingers. Place your second finger on the back of the blade. Hold your thumb against the side of the handle.”

Sterling lifted up and wiggled both fingers down at the numerous utensils with a smile. “Why there are so many non-warring weapons that hug the left and right side of my big huge plate that can feed Bigfoot?”

“So you can pick the correct mouth tool,” Senn grabbed the utensils and attacked the appetizer.

Sterling reached over and picked up the big fork from the table with a smile. “A fork is a fork is a fork, of course. I use a fork and knife big or small to cut my chunks of food. Who in the fuck cares?”

“Go for it, dude!” Senn looked over behind a collar bone with a smirk at the rear wall.

The butler continued to stand against the wooden dark tinted wall like a watch dog which was right behind the back spine of Sterling. Sterling lifted up the dinner fork. Then, the butler silently shuffled ahead from the wall spot and then reached down, violently slamming the hand of Sterling down with a loud thud over the table. The dinner fork dropped below and descended down to the floor with a soft ping. Sterling turned and snarled at butler. The butler faked a smile into the cheekbone of Sterling. “You used the wrong fork, sir. Please use the appetizer fork. It is the baby one on the far side of your dinner plate, sir.” The butler magically produced a new clean and sanitized dinner fork from a side pocket of the dinner jacket, replacing the fallen one on top of the eating table, scooting silently back into the dark shadows.

Sterling turned and sneered at the nose profile of the teen, “Senn!”

Senn reached down and touched, grabbing and working the set of correct appetizer fork and knife on the artichoke with a chuckle, “Yes, Sterling, darling.”

“Hell! Tell me right the next damn time, man!” Sterling snarled.

“You didn’t ask that particular question, dude.” Senn ate and chomped on the green leaves with a mouth open.

“I don’t think that Senn needs this class,” she picked on the vegetable with the fork and a smile.

Senn mouth spat with used food particles, “Naw. I like table buddies when I’m being both tormented and tortured, too.”

At the head table, Symole leaned over and worked on the artichoke with a smile. “The salad course is served in its own plate first and then the butler will come around with a cheese tray, toasted crackers, and butter served at room temperature. Then you whisper your preference and then he will make it so. He places two crackers on the right side of the salad plate then slices a small pat of butter below the crackers. You can use the butter from your bread, but the salad butter has been perfected with acidic quality of the salad dressing, complimenting the entire salad meal,” she ate and chewed the food.

“Done! What is the next food course?” Senn reached down and placed the set of dirty utensils inside the dirty but clean plate with a nod and a smile, turning with a confused brow to see the closed kitchen doorway of the kitchen, where the butler and all the food trays lived.

“You’re a pig, Senn.” Sterling slowly cut up the artichoke with the correct utensils.

“Oink! Oink!” Senn lifted up and wiped off the food stains from a sticky mouth with the fabric cloth napkin, returning back to see the dirty plate and then the nose profile of Sondra. “And I’ll dance a jig to get more food quickly, quicker, and more quickly out from the kitchen oven and stove top. My elder ninety year old grandmother serves me faster inside her kitchen counter than this place. This rabbit food ain’t filling for a growing boy. Do you want to tango with me later in my suite, Sondra, working up a midnight snack of cheese and wine?”

“No.” Sondra stared down at the artichoke while chewing the food.

Senn chuckled. “She’s only hungry. Belles get grouchy, when hunger. I’ll round back later with my sexy proposition of fucking, doll.”

At the head table, head mistress Symole said out loud to each student. “Hot and cold breads are served dry in a low container which is lined with a linen doily. The butler will remove the roll from the container and lay it upon your bread plate. You have a butter dish in front of the bread plate for slathering your pleasure.”

Senn leaned over with a smile into her cheekbone. “I like slathering your pleasure, now, Sondra. I like that new concept, babe. We should create some new slathering moves…”

“Shut it, Senn!” Sterling chewed and swallowed the food, finishing the tiny salad.

The butler appeared and stopped, leaning down into the cheekbone of Senn while offering one single pone out from the basket of golden cornbread pieces at Senn’s throat. “Would you care for a piece of bread, sir?”

Senn grinned down at the empty plate. “Please, I want four great big ones. I’ll really hunger.”

“I am placing one cornbread pone on top of the bread plate for you, sir.” The butler leaned down and placed the skinny one inch by three inched bread piece on top of the dish of Senn, standing upright and side stepped to Sondra with a stern face.

Across the dining room, a male voice loudly echoed the words in the air waves. “I want another piece.”

At the head table, Symole looked up with a frown to see the male teen. “I am assigning one demerit to you, Master Ezzard.”

“Who’s that asshole?” Sterling looked up with a pair of narrowed eyelids while scanning the dining room for the other male teen.

“It is our first victim of misbehaving,” Senn chewed. “When a certain number of demerits are awarded, the student gets dumped out into the Leed woodlands with the pack of hunger wolves. Ezzard Cutshaw, his great-cubed granddaddy was a southern Confederate General, who reported directly underneath General Robert E. Lee,” he held and dripped the hot butter over the plate from the corn pone.

“Great- cubed granddaddy?” She slaughtered, instead slathered the piece of cornbread with tons of real white soft butter with the dull baby butter knife in a left hand and then ate the delicious bite-sized piece with a right hand. Her tummy agreed the mouth of Senn that the food service was too slow as she grew more hunger for the bigger entree meal.

“You know great-great-great granddaddy, the great is three times or cubed like in mathematics.” Senn sipped and swallowed the sweet tea with a smile.

“O. That’s good to know.” She swallowed the food while feeling unsure, since the new teens, the new school, and the new table manners had her a little uptight and tense. She shoved the food into a mouth with a cloth napkin in a lap, and the right fork in a left hand while wondering why her parents decided to their only child from the cozy high school and then placed their daughter here in the middle of a woodlands forest. Sondra must have pissed her parents off while doing something really stupid.

At the head of table, Symole chewed and swallowed the food with a smile. “The main course is filled with a combination of foods, consisting of a meat, a starch, a few vegetable, and a nice green garnish. The butler presents to you a variety of sauces and condiments which are all served in a sauceboat that is carried on top of a salver. Please whisper your preference into the eardrum of the butler. He will slaughter your delight upon the meat. The wine, in this situation, the red colored grape juice will be poured. If you do not want to taste the grape juice, please announce it to the butler. Then, he will return the wine glass back into the kitchen and replenish your water goblet. Enjoy your entrée meal tonight, teen belles and beaus.”

“Would you care for a glass of wine, sir?” The butler appeared and leaned down into the nose profile of Senn.

“Please fill it to the brim.” Senn nodded with a smile.

The butler reached over and filled the tumbler with the red colored grape juice with a stern face.



5:23 pm

Dessert entree



At the head table, Symole continued to sit and turned with a smile to see each face. “Before the butler slides a dessert plate at you, he will present a tiny finger bowl and sit on top of your oversized platter. Do yourself a favor and wash the tips of your finger pads. You will wash only the two index fingers and two middle fingers from handling any greasy fork tines or bread slices.”

The butler appeared and leaned down, placing a finger bowl of water on top of the oval platter. Senn reached down with a giggle and playfully splashed all finger pads inside the individual tiny ceramic ivory dish of warm clear soapy water with a chuckle. Sondra turned with a giggle to watch Senn while gently cleaning a set of four fingers, not ten.

Sterling fingered across her breasts at Senn with a smile. “I say, demerit. The child needs a demerit over here, butler.”

Senn lifted up the fingers from the finger bowl of water with a smile and reached over, grabbing the steak knife with a chuckle, aiming the blade at one of the wet fingernails. “Shut it, Sterling! I need to concentration when cleaning the cuticles with a sharp object.”

The butler appeared and leaned over into the cheekbone of Senn with a stern face. “Sir, I require your steak knife for its bathe time in the kitchen.”

Senn slowly lifted up and surrendered a dirty steak knife into the air to the butler, before the pointy blade touched and clean the dirty from one of his fingernails with a sour frown. Sterling and Sondra softly laughed.

“Don’t pull out your hunting knife here on the dining table, either, Senn!” Sterling reached down and gently dipped all fingers down into the warm water with a smile.

“Ah shit! All rednecks think alike.” Senn reached over and touched, grabbing a handful of peanuts out of the plate of nuts with a smile.

“Amen to your redneck mama and daddy!” Sterling wiped off both the hands with the cloth.

At the head table, Symole wiped off a pair of wet hands after cleaning her fingernails, turning with a smile to see each face. “Once you have cleaned your sticky and particular finger pads, use the new handy napkin to wipe down both of your hands and then fold the napkin in half, covering the water of the bowl to prevent any spillage upon your shoes or your dress. The butler will return to collect the finger bowl of water and then will glide your dessert dish in front of your frog-bugging eyeballs.”

Senn reached down and dunked the set of salty fingers back down into the cold soapy and dirty finger bowl for a second time while viciously splashing all his digits, her dress, and his blue jeans while acting like a two year toddler inside the bathtub. Sondra cringed from the wetness with fury, “Senn!” Senn jerked all the fingers out from the finger bowl into the air while sprinkling the air, his lap, and her dress again with a snigger.

The butler magically appeared and kindly dropped down a small warm towel over the pair of wet dripping hands, before Senn inflamed more of the sweet belles on the other side.

Senn held both hands with the new warm towel and turned with a smile to see her cheekbone, “Sorry, babe! You can take your dress off inside my private chamber room. Then, I can clean the soiled food for it. Or you can take it all off in my private chamber room. Then, I can clean your…”

“Stow it, Senn!” Sterling frowned with annoyance down at the dessert plate.

At the head table, Symole turned with a smile to see each face, “Fruit course…”

“Geez! Did See-moley just say that we are going to do the fuck course here inside the dining room and at our eating table? I am in thou. But I thought that was after dessert inside me,” Senn chuckled at the cheekbone of Sondra.

“Hush it, Senn!” Sterling turned and smiled at the funny reference at the cheekbone of Sondra.

At the head table, Symole continue to see each face with a smile. “Table manners require a fruit plate with a variety of compotes of glazed fruit, dark chocolates, and mixed nuts while utilizing a set of special eating utensils. A fruit fork and a fruit knife are used much like a fish fork and a knife while peeling the meat from the seed and then gently lifting the fruit up to your tongue,” she ate and chewed the glazed fruit first of any person with a smile, “Hmm!”

Senn exhaled with a huff of frustration while watching the head table. Head mistress Symole drooled with a smile over the shiny fruit. He shook a skull with a sour frown. “I wanna go first, one day.”

“Shut it, Senn!” Sterling reached down and lifted up the correct utensil from the left side of the plate with a smile while turning to see Sondra. She had duplicated the same motion of Sterling, so the butler would not bat down his hand again.

Senn nodded down with a smile at the dessert dish. “It turns me on while watching that bitch consume her food first.”

“Hush, Senn!” Sterling peeled back the shiny green skin of the fossilized pear, since he was still hunger for a rare T-bone steak, instead of a shiny pear.

At the head table, Symole turned with a smile to see each face. “The dessert course might seem easier but has its own manners. The dessert is prepared in the kitchen, while the butler clears items from your placement setting that does not relate to the dessert course like nasty crumbles from your table, but not from your mouth, Ween.”

Sondra turned to scan the dining room with a sour frown without a mouth full of food. “Who is Ween? Is that a girl or a boy?”

Sterling stared down at the dessert plate while impatiently watching for the order to charge. “I do not know.”

“What is a ‘Ween,’ Senn?” Sondra leaned over with a whisper into the cheekbone of Senn.

Senn stared down at the dessert dish with a smile. “Ween is a student over there on the other side of the room. He is inside the student class, before us.”

At the head table, Symole turned to see each face. “The dessert is a strawberry and vanilla rainbow parfait which is preserved in a tall narrow glass that brought to you and placed on the platter,” she consumed the first bite with a smile.

Sterling reached down and grabbed the dessert spoon while aiming down at the cool dessert. “Where are all the strawberries inside my parfait? I thought fruity dessert contained at least one or four pieces of fruit,” he dug the spoon down into the smooth liquid with a smile.

“Inside my private sleeping suite, I will see you there later at around eight,” Senn chewed and swallowed the food with a grin. “You can bring the chocolate drops, darling. Then, we’ll have a good time…”

“Stow it, Senn!” Sterling ate and chewed the smooth fruitless sissy dessert.

Senn stood upright from the chair and leaned over, assisting Sondra out of the chair with a smile like a southern gentleman.

She stood upright from the chair and back stepped from the table, turning to face the open doorway, waddling towards the archway and ran into his elbow with a giggle from her bad belle maneuver inside the fluffy gown. Sondra slowly waddled ahead through the open archway which is wide enough for maneuvering the wide plantation dress and a handsome beau into the Dogtrot hallway. Then, they both slowly turned to face the front porch and slowly made a final waddle while following a flock of colorful dress hems and their associated beau towards the front porch of the Dogtrot hallway.

Then, each couple stopped at the end of the Dogtrot Hallway and then parted while the male turned and entered the beau parlor room.

Head mistress Symole elegantly swung the dress tail in the opposite direction of her husband without finger pointing at the open archway, since finger pointing was a set of very rude manners in the South for some reason. She smiled into the new room. “At this time, you may attend the powder room or join me inside the parlor room. A parlor room is a social gathering to discuss various topics from babies to zebras,” she waddled into the room with a smile.



7:05 pm

Pink tinted belle parlor room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



All the females turned to face a second wide archway and followed behind the fat ass of Symole, entering the room and slowly scattered towards a loveseat inside the belle parlor room. The room was square shaped and covered in tall columns of wallpaper in green vines and colorful flowers. There were various colored and furniture styles with a set of sitting loveseats and long sofas that went around a variety of low and small coffee tables. The set of loveseats and long sofas displayed in various color and style like the entire room came from a number of antique shops throughout Alabama.

In front of the belle parlor room, a single loveseat stood along where Symole scooted around and back stepped, sitting down onto the soft cushion while referencing a long table against of wall with cups and plates without fingering as a rude southern belle behavior. “The chambermaid will pour out for you a cup of coffee or hot tea. Please vocal your preference along with the desired consistence of the mixture with or without sugar or crème.”

Sondra moved ahead towards a small circular loveseat that curved around similar to an elegant body of a swimming swan. The loveseat could easier accommodate her body and her dress as she stopped and seated on top of the cushion like a southern belle.

A young smiling chambermaid appeared and leaned down into the eardrum of Sondra and wore a plain black ankle-length dress which went down to the ankle bones. She curtsied down to Sondra with a fake smile. “Would you like a cup of hot coffee or a teacup of strong tea, miss?”

Sondra turned with a smile to see the chambermaid. “I would like a teacup of tea in the color of black with a tablespoon of white sugar without milk crème, please. Thank you, miss!” She returned back to see the each girl on top of a near loveseat on each side of Sondra which surrounded the square table.

The chambermaid returned back with a food tray and stopped, leaning down with a smooth baby blue porcelain teacup with a matching saucer next to the right hand of Sondra, turning with a fake smile to see the next teen female for a beverage order.

Symole reached down and grabbed, lifting up the teacup and the non-matching saucer in one hand, sitting on top of the green and purple tinted tree leaves that clashed with her ugly dull brown plantation dress. The side wall showed the beaming rays of a sunset coming through each low positioned glass window panes on the front porch and the pretty view of the neatly manicured lawn and flower gardens. You can hear the sounds of the rowdy males which continued to seat across the breezeway, since the belle parlor room was too quiet as the chambermaid filled the individual order of tea requests.

Symole continued to stare with a smile at each face. “The beaus are inside their private parlor room too. In olden time, the room was used to entertain your visiting guests at your manor. The beaus were commonly separated from the belles after suppertime, because they engaged in cigar smoking which would not be here during the modern days. Many of the belles did not participate or tolerate the smell of cigar smoke which will not be consumed here during the modern days. Their butler rotates around the room also while offering coffee, tea, or a brandy which will not be consumed her during the modern days. They possess a similar walnut sideboard slightly laid out different from ours with brands of cigars. All the belles will never ever attend inside the beau parlor room back then and not now, since you have your own place of entertainment with girl friends.”

On the separate long sofa near the side wall, “That is not correct, girlfriend! It is not consumed her during the modern days,” the female was a petite body frame with a tone of pale tinted skin, a head of short blonde hair, a set of curled up lips with a wicked smile, occupying a loveseat next to Sondra.

Symole said to each girl with a smile. “Our walnut black sideboard which is a piece of elegant furniture for entertaining purposes contains tiny pieces of assorted fine white or dark chocolate candies also. Just inform the chambermaid that you would like a small dish of assortment and it will be provided.”

The long black sideboard table was made from the popular Alabama walnut trees, where parts of the legs showed the red flaming resin. There was dried yellow candle wax on top of the white linen cloth which came from the melting and flaming individual candles that probably was used in the year 1862 too. The table held an array of items including an array of small trays, teacups, and tea saucers with a set of tiny teaspoons on one side and a tall stack of dark brown chocolate mini-squares on the other side of the polished wooden hard surface.

On the separate loveseat, Sondra lifted up a hand in the air as the chambermaid turned around and leaned down to Sondra with a fake smile. Sondra smiled. “I would like to taste three pieces of pure delight.” The chambermaid nodded in silence and spun around from Sondra, moving ahead towards the long table on the entrance wall. Then the chambermaid returned back to Sondra with a dish of candies, resting the candy near the teacup of Sondra. Sondra reached down and touched, grabbing and popped the candy into an open mouth. The semi-sweet chocolate melted on top of the tongue and then slowly drained down the esophagus into a full tummy of good food. Sondra would sleep very well tonight with a filled stomach while dreaming of Sterling or Senn or both while sounding with a soft giggle of amusement.

The tall female was a set of big breasts on a plump body frame with a long red ankle-length dress with a tone of dark tinted skin, a pair of brown colored eyes and a head of black colored hair, smiling at the other female. “I’m Constance. You don’t wear your gloves whilest drinking your tea, Lillard. That is a very proper old-fashioned belle habit, but this is the new age of belles in America,” Constance smiled with a nod.

The tall and skinny female was with a set of big breasts, a tone of pale tinted skin, a head of blonde colored hair and a pair of brown colored eyes, smiling at Lillard. “I am Tancy, ya’ll. It is very nice to meet, ya’ll. Did I hear that you hail from the great US State of Pennsylvania?”

“I am from the US State of Vermont.” Lillard faked a smile to each other teen girl and sipped, swallowing the tea with a pair of red gloves.

The short blonde female sneered. “Her great-great-great grandfather served in the Eighth Vermont Calvary. Am I right, darling?” She sipped and swallowed the tea with a grin.

Lillard turned and nodded to each teen female. “Yes, my family name served in the War of the Rebellion.”

The short blonde girl snarled at Lillard. “So, your family is name Lillard. Does that longer fancy version of bitter foul word mean, lard-butt?” She giggled with a smile alone.

Constance frowned at the short female. “Effie! The girl beside me is named Effie, who doesn’t have a single belle manner in her bones as the current white trash of the South. I should know, since her family serves as our… ”

“Southern bitch!” Effie reached down and pressed the dress with a sneer at Constance with a sneer, “My daddy is a billionaire oilman in the US State of Texas. Her mama is in our lawyer.” Constance nodded with a smile and then sipped on the teacup.

The petite female possessed a head of long black colored hair, a tone of olive tinted skin, a pair of brown colored eyes and wore a sour frown at Effie and then Constance. “Please present a set of belle manners, please!” She smiled with a nod. “I am Iris Lee. I’m happy to be here and meet and greet other belles, too.”

Effie frowned. “Why Lordy? Lillard doesn’t exhibit any single social grace that doesn’t resemble my gopher in the backyard of my home back in the US State of Texas.”

“I read that a pair of gloves is to be worn at all times,” Lillard sipped and swallowed the tea with a fake smile.

“A pair of gloves is used to cover her two calloused hands,” Effie giggled.

Constance frowned with puzzlement. “What are you gossiping about, Effie?”

Effie rudely pointed at the gloves with a grin. “Her hands look at her naked hands.”

“Take off your gloves, Lillard!” Iris Lee turned and frowned at Lillard.

“No.” Lillard sipped and swallowed the tea with a fake smile.

“She is afraid of the truth,” Effie nodded with a grin.

“No.” Lillard continue to sip and swallow the tea with a fake smile.

“Then, you can take off your right glove.” Constance nodded with a smile.

Lillard exhaled with a puff of frustration and reached down, gently sitting down the tea cup and the non-matching saucer on top of the wooden table and then reached up and removed her glove. She reached out and presented a naked hand to Effie.

Effie giggled with a nod at the naked hand of Lillard “See? I told you so.”

Tancy examined the naked hand with a confused brow. “I do not see anything. Except that you, Lillard, shore do need a fingernail manicure and some baby blue polish badly, new girlfriend,” she winked with a smile and then sipped, swallowing the tea.

Effie exhaled with a puff of annoyance and lifted both naked hands near a sour frown. “The width of her fat hand is broader and thinner than mine. Since, she is constantly running a set of working errands for her mama and keeping a steadily pace of movement all day and night for her daddy by grasping objects like maybe a hard and rough and stiff cardboard box that is too large and heavy for a pair of delicate hand on a belle. A belle hand is plump, soft, and used for stroking the bread stick of her beau and I do not mean a loaf of white bread. She is a field mouse, of course, as she works inside her daddy’s warehouse like a paid employee.” A sound of soft gasps came from the other teens.

Lillard jerked back both hands down into the lap and covered them with the gloves again with a fake smile. “I am learning my family business which requires me to work the same tasks for my father, because I love my family. I don’t see what your saying has to do with my manual labor or my hands, girlfriend. I am a teen like you, Effie.”

“Is she is a peasant or a princess?” Effie stood upright from the long sofa and moved ahead, strolling towards a set of new loveseats with different teen girls.

Sondra leaned over with a smile and a whisper to Lillard, in which she did not want any demerits from head mistress Symole. “Ignore the bitch, Lillard! Something is stuck up her ass so far, that it has died and fermented like a good bottle of Scotch. This is one of my daddy’s favored vocal sayings. I’m Sondra. I work too on my daddy’s farm. I can jack a pickup, jack a horse saddle, and jack a bunny rabbit, only if my coon dog is with me,” she giggled with Lillard. “Do you feel better, girlfriend?”

Lillard looked down at the red colored gloves that covered her hands and the dress with a fake smile. “Thank you! I do feel a little better,” she exhaled with a puff of worry and looked up to see Sondra. “I was worried about coming here to Antebellum House. I’m not a southern. I’m a…”

“…Yankee. It is just a single word, Lillard. You know the famous axiom. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Sondra smiled with a nod.

Lillard exhaled. “A stone bruise heals a lot faster to the leg than a sour word to the heart. I only came here to Antebellum House, because my parents thought the name of the school on a future college application would get me a good scholarship into the local university. College is hard to enter without a set of big bucks or big balls. I really plan to stay until holiday break. But that is our little secret than I am going back home to Vermont back to my high school there. I plan to graduate and attend Vermont University while graduating in computers.”

“That is an excellent field of study, Lillard. You live in Vermont also.” Sondra smiled while trying to make her new friend feel better.

“I have lived in the same small town forever,” she turned with a worried brow to see the other girls.

Sondra nodded with a smile at the nose profile of Lillard. “Look! Don’t let Effie ruin your plans or your stay. I’m here too for the longer haul. My parents graduated from here which means that I gotta stay and play. But believe me! I do not play by their rules,” giggling.

She exhaled. “Sometimes, I feel. I think that I’m not supposed to be here,” she looked down with a worried brow to see the dress hem that covered the shoes.

Sondra frowned. “That is a sentence of Effie, which is not yours. She touched a tender spot. Just forget about Effie! I know that I do. I know. We can meet inside my room, after our tea lesson is finished for some fun girl talk.”

She looked up with a smile to see Sondra. “I’m interested in seeing your room. Does it look like mine? I have a great big canopy bed with green and white ruffles.”

Tancy turned and frowned at Sondra. “What will we do there in your room? There is only a lousy laptop that does not provide global interact access connection into the world and a small television without no program shows for entertainment, and a teacup set of orange and yellow flowers on a silver tray. I don’t like to drink hot liquids, only cold beverages.”

Sondra smiled with a wink to each girl. “We will talk about boys,” giggling.

In front of the room on top of the ugly purple and brown loveseat, Symole turned with a smile to see each face. “May I have your full attention, belles! Our night has ended. Please tarry back to your individual bed chamber. You may follow me out this doorway and then walk around the front portico,” she stood upright from the loveseat without the tea cup and the non-matched saucer. All the different chambermaids moved around each table while collecting all the dirty items from each teen girl onto the hand tray with a fake smile.

Effie stood upright from the new sofa and moved ahead, slapping a sandal on top the wooden platform with a grin and stopped, pointing into the darkness of the enclosed staircase. “The staircase is the most direct route to our suites. Isn’t that right, head mistress Symole?”

Symole slowly swung around with a puzzled brow to see the back spine of Effie. “Yes, Miss Effie! But the staircase is haunted by the set of three roaming spirits, who are named Miss Peggy Sue, Miss Anita Mae, and Miss Connie Lee…”

“Poppy cock!” Effie continued to stare with a smirk into the dark staircase.

Lillard leaned over with a whisper and a stern face into the cheekbone of Sondra. “Do you think this is a rigged funny display for a set of bad belles, Sondra?”

“I do not know.” Sondra stared at the back spine of Effie while wondering if she was bold enough to enter the dark tunnel which measured a total of thirty-six steps of high terror. Her mom had told Sondra about the staircase, when her mother had attended at Antebellum House with the set of three she-ghosts too.

Effie jabbed a finger with a smile into the darkness. “Am I dis-encouraged to use the staircase, Mistress Symole?”

Symole continued to stare with a smirk at the back spine of Effie. “No, child! You are most encouraged to try the staircase. I will be waiting here below to see, if you success. I have found in past classes over the years that not one belle has dared and climbed successfully this staircase, since…”

The unnamed petite female possessed a tone of dark tinted skin and a red colored hair, standing upright from the long sofa of yellow and red daisy flowers with a grin. “I concur. A couple of belles have tried but were turned back by the dum, dum, dum of fear. Go for it, girlfriend!” She giggled with the other females.

Effie lifted up and planted a sandal on the top of the first wooden step with a nod. “I will be the first belle,” she moved ahead and then disappeared behind the solid beige wall of paint while yelling out loud with a giggle. “I am going to step two. Step three. Step four. Step five. All is well, ya’ll. I’m stepping on step number six. Ah shit!” She screamed out loud and then the room went silent. She stomped up the next step number seven. “Ya’ll are a set of stupid ghosts! I’m fine, ya’ll. I’m on step eight and now I am on step nine. Ah!” She screamed out loud and then went silence. The sandals of Effie stomped back down and emerged with a pair of wide set pupils and a pair of parted lips with ugly dripping mouth spit. The mouth spit was falling down her chin and as she cried with a tears and screamed with an array of snot drips coming down a pair of two nostril holes. She rapidly hustled towards the open archway with a gasp. “I lead,” Effie disappeared into the night as a set of girly chuckles echoed from each girl.

Symole frowned at Effie. “Belles, you can take a dare. Or you can shut your trap.” The room went silence. She smiled with a nod. “Now, it is time to retire to your private chambers. You are allowed to stay up for two more hours, but you must be very quiet and very respectful of your school mates. If not…”

“Demeritville…” Constance yelled out loud with a smile.

Symole turned and nodded with a smile to Constance. “I will award one demerit to you, Miss Constance.” The room went silence. She swung around with a smile to face the open archway and moved ahead with a soft giggle while leading all the teen female back through the doorway. All the teen girls moved ahead in the formation of one-by-one and two-by-twos through Dogtrot Hall and then spun around to face the wrap-around portico on the east side of the Dogtrot Plantation.



8:03 pm

Private bedroom setting of Sondra

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Her bedroom displayed an ivory colored bedspread between a set of four tall posts on the bed frame and as she reached up and yanked down a thick and pretty bedcovers on top of the bed mattress with the pillows, pulling and tossing the bedcover onto the floor like a teen. She reached up and ripped off the long dress down from the naked collar bone while moving ahead, entering the wardrobe closet and stopped in the middle of the room. She lifted a leg and tossed off a shoe and then the dress like a teen.

She moved around in semi-nakedness in a girly throng towards the built-in chest of drawers and stopped, shifting open the drawer, pulling out a pair of warm pink flannel pajamas with the set of colored cupcakes that made her feel ill after eating all the good food with a full tummy. Sondra decided not to provide a selection of food refreshments for all of her invited guests to her room, since they had finished the suppertime meal a few minutes ago.

She spun around and moved ahead, jumping into the air and landed on top of the set of soft blankets and the other pillow, testing the softness. She back slid from the bed mattress and stood upright with a giggle, dragging off the set of soft blankets, yanking down all the blankets down onto the floor for her nightly visitors including the pillows and bend down over the floor, scattering all the linen items around the room with a smile.

She stood upright from the floor and moved across the room, stopping and stared through the glass windows, seeing an array of yellowish-white stars that hung below hidden heaven and an almost full moon of orange tint. She dropped both eyelashes down to see the manicured lawn and flower gardens that shined through the beams of white moonlight. Inside the manicured yard, there was not erected a set of tall poles of bright flood lights like on the city street of her house or her high school stadium during a sporting game. This was the strangest academic campus on planet Earth.

Sondra did not see any other type of outside lightning but the bright moon that orbited 238,900 miles give or take a mile or two as it passed around the planet Earth. She narrowed the eyelashes and searched any peek of dim artificial lights that came from one of the worker outbuildings or any private homes that stood quietly peaceful against the shadow of the mountain range and then see something.

A fist knock disturbed her visual concentration.

She reached up and slammed the thick curtains shut while closing out all the invaders with a puzzled brow, spinning around and raced to the closed door, slamming into the wood with a giggle. She reached out and opened the door as a cold sweaty bottle floated into her eyeballs.

Constance extended the beverage with a smile. “Here is a toast to our hostess with the mostess for starting our first belle meeting!” Sondra accepted the cold beverage with a smile and a nod, back stepping for the open archway while allowing the invited guests to enter. Constance moved ahead and selected a place to sit, sliding down over the part of bedcover with a smile, sipping on her own beverage.

Tancy followed behind the back spine of Constance while holding an open beer bottle, wearing a pair of blue colored robes and matching a set of long pajamas with a smile. “Why are all the outbuildings off limits to belles?” She moved ahead and stopped, sitting in front of the bed frame with a grin, sipping the cold beverage.

Constance smiled. “I do not know.”

“I know,” Iris Lee held a beer bottle and entered behind Tancy, stopping and parked on top of the one of the soft blankets with a smile to see the other girls. “About two years ago, a belle for some silly reason went into one of the outbuildings then she got expelled from Antebellum House.”

Tancy nodded with a smile, “That is noted and locked up forever! You won’t catch me near the outhouses or the dead people cemetery. Is the rock mountain off limits too for a belle or two?”

Iris Lee turned and winked with a grin at Tancy. “No and yes! But, the answer if mostly no. I’m not supposed to tattle tale, but you’ll be hearing the rumors and not from me,” giggling.

Lillard entered behind another belle and stopped, sitting on top of the blanket in front of the nightstand without a beer bottle, turning to stare at each face with a puzzled brow. “Is the stairwell haunted?”

Iris Lee smiled with a nod. “Legend tells that the slash marks were permanently embedded into the belle’s wooden staircase which was made by a real live mean British officer during the Revolutionary War. He attacked and murdered the helpless maid of the garconniere while protecting her little belles.”

“Wow! Your curves are girly.” Constance reached out and touched the numerous horizontal ivory colored ruffles drapes on the bed post.

“O my gawd! You’re gay.” Tancy dropped open a mouth in shock at Constance.

Constance turned and winked at Tancy. “No. I am heading straight for your sweet beau, girlfriend. I’m commenting on Sondra’s lovely curves and draping ruffles on her canopy bed frame. She possesses a set of ivory chenille coverlets too. I like your ivory double row of curtains which are tied with a great big ivory tassel. It looks very royal like a real princess,” she spun around with a smile and sipped, swallowing the beer with a grin.

Iris Lee smiled. “Mine is a modern bed with a silver steel stainless four posts bed frame but the silver colored footboard is low to the floor about one inch with a secret hidden compartment for my pink lace panties. The bedspread is a geometric yellow vertical thick line on half then red thick lines on bottom, really cool.”

Tancy smiled. “I have a canopy frame that looks like a bell-shape with a set of hot orange sheer lace ruffled foo-foo curtains which are tied at four ends of each post and then puddles down to the wooden floor. The bedspread is a big gigantic hot orange sunflower and then a big gigantic yellow sunflower with a beige background. Neat to meet too!”

Constance smiled. “I got four poles of black mahogany wood that shine in a lacquer finish with a set of pure white lace curtains that puddle and hang down over the each poster pole down to the floor, but my bedspread is black and white leopard print. I do like a lot.”

Lillard smiled. “I have a bedroom suite of pretty yellow teak wood. Teak wood comes from the country of Sweden. The bed frame has a set of four arrow-like tall posts that forms an arched canopy tent. My dark navy bedspread is covered in a set of little tiny white dots which is very pretty to my eyeballs. The canopy fabric is dark blue sheer silk,” she reached down and pats her silk robe in dark blue also.

“I see. You bedspread matches your pajamas. Are you a trying to become a nun or something, honey?” Tancy giggled with a smile.

Lillard smiled. “I placed dark blue as one of my color schemes with rose red and violet purple on the paper application to Antebellum House.”

“What paper application?” Sondra spun around with a confused brow and moved ahead, sitting on the edge of the blanket in front of the closed door.

“The paper application, I had filled out too.” Lillard smiled.

“I didn’t fill out shit.” Constance frowned.

Tancy smiled. “Your parents filled out the paper application. Since my mama turned my paper application into the school without my knowledge and then pleaded for me to attend, which I did only, because I love my mama.”

Iris Lee smiled. “We all love our parents, because that is a Holy Bible rule that I follow with love too.”

“Obey your parents is the Bible commandment,” Lillard smiled.

“Part of obeying your parents says to love both of your parents too,” Tancy grinned.

Sondra frowned at Tancy. “Who sent you here to Antebellum House, Tancy?”

Constance exhaled with a puff of annoyance. “You don’t wanna be here, either, Sondra.”

Sondra nodded. “I was shown one of my fancy long dresses and then told that I would be wearing them as my new dress code at my new school.”

“That’s odd! I was told last year that I would attend Antebellum House, working with my mama to make all the necessary preparations,” Iris Lee grinned.

“Well then, your mama is truly a loving mama which is not like mine.” Constance frowned.

Sondra turned and scanned her room with a stern face. “Doesn’t it seem weird that there is not a fancy glass-cut chandelier, only vertical fluorescent lighting that burns your eyeballs and no throw pillows for beauty in my girly bedroom, or a small crystal lamp for decoration on my desk top? My bedroom at my grandmother’s house is much nicer than this. I expected Antebellum House to contain well all types of antebellum stuff like zillions and zillions of old antiques. Most of the furniture is modern or old while needing polishing or trashing.”

Constance nodded. “Antiques are valuable objects for rare collectors. Or they are horded by the family clan for giving to their young’uns at Christmas time or to a young couple for a wedding present. That is a Southern tradition that has lasted for centuries and centuries and centuries.”

Iris Lee nodded. “The floor to ceiling window units look like the black and white pictures that come from my American History textbook that I used in high school last year. That’s like an antique part of this old building. I read that the tall windows are opened during the spring and autumn times to admit cool air from the porches flowing across the room. The column along the front portico stretched up into a plain wide frieze. A plain wide band runs across the front of the house then above that is the gable roof. The gable roof is two sloped roofs that formed a triangle in the front with a circular air vent for the attic. The box shaped house has a breezeway in the center of the façade. There is no grand stairway or a formal ball room or a decorative pilasters or a set of mock tall columns of nothing to do fun things around. The high ceilings and multiple stories allowed the heat to rise. The covered balconies and porches allowed folks to sit in the shade enjoying the outside…”

Tancy grinned. “Iris Lee is smart. We need to look and cheat off all her academic tests.”

“Why are there she-ghosts here at Antebellum House?” Constance sipped and swallowed the beer with a grin.

Lillard nodded. “The performance was framed and faked.”

Iris Lee frowned, “Naw. I just told you the legend of the killing sword that killed…”

“Yes. The event is both framed and faked for scaring all the new students. This is another ancient tradition of the privileged class,” Lillard frowned.

Tancy shook her curls with a worried brow, “Naw. Effie was really scared. You should have heard that girl. She was cussing up a thunderstorm inside the doorway of her private chamber at the three naughty she-ghosts for touching her hair and then her neck and then her hand…”

Constance frowned. “Did the ghost really touch her hair?”

Lillard frowned. “Impossible! They are both invisible and intangible, if they are indeed real.”

Iris Lee lifted and slapped a finger to the lips. “Shh! They can hear you and they can see you and…” she giggled with the others.

“They are not real, ya’ll silly southern belles. Someone is behind door number three that is pulling down a mechanic level, creating a mechanic wind storm. What did Effie feel a breeze of wind across the crown of her head or down along her naked feet inside her sandals,” Lillard nodded with a smile.

“Effie says that she felt a hand touch move across her bare shoulder.” Tancy nodded.

Lillard frowned. “Big D! We all can feel a touch of wind when a moving hand from a boy or a girl crosses one of the naked shoulders while wearing this silly promenade party gown. Geez! I can’t believe my mother sent me here…”

“Why are you, here?” Constance turned and frowned at Lillard.

“What?” Lillard dropped open a mouth.

Tancy turned and frowned at Lillard too. “Why did you come here to Antebellum House, Lillard? You are not from the South but the northern US State of Vermont.”

Lillard exhaled. “I’m here because my parents wanted me to attend a good university. The proper name of this school seems to open doors in some of the impossibly overcrowded post-graduate institutions.”

Constance nodded. “Man or woman, you are very lucky that you get an invite here. Belles from all over the South wanna come here but the enrollment is both limited and strict. We are an academic school for specifically…”

“Girls,” Sondra smiled.

“Belles,” Iris Lee turned and winked at Sondra.

Sondra lifted up the empty beer bottle into the air with a smile to her new school friends. “To our first belle meeting! The only admission is your bathroom robes and matching or non-matching pajamas. No nudity is allowed. Period! And the only item on the business agenda is boys. So who’s got a brother here? I do not want to date him foreverly,” giggling.

Tancy winked with a smile, “The better question, who has visited the east garconniere with one or all of the boys?”

Constance winked with a giggle. “The ‘bestest’ question, who has been out with a boy from east garconniere? Don’t be shy! Tell, tell!”

Sondra smiled. “Who is your escort beau that shoved your breasts into the table tonight at supper meal?”

Iris Lee dropped open a mouth in shock. “Cutie-hunkie Sterling, why would he do that to you Sondra?”

“I like his bald mound. Did you touch his smooth bald skull head, Sondra?” Constance winked with a giggle.

Tancy giggled with a nod, “Yeah! That bad body Ween did that me too.”

“Ween is a coon-ass.” Constance frowned.

“A what?” Lillard laughed with a smile.

Iris Lee frowned. “It is a vulgar and derogatory term for a bad redneck, where your mama would beat your butthole blue and black, if she had heard your foul mouth, Constance.”

Constance smiled. “My mama would call him biggity for both vain and overbearing.”

“That would be the apt description for my escort beau Senn, darling,” Sondra giggled with a nod.

Tancy turned and winked at Constance. “That boy is cute to boot, too.”

“And a good old boy from a good old family to boot, too,” Iris Lee smiled with a nod.

“A rough and fun cowboy, I bet he wants to take your body to Loveless Mountain, too, Sondra,” Constance smiled.

Sondra exhaled. “Senn is a redneck.”

Lillard frowned. “I thought the term redneck applied to people, who possessed reddish colored necks coming from a sunny day’s work in the crop fields on their farm in rural countryside of the South.”

“Ezzard is a sweet talking thing, too boot.” Iris Lee nodded with a smile.

“A what?” Lillard frowned.

Tancy nodded with a smile. “Sweet talking thing, it means to a girl that the male has got the best pickup line for a southern beau along with his gentlemanly beau charm.”

“A pickup line to where?” Lillard frowned.

“Where is the rock dome located away from this building?” Tancy turned and stared at the closed drapes on the glass windows.

“A what?” Lillard frowned.

“The naked top surface of Loveless Mountain, it is a rock dome which is flat for dancing, strolling, and flirting,” giggled Tancy.

“Reckon so!” Constance smiled.

“Who has been kissed before?” Sondra smiled.

“Me.” Tancy tossed a hand into the air with a smile.

“Me.” Constance smiled with a nod.

Lillard turned and frowned at Tancy. “Is that really your name, Tancy?”

“Tancy is a word that comes from the Greek language which means ‘immortal.’” She smiled.

“What does a beau like in his belle?” Sondra smiled.

Constance nodded with a grin, “Beautiful eyes.”

“Me.” Tancy slapped at her pair of big breasts with a giggle and a grin.

“Soft lips,” Iris Lee smiled with a nod.

“Me.” Tancy slapped her pair of big breasts again with a giggle and a grin.

“Gorgeous body.” Sondra reached out and patted, feeling a pair of skinny legs and thighs inside her yellow colored long pajamas.

“Me.” Tancy slapped her pair of big breasts for a third time with a giggle and a grin.

“A good listener,” Iris Lee nodded with a smile.

“O baby, go and do whenever you want to do to me.” Constance giggled.

“A good listener, not a good whore, Constance,” Lillard turned and frowned at Constance.

“I’m not a whore, Lillard.” Constance sneered.

“Me.” Tancy slapped at her pair of big breasts another time with a giggle and a grin.

“Spontaneous actions,” Iris Lee nodded with a smile.

“Yeah baby! Go with the flow!” Constance smiled.

“He loves to hear you sing the blues.” Tancy nodded with a grin.

“How about he might wanna hear a country song?” Sondra smiled.

“Sing in his right eardrum.” Tancy smiled.

“Dance in his room.” Iris Lee grinned.

“Dance in our heels.” Tancy smiled.

“Dance in the nude.” Sondra giggled.

Constance smiled, “Hell yeah! I give a little dose of silliness and a big dose of kissing-ness for my new beau.”

Lillard nodded with a smile. “Boys complain about girl drivers, so I contribute and promise to be a good driver.”

Tancy turned and frowned at Lillard. “Are you talking about a car, honey?”

Constance turned and winked at Lillard. “Belle Lillard means to make his engine purr like a newborn kitten for the hunger tomcat.”

Iris Lee smiled. “Be happy and not fake. Be real!”

Constance smiled. “Can I tell all of us a joke?”

Lillard smiled. “Can I fake a smile at your joke?” Constance turned and hissed at Lillard.

Sondra smiled. “Boys like a pair of big tits and a set of long legs.”

“Me.” Tancy slapped at her pair of big breasts with a giggle and a grin.

Constance nodded with a smile. “You need to care for him and baby him when he’s sick or tired.”

“You need to surprise him with something like me,” Tancy giggled.

Lillard turned and frowned at Tancy. “What?”

Tancy shrugged a shoulder with a pout. “I know something about boys.”

“Show him that you really want him. Be funny. Be strong. Don’t be a damsel in distress all the time! But every once in a while, let me save you from something fun or dangerous,” Constance nodded with a smile.

“You must play hard to get.” Lillard nodded with a smile.

Constance frowned, “Naw. You must exhibit interest in him while being confident and independent. That’s sexy. Needy and pushy is so royal fake.”

“Flirt with him! Text to him all your naughty thoughts!” Sondra giggled.

Tancy reached down and pulled out the mobile telephone from the robe, pressing the tiny screen with a confused brow. “I can’t use a cell here inside any room or on the outside front porch of Antebellum House. Why is that?”

Sondra gasped with alarm, “O right! I forget about that too,” she reached up and grabbed the mobile telephone from the nightstand, drawing near a confused brow, pressing the tiny screen.

Iris Lee laughed. “So, we can’t bitch to our parents during a night on Detention Isle at Loveless Mountain that came from Mistress Symole.”

“Bitch about what, Iris Lee,” Constance frowned.

“So, I don’t bitch about you to Symole, sweetie,” Iris Lee winked with a smile at Sondra.

Sondra smiled. “O. I gotta remember that one too,” she giggled with the girls.



Monday August 23rd



7:50 am

Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine

Ballroom location of funny drapes

Shared sofa setting of Sondra, Senn, and Sterling

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra rushed ahead down the Dogtrot Hallway and entered into the ballroom, where all the other males and females sat in a colored T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Symole stood upright in front of podium with a smile down into the microphone. “Pick a sofa! Any empty sofa in the room but sit with one or both of your personal dining room buddies from last night. Please, let us tarry and get seated right now Hurry!”

Sondra moved ahead with a hand wave and a smile to Sterling in the far distance. Senn pulled up behind the back spine of Sondra, reaching down and slapped both a pair of huge man hands on her ass with a set of dual thuds that covered his evil deed with a chuckle. His body blocked the eyeball vision from Symole with the vicious belle attack using a set of broad tallness.

Sondra spun around with a sour frown and performed a backward stroll in a pair of high heels as a southern belle, “Senn!”

Senn leaned down into her lips and grabbed both her arms, twirling Sondra into a chest cuddle with a smile, softly singing in a baritone timber into her eardrum. “Yes! Let’s go and sin, tonight.” Senn and Sondra slowly strolled towards Sterling, who had selected a modern day gray and white cloth patterned long sofa with a pair of round shaped armrests for the morning prayer and lecture from Mistress Symole.

“Behave! Or I’ll tattle to Sterling.” Sondra moved with Senn and carried a frown of fury.

Senn dropped down a chin into the chest with a soft moan, “Yes, darling!” He scooted towards the far end from Sterling. Sterling continued to sit and smile on top of the long sofa like a southern gentleman.

Sondra stopped swung around, sitting down between Senn and Sterling on top of the empty cushion. “Ah!” She stood upright from the cushion with a gasp and swung around to see four hands which occupied her ass-spot on top of the sofa with a sour frown. Sterling and Senn did not bother to remove a pair of hands from the top of the cushion while chuckling and winking at her and in the face of each other for fun. She stomped a foot with a sour tone. “Ugh! You boys are going to get me a demerit. Move your paws, cubs, right now from my seat!”

Symole yelled with a sour frown into the microphone in front of the ballroom. “Please, every beau and belle, sit down, right now. A prayer service is provided first turn of the morn at precisely 8:05 am, since a batch of research scientific studies have shown that teens function best later in the morning which is right after a good breakfast. The prayer service will be fifteen minutes long with no words or no music or no noise. Every morning, you will come here first. Then we will enter in single file one bench at a time and then march out the door to place your assigned dining room chair for breakfast. All meals are serviced to you like a prince and princess. So get used to it here at Antebellum House. Your first class will begin at nine am, since another batch of research studies have shown that teens work better in the later morning hours.”

Senn slowly lifted a hand up from the soft cloth of the long sofa and extended the wiggling fingers with a smile to Sondra, “Only if, you hold my hand all during prayer service for the entire time of fifteen solid minutes!”

Sterling lifted a hand into the air near a smile to Sondra, “Great ploy, Sinner! Hold my hand too for fifteen solid minutes, sugar.”

“No,” she crossed both arms with a sour frown and shook her curls.

“Please, sit down everyone! Or the breakfast will be delayed and cold for your taste buddies.” Symole yelled with a sour frown into the microphone.

Sondra tossed into the air and then dropped down both arms on her legs a soft moan. “Ugh! Ya’ll boys!”

“Hold all of our hands! Then we all can pray for goodness and sweetness,” Sterling winked at Sondra.

Sondra tossed into the air and then dropped down both arms on her legs with a soft moan and a nod. “Okay. Both of you move your hands, so I can sit, before I get a demerit,” she spun around and sat down in the warm spot as both male teens reached out and slapped both hands on her breasts with a smile and a chuckle. She giggled and fumed at the same time from the typical male teen behavior. Senn wiggled all fingers against her breasts. She reached down and grabbed his hand with one hand. Then Sterling lifted the hand from her breasts and held into the air. She slapped the other hand into his open hand while drawing both of hands down into her lap.

Symole dropped down a chin into the neckline with a smile. “Please bow a head. Let us pray in silent. Amen!” Sondra bowed a chin into the neckline and stared down at the floor with a stern face and a pair of closed eyelashes, praying in silence.

“Amen!” Sterling rubbed her fingers with a soft cheer and a softer chuckle.

“A me,” Senn rubbed her fingers and her leg with a tongue cluck and a soft chuckle.

Sterling looked down with a smile at his boot toes with a soft chuckle. “That’s good, Sinner! A me and her…”

“A me and her and you,” Senn looked down with a snigger and a smile at his boot toes.

Sondra opened the eyelashes and continued to hold each male hand, staring down at the floor while hearing the two teen males mew with a soft moan. “Brother Jesus, please help me!”



9:04 am

First academic class

Needlepoint room location

Classroom interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



All the teens had prayed to Almighty God, eaten breakfast, cleaned the face, and head towards the first academic class environment. Sondra moved towards the open archway of the classroom with a sour frown. Effie stood in place and blocked the open archway with both arms that were expanded into each side of the wooden frame with a bad breathe and a sour frown. “I am aghast. I have just learned that fat-ass ole Lard-butt is from the US State of Vermont which is not a southern state in the USA.”

Constance sat inside the chair and frowned down at the empty wooden board, “Sit down, Effie!”

Effie turned her face to the side and scanned each girl with a sour frown. “I am aghast. Haven’t you noticed that Antebellum House has been invaded like a batch of fire ants with other creatures from the northern hemisphere?”

“Yankees are here. Lordy, call my daddy, right now!” Sondra reached out and shoved the petite teen female back into the classroom, scooting around the teen and turned to wink and smile at Lillard, selecting an empty chair, sitting down in front of a wooden board with confusion.

The needlepoint teacher entered the room with a smile. “Good morning, belles! I have a few announcements before we begin our lecture. One demerit is given to Miss Effie for her non-belle behavior inside the archway of needlepoint class today. The lunch meal will be served at high noon consisting of a plate of meatloaf and a bowl of mashed potatoes which is a favorite southern dish of mine too. You are still required to eat your lunch meal using your newly acquired table manners with instruction from last night’s supper and this morning’s breakfast in a pair of blue jeans and cowboy or cowgirl boots. Are there any more vocal expressions or visual sad faces? Good!” She sat down in front of the classroom in front of an empty wooden board also with a smile.

The room was colored in pink paint with an array of modern furniture including some unique pieces, such like, a gray leather recliner, a pine wood rocking chair, a floral pink wing chair, and a baby blue wing chair. In front of each chair, there stood a twelve-inch square pine wooden hoop on a single foot stand that held a twelve-inch mesh of white canvas for the needle point stitching exercise.

The adult instructor was an elderly, petite, and queen-sized female with a tone pale tinted skin, a head of short grayish-brown hair, wearing a white blouse, a long blue jean skirt with a pair of cowboy boots. She smiled to each student. “Welcome to needlepoint class! You found parked in the seat your personal sewing stash. The basket contains one pair of scissors, a tube of yellow embroidery floss, and one single cross-stitch needle. The basket is not to leave the needlepoint class. You may begin,” she looked down with a grin at the canvas.

“What are we cross-stitching?” Constance frowned down at the empty canvas of white hut.

The instructor smiled down at the canvas, “Each one of you is cross-stitching a frog.”

“A yellow frog?” Effie frowned with confusion down at the canvas.

Constance frowned down at the canvas and then looked up to see the instructor. “How are we supposed to cross-stitch a frog, ma’am?”

The instructor looked down at the wooden board and narrated with a physical demonstration and a smile. “Hold the wooden board between your knees. Place your needle behind the white canvas and then insert the needle up through the hole and then back down through the hole. This will be your first stitch and then repeat the process, until you have completed your frog…”

“A yellow frog,” Effie looked up with a giggle and turned with a sour frown to see the distorted face on Constance.

Iris Lee stared down with a puzzled brow at the canvas. “A frog has two legs and two eyes. This picture has two legs and a tail. I think it’s a bird.”

“A yellow bird! Is there such a thing as a yellow colored bird?” Tancy turned and frowned at Constance.

Lillard laughed down at the canvas working on the design, “A chicken. A chicken is yellow which is making me hungry.”

“It is too heavy and fat and thick for a tiny chick. It looks like a big thick goose,” Tancy smiled at Effie.

“It is a yellow goose,” Effie frowned down at the canvas.



10:04 am


Second academic class

Library Room location of mismatched desks

Money Matters classroom setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Needlepoint class session had ended for the female teens. All the girls left behind a frog design on top of the needlepoint stand, strolled down the Dogtrot hallway, and entered into the library room for the next academic class.

Sondra moseyed ahead and sat down inside a cheap plastic green colored chair that sported five legs, instead of four. Sterling scooted ahead and sat down inside the matching second chair, turning with a smile to see Sondra in silence. Sondra turned with a wink to see his cute face and then returned back to see the Money Matters instructor.

The instructor was a short and elderly male with a head of cropped gray hair, a pair of tired brown colored eyes, and a tone of wrinkled pale tinted skin. He continued to sit behind a writing desk with a smile to each student. “The subject of money matters inside the library room during the antebellum era, it was the landowner private spot, where he could smoke. There will be no smoking of cigars in here today and never, gentlemen.” All of the teen males softly moaned for fun. The instructor grinned. “The landowner could drink. But there will be no drinking of spirits in here today and never, gentlemen.” All the teen males moaned for fun again. The instructor smiled. “The landowner could talk about politics which shall be avoided in here today.” The room was silence. “The landowner could talk about money, so it would make perfect sense for us to be here to discuss that main topic…”

He shouted out loud with a chuckle. “What main topic is that, sir?” Ween had selected a chair in the rear of the room with a smile.

The instructor frowned. “You will receive one demerit, Master Ween. I am Master Floyd. I would like to remind all of our students that any type of misbehaving rebel behavior either badly facial expressions to my eyes or vocally wrong responses to my ears will reward your person with a single demerit. On the flip side of the Roman golden coin, any type of happy facial expression paired with a correct verbal answer will result in your personal name, being dropping into that invisible white cowboy hat at the end of the school session for the tomorrow announcement of the ‘Lady and Gentleman of the Day’ during your meal time staring with breakfast. What object is generally accepted as a payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in our economy?”

“Money,” Sterling smiled with a nod at the instructor. Sondra turned with a smile to see the nose profile of Sterling. He turned and winked at Sondra in silence.

Floyd nodded with a smile. “You are correct, Master Sterling. What defines the currency in the US?”

“Banknotes and coins,” Sterling turned and winked at Sondra.

Floyd nodded with a smile at the nose profile of Sterling. “You are correct, again, Master Sterling! The first usage came from the small village named Mesopotamia in the year 3000 BC in the form of a single or numerous non-matching colored seashell. What is the object?”

Sterling turned back and smiled at Floyd, “The seashell represented money.” Sondra dropped open a mouth and stared at the nose profile of Sterling in silence.

“You are correct, again, Master Sterling,” Floyd nodded.

Senn reached over and slapped the forearm on Sterling with a smile. “Hey, smart ass! Give us a chance, man!”

“You will receive one demerit, Master Senn. After World War Two, at the Bretton Woods Conference, which was held in the country of England, all of the world’s currency became based on what object?”

“Money,” Ween yelled out loud with a laugh along with the other students.

“That is not correct, Master Ween.” Floyd frowned.

“The object was the United States dollar.” Sterling turned and winked at Sondra.

“You are correct for another time, Master Sterling. What is a matter that functions the four of a medium, a measure, a standard, a store?”

“Money,” Sterling turned and smiled at the instructor.

“You are very good, Master Sterling. In the early 1500s, in the city of Amsterdam within the country of Holland, a major trading and shipping city accepted large cash deposits from the local merchants to protect their wealth. These cashiers held the money for a monetary fee. The increase in money rolls along with the competition of fee drove the cashiers to offer some additional services including paying out money to any person, bearing a written order from a depositor to do so. They kept the note as proof of payment which is called by what object?”

“A checking account,” Sterling nodded with a grin.

“You are correct, Master Sterling! This novel concept of a checking account spread across the countries from England to the colonies in North America. By the 1700’s, in the country of England, paper, serial numbers, and what object appeared? Please spell it also!”

Sterling smiled, “The object was a cheque which is spelled c…h…e…q…u…e.”

“You are very good, Master Sterling. What is the object that is a summary of financial transactions which have occurred over a given period of time on a bank account held by a person or business with a financial institution anywhere in the world?”

“A bank statement,” Sterling smiled.

“You are correct, Master Sterling. A bank statement is printed on several pieces of paper and mailed directly to the address of the account holder. With the concept of advanced technology in the banking service today, there are certain bank machines that offer the printing of a bank statement at any time which is a condensed version of a bank statement. In recent years, there has been a shift towards paperless an electronic bank statement.

“The bank statement possesses certain features such like a listing of cancelled cheques and their images which have cleared through the bank account during the statement period. A transactional account allows the account holder to visually see the financial payment from various resources which include debit cards, cash money, cheques, and electronic funds transfer from or to a bank account. What object holds both the financial and non-financial data and shows a date, the money description, and the money amount of each item, such as, the purchase of a tractor or a horse for a business company like a cotton farm?”

“It is a bank card, man,” Ween shouted out loud with a chuckle.

“The object is a general ledger.” Sterling smiled.

“You are correct, Master Sterling. What object shows the amount of money collected from selling a warehouse of cotton bolls to the US Federal Government and the amounts of money spent for paying the mortgage of the house, the fuel gas for the farm tractor, and lots of food for their growing five teenage boys? The answer is also the difference between the revenue money and the expense money which could be a profit for the cotton farm placed into a checking account for future spending of money or saving for money.”

“The object is an income statement.” Sterling turned with a wink to see Sondra.

“You are correct, again, Master Sterling. An income statement is a very important legal and financial document pertaining to money. An income statement shows the past money transactions, where the money was spent and can predict any future money performance, such as, generating cash for the future growth. For example, Antebellum House needs money to expand its capital layout, while continuing to service young beaus and belles into becoming responsible mature adults. The income statement shows the flow of money, but there is another document that places the money in a permanent spot. My last question for the class, what object is a legal declaration by which a person, who is the testator, which names one person to manage his estate and provides for the distribution of his property at the timely event of death?”

“I got this one, man. It is a dead person’s Final Will where all the monies goes to me.” Ween shouted with a laugh along with the other students.

“You are very close, Master Ween. You’re doing a good job. But I need a specific name.” Floyd nodded with a smile.

“The object is called a Last Will and Testament.” Sterling smiled with a nod to Floyd.

“You are correct, again, Master Sterling. The term ‘will’ has historically been limited to real property, while the second term of ‘testament’ applies only to the disposition of the personal property, thus giving the name, ‘Last Will and Testament.’ Today, a person creates a testamentary trust that is effective only after the death of the person named inside the will,” he lifted up a set of papers in the air with a stern face. “I hold four photocopied cancelled checks coming from four different bank statements. This is your assignment from the Money Matters class. You are to trace back these four bank checks which had been written to Antebellum House which came from four actual patrons. The four patrons are Mrs. Mary Margaret Hackworth, Mr. William Earl McDaniel, Mr. Jefferson Anthony Quinn, and Mr. Montgomery Jonathan Sutton. I request to see in a handwritten format or an electronic one the check money amount from the checking account for each patron, the date of the check transaction which comes from the bank statement of each patron. The money item purchased will be found inside the general ledger book and finally the money income will come from their private business company which will be found on the business income statement that was declared in their actually Last Will and Testimony.”

“Geez! All that is requested to be done by the end of the year, professor,” Ween chuckled out loud with the other students.

Floyd nodded with a smile to Ween. “You are have received a second demerit, Master Ween,” he pointed around the walls of the classroom, where each wall held ceiling to floor book cases which was filled with numerous ancient books and colored manuals of information. “You will find all the ancient accounting books, records, and papers located here inside this very classroom. The assignment is due this week, before the fun weekend. Some of you will finish this assignment in less than thirty minutes, while most of you will take days, maybe a few more weeks to solve the puzzle. Please pick up a stack of papers from the edge of my teacher desk, before you leave the classroom. You may begin starting tonight right after suppertime, unless you are posted to attend Detention Isle for the evening like Master Ween will be visiting,” he chuckled with some of the other students. “Dismissed, class.”

The students slowly stood upright from a chair and scattered around the room, leaving the instructor for the next academic class without a ringing bell with a set of chuckles or whispers.



11:03 am

Third academic class

Drawing Room location of pink tinted chairs

Journal Writing classroom setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Money matter class had ended. All the students spun around and followed the back spine of Ween. Ween reached out and opened the door, moving through the open archway with a sour frown and a set of soft curses, strolling into the Dogtrot hallway the next academic class inside the drawing room.

Ween turned to the side and stopped, blocking the open archway of the drawing room with a gasp of annoyance. “Damn! The chairs are…” The rest of other students veered around the wide archway and scooted behind his ass, scattering around the new classroom.

The Journal Writing instructor stood upright in front of the loveseat furniture piece with a sour frown at Ween in silence. Sondra moved into and selected one of the empty pink tinted silk covered chair between the elbow of Sterling and her elbow with a small table between them with a giggle and a grin in silence. The instructor smiled with a nod at Ween. “You receive one demerit, Master Ween. Please come inside now. Pick out the chair anywhere in the room as long as it is here in front of me on the left side and first row, so that I may monitor your foul mouth with your set of moving lips,” he chuckled with the other students. Ween exhaled with a huff of annoyance and a string of soft curses, moving ahead and stopped, sliding down into the arranged chair, slumping the back spine backwards as his punishment for being stupid and bold with the new instructor. The instructor nodded to each face. “Good morning, belles and beaus! I am Master Skippy. This is Journal Writing class. When you acquired your seat…”

“Pink chair,” Ween hollered out loud with a sour frown and slapped the silky pink and silver soft cushion with a hand between the legs.

Skippy turned and smiled at Ween. “You are received another demerit which adds up to two demerits, Master Ween. You first had to lift up a small black leather bound book from the middle of your pink and silver satin original Louis, the fourteen royal court seat chair. Yes, the furniture really somehow make it here to Alabama from the country of France. But that is not the discussion thread at the moment. The small black tinted leather book is your new private and personal journal which will be used inside and outside this classroom. Since everyone is both comfortable and shocked, I should teach now. You will notice that there…”

“There’s no ink pen or a lead pencil to write down your private and personal notes, Master Skippy.” Sterling looked down with a smile and flipped through the set of white empty pages in the leather bound journal.

Skippy smiled with a nod, “Very good! You are very observant and eager, Master Sterling. I will submit your name into the upside down very expensive white colored cowboy hat at the end of the school session for ‘Gentleman of the Day.’ There is not an ink pen or a lead pencil that was attached to the black leather bound journal. You will not be writing down any lecture notes during our lecture session. You will be listening and participating in this class using your set of working vocal cords. Every morning, I will begin a sentence of a topic. Then you will chime in with any material related to that topic. We will continue our verbal conversation throughout the entire fifty minutes of class and then the class will be over for the day. Your homework assignment for the evening, you will write inside your journal anything you want coming from your day activity here at Antebellum House. It may be related to our class conversation or it may be related to a topic at lunchtime or it may be a mental thought inspired by a good deed. You have complete freedom of writing, in this case, but you are required to write a sentence every day in your journal. Let us review! The homework assignment is an American sentence which is one noun and one verb, such as, I am…”

Ween slapped the book onto the arm rest with a grin and nod of happiness at Skippy. “Do you mean that I can write only one single noun and one single verb, such like, ‘I am’ on the first page? Then my homework assignment is done, finished, finale for the night, sir.”

Skippy turned and winked with a smile at Ween. “Yes, you can write only one sentence with the required noun and verb, Master Ween.”

“Well, hell bells in here! I love this course and this teacher and this class and the students,” Ween laughed with the other students.

“Thank you for the compliment, Master Ween!” Skippy nodded with a grin. “You may do just that. But I strongly encourage to you that this is a personal journal of your days here at Antebellum House, which will only last one school session. I would like to see inside your personal journal you write about a remarkable event of your day which brings me to the second part of Journal Writing class. Tomorrow, I will randomly, with no rhythm or reason, select a single journal among all the students of the class. Please note! I am the judge here. If I feel that the selected journal with that particular sentence structure is not suitable for a proper verbal conversation, then I will select an alternate journal. Thus, I shall read that particular sentence structure vocally to the class. This will begin our new topic debate of the day. Then you may participate in the vocal conversation. Quite intriguing, is it not?” Skippy scooted around the loveseat with a grin and sat down on top of the pink sissy fabric of the loveseat and stared at the class of students. “I will begin our session for the day. Welcome to Antebellum House! The institution is an academic, cultural, and social southern school within the great State of Alabama. You are located within the outskirts of the small city which is named Leed, if you desire any type of geographically information as the newest group of student belles and beaus. Dogtrot Plantation sits upon 2,800 acres of forest woodlands, cotton fields, green meadows, and red clay with its own famous mountain bluff, since the year 1643…”

The teen was a tall and obese male with a head of curly red colored hair, a face of red tinted freckles, a tone of pink tinted skin, saying with a smile of excitement. “Hey! That’s a little after the Virginia Jamestown settlement on the date of the fourteen of May 14 in the year 1607…”

“Master Herman is absolutely correct, as well as, definitely marked with one demerit,” Skippy frowned. “I had not reached my lecture point, when I was rudely cut off by a southern redneck. An unwritten rule among southern belles and beaus, please allow the vocal speaker to finish, before your rude questioning. Now, I have plenty of demerits to go around the room. So, for the time being I would advise with the American word, beware. Now, you may add to my starting conversation, Master Herman,” he nodded with a stern face.

Herman cleared a dry throat with a smile. “You enter through an open hallway which is named Dogtrot Hall. It is decorated as an open central breezeway in the middle of the main house while allowing all the young belles to prance about without a chaperone while waving a single gloved hand. They hold an umbrella colored pretty parasol with the other gloved hand and drool at the gathered of young and handsome beaus, who only watched the patio rear for an escape, a unique feature of the Antebellum era,” laughing.

“Master Herman is absolutely correct, as well as, definitely marked with another demerit which accounts for two demerits, sir,” Skippy frowned.

Sterling nosily cleared a throat with a smile. “In the year 1543, Captain Jon Loveless began his wet dream,” he chuckled with the other students.

Skippy turned with a sour frown to see his employee Cody/Sterling. “You will receive two demerits, Master Sterling. Please continue to entertain the class with your highly significant Alabama History lesson, sir.”

Sterling chuckled with a nod. “The house of Captain Loveless was first composed of groves of red cedar logs that came from the nearby Leed forest woodlands. He constructed his home in the middle of a dead corn field, after arriving, fighting, and killing off a small band of warriors which had been composed of a noble Creek Indian tribe. The Indian tribe had living around the unique single mountain peak which possessed an elevation of 507 feet at the peak. Captain loveless was both a merchant and a sailor that came from the country of France as he named his newly constructed log house after his ancestral home which was called Castle Dogtrot.”

Constance smiled. “The Loveless home was originally not built in the Greek-revival style but was surrounded by rows and rows of white cotton stalks with a great big hole in the middle of the building while allowing for air currents to cool the inner family rooms. The structure, on each side of Dogtrot Plantation, is a wing or a garconniere which is taller than the main house, giving the old plantation a very unique distinctive look like a set of three cobbled plantation homes rather than one. The west garconniere holds the handsome beau suites while the east garconniere houses our sweet belles,” she turned and winked at Senn.

Iris Lee smiled. “Loveless Mountain is composed of quartz crystals resulting from an upwelling of red magma within the Earth’s crust during the Alleghenian Orogeny time period. That was the time, when the North America and North Africa continents had collided. The red heated magma cooled and then solidified to form a red top dome above the red clay dirt. When Alabama mineral miners drilled on top of the red dome for iron ore in the year 1723, they found oceans of pink granite inside the mountain base. The same pink granite that covers the outer shell of Antebellum House today.”

Constance said. “The top of the mountain in the year 1434 was a landscape of bare red rock and rock pools of steam that provided a beautiful view of forest woodlands and the skyline of the small village of Leed, when the dome was not shrouded in a heavy fog while making eyeball visibility limited to a only a few feet. The mountain slopes down into a setting of green woodlands which is composed of oak, pine, maple, and cedar trees plus the rare and beauty Confederate yellow daisy. The Confederate yellow daisy is a soft baby chick-colored yellow with a white seed, instead of a dark black pit which is named Helianthus porteri. The flower grows between the hard crevices of the tinted dull red rock around the base of the mountain while making a perfect picture for some naked eyeballs,” she giggled with the other girls.

Iris Lee smiled. “For fun and enjoyment, an interesting old southern legend tells that the Confederate yellow daisy brings to the finder both fortune and fiancé. Yes, my little belles, if you find a daisy, then you make a jasey. A jasey is an old fashioned British noun for a wig, which was used sometimes over the head of the bridal female during the wedding ceremony,” she giggled with the other girls.

Senn sneered. “Or the word jasey is a pre-plotted human sacrifice of my…”

“You receive one demerit for the day, Master Senn.” Skippy frowned.

Constance smiled. “Loveless Mountain began in the pre-history stage of the Alabama Territory, which was recorded by the Native American Indians that came from the Creek Indian tribe. The Creek Indians braves pecked and chipped away the dull red rock, revealing a mound of pretty granite with pieces of rock. The pretty granite bits were used for various reasons as a quartz tip on a wooden hunting bow arrow and a piece of body jewelry. Then, the European explorers found the red clay dirt of Bama with a set of better machine tools while punching and pitching more of the precious granite off from the red dome top which was used as a set of man-made weapons of destruction. By the time period of the Civil War, the rock dome has been worn down from a mountain peak of five hundred feet to down to barely hundred feet, where the compliments came from the early curious visitors for bunches of pretty land souvenirs or tons of removal quarry rock operations to façade the entire structure of the Dogtrot Plantation plus both of the male and female garconniere.”

Sterling said. “The European exploders learned of the mountain in the year 1597, when the Spanish explorers tattled about a mountain to their friends and foes by calling it ‘a very high and shiny similar to a sunset like a fire.’ The rock mountain was a historical setting in the year 1790 when Andrew Jackson initialed and hoped to negotiate a peace treaty with the Creek Indian tribes. Instead, a wooden bow and pointy arrow bloody war ensured as usual which forced the Creek Indian nation to cede at the Treaty of Fort Jackson. Then the Creek Indians tribes surrender all the forest lands plus the red domed mountain to the State of Alabama in the year 1814. In the year 1863, General James H. Wilson raided with all his Yankee soldiers through the Confederate lands of US State of Alabama with all his Yankee horses, where all came from the Eighth Iowa Cavalry and destroyed all the working buildings plus other home residences, while the Yankees stayed and slept here sparing good ole Dogtrot Plantation.”

“Yeehaw!” Ween chuckled with a grin.

Constance smiled. “Now, Loveless Mountain is a wondrous recreational artifact, where young belles and beaus of Antebellum House enjoy the pond water for swimming or the smooth table top ledge for picnicking or the forest trials for hiking or racing on top of horse towards the western slope. There is fun here along with your active academic courses.”

Iris Lee smiled. “There is another great manor house which is built of pink granite too, where the granite was quarried here at the Loveless Mountain site here in Leed. That grand manor is designed in a Greek-revival style, when it was constructed in year 1769, in the small town of somewhere Alabama. I forgot,” giggling.

Lillard smiled with a nod to Skippy. “I’m Miss Lillard and am proud to hail from the northern US State of Vermont. My native US State uses gray granite to build throughout this great country of ours set of cemetery monuments, government buildings, home kitchen counters, all type of floors, some indoor furniture, and lots of outdoor birdbaths along with park benches. The granite industry contributes seventy five million dollars in annual sales towards the US State Vermont economy, since the gray granite can supply the USA for at least another 4,500 more years. Granite was first mined in the 1700s by a man named Robert Parker. He was a veteran of Bunker Hill and the War of 1812 while gaining the commercial use of granite for a pretty war memorial of each dead and fallen war soldier. Traditional granite was quarried by a hand saw method which was a very primitive tool when it was compared to the modern day blasting technique like with the use of TNT dynamite. Today, granite is mined by using a set of diamond wire saws, hydraulic drilling equipment, and water jets…”

“You can stop anytime now!” Effie sneered at the rear skull of Lillard.

“You receive one demerit, Miss Effie.” Skippy frowned at Effie.

Sterling smiled. “Granite is made of biotite, plagioclase, quart, amphibole, and contains potassium feldspar. The rock appears in light gray silver to garnet to orange to pale pink hues depending on the chemistry and mineralogy make-up of each rock like here in Leed. A dogtrot is also known as a breezeway house or a dog-run. A dog-run is a technique for chasing a possum, where the dog runs from the front yard towards the back grounds and catches that critter right before suppertime which is also known as a possum-run.

