The MEN Called TIME: When The Past, Present and Future Spoke As Humans







The MEN Called TIME

When the Past, Present And Future Spoke As Humans















Samuel Femi Samuel












The MEN Called TIME

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Chapter 1 – I’m The Past!

Chapter 2 – I’m The Present!

Chapter 3 – I’m The Future!

Chapter 4 – Examples Of Men Affected By Their Past

Chapter 5 – Conversation With Jesus About Time





This is a message you can read in a sitting.

You don’t have to pause for another moment to read it.

It’s just so brief!




To those beautifully and wonderfully made

children of the Father, whose Past seem to affect their Present.

Praying you be blessed through reading this.





An account of a visionary experience. I had a brief vision, whether asleep or awake, I certainly can’t tell; and I wrote it down, believing it may be helpful for everyone who’s still struggling with their past days, thoughts and pain, present situations and are probably scared of the future. This eBook is kind-ah so short but it’s worth reading.


How will you feel when the past, present and future appear as humans speaking all that God puts in their mouths? However, the past, present and future aren’t humans even if they must have appeared as humans to me. All thesame, I’m thankful to God that this experience brought me healing and freedom from the hurts and guilt-feelings which came from mistakes of the past but affected me in the present.


I pray you experience the same.


Shared in his love,



Chapter 1 – I’M THE PAST!



Mother had just called me to ensure I had begun sleeping for the night. It looked cold, perhaps hazy! The injury which I had between my hip bones was just so strong enough that I couldn’t rest properly. So I kept changing resting positions: left to right or right to left. “What will you have me write next on Shakespir?” was my innermost question. “The Father’s Heartcry” was just finished and I would have nothing in mind to write.


Just at the moment of closing my eyes, I heard someone behind me say with gentle tone,


“I’m the Past!”


That’s when I saw him come out of that familiar environment. I knew that environment! That’s the environment where I came with the Lord to see the Wells of the Kingdom and those wells that deceive humans as man try to grab revelation or prophecy for himself: All he gets is rubbish. The short trees which seemed like a beautiful design for the Presence Meeting Place, surrounded every part of the environment and strictly distinguished the Presence Meeting Place from several important other places. The sunny atmosphere seemed to not affect the atmosphere of this place. It was just so cool! The ground was soily with other beautiful grasses located some different points.


I can’t describe how much he was like but I will say he was so handsomely dressed like the Royal Men of the early centuries, with a brown belt roundabout his waist. His face had some kind of beard and his legs a brown boot that gently touched the grounds as he stepped on it.


How can the past become human? I thought.


“I am the Past! I affect the Present and Future in positive and negative ways. There are good and bad things in me but I am subjected to any of those two masters who use me for good or evil. These masters are either purely Good or purely Bad. One has every good in Him but the other has no good in him. All he does is just filled with lies. These masters are God and the evil one. In myself, I am the home of all happenings-gone. The evil one use me to torment those who are on the earth as he injects into them all about the past: some sins forgiven but looks unforgiven through the dreary thoughts he injects into your minds; bad days and moments that never look pleasing; offensive times that you must have forgotten and forgiven the offender gets into you again to act negatively. He prevents you from seeing that all your days of the past when you never knew salvation are under the blood of the Son of God once you believe.


“I have no free-will. All the things that come forth from me are either the product of the Son or the evil one. I can be subjected by faith and defeated by love and all the good things in me are brought to your remembrance by the Lord. There are two parts in me: the days and moments outside your days of salvation and the days and moments in the days after you have experienced salvation from the penalty of sin. The evil one loves to bring to you those bad times before and after your days of salvation.


“But God remembers no part of your days outside the days of salvation, for he’s hidden them in his blood and they have been totally washed by him when he died. He reminds you of the great things he did in your life and in the past. He has promised to make your evil past behind you but all those days in your past when you made errors ignorantly, though in your days of salvation, he’ll let you learn from them. Though when I used to look like the Present, I often look like am permitted by God to molest you: and true, you used to see it that way; but when the Present becomes me, when you look behind and see your past, you’ll realize that God had meant good in your life by taking you through those times in your past.


