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The Magical Girl Massacre

The Magical Girl Massacre


By David Eveleigh


Copyright 2016 David Eveleigh


Shakespir Edition



All characters portrayed in sexual situations or in the nude are aged 18 or older. Absolutely no minors are sexualized in this story. Additionally, no women or animals were harmed in the making of this ebook. With internet censorship becoming a hot button topic, not only is splatterpunk relevant again, but exploitation for exploitation’s sake is totally justified.

Chapter 1


What you are looking at is all that remains of Melody Charms. From the beginning of her short life to her rather tragic demise, she liked to think that she was special. As a child, she had dreamed of becoming a famous singer one day. As a teenager, she had kept a fantastic secret.

Now, you can certainly tell by her cyan hair, her matching cosplay uniform and the ornate flute which her ice cold hand is clutching in a death grip that she was not your typical teenage girl. However, these only tell a part of the story.

Six years ago, Queen Selene, Goddess of the Moon, had a premonition that the world would descend into an age of violence. To combat this terror, she empowered Melody and her friends with a divine energy. With that energy, the five of them could transform into a fighting force the likes of which the planet had never seen. For a time, it seemed like world peace was within their grasp.

Yet, now poor Melody lies still. Blood leaks from a hole in her pretty head. A hole where a power drill was forced through her skull.

Mere hours earlier, she shivered as she hid deep in the labyrinthine halls of Lewis Manor. The others were dead. They had to be. Nobody could have survived the sheer animal fury from which she’d fled. If only she had stayed behind, if only she had not run, maybe her friends would still be alive. No, that was a fool’s hope. If she’d stayed, she would have died too. Melody knew her limitations. That inhuman savagery had completely outmatched both her and her teammates. It was violence incarnate. Now, only she remained.

Melody clutched the wound in her side as she peeked out from her hiding place. Perhaps the closet was not the safest of spaces, but it had done its job. More than anything else, she had to escape.

She had to live so that the deaths of her friends would not have been in vain.

Satisfied that the hallway was clear, she pushed open the closet door and hobbled forward as swiftly as she could. The window was in plain sight. It had no locks. No bars. Escape would be easy.

If she could only reach it.

As Melody limped, she realized that she was leaving a red trail. She cursed under her breath and gritted her teeth.

“Almost there,” she told herself, “almost there…”

“Melody!” Came a cry behind her. The cyan-haired girl glanced over her shoulder to see…

Aiko. Somehow, the Japanese exchange student had managed to survive. Melody could have kissed her. However, her joy soon turned to terror as she realized too late that her teammate’s cry had alerted their pursuer as well.

From out of the shadows, Melody saw a witch-like hand snatch Aiko’s hair. Then, the flash of the hunting knife as it buried itself in the exchange student’s young throat. Melody shut her eyes, but still heard the crunching of the blade as it sawed through flesh and bone. Aiko’s lifeless body fell to the carpeted floor with a sickening thud. But her head remained clutched in the killer’s hand.

Melody gagged and limped towards the window. She heard a predator’s footfalls behind her and knew that her time was short. She raised her flute to her lips and played a warrior’s tune. A beam of blue light fired out the end and shattered the window into a twisted kaleidoscope. Without even thinking she leaped through. Her side stabbed as she hit the ground. But she was outside. More important, she was alive! She looked behind and saw a woman’s silhouette in the broken frame of the window. Without a second to spare, Melody picked herself off of the ground and ran as fast as she could into the night.

Chapter 2


In the shadow of Lewis Manor lay the suburban neighbourhood of Cutter’s Grove. The children used to whisper tales of the old mansion on the hill and the reclusive family who lived there. Some claimed that the Lewis clan were not living at all, but were vampires who preyed on the unsuspecting townsfolk while they slept. Others told that they were cannibals who relished the taste of human flesh.

Neither Lysette nor her little sister Elyon were strangers to these tales. In fact, Elyon had cooked up about half of them herself. Lysette, on the other hand, hated spreading rumours, especially about a family as tragic as the Lewises. She could only imagine the pain that old Mrs Lewis must be going through. Her husband dead. Her son crippled.

