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The magical adventures of Kanye and Justin

The magical adventures of Kanye and Justin

  • Title Page
  • Chapter 1: The beginning of the adventure!
  • Chapter 2: The fish trip
  • Chapter 3: Kanye and Justin meet some mermaids and became friends
  • Chapter 4: The Mermaid princess and the dragon
  • Chapter 5: Michelle house and the spaceship
  • Chapter 6: Learning how to drive to the spaceship and travelling to space
  • Chapter 7: In the space
  • Chapter 8: The Nightmare
  • Chapter 9: The Intruder
  • Chapter 10: Kanye and Justin vs the space monster
  • Chapter 11: Kanye borrows his astronaut suit to Justin
  • Chapter 12: Kanye and the dolphin Dave
  • Chapter 13: The arrival to the dragon planet
  • Chapter 14: The Juice plants
  • Chapter 15: The first night on dragon planet
  • Chapter 16: The monster tree!
  • Chapter 17: Mr. Birdy Bee
  • Chapter 18: Mr. Birdy Bee nice house
  • Chapter 19: The plan of Mr. Birdy Bee
  • Chapter 20: The trap for the evil dragon
  • Chapter 21: The dragon king
  • Chapter 22: The castle of the dragon king
  • Chapter 23: Keffi
  • Chapter 24: The plan to kill the dragon king
  • Chapter 25: The dragon king is killed
  • Chapter 26: The return to earth
  • Epilogue


Hi my name is Alvaro!!!

Im 9 years old!

I wrote this story for my mom

I made the cover too, my dad said its good thank you daddy

My mom says im very creative so im going to be a famous writer someday!

This is my first story so please be nice no rude comments!

Thank you! :D

Ps: I love you mommy!!! Happy Birthday!1!!

Chapter 1: The beginning of the adventure!

Kanye and Justin were the best friends in the whole world and they lived in the same house.

It was a big and comfy house, with many rooms, all of them filled with lots of nice things.

They also had a pet, called Mimzy: Mimzy was a baby dragon they once found in the forest during the last summer when they went to summer camp.

Mimzy was a pretty dragon, with silver wings and red scales, and also had golden eyes and a green tail, and it was big as a cow despite being a baby, because it was a dragon.

It was summer again and school was over again, so Kanye and Justin had nothing to do all day, and they were bored, so they started watching TV.

At first they watched some of their favorite cartoons on Tv and they were happy, but suddenly the cartoons were interrupted by some bald News guy.

Kanye and Justin were angry because of this, but they decided to watch the news anyway:

“We interrupt these cartoons to show you this very important report: A man from Menphis found the strange bones of a mysterious animal during his fish trip with his son.

Scientists say that the bones belong to a new species of animal and paid 10 0000 dollars for them in order to continue their studies.

The man and his son are rich now, and they are very happy now.”

“Wow!” Said Kanye. “Did you hear that, Justin? That man became rich just because he found some bones! We should go on a fish trip, find some bones and we will get rich too!”

“That is a very good idea, Kanye.” Justin said. “You are very smart! Let’s go find some bones!”

And so their great summer adventure started.

Chapter 2: The fish trip

Kanye and Justin were ready to start their fish trip to find some bones of a mysterious animal, like that man on Memphis and his son who found some bones during their fish trip (Read the previous chapter) but there was a problem:

Who was going to take care of Mimzy while they were on their fish trip?

At first Kanye and Justin thought the fish trip has to be cancelled, but then Justin had the following idea:

“I know what we should do! I will call my good friend Selena!”

Justin picked his cellphone and called his good friend Selena and asked her: “Hey Selena, what’s up. Would you please take care of my baby dragon Mimzy while Kaney and I are on a fish trip to find animal bones? Please?”

“Sure Justin, why not.” Selena replied at the phone.

“Yay! Thanks Selena!” Said Justin.

“You are welcome.” Replied Selena.

Once the problem of Mimzy was solved, everything was ready for the fish trip of Kanye and Justin and they went to a very beautiful lake called The Blue Lake of Moluca.

They arrived to the place at 10: 00 o’clock.

Chapter 3: Kanye and Justin meet some mermaids and became friends

Kanye and Justin were on a boat trying to fish something. Actually, they were trying to find some bones of strange animals so they could become rich, but they want to keep that as a secret.

After three hours without finding anything, Kanye and Justin got bored.

“I’m so bored!” Kanye complained.