“You mustn’t give in to the evil thoughts that evolve from your past. You can overcome it when you look to God. He is Love, and only LOVE can overcome the evil past. The Son’s death on the cross is enough expression of his victory over your sinful and dreary past. When you feel you can handle the past by your strength, you’ll sink deeper into its web. Only God can help overcome the sinful, dreary past. Look to Him and trust Him to do so and He will.


“When God decides to use me, I positively affect the nature of the Present but when I’m used of the evil one, I negatively affect the nature of the Present. I have no free-will!”


Then he became silent as those words sank into my heart. I was getting free from all the guilts which I had gone through in the days of the past. I remember those times when I became so guilty that my emotions was just so tied to the past and all I could think of was suicide! suicide!! suicide!!! How was I able to have my past behind me? It still surprise me a lot! Especially when I prayed for God to kill me because my past was just so sin-soaked or guilt-occupied. All Jesus told me was, No matter the length of years you pray for death, I will leave each unanswered. My desire is that you teach what you experience, not teach what you don’t experience.




Chapter 2 – I’M THE PRESENT!


After the brief lecture from the Past, it wasn’t so long before someone quite familiar stepped in. Who’s he? That seemed so much on my mind. He stood at the right side of the Presence Meeting Place and his person looked like the Past, especially his attire. I thought he would just be an ordinary someone else, but I was so wrong.


“I’m the Present!” The now familiar someone said as he looked at me. I should have known that after the Past is always the Present. “I’m the happenings-now! All that is the Past affects me, either in a positive or negative way. The evils and wickedness which you go through and the richness and glory and success which you experience within you depends on how you lived in the Past. Just like the Past, I have no free-will. I work with the Past, for we have no chasm between us. It leads to me! I lead to the Future! The way you live now will determine the glory of the Future. For every Present will become a Past one day and no deed goes unrewarded. God’s intention is to bless man but the evil one’s intention is to destroy. In the Present, if a godly asks the help of God in all the things he is to build, God helps him fulfil his purpose according to his will, and the Future will be affected positively. However, one who builds with the enemy’s wisdom, will have his Future affected negatively. For there’s no chasm between the Past, Present and the Future. Just as the Past is subjected to any of these masters, so am I. You can build something with the mind of God by subjecting everything about your Present to him. When you fail to subject it to him, you’ll build faulty things for the Future. The Present in itself does not affect negatively or positively. When I become part of the Past, then I affect the coming Present in either positive or negative ways.


“Never subject me to the evil one, for all he desires is to use the Past and me as weapons against the lives of men. By building with the evil one in the Present, you are making the Present, which will soon become Past filled with more ways for the evil one to attack your coming Present. However, you can overcome the evils of the evil one that you’ve stored up in the past by submitting yourself to God in the Present. Not just yourself but submit your Past and Present. Then both yourself and the Past and Present becomes All-submitted.





Chapter 3 – I’M THE FUTURE!



Just immediately, someone walked into the Presence Meeting Place and somehow I knew who he was.

“I’m the Future!” He said. “I’m the days ahead which man is always waiting to experience. The Past and Present leads to me; for both the Past and Present along with me forms the Journey of Man. What you do in the Present affects the Future in either positive or negative ways. It’s from what is brought up in the Present; your determination to see a great Future, that you’ll truly see a great Future built. But you can’t build with your wisdom. In building anything, you must wait for God to do it through you. When God builds a Future through and for you, it’s always perfect, leads to no regret or remorse.


“All that happens in me is all a result of the Past. The Future has both good and evil for man but those who belong to God are turned to see a great Future where ONLY God reigns in man and in heaven and earth. This is an already built Future. The Future which man seek to build through his own wisdom is filled with devastation, pestilence and an absence of peace. The Future is built by God and he will make his children taste of the sweetness in the Future Plans as they live everyday trusting him for a great Future.


“The way to the Present is the Past, and the way to the Future is the Present. However, when the Future comes, it becomes the Present, and both the Past and Present becomes the Past. God makes way for the Future of his people by the foundations which he lays in their lives in the Present. The Future is already built by him but he begins working way out for it through what he builds in the Past and Present. When his people try to build the Future themselves by the fleshy things they build in the Present, they try to slow what God has planned for his children in the Future. Thus, they slow it from coming! That leads to devastation, pestilence and an absence of peace in the heart of man.


