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The Lucky Lizard: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!


The Lucky Lizard

Uncle Amon

Uncle Amon Books


Shakespir Edition

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Table of Contents


The Day the Luck Ran Out

Catastrophe Joe

Bouncer and the Pie


Clever vs. Wise

Funny Jokes for Kids

Games and Puzzles

Game and Puzzle Solutions

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[] The Day the Luck Ran Out

Once upon a time, in the magical land known as Forestopia, where the word “forest” is always spelled with one R, as it should be (and occasionally with two S’s as it shouldn’t) there lived a very clever and charming lizard. This lizard’s name was Eugene, but everyone called him Lucky.

This was not some sort of ironic nickname, like when you might call the heavyset guy with the broad shoulders “Slim” or the extremely tall lady “Tiny.” It was a very genuine, literal nickname, because things just always seemed to work out really well for him.

Even Eugene’s parents, who had gone to all the trouble of giving him a perfectly good name, called him Lucky.

He always hit the lotto whenever he played, not winning so much money to make him crazy-rich, but enough to keep his refrigerator stocked with leaves, fruits, and berries. He even won the refrigerator in a game of chance!

One day, though, he stopped by his favorite store to get some chocolate milk (his favorite kind of milk) and a lotto ticket, only to find they were completely sold out of chocolate milk!

Not only that, but he bought his lottery ticket and for the first time ever he didn’t win a dime. And the ticket gave him a paper cut.

On his way out the door, Lucky stubbed his toe on the ice cream cooler, too!

And then, walking home, a huge truck ran through a mud puddle splashing gross, dirty water all over him, soaking him to his little lizard bones.

What is happening Lucky thought. In his entire life he had never had a bad day. He certainly did not want to start now.

He turned off the road and found a big rock on which to sun himself. He laid down, basking in the warm, comforting rays of light, and tried to figure out how everything could have gone so wrong.

Soon his friend Ollie the owl flew down and landed beside him. “What’s wrong, Lucky?” he asked. “You look down. And I’ve never seen you look down before.”

“I’m just trying to figure out where my luck has gone,” the lizard answered. “It was right here yesterday, but it seems to have wandered off!”

“This is terrible!” Ollie said. “But not to worry! My eyes are sharp and my wings are fast! I’ll help you find it!”

Lucky was very grateful, and together they wandered the forest in search of Eugene’s luck.

After a little searching a very playful squirrel named Charlie joined the hunt, too. “I know these woods like the back of my paw!” Charlie said. “If your luck is out here, we’ll find it!”

Soon a fawn named Cupcake joined in the hunt. And then Billy the rabbit, and Biscuit the grizzly bear cub.

They searched high and low for the young lizard’s luck. They turned over trees, scoured bushes and branches, but it was nowhere to be found. And the sun was about to set, which meant it was nearly bedtime for the creatures of Forestopia.

“What exactly does it look like?” Ollie asked.

Lucky thought on this for a moment and then had an amazing epiphany.

“I think,” said Lucky, “that it looks exactly like this. Like all of you taking the time to help me out, just because you care about me.”

Lucky had many friends who truly cared about him, and that made him the luckiest lizard in the world!

[] Catastrophe Joe

Science tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Mathematics tells us that every equation must be balanced. “Star Wars” tells us that if there is a light side of the force, there is also a dark side.

So it stands to reason that if there exists in the world a lizard that is the luckiest lizard of all time, there must also be a lizard that has absolutely no luck at all.

And they both just so happen to have lived in the magical land known as Forestopia!

The very lucky lizard was named Eugene, but everyone called him Lucky for reasons that are probably fairly obvious.

The lizard that couldn’t catch a break with both hands and a butterfly net was called Catastrophe Joe.

Catastrophe Joe was not a bad guy, he was not living his life as some sort of cosmic payback or karmic punishment for horrors or misdeeds he had committed, he was just living as best he could while every single thing went wrong all the time.

Joe never took a bite of an apple that wasn’t secretly rotten on the inside. He never bought a blender that wasn’t broken out of the box or drove a car that didn’t get a flat tire within seconds. And he got audited on his taxes every single year.

Nothing ever went right for the little blue lizard, and he was pretty depressed about it.

One day Lucky the lizard’s friend Ollie the owl found the fortunate reptile floating in a brand new swimming pool outside his home. A local beaver wanted to start a business building in-ground pools, and built one for Lucky for free as practice, because that’s how things tended to go in Lucky’s life.

Ollie told Lucky about all of Joe’s problems and lucky knew right away that he had to help. Hopefully some of Eugene’s luck could rub off on Joe!

Ollie gently picked Lucky up in his mighty talons and flew him to the Forestopia hospital, where Catastrophe Joe was being treated for the fifth time that week – and it was only Tuesday.