Lysette took a deep breath and returned her attention to the movie. Normally, whenever Elyon threw a slumber party, the TV room was totally co-opted by her and her friends. Tonight, however, they were far too preoccupied looking up funny yet inappropriate videos online, meaning that Lysette had the rare luxury of having the big screen all to herself. As fun and exciting as Psycho Cop 2 was, she envied her little sister. Still so young. Still in high school. Still with her whole life ahead of her. Lysette was twenty now and was already two years into college. She hoped to become a doctor someday. High school was just a memory. All of its cliques had disappeared the moment that she’d entered adult life. The future was no longer bright, but rigid. She had chosen a future for herself and now, for better or for worse, she had to stick with that choice. A tear came to her eye as she forgot all about the movie.

The sound of the doorbell jolted Lysette out of her melancholy. It was probably the pizza that Elyon had ordered. Of course, the little brat was too lazy to get up and pay for it herself. So, naturally, the duty fell on Lysette.

Like it always did.

She fished out the money that her parents had left her when they’d went away for the holiday and opened the front door. Standing there was a girl dressed from head to toe in cyan, save for the dark red stain on her waist. Her skin was pale from blood loss.

“Help me…” she stammered and collapsed into Lysette’s arms.

“They’re coming,” she whispered, “they’ll kill us all.”

Lysette choked down a gasp and carried the mystery girl to the couch. The sound of voices reached her ears.

“What’s going on?” She heard her younger sister ask.

“Call the police, Elyon.” Lysette replied without even looking.


She turned and gave her sister a serious look. Framing Elyon were her two friends, Alchemy and Noriko. The three high-schoolers shrank under Lysette’s gaze.


Elyon nodded and headed straight for the phone.

“Look,” Alchemy said, “if there’s some kind of trouble, maybe I should head home.”

“Wait!” Noriko called. But it was too late. Alchemy had already opened the door. Two seconds of stillness followed as the girls processed what they saw. The silence was broken by the sound of Alchemy screaming.

Lying on the doorstep was the head of a Japanese girl.

Chapter 3


Sheriff Leigh knew all about justice. He knew exactly where the line between right and wrong was drawn. He also knew which side of it he stood on. As he walked up the steps to Lewis Manor, he couldn’t help but think that the line lay right there at the threshold.

He rang the bell and waited. Before long, the voice of an old crone came from the other side of the door.

“Who is it?”

“Caroline?” The sheriff replied, “it’s me. I’ve got troubles, you hear?”

“Troubles?” Old Lady Lewis asked.

“As in a station full of young girls who found a severed head on their doorstep!” He barked, “one of ‘em says that your boy Jesse carved her friends up.”

“Jesse is bedridden.” Mrs Lewis stated coldly.

“That ain’t what I’m hearing,” Leigh said, “I know your husband got away with some pretty shady things, but no way am I turning a blind eye to this. Either you hand over the boy, or I take both of you away in handcuffs. Your choice, Caroline.”

There was silence on the other side of the door. Then came the sharp clang of the bolt being slid to one side. The door creaked open and there she stood on the other side of the line. Caroline Lewis was a very proper woman in a black dress, her hair tied back in a silver bun. In her eye was defeat.

“Come with me,” she said. The sheriff followed her through the maze-like halls of the manor.

“I’m sorry about this, Caroline,” he said, “the law’s the law.”

“And where was the law for my husband?” She snapped, “where is justice for my little boy?”

“That was an accident,” Leigh replied, “they were just kids.”

“So was he,” she said bitterly. She stopped in front of a door with a large iron lock and tapped on it.

“Jesse, dear,” she said, “the sheriff would like a word with you. Do you feel up to seeing him?”

“Yes, mother,” wheezed a raspy voice on the other side. Mrs Lewis produced a large key and fitted it into the lock. She opened the door and gestured for the sheriff to step inside. All he saw was a bandaged paw reach out and grab him by the face. The arm attached to it was so powerful that it flung him around like a rag doll. Mrs Lewis closed the door to shut out the sound of screams and snapping bones. She turned her back on all that violence and went out to make her own justice.

Chapter 4


Noriko had never pictured herself as a hero. However, as she watched the doctor tend to poor Melody, she couldn’t help but feel a little proud. After all, if it hadn’t been for her and the others, that mystery girl might not have survived.

The sheriff’s station was a tiny building which actually managed to seem smaller on the inside than it did from the outside. The entire police force in Cutter’s Grove consisted of the sheriff, his deputy and the dispatcher. Such was the fate of such a small town.

