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The Manifesting


The Manifesting

Tristan Michie

Published by Tristan Michie, 2015.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. September 11, 2015.

Copyright © 2015 Tristan Michie.

ISBN: 978-1516393008

Written by Tristan Michie.

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The Manifesting



To Claire,

My one true love.

Extra thanks to Lustmord and Musica Cthulhiana for the very inspiring music.

Some things Mankind isn’t supposed to know. Some things were always meant to stay mysterious, hidden and just out of reach. We were never meant to look so far into the void, to look  upon things we were never meant to see or understand. Some things in this universe are just better left alone. On Sunday the 12th of January 2014 we opened a door and looked inside…

And the lights of our world went out.

I write this knowing full well no one will ever read it, I don’t even know if anyone else is even  alive; when two worlds collide the catastrophe is devastating. My head is pounding, I haven’t eaten properly in days and my mind is all but shattered. The date, although I can’t be completely sure, is the 19th of January 2014. If I have the date right then it’s been exactly one week since  John Vickers entered the ‘gate’ and emerged moments later, in a deathly state.

I was working for scientific research company called GBresearch, John Vickers and I had known each other for many years, ever since college in fact. We were good friends, sharing many interests and ideas. We would spend many a night discussing the  theories behind Black holes, worm holes and inter-dimensional travel – we were physicists, it’s what we did. We wanted answers to so many questions, and that’s when our break came. At the time, GBresearch were working on wormhole theories, especially with Metamaterials and negative energy. We were creating our own  elements, changing the particle configurations and seeing what happened. At first we were met with limited success, but over time things were starting to happen. I’m not talking a gateway to the stars or anything, but on an atomic level, we made particles travel through what can only be described as a wormhole. It was cause to celebrate but our success was limited, the wormhole was unstable, we were only able to keep it open for a fraction of a second. But it worked! All we needed to do at that point was to make everything a lot bigger and a lot more stable.

It was around this time we were approached by the military, we had published our results so everything was pretty much common knowledge. They would give us the funding to really get this technology working on a big scale; they had plans for its possible use and  wanted GBresearch to bring it into the world. At this point we should have just stopped working on the project, had we of done then a lot of lives wouldn’t  have been lost in what was to happen. Hindsight is a wonderful thing; needless  to say we jumped at the chance.

John Vickers had been chosen to be project leader, I was happy with this, his knowledge in the field was at times astounding, but it was his confidence and leadership skills that would ensure the job was done well. He assigned me as his first assistant, and together we ran the project. The actual plans and initial ideas the military had for our tech was on a very ‘need to know’ basis, highly classified. Most of our work force didn’t even know where our funding was even coming from. It was  the potential use of such tech that kept them working so hard, we were breaking new ground. Nothing like this had been done before; we were involved in what would be written in the history books. The military wanted us to design a  ‘gateway’ that could, in seconds, send armed Special Forces miles behind enemy lines and bring them back just as quickly. We were confident we could up scale what we had already created; at least big enough to send a person through, a way to bring them back though would be trickier. The military were asking us to design a way to have a hand-held device that was capable of opening a ‘gateway’ back to base. All well and good, but at this stage we didn’t even know if the use of this technology was even safe for people to use.

