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The Millennium Malevolence: The Time Spanning Revenge Endanderment

Millennium Malevolence

The Time Spanning Revenge Endangerment

(Part One The Hard Revelation)

Kyle Robertson

Copyright © 2015 by Kyle Robertson. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recorded or otherwise without written permission from the publisher.

All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names. They are not even distantly inspired by any individual known or unknown

Published by Play in My Imagination Publishing


Dedicated to Adama Aruna

Why I Wrote This Book

This is another excursion in my storytelling evolution. In high school, when I could draw, I created my own comic books with folded typewriter paper stapled in the middle. Yes, I was called a nerd, but many of those name callers read my stories. Now Marvel and DC have evolved to make blockbuster movies to stories us nerds read thirty years ago, and some much longer than that.

I figured they got the marketing down pat by mimicking their comic books. They’ve been doing sequels before the first part 2 of a movie was even thought of. Why not follow my idol’s lead by cutting up my story by making it a series?

Here’s part one. I hope you fall deep enough into the story to wait for the next installment.

Why You Should Read This Book

This story will be an exciting romp through time, and you find out styles change, but revenge stays the same.

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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Ebb of Revenge

Chapter Two: Unsuspecting Descendant

Chapter Three: Crash Course in Larrasomec

Chapter One: The Ebb of Revenge

As Chorlisr Remmik was fashioning horseshoes in his barn, one of his servants from the Ktaldeik (Tal-DEEK) Protectors exploded through his barn entrance.

“Gavis, and his woman are in the village! The Apex Zenith is here!”

Chorlisr had trained for this catalytic day. This was considered by many elders as end times. All knew of the ending of the Bible, except the Ktaldeik Protectors knew who Mephistopheles was. Gavis was an immortal entity. He had no fangs or horns, but he was Beelzebub himself. He was just in his human form. Although far from being human, his looking like a normal peasant portrayed him as such.

“King Henry is Catholic. He will never approve of Magick,” his servant said.

“We cannot pray this monster away, Edward. We have tried sabers, spears, lances, mourning stars, arrows, boiled oil, poisons, and fire. Gavis just sats them away like an annoying fly. Magick has been the only effective defense against him. We may not be able to slay him, but a summoning can hinder his intentions severely,” Chorlisr said. “He is not of our world so witchcraft may be our only hope.”

“He is residing in a cottage on the outskirts of the village. Our hawk spotted the couple. They have caused no turmoil to anyone or created any calamities.”

“He is just preparing, Edward. “We should strike before the beginning of the end. I can cease it before it ever commences.”

“But he has done nothing, Chorlisr. He is just there with his companion, and not terrorizing the village.”

“When have you ever dealt personally with an immortal?! When have you ever seen the aftermath of their destruction?! They can never be destroyed, Edward! I was born into this service, and as of now I can hinder the lot with Magick! The immortals have limitless power to lay waste to whatever land they inhabit, and I will not let Gavis begin to lay waste to mine! I will take him before he manifests!”

Chorlisr was bred for this deluge. He was educated by the Ktaldeik to be the protector of this region of the world, and knew nothing more. He lived a humble life as a blacksmith, but his destiny carried more gravitas than shoeing horses. This was his calling, and he wouldn’t falter.

“This is a wood tick in your spine you cannot wait to burn out. Gavis has done nothing, but live with his mate,” Edward said.

“The atrocity is living, Edward. He has touted eons of existence. Longer than we have recorded time keeping. The Plague will not even affect him or his mate. They live while many die because of the Black Death. His existence is unnatural, and I must use unnatural means to restore balance.” Chorlisr was determined. “Enough explanation. If Gavis is preparing, time is of the essence.”

Chorlisr took his broadsword just for appearance sake, and misdirection of his real weapon of the summoning of the hornets to alleviate Gavis of execution, left the barn, and Edward followed.


At the edge of the village, Gavis was sitting with Renae by a fire in the hearth of the cottage in the wood. He just wanted to exist without the constant annoyances of the Ktaldeik Protectors constantly attempting to destroy him. They were like meddlesome mosquitos buzzing in his ear. Being an immortal wasn’t the mythical desire every man wanted.

Gavis witnessed every atrocity of the development of this world. He knew of erosion, and extinction of species. There were many animals others would never know of because of evolution. And through all of that change, Gavis was there.

Immortality isn’t a finished existence. Gavis evolved as everyone did. From the single celled organism to today, he had to change to fit the time. Evolution was a painfully slow process. That process is effortless for a terminal existence, but when you were eternal with no finality, evolution was its own curse. Painful, but inevitable.

Gavis wanted to just not exist anymore. He had been everything he could imagine. He witnessed the world die when he was just a simple organism. He helped the ancient ones with the creation of fire. He felt the evolution of becoming the form he was now. From painting in caves to living in this cottage.

He observed all the curses of humans, diseases, weather devastations, self-destruction to gain possessions, or otherwise. This world was a harsh environment, and his curse was to witness it all.

He had compassionately saved villages, and executed the strident destruction of towns. He wasn’t good or evil, he just was.

His companion, Renae, another eternal put her hands on his shoulders as he was sitting by the fire.

“I understand your brooding boredom. Do you want anything to eat?”

“You know eating will not quell my boredom. I tried to attempt that distraction last century. That action just reminded me of my abnormality. I have done everything, my love. If it weren’t for you, I would try to end my existence.”

Renae kissed him on his troubled brow.

“We were created for companionship so we wouldn’t abandon rationality within our journey.”

“A journey has a destination! This is an eternal punishment!” Gavis exploded. “Immortals have been cursed by something or someone to just witness every history, and every future! This is just an evil joke!”

Renae knew his meltdown would occur this century. She had prepared for it.