“Dogtrot is a style of house which was common here in Bama in the 1500’s coming before the post-Revolution War time, when the wagons of pioneers moved out from the east coast while exploring the new landscapes. On Dogtrot Plantation, there is a twin set of twelve numeric steps going up to each side from the sidewalk up to the front porch. Then there is a twin set of twelve numeric steps that parallels the House, exiting down into the patio rear lawn. The House has eight columns in the front and in the rear that holds up the building,” laughing. “The breezeway or dogtrot is in the middle of the structure and underneath the common rooftop, where the right side of the building had been used for cooking your dead possum and then dining on the delicious meal. The left side of the structure had been used as the sitting room for cigars and whiskey for your guests or a library for studying. There was a set of private individual bedrooms on the second floor, separating your fun from your pleasure…”

“You receive two more demerits with a total of four demerits, Master Sterling. Please continue to entertain me and enlighten your class mates.” Skippy frowned at his employee.

Sterling grinned with a nod. “Yes sir! I will continue to entertain. The dogtrot building is two stories high, so each room is pretty much the same square footage size of fifty feet wide that flanks the open Dogtrot Hallway. Each room is called an ell or shed room, because it could be used for any purpose cooking, studying, praying, or simply getting off,” grinning, “for storing stuff, you know. The breezeway is lined with a set of close low-bearing windows that was used to create a set of moving air currents by pulling the cooler air from the outside wind into the enclosed living space of sweaty and smelly bodies, which was very efficiently in the pre-electricity era of southern belles,” he turned and winked at Sondra. She blushed in pink tone on a face, looking down at the closed book with a grin and a giggle.

“That is very good, Master Sterling!” Skippy nodded with a smile.

Sterling nodded with a grin at Skippy, “Hey there! Does my neat history story negate all of these four demerits?”

Skippy smiled with a nod. “No sir! You receive two more additional demerits for that particular question which brings the total to six, because it is not part of my lecture in Journal Writing class, Master Sterling.”

“Dang,” Sterling exhaled with a whisper and tapped the book on top of the arm rest with annoyance.

Skippy smiled. “There is more information about the Dogtrot Plantation. Who else will share, Master Ezzard?”

“Zee,” smiled Ezzard.

“You receive one demerit, Master Ezzard.” Skippy frowned.

Ezzard frowned. “A secondary characteristic of a Dogtrot Plantation is the placement of chimneys, staircases, and porches. A chimney was always placed at each gable end of the house, serving one main room. For example, the dining room housed the chimney while keeping the dinner guests and food warm. On the left side of the living space, the master bedroom held a chimney post while keeping her mistress and her master warm and cozy,” he turned and winked at Effie.

“You receive three more demerits which makes your total three demerits, Master Ezzard.” Skippy smiled at Sterling. “You, boys seem to be in a tight competition here while running neck-to-neck like a horse race towards the finish line. I am most eager to see who wins and ventures into the Detention Isle first. Do you wish to continue explaining about the staircases, Master Ezzard?”

Ezzard exhaled with a huff of frustration and said with a stern face. “An open and tall entrance portal is located at the intersection of the dogtrot hall and the front porch on both sides of the house. If you travel straight down beside the set of low windows, your cowboy boots hit the bottom plank of the staircase that counts exactly thirteen steps and then turns sharp to the north straight up a very high and steep staircase of thirty-six steps between a two enclosed walls. The wall separates the House from the garconniere, that’s haunted,” he chuckles with the others.

“You are very lucky that your information is most accurate, Master Ezzard. Or you will regrettably be receiving another demerit. The archway is haunted with several she-ghosts, but they are harmless. Sometimes, the female spirits enjoy smelling your body perfume while remembering their long ago fun times here at the Dogtrot Plantation. If you feel a slight breeze across your cheekbone, do not tarry too away quickly, since Miss Peggy…”

“Miss Piggy,” Ween laughed with the other students.

“They are named after a set of cartoon characters.” Effie laughed with the other students.

Skippy turned and grinned at Ween, “You receive three demerits which brings up your total to five demerits, Master Ween. The she-ghosts are harmless, just curious. Then again, if you find a cold draft up your petticoat, do not be alarmed. The lonely spirits rather enjoy taunting our belles just for fun like the beaus. Just giggle and trot off and move away from the belle staircase, dears,” he looked down with a smirk to see the wrist watch and up to see each face. “Our time has concluded. Please return back to your sleeping chambers and then refresh your soiled and sweaty bodies with soap and water. Then you are to advance back down and enter into the dining room for the lunch meal. I look forward to another enlightening conversation tomorrow. Dismissed, belles and beaus!”

The students swiftly stood upright from the pink tinted furniture piece and spun around with a set of laughs and whispers while exiting the drawing room one at a time or in pairs.



4:07 pm

Last academic class

Symphonic Band

Ballroom location of funny drapes

Elevated platforms setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



“Good afternoon, belles and beaus! I am Master Marvin, your new band teacher. Please scoot around and find the red colored place card which is associated with your assigned band chair and your selected band instrument. You have been assessed with your musical talents based on your academic and aptitude song talents coming from a variety sources including the harmonious voices of your proud parents and your high school records and instructors.”

Constance stopped and stood in front of her band chair, pointing down with a puzzled brow at her band musical instrument. “I’m playing a harp. I don’t know how to play a harp. I usually play the clarinet at my old school.”

Sondra scooted around Constance and stopped, standing in front of the red colored place card with her name, swinging around and sat down into the metal chair while flattening out the name card with a giggle. She reached up and gently touched the set of black tinted vertical strings on the delicate harp instrument with an index finger while pondering in silence that she could play it also.

Marvin continued to direct with a set of wiggling fingers, hands, and both arms while standing upright in front of the musical band podium with a smile. “Please sit, beaus and belles! Please open your instrument case, assemble your instrument, or softly tune your instrument with your lips or your hands or a combo of both…”

Constance continued to stand and stared down at the band instrument. “I can’t play a harp.”

Marvin turned with a smile and jabbed a finger at the back spine of Constance. “A harp is a sideways piano with a set of vertical silky strings, instead of a set of horizontal ivory keys. Please sit, Miss Constance. You can play the piano, so you can use the same musical skills for the harp. Each one of you has been strategically placed around the music room as an individual talented musician with your particular musical talent…”

“I can’t play a harp. I can play the piano, Master Marvin.” Constance stared with a sour frown down at the harp and then looked at the nose profile of Sondra without sitting down in the metal folding chair with frustration.

Marvin turned and pointed at each student with a smile. “Miss Iris Lee with a set of long fingers is our pianist. Miss Lillard is our oboe player. Master Sterling is our bass drum. Miss Tancy is our sole piccolo player, while Master Herman is definitely lost.” Constance spun around with a distorted face and sat down in the chair, slapping both palms down inside the lap while staring at the harp in silence.

Herman reached down and picked up, reading the red colored place card, staring at the band instrument that was positioned upright inside the support stand. “I’m to play…”

“….a sousaphone with both Armistead and Ween,” Marvin nodded with a smile.

Sondra looked with a smile at the three male teens who sat on the opposite side of the band room in the far wall corner. The ballroom which acted like a music room had been designed with a set of invisible borders of the bass section, which is beside the tubas and trombones. “So, that is a Ween!”

“What did you say?” Constance reached up and gently touched the silk strings with a sour frown.

“Herman plays a sousaphone,” she grinned.

“It is a better instrument than a harp,” Constance dropped both hands back down into lap and stared with a sour frown at the harp.

Herman spun around with a puzzled brow to see Marvin. “Sir, I can play a tuba and a sousaphone. Why are there three of us that is playing a sousaphone? Usually, there is only one sousaphone player, not three sousaphone players. I can be added to the tuba section instead.”

Marvin smiled with a nod. “That is a very good observation, Master Herman! This Symphonic Band is a little different. Please sit down inside your assigned chair, Master Herman.” Herman nodded to the band master and spun around, sitting down, lifting and wrapped the gigantic sousaphone instrument around a body with ease and in the face with a smile for the music session. Marvin smiled. You, three boys have been selected to play the sousaphone, simply because each sousaphone is manufactured in sheet brass of gold-plating much like the older brass instruments. I must apologize in advance here at Antebellum House. We do not own any lightweight fibreglass sousaphones. Your brass instrument is in excellent shape with the same thirty two-inched bell diameter of yesteryears. You, three beaus are the tallest, strongest, and most talented band players for the heavy weighted sousaphone. It requires a strong pair of broad shoulders and a healthy set of lungs to breathe out effort and generate a deep resounding musical tone than their brass counterparts. Ending my long-winded dissertation of sousaphones, you, three play the key of B-flat for me.” A loud bonking tone of B-flat permeated the quiet inside the room.

Marvin turned with a smile and whipped the musical baton to the left. “I would like to hear a C-pitch from both flutes and the solo piccolo.” A tooting C-pitch sounded with a lovely tweet in the air. He smiled with a nod. “That is excellent flute section. Please, both clarinets and an oboe gimme an A-chord!” A neighing A-chord sounded throughout the room. He nodded with a grin. “You sound excellent, clarinets and an oboe. Saxophone masters, play me a D-chord, please!” A honking D-chord echoed against the walls. He nodded with a grin. “Excellent tone, saxophone masters! Trumpets and trombones play me a B-sharp-chord.” A barking B-sharp sounded in the room. He nodded with a grin. “That sounds marvelous. French horns and row of tubas do me an E-flat-chord.” A howling E flat pitch rattled the floor boards. He nodded with a smile. “That is excellent, horns and tubas. For the fiddlers and guitars, gimme a G-chord, please!” A screaming G-chord whipped up against each glass window pane. He nodded with a smile and turned with a nod to see Sondra and Constance. “And finally, the beautiful harmony of love comes from the two harps. Please do me an F-chord!” Sondra reached up with a nod and plucked on the string with a smile and as a sharp noise came out from vibrating harp strings. Constance laughed without touching her harp. He smiled with a nod. “A little practice goes a long way, belles. There are two harps, seven flutes, seven clarinets, four saxophones, four trumpets, four trombones, two horns, two fiddles, two guitars, two tubas, one piccolo, one oboe, one pianist, six percussion pieces, and three sousaphones.

“I know that each one of you can play an instrument as the words were tattled into my eardrum by your sweet mama. Welcome to the Symphonic Band! We don’t march around a football field during the half-time show or dance side to side to the sound of jazz music during a Shakespeare play or even enter a spring time band competition concert band event during the springtime. However, we do play one song on the last hour of the last day on holiday break, before you go back home with your parents to your respective native US States for the long respite. The band component is a requirement in the US State of Alabama under the Department of Education as an extracurricular activity which is beyond reading, writing, and mathematics all of our academic students. We will be rehearsing and playing the music sheet which is lounging lazy on the music stand and in front of your eyeballs which is entitled Daisy Bell.”

“You are shitting me,” Ezzard slapped the bell of the silver tinted trumpet bell down on top of the kneecap with a sour frown at the music on the stand.

Marvin leaned down with a smile and flipped the pages of the musical sheets to the beginning. “You receive one demerit, Master Ezzard,” he looked up with a smile and lifted both arms in the air to start the musical song.

“I played that song when I was five years old in my piano recital.” Lillard frowned at Marvin.

“That is excellent to my eardrums, Miss Lillard! You along with the majority of the talented musicians here in this room know both the lyrics and the rhyme of musical tune Daisy Bell. The song was written by Harry Dacre in the year 1892. Please you will warm up a lip and a tongue before our fingers and our hands go onto the instrument. The song is very old and very well-known. Hum with me a C-chord. Daisy, Daisy…”

One of the side doors opened. “Master Marvin,” Symole appeared and stood with a smile inside the archway at the nose profile of Marvin. “May I see you for a moment please? I promise, students, your music maestro will return very shortly,” chuckling.

Marvin dropped both hands while holding the musical baton, back stepping off the short platform, spinning around to face the open archway and Symole, moving ahead with a smile. He exited into the hallway with Symole. The door closed shut.

Inside the ballroom which acted as a music room, Ezzard swiftly stood upright from the chair and jumped down off the second tier platform with the trumpet, marching ahead and stopped, kneeling down on one kneecap on the floor and held out the instrument with both arms. He reached inward and crossed them against his chest with a smile and a song of sweet harmony. “Effie, Effie, give me your answer do…” The rest of the students cheered and clapped for Ezzard. He sung with a smile. “I’m half crazy over the love of you…”

Armistead swiftly stood upright from the chair with the sousaphone around a body with a smile and a sing to each face. “It won’t be a stylish marriage…”

Ween swiftly stood upright from the chair with the sousaphone around a body with a smile and a sing to the students also. “Since I ain’t ready to marriage…”

Herman continued to sit with the sousaphone around a body with a smile and a sing to the students too. “I can’t afford a bull whipped carriage…”

“But your butthole will look sweet to me, sweetheart,” Ween continued to stand and sing for fun.

“Upon my seat, right here, doll.” Senn reached down and patted the metal between the legs with a smile and a wink only at Sondra.

“Of a bicycle built for two, me and you, you and me, Sondra.” Sterling turned with a smile and pointed one of the drum sticks at his chest, staring at Sondra.

Then the other non-singing musicians clapped with cheers.



5:16 pm

Dining room location without windows and dark

Dinner meal setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



At the same table in-between the same two table buddies of Senn and Sterling, Sondra continued to sit and stare down at an empty plate of food.

At the head table, Head Mistress Symole continued to sit inside the dining room with a smile and lectured about food without a plate of food like her students. “Proper table manners require that all bread is broken by your finger pads or cut with a knife while depending on hardness or softness texture. A soft texture, such as, a biscuit or a muffins is broken in half with all your finger pads. A bite-sized piece is pulled from the broken half and held against the side of the bread-and-butter dish and buttered, and then eaten one bite at a time. A piece of bread with a firm texture, such as, a sweet soft pastry or a piece of dry toast is cut in half or quartered and then it is buttered. A hot sweet roll or a piece of toast is buttered entirely and then is held between the edges of the finger pads. A bread stick is made from sweet dough and does not require a pad of butter. But, if you butter, then you better break off the end and butter a bite at a time,” she lifted up and ate the stick of bread, chewing with a grin to each student.

On the student table beside Sondra, Senn frowned at Symole. “Watch her eat first! I grow tire of waiting while my stomach grows hungry.”

Sterling leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the breasts of Sondra. “Why are we here again?”

“Daddy sent me,” she grabbed and sipped, swallowing the tumbler of sweet tea. The butler appeared and shoved a small plate onto the oval dish with a cup of ice chips and three pieces of cooked seafood shrimp.

At the head table, Symole swallowed the food with a smile. “In a formal setting, the wine bottles are opened in the kitchen setting. The host glass is filled first and tastes the wine for approval. To avoid an ugly spill, the wine bottle is brought to the wine glass.”

Ezzard shouted out loud with a chuckle. “We get wine with our supper tonight. Yeehaw!”

At the head table, “You receive one demerit, Master Ezzard.” Symole turned and frowned at the student. “During the first course, water is poured from a water pitcher which remains on top of the dining table throughout the dinner meal. A water goblet is filled no more than three-quarters full.” The butler appeared and reached over, pouring water down into the empty goblet for Sondra, standing upright and scooted to Sterling, repeating the procedure in silence. Symole smiled. “The main course is filled with a combination of foods consisting of a roast, starch, vegetables, and garnish. The butler presents to you the variety of sauces and condiments which is served in a sauceboat that is carried on top of a salver. Please whisper your preference. He will slaughter your delight upon the meat. The wine, or tonight, the red grape juice will be poured in the wine glass. If you do not want to taste the grape juice, please announce to the butler. Then he will return the wine glass and continue to replenish the water goblet.” The butler appeared and reached down, filling the wine glass with red juice for Sondra. At the head table, Symole smiled. “The salad course is served in its own plate first. The butler will come around with a cheese tray with a stack of toasted crackers and a pad of butter which will be served at room temperature. You whisper your preference. Then he will make it so.” The butler appeared beside her cheekbone and leaned down placing a stack of two toasted crackers on the right side of the salad plate and then sliced off a small pat of butter, resting it below the two crackers. She reached down and grabbed the cracker, eating without swallowing from hunger pains. The butler stood upright and scooted next to Sterling, repeating the meal procedure.

At the head table, Symole smiled. “You can use the pat of butter on your bread. But, I caution with great care, to you, that the salad butter has been perfected with an acidic quality of the salad dressing while complimenting the entire salad meal. Everyone has food covering the oval platter now.

“Always watch your hostess for the visual signal to begin eating. I will pick up my salad fork which is located on the outside of my plate and then tenderly stab my lettuce leaf. Then you will begin your mealtime delight. All the eating forks are located on the left and all the eating spoons are on the right. Start at the outside and then work your way towards the plate. Cut your food into one-bite-sized morsel portion at a time, chew the bite thoroughly and swallow, before taking another bite. Your cracker is provided on top of the bread platter which is located on the left side of your eating plate. Please put butter, jam, or other spreads onto your bread plate rather than slather it directly upon your cracker and then butter, if you wish one sliver at a time.

“Do not bring an outside beverage to your eating table. The extra glassware crowds the nice placement setting. When a late guest arrives for supper, table manners dictate that everyone remains seated. If the latecomer is a belle, as a courtesy, all beaus will rise, and then the beau on the left of her seat will assist her into the chair, which is very important and very necessary. If you must leave the table, excuse yourself and place your napkin in your chair, not on the table. If you can’t remember to place it at your seat, you will receive a demerit. If you are served something you do not like, then it is polite to accept the food item and at least try a taste. If you possess a food allergy, it is fine to decline.” The butler appeared near the cheekbone of Sondra and leaned down, removing the dirty plate and replaced it with a new plate. At the head table, Symole looked down with a smile at the food plate. “Our entrée is presented. Spaghetti is eaten with a fork. Ravioli is eaten with a spoon.”

On the student table beside Sondra, Sterling tossed both hands into the air with a puzzled brow while searching for the proper utensil. “What’s this? There is no spaghetti fork.”

At the head table, Symole reached down and wrapped the food with a smile. “For a plate of spaghetti, you scoop a small amount onto your fork and then twirl it around the fork prongs, until the loose ends rest over the fork. Hold a spoon against the tines of your fork for easy whirling. The thin noodles are wound around the fork tines first. Try to pick up two or three strands with each bite to avoid a bite that becomes too large. For leverage, balance the tips of the tines against the side of the plate and wind the strands around them, using a spoon to steady the fork. Inevitably, some pasta strands will still be hanging from your fork…”

“Like my snot on a runny nose day,” Sterling chuckled.

At the head table, Symole spun the long spaghetti strands of food around the fork tines with a smile. “Just quietly suck all the spaghetti strands and tasty tomato sauce down into your mouth. This is not improper dining etiquette.”

“I do suck them boogers right back into my nostrils when I get a runny nose,” Sterling ate and chewed the food with a chuckle of closed lips.

“I am going to be sick to my stomach. Stop it with the side bars gross comments, Sterling!” Sondra reached over and grabbed the fork, stabbing the bright green lettuce leaf first.

Senn wrapped the spaghetti strands around the fork tines with a laugh. “Did Symole just tell me that I could suck your…”

“…my dick right after our spaghetti dinner. Yeah! You got good ears, Sinner,” Sterling laughed.

Senn laughed. “Let the sucking begin,” he leaned down and sucked in the food, chewing with delight.

At the head table, Symole chewed and swallowed with a smile. “For tonight, there will be no shame or no demerit.” Then a sound of numerous soft tings of utensils attacked the meal.



5:47 pm

Dessert course



At the head table, Symole stared down at the dessert. “The dessert course might seem easier to eat but has its own manners…”

Sterling stared with a sour frown at the empty plate, “Of course!”

Symole smiled down at the dessert. “The dessert is prepared in the kitchen, while the butler clears items from your placement setting that does not relate to the dessert course like all the nasty crumbles coming from your table, not your mouth, Master Ween. For all the pastry items, both a dessert spoon and a dessert fork are used when eating a cream puff or an éclair. The pastry food item is held in place with the spoon and then cut and then eaten with the fork.

“Do not attack the beast! Else, the gooey cream filling will squirt out and land on your neighbor, because you will receive your demerit and your neighbor. A bite-sized pastry, a donut is eaten with your finger pads. For a general table manner rule, if you cannot eat a pastry without getting it all over your fingers, then use a fork. A croissant is eaten with all the fingers tearing off a small piece and then spoon on the preferred topping of jelly, preserves, or butter. A Danish pastry is cut in half or quartered and then can be eaten with either the fingers or a fork. A cinnamon bun should be cut in half or quartered with a knife and then eaten with the fingers unless it is too sticky and then use your fork.

“Table manners require that the muffin is cut in half either vertically or horizontally and then butter each half one at a time while holding the sweet bread over your plate. An English muffin is split in half. Each side is spread with butter, jelly, honey, or marmalade. The dessert fork is held in the left hand with the silver tines backward.”

Senn leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the cheekbone of Sondra. “That I flirt back at you, babe.” Sondra stared down at the dessert with a giggle.

At the head table, Symole reached down and lifted up the eating utensil. “The dessert spoon is held in the right hand to cut and to convey a bite into an open mouth.”

Senn leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the other cheekbone of Sondra. “I like open mouth with your pretty lips too. Is that pink tinted bubble gum or wild cherry lip gloss, sweetheart?”

Sondra leaned over with a smile into his lips. “I am wearing wild cherry like your dessert, buddy.”

Senn winked with a smile. “Are you proposing that I might get two desserts tonight, sugar?”

“If you’re a very good boy!” She giggled with a smile at the dessert.

“I’d rather be a very bad boy,” he winked at her cheekbone.



8:05 pm

4th floor level

Private bedroom setting of Sondra

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra called and gathered all her new friends inside the bedroom again for the second day of school at Antebellum House. She continued to sit on top of the pillow with a smile. “It is time for girl talk! Who is going to belle tell first? We start with any boy.”

Lillard frowned. “I don’t understand the need for a debate of an ancient by-gone historical setting inside a Journal Writing class that doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Tancy nodded with a smile. “It makes sense to me. This place is our past lives which had been lived by my great-great-great grandparents, where I am honoring and cherishing here at Antebellum House.”

Lillard exhaled. “My dead grandfather doesn’t want to hear this malarkey.”

Tancy smiled. “I like beau Ezzard. He is tall with those cute cat whiskers. I wanna touch those whiskers with my hands.”

Iris Lee laughed. “He is taken, darling. Effie has got a pair of kitty-cat claw scratches deeper than a brush of raspberry thorns into your beau Ezzard. Don’t mess that boy! I am telling and warning you, honey.”

“Really! Does smart ass petite Effie rule over me?” Tancy smiled.

Iris Lee nodded with a stern face. “Effie drools all over his privates, privately.”

Constance smiled with a nod, “Yeah! Effie performs and receives an A-plus degree, so I have heard while standing around the white grape vines yesterday evening. Connie loves to wiggle that tongue and that pair of loose lips during the lunch meal. I simply don’t understand how she was accepted into Dogtrot Plantation with her set of vicious non-belle manners.”

Iris Lee smiled. “I like boys that are sly and sophisticated and sexy looking. Those traits evoke confidence and masculinity…”

Lillard turned and frowned at Iris Lee. “Your description definitely gives a new meaning to wordy egg-head,” she sipped and swallowed the beverage.

Tancy smiled. “Senn looks good, gorgeous, older, bolder, and awesome.”

“You’re in love mode,” Iris Lee grinned.

“I’m in love.” Tancy smiled.

“You’re in lust mode,” Iris Lee smiled.

“I’m in lust mode too,” Tancy grinned.

“I bet Sondra likes Sterling.” Constance turned and winked at the nose profile of Sondra

Iris Lee grinned with a nod. “I like Ezzard. He is a warrior man, who is assertive, not nice, and refine. We got good chemistry going together, ya’ll.”

Sondra smiled with a nod. “I like Sterling. He is a funny guy, hot looking, tall, and muscular with a set of tacky table manners that can always been corrected a hand slap from his girl. Me!”

Constance frowned, “Really! Sterling has a set of tacky table manners with his broad shoulders and his sweet baldness. We could make good chemistry, too, ya’ll.”

Tancy sneered. “Ween has a set of tacky table manners, who is an ugly dude with an uglier name…”

“Saturday afternoon is our first dating encounter with the boys.” Constance smiled. “There’s a hay dance then a hay ride…”

“We dance in hay. Why do we dance in hay? Doesn’t hay contain a set of nasty bugs?” Lillard frowned with disgust.

Iris Lee grinned. “Ween likes me. He stares at me all through Journal Writing. Then he leans over the side table and slaps my arm or whispers into my ear when something funny is said…”

“Oooh la, la!” Tancy smiled. “Ween fancies you, girl friend. They are attracted to you when they hit a body part like in the first grade. I remembered that the boys were tugging on my curls…”

“Every time the room is quiet, Ween whispers to me useless tidbits of information,” Iris Lee smiled.

Tancy nodded with a smile. “Oooh-la-la! He likes you. He is flirting. I remembered the boys were flirting with me…”

Constance smiled. “You need to engage his flirting action with your flirting act of a southern belle play one of our silly mind games…”

Sondra frowned and shook her curls. “That’s stupid advice, Constance! He’ll think you’re a ding bat like Constance. Compliment him! Say nice eyes or nice hair or nice tight T-shirt. When you compliment his T-shirt, shove your face closer into his face or into his cheekbone or into his lips…”

Constance flipped a hand with a sour frown. “Forgot that maneuver! You will get a demerit or three from the instructor and then you will be sent into the Leed forests.”

“I thought that we wanted to go into the Leed forests with a boy,” Tancy gasped.

“With a boy, not another girl like Sondra for getting both of you into trouble,” Lillard laughed.

Constance frowned at Lillard and then smiled at Iris Lee. “You need to smile and then get frisky with your sexy voice tone. Be unpredictable. When the subject gets dull, you need to be unpredictable and then switch to a new topic. Be animated. Use your eyes and hands, forming visual shapes like a triangle or circle your hands, tilt your head, bat your eyelashes!”

Tancy giggled. “Oooh-la-la! You need to bat your eyelashes while making synergy chemistry between you and him with a secret message…”

“What secret message?” Sondra frowned.

“I wanna fuck you now, big boy,” Tancy winked with a giggle.

Sondra gasped, “Tancy!”

Constance flipped a hand with a smile. “Don’t listen to her. Listen to me. The point of the hay wagon is a ride for two bodies, not three or four or single. The point of the hay dance is for you to point your beau for the hay ride. So, you must be self-assured and confident. Remember? Your sexy enough is not enough, so he needs much more sexy from your sexy.”

Lillard frowned. “That doesn’t make any sense!”

Tancy smiled. “During the slow dance, you hug him tightly and then plant a light kiss onto his cheekbone and then the other cheekbone, when you first bump breasts together kinda like an old girlfriend or something. Then during the music, you laugh, joke and flirt like crazy for the next act of kissing his soft pink cool lips,” she giggled with the other girls.

Lillard frowned. “Is it going to be cold inside a hay wagon ride during the evening hours?”



Tuesday August 24th



10:04 am

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

Second academic class

Library Room of mismatched writing desks

Money Matters classroom setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra had attended the first period academic needlepoint class with the other girls, exiting the room and followed the group of girls into the money matters classroom. Inside the room, she sat down inside one of the uncomfortable plastic hard chairs while ignoring the boring topic.

Professor Floyd continued to sit behind the empty writing desk with a smile to each face. “I say 86,000 square feet of flooring and 98 rooms and 12 foot cathedral ceilings and 11 foot door frames and 18 tall columns of pink granite and eight chimneys that break over the roofline while drawing out the smoke coming from the 24 fireplaces in one structure. What am I describing?”

Tancy smiled with a nod. “It is the hotel that my granddaddy owns.”

Lillard smiled. “The structure is the England castle for the queen.”

Ween shouted out loud with a chuckle. “It is another boring day in money matters class.”

Sterling nodded with a smile, “You are describing the topic of math numbers, sir.”

Floyd nodded with a smile. “I heard the correct answer. Please repeat the correct answer to the class!”

“It is another boring day in money matters class,” Ween shouted out loud with a snigger and a nod.

“Master Ween receives one demerit. When you receive twenty demerits, you are awarded a trip to Detention Isle. Does everyone remember that? Good! The descriptive answer is the word, numbers. What were the years within the royal court of Queen Anne of Great Britain?”

Sterling smiled. “The years are between the numbers of 1702 to 1714.”

Floyd smiled with a nod. “What are the years when the design furniture for Queen Anne was designed and built?”

“The years are 1720 to 1760,” Sterling smiled.

Floyd nodded with a smile. “What is Art Deco?”

“It is fugly ugly.” Senn chuckled.

Floyd nodded with a smile. “Touché, Senn! The Chrysler Building within New York City is an example of Art Deco with a set of straight lines and an array of gentle curves which is found in all modern furniture materials, such as, wood veneers, lacquered woods, clear shiny glass, and light steel. The seat upholstery is thick vinyl, where each table chair leg extends straight up into the air like a pair of sewing needles much like some of the fugly ugly furniture inside this room. Today, we are going to have some fun. Since no one had bothered to turn in the writing assignment from yesterday. I did not expect so with the turn of events last night. I’m too busy to prepare another lecture. Therefore, we have some fun today. Let’s echo back and forth some favored southern sayings, so anyone and everyone can participate for today’s homework assignment. I will start. Do go on, ya’ll!”

Effie slapped the big breasts with a nod and a grin. “Do go on about little ole me, some more ya’ll!”

“Naw, Effie!” Ween frowned.

“Go hog wild.” Senn smiled.

“Go off half-cocked, shotgun cocked,” Sterling chuckled.

“Go whole hog.” Ezzard laughed.

“Go back home, Yankee,” Effie frowned at the rear skull of Lillard.

“You receive one demerit, Miss Effie,” Floyd frowned at Effie.

“Gone back home!” Constance smiled.

“Got your feathers ruffled, doll,” Effie sneered.

“I’m happy as a dead pig in the sunshine,” Senn smiled.

“What the fuck?” Ween turned and frowns at Senn.

“You receive one demerit, Master Ween.” Floyd frowned.

“I got no axe to grind.” Senn laughed.

“In high cotton, ya’ll.” Sondra smiled.

“In a coon’s age,” Sterling smiled.

“Naw! The saying is said in a coon’s eyeball.” Ezzard frowned.

“Like a bump on a log.” Constance smiled.

“Like two peas in a pod.” Effie laughed.

“Let’s mend our fences, boys.” Sondra laughed.

Sterling turned and winked at Sondra. “You shore are a sight for sore eyeballs, Sondra.”

“Ya be in my stomping playgrounds, Sterling,” Senn leaned over and sneered at Sterling.

“That takes the cake.” Sondra giggled with a nod.

“Too big for one’s britches,” Effie laughed.

“Don’t get your pink panties in a wad, Senn,” Sterling leaned over and laughed at Senn.

“Two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” Tancy smiled.

“Well, shut my mouth and slap my grandma’s face.” Constance laughed.

“I do declare.” Lillard smiled.

“Well, ain’t them the berries.” Sondra smiled.

“It is as easy as sliding off a greasy log backwards.” Ezzard laughed.

“Barking up the wrong tree, Sterling!” Senn continued to sneer at Senn.

Sterling laughed to Senn. “You are acting like the old lady, who fell off the wagon…”

“…or off the watch tower a time or two,” Ween chuckled.

Floyd frowned. “You receive an additional two demerits for a total of five demerits, Master Ween.”

“What watch tower?” Sterling turned and frowned at Ween.

“Busy as a stump-tailed cow in fly time.” Sondra smiled.

“You got caught with your panties down.” Effie giggled.

Senn turned and laughed at the nose profile of Effie, “You got caught with Effie’s panties down to her…”

Floyd frowned. “You receive an additional two demerits for a total of five demerits, Master Senn.”

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew…tobacco.” Sterling laughed.

“Don’t count your chicken eggs, until they hatch.” Ezzard smiled.

“Don’t let the tail wag the dog, dog.” Senn laughed.

“Don’t let your mouth overload your tail, boy.” Ezzard laughed.

“Either fish or cut bait.” Sterling smiled.

“Cut air.” Lillard giggled.

“Cut me some slack, man,” Senn laughed.

“Every person in the South waves a hand with a ‘hi’ or a ‘bye’ which is called ‘being friendly.’ Try to understand the concept, Senn!” Ezzard laughed.

“Every male in the South opens a door for a lady that applied to all women, regardless of age.” Sterling smiled with a nod.

“There’re three main dishes in the South, consisting of meats, vegetables, and breads. Three main spices are salt, pepper, and ketchup.” Tancy nodded with a grin.

“There is only God, country, and football.” Sterling laughed.

Ween laughed, “Yeehaw!”

“Amen there, brothers and sisters.” Senn chuckled.

“Bless your heart, bitch!” Effie turned and sneered at the nose profile of Lillard.

“You’re dumber than a box of rocks, Effie.” Senn turned and sneers at the rear skull of Effie.

“I carry a pocketbook, not a purse.” Constance nodded with a smile.

“I drink a coke, not a soda.” Tancy smiled.

“I’m fixin’ to straighten your bonnet, Effie,” Senn continued to sneer at the rear skull of Effie.

“I push a shopping cart, not a buggy.” Effie smiled.

“I might could go the store and push a shopping cart for some vettles.” Sondra smiled.

“Put on your grown up pants and deal with it, boy.” Sterling laughed.

“It’s always 17,000 degrees below zero here during the wintertime in Bama.” Constance giggled.

“It’s 89 million degrees hot outside during the summertime days in Bama.” Tancy smiled.

Senn swiftly stood upright from the chair and pointed at the nose profile of Sterling with a smile, using a female timber for fun. “I’m irritated to death with you, boy,” he chuckled with the other students.

“I tickled you to death, honey bunny.” Ween grinned.

“She is dumber than a door nail.” Senn continued to sneer at Effie.

“That thing is rustier than a pitch fork in the horse barn.” Armistead smiled.

“Those dang mosquitoes are eatin’ me up from my toes to my hair roots.” Ezzard reached over and scratched the forearm with a smile.

“He’s so stupid. He can’t pour his own piss out of his boot with instructions written on the heel,” Senn chuckled with the class.

“He’s madder than a wet hen.” Constance smiled.

“Grandpa is down yonder by the creek side, Tancy.” Ween laughed.

“I reckon’ so, sweetie,” Tancy turned and winked at Ezzard.

“There ain’t no sense in that.” Senn frowned.

“Someone done walked over my grave, when I feel a shiver.” Ween laughed.

“How’s your mama and them doing or feeling? Because, your mama always comes first.” Ezzard smiled.

“That dog won’t hunt. It means that your excuse is not good enough for your mama.” Senn smiled.

Effie grinned. “North Carolina is not southern enough to the deep South, because of the word north.”

Constance smiled. “Ezzard is a northern.”

“Southern people don’t got bad grammar, we all got accents.” Ezzard laughed.

Sterling laughed. “I live in the boondocks then drive a ways to the shopping center on Highway 72 near Bubba’s Grocery Store.”

“Supper is your nightly dinner. A fillin’ station is a gas station.” Ween smiled.

“I’ll carry you there, girl.” Senn winked at Effie.

“Don’t give a hoot!” Effie laughed.

“Southerners are a whole lotta fun, ya’ll!” Tancy grinned.

“Howdy there!” Constance smiled.

“I own a couch, a glove box, a poke sack, an icebox, a yard, not a lawn and tell a yarn, not a story.” Sondra nodded with a smile.

“A ways is a distance.” Sterling laughed.

“Why, we would feel pretty much at home down your way, ya’ll?” Tancy laughed.

“Is your kin coming today, Daddy?” Constance smiled.

“We’ll come and see ya’ll, tomorrow, if the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.” Sondra grinned.

“Hand me a clean washrag, Mama.” Senn laughed.

“He ain’t no count!” Sterling smiled.

“Aiming to do that. Bull hockey. Bleeding like a stuck pig. The Good Book. Mad as a hornet. Doodley squat. Polecat. Mountain out of a molehill. Knee-high to a grasshopper,” Iris Lee smiled. “And I can go on and on and on…”

Senn smiled. “How about when you hear that all the biological children are called by their first name in their proper birth order? That means trouble,” he laughed with the other students.

“You are in trouble, young lady.” Sondra grinned.

“Gimme some sugar, love! That means both a kiss and a hug from your mama or your grandma.” Tancy grinned.

Ween laughed. “When your parents use your first, middle, and last name all together in one long sentence, that means bigger trouble?” He chuckled with the other students.

Ezzard smiled. “It means a whipping, boy,” he laughed with the other students.

Mister Floyd smiled. “We have had a very intriguing class today. So, I will leave you with bless my soul and noontime lunch is served.”



11:03 am

Third academic class

Drawing Room location of pink tinted chairs

Journal Writing class setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Skippy stood upright in front of a short pile of black tinted notebooks which represented the nightly homework assignment coming from each student. He swung back an arm and held a cupped hand over the pile of notebooks while watching each student cringe, sliding the hand over the middle and then down onto the side of the pile without knowing the owner of the notebook. The notebook was perched on the edge of the desk and ready to fall down onto the floor. He snatched the notebook and drew it to the eyeballs, opening to the first with a smile. “I have the notebook for today’s discussion. Like yesterday, I will call out the topic. Then anyone is allowed to comment, debate, or argue. The topic word is Christopher Columbus.”

Armistead smiled. “Christopher Columbus wrote inside his sea journal describing the Caribbean natives that he had encountered on his first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. ‘They go naked as when their mothers born them and so do the women, although I do not see more than one girl. They are very well made with very handsome bodies and very good countenances…”

Ween chuckled. “Christopher Columbus, the first gay of USA.”

“Here! Here!” Senn chuckled.

“Naw, dude!” Sterling shook a bald skull with a smile.

Armistead chuckled. “Think it, man! They landed on the sandy beach of the Canary Islands on the sixth of September after buzzing around the open sea coming from their native country of Spanish for over a month. That is thirty days sailing around the country of Cuba, before heading back home around the twelfth of October and then another thirty days to the country of Spain. That’s two months with no fucking sex…”

Skippy frowned at the teenager. “You receive two demerits, Master Armistead.”

Sterling nodded with a smile. “Columbus landing in North America was a very bad thing for the native population. Many people don’t know this. The Native American population was over twenty million before the year 1492 and maybe more. Some estimates are over fifty million. There lived within large cities with governments and so on. Most people think that North America was a big empty continent with a set of sparely populated people of a few roaming tribes of Indians while begging to be populated. Wrong-o! With the swift introduction of all the European known diseases, particularly smallpox, the entire population was reduced from twenty million down to about 250,000 by the late 1800’s. Do some reading on the subject, ya’ll!”

Ween smiled. “Christopher Columbus, the first real illegal alien of the USA!”

Senn leaned over and fist bumped with a nod to Ween, “Touché, my boy!”

Iris Lee smiled. “Columbus led three ships that were named the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria out from the country of Spain by way of the Port Palos on the third of August third in the year 1492…”

“That’s my birthday on August third!” Herman smiled at Skippy.

Senn laughed. “His football goal was to find the riches of gold, pearls, and the beer.”

Lillard smirked. “The myth of the American Old South is as wrong as the myth of the American Old West. Your television Hollywood-style portrays the American Old West with a pack of gun toting cowboys, brave attacking Indians, gun killing shootouts, a single preacher-man saving the day. Actually, the novels were written by real westerns based on individual murders of the fellow man over a plot of land or a bottle of whiskey. Saloon girls were not pretty, but property. People struggled for bread and water and then died in the soil. In the American Old South, people thought of the big gorgeous plantations with rows and rows of white cotton bolls and people speaking William Shakespeare sonnets. Actually, in the Antebellum era, every man, woman, teenage, and child worked day and night in the crop fields while gathering whatever single crop the farm produced which was known as tobacco in the US State of Virginia, cotton in the US State of Alabama, and sugar cane in the US State of Louisiana.”

Herman smiled. “The Native American Indians of Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, and Choctaws were driven out of town literally on a pair of naked feet and out from their southern homesteads when gold was found. Of course, there was also the fake Indian gold too leading all the white settlers into greed and destruction along with the Indians.”

Lillard smirked. “The American Old South was like modern day Great Britain of today. There was no middle class, only the rich nobles of knights and ladies and then the other people. The other people were the indentured slaves, who were used on the farm to perform free labor and back breaking work without just payment for labor but their crimes of no freedom. This was the basis of the United States of America, after the Revolutionary War of 1776.”

Senn sneered. “I don’t begrudge any person, there say so, but I do begrudge any person, who trashes my country that I love,” he leaned over around the chair to bad breathe on the arm of Lillard.

Ween smiled. “I feel an upcoming war of liberation coming onto us.”

Iris Lee smiled. “People are liberated by killing other people for petro oil, for nuclear weapons, for religion martyr in modern times.”

Senn nodded. “President Lincoln was just another politician nothing more, nothing less.”

Herman smiled. “My great-great grandfather was a block aid runner in the Civil War Between the States in the year 1864.”

Senn said. “War is a barometer of human brutality.”

Tancy smiled. “I think we should talk about the New South. I think there are many positive things to be said for it. People tend to be more polite. They seem to know their neighbors and they will help them, if they are in need. The scenery is gorgeous and the food is also fantastic.”

Sondra said. “Everyone is recruited to fight for a cause, a lost cause. Any war is a lost cause, to me.”

Ween smiled. “War is a noble cause.”

Ezzard exhaled. “‘This country will be drenched in blood and God only knows how it will end. It is all folly, madness, a crime against civilization.’ That statement was told by William Tecumseh Sherman on the twenty-fourth of December in the year 1860.”

Sondra nodded. “War leaves behind a myth and then the books, the plays, and the movies make it glamorous. No one likes to gossip about the suffering and pain and amnesia of war. Why is that?”

“The Bible tells me so,” laughed Ween.

Tancy said. “Each side of war creates its own story and monsters and heroes which are all untrue, only the dead know the truth.”

Senn smiled. “Dixie was a northern song.”

Ween smiled. “War is a noble cause.”

Sondra said. “The carpetbaggers were a gang of former Union soldiers, who were looking to resettle into a new life within the destroyed South. Therefore, we were all Americans, once again.”

“Bullshit.” Ween sneered.

Skippy frowned. “You receive an additional demerit that added to two demerits, Master Ween.”

Constance said. “In the Civil War, a surgeon was the worst post. The greatest invention was anesthesia chemical chloroform which was invented around the 1850s. Queen Victoria was given an anesthetic does during her childbirth in the year 1853. Physicians could use chloroform to knock someone out before removing all the embedded bullets or to amputate a limb.”

Iris Lee said. “War is presented as the ‘bestest’ and quickest solution for all sides.”

Ezzard said. “The War of 1812, the Civil War, World War One, World War Two, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the Afghan War.”

Ween smiled. “Cooler heads, soft lips, and swifter pens!”

Constance said. “At the Battle of Bull Run, in Washington DC, folks watched the fighting while eating on a hillside, even Jefferson Davis was there having fun. However, when the battle got bad, everyone ran away back home. Everyone thought the war be over in a matter of days or weeks, instead four long bloody years.”

Herman said. “War is not quick, glorious, or exciting.”

“War is dirty, death, and profit,” nodded Senn.

Herman nodded. “My great-great uncle served in the 18th Georgia infirmary and lived through the American Civil War. He returned back home to a devastated economy and then moved to US State of Texas. I’m from Texas, ya’ll.”

“My great-great aunt was told not to speak of the US Civil War,” Iris Lee said.

Ween nodded. “We, Americans fight because we feel that the cause is worth dying for and remember the fighters serviced to the cause and honor the bravery and loyalty.”

Senn said. “I have many pure feeling of loyalty towards my home, my family, and my brothers.”

Herman said. “My great-great-great uncle died at Fredericksburg in the Civil War.”

Tancy said. “My great-great-great uncle was a Union solider in the 9th New York Artillery. He fought at the Battle of Antietam and survived to go back home. He told his parents about the true horror of war.”

Senn nodded. “The true horror wreaked on the entire world by a megalomaniacal leader was named Adolph Hitler in World War Two. Every man, woman, and child saw and suffered cruelly beyond any human’s vivid imagination.”

Ezzard said. “War is hell for everybody including man, woman, and child of every race.”

“No exceptions, we are the human race.” Effie nodded.

“War is truly about hate. It has nothing to do with race.” Constance said.

Iris Lee said. “We are a mixture of faces, but our genetic coding bleeds into each one of us.”

Constance said. “I hope one day that humans will end all the horrible wars and all the terminal diseases and the terrible poverty and that we will unity together the human race for goodwill and peace.”

Skippy nodded with a smile. “This has been an excellent discussion thread for the day. It is time for lunch. Dismissed, students!”



7:06 pm

Pink tinted belle parlor room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The day progressed with the range of the sun and moved down into sunset, where all the students suffered through another meal of social table manners while waiting mistress Symole eat first.

After the dinner meal had concluded, the two sexes left the dining room and separated into two different parlor rooms.

On the same loveseat of a brown and pink tinted pattern of dots, Sondra sat with a puzzled brow beside Lillard while admiring the yellow colored plantation gown and a pair of matching gloves on Lillard. Lillard continued to eat with the pair of gloves, after rude Effie had made that nasty comment about the pair of working hands on Lillard. They stared across the low table at Iris Lee, Constance, and Tancy, who occupied a long sofa of green and purple square-shaped pattern.

Constance held the teacup and non-matching sauce with a smile in a naked manicured hand. “I am enjoying our new school. I was very suspicious of my parents at first. But, I must admit that I enjoy the varied courses without all the academic deadlines of writing an essays and setting up a complicated chemistry set.”

Lillard sipped and swallowed the tea and then coughed out loud, tenderly wiping the running snot from the nose with the napkin, turning to smile at Sondra. Sondra nodded in silence and then sipped, swallowing the tea.

Iris Lee sipped and swallowed the tea with a nod and smile. “A chemistry set is for younger teens in middle school. We are almost adults here, who will be attending college next year. And I enjoy the freedom of expression inside the Journal Writing class. It is a breath of fresh air.”

Lillard sipped and swallowed the tea and then coughed out loud, wiping the watery eyeballs with the glove hand, turning with a smile to see Sondra. Sondra nodded in silence and then sipped, swallowing the tea while acting like a good southern belle.

Tancy frowned. “However, I don’t understand the use for the needlepoint class. I know that my great grandmother did needlepoint. But, I can purchase and practice with the needlepoint items at home, if I desire too, in which I don’t’ desire too,” she sipped and swallowed the tea with a grin.

Lillard sipped the tea and reached up, grabbing the naked throat with the gloved hand with a puzzled brow. Sondra turned with a puzzled brow to see Lillard, sipping and swallowed the tea with a smile. Lillard stared at Sondra and released the teacup and the non-matching sauce as the teacup and tea spilled over the low table while sounding with a soft ting against the glass surface. She slowly stood upright with a gasp and turned the color of bright pink on the face.

Sondra swiftly stood upright with a gasp and reached over, slapping a hand over the back spine of Lillard. Lillard coughed and then gasped, and the gagged, falling backwards onto the loveseat cushion and then sliding a body down, landing onto the hard floor with a loud thump. She grabbed the naked throat with both yellow tinted gloves while not breathing.

Symole swiftly stood upright from the red and gray loveseat with a gasp and ran across the room with a worried brow towards Lillard, “Out of way! Out of my way!” She slid down and kneeled over the ground body of Lillard, studying the face of Lillard and then the fallen teacup with a sad frown. “I am afraid that the tea bags are not fresh. Lillard is dead from a drowning.”

Sondra looked down at the teacup on top of the non-matching sauce with a gasp and flung the item sideways through the air and across the room as the teacup slapped at the wall. The non-matching sauce hit the floor. The spilled tea covered the targeted furniture pieces. Then, she turned to stare with a sad face at poor dead Lillard in shock.



Wednesday August 25th



Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

11:24 am

Third academic hour

Drawing Room of pink tinted chairs

Journal Writing class setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The dead and blue tinted body of Lillard had been removed yesterday evening from the belle parlor room. The menu of regular academic classes had resumed like normal at eight am the next day.

Sondra numbly sat inside a chair through each academic course with a blank mind of empty thoughts of sadness. Now, inside Journal Writing class, she sat on top of the pretty pink silk-covered Louis, the fourteen court chair while listening to new topic of Southern women. The heated daily lecture continued inside the room from each student.

Iris Lee sat in the front row between Armistead and Constance, staring with a smile at Skippy. “Southern women were of equal status to southern men in the pinnacle of Southern aristocracy.”

Ween sat in the last chair on the front row next to Armistead and shook a skull with a sour frown, “Naw.”

Constance sat in the front row between Iris Lee and Tancy, smiling at Skippy. “Each plantation house had a unique system of law, money, and compliance of social rules, since the plantation house was the most basic unit of life in the Old South.”

Effie sat inside the third row and nodded with a frown at Skippy. “The southern mistress of the manor represented the feminine power within the home and the local community. Even today, a southern belle struggles within her own home and the vicious local community of her family,” she clapped with the rest of the teen females.

“The female power to clean the house is also commonly termed a housewife, the domestic sphere of reality, Effie.” Armistead laughed with some of the teen males.

Constance frowned. “The outside view of the southern gentleman was corruption, immorality, manipulation, maybe defeatism, which balanced out the southern lady’s inner view of morality, religion, welfare, caring…”

“She was the mother of the child and cleaner of the toilet bowl, a pretty good combo for a broad,” Senn chuckled with some of the teen males.

“Her southern plantation husband supported her both legally and financially back then and like now as the American woman in the twenty-first century. As back then, within the Antebellum time period, she holds no power. Period and exclamation mark three times, ya’ll! I sound like Frank Mangrove, my man in the Quartet.” Ween tossed both hands into the air with a chuckle.

“Stu Gage of the Quartet said it first, assholette,” Seen tossed both hands into the air with a smile.

“My bro Tom Sawyer invented that colorful and creative word, Sinner!” Sterling laughed with a smile.

“And my guy Austin Berrington, he is the deadly boss of the badass four-some,” Ween laughed.

Skippy frowned. “I enjoy the Quartet novels that feature Austin, Stu, Frank, and Tom which is by ipam, too. But this is writing class, not fiction class.”

Senn smiled. “A southern belle embodies the ultimate housewife, who provides free labor, domestic duties, and numerous babies,” he chuckled with the other males.

Armistead smiled. “Face it, girls! The mythical southern mistress exists only to elevate her status equal to her southern man,” he laughed with the other males.

“Boo,” Constance frowned.

“Hiss,” Effie hissed at the rear skull of Armistead.

“Go to hell, Armistead!” Iris Lee turned and frowned at the nose profile of Armistead.

Skippy frowned. “You receive one demerit, Iris Lee.”

Iris Lee crossed both arms with a nod to Constance. “It was all worth it, girls!”

“Good one, buddy!” Ween reached over with a laugh and fist bumped with Armistead.

Constance smiled. “I would debate that the southern man uses his southern belle as a symbol of manly status, such like, beauty, charm, and money which shows off his masculinity against the lovely more demeanor feminist model,” she clapped with the other teen females.

Senn frowned. “Fuck off, Constance!”

Skippy frowned. “You receive one demerit, Senn.”

Senn crossed both arms with a nod to Sterling. “It was all worth it, guys!”

Iris Lee said. “Upon further examination, the role of the female of the maternal guardian cares for the healthy people along with the sick people, organizing the family for fun activities from school to church activities, and finally supports her loving husband while bearing the sole responsibility of preserving the entire family unit,” she clapped with the other females.

“Well spoken, Iris Lee!” Effie nodded with a smile.

Ezzard smiled. “Actually, I believe with some other true Southerns that the South never died, never surrendered, never ended with the wind of farting stories…”

“Boo,” Ween frowned.

Senn frowned at the rear skull of Ezzard. “What side are you taking here, Zee?”

Sterling smiled at Skippy. “I believe like my daddy that the South will continue to persist, to pursue, to piss off…”

Skippy frowned. “You receive one demerit, Senn.”

Sterling frowned. “That is not all worth it!”

Ween smiled. “The South will not prosper like now and back then as our US economy tanks deeper into the shitty sewer treatment plant, going up faster than a rocket ship that trips into cold and dark outer space and then gets lost. For all those folks that lack faith, you can get out of the way and watch it end for us,” he laughed alone.

Effie smiled. “I am going back to the topic of the day. She is a beautiful and pampered young girl, gracefully gliding on a pair of satin slippers towards the fancy ball, wearing an elegant ankle-length taffeta gown. She is coy, willful, selfish, and educated in the subjects of reading, writing, arithmetic, music, art, and the foreign languages, as well as, totally dependent on all the men in her life. Who is she?”

Ween shouted out loud with a laugh. “Queen Cleopatra.”

Iris Lee smiled. “She learns to sew and to do needlework as part of her formal education, since her wardrobe attire is hand-sewn while preparing her for upcoming arranged marriage. She is the southern bell.”

Sondra smiled. “When the southern bell married within the old antebellum era, she had an easy but busy life as the head mistress of the cotton plantation. Her duty was the responsibility for all household matters…”

Ween laughed. “She was the first housewife of the Southern royalty. Geez! A married girl’s life has never changed, since the beginning of time.”

Iris Lee smiled. “Her second duty was subservient to her husband. She was a true southern lady with virtuous, self-sacrificing, and passive traits. She was the perfect hostess, organizing the lavish balls that were part of the social life of the time, sorta like now days for any upcoming charity event. However, before her marriage, the rules of society dictated that the young girl manners, or maybe fate, where she was hidden in dress from the eyeballs of other including her beau. The southern belle always had a chaperone, always followed strict belle protocol, always adhered to stringent virtuous, and always obeyed her parents.”

Constance smiled. “The romance courtship procession was both slow and guarded. If the slightest eyeball-glance came from a young beau of impropriety, then her innocent belle reputation was indeed tainted and ruined foreverly.”

Ween laughed with a grin. “Indeed, it is me, too! I have ruined some naughty and nasty belles, foreverly, too, guys,” he clapped with the other males.

Sondra smiled. “Proper social manners and etiquette was a must within the proper Antebellum society. Any single deviation was frowned upon by the gang of old pen hens along with an embarrassment of the family name.”

Iris Lee smiled. “The southern belle ways has never ceased and continues to thrive and exist like here at Antebellum House as her elegant and graceful biological mother before her,” she clapped with the other females.

Effie smiled. “A southern belle never shows her anger in public, because you can curse at him inside the belle parlor room at seven pm, ya’ll,” she laughed with the others.

Skippy frowned. “You receive one demerit, Effie.”

“It was all worth it, ya’ll!” Effie laughed.

Tancy grinned with a nod. “All the thank you notes are written rapidly by a southern belle to show both her graciousness and appreciative of her southern manners.”

Effie smiled. “A southern belle never chews a stick of strawberry bubble gum or smoke a cigarette in the public eyeballs, because she uses the available powder room, ya’ll.” she laughed with the others.

Skippy frowned. “You receive another demerit for a total of two demerits, Effie.”

Constance turned and winked with a smile at the nose profile of Ezzard. “A southern belle will act so helpless and confused, when it is to your disadvantage. Is that right, beau Ezzard?”

“Fuck off, Constance!” Effie frowned at the rear skull of Constance.

Skippy frowned. “You receive one demerit, Senn.”

Skippy frowned. “You receive another demerit for a total of three demerits, Effie.”

Constance wiggled a finger with a smile at the Ezzard. “Be very careful with whom you talk about here in the South! We are all blood-kin from one side of the family tree,” she giggled with the other students.

Skippy nodded with a smile. “That is a very, very good point, Constance.”

“Never let the boys know how smart and clever you are. Just charm, charm, and charm that dang serpent!” Iris Lee smiled.

Skippy nodded with a grin at each teen female. “I am very impressed with the unspoken and unwritten rules of a southern belle.”

Constance smiled. “In the modern times, many folks feel that the ways of the southern belle is dying away. This is the exact creation of Antebellum House to re-enact, re-instill, and re-teach a set of time honored traditional old-fashioned ideas as a southern young lady in our modern society. Your mama and her mama were all taught to stand proud and exhibit charm, grace walking, talking, and acting like a southern belle. And most likely you have been sent here like me to become a southern belle, who possesses grace, manners, honesty, integrity, refined, virtue, sweet, respectful…”

“Arrogance,” Ween laughed.

Skippy frowned. “You receive another demerit for a total of two demerits, Ween.”

Iris Lee smiled. “My mama is a true southern belle with lots of different interests, besides raising me. She makes jewelry from dirt gem rocks, reads a book a day, and cooks all the familiar southern foods while charming her family and friends with her sweet Southern ways.”

Tancy smiled. “My mama is a true southern belle, who is beautiful, smart, and built like me with the big set of boobs. She looks pretty, walks pretty, and talks pretty with her southern accent and handles the money, the house, the kids, and don’t mind kicking off a pair of three-inched high heels to change the flat car tire on her sports car, which she did last summertime,” she laughed with the other students.

Constance smiled. “My southern mama has a master’s and bachelor’s degree in biology and graduated from medical school. She loves art, paintings, and does her own art crafts with her family and her church and is involved in the music ministry at our church.”

“We will be eating a basket of fried chicken for the lunch meal. Did one of your southern belle mamas make it today? Naw!” Armistead laughed with some of the other males.

Constance smiled. “We are challenged and have accepted that the old stuffy society rules of the year 1861 have expanded to allow for more freedom to women now. Today, the southern belle is still responsible for the house, the kids, and the bank accounts. The southern beau performs the yard work and house repairs, instead of dashing off with his gun to battle the enemy. I propose that the southern belle is and will always be alive and well, taking care of her meal, her man, and her manners,” she clapped with the other females.

Ween smiled. “Beans, peas, squash, onions, berries, nuts, cabbages, yams, wheat, oats, peanuts, okra, black-eyed peas, tomatoes, rice, oranges, melons, chocolate, and southern women were the great gardeners, hunters, fishers, and cookers that survived the Civil War and the Great Depression up until now,” he laughed with some of the males.

Ezzard smiled. “Dr. Thomas Jefferson was the formal governor of the US State of Virginia and the minster for the foreign country of France during the presidential term of George Washington. Dr. Jefferson brought back from the country of France vanilla extract, a bag of green olives, and bottle of olive oil from the country of Italy, a tubs of waffles from country of Holland, bottles wines from the country of France along with the recipe for home-made ice cream and pie meringues.”

“I’m hunger.” Sterling laughed with a nod and rubbed an empty stomach with a smile.

Tancy smiled. “The famous southern rich golden pound cake actually comes from the country of England which is dated back to 1700’s. The southern recipe is one pound of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour.”

“I’m allergy to eggs. I do not eat pound cake,” Armistead laughed with the others.



12:09 pm

Dining Room location without walls and dark

Lunchtime meal setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra sat with a frown in front of another empty platter without food and between Senn and Sterling, who whined for the lunch meal with an empty plate also.

At the head table, Mistress Symole sat and stared down at the plate of food with a smile. “A soup spoon is oval shaped like the bowl making it an easy sup from the rounded tip. Tilt the bowl away from you and push your spoon away from you with each bite, brushing the clear or pureed soup from the side. To avoid spills, the soup spoon is filled no more than two-thirds full. A fish knife is used to separate the soft flesh of the catfish from the body rather than to cut a bite using your dinner fork. The handle of the fish knife is held in the right hand towards the end of the shank, between the thumb pad and the first two fingers similar to holding a steak knife. The tip of the blade is used to fillet the fish lift the skeleton from the body and ferret out small bones. Southern table manners provide that the fish fork is held in the left hand, much like, cutting up your T-bone steak. For chicken, you remove the meat from the bone with a knife and a fork, then eat it one bite at a time. For a stack of cow or pig ribs, you scrape the meat off of each rib with your knife but can still use your fingers.”

At the student table, Senn looked down with a chuckle to see an empty platter without food. “What are we eating today? Soup and catfish? Soap and chicken? Soup and pork ribs? I’m really confused and more hunger.”

Sterling reached down and grabbed, banging the fork and the knife on side of the plate with a smile. “I vote for all of it right now.”

The butler appeared and stood beside the collar bone of Sterling, leaning down and reached out, snatching up the fork and the knife with a stern face. “Your two dirty utensils require a bath, sir!” He back stepped and spun around, marching towards the open kitchen door.

Senn laughed out loud without touching the eating utensils. “Sterling gets to starve at lunch time.”



4:14 pm

Last academic hour

Symphonic Band

Ballroom location of funny drapes

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra continued to sit inside the metal chair and plucked on the single string while focusing on the musical note with a grin at the harp. “I think that I got the note singing pretty good now. Listen to me ping the B chord, Constance!” She played the musical note with a ping and a smile. Constance reached up and covered both ears with a giggle.

Marvin appeared and stood upright over the hair roots of Sondra, clearing a throat. “Your musical note was a little too sharp. Your hands are positioned correctly. You need to press the right pedal for the sharp half note. Then you have the correct musical pitch, Sondra.” Sondra exhaled with a nod of annoyance and placed both hands on each string, resting a shoe on top of the pedal. Marvin nodded with a smile. “You are in position now. Please play a series of notes in ascending order that presents the pitches of a key beginning and ending on the tonic of that key. One, two, three, and play for me!”

She flung the string with the fingers as a piercing sound rattled inside each eardrum. She gasped in alarm and jerked both hands from the awful racket of her harp playing.

“Herman fell down, Master Marvin,” the female turned and pointed on the opposite side of the room with a stern face.

Sondra turned with a puzzled brow to see three chairs, three teens, and three instruments that had been scattered over the hard floor.

Marvin spun around with a puzzled brow to see the sousaphone section, strolling across the room with a huff of annoyance, “My word! We have had an accident. Gentlemen, what has happened over there? Please, get up off the floor and stand up. If any one of you busted that expensive musical instrument, then your parents will be compensating us.”

Armistead leaned over and scooted up the sousaphone instrument from the floor. “I didn’t do anything, Master Marvin. Herman fell on top of me. Then, I fell on top of Lomas. Then, we all came tumbling down like the solid walls of Jericho, sir,” he chuckled with the other band students.

Marvin squatted down over the floor with a puzzled brow. “Move out the way, young gentlemen. Please take your instrument into the instrument room and check for any broken pieces! I will attend to Herman,” he stared with a sour frown at the grounded teen male. “Herman, please rise and stand up!”

Ween scooted out the chair and dropped down over the floor, reaching out, shaking the body of Herman with a puzzled brow. “He is not moving, Master Marvin. He looks trapped underneath the heavy sousaphone.”

Marvin squatted down with a sour frown and reached out with both hands with a loud huff. “Help me move the sousaphone!” Three pair of hands reached out and grabbed the instrument, lifting the time into the air and stored back onto the instrument stand. “Master Herman, are you injured? Go and get the physician from the first cottage outbuilding, Ween!” Ween stood upright with a nod and a stern face, leaving the ballroom for assistance.

Marvin frowned down at the student. “How did this happen? Master Herman, please crawl out from underneath the horn…” One of the teen females stood upright from the chair and dropped the instrument with a loud scream, spinning around to face the archway, running out from the ball room in fear.

Sondra stood upright from the chair and turned to face the student on the floor with a gasp, covering the open mouth. The head of Herman was bent to the side and even with his collar bone. His blood continued to spill out while covering his neck and his chest.

Marvin gasped in alarm, “My word! Herman is dead.”



Thursday August 26th



9:36 am

First academic hour

Needlepoint classroom

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra stared with a worried brow down at the canvas of white tint while pondering her teen live here at Antebellum House. She had to do something and try to figure out what was happening here to the dead students. Then she thought of a brilliant idea of what to do and would hostage both Senn and Sterling for the noble deed, exhaling with a puff of boredom while staring down at the empty canvas of white for the rest of class time.



10:10 am

Second academic hour

Library Room location of mismatched writing desks

Money Matters classroom setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra left the needlepoint class and appeared, standing inside the archway of the library instead of the Money Matters classroom. All of the instructors were meeting with the parents of the two dead students. The Money Matters instructor had assigned a project on the first day of class for completion before the end of the school term. Sondra moved ahead with a puff of frustration and stopped, slamming the paper folder on top of one of the writing tables, sliding down into the chair with a puff of annoyance. She stared down at the stack of old books and closed both eyelashes from too much excitement, stress, and worry, opening the eyelashes and turned to the side, scanning at the tall book stacks of ancient torn stinky brown manuals, feeling a set of warm fingers on her collar bone.

He had followed behind her and stopped, standing inside the archway of the library with a smile in silence, moving inside and stopped, standing behind her back spine with a chuckle. “What are you doing in here, pumpkin?”

She did not need to see his face and frowned at the book shelf. “I’m doing my homework assignment, so I can be Lady of Honor for tomorrow.”

He reached up and gently slapped her collar bone for fun with smile. “No one else is in here but me and you. Come on out of the library! Let’s go and do something fun and entertaining for an hour before Journal Writing class, where we don’t actually write anything,” chuckling.

She reached out and pulled one of the old books in front of her breasts, opening the first page, studying the hand writing with a stern face. “One of the books which comes from the world of my great-great-great granddaddy contains some shitty hand written and poorly visual proper names of folks. The real bank checks that were written to Antebellum House shows black ink that has now turned more like a light turd-looking yellowish-brown, when I get sick from eating too much colonel corn candy. If that is even a true color on the pin wheel chart, since I can hardly read the names.”

“Let’s go strolling and pick you some pretty wild flowers behind the row of outhouses in the rear of house…”

“I can’t find the proper names of Mary Margaret Hackworth, William Earl McDaniel, Jefferson Anthony Quinn, and Montgomery Jonathan Sutton. Master Floyd says that they are really patrons here at Antebellum House.”

“Come on, Sondra! Let’s walk around the lawn and eat some fruit from the blooming trees…”

“No, Sterling!” She shook her curls and stared down at the yellow sheets of paper. “The point of school is to learn, so I have to learn something here,” she slapped the old book shut which created a wind tornado of dust and exhaled the dust from the mouth, spinning around with a smile to see Sterling. “Do you have the boxed answers for Money Matters class, darling?”

He winked with a smile, “Maybe!”

She gasped. “You are done, done with all your homework assignment.”

He winked with a chuckle, “Maybe!”

“Can I copy it?”

He frowned. “No.”

“Why not?”

He frowned. “The Lady of Honor doesn’t cheat on stuff, Sondra.”

She gasped with alarm, “Right! Great point, Sterling! I guess that she suffers for the answers.”

Sterling back stepped from her and stopped in place, swinging the hips, snapping the fingers with a smile and a chuckle. “Let’s dance! Since, you don’t want to leave the library. Take a break!”

She spun around and reached out, grabbing a different ancient book with dust, opening to the first page. “My homework…”

He reached out with a chuckle and touched the chair for fun. “A room full of mismatched furniture, this chair is a Queen Anne bow leg design built in 1702. I thought that we didn’t get any academic grades here at Antebellum House…”

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance while scanning the first book. “We still have to pass all our academic subjects for entrance into college…”

“This is a Chippendale straight leg framework from the year 1760.”

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance while reaching out, flipping through the pages of the book. “How do you know so much about furniture?”

“I read and I like to read and I like you. I find Antebellum House to be a bit of a mystery. The main house features, such like, fine furniture, precious porcelain, shiny silver, costly crystal, gleaming glassware, pine wooden writing tables to white marble table tops. This place is really strange and pretty at the same time. Are you not curious about our school, honey?”

“No. I am curious about answering all the Money Matters questions and completing the project before the end of the term.”

Sterling turned to scan the classroom with a puzzled brow. “The library holds over 2,000 books ranging from shelves of entertainment novels of adventure, romance, mystery, and murder to world history, world literature, world geography, and other school text reference books. Yet, no one comes in here to read or to study,” he stared out the windows. “It is like everyone is too busy with something else,” he exhaled with a huff of frustration. “Does that make any sense to you too, Sondra?”

She stared down at the ancient book with a sour frown. “No.”

He exhaled with a puff of frustration. The true high school student didn’t know anything about her new school or her new classmates. Sterling/Cody had talked to numerous students also during social times, but no one seemed to recognize another new student name of Brone. He and his team of Skippy, Islander, Yorkie, and Fucner had been assigned to Antebellum House and locate the son of Brone. So far, Sterling/Cody could not find the misplaced teen and could not communicate with any of his team members. So, Sterling/Cody smiled at the cute female student. “I can help you, Sondra. I did mine all homework assignment. It is all finished,” he moved ahead and slid down into the chair next to her at the writing desk with a chuckle.



10:03 am

Third academic hour

Drawing Room location of pink tinted chairs

Journal Writing classroom setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Skippy stood upright behind the writing desk and stared with a smile at the tall mound of black tinted journals, reaching out for the one on top. He gently lifted it up from the heap pile without sending the hill of manuals down towards the hard floor. He drew the notebook to a chest and flipped open the page, looking up with a smile to see each student. “Pure race, this is the chosen word for today.”

“There is no such concept as a pure race,” Constance sat on the front row with a puzzled brow.

Ween sat on the front row with a nod to Skippy. “There ain’t no such thing as a pure race.”

“You mean rich kids like us,” Senn frowned.

Ezzard nodded. “I think it means like a concentration camp of prisoners, during any type of war, when peace doesn’t set well for the enemy. For example, during World War Two, the people who were called Japanese-Americans had been housed inside a concentration camp making them like a pure race.”

Sondra nodded. “Add the Native American Indians to the earlier reservations, another newly invented concentration camp of a pure race.”

“Cooler heads, softer lips, and a swifter pen,” Senn chuckled.

Ween smiled. “Christianity has always served to justify the murder and execution of every race of people. Look it up inside the Bible!”

Skippy frowned. “This is not a philosophical debate with Almighty God. We are all loved and acknowledged by Almighty God and his son Brother Jesus, Ween.”

“Pure race is the rights and beliefs and ways of life of themselves, their loved ones, and neighbors, who respect their nation like America,” Iris Lee grinned with a nod.

“A pure race exhibits full equality without violence and evil doings and doers,” Tancy smiled.

“A pure race treats a person with respect.” Sondra smiled. “Here, here!”

“A necessary evil,” Ween laughed.

Senn smiled. “It is loyal with a set of strong belief and ideas, especially for the protection of your family members, your neighbors, and your friends, who are worth protecting with your gun and your life. Amen!”

“Hallelujah!” Sterling nodded with a smile.

“Yeehaw!” Ween laughed.

“Amen!” Ezzard smiled.

“A pure race is a fairy tale like the science of genetics,” Armistead frowned.

“We should study and analyze the genetic contribution from the Easter Island population in the Pacific Ocean,” Ezzard smiled.

Iris Lee smiled. “My mama received a genetic test. She found out on her side of the family tree that the DNA testing came from a male in the Middle East, not her Welsh grandfather.”

Tancy pointed to the head of blonde hair and a pair of brown eyes. “I’m Finnish. The Finnish people have brown-eyed blonde headed babies, like me.”

“Black or white colored skin don’t matter, since we are all a mix of tangled genetic inheritance based on the Holy Bible which is both common sense and genetics.” Sterling smiled.

“If we ended wars, disease, and poverty, then we would be a pure race of humanity.” Sondra smiled.

Sterling smiled. “Human beings are the pure race. We should all pretend that there aren’t any different cultures or colors or races or sexes. Yay!”

Iris Lee smiled. “I do declare that there are no differences in races. We are a pure race of humans.”

Constance nodded with a smile. “After genetic testing of on a set of sick patients, the scientists discovered that we all are shared the same skin flesh, marrow bones, and red blood protein. All blood is red, not green tinted. Bones are all white, not black colored. Tissues are pink tinted along with our delicate organs.”

Ezzard smiled. “The Hobbits species which had been uncovered and found in the country of Indonesia plus the Homo sapiens that had been uncovered and found in the country of Africa, they had interbred and shared a set of blood and guts, making a new species which was me and you and you and you…”

Sondra nodded with a smile. “And if all these groups had shared the same genes, then we are part of them too.”

Tancy nodded with a smile. “I read that East Asian females were more prone to the osteoporosis disease, which is a genetic trait.”

Iris Lee smiled. “Every single human being today has a Homo sapiens ancestor, who had lived within the sub-Saharan Africa country which was the first home of the Homo sapiens.”

Ween smiled. “Abraham Lincoln was another politician. Nothing more, nothing less! Scientific research is nothing more and nothing less than bunk.”

Constance frowned. “Scientific research is not bunk, Ween.”

Armistead chuckled. “Okay. My dad is Irish and my mom is Indian, what am I?”

“You are an idiot, Armistead!” Ween laughed with the other students.

Senn laughed. “Each Irish male possessed an enormously thick skull that comes from face boxing which leads to slow thinking. Is that your career, Armistead?”

Iris Lee smiled. “I’m Sweden. Swedes have a mixture of Asian genes too.”