Despite the cramped quarters, Noriko did not feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. In fact, for the first time in her life, she was as big as a house. It was liberating. Normally, Elyon made her feel like she was two feet tall. Noriko wasn’t sure why she continued to hang out with her. Maybe she had simply gotten so used to her friend’s behaviour that she had come to accept it. But this new found feeling of self worth sent a fissure through her worldview. It was scary.

“Okay, Miss,” the doctor said to Melody, “That’s all I can do for now. We’d better get you to the hospital.”

“Wait,” the cyan-haired maiden replied, “there’s something that I have to do first.”

She approached the girls meekly and addressed them as best as she could.

“Thank you for saving me,” she said, “I’m Melody Charms and I am the last of Earth’s guardians. My teammates were all… killed.”

She sighed.

“But the fight against evil continues. I now have to choose new teammates to take their places and I think I’ve found them.”

Melody raised her flute to her lips and played a soft lullaby. The doctor and the deputy stood aghast as a mystical blue energy surrounded her. It stretched out from her and encompassed the girls. Suddenly, there was a bright flash and the energy was gone. However, Noriko and the other girls were now wearing matching bracelets.

“What’s this?” Alchemy asked.

“Your transformation beads,” Melody explained, “with them, you can change into your magical forms.”

“M-magical form?” Noriko stammered.

“Yes,” Melody said, “everybody has a magical form, but only the truly special ever succeed in transforming into it. With these bracelets, you now have the power to fight the darkness, just like I do.”

She lifted her flute once more and played. In front of her materialized a beautiful apparition in a white dress. Magic emanated off of her like a halo.

“Hello,” the stunning phantom said, “I am known by many names. In ancient times, your people worshipped me as Selene, the moon queen. Not long ago, I blessed Melody with incredible powers so that she could combat the rising Age of Violence. You must now join her fight, otherwise the world will be ruled by darkness.”

“B-but,” Noriko said, “we’re nobody special. How can we hope to fight?”

Selene smiled.

“All you have to do is believe in yourself.” She said. Hearing those words, looking at that smile, Noriko really felt like a hero.

But then came the shot.

A lead slug smashed through the window. Noriko watched as the moon queen’s face splattered into a chunky red mist. The glow surrounding Selene faded and her body turned withered and grey.

A second shot followed, ripping through Noriko’s chest. She felt her breasts and ribs mashed by the force. Her spine shattered out her back along with the contents of her bosom. Oddly, she felt no pain, only numbness from the neck down. She fell backwards and hit the ground hard. Elyon’s face hovered over her with tears in her eyes. All she did was repeat Noriko’s name over and over again. Maybe she wasn’t such a bad friend after all. Noriko smiled as the world turned black.

Chapter 5


Elyon knelt over Noriko’s corpse. She totally expected a third shot to end her life too. However, death did not come again. She looked over to the shattered window from where the lethal blasts had come.

“Are they gone?” She asked.

“They’re probably using a double-barrelled shotgun,” the deputy answered, “they have to reload now.”

He drew his revolver and ducked beneath the window. Quickly, so as to have the advantage, he stood up and aimed his gun outside.

“Gone,” he said, returning his gun to its holster. Elyon sighed with relief.

“They’ve probably headed back to Lewis Manor,” Melody explained.

“Then that’s where I’m heading,” the deputy said. Elyon’s eyes fell back on Noriko. Her friend merely stared vacantly at the ceiling with a gaping hole through her upper torso.

“No,” Elyon said, “That’s where we’re going.”

She closed her eyes and remembered what Selene had said.

Believe in yourself.

A fantastic light surrounded her. When it faded, she had transformed into her magical self. An adorable purple dress hung elegantly from her body and a pair of cat ears now decorated her head.

“For Noriko,” she said. Alchemy and Lysette both nodded and transformed as well. Alchemy’s uniform was a fiery red and Lysette’s a lovely emerald.

“For Selene too,” Melody said. She raised her flute to her lips and played a short trill. As she did, a blue portal opened up in front of her. The girls all took deep breaths and stepped through.

Chapter 6


Alchemy hid in the bushes of Lewis Manor while the girls waited to spring their trap. They all knew the plan. The killer likely would not expect them to reach the mansion so quickly. All they had to do was stay hidden until he returned, then they could ambush him with their magical powers.

Alchemy was still thrilled by her new sense of empowerment. She had been practising with her magic while she waited. Her element was fire. Elyon was water and Lysette was earth. She suspected that Noriko would have had the powers of the wind, but now none of them would ever know.