“You are an eternal, dear. You were created with this perpetual existence. You have been through everything. The darkness of the beginning, to the human evil of takeover in the name of whatever lord they serve. You have witnessed darkness from the sky, and the hypocrisy of this world’s dominant species. You have observed everything, and did not succumb to the darkness because I was with you for it all. You are my mate, and I will not let you melt in front of me. Your mind is stronger than that.”

Gavis just looked at her sternness, and acquiesced his explosion. He knew Renae was his anchor in his desperate time, and she would keep his faculties stationary.

“This perpetual existence is a feckless existence. Our kind can never rule over these mortals. Our law will not permit it. We just observe. We watch atrocities everywhere, but can do nothing on a major scale to correct them. We can control humanity if our laws allow, but cannot stop Krakatoa from erupting. It is uninhabited now, but it will erupt again, and we do not have the power to halt the cycle. I am tired of observing everything without the ability of personal augmentation.

We observed the rise and fall of Rome, and the extinction of the Mayans. We have witnessed the rise of William Wallace until his defeat at Falkirk, and could do nothing because our fellow immortals deemed it wrong to interfere. Our only ability is to exist with the retaining of all this knowledge, and for what? We do not have any visible superiors to report to, and when the cycle of this world is over what then? Will we still exist when even this world has a termination date?

I am just mired in a dissolution my imperishable mind will not allow. Your rationale keeps me shielded from this torturous paradox.”

Renae caressed his cheek, and kissed him on his forehead.

“Oh. Gavis, we exist to stay accurate for our region. If it wasn’t for our gathering each century you would know nothing of the Mayans, the Persians, Norse lore, Krakatoa, or undiscovered environment barbarian activities. We exist here in England. The others exist in Rome, Japan, China, Africa, and beyond. Our calling is to record this area of this world for someone. It may be for a supreme, but it just may be for the other eternals. No one can speculate our main purpose. We just exist for a reason we do not know yet. Just exist, Gavis.”

Gavis looked up at her caring eyes, and saw her compassion.

“I worship you, Renae. You keep me sane amidst all this evolving misfortune. Whenever I become unfettered in this aimless, stormy world, you are my immovable boulder I can cling to when the winds of change begin to claw at my thoughts. You are, truly, my mate.”

“I will be with you eternally. I am your…” She began to inhale a sooty smelling aroma. “Do you smell smoke?”

“We are near a fire, my love. You always smell smoke from the blaze.”

Just as he spoke the words, a flaming bail of oil soaked hay crashed through their front window. It rolled in an alarming fireball directly at them, and Gavis jumped up.


“It’s Chorlisr. Why has he come to annoy me? I have done nothing.” Gavis was heated at the blatant call out. “LEAVE ME BE, CHORLISR! I HAVE DONE NOTHING TO PROVOKE YOU!”


Renae grabbed Gavis’ hand.

“He is the demon, love. He just doesn’t understand he will instigate his own demise. He is just as naïve as Romus from centuries earlier, and will not avoid your acrimony or immortality. If he welcomes death, administer it with swiftness. I want to see his arrogance choke the life from his mortal bones.”

As the flames began to encompass the cottage, they both walked out with their burned clothing smoldering away from their bodies while a faction of Ktaldeikian protectors stood in a gathering outside of the flaming cottage with Chorlisr heading them with his broadsword in hand.

“Your time terrorizing innocents is complete, Gavis! You will be no more!” Chorlisr stood at the ready with the fresh flames of the cottage glimmering off his steel.

“Why do you still try to attempt your ending of me, Chorlisr? I have done nothing to encourage your futile quest.”

“You destroyed VanKellin you evil monster! That is why I hunt you relentlessly! I was bred to protect the innocent!” Chorlisr yelled with vengeance.

“And before you were born I aided in your village’s famine. I am the cause of your actual existence, however, you torture your limited continuation which I granted you to try to end me? You are human, Chorlisr, I am eternal. Please stop annoying me. I have become the conqueror, and the Samaritan. Just leave me be.”

Chorlisr was thrown by Gavis’ statement. He was provoked by his cottage becoming an inferno, but instead of attacking, he just stood with his garments falling away in front of the Ktaldeik protectors in his vulnerable invulnerability requesting no more hunting. Why had he changed? Chorlisr would normally have a broken limb by now, but Gavis didn’t charge from aggravation.

He knew he had a mystical game changer to defeat Gavis, but Gavis didn’t want to play anymore.

“You are a destroyer of the innocent, and I must end you!”

“With what?! That shiny insignificant stick? You are nowhere near formidable enough to pique my interest, boy. Just go away. I am spending the day with my mate, and contrary to my immortality, you are wasting my time.”

Renae stood by Gavis in all her naked beauty, and put her arm around his shoulder.

“Leave us, Protectors. We have done nothing, and you can never win. You only gave us another task of rebuilding our cottage.”

Chorlisr thought, I can never win? Oh, I will, witch, I will!

He began to chant an incantation, and the leaves on the floor of the wood began to swirl. The sky became darkened, and thunder crashed above them.

“What is he doing, Renae?” Gavis asked Renae with bewilderment.

“I do not know, but it feels strangely inadequate for a Ktaldeik.”

“He knows his broadsword is useless to him so he may have a new weapon for me to defeat,” Gavis said while placing Renae behind him.

Renae felt the change in the atmosphere, and knew this mystic assault would not be favorable for her mate. As the inferno of their cottage blew out like a candle, she stood in front of Gavis to protect him.


She ignored Gavis, and shielded him from this new onslaught.

As the sky cracked, and a monstrous swarm of ominous, vile hornets descended on her, she pushed Gavis away.

The hornets stung her relentlessly, and enveloped her in a buzzing purgatory. Normally the stings wouldn’t affect her, but being mystical changed her galvanized aura. She began to scream in agony.


Chorlisr kept chanting those ungodly utterances in an oblivious trance. Renae felt the devilish murk of the stings as they took over her body. She shut her eyes tightly, but the swarm was unrelenting with no respect for her grandeur. They stung her everywhere.