Tancy smiled. “The best measurement is a clinical diagnosis for the pure race. When a sick patient has a heart attack, it is found that a certain race is more receptive to the heart disease, thus creating a new race mixture, in which, scientific research could help resolve some of the health problems that is associated with the genetic differences.”

Ezzard smiled. “We are genetically different, not racially different.”

Ween frowned. “There ain’t no such thing, Ezzard.”

Armistead frowned. “Someone sounds like a little Hitler over there on the second row inside the Journal Writing class, Zee.”

Senn smiled. “Continental ancestry ties race to a geographic area.”

Constance smiled. “Our ancestors had tied the race to a plot of land. Landmasses do not produce a set of children. People do. If you define the race by a gene rather than an ethnicity of prejudice, then all the lines would disappear and make on race, not a pure race.”

Sondra smiled. “We are related to one another, if we could trace our family tree back to the country of Africa as one race, the human race.”

Tancy smiled. “The scientists should test all of us and find out the mixture of races without our blood protein. Then, there would be no more black, yellow, white, or olive skin tones.”

Skippy nodded with a smile. “Today, you have done an excellent job with topic of pure race, teens. It is time for lunch!”



6:01 pm

Dining room location without windows and dark panel

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The day went fast, serving both lunch and academic classes.

Sondra sat between Senn and Sterling, gulping down the food while pondering the new plot inside a mental mind.

The butlers circled around the dining room and toted a small tray, holding a coffee pot and a tea pot. The butlers stopped and refilled each empty cup and as each student gossiped about the day’s event.

Sondra leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the eardrum of Senn. “Meet Sterling in his suite in ten minutes, Senn…”

Senn chewed the food with a stern face. “But, my dessert…”

“Ten minutes, not fifteen in ten minutes.”

“Can I eat your dessert, Sondra?”

“Shore! And you get upstairs within Sterling’s room in ten minutes.”

“Ok…” he ate the pecan slice.



6:15 pm

3rd floor level

Private bedroom setting of Sterling

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sterling slammed both hands around the sports jacket while searching for the door key, when his private bedroom door creaked open. He heard a set of girly giggling and then the door parted wide open, revealing a tall and brown haired girl.

Sondra reached out and grabbed the sleeve of Sterling, jerking him into his own room. He stood upright a few feet into the room and dropped open the mouth in silence. She was dressed in one of the chambermaid’s uniform with a black tinted cap that covered her bone skull and her hair strands. She wore an ankle-length black tinted dress without any piece of jewels. She had borrowed one of the Dogtrot Plantation staff members for a certain reason. Then, Sondra tossed another chambermaid’s uniform at Sterling with a smile as the thick pile of chambermaid clothing hit his body and then dropped down, landing on top of the wooden floor in silence. “Get dressed! We got maybe thirty minutes tops, before the real staff comes around for their room inspection of the evening.”

Sterling stared down at the pile of clean chambermaid clothes at the boot toes with a sour frown and a matching tone. “Naw! I ain’t wearing a chambermaid’s uniform. Naw, Sondra! I ain’t dressing like a fucking girl.”

“Do it!” Sondra exhaled with a nod.

“Naw.” Sterling looked up and shook his baldness with a sour frown as the knock sounded with a loud bang on the bedroom door.

Sondra scooted around Sterling and raced to the bedroom door, stopping and jerked the door knob open with a smile. Senn casually entered the bedroom of Sterling with a smile and halted beside the nose profile of Sterling, looking down with a laugh at the pile of chambermaid clothing at the boot toes of Sterling. She gently closed the door shut. Sondra spun around with a sneer to see each butthole of Sterling and Senn. “Both of you get dressed now, before I bloody your damn aristocrat nose holes. This is our only opportunity to raid inside Effie’s room, since she is traveling by horse and carriage towards Loveless Mountain for her detention punishment of six hundred demerits,” she frowned with puzzlement. “How many demerits do you get before you are required to visit the mountain?”

Senn continued to smile at the pile of clothing while understanding the command from Sondra. They were going to spy on one of the other teens for some reason. “It depends on the last violation, if it was bad or very, very bad.”

Sterling frowned down at the pile of clothing. “How do you know that, Sinner?”

Senn smiled down at the pile of clothing. “Sondra is correct on both accounts. Effie is not inside her private bedroom which is located inside the belle wing. And Effie has nightly detention with Ween. I wondered when the little weasel would go Loveless Mountain. He disrupts and disinterrupts every single class with his obnoxious mouth and six feet and seven inches of superhuman arm span while grabbing an ass of any girl and a bicep of any guy. So, we get one shot. So, get dressed right now, Sterling!” He reached up and stripped off the jacket and the shirt, tossing each item down onto the floor, standing semi-naked with a chuckle. He reached down and grabbed the pile of chambermaid clothing, tossing the dress over the bone skull, wiggling side to side as the dress dropped down over his naked chest of a slender body with a chuckle, straightening out the long skirt with a smile.

Sondra moved ahead with a stern face and stopped, standing beside the bed mattress, reaching out, grabbing the clothes from the top of the bedcover with a smile. She spun around and tossed the second pile of black colored chambermaid clothes at the boot toes of Sterling, pointing down with a giggle down at the items.

“I am not dressing like no fucking girl. No fucking way, girl!” Sterling looked down with a sour frown at the pile of girly clothes.

Senn reached down with a smile and brushed a set of pretend linen balls off the borrowed chambermaid dress while staring at the smile in the mirror with a nod. “I make a cute girl,” he spun around with a chuckle to see Sterling and Sondra in silence, straightening the skull cap with a smile.

Sterling continued to frown down at the second pile of black colored chambermaid clothes at the foot of his boots. “Why are we doing this, again?”

Sondra spun around from the bed with a worried brow and moved ahead, stopping and stood in front of the row of glass windows, seeing the manicured lawn, not the other teens. Then, she swung around with a stern face and dashed ahead towards the closed door, stopping and reached out, slowly cracking open the wood while looking side to side inside the hallway. Sterling slowly removed the shirt and the jacket, standing in a pair of blue jeans and a pair of cowboy boots with a sour frown in silence.

Senn stared at Sterling with a laugh. “Hurry up and finish dressing, Sadie! We need to go right now, before all the other males come up here to piss after eating all the yummy dessert, which I didn’t get to finish, girl.”

Sondra continued to stand inside the parted door while scouting an empty hallway for the other male teens, the campus teachers, or the cleaning chambermaids. She closed the door and swung around with a stern face to see the butthole of Sterling. “Hurry up and dress, Sadie! We gotta do this right now.” Senn reached down and grabbed the edges of the long dress, swaying his body side to side with a loud manly laugh.

Sterling squatted down with a sour frown and touched, grabbing the chambermaid dress and skull cap, standing upright with a sour tone. “I’m keeping my boots on. No male walks around without his boots on.”

Senn reached up and touched the skull cap of solid black hue with a smile. “I agree. We truck down the steps and then run around the back lawn, moving back towards the belle garconniere entrance door.”

Sondra continued to stand and stare out through the cracked open of the bedroom door while seeing a clear hallway, gently closing the door shut and shook her skull cap of black tint to the door. “No! We go by way of the belle’s parlor room up the…”

“The staircase, it is really haunted. Do you not know that fact, girl?” Senn turned and frowned at back spine of Sondra. Sterling jerked the dress up and over the skull, wiggling side to side, struggling to get the long dress over a set of board shoulders with a sound of loud grunts.

Sondra spun around with a smile to see Senn. “Yes. Everyone knows that.”

“Naw,” Sterling slid the dress over the body and lifted, placing the chambermaid cap over the baldness with a sour frown.

Senn moved ahead with a laugh and stopped, standing at the nose profile of Sterling, reaching out and slammed a folded fist into the exposed stomach region on Sterling with a smile. “You look cute, Sterling!”

Sterling folded downward at a fitted waistline with a heavy sigh and a whisper of pain. “Fuck off, man!”

Senn reached up and tucked a set of loose black tinted strands of hair back inside the chambermaid cap with a smile. “Shut it, Sadie! Before, I carry you out into the woodshed for a whipping, missy,” he chuckled with Sondra. “Yes, Sondra. The staircase is really haunted. No belle or beau is brave enough to tromp up each step, including the older girls, and especially, me.”

Sterling stood upright with a laugh to see the nose profile of Senn. “Chick shit! You don’t wanna ever fuck a chick shit, Sondra,” he turned and smiled at his own reflection inside the vanity mirror. The chambermaid cap covered his baldness and slid down over both hairy eyebrows. The dress was too long and too wide, but it covered his boots.

Senn nodded with a smile to Sondra. “So, we all go around the front porch.”

Sondra stood in front of the closed bedroom door and parked both hands on the hips, shaking the skull cap of black hue. “No. The house staff is doing their jobs at the front porch and the side porch and in the Dogtrot hallway. We will be seen and questioned why we’re out of place. So, we go up the haunted staircase…”

Sterling spun around and reached out, grabbing the arm of Senn, leading both of them towards Sondra and the closed door with a smile. “The staff is doing their working job. We need to do our job and finish our mission. Get moving, turkey! I lead,” he moved ahead and stopped, reaching out and touched the door knob. The door slowly cracked opened. He leaned a nose bridge into the cracked opening of the door and as each eyeball searched the hallway for any curious wandering males. The hallway was empty, since the rest of the males were enjoying the extra plates of sweet dessert, where the teen girls didn’t eat. Sterling had been forced by Sondra and the mission to abandon his dessert plate. But he had provided for that absenteeism by hording small bags and tiny boxes of junk food items, compliments of the kitchen staff. He opened the door and exited the room, slowly turning to face the staircase, dashing across the hallway and then tripped over the hem of the long dress with a gasp. Senn followed behind the back spine of Sterling and reached out, grabbing the dress on Sterling, before a nasty fall on the nose bridge. Sterling stopped in the air with a gasp and then a soft whisper. “Thanks, man!” Senn moved beside Sterling. They both slowly moved ahead over the hallway.

Sondra exited the room and followed behind the back spine of Senn and Sterling with a worried brow and a loud whisper. “Move over, Sadie! I lead us now,” she scooted around Sterling and led down the beau staircase, reaching down and lifted up the dress, rushing down the steps.

Senn swiftly followed behind the back spine of Sondra towards the staircase, reaching down and hiked the dress up to his naked kneecaps, showing off the pair of ostrich cowboy boots, bouncing over the hardwood floor with a smile and a soft hum.

Sterling copied and caught up with Senn, leaning over with a puzzled brow and a whisper. “How do you know how to you walk in a dress, dude?”

“I got two older sisters. I’m the baby of the family. I enjoyed playing house, man.” Senn chuckled with a nod.

“Gawd! You did the wild sexy acts with your two sisters.” Sterling reached down and hiked the dress up to his kneecaps also while slowly moving behind the back spine of Senn down the staircase with a laugh.

Senn continued down the staircase with a laugh and a nod. “I got two truly evil twin step-sisters, who enjoyed playing house inside their bedrooms with me, too.”

“Gawd! You’re mentally unstable, man.” Sterling continued to move down each step with a sour frown.

“Sometimes,” Senn laughed.

Sondra held the hemline of the dress even with her naked kneecaps and continued to move down the staircase, shaking the skull cap while overhearing the nasty banter between the teen males and stopped, standing on top of the floor in a pair of soft sneakers. She held the breath, listening for any sound, looking for any movement coming out from the beau’s parlor room. The room was both quiet and empty. The other teens and all the campus instructors were still consuming a plate of dessert inside the dining room.

Sondra leaned over and peeked around the wall corner for a visual inspection, when Senn moved ahead and slammed both naked hands into her ass with a chuckle. Sondra exhaled with a puff of annoyance and ran across the Dogtrot breezeway with Sterling and Senn on her dress tail.

They entered the belle parlor room in silence.



Pink tinted belle parlor room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



She ran across the empty parlor room with a stern face and glided up the first two steps, halting in place with a gasp of fear, staring with a worried brow up into darkness of the enclosed two-sided staircase. Sterling and Senn followed behind her back spine and stopped, surrounding Sondra while breathing a set of shallow breathes from fear. They stared into the enclosed staircase of semi-darkness.

Sterling leaned over with a smirk and a whisper into her cheekbone. “Go, Sondra! You got the lead, darling!”

“It’s haunted,” she exhaled with fear without moving.

“Shit! I go first. Follow me! Haunted, my ass?” Sterling swiftly stomped up to the third step as enclosed staircase howled coming from the windy air currents of a hot June evening in Alabama and moved ahead, stomping up the sixth step. All thirteen overhead modern lamps attached to onto the ceiling swiftly blinked off for one second in unison and then rapidly flicked back with brighter illumination. Senn chuckled beside Sondra. She stared with a gasp and as her heart rated dropped down into her set of neon green painted toe nails, staring at the black cap on Sterling. Sterling sneered at the three she-ghosts. “Fuck ya’ll! I am here,” he moved ahead and stomped upward to the eighth step of the haunted staircase.

Senn reached out and grabbed the naked arm of Sondra, hugging her into a chest, feeling her rapidly beating heart. He shoved her up towards the staircase. They both marched up the steep incline of twenty-six more steps as a light breeze tickled the tip of her nose. The same light breeze tickled the rear of his neck. Senn stopped and turned with a snarl to see the portrait of Margaret Mary Summerville, who was the fourth Head Mistress of Dogtrot Plantation in the year 1678 on the side of the enclosed wall.

Sondra continued to stand and hug into the chest of Senn, closing both eyelashes with a whisper of fear, “It is really haunted.”

Senn shook the cap and narrowed both eyelids at the painted portrait, staring at the details of the painting with a sour frown. “I think…” A loud sound of boom echoed within the enclosed staircase. He turned to face the rear skull of Sondra and lifted her body into the air, racing them up the rest of the steps of the haunted staircase.

On top of the staircase, Sterling danced side to side and waved both arms for attention with a sneer. He reached out and snatched Sondra away from the arms of Senn, tucking her into a chest with a worried brow and a loud whisper. “Move it now! Where do we go next?”

Senn dashed up the staircase and moved ahead breaking Sterling and Sondra apart with both hands while fuming with fury. “We are the fucking maids, ya’ll, not a set of lesbians on summer vacation in the mountains. Spread out like a set of working staff maids with one arm span apart. Where’s her room, Sondra?”

“Effie’s room is down on the third level,” she moved ahead from the males and led down into the beautiful staircase that lead out into the flower gardens, a circular swimming pool, three rows of horse stables, and a row of outside brick buildings at Dogtrot Plantation.

Senn took the lead and hiked the dress up to the kneecaps again showing off the boots, climbing down to the third level while searching for her name over the threshold door. He stopped in front of the private closed door. Sondra and Sterling stopped and surrounded Senn. She reached down, pulling out a screwdriver from the pocket of the chambermaid dress with a stern face. Senn reached up with a puzzled brow and touched the name plate in capital letter that read: EFFIE. “Your name is over the door frame.”

“Some belles are pretty dumb, Sinner,” she jerked the screwdriver in-between the old latch and the door frame, wiggling it side to side with a stern face.

Senn chuckled. “Well, I’ll only take my pick of the pretty but dumb ones, anytime day or night. Do you want one, Sterling?”

Sterling watched Sondra while scratching an itch inside the tight dress with a stern face. “Shut it, man!”

“Whose both pretty and dumb, Sondra?” Senn turned and scanned the staircase with a smile.

Sterling frowned. “Where is her bedroom key?”

She wiggled the screwdriver into the latch with a stern face. “The bedroom key is on her person at Loveless Mountain.”

“O screwdriver, you can hot wire a door, Sondra,” Senn turned back with a chuckle at the wiggling screwdriver inside the seam of the bedroom door.

She smiled. “I can click and then clank the mechanic bolt up and then to the right.” Then the bedroom door slowly creaked open. “As the door creaks open,” she giggled.



1st floor level

Private bedroom setting of Effie

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sterling entered through the open archway first with a stern face, turning to scan the new room.

Senn moved ahead with a smile and stopped in place, blocking the wide archway, which was twice the size of a standard house door to accommodate the pretty antebellum plantation dress and three hidden crinolines from causing a speedy accident. He extended both arms into the opposite frames with a chuckle. Sondra moved ahead and slammed into his ass with a sneer. “Move inside, Senn!” Senn dropped both arms and moved ahead with a chuckle into the new room. She spun around and surveyed an empty hallway, gently closing the heavy door.

Sterling turned to face the side wall and moved inside the wardrobe closet for the hidden item.

Senn veered towards the clothing armoire with a smile. “What item we looking for, Sondra?”

“We are looking for Effie’s diary that comes from our Journal Writing class,” she moved ahead and stopped, standing in front of the student desk, touching each item, such as, computer laptop, pencils, pens, and stack of paper.

Senn stopped and stood in front of the furniture piece, reaching out and opened each drawer, touching each item with a smile. “We are looking for her Journal Writing diary. There ain’t nothing inside her personal diary. No one writes anything in that book worth saving or stealing.”

“Dude, just because you write every damn day inside your personal diary: I greatly dislike this. That doesn’t mean all the other folks are as slow and stupid as you, fool.” Sterling yelled with a chuckle from inside the wardrobe closet.

She twirled around and moved ahead towards the side nightstand near the bed frame with a stern face, “Back to your search, Senn! And shut the fuck up, Sterling!”

“Just being honest, ya’ll.” Senn continued to open each drawer and touch each item with a chuckle.

“Just being beaten ya’ll behind the carriage shed,” Sterling laughed out loud inside the closest.

She stopped and stood in front of the bed mattress with a worried brow. “Have you got anything, Sterling?” She reached over and skimmed each hand over the bedspread, in case Effie had slept with her personal diary.

“Why do you girls need so many hats?” Sterling appeared inside the archway of the closet doorway, wearing a flop hat of pink hue that covered both eyebrows and eyeballs, twirling a sparkling tiara in one hand with a smile. “But I do like the crown.”

“Steal it!” Senn reached out and touched the next item with a smile.

“No! Do not steal!” She spun around to see the back spine of Senn with a gasp. “What in the hell are you doing, Senn?” Senn held up a pair of girly panties in the design of blue and white stripes with a white bow into his nose, sniffing it with a smile. Sondra yelled in fury. “Put that back right now down into her drawer!”

Senn sniffed the pair of girly panties with a smile. “It’s a silk throng and it smells like lavender perfume. Pretty too! Do you want a sniffy poo, too, Sondra?” He lowered the panties and extended arm with the blue throng to her.

She growled. “No. Put it back down into her drawer, Sinner!”

Senn withdrew the arm and reached down, grabbing and lifted two different throngs in the air with a smirk, sniffing each one with a smile, “Naw. I like the throngs. I just don’t know if I want the demur angel blue and white one or the sexy hot pink and black one. This smells like lavender too. Sondra, do you use lavender body wash too?”

Sterling exited from the closet with a smirk. “I report that I have found nothing inside the closet, Sondra. But I want the blue one, dude.” Senn reached out and handed the throng to Sterling with a smile. Sterling accepted the wad of blue with a smile and sniffed the fabric into his nostrils with a chuckle, gently tucking it down into the chambermaid wrist purse with a smile.

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance and balled both fists at the males. “Ugh! I have a pair of juvenile boys.”

Senn leaned down and reached out, opening the draw and continued to touch each piece of clothing. “Nothing is here but more silk panties and bras.”

“Do not steal her bra!” She growled.

“I like my belle tits naked, not covered.” Senn closed the last drawer with a smile.

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance. “That’s good to know, Sinner,” she turned to face the bed mattress, reaching out and lifted up each pillow with a smirk.

Senn tucked the stolen pair throng down into the boot and stood upright from the floor with a chuckle, spinning around with a smirk to see her rear skull. “I can give you a list of my belle’s favored attributes, before we fuck and made our love connection romantic and sexy…”

Sterling leaned over and slammed a folded fist into Senn, when Senn sailed across the room and into the furniture without a nose bleed. Sterling sneered. “You ain’t fucking her, Sinner.”

Senn stood upright from the furniture with a smile. “I might.”

“Might not, dude!” Sterling sneered.

She slid the pillow over with a gasp. “Boys, I found it.”

“Found what?” Senn rubbed the back spine with a sneer at Sterling.

“I found Effie’s diary,” she leaned over the bed mattress and opened the journal to the first page.

Sterling shuffled ahead and stopped, standing beside Sondra, staring with a stern face down at the page of the journal. “What does it say?”

“I see too much hot gossip with a set of lousy handwriting,” she read out loud each sentence. “Day one, I feel them.”

Sterling frowned at the hand written sentence on the page of the journal too. “What in the hell does that mean?”

She read out loud when Senn moved ahead and stopped, standing on the other side of Sondra. “Day two, I do not like her. Day three, she is not here anymore. Day four, he will exit today,” she gasped.

Sterling frowned with worry. “Damn! Day four, it was the afternoon that Herman died from the fall with the sousaphone…”

“Naw,” Senn frowned down at the page of the journal.

“Yeah,” Sterling frowned down at the page of the journal.

“Naw,” Senn frowned down at the page of the journal.

Sterling said, “Yeah! Herman died yesterday while falling asleep. Then, the sousaphone landed on his neck, splitting the vertebrate away from his spinal column. That is instant death, dude.”

She looked up with a worried brow to see the far wall. “Whoa the stagecoach! Effie is the murderess.”

“Steal the diary!” Senn exhaled with worry.

Sterling shook the chambermaid cap. “We can’t do that. Anyways, she is not confessing to any crime here, much less a cold-blooded murder. She is writing in third person sentences, not with actually real life teen names…”

“Sterling’s right,” she looked down with a frown at the page inside the journal. “This is only half of the puzzle. We need more physical proof of her plotted and executed murders of each teen here at Antebellum House. There must be a spy or something. We need some hard evidence like…like in the police show. I know. We go to the Medical Center and search through the private clinical records and then examine the cause of death of each teen. Then, we can direct link Effie to all the crime.”

Sterling shook the cap. “Effie didn’t murder Herman. The tuba instrument did. You can’t jail and execute a band instrument, Sondra.”

Senn exhaled. “I agree with Sterling. Someone did tall and ugly Herman in, not the band instrument, but it was a body incognito, which might or might not be the teen girl named Effie. She had help. So, I like the idea of breaking into the Medical Center tonight while looking for some hard evidence, too.”

Sterling back stepped from the bed mattress and his new two friends while waving both arms with a stern face. “No! We go back to our sleeping suites. Supper is done. We try this later like next week, after the hay ride,” he pointed down to the journal with a stern face. “Put the dairy back underneath the pillow, Sondra! Did we upset any items inside the room besides the two stolen throngs? No. Let’s go! Before we got caught and then exposed and then expelled and then exited from Antebellum House,” he spun around with a worried brow and moved ahead towards the closed door.

Sondra reached over with a worried brow and replaced the personal diary back underneath the pillow, straightening up the bedcover and the pillows to perfection, swinging around with a gasp into the two open arms of Senn. He hugged her with a chuckle and spun them around to face the open door, dashing away from the bedroom and halted on top of the staircase with a gasp. The gang of true chambermaids had left each bedroom door open while entering the room, folding down the bed linens for the night.

Sterling spun around on top of the belle staircase and swiftly dashed ahead with a worried brow, pointing up towards the belle parlor room staircase in silence. Senn and Sondra spun around to face the back spine of Sterling while following him up the steps in silence.



Wooden belle parlor room staircase setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sterling turned to face the staircase and swiftly dashed down the steps while feeling a punch of the cold air on the naked face from the she-ghost but more worry inside the guts, if he was caught inside the wrong place like inside the girl’s housing unit.

Sondra moved ahead of Senn and rushed down the steps first, feeling the rush of cold air on a naked face and both naked hands without bothering to yell or piss in her girly panties. She would get into more trouble, if one of the true chambermaids found her while wearing a true chambermaid uniform rather than the required antebellum plantation dress. Senn followed very close on her ass with a chuckle while hissing at the plume of cold air on the cheekbone.

They stomped down the last step and turned to face the entrance door, seeing the back spine of Sterling.

Sterling stopped and peeked around the wall corner of the parlor room, seeing an empty hallway, rushing across the wood of the dogtrot hallway towards the beau staircase as Sondra and Senn tagged behind his ass.

Then, they all swiftly ascended up the staircase and landed on top of the hallway which was clear of any roaming males or chambermaids, who had already folded down each bed linen.

Senn dashed ahead with a smile and cuddled Sondra into a chest, rushing towards his private suite. Sterling spun around with a sneer and slammed his body into the face of Senn with a growl, reaching out and yanked Sondra from the arm of Senn. Senn sneered at Sterling. Sondra slammed a finger into her lips with a gasp in silence. Senn frowned and then exhaled in silence.

Sterling thumbed back over a collar bone down the hallway for Senn. Senn turned and pouted to Sondra while back stepping and scooted around Sterling, dashing ahead with a sour frown towards his bedroom in silence.

Sondra softly giggled at the silence comedy act over her person.

Sterling turned to face the closed door of his bedroom and reached out, jerking Sondra beside him towards the archway of the bedroom.



7:06 pm

3rd floor level

Private bedroom setting of Sterling

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The door opened.

Sterling and Sondra rushed inside the private bedroom of Sterling. He reached back and slammed the bedroom door with a boot heel while ripping off the chambermaid dress, dropping the item down onto the floor with a stern face, moving towards the bed mattress. “Change back into your antebellum gown and then exit out from my room, Sondra! I don’t want any trouble, until we can solve the murders of Lillard and Herman…”

She stood in front of the closed door with a smile and touched the chambermaid dress with a giggle, shaking the matching skull cap of black hue. “You sound so police professional. I don’t want any trouble, until we can solve the murders…”

He spun around to see Sondra with a moan. “You don’t have your plantation dress located here, only the chambermaid outfit. I see now. That was very clever. You changed inside your private bedroom and then walked around the front porch like a true chambermaid employee, since you are afraid of the three she-ghosts that occupy the haunted staircase too.”

She nodded with a stern face. “I felt something like a cold she-ghost hand on my face. But, you’re so smart, Sterling. All the girls think you’re divine, including me.”

He moved ahead and stopped, standing in front of the closed door, gently cracking open the wood with a stern face. “I’ll go and check outside in the hallway. Then, you can leave from here,” he looked with an eye peek in-between the partial crack, seeing the rear skull of an unfamiliar figure inside the hallway with a gasp. The figure rushed down away from Sterling and down towards the end of the hallway and appeared with a short body frame with a head of shoulder length brown colored hair. Sterling ripped open the door with a worried brow. “Stay in here, Sondra!” He exited the room and closed the door, standing with puzzlement in the middle of an empty hallway, watching the action. An unfamiliar short figure disappeared around the wall corner in silence. That part of the hallway led towards a new corridor of additional bedroom suites of males and then a rear staircase that went down towards the front porch.

A hand reached out and grabbed the collar bone of Sterling and as the male voice ordered into the eardrum of Sterling. “Get back inside your room, Cody! I got this,” Fucner shoved Cody back into the side wall and moved ahead towards the wall corner with a worried brow, chasing after the unfamiliar figure. “Get inside and lock the door, Master Sterling!” Fucner disappeared around the same wall corner.

Cody/Sterling stood in place with a puzzled brow and then turned to face the closed door, reaching out, grabbing the door knob. The door opened. He entered into the room with a fake smile to see Sondra, slamming the door shut. “You’re stuck in here with me tonight, Sondra. There’s a guard…”

“A guard?” She frowned with puzzlement.

He laughed. “A gigantic guardian, he is like one of the seven feet tall fugly ugly chambermaids, making everyone get back into their private bedroom for the evening. You know us, boys? We have to be manhandled. Or else, we run wild around like a herd of mustangs,” chuckled Sterling.

She nodded with a giggle. “So, I can’t go back to my bedroom. So, I’m stuck here with you inside your private bedroom for the evening. Well, I’m sorry for interrupting your nightly activities. What do you do during the evening, after eating supper?”

Sterling reached down and ripped off the belt from the blue jeans with a smile. “I usually shit out all my turds down into the toilet water, clean my ass, and then read a book or watch some television.”

She frowned. “Do you and the other males meet and talk about something important?”

He moved ahead and stopped, sitting down inside the single chair, removing the boot and dirty sock from each foot with a laugh, “Naw! We didn’t meet and gather like a flock of pen hens over some hot gossip like the teen girls. So, what do you wanna do tonight until tomorrow morning, Sondra?”

She moseyed towards the other chair and sat down with a smile next to Sterling. “I don’t know. I don’t wanna disturb your nightly rituals. I guess…”

He stood upright from the chair with a chuckle. “I do have one nightly ritual. Do you wanna help me?” She nodded with a smile. He descended and slid down on top of the hard floor with a smile while kneeling in front of Sondra with a chuckle. “I gotta shave my skull. Touch it!”

She gasped. “Do you always shave on your bone skull every night?” Sondra reached out and gently rubbed both hands over his naked and bald skull.

“Yeah! There isn’t a barber shop here. I started getting a receding hairline at three years old, after it started falling out at the age of two,” he chuckled.

She continued to rub his skull with a smile while feeling the new growth of prickly hair follicles. “You have a nice curvy shaped head. At three years old, you started shaving your skull…”

He chuckled. “I meant that at the age of thirteen years old. I had grown facial hair early too. Mother Nature likes me a lot. My dad took me to the barber when I was five years old. I sat down in the chair as he poured a cup of warm shaving cream over my hair roots and then stroked it like a cat’s tongue.”

“Stoked it?” She giggled.

He stood upright from the floor and turned with a wink and a smile to see her face. “Okay. It’s time for a shave and a bath. Do you wanna help me shave the noggin?”

She stood upright from the chair and dropped a mouth open, closing it with a smirk. “Me! You trust me to shave your skull with a sharp razor with all the mysterious murderers happening to the teens,” she nodded with a giggle. “Yeah! Yes, I would love, too.”

He winked with a smile at her and dropped open the loose blue jeans down onto the floor, exposing a naked chest and a pair of underwear briefs. “Great! Me and the Loveless Mountain have a common feature, a dome. Be bald! Be proud!”

She surveyed his naked chest skin and looked down to see his underwear briefs with a grin and a giggle. “Your skin is all suntanned and looks very nice. Are you suntanned all over your body, too?”

“Let’s go and find out, darling!” He spun around and moved ahead towards the open wardrobe closet, entering inside for a few seconds and then he emerged, wearing a long towel over his private parts, holding up with a smile a red colored men’s bathrobe. He moved ahead and handed her the bathrobe with a grin. “Undress and slip on the robe! I’ll get the shower stall heated with semi-hot water for the both of us.” She accepted the bathrobe with a pink flush of girly embarrassment.



7:20 pm

Shower stall setting

Hot water and soap bubbles environment



Sterling had powered up the shower with steam and running water, sitting on top of a wide plastic stool, closing both eyelids from the drifting steam and was posed away from the falling spray of water.

She had removed all her chambermaid clothing with a giggle and then slipped on the borrowed bathrobe over her nakedness, moving away from the bedroom and entered the bathroom, strolling into the shower stall of steam and water and stopped, standing behind the naked back spine and the naked rear skull of Sterling and a second plastic stool. The second plastic stool seat exhibited a set of items, such as, a bottle of body wash, a facial razor, a wet washcloth, a can of shaving cream, a pail of cold water, and a bottle of brown colored cologne.

Sterling continued to sit and shut the eyelids with a smile. “The warm shower softens my hair roots, cleans the exterior skin, and opens up all the hair pores. So, grab and pour the body wash bottle over the provided wet washcloth. Then, you must rub the washrag over my bald head.” She reached over and grabbed the body wash and the washcloth with a giggle, squirting the bottle of body wash into the wet cloth. Then, she replaced the body wash bottle and reached down, applying the soap liquid with slight pressure from both hands, rubbing the soapy washcloth against the growth pattern of his skull with a smile He continued to sit on top of the stool with both eyelids shut while moaning with happiness. “O babe! Rub me more, doll! Do it, again, baby!”

She continued to rub his skull with a giggle. He chuckled with a moan. “Okay. You must spray the shaving cream all over my wet skull. Apply a good amount of shaving cream allowing it to stand for a few minutes to further soften up each hair follicle.”

She removed the soapy washcloth from his naked skull and tossed the item outside the shower stall as it landed onto the dry floor. She reached over and snatched up the shaving cream, shaking the bottle. Then she sprayed the white cream all over his skull, rubbing the cream around with one hand with a giggle. “I like your ears and your head and you, Sterling,” smiling.

He moaned with happiness. “O baby! I’m folly-lolly challenged with facial hair,” chuckling.

She continued to rub the white cream over his skull with a smile. “Your skin is so soft like a baby’s butt.”

He smiled. “Do you fuck babies too?”

She sneered. “No. I do not fuck babies, Sterling. That’s a sick remark!”

He chuckled. “Good! I was testing you, babe. So, you passed. Set the razor blade at the crown of my skull. Then, pull the razor down in the direction of the hair growth. Take it very slow, doll!” She lifted up both hands from his skull into the air and replaced the shaving bottle back on top of the second stool, reaching out and grabbed the facial razor, examining the new blade. Then she slowly rested the blade on the crown of his skull and tenderly pulled it down in the direction the hair grew. He moaned with a smile and a pair of closed eyelids. “O baby!”

She continued to slowly shave his skull with a smile. “I’m going to cut your skull, if you didn’t shut up, honey.”

“O. Please don’t!”

She glided the razor with a smile back to front on top of his skull. Then, she reached over and rinsed the hairy razor underneath the running water inside the shower staff, sliding over and gently stroking the razor back and forth, until she had covered his rounded mound with a grin. “Now, I have shaved my first baldy,” Sondra reached over and cleaned the razor, replacing it on top of the second stool with the other items with a smile.

“Now, apply a small amount of shaving lather onto both your wet hands and rub my wet head while checking for any rough spots that need to be re-shaved.”

She smiled, “O. This is the fun part.”

He grinned. “O. This is not the fucking part. You are looking for any surviving stray hairs that might exist behind my both ears and the nape of my neck.”

She reached over and slapped the shaving cream into both the hands, rubbing his skull over and over the smooth parts. “I am looking.” She finished the survey with both eyeballs and both hands with a grin. “Your growing baby hair follicles are all gone bye-bye now.”

“Nice job, Sondra! Now, splash me with the cold water inside the pail. The cold water will close up my hair follicles then we can…” A pail of cold water flooded his skull, face, and the naked collar bone. Sterling stood upright with a growl from the hard stool. “Shit!” He spun around with a sneer to see her smile. “What the fuck was that? That’s a freezing cold bucket of ice water with ice cubes, babe.”

She rattled the empty pail with the a few more ice chips with a smile. “You asked me for the pail of cold water, son.”

He laughed with a smile. “You are going to pay for that one, babe.” She reached over and grabbed, tossing the towel his face with a giggle. He accepted the towel and gently patted the wet head dry. Then he applied the aftershave of leather and spice fragrances.

She scooted around the stool and stopped, standing in front of him with a wink and a smile. “You smell nice.”

“You smell sexy,” he dropped down the towel from a naked waistline and reached out, pulling Sondra into the chest and kissed her lips while un-wrapping her bathrobe with a soft moan of pleasure.



Friday August 27th



Hot temperatures with light rain and parted sunshine

9:40 am

First academic class

Needlepoint location

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



At six am, Sondra awake inside the same bed with sleeping Sterling from a restful sleep after a wild night of teen sex. She slipped out the bed and quickly dressed back into the chambermaid dress, dashing out from his bedroom, running down the staircase and across the hallway. She ran up the haunted belle staircase, without waking up the three she-ghosts. She entered into her private bedroom with a set of pants of worry. Then, she twirled and whirled getting on a pair of blue jeans and a pair of cowgirl boots before slowly strolling down the rear staircase with all the other females while laughing and chatting about the nightly gossip.

During the morning time prayer session, she sat between Senn and Sterling on top of the shared sofa and at the breakfast table while eating the food like normal, carrying the secret down into the grave too.

Inside the needlepoint class, Sondra twirled the needle side to side, staring down at the empty canvas of fabric. She had whipped sixteen strands back and forth while working on the creation of the yellow goose without finishing the design before the holiday break. Her mind was not present but ponders a week of deadly tragic events here at Antebellum House.

Lillard was poisoned by the tea or teacup or tea spoon on Wednesday afternoon. No one knew or was taking credit or the blame. Therefore, Symole had cancelled the evening tea party inside the belle parlor room for the rest of the school week.

Sondra stabbed the needle down into the square going through another empty square as the needle and thread dangled down onto the other side. Herman had been murdered by the sousaphone musical instrument the other day. Therefore, Mistress Symole had cancelled the symphonic ball practice forever.

Sondra felt both shitty and sad. She had never seen a dead person twice within my short life of seventeen years old. Her grandmother had died inside the hospital while Sondra had not been present for that death event. Her mom had told Sondra the awful news.

Sondra, Sterling, and Senn had found a book of physical evidence inside the private bedroom of Effie, who knew something about each murder but did not stab the deadly knife of death.

A male voice shouted out loud inside the archway. “I found you, finally.”

Effie stood upright from the chair and moved ahead towards the archway with a smile. “What are you doing here inside the needlepoint room for girls, Sinner?”

“Hey, Efuck!” Senn smirked down at the petite female with a laugh.

“That’s not my name.” Effie stomped a boot with a sour frown of annoyance.

Senn chuckled with a wink at Effie. “That’s what Zee calls you when you are not around the boys garconniere, Efuck.”

“Sit down! Before, you get all of us into trouble, Effie,” Constance looked up with a sour frown to see Senn.

Effie stomped a boot again with a sour frown of annoyance, “Naw! He ain’t supposed to here inside the needlepoint room with the girls. What do you want here, Sinner?”

Senn pointed with a wink to Sondra. “I here to see my girl Sondra,” he sneers down at Effie. “Go back and fuck the ponies inside the barn stalls, Efuck,” chuckling.

Sondra swiftly stood upright from the chair and turned, dashing ahead and slammed into the body of Senn with soft whisper of worry. “Why are you…?”

“Sit next to me in the Money Matters class,” whispered Senn.

“Master Senn, please go and attend your own class right now!” The needlepoint teacher moved ahead and slammed a body into his back spine, shoving Senn away from the archway, strolling ahead towards her assigned chair with a sour frown.

Senn sidestepped with a wink to Sondra and back stepped from the archway, leaving the classroom in silence.

Sondra spun around from the open archway and returned back to the chair, sitting down while pondering the secret message from Senn: sit next to him in the Money Matters class. She had always sat next to Senn in Money Matters class while pondering the weird visitation to the needlepoint class also.

Needlepoint class had ended. She moved ahead towards the Journal Writing class.



10:02 am

Third academic hour

Drawing Room location with pink tinted chairs

Journal Writing classroom setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra stopped and stood inside the open archway with a puzzled brow. Senn moved ahead and slammed into her ass again which was becoming an annoying little game for her. He reached out and wrapped a pair of biceps around her tiny waistline, wiggling the fingers around her breasts with a smile.

She continued to stand before Seen and wait for the other students to find and pick out a seat.

Effie moved ahead and stood beside Senn with a snarl. “You are not supposed to touch a belle, sir,” she lifted up the object with a smile. “You dropped down your girly hanky on top of the floor inside the needlepoint room, Sondra dear.”

Sondra turned with a puzzled brow and reached out, snatching up the cloth wad from the cupped hand of Effie, tucking the item down into the front pocket of her blue jean. She would wash off all the germs from Effie on the handkerchief later in the afternoon.

Senn turned and stared down at the hair roots Effie as he was taller. “No one ain’t ever gonna touch you either dead or alive, babe.”

Effie giggled. “You can come over and touch me next time, Sinner.”

“Careful there bitch! You might get your fucking wish.” Senn leaned down and whispered into the face of Effie. Sondra softly giggled at the manly threat of Effie’s life.

“Yeehaw to that one!” Effie laughed.

Symole strolled ahead and moved towards the open archway with a sour frown. “Here! Here! What is that racket? You sound like a flock of pea hens. Everyone, please go and get into class…”

Effie pointed with a smile at Sondra. “Sondra is hiding an Easter egg from the other belles.”

Symole frowned at Effie, “Easter egg? What kind of verbal encryption code is this, Miss Effie?”

“It is the kind that Sondra has.” Effie moved ahead with a giggle and selected a chair.

Symole frowned at Sondra. “What do you have to hide, Miss Sondra?”

She shook the curls with a puzzled brow. “I have nothing to hide, Mistress Symole.”

Symole frowned. “What are you hiding from me, dear?”

She shook the curls with a puzzled brow. “I have nothing to hide, Mistress Symole.”

Symole reached out and snatched up the purse that hung off the wrist bone of Sondra. She examined the small purse and then opened it, drowning a set of two fat fingers down into the dark hole, drawing out a tube of wild cherry red lip gloss as Senn chuckled with amusement. She dumped the lip gloss back down into the purse and then saw the edge of the handkerchief that hung from the pocket of Sondra. She reached out and snatched up the handkerchief into the air with a smile at Sondra. “Miss Sondra, hold out your left arm to me. You always wear your handy inside the cup of your left wrist band, not inside your pocket of the blue jeans.”

“Thank you, Mistress Symole!” She nodded with a smile.

Symole fiddled with the tiny cotton handkerchief. “Ouch! What is this thing inside the girly handkerchief?” She held up one of the needlepoint sewing needles in the air with a sour frown, “It is a weapon.”

She dropped open the mouth and shook the curls. “No ma’am! It is a mistake.”

“A mistake?” Symole frowned.

“A mistook.” She exhaled with worry.

Symole shook the curls with a sour frown. “You have received thirty demerits and you have detention today right now, Miss Sondra.”

“No.” Sondra whispered with worry.



10:12 am

4th floor level

Private bedroom setting of Sondra

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sondra ran away from the ground floor and dashed up the haunted staircase, running ahead and slammed into the closed door. She opened the door and dashed inside her room, standing in the middle with a set of tears and sobs of worry. The set of hot and wet tears trailed down both cheekbones. She was being punished for something that Effie did. Now, Sondra would spend the rest of the daylight hours and the entire dark night at the base of Loveless Mountain without a soft pillow or a cushy mattress or a warm blanket while sleeping on the hard wet ground.

She was not allowed to bring any items from her room but her body.

Sondra looked down at the tube of lip gloss and then tossed an arm, smashing it against the wall in fury. “Unfair! Unfair! I didn’t do anything wrong here,” she moved ahead and sat down on top of the bed mattress with a dad face.

Her personal mobile telephone sounded with a tiny ding with a new text message from one of the other girls when she turned and stared at the stupid devise. The dinging sound continued until she reached out and grabbed the mobile telephone reading the next message with a smile without texting back the person.



10:40 am

Front porch setting

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine



Sondra appeared in front of the walking sidewalk and stood upright in an ankle-length dress of brown, green and black which hide the cowgirl boots while hoping to blend into a green, black, and brown wild wilderness of the Leed forestland tonight.

The teen male dashed ahead and slammed into her ass with a chuckle into her eardrum, standing close to her body, “Hey, Sondra! Nice to meet you here on this beautiful hot day! Do you plan to stay and play the rest of the afternoon and the entire evening at Loveless Mountain, too,” Sterling back stepped and then scooted around Sondra with a smile and moved ahead stopping, standing next to her while staring sat the garden of flowers and vegetables.

Symole and Clyde appeared and moved down the front porch steps with a stern face. They scooted around the line of young students and stopped, spinning around and stared at each disobeying student.

Symole frowned with disappointment at Sondra, Sterling, Ezzard, and finally Effie. “I am so disappointed in all four of ya’ll. This is the first week of school. Each one of you could not make it nicey until the holiday break, while all your demerits are wiped cleaned from the slanted black board in my office.”

“They are?” Effie frowned at Symole.

Symole turned and frowned at Sondra. “Miss Sondra, you have managed to acquire all your demerits at one setting. I do believe that this has to be a record here at Antebellum House. Congratulations, belle! You will be dropped off in the center of the Leed forest, where you will spend-the-night like a girly pajamas party without the pajamas, a sleeping bag, and a peanut butter jelly sandwich. You may not be hungry now, but you will be missing both your lunch and supper today. We are serving golden crusted fried chicken, tonight.”

“Dang! I could’ve used my ten fingers for licking and sucking that white juicy meat.” Ezzard winked with a chuckle at Symole.

Symole sneered. “Tonight, you can lick and sup on dry black possum meat that you catch with your ten fingers and maybe your ten toes. You will not be given any food or water or blankets, since this is punishment for committing some type of foul act against your fellow belles or beaus…”

“Wished that I had killed that little beau,” Sterling snarled.

Symole exhaled with a sour frown. “You will be taken by vehicle, the faster method which goes straight into the forest land rather than by horse and carriage and then dropped into the middle of the woodlands with the wolves, the coyotes, the snakes, and the spiders as your night bed mates. You can camp at that very spot or move towards the river bank or up into the mountain while following a series of worn hiking trails by moonlight. It could be kinda romantic, if you possessed a loaded shotgun,” she chuckled and then coughed covering her mouth with the rude comment.

“Bitch,” Sterling sneered.

“Worse,” Ezzard snarled.

Symole smiled. “You have been very obedient in following our verbal instructions by not bringing out from your individual suite any additional personal items but your person and your clothes. When you return tomorrow morning at the same time, your demerits will be wiped clean. I do not allow question, since we are the wardens and you are criminals. You are ready. Load up into the pickup truck. Good hunting, belles and beaus!”

Sterling reached out and touched the arm of Sondra with a smile, moving ahead towards the dropped tail of the parked pickup truck. “Ezzard, help me lift Sondra onto the rear of the truck bed, please.” Ezzard dashed ahead with a nod and stopped, standing beside Sondra. They reached out and lifted up Sondra by both the arms and the legs. She gently floated in the air and towards the rear bed of the pickup truck in silence. Sterling laughed. “Bend your knees as we raise you in the air like an angel, so your boot toes don’t hit the truck tailgate.” She landed on top of the truck bed floor with a loud thump and moved ahead, sitting down on top of the tire wheel, holding onto the railing of the truck.

Effie followed behind the back spines of Ezzard and Sterling, stopping and stood in place. Ezzard spun around and reached out, lifting petite Effie over a collar bone, slowly swinging around and leaped up onto the tail gate with a laugh. He moved ahead and stopped, squatting down at the front of the truck bed with a smile. “Just slap her over your shoulder like me and then hop like a bunny onto the tail gate for the next time, Sterling,” he gently lowered petite Effie down to the hard surface as she sat on top of the floor with a smile. He spun around and sat next to her, leaning over and kissed her cheekbone, pulling back with a smile and a set of secret words.

Sterling climbed onto the truck bed and stood upright from the floor, moving ahead, sitting down below Sondra and turned around with a wink to see her on the tire wheel. “Yeah, I’ll do for the next time!”

Sondra exhaled with a sour frown at Sterling, “Naw! There will be no more next times.” The truck jolts into a rolling motion along with her stomach of fluttering butterflies.



11:22 am

Loveless Mountain location

Leed forest setting

Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sun



The forest looked green and thick with a grove of tall shade trees with green leaves, a ground cover of small plant bushes and lots of pretty wild flowers.

Sondra stood upright from the tire wheel and moved ahead inside the parked pickup truck as it dumped off her and Sterling at the edge of the thick wooded forest. The old pickup truck slowly steered ahead and then circled around the grove of trees while slowly performing a putt-putt motion down the dirt road, driving back towards Antebellum House.

Sterling stood in place and tossed both hands into the air with a smile at Sondra. “Okay. We are alone. So did you bring the two teacups?”

She stood beside him with a smile, “Yeah! I gathered up all the items like you listed in my cell phone. Why don’t the cell phones work outside of Dogtrot Plantation?”

He extended both arms with a frown towards her. “Lemme see the two teacups! Where are they? You didn’t bring a carry bag or a purse like a girl. Are they underneath your hoop skirt?”

She reached up with a smile and slowly unbuttoned each button on the long dress. “I also note with my two eyeballs that you didn’t bring a bag of survival goodies like some food or a bottle of water or a warm blanket either. We were visually inspection before living off the damn land for the night. I’m suddenly hunger for food.”

“A southern belle should not curse.” Sterling smiled at her strip tease of one dress underneath another dress that hid all the secret items. “You’re smart, babe. You wore two dresses to hide the two teacups as your tiny breasts. Good job, Sondra! You get a special kiss from me tonight.” She reached out and removed, handing off each teacup to Sterling. He accepted them and placed both items inside the jacket for safety, moving ahead, leading them deeper down into the Leed forest.

She followed behind Sterling spying on the wildlife of the forest. “I taped the two teacups onto my body and then taped the dress around my naked skin, so the glass would not shift or fall down towards my legs. And I am not a southern belle. I am seventeen year old teenager lost in the middle of forest Leed standing in pile of wet grass up to my ass near the rock base of Loveless Mountain. Geez! Even Mother Nature has it bad for me, since they name the mountain Loveless.”

He moved ahead with a chuckle and climbed over the thicket of tree limbs. “The mountain is named after Jon Loveless, who built our lovely plantation schoolhouse, when he discovered the pink quartz on top of the dome which he used to decorate his home in pink granite. I admit the exterior of the manor is really pretty like a certain southern belle, who is trailing behind my ass.” He laughed. “Catch up with me, girl! We got tracks to make before sun down for our shelter.”

She halted with a gasp of fear, “Shelter? I thought that we were supposed to sleep on the ground or the grass or the something.”

He moved ahead with a smile and climbed over the low plants. “Naw.”

She lifted up the dress hem and dashed ahead, pulling up beside him with a puzzled brow. “Naw! Why not naw? This is the forest, where a set of little cute furry bunnies live and little tiny lady bugs live without getting eaten by something. Are we going to get eaten up by something? Are there bears or cougars here?”

He moved ahead and climbed over the rough tree limbs with a chuckle. “Can you shoot a gun?”

She halted with worry. “What?”

He moved ahead with a smile. “There! I changed the subject to take your mind off getting eaten by something,” he reached out and wiggled a hand with a laugh. She lifted up the dress hem and dashed ahead, pulling up beside him with a fake smile, holding the hand for safety in silence.

They rushed through the set of low tree branches and the thicket of tall plant roots.

She tripped and he reached out and grabbed her body. She exhaled with exhaustion and worry. “I can’t see my cranial shadow anymore. Where are we going? Are there wolves out here in these woodlands? Do you possess a hand gun? Please tell me that you snuck like a skunk a gun out here into our paradise wilderness!”

“Naw! I got something better. We camp at the river side with fresh water and fresh food by bright moonlight. We got lucky, babe. It is almost a full moon in another three nights. There’s plenty of light for tonight, so I can see your face and then kiss it.”

“Are you a cat or a bat or a rat?” She dragged each boot over the rough terrain of rocks, dry clay dirt, and broken tree branches. Sterling moved faster down an open path of high trees. She could see the tiny rays of sparkling silver on the side. “And I’m thirsty now. And I’m suddenly thirsty.” Sondra spotted the river that flowed beside them as the cool air hit her face. She held back the wet tears of terror and torment.

Sterling flung back a small flask without stopping the walk with a smile. “Here you go! Enjoy!” She reached out and grabbed the flash, stopping and sipped the water from the flask and coughed out loud with a loud gasp. He swung around and stopped, reaching out, grabbing the flask and cuddled it into the chest with a smile. She gagged and then coughed out loud, beating her chest with both fists. Sterling frowned. “Hey! Don’t drink all the moonshine,” he spun around and moved ahead parallel with the river.

She continued to cough and then pant, slowly moving ahead behind him. “You could’ve at least brought your cell phone and ordered food for here tonight…”

“There’s no electronic link out here in the boondocks for the cells. We got a flask of whiskey, you, and me. That’s enough for tonight,” he scooted around fallen tree limbs and low plant roots as she followed behind him. He smiled. “We’re paralleling the river bank just a few more feet. We’re looking for a shady cool cove, where the turtles like to gather and fuck and then sleep…”

She tripped over the plants with a frown. “Turtles like to fuck and sleep.”

Sterling halted and kicked away a set of twisted tree branches while making a foot path towards the river with a smile. “Follow behind me! Once we clear off all the low trees, the river bank will be muddy and soft for some cooking and then eating and then wrestling and then sleeping.”

She lifted up the dress and climbed over each fallen tree stump and set of low roots with a sour frown. “Joy! I get to love on a turtle.”

He chuckled, “Naw, babe! I get all the loving out here within the wildness. We’re catching, cleaning, and eating on turtle stew. I’ll clean the rascals for you. We eat good tonight showing mole-face that we can survive the forest life.”

She stomped ahead through the low plant roots with disgust and a whisper. “I’d really starve to death.”

Sterling slid sideways into the muddy bank and stopped with a laugh. “We are here! Sit down here on this here clean and bumpy stump. I’ll help you remove your boots.”

She stared down at the tree stump with a frown. “I must remove my boots for eating the turtle.”

He spun around and squatted, reaching out, patting the lumpy stump with a smile. “You must remove your boots for helping me to catch all the turtles.”

She held the dress with more disgust. “Sterling!”

He stood upright from the ground and reached out, dragging her arm towards the tree stump, releasing her arm. He squatted down and patted the stump with a wink and a smile. “This is for fun and food. Sit down here, Sondra!” She exhaled with more disgust and sat down on top of the tree stump, lifting up a boot. Sterling pulled off each boot and sock with a smile. She stood upright from the tree stump and wiggled a set of clean and manicured toenails inside the red mud with a giggle. He sat down on top of the same tree stump with a smile and removed each sock and boot, stuffing the sock down into the boot while winking at her. “Now, we get to clean our toes in the water,” he stood upright from the tree stump and reached out, grabbing her hand, moving ahead towards the river with a smile.

She slowly waddled behind him into the pond water with a gasp. “It’s cold.”

He released her hand and waddled a few feet ahead of her with a laugh. “It’s fun. Come on and get deeper into the water, maybe going up the knee-high level. Snapping turtles are the best meals when humping it out in the forest like Robin Hood and Maid Marian. The common snapping turtle or Chelydra serpentina is native here. They are twelve inches in upper shell length and weight twenty five pounds. They inhabit the creeks, the streams, the rivers, the swamps, the marshes, and the farm ponds like here. The snapping turtles eat anything dead or alive that they can find like fishies, frogs, crayfishes, drowned animals, and aquatic plants.”

She stood in the water while searching for a snake, since a snake liked to fuck and sleep in water too. “Are you done catching one yet?”

He reached up and cut off the tree limb with the hunting knife with a smile, dropping the tree limb down into the water. “You can catch a snapper using a jug or a limb line which has been baited with cut up chicken livers or live fish bait. We are doing some hand-fishing, since we are in the woodlands setting. And I am standing here my naked toes in this cold water.”

She waddled ahead and stopped, standing in kneecap high water, holding the dress with both hands. “My toes are getting numb, Sterling.” He reached back and handed her a broken off tree limb too. She accepted the tree limb with one hand and held the dress hem with the other in silence.

Sterling held the tree limb with two hands, moving it up and down with a smile. “Take the tree limb and then gently thump the end along the muddy soil of the river, where the turtle likes to hide. The turtle will be buried half-way down into the mud use the tree limb to dug it up and then snatch it by the tail.”

She exhaled with a puff of work while holding the oversized rough tree branch over the water. “I am supposed to grab the turtle by its tail. I think not.”

He bent down by waistline and looked down into the pond water with a smile. “As you might guess, don’t grab it by the mouth, since they have strong jaws and long neck, which is called a snapping turtle.” She continued to hold the tree limb and watch for a snake with a worried brow. She planned to use the tree limb first on the snake, after she killed it and then second on the rear skull of Sterling for this dangerous food hunt. Sterling yelled out loud and slammed the tree limb down into the water. She back pedaled with a gasp from him and roamed around the set of yellow lumps inside the greenish water with fear. He continued to yell and slap the tree limb at each roaming round yellow lump with a hoot. Then he jerked one of the beaten and bloody turtles out from the water with one hand, pitching the broken tree limb over a collar bone with a smile. “It is suppertime!”

She whispered for her eardrums only. “Ah shit!” Sondra slowly turned around and waddled back towards the river bank, moving out of the cold water with a sour frown. Sterling waddled ahead of her with the wiggling live supper meal and slid over the mud, leading ahead into dry dirt. She followed behind Sterling and reached down to grab his pair of boots while holding the dress up from the wet ground.

He moved ahead towards a triangle of fallen tree trunks with a smile. “Can you please find us some berries like two handfuls of blue blueberries and red raspberries for our nightly meal? The turtle meat will not be enough for me,” he stopped and spun around, sitting on top of the first fallen tree trunk with a smile. She stopped and reached down, placing his pair of boots behind his leg without smiling with a new wife-like duty. He reached inside the jacket and pulled out, placing the two teacups beside the dead and bloody turtle with a smile. She swung around with a sour frown and stared at the lush green plants. Sterling worked on the dead turtle with a worried brow. “Don’t go too far from me, Sondra! There’re plenty of berry bushes around here, just walk side to side.”

She nodded in silence and sat down on top of the fallen tree trunk, sliding on each socks over a pair of wet feet, since she would rather have cold feet than bitten toes. She stood upright from the tree stump and slowly strolled ahead and climbed over each fallen tree, each small plant, and piles of dead leaves and pine cones while looking for her supper of berries too. She stopped and squatted down to study the plant, before touching the juice of the berry. A raspberry displayed light reddish colors and blue berries were dark blue which kinda looked like purple juice. She spotted the branch of ripen berries and reached out, picking each one at time and placed them all inside the skirt of the long dress, standing upright from the ground. She slowly spun around to see Sterling in the water while he washed off the bloody turtle for preparing the nightly turtle stew. She exhaled with a puff of worry and moved ahead towards the river while sliding and slipping side to side towards the fresh water. She was not removing the boots. The shoes could be cleaned later. She stopped and squatted down near the water, washing off the gathered meal for her supper, since she was not eating a piece of cooked turtle meat. She stood upright from the river water and spun around, holding handfuls of assorted washed and wet berries slowly slipping and sliding back to the dry dirt and next to Sterling. He sat back on both the kneecaps in water and blood with a smile cutting on a long tubular snout with the hunting knife as blood rained down on his hands, the grass, and the dirt. She turned to face the low plants and tan colored rocks with a gag and then a cough, covering the mouth from vomiting.

He worked on the turtle guts with the knife and a chuckle. “Don’t vomit over the ground! Then, I can’t eat it either.”

She turned to see the pretty wildflowers with a whisper. “Ah shit!”

“You’re a good cowgirl.”

“I’m a city girl,” she exhaled a rough breathe, without vomiting.

“This is a camp supper. So, you’re a cowgirl, tonight.” He smiled. “Now, you cut the head off first and then stick a water hose down the new hole and lock it on with a pipe clamp. Doing it right is gory and it takes work. But, I am a good worker for our meal tonight.”

She continued to sit and stare at the grove of shade trees, watching the happy squirrels play.

He continued to work on the dead turtle guts with a smile. “You lay it on the back and then cut around the bottom plate of the turtle shell, missing the organ sack, since it smells like the toilet bowl backed up with your shitty turds.” She giggled and then gagged from the smelly odor of the fresh set of stinky organs that composed her evening supper meal. He continued to work on the dead turtle guts with a grin. “I’m cutting off the back legs now,” he lifts up the object, wiggling it side to side with a laugh in her face. “This is tiny little tail here. You wanna save it and make a soup.”

She stared down at the wet dirt, seeing a poor earthworm wiggle in the wet clay. “No.”

He chuckled. “Well then, I’ll toss away the carcass for the wolves later.”

She looked up with a gasp o see the nose profile of Sterling. “Wolves live here too.”

“Yeah, it is their home base. But, they’ll take the turtle carcass, before coming after and eating us. I slice off the front legs and finish off with the neck. You’re supposed to skin it, but we don’t have time or the right tools to do that. I just have my hunting knife which is better than the damn turtle. Now, we cut up the stomach and liver.”

She could hear the slicing whisks of the hunting knife against the thick tree stump, covering a mouth with a hand, staring up into the sky through the tree branches and green leaves and exhaled in and out with a set of slow breathes before vomiting up her breakfast meal.

He continued to work on the turtle with a grin. “You can eat the turtle’s tail and neck, but you gotta boil them into a soup.”

She looked down with a smile and stared at the single lady bug that crawled on the petals of the red wild rose. “Are you finished over there, Sterling?”

“The majority of the turtle meat is where the legs meet. It’s the best-tasting parts, once we fry it up in a greasy pan of lard.”

She turned and stared at the new bush of blueberries, reaching out and grabbed one, drawing to the lips and spat on the fruit washing off the bug shit before eating it. “Are you done over there, yet, Sterling?”

“We will be eating the turtle’s tiny liver, heart, windpipe,” he sliced the knife into the soft guts of the turtle. “Damn! I just destroyed the esophagus with the knife. I sorry…”

She dropped a face down into the palms with a loud moan, chewing the rest of the berry before vomiting. “O gawd! Please stop telling me the selected parts of your supper.”

He stopped the cutting and looked up with a smile to her hair roots. “Are you sick or something, darling?”

“I am very nausea indeed,” she held the breath and the mouth from vomiting, looking down at her boot toes.

He nodded with a laugh. “Good! My plan worked. I get to eat the little rascal all by myself. I’m chopping up the pancreas and lungs. Too bad! We didn’t catch a pregnant turtle when you cut her open all of her round eggs look like a bunch of yellow grapes. Yummy to the tummy too! You know, a dish of turtle eggs is a delicacy meal within some cultures throughout the world.”

She looked up and turned to scan the groves of trees while concentrating on the far away yellow flower which was so pretty, saying with a sneer. “Shut up, Sterling!”

“O. But, it is called the other white meat here in the South,” chuckled Sterling.

She exhaled with a puff of worry and held the sobs of fear, looking up to see his smile, not the bloody guts of the dead turtle. “Thanks for taking care of me out here in the Leed forest, Sterling. I mean for you coming out here with me. Why are you here with me always?” She frowned.

He leaned over and started a small fire underneath the dead brown tinted tree leaves and tiny brown tinted tree twigs, reaching back and grabbed, sitting one of the teacups on top of the level fire. He poured river water down into the teacup from the first teacup and then dropped down inside the raw turtle meat, stirring the stew with a smile. “We parboil the turtle meat for one minute inside the first teacup that kills some of the bacterium.” He looked up with a wink to see her.

She gasped. “What?”

“Just kidding! The cooking and river water makes the turf turtle meat tender and turns it white for eating. This is a young turtle. So, we really don’t need to kill off the germs, since they are good for your guts. It is rolling with white smoke and hot heat now. This is good enough. Now, we pour off the boiled water and dump down the parboiled meat into the second teacup. You stir the water inside the second teacup, so the meat doesn’t stick to the bottom, since this is our supper meal, until breakfast tomorrow. You can watch it brown and cook into white color and heat the guts for flavor and then we have supper. Wished that I had some onions, bell peppers, and stewed tomatoes.”

She exhaled with a puff and sniffed the good odor watching the teacup smoke and boil in the river water. Small gushes of boiled heated water splashed over the sides of the teacup coming from the heated fire. She smiled. “It smells good.”

“We can add parsley coming from the ground,” he reached down and grabbed, crunching up the whole tiny leaves in both hands, lifting it and sprinkled the parsley over the teacup.

“Good thinking,” she nodded.

He turned and winked at her. “Turtle soup is coming up really soonest, milady. You know, it’s still a hot debate within the science world of how did a turtle acquired a suit of armor. Some science folks think that the turtle carapace had evolved from a series of bony, scale-like growths that came from the ancient dinosaurs which had been found on the ancient dinosaur armadillos. Another theory, the ribs grew over their arms and their legs which made a protective hard shell.”

“Is it really dead?” She continued to view the jumping boiled water and floating turtle meat.

He laughed. “Yeah! All of them dinosaurs are really dead, darling. Didn’t you pass your science class in the seventh grade? The smart scientists think that the Eunotosaurus was considered to be an early cousin to the turtle.”

“Wow! You know I kinda miss the fully appointed dining room table and tablecloth with the seven-course meal and our nasty butler, who enjoy slapping my hand when I reached for the wrong utensil.”

He turned and studied the water and meat, reaching out and removed the teacup with tail end of the wind jacket with a smile. “Well, we got you a simple one meal taken before the fire, milady Sondra. The meat has turned white. That means it is done and good to eat. I am removing the teacup from the fire. It’s hot on bottom. But, try it now, honey!” He slowly turned and extended the tiny teacup with a smile to her first like a southern boy.

She exhaled with a puff of curiosity and reached out, tenderly grabbing a cut section of white turtle meat with a stern face. “Okay.” She drew the meat to the mouth and blew on the heated turtle guts.

“We’ll munch on the raspberries, black berries, and blue berries along with the turtle meat for our evening underneath the full moon and the bright stars.” He reached down and grabbed, lifting up and blew onto the cut section of white meat placing into the mouth, chewing with a nod.

She gasped. “What does it taste like?”

He chewed and swallowed with a smile. “It tastes like a piece of bland chicken breast to me. But some folks think it tastes like beef steak. Others think it tastes like a bowl of chili when they add all types of spices to the meat. We can do this more right on tomorrow night. We can come out here and hunt for more turtles. The kitchen staff would love to make us a bowl of turtle stew.” He reached down and selected another piece of meat, tearing it and handing it to her until they both finished eating the meat out from the teacup. She reached out and grabbed it, placing it inside the mouth, chewing the last piece of turtle food with a smile in silence.

Sterling reached out and grabbed the dead turtle body, slowly standing upright from the tree trunk, moving ahead with the dead body and Sondra. He stopped several feet away from the camp site and squatted down, digging a big hole, burying the rest of dead turtle parts before a roaming predator sniffed out the dead animal and then the humans. He covered the dead turtle with the dirt and stood upright with a smile, spinning around, wrapping the dirt onto the clothes, moving back to her with a smile. “Stand up and strip off the dress for me!”

She slowly stood upright from the tree trunk and reached up with a smile, unbuttoning the first button on the top dress with a pink blush. “I thought you wanted me to wear both of the dresses to maintain my body heat tonight inside the cool forest air.”

“I’m your body heat today, babe.” He stooped and squatted down onto the ground with a chuckle. “We’ll build an upright tepee house with one of your long dresses while you lay naked inside my arms and between my legs.”

“That could be happening out here in the woodlands tonight,” she slipped off the first long dress and handed it to Sterling.

He reached down and dug up a hole, placing a broken tree limb down into the new hole, covering the hole with dry dirt. He used a wide rock boulder as the rear wall and the tree branch to upright the dress like a canopy curtain. He reached back and grabbed a handful of clean berries with a smile. “No time for horse play, sweetheart,” he crawled over the ground and scooted underneath the dress tent, ripping off and placed the back spine of long jacket over the wet ground as their shared flat and boring sleeping bed mattress.

She knelt down onto the ground while getting dirty and hot with a smile. “I’m the prize here.”

He chuckled inside the tent dress, “Naw, girl! I’m the prize here.”

She smiled. “No foreplay. No kissing. Not enough a tight bear hug.”

He scooted to the side and patted an empty space on top of the jacket with a smile. “This is a camp love like a pot of melting marshmallows without the sweet chocolate.”

She crawled ahead and moved over the jacket, sitting down, crossing the legs with a smile. “I’m not thinking of melted marshmallows.”

He smiled. “Ah! You feel so good sitting next to me and hitting my bicep,” he chuckled. “You got a good punch, doll.”

She winked. “We could move our relationship from good to bad to badder right now.”

He leaned against the rock wall and chewed on the berries. “Darling, we are inside the forest with numerous flocks, packs, and nest of real live wild beasts. They smell your sex.”

“Animals do not,” she frowned.

He tossed the berry and caught it in the mouth, chewing with a smile. “I told you what. You go right ahead and test out that sex theory. I suggest that you stand near that tree about one hundred yards out from me and then go fuck your pussy vagina. Then you wait and see what mammal comes looking for. Will it be a beast or me?”

She tossed both arms and wrapped them around the breasts, leaning against the hard rock next to Sterling with a sour frown. “Fine! I do believe you. I’ll rest and stay right here with you.” A loud howl from a coyote pack broke her mental thought. She sobbed with tears. “I wanna go back to my room.”

He leaned over and patted her arm with a chuckle. “I protect you, darling. That’s why I got fifty demerits in one sucker punch today.”

She turned and smiled at his nose profile. “Awe! You did that for me. What happened?”

“Yeah, I did. I gave Ween a bloody nose.”

“What for?”

He chewed and swallowed the food with a smile. “Caleb asked me the same damn question. I still don’t have an answer, doll.”

She exhaled with a smile, “Sterling, thank you! I don’t understand why we aren’t sleeping on top of the dome, instead of with the wolves and the snakes,” Sondra turned to see the tall and pink tinted mountain between the peeks of the trees.

He shook the baldness and chewed, swallowing the food. “There isn’t any protection out there on top of the pink tinted flat table mountain top. Have you seen that place? It is flat and empty which is good for an open attack that bothers my instincts.”

She gasped. “Ezzard is there. Then, he and Effie are in danger.”


“Why not naw? You just said that is an open place for attack from wolves or snakes.”

“After fucking, a girl has this cuddle-thing going. Scientists have discovered that it is a hormonal reaction to sex. Well, a guy has a hormonal reaction to sex too which is called the protection instinct. He went there to Efuck her g-spot away from the spying eyeballs and eardrums of the school instructors.”

She dropped open a mouth. “Do you mean that kids purposefully get a set of nasty demerits and then come up here to fuck each other?”

He hooted with a smile. “Hallelujah girl! It took you long enough to figure that one fucking answer out,” Sterling ate the next berry and chewed with a smile.

“Do the school instructors know about this?”

He swallowed the food and then laughed out loud, “Yeah hell, honey! The school instructors all graduated from here too. I bet one of them probably initiated the entire demerit system to be alone with his naked girl at night underneath a full moonlight. Woof! Woof!” Sterling laughed.

She shook the curls and stared at the ground with a puzzled brow. “This school is very strange, almost odd with all the kids that get murdered, but the school will not shut down the doors or send us back home. I’m getting scared. My feelings wavier back and forth from scared to more scared…”

“It’s your lust hormones for me.”

She giggled. “Maybe! But, this school is different from my real high school and any other establishment that I have ever encountered within my short seventeen years.”

“When is your birthday?”

She smiled. “My birthday is next spring in the month of April. I’ll be eighteen years old, an independent woman.”

“Did your parents graduate here too?”

She frowned. “Yes, my pair of biological parents graduated along with your biological parents. I know most of the kids by neighborhood or by family or by reputation of their family. Effie knows Constance, since their families live in the US State of Texas. So, why are you here, Sterling?”

He coughed up the chewed berries with the surprised question, “Uh! Like you, I was ripped away from my high school as a glowing football star, when my daddy…”

“Yeah! My daddy told me the same thing to learn about life and learn to be honest, friendly, nice, smart, kind, gentle, pretty, respect…”

“These are a set of good traits for a southern belle and a southern rouge,” he reached out and pulled out the cigar from the blue jeans pocket with a smile.

She turned and gasped at the object. “Where did you get the cigar?”

He struck the match against the rock and lighted the cigar with a grin. “Books of matches, cartons of cigars, silver clean ashtrays, all stood and live on top of the sideboard inside the beau’s parlor room for the taking.”

“Stealing, you possess a nasty habit, darling.”

“I like to smoke.”

“The smoke will attract all the bears,” she looked out through the tent dress into the dark woodlands with a worried brow.

He puffed on the cigar with a smile, “Naw. The smoke will de-attract all the biting ass bugs instead. Anyways this is your fault. You stole my heart, making you the real thief here.”

She exhaled with worry. “Well, there is a real thief who is robbery of a soul there at Antebellum House.”

“We’ll catch Effie.”

“I don’t think that she is the real thief, robber, or murderer. She is pretty dumb in our academic classes and only interested in Ezzard…”

“Thaddeus, Dent, Ween, Boddie, Senn, me, and the male list goes on and on and on…”

“See? That’s what I mean about her. Effie is here to find and get a husband, not a jail cell. She is working with someone. Who else do we not know at Antebellum House?”

“I don’t know another face there at Antebellum House like you.”

“You know what I mean. Who else do we not trust at Antebellum House?” He blew out the smoke and reached down extinguishing the cigar with a yawn. She turned and stared at the low rays of sunlight through the peeks of the tree leaves with a confused brow. “What time is it now?”

He said. “Based on the sunlight that is peeking between the tree limbs, it about four o’clock or so.”

She turned and stared at him. Sterling flipped over to the side and curled into a ball on top of the dirt and jacket in silence. Sondra exhaled with fury. “What are you doing, Sterling? It is only late afternoon. We can go waddling in the water or hiking around the forest grass for wildflowers.”

He closed both eyelids with a stern face. “You go and do those fun things but don’t get to far from me. I’m catching some sleep, since I’ll be up all night, after the sunset, watching out for the snakes, the coyotes, and the bears, stomping around us, looking for food. Those critters move and hunt at night. I only got a hunting knife, so I need my wits for the fight…”

“Fight?” She gasped in alarm and turned to stare out the home-made tent dress with fright while Sterling continued to rest and sleep on top of the cold hard ground for her protection.