“What happened?” Lucky asked the small blueish-green lizard with a cast on his tail.

“I was just walking down the street and an air conditioning unit fell out of a window and landed on my tail.” Joe said sadly. “Don’t worry though. I’m used to it. I always expect this sort of thing to happen. I basically have a standing reservation at the emergency room. I’m sure I’ll be run over by an ambulance on my way out the door. It will be ironic.”

“That’s terrible!” Lucky said. “But I think I may see the problem!”

They all waited for the cast to set, Lucky helped fill out the paperwork, and the new friends walked outside.

“I believe we make our own luck a lot of the time,” Lucky said. “If you believe good things will happen to you then they will! Positivity is key to living a good life.”

Joe was very confused by this. “How can I believe that things will work out if they never have?” he asked.

“You just have to change your mindset! Come on, let’s go get some ice cream and talk about how being alive is the best thing there is!” Lucky said.

“But to get to the ice cream we have to cross a street!” Joe protested. “I never cross the street. So many things can go wrong and definitely will!”

“We just have to believe everything will be fine and it probably will be,” Ollie said.

“Well,” said Catastrophe Joe. “What have I got to lose? My life? That’s not worth anything, so sure. Let’s cross the street.”

Lucky said, “That’s the spirit! Sort of!”

And so they waited for the “Do Not Walk” sign to become a “Walk” sign, and began to briskly walk across the road. Visions of banana splits danced in Lucky’s mind, while visions of being squished by a garbage truck floated through Joe’s head.

But then Joe did something he had never done before: he changed his mind. He thought instead of a hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top! And how he would ask for extra nuts, because nuts are delicious! And how he was happy to have made new friends. And then the strangest thing happened: he crossed the street with no problem at all!

And once he was on the sidewalk again he looked down and saw a shiny new quarter laying heads up! That was as sure a sign of good luck as anything.

Joe picked up the coin and said, “I’ve never found money before. What is happening?”

“You’re expecting the universe to be a wonderful place!” Lucky said. “And so it is a wonderful place!”

They stepped into the ice cream shop, ordered their frozen treats and enjoyed the best desert anyone has ever eaten!

Joe couldn’t believe how great the day was!

And then he started choking on the stem of his cherry.

Ollie quickly wrapped his strong wings around the little greenish-blue lizard and pulled on his stomach to dislodge the cherry stem. Joe coughed and wheezed and gasped for air as the stem flew through the air.

“Well,” Lucky said. “I guess you can’t change your luck all in one day.”

“No way!” Joe said with a smile. “I had friends who helped me! I’ve never had that before! Best day ever!”

And with that the three forest creatures ate and laughed and talked much more. It was indeed the best day ever.

[] Bouncer and the Pie

Eugene was an extraordinarily lucky lizard. He had a great family, wonderful friends, and things just turned out super well for him on a regular basis. He was so fortunate so much of the time that he had been given the nickname Lucky. It was a pretty obvious nickname, to be sure, but it suited him and so it stuck.

Not everyone was a big fan of Lucky, though. Some people really disliked him because they were very jealous that his life was better than theirs. They thought it was unfair that he had so many good things happen to him all the time, and they resented the small greenish-blue lizard for this.

Jealously is one of the worst, most dangerous things an animal, or a person, can feel. It eats you from the inside out and turns you into a hateful, mean-spirited creature.

And no one was meaner, or more hateful than a local dog named Bouncer!

Bouncer was weirdly round for a dog, and very fluffy. He looked more like a furry basketball with teeth than a puppy. And he could not stand Lucky the Lizard.

And because jealousy is so horrible, it caused Bouncer to make some very scary decisions.

One day he decided he was going to eat Lucky! Bouncer thought that if he gobbled up the lizard he could gobble up his good fortune! And then he would be the luckiest dog in the world!

So Bouncer chewed through his leash and took off through the woods of Forestopia in search of his dinner.

Bouncer had an excellent sense of smell and was a great tracker. He found Lucky in no time and said, “I’m going to eat you, lizard! Say your goodbyes!”

Lucky cocked his small greenish-blue head to one side and said, “Hello to you, too, Bouncer. Now why do you want to eat me? I’m not very delicious. Wouldn’t you rather have some pie? I just made an apple pie and it is excellent!”

Bouncer did want pie, to tell the truth, but he was on a mission to get the lizard’s luck. So without another word he sprinted toward Lucky, his sharp teeth leading the way!

Lucky screamed “EEEK!” and took off up a tree, where Bouncer could not follow.

“You can’t stay up there forever! And when you come down I’m going to swallow you, so I’ll have all your luck!”