Progress was slow, very slow. The whole team involved in the project were starting to feel frustrated, even questioning why we were even bothering. Our initial research and experiments showed that we were able to create a working gate on a minuscule scale, scaling it up however was where the problem lay. Months would pass with little to no progress being seen, we would think we had gotten somewhere but then be left disappointed when it came to the testing – that’s if it even got that far. During one test, the one that showed the most promise, and was classed as a success in a bizarre kind of way, was Test 119. We had managed to build the ‘manifester’, a machine made from electro magnets and various different alignments and configurations of the metamaterials. In theory at least, this was the one. We had built this one with the intention of creating a gate four foot in diameter, and after activation that’s exactly what we got. We couldn’t believe it, after so many failed attempts we had finally got something to work! The ‘gate’ itself is hard to describe, we were confronted with a void of nothingness, a white hole, shimmering around the edges and accompanied by a low hum. The room itself seemed to take on a darker aspect, as though this hole was sucking in light, or perhaps pushing out dark. Either way,  it made for a very strange atmosphere. The idea behind the manifester was to create an entrance and an exit, moments after the first gate was made, a second started to come into view on the other side of the room. This gate was different, it was black, we weren’t expecting this, and there was what looked like ripples running across its surface, as though it was made from a liquid. Like oil hanging vertically in mid air. John could barely hide his excitement. Myself? I guess I was feeling very apprehensive, these gates didn’t look right in the confines of our lab, far too alien and that humming noise that came with  them I found to be very unsettling. I kept my feelings to myself. We had to test them; too much work had gone into this to start freaking out now! For years  we had discussed in great detail what our first test subject would be, living or inanimate? We’d decided to go for something inanimate – at least for the first run, so we had chosen a cup, an ordinary tea cup. Fairly mundane I know,  but we didn’t want to risk putting something living through the gate, not this early in testing at least. The plan was simple; we placed padded rubber matting on the floor in front of the black hole and would gently throw the cup through  the white hole. Hardly scientific experimenting at its finest, but it would show us if it worked how we intended and hopefully keep the cup in one piece when it landed on the matting. John took position in front of the white hole, all recording devices were ready and the rest of the staff stood back behind the clear reinforced shielding wall. The ok was given and John, very gently threw the cup through. There was no noise, or any disturbance that we could see on the white holes surface as the cup passed through. Seconds later, a quiet ‘whooshing’ sound accompanied the cup as it passed through the black hole and gently landed on the mat. Applause went up almost instantly, we couldn’t believe we had finally succeeded; the celebrations soon came to an end though. Seconds after the cup landed on the matting the white hole started to flicker and then disappeared, we kind of expected this to happen – a lot of negative energy was being produced by the manifester, but clearly not enough to keep the  hole from collapsing. What we didn’t expect was for the black hole to stay. For around a minute after the white hole collapsed the black hole stayed in place, its black inkiness suspended in mid air. The humming noise which came with the white hole had gone, the room was in silence. John had retreated behind the protective screen by now, and we all watched the black hole as it rippled silently in the lab. Then it started to shake, slowly at first but then more  and more violently. The ripples on its surface were turning into waves, rising and crashing, some coming almost a foot out of the blackness, and all in  absolute silence. Eventually the thing tore itself apart, but what scared us at  this moment was the noise that came at the same time. How to describe it I’m not sure, but a scream, very high pitched with an almost deep guttural backdrop was what we heard as the black gate disintegrated. A sound I’m not likely to forget any time soon.

Test 119, although ending in a quite disturbing manner, was declared a success. We had no idea why the black gate didn’t disappear at the same time as the white. Once both gates had been manifested they became the same entity, with one gate gone the other should have followed – not still exist a good minute after. Also the sound the black gate produced, this was going to take a lot more looking in to.

We lost a few staff members after test 119, clearly I wasn’t the only one un-nerved by what happened that  day. For several nights afterwards I was plagued by nightmares, visions of darkness and tortured screams – all coming from a massive dark shape just out of our consciousness but close enough to sense its malevolency. Each night I’d awake screaming in the dark. The following day I’d feel the dread of those dreams following me, always there.

We managed to produce three more gates after Test 119, in each; everything happened as it should, and there were no unexpected surprises. Objects went through the gate and reappeared as they were  meant, both gates would then close. The second gate always remained black though, we couldn’t find a way to change that, but the oily rippled look had not come back, and that I was glad about.