Saturday August 28th



10:55 am

Leed forest location

Dirt road setting

Hot temperatures and humid with parted clouds of sun



“Where’s the truck?” She yawned without covering the mouth and stared out at the dirt road leaning into the chest of Sterling while feeling hungry and tired from a long night of watching for a pack of bears, a nest of snakes, and a pack of coyotes. Thank goodness! None of these particular wildlife animals showed up at the camp site.

They had slowly tripped and stumbled over each thicket of fallen tree trunks, low flowering plants, and raced a couple of snakes while moving away from the river and the depths of the forest this morning.

Sterling exhaled with a sneer and continued to stare down a long empty dirt road. “They probably fucking forget about us. Ween told that it happened to him the last time when mole-face forgot him on punishment day, since she’s both old and stubborn. I guess we start walking back towards Antebellum House.”

She yawned. “We’ll miss breakfast and lunch too.”

He chuckled, “Naw, babe! We can stop and eat more turtle meat along our slow poke foot path while moving directly towards Antebellum House.”

She shook the curls and hugged her breasts with a sour frown. “I am not eating any more turtle meat. I’ll rather walk up the staircase in the belle parlor room with the she-ghosts before waddling in the cold water for another live turtle. No! I am not eating that today.”

He smiled. “Well, turtle meat is really good and good for you when tired and hungry without a butler or a seven course meal.”

She turned and scanned the forest with a worried brow. “Where are Ezzard and Effie? Aren’t they supposed to meet us her at the pickup point too?”

He turned and scanned the forest while seeing the pink dome of the Loveless Mountain with a stern face. “I would guess that they both walked it back towards the House. The mountain is actually closer to the school campus then where we camped last night.”

She exhaled. “I’m tired and hungry. And I want a hot long shower.”

The pickup truck raced ahead from the dirt road and slammed the brakes as the brakes squealed in metal pain, stopping beside the nose profile of Sterling. The passenger window dropped down to reveal the driver of the pickup truck. Sterling turned with a sneer to see the driver. “Damn! You took fucking long enough, Fucner.”

“Do you know the hired help, Sterling?” She turned and smiled at the driver, reaching out and grabbed the door handle. The interior cabin blew cold air conditioning on her sweat face.

Sterling sneered at the smile on his work buddy Fucner. “Naw, I don’t. I’m just cursing him out for being late, while we burn up in the sunshine. Fuck you, man! I’m hot, sweat, and hungry.”

Fucner smirked directly at Sterling/Cody. “I’m been playing with my dick for hours while parked right here underneath the grove of cooling over story shade trees. What have you two cute sexy teens been doing for the last hour or two hiking for fun or some else for fun?”

“Fuck it! And fuck you! Get into the cabin of the truck, Sondra!” Sterling reached out and grabbed the handle on top of her hand, opening the door. She slid inside the cab with a smile. Sterling/Cody climbed inside and parked beside her with a sour frown. “Let’s get inside before the fucking driver decides to leave us behind again. I don’t wanna walk back to the house.” He slammed the door shut as Fucner drove wildly down the dirt road with a roaring laugh at his work buddy Cody.



Antebellum House

Front porch setting

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

1:05 pm



Sterling had bathed and cleaned off the dirt, bugs, and sweat coming from the Leed forest, changing into a pair of ripped and comfortable blue jeans, a white Toshit, and a pair of unpolished cowboy boots. He strutted down to the dining room and filled an empty stomach with three plates of hot food while hearing the music and laugher outside the House. He left the dining room and moved ahead, stopping and stood on top of the front porch with a smile. All the other teens were dancing on top of a wooden floor that was covered in hay or inside a hay wagon while riding around the landscape with set of loud ringing bells for fun.

The dance music was loud sounding and deafening to a pair of eardrums. Each hay wagon was pulled by a pair of donkeys, instead of a team of horses.

He chuckled at the amusing scene and then saw Sondra. She dashed out from underneath the front porch on the belle side. He chased after her running the tables of refreshment and the silly tables of childish games.

Sondra moved ahead and stepped onto the dance floor with the other teen, stopping and looking for Sterling. Ezzard came from behind her back spine and slamming into her body wrapping a pair of biceps around her breasts with a chuckle. Sterling halted with a sneer and then a frown of puzzlement beside one of the food tables. Ezzard moved ahead and cuddled Sondra while escorting her towards one of the hay wagons while leaving the fun hay dance behind.

Effie back stepped and moved off the dance floor, stopping and stood beside Sterling, parking both hands on the belt with a sneer at the back spine of Sondra and Ezzard. “Where is Sondra going with my man?”

Constance stood in front of the pile of hay in sweat while sipping the beverage behind the hairy skull of petite Effie. “He is not your man, Effie. Zee is a free spirit, who just likes to get up and go away from you.”

Effie frowned at the back spine of Sondra and Ezzard. “Shut it, Constance! Where is your girl Sondra going with my man, Sterling?”

Senn appeared and stood next to Effie leaning over and bumped her shoulder with a smile. “He is going for a stroll towards one of the numerous hay wagons for a hay ride for fun. Hey, Efuck! I do believe we should go away and get it up too. What do you think, honey?”

Effie exhaled with fury at the couple of Ezzard and Sondra. “As long as, it gets me closer to that hay wagon with my man and that bitch. Let’s go away and get it on!” She moved ahead with a sour frown towards one of the other available hay wagons.

“Right, babe!” Senn turned and winked at Sterling, returning back, following behind the ass of petite Effie for some fun also.

Sterling gasped and tossed both arms into the air. “Senn, come back here! Something is going on here with Zee that I don’t particularly like. Senn, come back here right now!” Senn and Effie swiftly moved ahead towards one of the hay wagons while leaving the fun hay dance.

Constance frowned at the back spines of Senn and Effie. “It’s the whiskey.”

Sterling looked over her hair roots as she was shorter. “Senn doesn’t seem drunk with whiskey. I know that he likes his tin can.”

Constance scooted around with a giggle and grin running into the body of Sterling. “Senn is not intoxicated. The tin flask holds three ounces of whiskey, but he becomes free born while allowing his freedom to crumble all of his mental thoughts, while acting upon his physical hands. I’m going to be a physician, when I grow up like my dad. My mother is a surgeon. However, I’m more impressed with you, Sterling, since Sondra has dashed far away with Zee for the afternoon, the night, the evening, and maybe forever. Your dad is a pharmacist, who owns his own drug company. Do you get a supply of free drugs too? I guess you’re one day run the family business from your dad. Isn’t that right, Sterling? The day after college graduation, we can get married and honeymoon in the Virgin Islands. I love the Virgin Islands with the pretty sky of blue like your eyes and beautifully white sands like my skin. You remind me of an exotic place to visit. You’re so sweet, Sterling. I wonder why Sondra took off with Zee.”

“I don’t know,” Sterling continued to stare at the moving hay wagons with confusion, parking both hands on the belt, shaking his curls with puzzlement.



1:18 pm

Hay wagon ride of Ezzard and Sondra



Ezzard leaned over and cuddled Sondra on top of the bail of yellow tinted hay with a stern face. Sondra scooted away from his cuddle with a sour frown. “Why did you stealing me away from the dance floor? That was really rude.”

He scooted closer to her with a whisper. “There is to be a double murder tonight which is to be me and you, sugar.”

She gasped in alarm and said a quick prayer. “A double murder, it can’t be true. How do you know this scary information, Zee?”

“You and I both have eye witnessed a belle or a beau get dead and gone from Antebellum House and never to return. The school investigated and labeled both of the two deaths of our class mates as a simple accident. Really, Sondra! I thought you would be smarting than that to stupidly accept a batch of pretend words from some adults.”

She turned and scanned the forest woods. “Me! Who wants me dead? Sterling wouldn’t harm me.”

“And, either, would I? That’s why I stole you away from Sterling and Senn, since I got a butcher knife that came from the kitchen drawer and a hand pistol inside my left breast pocket of my jacket. You’re safe with me, because neither Sterling nor Senn carry a weapon.”

She gasped. “Since, it is against the school’s rules.”

“And dying is against my rules. We load on one of the hay wagons and ride away from the hay dance for a couple of hours and then we lay low for the rest of the night. If our murderer wants a shot at us, then I get to see a pair of colored pupils, before I blow that motherfucker straight down into hell.”

She cuddled closer into his chest and continued to scan the thick dark woodlands with a worried brow and a whisper. “I love you, Ezzard.”

He looked back over a collar bone with a chuckle for a spy. “You love Sterling, so make shore he knows that. It is clear looking behind us. So, at the slow turn, we jump and roll to your left and land down into the flat meadow. Get ready!” He returned back to see the hay route and scooted them closer to the edge of the bench on the hay wagon with a stern face in silence.



1:23 pm

Hay wagon ride of Senn and Effie



Senn cuddled next to Effie with a laugh. She slid sideways and forward trying to break free of his hug, narrowing the eyelashes towards the front. “I’m a seventh daughter.”

He leaned back into the leather seat with a chuckle, “Geez! Have you got six other ugly sisters like your ugly face? Lordy mercy! I might need another date for the dance tonight.”

“A seventh daughter, of a seventh daughter has no males born in-between in the second generation. The seventh daughter can see the future and possesses special abilities. However, a third generation seventh daughter can perform a trick.”

“What kinda of wicked trick, Efuck? Can you start a scary séance for the dead and gone too?”

She leaned forward towards the front, “Naw! But I see a dead girl a-coming,” then she reached over and slapped away the body Senn, jumping off from the top of the wagon, rolling down onto the flat meadow, standing upright from the grass with a sneer. She watched Ezzard and Sondra together escape into the dark woods.



2:02 pm

Cottage interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The row of pink and white colored cottages stood upright in front a manicured lawn. Some of the cottages held repairing equipment. Some of the cottages held a set of lawn working equipment. One of the cottages held Ezzard, after he had dumped Sondra inside the forest.

Sondra had been dumped by both Ezzard and her parents, sitting on the top of the dry brick steps while playing with the personal mobile telephone that still did not get a microwave connection from out of hell and then into the house of her parents in paradise. She stared down at the telephone screen while wishing her parents would call her back. Then, she recalled that Senn said the link was severed from the lack of satellite towers around Antebellum House. She tossed both arms into the air without throwing the mobile telephone into the skyline with a sour frown.

Ezzard slammed the door open and stood inside the open archway of the cottage moving ahead and stopped, squatting down with a whisper into her eardrum, “Hey, Sondra! I gotta a surprise for you. Do you want to come inside the little cottage behind me?”

She exhaled with a puff of frustration and turned to view the cute little cottage. The small structure was painted in pretty pink colors on each wooden plank with a white door and a pair of white window shudders. She turned and scanned the landscape without a teen that was having fun play at the dance floor. Then, she scanned the landscape for Sterling or Senn, not finding their individual tallness either. Ezzard seemed to be the ‘bestest’ buddy for the nice hot long Saturday afternoon. Sondra stood upright from the wooden steps and tossed both arms in the air. “Okay! What’s your surprise?”

He spun around to face the open archway with a smile and moved ahead entering into the tiny open living room setting and stopped at the doorway. She followed behind his back spine and stopped a few feet into the middle of the room. He reached over and closed the door.

Sterling stood and hid behind the thick door frame inside the Dogtrot Hallway. No one would see him, unless the teen was coming up from behind his ass or heading into the dining room for a plate of food. Anyway, there was a series of food tables outside near the hay dance flooring too, where a roaming teen would not attend the other side of the House.

Ezzard and Sondra disappeared into the small cottage.

Sterling dropped a mouth open with a whisper behind the doorway. “O no! Ezzard is Brone’s son that we have been searching. The cottage was burned last time when Brone captured and murdered the teens and their parents of a previous attendance of Antebellum House.”

Skippy had made Sterling/Cody memory the entire working files coming from the US federal government agencies FBI, CIA, DIA, IRS, and NSA before dumping his ass down inside Antebellum House. Cody needed to contact Skippy or Fucner or Islander. He could not do that while scanning the crowded dance floor and rolling hay wagons. Their mission was both secret and silence. Sterling was trained to handle this type of situation within his mind and his body staring out at manicured lawn, seeing clear.

Inside the House, Sterling slid out into the sunlight of the breezeway and stopped, scooting back into the dark shadow of the building while killing the pretty flowers with heels of his boots.

Effie appeared and stood on the side of the House building, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a pair of cowgirl boots while carrying a sharp long knife that came from the dessert table. She slightly folded down into a crouch pose while bending the shoulders down into her breasts like she was hiding from someone, moving ahead and entered into the cottage also with Ezzard and Sondra.

Ezzard had mentioned that Effie was his girlfriend, so that had made perfect sense. Effie and Ezzard were working together as a team of murderers here at Antebellum House.

Effie really did know and did murder both of Lillard and Herman, who also knew the evil man named Brone and his biological son Ezzard.

Sterling did see the fleeing ass of Brone the other night, in which Fucner was tailing. Fucner might have captured Brone by now. Sterling did not know, since the team was still working on sheath mode. The purpose of the team here at Antebellum House was to find and capture Brone and then locate and capture the biological son. Now, Brone and his son Ezzard were about to perform a cold-blooded murder on innocent teen Sondra, who was out of sight from the fun day activity.

Sterling dashed ahead and moved towards the cottage, climbing up the steps and stopped, reaching out and touched, twisting the door knob to the side, opening the door with a gasp.

Inside the middle of the floor, Effie rested on top of the floor in a puddle of her own blood. Sondra squatted down on the wall corner with a set of sobs of tears, staring at dead Effie. Ezzard held a long knife that came from the dessert table which was dripping blood over the dead body of Effie.

Sterling stood inside the archway with a frown of fury. “What the fuck is this in here?”

Ezzard looked up with a worried brow and motioned with a hand. “Close the door quickly, Sterling! Come inside! I can explain everything.”

Sterling entered into the room and reached backwards, kicking the door shut with a boot heel while creating more attention. Ezzard spun around and moved ahead towards the bathroom with a stern face. Sterling dashed ahead towards Sondra. She continued to squat inside the wall corner with a set of sobs and tears while staring with a sad face at dead Effie. Sterling squatted down and reached out, grabbing onto her arm, dragging Sondra up from the floor into a cuddle with a worried brow. “What happened?”

Sondra panted and then sniffed up the tears with sobs. “Effie, she barged in here screaming and shouting at Ezzard for being an ass. Then, she charged at him with that sharp knife. Ezzard had no choice. He snatched the knife out from her hands and then she started clawing with all her fingernails at his shirt and then his face. She was acting like a wild animal for some reason. He had to…to…”

“Yeah!” Sterling exhaled with a nod. “She was jealous of you and him on the top of the hay wagon in the hay ride.”

She shook the curls. “No! It was more than jealousy. It was a vicious attack on Ezzard for some reason. I can’t explain it.”

Ezzard emerged out from the bathroom without the bloody murder knife and moved ahead, stopping and stood in front of a small conference table. He reached over and pressed a button on the top of the table, when the side far wall illuminated with a colorful design. Then, he grabbed a thick manual ancient brown tinted book from on top of the table, swinging to face both Sondra and Sterling. He pointed down at the small round table that fit four persons. “Please sit down at the conference type table. I will be more than happy to explain.”

She wiped off the tears and scooted ahead, sitting down into one of the chairs in silence.

Sterling moved ahead with a sour frown and slid down beside Sondra for protection, leaning over and hugged her while scanning the room. The tiny cottage was devoid of any type of art paintings and a set of open viewing windows to see the manicured lawn or skyline. There was a large computer in the corner wall that was shaped in four different shaped metal boxes which hummed with activity and a set of small pinging noises. The rest of the room was empty, except for the center round wooden table that held a set of four chairs.

Ezzard slid down beside Sterling and tapped on top of the closed textbook with a nod. “Thank for surviving this round!” He chuckled. “I will explain that too. I want you to look and examine the computer monitor over yonder on the far wall.” All eyeballs turned and stared at the wall, where a television plasma screen that was connected to a computer had been powered into life. He said. “This is a human karyotype for two people on the television screen. Think of it like a vertical DNA string but it has been cut and sliced and then shown sideways. The karyotype has twenty three pairs of genes. Label one is a male, where his 23rd gene is XX on the right. The second label is a female, where her 23rd gene is XY. Do you remember from your high school biology class?” He smiled. “I have placed and planted each karyotype of the male and female side by side for a reason. Can you see something similar?”

She continued to wipe off the dry tears and stared at label one for the male and then compared it to the label two for the female which was totally different in both length, height, solid and partial colors of black and white when one of her eyeballs caught Ezzard. Ezzard back stepped from the table and moved sideways, dragging a blanket for dead body of Effie. Her other eyeball spotted something between the two karyotypes. Gene number eighteen was a vertical sequence of a set of little tiny squares of seven possessing the same shade length and colors. The first square was a solid black box, a narrow white box, a thin black box, a long black solid box, a long white solid box, a solid black box, and finally a thin white box. She pointed at the television screen on the wall with a stern face. “Zee, when I count the vertical boxes going down, I see that gene number eighteen is exactly alike with the same length, height, width, and colors on the male karyotypy thingy.”

Ezzard moved ahead and stopped, sliding back down into the chair with a smile at the television screen on the wall. “It is called a karyotype. Yes, you are very observant, Sondra. I wanted your eyeballs and your neurons to spot and find the gene number eighteen duplication yourself, before I explained. Gene eighteen of label one is precisely a copy cat of the gene eighteen of label two. When I press the remote control device, a new figure displays label number three. You can see gene eighteen is different. It contains only five boxes with the first box, a solid black, then a solid white, a solid black, a solid white, and the rest of the vertical line is solid black.”

Sterling frowned at the same two karyotypes on the television screen at the wall. “Yipe! This entire lecture is totally different. What does it all mean to me and Sondra, Zee?”

She turned and frowned with confusion at Ezzard. “What is all this about, Zee?”

Sterling turned and sneered at Ezzard also. “What in the hell is happening here besides another teen murder by you?”

Ezzard nodded with a stern face to each face. “Please try and amuse me just for a little while longer. I promise with a crossed heart and a taste of my mama’s apple pie, you will understand completely. I am pressing the button on the remote control device again. A set of proper names will appear over each label.”

She looked back with a gasp to see each name on the screen. “Jesus Christ, is this about the same Brother Jesus? Where did you get an actually skin or blood or body DNA sample of Jesus Christ? How is that even possible?”

Sterling turned and gasped at the screen on the wall too. Ugh! I’m really confused here, Zee. Why am I confused and be-fucked?”

“Befuddled?” She turned and giggled at the nose profile of Sterling.

Sterling exhaled. “I feel be-fucked. Why is the proper name of Brother Jesus on that computer monitor screen, Zee?”

“The Shroud of Turin,” Ezzard smiled.

Sterling gasped. “Your computer presentation is about the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin is a fourteen foot long piece of linen cloth which shows the imprints of a man with a head of long hair and a bearded face along with the markings that indicate both a set of nailed feet and a pair of nailed palms. I know of the myth too. Some folks believed that the shroud was truly used by Brother Jesus at his death but the faint imprints were very hard to prove to all neurons and eyeballs back then and present today.”

“Is this about war and fighting?” She frowned with confusion.

Sterling nodded. Yes, it is.”

“Naw, it is not,” Ezzard nodded with a stern face. “A research team of trusted scientists here in the United States used carbon dating and concluded that the artifact is not a medieval fake. But it dates back to a time period between 280 BC and 220 AD. Mechanical and chemical thermal measurement tests conducted on the linen cloth and analyzed the fibers by the use of infrared lights that allowed the measurement of radiation intensity through a set of wavelengths. There were three tests which all traced back to the date of Brother Jesus.”

She frowned. “It is a fabric cloth that came from someone’s clothing back then in the year 280 BC.”

Ezzard nodded with a stern face. “Yes, a cloth was kept inside the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John, the Baptist in Turnin of northern Italy. The image is very commonly associated with Brother Jesus, His crucifixion, and His burial, a contact relic. The black and white negative image shows the clear picture of a man with a beard which had been first observed in the year 1898, on the reverse photographic plate of the amateur photographer Secondo Pia during an exhibition photo session inside the church.”

Sterling frowned. “The origins of the shroud have been debated by scientists, theologians, historians, and researchers for over two hundred years. And the cloth has been tested repeatedly on several scientific disciplines ranging from chemistry to biology and medical forensics too. So, why is your theorem more truer than the others, Zee?”

She nodded with a stern face. “It is a linen fabric of some man with real body hair and skull hair fibers that contain microscopic data which has been scientific investigated and not solved. What does all this mean, Zee? Why are hiding out inside a worker’s cottage on the school campus?”

Ezzard smiled with a nod. “The shroud is a rectangular mass of linen measuring fourteen point three feet by three point seven feet which is woven in three-to-one herringbone twill that is composed of flax fibrils. There is a distinctive faint brownish image of a front and back view of a naked man with his hands folded across his groin. The reddish brown stains are whole blood showing various wounds on the man that correlate with the yellowish image of the patho-physiology of the crucifixion as stated in the Holy Bible with the precise description of the death of Brother Jesus.”

Sterling tossed both hands into the air with a sour frown. “And in the year 1532, inside the chapel in Chambery within the country of France, the shroud was damaged in a fire with a set of burn holes and scorched areas going down both sides of the linen which had been caused by contact with the molten silver during the fire. Then, fourteen large triangular patches and eight smaller ones were sewn back and covered the ancient cloth by a nun, who had repaired it. Then maybe, the blood belongs to the seamstress. There are many, many unexplained mysteries of the Shroud of Turin.”

Ezzard looked down and opened the book with a smile, flipping through the yellow stained pages, stopping and pointed down at the sealed pouch with a set of hand printed words in black hue. “We have a set of real hair particles coming from the photographer Secondo Pia along with Bishop Pierre d’Arcis, who lived at the same church during the photo session. The bishop stated that the shroud was a forgery and that artist had confessed to the crime. Thus, he is not a child of Jesus.”

“That proves nothing to me,” Sterling nodded with a stern face.

Ezzard flipped the pages of the book and stopped, pointing at the text with a smile. “This is the hair follicle of Clement, the eight, who was the first anti-pope within the French cardinals. He drew his personal sword, commanded a set of troops, and put down in death over 4,000 civilians during the War of the Eight Saints in the year 1378. Thus, he is not a child of Jesus.

“Geoffroi de Charmy, he was a French knight of Lirey in the year 1353 and died at the Battle of Poitiers in the year 1356. Thus, he is the child of Jesus. Then, in the year 1453, his lady Margaret de Charmy deeded the Shroud of Turin to the House of Savoy. Thus, she is a child of Jesus.

“In the year of 1658, Duke of Savoy Emmanuel Philibert ordered the shroud brought from Chambery to Turin, where it currently lies in state now. He was the only child of Charles, the third, who was the Duke of Savoy and Beatrice of Portugal. His mother was the sister of Charles, the fifth, the Holy Roman Emperor. At the death of his father, Emmanuel inherited an empty honor, since his lands were occupied and administrated by the French Habsburgs royalty, his first cousin King Philip, the second. Emmanuel was once a suitor to Lady Elizabeth Tudor, the future queen of England but he had no money, so he married his half-first cousin, the Duchess of Berry, who was the daughter of King Francis, the first of France. They had an only child who was named Charles Emmanuel, the first of Savoy.

“Duchess Berry and Duke Emmanuel purchased land of Turin and then died there and was buried inside the Chapel of the Holy Shroud of the Turin Cathedral. Thus, he is a child of Jesus with his pair of biological parents. Don’t you see the pattern here?

“Everyone in contact with the shroud has some spiritual relationship to the cloth. Guarino Guarini was an Italian architect in the year 1657, who built a chapel to display the shroud as he was a peaceful priest, a brilliant mathematician, and unknown writer. Thus, he is a child of Jesus.

“In the year 1694, Priest Sebastian Valfre improved the repairs to the cloth which had been performed by the nuns after the fire. He was born to a poor family and through struggle and effort managed to attend the University of Turin, graduating with a degree. Turning his devotion to the church, he administrated to the sick, caring with concern for the poor and needy of the kingdom, finding help for the widows, orphans, and providing comfort to prisoners while ministering the faith of Brother Jesus also. Thus, he is a child of Jesus. Do you still doubt any of this?

“In the year 1868, the Clotide of Savoy made additional fixtures to preserve the cloth which remained in the House of Savoy, until the year 1983. Then, the Shroud of Turin was given to the Holy See.”

She narrowed the eyelashes and stared at each sealed and protected colored hair strands inside the ancient manual that Ezzard caressed. “How did you come about getting each one of those pieces of colored hair strands?”

Ezzard smiled at Sondra. “The clergymen were easy, since the church liked to preserve the remains of their priestly family member in various gross conditions for some religious purpose. The rest of the hair follicles were a statesman or a noble, who had been yanked out from an exhumed grave site somewhere throughout the world. For example, John Calvin in the year 1543 declared that the Saint John had lied inside The Holy Bible that the body of the Brother Jesus was only covered in one wrapping sheet around his body with a separate sheet around his skull. Calvin convinced folks that the shroud was a falsehood. Thus, he is not a child of Jesus. King Richard, the Lionhearted in year 1191…”

She tossed both hands into the air with a smile. “Okay, Zee! Okay! Okay! I do believe you that the people who had fought for the Shroud of Turin were the children of Brother Jesus. So what does it matter now? What does it all mean to me and you and Sterling and poor dead Effie?”

Sterling whispered for his eardrums with a worried brow. “You and your people will drench and drown in blood for your crimes of evil. Your men and appliances of war cannot contend with my victory. Fear me, my brethren in the foggy fight, because its waves are strong. Its dangers are perilous. Its beast is terrible. Its winds are tempest…”

Ezzard nodded with a smile. “Don’t you see the pattern here? They knew it. Sweet potatoes!”

“You mentioned the topic of sweet potatoes before in our Journal Writing class. I love sweet potato pie too,” she smiled with a nod.

Ezzard smiled. “The vegetable root of sweet potato has been radiocarbon dated coming back from 1000 AD in the Cook Islands. Sweet potato seeds came all way across the Pacific to Alabama. How is this possible?”

She smiled. “A sailor traveled by a ship coming from his native country to the sea island and then back to America.”

Ezzard nodded with a smile. “Let’s continue our history lesson! Marco Polo traveled to China in the year 1275 carrying back home to Spain spices, jewels, and silks.”

“He is a child of Jesus,” she giggled.

“We don’t really know if he was.” Ezzard frowned. “Between the years of 1405 and 1433, a Chinese captain, who was named Zheng, brought back the first giraffe to China and he then went back for more booty. He led seven major expeditions commanding the largest armada the civilized world including 28,000 sailors, 300 vessels of nine masts, and 400 feet long. Columbus in the year 1492 had 90 sailors on three different ships which was the biggest ship of 85 foot long at the time.”

She smiled, “Geez! It’s a miracle that America didn’t come to be known as Chimercia,” giggling.

“Zheng was really a Muslim native that came from a rebel family, when he was seized by the Chinese army as a small boy. Like many other prisoners of the time, he was castrated by his sexual organs which had been completely hacked off.”

Sterling laughed. “Thus, he is a child of Jesus that couldn’t reproduce.”

Ezzard exhaled. “The ancient China historical records of seventh century in the city of Guangzhou had 200,000 foreign residents, who lived there which consisted of Arabs, Persians, Malays, Indians, Africans, and Turks. By contrast, the largest city in Europe in the 1400’s, the metro city of Paris totaled only around 100,000 folks. Within the twelfth century, the country of China was wealthier and more advanced and more cosmopolitan than any place within the continent of Europe. The city of Hangzhou was the capital of China at the time which had a population of one million people. That was very impressive. A half-century before Chris Columbus, Zheng had reached the continent of Africa and had learned about the continent of Europe which came from the hot lip gossip of the Arab sea traders. The Chinese sailors easily have continued around the world…”

“Yawn! What is your boring point here, Zee?” Sterling exhaled.

Ezzard nodded with a smile. “The Chinese government in the year 1525 ordered the complete destruction of all sailing ocean vessels. The greatest sea navy within world history had over 3,500 sea ships when that is compared to the US sea navy of 325 ships for today. All the sea ships were destroyed, setting China on course to poverty, defeat, and decline. Some researchers theorized that Asia was a dominant social ethos of Confucianism with the country of India and not by standard of greed. In contrast to Asia, the continent of Europe wanted both wealth and riches for the royal. However, on last sea voyage of sailor Captain Zheng, all his sea ships struck rock off the eastern coast of Pate. Then, the native village was sacked and burned down into the sand in the year 1440. The modern day archeologists cannot find one proof of one sea ship, one tomb, one pottery dish, one weaved fruit basket, one pair of silk pajamas, or one swapping of animals, plants, genes, germs, weapons or peoples.”

Sterling exhaled. “It sounds like the same old shit of greed and money along with war and death of another civilization when they didn’t pay their US incomes taxes to Uncle Sam,” he laughed with Sondra.

Ezzard smiled. “The Order of the Knights Templar was founded in the city of Jerusalem in the year 1118…”

Sterling frowned. “We know all about the Knights Templar coming from numerous television shows and a few Hollywood movies and from numerous history books, Zee.”

Ezzard smiled. “Don’t you see the pattern here? They covered it up. In the city of Westford within the US State of Massachusetts, there is an engraved rock that shows an emblem of a knight with a shield that holds a secret map which leads…”

“To Leed, I get it now,” Sterling winked with a laugh to Sondra. She giggled.

Ezzard frowned. “Inside the Temple of Solomon, the first temple of God, the Knights Templar found a written stone reference to a new land which was across the sea that was named ‘le Mercia.’ Therefore, the Knights Templar had traveled across the Atlantic Ocean inside their sea ships, maybe into North America. Maybe, they had arrived and been here before Columbus, the Vikings, and the early Celtic. Christianity was told and taught onto the tribes of Native Americans too. Numerous individual Roman golden coins have been found in some rivers in the US State of Arkansas. The Native Americans told and retold oral stories that even were written in our American history books about the pale faced man, who had crossed the sea from the east.”

“Okay!” Sterling laughed. “So, the Vikings beat the shit out of the Templars on the very first play of game. Then, all the wild ass tribes of the Native Americans whipped all the pale asses of each Viking. Yay! The foreigners all got screwed while searching for something. What is the something, Zee?”

Sondra smiled. “Are you searching for the real party of sailors, who really discovered America?”

“No. You’re missing my point, Sondra. Think beyond a person, a place, and a thing,” Ezzard pointed at the television screen on the wall. “Gene eighteen is called the Jesus Strand, because only He possesses that particular karyotype along with all his descendants…”

“Wrong-o, buddy!” Sterling laughed with a grin. “There has been a Hollywood movie film made about this very same and sensitive subject matter which was most enjoyable to watch but not right. Brother Jesus doesn’t have any children. And you’re not a scientist, Zee.”

Sondra looked down at the hands with a sigh. “I’m only a seventeen year old teen that someone wants dead.”

“What did you say, Sondra?” Sterling turned and frowned down at her brown colored hair roots.

Ezzard nodded with a stern face. “I’m not a saint. I’m a human. This isn’t about religion. This is about life. I might be a bad boy, but I promise that I’ll grow up to be a good man like my daddy. He is a firm daddy, a tender husband, and a good businessman. He treats everyone equally and does not cheat anyone within his professional affairs. He does not get angry or mad, only careful and cautious with me and his wife, along with the other folks he talks and eats lunch with. I love my daddy. I want to be like my daddy. I am like my daddy and my mama, since they gave me the Jesus Strand. They both possessed the eighteenth gene which is identical to Brother Jesus,” he looked up with a stern face and pointed at the screen on the wall. “Label one is the DNA coming from the Shroud of Turin which is also Brother Jesus. Label two is Sondra coming from her blood test that is required before coming into Antebellum House.” She gasped in alarm with Sterling.

Ezzard nodded with a stern face and reached down, pressing the button on the table. “I am pressing the button now. On the television screen, the three figures morph into five figures with labels one through five. The gene is fixed inside the host or hostess as stated by them. Nothing can replace it, destroy it, or mutate it. But, it is downloaded into your DNA makeup through your mama and your daddy, who are the only one that possesses it. No two humans are genetically identical, even a set of twins develop from one zygote. They have their own unique set of chromosomes which accounts for the differences in their appearance, personality, behavior, and free will.

“However, the Jesus Strand never ever mutates but is solely passed down inside gene eighteen to the biological offspring. Genetics is the study of human DNA. It has both evolutionary and medically benefits helping a future scientist understand and cure all diseases of people coming from every geographic region on planet Earth. New research studies have found that a child has sixty new mutations within their DNA strand coming from their set of parents or a set of biological grandparents or a set of biological great grandparents which changes the child at birth within the brain patterns down to the stomach lining. In biology, a cline is a continuum of the same species, populations, races, or forms of organisms that exhibit one single gene cline which is presented defined and measured as the Jesus Strand within gene number eighteen.” Ezzard looked down and pressed a new button with a sigh. “I am pressing the button again. The computer screen fills with the proper names.”

Sterling turned and gasped at the screen. “My name is shown over label number five.”

Ezzard smiled up at the screen. “Yes. I’m not surprised. My name is over label number four. I feel very fortunate to be selected with the Jesus Strand also. Think about it, ya’ll! The eighteenth gene has been passed down from a human to a human, to a human from a generation down to a generation, to a generation for over 2,000 years. There is no family tree hanging on the living room wall. No marble tomb stones. No sculptures upon a pedestal. No yellowish animal hide parchment. No oral stories sung around the camp fire. It is only us, me, you, and them out there.”

“How many people possess the Jesus Strand, Zee?” She stared at the screen.

Ezzard shrugged the shoulder with a sigh at the screen. “We don’t really know.”

Sterling slapped the table with a stern face. “This is why we are being hunted and killed like a pack of rabid dogs.”

Ezzard nodded with a worried brow. “Someone else knows about gene number eighteen within the DNA string of each human. See? There on the monitor, label number three is Effie.”

Sterling turned and frowned down at the covered dead body and then returned back to see Ezzard with a worried brow. “Why was Effie invited here to attend Antebellum House? Who invited her here? That is where we can start our in-depth police investigation.”

She lifted a palm with a worried brow. “I can answer that question. The board of directors, where my dad sits voted to admit a new crop of classmates like Lillard and Effie. Wow! Effie is not a child of Jesus. Antebellum House did this, because the US Federal Government noticed that we were operating a high school outside the normal range of the government regulations. Yes, we are an independent school from the local and state government. But, we must follow the rules. Or we get hammered by the government regulations per my dad. So they will send in a team of lawyers and accountants to investigate the school.”

Sterling frowned. “So who cares?”

Ezzard nodded with a stern face. “It is more complicated from a legal point of view. We don’t pay any tuition money here to the school. The only requirement, one of your family members had served in the Civil War of 1863 or the Revolutionary War of 1776, since that was our first battle as a gang of independent Americans. We don’t pay any money. Your parents don’t provide funding for your room, food, or books.”

“What books, babe?” Sterling chuckled.

Ezzard nodded with a stern face. “They offer up a lump sum money donation to the school based on whatever financial measuring stick, where my daddy has discussed with the board of directors.”

Sterling frowned. “If some family donates money, then their kid should be able to attend Antebellum House.”

Ezzard nodded, “Exactly! That has happened too here. Antebellum House must allow the other kids in for free, if their blood-relative was a veteran of a war, before the year 1865 too.”

She smiled. “So, that creates a small pool of teens.”

“So, that creates a small team of trouble,” frowned Ezzard.

She shook her curls. “Trouble, no! We are only kids here having some fun and making some trouble. Let the kids in! Then, if they didn’t like it after a year, then let them leave like Lillard. She planned to leave here at holiday break.”

Ezzard frowned. “Hmm! How can I explain this in a very delicate way? We are here to match, mate, and marry.”

“What?” She gasped and viewed Sterling.

“You did ask for the truth,” chuckled Ezzard. “The school only allows sixteen to eighteen years old. We are sent here by our parents to date and find our lifetime mate. When we turn eighteen, the legal age of marriage, with permission of our parents within the law of Alabama, we marry and then take over the family business or go to college or do other stuff.”

“What?” she gasped again.

“How many times do I need to explain our purpose here at Antebellum House? Are you dense or dumb, honey?”

“I’m stunned. I’m here to marry my future husband.” She stared with a puzzled brow at Sterling.

Ezzard nodded with a smile. “Any beau that tickles your fancy and you’re here to tickle my fanny. Sorry! That was poor taste at poor moment of time!”

Sterling exhaled. “Stick to the main subject, Zee! So, you knew all along that she wasn’t a child of Jesus, but you fucked her anyways for something.”

Ezzard turned and frowned at the dead body of Effie, returning back to see Sterling. “That bitch definitely got a good ride on my pair of golden balls. I knew that she didn’t possess the eighteenth gene, but I didn’t know that the bitch was trying to kill me or you. Honestly, that blew my homegrown cotton socks out of my pair of polished cowboy boots.”

“Effie must have known that you and she both possessed the Jesus Strand gene,” Sterling nodded.

“I guess so. But she is not the mastermind here. The girl was both a bad ass and a bad academic student. And don’t look at me like that with your pair of sad doe eyeballs. I do not know who the killer is. Yes, we will find out which is going to be dangerous to almost all the other students.”

Sterling turned and scanned the room and returned back to see Ezzard with a stern face. “Wait! The other students here at Antebellum House must all also be the children of Jesus too.”

Ezzard clapped with a smile. “You finally got it, Sterling!”

Sterling exhaled. “So, everyone is in danger that possesses the Jesus Strand. Who doesn’t possess the eighteenth gene within their individual DNA string?”

Ezzard frowned. “I agree. My daddy gave me all this secret shit during the summer session. Believe me! I was shocked too. My understanding, no one knows about the Jesus Strand simply because of what has happening here this week. Some folks get seriously jealous, when they can’t be a part of something that they really want to be.”

She frowned. “Who is really me or us or we here at Antebellum House?”

Sterling frowned. “The new question, who else is really not me or us or we here at Antebellum House?”

She smiled. “That’s too easy. The answer is all the other teens that come here and live north of the Mason-Dixie line.”

Ezzard frowned, “Naw! Your dead friend Lillard, the computer finished processing her strand of DNA. She is a child of Jesus. Herman was not a child of Jesus. He was attending, since his ancient relative had lived and died within the Civil War of 1863.”

She looked down to see both her hands with a sad face. “O. That’s so sad. She really belonged here like me and with us.”

Sterling frowned. “And that changes everything about the working theory of the eighteenth gene which only belongs to each student that were targeted and then murdered. But, what is the motive for the teen killings? I would guess some type of a decoy to toss us off their tail.”

Ezzard stood upright from the chair with a stern face. “I agree with Sterling. We gotta get rid of dead Effie. We’ll dump her dead body down inside one of the cow pastures behind the thick forest. No one goes back there, but the grazing cows. The winter snow will…”

“Ah!” She stood upright from the chair and covered the mouth with a gasp. “You’re going to toss her dead body into the corn field without a decent burial. What about her biological parents? Her grandparents? Her sisters? The maggots will eat up the body…”

“Damn!” Sterling stood upright from the chair and shook both the skull and the hands. “Zee, you can’t do that. You are scared of the US Federal Government now. Then, the US Federal Government will come here and breathe down your neck with a found dead student. I suggest that we tote and drop her down onto her bedspread. She will be found dead tomorrow during the breakfast roll call. We all know that she tried to kill the selected race without a true purpose, maybe just jealousy. The end!”

Ezzard nodded with a stern face, “Yeah! That’s a good plan plus freeing us from the vile crime.”

Sterling pointed down with a stern face at dead Effie. “Okay! Cover and wrap her good with a set of dark colored thick plastic bags that come from all the garage cans, so she doesn’t blood over the wooden planks. Next, Sondra, go and get inside one of the plastic bags too. Zee and I are going to carry our girly loves back up to their private bedrooms, so we take the belle staircase up into the private bedrooms, in case one of the house staff members sees us walking around with the dead.”



5:04 pm

Antebellum House location

Dogtrot Hallway setting

Warm temperatures with light breeze



The three live teens and a dead teen moved out from the small cottage and strolled down the Dogtrot Hallway in silence. Ezzard led and carried the dead body of Effie over a collar bone with a set of soft grunts in silence. Her face showed between the folds of blanket like she had fallen into a deep sleep. Her body was wrapped set of dark green plastic bags while trapping and holding all of her dripping and leaking blood proteins.

Sterling followed behind with a set of loud grunts and toted the plastic wrapped body of Sondra over a collar bone also. The face of Sondra peaked through the plastic wrapped with a pair of closed eyelashes like she was asleep. She opened the eyelashes with a soft giggle feeling the bouncy movement from strong Sterling. He grunted with a sour frown, “Geez! You’re fucking heavy, Sondra. You need to lose some weight. Or I won’t marry you when you turn eighteen years old, darling,” he moved ahead with a set of heavy grunt following behind the ass of Ezzard.

Ezzard moved ahead and then slowly turned the side, entering inside the belle parlor room, strolling towards the staircase and ran up the steps. The overhead lights winked off and came back on without frightening the two males, since they were not really scared of a set of three silly she-ghosts, only the true human murderer here at Antebellum House.



Belle staircase setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Sterling continued to carry and grunt out loud with Sondra over a collar bone up the staircase and followed behind the ass of Ezzard while slowly moving by a life-sized portrait of Mary Margaret Sommverville in the year 1867. The set of overhead lights blinked off. Sterling stopped with a loud grunt and stood in the darkness, hearing the crackle of the old paper on the portrait next to his eardrum, when a cool breeze blew behind his ass. Then, he felt the cold barrel of a hand pistol behind the nape of his neck, saying with a soft grunt in the darkness. “Zee, one of the she-ghosts owns a gun.” The overhead lamps swiftly flicked back on.

“What?” Ezzard spun around with dead Effie on a collar bone and a gasp to see Sterling. “Fuck! I be damned and crucified. So, Ween does own a gun.”

Ween appeared and stood inside the open archway of a secret room with a hand gun at the neck of Sterling, motioning with the other hand into the new secret room that had been built inside the side wall of the staircase. “Please come and join me inside my own parlor room right now, gentlemen!”

Ezzard exhaled with a sour frown without moving while continuing to hold the dead body of Effie on a collar bone. “We don’t have time for your fucking ass games, Ween.”

Ween twirled the cold barrel gun to face the nose bridge of Ezzard with a sneer. “Come inside right now, little dude!” He back stepped down to the lower step on top of high wooden platform which was inside the hidden room that had built into the side wall of the staircase.

Sterling back stepped from Ezzard and spun around to face the neatly separated portrait, seeing the darkness and then lightness inside a new room with a sneer.

Armistead stood down on top of the floor inside the hidden room with a laugh and a shout out. “Everyone is a little dude compared to T-rex Ween.” The new room displayed a high ceiling of natural wooden planks and a set of four narrow walls of dirty concrete which had been designed in a rectangular shape.

Ween continued to stand in place on top of the wide platform and motioned with a hand. Ezzard moved ahead with a soft sneer and lead down the steep wooden staircase. Sterling followed with a soft snarl at Ween right behind Ezzard. Ween smiled. “I can’t help it that I’m a giant at the age of seventeen year old. You both are a little runt at the eighteen years old. Do you like my secret little work room? It has a set of small and medium-sized blowing equipment fans which creates a cross wind of bouts of cool breeze that fit right between the tiny of cracks of the old picture frames,” he reached out and touched the original with a smile. “This is the real wall, where real alive southern belle Mary Margaret got killed with the real sword. The administration of the day plastered over the solid wall of red stained blood while leaving the wall up for good luck. Or is this bad luck now?” He reached out and carefully closed up the old portrait pulling it again the original wall, spinning around and followed behind the ass of Sterling of the homemade staircase of wood.



Secret room setting

Cool air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Ezzard landed on top of a rough concrete floor still holding the dead body of Effie. Sterling stomped down and stopped, parking beside Ezzard with a low growl at Armistead. Ezzard frowned with annoyance and squatted down onto the concrete floor. “Ween, I’m laying Effie on the floor. Then, I’m going to beat your ass.”

Armistead waved the cold shotgun barrel into the nose bridge of Ezzard and then at Sterling with a sneer. “I do not believe so, buddy and buddy!”

Sterling squatted down and placed Sondra on top of the rough concrete floor. She pretended to be asleep inside the plastic wrapping, without moving or snorting or making noise. “What’s going on here? Before, I get mad and whip both of your asses into tomorrow.” He stood upright from the floor and hovered over Sondra with protection with a snarl at the other teens.

Ween stomped down the last stair and scooted around the teens, standing in front of Ezzard and Sterling, waving the cold barrel of the pistol into each face with a laugh. “Antebellum is a Latin word that means ‘pre-war.’”

“There is no war going down here at Antebellum House or the State of Alabama or in America, dude.” Sterling sneered at both Ween and Armistead.

Ween slapped the chest with a smile. “My war, I am commanding a war.”

Sterling turned and frowned at the nose profile of Ezzard, “Geez! Ween is mentally gone with the wind, Zee.”

“He is mine to do with as I please, Sterling,” snarled Ezzard.

Sterling crossed both arms with a nod and a laugh. “Go for it all, dude!”

Ween looked down with a smile at the wrapped plastic around Effie. “Effie, you can get up now. I got them cornered now. You did a good job of finding them. Get up now, honey!” Both Sterling and Ezzard tensed from fear with the deep dark secret knowledge. Effie was truly dead. Ween continued to wave the pistol at nose bridge of Ezzard and then back stepped, squatting down, tossing the blanket away from her face with a gasp. “She’s dead. I’ve seen a dead body, before…”

“…by your hand,” Ezzard snarled.

Ween stood upright from the floor and aimed the pistol barrel at the chest of Ezzard. “You killed her.”

Sterling sneered. “All is fair in war and murder, Ween. You…”

“Shut up, Sterling!” Ween looked down with a worried brow at Effie.

Armistead waved the shotgun at the nose bridge of Sterling with a grin. “Effie’s asleep. That’s all. Sterling drugged her or something. His daddy is a rich drug lord.”

Sterling chuckled. “My dad is a pharmacist, bozo.”

Ween looked up with a sneer to see Ezzard. “Her death is no matter to me! I’m doing what I doing. All of us is going to take a stroll and spin around, moving ahead towards the open cave wall. There is an underground cave passage tha was used by the sissy males which takes your boots down an underground hand carved tunnel which is hidden by a set of flowering plant bushes and then exits outside the base of Loveless Mountain. Get going!”

Ezzard tossed both arms into the air with a nod to Ween. “I’m moving ahead towards your secret underground cave right now. Let Sterling and Sondra go from here!”

Ween moved ahead and stopped, squatting down next to Sondra, whipping off the blanket with a sneer. “She’s alive. I should kill her now.”

Sterling stepped a boot toe with a sneer towards Ween. “No!”

Ween looked up with a smirk to see Sterling. “Good. I got a puppy love reaction from her beau. She is alive and asleep. So, Sterling, you carry her while keeping you alive and awake, buddy.”

Sterling waved both hands into the air with a worried brow. “No! She’s asleep. Leave her behind here inside the hidden room. When she awakens…”

Ween stood upright from the floor and reached out, kicking her leg with a boot toe with a laugh. Sondra ripped off the plastic wrapping with a growl and sat upright, staring up into the face of Ween. “Ya little shit, you’re lucky that you got a gun or…”

Ween aimed cold barrel at the nose bridge of Sondra with a smile. “Now, she’s awake. She comes with us. Get up, Sondra!”

Sterling moved ahead and stopped, leaning down to assist Sondra into a chest, spinning them around, following behind the back spine of Ezzard and entered into a dark and wet underground tunnel that left the house and moved into the forest. The underground tunnel was composed of dirt and broken wooden planks, where the rain water had leaked through the dirt and the wood making puddles of mud over the dirt floor.

“Ween, what’s the probe up your ass? Since, I plan to remove it, when I’m safe and you’re dead,” Ezzard slowly moved ahead through the dark tunnel with a sneer. Sondra and Sterling cuddled together and followed behind the back spine of Ezzard.

Armistead followed behind last in the line in silence. Ween moved behind Sterling with a stern face and watched Ezzard. “What happened to Effie? Why is she dead?”

“She tried to stab me with a great big knife that found her little tiny heart instead for being a fucking killing bitch. The same ending is coming to you too, Ween. So, get scared and start praying,” Ezzard moved ahead with a sneer through the wet dirt, the dead flowers, and the numerous water puddles, seeing a bright light at the end of the cave.

“Huh! Effie had lots of guts, just no brains. I told her to spy on you, not try and take you out,” Ween exhaled.

“What is this all about beside you being a stupid redneck dumbshit, Ween?” Sterling continued to cuddle Sondra and moved behind Ezzard. Sondra continued to move and listen.

Ween aimed the gun barrel at the back spine of Sterling with a laugh. “Well, it goes something like this. When I last visited here in the Leed forests, I ran across an Indian. He made me exchange all of my turtle eggs for a dead swollen turtle. I vomited that night right there in the wilderness, instead of enjoying a delicious meal next to that pretty girl named Tancy. So, I’m taking my meanness out on you, Ezzard.”

“Why do I deserve your meanness, Ween?” Ezzard frowned.

“Your great-great-great grandfather bossed my great-great grandfather around in the US Civil War,” Ween frowned.

Ezzard spun around with a sneer to see the faces of Sterling and Sondra, not Ween. “This is about a family feud from the year 1860. During that time, both of our families were fighting over a plot of land within the US State of Tennessee. Of course, my great-great-great grandfather gave in and offered the land for free to the Zillicoffer Family.”

Ween sneered. “Walk faster! We’re close to the bushes.” Ezzard spun around and stopped, standing in front of the bushes. Sterling released Sondra and moved ahead assisting Zee with the removal of the real plants and the real passageway.

Ween stopped with a smile. “Now, everyone climb up the set of homemade stairs. I can assure you that no other body or person is up there on top of the dome. Everyone else is at the fun hay ride, where you should have stayed.”



Loveless Mountain location

Flat pink tinted dome setting

Hot temperatures with dull sunshine



Ezzard led up the dirt steps, over the wet grass, and then trucked up a sloped side of the mountain, stopping a few feet from the edge and spun around to see the edge of the dome. Sterling and Sondra continued to cuddle and moved ahead, stopping and spun around standing a few feet away from Ezzard. Sterling needed some elbow room away from Ezzard, before he dashed ahead, attacked and then killed Ween for pissing him off and upsetting his girl Sondra. Sondra leaned over and sobbed with worried tears into the shirt of Sterling.

Ween moved up the ramp and stopped a few feet from the edge with a smile holding the gun at each nose bridge at Ezzard. Armistead followed behind Ween and stopped, standing beside Ween holding the shotgun barrel down towards the pink rock with a smile. “I wanna harm him, first.”

Ween aimed the gun barrel at Ezzard. “Our command center in the war room is not much but it is quiet and sometimes it is lighted up from the moonshine,” he thumbed back over a collar bone at the sinking horizon. “Did you know when a blue star explodes in the skyline, it is a dead Yankee?” he laughed with Armistead.

Ezzard frowned with puzzlement. “Now, I understand. You are the one that killed the two innocent teens, Ween. Tell me why are such a fucking dumb ass? Because I and all of my fellow rednecks take an innocent murder, very personally to heart going against a murdering foe like you, asshole. So, I guess that I get to kill you deader than a piece of poor road kill,” he chuckled with Sterling.

Sterling nodded with a smile. “Armistead, did you killed Lillard or Herman? Which one of the teen did you murder, man?”

Armistead frowned at Sterling and then Ween. “I didn’t kill no teen body.”

Ezzard smiled with a nod. “Ween killed Lillard or Herman in cold blood. So, which one did you kill, Armistead?”

Armistead frowned at Ezzard and then Ween. “I didn’t kill any teen at Antebellum House. I joined up for the fun to whip an ass of a Cutshaw, not to kill anyone, Ween,” he nodded with a sour frown.

“My bad,” Ween turned and fired the hand gun into the face of Armistead as the campus fireworks exploded up and into the semi-dark sky. Armistead fell backwards and landed on top of the pink tinted dome busting a skull against the hard rock. Ween looked up with a smile into the skyline of fireworks. “Fireworks, it makes the sound of loudness,” he turned and winked at Ezzard. “And a splatter of blood protein on the hard rock just washes away. A discharge bullet lounges in the rock for all eternity. Isn’t that right, buddy?”

Sterling frowned. “That is your sorry ass fairy tale, dude?”

Ween nodded with a smile. “My demon tale, it is a true horror of my life as the dead continue to be counted until the end of time.”

Sterling exhaled. “Why are you hurting folks, Ween?”

Ween turned with a stern face and paced on top of the rock aiming the barrel at the nose profile of Ezzard. “I have been rejected by my daddy and my mama. I have been left out in the cold as they say. He cut me out from his Last Will and Testimony, the family inheritance, and the family assets and then tattles it to every person, who likes to hear a sad tale within my hometown. My girlfriend drops me like that. My mama doesn’t love me like that. My brother is Lomax doesn’t care about me like that. I am a no body. I will eighteen next month and out on my own.”

Ezzard frowned. “I will help you out, buddy.”

Ween stopped and swung to face Ezzard. “Why would you do that, Master Ezzard?”

Ezzard smiled. “Because I’m a rich millionaire, I can set you up in a house with a nice job. You can work for my daddy and me.”

Ween parted the lips. “I have confessed to the teen murders at Antebellum House and you still want to help me.”

Ezzard smiled with a nod. “Yes, I wanna help you get back up on your two feet. The world runs on money. So, without money, you can’t get a job or a house or a…”

Ween looked up at the glowing fireworks and back with a smile to see Ezzard. “I can’t believe this. It is so true. You are one of the nicest gentle men that I have ever encountered, who possesses the Jesus Strand.” Ezzard tensed with nervousness. Ween nodded with a smirk. “Yes, you might can forgive and forget me and then let it go. Naw! I cannot let go of the power struggle, the struggle for power, of power, with power, not for me, not a child of Jesus. I do not like that term. I like Zee’s sentence structure best. He is a child of Jesus. The sentence is so eloquent and simple pro-fucking-found,” he laughed. Ezzard stomped a boot on the rock with a hiss. Ween aimed the gun at Ezzard and shook the bald skull. “Naw! I’ll not kill you right off. I’ll kill you southern style, making you cry out loud for your mama, Zee. I am not a child of Jesus,” he sobbed with tears of sadness and disappointment. “My loving and caring daddy and mama told me right before school started. When I turn eighteen years old, I would be taken away from the warm sweet bosom of Antebellum House and tossed outside like a piece of day old corn pone which is stale and unused. How can my biological parents do that to their child?”

Ezzard waved both hands into the air with a nod. “You’re adopted, Ween. That is the only explanation, Ween. Parents didn’t do that to a biological child. You can come and live with me. I’m a brother too right here at Antebellum House. I’ll take care of you like a brother. I got plenty of money and time, too, bro. Think about it! You can finish high school someplace else, since your adoptive parents don’t give a shit about your ass.”

Ween wiped a running nose of snot with a whine. “I give a shit too. I play matchmaker now. I’m only going to murder one of you, males. Then, the reminding two of you will get married and then suffer for the rest of your healthy living days on the planet with a great future, a good job, a big fat bank account of money, and a nice family unlike me without a future, a job, a money market and a family.”

Sterling smiled. “You got a personal family feud with the Cutshaws. You don’t get a family feud with the Pierces. That’s me. Let me help you, Ween.”

Ween shook a skull with a sour frown, “Naw! You’ll tattle to your daddy. Then, I’ll become dead. This way, I can live and enjoy my life as a pauper or a peasant or a pawn while surviving on my revenge for the rest of my sorry ass life. Thus, I am not a child of Jesus,” he looked up with a sad face to see the sky and shouted out loud with the series of popping fireworks. “I am not a child of Jesus. I am not a child of Jesus…”

Sterling continued to stand in place and wiggled a set of nervous fingers near the leg stepping forward for the finale killing maneuver, hiding the weapon inside the boot.

Ween looked down from the skyline to see Sterling with a sneer and aimed the gun directly at Sondra. “The question to Sterling, can you reach me, before I blow her brains out over the rock? Blood washes away from the rock. Bullets lounge into the rock forever. I do not miss my target, sir. I have been firing guns, since I was six years old…”

The flying knife sailed through the air waves and swiftly embedded into the heart of Ween. She tumbled forward coming from the violent throw and landed down into the open arms of Sterling, staring with a growl at Ween. “A southern belle always keeps her knife handy, sir.”

Ween reached down with a chuckle and touched the handle of the protruding knife, pulling it out of his heart, dropping down the hand pistol. Ezzard rushed ahead and snatched up the grounded pistol. Ween back stepped and looked down at a bloody hand with a laugh and then a sob of tears, tumbling backwards and dropped off the edge of the rock ledge as his skull splits and torn into pieces.

Sterling cuddled Sondra. She sobbed with tears inside his cuddle. “I…I have never killed a human.”

“It’s okay. You did good, darling!” Sterling moved ahead and climbed down the ramp, strolling through the underground tunnel.



6:06 pm

Belle staircase location

Secret room setting

Cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Ezzard led own the ramp and stopped, tearing each plant bush to shred, entering back into the secret room and stopped a few feet into the room. He turned and scanned the dank space with a laugh. “All this time, there was a set of mechanic fans that blew a cool breeze through all the tiny vertical cracks between each metal picture frames at each person who stomped up and down the belle staircase. I can see the tiny bits of light between the edges of the school mistress portraits. I guess that one the teachers came up with the slick idea, after they had built that fake wall, protecting the real bloody one. I guess that one of the teachers selected a couple of dumb shits like Armistead and Weed to do the dirty deed,” Ezzard views Sondra and then Sterling. “I bet it old man Floyd. He’s an old bastard to all the other beaus and belles.”

Sterling laughed with a nod. “Well, I’ll tell you what, Zee. I’ll get professor Skippy to beat the shit out of Floyd for his vicious evil deed. How’s that one?”

Ezzard spun around with smile and climbed up the homemade staircase. “Do you know professor Skippy?”

Sterling cuddled with Sondra with a smile. “I like Skippy. He’s cool. He likes beating up any and all assholes. I promise you that. Once I mention the she-ghosts and the shitty fans, he’d love to find the artist behind all of these paintings and then personally take care of it,” he laughed with the others.

Ezzard landed on the top of the high platform with a smile and reached out, twisting the door knob. The door opened when an unknown hand reached out and grabbed the arm of Ezzard, jerking the teen through the archway and into a wall of muscle. Ezzard fought back with a sneer from the painful grip of the unknown male, “Hey there, asshole!”

A second hand reached out and grabbed Sterling by the arm, jerking him away from Sondra and through the archway into a chest of muscle. Sterling struggled within the powers arms of the unknown male with a snarl “Get off of me, buddy, before I beat you ass black and blue!”

A third pair of hands reached out and took Sondra by the arm, pulling her through the archway as she screamed and fought with both my arms and legs. “Let go of me now!”

The female lead of the three unknown males spun around with a stern face and climbed down the staircase with the vocal order. “Take all them into the ballroom. Brone wants to meet them immediately.”

Sterling tensed in both arms and legs and then kicked and punched as two unknown males reached out and grabbed the collar bone, dropping the skull of Cody at the waistline to prevent the fighting while dragging Cody down the staircase. Sondra continued to scream and fight. Ezzard continued to curse and kick punches at the unknown male. Sterling shuffled ahead with a face tucked down with a sneer almost kissing both the kneecaps while being restrained by the two stronger adult males. “Ya sorry piece of shit, wait until I’m free, then I’m beating your ass.” Ezzard and Sondra moved ahead of Cody and entered into the ballroom setting.



Hot temperatures with starry sky

Ballroom location

Archway setting



The lead female led Ezzard, Sondra, and Cody into the ballroom and stopped, standing in front of an unknown male. “We have found three more kids, who were hiding inside an old smelly room. You take good care of them now, while we continue to search all the other stairwells and the rest of the sleeping chambers for more children.”

Cody kicked out a boot toe and missed the leg of the unknown male. The gun sounded with a set of loud whamps when a stream of soaring bullets flew through in the air, exploding the rear skull of each male and a left eyeball of the unknown woman with bouts of flying blood protein and bone fragments in the air.

“Cody!” Fucner ran inside the ballroom and reached out, jerking Cody into a wet chest, back stepping from the archway with a sneer while using a body to shield the kid from an array of flying bullets coming from each gun of each invader inside the ballroom archway. All the bullet of fire power came from rows of strange men and women, who each wore a gray business suit. Fucner swung around to face the front porch and ran ahead yelling into the eardrum of Cody with a heavy pants of breathe. “Cody, go and get help! I’ll cover your…”

“No!” Cody ran slightly in front of Fucner with a gasp with fear towards the front porch and the cold air of the night while feeling the wet clothing and super human strength of his co-worker.

Fucner jerked to the side from the gun man and slammed Cody into side wall as an array of bullets flew ahead and exploded with a series of whamps flying by an ear of Fucner, burning some of the hair strands. He coughed and then whispered into the eardrum of Cody. “Cody, go and get help!” A bullet traveled by the eardrum of Fucner again from the same gun man as he ducked low down and covered the body Cody, protecting the kid. He swiftly stood upright from the side wall and quickly dragged Cody by the arm along a peppered side wall of bullet hole, tripping over a dead body of a student and a pair of dead biological parents. A third bullet hit the paint job of door frame, when Fucner jerked to the side and rammed a shoulder into Cody with a set of pants and hard breathes with a whisper into the eardrum of Cody. “Run towards the highway. There’s money in the left heel of your cowboy boot and a cell phone sewn into the right side lining of your jacket. You gotta gallop about two miles and get away from here Antebellum House for an electronic ping to reach the nearest satellite tower, before you get a mobile phone signal…”

“You…you come with me,” Cody surveyed the front porch and saw numerous dead bodies of student and adults with a gasp of fear and worry while feeling both sad and brave. He completely understood the vocal order from Fucner, but he wanted to stay and fight.

Fucner slowed the pace with a set of heavy breathes, bleeding from the lips with a whisper into the cheekbone of Cody. “Forget about me! This is bigger than you and me, Cody. These are terrorists, maybe triple or more terrorist cells which are hidden somewhere here at Antebellum House and someplace else inside our great state of Alabama, compliments of one fucking dead Governor Ashmore,” he coughed and then inhaled a shallow breath. “I wished the son of a bitch was alive, because I would drive the limo with the very last ounce of my strength into his fucking resident and then assassin his ass.”

Cody turned with a gasp and scanned the body of Fucner. The shirt and jacket were covered in red stained blood coming from multiple bullet and knife wounds on Fucner. Cody whined with worry. “Come with me, Fucner!”

Fucner stopped and bend down at the waistline, slowly standing upright with a sneer, “Naw! I took a bullet for Is. Islander is dead, Cody. They killed him during our first contact about fifteen minutes ago. Where were you hiding out, kid? We couldn’t find your ass. Gawd! We thought that you were dead with the rest of these teens and all the other adult bodies including the teachers, staff members, and parents of each teen which lie and line all four bloody walls inside the ballroom like a stack of fucking wintertime fire logs. They executed all the kids and their parents using a set of semi-automatic guns. There’s a fucking swarm of them here at the school…”

Cody gasped. “I got some school time punishment. I was camping out in the woodlands, since yesterday afternoon, fucking Sondra.”

Fucner coughed with a smirk. “She’s a pretty one. I’m glad that you had a fun time here before your patriotic American duty.”

“I need to save Sondra.” Cody gritted the teeth.

Fucner moved sideways and blocked Cody with a smirk, “Yeah! I’ll do that for you, Cody. I’m going back to help Skippy, if that son of bitch has survived. Go, Cody! Run as fast as you can and call lots of the good guys. The fucking terrorists must die right now inside Antebellum House, tonight. The USA is counting on you, son.”

He exhaled with worry of his duty, his new school friends, his devoted co-workers. “Yes sir.” Cody moved ahead and ran into the thick darkness of the forest for hiding while hearing an array of whamping bullets behind his ass. His heart dropped down into the boot toes, but he didn’t look back for anything while panting with heavy breathes of fear and worry. He had to run away and tell all the local, state and national law authorities and then stop all of the terrorists, who had arrived on American soil there at Antebellum House and here in the Alabama.

Inside the Dogtrot Hallway at Antebellum House, he shouted. “No! Come back here!” Brone dashed out the ballroom setting after the teenager and ran down the corridor while waving an arm in the air with a yell. “Bring that kid back to me now! Don’t let him escape from the school and into the woodlands. Get that kid back here right now!” He stopped with a gasp and stared with an angry face down at the wooden planks, where Fucner rested in pain.

Fucner had bent down at the waistline and tumbled down in pain and blood, landing on the back spine while staring up with a sneer into the face of Brone. “Yeah, we win!”

Brone reached down and aimed the smoking gun into the face of Fucner. “No, we win,” he pressed the trigger as an array of bullets fired into the smirk of Fucner. Brone exhaled with a huff of annoyance and looked up to see the dark forest with a whisper. “The goose still lives.”




Wednesday September 1st



City of Greenville within the US State of Alabama

(104 miles northwest from Leed)

Hot temperatures with sunshine

1:04 pm

Home location of Cody’s Grandmother

Pond setting



He ignored the beauty, the tall grove of pine trees that surrounded a placid green tinted pond, a blue sky of colorful playful flying birds. The love songs of the crickets and the frogs entertained all their wildlife neighbors including the lazy coyotes and foxes, who were hiding within the cool leaves of the surrounding forest until night fall. Cody sat down on the dry grass with a pair of naked feet cooling inside the pond water, holding a limp fishing pole between the legs while counting the dead bodies within his neurons.

He started the dead bodies with his mother, his father, and his co-workers of Rob, Mink, and Hawk from the US Marshals office in Birmingham plus their immediate family members. Then, he had remembered the entire clan of the Ashmore family, including Governor Whalen, his wife, their children and spouses plus Amber. All of them had violently died inside an exploded cottage on a farm in the town of Warrior about four months ago.

Two days ago, Cody had been introduced to a new set of co-workers consisting of Fucner, Skippy, Islander, and Yorkie plus a new set of school mates inside a ballroom at Antebellum House in Leed, who were all dead and gone too. Terrorist Brone had shot and execution a bullet through the skull of each student, each parent, and each staff member at the school including his coworkers Fucner, Skippy, Islander, and Yorkie. Cody had escaped through the dark thicket of forestland, seeking help from the local authorities.

Cody whispered with sad feelings. “Who am I?”

He had been the son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Dean Mack of Greenville. Once upon a time, he had lived a happily life on a corn farm, attending the local high school, playing in each football game, driving a sports car around the town with his high school friends, and kissing on his girlfriend. One early evening, it had all ended, when he had came from barn and into his house, finding his mother dead of a throat strangulation by his father. Then, Cody had beaten up his father with both fists, until the police arrived and stopped the killing fury. Then, Cody had been carted off in the middle of the night to a work farm in the rural town of Etta.

Cody had graduated both high school and college with a degree and then worked for the US Marshals office in Birmingham as a rookie deputy, until his co-workers met Brone. Then, Cody had been transferred into a secret team in metro city Huntsville, serving as a protection guard for the local Starlit Beauty Pageant, until his new set of co-worker met Brone again. The secret team didn’t posses a name or a unit number, just a set of good devoted men and one woman, who was protecting the United States of America at any cost. The cost had been very high with their personal sweat, tears, and blood about two days ago.

Cody whispered with puzzled feeling. “What am I?”

He had been an undercover student teen inside Antebellum House hunting for the child of Brone, when he had met Ezzard, another teen student. Teen Ezzard had showed Cody a DNA karyotype of real dried blood protein. The blood had come from Cody, matching the eighteenth gene in the DNA strand in Brother Jesus.

Cody whispered with confusion. “Where am I?” The mobile telephone sounded out loud with a country musical song. He turned and stared with a blank expression at ringing the mobile telephone, reaching out and picked up the borrowed mobile telephone that came from his grandmother. He stared at the colorful picture of her wrinkled face and then answered it with a stern face, “Hi, Grandma.”

He paused and listened to the one-side conversation on the other end of the mobile telephone.

“Yes ma’am! I’ll come right back to the house. Thanks for preparing me some lunch. I’m leaving in the truck right now,” he said with southern gentleman manners. Cody stood upright from the dirt. The fishing pole dropped down and landed in the wet mud. H exhaled with a huff of raw feelings consisting of sadness, nervousness, worry, angry, and other mixed emotions and spun around moving ahead towards the old pickup truck with the door open. He slide inside the seat and cranked the engine, slowly driving down the dirt road between the occupied cow pastures while putt-putting the old vehicle back to his grandma’s house.



Home of Cody’s Grandma

Front porch setting

1:30 pm



Cody rolled the old truck and parked away from the weather beaten front door and the pretty flower beds, slamming it into park still sitting inside the driver’s seat. He exhaled and then inhaled feeling more emotions of sadness and worry, reaching over and grabbed the door handle. The door opened. He slid out and stood upright gently closing it shut with a stern face.

He back stepped from the front door and spun around to face the manicured lawn, scooting around the rear bumper of the truck and turned to face the closed door. He marched u the steps and reached out, grabbing the door knob. The door opened. He entered through the open archway and spun around gently closing it shut, without locking the latch.

His grandma lived in the rural country and was safe from all strangers, since a nest of sleeping copperhead snakes liked to sniff each new boot toe before striking with a set of sharp fanged teeth, if you did not know, where the snakes slept during the day which was directly underneath the thicket of low shrubs beside the front door.

He swung around with a deep sigh of depression and slowly moved ahead beside an empty living room and dining room which was located on each side of a narrow and dim lighted hallway, heading towards the kitchen space, sliding down into the chair at the breakfast table.



Kitchen table setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The grandma of Cody was an elderly lady and sixty something years old with a humped back, a tone of pale tinted skin, a head of cropped gray colored hair, and a pair of tired old brown colored eyeballs. She spun around from the kitchen counter and moved ahead stopping beside the nose profile of Cody, resting a plate of cold food on top of a pretty blue cloth placement with a stern face. “Did you catch any fresh catfish for supper tonight, boy?”

“No ma’am,” he leaned down and bad breathed over the plate of food, lifting up the sandwich, chewing with a set of robotic emotions, stuffing a handful of potato chips into an open vessel next. He was feeling emotional upset with all the deaths of his newest friends of Islander, Skippy, Yorkie, and Fucner, but his stomach did not seem to care.

She sat diagonally from Cody tapping on a sweaty glass of water with ton of cold ice cubes on the hot and humid August day in Alabama with a frown with worry. “What ya be going to do for the rest of the day, boy?”

“Don’t know,” he chewed and swallowed the food almost whole, biting again and chewed, staring down at the plate of food.

“I could use some help with the gardening. I got lots of pretty vegetables this year.”

“Yes ma’am,” he chewed and swallowed the food, biting again, staring down at the plate of food.

“It be a long time, boy. After your mama’s funeral, the US Federal Government upped and sold your daddy’s house and farm and tractor equipment, ya know. Your daddy got wild and crazy inside that US Federal prison cell and then killed some of the criminal inmates. They ended up putting three bullets into his chest. He be dead now. I be all alone but with you, boy.”

“Yes ma’am.”

She frowned with confusion at his nose profile. “I talked to the sheriff, after they hauled your ass from that house, after beating your daddy in the face that night. I went up there to that there work farm in Etta. Etta ain’t that far from here either. The snobby farmer don’t let me talk to you, boy. I went to know, if ya were fine or hurting. I was hurting, boy.”

“Yes ma’am,” he reached out and grabbed, sipping and swallowing the cold beverage.

She frowned with puzzlement at his nose profile. “The farmer saids you were dangerous and penned up like a wild hog. That be right, boy?”

“Yes ma’am,” he bit and chewed the food, staring down at the plate of food.

She frowned with confusion. “So I wait and hope that you called me, ya know. Ya didn’t. Then, I heard from that judge, that you were in college. That be right, boy?”

“Yes ma’am,” he swallowed the food and bit into the potato chips, chewing.

She nodded with a grin. “That be nice. You be a college boy now. Then, I heard ya got a job. Where’da ya work, boy?”

Cody slowly chewed the food while feeling suspicious. He didn’t want to lie to his grandma, but he didn’t want to share any secret information. Someone was trying to kill him. The “someone” was a man who was named Brone. He didn’t want his grandma to learn of that nasty threat or get into trouble or become harmed either. He swallowed the food and stared down at the plate of eaten food. “I got a nice government job. Then, I got canned like the rest of the unemployed Americans,” he chewed the potato chips.

She nodded with a frown at his nose profile, “Figures! Go to college and become something, then ya can’t. Well, you live here as long as ya want too, boy.”