After the craven contemptible barrage of the pusillanimous attack, the hornets relented. They escaped Renae’s swollen body, and disappeared through the rip in the sky.

Gavis, devastated, ran to Renae’s side, and kneeled to her damaged figure.

“Get up my love! You have swam through magma just cool off! Bees cannot harm you!”

Renae looked at him with her multiply stung reddening eyes.

“Magma is from this world. I am impervious to anything from this world. Those wasps were not from this world. You have acquired your wish, love. I will not be here for companionship anymore. I am leaving.” Renae suddenly convulsed, writhed, and began to slowly, methodically disintegrate.


As Renae began to fade into oblivion, Gavis swung his psychosis at the still entranced Chorlisr. “I will not only kill you. I will destroy your entire blood line. You are the upstart little naïve boy who angered a god.”

Chorlisr snapped out of the trance, and caught Gavis’ last words. He realized the incantation chose the wrong target, and instead of crippling, it killed an eternal. Renae was crumbling motionless with Gavis kneeling in grief. Chorlisr became very nervous because Gavis spoke in a cold even tone. When your life long mate has been destroyed, not exploding was way worse than losing your rationality. Acrimony was too weak a word to describe Gavis’ bitterness. Chorlisr had to do something so he attempted to call back the hornets.

Once the sky darkened again, Gavis got up, and walked towards Chorlisr. The Ktaldeik protected him with an array of weapons.

They slowed Gavis with a barrage of flaming and poison arrows. One protector even braved death by swinging a spiked mace at him, but was knocked back by Gavis. That gave the others on their steeds time to attack with their lances. They drove him back, but were still sluffed by Gavis. His priority was ending Chorlisr.

As he began to gain more ground, a smaller swarm emerged from the atmospheric rip, and descended on Gavis.

Gavis knew of their devilish effect, and began to run the other way. The hornets weren’t as effective the second time, and only a few stung him. He escaped into the wood smacking the hornets as they landed on him.

Chorlisr came out of the trance, and hoped Gavis was ended, but Edward spoke to him.

“We defended you, but Gavis escaped.”

“Escaped?! He wanted to destroy me! Why did he run?!”

A warlock from the Dark Wizard clan interrupted.

“He was attacked by the swarm that killed the woman. The reason they couldn’t kill him was because killing an immortal is a gargantuan paradox to accomplish, and you called upon them twice in one period.”

Chorlisr was upset he didn’t get his primary target. Although the woman was an immortal, it wasn’t her time. She never posed a threat to anyone, but being immortal had sealed her fate. Magick doesn’t discern, it completes.

“He was stung, Reylock. Will that harm him?” Edward asked.

Just as he asked the question, Renae’s corpse crumbled into a dusty nothingness. It began to blow away in the wind, and Reylock responded.

He has been affected mystically. His dilapidation will not happen as quickly as the woman, but it will happen, it is inevitable.”

“So he has his own slowly attacking Plague happening to him,” Chorlisr said with slight satisfaction. “He will still be dangerous until he is no more.”

“You are not the Ktaldeik Argonaut anymore, Chorlisr. Your quest for balance of absolution is complete. Gavis is dead already. He just doesn’t know it yet,” Edward said with a smile. “Let him wither in his pool of hatred for you. It is done.”

Chorlisr felt good about completing his quest to protect, but was still weary of not seeing Gavis’ death with his own eyes. Then he looked over to the woman’s crumbling existence, and became a bit more satisfied. Magick was absolute without question.

“Let us celebrate! The scourge is complete!” Chorlisr mounted his horse, and lead the protectors to a pub to imbibe on flagons of ale.


Gavis ran onto the wood smacking all the relentless mystical hornets. Once they were all dead, he leaned on a mossy tree breathing heavily. The insects were crushed, but had already done their job. Gavis felt the debilitating venom creeping through his bloodstream. He felt heated from the inside.

Why hadn’t they swarmed? Why did the stragglers commence with the assault when they should have known it was a suicide mission? He didn’t understand the hornets were servants of the one who commanded the magick, and had no choice, no matter how spent they were, to comply.

He didn’t get the brunt of their assault, but he was stung with the hermetical poison. His end was just slower than Renae’s.

He was brooding about ending his existence earlier that morn, but witnessing his mate’s demise changed his feckless wantonness for his ending. He wanted Chorlisr to pay for his effrontery against them. His brash audacity to attack them when they did nothing. He had to destroy that arrogant callous child for his ignorance to attack them without provocation.

But first he had to get the poison out of his system before he could execute anything. He was immortal, and immortality was so boring to him, he had to interact with many finite souls of whatever time he was in. He knew of a warlock living deeper in the wood. He should be able to correct him. After all, it was Magick, and who else could lift this deadly spell other than a warlock?

Gavis got up from the tree, and began to walk slowly to the warlock’s secluded cottage.


Faylon was mixing a potion to stop the boll weevils from eating his gardenias when he heard a banging on his door.

“Open your door, Faylon! I need your aid!”

It was Gavis, but why would an eternal need his help? He opened his door to see Gavis with a gray hue about him looking angry, and desperate.

“What happened? Where is Renae?”

“Renae expired at the hands of Chorlisr. He sent blasted devil wasps to swarm her. After her expiration, he sent them after me, but I ran, and was stung less than Renae. Those wasps still infected me, and I need you to cure me of the magick venom.”

Faylon knew of the spell, and was shocked at the occurrence.

“Only dark faction witches and warlocks would ever use the Hornets of Disintegration summon. Chorlisr wasn’t alone. Was there an elder soul with him?”

“A group of Ktaldeik Protectors accompanied him. Although there was an old, gray-bearded man with them. He must have been the warlock.” Gavis walked deeper into Faylon’s abode, and dropped to his knees. Faylon hurried to hold him upright.