Alchemy felt a touch of guilt. Noriko had been Elyon’s friend, not hers. How many times had Alchemy wished for her to be out of the way? How often had she prayed to have Elyon all to herself?

Dear sweet Elyon. It pained Alchemy to see her so upset. She clenched her fist and felt the flames surge within her. Noriko would be avenged, that was certain.

A pair of wide headlights appeared in the distance. Alchemy cooled herself and stayed hidden. The lights drew closer like glowing eyes in the dark. A red pickup truck followed them out of the night and stopped at the foot of the manor. She remained patient, although she could not see the driver. The door opened and out stepped a very prim old woman. Alchemy could not believe her eyes. She had expected a hulking, masked figure, like something out of a slasher film. But this willowy creature looked like she couldn’t harm a fly, not even if she wanted to. But then, she pulled the shotgun out of the truck. Alchemy’s blood boiled. That was the weapon which had killed Noriko. Plans be damned, this woman was going to pay.

Believe in yourself.

Selene’s final words echoed in Alchemy’s brain as she conjured her fire.

“Hold it right there!” She shouted. The old woman froze. She turned and shock filled her withered face at the sight of Alchemy surrounded by magical flames. She looked like she was about to run, but Lysette blocked her path. Melody and Elyon emerged from their hiding places and surrounded their target. But Alchemy’s fire only increased. She hated that murderous old hag. That old witch. What did they used to do to witches again? Of course, they burned them.

“Alchemy,” Melody said, “calm down…”

“I’m going to kill her,” Alchemy said.

“Don’t do it,” Melody said.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Her blood isn’t worth staining your hands with.”

Alchemy took a deep breath to calm herself. Her fire died down.

Without warning, a bandaged hand grabbed Melody by her cyan hair. She screamed in fear and pain as a nightmarish figure emerged from the darkness behind her. Its face and hands were covered with gauze. It wore an orange and black Halloween sweater. When it spoke, it was in raspy sibilants that sent chills up Alchemy’s spine.

“Get away from my mother!” It hissed. The creature raised its free hand, revealing that it held a power drill in its deadly grip.

“No,” Melody pleaded. But the monster paid her no heed. He squeezed the trigger, sending the bit into a deadly spin.

“No,” she repeated. The monster pressed the drill against her temple. Melody’s blood and brains sprayed everywhere. Piss poured down her thighs as the bit broke through the opposite side of her skull. The monster thrust the drill in and out of her wound, as though he were fucking her with it. With each push, more of her head’s contents leaked out. Finally, the demon dropped her twitching corpse and set its hateful gaze on Alchemy. It charged at her with the force of a blitzkrieg.

Believe in yourself.

Alchemy stretched forth her hands and sent a blazing holocaust the beast’s way. It merely beat its way through the flames, unharmed by the deadly heat. She might have been fire, but this thing was a walking warzone.

Violence incarnate.

Its bandaged fingers seized her throat in a steely grip.

“Die!” The monster wheezed. But it had not counted on her teammates. With a wave of Lysette’s hand, the grass beneath the beast’s feet grew into long snake-like vines. Those icy fingers released Alchemy as the monster was caught up by the blooming weeds. It tried to struggle, but it could not break those magical limbs.

“Gotcha, you bastard,” Lysette said.

“Hold it,” Alchemy heard the old woman shout. She turned in the direction of the voice and froze at what she saw.

The witch was holding her shotgun to the back of Elyon’s head.

“Why can’t you girls leave my son alone?” She whimpered, “isn’t it enough that you took his father from us? Look at him! Look what you girls have done to him.”

“We didn’t do anything,” Lysette snapped, “you’re crazy!”

The old woman’s face became as hard as stone.

“Get out of here, “ she said, “get off of my property or I swear I’ll blow her head off.”

“You’re bluffing,” Alchemy said, “you wanted to do that anyways. The only reason you haven’t is because you’re out of bullets.”

The old woman seethed. She threw the gun away and Alchemy was relieved that she had read the situation correctly. However, she had overlooked one detail.

The hunting knife that the old woman was hiding behind her back.

In a flash, it was buried in Elyon’s belly. The girl screamed and ducked to the ground. She clutched her wound to keep her guts from dripping out. The old woman raised her weapon for the kill. But the path was clear now. Alchemy conjured her fire and aimed it right at the witch.