“I’m bored too!” Justin answered.

“We should do something or we will die of boredom!”

“I don’t want to die, please think something Kanye…” said Justin.

“I have an idea…” Kanye said. “We should get naked and start swimming in the lake that will be fun I am sure of that?”

“You sure, bro?” Justin asked.

“Yeah, bro. I am sure.”

So then Kanye and Justin got naked and they were ready to swim in the lake, Justin got a bit jealous because Kanye pee pee was bigger than him and also much more nice to look at, and got a bit jealous but still did not say anything about it.

Justin and Kanye started swimming in the lake, but then they got cramps because they ate too many sandwiches and they could not swim anymore and thought they were going to drown.

“Ow! We are going to drown!” said Kanye and Justin before they submerged.

But they not drowned, because they were saved by some mermaids that kissed them, first in the face, then the mermaids kissed them in their pee pees and…

Kanye and Justin became mermaids too!

“Thanks for saving us, memrmaids!” said Kanye and the mermaids said:

“You are welcome.”

And they become friends.

Chapter 4: The Mermaid princess and the dragon

The mermaids said:

“Now that we are friends we need your help. Please help us, we need you. Please.”

“Okay.” Said Kanye and Justin. “What we do?”

“A dragon has kidnapped our princess but the dragon lives in another planet without so we can’t go there, but you humans can live in places without water, so you must save her.”

“But how are we going to go to another planet?” Kanye asked. “We don’t have a spaceship!”

“We have a spaceship!” the mermaids replied. “Our friends Michelle built one, but she is a mermaid too, so she could not use it! We need to go to her house!”

“Oh, ok.” Said Kanye and Justin.

And they went to Michelle house to see the spaceship.

Chapter 5: Michelle house and the spaceship

Kanye, Justin and the mermaids went to Michelle house to see the spaceship she built.

Michelle lived inside a cave filled with water because she was a mermaid.

She also had a snail and a slug as a pet, and a squid too. The squid was named Ralph.

“Hi!” said Michelle when she saw the other mermaids. “What’s up?”

“Hi, Michelle.” Said the mermaids. “We have good news, we found some humans, so they can use the spaceship you built!”

“Yay!” Michelle said. She was very happy.

Michelle invited Kanye, Justin and the mermaids some cookies and sea food, and then showed them the spaceship she built:

It was very big and shiny and it was also covered with lots of alien gems Michelle found in the lake and the gems have some magic energy that made the spaceship fly into the space.

“Now get inside the ship and I will teach you how to drive it.” Michelle ordered.

Chapter 6: Learning how to drive to the spaceship and travelling to space

Michelle taught Kanye and Justin how to drive the spaceship and gave them some nice astronauts’ suits they could use so they could breathe in space.

Kanye suit was green because it was his favorite color and Justin suit was purple pink because it was a very comfy suit and he did not care about the color of it.

“Okay, now you are ready to pilot the spaceship. Please, Kanye and Justin, save our princess from the dragon.”

“We will.” Kanye and Justin replied. But then Justin asked:

“How we will recognize your princess? What is her name?”

“Her name is Melanie.” Replied Michelle. “When you go to that other planet just ask for princess Melanie and you will find her. The name of the planet where the dragon lives is Mermaka. You will find using the map I put in the spaceship”

“Oh, ok.” said Kanye and Justin.

Kaney and Justin pulled down their pants so their mermaids friends could kiss them in their pinkies and they stopped being mermaids and became humans once again so they could pilot the spaceship.

“See ya!” said the mermaids as Kanye and Justin went to space in the spaceship Michelle built.

“Please, save our princess!” Said Michelle, but Justin and Kanye did not hear her because there was too much noise.

Chapter 7: In the space

Kanye and Justin were travelling across the space inside the spaceship Michelle built.

Inside the spaceship Kanye and Justin saw many stars and distant planets but they got bored soon because it was a very long travel and they had nothing to do.

“This is too boring!” Kanye said. “I want to play videogames!”

“Yeah, word bro.” said Justin and they both started operating the computer of the spaceship trying to find some videogame to play, but it only had boring old videogames like Pong and Pac man and they got bored very soon.

“You don’t have more games than those?” Kanye asked.

“No, I don’t.” replied the computer of the spaceship and Kanye and Justin went angry.

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” They roared with anger.

Then they went to sleep.