“You are very lucky in your despair, Gavis. Killing an eternal is extremely arduous on the hornets so you were not poisoned enough to expire quickly. If you do not take away the magick venom, eventually you will cease to exist,” Faylon gravely said. “I know of a remedy, but you will sleep for longer than a human will live. Your revenge will be for naught for Chorlisr will be dead for ten centuries, a chiliad, before you awaken.”

Gavis became very bitter at the results of the cure. He wanted Chorlisr to pay.

“I cannot destroy the one who killed my mate, but he will become immortal in the human sense with his offspring. His actions will be worse than losing his life by my hand. I will end his entire genealogical line of existence. He will become the ancestor to any cursed descendants he will have. I will destroy his lineage. Keep me existing, Faylon. I do not care about the consequence of the healing. Even iIf I lose an arm, keep me living. I have a vendetta to keep.”

Faylon knew he was serious. The crippling after result of the cure would be his gender affection switch, but he would be too busy trying to hunt, and slay to even think about his strange enamor conundrum. Faylon would be too dead to reveal the debilitating result when he became conscious again anyway so he just didn’t tell him.

“You will be in a cave in the mountain range for the duration. As you know, a mountain range evolves very slowly, and even water will eat away ground. You should be safe in a mountainous cavern.”

As Gavis nodded in agreement, he began to waiver.

“Enough explanation. I need yak hair, wolfsbane, and hemlock root to cure you. Once you slip into extended slumber, we will never see each other again. When you awaken, the world will be very different. You will be eternal once more, and able to wreak your vengeance. I will return.” Faylon left his cottage to retrieve the items from his magick cellar.

Vengeance kept Gavis mobile for the time of Faylon’s absence. He didn’t want to slip before his vindictive balance happened. Renae had to be avenged.

Faylon came back with the items, and put them in a caldron.

“This mixture will be very difficult to ingest without spewing the contents all over the ground. I need the fermented honey from mead to keep the contents in your stomach. I know that your form can withstand snake venom, however, you form has been drastically altered.”

“Mead will not inebriate me. I am eternal.”

“You were eternal,” Faylon corrected him. “You will experience inebriation in your altered form. You are probably feeling a nauseous state you have never felt before.”

Gavis had experienced countless occurrences before, but feeling mortality was very foreign to him.

“Nauseous is what you call this hindering uncomfortable feeling? Cure me quickly, Faylon. I cannot see how a mortal can survive this for any time.”

“When the sun reaches the tree line, you will be able to drink your cure, I will prepare my ass to take you to the cave. I need to monitor you so you do not slumber because if you sleep before you take the cure, you will sleep until you become dust.”

Gavis never felt fatigue, or queasiness before. This hornet venom was slowly reverting his immortality to a mortal doom.

“How do you live this way? Knowing death is your final result, and constantly battling unrest, and things that can kill you instantly?” Gavis was in a conundrum.

As Faylon put the potion in a goblet, and put it in the sun, he spoke.

“Being mortal is just accepted by us. We just live until we do not anymore. We know death is a promise to us so we have no question about our finality. It is what we do between birth and death that matters to us. Our accomplishments can become immortal.

Now come. I‘ll be outside preparing Elizabeth to drag you to the mountain to rest.”

They both went outside, and Faylon put a hitch on Elizabeth, and crafted a makeshift, sturdy drag transport out of the thicker branches from the surrounding wood strapped with leather.

It took until twilight to accomplish the task for their long journey. Faylon had to get a water pouch, and a bow with arrows to kill to eat during the journey. The potion was cool enough to ingest for Gavis so he brought out the goblet.

“This will be the last time we can speak to each other. Do you have any other requests?”

“You have done more than enough, Faylon. You cannot overthrow the Protectors so there is nothing more. Goodbye, give me the potion.”

Faylon gave him the goblet. He drank the bitter potion, and began to lose consciousness. His next awakening will have one purpose. To destroy Chorlisr’s descendants.

Chapter Two: Unsuspecting Descendant

Adama was late for her mentorship. She had a late night correcting all those historical inaccuracies. It was World War III that equipped plasma disruption cannons, not WW2. They just had a machine to create a code her students could decipher on their nail color adjusters in a nano-second.

Adama Aruna was a historical mentor for her evolution sector. History was very important in the twenty fourth century. It told of all the prior atrocities of the human race, and gave them the vital opportunity to learn from the barbaric stupidity of the power hungry monetarily driven human simpletons of that time.

The archaic practice of gaining wealth for privilege dwindled when the devastating climate change calamity occurred in 2078. The whole fossil fuel pollution from every industrial factory, and the coal over mining was the catalyst for humans to wake up, but some corporate giants weren’t fully awake yet.

World War III wasn’t a land region, or megalomaniac dictator going crazy with dominant power. It was the corporations all over the world rebelling over the stringent environmental laws passed for the entire planet.

All the religious radicals, and racist militias across the planet consolidated with other environmental warriors to fight the corporate giants back. The enemy of your enemy was definitely your friend at that time. Nuclear missiles were destroyed years back so it was more so classic tactical attacking.

There were no neutral countries like Iceland was in World War 2. This was a legitimate world war that took 50 years to complete. When it was over, currency exchange for privilege was outlawed, and social classes were obliterated. The planet took up the ancient Native American practice of equality and care for everyone.

Adama just caught the EXO-Tranz to get to her enlightenment campus. It only took a few minutes to get 1,600 kilometers for the transport. It was tailored to her destination through her movement pass implant. Once you became a helpful member to society, they implanted your destination pass in your mind. It was versatile for your other destinations so wherever you wanted to travel to, it acquired your mind wave information, and seamlessly took you there. There were no personal vehicles anymore. Another environmental law.

She arrived with her tablet in hand ready to take on the day. She ran into her best friend Nanjiri.

“Hi, Addy. Do you want to go to Scallywags tonight? I’m taking Alex ‘man huntin’, and I thought you’d want to brave the companion pool with us.”