“No!” The demonic son shrieked. With a madman’s strength, he tore his way out of the vines and fixed his evil gaze on Alchemy.

“Run,” Elyon cried.

“What?” Lysette asked.

“Get out of here,” her sister replied, “leave me.”

Lysette only froze. Alchemy grabbed her wrist and dragged her back into the night.

Chapter 7


Caroline Lewis loved her son. She hated herself for having to strap him down like this. But what choice was she given? When the rage overtook poor Jesse, he was beyond reason. She was the only person to whom he ever responded. Even then, she could feel her hold on him slipping.

Mrs Lewis sat next to her son’s bed. With a witch-like hand, she patted his head while spoon feeding him some nice broth. All of that violence had worked up quite the appetite in her little boy. Although he fought against his bonds, the leather straps held him down tightly. Mrs Lewis turned on the TV and switched on Jesse’s favourite tape. The program it contained had no plot. It was merely a montage of clips which showcased humanity’s inhumanity, from splatter movie scenes to holocaust footage to atom bomb tests and even the nightly news. It repulsed her to put it on, but it was the only thing that seemed to sooth her savage offspring. Before long, Jesse calmed down, just like he always did. Mrs Lewis kissed her son’s forehead and let him alone to enjoy his program. To think that the cyan-haired girl had accused him of murdering all her friends. No, that had all been Caroline. Jesse merely defended her when the going got tough. He was the shield. She was the sword. But now, Melody was dead. She had been the last of the original five magical girls. There were the others now though. Those new guardians whom Melody had recruited. Mrs Lewis had already killed one of them and captured another. But the other two managed to elude her. It didn’t matter. They would all pay soon enough.

Caroline remembered the day that the police had told her that her husband was dead. It was those girls. They had been battling a monster when both Mr Lewis and Jesse got caught in the crossfire. Her husband had been killed instantly and her son was badly burned. She would never forget seeing him in the hospital. So weak. She had contemplated suicide for several days until she stumbled across the antique store. She would be damned if she could remember the name of the place. But the old wizard who ran it had promised her something very special, a book with a rather ominous title.


He had said that it could nurse her son back to health and he was right. Jesse was now stronger than he had ever been. What’s more, he had also become immune to the magical girls’ hexes. However, there was a trade off. Each day, Jesse became more violent, more uncontrollable. She feared that he might eventually turn on her. But for now, it served to her advantage. He could channel all of that supernatural rage towards the ones who had crippled him.

The magical girls.

She didn’t know how yet, but she would track the rest down. And she would slaughter them.

Mrs Lewis headed downstairs to her late husband’s torture garden. Nobody but her knew about it, not even Jesse. Mr Lewis had once delighted in capturing beautiful young maidens from town and treating them to an education in suffering. The room could have been a museum of the Spanish Inquisition, with every imaginable instrument of pain on display. To the far end hung Elyon, stripped naked and suspended by barbed hooks in her flesh.

“Why are you doing this?” She cried, “I haven’t done anything to you.”

Mrs Lewis said nothing.

“Please,” Elyon pleaded, “let me go.”

“I can’t,” Mrs Lewis replied, “you’re the bait.”

Chapter 8


Deputy Glazer had always hated Lewis Manor. He especially hated it now that there was a trail of blood leading through the front door. If he were back in New York, back in the big city, he would have radioed for backup. But this wasn’t New York. This wasn’t the big city. This was Cutter’s Grove and there was no backup to radio for. With the sheriff not answering the dispatcher, he was all that was left. The town’s last line of defence.

And it now came down to him.

Of course, he had seen worse. Fetish items made of human skin. Bodies roasted on back alley spits. Children blown to bits on the streets by high calibre fire.

You can’t scare me, I’m from New York, he thought with a lump in his gut. He kicked the front door open and followed the trail inside. It led through the hall and down the stairs.

To the basement.

With each step down, he couldn’t help thinking that this was exactly what he’d been trying to escape from when he moved to Cutter’s Grove. He wanted his children to grow up with a normal life away from all of this. But, when he turned on the basement light, he realized that there was no escape. Hiding here, right under his very nose, was all the horror from which he’d been running. The room could be described as nothing less than a torture chamber. To the far end was one of the girls from the station. She hung nude from the ceiling with blood trickling from her back. When he got closer, he saw that fish hooks were buried in her young skin, threatening to tear it off if they pulled any tighter. Deputy Glazer heard a loud thump behind him. He turned his head just in time to see a witch-like hand raise a cat-o-nine-tails, a thousand vicious barbs decorating its ends.


