the magic hand


This Manga painting made of felt represents the astral sign

Or the constellation of Gemini.The shape of the diamond symbolizes

Often stars and can be compared to interphalanges.

  • The Stars of his hand.

  • The silent papillions of his golden fingers no longer secret to my eyes.

These thermal baths give thanks to the majestic charm of the Main and to a collection

Of paintings that I realized on constellations therefore, interphalangeal.



























 I wish you a good continuation in drawing or painting, confirmed artists or not!

The method is simple and is essential to know even when it is known to draw naturally

a hand …so, we can avoid mistakes even with experience.

All drawings and paintings in this book were made by LUNEVILLE Déborah. (FELIMAN)

[~ Distributed by Shakespir.~


the magic hand

This book brings back an ancient school method, which surely emerged from schools of chines. The method will enrich the amateur and the professional, can be and especially the historian. The method is simple, explained in image on one page, the rest The book contains essentially sketches superimposed on the magic hand of the method as an example and modern 3D effects

  • ISBN: 9781370812523
  • Author: luneville deborah
  • Published: 2017-08-06 11:35:12
  • Words: 197
the magic hand the magic hand