Chapter 8: The Nightmare

While Justin was sleeping he had a nightmare: He was eating too many hamburgers but he could not stop so he ate too much hamburgers until he exploded, and then Kanye, Mimzy and Selena cried a lot.

Justin then tried to talk with them, but he couldn’t because he was a ghost and nobody could hear him.

“This cannot be, I cannot be DEAAAAAAAAAAD!!!” Justin screamed as he woke up.

When Justin woke up, he noticed he peed his astronaut pants and he felt embarrassed because he was a big boy so it was not ok for him to pee his pants even if he was very scared.

“If Kanye discover I peed my astronaut suit, he is going to tease me a lot!” Justin said. “I need to clean the suit!”

Justin went to the laundry room of the spaceship and he put the suit on the washing machine while he took a shower to clean his wee wee that was tainted with pee.

Meanwhile Kanye had a nice dream when he was riding some dolphins and then the dolphin left him on a nice beach. On the dream, the dolphin said:

“Kanye, Justin is dead now, and he is ghost, so he cannot be your best friend. But don’t be sad, Kanye, because I will be your best friend.”

And they both started rapping together a fun song, and then the dolphin said:

“I love you, Kanye. Please, kiss me.”

Kanye kissed the dolphin, and the dolphin kissed him back, and then the dolphin grabbed his butt and Kanye grabbed the dolphin butt too, and then Kanye and the dolphin were naked and they kissed a lot and grabbed each other butts.

Chapter 9: The Intruder

Justin was cleaning his pee-pee on the shower room of the spaceship when he heard a strange sound coming from the laundry room.

“Who is there?” Justin asked. “Kanye is that you?”

But it wasn’t Kanye, because Kanye was sleeping in the main room of the spaceship.

It actually was…

An evil space monster!

He entered inside the spaceship while Kanye and Justin were sleeping!

But he was too small, that’s why nobody noticed him when he arrived, but he tried to eat Justin astronaut suit so he would get big enough to eat Kanye and Justin.

“Hey who is there?” Justin asked coming out of the shower, and then Justin heard the weird creepy sound once again and got scared, so he decided to wake up Kanye.

“Kanye, Kanye wake up!” Justin said as Kanye woke up.

“What is happening?” Kanye asked.

Kanye was very angry, because Justin interrupted the nice dream he was having but then Justin told him:

“Kanye! There is a monster inside the ship! I am afraid!”

“You are lying!” Kanye said. “Monsters don’t exist. I know because my mom and my dad have told me that.”

“But Kanye, I have heard the monster! It is in the laundry room!”

Then the weird noises started again and the lights went out, so Kanye and Justin were scared.

“Please, hug me Kanye, I am scared!”

Kanye hugged Justin because and then the lights suddenly returned. Then Kanye said:

“I don’t believe in monsters, but if there is a monster here, then we will have to kill it!”

“But how?” Justin asked.

Then Kanye grabbed a small laser sword that was hidden inside one of the pockets of his astronaut suit and said:

“Let’s go kill that monster!”

Chapter 10: Kanye and Justin vs the space monster

Kanye and Justin entered the laundry room to kill the space monster that entered the spaceship while they were sleeping.

“Where are you, Mr. Monster? Come out so I can kill you!” Kanye said, and then the lights went out and Kanye and Justin heard some weird noises coming from one of the washing machines.

Then a shadow jumped at Kanye and tried to bite his face off, but then Kanye used his laser sword to cut the head of the space.

Then the lights returned and Justin said:

“Wow, Kanye! You killed the monster! You are so brave!”

And then, a bit jelly he added:

“I wish I was braves as you, Kanye…”

“Hey Justin…” Kanye said. “That is not a monster. That monster is actually…A ROBOT!”

Kanye used the laser sword to open the stomach of the monster and instead of blood and guts there were a lot of chips and circuits and mechanic stuff.

There were also some candies, because the robot was actually a piñata.

Chapter 11: Kanye borrows his astronaut suit to Justin

Justin was sad because the robot piñata monster ate his astronaut suit, and he was nekkid and he was embarrassed but then Kanye said:

“I will borrow some parts of my astronaut suit, just don’t lose them, ok?”

“Gee, thanks Kanye! You are my best friend in the whole world! Thank you so much!” said Justin, and he hugged Kanye. He was happy for having such an awesome friend, but at the same time he felt a bit jelly because Kanye was much cooler than him. And that made him to feel a bit jelly but he did not say anything and they went to sleep.

