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The Magnificent Journey of Little Star

The Magnificent Journey

Of Little Star


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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In the beginning God created the world and everything in it. And God called

the world, Earth.


Then God said, “Let there be light!” And the stars and the sun began to shine.


God spoke to each star, giving it a name, and telling it what its mission, as He

had foreordained it, was. Then God turned to the smallest of the stars and

said, “I name you Little Star. Your mission will be to provide an excellent

service for mankind. Though you are small, you will be like a diamond

as you twinkle in the sky. Go now. There are three stars that will help

you prepare for your purpose. They are Alpha Centauri, the nearest star;

Sirius, the brightest; and Betelgeuse, the largest. Each of them will instruct

you in a quality that you will need. I will be ever with you and when your time

arrives, I will summon you.”


With great awe and glowing brightly, Little Star turned and began her

voyage. Traveling at nearly the speed of light, she flew swiftly in the direction

of Alpha Centauri. She reached her objective in a little over four years. Little

Star was amazed to learn that Alpha Centauri consisted of three stars that shone

in unison; one of the stars was a little larger than the sun; one was a little smaller;

and one so small it was not much larger than Jupiter.


The three stars conversed with their visitor and when Little Star asked

for their counsel on how she should prepare for her mission, the smallest of the

Alpha Centauri group verbalized her advice. “Realize that with God’s help

nothing is impossible, “she said. With this knowledge resonating in her brain,

Little Star bid farewell to her new-found friends and began her voyage to

Sirius. This trip required almost nine years.


Sirius was about twice the size or the sun. Little Star saw that this star

has a tiny companion, smaller even than Earth. Little Star introduced herself to

the duo and communicated with them for several days. When Little Star decided

when to begin the third leg of her pilgrimage, she asked her companions for

advice, as God had asked her to. It was Sirius who responded. “The wolf shall

dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion shall browse together, and a little child shall lead them,” she said.


It was time to depart, and Little Star began the longest leg of her

Excursion. This was to visit Betelgeuse, the largest star visible from Earth.

This star was very far away an required 520 years for her to reach it. She had

expected a large star but the actual immensity of this star was much beyond what

she had imagined. The diameter of this star was over 500 times that of the sun.


Little Star introduced herself and told her large host of God’s edict. The

two stars enjoyed each other’s company immensely. Little Star was sad

when the time came to part. It was time to return from whence she had come.

She knew there would be many years of travel before she would arrive but she

needed to ask the venerable old star if he knew when God would tell her of her

special mission. Betelgeuse wisely spoke, “God knows you and your heart.

Have faith that when the time comes, you will be ready. Go back, Little Star.

Your time may arrive sooner than you think. Keep ever in mind that God’s

purposes will always be fulfilled. “


Five hundred years later, Little Star arrived near where she had been

created and found God waiting for her. “You are ready for your mission, “He

said. “Wise men have heard of a child having been born in Bethlehem. Your

mission is to guide them. I want you to go to Teheran in Persia. There, in the

main shopping area, you’ll find several dozen persons, mostly men, and a few

women and children organizing for a trip to Bethlehem to pay homage to my

Son, the Christ Child, who is now in his seventh month. There are many

camels laden with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Rise above them and

shine such that they can see you as you lead them to Bethlehem. In days to

come you will receive great honor for having done this and children all over the

world will sing their praises to you as they compare you to a diamond in the

sky. “This will be the first of many special assignments upon which I shall

send you, assignments that only a little star such as you can accomplish.”


In the story about Little Star’s Magnificent Journey, a question might

arise as to why God would send Little Star on a fact-finding trip when God

could just as easily have told Little Star what it needed to know. The answer

is that we understand better what we learn when we experience the knowledge

than when it is spoon-fed to us. God wanted Little Star to understand the

grandeur of His creation.


Little Star traveled at nearly the speed of light, a speed which is about

40,000 times faster than what humans are capable of achieving. Traveling at

nearly the speed of light, Little Star required four years to reach Alpha

Centauri. At the speed of the Space Shuttle (about 17,500 miles per hour), the\

trip would have required about 160,000 years.


Distances in space are so vast that astronomers use a term called Light

Year to measure distances. A Light Year is the distance that light travels in one

year. Light travels at a rate of about 186,000 miles every second. There are

over 31,000, 000 seconds in one year; therefore a Light Year is a distance of

about 6,000,000,000,000 (six trillion) years.


Our sun is a star. When we refer to stars that are close to us, we need

to mention the sun first. The sun is our closest star. The next nearest star is

Alpha Centauri which is located a little over four light years from our sun. As

Little Star discovered, Alpha Centauri is not just a single star. It is actually a set

of three; one that is a little larger than our sun, one that is a little smaller, and one

that is very tiny, only a little larger than our sister planet, Jupiter. The smallest

of the three Alpha Centauri stars is the one that is closest to us. This star is

Alpha Proxima. If we built a scale model of the distance between our sun and

Alpha Proxima, the sun would be about the size of an orange in Troy, New York

and Alpha Proxima would be about the size of a grape in Los Angeles.


Little Star visited the brightest star that can be seen from Earth. This is

Sirius. Sirius is located about 8-1/2 light years from Earth. It has a small

companion that is called Sirius B. This star is extremely tiny, being a little

smaller than Earth. However, it is much more dense than earth weighing a

great deal more, about the same weight of our sun.


And finally, Little Star visited Betelgeuse, This is an enormous star and is

very bright. If placed where our sun is located, its size would be so large

that it would cover the planet Mars and reach almost to Jupiter.


There is much more that Little Star learned on her magnificent journey

but this will have to be told in another story.




The Magnificent Journey of Little Star

In the beginning God made the world and all stars. God gave names to the stars. He named the smallest, Little Star. God had a mission for Little Star and set her off on a magnificent journey into space to learn how to be a star. Little Star sought advice from the stars she visited and learned a lot in this endeavor. This book is educational. The author and Little Star pass on to you what Little Star learned.

  • ISBN: 9781310929403
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-06-04 07:05:35
  • Words: 1341
The Magnificent Journey of Little Star The Magnificent Journey of Little Star