“Why do you always think I’m looking for a man? When I’m ready to venture, Scallywags will not be my hunting grounds. Those guys are just looking for one thing, and a one night stand isn’t what I want.” Adama declined.

“You know the girls are talking about you. They say you don’t like men, and when they’re alone with you, they get nervous.”

“I already know that’s coming from Lindsey, and I would just kiss her on the lips to freak her out.” Adama smiled. “Now, Nan, you know I’m the polar opposite of a lesbian, and that my work takes up all my time. I just don’t need any male distractions right now.”

“I already know you have a one track mind, but you need to keep your honey pot moist before it dries out, honey. You’re going to be out of practice when you’re in a real relationship. Come out with us, girl. A little harmless fun won’t hurt your work. It might help. Your students might stop calling you BSG Commander.”

“They got that information from my archaic entertainment class. Otherwise they wouldn’t know of Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Starbuck, Apollo, or Boomer. At least they retained the information.”

Nanjiri just looked at her.

“You can even rationalize your insults instead of getting offended enough to change their views about you. Your problem is you don’t get bothered enough to change for the better. You’re the strangest friend I have.” Nanjiri smiled back. “But I love my strange friend that really wants to go out with me tonight.”

“Isn’t random fornication with the opposite sex against your religion?” Adama asked, trying to trip her up.

“You’re lost in your historical timeline, Addy. Sikhism is worshiping the oneness with God, and self-willed perception. We stopped sacrificing virgins in volcanos a very long time ago. Stop throwing obstacles, and come out with us,” Nanjiri put on her puppy dog face.” “Pleeease!”

Adama knew she wouldn’t stop. She was a persistent woman when she set her goals for her evening. If Adama said no, it would upset her plans severely.

“I’ll go, Nan, but I’m not looking for anyone. I’ll just be your dull-drum friend sitting in the corner, reading tomorrow’s lesson plan on her tablet.”

Nanjiri kissed her on her cheek.

“Thanks, Addy. You’ll have more fun than you’ll expect because I’m getting you drunk.”

“Getting drunk is fun for you, but I like to keep my control throughout the night. You don’t mind waking up to a strange man, I do,” Adama said.

“Strange strapping men are exotic. A strange man could be your stuffiness antidote.”

“I’m your strange friend, but you are my promiscuous friend. You’re very lucky the alleviated every STD known or you’d worry me.”

“You never use your get out of jail free card, Addy. Live for once in your life.” Nanjiri kissed her on the cheek again. “Now go, and do some mentoring. I’ll see you tonight at eight.”

As Nanjiri left to mentor Quantum Anomalies, Addy thought, I should have never taught her about the ancient practice of playing board games. She wouldn’t have known that get out of jail free thing if it wasn’t for me. I hate giving her ammunition to win her arguments over me.


Adama had a productive day mentoring about the environmental disasters causing WW3. The BP spill, the Keystone pipeline explosion, the Jarvis Chemical ground saturation, The Rejenes mine shaft cave-in, and the trigger of the Volero atmospheric arsenic pollution that poisoned the residents of Tartu Estonia.

She was happy earthen government never approved the instant information mind downloads invented 57 years earlier because of the random lobotomy side effect of the implantation. If it went through, and was successful, Adama wouldn’t be that productive member to society because an implant would have taken away her importance.

She took her EXO-Tranz home, had an energetic production dinner, and got dressed in her Krakon Valleri skirt and blouse set to participate in her Scallywags adventure. She didn’t expect anything to happen other than Nanjiri coaxing her all night, but there was something that began a thousand years earlier that would severely augment her typical, Nanjiri declining, night out.

When it was time to go, Adama brought her tablet, and traveled to Scallywags. When she arrived she saw Nanjiri, Alex, and surprisingly, Lindsey.

“Hi, Addy. I’m glad you came out.” Nanjiri waved at her.

Adama immediately went into defense, and looked sternly at Nanjiri.

“I didn’t think we were going to be the Gloucester Sector Diva Squad tonight.”

“Oh, Addy. It’s girl’s night out. Every lady wants to go to Lady’s Night at Scallywags.”

“You have to forgive me. I don’t have Scallywags’ schedule. I thought it would be just us three.”

Lindsey spoke. “I told you, Nan. Dyke Queen doesn’t want me here.”

Adama remembered her Jai Merrick defense training, and slowly walked up to Lindsey.

“Why do you always call me a lesbian? Is it because that has been your wish all along? You aren’t gossiping about me. You secretly want me to touch you in that special spot no man could find. Stop fighting your feelings, and let’s play, Lindsey.”

She grabbed her by the back of her neck, and forcefully kissed her on the lips! All the men in the crowd began to cheer, and the women were surprised.

When she released Lindsey, she began to cough, and spit in amazement.

“You are a dyke, Adama! I don’t swing that way! Stay away from me!” She turned to Nanjiri. “I’m sorry, Nan. I’m leaving! My night has definitely been ruined!”

Lindsey stormed off to her EXO-Tranz, and went home humiliated.

“Well, you said you were going to do it, but I just thought you were joking. You actually kissed a girl!”

“And referencing my classic pop music class, and I liked it.” Adama felt better about besting the gossiping Lindsey. “I just killed two birds, Nan. I got Lindsey to leave, and the guys think I’m a dyke so they won’t bother me tonight.”

“You leave nothing to chance. I was going to get you drunk tonight,” Nanjiri said.

Adama held up her tablet.

“I can’t grade filled with an Oxy-slammer in my system. Like I told you this morning, I’m the dull friend tonight.”

Nanjiri grabbed her arm.

“And like I told you, I’m getting you drunk tonight.”

They waited in line to be let in, and Alex spoke.

“Nan is crazy, Addy. How did the schoolmarm, and the party girl become friends?”