That night Kanye had more dreams about his friend the dolphin, and they were naked and kissed each other and grabbed their butts and Kanye felt very happy, but Justin only had bad dreams were he died, and he was a ghost and nobody could hear him and that made him to feel very sad and lonely.

Chapter 12: Kanye and the dolphin Dave

While he was sleeping Kanye had a very long and happy dream with his friend the imaginary dolphin called Dave.

Dave and Kanye loved each other and kissed a lot, then they sang together some rap-songs. Dave was a very good singer and Kanye loved him a lot because of that.

They swam together and grabbed each other butts and then…

They had a baby!

And then they had another.

And then another because they loved each other so much.

They had 3 babies and Kanye was very happy.

“I think we should our babies North, Saint and Ortiz.” Said Kanye but then Dave the dolphin started crying.

“What happen? Why are you crying Dave?” Kanye asked and then Dave said:

“Kanye this is just a dream, and it is going to end very soon. Please Kanye, don’t forget me and your kids!”

“What?” Kanye asked and suddenly he woke up and he felt very sad because he still remembered Dave the dolphin and he started crying.

Chapter 13: The arrival to the dragon planet

At the next day the spaceship arrived to a green planet.

“We are now in the dragon planet.” said the computer of the spaceship.

Kanye and Justin woke up and came out of the spaceship.

The dragon planet was very strange and looked like a jungle but the plants were made of jello and were all sticky and weird and also made weird sounds every time Justin and Kanye touched them.

At first Justin and Kanye thought the sounds the jelly plants made were funny because they sounded like farties, but then they got bored and they stop rubbing the plants and leaves and they continued exploring the dragon planet trying to find the mermaid princess.

Chapter 14: The Juice plants

The dragon planet was very big and Kanye and Justin had to walk for a long time.

They walked for an entire day and they got tired and thirsty but there wasn’t any water anywhere, so Kanye and Justin thought they were going to die.

But they did not die.

There wasn’t water, but the jelly plants had some juice inside them, that tasted a bit like soda and lemonade and Kanye and Justin liked it, so they drank it and they survived.

Chapter 15: The first night on dragon planet

That night Kanye and Justin Sleep under a very big Palm tree made of jelly which had some yellow bushes that were very soft and comfy.

Justin used one of the yellow bushes as a bed, the bush was very soft and sticky but also very cold, so Justin and Kanye had to sleep together to kept themselves warm.

“Kanye it’s too cold, I think I will get sick and I will die!” said Justin, and he started to shake.

“Don’t worry bro, I have you covered…” said Kanye and he hugged Justin. Justin felt better because Kanye was with him.

“Thank you Kanye, you are my best friend…I will be lost without you…” whispered Justin to Kanyes ear, but Kanye was already sleeping so he did not hear what Justin said.

“Good night Kanye…” said Justin before falling asleep after kissing Kanye on the nose.

They both had very nice dreams that night.

Chapter 16: The monster tree!

At the next day Justin and Kanye continued their journey to find Melanie the mermaid princess.

But the dragon planet was way too big, it was bigger than two planets, and it also had two moons.

Kanye and Justin were very tired after walking too much and then Justin said:

“This planet is too big! How are we going to find the mermaid princess?”

“I don’t know man!” Kanye replied and they decided to rest inside a comfy jelly tree. “But we should continue trying to find her!”

Kanye and Justin fall asleep there, but a few hours later, Justin woke up and noticed the tree was filled with goo!

The tree was actually a monster and it was trying to eat them!!!

“Kanye, wake up!” Justin said, but Kanye did not woke up, so Justin starting slapping him on the face until he woke up.

Kanye was very angry with Justin for slapping him on the face but then he saw the goo and started screaming:


Justin and Kanye tried to escape but the goo was too sticky and they could not move very well, so Kanye started crying but then Justin said:

“Wait, I got some idea! If our astronaut suits are stuck in the goo we need to remove them!”

So Justin and Kanye removed their astronaut suits and they were able to escape from inside the tree monster.

Justin and Kanye were naked and cold but they were alive, so they were happy and Kanye hugged Justin.

“You saved us, bro! You saved us!” Kanye said and Justin felt very happy.

Chapter 17: Mr. Birdy Bee

Kanye and Justin had to make some clothes of jelly plants because the monster tree ate their astronaut suits, so other people won’t see their boy thingies and butts.

