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The Map of Your Heart





The Map of Your Heart

Love Poems





The Map of Your Heart

Love Poems




by Alexandra Vasiliu




Stairway Books

Belmont, MA




Text copyright © 2016 Alexandra Vasiliu

Cover Design copyright © 2016 Andreea Dumez



All rights reserved. No part of these poems may be reproduced, scanned, downloaded, decompiled, reverse engineered, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author. Piracy of copyrighted materials is a criminal offense.



The Map of Your Heart. Love Poems by Alexandra Vasiliu. Translation from Romanian by Bogdan Vasiliu. Cover Design by Andreea Dumez. Belmont: Stairway Books, 2016.


ISBN: 9781370618590








The Light of Love


The Happy World


By Hand

A Question

The Call

A Map

Invisible Poems


Dear Reader

About the Author

About the Illustrator





The Light of Love



Love fills your heart

like light fills

an empty room.







I fell asleep

hugging the air

that had your perfume.


When I woke up,

you were next to me.


You had

a dreamlike air.




The Happy World



Love has thousands

of moments of amazement,


in whose light

you can glimpse

the happy world

of other meanings.








If they hold their hands,

lovers become one hand

like an hourglass.


And if they hold their hands


then the sand from the hourglass

will stop flowing.


It will be

the eternity hour.




By Hand




Lovers hold

each other’s hands

all the time.


It is their secret

through which they bring

the spring

anytime and anywhere.




A Question




My love,

when we have a date,

could you go

where time and dawn begin,

and bring in our hearts

the oxygen and the light

of another world?




The Call




Lovers call each other

with names


by people’s ears.

These names are sweeter

than honey

and lighter

than air.

Lovers discover them,


in the most unexpected

places of the heart,

because only they are reborn

in love,

free and innocent.




A Map




The lovers’ hearts are maps.

Special maps,

because they have only one-way roads,

roads that only go forward.

There are no detours,

exits or return roads.


In their hearts

all the roads lead only

to the land of love,

a new land

like a promise,

like a victory,

like heaven,

like a flight,

like a dream,

like a fully-renewed world.




Invisible Poems




My dear,

every time you leave,

I write

invisible poems

for you.


You can read them



Some are hidden

in the library


on the clouds’ eyelashes,

on the sun’s smile,

on the wind’s fingers.


Others are written

on the paper

of your body.


Others are written

on your footsteps.


But most of them

are written

on the infinite line

of the horizon

from your heart.








Can you be so happy

that you may think

you are nothing else

but a heart?




Dear Reader




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I really appreciate that you are standing by me as a good friend. Thank you very much.



Alexandra Vasiliu

About the Author




Alexandra Vasiliu is originally from Bucharest, Romania.

After earning her Ph.D. in philology from Bucharest University in 2010, she fulfilled one of her dreams, by dedicating herself to literature.

Her wish is to share a fascinating world of love, harmony, and delicacy with her readers. She wrote children’s books in Romanian and English including The King of Time. An Illustrated Fairy Tale and Poezii mititele pentru cei mai dulci copii (Romanian Edition).

She now lives in the Greater Boston area.

To learn more about her, you can visit her website, www.alexandravasiliu.net, follow her on Twitter @Al_Vasiliu or on her Facebook page,


About the Illustrator




Andreea Dumez also grew up in Bucharest.

She has been painting and drawing from a young age and her earliest memories relate to having a pencil in her hand. Sometimes, her dancing fairies and heroes would go wandering on the walls of the house or inside her parents’ day-planners.

After graduating the Fine Arts University and the Pharmacy Faculty in Bucharest, she continued her life-long dream in the creative arts domain. Her illustrations invoke her childhood imagination and her professional artist experience.

She is currently living and working in New Hampshire, USA, participating in art exhibits locally and in Boston.

You can find out more about her artwork on:









The Map of Your Heart

Love poems that express happiness and harmony are extremely rare. In this short collection, my readers will meet with the delicate, tender, warm, inspirational and positive message of love poetry.

  • ISBN: 9781370618590
  • Author: Alexandra Vasiliu
  • Published: 2016-10-16 22:35:16
  • Words: 784
The Map of Your Heart The Map of Your Heart