“For there is an already built Future which God has built for each man before the founding of the world. But there’s another Future! This is the Future which man in the nature of the flesh choose over the Future which God has for them. You need to embrace his already planned Future! You need to stop building with your wisdom! What you do now can affect the Future but when you look beyond your wisdom and see his Wisdom, you’ll already be tasting of his already planned Future. When you submit to embrace his already planned Future, all the foolishness you had been building in the Past and what you started building in the Present will be under his blood and by his mercy, he will turn you to see his great Future and help you prepare for it.


“Therefore, the three of us, Past, Present and Future work together! Trust God to build a perfect Future!”




And the three stood with me in the Presence Meeting Place as the vision began to fade and I was back pondering what it’s about.









Undoubtedly, God has great things in the Future for us but our past and present when they just ain’t in his blood, we may be slowing his promised work in our lives. God has planned many things in the Future but it’s his duty to prepare us for it. He’s got a Kingdom to behold, his Second Coming, many more surprises in our daily lives, but we can’t see what he’s doing or has already done when we just seem to be LOST in our past and are drifting away in the present. Our needs may be met but those incredible promises may be slowed down.


David had a great Future, a kind-ah mix-up past and a confusing present but it NEVER aborted Father’s promises in his life: the promises in the Future. God took care of his needs and all that was his duty, he fulfilled but those promises were slowed down. Why? He committed adultery with Uriah’s wife. Next, got involved in murdering the innocent blood (Uriah). Perhaps, it looked so innocent in his (David’s) present, when his present became his past, he knew it was the worse thing he had ever done.


How did it affect his Future?


The son born out of adultery had to die. Next, Amnon rapes Tamar, his half-sister who was Absalom’s sister. Absalom kills Amnon when he gets drunk, and Absalom rebelled against him and committed adultery with his wives. Adonijah rebelled against him in his old age. It brought insults from Shimei, who was one of those of the house of Saul. Look how a fleshy past could affect his future.


What were God’s promises to him?


God had told David, And I gave you your master’s house, and your master’s wives into your bosom, and gave you the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would have added that much again (2 Sam. 12:8). That’s a promise! He had more in mind to do for David! God had earlier promised to help David fight all Israel’s battles and sure, he did so all through the times before David’s sin of adultery. However, what would have happened had David’s troop gone to fight Rabbah while his past wasn’t behind God? There would have been no victory. But because God had cleared him, he was able to conquer Rabbah and take it (vs 26-31).


Besides these, there were other promises!


Even Hezekiah wasn’t left out! He pleased God all his years and Father was pleased that he promised himself to save Hezekiah from the dangerous thing that may come in the future. How? He said to him, Set your house in order, for you shall die; you shall not recover (2 Kings 20:1). Why? He saw the future and what was in it and tried to prevent Hezekiah from it. But he pled that he wanted to live more years and God added more years to him. However, Hezekiah in that way had interfered in God’s plans. Within the fifteen years added to him, Manasseh was born and became king at twelve, was the one who killed many who followed God, including Isaiah, Hezekiah’s best friend.


What led to that? It was the mistake Hezekiah made in the past that affected the future. God was trying to prevent that but Hezekiah stood in his way. How much more do we do the same when we try stand in his way?


Was Abraham left out? Of course not! He was trying to help God out of a tight situation when he gave in to sleeping with Hagar, his wife’s maid. Ishmael was born and it took thirteen years before what God had promised could come alive. Because of his past, perhaps, that’s why we have the Ishmaelites (Muslims) among us today. His past was what delayed God’s promises in the future. To fulfil his promise, Ishmael had to go out of the way, so the rightful heir could be born.


So what am I really saying about this whole thing? Our past, present and future are so linked, that we need God’s help in handling especially our past. Our future is in his hands but let’s have him put our dreary past in his blood and walk with him in the present. Then he will take us into his plans which he has prepared in the future.