“I’m not a schoolmarm, Alex, and Nan’s a Quantum Anomaly scholar who plays party girl when the sun goes down. We connect intellectually.”

Alex looked over to Nanjiri flirting with a guy in line while he was staring at her boobs she displayed with pride in her Max Sprocket top.

“Yep, Nan’s very intellectual, and who brought her tablet to a club to grade assignments in the middle of a man meat market?”

“I came out because Nan asked me to. We just have different objectives tonight. I just want to correct assignments, and you two want to get laid. If you don’t judge me, I won’t judge you.”

“I told you you’re a schoolmarm, Addy. I need physical contact tonight. I just broke up with Saul, and I’m feeling a little frisky right about now.”

“Is that why you’re wearing your Darin Corella bodysuit, and your ‘Come Get Me’ pumps?”

Alex smiled at her.

“I thought we weren’t judging tonight.”

“You kept calling me schoolmarm, Alex. I can call you ready and willing.”

The trio gained access to Scallywags, and went inside. The lights were piercing, and the music had a hard drive to it. All the men were looking as if they were on display for the ladies. It was definitely a meat market. Adama just wasn’t in the purchasing mood.

“Let’s get a table in the back! I want to view tonight’s stock!” Nanjiri yelled over Gage Gator blaring over the speakers.

They navigated through all the dancers on the floor, and found a booth. Adama sat in between the two, and pulled out her tablet. Nanjiri typed in three Oxy-slammer drinks into the beverage computer, and they materialized in front of her. She gave one to Alex, and just as she was placing one in front of Adama, she spoke up.

“I’m about to correct my assignments! I can’t have an Oxy-slammer! I’d have a sip, and wake up with a hangover in the morning!” Give me a Synthatail!”

Nanjiri was disappointed at Adama.

“I can’t get you drunk with a fake drink!”

“I told you I’d be boring tonight! I came out because you wouldn’t stop until I did! I’m not getting drunk, and waking up to a strange man in my bed! You do that, I don’t! Synthatail, please!”

Nanjiri typed in the drink, and it materialized in front of her. She gave it to Adama.

“Here, enjoy your clarity! After we slam our Oxys, we’re going to hit the dance floor!”

Nanjiri and Alex finished their drinks, and went to dace. Adama watched all the men hover around them, and thought.

The mating game hasn’t changed in eons. The males gather around to display their plumage to the females to impress them. If Nan shows a sexy signal to one of them, the others will get stupidly aggressive.

Adama was observing the ancient ritual, but had no idea she was being targeted by an apex predator.


Outside of the club the door guard bouncer was doing his job of only letting in the pretty clientele of the crowd when a disheveled taller man began to walk past him. He grabbed the man’s shoulder to stop him.

“You can’t just barge in here! Get to the back of the line!”

It was Gavis, and he refused the order of waiting. He grabbed the bouncer’s arm, and twisted it in a roaring cracking pain! The bouncer fell to his knees.

Gavis said nothing to him, and began to walk into the club accompanied with all the screams of the women in the waiting line.

Adama heard the commotion, and wondered what was happening up front.

The security team was swift at incapacitating inebriated clubbers, and quickly scrambled to Gavis.

“Stand down, NOW!”

Gavis continued his quest, and didn’t adhere to their request. The team had their incapacitation guns aimed at his stomach, and fired into his body.

The normally debilitating shots hit his torso, but he wasn’t fazed by them. He had a target, and this newish technology would not hinder his intention of ridding this world of Chorlisr’s blood line. This was his final descendant, and she was targeted for annihilation.

Nanjiri ran up to Adama.

“What’s happening, Addy?! The front is glitching out with crazy violence!”

“I don’t know! Maybe Gage Gator is inciting a riot!”

“At least we’re back here! Security should contain whatever’s happening!” Nanjiri had a false sense of protection.

One of the more aggressive guards grabbed Gavis in a takedown move, but Gavis grabbed his chest, and flung him twelve meters towards the rear of the dance floor. He skid to a halt on the floor in an unconscious heap. The club goers parted the jumbled crowd to have him hit the floor, and began to scream while running towards the entrance. Gage Gator had stopped.

Alex ran to the two.

“Why did you take me to this crazy Cherax fighting ring club?! That lunatic just threw security! We gotta get outa here NOW!”

As Nanjiri and Alex were about to run for their lives, Gunter, another absolute arithmetic mentor grabbed Adama’s arm.

“He’s got your scent! You’re going to die if you don’t fight him! Stand back!”

Gunter pushed her into the booth, and the other two ran to her. Why was Gunter at the club? This wouldn’t be his relaxation environment.

Gunter stood with brevity in front of Gavis.

“You will not destroy the great Chorlisr Remmik’s final descendant, Gavis! The Ktaldeik will not allow it!”

Gavis stopped in his tracks. He hadn’t heard the name Ktaldeik for a millennia. After all this time, they still hunted him.

“And what pissant Protector thinks he could stop me? You?!”

Gunter pulled out a strange, differently colored rifle.

“Times have changed drastically, Gavis! I don’t need incantations to cripple you!”

Gunter fired at Gavis, but they weren’t plasma, or bullet ammunition. Instead of laser fire, misty smoke was shot at him. It was a silent fire but a potentially deadly result to a compromised immortal. Sadly, Gavis healed, and was at full strength.

The mist was a spirit assault. Gavis was knocked back by specters. As he was catapulted back into the dance floor gouging divots out of the neon illuminated plexi-formica floor, Gunter grabbed Adama.

“I just made him angrier! He’ll be down for a few minutes! Let’s get outa here!”

After what she witnessed, Adama didn’t argue with him. They all ran out the entrance, and got to the EXO-Tranz.

“Don’t think about going home! He knows where you live! I got it!”

They began to go somewhere other than her Rhode Island home. They weren’t even in the state anymore. She had no idea of their destination. She looked at Nanjiri with Alex in a confused, frazzled state, and looked at Gunter holding a rifle she had never seen in all her historical nentorship.