They were tired and hungry, but the only thing they find to eat was some jelly plants with juice inside of them and some rocks with juice inside of them.

The juice from the rocks tasted like soup and they did not like it, but they have to eat that anyway.

When Justin and Kanye felt better they continued walking across the jelly jungle and then they saw a big ugly monster with a very big claw that was trying to eat some small fat red bird and the bird was screaming:


“Hey!” Kanye screamed. “Stop bullying that poor bird, you JERK!”

Kanye was very strong so he threw a big rock to the big ugly monster and broke his claw and the big ugly monster ran away crying.

“Bullies are cowards and jerks!” said Kanye and Justin agreed with him.

“Thank you for saving me, guys…” the fat bird said. “My name is Birdy Bee. Nice to meet you!”

Chapter 18: Mr. Birdy Bee nice house

As a reward for saving his life Mr. Birdy Bee invited Kanye and Justin to his house.

It was a very nice, fancy house on the top of a jelly silver tree with many jelly fruits that tasted like cotton candy and mint chewing gum.

Mr. Birdy Bee cooked some tasty food for Kanye and Justin and they ate it and feel much better after eating it.

“I never saw birds like you before, you two are very brave and strong!” said Mr. Birdy Bee.

“Oh no, we are not bird.” Kanye said. “We are actually humans, and we came from a planet called earth…”

Kanye and Justin spent the whole afternoon of that day telling Mr. Birdy Bee about their adventures, and he was very impressed by their stories, so he wanted to become friends with them because he considered them like heroes.

“Okay, let’s be friends!” said Kanye and he and Justin become friends with Mr. Birdy Bee.

Chapter 19: The plan of Mr. Birdy Bee

“Mr. Birdy Bee, do you know we could find Melanie the mermaid princess?” asked Justin.

“Well, I know a dragon that kidnaps princesses…” said Mr. Birdy Bee. “His name is Rhayes, he is the evil dragon king he always kidnaps princesses from other planets and kept them in jelly prisons so they can never escape from his castle!”

“Oh dear.” Said Justin.

“Where is the castle?” asked Kanye.

“The castle is hidden on the top of a very big mountain, the only way to arrive there is riding a dragon!” said Mr. Birdy Bee.

“I wish Mimzy was here, so she could help us!” cried Justin.

“Don’t cry, Justin” said Kanye “Crying does not solve anything that is what my mom says we need to think a plan!”

“I have an idea!” said Mr. Birdy Bee. “The evil dragon Rhayes always kidnaps princesses, so if we bring a princess here, he will bring her to her castle!”

“But where are we going to find a princess?” asked Kanye.

“I think one of us should disguise as a princess to fool the dragon!” suggested Mr. Birdy Bee. “I think Justin should do this, because he looks a bit like a girl!”

“That’s not true!” Justin complained. “I don’t look like a girl!”

“Justin, this is no time to discuss, we need to save the mermaid princess!” Kanye ordered and Justin had to obey.

With the help of some bird friends, Mr. Birdy Bee prepared a very long princess dress and a princess tiara for Justin, and Justin looked like a princess, but he was not happy about this because Kanye laughed at him.

“You are mean, Kanye!” Justin complained. “You are no longer my friend!”

And when Kanye heard those words he stopped laughing and he felt sad. He then tried to apologize with Justin, but Justin was way too angry.

Chapter 20: The trap for the evil dragon

The princess dress Mr. Birdy Bee and his friends made for Justin was very big, so in that way Kanye and Mr. Birdy Bee could hide under the skirt.

“Hey, Mr. Dragon!” Kanye screamed. “Here is a pretty princess for you! Come and kidnap her, please!”

But nothing happened.

“Maybe he doesn’t believe Justin is a real princess!” said Mr. Birdy Bee. “But if he sings a princess song, he will believe it!”

“Sing a princess song, Justin!” Kanye ordered. But Justin did not sing anything.

“I don’t want to be a princess!” he said with anger.

“Come on man you have to sing a princess song, bro!”

“No, I won’t! You were mean with me Kanye, and if I sing a princess song you are going to tease me forever!”

“I won’t tease you man, I promise!” said Kanye.

“You promise it?”

“Yeah man!”

“Okay, but if you tease me, you will have to kiss a dog butt! Promise that and then I will sing!”

“Okay, I promise I will kiss a dog butts if tease my best friend Justin for singing like a princess!” Kanye promised. And he could not break that promise because Mr. Birdy Bee and his friends were there and they listened all.