Cody swallowed the food and looked up to see her with a confused brow. “Grandma, why didn’t you take me into your house the night of…?”

She looked down at the floor and back up with a stern face to Cody. “That sheriff, he explained to me that you…you be a brute and brutal with both your bloody fists, bleeding at your daddy’s face. He told me that you couldn’t come…”

Cody gasped in shock. “The judge told me that you didn’t want me to live here with you. I didn’t have any more family members, Grandma. Why did you tell the judge that?”

She clears a throat with a worried brow. “I was scared of your daddy. He was a mean one, stomping all the baby frogs to death as a toddler and then stomping every adult ass as a mean teen. He was just plain mean and rotten. You be his kin, too, boy. Ya be like him when you beat up your daddy into almost dying, too, boy.”

Cody held a breath and exhaled with a huff of frustration and sadness. “Look! I didn’t kill him. I wanted to kill him. He killed my mama. I loved my mama. I wanted him dead with my mama…”

“Ya be a mean one, too, boy. Are you going to work for the US Federal Government agency again, boy? Are they going to call you here at the house, today? You can use my cell phone just give them the phone number here to my house. The number is located on the back of the mobile phone, since I can’t remember it,” she giggled with a nod

“Thanks, Grandma!” Cody frowned. “I’m sorry for being such a bad boy. I promise to be a better child. I appreciate you allowing me to sleep here and feed me. I’m without a job now, but I’ll get to work on finding a new job tomorrow. I’m help around the house and the yard and the garden here all day and night, Grandma.”

She reached out and patted his arm with a smile. “You stay here as long as you want, child. I like the company. And you keep my cell phone and call the US Federal Government for a new job. I pay all these US Federal income taxes, so they should employ my kinfolk too.” Inside the living room, the front door echoed out loud with a couple of loud knocks on the weather beaten wood. She stood upright from the chair with a smile and spun around with a hum, moving ahead down the hallway. “That’s the mail man. He gives me my mail every afternoon around this time with more invoices coming for the water company, the electricity company, and the telephone company to pay with my money. My money, which I ain’t got right now.”

Inside the living room, she stopped and reached out, grabbing the door knob. The front door creaked open. She yelled out loud at the front door. “Cody, you got company here at the front door. Come out here and see your company, boy!”

Inside the kitchen at the table, Cody chewed and swallowed the food wiping a mouth with an arm. He stood upright from the chair and scooted the chair underneath the table edge like a good southern gentleman. He reached down and lifted up the dirty plate and the glass tumbler, spinning around and moved ahead, stopping at the wash sine. He gently placed all the dirty dishes inside a clean wash sink like a good southern gentleman also. He swung around to face the archway with a puzzled brow and clicked the safety of the personal hand gun that was hidden inside the blue jean pocket like a good redneck, who was curiosity about a visitor who was standing on the front porch of his grandma’s house.



Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The male was slender and tall with a head of cropped red colored hair, a tone of pink tinted skin, a pair of light green eyes, and thirty-something. He stood inside the archway and blocked the door with a smile and a nod to Cody, wearing a dark colored windbreaker, a plain white shirt, a pair of shredded blue jeans, and a pair of polished cowboy boots.

Grandma smiled with a nod and pointed at the unknown male. “Cody, he comes from the US Federal Government, too. He is here to offer you a new job. Ask him about the job? Tell us about the new job for Cody, please!”

The unknown male continued to hold the door and stand inside the archway extending a hand and a smile to Cody. Cody reached out and shook the hand with a nod in silence. The male grinned. “Cody, could you please come with me right now?” Cody frowned with puzzlement and then nodded in silence thinking it had to do with Brone. The male reached out and grabbed, shoving the arm of Cody through the archway with a new order. “Don’t bother with a set of clothes or pieces of luggage right now. This is a day trip. Okay?”

Cody moved ahead with a stern face and passed the male, swinging around with a smile, walking backwards from his grandma through the open archway. “Thanks for everything, Grandma! See you later, I guess, Grandma!” He spun around and moved ahead towards a parked shiny and car red colored pickup truck.

The male continued to smile at Cody’s grandma. “Get into my truck, Cody. Okay! I need to talk to your grandma for a sec. Okay, son?”

“Yes sir!” Cody spun around and moved ahead towards a parked shiny and car red colored pickup truck.

She frowned at the ass of Cody with a shout out. “Cody, why are you leaving with this man from the US Federal Government? Do you know this man from the US Federal Government? I demand that you introduce me now, before you leave from here again. Do you hear me, Cody Mack? You take my mobile telephone for a proper two-way verbal communication back to me, young man. I want you to report to me in one hour, young man. Cody, do you hear my vocal instructions. Cody Mack, come back here and acknowledge my orders right now!”

The male continued to block the open archway when she moved ahead with a sneer to chase after Cody. The male blocked her exit with a soft grunt and ripped the windbreaker jacket, dumping the jacket onto the floor with a smile at her nose bridge. The front door closed with a soft thump. “May I please have a word with you, Cody’s grandma!” The male reached out and shoved back the elderly female with both hands from escaping out the front door and after Cody. The male continues to shove her fragile body moving backwards down the narrow hallway.

She reached up and hit both of his biceps kicking a leg into his shin with a growl moving back into the kitchen space and hit the edge of the table surface with her ass.

The male leaned down into her face as he was taller with a sneer, “Bitch! I don’t know who the fuck you are, old woman. But you ain’t Cody’s biological grandma,” then he reached down and pulled out, stabbing a hunting knife directly into her heart with a snort into her nose bridge. She gasped in pain. He sneered. “However, the US Federal Government law authorities will freeze your ass and slice numerous DNA samples coming from your tits and your eyeballs while figuring out your true identity, cunt. We don’t know, but we’ll find out, bitch. Then, we’ll be winning the war of terrorizing Americans. Give a hello to Satan for me!” He laughed out loud with a sneer. She gasped with shock and flung both arms outward towards his grin. He quickly back stepped with a smile from her manicured fingernails and reached down, jerking out the knife from her heart organ. The blood sprayed into the air, over her chest, and onto his white shirt. Then she fell backwards over the top of the table sliding down onto the floor in her own puddle of blood while gasping for her last breath of life.

The male spun around with a sneer and slowly strutted down an empty hallway towards the front door, stopping and leaned down, collecting the windbreaker. He placed the jacket over her messy blood stains on his shirt and reached out with a smile, wiping the bloody hunting knife on the set of pretty pink colored wool cloth curtains inside her living room with a sneer. He moved ahead and opened the door, exiting out the house.



Pickup truck cab setting of Hucks and Cody

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The male moved ahead and stopped in front of the open door, sliding down into the driver’s seat, staring the engine and cooling the heated cab from the hot August afternoon sunshine. He turned and smiled at the nose profile of Cody. “I’m sorry about that. It’s hot in August,” he drove away from the dead female and her house towards the county roadway with a sigh. “You don’t know me from a pile of cow shit, Cody. And I know cow shit, since my daddy owns and operates a cow farm with lots of cow shit. I’m Hucks. I work for the US Federal Government, specifically the military. You don’t have to talk or explain anything to me, son. I’m the hero for the day,” chuckling. “I will do all the talking. You just do all the riding. If you need to shit or piss or hunger or thirst, just finger the exit sign, then I’ll get off the roadway. We are traveling back to Huntsville, where my house is located. It is about ninety miles or a ninety minute drive. Where your set of passenger safety belts, son! Okay?” He drove the truck onto the busy interstate roadway with a nod. Cody reached down and latched the set of safety belts in silence, staring ahead at the gray tinted roadway of moving traffic and the scene of colorful woodlands.

Hucks nodded with a stern face and watched the roadway. “I have been briefed about your predicament. I report to the President of the United States, Cody. He’s my boss. And I’ve read all your secret mission paper files about your adventures, since the month of July two years ago. You’re involved into some heavy shit. I didn’t like shit, because it smells and offends my nostrils.

“I don’t have answers for you either, but I have tons of fucking questions along with the president. Currently, there are four people on planet Earth that knows about your little predicament with the mystery man named Brone. It is me, you, my wife, and the president. There is probably one single high ranking White House cabinet member, two trustworthy congressmen, and two high ranking military officers that know tiny bits and bytes of the secret information and the secret mission. However, unless they all meet in a big conference room, they wouldn’t be able to figure it out. The president has seen to this personally. And the president has seen to me to protect your ass, son.

“You are seventeen, a minor teen in my old eyeballs, Cody. I’m thirty six years old. That means, I’ve seen twice as much more dirty shit than you. So, I’m here to protect you, son. I know that sounds sissy coming from a fellow redneck to another fellow redneck but this ain’t no turkey shoot, Cody. This man named Brone is running a couple of terrorist cells here in Bama and maybe other US minor towns. All the mixed letters of the alphabet within the great USA Federal Government is looking for Brone and his followers or his cronies or his bastards.

“Good luck, I say, because, I’m pissed off all the way to the Pluto Ice belt that our US Federal Government missed this thing and got some of our good men and women killed. The dying of any good soldier or an innocent civilian pisses me off faster and meaner than a can of flat beer. This is one reason why I have been assigned to protect you, son. I’m a badass soldier and a good husband and a great daddy. I got a family, a wife, and an infant son. I’ll die protecting my family, my fellow Alabamians, my fellow Americans, and my USA. If anyone dares to threat my two month old son, then I’ll slice them for gator bite and then dump the bloody parts into the Tennessee River for the catfish and the snakes. I know these are only words, but I wanted you to hear them, son,” exhaling.

Cody stared with a nod in silence at the highway.

Hucks nodded with a grin. “I guess you can tell that I’m driving the speed limit. Actually, I’m driving a little below the speed limit, so we can chat. I really hate to tell you this, but I gotta. You need to know this information. Your buddy Islander ran across Brone while doing his computer search inside the administration office at Antebellum House. Brone was accessing the computer terminal also in an adjacent room and then got what he needed, and then left. Islander saw him passing by the door from your excellent physical description. Brone is short, really short at five feet and three inches short with a brown colored long ponytail and a brown tinted full beard. Then, Islander called Fucner. Your friend Fucner followed Brone up the staircase into the male dormitory and then Brone disappeared into the darkness. Don’t blame Fucner! Brone’s men were hired and strolling all over the property and place at Antebellum House, when Fucner ran into one while allowing Brone to escape into the darkness.

He exhaled. “Your team wanted Brone alive, Cody. Your team wanted to learn all of Brone’s secret shitty information. I wanted you to know that Skippy was working under direct presidential orders. But looking back now, your team members should have killed Brone on sight. Hindsight sucks! Anyways, Brone was searching for something, too. Do you know what Brone was searching for, Cody?”

Cody shook a bald head and continued to stare with a stern face at roadway.

Hucks continued to drive and exhaled with a huff of frustration. “Back to our problem! A man named Brone. No one knows who this guy is or where he came from or what he looks like. You are the key eye witness here. I think it’s obvious that Brone is after you, Cody. Don’t worry! Today, I take you home to my house for a good supper and a good night sleep. You’ll be protected by me and my shotgun,” chuckling.

“Just to update your neurons, my wife is a military she-soldier too. So, there are about sixteen different automatically weapons which are scattered around our house in plain sight that don’t include the ones which are hidden. So, don’t worry about Brone coming for you. However, the US Federal Government is right back at square one. But, guess what, we are tossing out that lousy playbook and doing things impromptu-like, because I’m the boss now. You and your files are locked away inside the desk drawer, bottom one in the president’s world famous Oval Office, since you seem to be the only survivor of Brone’s brutal attacks of pure vicious cold blooded murders. So, that means, he wants you. Or he wants you for something else. Do you have a clue about the motives of Brone, son?”

Cody shook a bald head in silence and continued to stare with a stern face at roadway.

Hucks continued to drive and exhaled with a nod of frustration. “I know you don’t feel like talking. That’s okay. The reason I was selected is mostly because of my wife. She is a child psychologist, sometimes works with some of the troubled teens of military parents. You can talk to her too. She’s a good listener, not bug you about shit either. And she’s handy with a gun too. We have a two month old little boy. I mention this, because she houses her favorite semi-automatic weapon right next to the rocking chair, in case of anything bad. She loves her kid. I love the shit out of little bugger too. He’s good too and hardly cries for nothing but food. My wife breast feeds. Man! That’s the most exotic thing, I’ve ever seen with my naked eyeballs and a hidden penis. Maybe, when you talk to Fern, she’ll pop out her naked breast and then feed the baby all at the same time, then you can spill your beans,” he chuckled as Cody turned and grinned at the nose profile of Hucks.

Hucks continued to drive with a smile. “See? You gotta trust a man who encourages you to see his wife breast feeding the baby.” Cody turned with a nod in silence to see the roadway. Hucks exhaled. “Well, I really hate to tell you this, but I gotta too. I killed your grandma with my hunting knife.” Cody reached out with a gasp and grabbed onto the console turning with a sneer to see Hucks. Hucks continued to drive with a sneer. “That bitch was not your grandma, Cody. I don’t know who she was. When all this shit hit the fan, the US Federal Government investigated your biological family unit also. Your mama was strangled by two hands from a fool, who was completely intoxicated on whiskey. The fool male couldn’t have pissed into the toilet that night. Then, the foolish male started a silly riot inside his own prison cell while drunk on whiskey and then got killed by a stray bullet. All of that was too much of a convenient of deaths, Cody. The US Federal Government found that your DNA didn’t match the dead female or the dead male, who claimed to be your loving parents. Then, they tested your grandma through a very seductive means they robbed her house, collecting her hair strands inside the bathroom sink. They tested your grandma’s hair strands too. She ain’t related to you, Cody. The US Federal Government doesn’t know who she is…”

“I possess the Jesus Strand. I’m one of them,” Cody turned with a stern face to see the nose profile of Hucks.

Hucks continued to drive with a laugh, “Yeah! I read that crap too inside Skippy’s official Antebellum House observation report that went directly to the president. Your friends were very, very good. They spied and tattled on everyone and everything and then wrote it all down inside a personal laptop. One of the teens was mouthing off about possessing a specific gene that was related to Brother Jesus. He was showing off the information through an electronic means to one of the others kids, when Skippy overheard. Then, Skippy told Fucner, who stole the kid’s laptop. Skippy copied all the electronic files as they analyzed it. Skippy and his team were in ‘lights out’ communication which translates into: on your own. That is one of the reasons all that shitty mess happened there at Antebellum House. Skippy couldn’t call in reinforcements until…” exhaling.

“Whatever! I don’t operate on ‘lights out.’ My orders and counter orders come directly from the president. He presses a button and we get the entire US military soldiers, sailors, and pilots, surrounding all the bad guys. We’re the good guys. Remember?” He laughed with Cody. “As far as this Jesus Strand nonsense, the kid displayed a genetic karyotype of one of the gene chromosomes from his blood protein. Each human has twenty three pairs of chromosomes. The last one dictates if you are a pretty belle girl or a handsome redneck dude, but you know that too. I’m not a physician or a scientist. I’m a soldier but I have a degree from college too. I had to take a couple of science classes to graduate, too.

“From my college genetics class there are numerous mutations which are found within each pair of twenty three chromosomes and we are not a perfect human like Brother Jesus. For example, medical scientists have found multiple markers of rheumatoid arthritis within six DNA chromosomes. Chromosome numbers seven, nine, and fourteen identify each rheumatoid arthritis marker which is labeled as RA, an ugly and painful autoimmune disease with signs of swelling and stiffness. The hand bones and the toe bones turn sideways with pain on the human, starting at the age of forty. Fern’s mama has it.

“So, we got Fern tested for the RA markers within her twenty two other chromosomes also, since we live in a technology advanced civilization. She doesn’t have the marker for RA. Thank goodness! The point, each chromosome of a human contains lots of markers and tons of information that scientists are just now trying to interpret. I don’t know what you saw and I don’t question it either. I’m just saying be a little more opened minded, Cody.

“You were surrounded by sons and daughters of billionaires, who like to lick their ass way too many times like a cat. If I had to guess, I would say that these kids of the billionaires had picked out a specific marker within the twenty two pairs of chromosomes and then accidentally found that same marker presented in all the other billionaire kids too. I’m guessing here. It seemed to be some kind of exclusive billionaire ritual for fun there at Antebellum House with all the other billionaire kids. Brone was there and then ended that particular billionaire ritual, when he cold-blood murdered all the kids and their parents. I gotta tell you something else, too.

“About one year ago, Antebellum House was a high school establishment for teen billionaires at the school too and then the same damn thing happened again. All the high school teens and their pair of rich biological parents were murdered inside one of the small cottages and then the cottage was burned down into the ground while disguising all the physical evidence of mass murders. The only reason, the US fucking Federal Government found that tragic tale, one of the paid staff members who was on vacation came and went looking for her personal items through the ashes which happened to be inside the burnt cottage. She was looking for a pair of diamond earrings. We both know that a diamond is the hardest mineral on Earth and does not burn. She kicked around the dusty dried ashes, finding some loose teeth, since teeth didn’t melt like skin, tissue, organs, and bones. Yeah! She was horrified. Yeah! The president was stunned. Yeah! Our first calling card showed that something dangerous was living with us here on US soil.

“But, we still didn’t have a clue, until the Ashmore assassinations here in Bama. Fucking bastard Governor Ashmore allowed some illegal aliens into our US State of Alabama to clean out his shitty bathrooms and polish the wooden floors of his mansion in Birmingham. Yeah! Governor Ashmore invited the terrorist cell onto the front porch of his house and then into the front door of every American home. The gang of illegal aliens brought more of their shitty friends too while sleeping in a rented apartment all over Birmingham which had been paid with our State of Alabama income taxes. Yeah! If bastard Governor Ashmore was still alive, then his body would be hanging down from the highest oak tree here in Jefferson County, still swinging back and forth in blue tinted colors of death. Hindsight wins, again! So, Brone and all his bastards got into Alabama while having some fun with the true Americans. Well, we are going to end their fun soonest. I don’t know who and where your real biological parents are located Cody, but I promise that we’ll find out.”

Cody stared with a nod and a stern face in silence at the roadway.

Hucks slowed the truck and turned off the interstate, driving down a two lane road towards his home with a sigh. “Well, I have almost emptied the treasure chest with my accumulated knowledge coming from numerous type reports, many people, and a few secrets. Do you wanna add to my Christmas list, Cody?”

“Naw, sir!”

Hucks exhaled. “I gotta tell one more thing.”

“We’re having fried chicken for supper,” laughed Cody. He liked Hucks, who reminded Cody of his co-workers at both the US Marshal branch office in Birmingham and the secret team of the Starlit Pageant in Huntsville. Cody did not know what the shit was going to happen or had happening to him, but he did want Brone dead too.

Hucks laughed. “I don’t rightly know, but we can cook you up a pan of fried chicken. I do the cooking, since Fern is a modern day woman. We share everything fifty-fifty and we do everything fifty-fifty. I do the cooking. She does the eating,” laughing. “Brone is your daddy…”

“Fucking shit!” Cody turned with a gasp and shook a bald head. “No! Naw!”

Hucks continued to drove with a frown. “I’m sorry, son. When Brone was poking around on the computer, he was taking his sweet tea time. He also left a bottle of water with a set of his visible fingerprints and some long strands of hair follicles coming from his brown tinted ponytail. Islander grabbed all that physical evidence first like a good soldier. The fucking US Federal Government analyzed it many, many times, Cody. The president was stunned too. You, Skippy, Islander, Yorkie, and Fucner were assigned to find the child of Brone. The child was there all the time at Antebellum House too. That child is you, Cody. Brone was there at Antebellum House looking for you. You survived every one of his personal murder massacres too. You are alive also. This is too much of a coincidence even for the computational mathematical model. Thus, Brone is looking for you.”

Cody exhaled with a set of shallow breathes and looked down at the floor, up to the sky, at the roadway with shock. “I am his son. Brone is my dad. But he and I were face to face on the Tennessee River at Swan Creek. He doesn’t look in body or facial appearance like me. He is short. I’m tall. He has brown hair. I have blonde hair. He has a round face. I have a heart shaped face. Naw! I don’t believe you or it or him. Brone is not my daddy. That’s a great big ugly fucking ass mistake by the US Federal Government.”

Hucks pulled off the road and slowly drive ahead, parking the truck in front of the two story house with a nod. “I agree. We will work together and find out the truth, Cody. First, we eat and act like a happy family unit. Fern is most eager to meet you, so pretend to like it here at my house. Okay! Second, we and you are safe, all of us. Third, your new job doesn’t start until Saturday, so you get a few days to rest and relax. Do you have a question or a comment or an opinion?” He reached over and grabbed the door handle, cracking over the truck door while staring at Cody.

Cody reached over and cracked open the door while smiling at Hucks. “A hucks starter is an auxiliary power unit on a truck that provides the initial sparks to start up a piston aircraft engine,” he slid out and stood upright in front of his new home with a chuckle, slamming the door shut.

They spun around with a laugh and entered the house.



Two days later

Friday September 3rd



City of Huntsville within the US State of Alabama

(90 miles north from Greenville)

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

1:01 pm

Redstone Point Army Base

Private office setting of Hucks

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The office space was square shaped with a wall of glass windows which was posed on the opposite side of the entrance door that overlook a grove of green and brown tinted woodlands, since the State of Alabama preserved all the natural forest land for each deer hunter with a loaded shotgun. The office desk faced the door with a pair of sitting chairs.

One of the chairs was occupied with a short male with a head of cropped brown tinted hair and a pair of brown eyes. An array of tall and short metal filing unlocked cabinets kissed one of the side walls. The opposite wall held a long sofa with a female and a baby, who was sucking on her breast.

The tall and slender male with a head of cropped black colored hair, a pair of violet colored eyes, a tone of dark tinted skin and thirty something years old displays a one piece flight suit as a military pilot, wearing a pair of reflective aviator sunglasses inside the office. He entered the room with a smile and stopped, standing behind the occupied chair with a frown at his superior officer.

Hucks pointed the occupied chair with a smile. “Woot, I would like for you to meet His Royal Highness Prince Jon…”

Jon was a short and squat male with a head of cropped brown colored hair, a pair of brown eyes, a tone of pale tinted skin, wearing a dark gray tinted business suit with a yellow tinted long necktie. He stood upright from the chair and spun around with a smile and a hand to Woot. “Good morning, I am Jon, Prince of the England. You might be more familiar with my brother Jack. He recently was crowned as the king of the UK and is married to Queen Jill. They have a newborn princess named…”

“Really?” Woot continued to stand and wear the sunglasses with a chuckle.

“Really!” Hucks frowned at his employee and his friend Woot while trying to diffuse an international incident inside his private office between the US and the UK.

Woot didn’t give a fucking damn about other foreign country relations or relatives. He frowned. “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fall down and broke his crown,” chuckling. “Well, shit! I always thought that English sentence was a children’s nursery rhyme. Gawd damn! If I be the dumbest butthole on planet Earth,” he laughed with Fern. Jon continued to smile at the silly banter from the American asshole.

Hucks exhaled with worry. “I am not going to refute his personality flaw, Jon. Woot, scoot your boots into my office, sit your ass down in my oversized and comfortable cherry colored leather chair that clashes violently with the sissy peach colored walls, all compliments of the US taxpayers and meet Prince Jon,” he pointed down to the empty chair. Jon spun around and sat back down with a smile in silence.

Woot continued to stand and wear the sunglasses, looking down at the brown colored of Prince Jon with a confused brow. “Do I gotta call the asswipe, Prince Jon, too?”

Jon smiled at Woot. “No! Please, do not.”

“No! Please, don’t what? Beat you black and blue with my folded fists! Or piss on your leathers with my dick!” Woot smiled with amusement as Fern giggled and continued to breast feed the baby.

Jon stood upright with a confused brow and spun around to see Woot, “Leathers? I am not wearing a pair of leather gloves for an unfriendly fist fight, sir.”

“Sir? Hucks!” Woot exhaled.

Hucks exhaled. “I can see that I am going to let Fern act as the UN ambassador for the current helicopter pilots, gentlemen,” he turned and smiled at his wife.

“What the fuck?” Fern cuddled the baby with a frown at her husband, since she didn’t care to entertain a spoiled royal brat from a foreign country either.

Hucks pointed with a smile at his wife. “Jon, this is my smart, beautiful, and low-maintenance wife, whom I love dearly with both my heart and soul. But, be careful she bites, stings, and pees whenever so slightly provoked liked a recoiled rattlesnake. Isn’t that right, honey?” He chuckled.

“That is right, cub.” Fern winked at Jon.

Woot continued to stare with sour frown down at the brown tinted hair roots of Jon, since Woot was the taller male. “Leathers, it is another term for a pair of walking shoes. A pair of foot shoes is usually made from a set of dried animal skins which is called leather. Some examples of the Earth species include but not limited to cow, snake, lizard, alligator, and ostrich. Do you possess any of these particular mammals within your vast UK kingdom, princess?”

“Woot!” Hucks frowned. “Jon, please do not bother with a proper response to that stupid question coming out of the parted lips of Woot. He is jealous as he is only a country redneck prince, not international royal one,” smiling.

Woot looked down with a smile to see the diver wrist watch and back up with a wink to see Hucks. “Wow! It is time for my flight in-check, princess.”

“Woot!” Hucks grinned down at Jon and then up at Woot.

Woot smiled at Hucks, “Yeah, darling!”

Hucks turned and smiled to his wife. “Fern, could you please show Jon around our well stocked food and beverage cafeteria, dear? And could you please bring me back a small soy milk carton?”

“Shore, darling!” She stood upright from the chair with the baby and moved ahead towards the door while escaping from the upcoming fighting fury of Woot for a few minutes. They exited the office space in silence.

Hucks scooted away from the office desk and plowed a nose into the nose of Woot, since the two males were equal both in height and weight. “Woot, do not start an international war here in Alabama, boy!”

Woot continued to smile and wear the sunglasses. “Why are you talking without a grammar contraction in your sentences? Princess should is making quite a first impression on your what, wimpy ass or dumb neurons or pussy dick.”

Hucks smirked at his long time childhood friend and formal city street neighbor. “Woot, you can be mad as a hell, until Farmer Brown’s cows come home. But, you are voted the singularly armed personal bodyguard and twenty four escort for Prince Jon. You got this command for pissing off the general.”

“I saved the girl.” Woot grinned.

Hucks grinned with a nod. “Yeah, ya did! Then, you had to fuck the beauty queen.”

“Hey! In my innocence defense, first off, that queen wasn’t a virgin. My swollen two inched diameter engorged dick immediately sucked with ease into an expanded three inched diameter girly vagina in record time, buddy. That’s how you test that virgin theory. Second off, she gave me permission. Third off, she wasn’t drunk. Fourth off, I wasn’t drunk either. Five and final argument, we were two consenting adults, over the age of eighteen…”

“Gawd! You are not innocent, since you turned nine years old in the fourth grade while trying to pull off the pink blouse on Nolanie around the corner of the building at school recess on the play ground. And you took that beauty queen into your house for a fucking fun sex act. And she was eighteen years, three days, twelve hours, sixteen minutes, and forty six seconds old, who was technically a teenager, Woot.”

“You are speaking with more sentences without a contraction. When is the real Hucks returning back into your right brain lobe, buddy?”

“Allow me to remind you! I am your commanding officer. You are my subordinate. I give you orders. You obey orders. I order you. One, call His Highness Prince Jon or plain old Jon. Two, you act, not try to look a US officer gentleman. Three, guard his ass over yours. Fourth, tarry both your asses over to the Von Brown Center for the Miss Lily Pageant…”

“Hucks! The building for that beauty pageant exploded into the skyline making an array of prettily red, white, and blue fire works on the fourth of July, one month ago.”

“Jon is the surprise star guest for the American pageant. The Lily Pageant will broadcast the international competition with all these beauty queens coming from all the other foreign countries in London, England, next month. That damaged building was an old structure set for demolition later this year. Go to the new building on Bruise Street! That’s the new location for the public event. And no one knows he is here kinda like Brother Jesus is presence, but you cannot see Him. You are going to be a non-voting judge, at the beauty pageant as the ‘bestest’ bodyguard for the prince.”

Woot frowned. “I’ve never heard of the Miss Lily Beauty Pageant.”

Hucks nodded. “The daughter of the dead billionaire of the Miss Starlit Pageant changed the name and ownership to her person to avoid all the nasty financial lawsuits against her daddy. Beauty pageants make millions of dollars for both the sponsors and owners.”

Woot grinned. “I don’t have a set of civilian clothes, only my flight suit.”

Hucks swung around and moved ahead to the side wall, stopping and opened the closet door, reaching inside and pulled back a hanger. The hanger held a pressed jacket and dress shirt. He spun around and moved ahead with a smile, extending the hanger to Woot. “You got a redneck suit now which is a blue sports jacket and a white dress shirt without a necktie for your pageant début too.”

Woot frowned down at hanger. “Did you rob my place for that jacket and that shirt?”

“Naw! It is my jacket and shirt! We both have been sharing our smelly coodies, since pre-kindergarten at the age of four years old as we both were neighbors and pals.”

Woot grinned. “No dress shoes to complete the dress assemble. Too bad for me! I can’t go.”

“You possess your pair of polished up cowboy boots inside your flight locker, down the hallway, and then around the corner, where you keep for an emergency.”

Woot pointed down at the wrist watch with a smile at Hucks. “I’m scheduled to fly my chopper in ten minutes, Hucks. So, I guess old buddy, you get to take Princess to Bruise Street for his superstar début at the Miss Lily Pageant.”

“You are grounded from flying the helicopter until Jon leaves and heads back to England.”

“Fuck you, Hucks! You can’t ground me.”

“I can and I did.”

“Fuck, man! I ain’t taking this bullshit assignment to babysit a sissy Jonny boy. One, I’m a pilot. Two, I’m fit to fly. Three, I’m flying in ten minutes.”

“That is right, buddy! So, I guess my new flight report from the medical doc will tattle about your sudden sinus infection.”

“I don’t have a shitty snot-green sinus problem ever. If that is the best you can conjure from your fucking imagination, Hucks, then I guess I win. You lose out of this one, scout.”

Hucks lifted up one hand with a smile and looked down to read a blank piece of paper coming from the office desk. “Hmm! My report says here that your sinus infection has gone bye-bye, since you sucked down all these physician-prescribed penicillin pills.”

“Son of bitch! You understand that a filed clinical medication report grounds me immediately,” Woot looked down with a stern face at each boot toe and back up with a grin to see Hucks. “I really hate doing this, but I’m go straight to the High Command…”

Hucks waved the blank sheet of paper next to his smile. “This military order came straight down from the High Command, Woot. You’re a phenomenal chopper pilot, qualifying you for this peasy easy duty along with being a big ass-flirt around all the pretty girls at the USA Starlit Pageant, since you wooed that beauty queen,” chuckling.

Woot looked down with a sneer at the boot toes, “Fuck…”

“…got you into that major trouble that time. And Jonny boy will get you out of major trouble now. After this duty, you get promoted and your own copter squad.”

Woot looked up with a sour frown to see his commander and his friend with a whisper, “And what will happen to you, good buddy?”

“I get promoted with you as your command officer. We are the non-musical fighting band of two brothers, until the end of it all, dude.”

“And what will happen to Fern?”

“She is bailing her pretty ass out of the USA military wanting to be a full time mommy. I whole heartedly approve, agree, and applaud, since I wanna be a full time warrior.”

“And what will happen during the war?”

“No war for two days with Jonny boy. Promise me, Woot!” Hucks reached out with a smile and slapped the collar bone of Woot on the collar bone. “Go and make your daddy proud, son!”

Woot laughed. “I’d rather make my daddy and me a couple of million dollars. Can I go to the gambling tables with Princess instead?”

“There is no gambling table in Bama.”

He smirked. “The gambling tables are located within the great State of Mississippi. So, I can tarry and not carry the ugly ass of Princess for a visitation to another more interesting southern state.”

Hucks shoved Woot backward towards the closed door with a smile. “Leave and get to work and protect with a set of capital letters and a set of quotation marks, the Prince of England, solider. I’ll pull some loose boot strings and get permission to let you shoot a shotgun at him as his private jet leaps up and off the military runaway.”

“Done!” Woot laughed with a nod.

The door slammed open. Fern and Jon reentered the office with a smile. Jon stopped with a smile next to Woot. “My limousine is ready for our judgeship duty, Woot.”

Woot exhaled with a huff of annoyance and back stepped from Hucks, spinning around with a sour frown and dashed towards the open archway. “Come on, your royal-pain-in-my-ass! I’ll change into my clean shirt inside your limo.”



Von Brown Center location

(15 miles south from Redstone Point)

1:33 pm

Lobby entrance setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The limousine parked in front of the building. Woot and Jon both exited out from the limousine door and moved ahead towards the building entrance of the Von Brown Center or VBC. A tall middle aged wrinkled faced woman stood beside the glass door and rushed ahead with a smile, extending a hand only to Jon, dropping open a mouth with a gasp. “Prince Jon, you’re the real prince of Great Britain.” Jon reaches out for her hand and then held it, caressing the limb with a nod and a smile in silence. She blushes in pink tones and bats the eyelashes with a set of flirtation intentions with a smile. “I’m Dolly. I am so honored to shake your hand, Your…”

“…Hindiness,” Woot moved ahead and slammed into the back spine of Jon, turning to scan the crowd of people with a worried brow. “We need to get moving out of the openness of the lobby arena, in case someone likes your heart more than your hand, Prince,” he scooted around the other Jon and stopped, blocking a tall body beside the short prince, since Woot was the officially paid bodyguard of the royalty.

Jon smiled at Dolly. “You are very kind,” he wrapped a hand around her arm. “Could you personal escort us towards the judge’s section inside the building?”

Dolly nodded with a smile and spun them around leading towards the auditorium room. Woot followed behind the couple. She leaned over with a smile. “Yes, of course, Your Highness Prince Jon! Welcome to the VBC or the Von Brown Center. I’m your event coordinator for your duties as a judge…”

“Where is my personal event coordinator? Don’t I get one too?” Woot moved behind with a chuckle at the back spines of Jon and Dolly, darting both eyeballs to the left, then to the right, and then around the crowded and empty spaces for any major or minor trouble.

Dolly moved closer into the space of Jon with a smile and tossed an arm around the space. “This is the entrance hall into the VBC. The VBC seats 2,003 persons inside the concert hall. You can see live a musical show or a beautiful ballet or a concert symphony, or a wild country music show. There are individual dressing rooms for each show stars, an orchestra pit, a reception room with food and an excellent sound and lighting system. Maybe, we can take in a woodwind concert, after your judgeship duties have finished, Prince Jon,” she giggled. Jon smiled in silence. She continued to move ahead with a smile. “The Von Brown Center requires a Certificate of Liability Insurance up to one million dollars, in case an accident…”

“Again!” Woot darted both eyelids behind the ass for any rear assaults on Jon with a chuckle.

She smiled. “The VBC is very convenient to the local hotels, restaurants, and other fun attractions like the grass park across the street. I usually eat lunch there…”

“The time is 1:43 pm. Beep!” Woot darted the eyelids up and around the balcony, over to the staircase looking for an assault that would target Jon.

Dolly led up the stairs wth a smile. “This is the hat-shaped stage, where all the girls promenade in the evening gowns. She will walk out and then stand here and smile for you, Prince Jon…”

“…and smile for me, too, darling!” Woot turned and scanned an empty auditorium with a chuckle.

Dolly stepped onto the top level and turned to face a side door, strolling across an empty hallway, stopping and opened the door with smile at Jon. “You have arrived, Prince Jon.”

“We have arrived, Judge Woot,” Woot stopped and stood behind the back spine of Jon with a smile.

She winked at Jon. “I can escort you back towards your limo, if you call my cell. Here’s my card for dinner, maybe! Is the air conditioning temperature to your liking, Prince Jon? I can contact the technician, running the lighting, heating and air conditioning…”

Woot shoved Jon through the archway with a laugh. “Are you heated, now, Your Highness? Do you require a cup of cold water or a short colder shower? Nope! I thought not as well,” he scooted around Jon and moved ahead towards a tall unknown male who wore a silly smile.

The tall and obsess male with a head of balding hair roots, a tone of pale tinted skin stood in the middle of the room wearing a blue colored business suit and a orange colored necktie with a smile, extending a hand to Woot. “Good afternoon! I am the head judge of all the judges for the Lily Pageant. And you are?”

“Woot, Hoot, Captain,” Woot smiled with a snigger. Jon pulled up and stood beside the nose profile of Woot, studying the American’s silly manner.

“Captain Hoot Woot,” the head judge frowned with confusion as a set of soft chuckles echoed throughout the ballroom.

“I forgot that I got promoted. I’m a Major Woot Hoot, now, today.” Woot smiled with a nod at the judge. Jon chuckled with the other judges.

The head judge frowned with annoyance at Woot and turned with a smile to see Jon. “Ahem! Welcome, to Huntsville and the Lily Pageant, Prince Jon! Major, you will sit on the left side of His Royal Highness Prince Jon at the end of the judge’s table, if you please.” Woot and Jon spun around and moved ahead towards the end of the table, sitting down in silence. The head judge spun around to face the green tinted clothed table, standing in the middle of the room with a smile to each judge. “I am very pleased with all our judges for the Miss Lily Pageant this afternoon. We are presented by numerous sports stars coming from the various sporting activities of ice hockey, football, basketball plus our local celebrities and our most important guest judge, Prince Jon,” he clapped and grinned with the others. “This is the interview process which counts for thirty percent of the girl’s total scoring points out of hundred. We will interview each girl one at a time and we will break for lunch. There is a notepad and a pencil in front of each chair. Please use the pencil and mark down a number between one and thirty for the girl’s performance interviewing. At the end of the session, these points will be added to her swimsuit and evening dress competition. Do you have any questions for me?”

Woot reached down and grabbed, lifting the pencil in the air with a smile. “When is the swimsuit competition?”

The head judge smiled. “This morning, you missed the event, Captain. I am so sorry to announce. Thank you for inquiring!” He moved ahead and scooted around the judges, sitting down in the middle of the table with a smile at the hostess. “Please, bring in the first girl!” The door opened.



3:34 pm

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Woot wiggled an ass side to side on top of the barely padded fabric cloth that was colored in manly hues of tan, red, and golden which lined the bottom of the hard chair, sitting beside Jon. He scribbled down the sixty-six set of pretty curly curls on top of the provided paper with the provided pencil. He was not one of the judges, just the justice while body guarding with a right shooting hand plus babysitting with a left shoving hand at the royal-pain-in-his-ass Prince Jon for the next two days of beauty pageant woes.

He performed an average scribble of six pretty curly curls per girl. So far, there had been eleven pretty girls since 1:47 pm between four potty breaks and five coffee breaks. Woot had quit exhibiting a lip drooling over each pretty plastic-bubble-headed, shallow mice-squeaking and false-faking-body female almost one hour, thirteen minutes, and six seconds ago. He could not believe how fake and shallow the newly dubbed species named Beauty Babe or BB.

In addition, each BB had exhibited a simple set of boring English words which formed a limited two or three English sentence making for some non-excited movements inside his white undies.

Woot crossed the leg and shook the boot toe up and down while staring at the next pretty beauty contestant. The pretty beauty contestant sat and shook a designer sandal also. Jon leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the cheekbone of Woot. “See your doctor!”

Woot continued to scribble down on the paper with a whisper. “What does that mean?”

The head judge smiled at the pretty beauty contestant. “What is your ultimate goal in life, Miss…”

Jon wrote the number thirty next to the contestant, since he was a judge but didn’t want to insult any one of the pretty American beauty contestants, whispering into the cheekbone of Woot. “She has a set of muscle spasms which is caused by dehydration or muscle overuse or nerve irritation or low levels of potassium mineral or a calcium deficiency. She can walk around to relieve the pain or shake your leg and stretch the muscle. If the cramps persist, then you need see your doctor…”

“I wanna feed the starving children too. Thank you!” The beauty contestant possessed a head of long black tinted hair and a pair of green eyes, standing upright from the chair with a smile and spun around, exiting the interview event.

“Shut it, Princess!” Woot whispered back and wrote down the number zero next to the beauty contestant, since he was a non-judge. He awarded the number zero points for his zero participation. He noticed that Jon had written thirty points next to each contestant which was the maximum points for the interviewing process. He chuckled at the chicken shit prince.

The head judge nodded to the next sitting beauty contestant and asked the same repetitive question. “What is your ultimate goal in life, Miss…”

Jon leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the cheekbone of Woot. “She has a set of raccoon eyes…”

Woot wrote down the number zero next to the beauty contestant name with a frown and a whisper back to Jon. “What does that mean?”

Jon wrote down the number thirty next to her name with a whisper into the cheekbone of Woot. “A set of raccoon eyes represents a dark circle around each eye sockets which can be blamed on age or fatigue. The lack of sleep makes your skin pale emphasizing the dark circles too. Allergies also lead to dark circles plus heredity.”

“…and I wanna feed the starving children too. Thank you!” The beauty contestant displayed a head of long blonde colored hair and a pair of blue eyes, standing upright from the chair with a smile and left the room.

“Shut it, Princess!” Woot whispered with a frown back to Jon.

The head judge nodded with a smile to the next sitting beauty contestant. “What is your ultimate goal in life, Miss…”

Jon wrote down the number thirty next to the contestant with whisper into the eardrum of Woot. “Eyelid spasms are unpredictable, bothersome, and harmless. Eye twitching can be caused by stress, fatigue, eyestrain, caffeine, dry eyes, or s neurological disorder like Tourette’s syndrome. Any eyelid spasm will go away by itself. Or you can use a Botox injection…”

“…and I wanna feed the starving children too. Thank you!” The beauty contestant exhibited a head of long red tinted hair and a pair of brown eyes, standing upright from the chair with a smile and left the room.

Woot whispered with a frown back to Jon. “Are any of these girls somewhat almost hundred perfect for you, Your Hindiness?”

The head judge nodded with a smile to the next sitting beauty contestant. “What is your ultimate goal in life, Miss…”

“No,” Jon stared with a whisper at the girl. Woot wrote down the number zero next to new contestant in silence like always. Jon wrote down the number zero with a whisper into the eardrum of Woot. “She sweats with nervousness. Excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis. It is a mood killer for sex with lots of smelly water on the palms, the foot soles, and inside both the armpits which can be easily treated by a physician.”

“…and I wanna feed the starving children, too. Thank you!” The beauty contestant exhibited a head of short brown colored hair and a pair of brown eyes, standing upright from the chair with a smile and left the room.

“Shut it, Princess!” Woot whispered with a frown back to Jon.

The head judge nodded with a smile to the next sitting beauty contestant. “What is your ultimate goal in life, Miss…”

“This is the first sign,” Jon softly giggled into the cheekbone of Woot while staring at the new contestant. Woot wrote down the number zero on the paper next to the new contestant. Jon leaned over with a smile and a whisper to Woot while continuing to stare at the same contestant. “Earwax fights a bodily infection, keeping both the ears clean through the ear opening. You should keep both fingers and cotton swabs out of your ear canals. If you continuous clean earwax out of the ear, the impaction could cause a hearing loss. Do not clean your eardrums!”

“Shut it, Princess!” Woot reached up with a whisper and wiggled a finger inside the other eardrum with a stern face turning away from Jon, looking down with a gasp to see the yellow earwax. “Ugh!”

The next beauty contestant strutted from the door and moved towards the single chair with a smile, wearing a pair of bright red cowgirl boots underneath a short white dress, sitting down on the edge of the chair with both hands inside a lap like a good southern belle. The head judge nodded with a smile to the next sitting beauty contestant. “What is your ultimate goal in life, Miss…”

She smiled at each judge. “I don’t wanna answer that question. I wanna ask you a question. Is that allowed for my interviewing process?”

The head judge gasped and turned to scan the rest of the other judges at the long table. “Is that allowed? Does anyone know the official Miss Lily pageant rules for this request from a beauty contestant?”

Jon smiled with a nod at the bold girl. “I am making it allowed for today. Please proceed with your question, miss.”

“Ana! Thank you, judge! In the country of Japan, when you are meeting on a first time date with a nice guy for supper, what is the official formal greeting?” She giggled with a smile at each judge.

Woot reached down with a smile and whipped out the mobile telephone along with some of the other judges while looking for the correct answer to the bold challenge.

One of the judges looked down with a smile and thumbed on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone, “Gimme a sec! I’m using my cell phone for the answer.”

Woot quickly found the answer with a smile on the mobile telephone and looked up with a wink to see the new bold contestant. “What is your blood type?” He laughed with the other judges.

Ana nodded with a smile to Woot, “You are correct, Mr. Judge. If your date possesses the blood type A, then it means that you are hardworking, neat, and sensitive. Type O blood means that you are an independent and logical self starter. But, beware! A pesky flying mosquito likes to suck on O-type blood too. Type-AB blood is the rarest all human blood inside a biological body, who exhibits thinking and memory problems which means that you forget a lot of stuff.”

Woot winked with a smile. “Ana definitely isn’t blood type-AB.”

Ana nodded with a grin to each judge. “The expression: blood is thicker than water comes from the Middle Eastern culture. It means, a pair of warrior-brothers, who share and shred their blood in war battle are closer than a pair of biological brothers.”

Jon smiled at Ana. “I do believe the Englishmen originated the expression, stressing the importance of bloodlines while keeping the money within the royal family tree,” he laughed with the others. “You are highly entertaining, Ana. I hope we see more of you later this week. Thank you very much for an intriguing interview!”

Ana stood upright from the chair with a smile to each judge. “You’re very welcome, panel of judges. Bye, ya’ll!” She spun around and moved towards the closed door with a giggle of amusement.

Woot leaned over with a whisper and a smile into the cheekbone of Jon while staring at the back spine of the bold contestant. “There is the winner of Miss Lily beauty contest. Now, go and erase all the thirty points from the other girls and give each one zero points. Then give Ana all your thirty points for the interview portion.” Jon wrote the number thirty down next to the name of Ana with a smile while changing all the other contestants to the number zero for Woot.

Ana left the room as each judged continued to erase on the paper.



Saturday September 4th



5:05 pm

Home setting of Woot

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine



Hucks parked the truck in the loose gravel and killed the engine, turning with a smile to see the two passengers in the back seat of the vehicle. “Cody and Jon, get ready for another American surprise!” He cracked open the door and slid out the door, standing upright, closing the door and swiftly scooted ahead around the front bumper and stopped, opening the passenger door for his wife Fern. He reached inside and gently grabbed the baby from the hands of Fern while making a set of funny sounds into the face of the baby like a loving father and cuddled the baby onto a shoulder. He reached out and grabbed her hand with a smile while assisting Fern onto the gravel in front of Hucks.

Jon cracked open the back door and slid out the rear door of the truck, slowly moving ahead towards an open ended tall airplane hanger, turning to scan with a smile the woodlands landscape with intrigue.

Cody cracked open the back door and slid off the rear seat, swiftly scooting around the rear bumper and stopped, standing next to the nose profile of Fern while staring at the same airplane hangar with a smile. Fern reached out and grabbed the arm of Cody leaning with a whisper into his cheekbone. “The fourth team member of the American squad has been briefed on the delicate situation but usually likes to ignore all the military orders, so just play along with the gang. Okay, Cody?” Cody nodded with a chuckle at the new delicate situation.

Hucks spun around to lead the group and held the baby moving ahead and entered underneath an open and tall airplane hanger, seeing a solo figure in the darkness, waving a free hand with a soft shout without bothering the baby, “Hey, Woot!”

“Moot?” Cody moved beside Fern with a shout out and stopped, standing between Hucks and Jon, staring at the new member of the American team.

Woot snarled up at the taller young teen-ass, “Woot.”

Cody had some fun with the adult asswipe, smirking with a nod, “Contrary to common misuse! The word ‘moot’ does not imply something is superfluous. It means that the subject is either a person or a place or a thing which is open to debate by an Englishman definition. Am I correct there, Prince Jon?”

“Ay, mate!” Jon stopped and stood next to Cody with a wink at Woot.

Woot frowned with a sneer at Cody. “Who’s the baby smartass?”

Cody nodded with a grin, “Contrary to ubiquitous misuse! It means you possess the ability to produce nausea in like other persons or mammals or aliens, an American definition by me.”

Fern laughed. Woot sneered. Hucks chuckled. “This Woot is nauseous too, but I love the baby smartass.”

Woot frowned at Cody. “Damn! How old are you, teen-ass kid?”

“I am seventeen years, ten months, eight days, six hours, four minutes, and two seconds.” Cody looked with a smile to see the wrist watch and then up with a wink to see Woot.

Woot grinned wickedly. “You are a childish minor now, where I can’t beat the shit out of your ass, yet. Time is a steady variable that waits on no man, even a baby smartass that becomes an adult smartass in less than two calendar months. Set your cell phone properly, son! I promise that you will become a man after two months and one day,” he laughed with the others.

Hucks frowned. “Ignore Woot! He lives in the stupid zone.”

“Drop zone!” Cody frowned with confusion.

Fern smiled. “Hucks, he likes to live with us inside the stupid zone too.”

Cody moved ahead and led the group through the long airplane hangar which was shaped like a tall open ended tunnel, exiting into the bright and heated sunlight and stopped, dropping open a mouth with a gasp at the object. “Hey! That is a big long and green colored choo-choo train.” He moved ahead with a smile towards the train. Woot spun around with a smile and moved between Fern and Hucks while staring at the back spine of Cody

Jon moved beside Fern with a gasp at the same object. “What is this contraption, please, Woot?”

“It is a cab of an engine train, Your Hindiness. Gawd! Don’t they teach first graders to toot on a train?” Woot continued to stroll between Fern and Hucks with a chuckle at the train.

“This is only the engine train on a small track siding. Where does your engine stop, Woot?” Cody continued to stroll towards the train and narrowed both eyelids, staring into the far distance ahead of the train.

“My personal train car is numbered 518, a puke green body with a black rooftop, a set of fog lights, and a working fog horn,” Woot moved ahead and stopped at the open entranceway on the engine compartment.

“How in the hell did you buy an engine train?” Cody stopped with smile and stared at the train car.

“It is a retired ex-Burlington Northern NW2. I snagged her for a deal, before she was to be stored and used for parts,” Woot pointed up at the train with a smile.

“Are you wealthy, Woot?” Jon stopped and stood beside Cody studying the two objects. One was an engine compartment which pulled a separate matching neon green colored box car.

“I got more money than Jesus but not God,” Woot formed a row with Fern, Hucks, Jon, and Cody, admiring the engine and train car.

“Woot means that Brother Jesus didn’t use money to live as a poor person while saving lives on planet Earth.” Hucks laughed. “So, Woot’s fortune is closer to God’s and lesser than Satan’s.”

“That is a good place to be right between God and Satan.” Fern nodded with a smile at the train.

Woot pointed up with a smile at the green tinted box car. “The old girl was the property of TVA. They are one of many US Federal Government agencies that donate old pieces of equipment, mostly in sorry-ass bulk to the cities of Huntsville, Decatur, and Athens for the town’s local Railroad Museum. Since, it is important for all the local young rednecks and young belles to remember that the mobile telephone and the service utility vehicle didn’t always exist for all their mommies and daddies during the 1980s. A good buddy of mine got wind of the private choo-choo train sell. So, I stepped up my ostrich boots and gave the Railroad Museum a fat donation check to purchase other old girl, paying the nice free labored volunteers. They gave me the engine.”

Cody pointed at the engine with a smile. “The front of the cab is the engine compartment. This switcher is configured for remote control operation, ya’ll. See? There are three antennas which are mounted on the roof top. From the left to the right, the first antenna is a 900 MHz unit for radio data monitoring. The second is a VHF whip for satellite radio messages. And the last whip is a 2.4 GHz antenna which is connected to a Wi-Fi card on a computer unit. O man! A Wi-Fi card can access any entertainment or news television programs, any sporting games, all internet videos, and provide any GPS navigation to any other destination city within the USA,” he climbed the steps with a smile and entered into the engine compartment, laughing at the sign. “The door sign reads: All Aboard.”

“All of the above, Cody!” Hucks moved behind Cody and toted the baby.

“Cody is a very intelligent young male.” Jon followed behind Hucks with a smile.

“Cody is a baby smartass. Who invited him to my tea party?” Woot followed behind Jon with a sour frown.

“The US Federal Government, your boss, and me,” Hucks turned and stood against the one of the side glass windows inside the engine compartment viewing the landscape, holding the baby.

Fern climbed the steps last with a smile, “All of the above, Woot.”



5:15 pm

Woot Toot executive train location

Engine compartment setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with natural and artificial light bulbs



Woot moved ahead through the entrance archway and turned to the side, leading towards a second door with a smile and stopped, spinning around to see each face. “I re-furnished the old girl into a posh lady. Then, I added the restored ancient F-box car unit, creating a beautifully sexually enhanced romantic Hollywood theater car which makes the Woot Toot executive train.”

“How are you able to slide the Woot Toot executive train down from your home to your place of employment, without getting arrested and jailed for utilizing a US Federal railroad system?” Jon stopped in the middle of the compartment and turned with a stern face to scan the engine compartment of modern electronics for power and function of a train.

Cody stopped and stood in front of the framed glass that was bolted onto the metal wall, reading out loud, “Spec Sheet. Model is NW2. Type is B-B switcher. Built on August 18, 1946. Series number 1118. Engine is 12 cylinders. 1,000 horses. Yeehaw!” He tosses both arms into the air with a laugh.

Woot pointed out the window with a smile. “The Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority was created in the year 1984 by two separate named city governments of Huntsville and Madison. The original siding rail was a fourteen-mile short line that came from the small town of Athens towards the middle of metro city of Huntsville. Based on an expensive taste or a big screw-up by the railroad administration, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Authority abandoned the branch line leaving a completely intact the track siding or rails as layman said. However, the land feuding between Madison, Athens, and Huntsville broke up the red clay dirt causing some of the siding to be damaged…”

“…with both guns and knives,” chuckled Cody.

“Naw, soldier boy! The home construction industry in the year 1984 exploded and then the fourteen mile short line became the tiniest private railroad system in the history of the world which consisted of three miles. Boom! Boom! Boom! Your Hindiness-assness!” Woot tossed both arms into the air and slapped down to each leg with a laugh.

“That is too many ‘nesses,’ Woot.” Fern stopped and stood beside Hucks, reaching out and grabbed the baby while rocking back and forth in place, looking down with a smile at her sleeping child.

“Actually, I could’ve added some more hindies in the English sentence.” Woot smiled. “Welcome to the Woot Depot! This is Bama’s smallest body union depot in the USA. It serves more than one thousand whores when running smoothly,” he spun around with a laugh and slid open the side door, entering into the single box car.

“When running roughly, do you only fuck the top half of the thousand whores?” Cody followed behind Woot with a laugh into the second box car.

“The kid’s sharp.” Hucks spun around with a laugh and followed behind Cody.

Woot stopped a few feet from the doorway and spun around with a frown inside the second box car, “Naw.”

“Yup! The kid is sharper than Woot.” Hucks laughed.

Woot tossed both hands in the air with a smile. “Naw! This is the centerpiece of Woot Depot, the man cave.”

Cody stopped and turned to scan the room with a smile without touching any of the objects. “Wow! This is awesome. There is a three seventy inched plasma on every fucking wall, a smart usage of good geographical smallness. One, two, three, four, five rows of lounge chairs for twenty five peopled. Do you have twenty-five friendlies, Woot?”

Hucks strolled around the man cave with a laugh. “Naw! He has twenty five uglies.”

Woot smiled. “Ride my train, boys! The Woot Depot is open every night from five pm to pass out moment. Visitors, please feel free to do a self-guided tour. Be warned! You are required to obey all the display signs.”

Cody moved ahead and stopped, leaning through the new archway with a gasp and a smile. “My gawd! There are four separate queen-sized bed mattresses in here.”

Hucks pulled up beside Cody and stopped, reaching up with a smile, tapping on the mounted sign above the archway. “Read the sign, Cody!”

Cody looked up with a smile. “The above sign over the archway reads: Fuck here!” He spun around with a gasp to see Woot. “Where’s the whore, Woot?”

Woot shook a skull with a laugh. “BYOB, bring your own babe into the Woot Depot. I can’t supply every single gawd damn detail, man, or boy in this case.”

“Eat here!” Hucks back stepped with a smile and sat down at one of three tall tables with a set of four stools which was used for watching the football games, munching on food plate, and drinking a cold beer.

“Rest here!” Cody back stepped from the archway and slid down into one of the lounge chairs, kicking up the boot toes on top of the foot stool in front of one of the television plasmas with a smile and laugh.

“Drink here!” Fern sat down at the bar counter and rocked her sleeping baby with a smile.

Cody continued to laugh and scan the entertainment room with enjoyment. Jon leaned against the open archway of the box car while observing all of the silly Americans with a smile in silence.

Woot led out the man-cave with a smile. “Come on! You ain’t seen nothing, yet. Follow the leader!”



5:26 pm

Engine compartment setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Woot scooted through the archway and strolled back into the spacious engine compartment, stopping and stood in front of the television screen on the far wall. The screen displayed a grid of both vertical and horizontal city streets of metro city Huntsville. Cody followed behind Woot and stopped beside him with a smile. “Whoa! This is a mounted computer that is wired with GPS navigation which is available at all times for listening to data radio monitoring of the dispatcher to the conductor, to the rail yard…”

Woot turned and smiled at the nose profile of Cody. “You must be the ‘bestest’ rail-fan in Bama, Cody.”

Hucks moved ahead and stopped, sliding down into the built-in bench seating for all the riding passengers next to Fern with a frown. “What is a rail-fan? I’m heard of a football fan, a computer fan, a rotating fan.”

Cody dropped down on both knees and pointed to each electronic piece of equipment with a smile. “Whoa! A mini-motherboard broadcasts with a 1.4 GHz mobile processor. This system hardly breaks a smelly fart being so quiet with the awesome motherboard. The computer system has 512 mega ram, a laptop hard drive, and a wireless network card.”

“What is Cody saying?” Fern wiped the baby drool from the parted lips.

Cody continued to smile and point at each electronic. “You can play video games of war while drinking a beer without driving a car.”

Jon moved ahead and sat down in the bench seat across from Fern and Hucks. “Cody has just scientifically explained how the remote control system works on Woot Toot’s train.”

Cody continued to smile and point at each devise. “See here? On the left side of the gray panel, underneath the seven-inched LCD television monitor, this small hole is the infrared remote control devise to guide Woot Toot’s train into the train depot at the Von Brown Center. Wow!”

“The remote control system is very sophisticated on your train, Woot,” Jon nodded with a smile out the window.

“Unlike her master,” smiled Hucks.

Woot stopped and stood inside the conductor booth, reaching up and slid open the window, pressing a button with a smile. “I can open all the side windows inside the cab, change the volume on the musical player, and skip through the boring songs on the music playlist, without using a mouse or a keyboard. The electronic signal will dim all the compartment lights in my private train car for you know…”

“You know? I don’t know.” Jon turned and winked at Hucks.

“Jon needs some Bama redneck lessons immediately for ‘the you know,’” Hucks smiled at Jon.

Woot pointed at the rear skull of Cody with a smile. “Cody, he volunteers to show Jon ‘the you know.’”

Cody continued to smile and point at each devise. “The Northern Southern railway uses TWC or Track Warrant Control throughout the region of Bama with a remote control devise that interlocks over the Tennessee River…”

Woot reached out and patted the small black box in the center of gray leather console. The box displayed the digital number of 160.180. “This box scanner picks up all rail-fan frequencies for AAR Channel 18, 160.180 NS Road on Channel 1; AAR Channel 09, 160.245 NS from Dispatcher to Train on Channel 1; AAR Channel 48, 160.830 NS from Train to Dispatcher on Channel 2; AAR Channel 11, 160.275 NS PBX between the city of Huntsville and the switching station at Sheffield. And finally it picks up AAR Channel 17, 160.190 is me. I am the Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority…”

“Woot is an arrogant son of a bitch.” Hucks laughed.

“That title belongs to the Satan. I’m much, much more than that.” Woot laughed.

“Wow!” Cody continued to smile and point at each lever. “If you slide a finger and shift it to the right, panning the control to one channel or another, then you can pick up more channels…”

“Don’t touch my box, son!” Woot turned and frowned at the blonde hair roots of Cody.

Cody whispered. “Sorry! The left control is for the road channels and right one hears all the yard channels. The time of day and weather conditions both impact on how far ya can hear the EDDs.”

“EDDs?” Hucks frowned.

Cody continued to smile and point at each devise. “EDD is the Equipment Defect Detectors that comes from the scanner, where you can hear NS milepost 372.0; NS milepost 358.5; NS milepost 338.0; CSX Milepost 299.7…”

“Great, Cody!” Hucks shook a skull with a chuckle at the smart kid.

Woot turned and frowned at Hucks while pointing at the rear skull of Cody. “What is it?”

“Cody is a smarter man than you, bro,” Hucks turned and winked at Woot.

Cody continued to smile and point at each devise. “You can hear all the live scanner auto feeds coming from the city of Decatur, where only one single train can cross over the Tennessee River on a bridge, which is owned by Norfolk Southern. But NS and CXS are train rivals…”

“Cody is a true rail fan.” Jon nodded with a smile.

“The bridge sees more CXS traffic per day then it does thoroughbred traffic like the executive trains, such-like, the Woot Toot train. The city of Decatur railway is on the NS Memphis to Chattanooga route and the CXS rails ride the Nashville to Birmingham routes. Therefore, both NS and CXS occupy a medium-sized rail yard for the interchange traffic and local industry loads from carrying a box of chemical products to the pet food manufacturing boxes to cotton boll trailers, which are all loaded along the Tennessee River here in Decatur. The scanner feeds are set up for two monitoring radios, one for the local road channels, and one for the local rail yard. Each radio signal is fed to only one audio channel on the scanner, so both the road and yard action can be monitored via a single live feed, using the newest computer software configuration. And if you’re damn lucky, you get to actually hear the very last words of the cab engineer right before his tragic death coming from a two-car train wreck right before the bridge, since the dispatcher warns of any on-coming trains…”

Woot frowned with annoyance. “You’re mental sick, Cody.”

“You’re sexy, Woot!” Fern turned and winked at Woot.

Woot reached over and tugged the airborne level blowing the whistle on the train with a smile. “Toot!”

Hucks laughed. “Start your engines, Conductor Woot!”

Cody stood upright from the floor and spun around with a gasp to see Woot, “Yeehaw! Can I stay up here in the cab, Conductor Woot? I wanna listen to the radio dispatcher.”

Woot reached down and pressed all the levers and buttons at the conductor station. “We all are staying up here inside the cab, since the Woot Toot executive car is off limits for seventeen years old children. Isn’t that right, Hucks?”

“Cody is a minor teenager.” Fern frowned.

Woot leaned out the window with a smile. “I don’t see any additional railway tracks for extra runs of box cars or even one storage warehouse for shipping horse shit of cargo, only tons and tons of sweet smelling cedar and pine trees, filling my eyeballs with pretty green woodlands and the sweet sound of eagles eating doves. Sometimes, I see a herd of male bucks and female does grazing along the railings in the morning, when I speed to work,” chuckling.

“Talk about avoiding all the vehicle traffic jams!” Cody spun around and moved ahead, leaning out the opposite window with a grin while feeling the cool breeze on a face.

Jon looked down and stared with a confused brow at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “The railway distance is extremely short. Is this correct, Woot?”

Woot enjoyed the cool breeze on a sweaty face with a smile. “Tell the good-hearted prince, Hucks!”

Hucks laughed. “The distance is three point seven miles coming from the anchored airplane hangar to the train station.”

Jon reads out loud from the screen of the mobile telephone. “You can drive a car from your carport hanger going one mile on the Heart of Huntsville Drive and then turn right onto Clinton Avenue. Then, you drive for another two miles and then turn left, traveling .07 miles, stopping your vehicle inside the parking lot of the Von Brown Complex. Why in the hell would you bother steering with an expensive overpriced state-of-the-art satellite controlled piece of iron painted in puke green like human mouth vomit down a 3.7 miles railway track towards the VBC?”

“I do it for my shit and giggles, prince,” Woot laughed. “You need to learn now that Americans love to spend all the borrowed monetary funding that comes from the other foreign government treasure chest. Since, we had pissed all of our own monies down the shit toilet into the Mexico drug cartels while chasing away their invited friends, family, and foes off of the USA soil.”

“So false, Woot!” Fern rocked the baby with a frown.

“So true, Woot!” Hucks frowned with disgust.

“How many minutes to travel 3.7 miles while track speeding at 25 miles per hour for us to get to the train depot?” Jon asked.

“Velocity equals distance which is divided by time. Therefore, time equals distance which is divided by velocity. Time equals 3.7 miles which is divided by 25 miles per hour equals 0.148 hours. Then, 0.148 hours times 60 minutes equals 8.88 minutes. Convert the .88 minutes times 60 seconds equals .528 seconds. The answer is 8 minutes and 53 seconds,” Hucks smiled.

“Or 25 miles is divided by 60 minutes equals .416666 miles per minute. Next, 3.7 miles to travel is divided by .416666 miles per minute which equals 8.88 minutes. Then, you convert the .88 minutes by doing the math of .88 times 60 seconds which equals to .528 seconds. Finally, pair the minutes and seconds, you get 8 minutes, 53 seconds,” Woot laughed.

“Or 25 miles an hour is driving or remote control steering a train one mile in 2.4 minutes or two minutes and 24 seconds. Then, 2.4 minutes per mile times 2.7 miles is 8.88 minutes or doing the conversions of seconds. It is 8 minutes and 53 seconds,” Fern giggled down at the baby.

“You, yanks are all smart asses,” Jon laughed.

“Many times over, Princess!” Woot turned and winked at Hucks.

Cody laughed with a hum. “Switcher 518 is rolling, rolling, rolling,” he watched the flying birds and running squirrels that scattered away from the loud noise.

Woot smiled. “Use the rail engineer’s term, Cody! We’re traveling at a good clip with one single box car, running track speed…”

“I love this.” Cody enjoyed the cool breeze on the face.

“Yeah! This is definitely a little boy’s wet dream.” Hucks chuckled with happiness that Cody was having a good time, after all the bad shit of the previous two years for the teen.

“It is the late afternoon around five-ten as the crew of Woot Toot on the 518 cruises northeast-bound towards the river bridge of Clinton Street. The final destination is on Von Brown Center train station,” Woot shouted out loud with a smile.

Jon turned and stared out the window with a smile. “How fast does a train travel…”

“…to kill a man?” Hucks looked at the nose profile of Jon with a laugh. “Well, let’s see! I’ve never calculated the math. So, the walking-speed of an average man when strutting like a turkey around his chicken farm is three miles per hour.”

“At 45 miles-per-hour, the train is moving at 66 feet-per-second.” Cody looked down and read out loud from the tiny screen of the mobile telephone still standing at the open window.

“A human doesn’t explode like a firecracker but he or she might be torn open like gutting a bass fish. Have you ever gutted a pond fish, Your Hindiness?” Woot laughed.

Fern looked down with a smile and read out loud from the mobile telephone. “A human might die of blunt force trauma when getting bashed to death by the nose of the engine. Or if he goes underneath one of the wheels, then he gets his ass ground up into small bits of bass fish food on the stationary and non-movable iron tracks,” she smiled at Jon.

Cody read out loud from the mobile telephone. “Here! It is. Based on last year, the US Federal Government reported documenting all fatalities on or around a single railroad track, where half of the deaths had occurred with the train which was going slower than five miles per hour. Wow!”

Hucks laughed. “Cody likes that word, wow, a lot for a seventeen-year-old kid.”

Cody read out from the mobile telephone. “The government report cites some examples of railway deaths. Some folks get conked in the skull by a slow train when moving at human walking speed of three miles per hour. Some more reported deaths occur, when a passenger or a driver of a car drives at forty miles per hour into the side of a crawling train. Or when a smartass kid dashes underneath a stationary train by getting a skull crushed or an arm limb severed by the rolling metal and then bleeds out into death.”

“That is a good permanent punishment for a stupid smartass kid!” Hucks laughed.

Cody read out loud from the screen of the mobile telephone. “Or a human get killed while walking at three miles per hour along a single track of train in the bright sunlight for some fucking-ass crazy reason. Since, the gawd damn moving train doesn’t give a shit, if you stand on the steel railing or near the steel railing. When the Mr. Train hits your ass, the smashed human becomes a cozy pillow cushion while at the same time accelerating the human speed equal to the train-moving speed. Then, the human goes from zero miles per hour to 25 miles per hour in a few milliseconds which is called delta-acceleration.”

“Or jerk speed!” laughed Hucks.

Cody looked up to see Hucks with a smile. “That’s brilliant, Hucks.”

Hucks nodded with a grin. “Thanks, kindly!”

Cody looked down and read out loud from the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “Delta-acceleration is the amount of time that passes while the velocity is changing too damn fucking fast, even for death,” he laughed with the others.

“That’s brilliant, Cody!” Hucks smiled. “A train injury is similar to an idiot who purposefully jumps off a four-story patio balcony. However, an idiot would never purposefully do that.”

“A new posed question, how fast does a car travel to kill a man?” Fern smiled.

“Are you standing upright towards heaven or kneeling down to God, because you gonna need some healing power in either stance when a car hits your body?” Woot laughed.

Cody read out from the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “Traveling less than five miles per hour, the impact of the car will cause lots of internal bleeding of your smashed biological organs like your heart or your pair of lungs with almost no exterior clinical signs of body injuries. And that kills a man, too.”

“See? Cars kill, not people.” Woot smiled.

“Gun kills, not assholes.” Jon smiled.

Woot reached down and withdrew the hand pistol with a sneer, turning and aimed the cold barrel at the nose profile of the prince. Jon smirked. Hucks sneered. Woot grinned. “Do you wanna review my second amendment of the USA constitution, over there, buddy?”

“Assholes kill, not a gun or a car.” Jon smiled at asshole Woot.

“That’s a good saying, redneck prince!” Woot dropped the hand gun and slid it back down into the jacket with a chuckle.

“If you ride a sissy yellow colored banana seat bicycle at a top speed of ten miles per hour into a brick wall, then you multiply that force by a factor of number three plus the gross tonnage of a locomotive, which exceeds your body weight by 269,850 times. Since, a locomotive can move a fully loaded semi-tractor truck all the way towards the muddy banks of the Tennessee River by itself. Then, you add in the equation, a running engine moves with 1,000 horsepower and then the impact breaks the human skeleton bones into numerous tiny pieces of bones, even through the skin may not be broken. The body is a sack of marrow fragments that just sags and can be hard to pick up, when dead,” Cody laughed down at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone.

Woot continued to pilot the train with a smile. “Or a semi-fast moving Woot Toot train traveling at 25 miles per hour will generate a large amount of energy to crush poor teen-ass Cody into smithereens, if Woot gets mad enough.”

Hucks frowned. “Or hitting a jelly donut with a two-pound hammer, if you don’t move the hammer very fast like 25 miles per hour, then you get red blood-colored jelly stains on your new pair of blue jeans, Woot.”

Cody licked the lips with a laugh. “A jelly filled donut, I hungry.”

“How fast does a bullet travel to kill a man?” Hucks smiled.

Cody smiled. “At 800 feet per second, it kills you deader than road kill.”

“Toot!” Woot reached over and grabbed the level blowing the train whistle with a smile.



5:49 pm

VBC train station platform setting

Warm temperatures with shade rooftop



The train decelerated down from twenty five miles per hour, when the engines automatically applied the brakes while rolling into a smooth silky stop at the empty concrete platform. Woot killed the engine and back stepped out from the conductor station with a smile, turning to face the closed door, moving ahead and stopped, sliding the door open. He climbed down and stood on top of the cool vanilla tinted concrete of the VBC train station platform. He frowned with puzzlement at an empty platform. “There isn’t a welcoming party for us.”

“Those are called terrorists,” Hucks shoved Woot away from the slender doorway of the train and moved ahead with a stern face, surveying the empty platform also.

“I am pleased that we do not have an American welcoming party,” Jon climbed down the stairs with a smile and followed behind the back spine of Hucks, moving ahead towards the single glass door that was guarded by two US military soldiers.

Woot moved ahead towards a single glass door on the platform of the train station. “We walk from here up to the second floor and then pose like a prince and then exit into the lobby of the Von Brown Center.”

One of the uniformed US military guards saluted at the glass door to Woot, “Sir.”

Woot nodded with a smile to the young soldier. “General Woot and his devoted soldiers are reporting for active duty, sir.”

“You’re going to get fired, General Woot.” Fern followed behind Woot with the baby and a frown at her friend’s bad military behavior.

Woot opened the glass door into the building for Fern and the baby and then entered behind her back spine into the lobby floor with a smile. “Who is the asshole that is going to fire lovely me, honey?”

“It is the US Federal Government, your boss, and me!” Hucks stood beside the side wall into the building with a sneer and then swiftly moved ahead, slamming and wrapped a set of arms around the back spine of Woot and growled into the eardrum of Woot. Fern moved ahead with the baby, Cody, and Jon, entering into the open carriage of the elevators on the far end of the hallway, out of eyesight and hearing range.