On Friday the 10th of January we conducted Test 127 in front of several military science  representatives. Again, as before, the test would be performed with an inanimate object – live testing still hadn’t begun, but would commence after this test if  given the ok by the military scientists. As with the previous tests, an ordinary tea cup was used, only this time we were expecting to open the gate to a diameter of 6 foot – our largest so far. Everybody took their positions, recording equipment turned on and the Manifester activated. As expected a white hole opened within seconds, accompanied by the now familiar low hum, shortly followed by the black hole. The military scientists looked amazed, they took notes, discussed ideas with each other in hushed voices and watched mesmerized as John Vickers approached the white hole, tea cup in hand. He gently threw it in, and like the other tests it reappeared through the black hole. As usual a loud applause went up, our guests were astounded, the shock on their faces was  almost comical.

It was decided after Test 127  that the next test was to involve a living subject, initially that subject was  to be an animal of some kind, something small – a rabbit perhaps. But John Vickers would not allow it, this was his project, he was the man behind most of the tech and therefore any risk of live testing should be on him. He would make  the walk through the gate. I wasn’t happy with his decision, we had no idea how  this technology would react when encountering living organic mass, it was far too dangerous, I couldn’t allow it. I was over ruled though; John would not accept my arguments against him going through, it was a risk he was more than willing  to take. The Test was due to take place Sunday the 12th of January,  two days after test 127, and as it turned out, the most disastrous test this  world was ever likely to see.

I spent the next day trying to  collect enough evidence to show John how stupid his actions would be, I spent  hours going through various test recordings, especially focusing on Test 119.  It was here, when video footage was played back in slow motion I saw something which not only shocked me to the very core but instilled a fear in me so intense and black and almost tangible that I can still feel it now, just as intense and nerve wrecking as though it had only just happened.

I started with the various sound recordings we had on file taken during the testing of the most infamous test, Test 119.  Specifically centering on the events moments before the black hole collapsed on  itself. At the time the only sounds coming from the room were from us, the  white hole had gone – and with it the humming sound. The room was in near  silence, the recordings made during those last few seconds of the black holes life painted a different picture however. I’ll try my best to explain what it was I heard on those recordings, but it’s difficult trying to describe a noise so alien-like to our senses. It was very quiet, probably why we couldn’t hear  it at the time, I had to turn the volume up full, and even then it was barely audible. A whisper, an almost hypnotic whisper came to my ears. I was unable to  make out any real words, it sounded as though the voice had been recorded several times and was being played at slightly different speeds. It didn’t seem  to have any resemblance to any language I was familiar with or indeed any vocal sound. The thing that sticks in my mind after hearing it was just how calming and soothing it sounded, I felt relaxed, at ease. I didn’t, and still don’t have any comprehension of what was being spoken or where it was actually coming from, the black hole itself seemed to be the likely source, but how or why? I didn’t understand. I was looking for some kind of danger or threat in these  recordings, but had only found a welcoming calm.

It was after I had finished  listening, I realized something which alarmed me somewhat. At the point of the  hole collapsing we all heard what can only be described as a scream, frightening to the point of people not returning to their jobs. There was no sign of this anywhere on the recordings, even after listening several times to all the different audio captures we had from different machines. They all just  played the same hypnotic whispering.

As I have already mentioned, the video footage taken from Test 119 was what disturbed me, the contrast of  emotions between the audio and video was quite startling. As with the audio recordings I focused mainly on the few seconds before the black hole collapsed. There was no sound for most of the videos as it was recorded separately, so I watched in silence. Seeing the black hole again felt a bit surreal, of course I had seen others since then, but none of them had displayed the same activity as 119. I slowed the playback down to a fraction of the speed when the black hole started to become ‘unstable’, and let it play through almost a frame at a time, examining everything on the screen, zooming in as much as I could to be certain I didn’t miss a thing. It was at the point of the hole closing up, when it was  at it’s most violent, that I saw it. It was pushed out, no, thrown out of the blackness on to the floor. I sat transfixed, starring at the screen, unable to move. My heart was racing, nearly beating through my chest. A man sized thing lay on the floor. A dark liquid spreading slowly around it, as though it was bleeding. This never happened! Yet it was there, in front of me on the screen. My mind started to race; did we miss something that day? Did something happen so quickly it was just out of our  view? Surely we couldn’t have missed this? It was at that point the thing on the floor started to move, I still had the video in slow motion. I switched it back to normal frames. It slowly got itself to its feet. It looked like a man,  at least humanoid. Bold and pale to the point of being white. Long, grotesquely thin limbs and a body devoid of any features. The thing had no face to speak of, only a black orifice where a face should have been, leaking a dark, sickening liquid. It moved towards the camera, when fully straightened and  walking it must have been at least seven foot tall. It was unsteady, threatening to topple at any moment, but it kept coming across the room towards………….  towards me. I switched the video off. It wouldn’t turn off, I hammered the off button, the thing was right there. I couldn’t turn it off. It could see me; I could feel it looking into me. And then it was gone, the scene was just the lab. John could be seen at the