Gunter looked at Adama who had the inevitable question on her lips.

“Who in Verdec’s army are you?!”

Chapter Three: Crash Course in Larrasomec

That’s a colorful way to ask that question,” Gunter said. “My name isn’t Gunter Svenechoven. That’s my pseudonym for my cover assignment. My actual name is Revyn VanEl. I’m a Ktaldeik Protector dedicated to your ancestor Chorlisr Remmik. I was sent here to monitor you, and protect you from the immortal, Gavis.”

Adama got her answer, but it forced many new questions.

“You’re not a German arithmetic mentor? What’s a taldeek protector? Who is this Chorlisr Remmik, what’s a Gavis, and where are we going?” she asked. “And what’s that killer smoke machine you knocked that guy back with?”

Revyn knew her questions were legitimate so he began to answer them. Believing this story would be her choice, but detrimental to her existence.

“I’m not German. I’m Ukrainian. I know enough arithmetic to get by for my cover. The Ktaldeik Protectors are an ancient covert order designed over a millennia ago to guard humanity from the immortals. You don’t know of them because they have never been recorded in any text, periodical, or memory block. We don’t exist in any history record, but we do exist.

The great Chorlisr Remmik was one of those protectors, and your blood ancestor. He was the first to use Magick to destroy an immortal. His primary target was missed, but he destroyed his mate. Since his demise was never witnessed when he sent the killing Hornets of Disintegration the second time, and weren’t as effective, and during a raid, they found a dark wizard in the vicinity, there has been a standing order to protect Chorlisr’s ancestors until Gavis, if still alive, struck again. He is alive so here I am. Since Chorlisr killed his mate, Gavis has a bone to pick with you so to say.”

Adama was shocked at her answers. She had been a history mentor most of her life, and never heard of this. Everything she knew of the radicals of the past, the inquisitions, slavery, gladiator battles, and the witch hunts never had any reminisce of any immortal myth or legend in certain lore. She was in a realm where she was a novice. She kept looking at his rifle, and decided to accept the bizarre.

“I’m sorry, Adama. I didn’t answer all of your questions. This rifle is a K-SAC1200, a Ktaldeik Specter Assault Cannon 1.2. It can destroy any poltergeist or demon. An immortal is a different story. Only the Hornets of Disintegration can destroy one, and only descendants of the original Ktaldeik Protectors that used Magick can summon them.”

“You’re a protector. Why didn’t you summon those hornets in Scallywags?” she asked with skeptical curiosity.

“I’m not a direct descendant of the original protectors. I follow Larrasomec. You’re a history mentor. You should know of the Larrasomec ancient name of Wicca.”

Adama knew of the ancient pagan religion, and wanted to let Revyn know she did.

“The name Wicca was developed way back in 1954 by a retired British civil servant named Gerald Gardner. I know of Wicca.”

“Well, Miss History Mentor, Wicca was the infancy of Larrasomec. Kraycken Velick refined that religion in the twenty third century. The first specter canon was invented in 2213, and the incantation practice became obsolete. Larrasomec is the new and improved Wicca. It doesn’t have any dark Magick so I can’t summon the hornets. Your pure descendance will allow you do it the old fashioned way.”

Nanjiri spoke up. “Where are we going?”

“Out of the country. We’re going to the incognito Ktaldeik training facility in Dunedin New Zealand.”

“That’s two hours away,” Adama interrupted. “Why are we going to the reverse side of the planet?”

“Do you know how to summon the hornets at will? You’re going to train in Larrasomec to trigger your incantation ability. You’re the last descendant so it should be automatic,” Revyn said.

“I’m a history mentor. I don’t know anything about any direct descendance, or that pagan practice. I won’t know my Krakon Valleri better than Larrasomec. I can’t become your savior.”

“Sorry, Adama. This isn’t a choice. This was always your inevitable destiny. Here, read the Ktaldeik instruction manifesto.” He took out a tablet, and gave it to her.

She actually saw Ktaldeik had an aberrant spelling starting with a K, and began to read.

“There were four other descendants from Chorlisr. We thought Huang Su would be our only hope to combat Gavis, but the immortal was systematic in slaying the most dangerous acolyte first. Bourtek couldn’t train him in time, and he was destroyed. The rest were next. Since all of your siblings, and other family has died, you were the least likely to do this battle because of the others, but since you’re the last, read up. The tablet sometimes can’t translate Katakana directly to English so if you find any Japanese symbols, I’ll tell you their meaning.”

Alex felt very strange being mixed up in this complex dark destination that started about a thousand years before. She just wanted a rebound lay from her Saul break-up, and fell into the wildly exotic experience of Adama’s destiny.

“I guess Nan can take you to a different club. I just wanted to find a guy, and you took me to the wildest club I’ve ever been to, Nan.”

“Hey, Alex. Addy’s my friend, but I didn’t know she had a special lineage. I’m as freaked out as you are,” Nanjiri defended herself.

“I’m still here on the same EXO-Tranz you two are, and I didn’t even know I had a special ancestor. We’re all freaking out here, but the difference is I have to train when I should be correcting assignments.” Adama clarified they were all thrust into this deadly dilemma, but she had to become a defender. “I could say you could be dropped off, but I don’t think you could get back home from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Even you can’t swim that far, Nan.”

“Very funny, Addy. Drop us off in Bangladesh. I have friends there, and I’m sure we can make it home from there.”

Revyn shook his head.

“You two have been targeted as well. You know of our location, and Gavis will bleed you for that information literally and painfully. You three are the vindication trio as of ten minutes ago. Welcome to the quest, ladies.”

Alex began to get angry.

“When I woke up this morning, I never thought I’d be on my way to Dunedin being chased by a lunatic after dancing at a club tonight! I don’t even know you that well, Adama, and now we’re a trio?! Let me offa this crazy ride! I don’t want to be here!”