“I’m really pissing from fright onto the clean shiny tan tile, Hucks.” Woot spun around with a chuckle to see his supervisor and friend with a smirk.

Hucks continued to stand in front of Woot with a sneer. “I want you to a good US soldier boy and not whistle or flirt with any of the pretty babes and show some more respect to Prince Jon. This is an American public affair with you, me, and Fern, representing the US military…”

“Now, I promise no whistling. That’s just tacky.” Woot laughed. The elevator doors opened without carrying Fern, Cody, and Jon.

Hucks tossed a palm into the chest of Woot and slammed, following his friend into the side concrete wall with a snarl into the eardrum. “I mean it. I want you to be a good Bama redneck right now.”

Woot smirked into the frown of Hucks, “Stay calm, kids! Mama is just a little upset,” he reached up and grabbed Hucks by the wrist, twisting and twirled his friend into the same wall slamming the back spine. Woot bad breathes down into the eardrum of Hucks. “What did you do, wife? Fuck the mailman!”

Hucks growled into the wall, “Son of a bitch! That will be the last damn time you catch me off guard. Now, get the fuck off me! Before, I demote your ass to down to private,” panting in fury. Woot continued to bad breathe into the cheekbone of Hucks with a loud chuckle. Hucks slammed both palms into the wall and pushed backwards, slamming into the chest of Woot and shoving both of them into the middle of the floor. Woot back steeped with a laugh from Hucks. Hucks turned to face the elevators door and moved ahead with a huff of annoyance, reaching out to slap the button with fury.

They both entered the carriage in silence as Woot spun around with a smirk. Hucks wore a sour frown.



8:08 pm

Sunset with pinks, reds, blues, and greens and hot temperatures

Miss Lily Pageant

Center stage platform location

Back stage setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Cody and Hucks used both eyeballs and neurons standing and spying behind a set of dark tinted tall curtains, watching over each beauty contestant. The pageant show ended with no complications of a dead body or two which had occurred during the July pageant.

Woot was a good soldier and sat behind the panel of real judges between the head judge and Prince Jon, the guest star judge of the pageant. He spent half the night wiggling a pair of eyebrows with a flirting smile at the beauty contestant Ana. And the other half of the time, he leaned over and whispered her name into each eardrum of the other real pageant judges with an infamous growling threat, if she didn’t win the Miss Lily Pageant title, tiara, and trophy.

Finally, the winner was named Ana, the newly crowned Miss Lily Pageant winner.



Sunday September 5th



Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

VBC interior room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



This was a day of rest for the pageant losers, who each went back to their native State by airplane. Cody spent the day in Huntsville with Hucks and Fern with the baby at their residential home.

The pageant winner Ana took hundreds of publicity photographs inside interior and exterior rooms within the VBC, wearing an array of short and long colored outfits ranging from numerous swimming suits to evening gowns to sundresses to walking shorts in front of the smile of Woot. Woot had been a good soldier using his eyeballs and his neurons while smiling at Ana as her personal guard protector. After the photo shoot ended, Woot went to dinner with Ana and a team of beauty pageant people.

The team had lunch, supper, dinner, and evening drinks with all the pageant representatives, discussing the publicity agenda of Ana, who was the new Miss Lily Pageant Queen.



Monday September 6th

(Labor Day USA holiday)



City of Huntsville

(Five miles west of VBC)

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

8:08 am

Rolland’s Car Dealership location

Lobby entrance setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Woot, Fern, Hucks, and Cody stood in a huddle in front of the new model sports car inside the air conditioned lobby space of the car dealership. Hucks reached out and tugged on the new sports jacket on Woot with a confused brow. “I ordered you to wear a pair of green tinted military clothes that matches my body for both show and might.”

Woot reached down and slapped the hand of Hucks with a smile. “I picked out my nicest sports jacket for both show and presentation. I’m escorting Ana around…”

“Naw!” Hucks frowned with annoyance and shook a cropped red skull. “Cody is the official escort and body guard for Ana. He is the show man. You are the mighty muscles, Woot.”

Woot looked down and mouth spat onto the shiny pair of military boots on Hucks while missing accidentally, looking up with a sour frown to see Cody. “I go with the newly crowned young adult Miss Lily Pageant winner of the USA. I’m one of the real judges. He is a teen-ass child. He acts like a teen-ass child and looks like a teen-ass child, Hucks.”

Hucks grinned. “Cody is handsome and young when he is compared to you, old man. The rich owner of the car dealership wants Cody to escort the pretty beauty queen and the other beauty queen around the new cars.” he laughed with Fern.

Woot frowned. “What other beauty queen?”

“The other beauty queen is his Hindiness, Princess!” Hucks frowned.

Woot smiled, “O yeah! That’s my ingenious nickname for Jon. He didn’t mind.”

Hucks scooted into the face of Woot with a sneer. “I do mind. You don’t escort Ana. Cody does. You don’t talk. I do. You don’t stand here. Fern does stand here. You go and hide behind curtain number two in the rear of the sports car. Your orders come from your superior, solider!”

Woot frowned, “Fine! I will hide behind the curtain, playing on the cell phone and other protruded parts of my body for fun and pleasure, so don’t bother me.”

Hucks shoved Woot backwards towards the car and stood in place to see Woot. Woot slowly shuffled backwards and moved behind a set of tall, wide, dark tinted curtains with a soft sneer. Hucks slapped a hand on the chest with a smile at a hidden Woot and a smiling Cody. “We all stay and stand here behind the curtains and out of sight, of the crowd, and out of the way of all the television reporters. Cody, go and stand with Jon. Ana will be coming out of her dressing trailer in a few seconds. The pageant people had to adjust her crown or makeup or pretty something else on her.”

“Yes sir,” Cody spun around with a smile and moved ahead towards Jon, stopping and stood next to the prince, leaning over with a set of whispered words and a grin.

Hucks moved ahead and shuffled around the curtains, standing beside Woot and Fern, whipping out the switchblade, exposing the silver blade and sliced a short diagonal slant into the dark soft curtain while eyeballing the back spine of Cody and Ana. Hucks didn’t care about Jon. Woot, Hucks, Fern, and Cody had been assigned as a row of personal bodyguards for Ana, who was the newly crowned Miss Lily with the hope of capturing Brone, both alive and well. The new team had hoped that Brone would try to murder the newly crown queen and then Brone would be killed instead by the team of USA warriors.

The media reporter was an average height and average weight female with a head of short brown colored hair, a pair of green eyes, and a tone of dark tinted skin. She reached and pressed down all the fuzzy hair strands from the outside wind storm, reaching down and grabbed the microphone from her television assistant with a stern face, moving ahead and stopped between car owner Rolland and handsome Prince Jon. She turned and reached out, grabbing and cupped the arm of Jon with a smile, holding the live microphone to the smiling lips. “We are almost live, gentlemen! Please smile and look into the camera lens in front of us. I will conduct the entire show selling all the cars for Rolland and eating lunch with Jon. We can go from here after the show and dine at my favorite Japanese restaurant which is down the street, Jon.” She winked at Jon and turned with a smile to see camera lens. “Hello, America! I’m here at the Rolland Car Dealership in Huntsville, where the newest and coolest and hottest sports car comes directly from the country of England along with the coolest and hottest prince of the land. Prince Jon, who stands beside me, has graciously offered to drive me around the smoothly paved roadways of Huntsville with the ragtop down while blowing my hair in the cool breeze…”

The glass from the frontal wall inside the lobby space of the car dealership exploded and then cracked open. The glass shattered and sounded with a set of tiny pings and then dropped down, covering the entire floor and the skulls of each television camera crew member. Each crew member turned with a scream and ran ahead, leaping over the mess of broken glass, dashing outside in both shock and terror.

Cody continued to stand beside Ana and stared with an open mouth at the shocking event.

A group of golden bodies with a matching helmet ran across the exterior parking lot and leaped into the air, jumping over the mess of glass fragments and landed inside the lobby space while slamming into the new cars. Then the three golden bodies advanced and reached out, grabbing the arm of Ana, Cody, and finally Jon. Each one drew in and cuddled a captive, rapidly shuffling backwards towards the closest sports car, shooting a gun with a set of live ammunition at all the upright bodies.

Each golden body killed in cold blood the car owner Rolland, most of the car dealership employees, and some the invited local guests, who continue to stand in shock and death inside the dealership lobby floor. The non-dead invited guests, the limited media television people, the numerous newspaper media people turned tail and screamed in terror, racing through the open entrance doors, running away from the car dealership lobby and into the hot sunshine for safety.

Fern reached out and grabbing, jerking each an arm on Woot and Hucks, moving away from the tall curtains into the lower hallway. Fern had memorized the layout of the car dealership on electronic computer before attending the publicity event of the first photographic shooting of the Miss Lily Pageant as precaution like a good military soldier. She spun around with a sneer and led them down a narrow hallway, stopping in front of hidden doorway within the side way. Hucks and Woot stopped behind her ass and watched her motions. She felt down the wall and located the hidden seamed of a hidden flush door with a pair of naked fingertips, slamming the metal of the hunting knife with a folded fist. Then, the secret door cracked open. She reached out and jerked the door open, moving ahead, climbing up a set of narrow steps inside a dark enclosed passageway. Hucks and Woot immediately followed her up the stairs.



Lobby floor setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Ana was blinded over both eyelashes by the dark cloth with a set of rouge rope on a pair of tied wrist bones in front of the chest. She couldn’t see but felt the jumpsuit fabric on the golden body next to her side. Both of them stood in silence front of an exposed glass window wall frame as rows of local police officers stood in silence and watched the horror inside the car dealership lobby without acting in hopes of not harming the hostages.

Golden body number two held a gun inside the eardrum of Jon and faced the glass window, smiling at the row of local police officers. Jon wore a pair of tied wrist bones behind a back spine without a blind folded, so each television camera could see his frightened facial expression.

Golden body number three stood between Cody and Ana. Cody was not blind folded but struggled with a set of tight ropes on both wrist bones behind a back spine. His kidnapper smiled inside the helmet with a sneer, motioning a hand to the reporters. “Come here, little television reporters! Take all your pictures, newspaper photographers! Before, we blow Prince Jon up towards the new kingdom of God…”

Golden body number one reached out and rattled the ropes on the wrist bones of Ana, shouting out loud into the gathered crowd of police, media television reporters, and nosy on-lookers, within the gathering crowd of Americans. “We demand a ransom of fifty million dollars in Euros, not the lousy US dollars for Prince Jon and his lady fair. Or we execute them on live television for our fun entertainment, ya’ll. I like visiting here in the South with all your funny sayings, ya’ll.” He laughed with the other kidnappers.



4th floor level location

Observation lounge setting

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



Each US military soldier swiftly dashed ahead and stopped, dropping down a long body in front of the row of glass windows, resting on top of the dirty tile floor, aiming a cold hand gun barrel sight at each rear helmet of each golden body that held Ana, Jon, and Cody.

Fern rested between Woot and Hucks on a stomach and aimed a cold gun barrel on the rear golden helmet of number two that stood beside Jon.

Hucks aimed a gun barrel at on the rear golden helmet number three that stood next to Cody.

Fern whispered. “Ready!”

Woot aimed a cold gun barrel on the rear golden helmet of number one that stood beside his girl Ana with a smirk. “Which bandit is mine?”

Hucks sneered. “The one is on the extreme right and next to Ana, who is hurting her arm. Do not hit Ana, Woot!”

Woot smirked. “I won’t.”

Fern whispered. “Set!”

Woot smiled. “Can I take out the one on the left of Ana too?”

Hucks smirked. “Naw! He is my kill shot.”

“Shoot,” Fern held the breath and pressed the trigger on the hand gun. Woot took in a breath and held all the air molecules, pressing the trigger.

Three individual bullets sounded with a whamp coming from three individual hand gun barrels, breaking through the glass window on the fourth floor, directly hitting into a back spine of each golden body on the lobby floor. Each bullet traveled through an upright body and hit the heart organ, carrying both the bullet and the heart organ out through the chest, soaring through the air waves, and then landed down on the clean floor in a bloody splat with a soft thud onto the lobby floor. Then, each golden body slowly swayed side to side in both shock and surprise, releasing out a set of ugly sprays of red blood proteins into the air waves and near the hostage.

On the lobby floor, Ana slowly back pedaled with a loud scream in blinded fear, after hearing the whamping sound of the single bullet, smelling the fresh blood coming from the kidnapper.

Cody reached over and smashed an elbow into the rib cage of his captive. The captive tumbled to the side and dropped down over the floor in death. He reached over and grabbed the tied wrist bones of Ana, back stepping away from all the dead bodies, hitting the side of new sports car. Then, he and Ana scooted around the new car and continued to back step from the dead bodies and the action.

Jon side stepped from the dead body with a chuckle and stood in a stationary pose with a grin while watching the nasty killing action. His kidnapper stumbled forward and dropped down, landing on the floor on a face into the glass fragments in death also.

Cody continued to back step with Ana and moved further away from the spraying blood, the spilled guts, floor of broken glass, the buzzing television camera lenses, and the dead captives, slamming a pair of legs into the office desk and stopped with Ana.

The television crew continued to roll the film and record all the deaths and sprays of red blood. Each television reporter jumped through the broken glass and rushed ahead over the messy floor, stopping and stood in front Jon. Jon pointed each dead body with a smile and a nod into the camera lenses. “I am so grateful…”

Woot rushed down the staircases and out the secret room, scooting around the curtains, reaching towards Ana and stopped, reaching out and pulled her from Cody into a chest with a smile. “I’m Woot. I’m the judge that answered your Japanese romance question during the interview process of the Miss Lily pageant. And I watched you model all your outfits yesterday inside the VBC. And I watched you eat the lunch, the suppertime, the dinnertime meals…”

Ana continued to pant and puff with fright between his biceps and stared at the action of Jon and the television reporters, “Woot!” Woot reached down and gently removed the blindfold from her pretty eyes with a wicked smile in silence. She continued to gasp with fright and scanned the messy bloody floor and the broken window, “Woot!”

Woot tossed away the fabric as it floated in the air and then landed on the floor. He didn’t bother to cut off the ropes that bounded her wrist bones, “Hey, princess!”

Ana spun around from Jon with a confused brow and then smiled at Woot. He had been one of the judges from the Miss Lily pageant. She exhaled with a puff of nervousness while calming a beating heart and a racing mind, “Woot! Woot!”

Woot nodded with a chuckle. “You are one cool lady being able to remember my name during all this fucking shit.”

“Woot!” She gasped with pant.

“I saved your life, darling.” Woot smiled.

“Please untie the rope, Woot. The ropes are hurting my wrist bones.” She stretched out the tight ropes side to side while cutting into the naked wrists with a sigh.

Woot continued to smile at her. “Naw! I like you all tied up for me, sugar. Then, I can have my way with you, until you yell out for…”

He with his wife Fern dashed away from the tall curtains with a sneer at the back spine of his friend. “Woot,” Hucks scooted around Woot and stopped, reaching out and pulled Ana away from Woot. Then, Fern reached out with a smile and cut off the ropes from the naked wrist bones of Ana.

Cody moved ahead from the office desk and the huddle of his new friends with a sigh and shook a bald head, stopping and stood over two of the dead golden bodies on top of the bloody and messy floor. He looked up with a puzzled brow and scanned the rest of the dead bodies on top of the floor, a lobby of cars plus his friends, and then rows of nosy on-lookers that lounged outside in the hot sunshine. He moved ahead with a sigh and strolled over the parking lot and between the rows of new cars, searching for more golden bodies within the crowd. A pair of golden tinted gloves reached out and grabbed the collar bone of Cody. Cody ducked down to the side of the heated body and spun around with a gasp, rearing back, punching a fist forward at the new enemy of golden hue, when a forward golden tinted glove hit into the cheekbone of Cody. Cody stumbled backwards with a gasp. A second golden hand reached out and captured Cody by the arm. Cody tumbled forward into a wall of hard body armor of gold on the chest of the new enemy. Then, the fourth golden body squatted down and lifted up, tossing an unconscious Cody onto a collar bone, swiftly running ahead in front of each television camera lenses and the rows of the local police officers.

Inside the lobby floor, Woot smiled down at Ana, when an acute eyeball spotted the moving commotion outside the building inside a parking lot of parked cars, looking up with a gasp. Cody wore a pair of green tinted fatigues like Fern and Hucks, resting on top of a collar bone of a fourth golden body. The golden body was dashing through the car dealership with Cody. “Fuck!” Woot tossed both arms into the air with a shout out. “Hey! Stop him! Trip that guy!” He dashed ahead and jumped through the glass opening with a sneer, running after Cody for a rescue. “Damn! Damn! Damn! Stop him! Someone trip that asshole. Someone get Cody!”

Hucks and Fern raced ahead behind Woot. Fern stopped and jerked out a pair of binoculars into a face from the survival backpack on the back, standing on top of the parking lot. Cody was being toted over the shoulder of a fourth healthy and alive golden body trotting towards a non-descript black tinted window car. She exhaled with worry and dropped down the binoculars with a sneer. “Shit!”

Hucks raced ahead and pulled out the gun but needed to get closer to kill the kidnapper or he would harm Cody. He shouted out loud. “Cody, fight him! Stop that masked-man! Cody needs our help!”

Woot stopped and huffed out tons of air molecules. Hucks stopped beside Woot with a sour frown. The golden body stopped and loaded Cody into the rear seat of a black sedan, climbing into the passenger side. Then the car raced away from the city street and disappeared down the roadway. Hucks sneered at the rear bumper of the black sedan. “We were too late, but we’ll get him back. I promise you that.”

Fern raced ahead and stopped, standing between the men. “Call the president right now, Hucks!”



Car dealership parking lot setting

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine



Jon carefully moved ahead with Ana and stepped through the mess of broken glass fragment over the floor. They both slowly strolled outside over the building pavement and stopped in front of Woot, Fern, and Husks. Jon looked up with a smile and signaled the object with a hand wave. Woot frowned with puzzlement at the updraft of wind above the skull and looked up with a gasp at the object in the sky. Two helicopters flew in the skyline coming from the direction of east and west, paralleling each other in the air and halted, hovering directly over the car dealership parking lot of cars. The machines hovered over Jon, Woot, Fern, Hucks and Ana also.

A set of four vertical ropes dropped down and landed on top of the gray pavement and surrounded Jon. A group of four black tinted bodies of armor with a matching helmet rappelled down each side of the two helicopters, landing on the pavement, surrounding Woot, Hucks, Fern, Ana, and Jon.

Jon twirled a finger near a smile with a chuckle. Each black body pulled out from a side pocket and lifted up, draping a blue cape on top of Woot, Hucks, Fern, and Ana. Then, each black body wrapped a piece of rope around the cape which pinned both set of arms and hands on Woot, Hucks, Fern, and Ana. Jon snapped the finger with chuckle. Each black body wrapped a set of arms around each blue cape that held an American citizen.

Woot struggled inside the cape and with the black body of a disguised tall male with a sneer. “Hey! I don’t wear female silk bathrobes ever.”

Hucks fought with the cape and the black body of a disguised tall male with a snarl. “I hope you guys got some good British hospital insurance, because I’m going to beat the holy shitty crap out of each ass that has touched a US military solider, including me, her, and him.”

Fern slammed both hands into the cape without removing the fabric and fought with the black body of a disguised tall male with a growl. “Jon, you are fucking dead by my hunting knife which located inside my boot. I just need to loosen of the cape and one of my killing hands. Then, you are dead, boy,” sneering.

Jon twirled the finger with a smirk. Each black body on set of rappelling ropes sailed up towards the metal belly and landed on top of the lip of the helicopter floor, moving inside the cabin of the transport. Each helicopter steered ahead towards a private airport that was known only to Jon.



First helicopter location

Parking lot setting

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

with four miles per hour winds



Jon continued to stand on top of the heated pavement in the parking of cars and looked up with a smile. Each flying pilot was lifting off on its own flight plan through the air waves. He snapped the fingers with a chuckle. A single rope dropped down and dangled in front of his smile. He reached out and grabbed the rope, lifting a single foot and slapped down onto a short stirrup, hitching a ride by vertical rope up towards the cabin of the helicopter. The rope swiftly sailed up into the skyline. He twirled around and n stopped on the rope, floating outside the lip of the floor, when the arm of a fifth black body reached out and pulled Jon into the cabin. Jon stared with a smile at Woot, Hucks, and Fern, who were each roped and sat on top of a long bench seat in a row.

Woot, Hucks, and Fern, each wore a helmet that contained a built-in microphone for vocal communication and audio listening and also showed a distorted sneer at Jon.

Jon wobbled ahead over the floor and stopped, sitting down on the opposite bench between four black bodies, lifting up and tapped onto the helmet, saying with a smile into the microphone. “Tell me about Cody!”

Woot continued to sit with a pair of tied wrist bones behind the back spine with a smirk at Jon into the helmet microphone, “Hmm! I have blood type AB. Did you know that people with that particular blood type always forgets about all kinds of stuff? So, what is your name, again, princess? So, what is your question, again, bitch?”

Hucks sneered into the helmet microphone. “You harm my wife. I’ll rip out your eyeballs and stuff them organs up your ass, boy.”

Jon turned with a smile to see Fern and said into the helmet microphone. “I know that Fern is your wife. But she accompanies you on a dangerous military assignment.”

Fern snarled through the helmet microphone. “And if you harm my husband, then I will lovingly rip off your dick and fed it down your throat, sir.”

Jon smirked into the helmet microphone. “Ah! Hucks accompanies his wife on each dangerous military assignment protecting his ass. I hope to marry a girl like you, Fern, one day. And I do not plan to harm anyone here or later. I am worried about Cody too. I want to know about Cody also.”

Woot frowned into the helmet microphone. “Cody is seventeen years old, a genius and a minor kid, based on an adult standard here in the USA. What is your nasty interest in a teen-ass from the great Sate of Alabama? He’s a farm boy with both guts and smarts, who happens to be…”

“That is my posed question too, Woot,” Jon smiled into the helmet microphone. “Why is a minor kid hanging around with a top secret military unit here in the State of Alabama?”

Fern frowned. “He is in danger.”

Woot laughed. “Forget Cody! I’m in danger here.”

Hucks laughed. “Forget all of ya’ll! Jon is in very serious danger, after I damage his heart,” sneering into the microphone.

Jon exhaled with a huff of frustration into the helmet microphone. “I will share first. I possess the Jesus Strand.” A set of mouth drop open and then close on each American in silence. He nodded with a smile. “Yes. It is true. And I am searching for more people like me and Cody to offer both protection and safety. I am very concerned about his health too, since there are other factions who are not really worried about Cody’s vital health. Who were the golden tinted attackers that killed those people at the car dealership, today?”

“We don’t care,” Hucks sneered into the helmet microphone, since he didn’t know or trust the prince but he did know about the silly concept of the Jesus Strand.

“We don’t know.” Fern exhaled with a worried brow.

“We don’t know you either,” Woot frowns with suspicion.

He reached down and pulled out a mobile telephone from the sporting coat with a smile and pressed the famous and familiar electronic icon, lifting the phone to the face, hearing the immediate female voice. “This is Prince Jon. Please connect me to the President of the United States right now! Thank you so much, ma’am!”

He paused and listened to the voice of the president of the United States on the other end of the mobile telephone.

“Cody has been taken.”


“I concur with your wise decision, Mr. President,” he dropped the phone down into the lap and smiled at each American. “Your mission parameter has been changed by your boss, the President of the United States. You have been ordered to find and capture the kidnapper and then protect Cody at all costs. Cody is priority here. Cody is one of very few identified persons, who possess the Jesus Strand also.”

Fern narrowed the eyelashes with sneer into the helmet microphone. “That means nothing to me. What does it mean to you, princess?”

Jon grinned. “It means too much. I’m flying you home for a change of clothing and then to a private airport on the outskirts of Huntsville. We all will board my private business jet and fly back to England. We are all going to report to my brother our predicament…”

“That word has a very familiar ring tone to my ears,” Hucks whispered for his eardrums only with a worried brow at Jon.




Monday September 6th



City of London within the country of England

(4,386 miles northeast from Alabama)

Cool temperatures with dark clouds, slight rain mist

with four miles per hour winds and 65% humidity

5:05 pm (London time)

Royal castle setting of King Jack and Queen Jill

Banquet room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



The private business jet landed safely at the private airport. Jon led Woot, Ana, Hucks, and Fern down the ladder and into a black colored limousine. The limousine arrived safely at the royal castle. At the London royal castle, there was a crowd of people standing outside the iron gates, cheering for Prince Jon. Inside the banquet room of the castle, Woot, Ana, Hucks, and Fern attended a lunch event for Prince Jon.

The Queen of England had gifted Woot, Hucks, and Fern with a semi-royal British title and a short British speech for saving the life of her son Prince Jon in the USA during a surprise bloody terrorist attack on American soil.

Fern turned and smiled down at the hair roots of Hucks, who held their infant son. She stood on top of a short podium with a smile of happiness and shock, seeing an audience and each television camera lenses, saying a few words to the world. “Hello to the world! Thanks for this wonderful banquet food and royal title, to boot! I would like to say as an American mom, let us work together to end world hungry,” she clapped with the others. “As a US military solider, let us have peace on earth and good will towards others,” she clapped with the others again. “Thank you, world!” She back stepped and moved off the platform, swiftly dashing back to her husband and her child with a smile.

Hucks slowly stood upright from the chair with the baby and leaned over, kissing and hugged Fern, pulling back with a wink, handing her the baby. Fern cuddled her son and sat down with the assistance of Hucks into the dining room chair, watching the remaining speeches. Hucks sat back down next to her and faced the podium to hear the rest of the speeches also with a smile.

King Jack was a tall and slender male with a tone of pale tinted skin, a head of blonde colored hair, and a pair of blue eyes. He pointed down to the next person at the royal eating table with a British stern face. “Sir Hucks, would you like to give the world some good advice this afternoon?”

Hucks swiftly stood upright from the chair with a chuckle and a nod, moving ahead and stood in front of the microphone, slapping both hands on the podium. The microphone recorded the blasting sound. He smiled into the crowd of people and the rolling camera lenses of the world. “Thanks kindly, folks! I got two things to say to ya’ll,” he turned and smiled at the nose profile of Jack. “Is my wife a princess now?” The audience members sounded with a set of soft claps and soft laughter.

“No, Sir Hucks!” Jack shook a crowned skull with a stern face.

Hucks exhaled with a nod of disappointment and shook a skull with a sour frown. “Okay,” he turned and growled at the nose profile of Jon. “Dude, where in the hell is my American beer that you promised me for saving your sorry ass, this morning in Alabama?” The audience members sounded with a set of soft claps and soft laughter.

“One American beer is coming up for my savior Hucks,” Jon scooted out from the chair with a smile and spun around to whisper into the face of three new bodyguards. One of the body guards leaned forward with a grin and presented a tumbler of sweaty brew in the air towards Hucks.

Hucks nodded with a smile and turned to see the audience. “Thanks to the world for all kinds of stuff, especially my loving wife Fern and our precious son!” He back stepped from the microphone and moved ahead, stopping, reaching out and snatched up the beer and sipped, swallowing the cold beer with a loud burp. He spun around with a smile and sat back down next to Fern with a chuckle, leaning over and patting the hair of the baby.

Jack moved ahead and stood in front of the podium, waving a hand to the audience. “I order a brew of beer for everyone too. Sir Woot, would you like to convey any words to the world?”

Woot stood upright from the chair and dashed ahead, standing on top of the short platform, wiggling side to side with nervousness. He slammed both sweaty palms onto the wood as the microphone recorded the blasting sound. He chuckled with a grin at the audience. “Hi, ya’ll!” He turned and winked at Ana. “I love you, Ana. Please marry me today anywhere in London,” he lifted up and presented a shiny diamond ring for all eyeballs and the television camera lenses with a chuckle.

“Yes.” Ana stood upright from the chair with a scream and dashed ahead, pulling up beside Woot with a giggle and a grin.

Woot leaned over with a grunt into her face as she giggled. He pulled back with a smile and knelt down on one kneecap, presenting the ring into her smile. The television camera lenses rolled the film and as all the flash bulbs blinded each eyeball. He smiled. “Please, accept this small precious token that always reminds you of my unending love and high respect as my bride soonest and then my wife foreverly. I promise my eternal love and to drop the toilet seat down, after pissing. Once a redneck, always a redneck, ya’ll!” He chuckled with a wink at her.

Ana smiled down into the green eyeballs of Woot, “I accept in becoming a redneck princess to my Bama prince,” she dropped down on both kneecaps equaling their bodies, feeling both excitement and nervousness of getting married to the handsome soldier. Woot slid the ring over her finger with a chuckle. The audience members sounded with a set of soft claps and soft moans. They leaned over and kissed, pulling back with a goofy grin at each other.

Woot stood upright from the floor first and leaned down, assisting Ana into a chest cuddle with him as they both waved a hand and a smile to the audience and each camera lenses like an American prince and princess. He leaned down into the microphone with a growl. “To all the men and all the lesbians of the world, the doll is mine with three fucking ass exclamation points.” The audience member sounded with a set of claps, hoots, and cheers throughout the banquet room. Woot back stepped with Ana from the podium and twisted them towards a pair of chairs on the long royal eating table beside Hucks and Fern.

Jack moved ahead and stood in front of the microphone with a clap and a smile. “Congratulations, to the newly engaged happy couple and the soon-to-be future groom and bride! And the royal chapel is available for the afternoon and the evening hours today. Now, I would like to introduce my princely brother Jon.” He turned and clapped with a smile for his brother.

Jon scooted back the chair and stood upright with a hand, moving towards the platform, standing in front the microphone, slamming both hands over the podium like the two other Bama rednecks. He nodded with a smile at the audience. “Thank you! Now, I’m required to say a few brilliant sentences, after Woot’s unforgettable earth-shuttering love bird moment. To Woot and Ana, my best wishes and forever respect! To the world, I was prevue to their secret first,” he clapped with a smile at Ana. Jon frowns with worry, viewing the audience, says. “To the ladies and gentlemen of the world, I am here, because of my new friends Woot, Hucks, and Fern. I stood next to terror. I stood beside a gun at my temple with both of my hands tied behind a waist. I stood slumped in fright like a newborn kitten looking for my mum on the worsest moment in my short years of life. Then, I saw a miracle, over there. I saw the good guys win, over there. Then, I saw the bad villains lose, over there. Then, I saw the sunrise the next day here, since I was alive. I had survived there. I hadn’t pooped inside my white lace girly panties as these Southerns like to say. Isn’t that right, Woot?” Woot gave a thumb-up sign with a nod.

Jon chuckled. “I am making those silly and fun remarks, because I can. I am here with my new friends and I will fight and defeat our newest enemy called terror. Woot, Hucks, and Fern will partner with a special international terrorism division located here in London. I really can’t tattle tale anymore of our secrets, since the bad guys are closely listening to the tele. I would like to say a welcome to our American cousins and their new home, where we shall all work together to overcome and conquer the evil out of our homes and our hearts while finding finally only peace and love,” he clapped with a nod and a smile with the audience.



6:06 pm

Royal castle drawing room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



Woot, Hucks, Ana, and Fern, they stood in a huddle with a set of whispers inside the banquet room, after the quickie marriage of Woot and Ana inside the banquet room by a local London priest. They watched the castle servants and guests leave the banquet room.

The female entered the room and hugged a pink blanket with a stern face, stopping and stood in front of the huddle. Woot looked down with a laugh at the objects on the new female. “I wanna compliment your set of puke green colored nails, Queen Jill. For my new wife, do not come home wearing those fugly ugly things,” he chuckled with Hucks.

Ana reached over and slapped his bicep with a frown of annoyance. “For my new husband, those are the latest trend in nail coloring…”

“…for a blind man,” Woot laughed out loud and leaned over, hugging his new wife.

Jill was a tall and slender female with a head of long blonde hair, a tone of pale tinted skin, a pair of green eyeballs, wearing a white blouse, a short skirt, and a pair of sandals. She stared with an icy face, since a Brit never smiled. She cuddled the pink blanket near the breast in a British accent. “I would like to express once more our deep gratitude for saving our brother Jon. He would be dearly missed, if the delicate and deadly situation had been far opposite. It is customary to provide a gift for our visitors, our new friends. This is an English lap dog puppy for Fern and her new baby boy coming from your English neighbors who live across the sea.” She removed the top of the pink blanket and revealed a tiny newborn puppy, extending the blanket to Fern with a nod.

Fern handed her son to Hucks and stared with a puzzled brow down at pink blanket, reaching out and accepted the puppy. Then she turned to the side and exchanged the puppy back for her son with Hucks. Hucks accepted and patted the skull of the tiny puppy with a chuckle.

Jill said with a British stern face. “The puppy is a little girl to compliment your son. I am very pleased that all of you are part of our very exclusive social club,” she spun around and moved ahead towards the open elevator, entering the carriage. Jack, Jon, Woot, Fern, and Hucks followed behind her, spinning around to face the closing doors. Jill reached over and gently grabbed her infant baby from her husband Jack, standing next to Fern with a smile. “Fern, you are welcome to leave your son with my daughter inside the Ward for the afternoon while we finish conducting our business meeting for the evening.” The elevator stopped. Then, the doors opened. Jill stepped off the carriage and moved ahead over the floor with a stern face.

Fern pulled the blue colored doggie pattern hoodie over the bald skull of her son and cuddled him into her breasts with a worried brow, not moving ahead and stared down at row of lights that were embedded onto the hard surface. Hucks reached over and gently nudged her elbow with a smile. She frowned with suspicion and slowly moved ahead over the floor, turning to scan the walls and the individual glass of rooms. “What is a ward?”

Jill led down a set of two pink and blue painted walls showing an assortment of hand drawn colorful wildlife baby animals with a stern face. “This is the Ward, where all the babies are housed…”

Ana remembered reading about the famous royal palace on the jet flight and moved beside Woot with a puzzled brow, turning to stare at the walls of glass also. “I didn’t know that the royal palace provided a hospital ward inside the castle. Why is a room of sick babies located here within the castle walls? What’s wrong with the little babies?” She stopped and stood at the glass window, staring inside an individual room, where an infant rested inside a pink colored baby crib. Jon, Jack, and Jill halted with a gasp and spun around with a stern f ace to see Ana.

Jill stared with an icy glaze at Fern with a stern face. “This is the ward, not a hospital of sick children. These children are not sick with an illness. They are very, very happy and very, very healthy, without any type of infection. I do…”

“Jill!” Jack reached over and gently patted the arm of Jill with a smile to each American “I believe there is a language misinterpretation here. The Middle English word ‘ward’ means keeper or watchman or guard or guardian or protector or lord of all the children. This is a children’s nursery which is located within the bowels of castle palace for all the working staff employees. We have living staff inside the castle working twenty four hours every day and night. Their children are housed here while they work during the daylight and nighttime hours and then come and collect their baby at the end of their shift.”

Jon nodded with a grin, “Quite good!”

Fern stood in place and rocked the baby back and forth with a smile. “All American companies do the same thing like a working hospital and the bigger business corporations. This is a nice touch for your palace workers.”

Ana gasped, “O. I’m so sorry. The layout of the royal hallway and the individual rooms suggest to me…” she grinned. “Never thee mind,” giggling.

Woot leaned over and cuddled Ana, kissing her cheekbone, pulling back with a set of whispered words into her face.

Jill rocked the baby back and forth with a stern face. “The royal palace does not provide a hospital ward with state of the art medical equipment for our employees, when their child is sick. The employees can leave work and visit the local hospital down the street. This Ward is off limits of course to any staff member without a child, where all the working and living staff members are confided here during the day and the night, while servicing the castle property.”

Jon smiled. “To add to our royal duty, the royal palace employs the largest selection of orphaned teenagers and adults coming from other nations throughout the world. We provide to them shelter, food, and employment here in England while helping them to build a proper life and a new family environment.”

Ana smiled. “O. That’s very nice too!”

Fern looked down with a smile at face of her sleeping son. “Thank you for your offer of the Ward. My motherly response is a loving no. I will attend to my son during our late evening business meeting. If he becomes fussy, then I will leave the business meeting and return back to our shared chamber suite. Thank you for the lovely invitation into the Ward! But, I wholehearted decline,” Hucks leaned over with a nod and cuddled his family, staring with a smile in silence at the royals.

Jack reached over and patted the arm of Jill with a smile. “Jill, we can provide two individual baby cribs inside the drawing room which is prettier than the plain conference room. Each baby will receive a crib for nappy time, after feeding and then both babes can stay with us throughout the entire business conduct. Is that a better solution for our international encounter today?”

Fern exhaled with disappointment at the new ideas. She really wanted to stay and wait inside the royal sleeping suite. Hucks nodded with a grin to Jack. “Yeah! That’s a fine and dandy arrangement for us too. We can both keep any eyeball on the baby, Fern. After he wakes from his nappy time, then I can babysit my son next. I love being a new daddy.”

Jack grinned with a nod. “This is an excellent compromise for all us, Hucks! Jon shall lead towards your chamber suit for refreshing, while I prepare and arrange the drawing room for our business meeting the evening.” He reached down and pulled out the mobile telephone, tapping on the electronic icon. “I will inform the staff to update the drawing room with all the required accouterments, before our arrival. It will only take a few minutes.”

Jon turned to the side and moved ahead towards a tall staircase with a grin. “Come this way please! I have placed you along the row of northern suites, since you hail from the continent of North America,” he led up the staircase.

Woot turned to face the staircase and cuddled Ana with a laugh, following behind Jon. “I wanna a southern room, since I’m a Southern rouge. Hucks is the Yankee doodle boy today, so give him one of the northern royal sleeping chamber, sir.”



4th floor

Shared chamber suite setting of Woot, Ana, Fern, and Hucks

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



Jon stopped and stood beside the doorway without pointing with a smile. “This is a shared sleeping suite for my two set of American friends. Enjoy the room! I will return within thirty minutes for our meeting downstairs inside the drawing room,” he spun around and quickly moved ahead, racing down the staircase in silence.

Woot moved ahead and reached out, shoving the door open with a smile, strolling inside and stopped a few feet from the archway with a smile. He twirled around in a completely circle and stopped with a smile, moving ahead towards a row of chairs in front of the gigantic television plasma, sitting down and reached out, fiddling with the remote control devise with a chuckle.

Fern entered into the room and turned to face the bedroom, strolling ahead to change a set of dirty baby diapers.

Ana entered inside the room and stopped, turning to stare into the wall mirror inside the foyer while tapping on the lip. “Did you notice that Queen Jill has an ugly canker sore on her top lip? She had covered the canker sore really well with the expensive makeup, but I still recognized it.”

Woot reached down and pulled out the mobile telephone, without seeing a new text message. “Almighty God says in the Good Book not to judge your friends, darling.”

Ana continued to stare into the mirror. “It is a common observation. A canker sore is a tiny painful small blister and it is very contagious. A canker sore is not caused by a virus but triggered by nutritional deficiencies, such as, emotional stress and the lack of fruits.”

Hucks entered into the room and stopped, standing in the middle of the floor, typing on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone with a smile. “The word ‘ward’ means keeper in Old English. However, it also means a separate room inside a hospital for a sick patient or a minor under the care and control of a guardian who has been appointed by a court of law or an enclosed wall of a fortress or a castle. We’re housed inside an old castle. Ain’t that right, Woot?”

Woot sat back into the padded chair and tapped on the remote control, surfing each channel on the television screen with a smile. “What’s up your butthole, Hucks?”

“The royals,” Hucks continue to type and read on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone with a puzzled brow while looking for more missed information.

Ana continued to stare at her reflection in the mirror and tapped on her lips that didn’t show a canker sore. “I think the queen is stressed out with her life which is torn between a mother and a queen. She never smiles with happiness that must be why she has those ugly canker sores over her lips.”

Woot watched the television with a smile. “All the proper Englishmen and women possess a set of bad toothies. That’s why they smile with an icy stare of no clean enamel.”

Ana looked down with a puzzled brow and lifted up, reading the glossy colored pamphlet on top of the table underneath the mirror, flipping through the pages and stopped with a smile. “Huh! The British glare is worth a thousand smiles.”

Fern emerged out from the bedroom and cuddled her son with a yawn of exhaustion, stopping and stood beside Hucks with a worried brow. “I’m stressed and tired too as a loving mother and an angry hostage.”

Hucks looked up with a smile and leaned over hugging Fern and the baby. “Fern, you and the baby stay in here and miss the afternoon business meeting. We can handle the royals. We can get the location of Brone and then kill Brone and save Cody. Then, we all can leave England and return back home to American. The end!” He chuckled with Woot.

Fern handed the baby to Hucks and stretched out the arms with an ugly yawn, looking at the baby with a worried brow. “No. I wanna hear all the accumulated resource information coming from the royals first, before we try to retrieve and save Cody. I don’t trust these people as English and not Americans.”

Ana dropped down the pamphlet and back stepped, spinning around with a smile and moved ahead and stopped, reaching out and touched each piece of polished ancient furniture with a puzzled brow, “Why not? They wanna help and rescue Cody too. If Cody is hidden somewhere here inside the continent of Europe, we want their help and need all their secret services. I vote to stay as long as possible, until we find Cody.”

Hucks shouldered a wiggling son and slowly strolled around the room, bouncing the baby gently up and down while trying to calm the baby for a nap with a smile. “I’m boss. The boss orders that we all are staying, until we find Cody.”



6:16 pm

Ground floor drawing room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



The mint green colored room was rectangular-shaped with a high ceiling. A row of shiny metal knights of armor lined the far wall. The opposite wall displayed a row of glass windows showing off the colorful flower garden. The side walls held pockets of ancient dark wooden sitting furniture between a wide book shelf that was filled old volumes of colorful manual and books.

Woot cuddled Ana and moved underneath the open archway with the width size of a compact car, turning to scan the spacious room of mint green hue with a smile. “This is the life for some folks. Isn’t that right, Ana? But it is not me. I like working like a dog in our native America country. I arise at five in the fucking morning and then go to work and come home at fucking seven in the night of darkness while missing all the daytime fun and entertaining television programs. Yeah! I love America as a middle class…”

Jon stood behind one of the conference chairs waiting on his family members and all the American guests to select a chair with a smile. “The staff has provided a tray of freshly baked tea biscuits and a pitch of cold squash in the center of the table. Squash is the Brit name for freshly squeezed lemonade. Please, refresh your palette with our native goodies.”

Hucks moved ahead beside Fern and stopped, pulling out the chair for his wife. She sat down first with the sleeping baby. He leaned over and poured out two glass tumblers of yellow colored squash with a smile, sliding one tumbler in front of Fern and lifted up, sipping and swallowed the cold beverage. He dropped the tumbler and reached up, slamming a palm into the forehead with a shiver and a loud grunt. “Ugh! I got an ice cream headache”

Jack entered the room with a smile with his wife Jill, who held the baby. “A brain freeze happens when something cold touches nerves the roof of the mouth, triggering all blood vessels in the front of your head to swell and expand. The swelling causes a jabbing pain of a brain freeze,” he moved ahead and stopped, pulling a chair for his wife Jill. Jill sat down with the baby and stared with a British stern face at each American in silence.

“Thinking tea will fix everything,” Woot poured out two glass tumblers of yellow tinted squash for him and Ana, sliding one in front of Ana, sitting down beside her with a smile.

Jon dropped open and closed the mouth with a smirk at Woot. “Where did you learn that English expression, Woot?”

Woot lifted up and waved the mobile telephone near a grin. “The cell has everything you want, but Cody’s whereabouts.”

Jack grinned. “There is no worry about solving that dilemma.”

Jill sneezed out loud and then performed a soft hiccup while rocking her baby inside the chair at the table.

Woot sipped and swallowed the squash with a smile. “What’s our next move, Hucks?”

Hucks nodded with a stern face. “We search and find Cody next. I believe it has been confirmed that Brone has captured Cody. Presently, Brone has accomplished some of his rotten-ass field goals. One, he has Cody. Two, he has killed off all of the identified Jesus Strand folks or beings or people. Three, he’s scaring the shit out of everyone’s buttholes, literally.”

Woot smiled with a smile. “Brone doesn’t scare my butthole.”

Hucks grinned. “That’s because Woot has a hole in his ass that is bigger than your standard butt-hole model,” he chuckled with the others.

Woot frowned. “Hucks need more caffeine, instead of sweeten lemon water to counter effect his lingering jet lag coming from America.”

Jack said with a British stern face. “What are you postulating as the main objective of this male who is named, Hucks?” Jill sneezed out loud and then performed a soft hiccup while rocking the baby next to Jack.

Hucks nodded with a stern face. “Brone is working to build an army of Jesus Strand bodies for his anti-holy army and then taking over the world, without a specifically detailed expired time deadline.”

Woot looked down with a smile to see the wrist watch. “Good! I got time for a quick workout and a hot shower.” He looked up with a wink to see his new wife. “Do you wanna hit the weight room with me, wifey-poo? Where is the weight room inside the drafty old castle, Jon?”

Jill looked up with a British stern face to see each person. “I believe that event has occurred. Brone is the Antichrist which is mentioned in the Holy Bible,” she sneezed out loud and then placed a finger, picking into her eardrum. She pulled out the finger and looked down with a British stern face to see the yellow goo and then wiped it on the side of the baby blanket.

Woot shook a skull with a sour frown. “Hell, naw! Brone is an anti-godless fucking asshole with a holy shitty big ego with access to zillions of Euro dollars which is hidden in a matching set of eighteen crocodile designer fairy hot pink traveling luggage. If I ever get to stick my gun barrel literally up his butthole, then I will happily blast his ass back to up to see Brother Jesus. Then, He can do His famous thing,” he chuckled with the others.

“That is a great clue, Woot! I will inform the British prime minister to watch for eighteen pieces of hot pink designer crocodile traveling luggage packed inside the boot.” Jon chuckled.

“Smart ass,” Woot snarled at Jon. Ana reached out and patted the arm of Woot with a giggle and a grin in silence

Jack smiled. “In London, the trunk of a car is known as the boot. The English word ‘trunk’ is the front end of an elephant. For you yanks, the engine of a car is located underneath the hood. A hood to a Brit is the part of an overcoat that covers one’s head, when it rains.”

“Smart ass number two,” Woot sneered at Jack. Ana reached over and elbowed the bicep of Woot with a lady sneer.

Hucks shook a skull with a grin. “You’re not too smart of a smart ass, Woot. A good warrior solider knows that you blast a bullet into an evil anti-godless fucking asshole down his tonsils and then the vicious explosion blows his ass directly down to hell. So, Satan can do his infamous thing instead,” he chuckled with the others.

“Thanks for the correction there, buddy!” Woot sipped and swallowed the squash with a nod to Hucks.

Hucks reached over with a smile and ticked the naked toes of his son. “Anytime, pal!”

“Do not wake your son! Or you can breastfeed him back to sleep,” growled Fern.

“I’ll pay one million bucks to see that serious sexual exotic feeding action, Hucks,” Woot laughed.

Hucks frowned. “Fuck it, Woot!”

Jack smiled. “We have a solid lead. We have identified the head terrorist who is nicknamed Brone with a colored photograph,” he slid the photography to Hucks. The photograph showed an elder man with a brown ponytail.

Hucks pointed down with a puzzled brow at the photograph. “He doesn’t have a white towel wrapped around his nasty hair roots or a white sheet covering his dark business suit. This man is cleaned shaved, good looking with good posture minus a weapon, of course. Where did you get the picture, Jack?” Jill sneezed and then performed a soft hiccup while rocking the baby in the chair.

Jack smiled. “Brone lives here in the city of London based on our source…”

“Hey!” Woot looked down and read out loud the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “A hiccup is a set of uncontrollable contraction of the diaphragm coming from eating too much, overdoing the alcohol, or swallowing too many air molecules. A hiccup will go away on its own when you try holding the breath, drinking water, or breathing in a bag,” he looked up with a smile to see the face of Jill with a nod. “There! I solved the medical mystery of hiccups. Enjoy!”

Fern turned and stared with a grin at the face of Jill. “You possess a set of raccoon eyes like me as a new mother. I was awake this morning at four with my son during feeding time that Hucks will be doing tomorrow morning as I plan to sleep late tomorrow,” she softly chuckled.

Hucks looked up with a worried brow to see each face. “Do we have a single clue where Brone has hidden Cody? Do we have a single hint what Brone is going to do with Cody?”

Jon nodded with a British stern face to each person. “I will repeat again. Brone is hiding here in the city of London. Within a matter of time, maybe hours or days, we shall find his nest of vipers. We must be quick and steady, before Brone kills Cody. Cody is the one of the last known Jesus Strand teenagers in the world. Brone does not possess the Jesus Strand which has been tested, re-tested, verified, re-verified, confirmed, and re-confirmed coming from all the gathered and collected DNA molecules at each death scene here in Europe. Brone will still need access the DNA strand on Cody to directly create another child of Jesus.”

Hucks looked up with a gasp to see Jon. “How in the hell did ya’ll figure out that Brone doesn’t possess the Jesus Strand? How did you get his DNA for gene testing? Where did you test his DNA? Was it here in London? The only reason, we know about Cody and his Jesus Strand comes from compliments of a teenager at Antebellum House in the farm town of Leed within the US State of Alabama in the USA. And that was it for the American team.”

Jack smiled. “The secret DNA information was acquired through a series of dangerous counter-intelligent work by all of our secret agents, not once, but a couple of times to be absolutely certain. Brone does not carry the Jesus Strand unlike my brother Jon, my wife Jill, and me.”

“I see why he’s king,” Ana nodded with a smile to Jack.

“I see why I’m going to die,” Woot tapped a finger on top of the table surface with a worried brow at Jack. “Someone answer me this! How in the hell did the Jesus Strand thing start up or come about or was created?”

“It began with Brother Jesus, Woot,” Ana reached over and patted his bicep with a smile.

Woot shook a skull with a confused brow, “Naw! How did it get out of Brother Jesus? He doesn’t have a child or a baby to carry on the DNA string. Did He piss on a petrified piece of ancient tree bark and a fossilized flower petal unlike his cousin John the Baptist?”

Jon exhaled. “This is not the current question to ask here. The current question, why is Cody important to Brone? I do not understand the blood relationship between Cody and Brone. Brone is not the father of the teenager…”

Woot reached over and slapped the bicep of Hucks while kicking a boot toes into the leg of Hucks at the time for silence.

Fern could not feel but heard the hand attack on her husband coming from Woot. She had read the presidential report that Cody was the biological son of Brone without spilling the secret until Cody was safe. She continued to rock the baby and stare with a puzzled brow at each face. “Back to our original discuss of the Jesus Strand! A male produces a child of Jesus from a virgin bride. This is the only sexual method of giving an unborn child the eighteenth DNA gene. However, I can’t explain it scientifically or medically. So, someone go and die and ascend into heaven, asking Brother Jesus about that one,” giggling.

Ana frowned with puzzlement, “So, Almighty God set up a pre-condition arrangement within all of the male species sorta like a pre-nuptial wedding agreement. The adult male becomes the child of Jesus, so the virgin female births a child of Jesus. If the adult male is not the child of Jesus, but the adult virgin is a child of Jesus. What is the babe?”

Jon smiled. “A child of Jesus, as long as, one biological parent contains the eighteenth gene can become the child of Jesus as long as the female parent is a virgin. Then, the baby will be a child of Jesus.”

Jack smiled. “Look at this from a backward point of view! Within the ancient time frame of world history, a virgin was not only prized but sacrificed during a ritual pagan fake-god worshiping ceremony, such-like, in the foreign country of Mexico…”

Woot smiled. “There are definitely no children of Jesus within the entire landscape of South American. No wonder! All the savages ate each other as a carton of breakfast eggs,” he laughed with Hucks.

Fern frowned. “Based on that working theory, there should not be a person, who possesses the Jesus Strand.”

Ana frowned with confusion, “What happens, if the pair of biological parents, who possess the Jesus Strand, become a divorced couple? Divorce of course is a very common ritual throughout the world, especially in modern day civilization. But, that will never ever happen to us. Isn’t that correct, Woot?” Woot turned and winked at Ana while patting her arm with a smile in silence.

Jack smiled. “You are correct, Ana. The Bible states that a divorce is a very bad thing. Almighty God does not want any of His paired children to destroy the blessed marital relationship between the husband and the wife. At the same time, the Jesus Strand is only transferred by the eighteenth DNA gene down into a virgin female. A male can sperm kids for decades and decades by a gene-mode scientifically or heavenly engineered while allowing a male sperm to procreate a fetus of his species which is also willed by God alone.”

Jon smiled. “The second more important reason here, a male always protects his chosen love mate, who is a virgin. Even in the cycle of life, a male has to wait for his girl to mature and menstruate.”

Hucks reached over and slapped the arm of Woot with a laugh. “Woot is turning into a brightly pretty color of strawberry on his face. Mature, mate, and menstruate, buddy! Try to remember these three important words!” he laughed with the others.

“Suck it up, Woot!” Fern continued to rock her baby with a smile.

Jon smiled. “I am trying not to make Woot’s face strawberry tart again. A male fights for his virgin bride, since the male is the stronger, tougher, and more muscled of the two species on Earth, even in war battle. The male is the fiercest warrior, who kills with one blow to the head or the heart, so Almighty God gives the male the ability to procreate for decades and decades while continuing to produce more children of Jesus.”

“I like.” Hucks smiled with a nod.

Jon nodded with a smile, “Quite good!”

Fern nodded with a grin. “I agree but I don’t necessary like the explanation.”

Jill sneezed out loud and then performed a soft hiccup while rocking the baby. Jack reached out and patted the arm of Jill with a smile. She reached out and grabbed sipping and swallowed the water with a British stern face to each person. “A female virgin is too precious and too few. World History contains numerous tragic tales of both a virgin and a whore.”

“I don’t appreciate the term, whore,” frowned Ana.

“You’re my precious virgin.” Woot leaned over with a smile and a kiss into her cheekbone, pulling back with a set of whispered words of love.

“We all know the definition of virgin. Let’s term the other type of woman as a girl, so we should say a virgin and a girl,” Ana nodded with a stern face.

Woot nodded with a smile. “Virgins and girls, let it be so entitled from here on out. The most famous girl in world history was Cleo babe.”

“No! You are incorrect. She was no beauty and no whore. Her only two lovers were her Roman bred two husbands, Caesar and Anthony,” Ana smiled.

Jack pointed down with a smile at the sandal of Ana. “Ana, you are descended directly from the Cleopatra Ptolemaic dynasty that came from a true Greek family, which is represented by a long second digit on each foot. When the second toe is clearly longer than the big toe, it is called a Greek foot or a long toe. The Greek foot has been documented on the remaining Greek god and goddess marble sculptures within the country of Greece. The Statue of Liberty has a set of twin long toes of this same proportion also. Only ten percent of the entire world population features this prevalence musculoskeletal dysfunction. Congratulations, Ana!”

Ana giggled with a grin and wiggled the toes inside the open sandals. “Thank you!”

Woot chuckled. “World anthropology has proven that the caveman has a pair of brown irises, but Hucks has a pair of green eyes. Why is that so, buddy?”

Jon smiled. “A pair of amber eyes has a strong yellowish golden and a russet coppery tint which appear as a grayish-gold in dogs, cats, owls, eagles, pigeons, and fish.”

“Hear doggie, doggie!” Woot laughed. The little puppy stood upright from the pink blanket on the floor with a tiny bark and then slowly trotted towards the wall, stopping and hiked up a leg, pissing on the ancient colorful wallpaper. Woot turned with a laugh and pointed down at the puppy. “Hucks, it’s your turn to change the baby’s diapers.”

Jon ignored the puppy and said with a smile. “The blue iris of any eyeball is a genetic mutation within the eye chromosome which is born from one single common ancestor. Your great-to-the-zillionth-power grandfather comes from an ancient Romania male, which was about 10,000 years ago, Woot.”

“An Atlantian ancestor! Damn, mama! I’m really an Atlantian in disgust,” Woot reached down and lifted up the mobile telephone with a chuckle, tapping on the camera icon and viewed his own eye color of ice blue through the tiny screen with a laugh.

“Disguise! The word is disguise, Woot.” Fern laughed.

Jon smiled. “The region of people with a pair of blue irises includes the country of Ireland, the islands of the Baltic Sea, the entire range of northern Europe, and ninety-nine percent of the people that live in country of Estonia, all of them possess a pair of blue eyes. A pair of gray eyes is common in Eastern Europe. A pair of green eyes comes from Icelandic, Dutch, Celtic, and Germanic relatives. A pair of violet eyes is caused when a streak of very, very bright light hits each iris.”

Woot smiled. “A pair of hazel eyes is composed of green, brown, and orange hues.”

Jill smiled. “There are differences in epidermis tones too consisting of dark brown, light pink skin, red skin, and black tone. A female will have a tone of lighter skin tone rather than a male, because a female need more calcium during pregnancy. Our skin synthesizes vitamin D from sunlight when absorbing the calcium.”

Ana smiled. “At one time, a tone of pale skin was thought to be cursed or caused by an evil spirit.”

Jon smiled. “A hitchhiker’s thumb, the ability tongue rolling, bad breathe, smelly feet, these are all type of genetic traits which are inherited from your mum or your dad or your grandmum or grandpa…”

Woot stood upright from the chair and stretched out both arms into the air with an ugly yawn, “Time out!” He smiled with a nod. “No more DNA traits, ya’ll! I’m getting nausea thinking about, where my bad breathe comes from either my mama, or my grandmother, after they each kiss my cheekbone for a motherly greeting,” he dropped both hands and slapped the trousers with a chuckle and a smile. “Let’s start from the top again and go back to the main subject matter. Why is Cody of interest to Brone?” He sat down and leaned over, hugging into Ana.

Hucks frowned. “We don’t know.”

Jon cleared a throat. “I believe it is obvious. Cody is a child of Jesus, possessing the Jesus Strand based on both his youth and the set of lousy bodyguards.” Woot growled. Ana reached over and slammed the arm of Woot with a sour frown. Jon smiled. “Brone accomplished his goal, grabbing Cody. Now, we find and take him back. Quite good!”

“What are the names of individuals, who possess the Jesus Strand genetic trait? How many people are counted who possess the Jesus Strand throughout the world? Does anyone know or have guessed the current number of species or beings or individuals that possess the Jesus Strand?” Ana nodded with a stern face.

Jack laughed. “This is the mysterious part of the total equation that we are trying to identify, also, Ana. We have some names of people based on world history records, which have been DNA tested and proven to be true children of Jesus. Why don’t you take a guess for fun? You will be very surprised.”

Ana nodded with a grin, “A challenge? I like challenges. Empress of France Marie Antoinette is my guess. Woot, do ya wanna guess a famous historical figure?”

Woot leaned over with a whisper and a fake smile into the cheekbone of Hucks. “They take this shit too seriously, Hucks. We should think about leaving and going back home to America. Let the president sent another team for this international encounter mission crapola here! We need to focus on finding and saving the life of Cody.”

“We’re here to find Cody. I don’t believe this shit either. Cody is most important right now.” Hucks whisper back to Woot while pretending to read the mobile telephone.

“Then, now is a good time to ask the royals those set of damn question. So, we can get Cody and leave from here soonest,” Woot whispered back to Hucks while pulling out and pretending to read the mobile telephone too.

Jack smiled. “Actually, your answer is incorrect. Marie Antoinette was taught the courtly life of a princess, such like, the dress, the appearance, and the correct behavior with exquisite poise and a graceful deportment of a royal queen. However, she was the second child born coming from her biological parents. Her older sister was named Maria Carolina, who possessed the Jesus Strand. We have numerous yellow stained royal parchments that are dated from the time period of the Middle Ages proving and confirming all that ancient information.”

Hucks typed and read the tiny screen from the mobile telephone, looking up with a smile to see Jack. “Okay! I wanna play the game and guess for fun. I have done some old fashion research on my cell. I guess the American Harriet Beecher Stowe. She was an indirect influential cause of the American Civil War, when she met with Abraham Lincoln about slavery within one of the Southern US States. She wrote a book about anti-slavery and proclaimed that she did it, because she was a Christian of Brother Jesus.”

Jack smiled. “That is an excellent guess, Hucks,” he looked down with a grin, typing on the tiny keyboard of the mobile telephone. “I am accessing the archived electronic documents through the cell phone. I am accessing all the information. American Harriet Beecher Stowe was born the seventh child of ten siblings. She married a professor of college and widower Calvin Ellis Stowe. The couple married on the sixth of January in the year 1836. The couple birthed seven children, including twin daughters. Calvin was the first born son of his biological family, possessing the Jesus Strand, which was passed down to his biological daughter Eliza Taylor Stowe. Her first born child was named Eliza Taylor Stowe, who died both childless and unmarried, at the age of seventy-five. Therefore, the first born child terminated the Jesus Strand DNA strand within the Stowe family tree,” he looked up with a nod to see Hucks.

Woot chuckled. “I got one. Mata Hari, she lived in the years 1876 to 1917 as an exotic dancer and a real life spy during World War One, except her execution was highly questionable. Was she working for the allies? Was she working for the Nazis? Was she a child of Jesus too?”

Jack smiled, “No.”

Hucks frowned with confusion. “How do you know that, buddy? How certain are you, my new friend?”

“Man! It’s a wonder the Jesus Strand has survived and outlasted all these centuries and these assholes,” Woot sipped and swallowed the squash, smashing the lips with the sweet taste.

Ana exhaled with a puff of confusion, “Why would Almighty God do this to any of His children?”

Jill sneezed out loud and performed a hiccup without rocking the sleeping baby and looked up with a British stern face to see each person. “Our royal descendants have been researching the Jesus Strand for centuries. The Virgin Mary started our pure race and then came virgin Joan of Arc and then virgin Queen Elizabeth, the first. All these named women were known to be a virgin while accomplishing a set of magnificent feats for both man and woman-kind. However, they are…”

“Greatness!” Jon smiled. “The Jesus Strand came from Mary, not Brother Jesus. Everyone has been speculating that the Jesus Strand came directly from Brother Jesus. However, Almighty God had implanted His special gene of greatness inside a selected human hostess of Mary for her to conceive the Son of God. She is the carrier, who transferred the gene down into her first born Son, who is the King of all man and women-kind. He possessed the first ever Jesus Strand. We all know that Brother Jesus did not marry a wife or conceive a child. There is not an existing offspring of Brother Jesus, but there is offspring from the Virgin Mary, His mother. Goodness! Don’t you see this? Don’t you get this? This is an extraordinary discovery. Almighty God implanted His special gene of goodness inside a virgin girl. The virgin girl birthed the Son of God, who was named Brother Jesus. Then, the virgin girl conceived a second child coming from her wedded human husband also. The second child was really the first human child of Mary and Joseph who was really born on the planet like each one of us. The first human child also received the same string of the Jesus Strand too. Godness! Goodness! I just figured that all out right now. Almighty God messed up, ya’ll!” He laughed with a nod.

Hucks dropped open and closed the lips with a gasp. “Wow! This or that is an incredible find, if it is really real and true.”

Jon turned with a smile and pointed at the laptop in front of Jack. “Where are all of the ancient scrolls located, Jack? Find all of those ancient scrolls. The royal library has scrolls, parchments, papers, books, letters, and other written materials going back almost to first day of the cavemen and women. I bet we have hidden some dinosaur bones that were written down in ancient and dried caveman blood droplets too somewhere buried inside the archives underneath the royal castle. Brother Jesus had a set of half-brothers and a half-sister also. We have traced backwards every single exposed Jesus Strand individual to a resource name of the known Jesus Strand father or mother, if you will.”

Jack pressed a button and flipped through the electronic screen on the laptop, reading the information with a smile. “I found it. It is here. In the Book of Galatians, chapter one and verse nineteen, it says that ‘James is the brother of Jesus.’ He received a special appearance by the resurrected Jesus and then became the principle authority to the Jewish Christians. James married and produced a son named Jude. There is a historical Bible story here too.

“The grandson of Jude was brought before the ruler of the time who was named Domitian Caesar. The ruler asked, if the grandson was from the family of David. Jude confessed. The ruler asked how much land and money did Jude hold. Jude confessed very little money and some land which was used by his labor. Jude showed a pair of rough hands with a set of corns on each finger pad coming from working all the crop fields. The ruler asked about Brother Jesus and His kingdom in heaven. He confessed that the kingdom is not of this soil but resided in the heavens with all the angels and that Brother Jesus would return one day and visit back down on the planet. The ruler let the grandson go in peace.

“The grandson of James became the leader of the Jewish church. Within the family tree, James fathered son Jude, who fathered son Elzasus. Elzasus was born in Jerusalem and died in the year 112 AD in the country of France. Elzasus fathered son Nascien. I have read this passage many times while studying the Jesus Strand. I know how it ends, but I want my new American friends to come to the same conclusion.

“Let’s jump ahead to the next generation! The grandson of Elzasus is named Nascien, the second. He fathered Prince Galains of Midi in year 480 AD in the country of France. Let’s jump ahead a couple of more generations within the same family tree of James. King of Gaul of France was born in the year 570 AD and bore a room of royal children. Let’s jump ahead to more generations of James. The Duke Gaerwant De Bretagne was born in the year 820 AD in the country of France and then died at the age of fifty four years of age. Let’s jump ahead a couple of more generations of James. Duke Jahel Berernger, the second married Princess Gerberge de Lorraine. He lived for to be eighty years old. To end my researched tale, the family tree of half-brother Jesus who was named James can be traced directly to the Joan of Arc.”

Fern frowned with puzzlement. “But, virgin Joan of Arc died without marrying a husband or producing a child, so she accidentally terminated the Jesus Strand within her biological family unit. Great Britain Queen Elizabeth, the first didn’t have a child either and Eliza Taylor Stowe didn’t marry and produce an offspring. Thus, all these women accidentally terminated the Jesus Strand within their biological family unit too. How did the eighteenth gene which houses the Jesus Strand even continue to perpetual into the world, without a virgin female?”

“The male line carried on the eighteenth gene by fucking a virgin, who may or may not have possessed the Jesus Strand,” Hucks laughed.

Jack nodded with a smile. “I concur with Hucks. The Jesus Strand is only conceived through the male line during the modern day.”

“No! I don’t like that idea first. Second, there was Virgin Mary. She was the only one chosen to receive the special gene coming from Almighty God and then started the trend of the Jesus Strand with her first born biological son James in which the Jesus Strand has lasted until present day,” Fern frowned.

“No. We argued that a virgin carried the Jesus Strand which was passed down to the male. The female had to be a virgin or it didn’t work,” Jon nodded.

Jack smiled. “We have supporting evidence in our world history books. Take the past ancient royal mating rituals coming from each country that housed great power world like Great Britain, France, and Spain. Each royal male always married a virgin. Each recorded wedding day goes as far back to the ninth century while keeping the Jesus Strand both viral and alive. No one prince or princess really understood the particular rational for marrying another royal or a virgin. This is reason why the unwritten law existed and then seriously flourished throughout the land for only the royals. There was some spoken secret verbal instruction coming from Almighty God to the Virgin Mary and then the verbal secret was passed down by family generation to family generation as the keepers of the eternal virgin flame.”

“Boom!” Woot lifted up both arms into the air with a smile and a chuckle.

“Boo!” Ana crossed both arms and shook the curls with a sour frown.

Hucks nodded with a smile to Jon. “Good one, Jonny boy!”

“Jon gets a time out!” Fern frowned at Jon.

Jill said with a British stern face to each person. “So, I don’t understand. Cody is not a virgin teenager. Is he a virgin teenage male?”

Woot laughed. “Correct, ya’ll! Teen man-whore, he probably fucked more girls than…” he smiled. “Well, he liked to fuck girls a lot and frequently…”

“How do you know that statement to be really true, Woot?” Jill said with a British stern face.

Fern smiled. “The collected information comes from all the shared secrets inside the man cave of the Woot Toot Executive Train while during the Miss Lily Pageant.”

Woot turned and frowned at Hucks. “Ya fucking tattling asshole, you tattled all of our whispered secrets to Fern beyond the invisible barriers of sound and spit from my man cave, pal.”

“I did not tattle tale all of our shared secrets,” Hucks turned and winked at Fern. “She’s my wife, the love of my life, the mother of my child. I trust her and I trust you and I trust both of your deep dark secrets and nasty shitty lies,” he turned and winked at Woot.

“Stop whining, Hucks!” Fern looked down with a smile at her sleeping baby.

“Yes ma’am.” Hucks leaned over and wrapped an arm around his wife, smiling down at his son.

“Back to teen-whore Cody! Based on all the new gathered and exchanged information, Cody might have already impregnated a virgin female. We need to back track and find that virgin within the US State of Alabama. This is our new priority now.” Jill sneezed out loud and placed a finger inside the other eardrum, yanking out the digit and stared down at the yellow goo, leaning down and wiped the goo on the side of the baby blanket.

Woot laughed. “If he luckily found and then fucked a Bama virgin female? Now days, a young girl is a pretty or an ugly whore, babe.”

“Woot has such a strong use of abusing the English language.” Jon smiled.

Woot slapped the chest with a smile. “I speak all truth and lie using the American language, pal.”

“And Woot knows the correct answer to that implied question too.” Fern smiled.

“Yeah! The answer is negatory from me.” Woot laughed.

“Then, Hucks knows the other half of that implied question.” Jon smiled.

Hucks smiled. “No! Cody didn’t fuck a virgin based on all the gathered secretly and heatedly sexy reports on top of my office desk there at the Redstone Point base and coming the nasty tongue of Cody. The answer is negatory two, too,” laughing.

“What about his one week stunt inside Antebellum House with all these innocent virgin females? The report files revealed that every female was a virgin, who lived inside the House based on the overprotection nature of her parents by sending a virgin daughter away from the local high school environment of nasty males.” Fern frowned.

“Yeah! All of those teens plus all the biological parents were killed in an execution style with a gun and without a blind fold.” Woot reached out and kicked the table leg with fury. The ancient thick leg of the table did not move.

“We are back to the two original questions. Where is Brone? Why take Cody?” Jill sneezed out loud and reached up, wiping the running nose hole with the baby blanket.

“Brone might believe that Cody enjoys being a teen-stud and has fun sex with any and all American girls. There might be a slight possibility that Cody could have stumbled upon a virgin. Then there could be on virgin with a baby that does possess the Jesus Strand based on all the gathered and collected holy-moly shitty church talk. Isn’t that right, Hucks?” Woot turned and nodded to Hucks.

Hucks shook a skull with a stern face, “Naw! My theory stands straight and tall that Brone is hunting for Cody and then accidentally found saw him there at Antebellum House. I don’t know why Brone didn’t know all that information before hand. Both the Jesus Strand and Cody were located there at the same place in Antebellum House, but Brone was too late for some reason. Cody could have done some good for Almighty God plus could have had a lot of fun in the process too,” he turned and winked at Woot.

Jon gasped. “Do you understand the underlying meaning of your statement, Hucks? Cody is a carrier of the Jesus Strand and could become a sex man-whore while producing many, many more children of Jesus.”

“Right, buddy!” Hucks turned and winked at Jon. “That was the point of my statement!”

Woot gasped. “Gawd! Can I become a sex man-whore too?”

Ana reached over and kicked the leg of Woot while staring with a sneer at the nose profile of her new wedded husband. “My eardrums need to be cleaned out from the clogged up earwax, darling. Could you repeat that set of nasty words which just happen to fall out your parted lips for my eardrums, again, darling?”

Woot turned and gasped with a smile at Ana. “Gawd! Can I become the exclusive sex man-whore for my newly married wife Ana tonight and for the rest of my days and nights, until I die? Since, we are legally married as husband and wife within the eyeballs of Almighty God and the belly of the church. I do love you so much, sweetheart,” he leaned over and kissed her cheekbone, pulling back with a smile.

Ana crossed the arms with a grin and a nod. “You keep repeating that statement over and over into my eardrums for the rest of my life, my newly married husband Woot.”

“Jeezus! How many tick-tock hours have you, two been married now?” Hucks laughed out loud as he was the best man at the quickie wedding this afternoon.

“We were married seven hours, five minutes, and twenty-two seconds ago,” Ana turned with a sour frown to see the wall clock.

Hucks laughed. “Shit, married man! Your ass just got screwed over good. Well, I mean your ass is not getting screwed tonight. Too bad! Sex with a virgin wife is great and fine and…”

“Hush it, Hucks!” Fern giggled.

“Back to business!” Jack frowned.

Ana stood upright from the chair and tossed both arms into the air with a sour frown. “I am done with all the business tonight. Stand and follow me, husband!” Woot stood upright from the chair and reached out, winking with a smile, grabbing the hand of Ana. They back stepped from the table and turned to face the door, leaving the drawing room with a set of smiles and whispered love words.

Hucks stood upright from the chair and leaned down, grabbing his son from Fern. She stood upright from the chair and turned with a smile to see the royals in silence. They cuddled together and turned to face the open archway.