Manifester, talking to some of the lab techs. People coming and going, nothing out of the ordinary. I needed air.

I sat outside for what  seemed hours, what the hell had I seen on that screen? Was it even real? I had  to of imagined it, if anything even remotely resembling what was on-screen had actually happened we would all of known about it. I needed to watch the footage again; I needed to be absolutely sure of what I had seen or at least what I thought I had seen.

It was nice being outside, cold but tranquil. I stood leaning against an old oak tree just off the labs car park. GBresearch was located deep in the countryside at the far end of a long driveway. You wouldn’t know the place even existed out here, but we liked that. Peace from the outside world as we went about our daily routine, greens and browns as far as the eye could see. It was very serene, so peaceful. As I stood under the old oak tree listening to the chattering of birds and staring into the clouds above, I wondered what we were doing here. Creating gates through space, and time? Messing with the very fabric of existence, what if that ‘thing’ on the screen was real and not just my imagination? All of this beauty around us, the trees and the flowers, animals and insects. The very essence of our lives. It would all go to ruin, to darkness. We were dealing with things with which we had no real  understanding, I could not and would not let John walk through that gate.

The tranquillity of the outside world had calmed me enough to venture back inside and check those recordings again, I dragged John with me. I explained while on route as best I could what I had seen. John and I had known each other a long time, he took my thoughts seriously. He valued my opinion. All of that seemed to change that day, nothing out of the ordinary appeared on the video footage, no calming noises and voices were to be heard on the audio captures – only the eerie scream which still wasn’t explained. Everything appeared exactly how it should be, and in John’s eyes I wasn’t the friend and colleague I should be. I was accused of being jealous and unprofessional. He made out that I wanted to be the one to take the walk through the gate. It was made quite clear that tomorrow morning the test would go ahead, he would emerge from the black hole and we would be celebrating by lunch time. John ordered me to go home and get some rest, clearly it was needed.

That night I slept badly. As with most nights I was plagued with nightmares, only these were worse than normal. I would be lying in my bed, the room very dimly lit, even though the lamp was on. It was as though the surrounding darkness was swallowing the light. The curtains were open, outside was black, as though the windows themselves had been painted. Every so often the world was very briefly lit up, as though a bolt of lightning had shot across the skies. In that brief glimpse I saw nothing I recognized, it was a barren landscape. Strange structures lined the horizon, like trees, but huge. The sky was red, a dark bloody red. Each time the outside lit up the strange tree like things appeared to be closer, slowly edging towards me. As with previous nightmares I could sense the dark shape, could feel its hate and contempt. It was so much closer now, I could almost see it. Something had started dragging itself up the stairs, I couldn’t see the top of the stairs due to the darkness, but I could hear it, coming closer and closer. Everything was coming closer. The tree things, the dark shape and now the thing on the stairs. I couldn’t breath; my heart was pounding through my chest, threatening to just give up any second. And then I saw it, clumsily staggering into the bedroom. Tall, twisted, thin and white, a black  liquid running down its torso. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move. And then it was upon me. It bent over just mere inches from my face. And then finally the  scream came, and continued long after I had sat bolt upright in my bed soaked  in sweat. The face on the creature was John’s, like it had been ripped off and just stuck on. It was bruised, cut and bloodied, one eye remained; it was aware and staring at me. John’s mouth opened, releasing a black sticky mess which dripped onto my face, and screamed, my god did he scream, the same scream we had heard in the lab after test 119.  And all around the darkness rapidly swallowed us all.