Lucky was confused. “I’m pretty sure that’s not how luck works!” he shouted down to the fluffy basketball of a dog. “But don’t you see? It doesn’t matter, because you’re already super lucky! You have a nice warm house to live in, a family that cares for you and all the kibble you can eat. You have excellent tracking skills. You get to go on walks through these beautiful woods, you get to smell the honey suckle in the air! You’re alive, Bouncer! And what could be better than that?”

Bouncer thought about that for a few minutes. Lucky was right, of course, and the dog knew it. He was very lucky, and so are we all.

“Of course you’re right,” Bouncer said. “I don’t know what came over me. This was a terrible plan!”

“We all make mistakes,” Lucky said. “But, luckily, we can all be forgiven.”

“You mean you can forgive me for trying to chew you up and swallow you?” Bouncer asked, tears of joy welling up in his little doggy eyes.

“Of course I can!” Lucky said. “Just try not to do it again, please.”

“I promise I won’t,” Bouncer said. And then he followed with, “Can I still have some pie?”

“Absolutely,” said Lucky as he crawled down from the tree. “The only thing better than pie is sharing it with a new friend.”

And so the lizard and the dog sat and ate steaming hot, melt-in-your-mouth apple pie for the rest of the afternoon. And they both knew how lucky they were to be alive on such a wonderful day.

[] Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

On a sunny day in the magical land of Forestopia a very fortunate lizard named Lucky was wandering through the woods. He was going nowhere in particular, which was exactly where he was hoping to arrive. Mostly he was just thrilled to be alive and breathing clean air in his favorite place on earth.

But an hour or so into his journey to wherever it was he would end up, he came across a tiny caterpillar named Carl. Carl was wrapped around a lovely little tree sapling, with its green leaves just starting to sprout. A tree is always a gorgeous thing to behold, but a baby sapling just starting to grow into the massive, proud sapling it will become is truly a thing of wonder. It’s a reminder that no matter how small or fragile we are, we can grow and change and be mighty!

But Carl the Caterpillar did not seem happy to be surrounded by this serene splendor at all. In fact, Carl looked TERRIFIED! He squeezed his body around the young tree as hard as he could and flitted his eyes back and forth across the forest landscape as though something terrible were after him.

“What’s wrong, Carl?” Lucky asked. “What could possibly be the matter on such a fine day?”

“I’m so scared!” Carl confessed. “It’s coming for me and there’s nothing I can do. There’s nowhere I can run. I’m doomed! Doomed I tell ya!”

“Well this does sound serious,” Lucky said. “What is after you? And how can I help?”

“There’s no help for me! The change is after me! It’s coming for me from the inside out! You can’t run from your insides! I should know, I’ve tried.”

“The change?” Lucky asked, not sure what he meant. And then he figured it out. “Oh! You’re a caterpillar! Of course the change is coming. But it’s a great thing.”

“Then you do it!” Carl said. “I’m fine the way I am!”

Lucky smiled. “Change is scary,” he admitted. “But it can also be wonderful! It gives us new adventures and new friends and new possibilities! Change is what makes the world so exciting!”

Carl shook his head. “Nope. It’s not for me.”

But Lucky persisted. “You’re a caterpillar, Carl. And that’s a great thing. But we all have to grow up and become new wonderful things. You’re going to become a butterfly! You’ll have wings that can carry you to the ends of the earth and back! You’ll soar over the forest and be even more beautiful than you already are! The change is a great thing! You’re going to love it!”

Carl was still so very afraid. “Will you stay with me, then? While it happens?”

Lucky’s eyes went wide. “It takes about two weeks, buddy,” he said. “You won’t notice because you’ll be asleep, but that’s a pretty long time to sit here.”

“How long have we been friends?” Carl asked.

“I don’t know,” Lucky said. “You’re about ten days old so I guess, like, ten days?”

“Right, my whole life we’ve been friends! I’m so scared. Please.”

Lucky could see Carl needed help, and he felt very fortunate he could be of service to his friend. “Of course I can,” he said.

So Carl began to build his chrysalis, the little pod inside of which he would transform. And Lucky sat on the forest floor a few feet away. He used his phone to order books and food online. A body can survive almost anything if he has books and food!

And for eleven days Lucky sat by his friend, reading and eating and standing guard. Often other animals would come by for a chat or a picnic. And then, on the eleventh day, the chrysalis broke open and a gorgeous, red and black butterfly emerged.

“You’re still here,” said Carl the Butterfly. “I knew you’d stay with me!”

“Of course I stayed,” Lucky said. “What are friends for?”

Carl said, “I think I need to fly around for a while, now. Test out my wings. See life from a whole new angle. It’s very exciting and fun!”