Chapter 21: The dragon king

“Now Justin you have to sing your best princess song!” ordered Kanye and Mr. Birdy Bee and Justin started singing a princess song.

Justin sounded like a girl and Kanye wanted to tease him, but then he remembered he will have to kiss a dog butt if he did that so he did not say anything.

Then there was a big storm, with thunders and black rain that was actually juice and then…

A big dragon appeared!!!

This dragon wasn’t pretty like Mimzy, he was very big, fat and mean, and it had purple scales, yellow wings with red points and a scorpion tail filled with poison.

He has a white hat made of bones and some iron stuff with pointy things around his neck. It was also very hairy and had lots of hair on his ears, nose and neck, and the hair smell very bad, like poop.

It was…

The Dragon King!

Chapter 22: The castle of the dragon king

“Hello there, beautiful lady!” said the evil dragon king to Justin. “I heard your song, it was very beautiful. Are you a princess?”

“Yes I am…” Justin lied. “I am the princess of this planet!”

“No way!” The king dragon replied. “I have been the king of this planet for a long time and I never met a princess before! You are lying!”

“I mean, I was the princess of another planet, but my planet exploded so now I want to become the princess of another planet and that is how I get here, ok?”

“Okay, I believe that.” Said the dragon king.

And then he said:

“Because you are so pretty, and because you are a princess, I am going to take you to my castle, where you will live with the other princesses I have kindapped. You will like my castle! It is very big and I have lots of cool stuff there.”

“Okay, I will go with you.” Said Justin, and the dragon grabbed him and Kanye and Mr. Birdy Bee (They were hidden under the dress) and he flew towards his castle that was hidden on the biggest, highest mountain of dragon planet.

It was a very dark and scary place, with big spiders and other bugs, and also there were lots of bones everywhere.

“You will live here from now on. Be happy and thankful!” said the dragon king. “Say thanks, dragon king!” he ordered

“Thanks dragon king.” Justin said. “I am very happy to be here, this is very nice and cool place. Thank you very much!”

Chapter 23: Keffi

The dragon king then rang a bell and called his servant called Keffi. Keffi was a fat and small black bird with red and white stripes, his work was to clean the castle and cook the food of dragon king, but he hated dragon king because he was very dirty, always ate all the food, and never said thanks to him, so Keffi wanted to kill the dragon king, but he was too small and fat so he couldn’t kill the dragon king.

“Keffi take this new princess to the princess prison so she can meet all the other princesses.” Ordered the dragon king, and then he farted and burped because he was very rude.

“Come with me, princess.” Said Keffi and then he took Justin into a big room filled with lots of gems and other shiny stuff, and inside every gem there were many princesses from other planets: There was the princess of elf planet, the princess of skull planet, the princess of unicorn planet and the princess of zombie planet. There was also a mermaid princess…

It was Princess Melanie!!!

“Okay princess, now enter a magic gem so you can sleep until dinner.” Said Keffi.

“Im not a princess! I am boy!” said Justin and he showed his boys thingie to Keffi who also saw Kanye and Mr. birdy Bee.

“If your not a princess then why you are wearing a dress?” asked Keffi.

“It was a trick, so we could enter the castle and rescue the princesses!” explained Kanye.

“Ok, I get it.” Said Keffi. And then he said:

“Can I help you?”

“Why do you want to help us? You are the servant of the dragon king!” said Kanye.

“I am his servant but I hate him because he is very dirty and he is always eating all the food and he never says thanks to me! He is very rude! I hate him! He should die!”

“Well, then we can kill him, but you will have to help us to rescue the princesses!” ordered Kanye.

“I will.” said Keffi and he became friends with Kanye, Justin and Mr. Birdy Bee.

Chapter 24: The plan to kill the dragon king

Justin , Kanye, Mr. Birdy Bee discussed which was the best way to kill the dragon king.

“If only I had my laser sword I could kill him with it! Too bad the tree monster ate it!” said Kanye and Justin agreed.

“We need to think in something else…” said Mr. Birdy Bee.

“I got it!” said Keffi. “Too kill the dragon king we need to scare him to death so we need a disguise!”

“But what things scare the dragon king? He is way too strong, big and ugly nothing can scare him!”

“He is afraid of one thing, he is afraid of snakes. He hates snakes them so much he killed all of the snakes from this planet!” explained Keffi.