Sunday 12th  January.

The day had come. The dreams of the night before had left me fragile and weak. They had seemed so real. Dread hung over me like a lead weight, pulling me down. The thought of stepping foot back in that lab made me nauseous; I couldn’t stop John walking through the gate, no matter what I said. All I could do was just to be there, I knew how important to him this was. It was his life’s work. I needed to overcome my own fears.

I finally got myself out of the house and arrived at the lab around eight thirty. We were due to start at ten thirty sharp. The military scientists were already in the lab when I got there, worryingly, they were accompanied by an armed escort. Clearly I wasn’t the only one worried about potential consequences of our work. John and two of the lab techs were at the Manifester, conducting a few last minute alterations to the machine. The manifester itself was big, really big. It took up one whole wall of the lab, roughly twenty meters in length and two in height. Most of the innards of the machine  were exposed, allowing us easy access to perform any alterations that were necessary. At it’s centre, and surrounded by a protective shield was a nuclear reactor of sorts, small but extremely powerful, and able to grant us the massive amounts of power the Manifester needed to operate. This machine was able to change and modify the very particles that make up the world; it was an amazing piece of machinery, the only one in existence, and built by us here in this lab. It was designed to change the world, to change our perceptions of life and existence, of the universe as a whole. It did all these things and more, in a way we really were not expecting, in a way that was about to tear the very fabric of our consciousness into shreds.

John seemed happy I was here, I got the impression he really wasn’t expecting me to turn up. It seemed the previous days falling out  had been forgotten, he needed me on top form, and there was no room today for any hard feelings. I could sense a quiet anxious atmosphere in the lab, even from John. Today’s events could quite possibly change the direction of science and of our understanding of some of life’s biggest questions. We were on the very edge of scientific research, perhaps to some, the very edge of madness.

At ten o’clock final checks were performed, John appeared  in the lab wearing a specialized protective suit, designed to withstand high amounts of pressure. It was similar in many respects to an astronaut’s protective suit, just not as bulky and cumbersome. The Manifester was finally activated at fifteen minutes past ten, the quiet anxious atmosphere had become almost audible, people were nervous and on edge. Even the armed guards were looking a bit twitchy.

Five minutes before gate manifestation John approached me, he hugged me tightly before  looking into my eyes;

“We did it, today our lives  change. I’ll see you soon friend.”

Those were the last words  John ever said to me, and I’ll remember them for as long as my life should last.

Ten thirty finally arrived; I could barely keep my fear  inside. I was responsible for the manifester; John wouldn’t allow anyone else to create the gates, this was our baby, we had to bring this to its conclusion. I gave him one final look; his visor on his helmet was down so I couldn’t see his face, he stood motionless. My hand was shaking as I pressed the three buttons responsible for creating the gates; I then stepped back behind the same protective screen we had used in earlier tests.

The white gate opened in front of John, accompanied by the strange hum we had all now become accustomed to. Seconds later the black  gate appeared behind him, John was stood between both gates, the whole sight looked surreal, as though this wasn’t really happening. The light was dim  around the white gate, it made John appear darker, far away. Lost. He turned to look at us, briefly waved and stepped into the white gate.