Lucky nodded and Carl took to the air.

The butterfly turned back and said, “You were right, of course. Change is good. And I am the lucky one, because you are my friend.”

And with that Carl flew off to experience the world from above!

And Lucky went to find a stream or a brook, because he hadn’t taken a bath in nearly two weeks!

[] Clever vs. Wise

In the magical land of Forestopia there lived a young lizard named Lucky. His given name was Eugene, but Lucky was a much better fit. Virtually everything in Lucky’s life just seemed to work out really well. Much of that luck could be attributed to his positive attitude and the way he is always kind to his friends, but whatever the reason, he was a very fortunate reptile.

Even the luckiest creatures need a little advice from their elders sometimes, though, to help steer them through life and to help them live the best they can.

And in Forestopia, no one was more elderly than Tiberius the Tortoise!

Tortoises have the longest lifespan of any animal in the world. Many of them can live for one hundred and fifty years or more!

So at one hundred and twenty years old, Tiberius was still a fairly young man by tortoise standards. He was wise and brilliant and always willing to lend an ear to listen or a bit of knowledge to help.

Being a tortoise, Tiberius was never very fast on his feet, but these days he walked with a cane and preferred to not move much at all. He could sit on a warm rock and tell stories for days.

And animals would come from all over the forest to hear what he had to say. But no one was more interested in listening to Tiberius than Lucky the Lizard.

Working hard and making good choices is the very best way to be lucky. And, as Lucky knew, sometimes you need a grown-up to help you know which choice is right.

One day Lucky found Tiberius on his rock and said, “Excuse me sir, but I have a very big question for you.”

“Big questions are heavy, my child,” Tiberius answered. “I would be honored to help you carry yours.”

Lucky smiled and continued. “One of the ways in which I am very fortunate,” he said, “is that I am clever. But how do I become wise, like you?”

The ancient tortoise nodded and said, “Hmmmm. This is a big question. The most important part of the answer, I think, is something you have already figured out.”

“What is most important?” Lucky asked, not sure how he could have figured it out since he had no idea what they were talking about.

“The important part is understanding that wisdom and cleverness are not the same thing. In fact they are not even related at all. It is good to be clever. Cleverness can get a young turtle out of almost any trouble. But a wise turtle would never get into the trouble in the first place. Most importantly cleverness speaks, while wisdom listens.”

Lucky thought on this for a moment. “I came to listen, sir,” he said. “Does that mean I am already wise?”

“Oh heavens no!” said the tortoise with a gentle laugh. “But if you continue to listen for a great many years, one day I am certain you will be.”

Lucky realized in that moment that he was glad to be clever, but that’s not what made him lucky. What made him so very fortunate was having teachers like Tiberius in his life to show him how to grow up to be not just lucky, but kind and happy and wise.

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[] Funny Jokes for Kids

Q: What do you call a rich lizard?
A: Gold-blooded!

Q: What kind of tiles can’t you stick on walls?
A: Reptiles!

Q: What is a chameleon’s motto?
A: A change is as good as a rest!

Q: What is a snake’s favorite dance?
A: Snake, rattle, and roll!

Q: What do you say if you meet a toad?
A: Warts new?

Q: How does a snake weigh itself?
A: With its scales!

Q: When is a car like a frog?
A: When it’s being toad!

Q: What is a snake’s favorite flower?
A: Coily-flower!

Q: When does a lizard use the word “moo”?
A: When he’s learning a new language!

Q: How do turtles call other animals?
A: They use a shellphone!

[] Games and Puzzles

Who will get to the apple first?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

[] Game and Puzzle Solutions


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All rights reserved. This book is a work of fiction. No part of this book or this book as a whole may be used, reproduced, or transmitted in any form or means without written permission from the publisher.

The Lucky Lizard: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!

Are you looking for a kid's or children's book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with bedtime stories, jokes, games, and more? This children's storybook has it all! Eugene is a very lucky lizard. Everything always goes his way. Do you want to know his secret? This is an excellent read for beginning and early readers. Each story is easy to read and exciting with cute and bright illustrations for younger readers and a coloring book. This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home. -Fun games and puzzles included -Excellent for beginning and early readers -Cute short stories that are great for a quick bedtime story -Funny and hilarious jokes & illustrations for kids -Coloring book downloads included This story is great for a quick bedtime story and to be read aloud with friends and family. Story List & Activities: -Your Gift -The Day the Luck Ran Out -Catastrophe Joe -Bouncer and the Pie -Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! -Clever vs. Wise -Funny Jokes for Kids -Games and Puzzles -Game and Puzzle Solutions -Coloring Book Downloads Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!

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The Lucky Lizard: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More! The Lucky Lizard: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!