Mrs Lewis slashed at his face with the deadly weapon. The barbs tore through his skin, ripping nearly half of it off of his head. Deputy Glazer gave a gurgled scream as…


A second blow dug into his artery. His blood sprayed profusely. But Mrs Lewis still was not sated.




She continued to whip him until all that remained of Deputy Glazer was a red pile of meat and bone.

Chapter 9


Lysette raced through the woods in a daze. She had no idea how close she was to town. All she knew was that the killers had her sister. She could not let them hurt her. She just couldn’t.

Alchemy dragged her through thick and thin. Carver’s Woods was all that separated Lewis Manor from Cutter’s Grove. The thick forest was like a maze. Finally, Alchemy stopped by a huge rock to catch her breath. Lysette looked back and could still see the lights of the mansion in the distance.

“I’m going back,” she said.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Alchemy replied, “we don’t stand a chance against that,… that,… thing.”

“They have my sister,” Lysette said, “what would you do?”

Alchemy bit her tongue and turned her gaze downward.

“If you go, you’ll die,” she said. Tears formed in Lysette’s eyes.

“I know.”

She turned around and raced back towards Lewis Manor. Although the forest was blinding, the lights kept getting closer and closer. But they weren’t the only thing that did. Lysette stopped and listened. There it was, the distinct sound of footsteps.

“Alchemy?” She said. Her only reply was a sudden silence. Lysette held out her hand and channelled her magic.

Believe in yourself.

She stalked towards the spot where the footsteps had stopped, but found nothing there. A twig snapped behind her. She was about to spin around, but she never got the chance. A witch-like hand clamped itself over her mouth. A second one plunged a hunting knife into her groin. It pulled the blade up, slitting open her belly and spilling her intestines across the leaf-covered ground. Lysette gagged as the blade was stabbed into her throat. It sliced through her trachea and arteries, spraying blood down her her windpipe. The world spun, then turned black as Lysette drowned in her own blood.

Chapter 10


Alchemy took a few more deep breaths and waited for Lysette to return. She’d be back, she had to come back. She couldn’t let Alchemy be the only one to abandon Elyon to her fate. Stupid Elyon, why did she have to tell them to run. Especially now that Noriko was dead. Now that Alchemy had Elyon all to herself.

Dear sweet Elyon. So smart. So beautiful.

So helpless.

Not for long, though. Alchemy would go get help, then she would rescue her darling Elyon, who would be so grateful. Perhaps she might even reward Alchemy with a kiss from those pillowy lips.

First, she needed to find help. But who was there? Not the police, obviously. If any of them still remained, they would be powerless against that,… that,…

That force.

Violence incarnate.

But if not them, who?


The sound of footsteps reached her ears, sending her heart into a flurry. Alchemy clutched her fist. If she had to die, let it be here and now. No more running. No more hiding. She turned around in time to see Mrs Lewis step out of the shadows, a pair of garden shears in her witch-like hands.

“Why are you doing this?” Alchemy demanded.

“You girls killed my husband,” Mrs Lewis replied, “you crippled my son.”

“I never touched them,” Alchemy shot back, “I never even knew them.”

“You girls burned them,” Mrs Lewis ranted, “you should have been more careful. See what you did to Jesse? Do you see?”

The old woman raised her shears to eye level and charged towards Alchemy. The last magical girl did not run. She did not cower. Instead, she raised her fist and conjured an inferno. The flames engulfed Mrs Lewis. The old woman’s skin began to blister and split. The stench of scorched flesh filled Alchemy’s nostrils as she watched her opponent turn brown, then blacken. Mrs Lewis’ eyes whitened and burst in their sockets. Her skin flaked away in grey ashes, revealing charred bones underneath, until all that remained of her was a sizzling skeleton which lay face down in the mud. Alchemy sighed.

At last, the nightmare was over.

Chapter 11


Jesse Lewis seethed with fury as he sensed his mother’s life force blink out of existence. If only she had not strapped him down like this, if only he was free, then he could have saved her. He struggled against his bonds, but it was no use. The leather straps held him down too tightly. However, he refused to be defeated. He fought and he fought until…


One of his bonds broke. Invigorated by this small victory, he kept fighting until…




All of the straps were torn out by their roots. Although he could now move about freely, he still wasn’t free. The door remained locked. He pounded his fists against it, hammering against it with supernatural relentlessness. At last the hinges shattered.