Darkness, the lights blew the moment he walked through. Sparks showered down from the ceiling and danced across the floor, moments later the emergency lighting came on, flooding the room in an eerie red light. John was nowhere to be seen, he should have reappeared almost instantly. The  black gate had taken on the oily rippled look. Panic took me, I shouted for John, no, screamed for him, the others in the lab were rushing about not really knowing what they should do. And then he appeared, thrown back into the lab from the black gate and landing hard on the floor causing something to splash  in the air around him. I rushed to him, he was broken, his suit ripped and soiled, as though he had been wearing it for months not an hour, The visor of his helmet was smashed, his face deeply cut, blood ran freely from his wounds. His lips were dry and cracked, teeth smashed. Blood spread out from his body  across the floor; his arms and legs were twisted and broken in ways I cannot bring myself to say. His breathing was laboured; he was still alive, just. The other lab techs frantically tried to shut down the manifester, it wouldn’t shut off. John coughed, a wretched cough which forced blood from his mouth, it  splashed my face. I reeled away in disgust. And then it happened, he screamed, he screamed just like in my dream, and then he was gone. He was released from his pain. A thick, black liquid began to ooze from John’s eyes, like black tears it ran down his face, more started to appear from his nostrils and ears.  I don’t know what disturbed me the most, the similarity to my dream, or the fact that this black ooze appeared, on first glance at least, like the same stuff that the black gate seemed to be made.    

My closest friend lay dead on the floor before me, but before I could react to my loss screams and shouts erupted from behind me. The sound of gunshots almost deafened me. I turned and tried to focus on the red lit room, chaos had taken over. Bodies lay dead on the floor, cut and disfigured. Blood ran down the walls, limbs strewn across the floor, screams of the dying echoed from all corners of the lab. Some were still alive; the look of fear and madness in their eyes froze me to the spot. I watched, almost dreamily, as something stumbled from the far corner of the room. It was tall, very tall, pale and thin to the point of skeletal; it staggered around as though it was drunk, making a repulsive clicking sound as it went. Its long thin arms appeared to end in bony, sharp points, almost blade like. It waved them almost randomly, but they cut straight through flesh and bone. As though it could sense my gaze, it turned its head to look at me; its white featureless face watched me in the gloom. For what felt like hours nothing happened, everything was still, and then a toothless, mouth-like shape opened in the centre of its face, the all too familiar black liquid ran from the hole and splashed on the floor. My bladder emptied as it screamed an utterly alien shriek and staggered towards me. I must have passed out at this point, overcome with fear, bordering on madness. The last thing I remember seeing was the black gate a few feet in front of me, the  oily black surface silently undulating.

I slowly started to regain consciousness, the room was still drenched in the dim red light and was silent, or was it? Barely audible but there none the less was the strange, alien-like but calming voices, the same ones I had previously heard on the labs recordings. They seemed to be coming from all around me. In front of me the black gate was still present; waves of darkness rushing over its surface, the white hole had disappeared. To my left the remains of John lay beside me, his body had already started to decompose and most of his suit had rotted away. I could taste the vomit in the back of my throat, I needed to get out. How long had I been lying there? My watch told me only an hour had passed since the Manifester had been activated,  so why was John’s corpse in the condition it was in?

It was then that I remembered the thing that had been in the room with us, it had looked the same as the creature from the video recordings and my dreams, how was this possible? How was any of this possible? I felt as though I should be panicking, where did the creature go? I felt so relaxed though, so calm. I knew I needed to get out, but it didn’t feel as though I needed to rush. It was the voices, the calm, angelic voices whispering to me. I felt paralysed, but not physically, more in an emotional sense. I  lifted my head and scanned the room, it appeared how I expected, bodies  littered the floor, blood spray up the walls. Nothing moved. The Manifester had  been destroyed, yet the black gate remained. What had we done?

Slowly, over the course of twenty minutes or so, I managed to break the spell that was on me. The more I made myself move the quieter the strange voices became, but regardless of how distant they became, they were still there. Something was happening at the black gate, a bubble had started to form, it looked as though something was trying to get out. That was the last bit of persuasion I needed before getting on my feet and rushing for the door. I turned to look as I left the lab to see something slide from the gate, seven or eight feet long and covered in the black substance. It writhed grotesquely on the floor and started to scream as it managed to turn itself in my direction. I fled the building.

Outside the skies grew dark; it was around midday yet it looked like night was falling. I ran to my car and started the engine, the headlights barely cut through the gloom as I drove down the drive and away from the lab. My mind was racing; my heart was beating so fast I felt like I would pass out at any moment. I had lost my closest friend and all of my work colleagues. Years of research had gone into this project; this was not how it was meant to end. What if the black gate never closes? Where does it lead and what were those abominations that have come through it?