Nanjiri broke in.

Hey! You said you were ready for whatever tonight! Addy’s my friend, and if she needs help, I’m in! You’re my friend too, Alex, and friends don’t abandon friends! We all don’t have a choice in this! We have a deadly problem! Stop complaining, and let’s work our problem!”

“I’m not one of your quantum anomaly students, Nan! Cool it with the exam pep talk!”

Adama had to break up the squabble.

“Both of you cool it! You didn’t ask for this, and I definitely didn’t ask to fight an immortal killer tonight! My main goal for tonight was to avoid the creeps! Now I have the ultimate creep chasing me, and he doesn’t want my relationship info! He wants my head! Now you two yelling at each other does not help in the least! Toughen up, girls! We’ve been drafted in the vindication army now!”

Alex looked at Nanjiri, and whispered.

“What’s a drafted?”

Adama’s historical words came involuntarily when she got irked.

“A draft is being forced into the military against your will! It happened way back in the twentieth century for the Vietnam War! I know you don’t know about that war, but let’s just say we’ve been drafted! You really need to take one of my classes, Alex!”

Everyone became silent. Revyn wanted to ease the tension, so he showed Adama Chorlisr’s picture. It was a painting of him Revyn had for reference.

“This is Chorlisr, Adama. He was a great protector.”

Adama saw a pale complected man on a horse in armor.

“How is he my ancestor? He’s Caucasian, and I’m an Ebony woman.”

“Chorlisr’s seed spread throughout the world from England. He’s the beginning of your blood line.”

“I was born in New Ghana Africa. I don’t have any Caucasian relatives. I think you’ve got the wrong lady.”

Revyn took out a DNA Genealogy matching machine, and put her hand on it. It beeped signaling the completion of the test. He showed her the display, and it said CHORLISR DESCENDANT MATCH %100.

“I can understand your doubts about not being the savior. It’s natural to dismiss the unfavorable. I don’t have time for compassion. He’s coming with the relentlessness of the Niagara Falls. Get over your apprehensive doubt. You’re about to train to be able to destroy an immortal. I cannot be lenient about your feelings. I don’t want you asking, why me, when Gavis pulls your arms out of your sternum shoulder bones first.”

Adama had to come to the realization she was the diamond girl slated to be the difference maker. She would be the guardian she didn’t want to be. She had to fight herself to be the one.

Nanjiri saw Adama’s contemplation, and wanted to comfort her friend. She never thought that going out that night would end up with a devastating revelation.

“Are you alright, Addy? What are you feeling right now?”

Adama looked at Nanjiri with a determined look on her face.

“I feel like one of my students about to test in a pop quiz, but really doesn’t know the subject. We have about an hour and a half before we get there.” She held up the tablet Revyn gave her. “I have to cram to learn Larrasomec before we get there. This is a pass or fail assignment, Nan. I don’t want to fail.”


Gavis entered his layer his Wicca confidant acquired for his quest. He was bruised from that mystical blast. He entered feeling hot from that surprising assault. He went to his confidant working in the incantation area.

“I ran into a little trouble, Peirce. There was a Ktaldeik Protector defending her. He hit me with some sort of annoying smoke, and they all got away.”

Peirce dropped his potions on the table, and went to Gavis.

“I’m obligated to aid you by my ancestor, Faylon, but healing you from a specter blast wasn’t expected. Where were you hit?”

Gavis put his hand on his chest.

“My heart’s on fire, and not the lava form of fire. This is a slightly familiar, different form of fire. The last time I felt this was when Chorlisr summoned those blasted wasps.”

“The Ktaldeik outlawed dark magick so a specter blast isn’t as potent as the disintegration hornets.” Peirce went to a drawer, and took a tab from a sheet. He placed it on Gavis’ chest. “Here. This will fix it. You’re just going to feel the worst hangover imaginable, but it will pass.”

“I thought that after a chiliad, the Ktaldeik would be defunct. Why do they still exist?”

“You, Gavis. They never witnessed your demise, and found my ancestor, so they have to protect Chorlisr’s descendants from you. Surprise, your threat held insurmountable weight when you vowed it,” Peirce explained.

“So I’m the reason they exist. I keep birthing my destroyers. This opposition is cyclical. I cause my hardship, and the damned Ktaldeik are the annoying result.” Gavis was aggravated. “Make a devastating potion that will allow me to obliterate the Ktaldeik. It’s time to swat my annoying flied permanently.”

(Part two coming soon. Stay tuned)

The Millennium Malevolence: The Time Spanning Revenge Endanderment

In the medieval times, there was an immortal that was the perceived scourge back then. Chorlisr, a protector from the Ktaldeik (Tal-DEEK) had to defend the village against the eternal. He had to use witchcraft in order to damage him. The immortal, Gavis, was just sitting by a fire with his eternal mate in a cottage outside the village when Chorlisr attacked them without provocation. Chorlisr attacked, and inadvertently killer his eternal mate, Renae,. As Gavis vowed revenge, Chorlisr used witchcraft once more to destroy Gavis. He was affected, but ran into the wood to a dark wizard so he could be healed. He took a potion, but slept in a mountain range for one thousand years. In the 24th century, Chorlisr was long since dead so Gavis had to find his descendants to wipe out Chorlisr's lineage for good. He destroyed all but one. Adama Aruna was a history mentor, and also Chorlisr's last descendant. She became Gavis' target for his deadly malevolence, so he engaged her at a club to administer annihilation. Adama escaped the murderous deluge, and now has to learn magick to defeat the bitter eternal with a perpetual grudge. Can she do it in time?

  • Author: Kyle Robertson
  • Published: 2015-09-14 23:40:09
  • Words: 9122
The Millennium Malevolence: The Time Spanning Revenge Endanderment The Millennium Malevolence: The Time Spanning Revenge Endanderment