Then Keffi told Justin and Kanye that 1000 years ago the dragon king had a bad dream where a snake bite him in the tail and then he died so that is why he killed all the snakes of his planets so he could live forever as the king of dragon planet.

“Wow man that sucks.” Said Justin. “But if all the snakes are dead, how are we going to scare him?”

“He has a big snake skin and some snake bones in the basement of this castle! I tried to get them but there are too many big spiders on the basement so I could never get there because that place is way too scary but now I can try to do that, with your help!”

“Yeah, let’s work together! Teamwork is the best!” said Kanye and Justin.

And they went to the basement with the big spiders. It was very dark and scary there, but they were able to get the bones and the snake skin.

The big spiders wanted to eat Kanye, Justin and Mr. Birdy Bee, but then Keffi told them that Justin was a princess and also the girlfriend of the dragon king, so they could not ate them.

The spiders were angry but they believed the lie of Keffi because they were stupid and had small brains like all the spiders.

Chapter 25: The dragon king is killed

Keffi, Justin, Kanye and Mr. Birdy Bee used the bones and the snake skin to create a big snake piñata and Keffi filled the piñata with lots of bombs and pointy things like broken mirror so it could kill the dragon king.

Justin and Kanye waited until the dragon king was sleeping so they cold scare him with the snake piñata.

1 hour later the dragon king went to sleep after eating dinner, he ate too many hamburgers and he had stomachache so he couldn’t sleep very well and he had lot fo bad dreams with snakes and he remembered all the poor snakes he killed and he felt bad but then he woke up because he wanted to go to the bathroom but then he saw the big piñata snake and was scared.

“I am the king of the snakes!” said Kanye using a scary voice. “I am here to kill you for killing all the toher snakes from this planet!!!”

“that’s impossible, I killed all the snakes!!!” screamed the dragon king. “I must be dreaming now!!!”

“This is no dream! I am here to avenge all the dead snakes you killed! I will bite your tail and you will die no! Die!”

Then Kanye and Justin threw the snake piñata over the head of the dragon king and it exploded and he died because the explosion and the pointy things inside the piñata.

Justin and Kanye were happy because of this and Keffi was happy too.

Chapter 26: The return to earth

Kanye and Justin then released the princesses form the gems where they were trapped and they were happy to be free again so they could return to their planets.

“Hi.” Said Melanie the mermaid princess to Kanye and Justin. “Who are you?”

“We are Kanye and Justin, we came from earth so we could save you! We are friends of Michelle and the other princesses! Nice to meet you!”

Melanie then became friends with Kanye and Justin, but then she got sick because she needed water and Justin thought she was going to die but she did not die because Mr. Birdy Bee gave her some jelly plants with lots of juice inside and she survived drinking the juice.

“Now we need to get back to our planet!” said Kanye and Keffi said:

“I will take you there! I have a spaceship too!”

Then Keffi showed Kanye and Justin his big red spaceship decorated with lots of silver stars.

“This is the spaceship the dragon king used to travel to other planets to kidnap princesses! Now he is dead I can use it without his permission!” said Keffi, and he travelled back to earth.


Keffi took Kanye, Justin and Princess Melanie back to earth along with the other princesses and Mr. Birdy Bee.

All the mermaids were happy for the return of the princess,

Kanye and Justin made a big rave party and they dance with the mermaids all night and eat some hamburgers and KFC, then they went back home with Mimzy and Selena at the next day.

Selena asked Justin if they found some bones and Kanye said:

“No but we made a lot of new friends! And we found some mermaids!”

“No way!” said Selena. “Mermaids don’t exist!”

“Yes they do!” said Justin and he told Selena the whole story and Selena was very impressed by the things Justin told her.

“Wow Justin that is very impressive you are so very brave”

“Yes I am.” Said Justin and then he said:

“Kanye is very brave too! Without his help I could have died! He is very brave and cool!”

“thanks man” said Knaye. “Youa re cool too”

Then Justin blushed because Kanye never told him he was cool before and then kanye kissed Justin and said:

“I love you man, you are my best friend in the wole world!”

“I love you too!” said Justin and he kissed Kaney,”You are my best friend too!”

And then justin and Knaye got married because they loved each other and they were happy together and Selena felt happy for them.

The End

The magical adventures of Kanye and Justin

  • Author: Belanger
  • Published: 2016-05-10 23:20:09
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The magical adventures of Kanye and Justin The magical adventures of Kanye and Justin