I had driven for miles, completely unaware of where I was or how I had gotten there. Outside of the car the sky was dark, almost black. The headlights had given me about two meters of visibility before the beams were devoured by the darkness, the car seemed to struggle, as though the air had grown so thick it was trying to halt the cars passage. Eventually I came across what appeared to be a small village. A small scattering of street lights lined the road, ordinarily they would be off at that time of the day, the premature darkness must have turned them on early. I stopped the car at the first residential property I saw, everything was eerily quiet, nothing stirred, not even a breeze in the air. I walked around to the boot of the car and retrieved my torch. Walking was almost difficult, like with the car, it was as though the air was trying to resist me, trying to force me back. Just a few steps felt like such an effort. The torch was high powered, but like the cars lights, barely penetrated the darkness. No one answered as I knocked on the door, there was no sign of life anywhere, I called out for help, but no answer came, my voice sounded muffled and distant. I made my way around to the rear of the house, looking for a back door. To my relief the door I discovered was unlocked, quietly, I entered.

The entrance led straight into the kitchen, the sight that greeted me was not unlike the scene from the lab. What looked like two adults lay dead on the floor, both were missing their eyes and both  disembowelled. Entrails and faeces were spread across the floor; I turned as my stomach finally expelled its contents. In the corner of the room beside a table was a high chair; clearly it had been lunch time when whatever happened to this family had happened. They couldn’t have been any older than seven or eight  months, its little bowl and spoon sat in front of them…there was blood…everywhere.  I couldn’t stay there, I left and tried to run to the next house, my torch barely lighting the way, slowly realizing the huge consequences of what we had done. Everything was different, so alien. Sounds sounded far off and almost echoed or just didn’t seem to sound right in any way at all. The thickness of  the air, the blackness felt like it was a physical manifestation, slowly closing in around my throat. We had unleashed something terrible into our reality.

The neighbouring house held no grisly surprises, whoever lived here had been out when this, whatever this is, happened. I’ve been here ever since. There are chains and bolts on the front and back doors and the windows all have locks. I’ve made sure all of them are shut and securely locked. There was a small amount of food in the cupboards and a surprisingly large supply of bottled water in an under stairs cupboard. I also found a few batteries to keep my torch going as long as possible. The food is now gone, water is still good though. My headache has been coming on now for the last few days, slowly getting worse and worse, the painkillers I found didn’t seem to touch it. Maybe it’s due to hunger…

It’s becoming difficult to write now, the torch light only shines a few inches, the darkness is pressing against me, I can almost feel it on my skin. The scratching started a few hours ago as well, it sounds as though it’s at the front door, like an animal trying to get in. I’ve heard screams from outside too, unearthly and close. I’ve thought about leaving this house, maybe in the hope that this blackness is only a localised thing, but fear holds me here now, I saw at the lab what hunts in the dark.

If anyone finds this account, please understand we did what we did with the best intentions, we never meant for this. We wanted to increase man understanding of their place in the universe, to answer the unanswerable questions, but we just meddled in things we had no place even thinking about. We’ve caught the attention of something otherworldly and utterly alien; I just hope and pray its gaze is not on us for too long…………

… Something is coming up the stairs…


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Mankind has always looked beyond the stars, beyond the fabric of time and space, seeking answers to questions that should never be asked. This is the story of GBresearch as it embarked upon the most advanced, scientific experimentation in the history of mankind. When doors are open, they are not always so easy to close…. An apocalypse is coming, an apocalypse of untold magnitude and terror.... The best selling short story of Science fiction and atmospheric horror. “A very good short story combining Science Fiction and Horror.” **** “Well worth the read!” **** “Recommended” ****

  • ISBN: 9781310415500
  • Author: Tristan Michie
  • Published: 2016-03-08 22:05:07
  • Words: 6554
The Manifesting The Manifesting