Hucks shouted out loud. “Good night to ya’ll!” Then they exited the room with a set of smiles at the baby and whispered words of love also.



11:11 pm

4th floor level

Cold temperatures with bright stars and moonlight

with four miles per hour winds

4th floor level

Shared chamber suite setting with Ana, Woot, Fern, and Hucks.

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



Woot slammed the bedroom door shut as it slowly closed without hitting against the flowered wallpaper. He moved ahead and stopped, standing in front of Hucks with a puzzled brow. “Brone is the real father of Cody.” He had marched the puppy into the bathroom to sleep or piss and then closed the door. The puppy yelped and barked for attention behind the closed door.

Hucks laughed with a nod to Woot, “Quite good!”

Fern moved ahead and stood beside her husband with a frown. “You didn’t bother to tell me that tiny important tidbit of shared information, dear.”

Hucks tossed both arms into the air with a worried brow. “It is not some type of shared tidbit of tiny important information. It was too dangerous to release for the protection and the safety of Cody, sweetheart. During of one of the many messy murder attacks within the USA, the US Federal government had collected a set of fallen hair follicles that came from the ponytail of Brone, after he had visited before all of the Antebellum House murders. The DNA was analyzed and surprisingly came back with the matching DNA genes to Cody. Brone is the biological father of Cody for some weird-ass reason.”

“The data must be wrong. Jack says different.” Ana moved ahead from the closed bedroom door and stopped, standing beside Woot with a worried brow.

Woot looked down with a puzzled brow, typing and read the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “The word ‘quite’ means somewhat within the British language. What did Jon say? Quite good! It says here to stay away from a diner meal, if a Brit tells you: quite good,” he looked up with a smile to see each face, “Geez! Now, I’m scared and have pissed inside my new undergarments,” laughing.

Fern frowned at Woot. “You are becoming a paranoid monster, again, Woot.”

“Brone resides here somewhere within the continent of Europe, maybe closer to one of the heated countries of the Middle East. He is not a Southern boy as they say over there in Alabama. Therefore, it is impossible for Brone to be the father of Cody. You found an impostor there at the murder site.” Fern sat down and held the baby while staring at Hucks.

Hucks nodded. “I was shocked too. But, a string of DNA doesn’t lie, so we have discovered Cody’s daddy, without a name, an address, and a phone number…”

Ana frowned. “Cody is still in danger from daddy and terrorist Brone. You say that he is the daddy of Cody, but he really isn’t nice to kidnap his own son. Therefore, we concentrate on finding and saving the life of Cody.”

Hucks exhaled with a huff of frustration. “I do believe the DNA results, the USA forensic experts, and the US government over anyone else. So, Cody has found his dad, who is a dangerous terrorist for some silly reason.”

Fern frowned. “This man is looking for his son. I would do anything to locate my son, if we were ever separated on purpose or accidentally and then…” exhaling. “Look! I can sympathize as a new mother of a child. That’s the only reason for his mysterious visit to Antebellum House before the cold-blood murder of all other Jesus Strand people. Where would Brone be located here in London? Someone take a guess. Then, let’s go and get him dead! So, I can go back home and be a full time mommy,” she looked down with a smile at the baby.

Ana exhaled with a puff of worry, “We don’t know the home address or the mobile phone number of terrorist Brone.”

Woot reached over and patted the sports jacket with a smile, moving ahead and stopped in front of the ancient writing desk. He reached out and opened, closing each drawer, finding the two items, pocketing them into the jacket and spun around with a smile to see Hucks. “I found some new cigarettes and a box of new matches. I need to smoke right now,” he pointed to Ana and the closed bedroom door. “I don’t like smoking alone. Come with me, Ana! And Hucks needs to take the dog outside for a piss too,” he turned and nodded with a grin to Hucks. Fern continued to sit and fed the baby while understanding that Woot was going to do something very dangerous inside a foreign country with her husband.

Hucks moved ahead with a chuckle and entered the second bedroom, dashing towards the private bathroom and grabbed the puppy, cuddling the animal into a chest, patting the skull. The puppy stops barking. He returned back into the shared living room space while patting the dog, dashing through the open archway with a smile. Woot held the door open for Hucks. Ana stood alone in front of Woot in the hallway with a worried brow and then slowly moved ahead towards the staircase, surveying the walls and the ancient furniture.

Woot and Hucks moved together behind the backs spine of Ana. Woot leaned over with a whisper and a stern face into the cheekbone of Hucks. “Walk around outside with the yelping puppy and be the guard dog for me and Ana. We’re strolling around the lower levels and the basement of this royal castle. Something is wrong here. Brone is Cody’s father. Brone is hiding here in London. And Brone does not possess the Jesus Stand. This is all true shit. However, Jon is a child of Jesus with his new sister-in-law Jill. Jon is the second born son of the royal family. Jill is the baby of three children. I researched all the accuracy information during our evening meeting on my mobile telephone. How in the hell does the Jesus Strand pass to someone, who is not the first born kid within the biological family unit? This is so true bullshit.”

Hucks continued to move with Woot and pat the puppy with a worried brow and a whisper into the cheekbone of Woot. “How did you reach that weird-ass conclusion, Woot?”

Woot softly chuckled. “Easy! It came from all the lousy storytelling of the royals. Okay! The fairy tale story goes something like this. The Virgin Mary got the Jesus Strand from Almighty God and then passing it down to her Son. Brother Jesus didn’t have a child and then suffered and died on the cross like Almighty God planned, since the beginning of time. Then, Mary get horny and begot human children with her wedded husband Joseph. There were both sons and daughters.

“Jack tattled the family tree of half-bro James, a human first born child of Mary and Joseph. The DNA of James had been traced and tracked down to Joan of Arc. That’s because, the Jesus Stand was genetically passed down from the mother Virgin Mary down to her first born human son James and then genetically passed down to his first born human biological son, and then genetically passed down to his first born human biological son, and then passes down to his first born biological human brat, until it reached his human born great-great-great-whatever daughter Joan of Arc. Then, Joan of Arc was burned on the flaming stake, where the Jesus Strand terminated permanently. Therefore, the first born human baby is the key to the Jesus Strand transmission, not either a boy or a girl. Therefore, Queen Jill does not possess the Jesus Strand as she is the baby daughter with her biological family tree. Therefore, Queen Jill has a set of green fingernails on both her hands, a clear set of running snotty mucus coming out both of her nose holes, performing a series of soft hiccup sounds coming out of her tight esophagus, and a finger of yellow gooey earwax coming out from her earlobes…”

“So, what?” Hucks turned and strolled down the staircase with Woot, patting the puppy with a puzzled brow. “Queen Jill has a common cold. I wished I had figured out those clinical symptoms, before I allowed Fern and the baby to attend the meeting…”

“Naw! It ain’t the common cold. It is disguised as the common cold,” Woot stepped down onto the floor and moved ahead, exiting out the side door, slowly strolling ahead towards the manicured lawn within the castle grounds. “Take the puppy around the far corner on the other side for a piss! I’m investigating the dungeon of this old royal castle. I bet that I found something really gross where I might come back into the shared bedroom and vomit my green puke over the nice rugs too.”

Hucks whispered. “Good luck!” Woot moved ahead and reached out, grabbing the extended hand of Ana, swiftly strolling from the patio porch and onto the grass.

Hucks moved ahead towards the edge of the patio and squatted down, reaching out and placed the tiny puppy on top of the manicured lawn, standing upright with a hum and turned to scan the landscape of the royal castle. There was a set of closed iron gates, rows of colorful garden flowers, and three rows of tall trees. The puppy run ahead and disappeared into the dark trees. He strolled ahead with a hum and moved closer to the flower garden and out of the bright flood lightning.

Woot and Ana rushed around the wall corner of the castle into a set of dull lightning and halted on top of the grass in front of the deep staircase. He led her down a set of rough concrete steps with a grin and stopped, finding a single rusty dungeon doorway, reaching out and rattled the door knob with a sneer. The door was locked. He reached down and grabbed, lifting up and twisted the wrist bone. The blade of the switchblade glittered underneath the dull lighting of the tall flood pole. He reached down and inserted the tip of the blade into the old lock with a soft grunt. The door way slowly cracked open in silence as it was very well oiled for current use.



11:33 pm

Lowest level of royal castle

Dungeon room setting

Cold air temperatures and damp without light bulbs



Woot shoved the door open and entered into a semi-dark room before Ana for protection. There was a set of long individual eating table that was draped down to the floor in a dull white linen sheet. The side walls were filled with long wooden shelves that contained silver tinted small pieces of individual equipment that shined through the bright moonlight of the starry night.

Ana sneezed out loud and reached up, touching the nose with a gasp and a whisper. “There is something inside this dark room that has activated my allergies, Woot.”

Woot spun around with a worried brow to see her face in the dull moonlight. “Do you have allergies? What animal or plant are you allergic to?”

Ana wiped the nose from the running clear mucus with both hands with a whisper. “I am mostly allergic to plant pollen, not a dog or a cat.”

He reached out and gently shoved Ana against the solid entrance wall without a line of covered eating tables, where the door was cracked open for a fast escape. He whispered with worry. “You stand near the flowing cool night breeze coming inside the door and act as the guardian. I’m taking a quick look at some of covered tables to collect our information. Then, we will leave out from here.”

“What is going…?” She reached down and held the stomach with a distorted face. “I feel dizzy. The room is moving like vertigo,” she leaned against the wall while slowly exhaling and inhaling with a set of deep breathes.

Woot frowned with confusion at Ana. “Vertigo is caused by an inner ear problem or a stem of nerve damage within the ear canal. Vertigo only lasts a few minutes, honey. Sometimes, vertigo makes you feel like vomiting up our delicious supper meal tonight. Are you sick to your stomach also?”

“Not too much! But, you must hurry, so we can get outta of here. Then, I will feel better.”

Woot whispered. “Stay put right here near the door! Something is definitely going on here inside the dungeon. Wait right here! I’ll be back in a sec,” he spun around with a puzzled brow and swiftly moved ahead, stopping at the first table, reaching out and lifted u the white linen sheet with a gasp and a whisper. “Shit!” He could not snap a glossy colorful picture with the mobile telephone, since the outside row of royal guards would see the tiny flash through the glass window inside the dark dungeon room. He dropped down the linen sheet and moved towards the second eating table, stopping and reached out, lifting up the sheet with a gasp and a whisper, “Double shit!” He dropped down the linen sheet and shuffled ahead to the third table, stopping and repeated the process with a gasp and a whisper. “Triple shit!” He dropped down the linen sheet and spun around with a worried brow, dashing back towards Ana. She was holding a hand over the open mouth and an aching stomach in pain.



Outside flower garden setting

Cool temperatures with starry night sky



The wooden club reached out and gently tapped on the collar bone of Hucks. The royal palace guard leaned over and bad breathed the eardrum of Hucks. “Sir, may I ask…” he gasped in shock. “Sir, why are your trousers down below your waistline and posed down at your kneecaps?”

Hucks snorted with amusement. “I’m pissing in the grass relieving my bladder which is called pissing too. We, Americans do this to keep from getting an UTI.”

“Why are you exhibiting that disgusting American behavior on Her Majesty’s manicured lawn?”

Hucks turned and scanned the manicured lawn while keeping the royal guard occupied and waited for Woot and Ana to emerge from the hidden compartment underneath the castle. “I’m waiting on that damn dog to finish her piss job too. Where is that mutt? Do you see that mutt here inside the manicured gardens of the royal castle? It belongs to my wife. She loves that damn dog. Come here, doggie-do-do!” He reached down and lifted the trousers, zipping the fly with a smile.

“Doggie-do-do, is that an American call for a canine?”

Hucks laughed out loud. “It is the name of the dog. Doggie do-do,” he shouted out loud with a grin. “Do-do-doggie! Do-do-doggie, come back here! I finished my piss…”

“I was under the impression that the dog was named Doggie do-do.”

Hucks spun around with a smile to see the royal guard. “A dog can’t understand an English word or an American or a Spanish word, my new friend. The brain of a dog responds to loud sound like yee-haw, yahoo, woo-woo, and doggie do-do while thinking it is their real name…”



Outside dungeon staircase setting



Woot reached out and grabbed her hand, swiftly side stepping and open the door, exiting the room and halted in the night air on top of the last step. He spun around and reached out, firmly closing the door shut with a loud grunt of brute strength. The door sounded with a soft click when shut. He spun around again and reached out, grabbing her arm, swiftly leading up the set of concrete steps, hearing the loud voice. Hucks was talking very loud in the air with one of the royal guards.

Woot and Ana squatted down on top of the manicured grass and dropped down behind a set of flow curly green lush bushes. He could see through the leaves Hucks. Hucks stood beside one of the royal guards, moving towards the puppy, and stopped, reaching down and picked up the happy puppy. Then, the guard and Hucks spun around and slowly moved back towards the patio and out of sight of Woot and Ana.

Behind the bush, Woot slowly stood upright from the grass and patted the sports jacket, finding the items. He quickly lighted one cigarette and handed to Ana. “Pretend to smoke the cigarette!”

She frowned down at the burning cigarette. “Ugh! I hate cigarette smoke.” She accepted the smelly cigarette and extended an arm towards the building with a sour frown in silence.

“You’ll hate the smell of a dank and dusky prison cell floor worse, if we are caught spying as an American spy couple. Don’t inhale it! Wave the lighted cigarette around the air waves, so the smoke bothers the royal guard too. We crawl towards the flower garden and then stand up from the grass. We are discussing the different types of colored roses.” He lit a second cigarette and dropped down on both kneecaps, slowly crawling towards one of the tall thick tree trunks in front of the flower garden. She dropped down and followed beside Woot, holding out the cigarette to the side.

He stopped and swiftly stood upright from the grass and leaned down, assisting her to stand with him. He leaned against the dark bark of the tree out sight of the royal guard, turning to face the pretty flower garden with a smile to her. “Baby! I wish you would…”

The royal guard closed the patio door for Hucks and sniffed the air waves with a puzzled brow. He spun around with a gasp and dashed ahead towards the tall tree, stopping beside the nose profile of Woot, “Sir! You are away from your chamber suit and out very late in the warm evening…”

“Smoking is not allowed inside the castle, rule number one,” Woot flicked the wrist bone with the lighted cigarette as the plume of red tinted ashes floated in the air near the nose bridge of the guard. The guard back stepped from Woot with a cough. Woot smiled. “Smoking is allowed in the fresh air, rule number two.”

The guard said with a British stern face. “Sir, please extinguish out your cigarette and return back to your private chamber suit inside the castle for your protection from a hidden terrorist.”

Woot leaned over and cuddled Ana, back stepping from the tree and spun around, slowly strolling towards the lighted porch with a smile, “Okey dokey, royal guard! Do you hear the nice British accent on the nice royal guard with a non-drawn gun, sweetie? It is time to go inside for our bed time,” he strolled onto the patio floor. Ana dropped down the lighted cigarette on top of the tiles and stomped it dead with a giggle and a grin.

The guard opened the door. Woot and Ana moved ahead and climbed the stairs, cuddling without talking.



Tuesday September 7th



12:12 am

Cold temperatures with moonlight and bright stars

4th floor level

Shared chamber suite setting of Ana, Woot, Fern, and Hucks

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



The entrance door of the shared chamber suit opened.

Woot moved inside beside Ana with a worried brow, lifting up and examined the dog collar on the puppy for a spying bug, slowly strolling through the open living room and into his bedroom suite and stopped, squatting down and placed the puppy inside his private bathroom. The puppy started barking for more attention. He stood upright with a worried brow down at the puppy and back stepped from the bathroom, gently closing the bathroom door, swinging around to see the others and lifted a finger over the closed lips to each face for silence into the shared chamber suite.

Ana, Fern, and Hucks had followed behind the back spine of Woot through the living room and into the private bedroom, standing in a row with a nod and a confused brow in silence. The baby was sleeping inside a provided baby crib inside the other master bedroom.

Woot swiftly scooted around the row of friends and dashed out the private bedroom, moving towards the gigantic television, reaching out and flipped the live power with the remote control device. Then, he increased the volume of the television plasma like he was deaf inside the living room space, thumbing back over a collar bone towards his master bedroom suite for an impromptu meeting with his friends. He led the others into the bedroom and straight into the open very large walk-in closet that did not contain a single hanger of clothing as the others followed behind his back spine in silence and stopped, standing in the middle of the closet also. Woot He stood beside the wall and near the door, motioning with a hand in silence to sit down on top of the thick blue colored carpet. The other sat down in silence and confusion. He reached out and gently pulled the closet door shut, cutting off the closet lights also.

The closet walk-in closet was black midnight dark inside the tiny space.

Woot slowly moved ahead and slamming into the head of Ana, back stepp9ng and squatted down next to her with a whispering. “I’m sorry, honey! I don’t think the closet is bugged for vocal human sound. Don’t comment! Let me finish first. Ana and I visited the dungeon underneath the royal castle. I picked the old rusty lock with my pocket knife. Then, we entered into a dark and dank cold room. Interesting enough! Her allergies got activated by some type of chemical or bonding agent which was resided in the air molecules of the dark and cold dungeon. She sneezed several times and also experienced vertigo. Her nose was runny clear mucus too. Do you feel better, now, Ana?” he reached over and felt for her hand, squeezing it with a worried brow in the dark. “Just squeeze my hand!” He felt her squeeze his hand with a smile and a whisper to his friends in the dark. “Okay! She squeezed my hand.

“Ana is feeling better, after exiting out from the cold and dark dungeon. The dungeon is really a chemistry laboratory. There is lots of rolling operating tables which are usually used in a hospital setting, where each table wears a white linen bed sheet. I saw numerous rolling and covered tables through the bright moon beams coming through the glass windows. The uncovered set of windows is the cleanest set of glass panels in the world. I bet they leave the glass windows open during the day, while the airborne toxin fumes drift and die into the sunshine. Sunshine kills everything including a tongue of bad breathe germs too.

“I got sick to my stomach after I had viewed three different tables and all they looked the same. Each table contained a dead and blue colored baby that continues to live down there in the dungeon underneath a white linen sheet,” he reached over and pulled out the mobile telephone that illuminated the darkness and his face, typing and reading on the tiny screen with a whisper. “And each baby looks very familiar to me and you.” Ana squeezed his arm with worry.

Woot whispered. “I feel your worry, too, Ana. Let me find that criminal report on my cell phone,” he searched through the electronic files on his mobile telephone. “I didn’t take a pic of the dead baby, because I wanna live and leave England with the rest of ya’ll, in case my body and my cell get accidentally snatched up by M5 guys. I was afraid one of the royal guards might see the light explosion inside the dark dungeon too. Shit! It’s not here, because I saw the set of paper folders with each glossy pic on top of your office desk in Huntsville, Hucks. Access your phone and bring up all these electronic files coming from Dr. Yorkie and all her dead folks coming from the Guntersville Dam massacre, Hucks!” Hucks reached down and pulled his mobile telephone which illuminated a stern face, typing on the tiny screen, searching for the electronic files with a worry guts. Woot whispered for all eardrums. “A few months, another mission team that contained Cody also fought against the real Brone and his real soldiers, who were both males and females. The leader of Cody’s team was named Skippy. Skippy’s girlfriend was named Yorkie. They both died inside the Antebellum House massacre. Anyways, Skippy brought back all of the dead bodies from Brone’s army, finding something both interesting and gross.” Hucks found the electronic files with a worried brow and reached out, handing his mobile telephone to Woot.

Woot accepted the phone with the tiny screen that displayed the first ugly electronic photography inside the dark closet, scrolling down through each picture with a grunt, “Yeah. The human anatomy is exactly the same as each one of these electronic pics on the phone and here inside the castle dungeon, Hucks. Look! I’m going to show you one particular pic. It is both gross and silly. So, don’t laugh out loud. Cover your mouth! In case, we are being recorded by a spy camera.” Woot reached down and placed the mobile telephone with the electronic gross and silly picture in the middle of the huddle. A set of soft gasped echoed inside the dark closet space.

Woot continued to stare at the electronic pit on the phone with a whisper. “Yeah! I saw the same thing, but in a miniature format of a tiny baby which was only weeks old from birth. The baby boy cadaver dick is fully erected, a rare condition called priapism. This is an impossible medical condition in a newborn male. There was a set of extra hair growth on both baby male and female that covered almost the entire nude infant body. I know what you’re thinking. These things are not mammals or animals. Naw! Each one of these dead babies looks like this pic on Hucks’ cell phone. All the fingers and toes on each dead baby are webbed too. There was a second row of teeth on each dead baby too. And each dead baby is missing some of the vital organs like a liver and both tiny kidneys, where the stomach is split open.

“I see the same medial pattern here too inside the castle dungeon, matching the Huntsville operating site. Dr. Yorkie concluded that all dead bodies had experiencing some type of dramatic genetic change within their individual DNA strand. She never completed her work, since she got assassinated by Brone and his nicely dressed goonies. The group of US scientists taking over her work doesn’t have a clue either. Dr. Yorkie believed Brone was reviving some type of cave men and women genetic genes, since the DNA strands were going backwards with a set of excessive hair growth over the entire naked body and a set of double rows of teeth like a savage animal.

“I have a new working theory, ya’ll. Jon throughout the Miss Lily pageant was annoying me with a set of clinical medical symptoms, when he viewed each beauty contestant. I ignored the asshole, since he was annoying puissant to my butthole anyways. But, he specifically mentioned excessive sweating, eye ticks, and yellow earwax. Think it! Queen Jill has a set of green-colored fingernail beds which is not a bottle of green tinted fashion girly polish. Fifty percent of nail problems are caused by a fungal infection. A set of ten green tinted nails is a sign of bacteria. A set of ten yellow colored nails is a fungus. A set of tee red or purple or black colored nails is caused by clogged blood coming from an injury to the hand.

“Queen Jill was sneezing out loud like Ana during our business meeting inside the drawing room like her body had come in contact with something contagious. That something was clinging inside her nostrils too which probably came from visiting the royal cold and dark dungeon. Queen Jill was cleaning out each eardrum with an individual finger-goo of yellow ear wax and then wiping it off on the side of the baby blanket. Yucko in triplicate! Present day, an infection can be treated by any type of antibiotic, unless you are dying or you are really sick and close to death. Jon specifically said to me that yellow ear wax is the first sign. I think Jon knows what’s happening here in London and there in Alabama.

“I wished that we could kidnap his ass and beat the truth out of his dick. I believe during the beauty pageant that he was bored or boasting, since he really knew who Cody was. This is a big leap, ya’ll. But, some of the standing royal guards were some of the helicopter black-helmet guys that grabbed each one of us. I recognized a smelly breathe and a soldierly strut. Hucks probably agrees with me. Wonder if, the golden helmet guys also were some of the royal guards here. Yeah, King Jack, Queen Jill, and Prince Jon! They are working with Brone and have captured Cody.

“Cody possesses the Jesus Strand. Brone does not. I will go alone on the diving platform for my grand dive. Queen Jill does not possess the Jesus Strand and neither does Prince Jon, only King Jack as he is the first born sibling within the noble royal family. My newest scary theory, each dead baby and every adult soldier has been infused with blood and organs coming from a set of dead folks, who all did possess the Jesus Strand and who are all dead now. But, Almighty God gets His heavenly revenge, ya’ll.

“The infused dead folks look like a set of ancient cave people coming from the Ice Age. Present day, a person can be infused with any type of blood consisting of O, A, B, or AB, because we are all human and related to each other via Noah and all of Noah’s descendants. Wonder if, the Jesus Strand group of people is far more healthier and never get sick and never need the services of a physician ever, so each individual organ will be far more healthier and more viable than a sicker person to live and survive or for a royal-ass to live on forever, who does not possess the Jesus Strand. This is their prime major focus on teenager Cody, who does possess the Jesus Strand. They want both his eight pints of red blood and all the numerous healthy organs, which will kill him dead,” he slowly stood in the dark with a worried brow and shuffled backwards, reaching out and found the light switch, flipping on the overhead lights.

Hucks stood upright and leaned down to assist Fern to stand next to him and then Ana in silence.

Woot reached back and opened the door in silence with a worried brow, back stepping into an empty private bedroom suit, spinning around and led back into the living room. They stopped and stood in a tight huddle.

Hucks cuddled with Fern and leaned over with a whisper into each faces. “I concur with everything that Woot’s logic and story. Everyone pack your bags. We are leaving outta of here tomorrow morning with all six guns blasting up the ancient furniture, if need be.”

Fern whispered with worry. “What about Cody?”

Woot frowned with worry. “We can’t save Cody, if we’re all dead. I have just uncovered the royal torture and torment inside the royal dungeon. This is only a playful ruse to keep us from really locating and saving the life force of Cody. We leave outta of here tomorrow for the States which is our home and then get military back up and then we all come back and find Cody.”

Hucks whispered. “Woot’s right. We go home and report to our boss, the President of the United States with our new working ass theory.”

They nodded in silence and spun around, moving towards the private bedroom to quickly pack the luggage and not slumber with worry.




Eight hours earlier within USA



Monday September 6th



Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

with four miles per hour winds

Alabama woodlands location

(4,398 miles southwest from London)

Private cabin setting of Cody

5:05 pm (American time)

Cool air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



At nine o’clock this morning, Cody had been kidnapped from the Rollins Car Dealership in the city of Huntsville, after receiving a powerful fist punch from a mysterious golden glove on the naked jaw line, passing out into unconsciousness.

A cold hand reached out and touched the face of Cody. Cody blinked opened the eyelids and stared with a gasp into a wrinkled pale tinted face of an elderly female. She sat on the edge of the bed cot with thick blankets and stared with a worried brow into the stunned face of Cody. He reached up and touched an aching cheekbone, where the golden body of a strong male had provided a violent punch with a golden glove. He whispered to her. “Who are you?”

She sobbed with tears and shifted the wrinkled hand down onto the collar bone of Cody with a soft whisper. “Help me, son! He’s going to kill me. I’m your mama.” The front door in the tiny room slowly opened and revealed a short male, who lifted up and aimed the cold barrel of a hand gun with a sneer at the rear skull of the blonde hair elderly female, pulling the trigger. The flying bullet hit and penetrated her calf muscle of the leg as she screamed in pain, sliding off the bed cot and hit the side wall of dried red clay mud while moving away from Cody.

Cody slid sideways and swiftly stood upright from the cot with a dizzy head, staring down at the elderly woman with confusion. The short male fired a second time and hit the back spine as the bullet went through her slender body and hit the heart organ. Then, she died on top of the wooden floor of planks in her puddle of red blood. Cody dropped open a mouth in horror and looked up with a gasp to see the unknown male. The adult male was short in body frame with a tone of dark tinted skin, a pair of brown colored eyeballs, a full beard of brown tint, and a brown colored ponytail that hang down the back spine. Cody growled with fear and fury. “Who are you?”

The male lowered down the hand gun with a smile at Cody. “I’m your daddy as the Southerns like to say.” A pair of tall unknown males appeared and stood inside the archway of the tiny wooden cabin, without a facial expression. The short male with the beard and ponytail pointed down at the dead elderly woman without emotion. “Drag that thing away from me and my son and then don’t return!”

Both of the tall males moved ahead with a stern face towards the dead woman. One of the males softly said, “Yes, Brone!” They stopped and squatted down, reaching out and lifted the dead woman by the four limbs, slowly moving backwards, leaving the cabin. One released her leg as it dropped down on top of the wooden porch with a loud thump. He reached out and closed the shut in silence.

Inside the tiny room, Cody pointed down at bloody spot of the dead woman on the side wall of dried mud, sitting back down in the bed cot with a dizzy head and a worried mine. “You…you killed her in cold blood.”

The short male stood in place in front of the closed door with a stern face and a sour tone. “Cast it out and cast it away from here and rid the world of Satan and his demons! I killed an evil serpent. She only used and abused with her evil ways while keeping me entertained with your slight whereabouts. I have warned her time and time again about teasing my humor, because I don’t possess a humor.” He slightly grinned.

Cody turned and scanned the tiny room. The four walls were composed of red colored dried mud and were all bear naked, without one single piece of artwork. The high ceiling was made of freshly cut lumber. There was not a single windows or a set of pretty curtains. There was only the sleeping bed cot with pile of soft blankets and one hard sitting chair without a single eating table. He turned and stared down at the red blood stain of the dead woman on top of the wooden planks and returned back to see Brone with a laugh in the face of the danger terrorist. “Give up all your possessions and then you will be allowed into heaven. I heard that you stole all the earthly possessions from Antebellum House which were centuries old antiques. And you have taken the twelve stones that came from the Ark of the Covenant…”

“What good are earthly possessions in heaven, son?” Brone moved ahead towards the single chair and stared with a smile Cody, sitting down.

Cody sat upright in the cot with a grin. “Woe unto you! You are a serpent that cannot escape the damnation of hell.”

“There will come many false prophets to deceive the many peoples.”

“I sent you in as sheep among the wolves, so you area to be wise as a snake and harmless as a dove.” Cody smiled.

“Provide neither gold or silver nor brass in your purse.”

“If a house is worthy, then enter. If the house is not worthy, then leave it.”

“Do not go to the city, but preach about heaven to the lost sheep.”

“The workmen is worthy of his supper.”

Brone nodded with a smile. “You should not murder. Don’t worship false god, before Almighty God.”

Cody smiled. “The sun darkens. The moon shines with no illuminated light. The stars fall down from heaven. Brother Jesus comes down from heaven and all the twelve tribes will see Him in great glory as He leads all the angels with the sound of a loud trumpet. You have been stealing the twelve stones, Brone.”

Brone shook a ponytail with a smile. “Is Brother Jesus coming today or tomorrow or next week or next year, son? I can’t answer that particular question, since I’m not a warlock or a vampire or a werewolf or an angel or a demon. I am only a man with an impossible mission.”

Cody sneered. “Your mission is complete. You got all the twelve stones and the Ark of the Covenant and the souls of the dead…”

“The Ark of the Covenant will be used to fend against the Antichrist. Did you believe that Almighty God has provided us with a set of supernatural tools for our protection too? Naw! He did not. The humans would have destroyed each other and the planet long before now.”

Cody slowly stood upright from the cot and moved sideways away from the cot, tossing both arms into the air with a sour frown, “Gawd. This all makes sense now. You are the Antichrist. My daddy is the Antichrist.”

Brone continued to sit in the chair and shook a ponytail with a laugh. “I am sorry to disappoint you, son. I am preparing for the coming of the Antichrist. I do not possess a set of supernatural powers, Cody. I am flesh and blood like you. I have a set of yellow teeth, a head of brown hair with lots of gray strands. I have a pair of brown eyes, not blue. I’m short unlike you, son. What are the duties of the Antichrist?”

“The Antichrist will pretend to be the real Christ.”

Brone leaned back into the wooden chair with a smile. “Brother Jesus warns all to us. Be careful! The Antichrist will come and deceive you. Wars will come causing nation versus nation, kingdom versus kingdom which will be coupled with an array of lovely famines, beautiful pestilences, and awesome earthquakes. Then, all these things must come to pass beginning the sorrows, but it is not the end. There will be afflictions, killings, hatred, betrayal, cold loving. If you endure all the sorrow, then you will leave here and go up into heaven. Cody, I am building an army of children to endure all the wars plus the sad sorrows which foretells the coming of the Antichrist. We best fight against the evil rather than the good children of Jesus.”

Cody frowned with confusion. “I don’t understand you, my dead mother, my live father, my devoted friends, my weird-ass life…”

“I fall back on the words of the Holy Bible for guidance, when I am troubled, son. The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Brother Jesus. They wanted to test Him and then asked Brother Jesus to show them a sign that came from heaven. However, Brother Jesus said to them, ‘when evening comes, the weather foretells the coming sky. In the morning, the weather will be stormy for the sky will be red and overcast. You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign, but none will be given it, except for the sign of Jonah.’ Then, Brother Jesus walked away from both the Pharisees and Sadducees. This comes from the Book of Matthew, chapter sixteen, verses one through four.

“The creation of God’s world is invisible like His eternal power and His divine nature. There is no hard evidence, that a person can see or hear or touch of God, but He does exist here inside your heart and your mind and your soul, if you let Him inside. During the Biblical times, the church temples were ran over by the priests, who denied information down to the people. there were the money collectors, who steal all the gold coins for payment of food, clothing, and shelter. Brother Jesus became very angry and then destroyed some of the vendor booths inside the church temple. Mankind is both greedy and selfness, who believe in an array of material possessions. This is why I have established the humblebee camp for all the humble bodies, not the busy bodies.” He smiled.

Cody turned and frowned down at the blood stain on the floor. “You killed the old woman in cold blood.”

He turned and stared down at the blood stain on the wooden floor too. “God asks us to pray every day to rid the world of Satan and all of the evil of Satan. She was one of his evil followers. Yes. I killed her, but her soul was not here. She is in hell now with Satan. But, I believe in reincarnation of the evil, not the good. Therefore, she will be back here on planet Earth, but I will protect you from her.”

Cody turned and shook a bald head at Brone. “You sound like a crazy person, Daddy.”

Brone laughed. “These are crazy times for the brothers and sisters of Christ. You must choose in your heart on an hourly basis to love God or love God’s treasures. Cody, I believe in Almighty God and Brother Jesus. I can’t prove that Almighty God or Brother Jesus exist in physical form, except within my heart and my mind and my soul.”

Cody nodded with a smile. “In the Book of Ephesians, chapter two, verses eight through nine, it says that ‘faith is a gift, not attained by human effort.’ King David got it right with his faith. Faith is a belief in things that are unseen. No one enters heaven by default. When you die, Almighty God will judge by your heart. Every man or woman is born with a conscience and knows the difference between good and evil. Almighty God judges the intentions of your heart. ‘Don’t worry about the dirt on your hands but worry more about the dirt inside your heart’ which was lectured by Brother Jesus.’”

He nodded with a grin. “America was founded as the new hope for the world with the solo value of Almighty God. In the year 1789, George Washington and the members of Congress walked down to the street corner church, after his inauguration in New York City while stopping and praying for the newly formed freed nation on planet Earth. Ground Zero is right next door to that church. Nobody learns the history lesson or the Bible lesson as man continues a personal quest for something better. As far as I know, the Bible scriptures could be a lie of both heaven and God. A good example, you can follow historically the evolution of man and womankind coming from a damp enclosed stone cave and moving into a heated luxury wooden house. Man works and struggles for his precious material possessions and yet a rolling car can murder a woman or a roaming cancer cell can kill a man.”

Cody exhaled with worry. “Do you think Almighty God is sitting back inside the rocking chair and laughing at us for our failures?”

He exhaled with worry. “No! I don’t think Almighty God is laughing. I believe that He is crying for the salutation of all His children. This is my goal to make a life for His children and make it easier for Him. Is that not the purpose of us to serve our Creator? The church in past and present has remained power hungry for both money and prestige. Look at all the numerous television programs that proclaim the birth, the life, and the death of Brother Jesus! The church knows the truths and the lies which are sealed and locked up in some dusty old underground vault underneath an old cold and dank church dungeon.”

Cody laughed. “Did you also take and kidnap the local preacher-man for that confession, Daddy?”

“I didn’t do it today.” He laughed. “The medieval document which is called the Bible has been as they say scrubbed quite a bit from the original content. I find it every entertaining, that a scientist has a driven desire to discover all the hidden material treasures underneath the soil like all or most of the ancient artifacts that is mentioned within the context of the Holy Bible, such like, the Ark boat, the Ark chest, the Ark scrolls. The scientists somehow find unlimited time to waste upon speculation and argument about each ancient artifact among themselves with each biblical topic instead of helping all the suffering humans and animals with the plight of poverty, sickness, and malady.” He shook a ponytail.

Cody shook a bald skull with a puzzled brow. “Are you saying here that there is not a God above our skull looking out for all the suffering humans and animals?”

Brone looked with a stern face at Cody. “Do you believe that you carry the eighteenth genetic chromosome that only comes from Brother Jesus?”

Cody gasped and then exhaled with a huff of worry. “I saw my DNA strand which was very different from other people there at the school in the rural town of Leed. Yes, I do believe that.”

He nodded with a smile. “Good! So, do I. Remember? You only need to entertain your mind and your heart with the desires of peace, love, and joy that is Almighty God. Be a good boy! Help each human and every animal which brings forth a life of heavenly joy in His kingdom. Be a bad boy! You will live for only you and then take a chance of life in hellish misery with Satan inside Hades, where every the hell that is located here on the planet or up in the stars,” laughing.

Cody looked down with a sign at both hands and then up with a worried brow to see Brone. “Daddy, I know the truth now. You are building an army of warriors, who possess the Jesus Strand for all types of evil doings…”

“The birth of a child comes only from a virgin.”

“What?” Cody gasped in alarm.

Brone smiled. “I finally got your attention, son. What is the first and greatest commandment that comes from the Holy Bible?”

“Love God with your heart, your soul, and your mind,” Cody grinned with a nod.

“These three conditions represent the heart, the mind, and the mind. What is happening to the human mind right now, present day, at the moment?” Brone exhaled with a puff of disappointment of man and woman-kind.

Cody laughed. “Some of the more naughty human minds are self absorbed in all type of naked porn in a book, on television, in a movie, on the computer within the office, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the bathroom…”

“Love thy neighbor as thy self! Isn’t that the jest of the statement?”

Cody laughed. “Some folks interpret that totally different like lay both your greedy hands upon all the available treasures of the planet and forget all about heaven,” exhaling. “Who are you really, Daddy? What are you really, Daddy?”

He exhaled with a huff of disappointment. “Cody, you were sentenced to serve your teen years at a work farm in the pig town of Etta within the US State of Alabama. I know some of your background information which has come to me in pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. I have sorted and sequenced your life as best as I could, son. At the work farm…”

Cody tossed both hands into the air with an angry brow. “You were stalking and spying on me back then. I knew it. I saw you. You were hiding within the depths of the woodlands on that farm property in Morrison. You murdered the entire Ashmore family inside the small cottage on Hawk’s farm ranch. I was right there with them. The only surviving Ashmore from the church murders, Ashley was completely paranoid about her own assassin. Guess, I would be too, if you were trying to kill me. I spent hours hunting and tracking down every boo-sound, knocking on each concrete blocks inside that tiny farm cottage.”

“The building was not a cozy farm cottage for some social fun time hours, Cody. The bunker has a set of four concrete walls with one viewing window in the front of the house. Do you remember the layout of the tiny farm cottage in Morrison, son?”

Cody turned with a huff to see the mud wall and as his mind flashed backward in time.




The tiny farm cottage had been decorated with a flat level front porch which contained one single room with a U-shaped hallway.


Cody had ventured outside to investigate the sound, after Amber had heard it and then exhibited both panic and paranoid. Then he had walked around the exterior landscape of the tiny cottage and then returned back to face the front porch while hearing a set of faint voices inside the cottage. Cody had crawled over the concrete front porch and moved towards a single external window pane, lifting up the hair roots over the pane and viewed with a pair or eyeballs into the clean glass. All the employees from the US Marshals branch office had been located inside the house. Then he had heard some of the conversation behind the glass window.


Rob had shouted out loud next to his wife, his grown children, his grandchildren inside the cottage. “Where’s Cody? Find that kid now!”


Ashley had stood in the middle of the tiny room and wore that missing Starlit crown with a single shiny emerald gem stone that went missing from the dining room cabinet at her home.


Then, Cody had heard the twigs, breaking with a set of tiny cracks and echoes of faint voices. He had back stepped from the window and crawled backward in secret, stopping and hid underneath the old farm tractor in the red dirt, when the cottage had exploded into a fireball of colors. The old farm tractor had been hit coming from numerous large and small bomb fragments that were pieces of the concrete blocks that came from the cottage, when two heavy iron parts fell down on top of his legs and his chest. Then, Cody had passed out from the pain and the blood.




Cody returned back with a confused brow to see Brone. “Okay! Yes. It did look sorta like a bunker with four solid walls of concrete blocks. What about your appearance there at Antebellum House second floor?”

Brone nodded. “You were the only child of a local farmer, who enjoyed playing sports, fucking whores, and having a good time as a teen-ass at the local high school. Maybe, you dreamed of playing ball at one of the local colleges while getting a college degree. One hot September evening night, it of that changed in a split second. Your dad had killed your mom. The local judge appeared at your house and convicted you as an adult of beating the red blood out of your dad’s face. Then, you were immediately tried and sentenced to the work farm in the small rural town of Ettaville at the age of sixteen years old…”

Cody exhaled with a huff of frustration. “Why didn’t you come and find me, sir?”

“Your biological mother told me about your existence, after she gave you away for adoption. She wasn’t a good person, much less a good motherly figure. She provided for the birth adoption immediately and then ran into that woman, whom I just executed a few minutes ago here inside the cabin.

“The dead woman killed your biological mother, Cody. I am so sorry, son. You keep finding out the bad truth, too late. The dead woman provided a set of tiny bits of information about your person for large amount of money. Son, I do not have money or a banking account.”

Cody dropped open a mouth in shock while remembering the current facts of each murder case. Skippy was a billionaire in secret too who proposed that Brone was a billionaire, maybe trillionaire in secret also. The murderer and terrorist named Brone had been receiving all the bank monies coming from numerous deceased billionaires and millionaires that he had murdered there at Antebellum House while he continued to live and travel around the world for fun and torment.

Brone nodded with a stern face, “How convenient? You were there at Antebellum House too. How convenience again? I was there at Antebellum House too. And how convenient also? We did not meet there at Antebellum House. I am not the bad villain within the fairy tale, Cody.”

Cody exhaled with a deep sigh in silence. He had worked as a teen undercover student with the team members consisting of Islander Fucner, Yorkie, and Skippy, since murderer and terrorist Brone had killed his team member in cold-blooded murder, without mercy or explanation. And Cody did see the back spine and the ponytail of Brone that night. Brone continued to stroll down the beau garconniere as Fucner was tailing the terrorist also.

Brone said. “I have never been arrested, convicted, sentenced, or hung by the neck muscles to suffocate, Cody. I am an American too and I was born here within the US State of Alabama. I thought American justice was innocence, before proven guilty plus the right to a speedy trial of your peer group. Your biological mother died without my knowledge too. She had been replaced with that dead woman, who possessed an ugly heart which was attached to a pretty face. That woman blackmailed me for riches, while providing tidbits of information about you, son. I believed her while thinking you were an exact duplicate of my person. I’m short with a long brown colored ponytail, and a pair of brown eyes,” he reached up and brushed a full beard with a smile at Cody. “A set of scruffy dusted whiskers, a pair of comfortable worn cowboy boots, a pair of old worn jeans, it seems my son and I have a few things in common. I’m dark tanned from the years in the hot sun. I am your daddy. You are my son.”

“How is this all true, sir?” Cody frowned with puzzlement.

Brone lifted up the hand in the air and stretched out each digit near a smile. “You possess a hitch hiker’s thumb, where only ten percent of the entire human population exhibits this inherited trait coming from one biological parent,” he pointed down to the hand of Cody with a nod. Cody gasped in alarm at the formation of a hitch hiker’s thumb on Brone and lifted up the hand, spreading the digits. He saw a hitch hiker’s thumb on his own hand with a smile in silence.

Brone flipped the hand into the air with a smile. “I was there at Antebellum House with you. The dead woman had provided too many hints which allowed me to figure out her next plot. She had hired a duplicate of me, who was also short of frame, a ponytail of brown colored hair without the gray strands. He also stalked your whereabouts for both fun and meanness. Modern electronics are really a liability, son,” he winked with a grin at Cody. “I tracked your stationary position with great luck. However, I was going to find and kidnap you by using the wrong physical description that came from that dead elderly woman. Alas! I do not find your physical description within my eyeballs while walking around the campus property there at Antebellum House. So, I secretly found and accessed one of the desk computers within the mainframe computer system and then I found something better. I found a copy of your electronic medical chart in the computer. Each student was required to pass a medical examination. The physician was very good at documenting every single medical and genetic trait for all the teachers there at Antebellum House.

“I found you by searching for a hitch hiker’s thumb which was our genetic shared trait inside the computer files and then I uncovered your fake student name Sterling Pierce. Once I had that name, I could hack into any computer system, finding your real name Cody Mack. I was able to trace your whereabouts around the metro city of Huntsville and then spotted you at the Miss Lily beauty pageant, using your new physical attributes coming from the Antebellum House computer. Then, you were being protected by that team of US military soldiers, so I could not grab and get you away from these trained and armed US soldiers. I continued to track you down to the car dealership and then pounced upon you, when the situation when deadly wrong with the golden bodies and the guns. I brought you back here for both protection and safety, son. The other shared information for your eardrums, Antebellum House was a haven for all the kids that possessed the Jesus Strand.”

Cody frowned. “How do you know about the Jesus Strand?”

“I possess the Jesus Strand too and with you also, son. Your biological mother did not understand my reasoning. We were very young and innocent. I married and brought her out here into the wilderness for both of our protection for each human that carries and possesses the Jesus Strand. She was very unhappy and then fled away from me and the forest colony, without my knowledge of her escape and her pregnancy of your growing fetus.”

Cody dropped open a mouth with a gasp. “You didn’t go after her.”

Brone exhaled with a puff of disappointment. “I was very young and innocent also. And I did not know about your physical existence, son. I was in charge of the colony. I was up early that morning, when I returned back for our last afternoon meal, she was missing out from our cabin. That was eighteen years ago, Cody. The modern mobile telephone was in its infancy and very expensive, which was not owned by a lot of people, only mostly a set of business people. We were living in the middle of the wilderness back then and present now. I am so sorry about all this that has happened to you. We sent out a scouting party to go and find my wife, who is your mother. But she had fled into the city of Birmingham. I continued to hunt for your mother, who was my wife.”

Cody shook both hands and a bald skull with a smile. “Okay, Daddy! You are certifiable crazy. Why would you pursue a woman, who didn’t love you or maybe feared your person and your colony?”

“Why did Almighty God allow a man to have more than one legally married wife?”

Cody laughed with a nod, “For his fun fucking!”

“Males! When the male knew that he was a child of Jesus, he would produce another child of Jesus with numerous virgin wives, spreading the love quite literally,” he chuckled with Cody.

“He enjoyed extreme fun fucking action.” Cody laughed again.

“I wanted your mother safe. Our fight is with the Anti-Christ, son. I have misled you. I am not building an army of warriors. I am building a community of humble bees,” Brone smiled.

“Humble bees? What’s a humble bee? I have heard of a bumble bee. It is an insect.” Cody grinned.

“A bumblebee stings, if provoked especially, if you stomp down on top of the flying insect and then it will punch a toe with its non-lethal stinger tip which really stings. Excuse the pun!”

Cody chuckled. “Been there, done that! My big toe hurt for days.”

“A colony of bumble bees sting; a community of humble bees pray. That is really the technically difference between the two nouns.”

“How do you recruit a humble bee, Daddy?”

“Brother Jesus,” Brone smiled.

Cody gasped with a smile. “Okay. That’s a clever answer, Daddy!” He turned and scanned tiny cabin with a puzzled brow. “So, each one of you live here inside a log cabin within the forest wilderness like a colony of humble bees. Did a humble bee make that set of ugly curtains over each dirty window pane? Someone ain’t really talented with a dull needle and a spool of beige thread.”

He laughed. “Brother Jesus is the correct answer, Cody. Naw, son! That set of ugly curtains came from a bargain wholesale store within the city of Birmingham. We live near the town of Jasper within the US State of Alabama which is smack in the middle of two big metro cities with an assortment of pretty good cheap house goods, body clothing, and food shopping. Sit back and relax on top of that small cot bed, Cody! I have a lot to tell you, son.

“I guess that I will start with my overall appearance. Most of the males possess a full beard, mostly to annoy a married wife for fun. Each male that can’t get away with a full beard because of an annoying married wife displays a clean shaven face. Yes. We purchase a package of sharp razors for the males and the ladies. No. We don’t cook up a bar of soap for bathing like a caveman. We go to the retail or warehouse stores in one or both cities. All the females possess a head of long hair, wear no makeup products on a pretty face but they do apply lotion sunscreen from the bright sunshine here within the wilderness, and wear a hat kinda like the old western days.

“The cabins are all hand built with love. The architecture is simply and ugly but functional in the cold winters and hot summers while keeping the bugs outside. The roof is rigged with a set of solar panels coming from our smart humble bees, who are engineers. The humble bees come from all walks of life, if I dare use that term. And they come from all cities around the Us State of Alabama.

“Each US State has some type of a single humble bee camp with a few devoted families. We own a mobile telephone and a television screen for bad weather reports only. Bama is bad with a series of tornadoes in the springtime, so we watch out for that. We hadn’t had to evacuate from our cabins, yet. We don’t really advertise about the single mobile telephone or the lonely television for a smart teenager to find.

“The young people go to school and learn a trade. The older adults teach school and a trade. Learning and reading about the past world history is important along with a set of useful scientific skills for our everyday life. We raise our crops for food. We till our crop fields with modern day equipment that keeps the teens working and figuring out how the farm equipment functions. We buy our clothing in the store.

“Each family receives an allotment of clothing and then they will wear them and then hand them down to the younger children. We don’t waste a single resource even it is a pair of ripped blue jeans like mine. You can see my array of colored patches between the original fabric threads of the old blue jeans. I love these jeans. They’re tough and rough like me. When I finally tear them up with too many holes, I get a used pair of blue jeans coming from my neighbor or my friend down the road of log cabins. We have animals for food too. We kill the animal for meat and then collect a set of white packages coming from the local slaughter house down the roadside.

“We sell the animal hides and fur for money and then buy staple items, such like, flour, sugar, salt, and gasoline. Each cabin has electricity which we pay for. We’re living out here in the rural country, not roughing it like a pack of hungry wolves,” he chuckled.

“We teach our kids honor, honestly, and respect of God’s values and ethics. We’re certified by the State of Alabama as a school site, since the US Federal government won’t leave us be, if we didn’t. Even though, our own US Constitution does stress the complete separation of nosy federal government and the free state of religion. We’re safe in here. The locals know about our colony and leave us alone. And we leave them alone. Modern day folks are just trying to make it in the modern day world of stress, distress, and danger too. We don’t go around preaching or teaching about Brother Jesus to anybody but us. Some folks don’t wanna hear it or see you, so we let them be too.

“We do our own thing out here. We are happy about that our there. Our colony is very small about shy of hundred people. There are about thirty families too. I can’t say for certain, if we’re growing or not. We rise early with our family ritual and then get to the colony business, making the day and night go by quick and then time for bedtime. Each person is happy out here. I believe that it’s our genes,” he winked with a chuckle at Cody.

“Now, you have found me. I am happy. Now, you have a decision to make, son. You can live out here within the wilderness with me. You can live without me and not here. I truly hope that you pick living with me. But either way, I am very happy to find you, son. You don’t have to decide right now. Why don’t you stay and stick around and talk to some of the colonists or humble bees? Brother Jesus preaches about living your life on the planet as one of God’s children. Be humble. Be happy. Brother Jesus has predicted the past, the present, and all the future wars and famines and pestilences and ground shakes and then He says to endure it all, Cody. The last person standing will receive Him and His world which is heaven. We all must endure the sorrows of evil and then survive the pleasure of kindness,” Brone nodded with a stern face.

Cody exhaled with a huff of mixed feeling. “I know that also.”

“Who rules a nation of people, Cody?”

“A nation of people is ruled by the head of state like a president, a prime minister, a chancellor.”

“Who rules a kingdom of people, Cody?”

“A kingdom of people is ruled by a royal family like a king and his queen.”

Brone nodded with a stern face. “King Jack and Queen Jill, the string of words sound like part of a nursery rhyme, where I heard as a young child.”

Cody gasped in shock and turned to see the wall with all the mental thoughts and then back to see Brone. “It can’t be so!”

“I am afraid it can be so! They are a pair of false prophets among the people and the humble bees Cody.”

“Daddy!” Cody frowned with fear while learning too many bad secrets. He needed to immediately find and locate his set of new friends, consisting of Woot, Fern, and Hucks, who were searching and praying for his safety over their own lives.

Brone swiftly stood upright from the chair with a smile. “The common denominations of adultery, fornication, idolatry, hatred, wrath, strife, gossip, envy, murder, drunkenness, and vanity are all the hellish sins of evil Satan. If you lead a human life with just one of these sins, then you do not go up into heaven. The common denominators of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance are all the virtues of Brother Jesus which is a nice ticket into heaven. Let us do good unto all men, women, and children, who are of the house of faith! I will say to you, Cody. I love you, but I have missed knowing you as a young lad. But now, I have found you. I realize it will take time for you to acknowledge me as your biological father. I accept that, so I will say: good evening, Cody. You need to rest from the impact bruise into your face that scrambled your neurons. You received a mild concession. You have been catnapping all day long. That was not one of my humble bees. That was one of the other Brone’s men. But, don’t worry! I told care of him too,” he spun around with a smile and moved ahead towards the closed door, reaching out for the door knob.

“Good evening, sir,” Cody stood upright from the bed cot with a fake smile while feeling better his real father and his real bruised cheekbone. Brone left the tiny cabin room as the entrance door closed shut with a tiny creak. Cody turned and scanned the tin single room that represented the entire cabin with a nod and a smile. “I’m safe. They are not,” he dashed ahead towards the closed door and reached out, touching the knob with a sigh of worry, twisting the wrist bone. The door cracked open. Individual bright beams of moonlight illuminated all the red soil only. He didn’t see a posted guard from his father or a set of family members, who were strolling around the colony. He back stepped from the night air with a grin and gently shut the door with a nod.

Cody had decided to escape before the light of dawn like his biological mother from the humble bee colony. Then, he would track down and rescue his friends Woot, Ana, Fern, and Hucks, since his friends were in grave danger right now.

He spun around and moved ahead with a stern face, stopping and resting on top of the small bed cot, closing the eyelids for sleep. Tomorrow would be a very busy day for a rescue.




(London day and time)


Wednesday September 8th

Cool temperatures with cloudy sky of little sunshine

7:07 am

City of London within the country of England

(4,398 miles northeast from USA)

Royal palace location

4th floor level

Shared chamber suite setting

of Woot, Ana, Fern, her baby, and Hucks

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



The four adults exited the shared chamber suit and stood in a huddle in the middle of the hallway. Woot dropped down a set of luggage pieces for him and Ana, standing upright and grabbed out, holing her hand with worry in silence.

Fern stood next to Woot and cuddled the baby, turning to stare with a worried brow at her husband Hucks. “How in the hell are we walking out of here? The royals will get suspicious and then call…”

“The baby is sick and Ana is sick. Cough for me, Ana!” Hucks turned and winked at Ana. Ana slapped a hand over the parted lips with a rough girly cough and then a giggle of amusement.

The mobile telephone rang out loud with a country musical song. Woot reached down and pulled out the mobile telephone, reading the telephone number with a frown. “What’s this? It is a wrong number,” he swished the decline ion on the ringing phone and then it silenced.

Hucks frowned. “Who was calling you, Woot?”

The mobile telephone rang for a second time. Woot lifted the phone near the eyeballs and stared at the same telephone number with a frown and then a growl. “It is the same number which is my internet that is calling me on my own mobile telephone for some weird ass reason. It is a fucking joke, ya’ll.”

Hucks frowned. “How is that possible for your internet service to call your mobile telephone, Woot? I don’t understand the technology.”

Woot pointed the ringing mobile telephone with a stern face. “This telephone number is used by my computer to hook into the internet at my house on a telephone landline. Some smart ass hacker has jacked into my internet telephone number, probably ringing up a mess of international charges on my American phone bill too,” he shook a skull with a sneer.

Fern giggled with a grin. “Answer the tele, Woot! See if you can curse out that smartass on your own mobile telephone?” She laughed with the others.

The mobile telephone continued to ring as Woot continued to see the ringing number with a sneer, “Fine!” He swipes the icon on the tiny screen and jerked the phone into the face with a growl, “Hey, dumb ass! You betta not,” he gasped, “Cody, where are you located, buddy? Gawd! We have been worried sick to our stomachs, vomiting up a set of matching green puke…”

He paused and listened to Cody on the other end of the mobile telephone.

“You are located inside my place in Bama.”


“Wait a minute here? Why are you inside my place in Bama? Cody, are you drugged up with pot or stoned with stones or drunk with beer? How in the hell did you get into my place, Cody?”


“You entered the door, after you shot the shit out of the metal lock with your hand gun on my choo-choo train. I’m coming to you and for you, Cody. I’m leaving this foreign country right now on the jet in about thirty minutes, so you sit tight inside my place. And, there is to be no fucking girls inside my man cave. Or I’m beat your ass with my alligator belt like a hillbilly redneck rather than shake your hand like a southern gentleman,” Woot sneered on the phone when the phone disappeared from his hand.

Ana slammed the tiny screen of Woot’s mobile telephone into her smile. “Cody, dear, this is Ana. We are very happy that your person is alright. Please stay put, sweetheart! Don’t move your tall bones! Hucks will beat up Woot for you, darling. I promise you that. Look! We are on our way by jet plan, honey. And please fix the metal lock and bolt that door tight for protection and safety. Bye-bye, Cody!” She handed the phone back to Woot with a grin and a nod.

Woot jerked the phone from her hand with a sneer and then swiped the icon of the telephone, killing the electronic signal, looking up to see Hucks with a grin and a nod. “Good news! Cody is found. Great news! Cody is healthy. Bad news! Cody is inside my place all alone with a set of very loud rock and roll musical song playing in the background of my private bedroom. Worse news! Cody is fucking…”

Ana reached over and patted the arm of Woot with a smile, “Woot, darling!”

Woot turned with a sneer and narrowed the eyelids in the far distance at the three some of royals. “O. The company is here.”

Ana grinned with a nod, “Woot, we are the company in here.”

Woot smiled. “Not anymore! We go back to the USSR, wrong song. We go back to the good old US of A, the safest place on the planet, where one of our many military base holds hundreds of semi-automatic weapons in the hand of a semi-automatic pissed off US military soldier, who is looking to kill off and extinguish a small village of crazy terrorists…”

Hucks moved ahead and hugged Fern, toting their set of luggage, stepping down the stairs with a smile, “Right-o, duckie.”

Woot turned with a smile and leaned down, tenderly kissing the lips of Ana, pulling back with a wink. He reached down and grabbed the two pieces of luggage with one hand, standing upright and reached out, grabbed her hand. They moved behind the back spine of Hucks and Fern, slowly stepping down the stairs, greeting the royals this early morning with a fake smile and a good escape plan.

They followed the royals back into the drawing room for a new day of meetings, dropping down the individual pieces of luggage near the open archway.



7:15 am

First floor drawing room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



Hucks moved ahead and stopped, reaching out, pulling out a chair for Fern and the baby. She sat down with a fake smile. He leaned down with a whisper into her eardrum. “How we going to play this game now, Fern?” She looked down with a smile at the baby.

Woot moved behind Hucks and stopped, reaching out, pulling out a chair for Fern. She sat down with a fake smile to see each royal. He slid down into the chair and leaned over with a fake smile and a whisper into the cheekbone of Hucks. “Follow my lead, man! Then, we will be jetting over the Atlantic Ocean, landing in back home in Bama, eating a messy lunch on Woot’s train inside my fabby man cave and then listening to Cody’s long-winded demon tale of his capture and then his escape from an evil terrorist nicknamed Brone.” He sat upright in the chair and stared at Jack with a fake smile.

Jack smiled to each American. “Good morning! We have a long list of items to accomplish, before nightfall…”

Woot swiftly stood upright with a smile and tossed both arms into the air, slapping them down onto the pair of ripped and faded blue jeans. “I got a new item. Think this! Almighty God created the earth and the man, meaning a man and a woman. His second born son and daughter, do you get it? Jesus is His first born son. So, that makes Adam his second born son and Eve is His first born daughter. Isn’t that right? Yeah, right! I wonder, if the Virgin Mary is concerned His first born daughter too, since she birthed the first born Son…”

Jill stared with a British stern face at Woot without her infant baby girl. “How is this related to our present situation, Woot?”

Woot tossed both hands into the air again with a smile, “Just a sec, darling!” He slapped both the hands back down onto the pair of ripped blue jeans again with a chuckle. “So, Adam and Eve fucked up and ate the damn red pretty apple and then got kicked out of paradise while pissing Almighty God off. Then, the world fucked each other and multiplied over and over again while producing more of His blessed kids. The blessed kids did some naughty stuff like fucking and licking each other’s body parts and then performed a set of Satan worshipping…” Ana reached over and slapped the arm of Woot with a smile. Woot lifted up both hands with a nod and a chuckle. “Wait for it! I’m on a roll, darling. Okay! Almighty God got pissed off again and then flooded the world with tons of yucky sea water. Every male, female, child, teen, mammal, bullfrog, and bug died but good ole boy Noah. Goody-two-shoes Noah has three goody-good sons and a set of matching daughters-in-law. The children fucked each other, creating more children that came from my and your father-earth Noah. Now, all of Noah grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great great-grandchildren started acting like a set of spoiled rotten brats, again. They started the fucking and licking each other’s body parts for a second time.” Ana reached over and slapped the arm of Woot again with a stern face.

Woot tossed both arms into the air with a smile and slapped them down onto the blue jeans with a chuckle for fun drama. “I’m almost finished, babe. Almighty God becomes compassion and then sends down His first born Son to calm the wild-ass natives on planet Earth, His rental property. It backfires and then first born Son gets spitted on and then cursed out and then hang on that damn cross. However, Almighty God is smarter than all of His asshole children and has an awesomely new plan. His first born Son is pure love and light. Amen! The first born Son spreads His sunshine down to His mama. Every little boy loves his mama. Then, the big adult man protects his mama with a shotgun in one hand and an arm wrapped her collar bone like a true southern boy. Then, the sunshine is transmitted down to the next child and then the next child and then the next child. Do you all get it now?” He chuckled with Hucks.

“Woot is getting something from an illegal drink or an illegal cigar or an acid tongue. What are you smoking inside the rented royal palace chamber suit?” Jon laughed.

Woot continued to stand and smile at the royals. “So, with the Jesus Strand DNA thing, Almighty God is creating his only holy band of good people with lots of sunshine. When Brother Jesus returns, He will lead a new band of goody-good peoples against all the evil peoples. The world is getting more evil and not nice, since back then to present day and all the way up until Judgment Day, sayeth the Lord. Amen! Look at the worldly television newscast every hour, every minute, every second of the day and night! No one likes each other or their neighbor or their little dog. The world is ugly. So, Almighty God had planned for that and did something about it, to boot. He has created His new breed of children, who spread good cheer and happiness and hope which is far different from the other assholes live here that can’t see their own crinkled dick over a gut of rolling glutton of fat. Therefore, the Jesus Strand is a new breed of Almighty God’s children that Brone is trying to wipe out and off the surface of planet Earth. Amen!” Woot pointed at Jack, Jill, and Jon with a smile. “Now, you, you, and you go and get Brone. The end!”

Hucks continued to sat and clapped with a smile. “Woot is a fucking genius.”

Woot continue to stand and flipped a hand with a grin, “Awe! Thanks, man! Really, it was nothing at all!”

Hucks swiftly stood upright and turned with a nod and a smile to see the royals. “Thanks for the invite, our new royal friends! But, the baby is sick with vomiting and shitting out brown turds. Ana is sick with a bad cold too,” he leaned down and pulled out the chair, assisting Fern and the baby to stand next to him. Woot leaned down and pulled out the chair, assisting Ana to stand next to him with a smile. Hucks leaned over and hugged Fern with a smile to each royal. “So, we are leaving and flying away from your home country of England right now. An American business jet is standing by which is located at the American military base that is outside of the city of London, since the president send it for us to come back home to Bama right now. Good bye, ya’ll!” Both Hucks and Fern moved backward from the conference table and then turned to face the open archway in the drawing room, strolling ahead with a smile.

Woot and Ana waved to the royals and then turned to face the open archway of the drawing room, moving behind the back spine of Fern and Hucks. Ana shouted out loud with a giggle, “Bye and good luck, ya’ll!” They gathered the luggage and then disappeared through the archway and exited the room, moving ahead to the rented limousine from the President of the USA also which would take all of them to the American military base and then back home to Alabama with an airplane ride of ten hours.




(USA day and time)

Wednesday September 8th



City of Huntsville within the US State of Alabama

(4,398 miles southwest from London)

Very heated and hot temperatures with bright sunshine

with three miles per hour winds and 87% humidity

2:02 pm

Woot Toot train location

Man-made cold air temperatures without light bulbs



Inside the forest soil, Cody crouched down behind a row of short green plant bushes and wore the borrowed baseball cap coming from the clothing drawer of Woot. His body was covered in a set of tiny brown colored tree twigs, short ropes of green tinted leaf vines, and clumps of green and brown tinted tree leaves, where he blended into the natural forest landscape like a real US soldier. He watched the other fake Brone, who possessed a short body frame with a brown tinted beard without the strands of gray tinted hair, and a brown colored ponytail on the opposite side of the yard near a grove of tall shade trees. Brone had blasted off the new lock on the door as he and his men were entering to hide inside the train while waiting for the arrival of Woot.

Cody had already taken care of the other men and female, who worked for fake Brone. Cody had squatted down underneath a grove of tall shade trees with a nice set of sharp steak knives that came from the kitchen cabinet and a gleaming hunting knife collection that came from the private bedroom, all compliments of Woot. Then, he had silently used each weapon on each warm body that used to work for fake Brone and currently worked for Satan in hell.

The borrowed pickup truck rolled over the smooth roadway with great speed coming from the private airstrip on Redstone Military Base, where the private business jet took eleven hours of flying time from the city of London within the country of England. Woot, Ana, Fern, the baby, and Huck dashed ahead to the pickup truck driving to Woot’s train in Huntsville looking for Cody.

The borrowed pickup truck turned, skidding to a halt on top of the loose gravel as numerous clumps of flying white pebbles bounced into the air and then dropped back down onto the gravel ground. Woot jumped out from the passenger seat of the truck with a worried brow and dashed with a sneer towards the engine compartment, halting at the scorched dangling door lock. The door lock hung beside the broken metal door. He growled out loud. “Cody!” He reached up and slid the door open when a boot heel flew into the air coming near the side nostril. Woot reached up and grabbed, twisting the ankle bone of the attacker sideways, tossing the attacker out and away the archway of the engine compartment. The attacker sailed through the air and landed on top of the grassy yard with the ant hill, yelling out loud in pain. Woot entered into the engine compartment and slammed a fist into the face of the second attacker.

Inside the truck, Ana opened the rear door and stood upright on the gravel in fright while watching the invaders fight with her husband Woot with a gasp of alarm. Fern slid across the bench seat and stood upright, handing the baby to Ana in silent worry. The baby started crying with fear. Fern reached out and grabbed, dragging the arm of Ana with the baby towards the entrance door of the box car on the Woot Toot train. She released the arm of Ana and pulled out a set of twin hand guns out from the backpack on her back spine, stopping and dropped down on one kneecap to the gravel. She aimed and shot out the door lock on the rear box car, standing upright and moved through the archway first while firing all the bullets from each hand gun at each surprised and uninvited guest of Woot, who wanted to harm her and her baby. Each uninvited guest yelled out loud in pain and suffering and dropped down as a dead body on top of the floor.

Fern tossed away each hand gun and spun around, dashing into the private bedroom of Woot with Ana and the baby behind her back spine. Fern stopped in front of the bathroom and reached out, grabbing each clean towel out from the bathroom closet, pitching it down into an empty laundry basket on the floor, back stepping with the full laundry basket from the bathroom. She spun around with the laundry basket and moved ahead towards the bed mattress, stopping, and leaned down, ripping, and tearing off each bed linen from the bed mattress. She spun around and leaned over, caressing the cheekbone of her baby with a smile as the baby calmed. Then, she reached down and gently kissed the forehead of the baby while quickly praying for some divine heavenly help here to save her baby, her husband, her friends, and finally herself, if at all possible, this day.

Fern spun around with a worried heart and lifted the laundry basket up and then onto the naked bed mattress, emptying out of the clean towels. Then, she re-dressed a set of clean towels down into the bottom of the laundry basket and spun around, grabbing the baby from Ana, wrapping the silk bed linens around the baby. She slowly swung around and leaned down, placing the baby down inside the bottom of the lined laundry basket. Then, she lifted up and then gently lowered down, wedging the baby inside the basket between the bed frame and the nightstand. The baby continued to cry aloud in fear. Fern reached down and caressed his tiny soft forehead, leaning down with a tender goodbye kiss on his forehead, standing upright from the floor with a smile at the baby while hearing his baby cry with good luck.

Fern back stepped from the baby with a worried brow and spun around to see Ana, reaching out, grabbing the arm of Ana again and dragged them both toward the closed door of the wardrobe closet. Fern stopped with Ana in front of the closet door and released the arm of Ana, reaching out and slammed opened each door, leaning inside, and grabbed, handing back numerous loaded and locked weapons into the hands of Ana. Ana spun around with a worried brow and gently tossed each weapon into the land as it landed on top of the naked bed mattress in silence. Fern emptied out the closet of all weapons and held the last handful of weapons, back stepping from the closet, swinging around and moved ahead towards the naked bed mattress, stopping, dropping down the last of pile of guns. She reached down and lifted a shotgun into her a face, pumping the weapon into activation, handing the gun to Ana with a stern face. “Just shoot until empty and then toss it over the wall and grab another weapon on top of the bed mattress! I promise you will not run out of ammo. I’m helping Woot end this right now.” Fern spun around and raced towards the closed door with a lady sneer, opening the door, dashing out into the fight with Woot and Hucks and slammed the bedroom door shut and locked.

Inside the bedroom near the naked bed mattress and in front of the baby in the basket, Ana exhaled with a worried brow and slapped the butt of the shotgun underneath an armpit, standing upright and watched the closed door with determination of survival, hearing the baby cry with fear too.

Outside on the ground, Hucks stood behind Woot and slid to the side of the door frame, when Woot’s attacker was tossed out and away from the engine compartment door. Then, an array of flying bullets fired down from the rooftop of the train behind the ass of Hucks and on top of the grass. Hucks squatted down and looked up with the hand gun, firing back at the rooftop, killing some of the unknown attackers, who were probably Brone’s army soldiers. One of his eyeballs had seen Fern and Ana run away from the truck and into the rear of the box car for protection. Fern would kill anyone that comes near their son at the moment.

Hucks dropped down on top of the gravel and slid over the dry dirt, crawling underneath the engine cab, stopping with a set of panicked breathes to reload the gun. An array of new bullets burrowed down into the dirt. Hucks narrowed the eyelids in the far distance at an empty railroad track and heard the swishing of pair of walking boots, turning to see the opposite view. A pair of black tinted boot toes of a new attacker was coming closer to Hucks.

Inside the forest, Cody crawled forward on both kneecaps around each tall tree and low bush posing at the edge of the forest. He swiftly stood upright from the ground bent down at the waistline, running towards the rear door of the box car and stopped with a gasp. Brone was crouched down at his wrist and ran towards the train too. Cody swiftly stood upright in the middle of clearing and lifted aiming the cold barrel at the back spine of Brone. One eyeball of Brone had seen the slight movement and halted in silence, slowly standing upright, turning with a sneer to see Cody. Cody fired the bullet as it traveled through the air and hit the stomach of Brone. “Shoot! Don’t sneer!” Brone fell backwards on top of the grass dead.

Cody raced ahead towards the box car with a sneer and run up the steps, through the archway, and stopped a few feet into the room. Fern fought with another female attacker inside the room. He could hear the crying baby and turned to face the closed door, dashing ahead towards the bedroom space, and reached out, touching the door knob. The door opened. Cody ran inside and slammed into the body of Ana, slapping the barrel of the shotgun against the side wall, before Ana accidentally killed him. He said with a worried brow. “You and the baby come with me to a safer place,” he scooted around her and stopped, leaning down with a smile, cuddling the baby into a chest. He slowly stood upright and spun around, reaching out, grabbing the waving hand of Ana. They moved ahead and exited the box car.

Cody led Ana and the baby toward the borrowed pickup truck that came from the military base.

Ana raced beside Cody in gasps of quick pants of worry, “I can’t leave Woot. We’re married. I love him. Woot needs our help, Cody. Fern needs our helps too. I’m guarding the baby for…”

Cody cuddled the baby and dragged Ana with a man-pull towards the pickup truck with a laugh. “Congratulations, Mrs. Woot! Woot is a great guy and they are all a set of professional soldiers within the USA military. Believe me! They have been doing this shit for years. They don’t need our help, but you and baby need to be get to safety immediately and out of this bullet shower,” he stopped beside the open door and shoved Ana into seat, placing the baby into her arms with a smile. He slammed the door shut and back stepped, turning to jog around the front bump, stopping beside the open door and slid down into the driver’s seat. He started the engine with a grin of victory and sped over the loose gravel, steering away from the fight.

