The Mayhem

The Mayhem

Why is all of this happening?

Shakespir Edition

Den Warren

The sky is still blue. It was blue before. The physical world we live in is the same that it always was. The government did not change. The laws did not change. We had guns and weapons of war before. There were so-called “races” and religions and political parties before.

The trouble is an unseen force over the world. It goes against our human nature. It goes against all nature. No other species will naturally destroy its own members. But man is looking for everyone and everything to blame, except themselves for what is happening, using every argument as a reason enough to murder.

Man was designed by a Creator. The Creator gave Man the instructions for successful living in the world. In the past, men who knew what was right failed the test of standing up to those who sought to satisfy their own selfish appetites no matter what it cost. And now most of Mankind has lost the ability to distinguish right from wrong. This inability to distinguish right and wrong, in addition to those who will not take a stand has set current events in motion. Now so many men claim that whoever believes in a Creator must be either simple minded or insane, and those Divine instructions are a tyrannical form of slavery over their free will.

Men have placed their faith in the religion of science, unless it disturbs their conclusion that the Creator is a myth. Since those who all certify each other as experts on the truth claim there is no life after this one, it only matters how much they can get for themselves during this life.

If Jesus is real and claimed that He was God, and is still alive, then they scoff that he should reveal himself. Jesus should come right now and save everyone from sin.

Jesus did reveal himself, and they killed him.

The only thing that has changed is the people. The true cause of this mayhem is Man’s evil. There is a spiritual war going on right now. All souls are involved in it. The Bible is clear who will win. How many souls will be lost? Who will fight the good fight on our way to this certain victory?

The day will come when it will be recounted what you did. Did you reject Jesus? Did you speak up when those around you loved their lies more than the truth?

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The Mayhem

  • Author: Den Warren
  • Published: 2016-07-09 04:20:06
  • Words: 427
The Mayhem The Mayhem