You can pray this brief prayer or pray as Father leads you:

My Father, You’ve been My Glorious Dad who knows a lot about my past, present and future. Thank you for everything You did in the past and everything You have planned for the present and future. You have a lot of plans for me and I pray you make me ready for them. Help me not to stand in Your way. Give me the grace to do nothing but simply submit to You. Please, Father, prevent me from being carried away by the cloud of my past. Help me to walk with you in the present. Give me grace to walk with you in the days ahead. Thanks for hearing my plea! I know you have more in stock for me. Thank you Jesus. Amen.





After those words from the Men called Time, it took several days before I was able to hear Jesus saying about the same teaching of the Past, Present and Future. Days back, my past had already started defeating me with worthless emotions and feelings, bringing to me the thought that Jesus is so angry with me and had withdrawn his forgiveness from me. It was so wrong a spirit of the past, just as I was so foolish to believe it.


Now, I took my cloth for erasing the water from my body, that’s when he came to me. He was filled with much love just as it reflected in his tone. Read it carefully! I’m so sure that this will help you know what to do in overcoming the arrows of your past.


Jesus said, “My son, you must not be defeated by the past. Just as King David took strength from Me and stood his ground, securing the victory he had received, so you must know I AM your Strength and trust Me to help you STAND your ground against the wiles of the evil one, securing the victory you have received. Those who go about trying to obtain victory have not known that I have defeated the enemy and brought victory for all My children. Man’s strength is too WEAK to overcome the past.”


“What should I do to overcome the dreary past?”


He replied, “To overcome the dreary past, you need to DO NOTHING! You ONLY need to trust Me. I have better plans than you imagine. But the past is like a web that tries to draw you back. It could be some sexual sins of the past; failures and regrets that keep flooding your mind. It affects our fellowship!”


“What about the future? I often hear people say ‘God had already known and willed that it would happen,’ especially when a person dies in a terrible car accident. Is that really true? Do you really prepare those things for people, in the future?” I asked. All my life I hear that God did that to people because they left his ways.


Jesus answered, “Yes, I know ALL things before they happen, but you make mistake when you think I have included those things for man in My planned best. There are two futures, though in one, Future. It’s like a lane divided in two: one must take the one or the other. You can never walk on both at the same time. Choose one and denounce the other!


“I have planned good things in the Future but so often man usually try to build up a future for himself. That’s why they end in such accidents, errors and sins. But following the Will of God, you’ll walk the road of My Future and you’ll know this: The plans I have for you are of good not evil. Men’s ideas build up a fleshy, destructive future where the evil one is the brain behind all events, false successes and failed promises. He seeks to destroy! The way to walk into the Future I have prepared for you is by starting to walk with Me in the Present.


“No matter the weight of your fears now, you’ll know that I have already overcome the world AND all that comes of it. We will walk in the future together. In the future I have planned for you, you must know that tribulations will come but it will not be beyond what you are enabled to bear. As long as you live in the province of the evil one, all those crisis must come but you know what: I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD AND ITS PRINCE; THEREFORE, YOU HAVE ALSO OVERCOME HIM, BECAUSE YOU’RE IN ME, AND I IN YOU!”


That made the talk of the future, present and past look standable. I never understood the words from the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE so well but Jesus explaining it made it perfect. I know at this moment, several thoughts of what you had gone through in the past are beginning to cause a certain unrest in your mind but I don’t have to explain those words further. Jesus has given you the way to defeating those past issues in your mind. He is the Strength to standing against the walls, strongholds of your past which sought to get into your mind but you are IN Christ, already VICTORIOUS. Only when you see this will your past, present and future be subjected by God’s power surging through your heart, unto God who’s able to make us forever AN Overcomer. He has Overcome the World, therefore, subject your MIND to that Reality. God be praised. Amen.


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The MEN Called TIME: When The Past, Present and Future Spoke As Humans

Three men stepped from a lone garden into a Presence Meeting Place, having a conversation with the author about how men are influenced by the past, present and future. All are introduced by the author as TIME and are under two Masters who are different beings in two different kingdoms seeking to bless the years of men with success, peace, love and all virtues written in Galatians or punish him with failures, wars, hurts, hatred and all written in the enemy's agenda carried out by the past, affecting the present and future of man. Would men be free from one of these Masters or be subjected to both? Or how will they be free?

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The MEN Called TIME: When The Past, Present and Future Spoke As Humans The MEN Called TIME: When The Past, Present and Future Spoke As Humans