Jesse was free!

He wasn’t sure why he was so sensitive to the presence of magic. Perhaps it was a side effect of those healing spells that his mother had recited over him while he’d lain helpless in bed. In any case, the power to sense magic was his. Right now, he detected three presences, two of which waited in his very room. He opened the drawer on his nightstand and found them. One was the book from which his mother read her healing spells. He picked it up and wondered what the binding was made of. It didn’t really feel like leather. The other was the sacrificial dagger which had been necessary for his regeneration. The power that radiated off of them was strange. Neither holy nor unholy. Something… else.

Jesse took both mystic items, but a third presence remained. It waited for him down below. In the basement.

He followed the energy to his late father’s private workshop. Jesse had never been allowed inside. His heart pounded as he opened the door. There, he found a temple to the perverse. Torture tools of every kind lined the walls. But the real treasure was the magical girl named Elyon. She was naked and suspended from the ceiling by barbed hooks. Jesse had never seen a naked girl before. Something stirred in his loins at the sight of her so helpless and in pain. If he still had lips, he would have grinned. Elyon screamed at the sight of him. Even her screams aroused him. He touched her young skin and sighed. He clutched the dagger tightly as he plunged it into her eye. Goo oozed out of the socket. He stabbed her other eye and relished the sight of the creamy fluid. He stroked her cat ears and listened to her shrieks. He stuck the blade into her cheeks and carved a twisted smile, like a jack-o-lantern. She shrieked beautifully and blood dripped down her naked body, but Jesse wasn’t finished yet. He stabbed the dagger into her skull and snapped it open like a jar. There her brain lay. The seat of all consciousness. He scooped it out of her skull and held it up to the light. It was so magnificent. For the first time since his accident, Jesse was hard. He threw the organ to the ground and watched it splatter. He stamped on it until all that remained was a reddish grey paste. Jesse took deep breaths to calm himself. No act was more empowering than the destruction of beauty. His bloody hand went to the book. He didn’t even need to read it. Its power flowed through him. He could feel the barrier between the worlds. On the other side waited the last of the magical girls. She would soon taste all of what he had just sampled to Elyon. He reached forward and space seemed to open just for him. He could go anywhere he wanted to, anyplace in all of existence. Jesse knew where he wanted to go too. He stepped straight through reality to the opposite side of Carver’s Woods. Soon his violence would be unleashed on the entire town. First, he had one last victim to slaughter.

Chapter 12


Alchemy took her time as she wandered through the forest. It was finally over. She would get to the police station. They would call in some reinforcements from the next town. Then, Lewis Manor would be raided, Elyon would be rescued and that hulking murderer would get shot to death in the process. Already she could see the lights of Cutter’s Grove. Town wasn’t that much farther off. Alchemy picked up her pace as her hopes soared. The lights drew closer and closer. But there was something else in the night. A shape stood between her and the town like a scarecrow. It even held a pumpkin in its hands. Something in her mind tried to tell her to turn back. But, by the time it registered, it was too late.

That was no pumpkin, it was Elyon’s carved head.

A bandaged hand shot out and grabbed Alchemy by the throat. It lifted her off of the ground and she found herself staring into the eyes of an unstoppable killer.

Jesse threw Alchemy down. Her face hurt as it landed in the dirt. She watched in terror as tentacles sprouted from the supernatural madman’s groin. They wrapped themselves around her wrists and ankles, then forced her legs wide open.

“No,” Alchemy cried as she realized what was about to happen. Jesse thrust his thickest tendril deep in between her thighs and into her private garden. Alchemy screamed as she was violated. Each thrust forced another shriek out of her.

At last, Jesse released his demon seed within her and pulled out. In his right hand, he clutched the ritualistic dagger. He plunged the weapon into Alchemy’s young breast and carved a hole in her ribcage. He then reached inside and removed her still beating heart. Dark clouds overtook the sky as he tossed her lifeless body aside and crushed her organ into red pulp. Her death had been a sacrifice to something greater. Something slumbering. Something which had now been awakened after countless centuries.

The last of the magical girls was dead. So began the New Age of Violence.


The End


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