Inside the engine compartment, Woot slammed a fist and then a boot toe into the face of twin attackers, knocking one against the wall and then out the broken window frame. The other attacker returned the favor and shoved with both hand, body slamming Woot into the control panel of the train. Woot leaned over the console panel and lifted into the air, kicking out both boot heels into the same attacker. Then, the second attacker flew into the broken window frame. Woot reached up and kicked him out the window as the second attacker landed down on top of the dry dirt. Woot panted with a sweat and looked down, touching the taped piece of paper on top of the console panel, seeing a hand written note. “Cody!”

A third attacker run up the stairs of the engine compartment and appeared inside the archway, dashing ahead and reared back, punching Woot in the cheekbone. Woot ricocheted out the wall and smashed back into the upright body of the third attacker, hugging each other, as the couple slammed into each wall, and dropped down, rolling over the floor.

Inside the box car, Fern reared back and slammed a folded fist into the hairy face of the female attacker and then one breast, shoving the female attacker over the top of lounge chair. The female attacker landed on top of the wooden floor with a deep grunt. Fern ran ahead and leaped into the air, landing down on top of a hairy face with both boot heels, hearing the deep sound of numerous crashed bones. A third female attacker jumped into the air from the floor and landed on the back spine of Fern. Fern swirled around and slammed the back spine of the female attacker into the bar counter, continuing to roll sideway along the smooth metal railing. Then, they both dropped down onto the floor in front of the bar counter. Fern rolled upright and stood on both kneecaps and pulled out from the back pocket of the jeans, pressing the switchblade open, stabbing the tip down into the hidden heart of the third female attacker, slowly standing upright from the floor and wiped off the bloody lip and then the bloody tip of the switchblade.

A fourth hairy covered female attacker sat inside one of the undamaged lounge chairs with a grin and slowly stood upright from the chair, enjoying the performance of the USA solider-girl. She cupped an ear with a smirk and a shout out, “Hmm, darling! I don’t hear the sweet wailing song of your precious infant baby anymore.”

Fern gasped with fear and turned to face the open archway of the bedroom. A fifth female attacker exited out from the bedroom with a smile and a laugh, wiping the dried blood from a pair of wet hands. Fern growled with fear at the fifth female. “Bitch, if you have hurt my baby?” She dashed ahead and leaped into the air, kicking both boot heels in the air and slammed both fists down on top of the hair roots of the fifth female attacker, landing in front of the female on top of the floor. Then, Fern reached up and grabbed the collar bone of the fifth female attacker, twirling the body around, shoving the female towards the closed window. The fifth female attacked hit and broke the glass window coming from the bloody body impact.

The fourth female raced towards the broken window with a loud grunt and slammed into the unconscious body, pushing the female all the way through the broken window frame and the scattered fragment of glass. The unconscious fifth female attacker dropped down through the open window and landed hard onto the dirt. The fourth female jumped through the busted window and landed on top of a short platform, reaching up and grabbed the edge of the rooftop, climbing and landing on the rooftop.

Fern growled with fury and jumped through the busted window, following the fourth attacker up and landed on the rooftop. Each female stared at each other with a sneer.

Inside the engine compartment, Woot rolled away from the flying fist and smashed into the console panel, accidentally pressing an array of buttons which started the train in motion. He jerked back from the console with a moan and reached up, grabbing the airborne handle. The whistle blew out loud as the smoke stack tooted the warning to both Fern and Hucks.

“Damn!” Hucks heard the whistle of the train and felt the intense heat on a back spine coming from the roaring cold engines. He tucked the gun inside a chest and rolled a body over the steel train tracks, into the dirt, and over the soft grass. The Woot Toot executive train slowly rolled down the railroad tracks, gathering more speed. Hucks sat upright on one kneecap and aimed, firing a spraying an array of bullets at each running away attacker on the ground and then killed each one dead.

Inside the engine compartment, Woot stood upright and punched a fist into the next male attacker, missing. The male attacker stopped and stood in front of the broken window, reaching up backwards, grabbing the ledge of the rooftop with a wink at Woot, climbing and stood on top of the rooftop. Woot reached down and tear off the paper from the console, stuffing the message inside the torn jacket with a curse, exiting out the same window, chasing after the last attacker.

On the ground, Hucks stared at the train and aimed the smoking barrel at the rooftop with a gasp, up righting the gun near a worried brow. He could not fire a single bullet without harming Fern or Woot.

On top of the box car rooftop of puke green metal, Fern continued to stand and wobbled side to side on top of a moving train while seeing a row of three ugly and hairy female attackers on the opposite end of the box car. “Shit!” She squatted down on the metal rooftop as the train blew the hair behind the collar bone. The row of three female attackers rushed towards Fern with a set of growls and hand waves. One of the females dashed ahead and came closer to Fern. Fern pulled out the hunting knife from behind the back spine, not standing and tossed the handle of the blade into the air, sailing at the face of the third attacker. The tip of the blade hit the collar bone of the leader female attacker and as she stopped and reached up, grabbing the knife. The motion of the train increased with speed. The lead female attacker stumbled to the side and fell off the rooftop, landing onto the dirt.

Fern swiftly stood upright and advanced ahead, kicking each leg in the air, following with a punch with each fist near a face while missing. She danced around the two hairy female attackers continuing to kick and punch each other. The left side female attacker slammed a fist into the eardrum of Fern. Fern felt blood and tumbled backwards from the fist impact while catching her balance on top of the speeding train with a sneer. The right side female attacker swung an arm into the skull while missing Fern.

Fern ducked down and slices her leg at the stomach of the right attacker.

The right attacker falls off the rooftop of the train, too.

On top of the engine compartment, Woot ducked down from a flying fist and ate the metal rooftop. The male attacker reached out and slammed a boot heel into the back spine of Woot. Woot rolled towards the edge of the rooftop with a loud grunt of pain, reaching out and grabbing the long bar which could hold a set of waving flags for fun, hanging down over the air waves on the edge. The male attacker spun around and dashed ahead with a smile, stopping and raised a boot heel, aiming down at the nose bridge of Woot.

Woot swung side to side and reached out, grabbing the long bar with both ankles, sliding away from the attacker. He bent at the fit waistline and stretched upwards, grabbing and climbing back onto the rooftop of the engine compartment with a set of pants and slowly crawled on the palms and the kneecaps, stopping and squatted down in a folded pose with a set of heavy breathes of exhaustion. The hairy male attacker dashed ahead from the edge of the rooftop and came closer to Woot with an evil laugh. Woot continued to squat on the kneecaps with a chin down into the chest with a set of heavy breathes of exhaustion. The male attacker stopped and stood over the black hair roots of Woot with a wicked grin.

Woot retrieved and stabbed down the tip of the knife into the boot toe of the male attacker with a sneer. The male attacker screamed out loud in pain. Woot stood upright from the metal and reared back, slamming a fist into the face of the male attacker. The attacker wobbled to the side and dropped off the side of the rooftop with a yell of fear.

Woot spun around with a gasp to see a row of tall buildings between the twin ponds that represented the VBC structure, “Shit! The train station is too close,” he spun around with a gasp and dashed ahead towards Fern, leaping from the engine compartment and landed on top of the box car.

On top of the box car, Fern stood upright and slammed a fist into the last female attacker. The attacker stumbled side to side with dizzy from the blood nose, tumbling off the rooftop, landing on the hard ground with multiple injuries.

Woot raced ahead and slammed into the body of Fern, wrapping both arms around her back spine, sliding to the side, plunging off the rooftop and rolled sideways in the air and then hit down into the pond water. They dropped down and then down submerged underneath the water.

The Woot Toot engine compartment slammed into the concrete station platform at full speed first, spitting out metal fragment, sparking fireballs, and some severed human body parts that belonged to the army of dead fake Brone. All the items flew into the air and landed on top of the railroad tracks, the glass windows of the buildings, and the building bricks.

Underneath the fresh pond water, Woot cuddled Fern, kicking both legs, swimming upwards towards the surface and broke the water with Fern.

Fern spun around with sobs of tears to see the train crash, slamming both hands into the face of Woot, “My baby! He’s still located inside the box car compartment of the train. The train is wrecked and burning. My baby is in there!”

Woot shook Fern with two strong hands and a stern face. “Cody! Cody got the baby to safety, before the train wreck. Fern, the baby and Ana are okay,” he released Fern and swam on top of the pond water with her, reaching down, pulling out a plastic wrapping from the wet jacket. He shook off the water and unzipped the plastic bag, slipping out a piece of dry paper, reading out loud the hand writing with a smile. “Come to Raccoon Creek Road at Lick Creek for Ana and the baby. They are safe. I promise you that. Cody.” He leaned over and hugged Fern with a smile. Fern both laughed and cried with panic and relief inside the arms of Woot. Then, they pulled apart with a smile and turned, swiftly swimming towards the muddy bank of water.



6:09 pm

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

with four miles per hour winds and 82 percent humidity

City of Jasper within the US State of Alabama

(42 miles southeast from Huntsville)

Lick Creek and Raccoon Creek Road location

Cabin interior setting of Ana

Cold air temperatures without light bulbs



Inside the tiny log cabin, Ana paced in a circle around the squared shaped floor of wooden planks with a worried brow. The cabin was built with a single bathroom, one wall shelf that contained old and new manual textbooks, and a viewing window on each wall that displayed a set of tacky beige colored curtains. She exhaled and then inhaled with confusion and worry.

Cody had swiftly driven away from the train yard of Woot inside the stolen pickup truck that Hucks had stolen on the military base, since his pickup truck was parked at the car dealership. Cody arrived inside a new and mysterious camp site near the small town of Jasper, parking the vehicle, escorting her to one of the numerous rows of log cabins. Then, he had taken the baby of Fern and Hucks, leaving Ana inside the enclosed cabin, and had not returned back to the cabin. She had been cooped up inside the tiny cabin for an hour.

The door swiftly cracked open and revealed Cody inside the archway with a smile. He entered inside the room. “Hey, Ana! What do you think about our colony?”

Ana waved both arms in the air with a worried brow. “Where’s the baby? Where’s Woot? I wanna leave from the cabin and camp site right now. I am worried about Woot, fern, and Hucks. Where are we? Where are they? Where have you been for an hour, Cody.”

Brone entered inside the cabin with the baby, stopping and stood in front of Ana, reaching out, handing back the baby with a smile. “He has been changed with a pair of clean diapers and fed by one of the wetting mothers. He is a very healthy baby and possesses the Jesus Strand too,” he reached out and patted the collar bone with a smile. “I was very worried when you escaped from the colony, Cody. But, you did the correct thing. The baby and his set of biological parents are invited to join the colony immediately for protection too.” He smiles, nodding.

Ana examined the baby with a puzzled brow and then looked up to see Cody. “The baby possesses the Jesus Strand. How is that even possible? Cody, we need to talk in private, please.”

Cody reached over and elbowed Brone with a smile. “Everything’s okay, Ana. This is Brone, who is my real biological daddy. I finally found my real family, after all these years. And I am not brainwashed either. Brone and his colony are not the terrorists, who are killing all the other Americans, who possess the Jesus Strand either. I’m going to stay and live here with my daddy, working the wilderness into a farm life for the humble bees,” nodding.

Ana cuddled the baby with a frown. “What are you going to do that? Who are those people? Where are Woot, Fern, and Hucks? We need to leave and find Woot, Fern, and Hucks, Cody.”

Brone frowned with worry. “Ana, I am happy you are safe from all your enemies, but you cannot stay here at the colony with us or Cody. I dearly hope that you understand my reason.”

Ana nodded with a stern face to Brone, “I understand, sir. Thank you for the protection! When my husband arrives, we will be leaving immediately. I hope my husband arrives soon,” she turned with a worried brow to see through the semi-dirty clean glass window with the set of tacky curtains.

Brone nodded with a smile. “That is all I ask. However, since I have learned of the baby’s inherited genes, I will be asking his set of biological parents to stay and live here within the colony too. We offer protection and safety from the outside world.”

Ana turned and frowned at Brone again. “O! I don’t know if Hucks and Fern will wanna stay here inside your little camp site without property electricity and a garage for the car.”

Brone smiled. “I will offer the invitation as their choice. They are your friends as told by Cody. Would you care to find out, if you are a child of Jesus?”

Ana exhaled with a puff of frustration, “Sir, I am baptized in the name of Brother Jesus. I don’t need a blood test or a hermit to tell me that I am something other than a sister of Brother Jesus. I believe in Almighty God, Brother Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and my heavenly angles.”

He frowned. “I have offended you. I am very sorry. Allow me to ask? Would you care to volunteer your blood protein for a medical test and then view the results for your fun amusement?”

Ana exhaled with a huff of annoyance, “I had learned some of the other names of people who carried the Jesus Strand. Would you mind rattling off a few for me? Then, I would be more convinced of your sincerity, sir.”

Brone nodded with a grin. “James, the half-brother of Jesus, Joan of Arc of France, and Queen Elizabeth, the first of England, they are a few of the more famous names who possessed the Jesus Strand, which all came from the Virgin Mary.”

Ana gasped in shock. She had learned the same information from the royals within the country of England. Brone thumbed back over a collar bone towards the open door with a smile in silence, spinning around and lead through the archway with a smile. Cody and Ana with the baby exited out from the tiny cabin and moved across the soil that consist of part dry grass and part dry clay soil without a single concrete sideway towards a new log cabin structure in silence.



Second cabin interior setting

Cold air temperatures without light bulbs



Cody dashed ahead from the line and stopped, reaching out, grabbing the door handle. He opened the door with a smile. Brone led Ana with the baby inside the tiny single room of wooden planks and pointed down to a single sitting chair near the side wall.

The room contained one viewing window on entrance wall with a set of tacky curtains. The other walls were filled with sets of medical equipments, rows of hard chairs, and naked tables that contained piles of folded colorful blankets and towels. One wall was painted in white and made of solid plaster for some strange reason. In the middle of the floor, there was an examination able next to medical equipment. The equipment was shut down with power. The far wall contained a set of metal cabins that were closed shut which probably held medications and medical supplies for a sick colonist.

Cody entered the room and stopped, standing beside Ana with a grin in silence. Ana stopped and then stared down with a puzzled brow at the hard wooden chair, reaching out and handed the baby to Cody. Cody accepted the baby and moved backwards, sitting down inside another hard chair, bouncing the baby up and down in the air with a set of giggles and soft funny sounds.

Ana sat down inside the lonely wooden chair with a stern face in silence and watched Brone.

Brone stood in front of a wooden counter and fiddled with a set of tiny glass laboratory flat slide and curved dishes with a smile. “This particular small cabin is, more or less, the medical facility inside our quaint colony. We own and operate a set of modern day laboratory equipment and analyze molecules of blood into the raw components of white and red blood cells. I will pause for thought and say to you. A child of Jesus is a very happy and healthy person, who resides here on the planet. I can’t explain the reason or rational, so you need to ask Brother Jesus that particular question. Anyways I can perform a simple blood test. We do this with each new family unit to be certain of the inherited eighteenth genetic trait for our safety. Over the years, there have been imposters, who are not with us anymore. I will perform all the steps of the laboratory work and analysis the work as I narrate the simple medical procedure. May I hold your hand, Ana?” Ana lifted the hand near a stern face in silence.

Brone reached out and tenderly grabbed the middle finger, rubbing the soft skin while moving a needle towards her finger. “I puncture a sharp needle on the top meat of your middle finger, squeaking between the small wound, puddling your blood proteins up towards the skin surface.”

“Ouch!” She gasped with alarm.

“It bites both literally and figuratively. I capture the blood and smear it onto a sterilized laboratory glass slide,” he reached over and drained the tube of the syringe, coating the flat glass slide with her red colored blood proteins. “I place the coated slide into a very powerful cellular microscope, using the latest gene splicing and DNA extraction process, which is very popular within modern day science. The flat glass slide is underneath the eye of the microscope lenses. Then, I flip a couple of switches and this green button, generating the power. An image appears on the side wall of solid white plaster. I strike another button enlarging your twenty-three chromosome patterns on the same white painted wall. I am sorry for the lack of proper audio-visual accoutrements, but we are only a simple old-fashioned farm community. We built and paint some of the cabin wall white plaster for some shadow box dancing which entertains the children and some of the adults,” he chuckled. “The image shows your X and Y chromosome symbols on the white painted wall.” each pair of eyeballs turned and stared at the image on the wall.

Brone smiled at the wall. “I will enlarge the eighteenth gene chromosome. There are eight bands which are composed of white or black. One is white; the other is black. The DNA strain of Cody, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Brother Jesus, and me show a panel of solid black.”

Her heart raced. Her hands sweated. Her mind clicked. She gasped at wall image. “I am a child of Jesus too. I see a panel of solid black on my eighteenth gene chromosome. Am I correct here?”

Brone frowned with worry at the image on the wall, looking down with a puzzled brow to double check the tiny computer screen. “Ana, you are pregnant also based on the newest technology equipment which his housed inside our medical facility coming from your volunteered blood smear,” he looked up with a grin to see her nose profile, “Congratulations, my dear!”

Cody stood upright with the baby and moved ahead, standing beside Ana. She stood upright from the chair with a clap and a smile, leaning over, hugging Cody and pulled back with a smile. “I am shock. And I am doubly blessed. Thank you so much, Cody and Brone!” She continued to stare at Brone with a smile. Then, she remembered that King Jack, Queen Jill, and Prince Jon were hunting for Cody, who also possessed the Jesus Stand. The fake Brone had viciously attacked and killed all the other people, who also possessed the Jesus Strand and had failed to kidnap Cody. Now, she was facing the situation, if the royals ever found out about her Jesus Strand and that she was carrying her first born fetus, who would be a child of Jesus too. She gasped in shock and crossed both arms around the body holding back the sobs of fear.

Brone smiled. “You are a child of Jesus, because your body has carried the eighteenth chromosome inside your DNA molecules, coming directly from many, many generations of Brother Jesus. Only a virgin can pass the Jesus Strand down to the first born babe. If both of the biological parents possess the eighteenth chromosome within of their DNA strands, they will produce a child of Jesus. However, they produce only one babe. The biological parents can procreate again but the second baby will not be a child of Jesus for any reason or under any set of circumstances. The secret of modern science has provided lots of false miracles for God’s children. A substitution for the real thing, a child of Jesus cannot be created by second born female or a second born male ever,” nodding.

“Why not? I don’t understand your statement or your explanation, Brone. What does all of this mean?” Ana frowned with confusion.

Brone smiled, “You will have to ask Brother Jesus that question. I cannot answer for Him.”

A car horn interrupted the tense conversation inside the medical cabin.

Ana shouted out loud with a smile, “Woot’s here. They’re here. They’re survived the fight with the army of the terrorists,” she back stepped from Brone and Cody, spinning around and ran towards the closed door, opening the door, racing out from the cabin with a smile of happiness. She waved both arms into the air and screamed out loud at the pair of closed gates, where the pickup truck sat stationary while blasting the car horn over and over again by the hand of Fern.



Outside the colony gates setting

Cool temperatures with shade trees and bright sunshine



The horn on another stolen pickup truck alerted all the residents within the colony of the outside vehicle. The iron gates slowly manually slid open by a set of four strong males and females. Then, the pickup truck slowly rolled over the gravel road and halted in the middle of the camp site. The rear door opened. Woot slid out and stood upright, turning to scan the new landscape. There were rows of short log cabins and groves of tall shade trees that made up a thicket of green forestland. “Ana! Ana! Ana, I’m here! I’ve come. Where are you hiding out, girl?”

“Woot! Woot!” Ana ran ahead and waved both arms over the grass and through the piles of tree leaves with a scream and a smile towards Woot.

“Ana! Ana!” Woot ran ahead from the truck and collided, cuddling Ana, kissing the lips, the cheekbone, pulling back with a goofy grin. She smiled. “I love you, darling!”

Woot smiled. “I love you, sweetheart.”

Fern dashed ahead towards Cody and stopped with a smile, taking her son from his arms, cuddling and kissing the baby with motherly love. Hucks jogged ahead with a frown and stopped in front of Cody with a sneer. “Cody, you’re a chicken shit for running away from a fight with my son,” he smiled with a nod, “Excellent move, buddy! You saved my son, so that makes you his permanent babysitter for life, kid.”

Cody reached out with a laugh and slapped the dirty and torn shirt on the chest of Hucks with a nod. “I accept, Hucks. Thanks.”

Ana and Woot moved ahead and stopped, standing in a huddle with Fern, Cody, and Hucks. She turned with a worried brow to see Woot. “What happened after Cody had rescued me and the baby from the train yard with the vicious round of hand to hand combat fighting with each terrorist? Your face is bloody and beaten, sweetheart. Do you need a medical physician and some x-rays? Are your hurt? Is there a broken bone or two inside your body? We should go to the hospital immediately and have the emergency room doctor examine your cuts and bruises, Woot.”

Woot leaned over and hugged Ana, pulling back with a smile, “Naw! I’m fine. I’m rough and tough bastard, my sweet babe. The bastards beat my face and then kicked my ass and then crashed my train. No more Woot Toot train, babe! I guess we start all over from scratch. Or we can live in a house or a boat house on the Tennessee River. I love the quiet of the river and plop-plop of the fish lips, sucking up all the wet earthworms. How does that new home life sound to your pair of eardrums, darling?”

A short male with a full beard and a long ponytail moved ahead with a smile, stopping and entered into the huddle, standing beside Cody. He reached out with a hand to Hucks. “I am Brone…”

“Are you the terrorist or the turkey?” Woot reached out with a laugh and shook, releasing the small hand with a chuckle, leaning over and hugged Ana with a whisper into her cheekbone. “Who is he? Is he nice or naught, darling?”

Brone was used to the cruel jokes, but the words did not bother him. He turned and smiled to each face inside the huddle. “I run a camp of humble bees. A colony of bumble bees stings; a colony of humble bees prays. This is God’s country, if you like that heavenly expression. We live off the land for food, raising pastures of fresh livestock, and do not pay electricity for air conditioning and warm heating. We live in an ugly log cabin that is cut down with a pair of rough hands. We farm the land and pay taxes too. You can’t get away from death and taxes as Dr. Benjamin Franklin told,” laughing.

Hucks frowned. “Cody, I hope you ain’t listening to this fish bait swimming around the woodlands pond. Brone ran the Starlit Foundation. Then, the Starlit Foundation setup each local, national, and international beauty pageant to collect a sample of each red blood protein coming from every tiny infant to each tall mature girly contestant while tracking down the Jesus Strand race and then killed everyone, including the innocent and the evil and the other people, who possessed the Jesus Strand. I finally figured out all the different connections with the deaths of the Ashmore clan, Skippy, Yorkie, Islander, and Fucner plus all the dead contestants coming from each Starlit Pageant. Brone was not after an ancient artifact that was mentioned inside the Holy Bible. He was after each human that lived here and carried the Jesus Strand. Then, Brone would identify and kill off in cold blood each contestant and the immediately family members of that contestant while successfully eliminating the blood line of the Jesus Strand. As all the confused and befuddled local law authorities viewed the crime as a serial mass murderer. The end, finally!”

Brone smiled. “I do not possess either money or a bank account. I do not own real estate property or buildings. I handle the money nicely donated by the residents of the colony…”

See? He admits his guilt here by collecting money and then the selling ark stones for more money…”

“Have you ever heard of US State of Utah, sir?” Brone chuckled. “Almighty God owns many underground mines of gold, copper, and silver here on His planet. However, He cares nothing for these precious things, only one precious thing which is your eternal soul. Give your eternal soul to Almighty God and you will live here for a little while longer, until you reach the kingdom of heaven. I am here to provide a safe haven for all of those who possess the Jesus Strand, sir.”

Ana bounced up and down next to Woot with a smile, “Daddy knows the thing you want, before you ask for it.”

Woot leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the cheekbone of Ana. “That is a total rip off coming from the Book of Matthew, chapter six, verse eight, which uses the daddy reference of Almighty God, Ana. You should be carefully with what your wish for. Now, the real Brone is harmless. The fake Brone is dead. Now, the world is safe. Now, the camp site is ugly. So, I didn’t fucking car or get it or like it or wanna it. Let’s leave and get out of here! I gotta find a hotel to shit and piss before I explode.”

“We’re pregnant.” Ana smiled, “I just found out here inside the state of the art medical cabin. We are going to have a baby, Woot. You are going to be a daddy. I’m going to be a mama. We’re so lucky, duckie!”

Woot cuddled her and pulled back with a wink and a grin. “We’re preg-nancy. You’re so happy. I’m so happy. We’re so happy. Now, we are leaving. This other shitty conversation has been too much fucking fun for me. Do you have a purse or a cell or something on your person?”

Brone smiled. “I know all about the Jesus Strand. I am one with Cody and the entire residents here, who live and work within this colony. We live the words inside the Holy Bible. Love your enemies! Bless them that curse you! Do good to them that hate you! And of course, pray a lot!” He chuckled with Cody. “We live peace and joy as one here.”

Woot frowned, “Yeah! I remember from my world history lesson too. There was once a lonely and crazed guy named Hitler, who tried to do the same shitty thing. He was into a pure race of blonde hair roots and blue eyeballs to create a single race of super beings and then overrun and overrule the entire world. Naw! It didn’t work out for Hitler. Good bye! We are going, Ana!”

“We all learned that Hitler’s thing was without a blessing of Almighty God. Thus, Almighty God took care of it for all of us,” Brone smiled with a nod.

Hucks hugged onto the Fern with a frown at Brone. “I agree with Woot. You’re doing the same thing here in the middle of some deep thick forest land of Alabama with your precious race that only possesses the Jesus Strand. So, good luck and good bye! It’s time to leave, honey.”

Brone smiled. “Your son possesses the Jesus Strand. I tested his blood for fun. He is one of us by genes of you. Your family unit is welcome to stay and live here away…”

“Hell, naw!” Woot gasped. “Do not believe this whacko, Hucks! Let’s go and leave from here. I gotta borrow some of your clothes, Hucks. All my stuff’s burned or is buried underneath the VBC train platform. Cody, are you coming with us or hanging with the hermit inside the valley of the tree limbs?” He frowned.

Cody smiled. “I witnessed the blood test inside the medical cabin here at the colony. The baby is a child of Jesus. The eighteenth gene looks like my eighteenth gene. That means, one or both of you are like me and my daddy,” he leaned over and wrapped an arm over the collar bone of the short adult male with a grin. “This is my real daddy Brone.”

Hucks exhaled. “I don’t know about all this new stuff of genes and strings. I really wanna a cold beer and a hot bath. What do you think, Fern?”

Fern cuddled the baby and stared with a stern face at Brone. “I do believe Cody. He doesn’t lie. He is a child of Jesus too. And I do believe you, sir. You were the mistaken evil terrorist Brone, who walked around Antebellum House while looking for your son. I have child. I love my boy. If someone took him by purpose or mistake, I would search through heaven and hell for my baby. Okay! So, why are you called the name of Brone? How did you get that really weird-ass name, sir?”

Brone smiled. “I am so rude. Would any of you like a cold beverage or a cold washrag for your bloody face?”

“Answer the question, sir!” Hucks continued to hug Fern and frowned at Brone.

Brone nodded with a grin. “My family sur-name is Broner. My ancestors had landed in the beach town of Mobile within the US State of Alabama in the year 1850, coming from the city of Basel within the country of Switzerland, which is the third largest city in the country. As a child, I was nicknamed as Brone, a shorten version of Broner. I am Bill Broner,” he chuckled with the others.

Fern laughed. “Now, that’s a great name for a wanna-be-terrorist Bill Broner. I vote we go and take care of ours and ours. We carry and shoot guns. No one can harm ever me and my child, especially someone named Bill Broner. Let’s go, honey!”

Woot hugged Ana with a smile. “I vote now. We go away from here, too.”

Cody extended both arms even with the dirt and blocked his friends from leaving with a worried brow. “Ya’ll are all in danger right now. Ana is a child of Jesus with her unborn baby, who is first born of your family tree. King Jack, Queen Jill, and Prince Jon will find out about all of you on the outside world while living away from the protective colony of the humble bees like they always do for some reason. Then, they’ll send in all the black tinted bodies with a matching helmet and hunt each one of your asses down here in Bama.”

Hucks smiled. “Cody, we live in a safe country which is my homeland of America. We work for the US military service. We carry a gun legally. Yeehaw!”

Cody frowned, “Yahoo! So, did you battle and kill all the bad guys and all the greedy guys today in the train yard of Woot’s place? No, you didn’t. King Jack is not going to stop his hunt for each Jesus Strand individual ever.”

Brone smiled. “Every human carries the Jesus Strand. Every human is descended biologically from our one earth-father Noah, wearing his DNA genes with many unnatural mutations that create our individual physical appearance and sometimes unique attributes. Since the birth of Brother Jesus, each human carries the Jesus Strand gene also.”

Fern gasped. “How is that possible? How is that so?”

Ana smiled, “Then, why isn’t everyone shown with a solid black eighteenth chromosome within the DNA strand? Then, all of us would be the same and there would be no more wars or violence or murders.”

Woot frowned. “Can we leave this silly man and this silliest conversation now?”

Hucks shook a skull and both the hands, “Naw! I don’t believe you, Brone. If this is really true? Tell me! Why have all the other children up to adults and even some elderly folks with the Jesus Strand been murdered in cold blood for a body part or something else from the body? Is someone or a group or a gang evil doers, who is doing all of this for some shitty fun and nasty giggles?”

Brone smiled. “All children of both sexes grow into an adult and possess the Jesus Strand gene which exists from their youth through their adolescence years and until up their adulthood. However, the secret of the Jesus Strand, the gene is only activated by a female virgin, who is legally married to her man within the eyeballs of the Almighty God. When the virgin bride conceives her first born child, the Jesus Strand is activated within the babe and is not transferred like an allele gene with a pair of icy blue irises down to the babe coming from the same ice blue tinted pupils of the mother. When the Virgin Mary received the Jesus Strand from Almighty God, it was activated when she conceived her first born human child who was named James, because precious Mary was a virgin during her faithful marriage to her husband Joseph as well.”

“Thus, centuries ago, a bachelor king would always select and hide a virgin female for his wife, producing a child of Jesus on the night of marriage. Alas! Over the many centuries, the modern fool has optioned for a life of evil, not good. There are hardly any virgin females left to go around the block, if you please,” laughing. “This is no laughing matter though. Thus, there are fewer and fewer of us, who possess the Jesus Strand.”

“Golly! I believe the virgin female statement.” Hucks laughed.

Brone exhaled. “Therefore, a second born or a third born child could never activate the Jesus Strand within their individual DNA strand. I am not implying that the second born or the third born child or the later babe is not either a righteous or spiritual being. The child has to work and search harder for their inner peace and joy with Brother Jesus, unlike the first born from the wound of virgin like the Virgin Mary.”

Ana frowned, “What is the purpose of the Jesus Strand? Why is important to you or to me or another?”

Brone nodded with a stern face. “That is a very question. And I have a very good answer. It is only important to Almighty God. He provided the Jesus Strand inside each virgin female to be like the Virgin Mary. However, the free will freely interferes, most annoying with every good plan even from the Maker.”

“Golly! I believe that statement.” Hucks laughed.

Fern frowned. “So, the Jesus Strand exists inside each female. So, it is a chemical balance within her body.”

Brone smiled. “It is a chemical release of more good intentions, feelings, and emotions over all of the evil ones. Modern science has revealed that DNA is the thread of the human body. The eighteenth chromosome is the thread of the spiritual soul. DNA is a very complex and complicated biological thing that was created only by Almighty God. The eighteenth chromosome is very special and very powerful. A human is stronger, wiser, healthier, smarter, nicer, kinder, and gentler person. The human body is made of water, minerals, and salt with numerous chemical, biological, and electromagnetic systems that operate all the brain waves down to the breathing pair of lungs which cannot be duplicated for any reason. Yes. There is something called cloning. But, that cloned person is not original like a virgin female or a first born child. Only Almighty God can create an original.”

Fern nodded with a smile. “I sorta understand and can accept the purpose of the Jesus Strand. So, what is the mission of the humble-bee camp here?”

Brone smiled. “Our mission is to serve only Almighty God and his son Brother Jesus like each one of us has been doing since birth and until our final death and then ascend into heaven, hopefully.”

Woot laughed with a nod. “And I hope my death isn’t coming too soonest.”

Ana frowned, “Is the humble bee camp like a church, Brone?”

Brone shook a ponytail with a stern face. “The humble bee camp is not a church. A church is the place for the sinner. Brother Jesus said that he came down from heaven to save the sinner from hell. A good person needs not worry about hell, if his or her heart is pure, where Almighty God will judge in quietly and swiftly.”

Fern turned with a puzzled brow and exhaled with a puff at the new landscape and then back to Brone. “It does not seem illogical to place a pure race in one single place. There could be a faction of non-friendlies or a set of nasty folks coming after us. This would be an easy spot to capture and kill of all of us.”

Brone smiled. “Each one of us will continue to be tested and trialed every second, minute, hour and day over and over again by Almighty God.”

He nodded with a smile. “Each one of us will be tested over and over again. That’s it! Cody, we didn’t get to tell where we were, after you were kidnapped and taken into the wilderness like Brother Jesus,” Woot laughed. “We were all kidnapped from the car dealership too and then flew over the ocean water and landed at the royal castle in the country of England. There, we found a dungeon of dead babies that looked like a set of nasty hairy bats with two rows of teeth and no wings that were colored blue, not black. But, we figured out that Jack and Jill did fall down that hill and cracked open a skull. Then, they filled and repaired each skull with something very weird-ass odd. That was as far as we got, when we decided to escape with our skulls intact,” laughing.

Cody tossed both arms into the air and looked up with a smile to see the skyline and back down to see the dirt, and finally up to see each face with a nod. “Wow! This all make senses to me now! I completely understand why my life had been screwed up, since I was sixteen years old. My humble bee father married a virgin female and then brought her here into the humble bee camp. Then, my biological mother ran away from fright and birthed me within a family unit that did not possess the Jesus Strand. However, my mother had entered into one of the Starlit Pageants as a young girl…”

“Wait!” Brone frowned. “How do you know all of this information, Cody? I did not tell you that data. And I cannot verify all the information of your mother.”

Cody reached down and lifted the mobile telephone near a smile. “I went digging through the internet while waiting on the other Brone to come and find me, after I broke into and waited inside Woot’s train compartment. I found your marriage license and then my birth certification, sir. The internet can show you lots of ancient, old, and past information, if you know where to look. I continued to collect pieces of the puzzled until the last piece came from Woot just a few seconds ago. Back to my life story in a shorter version, my biological mother was smart and suspicious and gave the baby up for adoption to a nice farm family in Greenville. Then, she went to a family friend, who offered to watch over me as an infant in secret also. Life was normal for a growing teen. At the age of sixteen, my adoptive parents had received the wrong visitor. When I came home late night from a hot date, my adoptive father had strangled and killed my adoptive mother inside their house, but I didn’t know that I was an adoptive child at the time. Then, the secret family friend of my dead mother showed up at my house and whisked me away, placing me inside work farm for my safety. Someone had been spying on my mother for years, after she entered the Starlit Pageant. My mother didn’t win the crown. Then, the spy killed my mother. Look! We all had learned this. A virgin girl activates the Jesus Strand. It is logical for a spy to spy on a little girl. A girl will grow to be a virgin or a whore. My mother was a virgin, who possessed the Jesus Strand, until she married my father. Then, she became pregnant with her first child that possessed the Jesus Strand also. However, the spy became confused and couldn’t find my biological mother. When my mother reappeared without the baby, the spy took manners into their own hands and killed my mother, who had sorta confessed but didn’t tell all the truth. Then, the spy found me and offered money for my capture to my adoptive parents, since the fake short and brown head ponytail Brone was the spy. The fake Brone knew that I carried the Jesus Strand. My father is correct. There are not many of us left within this world. The fake Brone was the spy and murderer here in the USA to identify, trace down, and kill each and every Jesus Strand carrier. But at the age of sixteen years old, the family friend rescued me. Then, I started a new life. The fake Brone continued to hunt for me, but there were too many intermissions.

“Skippy had been assigned to find a gem thief, who turned out to be the girlfriend of the fake Brone. The fake Brone had used his girlfriend Dorothy to invade the scientific community and identify all the people that possessed the Jesus Strand with the billions of dollars, coming from his mysterious boss. The fake Brone succeeded in killing a large group of folks inside a cave under the guise of ancient Bible expedition, except Skippy. Then, the fake Brone started eliminating every contestant who had participated in the Starlit Pageant, only in the USA to cover up another big screw up. The fake Brone had buried a set of creepy looking dead folks throughout the woodlands in Alabama, when a set of foreign organ implantations when wrong that had been conducted by an illegal team of scientists, where Islander had become involved. Yeah! That part had fooled everyone, including me.

“Then the fake Brone had ran out of money and decided to steal it himself from a local greedy Alabamian which backfired and then killed numerous dead bodies that did or did not possess the Jesus Strand, where Fucner had become involved. Then, the fake Brone eliminated every contestant that participated within the Starlit Pageant again for some reason. I suspect without a direct order coming from his boss. Since, the fake Brone had purposely or accidentally or stupidly killed an entire auditorium of folks in the city of Huntsville, who did and did not possess the Jesus Strand. Then, the USA law authorities became involved which included me again. Skippy had lost his biological father on that dangerous mission inside the killing cave and then used his personal funding of billions of dollars to conduct a personal investigation into the villain who was named as the fake Brone. Skippy had researched and found out some odd criminal activities, pulling together a team of odd-balls. The team had figured out that the fake Brone was building a duplicate of the Ark of the Covenant to electrocute millions of people like the real Ark of the Covenant and had decided to hunt him down. Instead, the team had accidentally exposed me and then the fake Brone had tried to chase me down.”

Ana gasped with worry, “Why would the fake Brone be chasing after you, Cody?”

“Because of me, I am his real father.” Brone nodded with a smile.

Fern gasped. “The fake Brone were trying to locate the secret humble bee camp, where the real father of Cody ran. Then, the fake Brone and all his nasty evil doers would come here and kill everyone here.”

Cody nodded with a stern face. “To make a longer story much shorter, I have a question for anyone to answer. Do you wanna know who owns the largest private collections of cultured diamonds, gem stones, and semi-precious stones in the world?”

Woot laughed with a nod, “Yeah! That Hollywood starlet named…”

Cody smiled. “The Queen of England does.”

Fern frowned. “The Queen of England is dead.”

Cody frowned. “Her first born younger prince son is alive and well and is newly married as the couple now becomes the new king and queen of England. They house the largest collection of cultured gem stones in the world. They donate many of the individual gem stones as long as the stone is placed inside a tiara that is given away to a pretend princess. The Starlit Pageant built and gave away thousands and thousands of tiaras to each winner with a donated gem stone coming directly from the King and Queen of England.”

Fern gasped. “King Jack and Queen Jill, they are the secret evil boss of stupid ass pawn Brone.”

Ana frowned with concern, “Why would King Jack and Queen Jill want to finance billions of dollars to kill people that possessed the Jesus Strand? That does make any sense to me!”

Cody nodded with a stern face. “It all makes too much perfect sense to me. His brother Prince Jon is a second born son within the royal biological family, not possessing the Jesus Strand. His wife Queen Jill was not a virgin, but a cunt whore at their royal marriage ceremony. Therefore, their royal baby prince is not a child of Jesus. Thus, they want to ensure that the kid will continue to rule over the country of England, without a humble bee taking over the empire. So, King Jack will never stop hunting for me, my daddy, your baby, Ana, or any of you. The end, not finally!”

“Golly. I do believe that vicious statement.” Hucks hugged Fern with a worried brow.

Woot leaned over and hugged Ana, pulling back with a smile and a yell, “Yeehaw! We have a developing child of Jesus, because we are also children of Jesus. So, we stay and help build the colony to protect our kid, either girl or boy. I hope we have a boy.”

Brone smiled. “You will have a healthy baby, Woot. Welcome to the colony!” He spun around with a grin and lifted an arm to the team of gatekeepers. The pair of iron gates slowly slid closed as it was pulled shut by a pair of massive wheels.

Woot stared through the closing door to witness the last sight of civilization with a frown. “I can see that you are closing the set of fucking doors and sealing up paradise, locking out the entire world of evil. Let me be the first to enlighten your neurons, buddy! It ain’t going to work.”

Brone spun back around and reached over with a smile, slapping the chest of Woot as he was too short to reach the collar bone. “This is the community of humble bees. A colony of bumble bees stings; a colony of humble bees prays.”

Hucks leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the eardrum of Fern. “I don’t know about this, Fern, honey. We are giving up everything to stay here. What about our military careers and jobs and house and cars and…?”

“I know.” Fern cuddled the baby and kissed his forehead, pulling back with a smile. “We are giving everything to our child of Jesus. I want my baby safe from King Jack, Queen Jill, and Prince Jon, and the others, whom we have not traced down and killed or have not identified. Our US Federal government doesn’t have a clue or a care for our personal safety, Hucks. Brone is short and honest and correct,” laughing.

Woot shook a skull with a sour frown. “Ana, I really don’t wanna be a humble bee.”

Ana reached over and hugged him, pulling back with smile. “I’m a humble-babe. I’m going to have a humble-baby, so you can be my humble-beau.”

Woot turned and stared with a puzzled brow at the landscape of rows of tiny log cabins and then the thick groves of tall forest trees and short flowering plant bushes. “Ana, there ain’t no man cave. No train. No house boat. No plasma television. No remote control for the missing plasma television. I mean, if we have to wait and watch the self-destruction of the world, then can’t we see it on cable like the rest of the busybodies, too, sweetheart?”

Ana reached over and patted her stomach and his arm at the same time with a smile. “No, Woot! You are a humble bee and I am a humble babe. The two of us made a humble baby. We are staying here to raise our child of Jesus.”

Woot exhaled with a huff of disappointment and turned to see the forest landscape and the cabins again. “What in the fuck do you want to be here, Hucks?”

“A daddy to my son and a husband to my wife,” Hucks reached over with a smile and tickled the naked toes of his son, leaning over and kissed the lips of his wife, pulling back with a smile. Fern leaned over with a set of secret whispers and pointed at an empty cabin near the cow pasture with a smile. Hucks nodded with a smile to accept that cabin as their new residence. Fern leaned over and kissed the lips of Hucks, pulling back with a smile, spinning around to face the cabin. She needed to fed and change the diapers of the baby. Then, she desired a plate of hot food, a hot shower, and sleep for a few hours, before her next adventure as a humble bee inside a colony of humble people.

Within the huddle of Woot, Hucks, Brone, Ana, Cody chuckled. “Suffer it to be now and then get into heaven later, Woot!” The cow sounded with a loud moo inside each grass pasture. Cody moved ahead with a laugh towards the cow pasture and then adjacent horse barn, scouting around the colony grounds.

Woot looked up with a sour frown to the skyline. “Jesus, help me.”

Ana reached over and patted the arm of Woot and her stomach with a giggle. “He just did.”

Woot looked down with a sigh to see Ana while parking both hands on the hip, twisting a smile to see Brone. “So, where are Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel inside one of the rustic pioneer log cabins which is made of real tree bark and leaking sticky sap?” He laughed. “So, the hot sizzling rumors of a race of extraterrestrial humanoids that plan to terra-form our planet into the alien world is living right with the State of Alabama. Who in the fuck would’ve guessed within central Alabama? Not I, not me, or my brain cells, to boot! So, I guess we are the camp of earth angels without a pair of wings, sailing around the rooftops like Santa Claus, too,” laughing.

Brone smiled. “His children continue to blow off their heavenly souls with drugs, alcohol, and disease. No matter! The end waits for all. Peace on Earth to your brothers and sisters! God’s will to man and woman-kind be done.”

Woot leaned over with a frown and a whisper into the eardrum of Hucks. “That dude is scary worse than my preacher-man at church service during both Easter and Christmas.”

Hucks turned and frowned at the new landscape, looking back at Brone. “Brone, I agree that the outside world is evil and wicked, but that gate is only concrete coming into the humble bee compound. Wonder if, we are hit with a gang of evil doers and their evil metal things which are called guns. Guns shoot bullets. Bullets kill all the children of Jesus.” Brone thumbed back over a collar bone with a smile at Cody.

Cody raced ahead towards Ana, Brone, Hucks, and Woot lifting an array of new shiny semi-automatic rifles in both arms, stopping, and stood within the huddle with a grin and a chuckle. “Lookie here what I found for us! There’s a shit load of guns and ammo inside one of the longest cabins,” nodding.

Brone pointed at the armful of weapons, without touching it, turning with a smile and a wink to see Hucks. “The good Lord always preached an eye for an eye, son. One of my favorite quotes in the Holy Bible,” nodding.

Hucks laughed out loud. “Amen!”

Cody handed a gun to Woot with a wink and a chuckle. “Daddy means that you can’t shoot the cows, until after you milk them first, Woot.”

Woot accepted the gun with a smile and looked to see the tall and ugly rust coated locked pair of gates with a sour frown. “So, what do we do in here all day and night besides shit and piss inside the wilderness?”

Brone reached over and patted the arm with a smile. “We fulfill and follow God’s command which includes mercy, peace, and love be multiplied. Why do you think King Solomon had one thousands wives and slave girls?”

Cody turned and stared the pretty landscape of woodlands while sniffing, and smelling the fresh pine trees, the leaking blueberry juice from the bush limbs, cut grass in the horse pasture, the rows of quaint log cabins, the running horses, and then back to see his father with a smile. “Daddy, I’m glad to find my biological family here. But, what in tarnation is a seventeen-year-old going to do for the next seventy years here inside a humble bee camp?”

Brone smiled. “Cody, you are a child of Jesus. Brother Jesus wants His paradise filled with like beings of goodness and not nastiness. So, for the next seventy, or so years, you do His bidding, son. You get married and have children.”

Cody clapped with a hoot and spun around to see a row of pretty maidens. The row of young and pretty maidens slowly moved in his direction. He chuckled. “Which one of the pretty maidens would you suggest for me, Daddy?”

Brone was too short to drape an arm around his tall son and reached over, patting an arm with a smile. “Son, you’ve studied the Holy Bible for years. In the Old Testament, a king took many virgin wives, not just one, because they were the children of Jesus. They were spreading the Jesus Strand, giving it to as many virgins as possible, since the virgin bride activates the genetic eighteenth gene. So, you’re going to do the same thing here at humble bee camp. You marry as many of the virgins as you want and then make as many babies as you can…”

“Cody!” Woot dropped open the lips with a tongue of mouth drool and scanned all the young beautiful girls. “Cody is going to become a teen-man whore to hundreds of virgins like King Solomon in the Holy Bible. Damn! Can I be a…” he felt a set of sharp fingernails bite down into a naked forearm and turned with a silly grin to see his newly married wife, who stood beside him with a snort of fury. He meekly mumbled down into her distorted face. “Damn! Can I be alone with my pretty girl? She needs me for something special.”

Ana exhaled with a fury and moved ahead with a sour frown towards an empty cabin that she had selected as the boss of their marriage for their future residence at the humble bee camp. “I will be inside our cabin writing down a list of manual husband-chores that is required to be finished before midnight, my darling husband.”

Woot frowned with annoyance, “Geez! Thanks for being a charming sep…sweet spouse, Ana, darling.” Hucks mouth spat with laughter with Cody and Brone.

Brone reached over and slapped the chest of Cody with a smile. “Go and introduce yourself, son! Your cabin is the biggest one near the barn with the pregnant mares.”

“Yeehaw,” Cody dashed ahead with a smile and a yell at the scattered group of pretty girls, stopping and bowed at the waistline, moving closer into the huddle of the pretty girls with a chuckle.

Hucks reached over and slapped a dirty hand into the chest of Woot. “Woot, this place is great. We built us a man-cabin. There is over four hundred miles of woods, trees, and vines which are growing larger every minute. We work up a set of rough draft plans to built a tiny shack and then steal some electronic equipment from power station here and then get our brilliant teen-ass Cody to built us a satellite television remote box…”

Woot parted the lips with a gasp and turned to see the landscape of thick woods. “Will that work out here within the tall shade trees of the boondocks?”

“Shore thing, man! We capture and hold ransom some of those communication beams coming directly down from all of those hundreds of outer space satellites that orbit around the planet and then we zap the sports channel on the television monitor right into our new man-cabin,” he chuckled with a nod.

Woot frowned. “Stealing is a heavenly sin that leads down to hell, Hucks.”

“The outer space beam rays are freely coming down from heaven, sweetheart,” Hucks winked with a chuckle.

Woot chuckled with a nod. “I like the idea of a man-cabin. Will it be far away from our wives and our babies too?”

“Yeah! And it will be near an open plain gun range for target practice and away from the colony of humble bees. I envision a tiny shack for two humble-buddies, me and you. We construct a tall lead pole on top of our man-cabin and then extend it over the top of the pine trees, and then tap into the outer space television satellite for the football game next week for fucking free, humble-buddy,” Hucks chuckled with Woot.

Woot tossed both arms into the arm with a grin, “Yeehaw! I love my new primitive caveman life style.”




(London day and time)

Thursday September 9th



City of London within the country of England

(4,398 miles northwest of Alabama

Cold temperatures with dark clouds

with seven miles per hour winds

9:03 am

Royal palace location

Ward setting

man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Inside one of the numerous private rooms of the Ward inside the royal castle that belonged to King Jack and Queen Jill, a sleeping baby rested without movement on top of a yellow linen sheet in an elevated baby crib near the chest of the person with a headboard which was decorated with rows of console panel of colorful blinking on and off tiny light bulbs. The parents stood on one side of the modified baby crib while looking down with a face of worry at their tiny infant.

Prince Jon and the royal physician stood on the others side of the modified baby crib while staring down with a sad face at the same tiny infant also. King Jack and Queen Jill stood at the foot board of the modified baby crib while staring down with a sad face at the same infant.

Jack looked up with a stern face to see the nose profile of Jon. “The Shroud of Turin has been dated and tested and found to possess the blood protein of AB. We are all the children of God regardless of blood types. The blood of Jesus is the pure blood that matters now which means He did and will and can save your soul to entry into heaven. The blood protein AB type ancient historical reference is visually depicted as death, but the translation is simple: Jesus saves you.”

The mother of the child looked up with a British stern face brow and turned to see the Ward. The room held rows of tiny pink tinted babies inside an individual enclosed incubator. The incubator appeared like an enclosed kitchen stove baking oven with a low panel of blinking red and blue lights, where it would whistle aloud and play a set of soft music for a baby death. The mother of the sleeping infant could hear numerous songs of soft baby music throughout the Ward room.

The nursery was located within the royal castle and displays each wall of an array of cute colorful baby animals playing inside the green tinted forest woodland, the red tinted farm field and the blue tinted ocean waters, without a pair of biological animal parents. Each tiny infant was not allowed to be removed out form the incubator, sometimes for months. The incubator was a heated unit that warmed each tiny body to continue the life force, so each baby could grow big enough to live outside the colored walls of the Ward inside the royal castle. However, the mother of the sleeping child did not know all that information.

She continued to study each wall with confusion without seeing a viewing window that provided a ray of bright sunshine for the healing baby. “Why are we located inside an intensive care unit like a hospital? I thought we were meeting the royal physician and then signing the official paperwork for the medical operation to save our baby,” the mother of the child looked down with a worried brow to see her baby.

The father of the child reached over and gently patted the hand of his wife with a smile of worry staring down at his baby. “Thank you, Your Highnesses! We feel so lucky that your royal physician found this terrible disease, so swiftly. We didn’t know our tiny baby was in need of a bone marrow transplant. We would like the medical operation done very quickly to receive our donated bone marrow samples and our blood transfusion also. When will the medical operation occur? Where do we go to the hospital? Is the hospital close to the royal castle? What is the next step here? What happens next?”

The royal physician stared down at a stack of papers and then looked up with a British stern face to see the parents of the sleeping infant. “The blood type stays with the human throughout life. The genes do not change resulting in the production of new copies of blood proteins. Unless a mutational event occurs or the patient receives several transplantations, then set of new genes are re-introduced. The blood type of the baby is AB with a Rh negative factor. The Rh negative factor really is not significance for the medical operation. The Rh factor is inherited coming from one of the parents, who possess the AB negative blood type. Every baby receives two alleles, where the Rh gene was inherited from one allele that came from one parent.

“In the case of Rh factor, there is a positive or negative allele. The Rh positive allele is dominant. To be a Rh negative, you receive two negative recession allele genes from each parent. If the parents are both Rh positive and the baby is Rh negative, then each parent carried the negative allele but they are positive, because the Rh positive is a dominant gene within the chromosomes. During the creation of the fetus, the Rh factor has an equal chance of passing a positive or negative Rh gene coming from the parent and passing down to the child. However, the odds are still fifty-fifty for a Rh negative fetus. When a Rh negative mum conceives an Rh positive fetus, her immune system will create all Rh protein antibodies to fight off the foreign fetus which invade and grow inside her wound. This natural chemical response creates an issue during her pregnancy, because her immune system is reacting to the Rh negative proteins inside the fetus. Rhogam is prescribed as clearing and cleaning all the Rh proteins within the mum’s body, therefore the baby is birthed healthy and alive. I read about another medical case, where a mum delivered a baby with AB positive blood and then after puberty the blood type of the young child had morphed into AB negative. The AB negative blood has been associated with a set of psychic abilities and an unnatural immunity to all known viruses and a set of six fingers…”

“…and seven toes all pink tinted during the blue moonlight,” Jack turned and chuckled at the distorted face of each parent. “All that information is myth, fake, and false, of course. Your tiny son is very healthy. The royal physician enjoys revealing too much of his medical work, when helping a tiny babe. What is the status of the babe, doctor? The parents are very anxious with worry.”

The mother of the child stared with British stern face at Jack. “I am a leveled head person, who is also extremely enlightened and jolly on occasion, but I am very worried about this unexplained medical operation. I would like to review all the paperwork along with a written explanation of the medical procedure, before my son is taken into the operation room or the operating space. My son had always displayed a set of rosy cheeks and a bright smile before. Now, he appears so pale and weak here inside the baby crib. Is this a nursery ward or a hospital ward? I simply do not understand any of this, Your Highness.”

The royal physician turned and nodded with a British stern face to Jack. “The blood type only will not confirm a genetic link to Jesus. You would need a mitochondrial DNA test for that. The blood has been genetically tested revealing an AB negative blood. The alleles showed a genetic trait common in both the European and Spain royal lineage which is geographically impossible. The parents come from the country of India, who resides here in the city of London, since an infant also.”

Jon stared down with a smile at the sleeping child. “He is asleep. You son also has a birthmark his arm that looks like a phoenix bird. The phoenix bird represents a special significance of death and then rebirth with the ability to transform and then to regenerate.”

Jack turned and smiled down at the sleeping child. “Jon could be correct with the symbol of the phoenix bird.”

The mother gasped at Jon. “I beg your pardon! But, you sound almost anti-Christian as well as being antagonistic towards my sick son and my person. What is happening here inside the Ward at the royal castle? I would like…”

The father of the child reached over and gently patted the arm of his wife, staring with a British stern face at his son inside the baby crib. “Dear, the royals are helping our sick son get better with all the free medical care here inside the royal castle. You can see that he is resting comfortably.”

Jon turned and smiled at his brother Jack. “What does a theologist do? They make people smile or laugh or ponder about other things. I like that explanation. Some people can transform on a deeper level than others and can regenerate themselves with good health inwardly too. But, some people live the loss of dead ones through a set of sudden tragic ways as a new learning experience of life also. That makes no sense to me. But it all does to a theologist. Chinese theology says that blood is equal to the physical manifestation of the life force. I do believe that all things in life are connected and everything has a purpose.”

The royal physician looked up with a British stern face to see Jon. “As a medical scientist, I strongly disagree, Prince Jon.”

Jill turned and nodded to Jack. “I do believe the royal blood lines, the Shroud of Turin, and the genetic chromosomes should be preserved here at all costs. I utilized my common sense, my logic, my scientific knowledge, and all the current information coming to a proper conclusion.”

The mother of the child gasped with confusion at Jack and Jon. “What do you mean by the term royal blood lines or the Shroud of Turin? What are you referencing in regards to the health of baby? There is no current duel of good and evil between groups of people like in each one of the USA Hollywood movies films. There is only free will that comes directly from Almighty God within each soul. Brother Jesus died for our sins. He is a role model on how our soul should live and carry on to entry into kingdom of heaven. Our spiritual journey on life must be like Brother Jesus while striving for a spiritual ascension and oneness with our Father, the Creator. When a man or a woman finds true love and embraces their spirit, their flesh will become one life in harmony and peace with each other flesh and the love and worship of Brother Jesus and Almighty God.”

The royal physician nodded to Jack. “There are diseases and aliments with almost every single person on the planet. However, I have a patient. She possesses AB negative blood proteins, smokes a pack of cigarettes every day, and still thrives over ninety years of age. She comes regularly for her annual checkup. A recent chest scan revealed her twin lungs to be in perfect health without a single sign of black lung disease. How do you explain that one?”

Jack nodded back with a smile to the physician. “I am enthralled and thrilled all at the same time with the mystery. Having an evolutionist mindset, I would say that her body somehow preps, primes, and prepares her body for an environment change. Is this genetic? Is this magical? Is this the blood of Jesus? Yes, it is the latter.”

Jon nodded to Jack. “To save the girl, we will need the AB blood type of Jesus’ blood.”

The mother gasped with alarm at the weird conversation between the royals and turned with a worried brow to see her son and then looked up to see Jack. “What does Brother Jesus have to do with the medical operation of my son? Brother Jesus was born in the Middle East country. I admit my husband has a head of dark brown hair, a facial beard, and tone of dark tinted skin which all came from his set if biological parents. But, my husband is not Brother Jesus. I am describing his biological family members through his DNA. You’re a physician. I don’t need to lecture you about the field of human genetics, sir.”

Jill exhaled with a huff of annoyance and said with a British stern face to the nose profile of her husband Jack. “None of this matters now! If you want to live for a divine purpose, then you live it in the here and in the now.”

Jon turned and nodded with a smile to Jack. “All the blood proteins come from your genetic predisposition. There is something pretty special about being AB negative like Jesus. From my personal experience, I live with a certain intensity of life and I suffer with the same amount of disappointment as a lowly human. I can survive through everything and yet I worry about the small stuff and all the tiny insignificant things. I feel the world exists on the level of inner turmoil.”

The royal physician turned and nodded to Jack. “Among all the seven billion people on the planet only .06 percent of the people possess the AB negative blood proteins. The Shroud of Turin comes directly from the lineage of King David in the Holy Bible.”

The mother reached down and touched the arm of her child with a confused brow. “All of you royals act really strange within the eyes of Almighty God and with my neurons.”

Jack turned and smiled at the nose profile of each parent. “AB blood type is not rare. It is uncommon but not rare. People who are AB negative live a life of full confusion and forgetfulness. The mum’s blood type is A-negative. The father’s blood type is B-positive. Therefore, the babe is AB negative. This is how you conceive a child with AB negative blood proteins. You receive an allele coming from each parent. AB negative is not passed down from one parent. The Rhogam didn’t change the mum’s blood type or the chromosomes or the genetic makeup. It simply protects the baby with an Rh type that is incompatible with the mum’s Rh factor. The Shroud of Turin possesses only AB negative blood. What is your conclusion, doctor?” He turned with a nod to see the royal physician.

Jill turned and nodded to the physician. “There is no proof that the Shroud of Turin is old enough to have covered the body of dead Jesus, when He had died on the cross for all of our earthly sins. The Shroud of Turin currently is stored from the public eyeballs and exists hidden inside a church vault with a team of church guards. However, if you believe in such nonsense, then AB blood had been passed down to Jesus as an infant coming from Mary while assuming God don’t bother to contribute His own vial of heavenly blood type. Any human child of Jesus would carry either A or B which would have been passed down coming the biological father of the babe.”

The mother released the hand of her son with a gasp and back stepped from the baby crib, staring at each royal with an angry face. “I have never heard so many ridiculous and silly statements in my life. Each one of you is ignorant while bordering on madness. A birthmark is a birthmark. A blood type is a blood type. A house is a house. A car is a car. Brother Jesus had no offspring which means there is not a child of Jesus. His blood type was made of Divine DNA which had been given to Him by his heavenly Father Almighty God inside the wound of Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit. The holy concept is something that we accept in faith as a Christian like me. The death and then resurrection is the glory of the Son of God, who shed His blood. Then His precious heavenly blood of his Father Almighty God wiped out every sin for everyone, since Adam allowed the Satan to enter and then destroy the Garden of Eden. Then, Almighty God allowed both sin and death to invade the planet. Almighty God saved you, him, her, and me by taking the molding flesh His son Jesus as a human man. Then, Brother Jesus took on our flesh and shed his blood which could have been one of the four known types, such as, AB, O, A, or B. Brother Jesus shed His perfect blood for all of mankind. Brother Jesus was the Holy One, the Son of Almighty God. Then, each Christian chooses Brother Jesus his or her Savior of the flesh, recognizing the act of heavenly love that saved the soul of each Christian. Then each Christian lives in righteousness and worships Almighty God through his Son Jesus Christ. You never need to worry about being good enough to enter heaven as an angel, because you cannot. Only Brother Jesus is able to live a perfect sinless life here on the planet and then became the Lamb of God by dying on the cross,” she turned with a worried brow and pointed to each royal and the physician. “Each one of you seriously needs to seek a chair of professional help right now.”

The father reached up and wiped off the brow seat and shook a skull, staring down with a worried brow at his son. “Jesus is Jesus. Man is man. I believe in a heavenly miracle or two. Please proceed with the bone marrow transplant immediately today. I would like to save the tiny life of my son. My son looks so different,” he whispered a silent prayer and leaned down, tenderly kissing the forehead of his son, pulling back the baby tinted blanket with a confused brow. The baby was covered in a set of short spiky strands of black colored hair over his nakedness that replaced the glowing infant pink tinted skin. A set of tears rolled down his face while staring at his son. His son did not move or stir awake from the light kiss or the gently warm hand touch of his father. His son peacefully snorted like a beast while displaying a set of double rows of sharp fanged teeth inside the mouth that came from a blood transfusion and a complete set of organ implantation without the verbal or written permission of the set of biological parents. The father sobbed with tears down at his son. “I can’t help him as a physician. I can’t save him as a preacher either,” he looked up with a face of tears to see each royal. “Please help my child right now!” Jack, Jill, and Jon stared down with a sad face at the sleeping child without speaking. The father reached down and touched the hairy chest of the baby with one hand and then probed with both hands over the tiny hairy chest of the baby. He leaned down into the hairy chest of the child that tickled the nose bridge while hearing no sound. He reached up and touched the throat of his son while feeling no pulse. He reached down and touched the tiny hairy wrist bone while feeling no heart beat. He reached up and touched the tiny hairy forehead without warmth. Then, he looked up with an angry brow to see Jack. “He barely breathes. You have almost taken my child from me.”

Jack looked up and turned with a nod of an icy stare to see the father of the dead boy. “God has almost taken your child with Him back into heaven.”

The father pointed down at his dead son and then at Jack with a sneer. “You tricked me. My son is only one years old. He deserves a life of happiness with his parents.”

Jack smiled. “You tricked yourself. Your son is dying. It is almost his time to leave from here and away from you.”

“No! You’re lying. You wanted to confuse me and make me crazy and make me forget about my little baby son,” the father turned and held a face while sobbing over the dead body of his son. “I was crazy in believing that you could have cured the aliment of my tiny baby son,” he looked up and reached out, touching the body of his son with a worried brow. “I’m taking my child and going to the hospital, before he dies.” The machine whistled aloud and then sung a sweet soft musical tone.

“I am so sorry. Your baby son is dead. We tried everything to save him.” Jack reached over and hugged the father into a chest, slipping both hands around the neck of the father, twisting both the wrist bones to the opposite side around the throat of the father as each bone cracked out loud in the wrong direction. Jon continued to hug the dead father and turned with a smile to see Jon. “I broke the neck spine, saving the heart organ this time.”

Jill sneezed out loud and continued to stare down at the dead mother of the dead baby son, who rested on top of the floor near her shoes, where the mother had received a quick neck break which had been performed by Jon. She said with a British stern face. “Our new killing technique is much more effective for the host and the hostess, too. We don’t damage the organs or taint the blood. I believe we will finally succeed this time.”

Jon leaned over the baby crib and stared down at the dead baby boy as the soft music ended. “He died. The baby son died. I’m never going to be a child of Jesus.”

The physician read out the stack of papers and then looked up with a British stern face to see the dead baby inside the crib. “This is intriguing. I am seeing some new datum on the dead child coming from all the laboratory results. Let me explain about the physical dead body first!

“The pupils did not change from the natural tone of dark brown into a set of varied different pastel or a pair of rainbow colored eyeballs like before. Therefore, the heterochromia condition did not occur during the infusion of the new pair of eye organs into the tiny baby host. This is very good, Jon. The pigment of both irises remained stable. Heterochromia is a rare condition within a human, not an animal due to a gene mutation or an injury to the eye.

“The mucus shield on the nose looks very good also. There is a tiny bit of clear snot, forming along the outer ridges of his nose holes. Mucus is swallowed daily, when it mixes with spit and then is passed down your throat, without incident. A tiny bit of mucus keep dirt, dust, and other harmful objects out of your lungs, when you breathe foreign elements coming from the dirty atmosphere. If your healthy lungs become contaminated, then you get an infection and have trouble breathing. If you find the tiny amount of daily nose mucus annoying, you can regulate the nose mucus by sucking on the peppermint candy, Jon. The main ingredient in peppermint is menthol which helps thin the mucus.

“However, a child of Jesus never catches the common cold or any other type of aliment. You shall never worry about post nasal drip from a sore throat or a runny nose,” he reached down and placed a medical instrument inside the eardrum of the dead baby with a British stern face. “Hmm! I am puncturing the eardrum and damaging the small bones inside the ear to see the results,” he withdrew the instrument from the ear canal and stared with a British stern face. “Ugh! The inner canal of the ear is covered in white harden ear wax which will cause some pain and then maybe some partial hearing problems or permanent earring loss. You can use hydrogen peroxide, ear drops, mineral oil, or saline solution inside the ear, Jon. One of the products will dissolve the wax or soften it. Mix hydrogen peroxide and water equally, placing five drops inside your ear at night. Lie on your side and let the solution soak in. If this doesn’t work, you can wear a hearing aid for receiving vocal information. This is very good too,” he moved down to examine the mouth.

“The mouth contains a double row of teeth. You can see the royal dentist for the removal of one set of fangs, Jon. Then, you will be consuming fish and chips like a normal human. The external chest and facial hair is grossly unsightly but simply removable. I recommend a laser touch to the outer skin, killing each single hair follicle, Jon. I guarantee within three years you will look shiny and divine like a Greek god. The dead child still displays a set of webbed toes and fingers on all appendages. I can do some minor plastic surgery to remove the extra skin looking normal once again. The outer appearance of the body is truly cosmetic which can be repaired with the wonders of science and an expensive medical scientist like me. I am more concerned about the invisible appearance of the organs and blood,” he reached down and sliced the stomach skin with the scalpel on the dead child.

“I am looking at the new sets of replaced organs inside the tiny host,” he reached out and touched, lifting the blood into the nose holes, smelling the blood that was leaking out from the open wound. “Hmm! Blood is a special body fluid of plasma, red and white blood cells and is composed of ninety-two percent of water. The texture of the blood seems very thick like a consistence of bee honey. We will add more water into the IV apparatus to dilute the plasma, red and white blood cells with the higher concentration of AB platelets while thinning out the blood liquid inside the new host. If your blood test indicates too few red blood cells, then you will become anemic. The child is not anemic before the medical operation. If your blood test shows too many white blood cells, then your body presents a sign of infection. There is not an infection within the dead child’s body. This is very, very good, Jon.

“The liver organ is burnt blackish colored like it had caught on fire inside the body. The liver is three pounds. For the next round of medical operation, I will place inside the new host body two livers, not one. The liver organ can fuse and re-grow, if not damaged. The extra two livers can levitate the toxins coming from your blood through the two livers also. The liver profile laboratory test on the dead child indicates a high level of bilirubin in the blood stream. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment, when the red blood cells break down within the body. A healthy liver filters out all bilirubin but too much of the pigment gives the patient jaundice or the yellowing of the eyes. This is can be taken care of with a series of vaccinations against hepatitis A and B in the new host, Jon.

“The pancreas is duplicated with a burnt blackish color also. I will leave out the pancreas organ in the next medical operation. It is not needed for survival. Anyways we can feed you extra enzymes to detect fructose, which is a type of sugar found naturally in fruits and honey plus processed foods like cereals and soda, so you don’t receive type-2 diabetes. This is a good solution, Jon. The kidneys are colored in dark brown, instead of pink. This is a sign of type 1 diabetes. The kidneys will need to be flushed once per week, since you will contract hepatitis A.”

He reached out and touched the hairy arm of the dead body. “Help me turn the dead baby over onto the stomach. I must examine the anal. When a person dies, the body fluids will push out any lingering feces coming from the butthole. It is unsightly and gross, my favored words for the morning. A healthy stool comes in a variety of colors of yellow, tan, brown, red, and green. Tomatoes turn the stool into red colors. Spinach and leafy vegetables make them green shit turds. Grape juice darkens the stool into black tint. I do not see a bloody red or a runny green or a solid gray stool, pushing out the child’s butthole. This is very good, Jon. A bloody red stool indicates internal bleeding within the organs. A runny green is diarrhea of infection within the body. A gray stool is the sign of liver problems.

“I saw the liver was blackened, not dead. Urine is germ-free inside the bladder, but on the way out, it is exposed bacterium. I see something good, Jon. The urine is not blazing in neon colors, like red or pink or dark gold which is a sign of not bleeding coming from an infection or a kidney stone. It is clearly light yellow, almost clear. This is very good, Jon. I smell something good. I am not sniffing an odor of musty or sweet or funky sulfur rotten eggs fragrance from the exposed urine which leaks out the penis of the dead child. Any type of strange smelling pee is not good.

“However, this is good here. Passing a stool will stimulate the vagus nerve in the brain, triggering a drop in your heart rate and your blood pressure, causing you to feel both lightheaded and giddy. We have learned after inserting all the different healthy organs coming from one or many Jesus Strand persons into an adult host, the person guzzles bottles of water from thirst and urines quite frequently. I have diagnosed the host presents with diabetes which will show slow healing cuts and bruises and numbness in both your hands and your feet which has been medical documented and clinical treated within our experiences here at the royal palace. The adult host will never worry about a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection from consuming gallons of water. You have learned to consume eight glasses of water which will keep you well-hydrated and flush out toxins from your body.

“I have a conclusion coming from the visual presentation and the laboratory tests. The child died from a stroke, not an infection. A stroke happens when a blood vessel inside your brain breaks open coming from high blood pressure, diabetes, or smoking cigarettes that damages the blood vessels. This is very good, Jon. I have documented that the dead baby urinated over ten times per day, instead of the regular six times a day, due to the symptoms of diabetes. I can control the diabetes and maintain your life force condition forever. I am making excellent process, Your Highnesses,” the physician turned and nodded with a British stern face to Jack and Jill.

Jack reached out with a smile and gently patted Jon on the collar bone. “Don’t give up, Jon! We have two new specimens. The father and mother of the dead baby both carry the Jesus Strand.”

Jill kicked a foot into the dead mother on the floor with a snarl. “Yes, she wasn’t a whore cunt like me before she had married her husband while activating the Jesus Strand gene. We will cut out her organs and then replace all of them into another new host. I suggest we use one of the babies from one of the incubators and an adult hostess from our physician and then monitor the medical and chemical and physiological results.”

Jon asked. “What about pursing the Americans again?”

Jack smiled. “I am very intrigued that the Americans thought we were searching for the teen named Cody Mack. The German baron named Broner was killing all the teenagers, who possessed the Jesus Strand within the American States and throughout Europe. An unwise decision, I believe. But, we can’t stop them unless we pull out our guns and start shooting like a wild-ass American. I was only interested in the beauty queen winner named Ana. She possessed the Jesus Strand after presenting a blood smear as a candidate within the Miss Lily Beauty Pageant in the States. If only she hadn’t immediately married that asshole named Woot here inside the royal castle, we could have obtained all her specimens very easily. I am impressed. The US soldiers are not fools or dummies. They figured out our secret plot quickly. I would suspect that they are in hiding and protecting their kin like all foolish Americans do. Anyways we have learned to closely monitor the markers within the blood chemistry. We must locate the right marker that activates the Jesus Strand. Then, you will be like me, Jon. Ring up the new chamber maid to come inside the Ward. She is our newest adult immigrant from the country of Austria, who has offered to participate in our fun experimental human body operation,” laughing.

Jon reached down and pulled out the mobile telephone with a wicked smile and an evil laugh.





The ending never ends…

The Mission of God

  • ISBN: 9781370832057
  • Author: Ipam
  • Published: 2017-04-17 22:50:24
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The Mission of God The Mission of God